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Heat Nation

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Miami surprises 21 Miami sophomores with college scholarships
Bc I was snacking. Lol. I had to heat it up. :P
.former Navy SEAL, is stepping up to protect victims of child sex trafficking -
We Found the Fastest Way to Cool a Car Down in Summer Heat
I on the contrary feel the RESISTANCE rising even more in this Nation. They are going home & will feel the heat.
The heat is on here in the Central Valley and illegal immigrant as busy doing jobs you or your children will never do they feed the nation
W/current tech, the whole nation shouldn't even have to worry about heat. Don't cause a problem, just f…
it's super cool knowing I'm going to one of the top schools in the nation in the fall 😌 also grateful to rid myself of this texas heat
Watching from the middle of the Heat Nation, Miami Beach.
And right in the heat of the nation calling Boston racist, Craig Kimbrel strikes out the side K K K.
Kasper getting Reigns heat with the Buckeye nation 😂. Cleveland in March will be fun.
. Deface the Nation. Can't handle the heat can you orange man???
The whole nation Eh... The heat woke me up
Congratulations to Jazmine Corvalan, Heat 99 ECNL Player coached by Key Reid on her 2017 commitment to Lake Tahoe Community C…
Brilliant Idea!!!: New York Could Become First in the Nation to Ban Declawing of Cats
Hillary Clinton the joiner, trying to be relevant in a Nation that finds her irrelevant and repulsive
One day this great nation Nigeria a nation sweltering with d heat of injustice
A United States heat map of every 1st-round NFL draft pick for the last decade - SB Nation fyi
Sis, she does indeed have brain cells but they are programed to defend a convict. My re…
Correction daughter of God father. An convict can never be leader of a nation. Keep up th…
Ending my day off with by wishing my fav station would bless the nation by playi…
Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia too hand in glove with RSS: Ajay Maken, Using heat from burning neighbour's house.
Mumble rap nation can't take the heat LOL
HEAT nation needs to bring back the seven nation army chant.
I'm posing as a Boston fan because my squad didn't make it to the playoffs. I web from Heat Nation to Boston Strong.
Hope you're doing ok big dog. Heat nation misses you tremendously but you gotta take care of your health…
Would be Home Secretary screwed up, erm "misspoke", to the…
Summer baby so I thrive in the heat 👸🏽
Music mogul Jay Z is catching some major heat along with Major League Baseball. Both powerhouses have been named...
I'm shook af to play you but I gotchu after this game with heat nation
Heat Nation baby . We coming back k from scratch.
Jimmy Kimmel's message is filled with compassion. The USA is the only major nation without universal health care. http…
During Jackson's presidency the nation was at relative peace it wouldn't heat up until The Comprom…
NGO's feeling the heat. Hope govt. doesn't back off. UN review should call on India to stop targeting NGOs: HRW
I bet if we could harvest the warmth people feel in their hearts after hugging her we could heat an entire nation. 🦄💗
CWLPweek6 recap of our boys in bringin the heat 2 Marshals'Nation! Drop a sub! BA da bop pow!.
The letter from the about me joining Heat Nation.
Early May will bring a surge of dangerous heat across India as the nation continues to wait for the summer monsoon.…
Heat made me trim my beard sad day for beard nation.
Still heat nation tho my fam watched 1st heat game ever on tv
[Heat Nation] Hassan Whiteside Nominated for NBA’s Block of the Year
Double dead heat (for 1st & 2nd and for 3rd & 4th) in R4 Have never seen that in my 55 years of racing.
views over "Heat Nation"looking east towards Government Cut and South Beach.
Heat Nation! Now Pat Riley would at lease take the Bird man Anderson service right now to deal with Bismack Biyombo running the paint.
Heat Nation has spoken... yall need richardson to stay on the bench 2
Kyle Lowry may in fact be the Heat MVP.
Heat Nation! This is a Dragicshow in Toronto tonight turn on the bright light.
At the end of 3, Heat lead 68-63. Toronto looks lost but Miami keeps losing the ball. Dragic has played absurd though
I can't watch the game cause I'm at work Heat nation but I see we up let's go!
What a get Goran was for Riley and Heat Nation!
Like this if you want me to add you to my "HEAT NATION" list
Welp, it's always good luck when Chuck picks your team to lose!.. Let's keep our fingers crossed Heat Nation!..
Heat are missing dunks and turning the ball over. It's kinda miraculous that the game is so tight
Whiteside coming back has put a fire in the Heat. JJ and Wade are playing nuts!!!
