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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein (born March 19, 1952) is an American film producer and movie studio chairman. He is best known as co-founder of Miramax Films.

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Los Angeles Police Department says it is investigating a potential sexual assault involving Harvey Weinstein in 2013
The Los Angeles Police Department announced on Wednesday that they are investigating Harvey Weinstein on...
LAPD investigating Harvey Weinstein - The Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation into Harvey...
BREAKING: The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Harvey Weinstein for possible rape in 2013.
As part of the "Me Too" social media movement, which began in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal and sees...
It's triggering lot of unreleased pain: Oprah Winfrey on Harvey Weinstein allegations.
We made one of these for Harvey Weinstein. Then decided to make one for President Trump. It's a long timeline.
Also, why is Bernie Sanders neglecting to talk about democrat mega donors George Soros and Harvey Weinstein?.
Claire Forlani says she 'ducked' and 'dived' to escape Harvey Weinstein five times
Kristin Chenoweth refuses to comment as she's grilled about Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Smith will give residuals from his past Harvey Weinstein films to a women’s charity -
Kevin Smith will donate future Harvey Weinstein residuals.
Kevin Smith will donate future Harvey Weinstein residuals
'Silence is complicity' — Watch Joe Biden blast Harvey Weinstein and the toxic Hollywood culture that enabled him
Spare the outrage over Harvey Weinstein. These people voted for Trump. - The Washington Post
Hollywood sex freak, and Obama / Clinton backer, Harvey Weinstein supports the Syrian 'revolution' ht…
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.calls out Clinton Foundation for reportedly keeping Harvey Weinstein donations
Clinton Foundation says it won't give $250,000 or Harvey Weinstein's money back. The Clinton's don't care for women's…
Barstool Sports founder asks if Harvey Weinstein should be allowed to exchange sex for work:
NBC will not punish Al Michaels for comparing Giants to Harvey Weinstein via the Android app
"The Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein." - Al Michaels during the game. Al Michaels during commercial…
Crooked Hillary to keep Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 donation to Clinton Foundation!
Hillary Clinton compared Harvey Weinstein to President Donald Trump in an interview on “The Andrew Marr Show."
Harvey Weinstein admits to groping women and won’t let the victim leave. Still no condemnation from Hillary Clinton. https:…
I'm not sure who's more delusional about their current station in life - Harvey Weinstein or Hillary Clinton. Both need to just go away
These 4 pics were after everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein but Al Michaels can't joke about Weinstein's ba…
*commercial break*. Cris: This game *** huh?. Al Michaels: I got Harvey Weinstein jokes. Cris: Aight then go in Al you d…
Don't you just love that the libs got triggered by Al Michaels' reference to Harvey Weinstein? I love it. Keep it up Al keep it up
You think Al Michaels should be fired for his Harvey Weinstein joke?
NFL broadcaster Al Michaels had to quickly apologize for this Harvey Weinstein joke
The Boy Scouts, Harvey Weinstein, and the road to ***
Al Michaels was announcing during the NY Giants game yesterday, during which he made a Harvey Weinstein joke.
John Oliver calls the Academy hypocrites for expelling Harvey Weinstein but not Roman Polanski and others:
Here’s the connection between sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton .
I compare Bill Clinton to Harvey Weinstein , Both are scumbags
is the Clinton Foundation is keeping Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 blood money. Was there ever any doub…
Here's John Oliver's rant against Harvey Weinstein and the Academy tonight:
NBC will not punish broadcaster for comparing NY Giants to Harvey Weinstein
Al Michaels issues apology after making joke about Harvey Weinstein.
People got more upset about Al Michaels roasting Harvey Weinstein than about Harvey Weinstein sexually manipulating and ***
NBC made Al Michaels apologize for making a joke at Harvey Weinstein's expense? . The same company that refused to rel…
At 72 years of age, Al Michaels just taught every single late night comedian how to rip on Harvey Weinstein.
Al Michaels said the Giants had a worse week than Harvey Weinstein
Dear Al Michaels,. You know who had a worse week than Harvey Weinstein?. The women who have to live with being sexually…
What was Al Michaels thinking comparing the bad luck NY Giants to Harvey Weinstein?
