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Harvest America

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Translation: "Dear masters in America, send us more $$ for Thanksgiving to harvest these idol worshipers - harvesters…
So set aside the things you have become preoccupied with and remember that you have a Savior.
record Afghan opium harvest wasn't money allocated to destroy the crop is CIA bringing in again Air America
Excellent opportunity to work w/ in Ogalla, NEBRASKA as Field Service Tech. Learn more & apply:
Trying to figure out which Avenger each Mag 7 is. Chisholm is Cap America, leader. Red Harvest is Hawkeye, duh. Faraday is Iron Man (snark).
Harvest Moon 64 was out today in America in 1999. One of the best N64 games was critically praised for its fun and addictive g…
Harvest Moon 64 for the N64 was released on this day in North America, 17 years ago (1999)
A great article in the Baptist Press about Harvest America in Phoenix,Arizona!.
look at that! Jack graham, my old pastor preaching at Harvest America
Another great article on Harvest America from .
"Great article about Harvest America in today's paper.
They don't. It's all ChiCom owned these days. America is more of an organ harvest in progress than a country these days.
Are you planning on attending Harvest America tomorrow? AT&T Stadium has a strict bag policy. Check out what you...
If you're heading to Harvest America tomorrow afternoon, keep in mind the "no bag" policy at AT&T Stadium. Hope...
I'm so excited for Harvest America tom!
Over 500 gathering @ AT&T Stadium to get spiritually super-charged for tomorrow's Harvest America Texas with Greg...
Update your maps at Navteq
Tomorrow after church join us for Harvest America @ AT&T stadium 😊🤘🏾
Sunday is Harvest America at the ATT Stadium with in Dallas, Texas. Starts at 5:30 pm.
Harvest America tomorrow with my church 😇 AT&T stadium
Great article about Harvest America in today's paper.
I think the dumbing down of America is designed to make it easier for the aliens to harvest our meat.
Anyone interested in going to Harvest America concert on Sun night? Free adm & has Lecrae, Switchfoot, Chris Tomlin, MercyMe & Greg Laurie!
Harvest America is only 4 days away!. There are almost 5000 host sites!.
So many of my friends are in Texas right now for Harvest America. I hope I can go next year!
I cannot wait for Harvest America this weekend! Gods going to do amazing things Sunday!
This Sunday at 5:30pm the Harvest America event will take place at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas,…
Only two days left until Harvest America!! Praying for and a revival through To God be the glory!!
Harvest America.. I am coming for you!!!
Happy to say that I will volunteer at the Harvest America ☺️💕
Dont forget Harvest America will be on this Sunday Night 5:30pm CDT and 6:30pm EST Live from Dallas Texas AT&T Stadium
Watch Harvest America this Sunday at 4pm Pacific standard time!!☺️
See you this Sunday at 6PM as we will be streaming this year's Harvest America event! .
.on Friday update... Trending articles and Harvest America
flashback Friday. Where it started. On to Dallas
i had a dream the other night i grabbed your ankle at a concert, i need that to come true at Harvest America
flashback Friday with harvest america. See you in Dallas Sunday.
With Marcus and Joni Lamb at Daystar studios today talking about Harvest America.
Get pumped! Get psyched! Harvest America is THIS Sunday night! Come watch the Holy Spirit move in great ways!
Join us tonight at 7pm as Greg Laurie hosts pre-Harvest America Praise at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX! So excited!
A reminder that CCSJC will be a host site for Harvest America this Sunday March 6th. Bring an unsaved friend or fam…
This Sunday evening, March 6th at 6:30pm. Christ Church will host LIVE viewing of Harvest America in the Family...
Have you checked out our latest Podcast? Give it a listen and let us know what you think!.
We have a choice,Evangelize or Fossilize! Share the Gospel this Sunday through Harvest America!
We are 48 hours away from Harvest America arriving in Wyckoff! Join us Sunday at 6:30pm as Greg Laurie delivers...
Salt Lake City Mission will be replaying the Harvest America simulcast on Monday, March 7th at 9:45 am. Come join...
Friendship Baptist Church Fairview would be hosting a Simulcast of Harvest America this Sunday @ 5:30pm. We would...
Here is a link to the "Good Day Dallas" show I did today with my friend,Jack Graham about Harvest America.
Northeast Bible Church is honored to partner with Harvest America to reach the world with a FREE spectacular...
Let your unsaved loved ones know about Harvest America
Harvest America is only 28 days away! Please keep Praying for God’s blessing on this
Harvest America is coming to AT&T Stadium on March 6! We as a church will be volunteering at this free event. You...
Moravians in Europe and America, 1415-1865: Hidden seed and harvest
On this day, Harvest moon Friends of Mineral Town was released in North America.
Loosely tied together session plan for this week includes"God Bless America" and "Margaritaville" a sort of harvest/Veterans thematic mixer.