Heat reporting a sprain for Whiteside...who is now back in the game. Guess he is built different!
Right on cue, plays Seven Nation Army - the unofficial anthem of the Heat.
Y'all were just saying we were passing the ball too much.just shut up heat nation we don't want your opinions
Heat Nation does not accept or tolerate excuses, next man up W or L, dont confuse us 4 Doc Rivers
So I guess heat nation is killing the raptors?
New montage coming soon you guys aren't ready for the heat teaser coming later
Long way to go, but Heat Nation knew could make a run for the East Conf title. Now the rest of the may agree.
DTN India: Vijay Mallya controversy puts investigative agencies in the dock: NEW DELHI: Investigative heat on ...
Biggest crowd reactions have been for the heat. Bulls nation not feeling it.
4-for-4! remains perfect in qualifying as Mikiah Brisco (lane 7) is 2nd in 1st heat of the women’s 60m in 7.25! htt…
Alright Heat Nation what did I miss so far?
The Star Online. Scorching heat on March 20The Star OnlineOn another matter, the Department of the Environment sai…
Here in Brasil, Heat Nation is with you 2day!
finishes 2nd in his heat and 9th in the Nation in the 300m! 4x200m tomorrow. Dal ranked 1st going into finals
PERSONAL BEST! wins the 1st prelim heat of the men’s 60 hurdles with a PR of 7.58!
Mikiah Brisco follows by winning the 1st heat in the women’s 60 hurdles in 8.08!
PERSONAL BEST! Daeshon Gordon (lane 1) clocks a big PR of 8.05 for 2nd in the 2nd heat of the 60 hurdles!
Totally agree. If was pushing one person I would get heat for that. I respect that people have picked trump cruz
Scorching heat on March 20: PETALING JAYA: Scorching heat is forecast on March 20 due to the equinox phenomenon.
Heat Nation! Miami at Chicago Bulls tonight, what will we get from the top leaders on this Heat team ? Sure hope to see # 3 turn it up !🏀🏀🏀
*** Get well soon Super Rio! Always in the heart of Heat Nation fans! U will comeback stronger than ever. Greets from Italy
Women's Track & Field: Sara Johnson finishes third in her heat of the 60-meter hurdles in :08.851, good for 10th-place finish in the nation!
PAGASA warns of rising heat index ahead of summer: Sweltering heat and high temperatures are forecast for Metr...
Summer is on but the heat is inside..the heat agnst d political power games..agnst selling d nation
- Oh Yes She Did! has a little heat and a big heart. nation beer
What now, for CB? My latest... Chris Bosh: What should expect moving forward
Spanning most all of our nation's industrial markets! Trust rocore to be your heat exchanger &…
Chris Bosh: What Heat Nation should expect, moving forward
Performance Nutrition for Cheer: dehydration can lead to risk of injury, cramps, heat exhaustion. Be sure to hydrate!
Heat Nation the proof is in the pudding, that the Boston Celtic is a much better coach team than the Miami Heat coming of double over time.
Heat Nation is glad to have you back. Keep on grinding and doing you.
Bring me with pleasse heat nation all dayyy
.brought the heat in the pennant-clinching victory over the Blue Jays!
U can't beat the heat of Aldub nation!
Anybody got a favorite Sirius xm radio station? I like the fly , the heat,and hip hop Nation.
Even those artist feels the heat. How this nation reacts on their songs
I can feel the heat of ALDUB Nation i wish this will never end!
Nope... Im pretty sure Heat nation is having a crazy, knee jerky, holy crap fit about this.
Heat nation wants to know whats up with Jay Sabol and the hair/beard
Give him 6th man of the yr before the first game! Heat nation!
"Cultural" Org or plain and simple Hindutva Terrorism? Raid all temples! . Arms lessons at temple: RSS faces the heat htt…
Bleacher Report came out with this Phins and Heat mashup jerseys. Thoughts?
Finna drop some heat soon w mynigga
Talks on climate deal heat up over bill for global warming:
“The obscene parading of religious identity, such as wearing burqas in Kerala’s scorching heat...
🏀📝🎧 tbh haaay. you're cool. and funny sometimes. I don't know u that much. but heat nation is all that matters 😂
What's funny is I like the Heat logo a lot and can't stand the new clippers logo lol it's horribly bland to me personally.
Go ahead and let that heat hit the nation🔥🔥 .
