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Harry Reid

Harry Mason Reid (born December 2, 1939) is the senior United States Senator from Nevada, serving since 1987. A member of the Democratic Party, he has been the Senate Majority Leader since January 2007, having previously served as Minority Leader and Minority and Majority Whip.

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Harry Reid praised Mormon Tabernacle Choir singer for refusing to "be part of the wave of hatred unleashed by Trump"
We are SICK of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, & Harry Reid. That is why Trump one. Y don't you wake up?
On behalf of the USA I would like to trade Pelosi, Podesta, Hillary&Bill, Pocahontas, Harry Reid & The Obama's for 35 Ru…
"We can go through the list of people [Trump's] already chosen and it's, quite frankly, scary.". --Harry Reid
The swamp has a big hole in it already, HRC, Obma, Biden and Harry Reid and John C. Are gone.
Due to Harry Reid's legacy, Trump will be able to get his Cabinet Picks and Bills passed by employing the Nuclea…
Harry Reid is nothing but a Criminal; involved in Land sale Scandal in
Harry Reid is the real Dirty Harry! Prosecute him to prison for abuse of office and concealing of bribe!Guilty
BREAKING REALITY CHECK: Harry Reid has overseen the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act since its inception. E.g. Harry Reid…
Harry Reid leaves Senate with a legacy that will help Trump
Is Paul Krugman actually Harry Reid's love child? Seriously. Same foul stink surrounding him as Dirty Harry.
Pete Santilli FAKE NEWS & HATE for PROFIT is behind . LIES about Harry Reid - Land. BUNDY RANCH .
Dirty Harry Reid THE MOBSTER This video is the comprehensive journal of just how Harry Reid has ga
Two great political insiders to follow are John Kasich strategist & Harry Reid's Deputy Chief of Staff
Salt Lake Tribune: A $2M check, Harry Reid and one frustrated prosecutor  | Conservative Byte
her and dingy Harry Reid are the reason we need term limits.
Harry Reid: “You get rid of Obamacare, people are going to die.”
Harry Reid is good at fighting dirty
Obama did the same thing to Trump... so did Michelle Obama, Hillary, Jill Stein, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, Eliz Warren
‘Good riddance, Mr. Reid’: Finally! Mitt Romney lets Harry Reid have it
Mitt Romney takes Harry Reid out to the shed- finally. .
Harry Reid on Romney: "somebody I had respect for. I have none anymore.”
Romney, Harry Reid trade ugly blows after Mitt gets passed over for ‘State’ gig
NO RESPECT: Harry Reid slams Mitt Romney after meeting with President-elect Trump. Romney responds, "good riddance, Mr.…
Why is Harry Reid still making comments & insults? He's gone. Biggest *** next to John Stewart
Great article! I'm glad that Harry Reid has left the Senate so he can reprise his role as Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.
Harry Reid now says that John Kerry told him he won't retire after Trump's win. Kerry 2020?
Re: Thompson's Detroit talk. So you hire Thrush? Harry Reid wants to rewrite 1st Amend? RICO for climate "Deniers"? Righteous, man!
Nate Silver and Harry Reid both believe that FBI Director James Comey threw the election to Donald Trump
Latest reason for Democrats losing the election FBI director helped Donald Trump well according to Harry Reid
Well, Harry Reid is insane but we've known that for a while.
No conspiracy theory or lie is too big for Harry Reid. But General Flynn!11!!!omg!
well? When you have Harry Reid on video telling them to lie to Trump in those briefings why bother
Assume Hillary won and RNC had been hacked and email harmful to Trump had been leaked. Harry Reid would say, "Well, he didn…
Sen. Harry Reid says FBI Director James Comey's letter cost Democrats the election as well as the Senate majority
Sources? Remember when Harry Reid said "sources" at the IRS told him Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes in 20 years?.
Proof that Senator Harry Reid has a tail.