Setting up a post harvest yield meeting.
Come see America's oldest operating cotton gin in action at the Harvest Fest! Demos begin at 10 AM
Publix Charities also announces $1.5 million for Feeding America food banks at Harvest Hope this morning.
Public will donate $120k refrigerated truck with food to Harvest Hope Food Bank as part of a $1.5 million to Feeding America.
Headed to Dallas to meet the Harvest America team. Talking about the crusade choir for March 6 in Dallas.
there are multiple different clinics around America that do that, ones that don't harvest baby parts and murder babies.
WHAT AMERICA USED TO BE ABOUT! Neighbors unite to harvest farmer's crops after his sudden death
Have you noticed an ever growing surge in Topeka pride lately? Jobs for America’s Graduates students from Topeka...
Can you give a shoutout to Dave Terry RVA Coordinator for Harvest America March 6 event?
Thanks for following me, Harvest America. Looking forward to the conversation!
Interested in singing for the Harvest America Choir? Check it out! Sign ups are now available. All are welcome.
In honor of Veterans Day and the work of our vets, please enjoy this free download of "America the Beautiful."
The greatest challenge facing Christians in North America today is not external but internal.
Brazil expects smaller harvest in 2016 after record this year
"HARVEST EMPIRE: A History of Latinos in America Film Screening" WEDS, Nov. 11 at 6PM in C-134. Free food will...
Vizio smart TVs quietly harvest your data to sell to other companies |
Pray for the preparations of Harvest America that are currently underway & AT&T Stadium to be filled w/seekers & their friends March 6, 2016
Noone will vote for her but she'll win because its time for outside forces(the banks that bought her) to harvest America's prosperity.
has the potential to remove unfair trade barriers to help expand US exports to countries
38yrs after, we're still licking our wounds. Till today, America reaps the harvest of her own civil war.
Perhaps the turmoil with IMB is the work of God returning missionaries home for the harvest; to save America. is always at work!
Pampered Chef is selling bowls and donating $2 to Feeding America Food Banks, like Harvest Regional Food Bank.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
As coffee harvest starts in Central America, a reflection from on coffee pickers
America's Car Museum partnering with Northwest Harvest through Nov. Donate 2 or more non-perishable food items...
The white-tailed deer is the most important big game animal in North America? Annual harvest exceeds 300,000!
the pilgrims had some harvest festival in 1621 in America where they just ate a lot and stuff so yeah we celebrate it lol
there's a place called open biome in America that does it to harvest healthy gut bacteria
North America's Wild Harvest: A study launching this year will measure the actual amounts of venison and other...
This is exciting! Pray about coming to Dallas and being a part of Harvest America in person!
How did the universe decide to decay with the harvest in North America?
moi received this pr: America's Car Museum partners with KING 5 to put the brakes on hunger "Home Team Harvest"...
Looking for ways to help those in need this year? Join America's Second Harvest of the Big Bend to volunteer and...
The documentary "Harvest of Empire," a history of Latinos in America, to be screened at Stockton Nov. 11
The Red Wraith. Magic awakens in Early America. The Red Wraith is born. On the eve of the Harvest Ceremony, Nays…
. America. Because its boys like Seymour Dickson who rise at dawn to harvest for our Dicksons Family Cider
Dear America : That thing what you look at websites and stuff on? Yeah, that isn't called the "innernet". Welcome. ^.^
Help support Boy Scouts of America and the by bidding on the Fall Harvest Auction!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Pastor speaking today at the launch of Harvest America for Atlanta next September!
$12.3m is lost in Olive income each year in Palestine by damage caused by Israeli settlers https…
trying to get churches in RVA to host harvest america March 6 event. need a shout out Nov 11 @ concert in rva
Support America's Second Harvest today and donate canned goods at Granite Hall, the Student Center or Jen and ACA Libraries.
I just signed up to host Harvest America with Pastor Greg Laurie, you should do it too! More info:
I'm so happy we went to Harvest America last year with my mama because Crystal Lewis was there. My mama was...
Stronger border controls hits America in the breadbasket - WSJ via
Self proclaimed intelligent WHITE people screw up, again! . GOD bless
If I order a pizza and it arrives frozen, naturally I'm going to harvest the life force of the driver. I mean, this is still America right?
To hot for mt harvest. Need to be basted between roastings
thank u so much Pastor praying to God to be part of Harvest America. He's will be done. GOD BLESS
Our District is America's largest secondary school district 42,000 students. We have empowered students for the harvest!
the year is 2030, President BuzzFeed has begun a eugenics program to purge America of extroverts but the listicle harvest …
2 things Rice Farmers do with water once they harvest America's Sushi Rice. Today's Blog explains:
Thanks Harvest America for being available to we christians when we need answers.
