Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dumbledore's Army (the D.A. for short) is a student organisation in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series that is founded by the main characters, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, in order to stand up against the regime of Hogwarts High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, as well as to learn practical Defence Against the Dark Arts. 5.0/5

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Evanna Lynch Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy Neville Longbottom Ron Weasley Severus Snape Ginny Weasley Sirius Black Rubeus Hagrid George Weasley Ronald Weasley Bellatrix Lestrange Moaning Myrtle Albus Dumbledore James Potter Lord Voldemort

And has also been seen hanging out with Evanna Lynch, known for playing Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.
Happy 26th Birthday to Evanna Lynch! She potrayed Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter films. .
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and there is a Twin Peaks duo of Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer at the Black Lodge. :)
21 years ago today, Harry Potter met Luna Lovegood..
While reading Harry Potter, did you get the impression that Luna Lovegood was heterosexual?
Luna Lovegood actress explains why she's distancing herself from 'Harry Potter'.
The actress played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise.
Harry Potter actor Evanna Lynch quits conventions as she feels "stuck" as Luna Lovegood
I'm Luna Lovegood. Discover which character you are! . START QUIZ:
Meet actress Evanna Lynch at Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series:
This pups name is Luna bc Luna Lovegood. Will my cousins ever not relate something to Harry Potter? The answer is no
Harry Potter not getting with Luna Lovegood is the biggest missed opportunity of the entire series.
Luna Lovegood & James Potter? | Two actors from 'Harry Potter' are dating, and they define
|| Yes/No. I named her after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. But, since she has a crescent moon on her head, that works, too.
My Luna Lovegood outfit from last night's Harry Potter hen do ⚡️🐓💖
Harry Potter character according to reality is actually Luna Lovegood, Nymphadora Tonks -smallz
The real Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter both went to Phillips Exeter Academy. is Luna in real life.
The new Harry Potter is just . Four Weddings and a Funeral but with Potter characters. The Lovebottom/Luna Lovegood sex scene should be hot.
fictionalfap:. Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter poses for you. (Apparently these are not fakes)
"Yeah I know you like Harry Potter so I went kinda Whomping Willow mixed with like Luna Lovegood" - my tattoo artist 😂
Evanna Lynch played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films is a complete stunner.
Hi Evanna , I am Brazilian , and his fan . Luna Lovegood is my favorite character from the Harry Potter movies. Hugs
Photoset: mugglenet: Happy birthday to Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films!
So in love with Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, you guys.
time! was considered for the role of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series.
Turns out that things went well for Luna Lovegood after Harry Potter. Holy guacamole.
17 June, 1996: Harry Potter: “So how are we going to get to London?”. Luna Lovegood: “We fly, of course.”
Luna Lovegood and James Potter are reportedly dating. This makes me miss Harry Potter even more
Why dose Cassie from skins remind me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter?
I really wanna marry Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.
If my dog was a Harry Potter character, she'd be the child of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.
If anybody was on drugs in Harry Potter it was Luna Lovegood. That girl is way too chill...
Kim kardashian with blonde hair looks like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
Harry Potter would be so much better if it had like 10 times more Luna Lovegood
I wish that I could be as brilliant as Hermione Granger, as loyal as Ronald Weasley, as kind as Luna Lovegood and as brave as Harry Potter
I got Evanna Lynch. Fan: yaasss. Fave movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fave role: Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood is such an underrated character in Harry Potter.
Pamela did the voice over for Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
Evanna Lynch from the "Harry Potter" series. She was fantastic as Luna Lovegood in those films. :)
did you name her Luna because of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter? Plz tell me yes 😍
Oh my god, you're Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! I have one favor to ask you!
I once stated that could be the Luna Lovegood of version of Harry Potter. I think the comparison is apt.
Someone told me I reminded them of Luna lovegood from Harry Potter today because I'm socially awkward... Cool thx
Nargles: Creatures made up by Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter...
Photo: Concept art of Luna Lovegood for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
A flatmate told me I remind them of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.. Wasn't she a bit of a weirdo?
Luna lovegood was one of the most beautiful characters in Harry Potter
Just saw some girl who looked like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter 😍😍😍😩
Don't worry, you're just as sane as I am~Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter ad the Order of the Phoenix.
hello~ mau join as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, bisa?
I'm only on book 4 of Harry Potter but all weekend (at Universal) I was told I look like Luna Lovegood. Is this a good thing? Newb.
Saw that Happy Birthday Luna was trending and thought it was Luna Lovegood's birthday. I miss Harry Potter.
Luna Lovegood is definitely my favorite Harry Potter Character
Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movie series shopping at Co-op 28!
Photoset: storybrooke: Top 6 favorite Harry Potter characters as voted by my followers 2; Luna Lovegood
After finishing the seventh book, I think my fav Harry Potter characters are Neville and Luna Lovegood what are yours???
Who is your inner Harry Potter character? Are you Harry Potter? Or maybe you are Luna Lovegood? Find out right here!
From all Harry potter movie i've seen today [1 to 5 ] The 5th one has the best ending ._.' ANF introduce to one of my favorite character, Luna Lovegood... i jsut really really like her ._.' XD
Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood attended the opening of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Japan
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two... — Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood. HarryxLuna 4eva!
Lovegood in Harry Potter. Reading that twitlonger just reminded me of what Evanna Lynch sees in Luna. So when I read this I
Today marks three years that Harry Potter is over and you are still and will always be our perfect Luna lovegood we love you
I named my guinea pig after Luna Lovegood on Harry Potter 😂😂
Luna Lovegood is my favorite Harry Potter character and she is bae
I am Luna Lovegood - Which character from Harry Potter's books are you?
So, my parents bought me Luna Lovegood's wand at the world of Harry Potter.
I think from all the Harry Potter movies. My favourite female character was Luna Lovegood. She just grows on u :)
How is Luna Lovegood a Harry Potter character and not a Bond Girl?
No, former teenagers, you are not dreaming: Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange and Luna Lovegood really did get together to hang out in a magical village. On Wednesday, June 18, members of the "Harry Potter" cast descended upon Universal...
Luna Lovegood was a massively underrated hero in Harry Potter
luna lovegood is like my favorite person from Harry Potter
Another Saturday night, another Harry Potter movie on TV, another desire to marry Luna Lovegood.
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter lookalike that we can fap to?! Janelle B at is too hot! Enjoy (we sure are!)
