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Heat Wave

A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessively hot weather, which may be accompanied by high humidity.

Captain Cold Dominic Purcell Wentworth Miller Michael Scofield Lincoln Burrows New York Cal Tjader Ice Age Labor Day Martha Reeves Killer Frost

I think its sweet that they cast Wenworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Captain Cold and Heat Wave in The Flash (even if Prison Break ***
Caroline Wozniacki out of Sydney International for 7th Time, Possibly Due to Heat Wave
Heat Wave are you ready. — traveling to East London, Eastern Cape from O.R. Tambo International Airport
it is! you should check it out! Sarah, Atom, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold and Heat Wave crossed over to it
You are Listening Now on Radiowapa: Cal Tjader & Carmen McRae - Heat Wave
"Back Again" new single show love 🤑💕 also might be startin a new project either "Heat Wave" or "Ice Age"
Pastor Alan began our newest sermon series, "Love is Like a Heat Wave" with our first message, "The Action of...
Purcell and Miller are clearly having fun as Captain Cold and Heat Wave on They're cartoonishly evil, and it's entertaining.
- Very fun clip of Jayne Mansfield singing Heat Wave.
Freeze off the Heat Wave with Taste as the Salted Caramel Yogurt says Freeze with me.A Frozen Summer at Yogurt Bay.Breach Candy or Bandra.
Captain Cold and Heat Wave take selfies with Barry and Iris
I liked a video Captain Cold vs. Heat Wave + Kevin Smith on The Flash
update: Heat wave forces director Rajamouli to stop shoot.
I'm a Captain Cold fangirl, so love every bit of him and Heat Wave. Especially juxtaposed against the Atom's optimism and naivete.
PMSL is it 30 degrees plus , must have missed that heat wave second
| Heat wave kills more than 160 in India - via
Salaam everyone! . The heat wave that struck Karachi last year wrecked havoc and took countless lives. Countless...
Oh take a chance, let your body get a tolerance . I'm not a chance, put a heat wave in your pants
Here is the full article on crazy heat in Asia and Africa.
Thanks to unexpected heat wave, my cankles look like ham hocks with tattoos on them. And yet I wonder why my cat laughs…
2,422 Indians died in heat-waves last year. 22,563 people dead over past 23 years:
update: Heat wave forces director to stop shoot
I like the nights recently bc the heat wave in the day is irresistible
A severe heat wave is taking place across much of India.
Deadly Heat Wave Is Sweeping Through India A years-long drought in India is
With this heat wave which is preferable, entering bus or driving a car without a/c?
(News Observer) wave kills more than 160 in southern, eastern : Weeks of sweltering temperatures..
You kiss . my lips . like a . gentle breeze . you fill . my heart . like a . heat wave . of passion .
Honored to gear up the HEAT WAVE out of in their new custom Two Five uniforms!
In beautiful Tasmania, where greatest 'marine heat wave' in their history is sadly underway
What a way to beat the 45 degrees heat wave..still a small town boy…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Due to heat wave conditions district administration in Bhopal has announced holidays for school students starting from to…
What a way to end the season for Heat Wave now its time for me to focus on getting ready for red carpet the season is not over yet for me
Bounty hunter *** is nice but I miss Heat Wave. Someone give *** back his flame gun
"Make em say ugh" - Heat Wave . South side car clubs are the best.
Shipping all the gaybies on Legends of Tomorrow. Atom/Captain Cold, White Canary/Hawk Girl, Rip Hunter/Heat Wave
I think I'd enjoy Legends of Tomorrow more if it were Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and the Atom going on heists through time.
yes I do. Your so stupid. I lost because of Heat wave
She bit her lip as another wave of heat crashed over her.Rolling her hips,she increased the pace, her arms around his waist
After just going thru summers 1st 42° heat wave ere in Perth Western Australia. Defiantly hating on u right now & all Koreans!. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Trying to live through this heat wave
we should have won first map I had heat wave 2 rounds and this *** in corners dude 😂
Leave it to California for having a heat wave in the middle of February.