Yellow-headed Caracara from central and South America. Very common falcon thro…
If there’s a city in America where “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few,” truly applies, it’s New York City.
Edward R. Murrow's Harvest of Shame points out the plight of migrant farm workers in America. "We used to own our slaves, now we rent them!"
Based on the principle of seed, time and harvest (sowing, waiting and reaping), America must reap the effect of...
Image from page 77 of "Bulletin of the Geological Society of America" (1890) B…
The whole problem is not being proud of picking a harvest. Only in America is it a "lowly job">
Tomorrow we'll eat the anticipated veggie harvest on But first, lettuce take a h…
I bought these at a gas station because how could I not? Building A S…
Looking at pictures of makes me so sad that the only harvest festival America has is Thanksgiving.yay genocide & gluttony!!
Happy Miss America send off Mo 😘👋. Oh and PS, she crowned me Miss Harvest Homecoming last night!!…
sadly you are right...those who stuff their pockets. and squander taxpayers' $ reap the harvest..not America
Whether in Africa or America, ethical hunting matters: Most of Africa's lucrative illegal wildlife harvest is ...
Amen, the nation has lost their way. wake up America, time is short and the fields are white with harvest.
Let there be Supernatural Harvest in America in Jesus Name. Amen.
What organs can we harvest from Holmes? Oh wait. You freaks spared his murderous life. Brilliant! You're what's wrong with America!
Little Giant Ladders
Your dealer network is a complete joke. No service, no parts stocked but you can get it in a week. Harvest is over in a week!
we all know it's only a matter of time until you are on a plan to south America to personally harvest your beans :P
Moving fields as seen from living room!
At least 45 million Evangelicals in Middle/South America. Incredible resources to harvest the harvestable & reach the UPGs!
23 million college students in North America--pray for workers for the harvest as another year of ministry begins!
Just hanging out with Ms. Utah America Julie Harman at Midvale Harvest Days!
Harvest 2015 is coming up quick in North America. Industry pros, how are things looking?: A bunch of people ar...
"Failure to produce Spirit-empowered disciples has planted seeds in America & we are horrified at the harvest."
Seriously except for in America:Obama: Killing to Harvest Body Parts Is a ‘Foolish Tradition’- in Africa
You've never heard of the Harvest Crusades or Harvest America. They're annual Christian concerts.
Kevin Monzon, 16, has a passion for telling others about Jesus Christ. So do the 46 other high school-aged young people who arrived from Southern California five days ago to begin inviting people to attend Greg Laurie's Harvest America in Dallas Sunday evening.
Harvest America can be live streamed right now. Pastor Greg Laurie is speaking. Should be a great teaching!
Calvary Chapel Salt Lake's live simulcast of Harvest America is just 1 week away! Join us at the Megaplex 20 At...
I am praying for a great harvest of souls!
read harvest of empire. Great book on the Caribbean and Latin America.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Check out this video about Harvest America - Calvary Chapel Roanoke will be hosting venues all over the Roanoke Valley. You can find more information here:
Thanks for the follow! Would love for you to check out some of my music:
MH Mon.: learn about Harvest America (w/Greg Laurie), originating from Dallas, on 10/5 + Christian musical artist Matt Hybarger in-studio
We are 2 wks away...with at American Airlines Center Dallas October 5 Please pray
Reminder! We're going to the malls and parking lots today to give out HARVEST AMERICA tickets! Bring your signed consent forms!
DYK was brought to North America by European immigrants who celebrated the harvest.
If you didn't know ORANGE is THE color for hunger in America. Our Golden Harvest team even sports…
Thank you Bank of America for your sponsorship of the 2014 Harvest Dinner and Auction! We appreciate your support.
"Europeans did not find a wilderness here; rather, however involuntarily, they made one" - Juan Gonzalez |
Harvest America is October 5th. You can be a part of this nationwide event by inviting people to and/or...
Dallas!! Invite a friend to join us for FREE Dallas Harvest at American Airlines Center with MercyMe on October 5!
It is sooo important that we pray for & share with those who need Jesus!
We are proud to announce that we will be streaming LIVE with on Oct 5th 6:00PM
Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America by Juan Gonzalez
Join with me in prayer for 2 great Godly organizations reaching the lost this fall. Lives will be changed forever!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Harvest America in Prescott, AZ needs more volunteers: follow up councilors, former/current pastors, and supervisors. More info soon.
Profits from Semilla, Harvest for Hope help under-served families in Latin America improve their lives
We know farmers are about to become very busy with harvest so take some time now to complete your America's...
Our Harvest America Prayer Board is filling up with names. Don't miss it on Oct. 5 at the American Airlines Center
Bring a friend its going to be awesome!
No expert. But it's harvest time, and it's been a bumper harvest in N. America. Seems logical?
