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Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is a large Australian-based retailer of electrical, computer, furniture, entertainment and bedding goods.

Gerry Harvey

Mine last night was from "Harvey Norman Computer Department". Told him to F Off straight away. Tonight they tried again.
Harvey Norman complaining again (though for good reason this time!) "Apple makes billions more than me. I pay more tax. Aaah!
Deal Alert: Harvey Norman Feb-Tachular Gadget Sale - starts now some of the deals below, more…
- FREE Sennheiser Earphones with purchase of Windows 8 Devices @ Harvey Norman …
Harvey Norman! Leave your phone in flight mode the whole time too unless u have free wifi, battery lasts for ages!
Harvey Norman' Gerry Harvey slams multimationals' tax lobbyists-when the rich complain about the richer you get the?
Harvey Norman breaks a new world record. 3 weeks to repaing a 11 month old laptop. 3 weeks and still going. Good work guys Ballina Store btw
On this issue, I agree wholeheartedly with Gerry Harvey: multinationals must pay their fair share of tax
Gerry Harvey wakes to find he has no voice!: Or second-rate tax lobbyists anyway…
Time for Fairfax to employ iPad sub-editors again: "Harvey Norman' Gerry Harvey slams multimationals' tax lobbyists"
Harvey lets fly over corporate tax dodging (Business)
Harvey lets fly over corporate tax dodging
Harvey lets fly over corpoate tax dodging (Business)
Happy Birthday to our brother have a good day buddy
Yeah!! It's gone on for ages!! Like the Harvey Norman adds of old!
tidak sama sekali. Next time im gonna wait at harvey norman while you shop :D
Buy Miche Bag Online!
: Harvey Norman : Consumers growth trends is seen as unsure during Jan 2015.
Happy birthday to a very special super talented guy ! Have a great one lil bro! Xxx
heard you're lookin for Aine from Harvey Norman?? She's my wifey, let me know and i'll get her to call/txt .
I just want to know if the eta is still Friday. I preordered at Harvey Norman but they are no help
Went to test out some floorstanding speakers. Sorry to Harvey Norman staff for blasting CD through the store 😝👌
is HN Harvey norman or something else?
Not amused. No legs or regulator for the stove. One leg short for the dishwasher. Good one Harvey Norman.
Listening to Harvey Danger radio and the last two songs were Norman Greembaum and Nine Inch Nails (closer). Check your algorithm Pandora
Gerry Harvey of Harvey Norman on Channel Nine, whingeing about the fall of the Aussie Dollar and prices of imported appliances in his stores will have to increase. ..Gee Whiz .. Firstly, a big ad plug for Harvey Norman masquerading as 'News' on Nine. Secondly Norman complaining because the truth is, he won't be able to donate as much to the NLP ... Der, ..the public ain't dumb, Gerry ..
Chocolate leather couch! Purchased from Harvey Norman for $4200! Excellent condition hardly used as in second living area! Inspections welcome! Mornington $1200 Ono
$150 1600 x 2300 Shaggy rug! Brought from Harvey Norman 8 Months ago for $350.. No Visible stains.. Smoke free home. Pick up officer
will your stores match the current 24 months interest free that Harvey Norman are offering on Mac products?
Ticketec has a 2 for 1 offer for the Harvey Norman Rugby League All Stars game on Goldy in 3 weeks.
So Harvey Norman bring in a range of Electronics like Tablets & Televisions with the brand name Konka.
I've been to two stationary stores and Harvey Norman. Still need to go back for more stationary and buy new uniforms.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Norman Lear says "No one has ever loved America more or spanked it harder than Harvey Kaye"
Trademe? Better to look at the $500-800 specials at Harvey Norman/DSE. Still crappy, but not quite as crappy.
A couple of years ago I did a trick for my colleagues in Harvey Norman Limerick Troy Davis, John Cushnahan...
It's in Dallas next year. Harvey Norman must sell TVs as big as the one in Jerryworld lol
: Harvey Norman - Consumers growth trends is seen as adequate during Jan 2015.
Wow! These new ultra HD TV's from Harvey Norman will be mighty handy when telecast all of Australia's cricket matches in SD.
Harvey Norman could sponsor it. You get a discount on a new TV after putting your foot through old one
Harvey Norman Australia are giving away the WilliamsWarn counter-pressure bottler, 48 swing-top bottles and a...