Okay, I have been a horrible admin lastly because I have had absolutely no time for anything. So here is a Harry Potter spam!! :D ~Luna Lovegood
List Article 125 Ways to Annoy Harry Potter Haters 1. Relate everything they say to the Harry Potter books and/or movies. 2. Say they look like a Harry Potter character of the opposite gender. 3. Quote Dobby. 4. Recite every Harry Potter spell you know in public. 5. Read out loud to them whenever they can't get away from you (Ex: When in a car or an elevator). If you don't have a book with you, recite from memory. 6. Give them Harry Potter merchandise for their birthday and Christmas and demand they keep it and treasure it forever. 7. Rewrite their favorite song with Harry Potter lyrics and sing it constantly. 8. Crowd their inbox with Harry Potter related e-mail and make sure the subjects are misleading. 9. Start singing a Sorting Hat song at random moments, pretend to forget what comes next, and ask if they know what comes next. 10. Make them play Quidditch with you. 11. Give all of their friends Harry Potter related nicknames and act mortally offended when they don't know the history of their character ...
Evanna Lynch, who played the character of Luna Lovegood in the popular Harry Potter films, spent three days with the children of typhoon-hit Tacloban as part of United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) Ireland.
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My fave character in Harry Potter is definitely Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood is a leading example of being yourself. -Harry Potter
am so proud of you Hermione Granger ;) As well as Severus Snape, Albus Dumbleldore, Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and Cedric Diggory ;)
Luna is a sweet cat we helped during our vacation to the beautiful island of Samos. She didn't have a name when we met her but I thought Luna suited her. She reminded me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, the kind, quiet girl.
Nothing like a quick morning Harry Potter, 'Which Character Are You?" Quiz, to make one feel validated: You got: Luna Lovegood You’re free-spirited, quirky, and you love to daydream. Your honesty, individuality, and attitude towards life is refreshingly insightful.
On a long walk today, I decided that I want to be Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I want to be patiently honest and believe in things not seen.
Here are the 28 things that happened after the Harry Potter books ended: 1. Harry married Ginny Weasley. They had three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. 2. Kingsley Shacklebolt became Minister for Magic. 3. Hermione and Ron married and had two children, Hugo and Rose. 4. Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass, the younger sister of Daphne. They had one son, Scorpius Hyperion. 5. After the death of his parents, Teddy Lupin was raised by his grandmother Andromeda. 6. George Weasley married his Quidditch teammate Angelina Johnson. They had two children, Fred and Roxanne. 7. Harry, and Ron joined the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic. Hermione became a high-ranking official in the Department Magical Law Enforcement. 8. Bill and Fleur Weasley’s first child, a daughter, was born on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. They named her “Victoire,” which means “victory” in French. 9. Dementors were no longer used by the Ministry of Magic. 10. Ginny Weasley became a prof ...
i seriously thought Emily Kinney was Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter!!
I don't need a Harry Potter character quiz to tell me I'd be Luna Lovegood. I've been despised and slightly feared by my peers since grade 1.
Clueing for likes :3 Harry Potter: It's Kind of a Big Deal OMG im a wizard, im just not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts. We are The Harry Potter Generation Luna Lovegood : Our awesome Ravenclaw girl. Quirrelophobia - The Fear of Having Voldemort as a Face
Luna Lovegood was/is my favourite HP Character! I love how weird she is and I never noticed she was in Ravenclaw until recently. Shows how much I pay attention xD. Who was/is your favourite Harry Potter character? *teachers and creatures count to*
Luna Lovegood notes   Personal information Early life Luna was the only child of Xenophilius and Mrs. Lovegood. Luna's mother was accidentally killed experimenting with a spell that she created when Luna was nine years old. Thus, Luna was subsequently raised by her father. As she witnessed her mother's death, she was able to see Thestrals from that point onwards.  Education at Hogwarts  Early years  Luna attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1992 to 1999 and was sorted into Ravenclaw house. During her years at Hogwarts, she met and became a friend of Ginny Weasley. In the summer of 1994, she went to the Quidditch World Cup with her father.  Fourth year  In Luna's fourth year, she met and befriended Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom. She believed Harry's declaration that Lord Voldemort was back. As the year progressed, she was invited to join an underground Defence Against the Dark Arts group called Dumbledore's Army. She eagerly accepted, workin ...
Luna Lovegood~. in Harry Potter serie. I feel like JKR put Luna in Ravenclaw to make sure everyone…
Emily Kinney looks like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She's so cute!
every time I watch Harry Potter & I see Luna Lovegood I always think of :)
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Hey guys, just curious to know who your favourite Harry Potter character is and why?! :) ~ Luna Lovegood
If I was a Harry Potter character I'd probably be a mix between Sirius Black and Luna Lovegood.
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, such a strong character! She's picked on for being "loopy" but honestly is optimistic
Our culture is littered with references to the Moon, be it Shakespeare discussing the Moon in a sonnet, or a famous 1970s rock band using a certain unseen feature of the Moon as the title of one of their albums. Can you guess or recall what it was? (Post your answer on the discussion coming up next – but there are no prizes for getting it right!) It’s not difficult to see why the Moon features so much in the arts. If you look up into a clear night sky, 25 days out of 28 you are likely to see it. The word ‘month’ is derived from the time (roughly) that the Moon takes to complete one orbit around the Earth. People have been fascinated by the Moon for millennia, with many ancient civilisations associating it with mental disorders: the word ‘lunacy’ is derived from ‘lunar’. This is reflected in popular culture – for example, the character Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter books. Another rich area of cultural references to the Moon comes from the story of a simpleton trying to recover a large ...
Hello Party-Goers! So, the party is now being themed, as some of you already know. It's obviously Harry Potter themed. Not only is it Harry Potter themed, but it's a Harry Potter themed costume party. You have all been assigned characters. They are as followed: Kristen and Michael will be Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom Meagan and Nick as Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley Nick as Charlie Weasley Ciera as Cho Chang Myself and Emylee as Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks Nate as Seamus Finnigan Dan as Harry Potter Maggie as Ginny Weasley Katherine and Billy as Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley Rebecca as Bellaxtrix Lestrange HAVE FUN WITH THIS GUYS. No pressure.
Any of you Harry Potter fans? In a Harry Potter personality quiz I took it says I'm Luna Lovegood. Who is she, and why am I like her?
Headcanon Harry, Luna, Avada Kedavra Luna Lovegood ducked, avoiding a jet of light. It shot over her head and hit a Death Eater behind her. She cast another jinx at her attacker, and as he collapsed, turned and ran along the corridor. She emerged in the Great Hall, and paused for a moment, studying the duels going on in front of her. Just then, a Death Eater burst out of a side corridor nearby. He saw Luna standing in front of him, and raised his wand. She lifted hers as well, but had only managed to get out the first syllable of a spell when he shouted his. “Avada Ke--” “Stupefy!” The Death Eater collapsed on the floor, and Luna turned to thank her saviour. It was none other than Harry Potter. “Harry.” She smiled at him. “You saved my life.” Harry shifted uncomfortably. “Um, yes.” Luna took a step closer. “Thank you.” “Er, you're welcome?” Luna was now standing right in front of him. She smiled gently, stood on her toes, and gave him a quick kiss. Harry stood there, struck du ...
