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Hayden Christiansen

Hayden Christensen (born April 19, 1981) is a Canadian actor. He appeared in Canadian television programs when he was young, then diversified into American television in the late 1990s.

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Whoever does Anakin’s voice acting in The Clone Wars is a significantly better actor than Hayden Christiansen.
cast Hayden Christiansen, so I guess the next worst thing would be Affleck.
So I'm at work at the theater and the premiere for 90 minutes in Heaven is happening here. Hayden Christiansen might show up. I'll update..
The last five minutes of Hayden Christiansen as Anakin Skywalker, because I know the torture is finally over
TODAY opens "90 Minutes in Heaven" starring this beauty and Hayden Christiansen…
Has anyone seen or heard from Hayden Christiansen?
Hayden Christiansen's acting was the best part of the ENTIRE Star Wars franchise!
what else do you expect from Hayden Christiansen, the guy who made Phantom Menace seem like a passable movie
have you ever seen the one where Peter meets his father in Ireland? I was dying of laughter when Hayden Christiansen showed up😂😂
Did you ever see Jumper? It's Hayden Christiansen as Anakin again only no comeuppance at all
Honestly would've been better than Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman trying to have chemistry
I have always felt weird seeing Hayden Christiansen there after seeing it differently before.
I can see that. On the other hand, I liked that Anakin better than Hayden Christiansen.
five:. –– My first celeb crush was Hayden Christiansen because I was Star Wars trash. Still am.
I'm trying to think what in my experience thought Hayden Christiansen deserved another chance
New movie coming out starring Hayden Christiansen called '90 minutes in Heaven' .didn't realize people still cast that guy in movies
well that's how Hayden Christiansen got his, so,
I know, I know. At least my sister had the excuse of a youthful affection for Hayden Christiansen.
These two have less chemistry then Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman in Star Wars
I think the wax Hayden Christiansen is a better actor than the real thing.
Today while I was seeing War Room a preview for a new Christian movie starring Hayden Christiansen came on and I almost fell out of my chair
I would love the modern Star Wars movies if Hayden Christiansen wasn't in them. His acting makes me wanna puke with my head tilted back
I watched with Hayden Christiansen and Nick Cage. So I have no excuses
Idk, I think Hayden Christiansen's acting in Star Wars should take the spot, yo!
The swag in is so palpable. Hayden Christiansen & are nailing it, IMO! Well, only 10 min in & enjoying it 😊
I'll see 90 Minutes in Heaven just bc Hayden Christiansen is in it. Aka my first love, Anakin Skywalker.
doubling for Hayden Christiansen in the film 90 Minutes in Heaven. You have…
but I loved seeing Hayden Christiansen rolling in the fields with Natalie Portman. Such an important piece of the story.
Ultimately, it comes down to whether you prefer Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christiansen. Pick your poison.
They probably saw Hayden Christiansen in your avatar and figured you enjoy long, boring wastes of time.
I actually don't think the last Star Wars films were that bad. It's just Hayden Christiansen was so, so *** bad. And Jar-Jar.
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please let them have hired someone better than Hayden Christiansen
And all the actors will have the fruitful career of post- Star Wars hayden Christiansen
agreed but Hayden Christiansen was awful, Danny Dyer would have been more believable!
This is my first attempt at a real person. Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader
also a guy I know who has nothing to gain by making this up told me he saw hayden christiansen feeling up a passed out girl at a party so...
Oh Hayden Christiansen , you are not a victim of the curse of Star Wars. You're just a rubbish actor.
A movie with Nicholas Cage AND Hayden Christiansen with a one and a half star rating on Netflix? Sounds like a winner!
Hayden Christiansen got a lot better in Episode III, but that's still awful casting. It drags down Ewan's awesome job as Obi-Wan
I'm sorry but Hayden Christiansen in the 3rd Star Wars is bae af😍🔥
Okay who else thinks Hayden Christiansen is a god? Everyone? Thought so.
Watching this on Netflix: "For a B Movie with Nicolas Cage, 'Outcast' is Passable": +a not bad Hayden Christiansen
Watching Outcast, which features Nicholas Cage AND Hayden Christiansen. God help us all.