Where do you eat in Portland? Here are some suggestions! Some of which are attending this year's Harvest on the...
MOLLETTE: Harvest time in America, pursuing and reaping happiness - Your Houston News: MOLLETTE: Harvest time ...
"I wish that I could share our bounty with our partners in Central America who are facing hunger this year":
OPINIONS: Harvest time in America, pursuing and reaping happiness
We have rights and privileges that we can and ought to enjoy. But there are times when, for the sake of the gospel, we make…
AIRLINES Arena, October 5 for Harvest America. This will be an incredible event to be a part of... They...
Really want to go to Harvest America October 5th ❤
That awkward moment TCU'S fall concert and Harvest America are on the same evening... can I be at two places at once?!
Donated to America's second harvest. It's a place where you can donate to feed hungr children. God said give back
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Who are you going to pray for, invite, and bring to Harvest America Sunday, October 5th 5:30pm at CCSB? Free...
The offering of thanks at harvest time is not unique to
US corn, soybean futures fall as harvest nears
Join EC TODAY from 1-3 in the campus garden for the hops harvest. Brewing will follow from 3-5 in El Centro. Details:
The Clifton Campus will be having a Harvest Festival today! Pick up some fall crafts & goodies
I dont' know but it's starting the harvest so I will certainly film a Lexion!
DTN Latin America: Coffee experts fear for Brazil harvest: In the past, the main weather problems for growers ...
ok thanks:) would he be able to come to Anaheim
Maybe call the front office? (951) 687-6902 Is your church hosting a Harvest ?
Join us on Sunday, October 5 for Harvest America! Come enjoy free hot dogs from 6:30-7:30, while they last. Live...
Check out the latest post on the HopePoint website...
Harvest America with will be held on October 5th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. More details:
"We carry n help one another to bare the cross. It's having compassion for your brothers n sisters in Christ.
If any of you wants to be my follower, you must take up your cross and follow me. -Matthew 16:24
Today only: Win a trip to meet for King & Country in Dallas at Harvest America!
yes, the troops will harvest the virus, and bring back to America for redistribution! Obama's war on US goes biological
Our response to 3 NY cities named least bible minded in US:
For King & Country, Phil Wickham and MercyMe have got me so pumped for Harvest America this year👍
Come to the YMCA Remington Park, Soccer Field for a live telecast of Harvest America with Greg Laurie, on...
Harvest America is coming up soon, be sure to spread the word about this awesome opportunity to share the gospel!
One of our dedicated volunteers showing his support for Feeding America and America's Second Harvest during...
Are you ready for the great music at Harvest America? Join us to hear MercyMe Music, Phil Wickham and For King &...
LifePointe is a host site for Harvest America. You can go to their website and send out E-vites to everyone!...
We are so excited to be a host site for Harvest America on Sunday, October 5th at 6pm. The event will be streamed...
You will shine among them like stars in the sky. -Philippians 2:15
Let's Pray for spiritual warfare as we approach Harvest America harvestamerica
What do the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup and Harvest America all have in common? Answer:
Hey Calvary, Had a great pastor's meeting last week about hosting Harvest America in Vegas in 2015. John Collins (Exec Crusade Director) was with us and said Greg Laurie is excited about the possibility. Please pray for a Harvest of souls into God's kingdom. Also we are praying that we’ll have it at MGM Garden Arena. Let’s walk by faith and see what God does. Where sin abounds grace abounds much more!! PD
Donnie's 5 year anniversary exactly, same day, same show, same dressing room. Jeremy plays at the Harvest America event in Philadelphia, PA Songs are Paradis...
Really thankful and honored to have for follows. God bless you all.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.--Romans 10:17
God was good when you woke up, when you spoke up, when you shut up, when you messed up, when you got cleaned up. Always …
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.--John 10:10
I promised myself after watching Lecrae @ Harvest America that I would investigate in some Christian…
Thank you for following and God bless
We learn what [Scripture] means only if we submit ourselves to its power in such a way that we are changed by it. — Hays
Video of Harvest America venue in Destin, Fla., 17 churches came together to host at tourist spot
In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again."--John 3:3
Yes Obama said he wld fundamentally change America & the plp allowed it so the plp will reap Obama's harvest America home of the Controlled.
The Recipe for a Successful Harvest America Host Location!: We had about 240 people attend and 15 people came ...
"The recipe for a successful host location" by |
Check out this Harvest America recap, so cool to learn about what God did at 1 site in Arizona!
Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."-- Luke 9:23
"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."-- Romans 5:8
Watching Holding on to the PROMISES from GOD. I don't want to miss the window.
Hey Greg and crew! My video/song can be a blessing and a theme song for you!