Hi Will you denounce Hillary Clinton for keeping hundreds of thousands of Harvey Weinstein's dirty money?
Just announced : Hillary Clinton will NOT give back donations from Harvey Weinstein & other She DEMA…
Hillary Clinton will donate any money from Harvey Weinstein to charity after slamming disgraced mogul
Hillary Clinton will give Harvey Weinstein's $250,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation, which is where 99% of her Char…
So, Hillary will keep Harvey Weinstein's $250,000. Why is anyone surprised?. It's money, and we're talking about Hilla…
Hillary Clinton will 'donate' Harvey Weinstein's money to the Clinton Foundation whose primary task is to fund her lavish…
Harvey Weinstein scandal: Woody Allen clarifies comments, Dolly Parton 'never had problem' with mogul v…
Dolly Parton on Harvey Weinstein: He worked my butt off
Harvey Weinstein case moves thousands to tell their own stories of abuse, break silence
Al Michaels tried to make a joke on SNF comparing the New York Giants to Harvey Weinstein via
Umm, a Harvey Weinstein reference? On Sunday Night Football? On what planet is that in good taste Al Michaels? Ugh... 😑
Al Michaels apologizes after cracking Harvey Weinstein joke on Sunday Night Football:
Al Michaels apologizes for comparing Giants to Harvey Weinstein
Al Michaels is HILARIOUS for that Harvey Weinstein joke.
“The Giants are jerking off right in front of Denver like Harvey Weinstein did to women who really wanted to be famous”. -Al M…
Add Al Michaels to the list of Harvey Weinstein's victims.
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What's up with Al Michaels and these bad jokes? Yesterday he joked: NYG having worse week than Harvey Weinstein. . That's funny?
Al Michaels made a Harvey Weinstein joke during a game I lost 35 dollars on and the outrage is about the joke? Where's my…
The fact that Al Michaels had to apologize for a totally benign Harvey Weinstein reference shows you how far (and pathetic…
Perhaps the MEDIA could avert their eyes from Woody Allen & Harvey Weinstein to look into the phantom trump votes unearthed…
looking forward to hearing what Roman Polanski has to say about what Woody Allen had to say about what Harvey Weinstein d…
My new article, "As men, it’s our job to challenge the culture that enables people like Harvey Weinstein".
Two more actresses, Florence Darel and Claire Forlani, describe being propositioned by Harvey Weinstein
I was Sexually Harassed by Harvey Weinstein. Seperate: I also lost my SH 5-day jury trial with 10 men/2 woman while…
Notice that even in Al Michaels' bad joke, it is that Harvey Weinstein who had a bad week, not his rape victims who had…
"Al Michaels" Here, I just incorporated Harvey Weinstein into the play by play in tasteless Karmic way. Jesus, get…
“The Giants are disrobing the Broncos like Harvey Weinstein at the Beverly Hilton.2nd and 10 from the 35.”. -Al Micha…
Al Michaels apologizes for his cringeworthy Harvey Weinstein joke -- "Move on," adds Cris Collingsworth
Liberals can’t handle a Harvey Weinstein joke by Al Michaels, but are ok with the crude and nasty jokes on SNL? Interest…
Wow. NBC responded quicker to Al Michaels' Harvey Weinstein joke than they did to Harvey Weinstein.
Funny how liberals are more outraged by Al Michaels’ Harvey Weinstein joke than they are about the fact that Weinstein is a…
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Al Michaels: "The Giants are having a worse week than Harvey Weinstein"
Al Michaels is seriously being criticized for making a Harvey Weinstein joke (and a pretty funny one, at that) on SNF.…
Right now that White F__OT Shaun King is trying think of way to link Al Michaels joke of Harvey Weinstein to White Privilege
The Academy kicked out Harvey Weinstein, but what about Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen? http…
Asking Woody Allen about his opinion on Harvey Weinstein is like asking O.J about Ray Rice.
Is it too early to say Ronan Farrow should get the Pulitzer Prize for his in depth expose on Harvey Weinstein?.
