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Hazrat Ali

Hajji Hazrat Ali bin Bahawal Sheir is a military commander in eastern Afghanistan.

Hazrat Imam Ali Abu Talib Hazrat Umar Hazrat Fatima Holy Prophet Imam Hussain Imam Hassan Abu Bakr Prophet Mohammad Veena Malik Abi Talib Fatima Zahra Imran Khan Holy Prophet Muhammad Imam Mehdi Bibi Fatima

. What zia did to bhutto, what laghari did to benazir, what Musharraf did to Nawaz, All examples of Hazrat Ali qual.
and yet Hazrat Ali's children through Hazrat Abbas are NOT syeds. So no your logic fails.
59/129 are against Imam Hussain, Imam Hassan and Hazrat Ali. The man who came to the mosque of the Prophet Mohammad
it is true, Hazrat Ali ra has said that Imam Mehdi shall have two eras.
You've misunderstood everything. The word 'Rab al Arbab' is used for Imam Mehdi (as) by Hazrat Ali (r…
Reported by Aishah (RadiyAllaho Anho ): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said “If a group of Muslims numbering a hundred perform funeral prayer over a dead person, and all of them ask Allah’s forgiveness for him, their prayer for him will be accepted.” (Muslim - Riyad us Saliheen Chapter 156, 932) = "The generosity of ALLAH will not stop increasing unless the gratitude of the servant ceases." - Hazrat Ali (RADHIYALLAAHU ANHU)
*Quote Of the Day*. "He who purifies his heart from doubt is a believer." - (Hazrat Ali R.A)
I am the light indeed. So the one who follows me, will never be in dark. Hazrat Mohammad. (S.A.W.W)
Hearts of people are like wild beasts. They attach themselves to those who love and train them." - Hazrat 'Ali bin Abi …
Can you See look at the Blazing Mid day Sun with your Naked Eyes.Then How can You See ALLAH who created The Sun - Hazrat Ali R.A
Death is an uninvited companion. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
''Do not run after the world:. Let the world run after you.'' hazrat ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S)
The more greed you find in a person the lesser he trusts in Almighty Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala. . Hazrat Ali Radiallah…
As'salam-O-Alaikum. "The doer of good is better than the good itself,and the doer of evil is worse than the evil itself." - hazrat Ali A.S.
To have suspicion in one’s belief is equivalent to polytheism. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
"All manifestations are the single melody of His symphony." Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha
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"Zekr is the joy of lovers, the light, the growth and key of acquaintance." Hazrat Amir al-Mo'menin Ali (PBUH)...
Indeed the blessed sight of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Ali Al-Hujweri(RA) is upon the
The best speech is that speech that is backed by sincere action. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
"Imran Khan quotes Hazrat Ali (RA) that system of kufr can work but system of injustice cannot.
The salaam greeting has a great significance in Islam younger Nizari Ismailis are being taught that "Ya Ali Madad" ("O Ali, help") is the official greeting method in Ismailism as well as Islam more generally. Their primary school religious curriculum has a whole subject on just using this greeting. So, all Nizari Ismailis use this greeting when meeting with each other and often also when meeting with Shia Muslims. Nizari Ismailis use this greeting instead of the salaam greeting used by the Muslims, despite the fact that the only greeting that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and Hazrat Ali (as) and the Imams ever used was the salaam greeting. Also, "Ya Ali Madad" is (at least in my opinion) shirk, as there is no mention of intercession in this statement nor any mention of Allah. I also believe that many of the earlier Shia scholars would definitely think using this phrase of "Ya Ali Madad" to be extremism (ghuluww). There are also at least a few Shia scholars today who regard it as ghuluww as well, I think. The sa ...
Such a frightening sight!. "Put aside your pride, set down your arrogance, and remember your grave." - Hazrat Ali (Riziallah Talla Anhu)
Hazrat Ali(rz) said,"Imam Mahdi will have the glory of Muhammadiyya & the wealth of Thats True Revolution
The disease of heart is worse than the disease of body...!. Hazrat Ali (R.A)
Someone came to Hazrat Ali (A.S) and asked, ‘How do we know that the problem that has come on us is a punishment or trial?’ Imam Ali (as) replied, ‘A punishment will take you away from Allah while a trial will take you towards Allah.’”
“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.” Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
“If one night you see someone committing a sin, tomorrow do not look at him as a sinner. He may have repented during the night and you did not know.” Hazrat Ali (A.S)
PEMRA can't check on TuQ comparing himself with (dare I say) Hazrat Hussain R.A ?
no. She's the daughter of Hazrat Ali (RA), Cousin and one of the most closest companions of the Prophet.
"Every one has an end it may be pleasant or sorrowful " Hazrat Ali a.s
Doshmaan par Qaboo pao, to is Qaboo pany ka shukrana us ko Muaaf kr dena Qarar do..! Hazrat ALI a.s
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Like your body,your mind also get tired,so refresh it by wise sayings. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
they refer to Hazrat Zainab binte Ali R.A
“I am surprised about the man who searches for his lost item, while he has lost his own soul and does not search for it.” Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Re: The virtues of Hazrat MUAWIYA RadhiAllahu Anhu Love of Hazrat Ali (ra) towards Muawiya (ra) even during war Hafiz Ibn Katheer (رحمه الله) reports that none other than Hadrat Ali (رضي الله عنه) said after the Battle of Siffin: 'O people, do not hate or talk ill of the leadership of Mu'awiyah (رضي الله عنه), for if you lose him it would be such a tragedy as if you see your limbs falling from your bodies'.
