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Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae (born April 7, 1970 in Philippines) is a sportscaster in Canada. She was the former lead anchor for the New England Sports Network's SportsDesk news program and most recently the anchor on MLB Network.

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If you want to keep the hockey intensity ramped up . Hazel Mae is hocking fashion on the shopping channel
Brian Burke.. I hope you enjoyed Hazel Mae, but your hair is worse than Scott Oake's
to NESN Sports Desk with Hazel Mae and Kathryn Tapyn... Those were the days
I liked a video You Made Me Stronger by Regine Velasquez cover by Hazel Mae
have fun in Florida gang! Tell Brad to stop jumping on Habs bandwagon. Ask Hazel Mae what kind of waiter I was.
Hazel Mae just accidentally called the Chicago Bulls the "Chicago Bills" and that might be the greatest accidental troll of the Bulls ever.
Another backer for my Kickstarter campaign. Thank you Hazel MAe Lawas Lie-Haugen. She will be receiveing her...
Seriously this new host on MLB Network makes Hazel Mae look good
Hazel Mae interviews Rob Manfred and Paul Beeston - a summary: Hazel did two interviews the afternoon of the h...
I use to *** to hazel mae, looking at her now on TV, got to say time to look for a new girl, what a pig
I just listened to Hazel Mae discussing Kevin Cash...on a Blue Jays broadcast.
Hazel Mae would have great side boob
The corporate suck-ups at Sportsnet have interviewed Honda Canada & Rob Manfred. Stay tuned for Hazel Mae's 1-on-1 w/the Ted Rogers Statue.
Hazel Mae is like 54 years old by the way
are u sayin DonCherry got to 3rd base with Hazel Mae?
I deeply believe that Hazel Mae is the sports anchor in all Canada. Male or Female. Keep up the great work !.
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A surprise visit by at Think he knows Hazel Mae doesn't play hockey?
hazel mae ' welcome to the rodgers lets send it to ACC' lol
my first name hazel and m is Mae and 15 is my age 😜😊
Another check off my bucket list. ✔️half-marathon. Definitely a good day but my legs and feet are…
They'll always be jealous of you when your life reminds them of what they don't have.
Today is the day you give yourself permission to change your life forever. It's time to stop beating…
Crazy Beautiful You ('15 Mae Cruz Alviar): A fine little romance until it is derailed by melodrama.
Hazel Mae just said that the have a .714 winning percentage when the Trop draws 30,000+. That's gotta be a small …
My answer to What's it like being called Hazel?
Definitely words I live by now. When you stop to think about your attitude when there's a problem, it…
"Direk Mae, Kathryn and Daniel at the block screening with KB Buddies!" (c)
Doug MacLean is in his 60's and look what he did regarding Hazel Mae
OBITUARY: Hazel Mae Hoffman, 70, Graduate of Reedley High School in California who moved to Missouri 36 years ago
Congrats to these two. is a really wonderful feel-good movie. To Direk Mae also…
"Congratulations sa Star Cinema, buong cast at kay direk mae for the movie ...
if someday, someone loves me half as much as Augustus loves Hazel i will be a very happy girl
“Okay the way Augustus Waters says "Hazel Grace" is really cute. Like I wanna be called "Catherine Mae" sometimes😅”
So glad I was able to go spend some "home time" with and yesterday! & see all of miss Hazel Mae's new things! 🎀
her head when we were @ the playground :D Hazel, grabbed my leg+I was like huh..darling :3 She said she did that to her dad.
I love the name Hazel Sateen, but i also love the name Aroura Mae. Baby names are so hard D':
about waking up in the morning to Hazel Mae and positive Leafs highlights
Hazel Mae looks like regurgitated Chinese food.
What happened to Hazel Mae? Did she buy some land near Chernobyl?
Hazel Mae :good morning! Already on my second cup of tea in the east.. Trying...
Augustus Waters offered to write Hazel a sequel to her favorite book, and u can't reply to my text message
Hazel Mae might have been my first true love
Lucy Mae your blackness and hazel brown eyes are perfect 💁
Please keep our sweet Hazel Mae in your thoughts & prayers these next few days 🙏💗
I am sticking with the Hazel Mae theory.
