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Haunted Highway

Haunted highway or road refers to streets, roads or highways which are the subject of folklore and urban legends, including rumors and reports of ghostly apparitions, ghostly figures, phantom hitchhikers, phantom vehicles, or other paranormal phenomena.

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Has anyone ever researched the Russian "Road of Bones"? I would think that if any highway was haunted that's it
Also if we were supposed to feel bad for the nun; this was done better w/ the ghost who haunted the highway back in the early season.
Check out the haunted highway investigation on the science channel. via
Starting at 10:25PM | 9:25PM JKT/THAI catch back-to-back brand new episodes of The Paranormal Zone and Haunted Highway!
Probably the lamest movie I have ever watched โ€” watching Haunted Highway
Do you still do Haunted Highway.thats a awesome show...
Watching on this haunted highway story is creepy.
hard to choose for me but I was haunted by alia's performance in highway for days & she's like 12. But I get what you're saying
When a semi truck did a u-turn directly in front of me on a two lane highway the sound I made was like that of a goat in a haunted house.
Hi Jack What Happen 2 Haunted Highway??? I Hope it comes Back on that Show was KILLER...Have a GREAT Weekend
Is season 2 of Haunted Highway airing in UK. I've only ever seen season 1. Loved it :-)
on the last humanites field trip i saw a car on the highway with plates that said "HAUNTED" and i'm so sad that i didn't get a picture
Any word about "Haunted Highway"? Nothing has been said about the show returning or cancelled.
i don't care for ghostadventures but I do like Ghost Hunters and haunted highway
so happy u 2 r working 2gether again on Haunted Highway !!! U guys rock
Tales of a haunted American highway
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haunted highway? . Challenge Accepted, see you on the other side
Highway to *** always reminds me of Haunted Mansion
From investigating down in a dark Ghost Mine to driving down the Haunted Highway...
When is haunted highway's return date?
In case you missed it: Christian County's haunted highway:
just wanted to know when the new season of haunted highway was coming out? Love the show!
โ€œAll I want is to watch scary movies tonight... is that too much to ask?โ€ Um hello y did u not call me to watch haunted highway
still watching Haunted Highway rerun, makes me want to search with you. But that will never happen, dreams don't come true...
Is their a Haunted Highway Season 3 coming out?
Haunted highway is one of my fav shows
what is it about ? I'm watching Haunted Highway it looks pretty lame so far๐Ÿ˜’
Hey..loved your show Haunted Highway...another season, in the future? (fingers crossed!)
Haunted highway!? Can anybody confirm or deny this rumor?
you well,dear! To All of your family,I hope to see your brother back on Haunted Highway,very soon, much love,from Texas,Cheri
Decided to listen to the audio book of Little Brother by during an overnight 3+ hour drive. Ch 1-4 haunted the pitch dark highway.
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Downtown Spokane actually looks so nice from the highway. All the buildings look old and haunted.
Haunted Highway COMPLETE S 1-2 Paranormal Highway puts the pedal to the metal as Jack Osbourne and his friend Dana Workman do their own first-person investigations of the most frightening claims of paranormal activity along America's remote back roads. Fueled...
having fun watching a little haunted highway before I go an volunteer for a funeral.
If highway to *** isn't played at my funeral whoever is in charge of music will be haunted for the rest of their life
Will you be shooting any more episodes of Haunted Highway?
When does the new season of Haunted Highway come back on because I love that show.
they showing reruns of Haunted Highway season2. My Uncle asked about you "Would he like to see the Beast?" I said: probably not
Have you heard of Highway 666? . The โ€œDevilโ€™s Highway.โ€ It is believed to be of the most haunted places in the... http:/โ€ฆ
Just saw an old episode of Haunted Highway - hey will there be a season 3??
How is it I end up watching the same episode of Haunted Highway again?
Episode II. The Haunted Highway. It'll make you laugh. Or cry.
Abandoned house that you can see off of highway 70 that is supposedly haunted. I remember hearingโ€ฆ
Haunted Highway 4 was written by a great friend and musician. Originally with Powerglide 235 and was rereleased by Frankie Cadillac and the Dragstrip Drifters.
The most paranormal thing about Haunted Highway is the amount of nose hair this chick has. Seriously.