Hayden Christiansen was a far worse thing to happen to Star Wars than Jar Jar Binks ever was
Colin Trevorrow is worse than midichlorians, Jar Jar, Hayden Christiansen, also fascism, human sacrifices, jars that won't open, I can go on
because of how hot Hayden Christiansen is?
I just mixed up Hayden Christiansen and Hayden Christian Anderson
Apparently there's a movie with both Nic Cage AND Hayden Christiansen, this ought to be good
probably thinks they should change Darth's Voice to Hayden Christiansen's when his mask comes off😛
Being a kid doesn't excuse Hayden Christiansen though. That guy mailed in one of the worst acting performances I've ever seen in big films
We got firm proof that replacing Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christiansen in the final RotJ scene does not work at all last night (1/2)
There was a Hans Christian Andersen, Hayden Christiansen, Star Wars joke in Pitch Perfect 2. I was one of the few that got it.
When I was 14, I thought Hayden Christiansen (Anakin Skywalker) was beautiful. Not sure what happened, but I don't think so now.
Hayden Christiansen in shattered glass was 😍 Anakin Skywalker at his finest
gonna watch now. Clones has its moments. Truly loved sith saw it twice in theaters despite Hayden Christiansen
give me the original films, before the dark times, before Lucas messed with them. Hayden Christiansen has no right being in Jedi
Worse acting: Nick Stahl in Terminator 3 or Hayden Christiansen in the Star Wars prequels?
How can Ewan McGregor be so good in Star Wars, yet Hayden Christiansen be so awful?
Hayden Christiansen is bae when he's Anakin.
Hayden Christiansen is on my tv and I agree so much
Sometimes it'd be cool to be Hayden Christiansen in Jumper so I wouldn't have to ever get a bus.
She also thinks that Hayden Christiansen is a good actor.
K so why did I just find out that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christiansen are still dating and havering a baby soon? They were so cute.
excelling in making a movie unwatchable: 1) adverts every 20 secs 2) the NEWS?! 3) Hayden Christiansen.. Uggh
Hayden Christiansen is such a poor actor
See, for me Hayden Christiansen is all kinds of wrong in
Hayden Christiansen, the Hugh Grant of science fiction
Star Wars Ep III is still so odd, watching Shakespearian thesp Ian McDiarmid act opposite ball on a stick Hayden Christiansen
I mean Ewan macgregor can act, Natalie Portman can act and Hayden Christiansen is in it too. It's like a school play!
Hayden Christiansen is such a bad actor
ah right only seen it once that was enough i find it hard to believe shattered glass is the same Hayden Christiansen
We can all agree Hayden Christiansen IS dreamy. Amirite, fellas? *crickets*
I heard Jeremy changed it so Hayden Christiansen is now in the last page :(
did you get retarded and watch it for old times sake. And drool over Hayden Christiansen? 😉
I've seen the episode 1, the ones with Hayden Christiansen... But not the old ones😁
I forgot how truly bad Hayden Christiansen was,wow
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their Hayden Christiansen comments are hilarious
Not all of it, but some...yes. Not a Hayden Christiansen fan.
On a superficial note: the sight of Hayden Christiansen's hair in this film angers me.
I just watched the updated Return of the Jedi where Hayden Christiansen is Vader at the end for the first time.. I giggled a little 😍
Ghost Hayden Christiansen because meant he was done having a speaking role.
Tara Reid was n a white outfit then, left the hospital n a black outfit.It's like Hayden Christiansen when he lost his hand.
that's a picture of Hayden Christiansen... There is no way that is real.
that's exactly how I felt when they added Hayden Christiansen to Wrath of Khan.
That being said, Hayden Christiansen is a trash actor
nah man these are awful. There's no way Hayden Christiansen is Darth Vader. No f'ing way
Jake Lloyd is actually a better actor than Hayden Christiansen!!
Who's hated more? Hayden Christiansen or Jake Lloyd. Asking for a friend
Anti blue-glowing Hayden Christiansen in Pro replacing that generic photo of Pete's fiance in the pilot with Alison Brie.
Playing Legos and watching Star Wars III with Christian, thinking that instead of filming 7 8 and 9 they should redo 1 2 and 3. Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen are just awful...I mean horrendous...
