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Harvey Dent

Two-Face is a fictional comic book supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics and is an enemy of Batman.

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Interviewer: "Any questions?" . Me: "Just one. Harvey Dent, can we trust him?"-Batman voice.
New account . Not new to RP . Ships with Batman, Joker, Harvey Dent or chem. Crossover friendly . Mature Content . Like…
I'm gonna look like the lovechild of Roy Orbison and Harvey Dent by noon at this rate.
December 7 is the birthday of Harvey Dent.
Court day! Going to be like Harvey Dent from the show Suits. YOU KILLED RACHEL!
Gettin head like a Harvey Dent coin toss
This cat better be named Harvey Dent.
characters Gotham needs to bring back:. -Renee Montoya . -Harvey Dent. -Firefly. -FREEZCHUM
Not even Parker wants to talk about Harvey Dent's *** with think you know someone
I dont care talk to me about Harvey Dent's ***
would this movie have been better if it was shorter and without the Harvey Dent / Two Face transformation?
tell me how batman joker Gordon Harvey dent and the plot is any way similar between batman(1989) and the Dark Knight
Harvey Dent in Batman (1989), Two-Face in the Lego Batman Movie (2017). Billy Dee Williams is one patient man.
Since this movie started, all I keep thinking is "Where's Harvey Dent?!"πŸ˜‚
With the exception of Harvey Dent stuff, Dark Knight Rises is more a sequel to Batman Begins than The Dark Knight. Which…
This is a reminder that Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent in the original Michael Keaton Batman - imagine a Lando Two Face!
decided to watch Tim Burton's Batman (1989) & I had forgotten Billy D. Williams played Harvey Dent (in a cameo role) 1/2
Speaker Ryan is starting to remind me of Harvey Dent.
Samuel L. Jackson his first first? I'm sure that's Billy Dee Williams in '89 Batman as Harvey Dent, a usually white character.
I chose to save Selina Kyle over Harvey Dent and my PS4 froze so bad that it rebooted. Is that supposed to be some sort of sign?
MCD as Kingpin and Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White. I like BDW as Harvey Dent too, I wish he'd gotten to play Two-Face.
Tommy Lee Jones back as Harvey Dent and Jim Carrey's Riddler adapting the Joker storyline would also work well in TDKR context
Not only did Tim Burton make Harvey Dent a black man but he made him Billy Dee Williams. Never forget
To quote a friend paraphrasing Harvey Dent: "You either die Side B, or you live long enough to see yourself become Side A."
Depression hit hard today, idk if I'll be making a video. Was considering introducing Jonathan Crane or Harvey Dent to the show.
Movie idea: Tim Burton comes back to the Batman series and does a Two Face story with the original Harvey Dent, Billy Dee Williams.
Somebody was asking me if I had any art of dogs... So here goes. First PorkChop the pug, then Harvey Dent for...
I love Tommy Lee Jones nh but he was a terrible Harvey Dent
I'm so excited to see Harvey Dent at the TCM Film Festival. Brian is super upset he won't be with me because he wants to see Lando.
No matter what movie Aaron Eckhart stars in, I will always see Harvey Dent.
Aaron Eckhart's performance as Harvey Dent was underrated. He perfectly captured that idealistic, good, but tragically conflicted character
A movie with Wonder Woman, Jonathan Kent, James Gordon, and Harvey Dent comes out in 2 weeks. It's called
Then Alfred read the note that was intended for Bruce Wayne & she choose Harvey Dent
. ALFRED. What if, before she died, she'd. written a letter? Explaining that. She'd chosen Harvey Dent over you?
Bale's Batman killed Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight though.
Donald Trump reminds me of a villain politician in a comic book movie (Harvey Dent, Lex) He's even got the hair down.
You ain't no Clark Kent you more like Harvey Dent
. I say Hillary is more Joker and Trump more Harvey Dent
I wonder if he's like Harvey Dent, and if he shows us the other side of his face, we'll all be horrified.
Harvey Dent really cannot be trusted
Every time Obama appoints another criminal justice type who tried to save the world by being a great prosecutor, I think Harve…
a friend told me I got the wrong villain in the Dark Knight. it was Harvey Dent who said "Live long enough to become villain or die like
A candle just exploded and turned me in to Harvey Dent... Ow.