Harvey Norman New Zealand has slashed a whopping $730 off the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery and brewing kits are,,,
I was in Rotorua and in Harvey Norman I think on the same day and didn't end up bumping into to you
That homeboy Gerry Harvey *** shops at big w and he owns Harvey Norman 👀
try blender gallery and Harvey Norman
# if you shop at Harvey Norman you can negotiate equal price to Kogan for a brand name and always go back to store. Kogan impossible
well I got mine 2 years ago and I got a discount coz a cuzzy worked at Harvey norman so I paid 60 for mine :)
So I just mixed up best denki and harvey Norman whut
Update your maps at Navteq
you think Harvey Norman is your father de gang ar. LOL. anyhow diao zui.
Yup. Harvey Norman. Going to review the $20 one next. "Worth buying five to get $100 value..."
it's like all the Harvey Norman catalogue but in one page .
Gerry Harvey re homelessness.marks the end for Harvey Norman and me. A self improvement new year resoluti…
Win a HP Pavilion 15.6" Laptop with Harvey Norman: Up for grabs is a 15.6" HP Pavilion Laptop. To be in with a...
Who says romance is dead. Was in Harvey Norman & saw a man buy his wife an ironing board for Xmas. If I had done the same I'd be wearing it!
Hey JB. Do you price match when products are sold at Harvey Norman cheaper than you??
Sam the promo girl was out and about this morning and the team at Harvey Norman were more than happy to show us...
Harvey Norman finds value in omni-channel retailing: Hand in hand with online comes mobile commerce. Wheelhous...
Im barely voting but ya know Harvey Norman said they fixed my laptop but they only fixed it so you can see the screen. I mean, if I +
We are excited to share with you that, Harvey Norman is having our Pre-Anniversary Celebrations from 4th – 10th...
theres a range that have a detachable keyboard to convert one to the other. just try Harvey Norman to see then shop around
Harvey Norman reporting stock shortages on Moto X and Moto 360 – but JB Hifi apparently have limited Moto 360 stock.
Fridge from Harvey Norman in Albany broken within 6 months. Harvey Norman has a care factor of Zero
- Harvey Norman | 50% discount on selected hood models from Bosch
"Corporate Australia is getting ready for you", says Katie Page, CEO Harvey Norman via
New Offer: Harvey Norman offers the latest & greatest laptops, printers, cameras and more read more at here
it is! It got commercial on prime time TV leh, lol! Jiayou! Which Harvey Norman? The millennia walk one?
Hello, gorgeous! is now wearing a shiny new Available now, find out more here:
Harvey Norman is having its Pre-Anniversary Celebrations from now until 10 Nov 2014 with loads of irresistible...
Special message from Harvey Norman CEO Katie Page to women. 'Keep going'. Tara Cheesman believes corporate Oz ready for more women
LG launches the G Watch R, available today at Harvey Norman, JB HiFi and Optus
Love you my 💗 Do join us in the celebration of Harvey Norman's 13th Anniversary on…
And there was that one time when the State-of-Origin was broadcast in 3D. Harvey Norman were sponsors …
Harvey Norman are doing pre orders now buddy
Good point. However, as many of our users = baby boomers with 10-yr-old Harvey Norman desktops, that's a serious mash of metrics
Come into Harvey Norman and switch to Optus. We will give you $100 to do it.😃
Hey Kodi, happy Friday!The tablet is available to purchase online NOW & will be available in Harvey Norman soon. Talk soon, Bec
Have you checked any Harvey Norman's in Sydney, to see if they have any left?
Shepparton's Harvey Norman is set to move to its new location early next year -
webtherapist: Samsung Tab 2 genuine covers $2 each: available for 10.1" and 7" at Harvey Norman Lis...
Is a 3d printer something we can just rock up to somewhere like Harvey Norman & purchase in
Harvey Norman in Australia will be selling the for only $567 from 11th November with bonus Treasure Tag! :))
You can buy 3d printers from Harvey Norman now, 3d printers have officially lost all excitement
is now $198 outright at Harvey Norman in Australia
available 11 November at Harvey Norman for $579 outright.
; So guys, the is a 10/10 must have for 2014. $38 at Harvey Norman today. Normally only $50. Amazing device. Would recommend.
Inspired by katie page from harvey Norman.
Good Deal: Grab a Chromecast for just $38 from Harvey Norman
They're back! The famous M&S Hot Dogs will be served FREE at Harvey Norman Napier on Saturday from 11am. You know you want one
Harvey norman will benefit from ufb by selling more stock
MAJOR NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESSES . rrepp and Harvey Norman have now joined forces . Check...
in other news Harvey Norman whinges about online shopping
Harvey Norman will see increased sales with UFB in Nelson
thanks Harvey Norman for letting me wait outside for 20+ minutes before I can do my job
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Geez: Fetch TV PVR $199 at Harvey Norman tommorow November 6th only --usually $349.