Rachel Bilson is pregnant and my life is now over...buuut it's with my boy Hayden Christiansen so that's ok
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I certainly hope the new Star Wars cast has the lifelong acting career of Hayden Christiansen, Jake Lloyd, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill
I just watched the first three Star Wars films and have to say I absolutely love Jar Jar Binks and everyone under estimates the power of Hayden Christiansen's acting! I mean come on!
Find me a guy who looks like Hayden Christiansen or Max thieriot for Christmas.
If Matthew Broderick, Kristen Stewart & Hayden Christiansen did a film together the world would explode due to the amount of awful acting!
Absolutely love watching Revenge Of The Sith because of Hayden Christiansen
Ryan Phillippe and Hayden Christiansen are the same person, right?
Zombie plagues: nature restoring balance to the force. Also, zombie acting == Hayden Christiansen.
You should! It also stars a pre-Star Wars Hayden Christiansen and he's hot!
Also, a hologram of Hayden Christiansen appears in the seat next to him.
I had a dream last night that I was in a film with Ryan Phillippe and Hayden Christiansen and we were 3 brothers that moved to this town and just went nuts. Lets be honest here. That would be one good looking family!
To be fair, that's the most life shown by Hayden Christiansen in any role he's ever played in.
"So according to Star Wars, Hayden Christiansen turns into James Earl Jones"
Me- "Hayden Christiansen is a terrible actor". - "That *** is gorgeous, i would want to be white if i looked like him"
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I totally forgot how in love I am with Hayden Christiansen. Totally won't happen again😍
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I just got legitimately angry when someone said that Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen had no chemistry.
Did we all jut forget how hot Hayden Christiansen is?
That's a lot better than Hayden Christiansen.
Hayden Christiansen played in so many good movies, well all of them.
I just told my dept boss I did not want to become hayden christiansen and he knew what I meant
I kind of liked the 3 newest Star Wars movies (except Jar Jar and Hayden Christiansen)
I know this kid played Anakin as a child but still makes me hate Hayden Christiansen (however it's spelled) just seeing his counterpart
I was watching return of the Jedi, and I saw they changed original anakin to Hayden Christiansen.. I about lost it!!
The other day Lydia and I were watching Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and we were remarking how pitiful Hayden Christiansen is as Anakin Skywalker. She made the point that the character would have been far better served if he had been a bit more dashing and smarmy, like Chris Pines as Captain Kirk. And I thought to myself, "Somewhere out there the internet is melting..."
I never understood how they put Hayden Christiansen in this part
Fun fact of the day: The original actor who played Anakin Skywalker's ghost in Return of the Jedi was replaced by Hayden Christiansen (Anakin in episodes 2 and 3) in the 2004 DVD version
And it's the remastered version where Hayden Christiansen appears beside Obi Wan and Yoda at the end! Score!
queen of a whole planet vs. angsty kid who grows up to be Hayden Christiansen hmmm
Hayden Christiansen reminds me SO much of James Earl Jones, said no one ever.
Benefiting from death: Hayden Christiansen- between Heath Ledger and Paul Walker dying he can't be mistaken for either
This white boy looks like Adam Levine & Hayden Christiansen 😻😻😻 I stare at him like 😋😋😋
Comment of the day: Hayden Christiansen wouldn't have chemistry with a beaker and a bunsen burner. Pretty good burn.
I'm watching Star Wars Episode III and I'm sorry but Hayden Christiansen is the worst actor EVER
How will the Fast and Furious franchise continue without the late Paul Walker? Easy... **Director** Hi, is this Hayden Christiansen? I heard you haven't worked since Jumper...well..I've had a position open up...
I know there were many flaws and horrifically bad acting by Hayden Christiansen, but I loved Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith. How much do I love it you say? Enough to watch the same commercials over and over again (the Chillow!) for four hours on SPIKE tv last night. With Bridget Connell, Stephanie Connell, Maria Connell and Bert Connell.
Why god couldn't it have been Hayden Christiansen? Why did it have to be Paul? I mean ok he couldn't act either but at least he didn't destroy one of the most awesome characters in the history of cinema.
