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Hatch Act

The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision is to prohibit employees (civil servants) in the Executive Branch of the federal government, except the President and certain designated high-level employees of the Executive Branch, from engaging in partisan political activity.

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This should be investigated for possible legal violations, including of Hatch Act. What's next, giving a grant to Trump camp…
CREW has filed a complaint against UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for a possible violation of the Hatch Act.
Boy really harsh, u think he'll survive! *** wipes
Big win for CREW! Dan Scavino reprimanded for Hatch Act violation!
If they can play fast & lose w/ old rules, I suggest we take the Hatch Act & Emolument Cla…
Trump’s former golf caddie (now White House social media director) takes a mulligan on his Hatch Act violation.
White House official chided for violating Hatch Act
Dan Scavino, Trump's Social Media Dir., has been reprimaned by the US Office of Special Counsel for violating the Hatch A…
obozo violated the Hatch Act numerous times.
prohibited political activity while employed in a position covered by the Hatch Act, such activity to be a knowing violation of the law.
Trump Social Media Dir Dan Scavino Reprimanded for Violating Hatch Act in Calling for Justin Amash to be Primaried
Amazing times when legally documented violations of the Hatch Act and the US Constitution emoluments clause are jus…
counselled for Hatch Act violation. Does anybody in this admin understand laws, ethics, processes, const…
What about this guy?! Donald Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross caught violating Hatch Act over the…
We're filing a complaint today on WH Staffer Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Hatch Act violations. Thx to for flagging it!…
White House aide re allegations he may have violated Hatch Act, which limits political activity by federal employees. ht…
Look at the official photo on this page. Read the Hatch Act and fire this man NOW. Someone call OSC
Hatch Act doesn't apply to active members of the US Armed Forces. You probably mean the DODd.
.Joseph Clancy,if you have nothing to say to re the Hatch Act, you have NOTHING to say t…
- Kerry O’Grady needs to be charged with violation of Hatch Act, Criminal Endangerment, and Treason.
Assuming agent has been terminated from job, ? Hatch Act violation and unwilling to protect . htt…
A clear violation of the Hatch Act and dereliction of duty. WOW
look into comey hatch act conspiracy with Giuliani et al. I think that is the story. 31 yr lawyer.
I agree, but until we have verified proof we are stuck; unless Espionage, or Hatch or Logan Act, violations can be…
Because if they were he would have to be charged with violating the Hatch Act.
Charges most likely along with hatch act and multiple crimes against the people.
Until the US declares war, treason cannot be charged. I just learned that last night. However Espionage charges a…
Unfortunately, Treason can only be charged while we're at war. Logan and Hatch Act violations will do it tho. Also…
Punishment for violation of the Hatch Act is removal from office .. why does 's Comey get a pass? Remove and replace
Of course not, she's corrupt! Breaks laws and covers them up and Obama campaigning was violation of the hatch act
He clearly violated the Hatch Act with no evidence, and DT barely won PA, WI, MI, and possibly FL and OH
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Pretty sure they did so YOU wouldn't be investigated. For Logan Act violations, Hatch Act violations, emoluments violations
I guess proved him wrong! And it only took Crosscheck, the Kremlin, and the FBI violating the Hatc…
in order for action to be taken a complaint must be filed legally, Logan Act violation &Hatch Act violation.
NOTE: The OCE is currently investigating Comey for violation of the Hatch Act. No wonder this had to come first.
Translation: you got a Hail Mary from James Comey's violation of the Hatch Act.
No. It was irresponsible for Comey to violate the Hatch Act and influence the election based on nothing.
sadly Dems have repeatedly shown nothing happens when when GOP violates . Comey- Hatch Act . now Trump-Logan Act . No consequences
This New Year your impeachement begins: for treason? Violating the Hatch Act or the Logan Act or the Emoluments Cla…
Seriously No Excuses! Charge him for violating the Hatch Act! We don't care about his excuses! He helped Murder Our Country!
he violated the Hatch Act and he should be held accountable. He knew what…
ewhy aren't they investigating Comley for violating Hatch Act?
Obama and his administration are in major violation of the Hatch Act.
He does not know jack about government contracting clearly. Keep watching for Hatch Act snd civil service violations.
Taxpayers do not fund abortions. Google The Hatch Act.
I'll be disappointed if they violated the Hatch Act.
one who violated hatch act, Ellison on tape anti Semitic rant, Louis Farrakhan devotee. DNC chair? Will u report?