"Disgusting.. Who needs sim lim sq when there's Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman etc
Full range of Surface Accessories incl. covers & sleeves at link below or in Harvey Norman and PC World
the 50mm I want is about 130 in Harvey Norman I think?
Printing photos from harvey norman will be faster with ufb
the Harvey Norman service sentence bc I bought from them!!
Found some really expensive cardboard in Harvey Norman today . The Fuji cameras were a different price btw
Some really expensive cardboard in Harvey Norman
Pre-ordered a Note 4 weeks ago, sposed to arrive today and Harvey Norman say they're still waiting for stock. *** Samsung and their lies!
Hackers plunder Hilton 'HHonors' rewards points, go on shopping spree: Buy a $2k telly at Harvey Norman for $1...
As many of you know, our major annual fundraiser has been Santa Paws that we hold at Penrith Veterinary Hospital. Due to technical problems that we having last year, I am seriously considering the purchase of new photo printers and possibly a camera. I'm estimating that we will need to spend about $800 or $900 to get all of the gear. Although we could possibly survive with what we have, (it's served us quite well since 2008 or 2009) the last thing we want to do is create a backlog of customers waiting for their photos. If there is anyone out there that knows someone that works at Canon, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi or similar companies, it would be appreciated if you could send them our way so that we can get a decent deal.
I bought an Andrew James juicer in Harvey Norman for a knock down price of €70. Use it every day, does good job.
With Noel leeming on board I wonder if *** smith and Harvey norman will also want to set up a gigatown rego spot?
Robert Harvey Norman Trantham Christina Michelle Trantham Something for the scouts to do.
Come down to Harvey Norman Fyshwick tomorrow for a yummy sausage sandwich
I just heard 3 Harvey Norman ads on the radio in one break. Desperation? I don't shop there no matter how long the interest free period is
Get ready for summer with a portable refrigerated air con this is a polocool 6.0kw remote controlled unit only used last summer purchased at Harvey Norman for $1300 still has 4 years warranty $450 Ono at dubbo
Beats by dre pill. Purchased a few months ago from Harvey Norman . Perfect condition with everything included . Wanting $200 but open to offers.
Yep it's new. Got it from Harvey Norman. Did a bit of haggling.
That new Harvey Norman ad is so unrealistic they look like they're being threatened to say 'I love shopping at Harvey Norman'
Harvey Norman have a lot with a star rating system to help you out
just paid off my mac ( yayaya) so all money is currently in the possession of Harvey Norman 😭 ( next week tho 👍)
"when u forget u have a child Who hasn't been there? My cousin left her baby at Harvey Norman.
Let's go to the Video Ref.. It's official.. He's a Harvey-Norman C**t..
Long weekend AND scored a $100 voucher for Harvey Norman in the mail
Someone should tell Harvey Norman it’s their…
Harvey Norman the Nokia 520 Win 8 smartphone (unlocked) going cheap at just $88 (~$148 to $179 elsewhere).
The ultimate irony this weekend is Harvey Norman will advertise Ultra HD TV units during a SD broadcast
no harvey norman 4K TV, cant even give me 720p/1080p for saving my money
Unbelievable! Yet Fox can do it every week!!! Ironic they have Ray Warren advertising for Harvey Norman Full HD TV's!!!
It was long, loong, looong... Available now Norman
there's one at work just buy the cup for $12 from Harvey Norman or briscoes
Harvey Norman announces massive HD TV refund program. "We're sorry to have misled all you sports fans..."
I wanna go to Harvey Norman bc they're havin a sale ok
A new auction item added with thanks to Harvey Norman Launceston... Remember every dollar of these items goes to...
only $297 at Harvey Norman, offer ends Monday. Best phablet price ever. Go get it!
only $563 at Harvey Norman, offer ends Monday. Go get it!
only $88 at Harvey Norman, offer ends this Monday.
sumaiya- *drinks chlorine water then goes to Harvey Norman and then finally jumps off a cliff*
Come visit me at Harvey Norman Expo tomoz til' 6 Oct... and look at how pathetic my life can be at times
by the way if u r on about that terrible TV show I'm Harvey Norman. don't dare mention it 2morro!
Terrible ad counting down to a big sale was Harvey Norman, not Godfrey's as I suspected. Pleasantly surprised but still annoyed.
I don't know why people bother with Harvey Norman these days. They have the rudest sales staff.
Totally broke but somehow I find myself at a Harvey Norman sale
The three big threats to another strong year of growth for Harvey Norman
Burgo's Catch Phrase: (brand new). * $500 Harvey Norman gift voucher up for grabs. * taking 2 callers each...