Atlanta got something in they water, they got *** all over the city poppin across the nation, erbody dropping heat
chile not in this nation 😂 they dnt make enough cash for me. 😩 then I hate the heat lol
FUN: The LA Clippers report that they outsourced the design of their new logo to...the Miami Heat staff!
PROMO: Say RIP to the Heat With the Best Summer Style Collaborations of All Time
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Too much heat, sometimes you need to step out and enjoy. Have a great sunday!!. .
Sometimes you just need to let go of some things so that you can think of how to face tomorrow... Nk_heat_
and the rest of the Heat Check Nation
thank you! I'll leave now. I wanted to be in this heat as little as possible
Why the Miami Heat Have One of the Most Versatile Rosters in the NBA - Heat Nation
S/O to the 100's of the best students in the nation who braved the heat to pick up great seats in the Double Inferno!
Need it to be 7:30 already. Tired of waiting in this Vegas heat.
Danvers Nation out in full force today giving us grief for picking against Falcons. That's OK; to be head chef, you've got to take the heat.
Riley: "[Heat have] all the components of a championship team."
South Florida can't let memories of Lebron James-era Heat go - SB Nation
Sandstorms give Phoenix a break from oppressive heat, but sometimes they turn deadly
India, Pakistan agree to cool down heat on border after DG-level talks - Firstpost
The nation is yet under the heat of political maneuverings. Individuals and groups gripped by intense desire to...
lmfao this same exact little building thing has the Miami Heat nation sign hung on it now
California scorched and drenched by heat, storms | The Seattle Times
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
& Heat Nation are really hoping that A. Stoudemire comes ready to play & dish out this upcoming season!
What a weird nation we have become, and it happened so fast. Is there a way back? via
A man stretches as he attends a yoga class in the rain in New Delhi, on June 14, 2015.
Very Rarely we have such pleasant weather in Delhi which lasts for 2~3 days in mid of Peak Summer Heat.
rain go away, come again another day,. This participant has today! . MORE PICS:
Rains in Delhi bring respite from heat conditions - Rains in Delhi bring respite from extreme heat conditions | Th...
Call me a hater. So what. I can rest easy knowing LeBum James lost. Heat nation
Amen to that! Can't wait for the Heat nation to rise again! ;)
A year ago today we were preparing for the death of a franchise. Death of a fake fanbase & garbage 'Big 3'. Happy End …
yup I'm good. Heat Nation till I die
Im just out here wondering what happened to heat nation lol
yeah heat nation left with Lebron lmao a bunch of front runners I guess
Its still heat nation . But the warriors are my second favorite.
I was def heat nation cause Bron was there but I was cavs nation couple years before that
I don't like either time. It's heat nation over here. 😂🔥🔥🔥
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Special S/O to Heat Nation/Fans tonight!! I really didn't expect that turn out tonight. U guys are the best in the world
Lil Wayne and Jay Z together. Roc Nation is now the Miami Heat of hip hop.
🔥Heat Nation🔥 I just don't want Lebron to win. Period.
Just like cav fans were heat nation last season 😴🐸☕️
Let's rewind a year or two everyone that was screaming heat nation is now a Warriors fan lol
Evan Turner,sign with the Heat bro,Heat Nation wants you.
Spurs easily Best Team. They dismantled Heat Nation and the South Beach Sissies and changed the whole league…
Welcome to Heat Nation! You're gonna fit right in this great organization!!! LETS get some RINGS!
Restricted free agent (RFA) — Subject to the right of first refusal from incumbent team. Chris Andersen (PO) – It has been reported that Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen will indeed decline his player option to become a free agent this off- season. It’s not at all surprising considering how much bang we got for his buck. We should all be eternally grateful for how big a part Andersen was to our 2013 championship run and we here at Heat Nation wish him the best of luck. Rashard Lewis (UFA) – Lewis is an unrestricted free agent next year and with the Heat roster only getting older, I don’t see the Heat re-signing Lewis, no matter what the cost. Being an attractive destination, Miami can probably sign someone younger and just as good a three-point shooter for the same price. Udonis Haslem (PO) – Much like Chris Andersen, Udonis Haslem has a player option for next year. And with a 4.6 million dollar price tag, Haslem has publicly stated that he WILL opt into his contract for next season as everyone wo ...