We are the servants of Hazrat Ali The True Imam of the Faith. From Aleppo we came, On account of the struggle with Yazid. -TIGERS OF BALOCH
Speech presents itself with a few evils. The speaker requires time and opportunity. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
its my favourite. Its a quote by Hazrat Ali
Of all follies, the greatest is to love the world. (Hazrat Ali RA)
No relationship is stronger than the relationship that exists between man and God. (Hazrat Ali RA)
"Friendships with worldly people break over small things". - Hazrat ‘Ali Radiallaho Ta’ala ‘Anhu
The biggest sin is the one you consider to be small !. Hazrat Ali (R.A)
hazrat ALI a.s said it hundreds year ago we she now days ...
Keep your thoughts cleaner than pure water. As water drops make a river, thoughts make character and faith. ~ Hazrat Imam Ali
You must understand that knowledge is better than money,for knowledge will guard you,while you have to be the guard of your money. Hazrat Ali
Ayesha said: "Allah has not created any creature which is more beloved to the Holy Prophet than Hazrat Ali." (Ali wal Khulafa…
Hazrat Essa a.s, Quaid e Azam, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Alexander the Great were Capricorn. I love all of them
these are the munafiqeens that martyred Hazrat Hussain ibn Ali R.A
“The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest”. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Do not be too hard, lest u be broken. Do not be too soft, lest u be squeezed. "Hazrat Ali".
Take care of your tongue like the way you take care of your silver & gold . Hazrat Ali R.A
*Quote Of the Day*. As long as we do not hope, we do not fret. - Hazrat Ali R.A
ys but was hazrat Ali the only martyr in Islamic history?y don't u call other martyrs with Ya? Hypocrite
"da first 2 apologize is always da bravest. Da first to 4give is da strongest. Da first 2 4get is da happiest." Hazrat Ali
If you want 2 test someone character, give him respect. If he has good character, he will respect you more,. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
'Whoever deviates frm truth will take good for evil n evil for good n remain misguided.'-Hazrat Ali (A.S)
“Don’t use the sharpness of your tongue against your Mother, for she is the one who taught you to speak”. -Hazrat Ali radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu
He who has no control over his tongue will often have to face discomfort." . -Hazrat Ali (A.S). So ppl please think before you say anthing
To commit a sin willingly with hopes of forgiveness is the worst of sins. . (Hazrat Ali A.S)
if he has bad character, he will think he is the best of all. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Dua Mashlool. These immortal words of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) are dazzling light of Universal truth. via
That difficulty that possesses the hope of reward is better than that gift for which one is ungrateful. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
Moeen Ali has reached 20 test wkts in the shortest period of time for any England spinner. It has taken him just 58 days. *. Hazrat M Ranyali
In England:. Ravichandran Ashwin better Batsman than Moeen Ali... Moeen Ali is better off spinner than R Ashwin... -. Hazrat M Of Ranyal
also Muhammad bin Abu Bakr, a brother of Bibi Ayesha, was raised in Hazrat Ali's household as a son.
“The tongue is like a lion, if you let it loose, it will wound someone.” ― Hazrat Ali ibn Abu-Talib R.A
Education, Religion & Secularism By Shah Abdul Hannan (Columnist and Former Secretary, Government of Bangladesh ) If we study world history, we will see that just like every cell that has a nucleus according to scientists, prior to the rise of secularism as an ideology, the nucleus or center of education was religion. The objective of education was to establish an ethical base and to mould human beings with moral or ethical ideology. This applies to Islam as well. During the initial phases of the Islamic era, the middle ages and even most recently before the colonial era, Muslim educational institutions had put emphasis upon the Qur’an, Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (SA) and the Sirah (his life story) or Fiqh issues. That is, summarizing in one statement, in addition to putting emphasis upon all these, there were discussions and teachings about History, Geography, Duties of Statesmen, Policies of Government or rules of administration. A letter that was sent from Hazrat Ali (RA) to Malik Al Ashtar spec ...
Hazrat Ali, may Allah be pleased with him once said, "How strange, by Allah they are united on falsehood and you are disunited on your truth and do not support it." Life of Ali, Sallabi 2/608
Dignity & Excellence of Hazrat Ali (AS) as a Preacher of Islam Hazrat Ali (AS) was not only a gallant WARRIOR but also an orator of the first rank. His speech was always impressive and convincing. It had fascination for the polytheists also. They flocked round him and listened to the great Message of Islam from Hazrat Ali (AS)’s eloquent tongue and embraced Islam. He always strove hard toCONVERT the infidels to Islam. He acquainted them with the true and noble spirit and golden principles of this great religion. Whenever the Holy Prophet (Sallahlu Alaihe Wa Aalehi Wasallam) sent him to any country for the propagation of Islam, he succeeded with distinction that none other could do this JOB with great success. It was as a result of his efforts that the entire inhabitants of theYemen accepted Islam and he won a good DEAL OF RESPECT and reverence. In the year 9 A.H., the first pilgrimage to Mecca was performed. By this time, Allah had prohibited the idolaters TO ENTER the Kabah. It was quite necessary t .. ...
"When Allah intends to humiliate a person, HE denies him knowledge" . Hazrat ALI AS.
When Hazrat Ali (A.S) was hit with a poisoned sword on his head by Ibn Maljam (la), Amirul Mu’mineen (as) fell very ill. Upon examining the Imam, the doctor prescribed milk as the cure, as milk dissolves the poison in the body. Upon hearing this, the orphans and lovers of Amirul Mu’mineen (as) lined up with bowls of milk outside his home. Peace be upon you O’ father of the Orphans.