Feeling the "volunteer high" after singing and dancing with theic Time! Watch with
We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.-Isaiah 53:6
Praying for a 21st century Great Awakening. No amount of arguing, nor politicking will suffice. We need to get desperate f…
Had the privilege to narrate the Harvest America 2013 Recap: via
People will talk about you when they envy you and the life you ic Time! Watch with
We want to Help! Follow us & I will help spread the word about your charity. We are a free service💕🐾.
Watch a behind-the-scenes video recap of Harvest America 2013 at
Everyone come to Grundy Baptist Church tonight at 7pm for Harvest America! You will hear Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, and Phil Robertson will be a guest speaker. We would love to see everyone there for fellowship at 7pm!
today at 4:00 Calvary Chapel CV or Carson, or High Sierra Felloship, Harvest America!! SEE FB and email for more info
If anyone's in rapid city, sd crime and watch the Harvest America podcast at Calvary Chapel church.
Harvest America is happening at Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills later today! Come out to Canyon Lake…
Harvest America is today at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. Bring someone who needs to hear the good news of Jesus!! Interpreters at 9:30am and 5pm. Live music for both times. Duck Commander Phil Robertson will be interviewed tonight. Come on out!!!
Sooo excited about today. Going to Harvest America at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. Get to see Greg Laurie, Jeremy Camp, and everybody's favorite Dad, Phil Robertson! It's gonna be a blast! :-)
As we approach the time of My Hope America with Billy Graham, coming in November, I want to speak tonight on the Greatest Commandment! Turn in your Bibles to the Gospel of Matthew. The 22nd chapter, 36th verse. A lawyer has asked Jesus this question: "Master, what is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus answered: "You shall love the Lord your God, with all of your heart, soul (spirit), mind, and strength. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. These two sum up the Law and Prophets." What I want to do is break up this commandment in parts, word-by-word, if you will. I hope you'll learn something and apply this to your life. As the Harvest America campaign just ended it's first of two nights in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we know that Philly, as it's affectionately known as, is also known as the "City of Brotherly Love." Now ask yourselves this: Did the people who gave this city that name, did they get from the Bible? Possibly, because there is another Philadelphia: One of the Asi ...
Just two more days until Harvest America!! Jeremy Camp, Phil Robertson, proclaiming the Gospel, music, and more! It's not too late to invite someone or become a host site! Make sure you continue to pray that God's will be done through this and for the people participating in the 24 hours of prayer!! See you on Sunday!!!
Two more days til Harvest America! Jeremy Camp, Phil Robertson, & proclaiming the Gospel live with 2000 venues! Continue to pray and invite!
The Revival We Need Richmond, VA USA, 1956 Faith, living out your *** Richmond, VA USA, 1956 Christ, closer relationship withBilly Graham preached these two sermons for Richmond, in Virginia. However, I can't record the words because the BGEA website, Audio Archives has a malfunction. Instead I'll use the topics from the organizations publications: "My Answer" and "Decision Magazine." I'll use from "My Answer" the questions, but I will answer those questions in place of Dr. Graham, so as to save myself from plagiarism. Maybe the questions presented is similar to yours, so please read. Also, to remind everyone in Richmond, please be a part of Harvest America, which happens this weekend (Sept. 28 and 29, 2013) Live from Philly, Pennsylvania. Do you see any signs of spiritual revival in our country (or anywhere else, for that matter)? I get so discouraged at the way the world seems to be going, and it just seems like things are getting worse and worse. This is a great question. I do beli ...
Phil Robertson will be happy, happy, happy if you get involved in Harvest America!
Phil Robertson and Greg Laurie share a special recipe for Harvest America. Sign up to host Harvest America, Sept 28-29:
A great article from the Christian Post on the need to pray for Harvest America and our country as a whole.
Make your way to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Sept. 28-29 for Harvest America with Greg Laurie!
Harvest America w/ Greg Laurie comes to Philly on Sept. 28-29! WFIL broadcasts LIVE! Learn more/get updates:
Awesome message from A New Beginning with titled "Harvest America Special
“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)
Find out part U can play in worldwide outreach, Harvest America. 7/12 at 10aET w/ Greg Laurie. Way 2B used by God.
If Greg was born in Afghanistan he'd be preaching Allah's word.
Be skeptical of what he preaches. He's a great speaker but content is all wrong.
Was just informed by my dad that were going to in Philadelphia to watch Evangelist preach the Gospel.
"Do not underestimate the role you may play in clearing the obstacles in someone’s spiritual journey." - Ravi Zacharias
It's coming to Philadelphia! Harvest America with Greg Laurie on Sept. 28-29. Learn more/get updates:
About to jump on with talking about !.
Miss your chance to see Karl Clauson and the Harvest America mobile theater yesterday? You're in luck! Stop by...