Haunted Highway: rich kids who can't work videocameras visiting places they found on
Jharkhand's haunted highway where prayers don't work:- Prayers and safe driving tips fail to save many lives on Ranchi Jamshedpur National Highway 33 in Jharkhand. People religiously stop by a Van Devi Temple in Jamshedpur and those from Ranchi stop by Taimara Ghati Hanuman & Kali Mandir (in Bundu) for safe passage. The religious obeisance, however, has not worked for many and a surprisingly large number of people are killed in road accidents between Bundu to Tamar, 40km stretch of the highway.
Life should be haunted by sorcery to shoot a highway to the shadows.
holy crap that's eery. Is that really someone that was on the show? Also, I need more haunted highway ASAP.
Haunted by a photograph STOP THE SERENGETI HIGHWAY' via
is there gonna be another series of haunted highway. Love that program!!
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Hi Dana,do you know if Haunted Highway is ever going to become available on DVD?Thanks!!
Sweet! Highway Entertainment has uploaded a full playthrough of Haunted Museum:
Supernatural Sunday. Route 66 - This famous route through America is also known as the haunted highway. I am so... http:โ€ฆ
Guess it's just me & tonight as she sings the intro to on this highway. Why does it feel like October out here though?
Are Paranormal Witness and Haunted Highway coming back? or are they cancelled? just like to know I'd appreciate it
Haunted Highway: Route 66. I would love to do this just for fun! Have any of you trucks out there c
Shelby and I think it would be funny to go where ever Ghost Hunters or haunted highway is being filmed, hide and scare the crap out of them for real. Lol
Will you guys be making Haunted Highway S3?
aw the Haunted Highway Marathon is over๐Ÿ˜”
Watching the haunted highway - in south Carolina -lake Murray Beast . with Jael and Devin Good show! Have to watch it. If anyone goes there for any investigation I would love to see the footage and recordings.
"I'm going to use this piece of beef jerky to invoke one of the dead members of the Donner Party because I know they were desperately hungry." Haunted Highway everyone.
Watching a show on haunted highways ...about Truckee,California.I've been threw there
Watching Haunted Highway with my baby sleeping next to me.
Lmao im watching haunted highway what comes on. But lake Murry. Dreher island sc .they are looking for a snake like creature .this is so wierd .I know I will never swim in the lake again .lol
So um watching haunted highway Jack Osborne is in it they was in a haunted mine so he in shaft ask a cpl questions right so his last one was if u want me to leave gimmi a sign tht thing made a sound and b4 i could finjsh sayn duces he was gone!LOLLOL
you should take Haunted Highway to Blair Witch...that would be so cool a Live taping
Haunted Highway marathon all day today makes me happy ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
Actually Haunted Highway is pretty cool. I've been watching marathon on Syfy all day.
Watching Haunted Highway on SyFy channel. If you like ghosts and hauntings. This is the show to watch!
I freaking love this Haunted Highway show. Ozzie Osborn's son Jack has made good use of his resources and bought a bunch of ghost hunter equipment, and camera to make films of him and his friends scaring themselves.
watching an episode haunted highway on SyFy channel and they went to Moonville tunnels does anyone know where that is they got look like a floating light and some EVPs if its not far like to check it out
Haunted Highway. Can I join the team? Well just by watching it on tv it is making me scared so nevermind ๐Ÿ˜…
Watching haunted highway, the episode where they are in Elkhorn looking for the beast of Bray road
Holy crap! Watching haunted highway on syfy network and.they are in Elkhorn, Wi! Searching for the beast of brae rd! Never heard of it but I guess its a warewolf/big foot!!
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My mojo has gone awal today.if you find it just keep least till 2:00 when haunted highway goes
New favorite show...Haunted Highway, yes I do believe so!!! HOOKED!!!
Dude just love your show Haunted highway keep it rocking
Haunted Highway is potentially the creepiest, craziest show ever.
One of my favorite show's is on on Syfy, Haunted Highway.
Watchin Haunted Highway. I hope yall havin a good day.
Haunted Highway marathon on right now on SyFy!
Eating a late breakfast while I watch reruns of Haunted Highway on Syfy
Watching some Haunted Highway before I leave :D love it!
Watching Haunted Highway and she falls asleep here. I can't even with her cuteness!! XD ๐Ÿ˜ป
Im a fan of these shows and i know most of it is faked based on legend but haunted highway is trash beyond trash
Watching haunted highway in a broad daylight, and I still get scared. Like what the F!
"Haunted Highway" Def a new favorite of mine. Every bit as good as "Ghost Adventures." Both are great.