Hazrat Ali -The Father of Sufism BIRTH Hazrat Ali alayhis ‘salam was born around 600 A.D, in Makka. Ali alayhis ‘salam was born under unusual circumstances. On the thirteenth of the holy month of “Rajab”, Fatima Rahmatullahi ‘alayh, the mother of Ali alayhis ‘salam, visited the Ka’ba for performing the pilgrimage. During the course of the pilgrimage while circumambulating the Ka’ba, Fatima felt the pangs of childbirth. She retired to a secluded place in the precincts of the Holy Ka’ba, and there Ali alayhis ‘salamwas born. Ali alayhis ‘salam had thus the unique honor of being born in the House of God. This unparalleled honor has endowed Ali with a halo of sanctity, which has become the subject of many legends. Name Fatima Rahmatullahi ‘alayh wanted to name the child “Asad” after the name of her father. Abu Talib wanted to name him Zaid. When the mother and the child came home, the Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam) Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Salla ...
Once prophet (saws) passed by Hazrat Ali (ra) who was praying "Rabi yarhamni" meaning O my Lord have mercy on me.. Prophet(saws) said, " O Ali say Rabba na yarhamna" meaning O our Lord have mercy on us, he (saws) further added, "Allah's blessing has no limits so do not limit it to yourself only"
Holy Prophet Muhammad sawaw on Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Ali as : "He is the first one to believe in Islam; He is the most knowledgeable; He is the most correct one in his DEEN; He is the most certain; He is the most patient; He is the most forgiving and generous; He is the bravest in heart; He is the IMAM and the successor after me." Source: (Ghayatol Maram P45 H51. Kanz Al-Ommal P121. Ethbat Al-Hodat V3 P633 H862. Sadough in Amali P16 H6. Bihar Al-Anwar V38 P90 H1. Helyato Abrar V1 P235.)
Kisi Ki Madad Karte Wakt Uske Chehre Ki Taraf Mat Dekho, Qki. Uski Sharminda Aankhe Tumhare Dil Me Gurur Na Paida Karde.. {while helping someone, do not look at the person's face, as his thankful eyes can make you feel proud!(As we can only help others if Allah Subhana Wa Tala wills and enables us to help others.)} - Hazrat Ali R.A
appropriate words should be used for Holy Personalities like Hazrat ALI R.A
“"War does not secure peace." Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha RT
Every person who is tempted to go astray does not deserve punishment: Ameerul Momineen Imam e awal Hazrat Imam Ali (as)
If you don't believe in Hazrat Ali, you just don't believe in Islam.
Hazrat Ali's death anniversary & instead of preparing for prayers & majlis we 'heighten security' this happens on Each religious calendar.
The Person Who is connected with ALLAH (S.W.TA'ALA) is never failed, but the person who expect from world, never succeed. Hazrat Ali(R.A)
The best way to take revenge from your enemy is to enhance your qualities. Hazrat Ali (Razi Allah Ta'ala Anhu)
Time and money are two things which are not in human control, Time makes man and money makes him proud. Hazrat Ali (Razi Allah Ta'ala Anhu)
I want to have a perfect life just like Hazrat Ali.
. The night which marks the beginning of one of the greatest loss to Islam and humanity, Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza (AS)
.Poverty is the greatest death... Hazrat Ali (A.S)
One who conceals his secrets has control of that which is good for him...Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Every man has a final outcome whether sweet or bitter.Hazrat Ali (A.S)
A wasted opportunity is a source of torment.Hazrat Ali (A.S)
The worth of every man is in what beautifies him.Hazrat Ali (A.S)
The breaths of a man are steps towards his death.Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Do not show pleasure in somebody’s downfall, for you have no knowledge of what the future holds in store for you. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanh
Govt of Sindh thinks on issuing the orders on 21st Ramzan sunday day of moula Hazrat ali a.s in sindh mobile signals block from 4AM to 11PM
"" I swear by the Lord of Kabah, I have been successful. " Hazrat Ali (A.S.). .
Oh Allah (please do) curse the killers of the Commander of the believers Ameer al' Mu'mineen Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S)
When a road is open towards peace from freedom then it is foolish to stay in fear and bondage. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
He was the one who took birth in Khanna ka'ba. He was Hazrat Ali (R.A).
ya ALLAH today is the wisaal of hazrat ali radialatallah with his sadika and the wasila of muhammed salalahaliewslm help gaza
So long as fortune is favoring you, your defects will remain hidden. (Hazrat Ali A.S)
Hazrat Ali Karamalla wajhi during his life burned people who called him God. Nuseri are like those. I treat nuseris kuffar.
A great Website - All the books of Hazrat Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (rah) in various languages.All free downloads.
- When the world pushes you to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray! Hazrat Ali (R.A)
Anger begins with madness and ends with regret.– Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Anh
"Pray for someone from the heart and you'll never need to pray for yourself." - Hazrat Ali (as)
Who do you connect with most from the ahlul bayt? — Janabe Zainab, Hazrat abbas and janabe Sakina, Imam Ali lol...
There is no match of Hazrat Ali a.s in his devotion ,generosity , bravery & courage and character
To render relief to the distressed and to help the oppressed make amends for great sins. Hazrat Ali (AS)
Today, the 19th day of Ramzan, was attacked & grievously injured Hazrat Ali. In a mosque. While offering namaz.
If Muslims had condemned the Killer of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Zahra (sa), there would be no terrorism in Islam.
Honour your parents and your sons will honour you. Hazrat Ali(a.s)
Abdur Rehman Ibn e Muljim !! the murderer of Hazrat Ali a.s. . Curse upon him and his descendants.