Woody Allen speaking out, on Harvey Weinstein's 'Witch Hunt', is like Colonel Sanders speaking out for Ronald Mcdonald's 'He…
"The whole Harvey Weinstein thing is very sad for everybody involved," said Woody Allen
Harvey Weinstein: Scotland Yard investigating assault claims by three UK women
Pathetic - Megyn Kelly (Or Nicole Brown Simpson) started her show with the Harvey Weinstein story. Then she was sucking up to Kate M's Bump!
So glad Woody Allen decided to contribute to the Harvey Weinstein conversation. Now I expect to hear from Clarence Thomas & Dennis Hastert.
Too little too late: finally addresses the Harvey Weinstein scandal
response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal proves that they probably shouldn't have bothered htt…
Woody Allen has been canceled since Netscape was the premier web browser... Woody Allen defends Harvey Weinstein
The Academy kicked out Harvey Weinstein but have yet to kick out Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. . Don't stop until they…
Woody Allen has the worst Harvey Weinstein take
Woody Allen while he was watching Hollywood turn on Harvey Weinstein
Of course Woody Allen defends rapist Harvey Weinstein and says he is "sad" for him. Woody Allen is a Hollywood pedophile.
Woody Allen, the guy who married his step-daughter, soft-pedals Harvey Weinstein
James Corden apparently didn't get the memo that Hollywood isn't joking about Harvey Weinstein
James Corden’s jokes about the numerous allegations against Harvey Weinstein were not well-received.
You do follow James Corden and the monstrous Harvey Weinstein though. Color me shocked. /s
James Corden kicked off the L.A. gala with off-color humor about Harvey Weinstein
Looks like James Corden just bagged himself a role playing Harvey Weinstein in the movie of his life last night at
James Corden criticised for Harvey Weinstein jokes at HIV/AIDS fundraiser
Music - James Corden receives backlash after controversial Harvey Weinstein joke at charity
Actresses Kate Beckinsale, Claire Forlani, and Florence Darel have now accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault
Woody Allen ‘sad’ for Harvey Weinstein over sexual assault allegations
UK police investigating three more sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein
There's a way for comics to talk about Harvey Weinstein. Just ask Samantha Bee or Michael Che. What you did last night ain't it.
.came after Harvey Weinstein the way every late-night host should have
Samantha Bee just delivered the most brutal Harvey Weinstein takedown yet — without once mentioning his name:
Samantha Bee tears into Harvey Weinstein and warns Hollywood creeps: "We are coming for you"
Woody Allen feels sorry for Harvey Weinstein. In other news, Rose West thinks Ian Huntley could do with a hug.
Robert De Niro is friends with Harvey Weinstein and remained silent after the rape etc accusations started. https:/…
Courtney Love was out here warning girls about Harvey Weinstein way back in 2005... but keep acting surprised, Hollywood…
Video shows Courtney Love warning women about Harvey Weinstein in 2005
Courtney Love was WARNING about Harvey Weinstein in 2005!. “If Harvey Weinstein invites u to a private party at the Four S…
See how tackled Harvey Weinstein this week:
Kate Winslet didn't thank Harvey Weinstein when she won the Oscar. Here's why
did the Harvey Weinstein jokes and skit go over big? What about the Ben Affleck parody? Isn’t truth funnier than Alec Baldwin?
Harvey Weinstein, central-casting Hollywood predator, is just one festering pustule in a diseased industry
I’m trying not to read everybody’s Harvey Weinstein piece, because it’s too much. But this by Sarah Polley:
Opinion: Here is an unsettling problem that I am left with now: Like so many, I knew about Harvey Weinstein
32 women are now accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse. 3 of them say they were raped. Other Hollywood executives will s…
Disgraced movie exec Harvey Weinstein expelled from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
As a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences I am proud of their decision to expel Harvey Weinstein.
OK so the Academy kicked out Harvey Weinstein. But not Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, or Woody Allen. Oh.
I love the your phraseology there Jim! '. Donald Trump on Harvey Weinstein ' Yep... I took it literally &…
Harvey Weinstein was kicked out of the Academy because we found out about him, not because Hollywood did. Hollywood alw…
The Observer view on the Harvey Weinstein fallout | Observer editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
Jim Harbaugh is close friends with Harvey Weinstein.