Cuddling my teddy bear and watching Haunted Highway o.o
Haunted Highway mini marathon on Syfy? I say yes.
I'm watching 'Haunted Highway' on my Android device
I can't decide how I feel about Haunted Highway.
I hope they make a third season of haunted highway because this is my second favorite paranormal show ;-;
What better way to be stuck in a hotel than with watching haunted highway
Just Guna watch "haunted highway" while my brother rolls some joints
Good mornin! Got my Coffee and Haunted Highway w/ Jack Osborn!! A great way to start this beautiful day!!
Hey Jael, RU Guys making NEW Episodes of Haunted Highway?, I hope!!!, Please let me know I love that show, Love Steve,xoxo
What is the status of haunted highway season 3?
I just listed: 'Haunted Highway: The Spirits of Route 66 (Travel and Local Interest)', for $2.00 via
Hey! Love your work on Fact Or Faked & Haunted Highway! The Moonville Tunnel episode was really cool for us to see. xD
Dear Jael, is Haunted Highway ever going to comeback on SYFY with NEW Episodes Soon!!!, I hope SO, Love Steve,xoxo
I do but it doesn't beat 's Haunted Highway
Any word on Haunted Highway returning to air soon?
Any word on Haunted Highway or Fact or Faked returning?
where are all the paranormal shows going? GHI, Ghost Mine, Haunted Collector, DT, stranded, haunted highway, fact or faked..All gone??
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Watching haunted highway and watched one with yhe bear lake monster another of the Utah skinwalker. ...Does anyone know of these?
Haunted Highway is taking over my life
watching haunted highway I can't wait until Ghost Hunters comes on again I did watch haunted collection when they where on I remember with haunted collection they showed there was a wee gee board in someone 's house I change the channel really quick Kelly and I watched the Blair Witch project 2 after watching that I felt different don't know why yes we watch weird stuff we like watching paranormal stuff :) it's cool but scary at the same time too
I've been watching Haunted Highway all day.
I've been watching Haunted Highway for the past 3 hours
Watching Haunted Highway... It's like a realistic version of Supernatural...with less killing...
Haunted highway on my favorite channel syfy .
Watching an old haunted highway and a protection ritual is performed on Jack Osbourne against evil and I think, Why his dad is the freakin prince of darkness? And how often is normal to be having dรฉjร  vu because its happening with increasing occurrence.
Watching *Haunted Highway* on the scifi channel and i ts on skinwalkers.!! Some people are so skeptical about the paranormal, I think some things are better left to be the unknown...
I'm sure there is something I could be doing but I'm watching haunted highway and that's it.
Haunted highway all day I'm to far into stop
We watching "haunted highways" n these stupid white people r out in fort d, Utah .out looking for skinwalkers .n they found tracks n r following it .ya'dilahh!!!
hey!!! What you doin? In watching friends and haunted highway ๐Ÿ˜Š
Haunted highway all day im to far in to stop
makes watching Haunted Highway more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
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Haunted Highway and cheese fries. I love shows like this XDD.
I'm watching Haunted Highway and earning great rewards from
Haunted highway all day but thank god it is till 5 though that will keep my sanity
Watching Haunted Highway marathon; on the Shadow Man episode. Whatever you name your new toy, keep it close. :-O
watching Haunted Highways and let me tell you, i will not go out into the middle of nowhere to search for anything paranormal, id need a gun and plenty of nerve pills, screw a camera and a flashlight, i need to see whats coming at me. creepy
I've been watching haunted highway for a long time now. Erm.
Getting pretty sketched out watching haunted highway
Watching a case on black star canyon on the show haunted highway ๐Ÿ’€
The show haunted highway pisses me off.
Watching haunted highway in standing rock saw peach man Virgil taken alive he looks like the darkman lol
"Haunted Highways" on SYFY Channel, they are in Standing Rock looking for "darkman". Talking to Virgil Taken Alive and Delyle Left Hand. They saw and filmed red eyes!
Haunted highway all day good day whats up for later?
Watching haunted highway...probably the worst idea all day since i get scared easily.
'Haunted Highway' marathon is underway, and has been going strong -- for several hours, now (with two more to go.) ..Next up? Only time will tell. Although, it will be accompanied by copious amounts of cuddling with the kiddos & indulging in comfort food.. Preferably.
Standing Rock Rez on haunted highway channel53
Anyone watch Haunted Highway on SyFy? They in Ft. Yates ND looking for the darkman or tallman.