Leading to the assassinations of Hazrat Usman & Hazrat Ali & then the discord between Bani Hashim &'Bani Ummaya. Cont
PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) • Holy Prophet was born in 571 A.D 22nd April. • Father’s name, Hazat Abdullah. • Mother’ Name, Hazrat Amna. • Maternal Grand Father’s name Wahib bins Abdul Munnaf. • Maternal Grandmother, Batarah. • Real name of Abdu Mutalib was Shaba. • Grandmother name, Fatima. • 10 is the number of Uncles and 6 aunts. • Prophet journeyed to Syria with Abu Talib at 12 years. • At 25 Prophet married to Hazrat Khadija. • Hazrat Khadija accepted Islam first in Women and in all. • Hazrat Abu Bakar accepted first in Men. • Hazrat Ali accepted first in Children. • Varqa Bin Naufal verified Prophet for the first time. • Holy Prophet had 4 daughters and 3 sons. • At age of 40 Holy Prophet received first Wahy. • Hazrat Zubaida (RA) was the second wife of Holy Prophet. • In 622 A.D Holy Prophet migrated to madina. • Hazrat Haleema was the foster mother of Holy Prophet. • Besides Hazrat Haleema (RA) Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that Umme-e-Aemon is also my mother. ...
Yes they are not shia, they are wahabi. They believe Hazrat Ali is a reincarnation of Allah.
Who was elected the first caliph the very first day Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) died? A. Hazrat Ali (RA) B. Hazrat Usman (RA) C. Hazrat Omar (RA) D. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
"Lie is like running down from a mountain, just take one step and rest will automatically be taken. Truth is like running up a mountain, each step is harder than the one before but each step will get you closer to the top" - Hazrat Ali (A.S)
When you hate someone you should hate him moderately for he may be your friend someday. - Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib R.A
That work or action that is not permissible in public, most likely is not permissible in private. . Hazrat Ali R.A.
my heart is somewhere at The shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain ebn Ali (as)!!!.
Patience is of two kinds: patience over what pains you, and patience against what you covet. Hazrat Ali A.S
Sunday Sahabah Series tomorrow with Sheik on Hazrat Ali (RA) "The Lion of Allah" from 2-2:30 iA
The strongest among you is he who subdues himself.-. Hazrat Ali 'al Murtaza R.A
Be afraid of a gentleman when he is hungry, and of a mean person when his stomach is full. Hazrat Ali(R.A)
Ameer e SDI Hazrat Maulana Shakir Ali Noorie is what you call a legend!! 💚
anything you preach. practice it first !. Hazrat Ali (R.S)
If the fear of death is close to your heart then the pride of false hopes will never come near or overpower it. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
Hazrat Ali (a.s) says: "Know that the world is a place of trial wherein there is no time a person can afford to be idle"
When You think of Hazrat Ali a.s how do you feel? — i get goosebumps
you should be off the air you traitors. On day of judgement will have to answer to the Hazrat Ali issue.
Remember!. Never make any decision in anger. &. Never promise in happiness!. (Hazrat Ali A.S). ❤️
It is a duty of a ruler to select for the people what he selects for himself.". Hazrat Ali (A.S)
This world is like a shadow. If you chase it, it will run from you, and if you run from it, it will chase you. Hazrat ALI (AS)
"When you do good, praise Allah, and when you fail, then ask for His . forgiveness.". - HaZrat ibn Abi Talib (radiAllahu anhu)
ya brother you are absolutely correct mere man bap qurban hazrat ali RA per,
If a friend envies you, then he is not a true friend. Hazrat Imam Ali A.S
"Forgiveness is she crown of greatness.". - Hazrat Ali (A.S.)
I appreciate an old man's cautious opinion more than the valor of a young man. Hazrat Ali A.S. Please share this...
Hazrat Ali (RA) Said : " A woman that doesnt wear hijab is cursed by thousand of angels from morning till night".
Define Ahlulbayt — the five from the cloak, the prophet, lady fatima a.s, hazrat Ali a.s and imams hasnain a.s
Wisdom is the lost property of the Believer,. so take wisdom wherever you find it, even. from a disbeliever. Hazrat Ali R.A
A close look at from their roots in Khwarij during Hazrat Ali (AS) 's times. Must Read .
plz, before sharing any qoute of Hazrat Ali, at least confrm the reference. I'm askng bcoz the same qoute I hv heard by many othrs
"Three things cannot be retrieved: 1)The arrow once sped from the bow. 2) The word spoken in haste. 3)The missed opportunity."Hazrat Ali(RA)
Surely silence can sometimes be the most eloquent reply – Hazrat Ali (R.A).
adding .. Ghaznavi was hero of Islam who killed Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi R.A as per Banu Umaiya's off springs demand
do you know or remember Hazrat Bilal Azzan event ? If not then read about it. Again ! Learning before asking!
Hazrat Ali (as): "Daily prayers are the best medium through which one can Seek the nearness to Allah." ~Nahjul Balagha 136
where did Hazrat Ali (R) mentioned speed of light? and that it is a universal constant?
LoL ... Practical steps like acting upon Hazrat Ali's suggestion and create chaos and anarchy ?
Hazrat Ali(R.A):The Best deed amongst you is to refrain from prohibited deeds &to act on those deeds which Allah has imposed on human being.
That person, who cannot keep his own secret, would certainly not be able to keep the secret of others. . Hazrat Ali(R.A)
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Be the flower that gives a sweet fragrance to even the hand that crushes it- Hazrat Ali(RA). Jumma Mubarak
"Pray for others , before praying for yourself '' . Hazrat Ali (R.A).
- Until you don't speak, words are under your arrest. Once you speak, then you're under word's arrest. Hazrat Ali A.S
- A person is hidden behind his tongue. Hazrat Ali A.S
Hazrat Ali Kaw Defines World;. This world is not a permanent place,it is a passage,a road on which you are passing.
