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Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae (born April 7, 1970 in Philippines) is a sportscaster in Canada. She was the former lead anchor for the New England Sports Network's SportsDesk news program and most recently the anchor on MLB Network.

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Hazel. There were no lies in the White Paper
. Good morning Hazel, I have attached the following just so that you can be informed in future. I hope it hel…
Congratulations to Head Coach Heather Wahlstrand & her husband Craig on the arrival of their first baby, Hazel Mae!…
I'm more of a Hazel Mae kinda guy tbh
who is hazel mae dating in Washington
Sneak peek at the spring line of Even Hazel Mae is excited! No, really, she is.
who is hazel mae dating in Switzerland
Thank you hazel Mae for the autograph at the blue Jays game today
Adam Hadwin thrilled about his 1st win! The only thing better was the post-round interview with Hazel Mae!
who is hazel mae dating in Massachusetts
Our youngest daughter couldn't be happier about turning 3 today. Happy birthday Hazel Mae, we love you, and please…
why is Canadian Hazel Mae commenting on the USA?
Hazel Mae, your result shows that you are a perfect blend of good looks, great taste and a magnetic aura which is... Uncomfortable off-season testing patience of Blue Jays fans Hazel Mae and Ben…
For a second there I thought that Hazel Mae.:)) Gold came back when you came back. (smile)
how old is hazel Mae now. Still looks good
Breast Cancer Awareness
According to Hazel Mae of Sportsnet, Aaron Sanchez is now represented by Scott Boras.
Blue JaysAaron Sanchez has changed representation, hiring the Boras Corporation as his new agency, according to Hazel Mae
[Hazel Mae] Aaron Sanchez has joined the Boras Corp. and will now be represented by Scott Boras
I like Hazel Mae so much more than Barry Davis
Tim and Sid are almost as annoying as Hazel Mae and Gregg Zaun🙄
Leafs bloggers/beat guys love to do this with Cassie Campbell. Jays guys do it with Hazel Mae and Stacey May Fowles.
How did Hazel Mae score an interview with Bonds?
couldn't believe bonds even having his 2 cents about the Bautista bat flip talking to hazel mae
Looking forward to Hazel Mae's interview with Barry Bonds.
our dear AuntT and my Moms Sister, Hazel Mae Dean.
Happy to this little gem! I couldn't survive without my little Hazel Mae; she…
It's and Hazel Mae is my favorite thing in the whole world 🐶😍❤️
The trio is finally back together, we had a subway date (btw Mae never smiles she's lame)
PS another strike against the ridiculous TM curse: Hazel Mae did her first segment on PTS this week as a Jays' reporter-insider
Playing piano like a boss at Hazel Scott plays Black and White on two grand pianos in the 1943 Mae West...
"The 2 student teachers caught my attention for their passion in teaching. May I call on Shaira Mae Antonio and Hazel Mae Mesina"-Principal💕
don't forget midway through the season they photoshopped Hazel Mae in like "there, that's enough diversity"
Congrats Hazel Mae and Änna on achieving the title of Flyball Master. Way to go. 👏👏👏
Night everyone, I love my gc, Hazel, Mae, my daughters Shante and Jayden and Kim Taehyung 💓
Mario Lemieux before Bobby Orr? Certainly shouldn't be before the incredible Hazel Mae!
Is Kevin Barker only on air cause he's married to Hazel Mae?
Kevin Barker, Hazel Mae's husband, is back on TV.
Hazel Mae and I chatted about the Joey Bats situation and so much more (note my tee)
Meet 23yo Female with Average body, 36C *** Hazel eyes and Red hair.
Hazel Mae is scheduled to visit today, but the Jays news is messing with our plans. Stay tuned and subscribe here:
Hazel Mae had "Survivor Fire" in Control. Her story broke my heart. You are amazing for listening to & telling their stories.
Congrats Sister Bae . We are so proud of you! .
Spending the night with Mae, got a slurpee and playing cod 💁🏻😊 she's been making my night/day a lot better, she's literally the best.
We're discussing the Brian Burke-Hazel Mae story in our class. The whole thing seems ridiculous in hindsight.
I have seen that one from Hazel Mae!
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If you mention Hazel Mae got pregnant by Saudi Arabia you'll get sued
I lied about her's Hazel Mae...
it 9 o'clock the only people who should be slumped right now is hazel and Mae
Everyday I am so thankful to get to spend time with Hazel Mae😇💜
hazel knits fingering for Fika shawl and some Ella Mae yarn .. Worsted + needles. 30% off everything!