I am watching a rerun of Haunted Highway with Jack Osbourne. I think this show isn't coming back.
I've been watching Haunted Highway since like 9
Watching "Haunted Highway" on the SyFy channel. The investigators are looking for the "Hairy Man". Shoot.I can save them the trouble, I'll send them photos of me.
So Jack Osborne has his own paranormal research show called Haunted Highway on Syfy... It's actually got my attention. Lol
I'm Haunted Highway. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
watching haunted highway marathon now! You're amazing ๐Ÿ‘
I am watching this show called Haunted Highway, and 3x already the channel has changed by itself everytime it was to a different channel I look to find the remote its on the dresser.maybe I shouldn't be watching this show
Chilling at the house with mah sister before work watching Haunted Highway. Pretty good series!
Small Son: Mom, when you're in Arizona, DO NOT GO TO THE DOMES. They did an episode of Haunted Highway there, and it was SCARY. Me: 10-4.
Haunted Highway on SyFy is so phony. Anything that goes "bump" is called a ghost.
Haunted Highway is so interesting lmao
Getting freaked out watching haunted highway. oh my god.
Watchin haunted highway right now on syfy.i think im *** hooked on this show!
Layn here with my boo watching haunted highway
Iowa City is on Haunted Highway on Syfy. Something about the Black Angel Statue? Interesting
I'm like WOW... Hubby & I just watching Haunted Highway and we see Chris Nicoletti. IIt was awesome when I first met you @ Gettysburg last year. It is a honor to be your friend Chris.. You Rock!
Syfy Haunted Highway Episodes on SYFY 2014, get the date of upcoming Syfy Haunted Highway Episodes on SYFY
Syfy's Haunted Highway, would definitely investigate anything with Jael and Dana! How do I apply?
Watching haunted highway n later chilling with family again:)
I love watching haunted highway omg
Haunted highway is literally the dumbest show ever. So scripted.
Turned on the Syfy Channel for some company since I'm the only one home. It's a program called Haunted Highway and they are "investigating" Shades of Death Road. SOOo dramatic. Me - I'm looking to see if I can see my sister-in-law's house. *** Amy Brader Thomas - if you were still living home you could have really messed with this guys! LOL!
Watching Haunted Highway, these fools get out when the see something๐Ÿ˜ณ! *** no! I'm Flintstonein my *** out of there โœŒ๏ธ
I am so obsessed with ghost shows. The haunted highway show with Jack Osborne is awesome.
Haunted Highway may become a new obsession.
Of all the shows on tv, why am I watching Haunted Highway?!
Watching haunted highway and not gonna lie it s kinda scary lol
Drinking some of my ice coffee Shylo got me and watching haunted highway... I'll go shower in a bit cuz we have to go to the bank to open a savings for are wedding fund...
This show haunted highway is so fake wow
Does seriously ask myself..why do i watch shows like the haunted highway and have me jumping right thru
Doing laundry and cleaning today. All while watching the haunted highway marathon. With the windows open. :)
I'm kind of scared of Haunted Highway. so like they were Like by a grave that people had passed away in crash the grave kep on saying murder
Isn't kinda cute when doga do this? (ignore haunted highway in the background)
I see you're airing Haunted Highway today, question is there a new season coming out soon?
enjoying the Haunted Highway marathon on syfy
Chestnut Grove Cemetery on Haunted Highway on SYFY right now.
Anyone interested in the Shades of Death Rd paranormal area it is on SyFy channel right now on Haunted Highway. It is right next to Jenny Jump State Forest in New Jersey & is a scary as *** place.
I'm off today and my get up and go is hibernating so I'm sitting on the couch, watching Haunted Highways on Syfy
This TV show called haunted highway is pretty good.
Everyone turn to discovery channel for the haunted highway on the lake Murray monster!!!
Haunted Highway marathon...WINNING! ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘พ I've always wanted to travel the world investigating all of the various paranormal mysteries...The Truth Is Out There. ๐Ÿ”ฆ
watching a marathon of Haunted Highway on syfy plz tell me u will bring it bak or make another paranormal show!
There is a Haunted Highway marathon on right now on Syfy! thought you'd like to know! :)
Watching haunted highway on syfy channel 39
Lol why am I watching Haunted Highway when I'm scared of stuff like that ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜
So I`m watching Haunted Highway on SYFY. If Jack Osbourne wasn`t the son of Ozzy, I`m afraid the poor boy wouldn`t have a job. Is there any reality paranormal programs out there that have any meat to them that would scare the crap out of me? I`m sick of the oh I think I heard or saw something programs like Ghost Hunters!