"Our task is not to debate the Gospel; our task is to announce it." - Dave Roper
bless ya Drew, thanks for all your doing to promote
it's solid app; got it Day 1 & constntly check. Tell I used it 2day in meet w/ radio station bout
.& about the mobile theater rolling thru NEXT
About to do a few segments with on am 1160, talkin about
.our friends from just introduced us to your music. We're jamming out to
Join us at from 4PM-6PM for the Harvest America Mobile Theater! will all be here!
"And He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.'" (Mark 26:15)
Were out all day at church with and stop out and say hello!
LAX 2 ORD, 2 days in Chicago, on 2 Wisconsin for 3 days, Minnesota for 2 days talkin with pastors n peeps about
"I don’t think it’s coincidental that the first two letters in 'gospel' are 'go.'" - Jon Courson
"My friends, you cannot take palsied souls to a better place than the feet of Jesus." - D.L. Moody
Free World Premiere of Hope for Hurting Hearts is Prelude to Harvest America ttp://
"If you are following Jesus, you will be doing what He came to do: You would be rescuing the dying, whatever it takes." - Ron Hutchcraft
Johnny Capels and his HD 5.1 surround Mobile Theater Touring US to Sign Up Hosts for Harvest America With Greg Laurie
"It is my firm belief that God can use you to bring others into His kingdom." -
"The calling of God is the enabling of God." -
Help us get the word out that Harvest America is coming!
This is Pastor Greg Laurie, He can explan the word better than I have ever heard... Harvest America is sept. 28
Pastor Greg Laurie will always be our family Pastor...praying for Harvest America!!!
Harvest America is about thousands of host locations joining together with Greg Laurie to share the gospel via a nationwide simulcast event on September 28-29. Bring Harvest America to your community for FREE.
Had to share this from Pastor Greg Laurie about Harvest America... I believe America is the greatest country on the face of the earth. But there is trouble in our nation right now. It seems like things are upside down as we see right declared as wrong, and wrong as right. Is there any hope for our country? Can we turn things around? God is not pointing His finger at the Supreme Court, or the White House, or the Capitol. If you are a Christian, He is looking at you and at me to humble ourselves, pray, and seek God's face. He expects us to take action. I am planning an event called Harvest America that I hope will will bring spiritual revival our nation. Can I tell you more? Watch my latest video from Washington D.C. » Greg Laurie
Hello...I wanted to find out if Maranatha was going to host Harvest America with Greg Laurie again this year? thank you!
The 40 Days of Weeping for Tammuz (Lent) Search the scriptures diligently, from Old Testament to New, and you will find no mention of Jews or Christians observing an annual period of 40 days of fasting and abstinence preceding the festival of the Passover, yet today most of the Christian world observes a 40 day period called Lent, which precedes the festival of Easter Sunday. A period of 40 days is rather common in scripture, however: It rained 40 days and nights: Gen 7:4, 12. Forty days after sighting the tops of the mountains, Noah set forth a raven and a dove: Gen 8:6-7. Joseph mourned the death of his father Jacob for a period of 40 days: Gen 49:33 - Gen 50:3. Moses on Sinai for 40 days: Exo 24:18, 34:28, Deu 9:9-11. Moses pleads for Israel 40 days on Sinai: Deu 9:18-25, 10:10. Canaan spied on for 40 days: Num 13:25, 14:34. Goliath taunted Israel for 40 days: 1 Sam 17:16. Elijah fasted and journeyed to Horeb for 40 days: 1 Kings 19:8. Ezekiel bore the iniquity of Judah for 40 days: Eze 4:6. Jonah warn ...
It’s your cubicle. You even have a nameplate. So it’s your personal space, right? Not really. It’s more like a seat at the dinner table than a room in the house. In other words, any sense of privacy is an illusion. Treat your office space with respect if you want to be taken seriously in the workpl...
Gas prices hit a national average of $3.59 Monday – the highest ever for a Feb. 11. Several factors will continue to drive up costs, but not to last year's highs, analysts say.
Republicans is Rubio the best you got?
Big turnout for "Harvest of Empire" and engaging discussion led by Jonathan Ablard, Jeff Cohen, & Patricia Rodriguez. Thanks to all the eloquent IC & CU students who enriched the discussion. We'll send DVD to IC Library for faculty and students to borrow and screen it.
Senators wade into dispute over LNG exports By Jennifer A. Dlouhy Updated 7:23 pm, Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Comments (0) Larger | Smaller Printable Version Email This Font Recent Headlines S.A. firm plans $150M stock sale 200 houses are mapped for South Side Rackspace profits up 38% despite missing expectations Companies pragmatic about job growth Rush's profit rises in 2012 WASHINGTON — Senators grappled with the thorny issue of natural gas exports on Tuesday, as even self-proclaimed free-market enthusiasts questioned whether some federal limits are needed to constrain U.S. prices and boost domestic manufacturing. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee that had a hearing on the issue, said his goal is to reach a “sweet spot where U.S. gas producers make enough money to continue producing and U.S. manufacturers have an affordable stable supply of natural gas.” Market forces would ensure that equilibrium, predicted Kenneth Medlock, senior director of the Cent ...