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, are two of the most ignorant people in the United States that still hold a elected office, NV and CA are proud
GO TRUMP. You destroyed Hilary and all who voted for her. Don't forget Harry Reid.
Deputy Chief of Staff for Harry Reid, who had repeatedly asked the FBI to reveal explosive findings about Russia to the…
Check out this cool episode: . GOOD BY NASTY HARRY REID
People are busting on dear old Harry Reid, *** he's a dam hero! His radicalism lost 12 Senate seats for the democraps:)
When I worked in U.S. Senate, it was world's greatest deliberative body. destroyed it, I told https:/…
After a year of digging, this:$2M check, Harry Reid and a frustrated prosecutor via
Harry Reid used the nuclear option in 2011. Trump only needs 51 senators to approve cabinet picks. He has 52.
you are making quick judgement based on Hilary and Harry Reid opinions. They LOST big. Hary legacy in sewers.
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want Harry Reid investigated about dealings in Nevada, Bundy Ranch connection, Chinese deal, etc
Harry Reid kind of turned into a bit of a whack job in the end.
the liberals are full of hate. Hilary, and Harry Reid gone forever.
After Over Three Decades in Congress Harry Reid Left This Behind for the Democrats via
Hillary, Harry Reid and you lost bad. Trump WON.
Harry Reid: ‘New Edgar Hoover’ FBI head Comey needs to resign and be investigated for hiding Russian hacks
Harry Reid advises CIA to give Trump "fake briefings". Unbelievable the level of corruption that the subversive D…
Oh man. To Harry Reid accuses Comey of deliberately burying Russia info before the election, calls him the "new…
FBI covered up Russian influence on Trump's election win, Harry Reid claims
Now might be a good time to read the letter that Harry Reid sent to James Comey on October 30th:
Reminder: Senator Reid wrote TWO letters to Comey over the past few months.
Harry Reid knew, and called Comey OUT. Our election was f'd with by Russia. Russia picked our president. AND THE GOP AND THE…
News post: "Harry Reid spokesman sends out a 'reminder' that Speaker Ryan is a 'coward'"
Reid wants FBI Director Comey investigated? That's pretty rich coming from Harry R who is leaving due to corruption
Pickup from yesterday-->FBI knew about Russia interference with election, Harry Reid says | M…
Thanks to people like Nancy Pelosi, Liz Warren, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, The Leader hav…
Listening to Laura Ingraham defend tariffs is about as painful as watching Harry Reid ranting from the Senate floor.
Harry Reid & Dem establishment condoned rigging of the primary. THAT'S why isn't president-elect right no…
Hillary Clinton pays tribute to Senator John Glenn at Harry Reid tribute
Hillary Clinton speaking at a tribute to Harry Reid
Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell about to honor Harry Reid on Capitol Hill.
Hillary Clinton gets a standing ovation as she takes the microphone at Harry Reid's farewell party
Hillary Clinton returns to Capitol Hill today for the first time since the election. She'll speak at Harry Reid's portrait…
We don't need a farewell speech from Harry Reid or Obama! . Just GTFO!. Good Riddance!
1. In fact they r powerless to object to ending legislative filibusters either as the same rule dodge used by Harry Reid on…
Harry Reid discussing his family's dental history now, in a farewell speech on Senate floor.
Linda McMahon joining the administration brings us a step closer to a Harry Reid pile driver on the Senate floor
Sen. Boxer will soon give her farewell Senate speech. Harry Reid now saying goodbye to Obama. Watch live: .
Google "senate nuclear option," then thank Harry Reid. . Not that Mattis won't be exempted and confirmed without it. Slam dunk…
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Harry Reid are racists. Thats my poem
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No worries. Reid nuked the filibuster on appointments. Thanks Harry!
Wow, it's like justice for when Reid turned a deaf ear to those who complained about this very scenario. Choke on i…
She and Harry Reid were good little soldiers for the DNClinton party. That's their 50-state strategy.
Talking to Gore about "climate change" is like talking Harry Reid about brain surgery.