I wondered that too. I think he knows Hazel Mae.
Today was one of those days I wish I had someone to come home to and cuddle while I decompressed from…
We should have a Hazel Mae, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney, and Jenny Dell reunion show...
Time to get stronger in every way. Forget the haters and naysayers. I'm doing this for me.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful young lady my niece Hazel Mae Schunter i love you sweet heart your father...
Finally i have my youtube account pleasee subscribe me Thankyou: Hazel Angelica Mae
Great day for the San Antonio Cockers! Hazel, GG, Lindsey, Roxy, Molly Mae, and Woodrow were their great...
Got this in the mail today. Time to buckle down and get some studying done.
Crush baby Hazel Mae celebrating Small Business Saturday in her bay bridge onesie!…
My favourite Bob O’Billovich moment? Has to be Hazel Mae jumping into his arms under the stands at Rogers Centre. Unfazed Bob: Hi, Hazel.
Jocelle and I are wearing the same jeans today.
Xmas list: Oh baby calling the sat nite game. Cherry for 10 on cc and 5 afterwards, Mclean back at the helm and Hazel Mae highlights later!
Hazel Mae my Aunt's new Pit mix, so sweet. Thankful for Dogs.
everyone be safe and blessed also happy birthday to my grandmother Mae Hazel Bell…
at the end of sports net with hazel mae they showed the dads getting off the bus and BAM
Hazel McCallion to preside over last Mississauga council meeting
Can someone tell Hazel Mae's left eye to keep up with her right?
Ariel, Hazel and I were skipping third and then one of Ariel's teachers caught her and brought her to class. -Mae
Hazel: I just about had heart attack, I thought I had four eyes for a second there. You ok - Mae
Hazel Mae first cover. She's going to be anything she want to be.
This is why you died instead of hazel
Don't worry. It's not broken or sprained. Just a precautionary measure.
Go follow my mom on vines at Kaci Mae Pfeifer
Had a blast at the Albany Veterans Day Parade with my girls! Calico MacLaine, Lily Love, Hazel Mae
Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served, past and present. We remember those who have passed and…
Hazel Mae, she's no Ivanka Osmak ;) :). I watch TSN now. Ivanka, now that's a good looking lady who knows her sports.
The wall of fame at Big D's. Hazel Mae All great gals!
WATCH: joins Hazel Mae, talks mindset and what team aims to prove to the rest of
boss Ibrahim Falah watch this so breathtaking. awe Hazel Mae Buendia
rules are. mae. and . ]broken. Read my review of this poem - "THE BIRDIE'S VOICE - SAVE GENTLE LIFE" by Hazel Shirley:
Get ready to SHAKE IT OFF with Hazel Faith as she performs for you today, Sunday at...
The struggle was real back then. LMAO
Cant believe its been 9 yrs RIP Hazel Mae Taylor
Directions from Hazel, Hamlin Co., SD to new data issued today, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on
brian Burke and hazel mae's baby for global ambassador
*shreds I love Hazel Mae sign* all that glitter and colouring for NOTHING.
Siska Moscow apparently beat Man city tonight. According to Hazel Mae on Sportsnet.
Hazel really enjoys taking stalker photos of me. -.- -Mae
glad hazel mae and I could be of assistance 😊
letter O was given to me by: Hazel Mae Eco Piñano :). SOMEONE I'M ATTRACTED TO: Olaf my bae xD. SOMEWHERE I WANT...
Walmart will never be the same without miss Hazel Mae White! Always greeted with a smile on her face ever since I was a baby. 😭
Hazel Mae would nicely complete the panel trifecta!
Dayna and Hazel like to make fun of me a lot. True friendship n_n -Mae
Happy We adopted Hazel Mae from 7 mos ago and she's filled our home with love! Sneaky...
Stop living in the brokenness that someone gave you. That's not your's just who you're SETTLING to be.
Yes I'm that girl.. But seriously so stinkin" cute! Hazel Mae with not even 24 hours und...