I enjoyed this. Also, doesn't it look like something from the Hazel Mae clothing line?
JVH. Only stache that can call a fight as fairly as Hazel Mae's little leather skirt.
Fact. People with Brown /hazel eyes are the most fun and happy. RichardParojinog AtDumaguete.
Mae and I are taking my little brother out trick or treating and I'm going as a TMNT, Mae's scream and my lil bro is going as Michael Myers.
- My lasting memory of AA will be him hugging Barry Davis and Hazel Mae on the field in Baltimore
Hazel Scott is from a 1943 movie called "The Heat is On" starting Mae West...
Hazel Mae was groomed and is looking pretty for her Mom:)
Idea: Hazel Mae does Barry Davis' job next year, but good.
How much bbq you figure Hazel Mae taking down tonight? No wonder they kept Zaun in TO!
yes. He will be standing with Hazel Mae though
I'd rather have Heidi Watney or Hazel Mae, she had a big profile in Boston. Andrews is awful.
Send Hazel Mae out to that guy to challenge where his glove was.
Man. Hazel Mae's eyes are in business for themselves.
at least you got to see Hazel Mae! Memories of past interviews and golf tournies! Lol
Hazel Mae keeps on rocking in the freeway world.
precisely. And I had high hopes for Costas after the Hazel Mae interview. I should have known better.
Who would have thought that Buck Martinez would be hanging out with Hazel Mae near the camera bay
And cut away from Hazel Oh. Whoops.
And the fox guys just cut hazel Mae off! Wow
He is married to Hazel Mae. Is all in saying.
It seems like competence is based on doing it less, for them. Hazel Mae is way better than Barry Davis, who does it ALL THE TIME
Hazel Mae colour coordinating her pre-taped interview dress and gameday dress.
This Hazel Mae profile of ... . I think he will end up the most popular athlete in Toronto history.
Yo Hazel Mae chilling w/ Bob Costas - pretty cool - always legit when Costas is helping the broadcast :)
he's Hazel Mae's hubby so her contract includes work for him too.
Glad to see Chris Colabello will make his postseason debut today. Check out Hazel Mae's interview with him.
Did de Shields just spit on Hazel Mae?
Hazel Mae could do a better job than these bud heads from Fox!
Just confirmed by Hazel Mae that Beltre had diarreaha from an Eastside Marios burger.
Prince being interviewed by Hazel Mae of
Glad to see Buck is still part of coverage today with Hazel Mae.
I appreciate a female sportscaster who understands the game and puts the work in. Reminds me of Hazel Mae.
what happened to NESN Sports Desk with Hazel Mae? Those were the days
Wow! thank you Hazel Mae you made my evening alot better.
just seen your interview with Hazel Mae. What a great message to kids.
Miss NegOr 2015. Who is your bet for this year's Ms. *** Oriental?. A. Hazel Mae C. Trasmonte. B. Justine Rose...
you know for a woman, you don't sound that intelligent, especially after your Hazel Mae comment.
You have nothing to be camera shy over! You should pick Hazel Mae's brain.
Brown AND hazel cause I'm cooler than everyone
Trying that pisco sour drink the CO mentioned.
-- Does Hazel Mae's beer hat get a mention on Best of the Week?
The celebration the other night was over the top (all that alcohol!), but you have to hand it to Hazel Mae for being a trooper.
Hazel Mae and Kevin Barker are married. My head is EXPLODE
You won't got to see the tears ive tried. Behind these HAZEL EYES. LabanEVAN.
Was Hazel Mae telling the celebrating to "hold" while conducting interviews? Lady. That's what the audience wants to see!
who would win in an arm wrestling match, Hazel Mae or Barry Davis?
One question for Hazel Mae ... How's the hair today?
All that Champagne you and Hazel Mae were troopers!
What's crazy in the videos of the Jays celebration was Hazel Mae wearing a plain blue baseball hat. What no one could find a Blue Jays hat?
Hazel Mae has the best job ever. Donaldson: 1 beer, 2 beers, 3 beers, 4 beers!
Sources report that Hazel Mae is still getting sprayed with beer and champagne
Hazel Mae really earned her paycheque last night. That celebration was crazy.