How do you harvest America's most precious resource? Do you start with the spines or what?
One of the best things about being a small roasting company is seeking out exceptional small-quantity microlots of coffee and sharing them with select customers who I think will appreciate them.  In 2011, we were able to offer a spectacular Kenya Peaberry (if you bought that one I guarantee you will remember it well).   Our first (and maybe the only?) Roast Master's Special Reserve for 2013 is Colombia Agua Blanca. Here's the story:   This coffee comes literally from the end of the road in the tiny town of Agua Blanca, in the Pedegral region of Colombia. Getting there requires a long punishing truck ride and a ferry crossing. Coffee growers in the region tend to small plots of 2 to 10 acres each. This coffee was grown by Walter Penna, his brother Juvenal, and their uncle, Miguel. In true family farm tradition, these three grow the coffee and harvest it themselves by hand.  Next, they manually de-pulp it using a hand-crank machine, then ferment and wash the coffee in tile lined tanks. Finally, they nat ...
art and science unite…… Please! We have been taking the oil which is the lubrication in our planet for such a long time now we forget when it started. And then…. we wonder why the tectonic plates shift and we have massive earthquakes, tsunamis, the end of some of the island and coastal nations. We also take the coal, the remnants of previous civilisations on earth and dangerously burn it into the fragile atmosphere which protects us from outer space, raising the temperatures here on earth for all the species, both plant and animal. And now we’re talking about CSG? Many people in the past have dreamt up alternative energy sources but have not had the money or sometimes the education to perfect the idea and take it to production. But now universities all over the world are filled with science students trying to dream up ideas for PH D’s. They should go back and harvest some of the fantastic ideas that have come out of the collective human consciousness of the past. One example … Nicola Tesl ...
Coffee fungus in Central America is going to make the next harvest very tough. Special thanks 2 Gerard for giving us a heads up 4 months ago
Wife Wall post~ Michelle Bartlett Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the group and I just have to say I love what y'all are doing. This looks like it is so helpful and supportive for families of veterans. My husband is a retired Marine. He got injured in Iraq in 2007 by an IED. The good Lord spared his life by a fine margin and I am grateful. He has a glass eye, a missing finger, and limited use of his right leg and ankle. He is considered 100% disabled but is back in school and will soon be earning his undergrad degree. (Proud wifey!) Being a military wife isnt always easy, thats for sure, but I wouldnt trade it for anything. I love seeing the support and comradery from troops and their families. It warms my heart and you cant match it. God bless you all
You’ve surely heard the growing body of prophecies declaring the impending judgment of God on America. So what do we make of Reinhard Bonnke's declaration that "All America Shall Be Saved"?
The Lies Of Hypothermia Part III The plane was loaded with the Old Christians Club rugby team from Uruguay. Including the team, friends, family and associates there were 45 souls on board. Somewhere high up in the Andes Mountains, something happened and the plane crashed into the side of on the snow covered peaks. On impact, a fourth of the passengers were killed. Then some more passed from injuries and the extreme cold. An avalanche claimed yet another 8 leaving 16 survivors stranded with little or no food or slim chance of being found and rescued. The day was Oct. 13, 1972. This brief narrative is one of the most unusual true stories of endurance and survival I have ever heard. And infamous. It produced 6 films and a movie along with a book written and entitied "Alive; The True Story of The Andes Surviviors." Not long after the crash and taking inventory of what they had to look forward to, it soon became apparent their chief concern As hypothermia begin to set in and all little remaining food ...
The Cerro Gordo County Farm Bureau is doing a rather unique project to observe Food Check Out Week this year. They are doing "Grab and Give"event with food grown from farmers. This will be held Tuesday at Hy-Vee West beginning at 9 a.m. Seven teams of three people will compete in "Grab and Give" Teams will have five minutes to see which team can come closest to collecting $250 worth of food. food grabbed food will be given to the Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank. Teams participating in "Grab and Give" are Cerro Gordo County Farm Bureau,Farm Credit Services of America, North Iowa Coop,Five Star Coop, Cartersville Elevator, MBT Ag Lenders and Golden Grain Energy.
The equine meat scandal across the UK and EU now includes donkeys; what about the bute? Cross-posted from the Daily Mirror by JASON BEATTIE and DAVID COLLINS The horse meat scandal deepened today a...
Yesterday we discussed the potential for seed supply shortages following a drought year. Farmers can you talk a bit more in depth on a few topics: 1. What will you do if seed supply is tight and you can't purchase the seed that you want/need for your farms? What is the next step/option "B"? 2. Why isn't corn open pollinated? 3. Do you have the opportunity to choose whatever type of seed you want - from any company, any trait (whether biotech or non biotech)? And do you only plant crops with biotech traits - why or why not? 4. Why don't farmers save their seed? Can you help answer some of these questions or provide some background on misconceptions that we saw in yesterday's thread?
