Harry Potter & Universal Studios

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Universal Pictures (sometimes called Universal City Pictures, Universal City Studios, Universal Studios, Universal City or just simply Universal), a subsidiary of Comcast and a division of NBCUniversal, is one of the six major movie studios. 5.0/5

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When you stand in the Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey line at Universal Studios, the 1 hour wait for Sushi Bay is peeeanuts!
Universal Studios should really build a Wakanda theme park like they did for Harry Potter and Avatar
Warner Brothers owns Harry Potter and lent the license to Universal Studios to use. Still would be a bit weird to hear that.
Someone should take me to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios 😬😬😬
do you ever plan on going to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios one day?
fan? Read our review of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at
On the other hand, friends who send me Snapchats of them in Harry Potter World at Universal Studios make me so happy. Love y'all!!
Universal Studios brings the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to life.
Kids keep us young! I'm running thru Universal Studios at 7am to be first in line for Harry Potter! Made it!
If you love Harry Potter, Universal Studios in Orlando is a must
I wanna go to Universal Studios again because of the Harry Potter rides :{
Finished marathoning all 8 Harry Potter movies again. Now time to go to HP land at Universal Studios for some butter beer 🍺
I liked a video Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood Park Visit (2016) HD
Harry Potter's world could cast a spell, lure visitors to Universal Studios
A reproduction of Hogwarts Castle @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Wizarding World of Harry Potter: What's different in Hollywood? - USA TODAY
Visitors have queued for their first glimpse of Universal Studios' new Harry Potter theme park.
have fun! I've been to Universal Studios (Orlando) once and the Harry Potter parts were so awesome!!
How can Universal Studios have Harry Potter? Warner Brothers has the movie rights to Harry Potter, so how can Universal Studios be allowed …
With the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter reaching 20- to 30-somethings, Universal Studios announces Breaking Bad Bungalow
someone go to Universal Studios with me when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens
so the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in April at Universal Studios, and I couldn't be more excited 😭
& to Universal Studios for the grand opening of Harry Potter World so I could get my wand and feel like a wizard..
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood on April 2016!
I'm going to go to Universal Studios once the Harry Potter World opens up idc idc idc
there's like 4 Disney Parks. Harry Potter is in Universal Studios I believe.
The cutest Harry Potter reunion happened last weekend at Universal Studios: Islands Of Adventure in Orlando! Ron...
I've been looking at everything they have in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and for Universal Studios and I'm so happy
OMG, did TV commercial for Universal Studios and the new Harry Potter ride, + meet Mr David Miller SVP of Marketing
The truest, highest Harry Potter canon is the Forbidden Journey Ride at Universal Studios. All other versions are fan fic.
not sure why they built this in Flash but Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios in the Spring of 2016.
My friend is at Universal Studios in Orlando in the Harry Potter World and i REALLY WANNA GO OMFG. . He also went to DisneyWorld 😭
I'm never gonna leave Universal Studios once the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is built.
I want to go to Florida and Geekycon and Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 😪
A5 Florida to visit the Harry Potter section of Universal Studios
Pet peeve: when people go to Harry Potter World and are like "in Universal Studios!!" Like no you're actually in Islands Of Adventure bye
Universal Studios to open The Wizarding World of Harry Potter spring 2016
I honestly can't wait till they open up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios!
I want to go to Orlando Florida and go to Universal Studios and see Harry Potter land or whatever it is 😩😩😩
I am happy to say I was on the camera crew for this Harry Potter event at Universal Studios. It was a great...
Good UGH I feel worse this morning Mother Earth. Of course Tromping thro Universal Studios and Harry Potter last...
Sad day for music history lover's MT Gibson Amphitheatre to close for Harry Potter ride @ Universal Studios http…
The Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios is history. They are going to tear it down to build a Harry Potter ride. http:…
This is a pic of me at Universal Studios when they promised to open the new Harry Potter portion that day AND DIDNT
Diagon Alley no Universal Studios: a nova parte do Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Having fun and making memories today at Universal Studios! I think Bri loves the butter beer and casting spells with her new Harry Potter wand!!