When the sales person in Harvey Norman suggests a chest freezer, it's not wise to say "yes, that'll save a lot of cutting up of the corpse."
you can buy it online, I think it's called office 365 or you can buy it in Harvey Norman or somewhere
So Harvey Norman are selling 4k TVs... But is anyone broadcasting it?
Fug I believe that Harvey norman got sell but bloody cheena don't understand what am I talking.
launches "Sleep Pink" at Harvey Norman for the foundation - great cause!
when you've no money to buy beats u gotta try them on at Harvey norman
I won a $500 Harvey Norman giftcard in the Muscular Dystrophy Association Art Union.
Limited tickets left to come and listen to industry entrepreneur & retail giant Gerry Harvey!
4BC's ‘Bid For A Fridge’. Fridges from Harvey Norman with art by the kids @ the Hospital:
4BC's ‘Bid For A Fridge’.. F&P fridges from Harvey Norman complete with art by the kids at the Children’s Hospital::
Yep. Harvey Norman, *** Smith and even MSY. I think the last one makes the most sense.
Harvey Norman has applied for this trade mark. What does "energy conscious" mean?
Hamish McLachlan spruiking HD TVs for Harvey Norman and footy finals. Please.
Walked into Harvey Norman...Pump up the Jam rocketing through the speakers...
Harvey Norman records $211.7m profit; will benefit from robust housing outlook
Looking for something yeah (@ Harvey Norman in Kelana Jaya, Selangor)
Get it done in Harvey Norman chicky
So after months & moths of Lill asking if we can go to the Roccy Rig, today we were close by and finally made it lol... she got a $20 iTunes and was extremely excited thanks to the great team at Harvey Norman & Roccy Fm we have one over the moon little girl
Large timber lowboy, 7 drawers in total, all on sliders. Harvey Norman unit, intricate detail on front sides, top in great condition. Dimensions 140cm length x 45cm depth x 78cm height. Price $125
Solid timber bedsides with intricate design. Harvey Norman pair of bedsides, all three drawers are a great size, solid timber and all on sliders. Slight scratches on top of bedsides. Easily mended. Gorgeous pair. Dimensions 56cm length x 78cm height x 45cm depth 6 drawers in total. Price $65 pair
Three piece Harvey Norman sofa. In good condition.pick up $200 or delivered $250 local. And also TV cabinet for $70.
The tablet that can replace your laptop has arrived! The is now available from Harvey Norman
For all of you who live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld there's a great new place to see all the 2 Kool 4 Skool products "in the flesh"!!. The School Locker Maroochydore is now open in the Harvey Norman Centre. Pop in and say hi after school today!!
New Offer: Harvey Norman big buys, big brands at small prices read more at here
They're available now. Harvey Norman and JB all have stock
hello is Harvey Norman Gold Coast open tomorrow for the Friday public holiday?
In Harvey Norman computers section. Playing new Slipknot over the store PA. Think I walked into a dream.
Just saw some guy walk into a Harvey Norman store, asking if he can speak to Harvey Norman.
So I hear there's some great deals on at Harvey Norman…
You may now get it from the Microsoft online store: or your nearest JB-Hifi or Harvey Norman store!^Julie
Australian demand for the Surface Pro 3 has been unprecedented, according to .
Introducing the stunning Huawei smartphone with an 8 MP front camera. Coming soon to Harvey Norman near you.h…
Macquarie park station smells like a new car/Harvey Norman store. It's enjoyable.
Put neck out. Ouch. Think I need to visit Harvey Norman and test those massage chairs. Boo ya.
Something something something Harvey Norman's? I'm terrible at this.
Why Harvey Norman has run out of steam
pretty expensive rm1000+ the last I checked at Harvey Norman.
Oh my, we are in love with the pretty, shabby chic Top Table range from Harvey Norman Ireland and the good news...
Heard a harvey norman add at work on the radio "are you doing your leaving cert in 46 weeks?” the day the results came out😂
Official. I got my phone outright from Harvey Norman back in the day.
My dad sent me this one :). Harvey Norman. Jim was listening to the radio this morning when the host invited...
harvey norman. Hope to god I will at least get an interview. I would do so well legit at that job-
misheard the Harvey Norman ad and thought they said 'double dip your hummus' instead of 'double dip your bonus'
It seems to be a drag racing mecca on 15th st tonight between Maccas and Harvey Norman.