Hazel Mae was working hard last night! What a champ!
I would be shocked if hazel Mae is able to walk tomorrow
Hazel Mae hates her job right now. Good beer pounding by Donaldson though mid interview. I hope they all get hammered.
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Josh Donaldson might already have been drunk by the time Hazel Mae got to him, which is kind of great.
Imagine the damage the Jays did to Hazel Mae tonight...
Josh Donaldson made a Stone Cold reference during his post game interview with Hazel Mae... Man this is AMAZING!!
hazel Mae is getting railed by the bullpen tonight
poor Hazel Mae getting drinks poured on her repeatedly. She's a pro.
Great job by Hazel Mae indeed and very professional.
pretty sure tomorrow will be all reserves again, Hazel Mae said Price isnt starting as initially planed
Kevin Pillar not only a fine baseball player, but a true gentleman helping Hazel Mae put the googles on.
Spunky job Hazel Mae is doing in chaotic celebratory Jays clubhouse.
Hazel Mae is one tough woman, to be in that locker room and still manage to produce great interviews
Hazel Mae is about as articulate as her husband Kevin Barker. So, not even a little bit.
Hazel Mae doing such a terrific job in that hornets nest.
Why does Hazel Mae bother interviewing anyone? She puts words in everyone's mouth and then expects them to say something substantive.
Price chanting MVP to JD while talking to Hazel Mae! Love it!!
making it rain champagne tonight...and Hazel Mae is a trooper lmao
Hazel Mae stfu, I'm tired of hearing you say "one moment, hold please"
Bautista envisioned Devon Travis trying on suits with Hazel-Mae for that home run.
hit a new PR at 185 today. I said light deadlifts but I got carried away by the pump.…
Hazel Mae: "She is married to former Major League Baseball first baseman Kevin Barker."
mfw Hazel Mae is married to Kevin Barker
Hazel Scott from 1943 playing two pianos. From Mae West "The Heat is On" movie. Awesome
interview would have been fine in a t shirt-designer Hazel Mae takes him shopping?? buy the suits & get on with it!
It's journalism by today's definition. Hazel Mae taking Devo suit shopping was argued to be "journalism". It has lost esteem.
another episode with Travis and hazel Mae?
K, but how much does Hazel Mae make a year?
Am I the only one who didn't know Hazel Mae is married to Kevin Barker?
To be fair, I'd gladly pay for the suit if I got to spend the day with Hazel Mae. :)
I don't think Hazel Mae has much journalistic integrity to begin with, so she can't lose anything.
I agree, if it had been Travis initiating and inviting Hazel Mae along it would be different. Instead it was Sportsnet pushing
Do you remember that puff piece Hazel Mae did with Devo, where he went and got a suit? They made him pay for the suit lol
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so standing up for a teammate is a crime? gotstlye profited, I'm sure Hazel Mae and Greg Zaun don't pay for suits!
For the love of God, someone post the link to the Hazel Mae suit video.
"But being a major leaguer means dressing like one. So Hazel Mae takes him shopping for a custom suit."
Bautista isn’t happy with Sportsnet, who reportedly didn’t pay for Devon Travis’ suit in that TV special w/ Hazel Mae (who I love). Hmmm...
Between Hazel Mae and Greg Zaun, the English language took a beating in that segment.
Hazel Mae: "Let's check in on the two men who called the game.". My mom: "ugh". Me: 🙋
Hazel Mae asked Gregg Zaun what it's like to be locked in as a hitter? How the *** would he know Hazel?
I think it must be fall. Hazel Mae has sleeves. Longer than last dress.
Please replace Jamie Campbell with Hazel Mae on a full time basis STAT! I enjoy her old school sports sensibility
Meet Hazel Mae. She'll be ours in 2 weeks!
Didn't realize Hazel Mae was married to Kevin Barker. My late husband worked at gate 9 for many years and was a fan of Hazel
Lazy Sundays with Hazel Mae are my fav 🐶
Who did he need to sleep with to get this job? (Checks). Oh. Hazel Mae.
On the weekend, teacher Hazel headed towards Mae Chaen for the
Thank you Janine.. Enjoy! . -We can make whatever your request is.. . *Garlic Shrimp. *Beef Steak. *Baked Macaroni...