Watch out for your mentions, love, angry Harvey Dent fanboys are on the way to argue that Harvey isn't insane.
in my opinion, you are probably the best actor for Harvey Dent!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜
Reyes should take note from Harvey Dent: be a good D.A until the villain screws you up, then you can be a jerk
Crookers πŸ‘πŸ» wonderful night that, I looked like Harvey Dent πŸ‘πŸ»
twenty yeas in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stay that way? That's definitely a reference to Harvey Dent
My phone looks like Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight
*** Walter turned that dude into Harvey Dent.
Harvey Dent going on a vengeance sphree was a surprisingly good twist on 'The Dark Knight'.
Harvey. After Two-Face who was called Harvey Dent, and because it's like Mawile's got two faces!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lol Harvey Dent tho lol... There's nothing wrong with my car I'm just being a brat!!
Where the H*CK are the 'I Believe in Harvey Dent' shirts???
Man, watching Batman chose to save Harvey Dent over Rachel is still brutal! 😱😒
20 Years in Gotham :. How many good guys are left ? (In reference to Harvey Dent/Two face ). How many stayed that...
Awww.mah baby is threatened with Harvey Dent don't worry still mah hero
well, break the hope like Harvey Dent do. COYG!
Diaz didn't come out of the fight looking like Harvey Dent in the RDA FIGHT
I always laugh when Harvey Dent says "I am the Batman." πŸ˜ͺ
When Batman pushes Harvey Dent off a ledge, no one bats an eye but when Supes break Zod's neck everyone loses it.
That steak looks like the burnt side of Harvey Dent's face
"shortly after this picture was taken, Harvey Dent attempted to assassinate the city's police chief"
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are tonight's entertainment. I only have one question: where is Harvey Dent?
I remember playing Marty for President for a bunch of label execs and them hearing "these record execs look like Harve…
The TKRF looks like a cross between Neil Patrick Harris and Harvey Dent. Also, what a creeper, creepin' on Wells kissing his gf!
I think Aaron Eckhart being cast in political roles is proof that people really do believe in Harvey Dent.
"I can't believe Commissioner Gordon prefers Harvey Dent's card to mine"
Musharraf is more of a Commissioner Gordon. Jibran Nasir is Harvey Dent before Harvey becomes Two face.
"The night is always darkest just before the dawn." - Harvey Dent. Don't give up or you'll never
if she does a batman-universe cosplay would she do Harvey DENT?
Quin Snyder looks like he stole Harvey Dent's suit.
Harvey Dent is my spirit animal, evidently.
Kevin Cornwall Harvey Dent so how bout that game.GO DEVILS!
Imagine Harvey and Bruce as best friends. When Dent becomes Two-Face, he has to choose between his friend and the city he fights to protect.
must think she's a gender swapped version of Harvey Dent
This is why we can't have nice things. You can never trust Harvey Dent.
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"The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming." -- Harvey Dent
CSM had his Harvey Dent moment I see
Forgot I had makeup on, rubbed my eye and now I'm walking around looking like Harvey Dent at the end of The Dark Knight.
Gus Fring doing his best Harvey Dent impression.
Cause you know if Harvey Dent ever had a daughter, it would be her
Harvey Dent and Batman have brought peace to Gotham.
I know there people convinced Harvey Dent didn't die in TDK, even after Rises came out. Fans can be amazing ***
biggest one is Harvey Dent who in every other interp is Bruce's life long buddy from school like they grew up together
Every time a girl calls someone two-face behind that person's back a picture of Harvey Dent's face should pop up while she'…
weirdly it's only the left side of my face. I'm like Harvey Dent.
Watching Batman. Really wishing Billy Dee Williams got to stay on as Harvey Dent and become Two Face :/
Harvey Dent, Wilson Fisk, Jimmy Olsen. All good casting choices. Change a single PoC character to white, though, the world loses its mind.
OMG!!! Harvey Dent is main character (well president) in 😳✊🏼. Wait, side note, his face healed nicely!
"What about Harvey Dent, can we trust him?"
LOL, so he's Harvey Dent? The hero they need, not the hero they deserve? LMAOOO.
That's no joker man, that's Harvey Dent, that's two-face
Don't insult Milli Vanilli like that she more like Harvey Dent of Gotham City for sure
Much like Harvey Dent, I make all my decisions by flipping a coin. I'm not angry, I just don't wanna be held responsible for anything I do.
Harvey dent on repeat, giving that whistle a break. πŸ˜‰
miss you more than Harvey dent misses the other half of his face
Wow Harvey Dent really isn't good at picking sides in is he? Now he's team Galavan.
