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Heady Topper

Heady Topper is a double India Pale Ale brewed by The Alchemist in Waterbury, VT. It is unfiltered and contains 8% ABV, with hints of citrus flavors.

Hill Farmstead Beer Advocate Jay Peak

IP trade earlier and this was a welcome extra!! Thanks Chuck Burger for the FAF ... (Heady Topper)
Interesting read. "He insists that it be drunk directly from the can." / The Story of Heady Topper…
Hayburner is not only the best beer in Buffalo, it's very verry close in taste to Heady Topper
15,685 steps at work today deserves a Heady! - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
Cheers to for feeding an addiction - Drinking a Heady Topper by -…
One of my favorites. Thanks Chris. - Drinking a Heady Topper by at —
I loved this story about the people who built Heady Topper into the cultish beer it is today
Heady Topper started it all, I never drank an IPA the same way again.
Great article on a Vermont icon. I was lucky enough to be an Alchemist fan/customer before Irene - great brewery.
Insanely good longform by by the way: If you haven't gotten a little Heady, you're missing out.
Really interesting read on a beer I have just had the chance to try recently
A great article about the famed Heady Topper .
Nice read about the phenomenon of Alchemist and Heady Topper
If you haven't heard about the Heady Topper phenom, check out this article.
. goes behind the scenes with America's obsession-driving double IPA Heady Topper. htt…
The story of how the Alchemist went from a pub that didn't card me and to the best beer producer around.
Update your maps at Navteq
A sustainable example for business: You can be socially responsible and still make more money than you need. .
I'm going to go with Trout River Rainbow Red, followed very very closely by Heady Topper.
just scored some Heady Topper at this Phish lot.
Finally cracking open the birthday gift! - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
Juicy nose, slight malt and grassy notes. Medium body and retentive foam. (Heady Topper)
try to get some Heady Topper this beer in unmatched☝️
Danny brought in another gem! This beer is every bit as special as Heady Topper - thanks for…
My fridge= secondfiddle, mastermind, heady topper, and sip of sun. Pretty good, but something missing...where art though ?
Well looky what I found in the fridge. - Drinking a Heady Topper by @ Lincoln, NH —
available in London? The can looks similar to the Heady Topper family of beers (from Vermont).
hey I was just wondering if you have ever tried Heady Topper, since you said you love beer.
should have made it contingent on a case of Heady Topper
Classic on the Other Half release line - Drinking a Heady Topper by @ West New York, NJ —
when you're at clinical all day but went to Treehouse to get Ma AND GOT HEADY TOPPER 😛
Delicious after show finisher. Purchased a 4 pack outside the Fillmore f... (Heady Topper)
Heady Topper and homemade pizza. Bliss. - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
FT: dogfish 120 ISO: heady topper or focal banger
Just found out people drink Heady Topper in a glass
Jacob this one is mine! A little Untappd for business updates in the back... (Heady Topper)
I'll be watching you downstairs music loud and a heady topper in my hand.
When heady topper comes in beeermail 🌝
You've heard of Heady Topper, but how about Ironwood's new favorite Topper on the block?! 💫
I liked a video from Pliny the Elder vs Heady Topper | The Craft Beer Channel
Who can I beer mail with to get some Heady Topper to my house in Ontario?
I'm in Burlington, drinking a Heady Topper, at one of my favorite bars, and Jimmy Eat World is playing. Tbh life doesn't get much better.
Wow 😍. Though i think i liked Focal Banger just a bit more! - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
Lana out of town w/Barrett tonight and I just scored some Heady Topper. Going to be an epic evening, with my mother in-law. 😂
Maureen I have a case of heady topper. If you're serious about wanting some lmk
Needed one of these after watching the debate. - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
A Heady Topper from the Alchemist Brewery in Waterbury, Vermont compliments of my friend Ben!
Thank God this is the last one. Featuring Heady Topper by & a bumper sticker.