Brad Fay hosting Blue Jays Central actually has me pining for Hazel Mae. He's that dull.
thx. Price is not new 2 strikeout streaks, eh😉 Lookin 4 the footnt online, no stats update. Hazel Mae said twas team rec'd
After and I will have Central. Hazel Mae and Gregg Zaun with their game wrap. school
He will turn it around eventually. He is too good not to. And yeah, Hazel Mae just said it. Maybe that guy is not as bad as I
Hum it's Hazel Mae or has something to tell us
Hazel Mae and her little short sleeves are here to say the end of summer is near.
Looks like miss Hazel Mae loves her new home 😇
What an AMAZING day at the Roger Centre. Look who I met - Hazel Mae ! Thanks for the…
it's now a legit word bc of your existence Hazel Mae. 🙌
. Are you and mae going to fight each other in a boxing match?
All about Hazel Mae : height, biography, quotes - see at
Why does anyone even listen to Mr. Hazel Mae.Guy is a clown
Has anyone noticed that my eyes are hazel?
What the freak ever happened to Hazel Mae?!
Hazel Mae is the cutest 💕 I'm so glad I got to see her yesterday 😍
Hazel-Mae dresses on sale short and cap sleeves and the look like your style. Have a great weeknd. HeeHee Weeknd
Pretty much convinced Hazel Mae is the cutest pitbull on the planet 😍😍
July 22 Wedding Food Tasting with our couple Estelloso Romz and Mae Anne...thanks to Hazel Samson-Bentulan for...
Rod Black is my least favourite sports media guy around .. at least on a National level. Hazel Mae is a close 2nd.
Channeling my inner Hazel Mae today on Experience! I am so lucky to work with such an amazing…
Angie Mae Jens lol i thought of you
Hazel Mae just said this would be the first expansion since the Thrashers in 1999...SPORTSNET!!! YOU HAD HALF AN HOUR TO LOOK THIS UP!!!
What about when he was plugging Hazel Mae when she worked for NESN? lmfao
Waiting for baby Hazel Mae's gift to get here so I can see her and her amazing parents.
So, Tim & Sid is 5-6:30 when the Jays play and leads into Blue Jays Central. Does Hazel Mae not have a job anymore?
- who that was. The elfa raised her hazel gaze and smiled as she observed her from afar. "Mae Govanen!" Exclaimed she -.
Father's Day dinner at Oceanaire Seafood Room. This was the best steak I've had. Cooked perfectly.…
Hazel Mae keeps following and unfollowing me. This is bad for her
Hey, who'd you rather work with: Hazel Mae or Kevin Barker? Take your pick! Lol :-)
and somehow he is married to Hazel Mae of Sportsnet. That's job security.
Happy Father's Day to the man who influences my life. I strive to always make him proud!…
if you are the real Hazel Mae, thanks for the follow! Always loved you!
Happy birthday to the Best Grandma ever ! Hazel Mae we miss you & love you so much ! Wish we could have 1 more conversation 😩😘 Watch us 👑💕
If Kevin Baker is on Sportsnet because of Hazel Mae. Fire Hazel Mae.
Ew. Youre so cheesy. And its so quick for ya to change your bae 😂
Ni, have a good trip. take care of your health. Love ya .x. 1
In 2014 Kevin Barker replaced Hayhurst on 590 the Fan's daily radio show Baseball Central. He is also married to Hazel Mae.
follow she gives Solo Dms if you win her game.
norm you can't like every broadcaster either aka Hazel Mae
every team gets eye candy as their filler, we get Hazel Mae, Arash, Barry Davis
The "I have a job because I'm married to Hazel Mae"alyst
I'm having 5 girls and their names are: Violet Dawn, Clara Mae, Evelyn Grace, Lillian Noel, and Hazel Faye.
A new favorite: Sparkee ft. Hazel Mae - Inversion (Brandon Cueto Remix) by ☕️ Brandon Cueto on
Very cool vintage kitchen stuff! Check out this SET of TWO Hazel Atlas Crisscross Mixing Bowls by PinkieUp via
I don't normally post progress pics but it's been 6 months since I started my fitness journey and I'm…
Congrats to Director of Operations Nick Hemling and his wife Melissa on the birth of their daughter Hazel Mae!
Hazel Mae channeling her inner child bride in our black and white wedding headpiece. Shop bridal and…
Devon Travis went shopping with Hazel Mae!? Buck and Tabby have a "secret place"!? *** is going on.