The Hatch Act,assuming it applied to her P.O. husband, specifically exempts spouse activity
Did he or did he not go against the Hatch Act? Where is the arrest?
Add in voter suppression, FBI fascist violators of Hatch Act, and Russian hackers, only way this bucket of pus coul…
Comey broke the law Hatch Act to benefit tRUMP FBI knew that the emails were duplicates they already reviewed
The only one in violation of our laws was Hillary with her email scand…
Sweety, I was a federal employee for 31 years. Ever heard of the Hatch Act? Of course you haven't;.
Came together another word for Comey violating the Hatch Act.
FBI knew that Comey didn't know what was in Wiener's emails. So WHY did FBI announce investigating, Hatch ACT violation FOOL?
will u shut up already? U won the friggin' election. Get over yourself & act like a President & not a chi…
Hatch Act. Learn about it before you trash career Federal employees, such as those in the intelligence agencies.
From Julian Castro... who should be severely sanctioned for violating Hatch Act.
also, review your department's and opm's training materials re: the Hatch Act. You can do more than you think.
That does it. Fire Comey, arrest him on violation of the Hatch Act and possible treason. Convict him and throw his *** in jail…
. Agree- Waiting for a litigation fund to start- Hatch Act Violation,…
It's so weird having someone you once were so close with act like you don't exist anymore
comey hatch act Russians etc. 3 million more votes than the orange nazi. Bite me
violated The Hatch Act . Lawyer: 'Appalled' by FBI warrant that shook Clinton v…
Most girls always act like you owe them something
Are you ready to investigate DontheCon for corruption & possible treason? Logan & Hatch Act - Russian ties
Russia hacks our election to help DT. FBI violates Hatch Act and colludes with Trump. He is an illegitimate POTUS.
Actually Tim Kaine violated the Hatch Act by bribing illegals to vote in exchange for citizenship. Your witch lost…
next time U have Richard Painter on, can you ask him about status of Hatch Act complaint against Comey?
growing evidence 1 party (GOP) colluding with law enforcement (FBI) & foreign power (Russia) violates Hatch Act we wait for news
"We've got a couple things up our sleeve to turn this around." Rudy Giuliani maybe copping to FBI violation of the Hatch Act two days later?
Too bad the Hatch Act doesn't include the president -as he burns thru $200,000/hour on Air Force 1 campaigning 4 criminal Hillary.
If the Hatch Act of 1939 was enforced, we'd have to ground Air Force One. ✈️ Isn't the President a Federal Employee? 😏
Harry Reid accuses Comey of sitting on proof of Trump-Russia ties, possible Hatch Act violation
Comey's own troops up in arms over Hillary letter.
The Koch brothers mournfully scale back operations; now they'll only spend $750 million this season
Reid is out to prove Comey violated Hatch Act by putting out vague info against HRC 11 days before election but no info on…
Just what a corrupted political party would say. He gave in to coercion once. Enough.
David Plouffe has a message for Democrats: "Clinton path to 300+ rock solid.", Structure Unchanged.
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Resignation is too good for James Comey.
"The Hatch Act prohibits FBI officials from using their official authority to influence an election." Um, guilty! http…
The Hatch Act applies only to the Executive Branch of government. Reid is in Legislative Branch.
The Hatch Act is a hallmark of unambiguous jurisprudence. Comey must be indicted by the letter of the law.
Hatch Act applies almost entirely to the Executive Branch of government except restrictions on contri…
violating the hatch act for doing his job? Wasn't he the DNC hero back in July? F off you hacks
GIVE 'EM *** HARRY! Thank you for standing up to the corruption!
complaint the F.B.I. with the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates Hatch Act violations." / THAT MAKES TWO…
Hatch Act: FBI "May not engage in political activity directed at the success or failure of a political party or candidate…
NBC News: Harry Reid has sent a letter to FBI Dir. Comey saying his 'partisan actions' may violate the Hatch Act. https:/…
Director Comey has attacked our democracy. He must be fired and investigated for violating the Hatch Act.