They consider Hazrat Ali to be greater than the Prophets, also that the Qur'an is incomplete, reject Khikafah of Shaykhayn
"The person who tolerates your anger and still remains resiliant is your true friend". Hazrat Ali (a.s)
when you help someone, thank him. Because you are helping him in this world, BUT he is helping you in the next! Hazrat Ali R.A
Greed does not increase ones sustenance rather it decreases ones respect among the people. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanhu
"Lack of forgiveness is ugliest of all flaws.". Hazrat Ali (R.A)
Often your utterances and expressions of your face leak out the secrets of your hidden thoughts. Hazrat Ali(R.A)
The best kind of wealth is to give up inordinate desires! -Hazrat Ali R.A.
Some people believe emerged as a result of Action on Lal Masjid. Grow up! Khwarjis existed even in Hazrat Ali's (R.A) Era.
To outwardly put on a character of niceties and inwardly hold malice is bad for a person. . Hazrat Ali R.A.
"Beautiful people are not always good but Good people are always beautiful" *Hazrat ALI (R.A)
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: My respect to your feelings but Hazrat Ali (RA) is always referred to as a Lion
""If You do a Good, Hide it. If a good is Done to you, tell ( To Others )." Hazrat Ali (AS)"
Do not betray anyone who places her trust in you even if she betrays you. ~Hazrat Imam Ali(a.s)
Kismet *** to Hazrat Fatima jaisi *** . daughter of Hazrat Muhammad, wife to Hazrat Ali and mother of Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain..
someone falling down, do not rejoice, because the future has prepared for you about what you have no knowledge. - Hazrat Ali (RA)
"Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you." Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib A.S
Hazrat Umar Farooq(ra). - For the first time in the history of Islam, the Islamic calendar was introduced in the present form by Hazrat ‘Umar as advised by Hazrat Ali ((R A) ). The date of the start of this calendar was fixed as the date of the Hijrah (Migration) of the Prophet (SAW) .Thus the calendar is known as the Hijri Calendar. Hazrat ‘Umar had great love for Allaah and the Prophet (SAW) . The Prophet (SA) also had a deep love for him. Once He remarked: "Were a Prophet (SAW) to come after me, he would have been ‘Umar ". (Tirmidhi)
why do u say Imam Ali ?? Why not Hazrat Ali ? Why not Imam Abu Bakr or Imam Umar. maaf but im Just curious
What was aired on the rude and blasphemous morning show on Geo, i believe no one should be under any false impression or have any misgiving of the entailing consequences which will follow now. We live in a society where religion is preached by Amir Liaquat, right and wrong is discerned by Hamir Mir, matters of sensitive nature and national security are discussed by Ansar Abbasi, cricket governance is handled by Najam Sethi and crucial public opinion is shaped by the whims of Mir Shakil. Touching the hieghts of arrogance and ignorance, a third time lucky celebration of Veena Malik and Asad Khtk was adorned in a despicable manner with the musical mention of Sacred names of Hazrat Ali (RA) and Fatima Zahra (RA), which we are not even worthy to utter, were desecrated as if these were not the most respectable beings ever but some characters from our folklore, Nauzubillah. Before turning to support this TV Network, please do consider this is some thing above our political and ideological affiliations. I consid ...
Lanaat Lanaat Lanaat on for insulting Bibi Fatima ra & Hazrat Ali ra in a Morning show.
Amidst all craziness going on in the name of Hazrat Ali. Here is my tribute to the Great man.
Where is Imran Khan now where is PTI ?? When Geo disrespect in his morning show Hazrat Ali and Hazarat Fatima RA ?
U think an apology will do justice to Hazra Fatima and Hazrat Ali and our Holy Book? U ppl should be shot at first sight
complete case if u like to go through They hv been disrespectful to Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima (R.A).
Cnewsworld: On a morning show on Geo TV they staged a fake wedding for Veena Malik and her husband. It appeared to be a joyous affair full of music and dance, the song choice however left a lot to be desired. Over a loud some loud and thumping background music Geo chose a singer to sing a song about the wedding of Hazrat Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima. While the host of the show pranced about on stage and gormless *** clapped in the crowds an ebullient singer sang the song containing the words ' Ali ke sath hain Zohra ki shadi' as the camera panned over Veena and her husband. Mubashir Luqman is having a right go at them on his channel. This could be another scandal for the controversial media outlet. PS - Whoever made such a tasteless and tacky song should be shot.
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I condemn the way Geo celebrated the wedding of Veena Malik . It was pure disrespect towards Hazrat Ali (R.A) & Hazrat Fa…
Also Ms issuing statement against ARY is a test of ur love for Hazrat Ali (A.S) & Bibi Fatima (A.S). Is…
Shame on and they must stop such nonsense in show when compared & her husband to Hazrat Ali(as)& Hazrat Fatima(sa)
1/1 Lodhi . We strong protest on disrespect of Sayeda Fatima and Hazrat Ali in Geo Morning show. Totally unacceptable.
Comparing Veena & her hubby with Hazrat Ali & Fatima Zehra , can't you just die GEO ?
Celebrating the birthday of our 1st Imam - Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib (AS) - Saturday 05/10/2014 @ 6PM at BQ. Lecture by Maulana Absar Naqvi.
silence is the best reply to fool . Hazrat Ali a.s
Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is known as the Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz as well. He was one of the pious and renowned saints of history. He is the founder of Chisht chain in India. He was born in the Sinjer town of Sesaan. His father, Khwaja Ghiyasuddin was a pious person and a rich trader. He was a Syed by caste and his blood line reaches up to Hazrat Ali (R.A). His father died when he was at the age of 20 years. He was given a garden and a mill as inheritance. So, he adopted the profession of a gardener. He used to perform every activity with his own hands. He watered the trees of the garden, kept the level of ground, took care of plants and used to sell the fruits on his own behalf. One day when he was taking rest in the garden, Abrahim Qandozi (who was a great saint too) came to his garden and brought a revolution in the life of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti with only a single stare. Now, Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz started to pay his attention towards religious issues. He gave away all of his wealth and reserves in chari ...