Lots of Love and thanks to those who come :) :) Hazel Mae, Melvin Zachary, Grezhel, Jessa, Jung Lyn Hope and sa...
Hazel Mae is the only sportscaster.. I wonder who's next? ;)
i totally agree, but unfortunately Barker is here to stay, since he is married to Hazel Mae.
One by one. They find their way. They find their home. Goodnight, Hazel (was Maggie Mae). Goodnight, all.
If I've learned anything from this Hazel Mae/Canseco piece, it's that Jose is an abnormally sweaty man.
Apparently Hazel Mae interviewed an incredibly sweaty Jose Canseco for 17 hours.
If you want to keep the hockey intensity ramped up . Hazel Mae is hocking fashion on the shopping channel
Brian Burke.. I hope you enjoyed Hazel Mae, but your hair is worse than Scott Oake's
I liked a video You Made Me Stronger by Regine Velasquez cover by Hazel Mae
have fun in Florida gang! Tell Brad to stop jumping on Habs bandwagon. Ask Hazel Mae what kind of waiter I was.
Hazel Mae just accidentally called the Chicago Bulls the "Chicago Bills" and that might be the greatest accidental troll of the Bulls ever.
Another backer for my Kickstarter campaign. Thank you Hazel MAe Lawas Lie-Haugen. She will be receiveing her...
Seriously this new host on MLB Network makes Hazel Mae look good
Hazel Mae interviews Rob Manfred and Paul Beeston - a summary: Hazel did two interviews the afternoon of the h...
I use to *** to hazel mae, looking at her now on TV, got to say time to look for a new girl, what a pig
I just listened to Hazel Mae discussing Kevin Cash...on a Blue Jays broadcast.
Hazel Mae would have great side boob
The corporate suck-ups at Sportsnet have interviewed Honda Canada & Rob Manfred. Stay tuned for Hazel Mae's 1-on-1 w/the Ted Rogers Statue.
Hazel Mae is like 54 years old by the way
are u sayin DonCherry got to 3rd base with Hazel Mae?
I deeply believe that Hazel Mae is the sports anchor in all Canada. Male or Female. Keep up the great work !.
A surprise visit by at Think he knows Hazel Mae doesn't play hockey?
hazel mae ' welcome to the rodgers lets send it to ACC' lol
my first name hazel and m is Mae and 15 is my age 😜😊
Another check off my bucket list. ✔️half-marathon. Definitely a good day but my legs and feet are…
They'll always be jealous of you when your life reminds them of what they don't have.
Today is the day you give yourself permission to change your life forever. It's time to stop beating…
Crazy Beautiful You ('15 Mae Cruz Alviar): A fine little romance until it is derailed by melodrama.
Hazel Mae just said that the have a .714 winning percentage when the Trop draws 30,000+. That's gotta be a small …
My answer to What's it like being called Hazel?
Definitely words I live by now. When you stop to think about your attitude when there's a problem, it…
"Direk Mae, Kathryn and Daniel at the block screening with KB Buddies!" (c)
Doug MacLean is in his 60's and look what he did regarding Hazel Mae
OBITUARY: Hazel Mae Hoffman, 70, Graduate of Reedley High School in California who moved to Missouri 36 years ago
Congrats to these two. is a really wonderful feel-good movie. To Direk Mae also…
"Congratulations sa Star Cinema, buong cast at kay direk mae for the movie ...
if someday, someone loves me half as much as Augustus loves Hazel i will be a very happy girl
“Okay the way Augustus Waters says "Hazel Grace" is really cute. Like I wanna be called "Catherine Mae" sometimes😅”
So glad I was able to go spend some "home time" with and yesterday! & see all of miss Hazel Mae's new things! 🎀
her head when we were @ the playground :D Hazel, grabbed my leg+I was like huh..darling :3 She said she did that to her dad.
I love the name Hazel Sateen, but i also love the name Aroura Mae. Baby names are so hard D':
about waking up in the morning to Hazel Mae and positive Leafs highlights
Hazel Mae looks like regurgitated Chinese food.
What happened to Hazel Mae? Did she buy some land near Chernobyl?
Hazel Mae :good morning! Already on my second cup of tea in the east.. Trying...
Augustus Waters offered to write Hazel a sequel to her favorite book, and u can't reply to my text message
Hazel Mae might have been my first true love
Lucy Mae your blackness and hazel brown eyes are perfect 💁
Please keep our sweet Hazel Mae in your thoughts & prayers these next few days 🙏💗
I am sticking with the Hazel Mae theory.