Quite opposite, DOJ tried to block Comey & cover up Hillary is an attempt to influence election, violates Hatch Act https:/…
FBI Obtains Warrant for Newly Discovered Clinton Emails — as Reid Accuses Comey of Hatch Act Violation - NBC News
Harry Reid accuses James Comey of holding back “explosive” information about Trump’s close ties with Russia
Harry Reid: Comey may have violated the Hatch Act: Spoken from one of the slimiest Senate majority leaders ever.
whoa. Harry Reid writes scathing letter to Comey. tells him he may have violated the Hatch Act
. If u have an issue with the quote i sighted, take it up with
And that is a violation of the Hatch Act. It's illegal as well as unsavory and partisan.
.hey speaking of the Hatch Act, have you looked into Harry Reid's work to attract Chinese "investment" to Nevada?
OMG!! Now DemParty & HarryReid accusing the of violating th Hatch Act as they investigate Hillary. Imagine if she had…
Harry Reid: FBI Director James Comey may have violated the Hatch Act
Four score and seven years ago, Republican economic policies triggered the Great Depression
False Claims by .The Hatch Act prevents Federal employees from endorsing Candidates
Lot of interest in Reid accusing Comey of possibly violating the Hatch Act, but for a live wire like Reid this is what I’…
Reid: FBI sitting on proof of Trump-Russia ties
JUST IN: FBI obtains warrant for emails linked to Clinton probe, as Sen. Reid accuses Comey of violating Hatch Act
The fact that George W. Bush's chief ethics lawyer also filed a complaint against Comey for violations of the Hatch Act refu…
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Wait, who's violating the Hatch act?
Yes, but which FBI? Apparently agent factions have forgot, need reminding about Hatch Act.
.is a moron. The Hatch Act does not apply to law enforcement properly doing their job.
George W. Bush's ethics lawyer filed a complaint yesterday against the FBI for violations of the Hatch Act. Via NYT: ht…
Reid tells Comey he may have violated the Hatch Act by releasing Clinton email investigation detai... via
Hatch Act AND 4th Amendment violations.Comey's having a very bad, no good, terrible day. (well-deserved)
a "criminal investigation," he deserves to be fired and possibly prosecuted for violating the Hatch Act (part 2).
Comey letter could be violation of Hatch Act; former WH ethics attorney for George W. Bush files complaint.
Comey's actions possibly in violation of the Hatch Act, interference in election. . DOJ COMPLAINT FILED ON COMEY.
show that DNC knowingly violated Hatch Act
House Oversight starts looking into Hatch Act compliance
Castro violated Hatch Act by touting Clinton via
in closing days of VP process, Julian Castro found to have violated Hatch Act on technicality, via @ Carrasquillo
See TXGOP Chair statement on violating the Hatch Act here:
Also in her emails are those from DOT GOV addresses discussing her running for President in 2016 - HATCH ACT anyone?
Strengthening & expanding apprenticeship programs, EARNS Act can help workers get training & experience they need:
either voting matters or it doesn't.Either the Hatch Act is legal (or not).Slippery slope.
The ACLU is not concerned for Democrats' flagrant violations of long standing laws such as Hatch Act, as in IRS, EPA...
People act like warming the bench is awful but I watched my kick *** team kick *** and got way too into it (SUCH. A. GOO…
Girls see everything. Even if we act like we don't 🤗 just over here taking mental notes 📝
After Clinton is elected, I sure hope a panel is enacted to review House employees for Hatch Act violations
I'd like to see the lawyer's reasoning that decided this was a Hatch Act violation.
Attention ethics watchdogs - this seems like a pretty blatant Hatch Act violation =>
Isn't she also in violation of Hatch Act Provision 1 not allowing fed employee to participate in politics?
This would be a violation of the Hatch Act Provision 1 prohibiting fed employee from engaging in politics?
I wrote to the Special Counsel ask if the Pres subject to Hatch Act Prov 1 in that a Fed Employ no electioneering!
But serious replies only, the Hatch Act lets me dip a pinkie toe in the water before I have to choose between politics and a job.
POTUS Obama is in violation of Provision 1 of the Hatch Act as a Federal employee trying to influence an election.
Isn't this aviolation of the Hatch Act?He isnot supposed tobe involved inthe election. Shouldn't he be impeached?
Isn't him getting involved in the election a violation of the Hatch Act? Shouldn't he be indicted/impeached?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
worst act of the lot. Honestly. Awful.
Obama & administration in violation of Hatch Act?
We are going to DNI-ify comms for public servants. How long until it is Hatch Act'd? "While we were looking we saw your dog catcher opine"
is Bernie affected by the Hatch Act as a Senator ? I hope no
Isn't that a violation of the Hatch Act? Fed workers not supposed to be in politics?