Rush Limbaugh to Harvey Weinstein: Hire Hillary Clinton - 'The CEO of Bimbo Eruptions' - Breitbart
Harvey Weinstein discussed in 2014 leaked email from Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton to Henry Louis Gates, Jr
Harvey Weinstein is being used by MSM as distraction from how the govt story of is a lie.
WOWWW: Weinstein Co. had Serial Sexual Predator Clause tht allowed Harvey Weinstein to ATTACK as many girls as he want…
Harvey Weinstein told Eva Green she would never work again after fighting off his advances in Paris hotel
Courtney Love warned young women about Harvey Weinstein in 2005, and none listened!! Blame yourselves ladies!!
Minka on Harvey Weinstein: I'm sorry for being 'complicit in protecting his behavior', THEN DO something !! http…
Hey Star Ledger, I missed all the articles on Harvey Weinstein's fundraiser for Murphey's Gubernatorial campaign??? NO PROPAGANDA?
Chelsea Clinton literally fled the scene when I asked her if Clinton Foundation will return Harvey Weinstein money https:…
Angie Everhart accused Harvey Weinstein of doing that thing he did to a plant, but on a boat
Move over Harvey Weinstein, there's a new kid in town.
Hillary Clinton was so disgusted with Harvey Weinstein that she deleted all 30,000 email conversations she had with him.
Hillary Clinton we will speak out against Harvey Weinstein as soon as she figures out how to use it against Republicans.
Hillary was so 'shocked' about Harvey Weinstein's sex abuse that it took her three days until she can tell her spokesperso…
Obama waited so long to denounce Harvey Weinstein that his favorite excuse 'I learned about it from the news' won't work t…
The fact that Obama sent his daughter to serve as an intern for Harvey Weinstein tells you a lot what kind of a 'family ma…
Hillary's 5-day response time to Harvey Weinstein isn't so bad, considering that she's still responding to an election fro…
Hollywood wants you to think that Roger Ailes asking women to put on bikinis is equivalent to Harvey Weinstein raping nume…
If there were true justice in the U.S. court system, Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby would be swinging a sling blade on side of the highway
Harvey Weinstein wasn't the only sexual predator/pedophile/rapist in Hollywood. It'll be interesting to watch all of the dom…
Claire Forlani shares how she 'escaped' meetings with Harvey Weinstein via
With all the allegations of sexual predatory behavior against Harvey Weinstein, why does Jim Kimmel have women guessing what's in his pants?
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted to 'immediately expel' Harvey Weinstein via
And no. You may not do the Jim Norton Puppet Show... Not the with news of the Harvey Weinstein puppet show all over the internet
broadcast by Harvey Weinstein expelled from Academy of Motion Pictures
I enjoy The Sun's strong stance against Harvey Weinstein when it's not busy taking sneaky pictures up women's skirt…
Harvey Weinstein expelled from motion picture academy
Harvey Weinstein expelled by Oscars Academy according to statement
Harvey Weinstein, you can't go to rehab and expect to return to life as it was. Go away! To Sing Sing.
NBC News ran 1000 Trump stories with anonymous sources, but refused to run Harvey Weinstein story with police reports and…
Come on Jim & Neil stand up there for Dublin ?? BBC News - Oscars board stages emergency Harvey Weinstein meeting
this story is incredible and it was another way Harvey Weinstein targeted women
Harvey Weinstein is now a big problem for Democrats | Analysis by CNN's Chris Cillizza
Ah I was waiting for this. My 90s sitcom heroine Blossom on being a feminist in Harvey Weinstein's Hollywood
Actress Alice Evans said her career suffered after an encounter with Harvey Weinstein
Tom Hanks calls out Harvey Weinstein for saying he came up in the '60s and '70s: 'I did too' via
Quentin Tarantino, Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Heidi Klum, more speak out about Harvey Weinstein https…
Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Hanks are among the Academy board members deciding Harvey Weinstein's fate in Hollywood.
Alice Evans speaks - Did rejecting Harvey Weinstein's sinister advances shut down my career - and my husbands?.
Actress claims rejecting Harvey Weinstein may have cost her career - and her husband's
Forlani on Harvey Weinstein: "These brave women who came forward are creating alchemy of all bad, brutal ugliness"
Lisa Rose was 22 when she was worked for Harvey Weinstein in London. She told me her story
So Jimmy Kimmel was the only person in Hollywood actually willing to blow Harvey Weinstein.