“Do not delay helping the needy till tomorrow, as you do not know what will happen to you and him tomorrow.”. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Silence is the best reply to a Fool - Hazrat Ali (R.A)
a humble exchange of our infinite luv n respect for the Lion of God, Maula e kainaat, Hazrat Ali..
Hazrat Ali, Imam Hussain, Hadrat Imam Muslim Ibn Aqeel, the lands of Karbala, Kufa Shareef, & MANY MORE. All in 1 day?! This day has been ❤️
"I will be patient, until even patience tires of my patience.” Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib(AS)
(reflect) "The Sin that brings you closer to Allah is better than the Good Deed that makes you arrogant.” ― Hazrat Ali …
This saying is attributed to Hazrat Ali ul.Murtaza (May ALLAH BE PLEASED with him),the fourth Caliph of Islam.
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"The word of God is the medicine of the heart." --Hazrat Ali Radi'Allahu'Anhu
No mirrors can reflect a picture of a human as best as his attitude and way of speaking do . Hazrat Ali (R.A)
Ask your heart about the condition of friendship because it is such a witness that does not accept a bribe. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
The greatest wealth is intelligence and the greatest poverty is stupidity in the World. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
There is no greater truth than death and there is no greater lie than to raise ones hopes. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
Knowledge is greater than wealth, because you take care and protect your wealth, while knowledge takes care and protects u. Hazrat Ali R.A.
A persons true worth is hidden under his tongue. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanhu
“Never show off your happiness in front of a sad person.” Imam Hussain Ibn Hazrat Ali (A.S)
“It’s never the value of water but thirst, it’s never the value of life but death and it’s never about the friendship but trust.” Hazrat Ali
106 years old picture of Hazrat Abbas a.s Shrine . for more pictures pls like our page.
The most happy is he to whom God has given a good. wife.- Hazrat Ali 'al Murtaza R.A.
If anyone Thinks well of You then make his Opinion True. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Islam is a religion of peace and love: HAZRAT ALI A.S
Anger is like a lion which eats up the future like a goat.Hazrat Ali R.A.
The Tongue of any Wise Man Lies behind His Heart. Hazrat Ali as
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Stupidity is to admire Hazrat Ali without adopting his moral values by being quick to call people stupid.
Sometimes Allah tests a person by giving him everything&sometimes tests a person by giving him nothing. We have the stor…
A fool's mind is at the mercy of his tongue and a wise man's tongue is under the control of his mind.― Hazrat Ali ibn Abu-Talib (RA)
"A man's worth depends upon the nobility of his aspirations." - Hazrat Ali (RA)
Life consists of two days, one for you & one against you... -- Hazrat Ali (a.s)
Live Amongst People in such A Manner that if you die they weep over you and if you live they crave for your company. . [Hazrat Ali Ra]
Wisdom is that tree that is planted in the heart, grows in the mind and bears fruit on the tongue. . Hazrat Ali RA
Faith in Allah's divine Unity is that you do not subject Him to the limitations of your imagination. (Hazrat Ali AS)
Resignation to the Will of ALLAH is the cure of the disease of the heart. (Hazrat Ali A.S)
Never show ur interest in the ppl who Ignores U - Hazrat Ali (R.A)♥
"Fortunate is the one who has prayers of his mother and good friends with him"- Hazrat Ali (R.A).
do your best and leave the rest for ALLAH SWT, also Hazrat Ali R.A says don't ruin your present for future. Things will be fine IA
"A liar is like a mirage he will make you visualize very near the things which lie too far and vice versa". Hazrat Ali
Good intentions are the most beautiful of secrets. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
yeah "Truth is bitter but its result is sweet falsehood appears to b sweet but it is poisonous in its effect Hazrat Ali RA :)   10% Off
*Quote Of the Day*. "To assist the wrong is to oppress the right." - (Hazrat Ali R.A)
Speech is like a medicine, a small dose of which cures but an excess of which kills." - Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A) . :*
Do Money and Power CHANGE people? "Ikhtiyar, Taqat Aur Doulat Milnay Per Insaan Badaltay Nahin, Balkay Be-Naqab *** Jatay Hein". Hazrat Ali (R.A) "Of the billionaires I have known, money just brings out the basic traits in them. If they were jerks before they had money, they are simply jerks with a billion dollars". Warren Buffett ( the richest Amercan investor)
God said: "I could not be contained in the heavens and the earth, but could be contained in the heart of a true believer.* Prophet Mohamed Books are the gardens of the learned. * Hazrat Ali
Hazrat Ali (ra) was born in the Kaaba in Mecca in 598 . Our Prophet ( saas) 's uncle Abu Talib's son Ali, who personally take arms when born has led up to the house . In that year, the Prophet (saas ) Our Lord was staying in the house of Abu Talib . Hazrat Ali (ra) to "Alien " Name the Prophet Muhammad (saas ) has given . His mother , Fatima Bint Asad, the Prophet ( saas) is the daughter of his grandfather's brother . Our Prophet ( saas) told him " Mommy ," he would have addressed . His father, the Prophet (saas ) left orphans when i take the next 43 years under the auspices of the principal is his uncle Abu Talib't . Abu Talib in Mecca drought early show makes children unable to take care of our Prophet ( saas) from other uncle , Abbas Ali Jafari 's brother The Prophet Muhammad ( saas) took Ali to the sides to enlarge . Hazrat Ali (ra) tells of those days ; " I was a child yet, then I cherished the bed would take me smell was , bite chew my mouth, the data feed to was ... I every moment camel's puppies, ...