S. 1890 Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 is a new law of the land sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch. Check it out!
The president signed S. 1890 into law on May 11th, 2016S. 1890 - Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016Sponsor. Sen. Orrin Hatch. Read more on Open…
Whatever happened to The Hatch Act? That kept my dad put of politics during most of his life.
Hatch on Trump: I will continue to encourage Donald to soften some of his rhetoric &..act in a manner worthy of a presidential nominee
My Patient CARE Act replaces & puts decisions back in the hands of Americans:
Nope, just someone who thinks that license plate violates the Hatch Act of 1939:
Factor: just reported employees of the Justice Dept. collected $75,000 for Hillary's campaign. Use to violate the Hatch Act- no mention.
How can they donate under the Hatch Act?
.got a pat on the back today from President Obama for his Defend Trade Secrets Act
Criminal broke the Oath of Office, violated Hatch Act, violated Constitution, etc. ad nauseam.
Senator Hatch and just signed Senator Hatch and Defend Trade Secrets Act. https:/…
Defend Trade Secrets Act is now law. Hatch called it "most significant intellectual property development in years"
President Obama to sign Hatch bill into law this afternoon--
Hatch speaking on the Defend Trade Secrets Act this AM. President Obama will sign it into law later today. https:…
Hatch Act of 1939: while have the right to speak your mind in an election, don't do it:
Ever hear of the Hatch Act? Oh that is right you are catholic.
Neither was complying with the Hatch Act when he was a state rep and a local cop simultaneously... 100% illegal!
like i guess because of the hatch act i'm probably not allowed to but I don't know if that only applies on gov property or everywhere.
Report Juan Rios from for political activity to the OSC Hatch Act Hotline: (202) 254-3650 or (800) 854-2824.
I wish I could, but I'm unsure if it violates the Hatch Act
U need to take this pic down u r in violation of the Hatch Act.
They should be. Potential violation of the Hatch act.
A lot of that "chilling effect" upon free speech started with the Hatch Act. If someday then let's repeal it
The Army Reserves are covered by the Hatch Act, we have a little more flexibility than the Active Component, but not much.
Most don't speak out. Current fliers subject to Hatch Act... Limits.
If there is CDBG funding then it's subject to the Hatch Act
If anyone can find Brian Fitzpatrick, I'd like to speak to him about a few things. 20 To be exact.
probably has Hatch Act violations. Classified emails maker her email system government property.
Re RNC. Clinton mixed personal and government emails--classified email make her system Government. Hatch act violations?
Isn't there also a Hatch Act problem or does that not impact the VP? I know candidates can't name cabinets in advance.
ICYMI: Congressman Mike weighs in on brother Brian's Hatch Act controversy
.presentation on the Hatch Act's implications for a during at
Fitzpatrick brothers accused of Hatch Act violations via
Breanna has been your best friend since freaking elementary school don't act like she hasn't
Bucks Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick weighs in on brother Brian's Hatch Act controversy
Mike Fitzpatrick weighs in on brother's Hatch Act controversy: In the race for Bucks County's 8th Congressional…
You never know when ur eggs will hatch just got some blog love again and there's talks of an opening up for a huge act!
ICYMI: More campaign drama in 8th District: Fitzpatricks accused of Hatch Act violations:
You claim you're '18 & grown up' but you still act like you're 15 yelling at my mom out your window. 😂 some people never grow up.
Mike is a Congressman and Hatch Act explicitly doesn't apply to him, dummy. Keep trying, keep failing.
Mike Fitzpatrick is in the legislative branch and explicitly exempt from the Hatch Act. Try again, loser.
Webcast on interesting to hear history on Hatch-Waxman Act from Henry Waxman
na GOD go punish Magu & all those who conspired to hatch this irresponsible act by d FG
Again Bucks County politics at its finest!
Hatch Act allows political donations, so not following you here.
Hatch act. There's less restricted and more restricted agencies, and the Fed clearly *should* be in the latter.
it's the principle, though. If you're covered under the Hatch act you can't even wear a political button.
Serious allegations raised against Fitzpatrick brothers in
People in GP see rain and don't know how to act
Hatch Act - the Do's and Don'ts for postal employees
Stumbling out of (or should I say before) the gate ---> "Fitzpatrick brothers accused of Hatch Act violations"
A man of meager IQ is always looking for an escape hatch. A way out before everyone catches on to his act.
