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Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on The CW on September 26, 2011. The series, created by Leila Gerstein, stars Rachel Bilson as Dr.

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When is singing on the show hart of Dixie, Is when you know that's your favorite show 😍😍
I seriously have the best grandma ever. We are currently binge watching Hart of Dixie. We've already seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy ❄️
Haven't watched 'Gilmore Girls' in a month😲 Been cheating on it with 'Hart of Dixie' rewatch (not seen since 2011). Same town sets are used!
Watching old Hart of Dixie episodes on Netflix and song Downtown was playing for a bit!!πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ΅
Hart of Dixie has so many plot twists 😡
I'm officially calling Hart of Dixie as Nashville research on how to survive the South.
I've been watching Hart of Dixie all day and now when I read something I read it with an Alabama accent kms
I just watched the end of Hart of Dixie again I love it 😭😭 it was so beautiful
I forgot how much I love hart of dixie
I may cry because I'm watching the last episode of Hart of Dixie
When you're a hardcore Hart of Dixie fan and you cry a little
I just finished Hart of Dixie and I'm so alone
I think i just cried for straight 5 mins watching the end of Hart of Dixie 😒😒😒 so beautiful!
How did I just start watching Hart of Dixie?!
This was the most CW trailer ever lmfao it looks like Hart of Dixie or something
Today and/or tomorrow, I start in on Hart of Dixie: Season 1. Looking forward to 'seeing' you. Cheers
Hart of Dixie is so underrated tbh I love it so much
Just finished Hart of Dixie and now all I want to do is move to Alabama.
Addie wants to watch Doc McStuffins & I wanna watch hart of Dixie.. So were compromising and watching doc mcstuffins 😣
I started watching hart of dixie and I am obsessed. I love zoe, I love wade, I love wade and zoe
Binge on entire seasons of Girls, Sex And The City, Divorce and Hart Of Dixie
Hart of dixie was amazing (until they canceled it which I'm still mad about) & shameless is AMAZING.
Maybe I should just watch Hart of Dixie all night long πŸ€”
killer, shameless, 90210, hart of Dixie, HIMYM, narcos, Gilmore Girls, OTH
I'm two episodes away from finishing hart of dixie and I'm so sad that I need to find a new good show to watch 😒
If you haven't please do yourself a favor and watch Hart of Dixie, it's amazing
Just finished Hart of Dixie and idek what to do w my life rn 😭
I was thinking about applying to a small town school πŸ€” it'll be so cool teaching in a small town! Ill be like Zoe from hart of Dixie πŸ˜‚
UPSETπŸ˜₯ just finished Hart Of Dixie what am I gonna do?
I'm watching hart of Dixie and enjoying itπŸ€” cast stones!
Hart of Dixie is my absolute fave show right now and i want to live in Bluebell for a while
99% sure I fell in love with a guy ok hart of Dixie but it's fine
now i can be sick, hack up a lung, and watch Hart of Dixie all at the same time.πŸ€—
I wanted hart of Dixie and LOVED it!
Curled up under blankets, drinking wine & watching Hart of Dixie is always a great end to a long day 😌🍷
Of all the shows to watch, i pick Hart of Dixie
You know you're lonely when you and your dog are cuddled in bed. Both of you eating *** and watching Hart Of Dixie. God I need a life.
I've watched GG, AHS, TWD, Hart of Dixie, and Greys on what to do w my life
Have you seen Hart of Dixie? I watched it when I needed a kissing show and it definitely delivered.
Help I can't stop watching hart of Dixie and now my inner voice is southern
Low key think they named all the eye shadows after the Hart of Dixie πŸ˜‚
Hart of Dixie makes me wanna move to Alabama
Successfully done nothing but binge watch Hart of Dixie all day.
This was taken on the set of Hart of Dixie
Hart Of Dixie when Wade ran after Zoe all the way to New York I think in order to tell her that he loves her
Just casually watching Hart Of Dixie when all of a sudden Clay Evans appears out of nowhere and says his name is pe…
If you love cute, cheesy and Rachel Bilson, I absolutely recommend Hart Of Dixie on Netflix! 8 episodes deep today and still hitting play!!!
Shows like Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie make me think that maybe living in a small town wouldn't be that bad
8 episodes of Hart of Dixie later and my southern accent is a thick as mudπŸ™ƒπŸ˜³
When your life is complete crap but Zoey and Wade just got together on Hart of Dixie so at least I have that to live for
Yes! So glad I finally got someone else hooked on Hart of Dixie on Netflix... it's kinda corny but I love it β€” watching Hart of Dixie
hart of Dixie, 90210, the originals
Even though I binged watched Hart of Dixie I think the ending was great I felt complete. I think they did a great job w/ how the show ended.