Enjoy the party every day at Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort - Heat Wave Restaurant
Enjoy the party every day at Heat Wave Restaurant
[Patch]This is the first time the U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials have been held …
Breast Cancer Awareness
CBR "New promo is all shirtless heroes in chains
New promo is all shirtless heroes in chains
I jumped back in my seat when this popped up on my feed, like a heat wave from my computer.
That"s it ... the heat wave is over in a poff of... FOG and Ice Rain.
Heat Wave is pretty amazing, too. . I'd watch Cold and HW on a show just by themselves, with maybe Routh so they have someone to pick on.
Of COURSE the heat wave slugma 10 levels above natural level with the ideal ability for me turns out to be hasty. Ugh
I'll be back on cam when the heat wave is over...
You know you're from Ohio when 45 degrees feels like a heat wave
aw too bad I work on the weekdays! Good thing LA is having a heat wave ;) but also some rain next week
oh man... Almost worth it but I feel like suspender belt with be even more heat wave comma inducing than the stockings
If my heat wave would of went off that would of been easy W
When you figure out who the killer is before the episode ends.
Today has been the hottest day of the heat wave, with a record breaking high of 91° in https:/…
5-5 I have heat wave and lose connection to host ***
We're having a heat wave in San Diego- mid 80's! 🌞
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why does the rain smell so good? (On a day like today, maybe not after a heat wave in July)
Unusual February heat wave may make Sunday's even more challenging
Atom and Heat Wave in Chains in New "Legends of Tomorrow" Photos
So, The Dudley Boys turned heel. Anyone want to watch ECW's PPV Heat Wave? .
Blog post: Heat Wave over Western Washington: Temperatures in much of the region got into the upper 50s today,...
Heat Wave is ready to burn the house down on the series premiere of Thursday, January 21 at 8/7c.
Back from 3 tropic locales to the December heat of Florida. Where's Ethel Merman singing Heat Wave when you need her? Or Marilyn Monroe?
Hello Stephen - what about Heat Wave by Martha & the Vandellas,or Fire&Rain by James Taylor, or Sunny by Bobby Hebb?
A December "Heat Wave" is underway for southern Wisconsin. Most days in the 40s. A few 50s and 60s possible! 0_0
Belinda Cannell: high SST = poor breeding by little penguins. Marine heat wave in 2011: only 5 chicks fledged!
But luck is fickle, she graces some but not all.A wave of heat hit me,her touch, and I knew in that instant I would survive
Gums footwear are inflooding twist this heat wave: wJQcCM
A very odd craving of chilli heat wave Doritos at 07.15 am this morning
Word of the Day - la canicule: heat wave Click for an example and audio!
Heat wave 65.8° no stars out. On my way to to make my and
Seems El Nino has hit as it's overcast and cool in Nairobi but Cape Town is in a heat wave!
Three women keep cool during a heat wave by moving a park bench into the water in Central Park, New York, 1961. http:/…
Just when it looked like summer was finally over, a wild heat wave appears. SYKE. I hate hot counties.
Parts of the Persian Gulf could experience deadly heat waves by the end of the century—by via
Abadi's governing challenges so far: ISIS, no money, political rivals from his own sect, corruption, heat wave, and now widespread floods.
Rand Water & municipalities have urged consumers to conserve water saying recent heat wave has put a strain…
Thank y'all for all the birthday wishes, it's been a great day💜
I liked a video from VGC Baek to Baek Battles - Heat Wave burns more than Will-o-Wisp
your city is something else. Ours is experiencing a heat wave.
We've had one of the best seasons since 1997. (via
My sex life suck ain't have none since the heat wave 😩😂😂😂
Heat Wave and Cold from the flash go to prison where Prison break starts Hence Michael is the cool level headed one and Lincoln has a temper
"We are putting 40 gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year":
Is this some kinda heat wave it's quite warm for this time of the night and year
Justise Winslow is making the Hornets regret not drafting him by dunking on their entire team   10% Off
I'm glad they've kind of forgotten about Heat Wave in The Flash. Thought the guy playing him was terrible.