Okay so I tried drawing Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I TRIED.. Any tips on how I can improve this? Doesn't look a lot like her but its close enough right?? ..
Watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABCFamily, and remembering the backstory of the actress who played Luna Lovegood. :)
I just realized that Beth from The Walking Dead is also Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.
So I've gotten to the point when I'm behind the bar, or if I'm doing ToGo orders and I can't hear the persons name I take it into my own hands by putting peoples names as Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, Peter Pettigrew. Needless to say my manager wasn't amused (time to buy a new phone for the bar. Just saying.)
In the Orlando airport looking back at this amazing trip. Although it was super stressful since it was the first time I traveled without Mommy :) it was so fun! I got to experience Universal closing the park for everyone but the "Special Guests" which meant no lines and free food! The best part of the weekend was getting autographs from Devon Murray (who plays Seamus Finnigan) and Evanna Lynch (who plays Luna Lovegood)! Such an amazing Harry Potter experience that I will never forget!!!
Just took the Harry Potter personality quiz and the result: Luna Lovegood.
Universal Orlando is bringing back "A Celebration of Harry Potter" in January with a couple of Weasley twins and Luna Lovegood expected to be on hand. The park announced actors James Phelps and...
I love to read, so Harry Potter is one of my favorite series. The character Luna Lovegood is my favorite one. This is an article about the girl who played the part. It's an encouraging story.
Went to the Harry Potter exhibit, I have the same skirt as Luna Lovegood lol
If I could be any person from a movie I would Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter so I can marry Neville Hotbottom.
My favourite person from any Harry Potter is Luna Lovegood, idc love her
Just done the Harry Potter quiz and somehow came out as Luna Lovegood!
I found ur new best friend -> she played Luna in Harry Potter plus she loves Sherlock ...so HP and Sherlock!
I wanna rewatch all the Harry Potter movies but I'm scared to fall in love with Luna Lovegood all over again
I took that Harry Potter or something happening quiz & I'm Luna Lovegood as what I thought. she should be with Harry, still.
I took Zimbio's 'Harry Potter' personality quiz and I'm Luna Lovegood! Who are you?
Material used: Color pencils (Lyra Osiris and Derwent), markers, white gel pen, fineliners, eraser. Edited in Gimp. Here's Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She's one of my favorite characters from ...
Hermione Jean Granger is a Muggle-born Gryffindor student, and the best friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. J.K. Rowling states that she was born on 19 September 1979[1] and she was nearly twelve when she first attended Hogwarts.[2] She is an overachiever who excels academically, and is described by Rowling as a "very logical, upright and good" character.[3] Rowling adds that Hermione's parents, two Muggle dentists, are a bit bemused by their odd daughter but very proud of her all the same."[4] They are well aware of the wizarding world and have visited Diagon Alley with her. Rowling has described the character of Luna Lovegood as the "anti-Hermione" as they are so different.[5] Hermione's foil at Hogwarts is Pansy Parkinson, a bully based on real-life girls who teased the author during her school days.[6] Rowling claims the character of Hermione carries several autobiographical influences. "I did not set out to make Hermione like me but she is...she is an exaggeration of how I was when I was younger. ...
Irish Actress Evanna Lynch says goodbye to Harry Potter with Paul Byrne for Evanna can be seen playing Luna Lovegood in the final Potter ...
Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood and Ron Weasley cushions for sale £18each
Let me borrow this description of Harry Potter during one time he observed Luna Lovegood, ". she looks like a demented owl..."
Luna Lovegood is my favourite character from Harry Potter. She learnt me to be unique and not give a *** about...
Last night my favourite actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter) accepted an invite to my wedding next Christmas. She is coming to the wedding. I can't feel my legs.
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David Sztypuljak (from HeyUGuys interviews Evanna Lunch who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. He got to chat with her in The ...
Hey guys! If any of you are going to Anime North as Harry Potter characters, then feel free to join this group! :) I will be a Luna Lovegood cosplayer and I would love to meet up with other Harry Potter cosplayers and have fun! ^-^ Have a wonderful night!
I think my fav character from the Harry Potter series is Luna Lovegood. Weird and odd but such a sweet as well kind friend
1/ The family is more important than you think : In the series , Harry Potter alone orphaned before fighting " oppression " of the family Aunt Petunia , Ron Weasley overshadowed by the talented brother while my parents always made him feel insecure ; Neville Longbotton become shy and inferiority parents crazy . For all three boys , " family " seems like a strange concept . But Aunt Petunia is actually a " blood spell " secret powering protect Harry before Voldemort's quest until he matured . Ron 's family joined the Phoenix , partly because nervous and want to side with little youngest son . Neville Longbottom quite proud of the father of " crazy " because his parents he is god morning two of them , each joining the phoenix . Sometimes we feel distant from their loved ones but they are always there and help us in ways that we do not know . 2 / Do not judge others through their past : Except Dumbledore , Severus Snape believes that no one - who has passion for the Dark Arts and is a notorious Death Eaters ...
I didn't realize I would have questions so fast. I'll answer the three comments I have tonight before going off to bed. Q: What is your favorite color? animal? animagus? tv show? A:Green (and purple), Bunny rabbit, Bunny rabbit, I don't watch TV. Sorry :P Q: who's your favorite character(s) in the series? And what house do you think you'd be in/prefer? A: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley (Yes, I am physically able to choose one of them). I do believe I am a Slytherin, but many of people have told me I would be good in Gryffindor, too. Q:How did you come up with your admin name? What is your real name? Why do you liek Harry Potter? How many question am i aloud? A: I see a lot of myself in Luna, and I am pretty Looney on my own. It just fit. Baylee. It's a strange way of spelling, but I enjoy it. I LOVE Harry Potter because it gave me my childhood back. I never really had one, but everytime I pick up a glorious book written by the Queen herself, it makes me feel seven years old again. As many as you like Mr ...
I cannot emphasize enough just how much I LOVE my new fun sized guitar! I am IN LOVE. And her name is Luna Lovegood of course as she is a Luna guitar and Harry Potter is just the best darn thing since life on this planet began. So much sweet music to be made! How will I ever manage to create it all?!
I am in love with Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch! (That's Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movies!)
Harry Potter update: Having watched "Prisoner of Azkaban" last night, and watched "Goblet of Fire" this afternoon, tomorrow, I shall proceed to "Order of the Phoenix", which introduced the wonderful Evanna Lynch as the inimitable Luna Lovegood (whom we all, fittingly enough, love so good).