OK Heat Nation ... now we know for sure that it's a rematch with San Antonio to find out who the champs are. And all the Heat fans remember how it went last year - down 3 games to 2 and coming home to the AAA; and then, when it all seemed lost, Ray Allen makes the 3-ptr in the corner to tie Game 6 and take it into overtime, then in Game 7 when Duncan misses a shot he usually never misses. What's it gonna be this time? Well, first of all, the schedule has changed to be a 2-2-1-1-1 home and away pattern - for the first time since 1984 - to be just like the earlier rounds of the playoffs. So it means Game 5 will be in SA this year and not in Miami, but Game 6 is in Miami. Do I think we will need 7 games? Very likely. I see Barkley and Smith are picking us because of (1) Tony Parker not being 100% (he did not play the second half in OKC tonite) and (2) the re-emergence of Dwyane Wade in the last two rounds of this year's playoffs (against Brooklyn and Indiana). What do I think? I gotta go with my guys. ...
As of Sunday the Pacers support from me is dead lol Heat Nation
Dear David West...We counted y'all out because y'all struggled. Now the real test comes. Y'all struggled at home and away. Heat Nation is ready.
Where Brooklyn at ... n my Biggie Smalls voice Ha Ha ... Heat Nation
Larry Hixon, Dee Hixon, Gary Magel, and Nikki R Magel the Brooklyn Nets are coming to Heat Nation!!! I hope y'all ready for BK! Lets go! LOL!
Heat Nation: Congrats Miami Heat, on your game tonight. ALL Haters ... Heat Nation Motivators!
I really want LeBron to go back to Cleveland.There will be a record breaking drop in Miami Heat fans lol *** half you *** that was screaming Heat Nation since the Hardaway/Mourning days already claiming to be LeBron fans wherever he goes. just in case
we have work to put in b\c Wade is out again. Smh. I'm a Heat Nation rider for life. Let's get it Heat!!!
with a strong putback dunk to put the HEAT up 31!
“Pacers are getting washed right now. My goodness. They used all their effort to beat the Heat by a point.”--- Wall Nation
Miami Heat's Shane Battier says he will retire at the end of this season.
Arizona is the sunniest year round spot in the nation. It's a dry heat.
Let go heat nation all the way drink da remmy cream!
Hot laps are done. Nation Anthem before we do 1st 358 heat race.
Didn't Miami and Indiana played the other day where are you where you at heat nation heat nation
My Nephew is'nt the only one that can Rock a Fro! All I need is a pick with the fist on it and my Angela Davis trademark fist in the air LOL! I just might get a Box cut who knows! 😂 GO Norris Cole Heat Nation! Beat the Detroit Pistons!
We love our hometown sports teams.HEAT NATION!
Heat Nation in Miami rooting for our team tonight! Counting the days for Pacer Payback! Go Heat!
Mosquito bite? Press a *hot* spoon onto the spot. The heat will destroy the protein that caused the reaction and the itchi…
endurance nation this weekend, with and bringing the heat to the beach. Who's watching both?
HEAT-NATION Invades Las Cruces, New Mexico. This weekend for the . Rio Grande Classic, sponsored and put on by the...
500 Bicycle Helmets wrapped by metrowrapz for the Miami Heat / HEAT CYCLE FOR SAFETY event. Safety First! Let's go HEAT NATION!
I like this man even more now ... Thank you Kobe ... As for fhe Miami Heat, they dont even know whybthey are...
Only happy thoughts people. It's Friday. The weekend, enjoy it people. I could have gotten at Jamik Jenz for his rude statement on my protein shake post up. I didn't. I'm a change man. Have a great day jamik, my only boy. I love you. Poppa proud of you. Shout out to my youngest son. Holla at me later. I got a HEAT NATION basketball for you. It says 3Peat on it. Real
Arizona is getting wrecked tomorrow.
Aaron Rodgers looked like a thug yesterday lmao
Could've stayed home, should've stayed home.
Beauty queen Ruby loseslustre in poll heat and dust: There may be expectations of a Modi win in the elections ...
GOOD MORNING GOD. ITS HERE the weekends. Time to work, sleep, party, apple juice time, work or whatever you do, make sure you keep your goal/goals on front of you. Be careful if headed out and you not a punk if you walk away from trouble. If you on that apple juice have a driver. Don't forget church on SUNDAY if you can. Miami Heat NATION FRIDAY at 730 and SATURDAY at 830. FLORIDA GATORS BASKETBALL SATURDAY at 609. Much LOVE to you fb family.
Even though I knew the outcome I had to watch the game don't worry about the time in the pic lol heat nation cheated by poor refs lol.
Good morning to one and all happy Friday. I'm apart of the Heat Nation. Let's go Heat!
interesting how a Heat beat writer is posting this twt. We have enough from the rest of the nation goin' against our players.