I've been asked to share "10 Things That Are Going Right In the World" today. Who's got ideas?
Stem cells... I'm not against others doing every last possible thing to live. That's their choice. But, There's nothing wrong in dying gracefully. Its the most natural and inevitable part of our existence. Why fear the one promise we can be certain will happen? Just love those around you. And live up to your promises - it allows you to live with no regrets.
My name is Robert and i'm an *** So someone please explain to me why Valentines day is so important to women. Yes, i'm serious. Yes. I posted this.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
(* EU Combined Nomenclature/Harmonized System) Product description Sweet peppers come originally from South and Central America and belong to the Solanaceae (nightshade) family. Sweet peppers were introduced into Europe for the first time at the beginning of the 16th century. Although the fruit of the sweet pepper plant are referred to colloquially as pods, they are actually berries. The various varieties of sweet pepper differ greatly in color, shape and size. Sweet peppers are often green or red in color, but sometimes also yellow, white, purple or black. Green and red sweet peppers are of one and the same variety, the difference in color arising simply from different harvest times. Green sweet peppers are not fully mature and, although they continue to ripen during storage and do turn red, they never reach such an intense shade as sweet peppers which have been left to mature fully on the plant. The inside of a sweet pepper is hollow and subdivided by partitions, to which the whitish seeds are attached. ...
Amos 4:6-12 IGNORING GOD'S WARNING SIGNS From it's very beginning Israel had it's ups and downs with God. Sometimes Israel was obedient and therefore God blessed the people. Sometimes Israel was disobedient and self-reliant and God would send prophets with messages of warnings and then if they didn't heed the prophet's messages, God would send stronger warning signs and if those were ignored, God would send disaster. Israel was proud of it's military strength and battle victories, therefore Israel felt that they were in God's favor. Sadly there were but two classes of people, the very rich and the very poor and it seemed that they were forgetting God's laws and ways. In the text Amos is speaking of God's warnings and the people of Israel ignoring them. America is following Israel's pattern and has not recognized God's warnings and is headed for inevitable calamities. I. GOD'S WARNINGS WERE UNRECOGNIZED 1. God sent famine upon them - Amos 4:6 2. God withheld the rains - Amos 4:7-8 - When rain was needed fo ...
LIFE IN THESE UNITED STATES: (continuation 2) AFTER around 10 months that I overstayed as tourist, my uncle told me one day – INDAY, GO HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES, TAKE CARE OF YOUR FIVE (5) CHILDREN. SOMEDAY YOU WILL COME BACK TO AMERICA! True, then I went home – 2 months before Martial Law was declared in Sept. 1972. My husband was not Chief of Police anymore of his hometown. He was Asst. Director/Administrative Officer of the Northern Mindanao National Police Commission in Cagayan de Oro City, part-time Professor at the Cagayan de OroCity Colleges teaching Criminology. I returned to work at the PH Civil Service Commission. Ante-Climax - Ten years later in 1981 (1972-1981) – All our 5 children entered the U.S. with my husband) after I finished 5 1/2 years nursing study in U.K. The 5 children were in PH schools, La Consolacion College (college), Letran High School (high school), Lyceum of the Philippines (high school), University of the East (high school) and Malabon Elem. School (grade school). Post- ...
How are you spending your Valentine's Day morning? If you are free consider joining me at the Mission Harvest America warehouse 9-12. We will be packing up donated items for Hurricane Sandy victims!!
I Do believe one of the Greatest Revivals Ever is Coming, the Darker it gets the brighter your light should shine, I Do believe something Great is Coming, its harvest time, the knowledge of the Glory of the lord shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea. And I just want to be a part of it.
The bitter fact is that whomever I had tried to help had betrayed me one way or other. And I always fall prey to the decoy. Will I stop helping people out or I will go on endure the pain of betrayal?
The Word of God tells us, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13). God’s offer of salvation belongs to all, and the Lord is rich to all who call upon Him for salvation and deliverance from sin. The Lord has given you and me the privilege and responsibility of presenting the Gospel to the world! Here Am I…Send Me God’s Word also tells us that salvation comes as men and women call upon the Lord. However, they will not call unless someone tells them to call. People cannot believe unless they hear the Gospel. And the Gospel cannot be heard unless someone is sent. In Isaiah 6:8, the Lord asks, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” Long ago, I said, “I will go, Lord. Send me!” I will keep that sacred commitment I made so many years ago until the day the Lord takes me home, for I know that the success of getting the Gospel to the nations depends upon our obedience to Him. I’ve been told that 96 percent of all t ...
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