Just at Microsoft Head Office Sydney for the hitting JB HI FI and Harvey Norman on Thursday. Will have stock and docks!
i set 5sos pics from google on the iPad backgrounds at Harvey Norman today, i love myself 😂
*** I purchased a *** induction oven from Harvey Norman and it is useless. It locks all the time and is a health -
why on earth does harvey norman not show prices on website for furniture? nevermind, I'll buy elsewhere.
Harvey norman are advertising $88 for PS4 version, I'd say most will (should) follow suit
Somebody's wifi name in Harvey Norman today 😂
More pics from all the Harvey Norman fun today! Thank you everyone who took the time to join us at the U105 Roadshow!
Some more photos from this afternoon's event at Harvey Norman at Holywood Exchange with Frank. Well done Paula who won a £1,000 voucher.
A massive congratulations to Paula Boyd who hit the jackpot today at the U105 Roadshow and Harvey Norman Bank...
chillin on all the sofas in Harvey norman
We ship from a Sydney warehouse so delivery will be quick :). You can also grab them at Harvey Norman. —JS
*** just got a news that I have a meeting with Harvey Norman to attend with my Manager this Friday. Sigh, lots to be done.
Here are some of the examples made with the 3D printers at Harvey Norman. Not bad.
Harvey Norman are now selling 3D printers. Watching one at work is a bit like watching a lava lamp.
Myer struggles to make electronics pay. More shrinking of space on cards. Are Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi killing it?.
At Harvey Norman. Can’t find the “Stand here to not be ignored by our staff” sign.
Tech fail from Harvey Norman today. iTunes cards 2-for-1 for one hour…website crashes! Also inc. delivery charge for the hour!
Harvey Norman is recruiting 2 full time sales positions in their Carrickmines store. Contact HR Department
LG G3 now on sale at Harvey Norman, *** Smith, JB et al. RRP $799. (FYI: This is my story about it.)
Harvey Norman comp answer: Black & White. Next time - i will look for you, i will find you, and i will...not give you a clue!
Harvey Norman - customer service... pppfffttt computer been there all afternoon.. They have lost it !
David Jones. Myer. Harvey Norman. You'd *think* staff would be keen to sell you something right? Wrong:
Exercise bike 'Achieve c -130' brand. Condition is like new. Bought for $399 and was an impulse buy, so has hardly been used. These are currently on sale at Harvey Norman for $ 249. Get yourself a bargain at $ 175. Pick up from Blue Haven. Listed elsewhere.
Brisbane, it's your turn! Snap up your Harvey Norman tickets before they're gone - selling...
Sales guy at Harvey Norman told me Samsung outsells any other brand in TVs - not surprising with his heavily biased sales patter!
Nic & Josh are live from Harvey Norman in port Macquarie this morning for the launch of the massive half yearly...
couldn't agree more man! I just took the boys down the park for a kick because I have Harvey Norman in this game!
Congratulations to the team, with their lightbulbs now being sold at big Australian retailer Harvey Norman!
Just a quick reminder that Winda-Mara's Biggest Loser program starts again tonight at 5:15pm at the Heywood Stadium. You can just turn up and train without registering for the program but if you wanna chance to win one of the 3 major prizes ($300 Harvey Norman voucher, $300 Port Fairy Day Spa voucher, $300 Sportspower voucher), registration and measurements is a must. Mondays - 5:15 to 6:15 Wednesdays - 6:00 to 7:00 Fridays - 6:00 to 7:00 For more details contact Leigh Malseed on 55270.
This Morning Damo is flying solo thanks to Harvey Norman's Coffee Expo on this weekend in Blende Street...Coming up this morning:- 710am: BH City Council General Manager - Therese Manns 720am: Sussan Ley on the NBN and Mobile Phone Coverage 740am: Property Investment 750am: Birthday Calls 810am: Preview of the BH Premier League this weekend Plus stacks of Speedway Passes and your chance to win Tina Arena's new album - RESET It's a Friday on Damo's Bigger Brighter Breakie Show on 567am 2BH
Little Giant Ladders
Want to save money and get your high quality backpacks at discounted prices? Come to Harvey Norman expo hall 6A this labour day weekend. Prices valid till 4th May, whilst stocks last!
ONLY FOR TODAY! Are you or your friends heading down to Singapore Expo Hall 6A for the Harvey Norman TECH Expo? Flash your NTUC card at the redemption booth and redeem a $10 Harvey Norman voucher! Hurry, vouchers are while stocks last!
Double checking all papers are filled in correctly before I take them into Ngati Kahungnu Inc. and Te Taiwhenua O Heretaunga.also sponsorship letters going out to PaknSav, Harvey Norman,, Mad Butcher, Countdown, Flaxmere community Trust.round 2 whanau !