Uncut if you're trying to catch Hazel Mae's eye...allegedly.
Thank god we don't have to see Hazel Mae's grill. More crooked than a Jack O Lantern
Hazel Mae and Kessel musta been on the same program in the off-season
Bingo! Sportsnet is trying WAY too hard to be everything to everyone.Strombo,Hazel Mae,Dumb & Dumber(Tim & Sid)are out of place
Hazel Mae dressed like she is hosting the Santa Claus parade.
Hazel Mae is 44 years old. 6 years ago you'd have called her a 20 year old. By the time she's 47 she'll look 65. Funny how that works.
Watching Sportsnet pregame. What the heck happened to Hazel Mae? Looks like she's been hit with some Asian style instant aging.
Man, Hazel Mae really is an abysmal sports host
This hazel Mae chick on sportsnet is terrible. Switching to TSN's that's hockey
Whoa the tragically hip and Hazel Mae on great start to the 2001 season
Hazel Mae's wondering eye is very distracting
What is this amateur hour? Hazel Mae, etc. It's going to be a god *** long 12 years...
Fashion line born out of necessity has personal ties for sportscaster Hazel Mae: Hazel Mae never had her sight...
Hazel Mae's different fezlaks! mehehehehe. Super duper thank you to all of the pweepol who took a few…
What do you do when you can't find your ideal dress? Sportscaster Hazel Mae decided to design her own:
All day long my heart was beating. Searchin for the meaning. Hazel eyes, I was so color blind. We were just wastin time…
I am still very, very unclear about where Hazel Mae will be tomorrow at 5 PM Eastern. Can anyone clarify?
Been nominated. So, here it is. 20 facts about me. :). 1. My full name is Hazel Aragoncillo Saludares. No mae nor...
that piece with you guys + Hazel Mae on Mark Donnelly gets funnier 49, 50 + 51 times rewinding it on PVR!
A shot of that needed to be shown longer than the 1s on with Hazel Mae
I'll marry the man who calls me "Emily Mae" like Augustus calls Hazel, Hazel Grace. ✨😭
I know u need a big raise like bobcat money but does hazel Mae have to be working the TSN selling jerseys??
Watching and im laughing SO HARD!!! the girl with hazel mae is so just selling
Hazel Mae from Sportsnet is on the shopping channel.
Join me with Hazel Mae from as we shop for merchandise at 8pm ET
Hazel Mae on the shopping channel today
hazel an I may or may not have cried ourselves to sleep.
So disappointed I won't be in Toronto for NHL Opening Night. I would've been bff with Hazel Mae for a night.
When Augustus tells Hazel Grace that he's in love with her >>>> 😭❤️
"I don't wanna see a world without Hazel Cake" maé jtm
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Hazel Mae rocking a weird face and her cute giraffe out fit from ☺️😂
Jumping on at 6 w/ the lovely Hazel Mae to talk "Camp Life". Our latest NHL special on tonight immediately after Connected!
Investors continue to flee Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac:
sports net have Tim and Sid with Hazel Mae now that's good stuff. Cox not so much
Hazel Mae says JS Guigiere is retiring from the NHL but will continue playing in the QMJHL...must have discovered the fountain of
I just saw a sportsnet commercial with Hazel Mae and Damien the pompous *** Cox he makes me sick
Man United and Liverpool seeing red: James Sharman joins Hazel Mae to discuss the status of Manchester United...
You know me too well lol. Hazel Mae already got me one 🙌
Mae Jemison school 3540 W. 177th st. Hazel Crest IL, 60429 FRIDAY AUGUST 15th 3-7pm. Just a swab of the cheek then you're done!!
▶ 1943 - the amazing Hazel Scott tears up 2 pianos at the same time in Mae West's "The Heat's On".