I wondered that too. I think he knows Hazel Mae.
Today was one of those days I wish I had someone to come home to and cuddle while I decompressed from…
We should have a Hazel Mae, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney, and Jenny Dell reunion show...
Time to get stronger in every way. Forget the haters and naysayers. I'm doing this for me.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful young lady my niece Hazel Mae Schunter i love you sweet heart your father...
Finally i have my youtube account pleasee subscribe me Thankyou: Hazel Angelica Mae
Great day for the San Antonio Cockers! Hazel, GG, Lindsey, Roxy, Molly Mae, and Woodrow were their great...
Got this in the mail today. Time to buckle down and get some studying done.
Crush baby Hazel Mae celebrating Small Business Saturday in her bay bridge onesie!…
My favourite Bob O’Billovich moment? Has to be Hazel Mae jumping into his arms under the stands at Rogers Centre. Unfazed Bob: Hi, Hazel.
Jocelle and I are wearing the same jeans today.
Xmas list: Oh baby calling the sat nite game. Cherry for 10 on cc and 5 afterwards, Mclean back at the helm and Hazel Mae highlights later!
Hazel Mae my Aunt's new Pit mix, so sweet. Thankful for Dogs.
everyone be safe and blessed also happy birthday to my grandmother Mae Hazel Bell…
at the end of sports net with hazel mae they showed the dads getting off the bus and BAM
Hazel McCallion to preside over last Mississauga council meeting
Can someone tell Hazel Mae's left eye to keep up with her right?
Ariel, Hazel and I were skipping third and then one of Ariel's teachers caught her and brought her to class. -Mae
Hazel: I just about had heart attack, I thought I had four eyes for a second there. You ok - Mae
Hazel Mae first cover. She's going to be anything she want to be.
This is why you died instead of hazel
Don't worry. It's not broken or sprained. Just a precautionary measure.
Go follow my mom on vines at Kaci Mae Pfeifer
Had a blast at the Albany Veterans Day Parade with my girls! Calico MacLaine, Lily Love, Hazel Mae
Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served, past and present. We remember those who have passed and…
Hazel Mae, she's no Ivanka Osmak ;) :). I watch TSN now. Ivanka, now that's a good looking lady who knows her sports.
The wall of fame at Big D's. Hazel Mae All great gals!
WATCH: joins Hazel Mae, talks mindset and what team aims to prove to the rest of
boss Ibrahim Falah watch this so breathtaking. awe Hazel Mae Buendia
rules are. mae. and . ]broken. Read my review of this poem - "THE BIRDIE'S VOICE - SAVE GENTLE LIFE" by Hazel Shirley:
Get ready to SHAKE IT OFF with Hazel Faith as she performs for you today, Sunday at...
The struggle was real back then. LMAO
Cant believe its been 9 yrs RIP Hazel Mae Taylor
Directions from Hazel, Hamlin Co., SD to new data issued today, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on
brian Burke and hazel mae's baby for global ambassador
*shreds I love Hazel Mae sign* all that glitter and colouring for NOTHING.
Siska Moscow apparently beat Man city tonight. According to Hazel Mae on Sportsnet.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hazel really enjoys taking stalker photos of me. -.- -Mae
glad hazel mae and I could be of assistance 😊
letter O was given to me by: Hazel Mae Eco Piñano :). SOMEONE I'M ATTRACTED TO: Olaf my bae xD. SOMEWHERE I WANT...
Walmart will never be the same without miss Hazel Mae White! Always greeted with a smile on her face ever since I was a baby. 😭
Hazel Mae would nicely complete the panel trifecta!
Dayna and Hazel like to make fun of me a lot. True friendship n_n -Mae
Happy We adopted Hazel Mae from 7 mos ago and she's filled our home with love! Sneaky...
Stop living in the brokenness that someone gave you. That's not your's just who you're SETTLING to be.
Yes I'm that girl.. But seriously so stinkin" cute! Hazel Mae with not even 24 hours und...
Uncut if you're trying to catch Hazel Mae's eye...allegedly.
Thank god we don't have to see Hazel Mae's grill. More crooked than a Jack O Lantern
Hazel Mae and Kessel musta been on the same program in the off-season
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