I've just watched episode S01E21 of Hart of Dixie!
There's no Tim Armstrong tonight, but I'm still gonna be glued to my TV to see what does tonight! U should t…
HART OF DIXIE. It's so dumb (but not really I actually really love it).
I finished the show recently. But I miss the show already. I would be very happy about new episodes!https:/…
Update: not into Its Always Sunny. Rewatching Hart of Dixie instead πŸ’πŸ»
Hart of Dixie is soo good i just started it & highly recommend it πŸ˜›
I've watched all grey's anatomy, one tree hill, lost, Hart of Dixie, house of cards, criminal minds, friends & fuller house.
Plot twist!!! Season 4 of Hart of Dixie is so good!!! 10/10 would recommend
Because you watch too much Hart of Dixie
I wish I could just watch Hart of Dixie for the first time again since it is the kind of show I am in the mood for right now.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Hart of Dixie!
Since they use the same set for Gilmore Girls&hart of Dixie, every time I watch HoD all I can think of Gilmore Girls since I love it so much
My main reason for marathoning hart of dixie seasons 1-4, is this man, lord why is so fine?
Binge watching Hart of Dixie with on NetflixπŸ’˜
rewatching every season of Hart of Dixie because I miss the characters πŸ™„
Hart of Dixie is my favorite show ever
Hart of dixie box season one two three and four will be available in germany in a box in June 😭😭😭😭 im so happy! But still
I'm watching scenes from the Hart of Dixie finale and someone in the comments said "That baby is at least 5 months old", I'm triggered.
I've just watched episode S03E16 of Hart of Dixie!
mine too! I'm obsessed lol you've probably seen these too but other good ones are parenthood, hart of Dixie, and new girl 😊😊
Kidfree. And i went to bingo last night, stayed up late and read, slept in; and now playing with pictures and watching Hart of Dixie. πŸ˜‚
just asked me if House or Hart of Dixie was my doctor. This is why she is my BFF. No my doctor is Meredith Grey.
Oh hart of dixie please come back i have withdraws!!
Hart of Dixie is by far one of my favorite shows! I could watch this all dayβ™‘ do you have another series you're going to do?
Sorry it took me like 10 years to discover this and I watched all yhe episodes of hart of dixie and I watched that movie a lot
Mandy Patinkin from Hart of Dixie stars in Say Anything... about an egotistical Dancer named Joan
Had a long *** day... Just had a boiling hot shower, took off my makeup, am drinking a peppermint tea &watching Hart of Dixie. SWEET RELIEF
I just finished Hart of Dixie. My life has officially ended
Should Netflix Revive Hart of Dixie Yes. What do you think?
Ashamed about the number of episodes of the Hart of Dixie that I've watched today.
Hart of Dixie? Because if you haven't, I highly recommend that. There's a great ship on that show, and I have a feeling you
Hart of Dixie is hands down one of my fav shows RN
Ok I just cried like 11 times watching hart of Dixie and now I am crying so hard because I finished it and there's no more episodes
Idk what I'm gonna watch after I finish Hart of Dixie πŸ˜•
guest star game was strong last week: Leslie Grossman, Aaron Abrams, Rose from Hart of Dixie.
Zoe and Wade will always be my favorite couple even if they were only a couple on Hart Of Dixie
yeah, it's great seeing Ben in Gotham, it's such a good show. I also loooved Rachel Bilson in Hart Of Dixie!
Hart Of Dixie is playing Big Smo. This is so important.
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I've been watching Hart Of Dixie, but idk if you will like it
Finally finished the first Season of Hart Of Dixie. Really like this show. Love Rachel Bilson of course. Her in the rain
I feel like I need to watch Hart Of Dixie so I don't have to keep hating Cress Williams because of the role he plays on Prison Break πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
Rachel Bilson's show Hart Of Dixie might be over, but a mother's love never ends.
y is season 4 of hart of Dixie not on Netflix & where can I watch it
After I catch up on SPN and Hart of Dixie, gonna re watch Desperate Housewives!!!
actually still mad that season 4 of hart of Dixie isn't on Netflix yet 😩
non penso di ricordarmele tutte, Arrow, flash, pll, ouat, teen wolf, tvd, Hart of dixie, reign, beauty and the beast e altre
lemon hart of dixie in heat and havoc - Google Search in a lemon dress
What do I do with my life now that I've finished Breaking Bad, Dexter, Prison Break, Hart of Dixie, and House of Cards...