Females watch. Trust me. Isn't hazel Mae doing well on mlb?
cool man, this wasn't and isn't an attack. I like the guy. Funny comments, Probly banged Hazel Mae...
with my wife Hazel Mae Redelosa Uriarte-Artienda yesterday . very nice movie
Hazel Mae wants to watch Elf. She really is my niece! 😭❤️
Can we have a The View style sports show with Hazel Mae, Kate Beirness, TSN Natasha, and Andy Petrillo where they just look good and sports
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The Red Sox went from Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell to this guy, this is the reason why we suck http…
This is hazel off the fault in our stars, she's beautiful
They gotta get rid of Hazel Mae on sports net, man she's hard to look at
Is it me or does it look like hazel Mae got punched in the face
Hazel Mae walked in my room, looked around and shouted "My room is a mess!" 😂
Photo: My grandmother, Hazel Edna (left) and her sister (my great-aunt), Clarissa Mae, circa 1900. They...
Hazel Mae reminds me of the cookie monster.
Hazel Mae looks like she smells. Just sayin'
Guest posting for Author R. G. Frazia. Check out her book Don't Blame Hazel!
firing Hazel Mae to go blonder & prettier = worst talent mistake I can remember NESN making
They hired Hazel Mae and have a dude in the stands during sox games.
So many reasons Hazel-Mae, the city is bursting with places to discover. Our app lets you do that :).
You are cordially invited this July 26 for a NOODLE FEST OPEN HOUSE at Apple One Banawa Heights Showroom! Please contact Ms. Hazel Mae...
The Heat's On (1943) is a movie musical starring Mae West, Directed by Gregory Ratoff Hazel Scott ... Herself
Welcome to the world Hazel Mae. You already have your mothers attitude and outstanding beauty. I love…
and the way he says Hazel Grace is what made Catlyn stark scratch up her own face
Does anyone remember when Hazel Mae hosted NESN? She was the reason I woke up each day in middle school.
Hazel Mae just said Kate Upton's name 10 times in about 5 seconds. It's like just learned she's with Verlander.
I still miss Heidi. She was awesome too. I know a lot of people were strong on Hazel Mae too.
It's been 1 day of covered and I want Hazel Mae dead.
Nonis is late because he had a one on one meeting with Hazel Mae.
Hazel Mae. Stop this madness. It's in the middle of a baseball game.
Mae why is ur name hazel grace who is ur Augustus waters
Decided to name my little girl after my mother and great grandmother, Hazel Mae Selvidge. 👶👣💞
No longer watching; wanted to see if Hazel Mae's hubby had the chops. He doesn't. I've moved on.
"Some infinities are bigger than others, and I thank you for our little infinity" - Hazel Grace Lancaster
The Flames O'Reilly o/s was the real dagger in that team. Not even Hazel Mae-slaying Burkie can fix that
A name is much more than just a name!!!. Behind my name: HAZEL MAE... ♥ ;) . H - is for honest, something you...
happy birthday to the Chan of Mae Hazel's.
I've just cried at the fault in our stars book and hazel and gus are both still alive at the moment. God help me when the ending gets near😭😭 featured in NBC s Science of Love
I love saying Mae's names. It's like "Hazel Grace" 😆😌
I want another kid.few years difference between them and hazel-mae then
This is the worst news since Hazel Mae went back to Canada.
Check it out, Hazel Mae has built a NATURE HABITAT!
Hazel Mae found a Gold Tree from their Dragon City!
I have recently noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of people that see what I post on Hazel Mae's page.
Congratulations to Paul and Alisa Sudlow on their new arrival! Welcome, Hazel Mae!
Hazel Mae Gordon is sharing free Corn and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Well I'm sure that oak tree *intends* to offer more acorns but hey there's a neat wee hazel offering tasty cobs
Hazel Mae Bouchard Too sexy for my shirt
but hey you're from boston - heidi whatney, hazel mae, Jenny Dell all had fun with Sox players
Great news for Hazel Mae! This gentle lady was adopted yesterday! Congratulations!
and let's not forget heidi whatney..and hazel friends in Boston know..wink wink wink
“Let me introduce you to my future daughter this will be hazel 👌
I thought it was SO cute how Augustus called Hazel, Hazel Grace idk that movie still has me messed up. My middle names Mae btw.