SyFy's "Haunted Highway": proof that no matter how expensive your equipment, or how many people go with you, city kids should never spend the night in the woods.
sharing Syfy Doubles Up on the Paranormal with HAUNTED HIGHWAY Returning ... - Broadway World
Haunted Highway marathon Wednesday 10am-5pm EDT on Syfy!
Its been so long. But its back! Paranormal Wednesday starts at 9am on SyFy! Haunted Highway marathon.
Just reminding you all Haunted Highway Brother's with host Randy from Tapit Paranormal and Doc Steve DM comming soon will keep you posted on our progress and premier debut of our show hope to see you there!
Midnight Roads is an upcoming series about twins Jynx and Piper Kane, monster hunters and investigators in the employ of a secretive government agency. It involves a lot of haunted highways, fast cars and of course badass heroines. Stay Tuned!
what the *** SyFy!! what is up with these crappy reruns on Tuesdays? at least tomorrow I have haunted highway to look forward to :-) guess I'll just have to settle for a Supernatural morning and Bones this afternoon.
Gonna drive on the most haunted highway shytt
Thanks. As I have said, I hope that you get another paranormal gig. Haunted Highway worked for you. :)
Isn't that old white house by the highway 9 overpass supposed to be haunted?
hi Jael..are there going to be any more haunted highway episodes??
Kissimmee Florida!! ๐ŸŒดโ˜€๏ธ only took 30 hours LOL took too many pit stops and detours and haunted highway pathways lmao
OMG YES has full episodes of Haunted Highway S2.
"Haunted Highway" is a pretty unsatisfying series :S "We have no real evidence. Could it be said creature? Yeah it could.". The end. Uhm...
Hey Jael,big fan of yours!!:) Is Haunted Highway coming back for another season?Thanks!!
Haunted Highway is such a messed up horror movie and so freaky ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜– I prolly won't be sleeping tonight ๐Ÿ‘Œ lol.
Should have known watching the Donner Party episode of Haunted Highway with the kids might lead to pre-bedtime spookiness. Boo!
idky but haunted highway seems pretty creepy that I hate watching them when they are similar to Destination Truth
Start out the new year with episode 1 of season 2!
happy new year looking forward to more Haunted Highway!!
when does the next season of haunted highway start? I need my fix!
Happy New Years Jack. Hope to see more episodes of Haunted Highway in 2014.
Roger insists on watching these Haunted Highway shows right before bed...๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™…
A haunted house in the DR "highway" dique if you sleep inside it you wake up outside lol
Been watching "haunted highway" with my step son all day. It's been a nice relaxing New year's eve so far.and a nice bonding morning. Having some great friends over for an awesome dinner and then the party will commence! Happy New Year to my friends and my awesome family.
It's a miracle I did not throw myself off the roof of the closed 1800's haunted mental institution onto the highway during rush hour in 1988
Haunted highway is my favorite show โค
This SUV was riding this sedan's *** on the highway like they were going through a haunted house.
I was watching haunted highway and they were putting out ghost detectors. My question is how in the *** do you know it works? How do you turn a ghost loose to test it? And the public accepts it with absolutely no problem. Apparently Ghost Hunters have developed technology that the various sciences couldn't comprehend? Right.
im watching Haunted Highway.. im freaking the f**k out.. im home with just my lil bro and he's upstairs playing :0
Ya'll!!! Jack Osbourne has a show called Haunted Highway- It's him and three friends and they go visit places that are haunted- and film the whole thing themselves (Blair Witch style, but no one dies). I just discovered it on On Demand. Seriously people- this is my new obsession.
when is Haunted Highway coming back?
I heard that that whole highway is haunted and I've always wanted to see a ghost!
I'm watching haunted highway and I'm scared
scared!! Cause I have an ugly face scarred in my head. We went to a gas station near by and he told me highway 75 is haunted
Getting around to watching this episode of haunted highway, sure enough, my brothers grave gets on the television. Boom.
im watching haunted highway and now I'm scared to go to the bathroom
I got to say I loved the newest season of Haunted Highway..They got some really creepy stuff this season. Now i just to talk Katie Hewitt in doing some duo nvestigations when it gets warmer. I know she has researched some places to go in the past...Might be time to load up the back packs with gear and do some hunting. Watch out Clinton Road and Slabtown Road. We might be visiting soon. Boo !!!