Still highly upset as a Christan from last night Heat vs Pacers game so I had to take care of them in NBA 2k 14. nation a heat fan can't stand the Pacers stink # still highly upset
Yall can go head n hate.heat nation. .still
“I remember I used Eddie House on 2k lol”heat nation lol
Let's go clippers... It's still Heat Nation over here though!!!
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We loss a tough one last night. We'll regroup as always. HEAT NATION STAND UP!
One point ant no loss they was calling to many fouls last night its still heat nation pacers ant our round
Jack Wilkes got in fast heat of Texas Relays 1600m. Will face some of the nation's best high school milers
Too funny ... but true. "So much Heat hate tonight, lol but heres another.
. Hello. I'm liking everything except the heat nation. Celtics fan for life!
lol Ima need you not to put that lakers hat all about heat nation 👏
Heat nation has the most fickle fans to exist
Look all the heat nation talk ain't called for...who gon beat them in Best of 7...don't worry I'll wait
Man have anybody seen da heat nation lately tho?
. My name is Lil Bean, I'm not from this nation... How did I get here? Call that illegal immigration!. 🔥🔥🔥
I got heat for any *** think I'm soft on nation I'll bang with any ***
The Heat lost that game last night more than the Pacers won it. Heat up 7 after 3, up 4 w/ 3:23 left. LEBRON HAS TO CL…
NBA playoff standings 2014: Top of the East in major struggle mode - SB Nation
Was not gonna brag but just couldn't keep it to my self did I or did I not say it was gonna be a *** of a game to the heat nation I say never count us out until then end 0 is what you need LaBron can not play us by his self team work guys ha ha ha
On. My way to game 5 last one of all let's go heat nation sweep team 1 more month to go we almost there :) let's have an awesom one today and tonight :)
Heat nation was loud when they were not getting their *** whooped one they in hiding again Lmao nation most fickle *** fans to exist
Getting excited for my few days in Detroit rock city! Tonight! Wings vs Canadiens! Tomorrow! Pistons vs the defending champs! Heat Nation! See you Saturday! Peace L town!
I am officially announcing my allegiance to Heat Nation. Only reason didn't like them at first is cus my older brother did! :-/ Oh well, at least it don't seem like I'm jumping the bandwagon...
Yea we lost last night but will rebound heat nation..
Ahhh! Nothing better than the silence of Heat Nation after a Pacers win. I will enjoy the peace and quiet :)
Aye Heat nation y'all can go back to sleep, that loss last night was NOT a dream
No more what? NBA...Heat Nation.oh *** San Diego have no team, they may not have no football team can jump on the.Clippers tho.lnso
Chris Bosh named Eastern Conference player of the week.Dwayne Wade was named the player of the week the prior week and Lebron James the week before that .Miami is taking over! Heat Nation!
Congratulations Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union !! Heat Nation is excited for the wedding bells !
CHECK THIS OUT: Blake Griffen good, but I'm Heat Nation til I die.
To continue on what I said earlier, as everyone knows I am a Miami Heat fan. I have been there through the good times(2006,2012, and Now) and the bad(in the early 90's we ether got swept in 1st round or missed the postseason until 93 or 94 when we beat Dominique Wilkins and Atlanta. And we also missed the playoffs in 2003 and had the worse record in 2008 and Still didn't get Derrick Rose!). But the old saying goes "Good things come to those who wait." And we the Heat Nation was rewarded with so far 3 NBA championships and counting.
"I bet 75% of the "Heat Nation" cant name the starting five before Lebron and Bosh came.." Dwade Udonis Haslem and Shaq in 2007
That awkward moment when you realize David Stern gets more HATE than Heat Nation...
Heat Nation: Who is the greatest Miami Heat player of all time?
Heat Nation: Championship Parade Today! Enjoy the rest of the Summer NBA Nation. We busy retooling and rebuilding for a Three Peat!
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Ohhh my Bosh its Wade O' Clock in the Mourning and Lebron won't let me sleep! PARADE TIME! Heat Nation im reppin' baby celebrating the greatest championship in Miami History! I'm in the building!!!
*** be like "2 rings! Heat Nation!!" When in all actuality they are Lebron nation because D. Wade n The Heat organization got 3 rings... Bandwagon *** riders???
NBA Finals was nuts! Heat Nation!! Although I gotta say Kawhi Leonard has become one of my favorite players in the NBA, you rarely see someone who stays so calm and composed
To Tracy Smith & Jenean Coleman and all those apart of the Heat Nation. Whoever wins tonight I hope you will tip your hat off to the winning team. IJS:-).