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Hey sorry I hung up on you. Your not Hazel Grace. ;)
The jays may crash and burn this division lead they have but I saw hazel Mae bend over to pick up her pen so I'm satisfied with the season
John on Shai's audition: "She had the cadence that I imagined in my head as I was writing Hazel, which seemed impossib…
The thing i liked about Augustus Waters is he kept trying. Even though Hazel repeatedly told him she was a grenade, he…
Mine and Hazel Mae at the same time!
Former Blue Jays 1B Kevin Barker, a co-host on SportsNet 590, is married to Hazel Mae for those who don't know.
I can watch that beauty Hazel Mae talk sports and tell bad jokes all day long
joins the ranks of hot sideline reports / anchors past (Hazel Mae, here in Boston.
Meet three of our newest canine residents! Bandit, Hazel Mae and Shadow are three lovely ladies who are looking...
"Perhaps 'Okay' will be our 'Always.'. "Okay." . -Augustus Waters & Hazel Grace 😩💭
Hazel Mae was soo hot till knocked her up...
"*augustus' voice* but death is inevitable, Hazel Mae." :""">
Hazel Mae is now available for adoption! This female Labrador Retriever is 1yr old. Learn more at
*augustus' voice* but death is inevitable, Hazel Mae.
hazel grace: we are just friends.. Augustus: she is, I'm not.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Hazel Mae has reached a new level in Dragon City
Hazel Mae Gordon is creating a dream farm, and hopes this dream will come true with her/his friends!
Happy 25TH Birthday to my drunky partner lmao... We gets it in do you hear mae! Nahh…
Made a safe trip back home. I would like to take this time out to give thanks to everyone for your continuous prayers and good thoughts. Felecia Falay Duhe went through her 2nd surgery in less than aweek and came out a champ. God is good. She's been discharged from the hospital and is now home. Its on to the road of recovery from here. Once again thanks to everyone. A special thanks to my support system including family and extended family for all that you did and is still willing to do for us in our time of need. My sister and brother-in-law. Roger Johnson AyoTanell Teamhis BooThang Eric Duhe Torey Johnson my baby Hazel Mae Franklin Nydia Cheyenne Deanna Bursey .
It usually only takes me one Hazel Mae commercial and a Blue Jays Country Day promo before I cue up and the oppositions broadcast.
Hazel Mae Bouchard In memory of MH. Know that you are dearly loved & missed. See you on the other side. Here today gone tomorrow. What a way to go.
It's done! Hazel Mae joined our family today and is now our 7 year old daughter!
Hazel Mae and Jenna are now Besties in Disney City Girl!
Hazel Mae is getting better at Creativity. How do you measure up?
"I'll fight it. I'll fight it for you. Don't you worry about me, Hazel Grace. I'm okay.". - Tfios
happy birthday to my niece..HAZEL MAE BARRO..@
... Sportnet's Hazel Mae reporting, "the fat lady is just humming right now at the Bell Center!" Lol! ... What's P.K doing Hazel?
Forever in love with Hazel's and Augustus' love for each other😍
He could even make 's commercial with Hazel Mae funny.
"omg I can't wait for TFIOS movie, I am afraid Hazel is going to die tho!"
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Always have Hazel Mae to fall back on
fired Cam Stewart keeping on Hazel Mae for 6 figures lol
it's gonna be Hazel Mae with Peter Loubardias doing the play by play
I initially renewed my Rogers cable to watch Hazel Mae and stumbled across you as a +. You are legit, keep up the solid work!
Picked up some Osha Mae Soap today. Used the Witch Hazel on my face - LOVE! Have Patchouli East for the shower - Wo!
Question of the night: whatever happened to Hazel Mae?
“Hazel Grace. No. I will grant you that you did spend my one and only Wish, but you did not spend it on him. You spent it on u…
Hazel Mae Nimo. So proud of you. Now, that's how u decide for your future. POWER ROYALISTA!
John Green: It was very intimidating but once I found Hazel's voice. I didn't feel like I was writing from a woman's voice.
15 more days 'till we see Hazel & Gus holding hands on their way to Amsterdam... 💭
Dear Lord, hazel mae cannot pronounce Scheifele
LIke I don't see why having Hazel Mae makes it any more special than the morning broadcast
Why does sportsnet advertise the fact that they have Hazel Mae so much? They don't do it for any of the other anchors...