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I m not a Harry Potter fan but I liked the one in Universal Studios more than the one in Island of Adventures
Here's some pics from Universal Studios made lots of memories with the kids Harry Potter lane ..tag Anthony
you should visit Universal Studios in Orlando :) There's a lot of Harry Potter stuff there 😃
you should go to Universal Studios in Orlando and visit the Harry Potter park there xx
It's decided. I'm moving to Orlando and working at Universal Studios at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter', the new theme park opened by Universal Studios Japan at Osaka for Harry...
BBC News - Harry Potter: Theme park opens at Universal Studios in Japan
I cant believe what Universal Studios had! They had Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, & that Knight Bus from the 3rd Harry Potter. I promise u I will get a wand before I leave Florida!
Everything is so magical! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., opens to the public on July 8.
Before I die, I have to go to the Universal Studios in Florida to check out the Harry Potter theme park. And Diagon Alley
Ok, Universal Studios has some celebrities there this week to promote their new Harry Potter area. While I go to the restroom, Nat gets to meet Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. She was litterally flabbergasted for about an hour!
The Diagon Alley expansion of the Harry Potter's theme park in Universal Studios’ Islands Of Adventure will open July 8th. (:
What if Universal Studios Orlando had a sort of boarding-house where the rooms are all Harry Potter's cupboard-under-the-stairs?
I want to go to the new Harry Potter attraction "Diagon Alley" in Universal Studios. That would be my dream because I am obs…
Photoset: Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios Orlando) [x]
Just got word from the Candy Company that one of our candy orders is ready to ship.Look for Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs and Harry Potter Jelly Slugs arriving soon. Also ordered and coming soon Licorice Wands and other UK Harry Potter candy. Stop in for candy and try our Butterbeer and other UK/Irish menu items just like at the Leaky Cauldron at Diagon Alley Universal Studios.
JUST ANNOUNCED - Diagon Alley opens July 8 at Universal Studios Orlando. Purchase your discount tickets today at bit.ly/t2yuniversal and experience the all new Harry Potter experience.
Everyone set your calenders for July 8th! Universal Studios' expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...
Today is the grand opening of the two new worlds of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Orlando. These feature Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express in addition to the original attractions. I think it may be my summer vacation. I truly love Disney but haven't been to Universal since it first opened. Planning to come to FL? There are many "deals" available as the two parks compete.
This is going to be one of the busiest weeks Universal Studios in Orlando Florida has seen in years! Today, June 16, media will begin flocking to Universal to cover the new Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series section of the park! Check out some pictures of what Universal has officially named t…
Universal Studios: 'Harry Potter' actors visit Diagon Alley: Actors from the Harry Potter movie serie...
Harry Potter pumpkin juice recipe that tastes just like Universal Studios.
Tanner can't wait to go to Universal Studios and go on the new Harry Potter train. I'm thankful he has something to look forward too!
The 22-stone Brit was refused access to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction at Universal Studios in Florida
Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios?. . We're there!
So after watching Harry Potter all day and seeing multiple commercials for the new and improved Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, I've come to the conclusion that we are making a pit stop on our honeymoon Steve Mehrhoff!!
My poor roomate walked the halls last night alone for a bit while I was in the room throwing up. Luckily I'm fine today. We are headed to Universal Studios for the day. Harry Potter here we come.
Headed to Universal Studios for the Harry Potter experience, and I am like a kid ; I am freaking stoked!
they made a Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios. . . . why am I not there rightnow?
They added Diagon Alley and Hogwartz express to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. 😩😩😩😩 I wanna go back!
Can I be in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios at the Harry Potter World right now I need a step away from reality for awhile
Wow what an AWESOME day at Universal Studios and Universal Islands Of Adventure! Had so much fun walking around in superhero outfits with Lucy Cl Miller! My favourite was easily Harry Potter World where I could have spent my whole day- from the incredible Forbidden Journey ride (where the visual effects where second-to-none) to the awesome tasting Butterbeer at Hog's Head in Hogsmeade and the Hippogriff ride - it could not have been a more perfect day with great company! So many amazing rides from the Jurassic Park River Ride to the Spiderman 3D to finish a perfect day off! Orlando I am going to miss you! Stayed tuned for the photos - all 400 of them!! Hehehe, oops ;). Was great spending time with our newly made friend Tony Ionno! Thanks for putting up with Team Double Trouble!