PROPOSED: Batman movie with Ice Cube Jr. as Batman, JB Smoove as Alfred, and Kevin Hart as Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent, most notably, plus Talia and her driver near the end of TDKR. Like, he totally shoots the driver, with the guns on "The Bat."
Also just FYI about Batman 1989: Billy Dee Williams AKA Lando Calrissian is Harvey Dent and that is awesome to me
The Dark Knight: Screenwriter David S. Goyer had originally envisioned The Joker to scar Harvey Dent during his trial in the third film. ~HP
Harvey Dent would have a better chance of getting away with that type of claim :)
Is It just me or does Fred Hoiberg look like Harvey Dent from Batman, pre two-face?
β€” over the table. β€œThey made Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent and me as main targets. The biggest threats against their β€”
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I watched my first batman movie the other day and was just inspired by Harvey Dent, what a guy πŸ’•
"That's no Joker. That's Harvey Dent, that's Two-Face.". Josh Norman had plenty to say about OBJ's play, antics:
And makes Jennifer Lawrence look like the burnt side of Harvey Dent's/Two Face's burnt face
I once got told "Chris, don't make me your last hope for black women" I felt like Bruce Wayne when Rachel Dawes was gonna marry Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent (for my enthusiast) was once played by Mr. Colt 45 himself Billy Dee Williams!
I do it exclusively so that I can bust out that Harvey Dent quote from TDK just to hear the groans
Billy Dee Williams was Harvey Dent in the Tim Burton Batman movies...
Preet Bharara is the white knight...does that mean he's Harvey Dent!?
I like how they introduced Harvey Dent as a character before the episode where he became Two-Face.
-crosshairs now, Dent. We're comin' for ya.' The mobster lowered his shotgun and opened his car door. Harvey exited as well, eager to-
"Or you die a hero, or you live long to become the villain" - Harvey Dent (Two Face)
-flipping through his keys when he heard a voice. 'Long night Mr. Dent?' Harvey's head snapped up, as he saw a man in a grey trench-
Kev is Jessica Jones last comment Harvey Dent speech from end of movie about living long enough to be the villain?
*** more like Harvey dent u two face lookin head as
ever met someone so بو ΩˆΩŠΩ‡ΩŠΩŠΩ† he could have easily played harvey dent in the Dark Knight movie
And...Heath ledger's joker also shined so much due to this lackluster of a villain introduction, Harvey dent/two-face.
I think I just hate how underutilised Harvey Dent/Two Face was.
Mike is now quoting Harvey Dent quotes from The Dark Knight
Trump is Harvey Dent with worse hair.
you mean with his face over that Pyro flare, now he's meant to look like harvey dent
I've selected Harvey Dent to be my finalist.
"Harvey Dent was one of the best lawyers in Gotham. He wasn't corrupt like everyone else around here. He wanted to change-
What happened to Harvey Dent is a prime example of how society can break anyone no matter how hopeful they are.
You are more two faced than Harvey Dent
so i see that this is the new trend in the hamilton fandom (ib: not harvey dent ) (Vine by bway trash)
what always bugged me that they recast Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent for Tommy Lee Jones
Lee Tompkins, Harvey Dent, and Oswald Cobblepot. Did lee harvey oswald kill JFK or did Batman?
well it's got Bruce Wayne(as a kid), Catwoman, Joker, Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent
"You either let Bing Bong die, or let him live long enough for you to become a Brony." - Harvey Dent
Why "The Dark Knight?" If you're going for a Batman reference, wouldn't Steve Harvey be Harvey Dent?
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Paul Ryan reminds me of Harvey Dent tbh πŸ˜‚
"The only morality in a cruel world is chance-- unbiased, unprejudiced, fair." - Harvey Dent
I've already decided that I will be represented by Harvey Dent.
Meet the newest member of the Chaney clan. A very tired Harvey Dent! 🐢
Disappointed that there isn't a half and half Harvey Dent. You missed a golden opportunity
Where can I get my Oliver Queen for Mayor pin to go along with my I Believe in Harvey Dent one?
We all believed in Harvey Dent. Now, we all believe in his successor,
That's not funny, Kato. Harvey Dent was a friend of mine. Before he became an arch-criminal.
Last night, the Mets gave Harvey a Dent!
He DO want this city to be better. He like Harvey Dent in some respect. He just stuck dealing with the wrong crowd.
needs to shake it up with as Harvey Dent!
yeah maybe but he looks like a *** good Harvey Dent and turn his hair white and mess it up bam Uboard Thawne
So far so good. Harvey Dent gender swap.