Hazel Mae has got to go until she learns how to pronounce NEWFOUNDLAND correctly 😑 new-found-land not newfinlen
Hazel Mae is the best sportscaster in the whole world.
Poor Hazel Mae, she has no sleeves.
A post is going around on Tumblr that Hazel dies one year after Augustus. John Green confirmed he never said such a thing so i…
giving my fellow swifty and me, Hazel Mae a chance to watch the Red concert of ♥.
“My love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity, ~ Hazel Lancaster.”
This will be the first weekend I have been off in six months, with the exception of when Matt and I were on out cruise. Looking forward to it but miss my former coworkers...Fran, Doli, Val, Shavon, Penny Moore and Hazel Mae Termulo.they are the best:)
Thanks so much to my best ever generous sister Hazel Mae Hofilena & ate Cielo Maca for accomodating & touring us. love you much. time to go back :(
at riders inn, near home! with Hazel Mae Ong Clatero, Sheendy Olivares, Kaycee Lauron
Hazel Mae is getting better at Charisma. How do you measure up?
Hey hey THANKS MUCH to Maria Thelma Marquez, Iren Mahilum Rapada, Irene Ocasion Ramit, Rosela Casaclang Cotillon, Hazel Mae Arellano Idos and to all my pamangkins who greeted me on my peaceful Bday. CHEERS !
Hazel Mae got 500 from the daily bonus!
Hazel Mae has reached a new level in Monster Legends
Happy Birthday to you where ever you are Hazel Mae. 17 years old I miss you so much we love you
Before there was Jenny Dell, Hazel Mae stole the hearts of Boston
Les tell me the password of the email address of the ... — I don't know the pass Mae. Si Hazel nagpalit nun hehe...
"Nothing says NHL Playoffs like sunshine and palm trees" - Hazel Mae. Dear Hazel, shut up.
Hazel Mae just called them the NHL playoffs. Nobody listens John
Funny how Brian "Hazel Mae" Burke always finds himself at the lottery table. But he doesn't look disheveled this time around.
I always thought Mae Whitman would have made a good Hazel Grace Lancaster. (No offense to Shailene Woodley, she's a great actress)
Hazel Mae! Wala natuloy today ugma npud daw!! Omg I think the gods are tryna tell me something
Omg Hazel Mae if this is another jinx idk anymore 😭😭😭😭
"Hazel Grace, they don't actually hurt you unless you light them."
We're giving away a $150 gift card to for Hazel Mae Fashions, dresses that really work:
Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell now Gary Striewski??? Sorry Gary but NESN has set you up for failure.
I believe he's Hazel Mae after the "operation."
Does anybody have a copy of Hazel Mae "Mam" Gunnoe's (Hurt) obituary?
Hazel Mae my grade six first honors...emotional delivered her words of gratitude to her parent... She's gifted WD good attitudes and values.batang may pangarap sa buhay... I cried a lot. Tears of joy and gratitude.. At least I am part of ur achievement... I mz ur batch.
Tears are flowing from my were right about everything!! I miss you so much!!! Wish I could hug you so tight close to my heart and tell you Happy Birthday Moma!!! I miss you so much! I love you! Happy Birthday Hazel Mae Terry!! Hope you & Daddy celebrate for me!
Hazel Mae just won a dragon tournament!
HEY GUYS! :D who would like to join us on this photoshoot? :D with my twin Hazel Mae Anne Barro and others? :D please msg :)
Hapie bday to my angel hazel mae.I miss u and love u.
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Favorite sideline reporter of the last decade. Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney or Jenny Dell.go!
Obviously.. How else is he gonna plow Hazel Mae tonight
Hazel Mae is moving on up in Disney City Girl!
Hazel Mae is living the dream in the big city. Are you?
they did it to Hazel Mae with Coco and Watney with V-tek.
Hazel Mae and Jenna are now Close Friends in Disney City Girl!