I just found today that I got a full time job with Universal Studios!! I will be working at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Diagon Alley which doesn't open till summer of this year!!
Somebody must've sneaked some Felix Felicis into our coffee, 'cause this is turning into the best day ever. After announcing the expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter last May, Universal Studios followed up with this press release, offering all the glorious details of the magical world's
"Universal Studios to double the size for Harry Potter attractions" WOOHOO!
Not gonna lie the new Harry Potter expansion they're building in Universal Studios looks sick
Harry Potter World at Universal Studios is already expanding, and I haven't gone yet. Must go soon!!
Virginia Wizards - what are you most looking forward to in the Universal Studios expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, so it's safe to say I cannot wait for Daigon Alley to open!
Check out a SNEAK PEEK of the new of Harry Potter: DAIGON ALLEY! This new land is going to open...
dreaming of going to WB's The Making of Harry Potter,London and Universal Studios' Wizarding World, Orlando.
Just saw some kind of commercial about Universal Studios and Harry Potter. I'm upset because they didn't say what they were doing.
Summer 2014 Harry Potter is opening at Universal Studios!!! I'm going
YES the country that has Disneyland, Disneyworld, two different Universal Studios, Harry Potter World, and Tyler Oakley
So, and I think we should take a trip to Universal Studios to go to Harry Potter World. Are you in or are you in?!
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I really want to get tickets to the Harry Potter even at Universal Studios in January, but only if will be there!
hey this summer go to Universal Studios the same time I do & we'll ride the Harry Potter ride together ok.
After 40 years and thousands of shows, the Gibson Amphitheatre went quiet Friday night at the end of one last sold-out concert. Fans and employees of the venerable theater have known it was closing since April, when Universal Studios announced it was not renewing the lease held by concert promotion company Live Nation to pave the way for a new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction as part of the theme park’s $1.6 billion expansion. Still, the final performance was a difficult moment for many at the show. “It’s not going to hit me until I get in my car,” said Maria Ochoa, who has been an usher for 21 years. “I started when I was 19. (Latin singer) Lucia Mendez was my very first show on March 7, 1991. After a while you start to enjoy every show, even if you don’t know the music because of the people, the interaction with the show.” Ochoa said she thinks it’s time for her to retire too. She also voiced a sentiment echoed by many music fans at the event. “What a shame that it’s closin ...
I love to take you to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios...ride Star Tours and Harry Potter! MTFWBY and ACCIO! ;)
Never read a Harry Potter book but the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Studios is pretty darn cool.
66 year old Florida grandfather got arrested after opening fire on a robotic dragon during a Harry Potter ride. He was arrested by Orlando PD a soon as the ride ended. The spokesmen for the PD told the media that the grandfather who was on the ride felt threatened by the very realistic dragon coming too close to him and his 11 year old grandson with its claws. The PD did not respond to a reporter's question as to whether the use of the weapon would apply to the florida's infamous " stand your ground law ". The grandson, who was released to his parents, told the press that he really loved the ride and wishes to come back. Universal Studios spokesperson Ruben Gonzalez informed the public via a press release that the rides are completely safe and are back in operation again.
Diagon Alley’ to open at Universal Studios in 2014 as part of Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion
Harry Potter is amazing. — Yes! Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando is the best!...
I got my Grandparents to take me to Universal Studios the same Month they opened the Harry Potter park.!
Universal Studios commercial showing Wizarding World of Harry Potter... Why you tease me so? I want to go so much.
if u havent been to the Harry Potter thing in Universal Studios in Orlando, then u really missing out in life
Harry Potter attraction to come with Universal Studios expansion
Those looking for the opportunity to experience the world of Harry Potter as presented by Universal Studios will eventually be able to do..