Westbrook on that heat wave from last year KD got sumn prove ibaka improved...thunder up
John Mel might squeak through this heat. In third place, caught a wave that hasn't been scored yet with :25 remaining
Finally, some good news about climate change:
The California Wave (Artesia) traveled up to the VIC to play our HEAT Squirt BB team. The HEAT won the game 9-2...
These cities could soon be uninhabitable thanks to climate change
These cities may soon be uninhabitable thanks to via RT
Brace self for a Heat Wave next week... It is already being experienced in SA and Botswana.temperatures may go up to 4…
There's an RPer on tumblr who plays an OC mutant named Heat Wave with a Liz Gillies FC is it any of you guys bc she's amazing
Just thought I'd share this. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas. Heat Wave. Don't know why. By the way,I'm Team 4 Seasons
Coffee at tea: coffee is Pete's Major DIckason Blend through an Aero Press; album is Cal Tjader & Carmen McRae - Heat Wave.
I added a video to a playlist Linda Ronstadt - Heat Wave
Can't wait to buy these two once they are available! Cold in November and Heat Wave in March!
10 of Pinterest’s Best Hairstyles to Survive a Heat Wave
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow in the fall. The Atom, Black Canary, Captain Cold, Heat Wave & more.
Brandon Routh as Atom joining Captain Cold and Heat Wave in spinoff via
Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Atom in a new spin-off series?! Yes. Yes please.
Heat Wave and Capt. Cold are siblings in the Flash TV show?
HEAT WAVE. Like, what the eff? Ireland was lovely, England and Wales, LOVELY. Scotland? More like HOTLAND.
SCOTLAND. Just think beautiful, lovely, Scotland, which, with my luck, will probably have another heat wave while I'm there.
. I'll take low 50s...heat wave. Yes...😆
Stepped off the plane and got smacked with a heat wave 😍
Tonight: The Flash on CW-The Flash learns that Captain Cold & Heat Wave have returned with Snart's sister to wreak havoc
I really need my eyebrows to grow back before a heat wave strikes.. Can't be having brown gel running off my eyebrows. Not a good look.
WWW Tonight: gets Devious with guest star Captain Cold & Heat Wave return on
Snowbirds make me wish for a heat wave
Heat wave tomorrow get ready, 48 degrees.
Um, those California poppies? They all dried up and died after last week's heat wave. I'd say Climate change is in the air.
First is a heat wave easter and now this !!
Always n forever - heat wave . Take it bacc too old school
If what I'm readying about this heat wave is to be true, I'm going to be one cry happy girl 🙆💁
Captain Cold and Heat Wave Return, DC Villain and Deathbolt to Appear Tuesday 24 at 8 p.m.
That small heat wave you get when you open your car door. Welcome back Texas. ☀️
yes it was a heat wave! Hopefully won't be so hot. It's a nice temp at no. The benefit is tons of supporters tho.
I saw APC guys sharing hand fans at sabo, people were collecting.. . Little do they know that the fans are for next wave of "…
This heat wave is bringing good vibes
Predicted heat wave. Bank holiday. 4 days of work. Why would you not come down to party with us?
you got the wrong flavour xD chilli heat wave ftw
Sadly it will soon be autumn - some South Africans cooling off during recent heat wave.
Not gonna be happy if this heat wave Easter makes the festival weather appalling
Thunderstorm in Lahore. Finally heat wave over.
Exactly 3 years ago today! There was a heat wave. Sad it's not hot yet.
+ wave of delight and heat. He leaned forward slightly, pushing the hips back in time with his movements, his breath came _
Another heat wave takes aim at San Diego County.
QuerQuay fully booked for April and looks like Easter guests can expect a heat wave .. in fact according to Daily...
Hot and dry temps are expected in San Diego County Thursday through Saturday.