Hayden Christiansen (idk if that is spelled correctly) is the best fitness inspiration gotta love watching Star Wars while on the treadmill
Hayden Christiansen y do u ruin everything u touch?
It was asking a lot of Hayden Christiansen to play a complicated character like Anakin Skywalker. He's all like "gee whiz I'm so mad oops I'm Darth Vader now"
Trying to watch episode II attack of the cl ones but Hayden Christiansen is seriously the worst actor ever. I've seen better acting on general hospital. this is unbearabe..
Please remake Star Wars 1,2 and 3 without Jar Jar Binks, Hayden Christiansen , that little blonde kid who played Anakin, and with out the use of green screen/ cgi. Then rewrite the entire the script and let serious Star Wars fans have some real influence. Then charge George Lucas with murder because these movies are so bad they are criminal!
Hayden Christiansen was the worst castes actor for the worst written character in Star Wars.
Finally have a phone again! Much like how George Lucas changing the ghost of Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi from the old guy to Hayden Christiansen, my phone has turned to the 5s. The force is strong with this phone.
Who would be worse than Batfleck? Name your actors! We suggested Nic Cage and Hayden Christiansen in the podcast.
hey Canada has been very good to me! Jason Priestley, Bree Williamson, Nellie Blanco, Shawn Ashmore, Hayden Christiansen!
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The voice actor for Anakin in the animated series is a better actor than Hayden Christiansen in my opinion.
The worst line in the whole movie is the part where, years prior to filming, some casting director said "His name is Hayden Christiansen..."
Come see how my cousin felt about ghost-Hayden Christiansen being edited into Episode VI...
and they CERTAINLY can't be worse than Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christiansen.
info on the new Star Wars movies is coming too *** slow for my taste... everything i keep hearing just gets me more excited... AH is it out yet?
Up to our old antics again. Kelsey Lynn. Then confusing her with my bi-polar conversations. We're spazzing out on different ends on the country.
ehh yeah. I'd go to the dark side for Hayden Christiansen any day 😍
May or may not have bumped into Ewan MacGregor (currently filming a flick in Perth) whilst out on my filthy, unnatural business. Allegedly may have told him I enjoyed his work, "but not THE IMPOSSIBLE, because it's Race-Bended hooey". Said actor may or may not have laughed and given me a thumbs up :)
i have seen this fillum and i must say hayden christiansen is very worthy of the 'young man' knee rub. Xxx
Some things just don't belong where they are... iTunes: Google Play: Lyrics: Watch Me Often...
I don't hate Hayden Christiansen as Anakin the way a lot of people do but him being the force ghost at the end of rotj is terrible.
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — Channing Tatum hayden christiansen && milla jovovich...
You can ,however, turn an Old Jedi into Hayden Christiansen. Sadly, and Unfortunately, that is.
you're the worst journalist ever, even worse than the guy who made up fake articles in that movie with Hayden Christiansen
Episode two is my favorite. I have a crush on Hayden Christiansen.
The lead actor in reminds me of Hayden Christiansen.
They don't need to remake them. Be cheaper to digitally insert replacements for Hayden Christiansen/Jake Lloyd & redub Jarjar.
If it weren't for how sexy I find Hayden Christiansen, I would totally agree. Therefore I understand. 😂
Heyyy.. This movie has mobster Hayden Christiansen in it!! 😱😉
Watched Star Wars for the first tome in my life. I will have to say, i understand how these movies can be a real big following. All I have to say is, Disney better not "F" this up.
I think it was more he confused HCA with the plank of wood that played Anakin, aka Hayden Christiansen.
oooh yh Ryan Gosling definitely &Channing Tatum! oh & Hayden Christiansen. ooh there are so many "friends" I wanna have.
Just found out Hayden Christiansen dies in The Takers...needless to say but I'm pretty beside myself
Actually, I like the idea of Hayden Christiansen returning as Anakin's ghost. It would make everything come full circle.
How are they gonna cast Michael ealy, Chris brown, T.I, and Paul Walker, and Hayden Christiansen all in one movie 😭 all bad Af
You know who's attractive? Hayden Christiansen. Where did that beautiful human go.