Harry Potter Name Chain game... (some are more obvious than others) each question relates to the previous. Recap: "Question" Answer The boy who lived ? Harry Potter is best friends with ? Ron Weasley who ends up marrying ? Hermione Granger who goes to the Yule Ball with ? Viktor Krum whose headmaster is ? Igor Karkaroff who is interrogated in prison by ? Barty Crouch Sr. whose son impersonates ? Mad-Eye Moody who dies while flying with ? Mundungus Fletcher who steals from the house of ? Sirius Black who helped create this secret document ? Marauder's Map which fell into the hands of ? Fred and George Weasley whose sister is ? Ginny Weasley whose friend in Ravenclaw is ? Luna Lovegood whose father is the editor of ? The Quibbler which featured a Harry Potter article written by ? Rita Skeeter who was a reporter at the this event ? Triwizard Tournament which was hosted by ? Hogwarts whose headmaster is ? Albus Dumbledore who is killed by ? Severus Snape who pretends he works for ? Lord Voldemort whose loyal ...
I've read this article about how Evanna Lynch got the role of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. Sweet
The radish earrings worn by Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix were actually made by Evanna Lynch,
The radish earrings Luna Lovegood wears in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix were made by Evanna Lynch herself,
Evanna Lynch: The gorgeous Irish actress who portrays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter...
Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange have to be my favourite characters in Harry Potter
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. vs Harry Potter : Luna and Phoebe - Luna Lovegood, in her search for the Crumple-Horned Snorckshaks, reaches this cafeteria called Central Perk where she finds a beautiful American, sitting on a couch and humming a tune to herself on the guitar. Fascinated by her persona, Luna goes up to her and says, " Excuse me, but could you tell me where I might find the Snorkshacks in America ? I've looking all over the States for them and all I came across were a few freshwater plimpies and a couple of Wrackspurts. " Phoebe stayed silent for a while and then said, " Umm, no. I've been looking for my Smelly Cat as well, you know, and I just can't find him anywhere. " Luna was amazed to hear of another fascinating creature called ' Smelly Cat '. She had only heard of Crookshanks the Cat and she was sure he wasn't smelly at all. " Do you mind if we go look for them together ? ", she asked after a moment's thought. " Of course ! I'd love to be on another adventure. You know I grew up on the streets and so ...
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1. Harry Potter taught me that somethings are worth dying for. 2. Ron Weasley taught me that believing in yourself is a hundred times more powerful than luck. 3. Hermione Granger taught me that an education is a girl's best asset even if it doesn't make you many friends. 4. Ginny Weasley taught me that bold is beautiful. 5. Severus Snape taught me to never, ever, ever judge anyone. 6. Lily Potter taught me that love is the strongest force on earth. 7. James Potter taught me that bravery is not in putting your enemies down, but in helping them even in the darkest of times. 8. Sirius Black taught me that the ones we love never truly leave us. 9. Remus Lupin taught me that fear is the only thing I should be afraid of. 10. Rubeus Hagrid taught me that anything can be cute with the right perspective. 11. Albus Dumbledore taught me that good people are not always good. 12. Luna Lovegood taught me that weird is wonderful. 13. Neville Longbottom taught me that courage is standing up for what's right even if you'r ...
Evanna Lynch actually makes Harry Potter references. Luna Lovegood is just too good.
Ok i got my likes so here is 59 random facts about me! Spoilers 4 the Hunger Games and harry potter. . . . . . . . . . 1. My role model is Evanna Lynch. 2. My all time favorite fictonial character (female) is Ginny Weasley 3. My all time favorite fictonal chatacter (male) is Ronald Weasley. 4. My favorite Hunger Games book is The Hunger Games. 5. I don't like twilight. 6. If i had to choose Jacob or Edward, Jacob 7. Im team Peeta. 8. My favorite thg character is Annie Cresta. 9. My favorite ship is Hinny. 10. My favorite THG ship is either Clato or Fannie. 11. My least favorite ship is Drapple 12. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. 13. My favorite color is green. 14. I am in two fandoms. 15. My favorite Movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 16. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the order of the Phoinex. 17. I am district 7. 18. I love reading. 19. If I could meet one fictional character i would pick either Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy. 20. A shipp I d ...
ON THIS DAY IN THE HP UNIVERSE... (June 17) 1996: Last day of O.W.L. exams. During the History of Magic written paper, Harry Potter has a vision of Voldemort torturing Sirius Black at the Ministry of Magic. To make sure it's real, Harry, along with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, try to contact Sirius via the fireplace in Dolores Umbridge's office. Umbridge catches them, and they trick her into going into the Forbidden Forest, where she is carried off by the centaur herd. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley fly to the Ministry of Magic by Thestral ~MissyMalfoy, the multi-fandom fangirl
Evanna Lynch is my role model. Not because she's that girl from Harry Potter but because she overcame an eating disorder to get what she wanted Luna Lovegood is my role model. Not because she's brave or intelligent but because she doesn't care what people think of her
If a Harry Potter character were to be a type of sweet or dessert, what would they be and why? -Harronhermy
I don't even like Harry Potter, but if I were a hooker my street name would be Luna Lovegood. No questions asked
mine would be: Fred Weasley, Bellatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood and Lord Voldemort
Guess Who! I describe a character from Harry Potter with three hints and you guess who it is. c: First to WEASLEY wins! let's start! (Easy!) 1. This person's personality is described as dreamy. 2. Her things often disappear mysteriously. 3. She is usually shipped with Neville. ~Miss Malfoy
And clearly, Luna Lovegood is the best part of Harry Potter.
I dreamed last night I was walking in the court square in Salem at night. Or rather, some Norman Rockwell version in time that never actually existed, when the buildings and their paint were all new, the lighting perfect, and the grass perfectly clipped. I was taking in the view when a female figure stepped up to my side. It was Faith Newman, who graduated with me, but in this dream her mannerisms were more like Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. "It could be so pretty here at night," she said, "if there was anyone here to see it." I looked around and sure enough, we were the only two there. "Or if there was any reason for them to be," I responded. "There's nothing open. Think back to when these buildings looked like this. There were businesses open, maybe not this late at night, but well into the evening." "Even when we were kids, there was a Ben Franklin, a Western Auto ... was that the same as Short's Hardware? I'm trying to remember. It was so long ago," she chimed in. I couldn't remember ei ...
The Original Forty HARRY POTTER and the Philosopher's Stone Chapter 11 Two of my most prized possessions are a pair of small notebooks, which contain my very first scribblings about Harry Potter. Much of what is written in them was never used in the series, although it is startling to come across the odd line of dialogue that subsequently made it, verbatim, to publication. In one of the books is a list of forty names of students in Harry's year (including Harry, Ron and Hermione), all allocated houses, with small symbols beside each name depicting each boy or girl's parentage. While I imagined that there would be considerably more than forty students in each year at Hogwarts, I thought that it would be useful to know a proportion of Harry's classmates, and to have names at my fingertips when action was taking place around the school. As the stories evolved, I changed the parentage of some of the original forty. While some never appeared in the books at all, I always knew that they were there; some had sur ...