We used to talk everyday and now we act like we don’t even know each other.
Pennsylvania voters deserve answers to these questions on Brian Fitzpatrick possible violation of the Hatch Act.
20 Questions for Brian Fitzpatrick's potential violation of the Hatch Act.
All purpose parts banner
Must read in Morning Score - GOP House candidate Brian Fitzpatrick may have violated the Hatch Act
Hatch tried to act like he was sleep thinking I was gonna say something cause he mad 😂. Boy I know when you sleep ✋🏽.
Ppl invite you to brunch then act like you're the weirdo because u want to eat laying down with sunglasses on
No you don't standing in a photo is not a violation of Art 88 or the Hatch Act
Hatch time back to his usual act of getting ripped around the yard. Knew his success was too good to be true.
on msnbc did the sec of labor Thomas Perez just violate the Hatch Act for Hillary?
Hatch which be in cornering that she urinal act out: QOw
Of course it is, unless you work for the government and aren't violating the Hatch Act.
see US Office of Special Counsel (OSC) guidance on social media and the Hatch Act
I'm active duty. How does the Hatch Act affect me?.
It looks like we won't be repeating an infamous event in recent Ogden history.
Ensure you’re following the guidelines of the this election year, & keep your career safe with
Finance Committee Chairman Hatch: Increase the estate tax on the super-wealthy
It's an election year. If you're a federal employee, read OSC's Hatch Act Social Media and Email Guidance
Orrin Hatch​ is hatchin' a plan that will destroy a protected desert tortoise habitat in Utah
David Pocock a great choice for Aus Day ambassador. We need more like him.
but does laughing at Hitler violate hatch act?
Hatch is an *** and the hatch act is a violation of our first amendment
"We can't just act like that only one point of view is the only way to go." Hatch. Duplicity is the only way!
Still can't get over the Hatch put the "21th" instead of "21st" Howay EDC. Get your act together😂😂
I believe it was a hatch act issue, not classified documents
I hope the FDA can stop this cruelty. Maybe Congress can repeal the Hatch Act too.
Rubio is signed on to the 2015 “I-Squared Act” (Immigration Innovation Act, S. 153) with immigration liberal GOP Utah Sen. Hatch
I work for VA, Federal Employees are forbidden from publicly supporting political parties/candidates, it's called the Hatch Act
Currently at the District 9 Presidents conference. Right off the bat, WARNING!!! Do NOT read internal union business at work. Ref: Hatch Act
I'll fake and act like I'm broke just to see do they really got my back .
DHS: More than Half a Million Aliens Overstayed Visas in 2015 gross negligence
Here we go! brings up Little Hatch Act and elections in regards to teachers and their phones. Passes anyway.
.is concerned that "we" are violating the Little Hatch Act.
Progress Michigan files Hatch Act complaint against Gov. RickSnyder for awarding no-bid contracts to campaign donors
A major contributing factor to the lawlessness of today's federal government is that journalists are ignorant. Hatch Act?
Of course EPA would defend Obama; they're his lap-dogs, illegal, partisan-political, Hatch Act violators, unethical crooks.
Kratom: The Supplement That Will Kill Godzilla. Yet, thanks to the Hatch Act (DSHEA) of 1994, this stuff is legal.
People really act like they with you. Whole time be the devil
Beautiful Bambi is still young at heart and doesn't act her age at all! She is super friendly with people and ...
I'm starting to realize who my real friends are and who the ones that just act like it, and that's scary
BBC to launch X Factor-style contest to choose UK Eurovision act
Remember Kathleen Sabilious, HHS Chief? Goes out to California on public dime and gives a campaign speech for democrat. Breach of Hatch Act!
Procedure headed for hatch thy hack act up be uncommonly intelligent: vMHrc
“So much of our existence is defined in the act of creation.” ~ Gari Hatch
In this Internet age, do you know WHY the Hatch Act still exists?? It keeps govt employees from running for office and REALLY fixing things
All Democrats are CRIMINAL, e.g. Illegal Aliens, Sanctuary Cities, Corrupt IRS (Hatch Act violations), etc. and DOJ is too.
Debating whether I'm violating the Hatch Act atm.
Not just weird but possibly an issue with the Hatch Act (no politics using government property). Maybe anyway
hatch act I thought didn't include the potus or VP?
hatch act of '39 exempts President, VP, and certain cabinet level members from those rules.