Watching this, I'm remembering just how incredibly good Bradley Cooper was in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. I mean, he's good in everything, I think, but it was great of David O. Russell to throw the ball to him, and a delight to watch him run with it.
I really hate movies that don't explain anything. Like *** is going on or what happened. That just ruins the whole experience and I just wasted an hour and a half of my life. DUMB!
I was always jealous of Hayden Christiansen because of Natalie...lucky!!!
Nice xD I just watched Factory Girl, actually. 'S pretty good. I did not expect Hayden Christiansen to be so good as bob dylan
Omfg Hayden Christiansen and Jamie bell in one movie... That's heaven especially Hayden that is one sexy mo fo
So far the I've gotten are Jeff goldblum, Hayden Christiansen, 2/3rds of the Jonas brothers, and James franco
"Can Hayden Christiansen just come back into our life's please?"
He's probably the worst actor. Next to Hayden Christiansen.
Hayden Christiansen aka Young Darth Vader also went to my school. I was same grade with her sister; we weren't friends. Just namedropping.
Hayden Christiansen is good at playing a pathetic whining little wiener though we already knew this from Ep 2 + 3.
It stars Hayden Christiansen as real-life fabricator-journalist Stephen Glass, who worked for back in the 1990s.
If spirit Anakin returns in episode 7, will Hayden Christiansen play him? And will we finally get to see Luke talking with Anakin?
you know,I only saw the beginning to that,where Andy Garcia finds out Hayden Christiansen stole his stuff
Is Mark Hamill returning as Luke Skywalker in the upcoming “Star Wars Episode 7” film? Hamill recently revealed that there’s a good chance he, along with Carrie
Really hate it when Hayden Christiansen has to come next door to my work for his massage.NOT
To all you STARWARS FANS out there and I mean Millions of them: Starwars Episode 7 will start filming all the battle scenes this summer in London:) Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo, Mark Hamill will return as Luke Skywalker, and Carrie Fisher will return as Princess Leia:) Ewan Mcgregor(Obi-Wan Kenobi actor episodes I-III) has expressed interest returning as the old Jedi master in ghost form, including Hayden Christiansen, and Samuel L. Jackson. Billy Dee Williams will be back as Lando Calrissian and Boba Fett will be back. They will focusing on the new characters (rumors say that)more than likely the children of both Han and Leia's kids and Luke's kids:)
I'm caught between the two as I saw the original trilogy in the theater when it first came out and I liked Anakin in Ep 3. Which do you guys prefer?
Evan peters, kurt kobane., heath ledger, elijah wood, Mark Hamill and Hayden Christiansen, Join me in the fan girling Alaina...
So apparently a "Young Han Solo" movie is in the works.Who would you cast as Young Han?
I know not everyone is a big a Star Wars fan as I, but dispite Mr.G.Lucas's misgivings it's a great story never the less! If you watch this you may just see what I mean, Maybe? ;
day 2 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge is your most under-rated movie, well for me it's Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The ok, Hayden Christiansen is about as wooden as a tree in this trilogy, but have to say the final transition from Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader was well done in the end. Particularly when, roughly 70 minutes into the film and you see him walk into the Jedi temple with this little Jedi dude stood in front of him...queue the sound of the lightsaber being switched know exactly what he's gonna do, but you don't see it...classic portrait of a charachter turning from good to the ultimate evil...sure Lee Spokes would agree?
Seriously who wants to party tonight? My boys are killin me.
Question of the day: Who is a worse teen actor? Haydn Christiansen or Kristen Stewart?
Age I was Given : 16 I lived in : the same place i live in today I was in a relationship with: Hayden Christiansen(oh the stories i could tell lol) I Feared: death I worked: at my dad's restaurant as a door host. No pay lol Now I am : 21 I live in: refer to smiliar question above I am in a relationship with : my cat I fear : for my withering youth. I worked at : currently unemployed. I want to be : a ninja hopefully If you like this post, I will give you an age and you follow suit. :p
So for the last Die Hard movie in the marathon yesterday I snuck into the IMAX theatre. Pretty awesome. To bad the new Die Hard was kind of a let down.