I added a video to a playlist Quentin Tarantino Breaks Silence on Harvey Weinstein
Obama's threw their daughter Malia into the arms of sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.
Jimmy Kimmel defends lack of Harvey Weinstein jokes: I’m not the "moral conscience of America" .
What is up with all these Liberal perverts?!. -Harvey Weinstein. -Bill Clinton. -Jimmy Kimmel. -Joe Biden. -Ben Affleck. -Anthon…
Quentin Tarantino breaks silence on longtime partner Harvey Weinstein
Ryan Gosling has released a statement in response to Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct allegations:
If Trump hadnt become president Harvey Weinstein would never have came out to the truth of the world. President Hillary…
After Oliver Stone came to Harvey Weinstein's defense, actress and model Carrie Stevens claimed Stone groped her. https…
A former Sports Illustrated model says Harvey Weinstein “took his pants down and did his thing” in front of her.
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"Stunned and Heartbroken" - Quentin Tarantino breaks silence on Harvey Weinstein case
I liked a video Quentin Tarantino Breaks Silence on Harvey Weinstein
Quentin Tarantino breaks silence on Harvey Weinstein allegations
Director Quentin Tarantino isn't speaking out just yet on the allegations against Harvey Weinstein ht…
Michael Moore wants to use Harvey Weinstein moment to destroy ‘white male hierarchy’
MUST WATCH: Harvey Weinstein asked Michael Moore to remove negative references to Hillary in the film 'Sicko.'
How Michael Moore (dodged responsibility for covering-up/ignoring his business partner Harvey Weinstein's…
Minka Kelly has a "gross" Harvey Weinstein story of her own via
Minka Kelly: 'Harvey Weinstein promised lavish life to be his girlfriend'
Hillary was harassed too. Minka Kelly puts on brave face amid Harvey Weinstein harassment claims…
Angie Everhart and Minka Kelly come forward with stories about Harvey Weinstein.
Minka Kelly on Harvey Weinstein: I'm Sorry for Being "Complicit in Protecting His Behavior" via
Minka Kelly is yet another actress on a long list of women who felt Harvey Weinstein abused his power: h…
if Harvey Weinstein is being talked about .. so should Jerry Bruckheimer. Just as bad.And his creepy flashdanc…
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo changes his tune on Harvey Weinstein donation money.
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Harvey Weinstein looks a bit like Chris Moyles after he was dropped from the Radio 1 breakfast show...but much nicer of course.
BTW will brother Andrew return Harvey Weinstein cash ? So far this corrupt governor has refused .
So Jane Fonda knew about Harvey Weinstein when she did what she did at the Academy Awards with Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin?
Matt Damon called 'spineless profiteer who stays silent' by Harvey Weinstein victim Rose McGowan after it is revealed he and…
Quentin Tarantino breaks his silence on Harvey Weinstein: "[I'm] stunned and heartbroken."
Quentin Tarantino broke his silence early Friday morning on the Harvey Weinstein allegations
Quentin Tarantino has broken his silence on the Harvey Weinstein allegations
Quentin Tarantino issues statement in response to Harvey Weinstein allegations
Quentin Tarantino speaks out on the allegations made against his longtime friend Harvey Weinstein... sort of.
From Quentin Tarantino to Barack Obama, big names are speaking out against Harvey Weinstein
Quentin Tarantino has been very silent on the Harvey Weinstein allegations... Wonder why?
In Hollywood there were rumors & warnings about Harvey Weinstein. In Congress there were rumors & warnings about Mark Foley & Denny Hastert.
Harvey Weinstein and Michael Moore. Two filthy degenerates, who are hideously ugly on the inside and the out.
Let's not forget Harvey Weinstein is a producer on Michael Moore's next film, Fahrenheit 11/9. Another reason not to watch i…
From the sounds of it, Michael Moore may be the ONLY person Harvey Weinstein never sexually assaulted
So I seem to have missed Michael Moore’s response to Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein didn't do anything wrong...just like Michael Jackson didn't moleste little kids...