I went to the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios last August. It was amazing!
When people go to Universal Studios all they want to see is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...its cool but i prefer Juraasic Park :)
I love Harry Potter too, my favorite. You need to go to Universal Studios to Harry Potter World, it is amazing.
going to Universal Studios over spring break!! Harry Potter World!!! Nerd mode, engaged.
Good morning to everybody, i'm still awake packing our luggage...while the girls are sleeping Will be leaving tomorrow back to new York Mariella really had a good and happy vacation.I'm happy to see her smile and laugh.even Laarnie our guardian angel... M. and I are really grateful for this 16th birthday gift from my work.the doctors, office managers, supervisors and co-workets Mariella's wish come true...to go to "Hogwarts Academy from Harry Potter"... roller coaster rides food butter beer here in Disney World.spent 2 days, then at Universal Studios roller coaster rides food and watching sort clip movies princess from different movies like Snow White, etc...then our last day today at Disney"s Animal Kingdom Safari the tour guide/driver 'beep beep' sang birthday song for Erin and M. ...then Epcot Center .went around the world in 6 hours...did some hang gliding in different states ..lunch in Morocco, dessert at France, shopping at Japan, eat chocolate from Germany, visited Buddha in China, the Aztec te ...
oh the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open in Universal Studios Japan next yr i should save Universal Studios to go next yr then xD
I need Cliff Notes for Harry Potter. Need to figure out all the hype b4 hitting Universal Studios.
So it's official. Friday Becky Taylor Patrick Pepper & myself are Florida bound! Going to Universal Studios for some Harry Potter action & then heading down to Key West (hopefully get to see some Hemingway kitties). I don't know how I'll sleep til then!!
Driving 8-10 hours straight *** I don't know how truckers do it.   Road trip conversations escalate quickly.   No matter where you go in Orlando, you will see something that takes your breathe away.   Everything you can need is within 20 minutes walking time, though I still recommend driving to the park itself.   There is literally not enough time in one week to see everything around Universal Studios.   The people who designed and built the Wizarding World of Harry Potter didn't get paid nearly enough for the amount of detail they put into it.   HEADS UP! The Forbidden Journey has a ride at the end! There are signs posted that we didn't notice and Amanda had a slight panic attack and had to get off the ride the first time. (She eventually went back and had a great time.)   You will regret every ride you didn't try.   I spent 7 hours in WWoHP alone, and I don't suspect for a moment that I caught every Easter Egg.   Apparently you can be too tall for a ride in Jurassic Park.   Superheros are a .. ...
Rumor has it Me, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint — along with other original cast members of the Harry Potter movie franchise — have reunited to film extra special footage for the Hogwarts Express attraction at Universal Studios!
Stars of the Harry Potter movies have reportedly descended on the Warner Bros. Studio in the UK to begin filming footage for under-construction new rides at Universal Studios Florida.
Went to Universal Studios in Orlando today. I found out that there's a Twister ride. Think about that. Every day someone gets out of bed and has to man the Twister ride with feigned enthusiasm. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton seem miffed they were contractually obligated to make the intro videos...and people have to act like a twister is going to wreck shop every day. Crazy. Side note: Harry Potter World was pretty legit.
This just in! Disney had bought the rights to Harry Potter from Universal Studios, and plan on making a sequel to Deathly Hallows in which Draco Malfoy finds the goodness within his heart through interpretative song and dance and defeats the Dark Wizard, Lord Mickey. HATERS GONN HATE
Mater Dei School had two fabulous days in Disney's Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios; from roller coasters to meeting their favourite super hero, from Halloween *** to Harry Potter memorabilia...the days couldn't have been better. Tomorrow they are off the to the last leg of their journey i.e. the camp at NASA's Kennedy Space Center! Wooho!!! Their photographs from the last three days have been uploaded; please go to this link to get access to these photos
Less than three months to go then i will be back in Orlando, FL. This time i want to plan on going to Universal Studios: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter- How Fun, Right?