It's ok Darth. So you turned into Hayden Christiansen at the end of the special editions. At least jar jar wasn't there too
I suppose the benefit of Hayden Christiansen playing Anakin at least means he won't be able to play young Han Solo in the spinoff
If going over to the dark side can change you from Hayden Christiansen into James Earl Jones, I'm totally down.
So I'm thinking that Disney should cast Hayden Christiansen as Han in the rumored young Han Solo spin-off movie and really blow everyone's minds.
i think now that Rachel is engaged to Hayden Christiansen, Leighton is a good replacement
special edition...Lord. I can't even look at that. I still can't believe they stuck Hayden Christiansen in there.
I just mentioned Hayden Christiansen & was like "who's that?" -_-
Whoever ends up playing Han has big shoes to fill. Don't Hayden Christiansen this up!!!
Hayden Christiansen or however you spell it
Vader just wasn't as threatening after being played by Hayden Christiansen
Tim Hesse made a suggestion about the new Lawrence Kasdan Star Wars movies being the Han Solo trilogy and that just made me so giddy i don't know what to do with myself.
ya totes. Finn looks more like Hayden Christiansen.
I love this movie takers but hayden christiansen why:'(
Hayden Christiansen going over to the Dark Side while Padma gives birth just gets to me, okay?
what that's Ridic!! JB has all 6. But I guess now you only want the originals. Can I say Hayden Christiansen is god.
No offense to Jeremy Bulloch or Hayden Christiansen, but & ARE Boba Fett & Anakin Skywalker to me.
I think he means the Hayden Christiansen movie.
who knew there was a Hollywood demand for a discount Hayden christiansen
"Is that Hayden Christiansen?" "No." "But he looks like Hayden Christiansen?" "Yep."
always had a crush on Hayden Christiansen since he played Anakin😍
I totally forgot how much I hate jar jar binks and Hayden Christiansen.
I'll tell you what's sad: Hayden Christiansen's acting
Just looked up a current photo of Jake Lloyd and you know what, he does kind of look Hayden Christiansen only a bit rounder in the face
did you end up with a crush on Hayden Christiansen?LOL
IIf George Lucas HAD to insert Hayden Christiansen into Return of the Jedi, couldn't he have taken the time to do a better shot?
MBV was also responsible for the Y2K code issue, the burning of the Hindenburg, acid rain, and the career of Hayden Christiansen.
omg I didn't know Ryan Gosling was Canadian! He's amazing! Hayden Christiansen (sp?) is lovely too and Taylor Kitsch
"Empire Strikes Back" for the second time in two days. We definitely have a believer on our hands. :)
I'm really having trouble deciding which decision was worse... Hayden Christiansen as anakin... Or jar jar binks
This movie AWAKE needs to end already! I can't stop watching it and need to get ready for work lol
Morning Wisdom: I was reading an article about Star Wars Episode VII and i got so sick of reading in the comments about how George Lucas raped somebody's childhood or how their memories of the original movies was ruined by the prequels. Is it that *** serious?!? If you didnt like the movies then fine! But to say your childhood was ruined by them is a tad bit extreme! Just pretend they were never made and keep watching the old ones if they suck that bad! How petty is that to say a movie ruined your childhood! The Star Wars prequels didnt ruin mine! Frabies did!
perfect analogy for going from old Dante to new Dante...going from Harrison Ford to Hayden Christiansen
So, when I was younger, I looked a lot like Jake Lloyd, who played Anakin Skywalker when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace came out. Now, with my hair grown out, I look a lot like Hayden Christiansen, who played Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Huh.
See how Hayden Christiansen scrunches his eye brows? That means he is angry about his mother's death... Or he dropped his ice cream cone.
Thomas sangster at 12 is a better actor than Hayden Christiansen at 20 something
But really, how beautiful is Hayden Christiansen?
Hayden Christiansen is actually the love of my life
Wonder how much better the new trilogy would be if they cast someone else as Anakin instead of Hayden Christiansen
"I will come back and free you, Mom. Just wait until I turn into Hayden Christiansen. You'll see."
Hayden Christiansen was in Awake! That's why he looked familiar. Ah he's bloody beautiful.
Hayden christiansen's take on gun control in America
I use to think Hayden Christiansen was so hot
Ooh, I've just noticed Hayden Christiansen is in it. I'll watch it now then. *dried up old slag klaxon*
it must be a bummer to think you've attained dignity in death then turn back into Hayden Christiansen.