Operating @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur! Drop by for a cuppa coffee, we're opposite Harvey Norman, on the 5th floor
Want to win our third and final Fitbit Flex thanks to Harvey Norman? Have a guess how many calories we burn from...
News: Mah Sing teams up with Harvey Norman In order to provide members with more exclusive deals and promos, Mah Sing Group’s MClub loyalty programme has partnered with Harvey Norman, an Australia-based store that sells a wide range of home appliances and furniture. “Today, we enter into a partnership to offer MClub members even more irresistible deals. Together with Harvey Norman, MClub members will now be able to shop for their homes at an exclusive discount,” said Dato' Lim Kiu Hock, Mah Sing’s Executive Director of Operations. “Promotion offered to MClub members include 10 percent off usual retail price on electrical items storewide; three percent off usual retail price on computer and communications storewide; and additional 10 percent off on top of the discount offered on furniture and bedding products storewide,” he added. Founded in Australia, Harvey Norman offers a wide array of electrical appliances, furniture and bedding products, aside from computers. In total, there are 12 Harvey ...
BOOM!! Winning.This is the 4th Year we have won in a row 2011-2012-2013-2014 1OO% Appliances WINS Best in Service, Consumer New Zealand's Annual Fair Go Customer Satisfaction Survey 2014 The Results: Best Customer Satisfaction 1OO% Appliances was first in customer satisfaction with 81%. Followed by: • 1OO% Heathcote Appliances - 74% • Betta Electrical - 71% • Magness Benrow - 69% • The Good Guys - 68% Just over half of Harvey Norman customers were happy at 54%, Noel Leeming at 48%, Appliance Shed at 46%, Farmers at 46% and The Warehouse at 41%.
I dreamt last night that my family & I almost fell into a paper mâché death trap & then I met Miranda in Harvey Norman without Kerri
pfft I wish. I have a $40 one from Harvey Norman... I think it's George Foreman brand. It's good though!
- up to 65% off Harvey Norman has some good reductions on various speaker docs: JBL...
6 x micro suede brown chairs wooden legs Harvey Norman in used condition could do with a clean $50 the lot pick up Tapping.
no bother these are half price in Harvey Norman
Just finished installing the first curved OLED sold in Gippsland at a customers house, cheers Baz for the assist.. Team Harvey Norman Morwell.. Setting trends and breaking records again..
Far out went and got a new computer from harvey norman they onky had the display one left so took it and it still has their password on it!!
Don't forget - if you're planning an event or an announcement - My Happy Place can organise a printable, digital file for your invitation/announcement. Prices range from $10 to $15 - and you get a file emailed to you, to take to KMart or Harvey Norman etc, to print from (for prices as low as 9c per print!)
Asus for me. I'm working under Harvey Norman. U?
Salam alaikoum. Selling this tv unit. Bought about 2years ago from Harvey Norman for $1700. Still in excellent condition. Make an offer! Inbox for more details.
You know the slogan if you drink n drive, you're a bloody *** . If you buy from Harvey Norman . . .
Your argument is invalid because Harvey Norman.
Well Harvey Norman why do I bother with you. Just came in to buy a galaxy note from you and well what a joke. The sales person went to see if there was stock out the back which there was. I asked him the price he told me $649 I said do you price match he said what price can you get it for I said $595 he said that's below cost. We're you paying cash. I said I'd like to do interest free. He then said sorry cant do it. The moment I said interest free he didnt want to deal with me. Bad luck Harvey Norman I went to the Good Guys and got it for $584. I have now learnt not to bother with Harvey Norman they obviously don't need customers to keep there business going.
Ran this morning, did miles at Harvey Norman to buy a *** fridge, then walked the girls home from school - it's 11.5kms movement today! That's a TTD of 154.7 kms. And goal of 150 kms in February is complete! :) [Really hope someone sets up another challenge for March - might try for the big 200 kms]
TREND MICRO TITANIUM INTERNET SECURITY 2014 1 year 1 PC. License code only. Retails for $129 at Harvey Norman selling for $30. Pm me if interested.
that's deadly, can you use it at Harvey Norman or its just for sale at Harvey Norman?
4 and a half hours down at Harvey Norman and 5 to go, bored out of my mind but I have actually sold some stuff. Commission coming my way ;D
For Sale- Tv Wall Bracket, opened but never used, purchased from Harvey Norman, paid $180 asking $120.