In my view, if Sahaba had been alive today, they would have jubiliated on the fact that today they can spread Islam in America, in England, in Australia, in Russia without turning their respective leaders hostile against them. Surely all the countries of Kufar, except few, today allow us to spread Islam within their country legally provided you do it without guns. Hazrat Ali (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) said "Tableegh is the best Jihad". The world has completely changed from as it was 1400 years ago in numerous aspects. When Kufarz of today have no problem if you do Tableegh in their Home Land, then Jihad with guns is totally not understandable.
Salam & Gud Morning. "Not to have a thing is less humiliating than to beg it." ­Hazrat Ali a.s Ibn Abi-Talib A.S­
Hazrat Ali akbar son of Imam Hussain a.s he iz the path to heaven all ov us must follow him.
“A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks first and then thinks. ~ Hazrat Ali ibn Abu-Tal…
When Sunnis do naray for Hazrat Ali at our Mehfils it makes Wahabis run, when we do naray from Hazrat Abu Bakr & Umar it makes Shias run.
“He who is ignorant of something tries to find fault with it.”. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Once the Holy Prophet Muhammad orders Hazrat Ali: “Don’t make your stomach a grave yard of innocent birds and animals.” From that day Hazrat Ali had faithfully followed this instruction. Another time the Holy Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever is kind to the lesser creatures is kind to himself.”
Is it authenticated reported that Hazrat Ali said that Khalifa be selected by Shuraa???via
Hazrat Ali opinion.Hazrat Ali was a cousin and son in law of the prophet. He spent 23 years with him. He told his son Imam Hussain that 'the Holy Prophet was ever smiling, soft natured and nice never rigid or narrow minded never made fuss of small things, never uttered bad words, never picked up on others mistakes, if He was requested for something He did not like He kept quite and did not flatly say no, never argued or talked about any thing un necessarily, never interfered into something which does not concern Him, never abused anyone, never chased anyone's short comings, never inquired into anyone's personal matters, and always talked about useful things with positive outcome. When He used to talk His companions were all ears. When ever some one else talked He listened attentively, when there was some thing to laugh He smiled, when others were surprised He was astonished. If some one was outspoken He was forbearing. He never liked being praised but accepted thanks with an open heart. he never interrupt ...
yes somehow. Shias do love Hazrat Ali ( Father of Imam Hussain) more but certainly lesser than prophet muhammad (saw)
"Bear sorrows and calamities patiently, otherwise you will never be happy.". [Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib R.A]
People are sleeping,the only time they wake up is, when they die.!!! ~ Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib Razi Allaho anho.
Speaking about religious and social characters – as the best role models – can highly influence on the life of people. In this article, the writer has made efforts to analyze and propagate the culture of self sacrifice by elaborating on characteristics and behavior of Hazrat Imam Ali [The first imam of the Shiite people] as an outstanding role model. The Holy Quran has mentioned Hazrat Ebrahim [Abraham] and Hazrat Mohammad [The Islam Prophet] as the role models (Momtaheneh Surah, Verse 4 and Ahzab Surah, Verse 21) [Every chapter of the Holy Quran is called “Surah”]. Speaking about the life of Hazrat Ali – the second character of the Islam World – is of high importance; because studying his life strengthens the spirit of piety, innocence, belief, self sacrifice, resistance, bravery, manly behavior and following the truth [God]. There is no limit for doing good works and serving people in Islam. In addition to emphasis on behaving well with human, it has been advised to behave well with the anim ...
If u tell the truth, it becomes a part of ur past. If u lie, it becomes a part of ur future. Hazrat Ali (A.S)”
Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib (Radi-Allahu Anhu) narrated, " At the time of visiting with Our Beloved Nabi Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam in Holy MAKKA We heard that Every Hill and Tree honoured Our RASOOL saying 'ASSALAMU ALAIKA YA RASULLAH."
The best form of devotion to the service of Allah is not to make a show of it: Hazrat Ali ibn Abu-Talib
being Muslims our role models are Caliphs like Hazrat Ali, Usman, Umar and Abu-Bakar!
A man of wealth has many enemies, while a man of knowledge has many friends. - Hazrat Ali (R.A)
HAZRAT SULTAN BAHU (RA) is from the progeny of HAZRAT ALI (RA) and is a direct descended from Hazrat Ali (RA). Traditionally according to the law of the land he is Hashimi and belongs to the tribe of A'wan. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) was born in the village of Shorkhote in Punjab Province in the year 1039 Hijri, during the reign of the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Already as a child his Saintly qualities became apparent. He too, like Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani (RA), refuses to drink his mothers milk from Sehri to Iftaar (before sunrise to sunset). Despite showing inherent spiritual qualities his training responsibility fell in the lap of his pious, devout and saintly mother, Ma Rasti (RA). In his childhood and early days, she was responsible for both his inward and outward training, colouring his personality in the Prophetic light. Ma Rasti (RA) saw a vision that soon she will be blessed with a child with inherent spiritual qualities whose light of Faqr will benefit many a seeker till the end of time. She ...
Hazrat Wahshi ibn Harb (R.A) Hazrat Wahshi (R.A) was the Ethiopian slave of Jubayr ibn Mut'im. He is best known for making Hazrat Hamza (R.A), the beloved uncle of Holy Prophet (S.A.W), Shaheed (Martyr) in the Battle of Uhud. Before accepting Islam, Wahshi had been appointed by Hind bint Utbah to kill one of the three people (Holy Prophet (S.A.W), Hazrat Ali (R.A) or Hazrat Hamzah (R.A)), so that she may avenge her father's death during the Battle of Badr. Wahshi said in reply, "I cannot approach Muhammad at all, because his Companions are nearer to him than anyone else. Ali too is extraordinarily vigilant in the battlefield. However, Hamzah is so furious that, while fighting, he does not pay any attention to any other side and it is possible that I may be able to make him fall by some trick or by taking him unaware.” After he had Martyred Hazrat Hamzah (R.A), he went to Taa'if up on the Conquest of Makkah but later presented himself in Madina Shareef to accept Islam. Rasoolullah (S.A.W) heard from him ...