Can we just all agree that this is a beer's beer? Thanks for the assist, ... (Heady Topper)
How does 8 cans of Heady Topper make it to Bubble Wrapped and freezer bagged.
The best thing in my life right now (besides Tom, kids, dog, coffee, and Heady Topper) is
your morning story about NY tourism features Heady Topper Beer, a VT brew
First Heady in a while, god *** is it still delicious. Thanks to the ran... (Heady Topper)
Heady Topper by 10/10 would drink again if in an area available for purchase.
had a friend send me your Crusher, Heady Topper & Focal Banger. Now I'm just bummed she only set 1 of each.
Why confirm that Heady Topper is indeed objectively better-tasting than Goose Island IPA?
Stoopin' with Eleanor on this lovely Friday afternoon. — Drinking a Heady Topper @ Patterson Park —
Sad I'm forced to keep lowering the rating of this... (Heady Topper)
"There’s an IPA local to Western Mass that I think rivals the quality of Heady Topper..."
It's not Dinner, but it's also pretty good. - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
New homebrew made with the heady topper yeast strain. Needs some time, but... (Vermont IPA)
My last one from the Vermont trip...still so good! - Drinking a Heady Topper by @ The Allans —
Will trade Nugget Nectar for Heady Topper: submitted by Thenaven [link] [1 comment]
Waiting to find the right one. After I messed up with Heady Topper and all. Smh
Nice fresh batch here. Not as bitter as the last couple we've had over th... (Heady Topper)
To drink from a glass or to not drink from a glass?: That is the question. Simply put, other that Heady Topper...
Finally got my hands on some Alchemist! Focal Banger was great, Heady Topper is tomorrow.…
But really, what happens if you don't drink Heady Topper from the can?
JoeMarinello : Bout that time. - Drinking a Heady Topper by alchemistbeer @ Michoacana —
6 month old topper gifted to me. Still tastes phenomenal FYI. (Heady Topper)
Lines for powerball tix starting to look like Heady Topper and Second Fiddle lines
My first solo can of Heady Topper all to myself. Had to drink some out of the can as sugge…
Watchung 50k done! Hot Chocolate now, Heady Topper later...
Taking advantage of this great weather and the last of the Heady. (Heady Topper)
One of my favorite beers in one of my favorite glasses. (Heady Topper)
Just traded my last Spotted Cows for Alchemist Beer's Heady Topper. Both sad/excited same time. At least I go to WI soon.
Would any of you fine purveyors of hand crafted fermented malt beverages happen to stock Heady Topper perchance?
[New Listing] Heady Topper 4-pack: You are buying 1 4-pack 16 oz cans of Heady Topper from the Alchemist Brewe...
Heady Topper for your heady toppers
This heady topper flew from Vermont to California and then to where I am consuming it. 10/10
Ladies & Gents, the verdict is in: Be Hoppy is officially on par with Heady Topper! ... (Be Hoppy)
Right on par with the Heady Topper. Way to go Wormtown! - Drinking a Be Hoppy by -
Everything I imagined. compare you to Be Hoppy! - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
Finally! Melt in your mouth hoppy goodness. - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
You drank all the heady topper, didnt you.
That's right, a Heady Topper bracelet alchemistbeer…
That's right- Shut up Heady Topper! "3 Reasons to Drink Beer From a Glass"
IPAs are honestly very *** delicious when they are appropriately hopped and not... (Heady Topper)
Head to head competition! Both great, but I'm leaning towards Sip. (Heady Topper)
- hey! Tell Laura that she needs to find in ME, and some Heady Topper in VT. Forgot to write it for her.
Heady Topper probably gets its own shelf when it drops up there.
Yeah, it's delicious. Thanks Scott for the hookup! - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
Did i mention we still have some Heady Topper left!!!
Last night...cost more than the food ;) - Drinking a Heady Topper by @ Chicken Charlie's —
Got a Heady Topper and my favorite spot stage right; ready for some Dave Rawlings Machine!