Can anyone tell me if Jack Osborne is doing a third series of Haunted Highway, let me know please, thank you.
she's a paranormal investigator on Jack Osbourne's Haunted Highway. She's been on Destination Truth too
Watching haunted highway on syfy and my cousin is on there! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฎ *** Lol
Right now the top paranormal shows on TV in this order are: Dead Files, Haunted Highway, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures, GH.
Because of the haunted highway show we went to some "haunted" cemetery and touched a "haunted" grave lol
Was watching the show Haunted Highway with Jack Osborne and they were in Elkhorn invest. The beast of Bray road. There was a person who saw it near Price Park and they interviewed Linda Godfrey and she said this is the best time of year to look for the beast to be able to track him. This sounds like a job for the Umbra Society!
I do love me some Stranded and Haunted Highway. Looks like I'm not going to get anything done today.
Working 9 to 5 just to stay come?
multitasking+ watching WW1 in color, Haunted Highway, and a livestream all at once.
After we just watched hours of haunted highway. Ok we're a little scared ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Finally had the hour to watch Black Angel episode of Haunted Highway. Nicely done on the appropriate answers during your interview, Dr. Larry Baker.
is there going to be a new season of Haunted Highway?
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I could lay on the couch and watch Haunted Highway all day.yap that's where I will be today ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š
Photo: Iโ€™m watching Haunted Highway 33 others are also watching. Haunted Highway on
OK Iowa peeps, i am watching Haunted Highway where Jack Osborne drives across the country to investigate things. 2 of his partners are in Iowa City to investigate the Black Angel in Iowa Cemetery in Oakland- Cemetery. Anybody know the story?
MONDAY GHOST REVIEW : HAUNTED HIGHWAY ( TV SHOW, Jack Osbourne , Dana Workman,...) Haunted Highway is a Base Productions Paranormal TV Show created in 2012 and featured on the SyFy Channel. It falls into the Paranormal/ Reality TV Type of show with a touch of Mystery. The show features Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman as the two main hosts with the addition of Jael De Pardo and Devin Marble. The Premise of the show follows the two main hosts as they investigate reported Paranormal Locations, from Hauntings to Cryptid hunt with the classic urban legends monsters. For anyone who has an interest in the Paranormal and watched the TV Show ' Fact or Faked : Paranormal Files ' in the Past, you will feel comfortable with this show as the similarities are close. The Basic structure of investigating ' Ghosts and Monsters ' is similar and they chose to have the same ' Shoot your own Footage ' type instead of relying on a large TV Crew, which of course gives the show a more ' Realistic ' side. The type of subjects for ...
Cuddles in bed with the twin watching Haunted Highway. Perf ๓พฎŸ
Watching this past weeks episode of Haunted Highway, Devin managed to fit in all 3 of my (Shannon) specialties... Beef Jerky, Dowsing, and GPR. I wont say that he manged the rods of the GPR right...but he did attempt to use them and that makes me happy
Welcome to tonight's A haunted highway that attracts evil - over 20 girls missing or murdered. Who killed them? Chat live with "48 Hours" producer LaRosa
How many of you guys watch the show haunted highway like if you watch it comment for your fave episode or stuff that they faked
Devin takes you inside Haunted Highway and reflects on his encounter with the Black Angel
So im relaxing a little now watxhing haunted highway I wraped my mom gifts for her and folded her laundry going home leater to fold mine but making sure my mom doesn't bring home more stuff for me to wrap got a caugh now I hope im better by xmas but we all bo im usually sick for xmas
Watch Haunted Highway - Season 2, Episode 6 - Black Angel; Arizona Domes Online at Crack-TV :: In the Season 2 finale, Jack and Dana turn their attention to eerie dome structures in Iowa, while Jael and Devin look into reports of strange happenings near a Black Angel tombstone in Casa Grande, Ariz.
WHAT THE *** Haunted Highway was doing an investigation in Iowa City at the cemetery that has the "Black Angel of Death"...gah why did I not know about this?!!! I would of loved to have met Jael de Pardo & Devin!
Well while watching this episode of Haunted Highway on Manchac swamp (just to watch Mr. Wayne Norwood) they say every local has seen some kind of apparition. Well I have been to Manchac ALOT. Only thing I'm scared of is the alligators. I have never seen a ghost there. So obviously I'm not a local I guess.