When you fall in poverty,. trade with God by giving charity. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Misery is reduced through Silence;. eliminated through Patience. and turns into happiness. through Thankfulness. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Do not disappoint a person who holds a good opinion of you and do not make him change his opinion. Hazrat Ali (A.S).
Let me first properly introduce myself for those who are in doubt: Alhamdolillah, this faqeer is from Ahl Bayt, a Hasni Hussiani Syed. My both parents are Syeds alhamdolillah. We are from the family of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. For all Syeds, Rasul Allah (sm) is our Nana mubarak, Bibi Fatima Zahra (RA) is our mother and Hazrat Ali (RA) is our father. Imam Hussain is our elder, our family, our ahl bayt. Our family sacrificed in Karabala and we are honored by it, alhamdolillah. So, now read carefully, what I am going to write. Nobody should give me a lecture on ahl beyt and our sacrifices. That is our family matter and we know our values and traditions. Today, the greatest fitnah which the Crusaders, Mushriks and Khawarij want to create between Ummah is on the basis of Shia-Sunni divide. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran are at each other’s throat, dividing the Ummah completely from Afghanistan to Lebanon on sectarian lines with bloody clashes, battles and bloodshed. Only the enemies are benefitting from ...
"I chanted in his book " Abdullatif Uyanabdullatif.uyan @ Hayy -i Arabi , Hazrat Ali ( radıyallahü anh ) Eshabındandı . He explains: " Hazrat-i Ali ibn Abi Talib during the war with Muawiyah and stayed in a ocean side . One person has arrived. Bowed. Ali bin Abi Talib : ' And Alaikum salaam , "he said . That person introducing himself : 'I Şem'un thousand Yuhanna'yım and is currently the owner of the church , "he said . Showed the church . And Hazrat-i- Ali : 'We have with us a book that was transferred by inheritance eshabından Nebi Isa . If you like the book you want to read it , "he said . Hazrat Ali : 'Read!' Said . He began to read. Writing qualities of the Messenger of Allah and the ummah . Came to a place . Read as follows : ' A person lands on the edge of an ocean , which is close to the Prophet virtues owner. String of fights and brings them to the idolaters . ' He studied it . Looked at us . Hadrat Ali to go and 'The Prophet came out . I 've got faith . You stayed here . I'm you ...
When I praise Hazrat Ali (RA) and Imam Hassan and Hussain (RA) more, they think I am SHIA.when I praise Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA), Hazrat Umar (RA) and Hazrat Usman (RA) more, they think I am SUNNI. Why can't the accept I am a Muslim I must praise all of them... They all are MINE and I love and respect them all.
infact, Hazrat Ali named two of his sons Umar and two of his sons Uthman, not one of each.
Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, all 3 sons of Hazrat Ali, and also those who were first martyred at Karbala
You will only name your child after someone whom you love and adore; Hazrat Ali named his sons Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman.
Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hazrat Imam Hussain, all had children with names of Abu Bakr, Usman and Umar.
It is the sunnah of Hazrat Ali to name his children Abubakar, Umar & Uthmaan. You won't find these names in a Shia family.
The sin which makes you sad and repentant is more liked by Allah than the good deed which turns you arrogant. - Hazrat Ali (A.S) Nahjul Balagha
Exactly and you don't have to be a sunni to love Hazrat Umar (R.A)..RT"You don't have to be a shia to love Hazrat Ali (R.A)."
'To fight against one’s desires is the greatest of all fights.' - Hazrat Ali
Take warning ! He has not exposed so many of your sinful activities that it appears as if He has forgiven you (it may be that He has given you time to repent). - Hazrat Ali (A.S) Nahjul Balagha
'The tongue is like a LİON,. İf you let it loose.. İt will WOUND someone'. Hazrat Ali Ra.
Msg of the day. (31stg Oct 13) 'ILm ka haqeeqi faaida 'Amal se hota hai...! (Hazrat Ali Rz.A)
"Never use the SHARPNESS of your tongue on your mother who taught you to SPEAK" Hazrat Ali (K.W)
Whatever harm accrues of silence can be remedied but whatever harm is done because of speech cannot be remedied - Hazrat Ali (RA)
“Beware of the flight of blessings, for nothing that runs away is returned” - Hazrat Ali (RA)
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“All containers are reduced in capacity by what is placed in them, except a container of knowledge which expands” - Hazrat Ali (RA)
*Quote Of the Day*. He who seeks to do justice with men, let him desire for them what he desires for himself. - Hazrat Ali R.A
-To be arrogant on your knowledge is enough to be illiterate. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Ahlebayt named their children Muawiya and maintained marital relationship with his relatives: Muawiyah bin Abdullah bin ja’afar bin Abi Talib: one of the sons of Abdullah he called him Muawiyah, mentionned in Ansab el ashraf P60-68 and Umdat el Talib P56. Yazid bin Muawiyah bin Abu Bakr bin Ja’far (his mother was Fatima Binte Husain bin Hasan bin Ail) Shia website confirmed this:         But unfortunately the present shian e dajjal seems to be more intelligent than ahlebayt because they ridicule the name of Muawiya , giving it incorrect meanings.     Had it been so then why would have Ahlebayt named their children with similar name? And wouldn’t the shia Imams have changed the names of their companions(since shia Imams had close companions named Muawiya)? Moreover Ali Akbar , the son of Imam Husayn, who was martyred in Karbala, was the son of Umm Layla, who was the daughter  of Abu Sufyan’s daughter Maymuna, who was Muawiyah’s sister. Comment: As we have seen the great bonding between ...
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