I blame Hart of Dixie for playing it with a zombie engagement scene...
you should re-think the cancellation of Hart of Dixie. Show's killing it on
Watching Hart of Dixie again was a great idea.
.please bring Hart Of Dixie back.We need it
John tucker from hart of dixie is in Friday Night Lights 😍😍😍😍
A bad morning is nothing that can't be fixed by a good snug with my puppy while I watch Hart of Dixie, Chickfila for lunch, and shopping.
Any Hart of Dixie fans out there? Such a sweet photo from Jaime King with her newest little one!
Do I want to got to sleepπŸ’πŸΌ or do I want to watch an episode of hart of DixieπŸ’πŸΌ
loved Hart of Dixie in Ireland I never got to see the finale either favourite show xx
Is hart of Dixie coming back on in the UK? ❀️
it's 4:40 in the morning and I just started a new season on Hart of Dixie.. which means It's an all nighter for this girl
The episode of Hart of Dixie when George and Zoe go to New Orleans makes me sad tbh 😣
Hart of Dixie's Obama's Kenyan Welcomed a Baby Boy with an Odd Photo
Gonna watch the hart of Dixie till I fall asleep 😴😌
I'm gonna cry, I can't find season 4 to the show hart of dixie 😩
Hart of Dixie's Jaime King Welcomed a Baby Boy with an Odd Photo: Congratulations are in order for Jaime King ...
have u seen Hart of Dixie if not u need to start watching it plz
Can't sleep watching Hart of Dixie on netflix.
Zoe from the Hart Of Dixie is scary similar to me. 😳😍
'Hart Of Dixie' season 4 finale spoilers: Zoe goes into labor and ...
Can I just say that the woman talking about her sunscreen on sound so much like Annabelle from Hart Of Dixie!!!
I enjoyed your work on Hart Of Dixie. May everything continue to go well for you!
Hart Of Dixie season 5 cancelled? Actor Jaime King and Scott Porter urge fans to save the show
Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, season 4, episode 7
I have series for such days like Hart of light hearted.
I've just watched episode S04E05 of Hart of Dixie!
Check out my meme about episode S02E22 of Hart of Dixie!
Had a dream I met last night. Hopefully her acting career doesn't end after Hart of Dixie
Check out Hollywood Candy Girls Custom SWEETS on Set! Hart of Dixie Video - The Butterstick Tab
Watching Hart of Dixie makes me want to buy pink lipstick!
Check out our SWEET Styling on the set of Hart of Dixie! Glam Apples, Marshmallow & Lollipop Centerpieces, Cotton... http…
I'm watching Hart of Dixie right now but it's hella country and white πŸ˜‚ I need something else
Hart of Dixie saison 4 : Episode 7, " I'm all in Lemon Breeland ! I'm yours and I will wait." , notre…
i need to get my hw done but hart of dixie is on and even if I already watched it, I want to see it again😁
I watch 2 45 min episodes of Hart of Dixie every morning
I just really, really, really love "Hart of Dixie".
Hart of Dixie season one is amazing
I'm more of a TV show person and happen to just finish binge watching Hart Of Dixie I'm dead 😭
Around the time I got really REALLY into Hart of Dixie (Rachel Bilson😍) I went to see Lady Antellebum. They were great. πŸ’— a bit of country.
So I'm going to get Hart of Dixie next I think. I'm going to need a soft show after dexter.
Going to have to buy a multi region player now for Once Upon a Time and Hart of Dixie! Urgh!
- Tay Tay is a godmother! - Pregnant Hart of Dixie star Jaime King has chosen Taylor Swift to be ...
hi there please tell me when series 2 of hart of Dixie starts it brilliant!! Thanks
'Hart of Dixie' season 4, episode 8 video: Are Lemon, Lavon officially together now? -
I've just watched episode S04E07 of Hart of Dixie!
Didn't go school today because i just felt the need to finish season 2 of Hart of DixieπŸ˜‚
Is it just me or does May off of hart of Dixie remind people of
I've watched a solid 4 hours of Hart of Dixie. And it doesn't look like I'm about to stop.