One of the dumbest men in Hollywood, Oliver Stone, says it's too early to pass judgement on Harvey Weinstein:
DC Swamp is sacrificing Harvey Weinstein as a diversion away from the Awans and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which lead d…
In 2019 Oliver Stone will be interviewing Harvey Weinstein from a bunker somewhere in Romania.
Oliver Stone on Harvey Weinstein: "A man shouldn't be condemned by a vigilante system"
Harvey Weinstein offered TV presenter Myleene Klass a 'sex contract' over lunch at the Cannes2017 F…
Harvey Weinstein news reminded of the time when India TV launched with bang casting couch sting operations on Shakti Kapoor & Aman Verma.
People wanna go after Hillary Clinton b/c of Harvey Weinstein's cash. How about holding MEN accountable for their own ***
Hillary Clinton says she will donate money from Harvey Weinstein to charity
If you're a Hillary Clinton, you stand UP for women! You don't take donations from Harvey Weinstein! Stick up f…
This years "Best Actress", for her portrayal of a woman with NO knowledge of Harvey Weinstein's perverted behavior, goes to…
Is this a demonstration against "champion for women" Hillary Clinton taking 5 days to condemn Harvey Weinstein?.
The idea that the Harvey Weinstein story is primarily a story about ***Hillary Clinton*** is fricking nuts
Clinton: I can't know for sure exactly how much money I took from Harvey Weinstein. Answer: $1,492,673.45 since 1999
Rebecca Solnit on Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton, and Blaming Women for the Acts of Men via
Once a traitor, always a traitor! Jane Fonda feels guilty for not speaking out about Harvey Weinstein
Jane Fonda, one year ago, were you in Hanoi sitting on top of a VietCong tank when you found out about Harvey Weinstein? Just asking!!!
Jane Fonda: I'm "ashamed" I didn't speak out about Harvey Weinstein sooner
"I'm ashamed that I didn't say anything": Jane Fonda says she regrets not speaking up earlier about Harvey Weinstein
Jane Fonda says she feels "ashamed" for not speaking out about Harvey Weinstein earlier.
Jane Fonda: "I was happy to loudly protest my own country from Vietnam, but calling out Harvey Weinstein was just a bit…
EXCLUSIVE Shamed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein propositioned Myleene Klass with a sex contract, I can reveal .
"Standing up for what's right...that's the only way to change this sh-t." Mark Ruffalo responds to Harvey Weinstein sexual ***
Roy Price and Harvey Weinstein. This won't be allowed to trend that long. (Jeff Bezos is twitching somewhere) h…
WHOA! First has deal w/ RAPIST Harvey Weinstein, and now has deal with WaPo’s Jeff Bezos!. cc:
Emma Thompson regarding Harvey Weinstein: "He's an actual predator, he's dangerous and what he's done and what he's doing…
Emma Thompson calls out 'predator' Harvey Weinstein via
Watch this. Emma Thompson on Harvey Weinstein: He's not a sex addict, he's a predator.
Emma Thompson on Harvey Weinstein is the best. So clear, so true. Just perfect.
Emma Thompson tells us the Harvey Weinstein allegations are just the tip of the iceberg of a wider and systemic problem i…
Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Roy Price and more to come. The liberal elites are crashing and burning for being sick perv…
Harvey Weinstein 'offered Myleene Klass sex contract' when pair met for lunch at Cannes Film Festival
Top story: Rose McGowan alleges Harvey Weinstein raped her – and Amazon ignored… see more
Harvey Weinstein investigated over alleged London sexual assault in 1980s as Kate Beckinsale joins list of accusers
I knew it was only time before evidence came out that Harvey Weinstein is a pedophile! 🍕.
Kate Beckinsale is the latest to come forward with her story of harassment by Harvey Weinstein
I see more people upset about jason momoa's joke than they are Harvey Weinstein who actually sexually assaulted women...