Just got home from Newark Airport and I can't lie. It's REALLY good to be home. I had a blast down in Disney, but once I got home and stepped in the house... I felt awesome. This trip was awe-inspiring, heart-warming, and magical. I have plenty of pictures and stories to share. I flew for the first time, saw many of the parks of Disney (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney's Hollywood Studios) and the two of Universal Studios and their Islands Of Adventure, and got to see the Universal Halloween Festival as well as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter... It was dizzying to say the least, but oh so amazing. That said, I've missed you guys. ;P
Great day at Disney Hollywood Studios yesterday. Great Stunt Show. And Tower of Terror was fun. Today, Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure. My daughter can't wait for Harry Potter and The Hulk roller coaster. Dinner at Emeril's on City Walk.
Universal Studios amazing. Harry Potter and Spiderman rides out of this world. Hulk rollercoaster scary but exciting. Sea World on Saturday - whoop whoop.
Great last day in America (for a couple of months) at Universal Studios. Harry Potter and Dr Seuss sections were heaps cool! Costa Rica tomorrow :)
Super excited! Got our tickets and everything! Going to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Night which is featuring stuff inspired by Alice Cooper, Zombies from the Walking Dead, and Silent Hill! YES! Silent Hill inspired monsters AND a Silent Hill horror house! They promise that Pyramid Head, the Nurses *** YEAH) and Valtiel will be featured monsters. YES! ALSO.Going to Harry Potter World! Holy crap I think the awesomeness and the excitedness might just kill me before I even get there. Then after all that amazing fun going to see the Buccaneers in Tampa. And then shopping.lots of shopping. :D SO EXCITED!! WOOHOO
I have never been a huge fan of 3D/4D rides until today. Spiderman at Islands Of Adventure was great. But even better was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Amazing! Both of us were in awe of how great an experience it was. Dragon Challenge and Incredible Hulk were great rides too, but still can't top Manta in the coaster category. Lunch at Mythos restaurant was great and very reasonably priced for what we got. Off to Universal Studios tomorrow. We almost did everything in one day. This is definitely the time of year to go. Longest wait was 25 minutes.
Flying to Florida on Friday to go the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Studios with Mija!
Thank you to my daughter Alexis and Son-in-law Patrick for the tickets to Florida! The three of us leave tomorrow afternoon. I'm all packed and ready to go. I hope I can sleep tonight. 1/2 day of work, then off to the airport. Sea World, Disney Parks, Universal Studios and Harry Potter, here we come! Swimming with the Manatees will be a new experience for all of us. An adult stroller and Mickey Ears for me (it's only fair) :)
Back from a great VACATION! Highlights: Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, getting into an argument with the tour guide at the Star Trek exhibit, sitting in Captain Kirk's chair, getting stuck upside down on the Harry Potter ride when it broke down, and soaking up the sun! Now back to the daily grind of work... (Stay tuned for Vacation Photos...yea, I know, I don't really expect everyone to pay that much attention to me! Go about your lives people!)
so... yesterday we were at Universal Studios all day!! from open to close!! it was amazing!! the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was my favorite part! i even got Sirius Blacks wand! and a buttterbeer!! totally cool!! im just a nerd though so that was totally the best! me my sister and stepdad had an amazing time on every ride we did! the effects were awesome!! wish the rides were just a little bit longer but oh well! even though it was expensive i think it was totally worth it!!
Universal Studios was very good and as you can imagine all seven of us went into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as Muggles and three very excited children came out as witches with magic wands from Olivanders Wand Shop. Again an experience that they will never forget. I will post photos when I can but the whole place was so well made and our first ride experience was a simulated ride within the Hogwarts Castle where you follow Harry Potter on a broom stick and into a Quiditch match and then you end up in the forest with all those massive spiders and you get chased by dragons and nearly get your soul sucked out by the dementors and all of this happened in about 4.5 mins, by which time my stomach and all of its breakfast contents nearly made its way the top.it was close!! But the whole thing was so well done. We then went on another much tamer ride before purchasing the famous Butter Beer. To describe the taste; its like a fizzy Cream Soda with a frothy top which was made of butterscotch tasting whipped ...