“What does everyone want for Christmas?!” The Victoria secret bra I was telling you about !!.. Oh and Hayden Christiansen 😏
that's not the case at all. Dug Hayden Christiansen & Natalie Portman coming back for the prequels. Great casting.
Awake is one of the most captivating movies ever. And no, it's not just because my baby Hayden Christiansen is in it.
oh yeah, no contest! Hayden Christiansen destroys the 2nd and 3rd, however Phantom Menace was tolerable xD
Watched Return of the Jedi with my lad & they swapped David Prowse/Darth Vader for Hayden Christiansen's Jedi ghost
Watching Attack of the Clones again and I must say Hayden Christiansen played one *** of a Anakin Skywalker. People are too critical of his performance, personally he did a better job acting than Mark Hamill.
Not even joking now, Hayden Christiansen is the worst actor in the whole Galactic Empire.
Will Harrison Ford return to Star Wars? Will Jenny Craig help Carrie Fisher fit into the bikini again? Will Mark Hamill get that dental work done? Will the ghost of Hayden Christiansen pull out a lightsaber and kill the ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda? We should know within 3 years...
Well, it kinda didn't work last time (Jake Lloyd/Hayden Christiansen), and that was THE central role of the prequel trilogy.
I have no idea who Charlie Hunnam is, but he couldn't have done worse then Hayden Christiansen.
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Then shut up. Besides, I think Hayden Christiansen and Jake Lloyd did much more damage to the franchise than Mickey Mouse ever could.
Star Wars Episode 7, I really REALLY... REALLY hope that you end up being good. Blow away our expectations and wash away the horrid taste that was the prequel trilogy, and BURY IT in the deepest depths of our nightmares... and I'm also hoping that in a tongue-in-cheek move Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christiansen come back and actually do an amaz... uh, good. ok, halfway-decent job at acting. Stay optimistic. Because pessimism is for hoarders and certain high school classmates.
I think the only reason I don't hate Hayden Christiansen's performance as Anakin Skywalker is Jake Lloyd's performance as Anakin Skywalker.
So we hear that Disney just bought Lucasfilm and a new Star Wars comes out in 2015...Hayden Christiansen hate jokes aside, our long rides in Hawkeye1 conjure up many bad off the wall quotes in referencing our van to the Millenium Fulcan as well as our ongoing theory that Billy Dee Williams would not follow the original script for Empire Strikes Back and for some reason he pronounced "Han" differently than everybody else in Return of the Jedi - long post I know, -Jay
you realize that's Hayden Christiansen don't you.
Oh Hayden Christiansen... It's a good thing you're pretty
I have always had the biggest obsession with Hayden Christiansen. I need help.
So, is Hayden Christiansen's career over? I wanna know before I rub one out thinking about him. Don't wanna waste the juice.
Holy mother of good looks Hayden Christiansen I want you
yes that is so true. I have two friends who are friends with celebs. One is friends with Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christiansen
Star Wars IV is so much better than any of the rubbish prequels with Hayden Christiansen and his amazing lack of acting skill.
ohh weird. Hayden Christiansen is in some eps too! Not sure which though lol
problems 1-100,000,000 (except of 1237) all have to do with Hayden Christiansen
Well I've seen the ones with Hayden Christiansen before...just watching the older ones now. So far I'm loving it.
Natalie's white suit leads to dooku putting a hurting on Hayden Christiansen... I like it
as long as the Cards pitchers are better actors then Hayden Christiansen. I'm for it.
I find the animated Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars to be infinitely more likable and real than Hayden Christiansen from Episodes II & III. And, I would love to see a remake - animated or otherwise - of Episodes IV, V, and VI incorporating some of the creative elements and story lines they've developed in The Clone Wars episodes. Star Wars geek, I am.
The dude that just got ganked looks like the love child of Hayden Christiansen and Grant Gustin
Almost forgot Hayden Christiansen's name. *** it! I was so close!
Star Wars is the story of how Hayden Christiansen slowly became James Earl Jones.