If the Harry Potter series were being filmed today, is there any doubt at all that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing Voldemort?
So we've not really been a very active page these past few months, and we want to change that. We'll pick 5 or 6 trial admins, and then we'll see how you get on, and if we like you all, we'll keep you all. This will be open until we  reach 23k, depending on how many people apply :) Thanks! ~The admins   1. What is your name, age and gender? 2. What timezone are you in? Or country if you don't know your timezone? 3. Why do you want to be an admin on this page? 4. Do you admin any other pages? If you do, please tag/link them. 5. How can we trust you? 6. What's your favourite HP book, film and character? 7. Are you willing to do promos for the page? 8. How much time could you spend on this page? 9. Why do you like Harry Potter? 10. What would your admin name be? 11. What kind of things would you do on the page? 12. Are you ok with accepting a friend request from one of us admins so you can be added to the page and the admin group? 13. What else are you a fandom of besides HP? 14. Anything else you wish to ...
What is the name of the creature that only Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood can see? Looks like a dragon crossed with griffin.
Harry Potter totally should have slammed Luna Lovegood. I understand he was busy with things but come on.
MIXED QUIZ! Who said this?: "Harry Potter you listen to me right now!" (something like that, don't qute remember it word to word) ~TA Midnight Marauder
Is 10 am too early for Harry Potter? *** naw! It's never too early for Harry Potter! The girl at the popcorn stand loved my Luna Lovegood shirt!
Lucius Malfoy: [walking with Bellatrix slowly up to Harry] Haven't you always wondered what was the reason for the connection between you and the Dark Lord. Why he was unable to kill you when you were just an infant. Don't you want to know the secret, of your scar. All of the answers are there, Potter, in your hand. All you have to do is give it to me, I can show you everything. [all of the Death Eaters start closing in around them] Harry Potter: I've waited fourteen years... Lucius Malfoy: I know. Harry Potter: Think I can wait a little longer. NOW! Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom: STUPEFY! ≈ Harmione ϟ
Luna Lovegood is a character in Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Australian wizard called Robert Manion who marries Luna Lovegood.
Luna Lovegood is the loveliest person in all Harry Potter series.
has been bugging me for years and i'm finally going to have a little rant about it. JK Rowling decided on her pen name "JK" because she thought that young boys wouldn't read Harry potter if they knew it was a woman who wrote it. Great idea, can't fault the logic. However, any boy who has ever read Harry Potter would instinctively know it wasn't written by a man, at least one who has ever played any sport. Quidditch is an awesome creation, I wish I could play it in real life... perhaps when we finally get space tourism? One can only hope, but I digress. Whenever JK talks about Quidditch she makes a fatal mistake, one that any football fan will have noticed. Whenever a goal keeper saves a shot, she refers to it as saving a "goal" not only is this factually incorrect, someone surely must have pointed it out to her while writing... but it is in every harry potter book, perhaps save (see what I did there? lol) for the final one. As a goal keeper, by its very nature, if you stop the ball from going through the ...
ACROSTICS: I will give you a word and you give me a Harry Potter related word for each letter. Ex- RON remus-owl-newt. Remember your house 10 points each! 8. Albus Dumbledore ~Raven-Awe~
Fill in. My all-time favorite Harry Potter character is _ because _. My personal favorite's Minerva McGonagall, because she seemed the fairest teacher, giving detentions to everyone who deserved them without exaggerating, including pupils from her own House -- unlike others. She was incredibly intelligent (professor, Animagus) and tough (4 Stunners to the chest at the age of 60 and lived -- stroke of geniality that Maggie Smith, who beat cancer while filming, portrayed her!). Her intelligence and sarcasm combined made for a lot of witty comments which I adored, especially when directed to Umbridge. She was the perfect portrayal of professionalism, too. She cared so much more about the school and its pupils than you would give her credit for, than you would imagine on first sight. Deep down, however, it was definitely there (Harry's first broom, her scream when they thought Harry was dead). She always has and always shall be my favorite Harry Potter character. ~ McGonagall's Bola
Quotes Quiz! I'll give you a quote from on of the Harry Potter books or films. First person to give the full name of the person who said the quote gets the points. 20 points for every correct answer. Remember your house! 10-15 questions to start, I'll add more if there's a lot of interest! :) ~Brambleysnape 8) "I suspect the nargles are behind it."
Who's your favourite Harry Potter character? :3 ~LunaTris the Doctor's Companion from District 4
Harry Potter: Tell us about a scar on your body Hermione Granger: What is your favorite book, how many times have you read it, and why do you love it? Ron Weasley: Something you're afraid of? Luna Lovegood: One thing that makes you different from everyone else. Fred Weasley: Can you do any magic tricks? What is the best one you can do? If you can't do any, what's the best one you've seen? George Weasley: What is the best prank you've ever played on someone? Neville Longbottom: Tell us an embarrassing story. Narcissa Malfoy: Do you have a good relationship with your family? Who are you closest to? Voldemort: If you were to create a Horcrux(s), what would it be and why? Bellatrix Lestrange: Have you ever loved someone who could never love you back? Ginny Weasley: Have you ever been in love with an unexpected person? Hedwig: If you went to Hogwarts, what kind of pet would you bring? (ex: cat, owl, rat, frog) Draco Malfoy: Is it better to be feared or to be loved? Rubeus Hagrid: What is your favorite mystical ...
I cannot remember who I was having a discussion with about Harry Potter characters but I found out that Neville marries Hannah Abbot, not Luna Lovegood who marries Rolf Scamander (a magizoologist)
Very much similar to the character she portrayed, full of melancholy, idealism, shyness and self-forgetfulness, Evanna Patricia Lynch rose to prominence playing Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series, appearing in four Harry Potter films and their tie-in video games. Lynch has made fashion accessories and has recorded an audiobook. She has appeared in photoshoots for various magazines, and modelled for Katrin Thomas and Ciaran Sweeney.
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My new wand (Luna Lovegood) I got from the Harry Potter studio tour London
Of all the characters in Harry Potter, who do you thi... — Luna Lovegood ... well I think obvious naman din kung...
this I totally the girl who plays Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, Evanna Lynch
true;) can't beat the knowledge of family;) do you not watch Harry Potter?! Luna Lovegood..
Luna Lovegood is definitely one of my favourite characters from Harry Potter
Bringing it back to Harry Potter but seriously I am ashamed of you all for not even mentioning once my idol THE Luna Lovegood
you look like a hip version of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.
Luna Lovegood is so the Cassie from Skins of the Harry Potter world. One odd lassie!