As opposed to Harry Reid who pushed theory that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 20 years. (Y…
partly because they can't; simple majorities thanks to Harry Reid
a trusted adviser to DJT knows not to trust any Democrat influenced advisers…
"you have to pass it to find out what's in it"...Pelosi is a poilitcal disgrace (aka Harry Reid) with zero credibility
.& there she is, among the political class. Who can forget how savagely she & Harry Reid opposed GWB? A lot of people, it seems.
You are a misguided *** Harry Reid did MUCH worse obstructionism.
I think it's because Harry Reid is leaving the Senate next month, so any criticism of his leadership is moot.
Nancy Pelosi is still trying to find the tennis balls that Harry Reid stole off her walker.
I'm still glad the treadmill invoked the nuclear option on Harry Reid.
. Now Harry Reid develops a conscience .how convenient .
Maybe he's paying tribute to a retiring Harry Reid?
LOL - As Harry Reid vilifies Trump as untrustworthy scoundrel, turns out Reid is retiring due to corruption scandals https…
Asked a friend what he thought of Harry Reid. He said Reid's nuts! I responded "you're half right". What.too soon?
Northern elector explains how she was chosen to serve in the & how voting works:…
they can't filibuster anymore. Harry Reid got rid of that w/ nuclear option. Payback time.
Too bad Dirty Harry Reid, didn't think that one through did you?
100 Counter-Demonstrators at KKK Protest that Didn't Happen Harry Reid called off KKK Rally SJW were sad.
>>Harry Reid's seat red! Cruz is simply saying quit playing games w/ PACs & just transparently give the money to the candidate.
Dems love the worst of the human kind! Hillary, Pelosi, Harry Reid! Why not this Black Muslim?
come to Vegas rub Harry Reid nose in it please
This is Harry Reid's sequel to his exercise band accident except it's knocked out the entire Democratic Party
Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden to headline tribute to Harry Reid
Harry Reid's last gift to the Democratic Party: He ruined the filibuster.
she and Harry Reid will go down as one of the dumbest/partisan duo in history
why is Huck there for analysis of Carson pick...DT could have picked Harry Reid for spot & Huck would say great pick
Harry Reid reveals why he was forced to retire
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for most people yes but Harry Reid is the rare exception. He does this kind of crap all the time. Fight 🔥 fi…
There are some serious morons in the Republican party, but Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid take the crown in DC.
Dem Senator suddenly regrets going along with Harry Reid's nuclear option on filibusters. It's ok to laugh at him. https:/…
"You made that rule, you're doing to die by that rule." --David Knight, on Harry Reid's bluster
Yeah! in 51 days Obama will be gone & his entourage, spooky evil Harry Reid,Valerie puppet master Jarrett,&smirky snot Josh Earnest
.I'd better see Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer out in public Monday owning the airwaves and dissin…
I'm waiting for Donald Trump to name Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi to important Cabinet Posts.
Democrat child rapist, Obama friend - big doner to Harry Reid, others arrested via
Harry Reid may have saved the republic: (Bryan Fischer) -…
.Thanks so much to Harry Reid! The nuclear option will work nicely here. And Obama! For introducing wide use of Executive Order
Harry Reid says James Comey cost Hillary the election and is a ‘Republican operative’ | Daily Mail Online
.is right. Steve Bannon great friend to Israel that Harry Reid & many D's pretend to be.
you are being pretty tough on Harry Reid here about his support for Robert Byrd
Harry Reid , I'm sure you remember Robert Byrd, a Democrat, who was a leader in the KKK.
Let us not forget Harry Reid praising KKK Democratic Senator Robert Byrd at his funeral. Harry loved the KKK member, fac…
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So they exchanged Harry Reid for Chuck Schumer? That' way to fix things...I guess.