Started Hart of Dixie and everyone is from Friday Night Lights OBSESSED
Justin Hartley is on this episode of Hart Of Dixie. 😍
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Now Tansy from Hart of Dixie is on HIMYM
Wade from Hart of Dixie reminds me of oomf
Nothing is more truthful then the last episode of season 3 of Hart of Dixie. I believe in happiness, and I believe in fighting for it πŸ’•πŸ˜Š
when last year got you stuck on Hart of Dixie then school started & forgot bout it now you stuck on it again.😭😍😍😭
Santas not coming to my house bc I can't stop watching Hart of Dixie long enough to sleep πŸ’πŸ˜‚
We were in love once, and lord help me I think I still am. . -hart of dixie
My fave tv shows are Brooklyn 99 and Modern Family rn but like Hart Of Dixie took over my life
Assisti a "Hart of Dixie: Islands In the Stream" s2ep12
hart of Dixie . I just started it Sunday & I love this show already
If you haven't seen the series Hart Of Dixie on Netflix then you're missing out!
Also the guy who plays Dash on Hart of Dixie was on the season finale of IDDI
Binge watching Hart of Dixie isn't my normal Christmas Eve routine but oh well
Just found out my grandpa watches hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls...
I had forgotten how good hart of dixie is
You can't go around being all nice and friendly and flirting with someone when you clearly with someone else. -Hart of Dixie
Spent the day watching Hart of Dixie and Play video games
revenge, hart of Dixie, Greys, private practice, desperate housewives
Where have I been & why have I not been on this Hart of Dixie train for the past 3 years lol ??
Per Natale strip Halo con Rachel Bilson come in Hart of Dixie grazie
'Hart of Dixie' season 4 spoilers: Even more news on episode titles!
Finished every season of Hart of Dixie. Now what do I watch.
Hart Of Dixie premiers on January 9th! Make sure to tune in for season 4!
My heart lies with Hart of Dixie. It is ok
Hart of Dixie season 4 spoilrs Even more news on episode titles!
Hart of Dixie & homework all day is what is required
It worked with shows like Hart of Dixie and Drop Dead Diva!
CW cancelled Hart Of Dixie, but they r gonna give us one more season for closure. THIS IS RESPECT!
I'm ready for the next season of Hart of Dixie
lol I was watching hart of Dixie last night
Hart of Dixie + blueberry coffee. Perfect morning.
Hart of Dixie season 3 is supposedly out today, which is great, because then I can buy it this week, as well as Hozier's album & new EP.
Please say no!!! β€˜Hart of Dixie’ Gets Premiere Date, Is Season Four the Last?
great for catching up on 'Hart of Dixie!'
Hart of Dixie is back in America on the 9th of January. Hopefully we see it in Australia not long after
Watch Now: The Hot Guys of Nikita, Hart of Dixie and Ringer Dish on Love Triangles, and Each Other
My life is gonna be like Hart of Dixie. I'm gonna be a successful lady sleeping w the hot bartender that made my drinks when I was bummed.
Watching back to back episodes of Hart of Dixie makes me crave gumbo, country music and mint juleps. I'm not even that keen on mint juleps.
β€œI'm in the same boat except with "Hart of Dixie." πŸ˜…β€ hart of Dixie is the best.. On the 3rd season 😁
of interest to us both: Hart of Dixie comes back January 9
Netflix says there are too many people on my account so I'm ready to kill one of my family members so I can watch Hart of Dixie idgaf
Riaan β™₯s watching Hart of Dixie & Vampire Diaries. The youngest of 4 kids, has a PT & gets nervous when I stand in heels on the bus
Why is it that the ones we want are always the ones we can't have. -Hart of Dixie (TV Series)
'Hart of Dixie' and 'Masters of Illusion' Return to The CW Friday, January 9th
I haven't moved from my bed in hours because I've been binge watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix
The CW announced today that the new season of HART OF DIXIE will return with 10 episodes beginning Friday,...
Big news day! MENTALIST ending DIXIE return date SCANDAL finale spoiler
Gotta love Jaime King's character in Hart Of Dixie. She looks so regal as Lemon!
we seen Hart Of Dixie filming plus the Rammer Jammer lol. Just a bunch of different sets from different movies/TV shows
" Hart Of Dixie " Jaime King as Lemon, at a Halloween party dressed as Marilyn Monroe!
"The O.C." and "Hart Of Dixie" actress Rachel Bilson (32) is pregnant with boyfriend Hayden Christensen's (33) baby! The pair have been dating for years,
Just noticed after 9 episodes that Jason street from FNL is one of the main characters in Hart Of Dixie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
I didn't realize how much i hate episode 2x05 of hart of dixie until now. Blah.