Catch an exclusive sneak peek of Haunted Highway!
I have to say, I normally never get creeped out by paranormal tv shows, the the Haunted Highway episode about the Ashtabula Train Disaster kind of got to me. Don't know if it was a glitch in the Ovilus or not...but that REALLY got in my head
Just up getting breakfast otg here now/watching Haunted Highway from last night
Watch Haunted Highway - Season 2, Episode 5 - Shades of Death; Bridge of Doom Online at Crack-TV :: Jael and Devin investigate a terrible railroad accident that occurred in 1876 in Ashtabula, Ohio, while Jack and Dana learn about the paranormal history of Shades of Death Road in New Jersey.
The train disaster of 1876 was featured on Haunted Highway on SYFY last night. Very interesting program. They did an investigation of the bridge site and Chestnut Grove Cemetery. I caught it just by chance by glad I did.
Kinda funny. Up late watching Ozzy's kids show haunted Highway. They get this image on the f.l.i.r. Cam that looks like a dude standing in a doorway. Full body some hobo living in a tunnel disturbed by them being there lol ! Awesome! that's my kinda ghost hunt! At least they found something lol 9 times out of 10 you get nothing.
Little freaked out. I turned on haunted highway on the syfy channel and the light started moving. Might be switching rooms
Watching Haunted Highway so funny ! Looking at Ir camera and Elvis Costello is on running in the dark it's a ghost then He or she eats it! Falls down then help the ghosts got me on a mic ! Every show is the same! Look out its the lake monster on fish finder-oops its a school of minnows lol!oops now he's caught on barb wire! A cow doesn't get caught on barbwire!
Haunted Highway aired it's Iowa City episode tonight featuring the Angel statue. Share your thoughts with us!
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Any paranormal ghost fans? Tonight's episode of Haunted Highway on syfy was in Iowa City, Iowa researching "the Black Angel of death" a statue in the Oakland cemetery. Could be cool to watch and relatively close by as well!
Baking now a devils food cake while watching on the syfy channel, haunted highway. Randy and I like this show.Creepy stuff. We like scary shows, but when he goes to bed, don't like sitting up by mysel,lol.
was watching "Haunted Highway".. They were investigating some dome structures down in Arizona.. Apparently there's an underground crawl space that someone was squatting in.. lol.. The host was like maybe the figure I saw on the FLIR was just a squatter that was drinking a forty and ran off.. ROTFLMAO!!!...
So, I'm sitting here watching Haunted Highway...and couldn't help notice that Jack Osbourne looks like a cross between Ryan Dunn and Ice Cube. Weird.
Watching a paranormal show called "haunted highway" with my dad. First case, a black statue of the creepiest angel you will ever see. I inly could think of the weeping angels. Second case, they get an ir signature tht looks exactly like slenderman. ARE THEY TRYING TO FREAK ME OUT?!?!?
Watchn "Haunted Highway" on SyFy n wen its bacc on after the commercials their showing the DOMES n CG... WatWat!!! Really,, how many of us partied there bacc n the day??? Kinda SCARY 2 see wat theyre gona show
Humm. Iowa City Black Angel on haunted highway.
What do you this is a better show on the SYFY channel? Haunted Highway, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Killer Contact, Ghost Mine, Haunted Collector or Fact Or Faked?
I was watching the scify channel tonight and came across a show called Haunted Highway. It was kind of interesting. The show was investigating all different paranormal areas, one was in Elkorn, WI and Kettle Moraine park. just an FYI.
sitting here watching the season finale of HAUNTED HIGHWAY on syfy. followed by KILLER CONTACT on syfy as well. bed a little bit later. work in the am. night all.
Any thoughts on the the new program Haunted Highway..I'm liking most of it.
will someone with a DVR or even a regular tape record haunted highway at 9 for me its about the Black Angel in Iowa City please and thanks I'm gonna miss it
Now this is relaxing girls are in bed sitting here wrapping Xmas gifts watching haunted highway ( I know not very festive but hey I love this show) and I have the hole house to myself aww
I really don't like that show Haunted Highway . Just things they do get me mad . You don't use dousing rods in a cemetery . That's a huge no no .
The Iowa City "Black Angel" Haunted Highway is on SyFy--tune in if you want to see a cool cemetery Lauren, Monk, and I use to walk in.