Harvey Weinstein couldn't even remember if he assaulted Kate Beckinsale when she was a minor. He's a monster that should…
NEW: Kate Beckinsale says Harvey Weinstein hit on her when she was 17, called her a ‘cu*t’
Kate Beckinsale says Harvey Weinstein 'couldn't remember if he had assaulted me'
Kate Beckinsale on Harvey Weinstein: "He couldn't remember if he had assaulted me or not"
Kate Beckinsale: I avoided Harvey Weinstein come ons when I was 17 by saying I 'had school in the morning'
Harvey Weinstein told Cara Delevingne 'you'll never make it in Hollywood if you're ***
I love how Trump's base thinks that liberals are going to defend Harvey Weinstein simply because he is a liberal himself. Th…
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.says Harvey Weinstein harassed her when she was 17
Kate Beckinsale is the latest actress to speak out against Harvey Weinstein
Kate Beckinsale has posted this statement detailing her experience with Harvey Weinstein. He offered her alcohol at 17; called…
'I Felt Powerless' - Actress Cara Delevingne is the latest to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.
Myleene Klass 'told Harvey Weinstein to f*** off when he offered sex contract'
“I already knew she was a fierce, brave woman.” — Margot Robbie on Cara Delevingne’s statement about Harvey Weinstein. [
Myleene Klass reveals Harvey Weinstein offered her a SEX CONTRACT at lunch in Cannes - but she told him where to go
Cara Delevingne shares her own disgusting Harvey Weinstein story
Gosling 'deeply disappointed in myself' for being oblivious to Harvey Weinstein allegations | Peterborough Examiner
NBC head Noah Oppenheim suppressed the Harvey Weinstein story
Emma Thompson says Harvey Weinstein is representative of a system of "extreme masculinity" involving "many" more men. https…
Governor Cuomo still won't give up $60,000 in campaign cash he's received from the disgraced Harvey Weinstein
Cara Delevingne adds to Harvey Weinstein harassment claims - how much is she worth?
Harvey Weinstein told Cara Delevingne: 'You'll never be a leading lady if you're ***
Harvey Weinstein's comments to Cara Delevingne are a glimpse into Hollywood's troubling LGBT+ .
Margot Robbie praises Cara Delevingne for speaking out about her experience with Harvey Weinstein.
Harvey Weinstein is d lost brother of Mulayam Singh Yadav..
I just received this statement from detailing her experience with Harvey Weinstein. Thank you, Cara.
*Mrs Merton tone*. So Georgina,what first attracted you to the billionaire lecherous lump of gammon,Harvey Weinstein?.
JAY-Z is reportedly looking to purchase Harvey Weinstein's stake in The Weinstein Company
Cara Delevingne accuses Harvey Weinstein of trying to bring her into a threesome as allegations mount up
Cara Delevingne becomes latest star to allege sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein -…
Cara Delevingne publishes her statement about the advances Harvey Weinstein made towards her a few years ago.
Cara Delevingne is the latest person to say that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed them
"He walked me to the door & stood in front of it and tried to kiss me," Cara Delevingne said of Harvey Weinstein
.opened up about her experience with Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein: Cara Delevingne tells of threesome, as he tells wife Georgina Chapman to leave him
'I felt guilty and terrified': Cara Delevingne sensationally claims Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her
Cara Delevingne says Harvey Weinstein tried to make her kiss woman
Harvey Weinstein has now joined Andy Millman and Ronnie Corbett on the list on people banned from the Baftas…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"He tried more than once. I pushed him physically." Léa Seydoux discloses Harvey Weinstein assault in 2012:
Our Newest Story (Léa Seydoux says Harvey Weinstein tried to sexually assault her | Film) is being shared on O ...…
Strong words from French actor Léa Seydoux, not just on Harvey Weinstein, but on the whole film industry:
Lea Seydoux reveals she was assaulted by Harvey Weinstein: "He suddenly jumped on me and tried to kiss me"
'I had to defend myself': the night Harvey Weinstein jumped on me | Léa Seydoux
The 30 Rock joke that hinted at Harvey Weinstein allegations in 2012
Is Alec Baldwin afraid that Harvey Weinstein is going to expose him & others who shared Weinstein's girls?
These are the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein so far
Did Matt Damon know about Harvey Weinstein's serial sex abuse when he called the New York Times and pressured them to s…
Matt Damon responds to story that he called to lobby the NYT on Harvey Weinstein's behalf.
ENABLERS CAUGHT. How the Harvey Weinstein scandal has become a nightmare for Ben Affleck and Matt Damon via
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