I can't stand Joe Manchin..he might as well be a *** republican. Harry Reid is a great Senator & I will miss him
I BLAME THIS VERMIN for POISONOUS TONE! Reid blames Trump for ‘wave of hate crimes’ -…
More Democrats should be talking like Harry Reid right now:
NO MORE. it's different this time. NEVER AGAIN - i mean...just LOOK at harry reid!
.Dirty Harry Reid just can't stand seeing his swamp being drained by President Trump. Prez Trum…
Harry Reid is making a lot of Americans regret that he is leaving the Senate.
How. Is. This. Legal? WIll MSM/GOP; anybody but Harry Reid hold this sociopath accountable for anything? It's the Pre…
Senator Harry Reid now whining on the Senate floor.
NOTHING makes me happier than annoying Harry Reid. Counting the days until we don't have to see his face or hear hi… know, without proper context this makes Harry Reid look pretty bad!
Harry Reid gave a powerful speech calling on Trump to rescind Steve Bannon:
Someone remind Harry Reid the TRILLION '09 Stimulus was *supposed to be* a massive infrastructure "shovel ready jobs" b…
Fact check: Absolutely nothing is beneath Harry Reid.
Bannon obviously not the man Harry Reid paints him to be, but Reid is a clown show, so.
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Reid resumes attacks on Trump, says election 'sparked a wave of hate crimes' | Harry is a foolish and evil man.
Sen. Harry Reid: "Many Americans believe that Trump's election validates the kind of bullying Trump modeled on a daily basis"…
Well if Harry Reid's against him, he's got to be a good man.
Sen. Harry Reid: Democrats "have a responsibility to be the voice of millions of Americans"
Harry Reid talking about responsibility is like Bill Clinton talking about marital fidelity.
Three cheers for Harry Reid! . I love the way he will not let this be normal!!!
Harry Reid rips into Donald Trump for "placing a champion of white supremacists a step away from the Oval Office"
You, Harry Reid, are not respected and are irrelevant. Go away. No one likes you.
Harry Reid, America thanks you! "Millions of young people are now wondering if sexual assault is a laughing matter" https…
Harry Reid blocked Kate's Law which would've helped innocent people stay safer from illegals. was killed by an…
Reid says Trump has 'sparked a wave of hate crimes across America' - POLITICO
Senator Harry Reid calls for Trump to rescind Steve Bannon's appointment, calls him a "champion of racial division."
Harry Reid never sold out our country like you did. You're a traitor and I'll patiently wait till the day u leave in disgr…
Harry Reid is clueless. Bannon is a smart hire. Reid is just worried about the swamp getting drained.
Exclamation point! "Senator Harry Reid's statement today attacking President-elect Trump is wrong!"
Right now, Harry Reid is the one guy showing the party how to fight -- and be seen fighting -- for the people being brutali…
Harry Reid: "If we fail to hold Trump accountable, we all bear a major responsibility for normalizing his behavior"
Finally someone put Harry Reid in his place with class 🇺🇸🇺🇸 thank you sir.
Remember, there is no filibuster against any of these nominees. Thank Harry Reid for that.
Sen. Harry Reid: "It is not normal for the KKK to celebrate the election of a president they view as their champion"
Harry Reid has been horrible ever since he was Senate Majority Leader & still intimidates Mitch McConnell!
Harry Reid references a CNN article from yesterday about Steve Bannon. Here is that story: https:/…
Harry Reid demonstrated again why he should be water boarded just because he's stupid
Terry. Harry Reid has never been for "open borders." . You, Terry, lose credibility when you post false info.
Harry Reid's hate-filled spit speech on Senate floor new low. A pile of vile bile.Joe Manchin steps up with dignity. h…
Sorry, but anyone acceptable to Harry Reid & Chuck Schumer R automatically disqualified.