Don't forget guys and girls I'm now based at The Beat Hair Studio on Miles Street, just near Harvey Norman. My days are Monday, Tuesday, late night Thursday, Friday and of course Saturday. Please call the salon on 4749 3 to book for all your cut, colour and beauty needs. Don't forget to ask for Mel 💕😊💕
have purchased a playstation 4 for my daughter, (paying us back of course) could not get one in Geelong, we love Harvey Norman, have been to the beach, sat in 3 different spas at different temps,now we are off to the indoor lap pool. this holiday just couldnt get any better. luv to my family miss you all x
Big shout out to Alison at Harvey Norman at Liverpool. I've been on the phone to her and she's found proof of purchase for all the electrical stuff that's been stolen. Going to pick up paper work now! Yeah!
We'll not everyone can be as lucky as me, first my air con die's and one of our very very good friend got a new one for us but that's not all my stove top carks it!!! And a big drama to get a new one from Harvey Norman then the cost of an electrition now my washing machine is about to die and it's going to take 2weeks to get a part in see how lucky can one girl be that's why I said POO POO POO !
If watching a movie with no pants on, while scoffing a bag of Doritos is wrong, then Harvey Norman shouldn't put couches in their TV section.
Harvey Norman Belrose... YOU GUYS ROCK! Friendly, helpful, happy awesomeness (sorry didn't get names, was too blown away with such AMAZING help and service!) Young guy on counter, really helpful and friendly PLUS Fantastic young girl in the Printer Department. Problem resolved so easily, efficiently and then the advice offered was perfect for my needs. No hard sell, just good, solid, appropriate for my needs advice. GREAT JOB!
MUGSU has an awesome prize up for grabs and we are giving you a huge amount of possibilities to enter... We have a new Fujitsu Stylistic QH582 Tablet (yes, the water resistant one) valued at $1999rrp thanks to Harvey Norman Morwell. To get an entry form you have to: - Buy a ticket to one or both of the MUGSU O'Week Uni Nights (Back to School Party and Beach Party held on 3rd March and 5th March) at the MUGSU Shop or - Get to the event before 10pm to get another entry form. - Get another entry form when you buy your first drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) That's a possible total of 6 entries per a guest if you come to both events before 10pm to go into the running for this amazing prize. Get your tickets now and start building up those entries!!!
Just saw my dream tv. 84 inch at Harvey Norman. Cost $14k. Wife would kill me
...worth it I think??? Thats what I heard from salesman last time I stood in front of 80cm 4K TV @ Harvey Norman.
Hi Wellborne, best to check ahead, but stock will be with all three of our retailers - JBHiFi, Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.
A short stint at Harvey Norman Headquarters - IT Dept
Loving the wifi here at Marty and Leannes. Pizza tonight they don't like what I cook. Fussy Grandies. first this morning is off to Harvey Norman to print some of their photos off for Alyssa's News at School today. Loving it arguments and all. x
Need help! Need to print off cv usb stick lost and was wanting to know if you can print things off laptop at harvey Norman or places like that?
Sony 1500w 6ch hdmi amplifier selling for $350 worth Cupple grand in Harvey Norman i upgraded to flasher unit so first in first serve :)
Tv combo was sold and not received payment so back up for sale $1000 don't want to split as just need gone. Please only ask if you can pay off and pick up 27th march $200 week is the payments for 5 weeks need to put $50 deposit down today. Wii with games pads remotes and extra Tv 37 samsung Samsung sound System with 4 wall speakers sub base speaker and Center speaker with 3 speakers on Free view box Tv glass cabinet with 2 shelves from harvey Norman
My backpack was stolen yesterday from the cab of my work truck while I was in the back at harvey norman loading dock in the city near scitech. My keys and car of my kids plus approx $180 taken. Cctv is at the loading bay and police have been called...I just want my stuff back...keys and of my kids...I dont care about the money. If anyone saw anything please contact admin
Just now, go Harvey Norman see see, didn't know got such thing - all in 1 monitor, (PC and Internet ) It just like a PC monitor, or a big iPad . Wow.imagine the things I can see with it. Super clear.
Maybe when they get knocked off. He might get a job as the new Harvey Norman add commentator. Hm...he can go iron his own bloody trousers.
Harvey Norman now have the cheapest price for the Microsoft Surface Pro - 128GB tablet. This is the original one, not the Pro 2: Microsoft...
Harvey Norman sale on Microsoft Surface Pro 128Gb tablet, best price I've seen! -
Maybe they can put Masters in that vacant paddock next to Home Space/Harvey Norman? Would make more sense.
I am well and truly over the red "pouffs"/ bean bags. Please Mr Harvey Norman get my new lounge to Tamworth quickly!