Or can my life just be like any other cute movie but still have Channing Tatum, Can Gigandet, Paul Walker, or Hayden Christiansen?
In the very back of George Lucas' spank bank. It also stars Hayden Christiansen as Lando Calrissian.
“that's a fine white man tho girl” 😍😍 girl im watching takers right now and I'm melting, Hayden Christiansen YUM lol
watch them in the order they were made not the numbered order. Hayden Christiansen is a *** and *** at acting
what if Hayden Christiansen was in Titanic and Leo Dicaprio was Anakin Skywalker?
I sit here and my mind begins to wander... My thirst leads me to wonder, "Hmmm, What is Hayden Christiansen doing right now?" 😍
Personally, I think that putting Hayden Christiansen in Episodes II and III was a mistake.
it is good, yes. But it still has Hayden Christiansen in it. And Grievous' death was TERRIBLE. I liked Grievous :(
Congrats to James Nisbett, Hayden Niekamp and Cameron Christiansen for their All-State honors! Big time winners!
"he's super hot. He looks like hans christian anderson.." "who?" "The guy in jumper" "Hayden Christiansen?"
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"Obama met with all the world's worst actors: Steven Segal, The Rock, Hayden Christiansen, and began an apology tour" -Mitt Romney
I can tell by Hayden Christiansen's mullet.
I will have to give Hayden Christiansen a little call and see how he did it .
Even though I don't like Hayden Christiansen I couldn't see anyone else playing Anakin Skywalker.
"Christian Bale shook his fist at Darth Vader, screaming "You'll be played by Hayden Christiansen one day!" before returning to his Batcave." -A Day in the Life of Robin Williams - Written by Jacob Solley, Dan Marino, and I. We still need to finish Keanu Reeves's Quest for Emotions.
Paul Walker, Jason Statham, Chris Pine, Hayden Christiansen, & Thor. What do they all have in common?
Just downloaded the entire Star Wars saga in Blu Ray 1080p I guess they don't have to remake them, afterall... It's beautiful; It's crisp; The sound quality is amazing and they replaced Anakin Skywalker's appearance in Return of the Jedi with Hayden Christiansen!
O.O i was 8, almost 9 years old when Star Wars: the Phantom Menace came out. I know. Crazy. Oh, and i was 12 for Attack of the Clones. No wonder I was ok with Hayden's whiney, no-good, melodramatic Anakin. It was Hayden Christiansen. Poor, poor past shallow self. Tsk tsk.
Okay, Lucas, you've gone too far. I can understand putting in Hayden Christiansen at the end of Episode VI, and yes, MAYBE Natalie Portman--but seriously, you're throwing in Qui-Gon and Mace Windu? LUKE HAS NEVER MET THESE PEOPLE. How about all the ghosts of the clones, and the battle droids? And the Gungans? And all those kids Anakin killed? Just have them show up! And then the Emperor's ghost appears and apologizes, and then Starkiller and Anakin's apprentice break the planet in half by throwing Star Destroyers at it while Greedo repeatedly shoots while Han doesn't shoot at all because Han is the hero. And the last six hours are Jar-Jar Binks falling over and screaming a lot while funny robots chirp and punch each in the background. *Breathes heavily* I don't understand...
I've shared this before... but it's so funny I thought I'd share again. I'm not sure he'd have made it back to the dinner table... what with evil (see whiney) Hayden Christiansen in his Dark Helmet suit and all.
Photo: audreyxelise: …I liked the new three movies too, and I had a huge crush on Hayden Christiansen.
Hayden...? That makes me think of Hayden Christiansen. He's hot.
Hayden Christiansen is gorgeous in every movie
Hayden Christiansen, will you be my boyfriend?
if they use Hayden Christiansen il have a heart attack
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Has Lucas digitally turned Jar-Jar into Hayden Christiansen yet? Or do we have to wait for the 20th anniversary?
Hayden Christiansen is the most underrated actor
Hayden Christiansen is a dream boat.
son jumper could have been SUUUCH a dope movie. but hayden christiansen ***
No matter how many times I watch Jumper I can't get over how cute Hayden Christiansen is.
Hayden Christiansen needs more starring roles
No, I think being portrayed by Hayden Christiansen in a movie is punishment enough.
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