Just read the Orlando Sentinel and they say that Universal Studios is probably turning the old Jaws into another bit of Harry Potter. Lets see if sales drop again just like they did until the first Harry Potter opened...
Just got back from Florida! Michael has applied to his first college - Full Sail University. We had a great time at Universal Studios!! My official nerd response is: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was freaking AWESOME!!! It was like you were walking through the actual movie!! We had butter beer, pumpkin juice and ate breakfast at The Three Broomsticks! So amazing - if you are a Potter fan you must go!! It is definitely one of my favorite places on earth - next to NYC, Italy and Key West.
Okay, since Saturday I have. 1) been to Cocoa Beach (lobster sunburn). 2) watched the Brevard County Manatees - Brewers Single A team whip the Yankees Single A team. (any time the Yankees lose is good!) 3)spent a day at Universal Studios adventure park - Harry Potter was worth 1hr in line! And 4) refreshed some wardrobe items at Kohls & JC Penney. Starting tomorrow "it's Toastmasters Baby!"
Despite the rainstorm, all media going out (no pics of some of our adventures), and aching feet we had a BLAST at Universal Studios/ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Was just like visiting Wingers and Harry Potter World @ Universal Studios all in one night. Successful attempt with Sticky Fingers and Butter Beer- thank goodness for copycat recipes so I can get my fix ;)
At the beginning of 2010, just a few months before the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, attendance at Universal Orlando suddenly slumped. The number of visitors to Universal Studios...
July brought warm (well, actually HOT!) memories of a trip to Orlando with my two students who won first place at State FCCLA competition and were rewarded with a chance to compete at Nationals. Hit the ground running to Universal Studios after the flight that left at 7:30am...anyone know how EARLY you have to get up at my house to get to DFW by 6:00am? 3:15! Enjoyed Universal Islands Of Adventure, especially Harry Potter land, where I found a nice air conditioned pub and sipped a frozen Butter Beer for over an hour...delicious, by the way! Whirlwind week of fun (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios again, Bubba Gump's) mixed with leadership activities, motivational speakers, and competition...culminating with a GOLD MEDAL!! These girls worked so hard to get this, and I couldn't be prouder!
17- Return to Universal Studios for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.
19 teen more days and off to Florida. Cant wait, counting the days, and getting excited. Leaving on August 25 and back Sept. 24. Can't wait to go to Universal Studios. To see Harry Potter and Halloween Horror Night. We will be there 6 days. Going to be a great vac. I know it Donna is so excited and I can't wait.
day 2 of Universal Studio n we still didnt c everything we wanted to, shoh, i'm beat!.2mrw we go'n bk there, since our ticket allows it, y not, then we can c the places we didnt c 2day :-).mense if u come here neh n u go 2 Universal Studios neh, u must do the Harry Potter Ride, yoh, it was AWSSSUM!
Just got back from the Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. It still doesn't hold a candle to Magic Kingdom.
Universal Studios tomorrow, another trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is definitely in order!
Kristen Harrison's gonna like this, so here it goes: they're remodeling the Jaws area to be Harry Potter over at Universal Studios. From some survey markers some curious parkgoers found in both Islands and the main park, there are really strong rumors talking about how they're gonna connect both parks with a Hogwarts Express. Have fun sperging.
Last part of vacation. Moved from Grand Floridian (some incredible days at Disney) to the Hard Rock Hotel to take on Universal Studios. Yay for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Dad surprised us with a vacation to Orlando and Daytona. Beach, Universal Studios, and Wizarding World of Harry Potter for me! 😃
What a fun filled day at Universal Studios! I can't wait till tomorrow to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
Mark Sewell just came over and played Santa Claus and brought us TONS of stuff from Universal Studios!! I am the proud owner of a new Harry Potter pillow among other way cool things. Sophia has her own Pygmy Puff and Emmaline is already chewing on her new Dr Seuss sippy cup! Thank you so much, guys! We are now planning our vaca to Florida hopefully for next year! (Jeanette Sewell, Holly Bjørklund Sewell) And, Luna is happily back on her way to Momma! :-)
Had a Super Fantastic Staycation last week. Got a lot of things done. Leave Wednesday Morning for Orlando for 5 days!!! Harry Potter land, Universal Studios and Cocoa Beach!!! This has been a Wonderful summer!! Going by way to fast.