Damning statement from Harry Reid's spokesman, after Trump aide hints at legal action against Reid for criticizing Trump http…
EastEnders: Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell death news leaves cast fearing axe as Harry Reid admits stars - SEE MORE:
Scathing statement from Harry Reid's spox after Kellyanne Conway suggested legal action against Reid for criticizing Trum…
Kellyanne Conway says on Harry Reid's comments are "beyond the pale," advises him to be careful in "legal s…
Harry Reid reminds nation that Donald Trump is "a sexual predator who lost the popular vote" ht…
Fellow Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin calls Harry Reid's Trump remark an "absolute embarrassment to the Senate"
Harry Reid is still suffering from last year's unfortunate blow to the head. Please disregard his statements until he'…
Harry Reid is one prominent Democrat who is resisting normalization: People are afraid, & "their fear is rational."
Harry Reid is right: Trump is still an authoritarian racist hatemonger until he shows us otherwise:
Can someone inform Harry Reid no Sexual Predator is going to be in the White House. Hillary lost. Bill Clinton will be kept f…
Some one needs to baker act Harry Reid , his aides must not be giving him his medication !!!
Harry Reid the most corrupt person in DC and that says a lot!!
Harry Reid dismisses Donald Trump: "A sexual predator who lost the popular vote" by via
Harry Reid's stewardship lost the Dems Whitehouse, both chambers of congress and 2/3 state chambers he has been a gift to the…
"Harry Reid"The are the ones committing all the while accusing you of
Harry Reid blaming riots on Trump is absolutely insane, get out of here Harry, and don't come back ***
Harry Reid is a short timer and should be ignored at every opportunity.
Hey Harry Reid who is unleashing the tide of hate?.
Trump win "has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry," Harry Reid writes in scathing letter ht…
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Harry's dementia is really getting the best of him. Crazy old man!
Harry Reid LIED about Mitt Romney and LIED about Donald Trump. This guy is a pathological liar...
Harry Reid has sustained too much brain damage as a punching bag failed boxer, so obviously deranged mentally and morally…
Horrible Harry Reid is the poster child for TERM LIMITS.
Now this, from Harry Reid, is not your normal politician's statement. Good for him.
Harry Reid breaks silence: Trump's election has 'emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry:'
Good riddance to the lying hack Harry Reid! January 20th can't come soon enough!
Harry Reid refuses to go along with Donald Trump
REID. The Guy Hustler that gave you the black eye because you were drooling for his *** Let's talk about this HARRY.
Harry Reid: Trump's election "emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America"
'Tears' and 'fear': Harry Reid is not taking Trump's election well |
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about Trump: 'A sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fuelled his campaign with…
On January 3 2017 Harry Reid leaves the Senate to avoid corruption charges.
What a joke & national embarrassment & liberal hack Harry Reid has become. .
In case you thought Harry Reid might be in a conciliatory mood ... he is not. Trump 'a sexual predator who lost the popula…
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Harry Reid is a demagogue. Democrats thrive on fearmongering, and Reid is one of the worst. Grubhub CEO…
"Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans."
He's such a *** . Harry Reid attacks Trump, calls him a ‘sexual predator’ blames him for riots
Through his partisan actions, FBI Director Comey may have broken the law.
That's strange, Harry Reid, because all I've seen over the last 48 hours is Trump supporters being violently attacked. ht…
Harry Reid is a man that is so filled with hate. He has no room to see anything but his own reflection in…
Harry Reid still has not put those pederast rumors to rest.
I am no fan of Never Trumper but her reading the Harry Reid statement on President Elect Trump is Killing me! LMFAO! OMFG! EPIC!
Say what you want about Harry Reid, but the ex-boxer is leaving DC a winner: He painted Nevada blue in an otherwise dreadful year for Dems.
Harry Reid speaking out for the vulnerable and directly addressing bigotry and complicity. Read.
Harry Reid makes a statement about Trump. **drops mic**
Senator Harry Reid: Trump has big job after spurring 'forces of hate and bigotry'
Harry Reid, who sounds like the America of Aaron Copeland, WILL *** YOUR WIG.
Some hot fire from Harry Reid. I'll miss him. .
And would you like to discuss Harry Reid's obstruction? I'll bet not.