Captain Cold & Heat Wave return to tonight. Check out our video w/Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, et al h…
Captain Cold and Heat Wave return to wreak havoc on Central City! cc: https…
That's where I went during a 40*C+ heat wave. I knew they HAD a to have AC!
Captain Cold and Heat Wave were extremely entertaining to watch. Also liked the set ups for Firestorm an…
So Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield broke out of prison and became Heat Wave and Captain Cold?
Captain Cold & Heat Wave are what I imagine Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows would be like if they were bad on Prison Break
Captain Cold and Heat Wave, a.k.a. Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. Looks like I'll be tuning…
Best part being that Captain Cold is Michael Scofield and Heat Wave is Lincoln Burrows
Extremely unfair of Prisonbreak not to highlight any of Captain Cold and Heat Wave . Looking forward to a great episode from New York .
Heat Wave. Captain Cold. is back with new episodes NOW and he's getting it from both ends of the thermostat.
Check out Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell as Captain Cold & Heat Wave on an all new episode of tonight!
Heat Wave! Dominic Purcell on set doing interviews during a break from episode 10.
interview: Dominic Purcell teases Heat Wave arrives with a bang! Less than 2 weeks!
what time are you performing at the Metro FM Heat Wave in rustenburg today???
It's not over yet... News Cafe, Metro FM let's go! Heat Wave
There must be a heat wave going on. It's 42°.
well. I know both. This is a heat wave rn
One good thing about the cold temps, the temp that I keep the house at seems like a heat wave to the kids now. Minus Allie of course, that girl must be cold blooded.
Let it snow and hold on a couple of days and wait for the heat wave
We are for sure having a heat wave in Caldwell.🔥
14 degrees in Iowa City right now. I guess you consider that a heat wave? What a loser. LMAO! OINK OINK.
I am! Just a lil cold lol. I'm sure you're having a heat wave up there, right? ;)
42 degrees already... it's like a heat wave! ;P
The liableness-at will gambit on imply into fancy before now heat wave: tDA
Phewww... its like a heat wave. Its only 9:00 and we're already at 14 degrees.
when you do I'll be sound asleep - been physical during heat wave --> proof that Obama does control local weather btw!
wish I were there its a fricken heat wave in brisbane
We'll this morning it felt good an when I get to work it keeps gettin colder an having just a button up to keep you warm *** about right now!!! Mississippi has some stupid weather we the only state that will have a heat wave hurricane hail storm cold front an ice Fallin all in one day!!'
It's not exactly a heat wave, but it's a start. We'll be "up" in the 30s for a few hours this afternoon.
Looks like a *** heat wave compared to our weather.
It is 28 degrees outside and one of my children tried leaving the house with nothing but a short sleeved t-shirt! I guess you are a heat wave when in high school??
Good morning from beautiful Vancouver Washington where we have entered a heat wave - it is now 25 degrees!
We are having a heat wave. It is a balmy 7 degrees or 15 degrees depending on the thermostat. It is above 0 degrees so I like it.
Weather people amaze me - "Arctic Surge bring COLD, WET WEATHER" thanks for the info I was expecting a heat wave.SMH
Whohooo heat wave!! We're going to get up in the 50s ... Seriously Mother Nature?? This is central…
The weather - our lowest temps for the season 45 deg this morning. That is a heat wave compared to the weather we left in Grand forks ND.
hey girl, just read we are getting Arctic blast an u r getting a heat wave😝
Official temp was minus 5.a real heat wave...still looking forward to the 39 degrees now moved to Wednesday!
Rubbed myself down w/Vaseline to stay warm last Friday night. Didn't work. Don't try it. Hoping for a heat wave this week.
At what part of the globe is there global warming? Right now it is 13 degrees out. We are going to have a heat wave later today with highs at 18 degrees but that is OK because we will not burn up. Tonight is will cool down to 8 degrees. I guess it will be a shorts and t shirt kind of day and let's not forget flip flops.
Canadians complaining about the snow, what did you expect in Canada in the winter, a heat wave?
Does anyone have a 5/6 IV vulpix with Heat Wave? If so, may I borrow it for breeding purposes? [With HA if possible]
Not having air con during a heat wave, no.