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Watching a show called 'Haunted Highway' with Jack Osbourne on Syfy. They were exploring Shades of Death Road and Jenny Jump Mountain in Warren County, NJ and the urban legends that go along with them. I've never been there but I've heard of it. Pretty cool.
Warren County, New Jersey is being featured on Haunted Highway. Shades of Death Road. Syfy channel.
Shades of Death Road in NJ is on Haunted Highway right now! Say what?!
There's a new show called haunted highway and the are investigating Clinton rd and the shades of death rd. on right now if anyone is interested. It's on SYFY.
I'm trying SO hard, but I just can't seem to take "Haunted Highway" seriously when Jack Osbourne is one of the Ghost Hunters.
Deh yah a watch haunted highway pan syfy station 29 u guise need to watch it
Raisinets and coffee milk, switching between haunted highway and through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman
I have a new favorite show.its called "Haunted Highway"
I just realized I'm here alone and I'm watching Haunted Highway!!
Sorry guys I've been consumed watching haunted highway all day with Devon and the beautiful Jaielle from fact or fake on the Scify ch, pretty good show :-)
There is a show on the sci-fi channel called Haunted Highway. These guys are investigating the " Lake Murray Monster"!
Omg Lake Murray Sc is on Haunted Highway this is crazy has any of yall heard of this thing they are trying to fi.d
Been watchin Haunted Highway and laughin myself to death at my dad...He had mom and I rollin.They just went to play cards and he told me if I think I see a ghost in the house to throw a blanket over it, put it in the closet and he will investigate when he gets home.And u all wonder why I act the way I do...LOL
Guess im gonna sit on my *** and watch haunted highway. Nothin better to do I guess
Devin Marble takes you inside Haunted Highway after each episode. This week he reflects on his experiences at the Moonville Tunnel.
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I'm watching the show haunted highway, and they are down in the Louisiana swamp, and I just have to tell you, the way that the cajun sound when they're talking, I love it. Is that weird?
This to all of my friends and family in Ohio. I don't know how many of you watch Haunted Highway on the Syfy channel but last night on The show they investigated the area where the train wreck happened at chestnut grove cemetery in Ashtabula. It is on again tonight at 8 pm on Syfy if any of you would like to see it.
If you missed the new Haunted Highway that aired last night, you can catch it again tonight at 8pm EST... only on SyFy.
So I'm sitting here watching Haunted Highway and I was like "I wonder if this Jack Osbourne is Ozzys kid" & it is, wonder how he feels about his kid investigating 'ghosts'.(x The show is good though.(x
Ok so SYFY is having an episode of haunted highway on tonite at 8pm of the Ashtabula train disaster..i know what we are watching tonite lol..
Well there you have it. According to the folks of Haunted Highway. Ashtabula is haunted. I'm laughing.
Chris Nicoletti-Great Job on Haunted Highway. Just got done watching last night's episode. It was by far the best Haunted Highway I've seen to date. :)
Paranormal Wednesday on SyFy starts at 9pm with a new episode of Haunted Highway: Black Angel/Arizona Domes, Jack and Dana travel to Iowa City to explore eerie dome structures. Jael and Devin visit a cemetery in Casa Grande, AZ to investigate reports around a Black Angel tombstone. Killer Contact: The Mayan Empire, in the dense jungles of Belize the team investigates a series of paranormal events that are possibly tied to a ruthless and cruel Mayan ruler.-JT
Great Haunted Highway episode tonight - haunted railroad bridge in Ashtabula Ohio; where my cousin Debbie Wilson's from. So much paranormal (including residual) from a train derailment in 1876 that killed 90 people. The dead were buried in a mass grave in a local cemetary. One of the developers of the bridge by the last name of Collins is buried in a mausoleum in the same cemetary. It's sad these people are at not at rest.
so Ashtabula was just on Haunted Highway on SyFy at Chestnut Grove Cementary and at a bridge out there guess something about around 1800s or so there was a really bad train crash cuz the guy Collins bridge design wasn't that great kind cool not that that happened but how it was on tv good stuff I didnt even know about bula
I am sitting here in the dark watching haunted highway literally crying this episode is seriously scaring me so much I can't even right now
If you like paranormal investigation shows, i.e. Ghost Adventures/Ghost Hunters/Destination Truth, do NOT watch Haunted Highway. I swear to god, that has to be the worst paranormal show I have ever witnessed. I would rather watch Nyan Cat on a never ending loop while nails were grinding a chalkboard.
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