Luna Lovegood is my fav character from Harry Potter...and I need to level up my nerd status so I can have more friends.
Does Emily Kinney look like Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter)? I think she is a bit. :)
I think the new celebrity I want to marry is Evanna Lynch (she played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter)
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? — Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange.
Decided I will be naming my future husky Luna. Like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter lol
Okay so I know I keep saying this but I am going to create a Harry Potter page and I have 3 names in mind. The Marauder's + The Golden Trio = Perfection or Evanna Lynch is Luna Lovegood or Neville and Luna the perfect couple. Which one do you prefer? ~Rue's.Rebellious.Whistle
For us, Harry Potter isn't just a boy. Ron Weasley isn't just his friend. Hermione Granger isn't just a girl. Neville Longbottom isn't just the underdog. Luna Lovegood isn't just weird. Seven isn't just a number. JKR isn't just an author. Potterheads aren't just fans. The books and movies aren't just a story. 394 isn't just a number. Always isn't just a word. Magic doesn't just make a good story. Pinky promises aren't just promises. Ships aren't just a hobby. Potter pages aren't just entertainment. Lions, eagles, snakes, and badgers aren't just animals. Pranks aren't just pranks. And Hogwarts isn't just a school. No.. For us, Harry Potter is /The/ Boy Who Lived. Ron Weasley is our King. Hermione Granger means true loyalty. Neville Longbottom means true courage. Luna Lovegood means being yourself. Seven means magic. JRK is our Queen. Potterheads are our family. The books and movies are our childhood. 394 is Snape teaching his class. Always means love. Pinky promises are Unbreakable Vows. Ships are our obse ...
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Everyone says I sound exactly like Luna Lovegood (played by Evanna Lynch] from Harry Potter. This is the link to the video (where I got the quotes from for m...
Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the film series, named her cats after Harry Potter characters: she has a cat named Luna and another named Dumbledore. ~Xeno
Contest Comment for your favorite character, and there and your house will get points! 1.Harry Potter 2.Draco Malfoy 3.Luna Lovegood 4.Cedric Diggory ~Sir Voldy
Fact Lily Evans Potter Lily and Ginny, also are very very similar to each other. They both have red hair, they both married a Potter: Lily married James Potter; Ginny married Harry Potter, they both were very popular in school, both weren't afraid to stand up for their friends: Lily when the Marauders harassed Severus Snape, and Ginny when people ridiculed Luna Lovegood by calling her Looney Lovegood. Taken from Harry Potter Wikia ~Lily
Disclaimer: This note is not made to offend or hurt anybody's feelings or sentiments. Don't get offended, it's just how I feel the cast would look if Indian actors played the roles (it is based on physical appearance and acting talents mixed). It is just made by me for fun and I'm open to suggestions, additions and deletions. So, feel free to help me in correcting the list. No hate comments please. Thank you :D   Students: Harry Potter- Imran Khan Ron Weasley- Ranbir Kapoor Hermione Granger- Deepika Padukone Neville Longbottom- Draco Malfoy- Neil Nitin Mukesh Fred and George- Manish Paul  Luna Lovegood- Illeana D'Cruz Ginny Weasley- Anushka Sharma Cormac McLaggen- Ali Zafer Cedric Diggory- Varun Dhawan Crabbe-Kiku Sharda Goyle- Fleur Delacour- Yami Gautam Viktor Krum- Sidharth Shukla   Teachers: Dumbledore- Amitabh Bachchan McGonagall- Rekha Snape- Shah Rukh Khan Umbridge- Kiran Kher Remus Lupin- Prateik Babbar   Order of Phoenix: James Potter- Amir Khan  Lily Evans- Amisha Patel Sirius Black- Kunal ...
Phoebe Buffay from FRIENDS reminds me so much of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter..
Promos: *Get into our Admin Contest* - "Where's Hermione when we need her?" - Ronald Weasley - Shouting Muggle at your friends when they say Harry Potter is rubbish. - Bellatrix Lestrange ~ his last, best lieutenant - Helena Bonham Carter - Tim Burton's impossible ideas - "I hope there's pudding." - Luna Lovegood - “I know how to use a fellytone now.” "A telephone, Ron" said Hermione. - Wearing a red wig and hand-me-down robes so you're officially a Weasley ~Admin Always (Queen of Sexyness)
Did you know that Evanna Lynch suffered from anorexia and was hospitalised when the Order of the Phoenix book came out, but she was such a massive Harry Potter fan that they let her out for a few hours- she went to the local bookshop with painted-on glasses and scar and 'Harry Potter' written down her arms etc. where they had arranged to get her a signed copy. She wrote to J.K. Rowling and the author wrote back telling her that if she could beat anorexia she could certainly play Luna Lovegood. She recovered, auditioned against 15,000 other girls, got the part and this is her playing Luna opposite Daniel Radcliffe. So give people encouragement when you get the chance, and if you want something then go for it.
The girl is Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter, she plays Luna Lovegood:))
Confessions about my fandom life: 1. I am a HUGE Twihard (Twilight fan) 2. I love Alice Cullen, Foxface and Luna Lovegood. 3. I ship Peetniss, Clato, Conow and Gadge. 4. I read Divergent about 5 months ago when i was in California. 5. I have never read/watched Percy Jackson. 6. I am listening to Harry Potter and The camber of secrets right now. On chapter 7. 7. I think the books of The Hunger Games were the best book i ever read but i was a bit disapointed with the film. The casting was perfect but they missed out all my favouite parts. 8. I would choose district 7, but a quiz put me as district 11. ~Nightlockface
My daughter served Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movies today. (My daughter works at a restaurant in Covent Garden in London).
is it weird that I keep seeing Harry Potter look alikes? Today @ Walmart I seen Luna Lovegood.. and then just now Ginny Weasley at the Dam Bar.
Ok...how do you think the series would've changed if ONE of the following was a Squib: --Harry Potter --Hermione Granger --Ron Weasley --Draco Malfoy --Neville Longbottom --Luna Lovegood --Ginny Weasley --Bellatrix Lestrange --Lord Voldemort Thoughts? --DL
Your name & username Where you’re from Pronounce the following: Muggle, Expecto Patronum, Snitch, Deathly Hallows, Butterbeer, Firebolt, Slytherin, Marauder’s Map, Stupefy, Dolores Umbridge, Nox, Whomping Willow, Hogsmeade, Luna Lovegood, Troll, Buckbeak, Ravenclaw, Chaser, Moaning Myrtle, Honeydukes, Harry Potter, Quidditch, Hufflepuff, Diagon Alley, Weasley, Hogwarts, Hermione Granger, Horcrux, Gryffindor, Nearly-Headless Nick, Divination, Gringotts, Azkaban, Phoenix, Dobby, Quaffle, Dementor, Hungarian Horntail, Dumbledore Least favorite character in the series? How do you feel about the movies compared to the books? Which character do you most compare yourself to? What would your Patronus be? Would you rather have an owl, toad, or cat as your pet? If you could invite seven characters from the series to a Hogwarts dinner party, who would they be? Pick your mode of transportation: Thestral, Broom, Floo, Apparation, Portkey, Hippogriff, or Dragon. What would you see if you looked in the Mirror of Eri ...