Now what SHOULD do is a marketing campaign much like the The Dark Knight movie did for Harvey Dent
My fifth for the week. I believe in Harvey Dent!!!.
My dream game is Super Smash Harveys: a game where Harvey Dent, Steve Harvey, Harvey Birdman, and the Harvey's logo fight to the death
If indeed Matthew McConaughey is looking at something in DCEU I think a Harvey Dent or Commissioner Gordon? Solo Batman movie potential
Dominic about to look like two face in a minute. Ole burnt Harvey Dent looking ***
When your barber is like. "I got you fam!!!" and cuts your hair like you're two face (Harvey Dent).
Shall we talk about the fact i've turned into Harvey Dent?
I'm Harvey Dent, I put my faith in the flip -
did Tommy Lee Jones not count when he played two face and Harvey dent in batman forever
its not gender bender! . But I would love to see your harvey dent! Did u ever draw him? Did I miss it?
Ain't even st. Patricks day and my homie got playing 2 faces on Em like Harvey dent
Harvey Dent coaching the Bulls this season?
And now your meant to look like Harvey Dent. Hey! Two faced!
They sang "You look so perfect standing there w/ your face over that pyro flare now you're meant to look like Harvey D…
"I knew Harvey Dent. I was his friend. And it will be a very long time before someone inspires us, the way he did"
Roger Goodell reminds me of Harvey Dent. He stayed in office long enough to become the villian
I'm confused why Matt Harvey's nickname is the Dark Knight. Wasn't Harvey Dent the white knight? Why is Matt Harvey batman? Anyone?!
In the words of Harvey Dent, "the night is darkest just before the dawn." Will miss ya, Steve. It was a *** of a ride.
"Leave via free agency or stay long enough to be late to workouts at Citi Field, and hated in the clubhouse." - Harvey Dent
Scrolling down my feed and see something about. Steve Harvey, Matt Harvey, and Harvey Dent from batman. Like *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Celebrate Tommy Lee Jones' birthday and watch him as Harvey Dent in Batman Forever
Well... After 5 days we've lost Harvey Dent, Alfred Pennyworth, and now Commissioner Gordon. 🐠🐟. Just have Nightwing left... 😒
Also: used Lucius Fox in the movies, rather than just put blackface on Harvey Dent ala BATMAN '89.
It would have Leonardo Dicaprio as Hugo Strange, Johnny Depp as the Riddler, Joe Pesci as the Penguin, Guy Pierce as Harvey Dent
Billy Dee William's Harvey Dent is a man of few words, but each and every one of them is smoth.
Related; Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman and took the role because he knew he'd eventually be Two-Face.
Unexplained movie bits: Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent in the first Batman and in Batman Forever Tommy Lee Jones played Harvey Dent.
I never hear anybody saying they want Billy D. Williams back as Harvey Dent
Joker had an extended pistol. Billy D. Williams was Harvey Dent lol
"and maybe one day Batman will answer everything, but to us, not to these madmen". Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight (2008)
Came across the rap I made once upon a time "You two faced like Harvey Dent,I'm superman like Clark Kent"
No matter if you're Bruce Wayne or Batman , girls gonna run for Harvey Dent 󾌴
Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent, Jack Nickolson as Joker, Tim Burton really did have the best Batman.
I believe in Harvey Dent. But only the Billy Dee Williams version.
After some valuable insight, it's come to my attention that Case Keenum is the Harvey Dent of the NFL
hey you made a massive error on your search for Batman 1989. You have Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, he is Harvey Dent.
"You either die a startup or live long enough to get shaken-down by the EU"β€”Harvey Dent
Can we have our Martin Luther King, Malcolm X *** can we at least get Harvey Dent?
Bruce Wayne has to confront Two-Face, the love of his life who despises him for ruining her life and choosing to let Harvey D…
they can't talk one of them dated Harvey dent after he turned into two-face.😐
I don't trust people with profile pics of half their face. It could easily be a Harvey Dent type situation up in here, just own it.
well yea and I mean Joker has been around since 1940 and is part of DC's big 3, I mean that's why they renamed Harvey Dent>
ok Harvey dent. Her comment was def not sectarian. U taking it like that demonstrates the Iran bias.
Also, I believe in Harvey Dent. I believe that he's an ***
I always get Seal's origin story mixed up with Harvey Dent's.
I am so happy the song Harvey Dent by exists.