Hart of dixie is such an awesome series. y hadnt i watched this?
There's just too many good looking human beings in Hart of Dixie. Just made my eyes burp!
Then there is hart of dixie marathon
catchin up on some good Hart of Dixie!
i finished all of the seasons of Hart of Dixie that are are on netflix and now i just want to curl up in a ball and cry
Just one episode of Hart of Dixie and then I have to get to bed for church!!! Considering I need to be up at 8 to be there on time!!!
I'm seriously just so sad I finished hart of Dixie on Netflix.
Starting Hart of Dixie was the best decision I've made all day😍
Carrie Diaries, hart of dixie, Friday Night Lights, 90210
I'm currently watch hart of Dixie and Friday Night Lights..I will after 😁
My day today: Subway, the hart of Dixie and my bed! πŸ‘Œ
Turkey pot pies, Capri suns, & Hart of Dixie are the only things getting me through the beginning stages of allergy season.
HOD is "Hart of Dixie." They get casting sides&call sheets sometimes. Lucky them, sigh
How do you work an Apple tv like I'm tech challenged and I just wanna watch Hart of Dixie.
Hart Of Dixie has to be my all time fav show
"Yes 99 out of 100 people will let you down, but I think you find the magic of the world in the margin of error" -Hart of Dixie
, you should start watching , Hart of dixie , it helps you after GossipGirl
Catching up on DVR tonight. First, Hart of Dixie. Now, Carrie Diaries. I will never not want her hair.
Friday Night Lights, Revenge, Hart of Dixie, 24.. Life Unexpected. I'm watching flashpoint right now!
I miss when hart of dixie was like my life
β€˜Hart of Dixie’ Preview: Lemon’s Back and Bluebell is Not Prepared:
Cinnamon Crunch bagel and Hart of Dixie = perfect night . 😌😍
Was watching Hart of Dixie and started singing. Actually squealed
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Bill Paxton's acting is about equal to the acting seen in Hart of Dixie but I still love to watch Twister.
Spending my Saturday night finding romance thru Hart of Dixie and stuffing my face. Typical.
Clay from One Tree Hill is on this episode of Hart of Dixie. 😍
Update: Sad country music is speaking to my soul. I blame my Hart of Dixie marathon.
BRANDI BURKHARDT of Hart of Dixie OSCARS Interview at Roger Neal Pre-Oscar Suites 2014: via
Hart Of Dixie better have a proper ending because it's obviously getting cancelled
The Hart of Dixie isn't to bad of a show
yes!! Hart of dixie has been off since the start of February. PLL is not long back since edited halloween,
"Will Brick make an appearance when HART OF DIXIE returns on Fri. March 21?" Your fans can't get enough of our handsome Brick.
Hubby works a double tonight, chicken alfredo for dinner, reading, kids to bed, work, clean, and laundry, oh and hart of dixie thats what my night is going to consist of!
yeah lol the amount of tv I've been watching is UNREAL I started hart of Dixie yesterday it's got Rachel Bilson in it, it's quite
I like the show hart of Dixie I just don't like Lemon... Or the actress who plays her aka Jamie King. Don't hate her just don't like her
I finished hart of Dixie on Netflix what am I supposed to do now? 😭😭😭
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Today was suppose to be like a really good day, but instead I'm jus chillin at home watching Hart of Dixie πŸ˜”
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I think I've watched over 4 hours of Hart of Dixie today 😍
Minhas sΓ©ries atualmente: arrow, beauty and the beast, hart of dixie, mom, reign, sleepy hollow, star crossed, super fun night, teen wolf, the Carrie Diaries, the following, the originals, the tomorrow people, the vampire diaries, twisted, the big bang theory, the simpsons, under the dome, dracula.
My momma's fav tv show is Hart of Dixie πŸ’
Remembering when times were good on hart of dixie
So ready for some hart of Dixie and a nap
Both boys are sleeping and the house is clean! Watching some Hart of Dixie!
well it's good to rest our mind for a few min! ready for another week without Arrow, The Tolorrow People and Hart of Dixie? :(
I'm gonna start watching hart of dixie just for jamie
I have 3 episodes left of Hart of Dixie and I'm in tears because I don't want it to end 😭
I'm definitely addicted to hart of dixie... Feeling like I actually live in blue bell ha
I need season 3 of Hart of Dixie in my life. 😩
I've started watching "Hart of Dixie"...I really want a friend like Lavon Hayes!!!
you're so pretty at Hart of Dixie, love u!!