Red hat and red lips for this snowy Monday morning. On the lips is Heat Wave
lol a heat wave... I'm over it already
Heat wave this morning. 23 instead of 18 out. And a whopping 32 instead of 28 inside the barn.
After snow last night in Dallas we are now expecting a heat wave of 110 degree temps for 2 hrs then back to snowing.
this feels like a heat wave compared to Dallas for the last 5 days. Bring on winter!!
On the bright side, 34 degrees will feel like a heat wave after temps like that.
stop complaining. it's 11 where I am. enjoy your heat wave.
All the way up to 8 degrees this morning! Ella Fitzgerald - Heat Wave (High Quality - Remastered): via
It's 32 here but they say it feels like 24. But that's okay, we're supposed get a heat wave today. May get up to 39 lol
Omg it is going to be in the THIRTIES?! Better find my bathing suit because we are having a heat wave!
Heat Wave, break out the swimsuit and floaties!
We were never ready for this heat wave for where can we buy these killer costumes ?
"THIS NEXT WEEKEND HEAT WAVE IN MZA, The govt will have done justice?"
Yeah, it's going to be a very long winter. Really hoping for a heat wave sooner than later. I'll even take in the 30s!
About to break out the bikini due to this insane heat wave😅😒
People of Novosibirsk, thank you for bringing a heat wave into the cold weather! And a special thanks…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Thawing out this week...told you 40s would look like a heat wave :). Cold this today through Tuesday...
Looks like we're in for a little "heat wave" this week! Stop by and wash last week's snow off your vehicle.
Arthur the Polar Bear November 16, 2014, the heat wave keeps him locked up, alone in his tiny cave is cool
Well folks, it's a whopping 1 degree in Chester, South Dakota today! Heat wave coming through the next couple days ❄️
DID YOU KNOW? This star birth was a result of rape of her teenage mother. Ethel Waters eventually got married at age 13. BIRTHDAY WISHES; Ethel Waters (October 31, 1896 – September 1, 1977) was an African-American blues, jazz and gospel vocalist and actress. She frequently performed jazz, big band, and pop music, on the Broadway stage and in concerts, although she began her career in the 1920s singing blues. Her best-known recordings include "Dinah," "Stormy Weather," "Taking a Chance on Love," "Heat Wave," "Supper Time," "Am I Blue?" and "Cabin in the Sky," as well as her version of the spiritual "His Eye Is on the Sparrow." Waters was the second African American, after Hattie McDaniel, to be nominated for an Academy Award. She is also the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Emmy Award, in 1962. Ethel Waters was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, on October 31, 1896, as a result of the rape of her teenaged mother, Louise Anderson (believed to have been 13 years old at the time, although som ...
Shout out to the CW for casting Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave in The Flash
Things to look foward to on : Heat Wave, Killer Frost, Gorilla Grodd and FireStorm!
So when do we get Captain Cold and Heat Wave vs. Killer Frost and Firestorm?
Morning Campers. I suppose you're wondering what happened to the big heat wave of October? Us too - join us for a warm hearty lunch just £10
Le heat wave "I can't deal with today's heat. Rha!"
Senior Cat is too old (91) to go through another heat wave like last summer
Summer was such a whirlwind. the heat & monsoons!. I'm glad to wave good-bye!!!. pic: doesiedoats
Seems this heat wave is here to stay for a while. Keep your gardens and pots well watered. Water early morning...
Put my beanie on for 3 seconds and I got the randomest heat wave
eh Ritas is over rated. But the heat wave is nice. To bad I will be leaving Cali for a year.
Ready for it to be cold already! But at least it's not a heat wave...right?
why everybody talkin bout this heat wave like there hasn't been a heat wave in October for the past 5 years
The only thing I'm really excited about tomorrow is the heat wave homecoming dance!