But...I think the "Hatch Act" provides exceptions for POTUS and VEEP.
If was getting in primary race, he'd announce from Delaware, not the Rose Garden w/ a Hatch Act violation to start!
Hatch act doesn't apply here, so it's dubious
HATCH ACT would be breached if Biden announced from White House?
eh.there's some Hatch Act language about that..
Right. but also veep exempt from hatch act, I think.
Oh, but wait. VP is exempt from Hatch Act, right?
U.S. House passes Judicial Redress Act. Now over to the Senate.
Hatch on the Judicial Redress Act: "Now is the time to act."
Senator Hatch's full statement on the House passage of the Judicial Redress Act -
Today Sen. Hatch voted to support the "Stop Sanctuary Cities and Protect Americans Act" to
WWYD about fast and furious, New Black Panthers, Solyndra, Sebelius -the Hatch Act, and the myriad of un-prosecuted scandals :
What happens when you take a singer and put them on a tv show to act. Only one of these stars succeeded.
Tune in to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to see Hatch's comments here -
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"I'll just act as if i havent seen that proxy pylon/hatch. Even the worst bronze nerds will know it"
Site hatch placard copy consistent libido the march stores act out himself: HxsUAN
Kailyn never act like a punk when it's time to take her medicine, idky she geekin now 😕😒
"The Hatch Act of 1938 made membership of the Communist Party grounds for refusal of federal employment" . Fancy that! (my name's Hatch too)
girls that act fake & totally different around guys need to STOP
Girls that act different around guys. I cant😑😠
Act like you don't want them and then they'll want you? This generation is so stupid. Like bye.
Antitrust discussion improved if we recall that Hatch-Waxman is "The Drug Price Competition AND Patent Term Restoration Act"
Take out the thin reed of the government property standard and tell me how the non-fundraising portions of the Hatch Act are constitutional.
Reading: Senators *** Hatch urge colleagues to pass bipartisan bill to protect trade secrets
This act that was written by Orrin Hatch, who takes a ton of funds from the non-regulated sports supplement industry.
Confrontations and controversial campaign political advertisements violating the Hatch Act are taking a toll on...
You can thank Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994
Psychology says, of all the hardships a person must face, none is more punishing than the simple act of waiting.
Deem the act of kindness nervous escape hatch only conditions: VQghDC
The DREAM ACT was written by a republican...
When it comes to gun violence, we cannot give up. We can't sit by while more good people die. We have to act.
Possible violation of The Hatch Act',,, should be investigated.
Asst Chief says commanders actions have been referred to internal affairs and General Counsel to determine if Hatch Act or any laws broken
the same reason his grandfather profited from Nazi Germany through shell companies before Hatch Act
. If her E-mails were to show, she promoted the Democratic party.. Hatch Act Violation
Oh boy one of those! Ever heard of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the Hatch Act 1939?
had an interesting point: Hatch act.
.Bush used private email for campaign activities. Hatch Act doesn't allow use of Govt email for campaign activities.
...they hatch in hot water. Don't act like you're not impressed. 😏
I guess CBP MidAtlantic has not hear of the Hatch Act?
Presidential records act which they violated was passed in 1978. Email accounts also used to skirt the Hatch Act.
Concern Troll of the Day: Conservative Watchdog group worries Feingold violating Hatch Act by hinting at Senate run.
You have my complete support at a level compliant with the Hatch Act.
"But did Feingold step over the Hatch Act line in his heart to heart with Tester?"
"Feingold was still on the U.S. State Department clock as of Wednesday."
Something your news didn't tell you!
The allnew 2015 Volkswagen GTI has a tough act to follow Is it a worthy successor Heres our first drive of VWs latest hot hatch
Here is an analysis of the WH "defense" of its job offer to to quit 2010 Senate primary
Give Hillary her ticket for Archive Rules violation & Bush 2 yrs in jail for violating the Hatch Act.
They're both out of office, both accused of the same thing. except the Pres is covered under the Hatch act. and State isn't.
Um, Does anyone remember W.Bush deleting 22million emails about violating the Hatch act?
Motor : New Mazda2 hatch is a class act $7261
Guess who voted for the Hatch Act? But similar to security requests specifying Al Qaeda threat in no proof Hillary read it.
. Well.. If, she Violated, her own "Hatch Act".. Throw her, in PRISON..!!!
Who knew? "Hatch is an unabashed friend to songwriters since the senior senator from Utah is a published songwriter."
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