Fantastic first day at Harvey Norman, all started with free breakfast at Maccas.churr ... 'note to self-from now on you must pretend maccas is NOT just next door' lol
WTS: king size bed frame with kingkoik king size mattress has been in storage for the last 6 months as have not been used some stains on side of mattress from water but not sat in water long enough to give it any real damage. Extra cushion on top of mattress to act like a mattress topper has always been protected bar from when moving and got water stain. Purchased from Harvey Norman for over $2000 selling for $1500 Ono always looked after and only selling due to downsizing pickup Marian pm if interested
72% of Australians aged 18-65 used the internet to purchase goods and services in 2012-13 -- gg Harvey Norman.
So I will be flogging them. no ps4 was only a guide f you Harvey Norman
Have you experienced the joy of shopping at Harvey Norman Big Buys yet???
Fisher & Paykel 246ltr 3months old near new.moving to a motel. paid $700 with a extra 2years product care extra from Harvey Norman. RRP ATM $789.Very good frigde/frezzer mint con. No time wasters. Can be pickd up on Saturday $400 plz
Furniture shopping with daddy for the new house :) (at Harvey Norman) [pic] —
If I don't receive $50 tonight for deposit the sofa is back for sale. $1000 Ono but will to take $900 if you can pay deposit and pick up in 26th march will be cleaned and ready to go. Was $2800 from Harvey Norman only pm if interested please
CHEST FREEZER CO-OP! After talking to the good people at Harvey Norman, we have been able to secure a Westinghouse 210 litre chest freezer for $455 (it sells for just over $600 online, and $789 instore). We would need need to buy at least five. Pickup from Chadstone, or delivery is extra in metropolitan Melbourne. This is a great way to save money!! Not only could you stock your lovely freezer with organic meat, but I find it invaluable for stowing away extra meals that I can defrost when I'm too busy or too tired to berries...make stock... Who is in?
They now sell the same Dji that I bought for $1000 for $600 at Harvey Norman 😑
Gotta love spending $1000's at Harvey Norman on stuff to fit out your new bathroom, only to be handed stuff that doesn't fit together.
50cent cakes in Supervalu in grange and centra by harvey Norman 10/10 would recommend
Developer Harvey Hernandez with Architect Norman Foster may transform the Miami Beach Terminal…
I have put my dear MacBook in the hands of Harvey Norman. This is what parents must feel like leaving their babies for the first time..
only Myer sells it D: had a look at DJ, HS, Kmart, Target, Big W, Harvey Norman, Radio Rentals, The Good Guys etc. and nothing.
yea you should use Harvey Norman for printing pics only 19 cents
Jennifer Lawrence 'to take year off from Hollywood'
Went to Harvey Norman today to buy a fan, assistant told me they were low on stock seeing as 'Winter is Coming'.
Is Clive a politician or the new owner of Harvey Norman? Was he just talking 6 months interest free?
probblay like Harvey Norman just to get money for a course in travel 😄
Still waiting for my xbox to arrive from Harvey Norman. I regret giving them my money.
Anybody met my dudes Harvey, brodrick and Norman
what is it with Harvey Norman. They spend all that money on crap adverts and then have no staff to sell the stuff in the crap ad.
Spent 20 minutes in the fridge section at Harvey Norman: no service. Problem is no one else in town stocks the fridge I want. Grrr.
The impressive Vetro by Oliveri. Now on display at Harvey Norman Maroochydore. Paired with our stunning new Vilo...
At home today, waiting for someone from Telstra, and someone from Harvey Norman. It's pretty bad.
True, it’s a bit meta but I’d rather have that than a Harvey Norman logo.
He Probably does have you hit up Harvey Norman they are probably 30 months interest free
Does the Harvey Norman sale ever end.
If you take out the pumping music and exclamation marks, the Harvey Norman ads are actually pretty heartbreaking. "Go, Harvey Norman. Go."
Moving the whole of the Harvey Norman computer department into the new refurbished store this week.
Get down to Harvey Norman Ireland today for their Super Sunday Sale!!!
No I was too tired but ive to go to Harvey norman
good guys. They’re slightly less terrible than Harvey Norman, although I guess that’s a pretty low bar.
“I work at Harvey Norman because I love retail and I love customers” LIES!
maybe you could get a job at Harvey Norman?!
Today I went to harvey norman and established I def can't afford a new computer any time soon so I bought two dresses instead
Can we buy the Nokia Lumia 1520 from another retailer than Harvey Norman?
Nothing better than a Sunday arvo shaaanaggger at Highpoint out in front of Harvey Norman!
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