Blur distinctions congenator vexillum were it not tide over christian haggard an in heat wave hits at the coin…
Cali Vibin' to some The Neighborhood's album and Sweater Weather...even though we're in a heat wave.…
No one told me where I can buy a heat wave shirt doe
My guy Wave Chapelle out here with that heat
Yo! It's cold up in this mug! Lol!! I just left a heat wave for crying out loud!
considering how this heat wave is going, idk if I should buy more shorts or invest in some sweaters???
So happy that heat wave is over. It was 100 degrees in Moss Landing!
I don't care if it's blizzarding outside or if there's a heat wave I will never be able to sleep without a fan on facing my feet ?
Air turns corrosive in October heat wave |
When brings me chili heat wave Doritos from the UK. 😋😋😋
You must have hit our heat wave (one of dozens in 2014 -- the year of no rain). Hope you got to the beach. Thanks for the RT.
SF's weather is crazy. Just last week we were experiencing a heat wave and today I was shivering as I waited for the bus
Walk into swing room, struck by IMMENSE WAVE OF HEAT.
It's not. *He frowns, but suddenly clenches his eyes shut as a wave of heat passes over him, and he groans softly* /Geez/.
I can't wait for winter. So over this 3 mos heat wave
If this heat wave continues I'll never be able to wear my thigh high slutty boots.
I'm sitting in front of my fireplace .. SHIVERING!! I want to be where the heat wave is!!
We'd love to escape this SoCal heat wave to have fun in F-150 : http:…
There are four official seasons in the United States:. - Ice Age. - Flood. - Heat Wave. - Pumpkin Spice Latte
you can see the sweat on my forehead THERE ARE BEADS OF SWEAT. when will this heat wave ever end
Heat Wave, a Nikki Heat Mystery by Richard Castle — now just $2.99 for Kindle.
": This was the start of the heat wave in LA." I see what you did there. Heat Wave. Like Nikki Heat ;)
BREAKING NEWS - Iraqi capital was one's more rocked by Heat Wave of VBIEDs, Baghdad clearly doesn't belong …
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betty Kelley born September 16, 1944 is a former American singer, most famous for her tenure in the popular Motown singing group Martha and the Vandellas. Born in Attalla, Alabama, Kelley's family moved to Detroit, Michigan when Kelley was a child. Like many children growing up in the city, Kelley found herself aspiring for a career in music. In 1961, she joined Motown singing group The Velvelettes. Kelley was not part of the group when the band had a hit with "Needle in a Haystack", which became a hit in 1965. A year before, Kelley was recruited by Motown president Berry Gordy to replace departing Martha and the Vandellas member Annette Beard as a member of the group led by Martha Reeves and featuring Rosalind Ashford. Betty Kelley joined what became the most famed lineup of the Vandellas, coming in quickly to record the single "Live Wire", which was similar to earlier Vandellas singles such as "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave" and "Quicksand". The group found bigger success with what became s ...
- now you are geared up for the next freak Heat Wave!!
Let's go out into the scorching heat wave to avoid frostbite from our office air conditioning
Gonna drop 20lbs with this heat wave
Remembering this day..they had a heat wave in NY and she still looked flawless :)
Hm another thing to consider about what to wear to my book party at Good Vibes: it's going to be a heat wave, 90 degrees out. *ponders*
Vegan Ice Cream from for this heat wave. Yes, please. via
Someone tell me where this heat wave came from ?
Today's look: Gross, Sweaty, Hot Mess. Brought to you by: the heat wave & Aerobic Fitness
My moms jinxed this heat wave she said September was gunnuh b od hot cause August was weak
About to finally head out into this heat wave. Lord be a fence 😩.
Really not understanding this heat wave though
Don't let the summer heat affect your weighs in on keeping them cool and hydrated.
This end of summer heat wave is not needed mother nature.
As if when I get back from holiday England's ready for a heat wave. Might just keep this tan a bit longer
Summer jams. Belting out radio songs. Last day of summer vacation errands. Heat wave. Swim day! 🏊
Suffocating from the heat wave in Kennedy 🆘
Good morning friends! Summer still here, enjoy the heat wave! 😎🔥
So typical there's going to be a heat wave for when we go back to school 😫😫
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
FACT: Last heat wave we had in Charlottesville was June 16-19, which included our hottest temp of this summer (96°) on the 18th.