Heat Nation is having a Lebron James givaway!
Jesus Shuttlesworth is the reason the Miami Heat won that game im glad to see he still has it!!! Heat Nation! 2 in a row!!!
Heat Nation Announcement Attention Attention Attention All Flip Floppers, BanWagoners, former Spurs fans and Hatters. Your jump on the Miami Heat Bandwagon application must be in before the start of game seven at 9:00 pm NO other application will be accepted after the start of the game. Heat Nation
Heat tell me Heat fans who was on the Miami Heat in 2003 or 2004 or 2005.or 2007 or 2008 or 2009 give up? Heat azz band wagon riders. Bands to make u dance
Ahhh yes.where the HeatHaterz at now?We got the MVP,The Best3pt Shooter in History.thanks Ray Allen for leavin the Boston Celtics.oh martha!!ol Kenny Tyler.uhhhuhhh.I got the best birthday present.The Miami Heat tied the series.3-3 Were the Heat Nation.
Lm sorry I have to say this. Shoutouts to 85% of the Heat fans. Show up when you win...HIDE when your losing. Just goes to show in the end of the day that the GREATEST and most loyal fans in basketball are LAKER, CELTIC and SPUR fans. My respect is LOST for most of this so called "Heat Nation" Salute to the 15% that show up.
Now for all Spurs fans that think that should have been a foul call, yall know that the refs can't call that on any team.and Tim Williams you know dog on well the Spurs fouled James and Wade on several of those drives, and the refs didn't call it.Great Game.Popp you did some questionable stuff towards the end.Heat Nation rise up.we live another day to get that title.
No lie im Heat Nation but Tony Parker is top 3 point guard in the league.
Now what was that y'all was sayin earlier..!!!? ...! Aye # Heat Nation..!!
Heat Nation, Who would you have as our starting 5 for game 6?
Spurs win again!... Heat Nation is pretty quiet 2nite...
The rest of the Heat fans that make up "Heat Nation" couldn't tell Alonzo Mourning a part from Lorenzo Lamas.
Let's get our win tonight!! Let"s Go Miami Heat & Heat Nation! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the Dads... &'have a great Sunday...
What a win for Miami last night! It was great to see Wade take control and score 32, and to see Lebron score 33, and Bosh contributing 20 of his own...The Big 3 dominated, go Heat Nation! :D
We play our heart out,,how can we lose,,Heat Nation...a full unit,, It is That
Where's my Heat Nation? Tag all your Heat fans, we riding out as a NATION
Game 4 has arrived! It's going down tonight at 9PM... Heat Nation, how are YOU feeling!?
Well it was a great game, Heat Nation this lost dose not change the out come of this finals, we already know Miami has it at the end of it all, who beat Miami tonight 2 guys u never herd of Neal/Green or blue am not sure of there name so let's see how many games They can do that for without there stars smh
Miami takes Gane 2 in a blowout win!!! 103-84!!! Keep it going!!! Heat Nation!!
Dats Miami Heat Basketball and that still ain't our best play.. Heat Nation.
FACT.Before LeBron and Bosh came to Miami, there were no such things as Heat Nation, Heat Haters, and Team Heat.
Sup "Heat Nation", how do you guys feel about Tony Parker? Just wondering.
This is going to be an All-Time Classic series...Top Two Teams. So I'd rather lose Game 1 than Game 7. *Stay positive Heat Nation...GO HEAT!!
Hats off to you all Spurs fan..Great game.. We lost...see you in South Beach Sunday.Heat Nation
Yeah Heat Haters! dope style taker, I'll tell u to ur face u ain't nothing but a faker! Heat Nation we gud!!
Ok so the Heat Nation got duped again for talking so fast. LOL Michelle Rouche they were talking so much tonight. Please check on Lorenzo McDonald and Byron M. Taylor and Patrick Maxwell and Bryan Bfus because they are stun. This is so funny.
Here we go Heat Nation, 4 more wins until we bring another championship back home and parade down Biscayne blvd once more
Heat Nation all the way. Hate it? Love it? Dont matter, Miami Heat is gonna bring it as always. No can the Spurs baaah.
Heat fans are so salty over this. Dillusions of Grandeur will do that to ppl I guess. As much as I DESPISE the Spurs, SI was on the money with this. Heat get as many rings as these three, then you can call yourselves the biggest three. Otherwise, you sit in the passenger seat, and you better not touch the radio.
Im so ready for the game Heat Nation baby.