I'm hardly bent, I'm Harvey dent. I put my trust in the flip
Usty always get mixed up way Harvey price an Harvey dent man ... Am quite a fan a batman Anol πŸ˜…
btw expired foundation is a thing, I thought I was being economical using mine but now I look like harvey dent in that hospital bed.
nah, batman let's his bird get blown up to save Harvey dent (bros before *** , don't you know your superheroes
lmao he just quoted Harvey Dent bruh
You Hardly Bent I'm Harvey Dent. Put my faith in the flip, you ain't a pimp
Took this a few days ago, but I'm pretty sure this is a line Harvey Dent says in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€¦
Still don't know how Harvey Dent became the bad guy
One last thing. Harvey Dent. Can we trust him?
One of my managers looks exactly like Harvey Dent from batman it's crazy
Here's a courtroom scene presumably the birth of Harvey Dent
I think Tim Burtons Batman lead to Obama becoming President. If Harvey Dent could be black then Obama could become President.
Check out the where seemingly doesn't know who Harvey Dent is & laughs at my joke!
"Right now they need Batman and they think they need Harvey Dent.". "Or Mr Rogers." . . .
Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent was such a good performance too I mean everyone in this movie was fantastic
Also, was there much outage when Billy Dee Williams was chosen to play Harvey Dent? I can't remember; I was only 8.
Harvey Dent is hanging over acid. I, Batman, walk up, intending to punch him. I swing and miss, falling I to the acid, dead...
I'm sure it's been said. But, you need to get on Fatman on Batman dude has voiced Batman, Harvey Dent, Joker.
Dawg they got all the badass actors for 'Gotham'. Penguin & Harvey Dent killing me softly.
yes, but i'm afraid they are going to mess up the whole story by making the characters to old before there time like Harvey Dent
When I think of Northern Ireland, I'm often reminded of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight Returns.
Where is the other half of his face? Is he the real life Harvey Dent?
Because I'm pretty much what Harvey Dent would be if he were a Christian and a Reformed Baptist Pastor...
if this cat is prettier than you ^ Id be upset if they didn't name this cat Harvey Dent.
we named him after Harvey Dent if you get the reference
Harvey Dent definitely faces East in all his dating profile pics.
Is it Harvey Dent or a men's swimmer?!?
Harvey Spector fell down,got wounded n now he's called Harvey dent. PS:-suicide mat krna ans prπŸ˜‚
I love your Harvey Dent. When Dent's dark side came out on that guy in the office it was genuinely scary! Well done, man.
Im gonna call this on Harvey Dent. Photo credit :And remember . and
I am Harvey Dent looking for the next 10 days!
Sitting next to Clark Kent and Harvey Dent right now lol no lie
Destroying the Twin Towers, Harvey Dent thought of it first.
I grind harder than an adolescent at a party. I won't let TWO FACE people DENT me, sorry HARVEY
β€œVenus the chimera cat. Harvey dent's cat.
You know, honestly? For once I'm genuinly happy. After Harvey Dent I really thought this old guy was gonna be Scarecrow.
I have!! I'm a death eater, a member of the medjai, storm trooper, user of the Schwartz, and believe in Harvey Dent
Last one for the night: Harvey Dent.Can we trust him?
I have a fear of Harvey "Two Faced" Dent. πŸ˜’ I'm still scared to watch the end of The Dark Knight.
Durant is totally Harvey Dent, Westbrook as batman is fitting.
Luis Litt is behaving like Harvey now.. Harvey Dent
4* RB Chris Warren went all Harvey Dent on his signing announcement:
"I was forced to choose between saving my true love or Harvey Dent."
Well you're not dead, missing a limb, or have a face like Harvey Dent, so clearly you lied about that.
move to Gotham, be Harvey Dent's ADA, hook up with Barbara Gordon, and make a Birds of Prey spinoff happen. What we see (cont.)
whats funny Harvey Dent? I assume you're referring to his interviews.
Order Miche Bag Online!
doesn't get nearly enough respect for his acting in The Dark Knight as Harvey Dent/Two Face
U know wot makes me laugh? People with the Harvey Dent Syndrome. Lol. Night peeps.
literally? Harvey Dent from Batman would not be a friend then? πŸ˜‚ sorry I shouldn't joke. Enjoy the rest of your day πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž
Ever feel like your skin looks so bad you want what happened to Harvey Dent to happen to yourself
Harvey Dent in Gotham almost makes me hate the guy less
His name is Harvey, as in Harvey Dent
Girl you're more two faced then Harvey Dent
Little throwback because I'm missing my baby a lot today. Momma loves you Harvey Dent
What's Harvey dent doing in a different movie?
like a Harvey Dent kind of look. It'll be great.