So this is the game I thought of. It'll be a picture game. I post a picture of a Harry Potter actor as a child and you have to identify the actor, the character, and say one of their character's quotes. For instance, if it was a picture of Evanna Lynch as a child, you would comment, "Evanna Lynch, Luna Lovegood, "I hope there's pudding." The quote can be from the movie or the book. 3 likes to play? :D ~ Mrs Norris the Owl Eyed Cat
Ohkay guys so this is a headcannon submitted by one fans whose pen name is Rita Skeeter, hope you guys like it and please do leave comments! =) Luna Lovegood breathed in, slowly. This was it. There was no turning back. Since there was no threat from You-Know-Who after the war, the Triwizard Tournament had been brought back in all it's glory - and she was the Hogwarts Champion. When her name had been called, the whole school had stood up, cheering and screaming her name. Yet now, in the present, they were silenced. Still. Draco Malfoy had risen from his seat. "Sit down, Malfoy. Luna's the champion." Neville Longbottom stood up next to her, a look of pure loathing on his face. "No." And before she knew it, Draco had run over to her and disapperated. In the hallway, Harry Potter stood alone. He could not bear to face the school at the first Triwizard Tournament since Cedric had died. He had not expected anyone to be around, so promptly jumped in surprise when Draco and Luna appeared beside him. "Draco, I-" . ...
Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black and Severus Snape are my favourite Harry Potter characters
Her favorite character in Harry Potter is Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy. She loves swimming.
10 confessions of mine that are related to Harry Potter: (Remember, this are MY confessions and Opinions. Not trying to force them on you. Just letting you know.) ~Blaise 1- I like the Dursleys and I forgave them. 2- I love Umbridge. 3- I don't like Hermione Granger. 4- I don't like Luna Lovegood that much. She is over-rated. 5- I didn't cried when Dumbledore died. I didn't really bonded with his character. 6- My cousin flushed away my HP & the Half-Blood Prince copy, so I haven't finished it yet. 7- I think Ginny Weasley is amazing and I think Bonnie Wright did a good job with Ginny but people want her to be a badass, even though she is not such a badass in the books. 8- I think Draco is not a Villain. And I think he deserves some recognition, I don't care if J.K. Rowling said he was not a good guy. That doesn't mean you can't recognize a character. Come on! You can love Voldemort and Bellatrix but you can't recognize a boy who didn't wanted to kill an old man? 9- I think Fleur is better than Hermione. ' ...
ADMIN HOT SEAT QUESTIONS/ANSWERS! (because I felt like doing it anyway..) 1. Sexual orientation- I am bisexual, and I fangirl as much as I fanboy... 2. What is something I am really bad at- Sports. I suck at them. PE is my worst subject. XP 3. One person I wish I was with now- Other than every celebrity I have ever sworn devotion to? Um... My best friend? (aka admin Felix Felicis) I haven't seen her for awhile. 4. My best first date- I don't remember back that far... 5. Biggest turn-offs- Homophobia, racism and beinga *** in general. (Sorry for using that word, but it just seemed fitting) 6. Favourite book- Where do I START? Obviously, Harry Potter is up there. Also The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson/The Heroes of Olympus, Inheritance Cycle, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Wolves of Mercy Falls, The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass, Skulduggery Pleasant, Memory's Wake by Selina Fenech, EVERYTHING by Kate Forsyth. I also loved JL Carrell's The Shakespeare Curse, but I .. ...
TIMELINE 20TH OF DECEMBER 1993: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger start working on Buckbeak's defence. 1995: End of the term at Hogwarts School; Hermione Granger arrives at 12 Grimmauld Place. 1996: Professor Horace Slughorn hosts a Christmas party in his office for his favourite students and other associates. Harry Potter discovers that Professor Severus Snape made an Unbreakable Vow concerning Draco Malfoy. 1997: Luna Lovegood is kidnapped by Death Eaters while on her ride back home on the Hogwarts Express. ~Luily
Harry Potter Personality Harry Potter. [x] Your hair is dark and can be messy. [] You wear glasses. [] You have a weird looking scar. [x] You are brave. [] You have green eyes. [x] You like playing a particular sport. Total = [3] Ron Weasley. [ ] You have red hair. [x] You are very loyal to your friends. []You are deathly afraid of spiders. [x] You are sarcastic. [x] You don’t have a lot of money. [x] You have older siblings. Total = [4] Hermione Granger. [x] You are bossy. [] You are intelligent. [x] Your hair is wavy or curly. [x] You have a cat. [] You usually know how to handle tricky situations. [] You get made fun of a lot. Total = [3] Rubeus Hagrid. [] You are tall. [] You are very friendly and soft hearted. [x] You love animals. [] You are very helpful. [x] You give in easily. [x] You are very loyal. Total = [3] Luna Lovegood. [x] You are weird and proud of it. [] You don’t have loads of friends. [] You have blonde hair. [x] You are open minded. [] You are quite spiritual. [x] You believe in t ...
The fact that Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the later Harry Potter movies, is such a huge Michael Jackson fan is really awesome.
Ariana's favourite characters in Harry Potter are Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy.
Just watched Walking Dead and noticed something... is that blond girl the girl that played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter?
What kind of crazy person do I remind you of? 1) Cat (From Victorious) 2) Luna Lovegood (From Harry Potter) 3) Patrick Star (You know where he's from)
♠[ I haven't been active in the Harry Potter fandom since exactly a year ago unless you count my crack Severus Snape account that I always use for derpy roleplays but never talk to /anyone/ in HP fandom on. uwu Come into my bosoms, darlings, for I have finally decide to make my long-ago remade Luna Lovegood active. ... Probably going to change her into a Remus Lupin tomorrow but anyway- ]♠
Evanna Lynch ‏ (Evanna played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films.
Jodelle Ferland, who plays Bree Tanner, dressed up as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter this year! Do you have a Twilight or other book-to-movie inspired costume/pumpkin carving? Email it to me, at kimmy
Day 15: Ron Weasley. He's more like me. Luna Lovegood. I love how she's so different. and. Harry Potter be…
Whenever I see I always remember Evanna Lynch (The actress who played Luna Lovegood on Harry Potter)
Had an incredible time hearing Evanna Lynch speak (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter). Very empowering :)
This is young film composer Isaias Garcia's 17th orchestral intepretation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (FAN-MADE) Luna Lovegood is such a captivating and interesting character that instead of creating a main theme that would play
Im a Harry Potter fan.My favorite character is Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy.