Sherina has arrived! Listen no foolishness tonight! My statuses are for the Heat Nation unless we dead cool.if une sure then dnt try me and get ya feelings hurt! Consider ya self warned!
Tom Joyner is on the Pacers band wagon, and we know he's the biggest "Jinx" .we got this Heat Nation!!
It's impossible to reason with the mind of someone who hates the Heat. So let's just bring out the checklist of things a "Heat hater" will post tonight on different outlets of social media if my team loses. The “not 1 not 2 not 3” Youtube video..Because we all are judged for the things we said in summer 2010. The nicknames: “LeCheat, LeBrick, Miami Cheat, Flop City” etc… “The Pacers were built and not bought & they’re not arrogant!!!” that one just makes me smile. I could go on but there’s no point. If the Heat win tonight, the game is rigged, and if the heat lose tonight, then we get mocked and ridiculed till the 2014 playoffs. Makes no sense. To you who don't like my team, the heat losing tonight is your championship. You could care less about the Spurs or Pacers because you win no matter the result. Here's what’s crystal clear. Game 7. The best team will win. Good luck. Heat Nation.
Nothing personal Heat Nation, but I love the under dogs chances tonight, even thou Tom Joyner is on band wagon
Heat Nation have faith.. Miami Heat will win tonight!!!
Game 7 in miami, we got this... Heat Nation!!
Dear Batman (and/or Robin), Can Dwyane Wade borrow that thing you put on your knee in The Dark Knight Rises? He'll give it right back, promise. Thanks. Love, Heat Nation
And y'all question why I'm a Lebron fan (see third quarter)! From the 2011 Finals on he's showed up and showed out in every. Big. Game! Back to Indy 3-2 Heat Nation! Stevie Thomas James Amber Lex Will Brianna David etc.!
King James and Heat Nation play an aggressive Game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead!
Hey, are any other Red Wings fans out there freaking sick of Mike Babcock? How in the heck do you blow a 3-1 playoff series lead? Time for Little Caesar's Pizza founder and Red Wings owner Michael Ilitch to tell Ken Holland to fire Mike Babcock. Why do Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa) and Joey Lawerence (Blossom's brother) have a sitcom together? Sign of the apocalypse? Heat Nation rise up. The referees won't win this game for the Indiana Pacers tonight!
(Question of the Day) Ok this is about me lol I need advice from Heat Nation! As u know im going to game 4 as usual! But should i pre-order game 6 ticket in case cause if u do its only $25 but if they do play game 6 and i don't pre-order its $112? But if they don't get money back but i get 25 bucks off next game i attend? What do u do if u are me! -Chandler Murphy (manager)
There's no such thing as a 'Heat Nation' You need more than two championship banners to be a nation.
Enjoy and treasure these moments Miami for if you grew up hearing about the Dolphins in the 70s, Don Shula and later Dan Marino; you will one day tell your kids about wade, the god father Pat Riley and how you witness a king get crowned. We go back to the Eastern Conference finals tonight! Being back to back championships to Miami! Heat Nation stand up!!!
16 in a row we almost won as much games during this streak as the lakers all season . Heat Nation
Miami 15 straight wins nobody stopping us.Heat Nation. But my second team lost though Minnesota Timberwolves
Yall gone learn today why we the Champs ... Heat Nation
*** it's half time Knicks up 14pts on the Heat I haven't seen not one *** Heat post yet!!! *** I see y'all only fans when y'all winning true signs of BANDWAGON FANS if the Heat find some way to win I don't want to see no post about Heat Nation ect.
Did y'all see that move. Heat Nation all day
Heat Nation will miss you Dexter Pittman. Have a good career over in Memphis.
Dexter Pittman traded...Oh Well, thats it from Heat Nation!
Them: Kobe blocked LeBron twice in the All Star game! Me: The Lakers are in 10th place in the Western Conference not too far away from the playoffs while the Heat are sitting comfortably in 1st place in the Eastern Conference. Do I seem worried?!? LOL, Heat Nation stand up!
Heat Nation, something like that, uggh got KD, damian liliard, nic batum, and lamarcus aldridge agains dwight LOL
Trailblazers Nation vs. Heat Nation is down to the LAST possession! Who will WIN?
Lets go! Heat Nation', time to rep and check in !!! Where are u watching the game at!?
Shane Battier has a mild MCL strain it was not super serious thank God. He should be ok let's wish him a speedy recovery Heat Nation.
Let's go Heat Nation,go Miami Heat,back 2 back champi0n,hav tym wt my mama,..