.never returned as Harvey Dent. It proved too difficult to cast him as Two Face when he only has one face: Sm…
.we've regressed. In Tim Burton's Batman (1989) Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams. Imagine that happening today...
- Harvey dent makes his appearance in the episode I'm watching - "two-face" 😟
this is the feline version of Harvey Dent
and CS *does* have one or two good focused programmes (Harvey Mudd comes to mind). But it barely makes a dent.
But as Harvey Dent once said, the night is darkest before the dawn.
I think Paul Ryan has some Harvey Dent qualities to him. I just hope he lives long enough to be a hero and bypasses the whole villain thing.
Jim Carrey as the Riddler was awesome. Tommy Lee Jones as Harvey Dent? Super duper trash.
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Harvey Dent looks like Oliver Kahn before the football came second in his life behind bratwurst.
/pat I believe in you...*squints* wait, you're not Harvey Dent.. Ok nvmd GG have fun
Aaron Eckhart's performance as Harvey Dent is so underrated
Every time I see Aaron Eckhart in a movie all I see is Harvey Dent.
Aaron Eckhart is seriously underrated. Such a terrific actor. His performance as Harvey Dent/ Two Face in is brilliant.
Aaron Eckhart's performance as Harvey Dent is underrated
ANNIE review: Sony has had a *** of a year, they remade Robocop, underperformed to some with TASM 2, are gonna lose the rights and got leaked alotta e Mails AND got a film The Interview pulled by fanatics. How does this Will Gluck made musical damage based on the Harold Gray play in the Sony mode? Well this consists of QuvenzhanΓ© Wallis as Annie, the Little Orphan, and co-stars Jamie Foxx as Harvey Dent...err Oliver Warbucks aka Willie Stacks, a tech-politician, and Rose Byrne as Annie's maternal figure. Set in Harlem with a nice dig at Classic Annie, Annie is a speedy little 10 year old who is mature and yet innocent, and lives in the custody of the drunk Cameron Diaz which made me feel terrible for her. anyways Foxx is a tech guru who turns Mayor candidate surrounding by Yes Man Bobby Carnavale as the token bad guy on page 50 of the 100 page script lol While running to save her future dog, Sandy, Stacks rescues Annie from a hit and run and decided to use her as tool to get more ratings and okay ...
Nice mess you've created for yourselves Wildrose. Think Redford was hated? Wait until it comes out that Danielle Smith jumps ship to the PCs. She is the Harvey Dent of Alberta politics.
"not negotiable deal, I'm not to be bargained with" followed by that tardy slip set up for Harvey dent.*screwface*
The Joker speech to Harvey Dent in the hospital alone is better than the entire script of Dark Knight Rises
I want to give Harvey Dent a bag of salty pretzels and watch him cry as he eats them. . ~Christopher Walken
All purpose parts banner
By the way I'm dropping you like a hot potato. The end of the "Harvey Dent" episode, that's a bridge too far for me.
The only two-faced person I like is Harvey Dent.
I had forgotten about Pamela Isley and Harvey Dent. and I should do Two-Face and Poison Ivy cosplay.
Tom Lynch is back with his regular review updates of hit American TV show Gotham. Read his review and feel free...
The Harvey Dent in Gotham is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen.
Has Gotham still got your interest? Read why we think this weeks episode is the weakest so far.
*tosses Harvey Dent's coin into stream* I make my own luck.
Billy Dee Williams was a GREAT Harvey Dent, but unfortunately, not played as Two-Face
treated like and Commissioner Gordon treated Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight
Brenna Twohy - β€œIn Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent” "After I did not die for the second time, I learned how …
Matt Damon was suppose to be Harvey Dent in Batman, thats interesting
Tbh I only like a certain amount of people like for real get outta here with your two faced attitude Harvey Dent.
Me: who is Harvey Dent? He was burned on half his body. He also flips a coin. . : DARTH VADER!!
50 rts and this fool will keep his Harvey Dent facial hair for tomorrowπŸ’
i feel the same way about Tommy Lee Jones portraying Harvey Dent in Batman when Billy Dee Williams played b4 him..
and also was at my Halloween party as Olive Oyl...Aka Gotham's Harvey Dent
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