On my way to speak at Summit. Able to get some Heady Topper. Great trip so far.
1 Heady Topper left. 1 Hill Farmstead left. Farewell to summer and Vermont beer.
IF anyone is coming down to Monster-Mania Convention​ from the Vermont area, please bring us some Heady Topper!
Hill Farmstead beer is really good, so is Lawson's and Fiddlehead. Heady Topper continues to be good but overrated. Switchback still King.
Heady Topper, of course. Lawson's if we can get it. 14th Star. Fiddlehead. Hill's Farmstead.
.pop-up shop just getting going on Wooster street, get over here for Heady Topper and sexy bikes!
Heady Topper and Bud Light in the street. I smell hipsters in Davis Square.
SFBrian : I have the best friends. - Drinking a Heady Topper by alchemistbeer @ The Dangah Zone! — …
Celebrating completion of this year's the best way possible: with local cult brew Heady Topper
Tuesday morning "meeting". Waiting in line for Heady Topper. 😁
Fiddlehead Second Fiddle, Alchemist Heady Topper, Lawson's Sip of Sunshine. All beers you should try while you're up there.
Night cap. Perfect finisher. Delicious as per usual. - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
FT: Love Child ISO: Heady/SoS: Looking to do 1:5, one Love Child for 3 Heady Topper and 2 Sip of Sunshi...
Hey, ah...where you get that Heady Topper?
To all my DC reporter friends getting to hang in have a maple creamee and bring back some Heady Topper please.
just got back from a weekend in VT and could not get any Heady Topper. I bet that is scarier than the Poltergeist remake.
ISO : heady topper FT: cash: Have a friend looking for heady topper, doesn't have much trade but would be will...
haa. Heady topper is all the bnj guys ever talk about. I'll have to check it out sometime.
Back home, driveway beer. Fresh off the truck this morning. This is great afte... (Heady Topper)
Here's to those we've lost and also those who made it back to us. Thank y... (Heady Topper)
Owning my first case of heady topper is a lot what I imagine fatherhood to feel like
Strong hop flavor. Ultra smooth. No bitter at all. Worthy of being rated ... (Heady Topper)
loving your Heady Topper. Check this out starring and
Ah! Well, please enjoy your Heady Topper despite the weather.
Heady Topper is here to Celebrate Memorial Day with us.for now! .
Heady Topper. Amazing. Strong yet balanced citrus and tropical fruit flavor. Powerful yet not over the top. 98/100
Not sure if there is a better reward after a marathon than a Heady Topper from Thanks
which was good seeing as our lineup included Heady Topper and Westy 12
When you drink Heady Topper all day and someone tempts you with Sip of Sunshine at a bar.
Just realized I haven't seen or had a Heady Topper in well over a year
I have one Heady Topper from my last trip to VT. been saving it. May need to crack it open because of this.
Enjoying a Heady Topper and Green Diamonds taste comparison.
A mature delicacy, like USA Up All Night. - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
For Christ sake keep it away from the brewery and our Heady Topper
Sold only on Fridays. Only in a 4 pack. The Heady Topper in my glass. @ The…
Nothing says friend like, "hey. Just got back from VT. Want some Heady?" ... (Heady Topper)
Punches you in the mouth with hops flavor, then your head explodes from how deli... (Heady Topper)
Last one, unless my daughter hid another - Drinking a Heady Topper by @ Brendanridge —
Took a trip to VT last week, was able to secure a few 4 packs. - Drinking a Heady Topper -
Mission failed on finding heady topper in Vermont on a Sunday
I don't mind that Heady Topper is 6x the price of Bud, but do mind that it's much more than great beers like
Tailgating with the crew in the Holiday Inn lot - Drinking a Heady Topper by at —
Sitting on the deck watching the sunset, reading my favorite magazine (Men... (Heady Topper)
Acquired eight cans of Heady Topper; that was the limit.