Just conquered Islands Of Adventure at Universal Studios! 😄 "Veni Vidi Vici" The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 👍
I already knew they were tearing it down, but I just found out that they're replacing the Jaws ride in Universal Studios with an expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Not sure how I feel about that. I really really love Harry Potter and everything, but Jaws was probably my favorite ride there.
Full day at Universal Orlando starting with Harry Potter: The Forbidden Journey at IOA. I will officially not make the Quidditch team. Checked out some big coasters (Amanda's finally tall enough!!), caught a few special effects shows, engaged in rock climbing and water wars in Jurassic Park, and got vertical at Fearfall. Then over to Universal Studios for Rip Ride Rockit (Evanescence is now classic rock??), Revenge of the Mummy and Men in Black (Jlo outscored Sam *for once*). On to Busch Gardens Tampa tomorrow to drop Sam at Adventure Camp--bye bye teenager :-)
Looking so forward to spending nearly 2 whole weeks with the two most important men in my life! Going to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter World and then going to Hilton Head to visit Russ' Mom (Bonnie Janosik) and his sister and her family!
Universal Studios! We got early bird passes! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Amazing Spiderman, here I come!!
Some things I learned/remembered/was reminded of over the weekend: 1. I can't wait to start Improv classes again. 2. It is possible for a person to hate Harry Potter and still love the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios. 3. Mark Johnson works for National and not Southern. 4. Dance is food for my soul. 5. Rouge Cat has fun DJs and is a good way to finish a Saturday night. 6. Men in Black and ice cream go really well together. 7. Let Doug be Doug. 8. When someone says no to dancing, what they're really saying is *** Yes!!" 9. Three hour dinners are food for body and soul. 10. Slow motion mosh pits are crazy fun.
Today is the day! Islands Of Adventure at Universal Studios, Jurassic Park and Wizarding World of Harry Potter! You can tell I'm excited cause I've been awake for almost an hour!
Ladies and gentlemen, today I'm off to Universal Studios and going on things like Harry Potter, Spiderman, Jurassic Park, and many more! Drinking a refreshing margarita, staying cool by the pool, and one badass day at Universal... tell me, what could be more exciting? Go ahead, try... XD
We are going to Universal Studios in 11 days so to countdown we are going to watch all of the Universal movies (except Harry Potter) for the attractions we want to visit at the parks. To get things started Jurassic Park!
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey @ Universal Studios' Islands Of Adventure: I love HP and HP things. Harry...
Gah, got 10 hours of Islands Of Adventure in! Rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey twice. Spent an embarrassing amount of money on Harry Potter swag. Wow, what a effing amazing day! Thank you mom and dad for taking me! Universal Studios tomorrow :D
The last time to ride Jaws, and walk through the town of Amity at Universal Studios will be 9 p.m. Jan. 2, 2012. Universal has stated new attraction experience will replace it. While they haven’t said what that will be, rumors suggest it may be more Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
A third Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is to open at Universal Studios' Osaka site in 2014
Gryffindor will appear in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Universal Studios as a portrait.
Universal Studios > Disney because it has Harry Potter World, ET Ride and a Jurassic Park simulation & no false dreams and dumb characters.
We were at Universal Studios yesterday. Harry Potter was amazing, loved Spiderman again. also liked Soarin at Epcot and talking with Turtle Crush from Finding Nemo. He talked to Bode who got a kick out of that. Going on Disney's cruise boat Dream this morning.
Today was my first time visiting Universal Studios, specifically Islands Of Adventure. It as also my first time stepping into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, drinking Butterbeer, oggling an innumerable amount of hot college guys, and making my own (independent) decisions in a place where children get lost! :D Yay.
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