Just realized that the actor who plays Dr. Connors/ The Lizard in the Amazing Spider Man is the same actor who plays Luna Lovegood's dad in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows xD
Love this quiz got a pretty awesome result: You Scored as Hermione Granger You are Hermione. You are academic, intelligent, and reasonable. On top of this, you are highly concerned with justice, scorn the small-minded prejudices of others and work hard to defend the under dog. Many times you may find that your heart and mind are constantly at war with each other. Hermione Granger 81% Remus Lupin 78% Luna Lovegood 69% Bellatrix Lestrange 66% Albus Dumbledore 63% Severus Snape 59% Draco Malfoy 59% Neville Longbottom 56% Percy Weasley 56% Oliver Wood 47% Sirius Black 44% Lord Voldemort 41% Ron Weasley 41% Harry Potter 34% here's the link for ppl who want to do it. its kinda long so plan ahead :)
Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood herself! = stars in the season finale of Sinbad on Sky 1!
you know you ship Lunarry when you read this line: "Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch" & thought: "Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood," /giggling inside
Harry Potter taught us that the people that we care about should always come first. Hermione Granger taught us that we should think things through. Ron Weasley taught us that even though we might not always be in the spotlight, we still shine. Albus Dumbledore taught us that you are never to old to make mistakes. Severus Snape taught us that love is worth the risk. Sirius Black taught us that we can never get time back, so don’t waste it. Neville Longbottom taught us that it takes time to grow into who we really are. Luna Lovegood taught us that standing on the outside looking in could be a good thing. Rubeus Hagrid taught us that you don’t have to have a wand to be magical. Draco Malfoy taught us that we don’t always have to be who our parents are. Minerva McGonagall taught us to always trust our friends, families, leaders, and our gut. Dobby taught us what loyalty is all about. Lily and James Potter taught us not to fear death. Tom Marvolo Riddle taught us that there is always a choice and it is p ...
Another new photo from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Luna Lovegood!
I would have included Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, married, seeing their kids off in the last scene of the last Harry Potter.
I had a dream I was eating dinner with a bunch of random actor guys in the middle of the Hollister store. They were all big and strong-- like surfers I guess. Colin was there. He had Robert Irvine's body... Anyway we had set up a giant rectangular table in the middle of the store, and ate things that only had mashed potatoes on them (hotdogs with mashed potatoes and peanut butter on top, I'm going to have to try that one). Anyway, turns out I got an acting job. The setting was at a huge house, and it was like a weird fantasy science drama movie, but many actors from Harry Potter were in it (Ron, Hermione, Luna Lovegood, Rons twin bros, Harry was not there). Tom Cruise was there too, but didn't look like the one we're all familiar with, and his role was to act like he was knocked out, so he was asleep the entire time. Anyway, we were all huddled in the living room (of the set), this random guy was singing a tale, and Luna and I were to climb up to the second balcony by the stair railing (just using our han ...
Interview with Evanna Lynch – Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter films – at Leakycon
For some reason Lights by Ellie Goulding (the song and the album art) remind me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
That happened too when Evanna Lynch started to play as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter :)
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She's a big fan of Harry Potter, her favorite characters are Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy. ♥ x
Luna Lovegood is another character who has appeared in recent episodes of Harry Potter (precisely in the fifth). She too was very young (class 1991) lends itself well to a "Yesterday and Today", since he began acting at the age of 14 years and now has 22. But beware! They go on the internet (especially on social media) of photos depicting alleged Evanna Lynch in hot positions. Sometimes screaming scandal (Evanna Lynch scandal!) Or a more appropriate Evanna Lynch hot, but in reality it is a simple Evanna Lynch Fake . The girl you see in the picture (I put a couple there, but there are many other and very explicit) is a Russian girl and has nothing to do with the Irish actress.
Too many people in this world are really sick lately. Now we won't be able to dress up to go to movie premiers due to some *** who set off tear gas in a theater, then started shooting people. 15 are dead and over 50 seriously injured. It was at the new batman movie premier near Denver Colorado. This really saddens my heart because I am a person who enjoys movie premiers and loves to make costumes to wear. I have made Rubeus Hagrid, Delores Umbridge, Luna Lovegood, Hermoine Granger etc. .. I love to take several family members, In fact we make a real family affair out of going. Everyone has a great time and we even had someone show up in full Darth Vader costume at the last Harry Potter premier. He said he came along to show support for Voldemort ( lol ). There are always several people dressed up and again I must say "this really saddens my heart"
Aha! I KNEW Rhys Ifans (Lizard) in Spiderman was in Harry Potter! Couldn't remember who. He was Luna Lovegood's dad! That's it!
You are the Neville Longbottom to my Luna Lovegood. The Ronald Weasley to my Hermione Granger. The Harry Potter to my Ginny Weasley. You are my world and my happy ending.
We´re ready! We´re so ready for this! Evanna Lynch, aka Luna Lovegood, and Gary Oldman, aka Sirius Black, are joining forces again for a movie called Monster Butler! Oh, and the...
Evanna Lynch, best known for portraying Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, has joined the cast of Monster Butler, the indie crime thriller starring Malcolm McDowell. Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan, and Joanne Whalley are also in the movie, which tells the true story of Roy Fontaine, aka Archib...
Cracked.com has a article called "5 Celebrities Who got Famous by Being Obsessed Fanboys." The list includes: 5. Seth Killian, who was such a famous Street Fighter 2 player that he got a job at Capcom and had the main boss of Street Fighter 4 named after him. 4. Evanna Lynch, who was such an obsessed Harry Potter fan, she went on to play Luna Lovegood in the films. 3. Sharlto Copley, who played Murdok in the A-Team remake. 2. David McDonald, better know as David Tennant, who was such a big Doctor Who fan, that he crashed the tryouts for playing the Doctor, lost to Christopher Eccleston, then went on to become the Doctor after Eccleston quit. He also married the daughter of the man who played the 5th Doctor. 1. Tim Owens, the man who was so obsessed with Judas Priest, he started his own cover band and, eventually, became the lead singer.
" A strange boy with a strange name" Uh -- You think 'Tom Riddle' is a weird name, but Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are all very normal.
: Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy were amazing characters in Harry Potter:)
For everyone who doesn't know; Evanna Lynch plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, I LOVE HER.
Evanna Lynch is HOT, but only as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies
You know Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter is acted by Evanna Lynch? I don't care about the spelling, IVANAS ROCK!
Evanna Lynch wants to play Britney - TV3: The 'Harry Potter' actress - who played the role of Luna Lovegood in t...
Luna Lovegood as Britney Spears? Harry Potter's wants to play her. Now that's casting I could get behind
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