Heady Topper. IPA lovers should seek this out. Perfect score on Beer Advocate. cc: @ El…
The second part of the epic beer tasting. - Drinking a Heady Topper by at —
careful, I think Heady Topper combusts if it gets too close to Saranac!
thanks Dan. I had a Heady Topper last night to celebrate. Hope all is well on the new job.
Here's the anticipated Heady Topper delivery schedule for today:
Heady Topper via Have you ever experienced this beautiful brew?
Quoting RE: The Pliny the Elder event..."I'll save my idolatry for Heady Topper thank you very much."
Does anyone know if Heady Topper is sold on Tuesday anywhere remotely close to or on the way back from Jay Peak? It's for a friend
If in the Jay Peak area tomorrow all day, where can one buy Heady Topper? Any idea?
Don't be jealous, but one of the first things I get to digest are the hoppy leftovers from brewing Heady Topper! Thanks
We're loving this painting of The Alchemist's Heady Topper and all the other art from 99 Bottles of...
Also: drinking one Heady Topper makes typing on an iPhone REALLY hard.
Drinking another Heady Topper because that's what you do when you have fridge full of them.
Heady topper, focal banger, ABNER, society and solitude
Had my first Heady Topper last night and I'm in love. This is grounds for moving to Vermont! Thank you!
.Heady Topper didn’t seem up to usual standards & Limbo just exploded w/ flavor. HT is still a better beer, just not this weekend.
Found in the back of the fridge. Had to drink it, didn't want it to go bad. - Drinking a Heady Topper -
Better story if the bear that's not at the end would have stolen the beer... “
Trying to get rid of a sore throat. This should work, right? - Drinking a Heady Topper by -
Man Julius is the best ipa - and I have heady topper and focal banger in the fridge.
Heady from the can as I grill up some Old Bay steak fajitas. Too bad it's Sunday... (Heady Topper)
Has some Heady Topper last night and can't stop thinking about it. Think it's time to take a road trip strictly for beer.
Both my bers from yesterday are in full vigorous fermentation. The Heady Topper yeast actually did it's job. Can't wait to see results.
Who here is among the lucky handful who have been able to experience The Alchemist Double IPA, Heady Topper? I'm dying to try it...
What a great b-day celebration, RT: Thank you Greg James!! - Drinking a Heady Topper by at
Heady Topper from , probably the best IPA out there. If you love this is one you need to try! .
Heady Topper at 1am is a brilliant idea 👍
Heady topper, home brew, and a Mr. Corry pomegranate margarita my night is set.
this is me telling u I got em. seltzer is better than heady topper also.
Thanks Ryan! Feels like perfection dripping down my throat... I docked it .05 pts fro... (Heady Topper)
Abrasive is so good we decided to do a head to head. Heady Topper wins, but it's so close. Both…
recommendation of Nathalius by trex is neither fresh nor close to a heady topper. Need a refund.
My Girl Polly is right, may be the best EVA!! I do LOVE it!! Totally IPA with a ... (Heady Topper)
you are a good human being. Heady Topper is always accepted. Cheers to good beers.
99th Heady I've put in my belly, 99th can of HT... - Drinking a Heady Topper @ North Woodmere Park -
"What's the best beer you've had this winter?" Heady Topper and Switchback
This is Heady Topper on tap. It doesn't suck.
hey beer guy I got a can of heady topper with your name on it if u've never had! Repayment for your delicious selection
My Mount Rushmore of beer (that I've had). Heady Topper, Sixpoint Resin, Two Roads Route of All Evil, Hoptimus Prime
John Malone, did we ever get the video and/or audio from the MCBO Heady Topper dude's little presentation.I'm still interested.I will not be able to make a palatable IPA without it!!! Please help...that is all.. :-)
BTW, Bells Hopslam ranks among the top tier of American Dbl IPAs. Heady Topper, the Plinys, Alpine, Kern River, and Hill Farmstead.