After the delayed flight yesterday and todayThank God,Hazel Mae Balabat is now on air,God in His miraculous way used one passenger to give his schedule for her to fly,only to find out that this man has a very important appointment too.God is good. (PAL)
Hazel Mae just said she is going to miss Jim Leyland.
One bright not about the broadcast. Hazel Mae is smoking hot
Here’s to falling in love the way Hazel and Gus have.
Wish you the best, but before u that seat belonged to Jenny Dell, Heidi Watney, Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae... notice the trend?
I don't watch on NESN for the JDel or the hazel mae. did like it better though
how many Red Sox did Hazel Mae blow??
Oh my god the sky is falling. There's a MALE Red Sox reporter. No Jenny Dell, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Whatney or Hazel Mae.its a miracle!
Hazel Mae Dela Paz d'ya see the pics of muffins April made on Josiah's birthday celebration? Kayang-kaya mo yun. You just have to start somewhere and START.Ilabas ang hidden talent.
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I love you, Hazel Mae! I'll be praying for a good outcome tomorrow!
i miss you bhie Hazel Mae Sales Garcia
😉 with Hazel Mae Bersaga Saturnino Bersaga and prince lordman...
Good Evening SNHS Batch 2011. I believed some of you were informed about the meeting we had today. Unfortunately, only few had attended which is quite disappointing. This is a big event we are organizing and this will not be successful if we will not cooperate. Ms. Hazel Mae Kinol will post all the information we have agreed on the meeting we had today. Please keep posted especially for those person who are part of the committees for the upcoming event. Let's make this event successful. Please cooperate. Thank You.
Hazel Mae unlocked new item (Extra Moves). Gives you 5 extra moves at the start of the level!
Hazel Mae won 100 coins from the Daily Lucky Pudding and wants to share the winnings!
Late night snuggles with Hazel Mae! I think the pups are wondering why we aren't in bed but, little do they know,...
We are proud both of you Congratulations "the twin sister" Hazel Joy Tanque and Hazel Mae Tanque, You did it!
Whoa Hazel Mae with tough questions for Scott Boras.
Thank you sa flood likes Hazel Mae Cano ^_^
With the shoulder to shoulder guidance of the lovely & gracious Joyce Martin Hill,I have gotten the TEMPLE WORK READY FOR PERFORMING FOR MY DEAR AUNT,HAZEL MAE TILGHMAN CLARK. This is my SAINTED MOTHER'S sister. She was so sweet to us when trapped in Memphis by a world-stopping ice storm for DAYS,way back in the 70's. She was very much like my mother,in personality.
Didn't think it got more nauseating than Hazel Mae interviewing Scott Boras but then Zauny and a psychic predict the AL/NL standings.
Please tell me Hazel Mae is not back fulltime...Please.
From what I say this weekend, does that mean Hazel Mae is back FT? YIkes
Always liked Hazel Mae when she was at NESN doing Red Sox games as well
Felipe Alou tells Hazel Mae, on the field at the Big O: "I never thought this would happen again, to see this place packed."
Hazel Mae yelling a question to Felipe Alou. Help.
Hazel Mae is the on field reporter? Ugh I thought I escaped this when she left NESN
Hazel Mae has not wintered well. Please take her back.
Hazel Mae. Nice off the top of the show at six. I'm impressed.
How long has Hazel Mae been back on SportsNet, and why the *** didn't anyone tell me!?
New 'The Fault in Our Stars' still featuring Hazel and Gus in Amsterdam! FULL IMAGE: |
Hazel Mae had braces, and still looks like Richard Kiel.
I just lost the biggest part of my life other than my kids ..Every drop of compassion and love I was taught came from her.My sense of family togetherness came from her.My willingness to help others came from her.My not judgmental ways came from her..Ethel Hazel Mae Smith Gilpin everyone you know you open your doors and heart too . When everyone was against them you said a prayer and show love.I never see a person who love everyone without a thought. .Thank you Nana for molding me into the woman I am God know I will never change this heart you blessed me to carry..I know I well never measure up to you but I'm gonna give my all to make sure no one around never feel unloved for one second..God just gain one of earth biggest Angel...Now heaven just gotten a major piece of my heart an I will alway love you my Nana...
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