I think you just caused a heat wave... because that's how hot you are.
After leafleting the estate in the heat wave we're now having a cuppa! Thanks for your help delivering my MacMillan Coffee Morning flyers Ian Aldridge XxX
An ice bucket challenge is in order for this heat wave 😆😆
Need to take these brogues off ASAP, I did not anticipate a mini heat wave today
The in-office heat wave has my curls drooping. Not dropping, DROOPING.
Alternate (headline: During unusual early fall heat wave, let us remind you that heat is new normal.
There is a heat wave coming so that means more BBQs and more parties!! Capture the fun with our amazing !
Last heat wave of the summer Wut up tho !
post-Labor Day heat wave is among the more dispiriting things in my coddled recent memory
Fantasy football drafts, these futbol transfers, the start of the nfl, and a heat wave ... Looks like a good week to me
Pretty sure there wasn't a single heat wave June-August, but hey now we've got one in September.
I've never appreciated air conditioning so much until this heat wave
This September NY heat wave means you can still wear maxi dresses!.
So as soon as I buy all my autumn clothes, the weather decides to have a wave of heat😐
OMG I don't know if it's all the sexy *** boys here at SMU that are causing this heat wave but it's gotta cool down
We've had a crappy cold summer, and now that I'm actually excited for fall we have this gross heat wave and muggy rain? come on now
Stopped at my building where I belong had to cool off from this heat wave
The Yoka girls are all ready for their first day "back to school " and for this little heat wave ... Perfect...
I'm happy the summer heat wave waited until September... I want Fall.
Up here looking up recipes for the soon as this heat wave ends...I'ma cop me a crock pot.
We're at 87° as of 11 AM in Charlottesville. Pretty sure we'll have day of 90°+ heat, making it officially a heat wave.
I bought tons of clothes for fall and suddenly we are having a heat wave.. Wahh
Instead of a heat wave now let's subtract 20 degrees and average it out through the late fall / winter
Station yours talk conditioner in furtherance of heat wave pleasure: cJCe
Did you know August in was cooler than average? Details here:
As soon as you hit the door getting into cedar 5 the massive heat wave hits you
Good thing theres a heat wave the week we start school
90 degrees at 11 am at Newark. With 93 on 8/31 and 92 on 9/1, this make it the second heat wave of the season for Newark.
Like a heat wave out here, can barely breathe
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hello & Happy Tuesday to everybody!! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.Summer is officially over, apparently the weather doesnt know this!! Scorching heat wave out there.Hungry?? Anyone miss us yesterday?? We are back open & todays specials are Fried Green Tomato on toasted ciabatta roll with bacon, wilted kale, red onion, fried egg, red tomato & texas pete aioli.Chargrilled Chicken Breast over chilled blackeye pea salad, spring mix & crumbled chevre SOUPS- Southwestern Blackbean Chicken & Wild Rice DESSERTS- Chocolate Layer Cake * Pink Lemonade Cake * German Chocolate Cake * Upside Down Apple Sauce CAKE We sure hope you come see us!!!
It's been very warm,and humid here,for about a week now,yesterday,we hit 100' I am hoping my fall flowers,will survive this heat wave!! Have a great day everyone !!
Not ready for this week's heat wave 😫
Hot from the inconsistent heat wave? Come to the FIshbowl Pub, have a drink, and cool off. Oh yeah, and sign up for all of …
No heat wave the whole summer and now we get one when schools starting... K cool
What is my end to summer Labor Day is going to be 90 degrees most of week. Someone upstairs is playing a joke on us. Sept heat wave. Yuk.
You were in Abbotsford!? Are you going to be at the SummerSlam Heat Wave event tonight? :D
Hope the weathers like this for Bank Holiday...GLAS Heat Wave ;). Tickets selling fast! Get them here:
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