I hope John Huntsman stays out of politics. He pulled a quick one on Mitt, along Harry Reid.
thats why Harry Reid left. He didnt want to die there ;)
What about Harry Reid lying on senate floor? Dems trying to nudge Comey out at FBI after Clinton probe decision |
Then rookie US Sen for NV Harry Reid spoke on Senate floor for about 6 hours, Nov 4, 1987, protested DOE bill. VID:
Harry Reid, who slandered someone from the Senate floor with no evidence, attacks the FBI for doing its duty because the pr…
You can hate Harry Reid if you want, but the Dem GOTV machine he's built out in NV is something else.
Just like everything the media does, and Harry Reid on the senate floor.
Harry Reid donator will give Ann a job. That's it!
Just like Harry Reid said when asked about his lying on the Senate floor about Romney's taxes, because it works!
BREAKING: Harry Reid, DNC accuse FBI Director Comey of colluding with HP umpire Sam Holbrook to influence WS, allowing an Indians comeback.
"No one can question Director Comey...It's over. Time to move on." . -Harry Reid, July 6, 2016
Pay attention to who comes out slamming the FBI. Eric Holder & Harry Reid are just a few panicking involved in a massive c…
Trey Gowdy spanks Dems, Hillary and ‘hack’ Harry Reid over FBI probe: ‘I didn’t know Mormons did drugs’
Wow Sam and'd believe ANYTHING from lying Harry Reid?!. Harry lied about Romeny & still isn't sorry…
Biased inaccurate editorializing on Harry Reid letter there Johnny.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Harry Reid accuses Comey of sitting on proof of Trump-Russia ties, possible Hatch Act violation
Harry Reid warns Comey: if you won't tell the public Trump is under FBI investigation then I will. . Tell it!
NBC News: Harry Reid has sent a letter to FBI Dir. Comey saying his 'partisan actions' may violate the Hatch Act. https:/…
Harry Reid accuses James Comey of holding back “explosive” information about Trump’s close ties with Russia
Harry Reid: Comey may have violated the Hatch Act: Spoken from one of the slimiest Senate majority leaders ever.
whoa. Harry Reid writes scathing letter to Comey. tells him he may have violated the Hatch Act
.hey speaking of the Hatch Act, have you looked into Harry Reid's work to attract Chinese "investment" to Nevada?
Harry Reid: FBI Director James Comey may have violated the Hatch Act
Sen. Harry Reid threatens James Comey. Comey is told that investigating criminals is against the law.
Harry Reid's letter to is blistering, as expected. But this is the passage that really caught my eye:
Harry Reid teaches Americans if you lie & blame others, you still have a chance at winning. We The People will hold Politi…
Arrest him for doing his job? Harry Reid should should have been arrested years ago
This is the group that Harry Reid gave lunches & time off to caucus for Hillary - without registering.…
We the ppl of the US r sick n tired of DC elites Clintons Obamas Pelosi Harry Reid Mitch McConnell telling us what to do You work for us
Hey this kinda obstructionist garbage is what got you Trump in the first place. Your party deserves him:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Reid the nuclear opposition to violate Senate rules
- Hey, look another Democratic sex predator that supports Hillary! Remember that cheating Harry Reid!It's hypocrisy by Hillary!
😳Look here👀"Harry Reid "sh" email to John Podesta. "I have a 630 dinner at home for Harry Reid"
Harry Reid thanks Rand Paul for eye injury advice:
Of course there were (and are) Mormons in organized crime. And I'll bet you Harry Reid knows where to find them.
Democrats will be taking over the Senate so good luck with blocking anything.
Hi I'm glad you agree Harry Reid's banana republic talk was low.
Harry Reid is the Moe Greene of the
Incs? Algore,Kerry's daughter, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, Harry Reid, his family,Soros?Short list, help me expand it
I am not a huge fan of HRc, but I think we should not ignore the future:.