All purpose parts banner
Even though its Heat Nation all day, I must say Rondo is the purest point guard in the league hands down..
Heat Nation. James Wade Lewis Allen Bosh. Who messin with my clique?
Everybody wake up let the trash talk again NBA start today. Heat Nation
Little known fact, Heat Nation is also known as Bandwagon Nation
Yea boy, you down south mad and don't want to come out the house when the family come down to bbq. Lol I knw wats wrong but you can let it go, he's gone . I knw it hurt but he gave you five years. Lol that's rite he's part of the Heat Nation now. Ray Allen for 3".
People hate on ballers these days..ain't that like Lebron James? Ain't that just like D. Wade?.. # Heat Nation..
Lets goo Heat Nation lebron gettin his second ring
cant wait to see how pressed Skip is 2mar to shade King James, The Heat, Heat Nation, & the ESPY's for recognizing our greatness Lol
Heat Nation please welcome our newest member Rashard Lewis to the family. -Lebron James
Heat Nation...It official Rashard Lewis will sign with Miami Heat. It will be raining from downtown in the triple A next season! LoL keep on getting better#
I am going to need to humble myself around all this Heat Nation in Miami LAWD this is a challenge pray 4me
Will The Heat have a big 4. James,Wade,Bosh& Allen. Can we all say RING next year. Back 2 Back. Heat Nation.
*** Ray Allen part of the Heat Nation. More of a reason for boston and everyone else to Hate!!
Heat Nation has acquired the services of Jesus Shuttlesworth!!!
Heat Nation rejoice! The Miami Heat has signed the greatest three point shooter of all time. Ray Allen is coming to South Beach. WOW!
Dwyane Wade is a big day for Heat Nation
Now that Kevin Garnett is going back to the Boston Celtics, I think that makes the possibility of Ray Allen staying more likely. If Pat Riley cannot bring Allen to The Miami Heat after that debacle of a draft, he will have truly failed Heat Nation this off-season.
Just came from AAA had a blast with my new White friends... Bay side was thick, haven't seen the city like that in Years. The Miami Heat really got the city OFF THE CHAIN. Heat Nation...
Jonathan, this is a special invitation for you to completely join the Heat Nation and renounce you Celtic affiliation. I don't want you having to be torn between two loves next season. I want you to be completely on the winning side next year. I may be dead and gone, but I'm telling you now that the Heat will win it all again next year. LeBron, Wade and Bosh will make sure that it happens. Shane Battier is good for one more year and there will be four new players starting out with the team. If they do not measure up they will be traded before the deadline. What you have to remember is that next season will not be as rigorous as this-shortened season was. The Heat should breeze through the East and knock off the West, if the Thunder represents the best that they have to bring to the table. I knew, after the frist game, that they were toast. They had no inside presence. I now realize why the Celtics got rid of Perkins. He has no inside foot-speed with a team that doesn't run many set plays! He needs to be i ...
Let the Miami Heat teach all of us a few lessons. 1. They never got weary in well doing!!! 2. They were determined to win, even though OKC was desperate to win!!! 3.The Heat never gave up!! They showed true team spirit. 4. Remember, there is no I in team!!! I'm still doing the HEAT shuffle!! Have a wonderful day, Heat Nation!!! This one's for us!!!
Dear Heat Haters, In preparation for the final game of the NBA Season tonight I want to thank you all for providing the motivation for my team all year long. Congrats to OKC for making it this far and better luck next year. I know that there will be MANY of you that will have a few statements saying how we shouldn't have won. Statements Like: 1. IF Derek Rose didn't go down we would have lost to the Bulls. 2. James Harden was off and we got lucky. 3. Lakers would have beaten you. To those statements I say this. Please keep in mind that the Heat: 1. Don't have any kind of size on the front-line. 2. Mike Miller couldn't stay healthy all year. 3. Have "no Bench support" as stated by many of you during the year. So, please stop making excuses, just have some dignity and accept the fact that you were wrong! Sincerely, Heat Nation
Its funny how everbidy saying Heat Nation..when they dont even know the name of their head coach! # Bandwagons!!! -
Well we all kno pac man aint no Money MAYWEATHER... My Miami Heat did they thang thats for all u hatas strait 100 look out OKC we gone take the FINALS trophy to South Beach this year 2012!# Heat Nation- Money Team..
Game 7 Heat Nation stand up were dem boston fans on here at now can't hear u speak up lmao
It's time to have faith Heat Nation, BELIEVE! LET'S GO HEAT
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