Heady Topper is the best IPA I've ever had. Racer 5, Alesmith IPA, 3 Floyds Zombie Dust, ...
Is it possible to get Heady Topper in Bar Harbor, ME?
Sun is setting, beautiful view of Lake Champlain & a can of Heady Topper.
Next time you're in VT you NEED to try Switchback, Heady Topper, Shed Mountain Ale, Long Trail Brewmaster series. Welcome.
Heady is my new best friend. Hands down my favorite beer. Period. — Drinking a Heady Topper @ Jamaica Plain —
The best IPA in the world, Heady Topper by The Alchemist in Vermont!
Last July, The Alchemist in Waterbury, Vt. announced plans to double the production of its most popular beer, the double-IPA Heady Topper. Since then, Heady Topper has risen to the No. 1 beer in the world on Beer Advocate. jealous. I need to get Heady Topper...not available around here. Better than Pliny?
Drink a Heady Topper for me. Have u had one yet? on my most wanted list. Let me know how u like Bulletproof Tiger.
Yeah. Lots of hoppy beers are just too bitter for me. I I did enjoy Heady Topper a lot. Pliny the Elder was eh.
Happy March! I may have picked up some extra Heady Topper that was canned on Monday of this week (so its ridiculously fresh) and figured I would share some of it (especially if folks haven't had it). So I need a way to share it out - (I can't give everyone a can) - but I can run a contest - so I need ideas for said contest. Here is an example - buy a $10 ticket to the movie tomorrow - take a picture of said ticket or some other evidence that you were in attendance (and paid the $10) and post it here - then I can do a drawing of said attendees and voila - I deliver a 4-pack of fresh Heady Topper to the random winner. And then maybe a can or two to the and winner? How does that sound?
So , we still can't get the Alchemist's "Heady Topper" here in Addison County , but I had a Lagunitas IPA last night that tasted extremely similar to my untrained taste buds. . Anyone else find that to be true? I probably only have a few conneisseur beer-drinking friends on here, but wondering what you think! Lagunitas is from Petaluma, CA (where we passed thru last summer!) and I head read a few positive things and YEP they're the real deal . . Have another kind in the fridge now
Word has it that a banger of Heady Topper from The Alchemist will make an appearance late Sunday night in Midlothian. Easily one of the top 20 beers in the US - but I still like my Guinness regardless.
Drinking a Heady Topper and dancing around to Father John Misty is the most normal night I've had all week.
What brewery did The Pony Bar HK sell the most beer from in the month of November?? No more than one guess per 30 minutes, please. The "winner" gets a lovely four pack of Heady Topper. Good luck!!
Stop in and see us this weekend. We have Heady Topper, Lawson's and Hill Farmstead beers. A real Vermont Triple Play!
Every Friday here at Off Message headquarters, we bring you the week's winners and losers in Vermont politics and news. After scouring the state for conventional wisdom, we run it through our sophisticated, proprietary algorithm, shake it up and add a few ounces of Heady Topper. Then we splatter it.
Off to VT for work. As Todd Snider says ‘B-double E-double R-U-N’. Heady Topper and Lawson’s you will be mine.
The more I drink Heady Topper the more I think it taste's like Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye. Which is a compliment...both ways. I just wanna know how they get that much hop aroma without tasting grassy or overly bitter (pre-isomerized hop extract?). It's like smelling a bowl of fresh hops while sipping a nice peppery rye. I don't even know if there's rye in Heady but it sorta tastes that way to me. Bah! Who's delicious.
We got back last night and one piece of duct tape on the cooler was tucked inside the cooler. Odd, I thought. Inside, all the beer was fine and the TSA left a note about the cooler being searcher. growler of Long Trail ($12 fill at Whole Foods) double IPA, 4 cans of Heady Topper, one Capt'n Lawrence special barrel aged ale, and a 6 pack of Southern Tier Hop Sun.
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