Lying piece of garbage oh Harry Reid we won didn't we how much do you get to steal this year from the taxpayers Harry
All the money Harry Reid gets taken to the stove from Washington lobbyists and taxpayers he just smiles and goes home to the banks
The voters just think about that big swamp and Washington when you pull on the handle and vote for somebody just look Harry Reid
It's a family affair with Harry Reid it's a family affair with most crooked politicians just look at the black caucus
Morning Digest: Harry Reid and Bill Clinton want Democrats to come back and knock off Marco Rubio
Harry Reid has always been called part of Mormon Mafia. Mormons also favorite CIA recruits and it's not b/c they're so wholesome.
Harry Reid another one like to spend American taxpayer money on what he wants you got to go out to Stagecoach not far from Vegas
np. When people try to treat Mormons like a monolith, I remind them that the highest ranking Mormon in the US gov is Harry Reid
Harry Reid is setting up a win-win dictatorship that only benefits the Democrat Party Pray For USPray for US
Harry Reid become a piece of garbage senile mean lion old piece of garbage hey harry how's it feel everybody everybody glad to see you go
Cheese you look at Harry Reid he looks like a scene I have piece of s*** buy Harry you're done you're finished you're finished fade away
I was asked to go to Nevada as well! It's because of Harry Reid's mafia in…
Clinton camp wants "pushback" for Harry Reid comments that he used culinary workers to "strong arm" NV caucus. Weird
Where's all those good old democrats. Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid
Harry Reid warns of "constitutional crisis" if Democrats don't win back the Senate via
President Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi represent what mainstr...
Then we wouldn't have Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain or Elijah Cummings...
Chris Matthews: "What are you going to miss in this business?". Harry Reid. "Not you.". Laughter.
I support Trump because it takes somebody with his temperament to deal with liberal bullies like Nancy Pelosi Barbara boxer Harry Reid
. Died in 2012 as soon as Candy Crowley helped Obama & media spread Harry Reid lie about Romney taxes.
Harry Reid is on fire recently, and on the mark.
Theatrical character upgrades for Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Mark Udall and Ron Wyden. Devil never rests.
reminds of Harry Reid, who knew a guy who said Mitt Romney had secrets in his tax return. Stop this Mark Cuban.
Exactly. Harry Reid would keep his yap shut if there was a chance he might be the next Charles Sumner.
Hillary very robotic, and more Marxist than Carl Marx. She did to Trump what senile Harry Reid did to Rodney. The woman has a PHd in lying.
I bet Chuck U Schumer wishes it was January 2017. But he is as just deplorable as Harry Reid.
Harry Reid: "If elected, Donald Trump would be the scammer in chief. Trump is a fraud."
Harry Reid needs to be put in an a asylum for the criminally insane.
Harry Reid probably is the Zodic Serial Killer. Where was July 4, 1969?
"Trump is a liar and bully, what he said about Obama means nothing...". - Harry Reid to just now
Gotta get Cortez Masto into Harry Reid's Senate seat. Vital. Please donate to Catherine Cortez Masto via
WOW! hope I never make this guy mad: Harry Reid lambastes Trump for spending 'daddy's money' ... via
Trump jokes about exercise band that blinded Harry Reid in one eye via
Harry Reid is every bit a Criminal as Clinton. He needs his *** kicked again.
Harry Reid goes off on Donald Trump: "What a liar!"
Harry Reid died 5 years ago but still walks around. He's a ***
I really think that Harry Reid should be added to that mix. He is really foul mouth and says the most hateful things
This crime also includes a threat by the office of Harry Reid threatening him, which they did today. I'm w/you Dan.
The less thinks of the more I think of Harry Reid is the most corrupt of all!.
Harry Reid is a deranged old man, that's the kind of politicians that represent americans?
Harry Reid: Donald Trump 'the most unbelievably immoral people I've ever heard ' -
WATCH: Harry Reid and Jacky Rosen text about their stance on minimum wage. Learn more --> http…
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