Hart of Dixie started off so strong. Sickly sweet and oh so addictive. Now it's morphed into obnoxiously campy. Ugh, come back
Wish I could just lay in bed and watch Hart of Dixie all day
Since I got Netflix last night it's gonna be a Netflix watching kinda day.watching Hart of Dixie πŸ‘
Sadly, we still have two weeks to go before Hart of Dixie returns from its latest hiatus. The show will move to a new night and time (Fridays at 9/8c) and it will also bring back not one, but two of our favorite characters: Lemon and Magnolia. Aside from…
HART OF DIXIE on Net flicks has gotten me thru the house bound cold days. Check it out pretty southern people, beautiful scenery and some laughs. No blood or nasty sex scenes.
I hope when Hart Of Dixie returns,Wade and Zoe get back together and she's dumps that nerd Joel !Cuz he *** !B O R I N G !!
I toured the set of Hart Of Dixie when I visited Warner Brothers studios in September. Keep up the good work!
Xo β€œWent to bed not feeling well and started watching Hart of Dixie. as Lemon cheers me up!
Time to watch Hart of Dixie and ignore my homework
Going from Friday Night Lights to Hart of Dixie. I may or may not be obsessed with 😍
I just want to be home so I can watch some Hart of Dixie
Sitting in the tub, eating all dressed chips, watching hart of dixie
Bliss Belle Buttercup Davis? It's like the most frequently used words from Hart of Dixie in one name.
Starting Hart of Dixie, hope it's worth it:)
on Hart of Dixie? Umm I liked George & Tanzy (spelling?) but I don't know if I really ship anyone besides Zade.
So today I've watched GG, PLL, Hart of Dixie and Carrie Diaries. What next?!
Amo Hart of Dixie, me hace reir mucho esta serie
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Hart of Dixie has me in tears and laughing at the same time.
we spent our evening catching up on DVR. Sleepy Hollow, Justified, Hart of Dixie and the Originals! So ha!
after you watch it, watch Hart of Dixie because the actor that plays Jason Street is in it. It's really good.
Laying on the couch watching Hart of Dixie with my boyfriend πŸ’–βœ¨
Sick Beard: Download Finished: Hart of Dixie - 3x02 - Friends in Low Places
I have a slight obsession with Hart of Dixie on Netflix. I cant stop watching it. 😍
Been watching Hart of Dixie all afternoon with the boys
I feel like Hart of Dixie was quietly loved flying under the radar.
That always *** I'm sad to be so late on the Hart of Dixie watching bandwagon. I'm liking it a lot.
need to study for my test tomorrow but Hart of Dixie is so good rn
Wish I wrote the script for hart of Dixie πŸ˜”
I'm currently catching up on Hart of Dixie. It can't be ALL angst and sex and murder in my life LOL
Star says her 'Hart of Dixie' character is 'still as crazy as ever.' By Kase Wickman, wit
Hayden filmed on Hart of Dixie last week ! Filmed as young Tyler Greyson on the Short Film Chasing Hayes ! Kent Boyd , Ericka Larson, director Erin Brown! Can't wait to see this awesome film about finding love in a small town!
Might be why I love Hart of Dixie lol j/k (maybe)
Little Giant Ladders
I'm about to give up on Hart of Dixie.. so tired of Zoey...
Catching up on Hart of Dixie; I've just gotten to the point where I wish all 5 of them could be in a relationship together.
Anna Sherlock, I watched Hart of Dixie without you! Let's get a Skype date set up for the next one.
Almost all caught up with hart of Dixie...why are tv shows so addicting
Ah Naw just played in the Hart of Dixie. Cannot escape movietunes.
β€œI can’t change into sweats fast enough when I get home,” says Cameron Folan, the costume designer responsible for the upbeat, luxe contemporary looks seen on Hart of Dixie, which returns to the CW Monday night after a holiday hiatus. β€œI love Nike's vintage-style sweatpants and an Alternative Appare...
Hart of Dixie 3x10 Star of the Show -Preview (sub ita)
Hart of Dixie has the dates totally messed up so if you looked for me last night I appreciate it but I wasn't in the episode.
Hart of Dixie Fashion: Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart wears this blue colorblock tennis dress with a ruffled hem on Hart of Dixie Episode Something to Talk About.Stella McCartney adidas)
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