Harry Potter & Jim Dale

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Jim Dale, MBE (born James Smith, 15 August 1935) is an English actor, voice artist, singer and songwriter. 5.0/5

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Eleanor & Park by Rowell, the Rook by O'Malley, and the Harry Potter books (either read by Jim Dale or Stephen Fry).
Getting to listen to Jim Dale read me the Harry Potter series is a decent consolation prize for being at work on a Saturday.
No one reads Harry Potter like Jim Dale does 😊
Wanting to download the Harry Potter audiobooks for November and only having the Jim Dale version available *sigh*
Walking around Target listening to Jim Dale read Harry Potter to me. Who am I becoming?
Harry Potter as read by Jim Dale! And if you're a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan, I hear he's EXCELLENT on Aristotle and Dante.
it had Jim Dale. JIM DALE. He was the voice of all the Harry Potter books.
*** I'm SO sorry. But if you have ever heard Jim Dale read the Harry Potter books you might get why I haven't read them
John Slattery - so good on Duma Key, and Jim Dale on Harry Potter.
I officially have all of the Harry Potter books on audio! Jim Dale narrations, of course.
read Harry Potter and the goblet of fire while trying to impersonate Jim dale
Just finished listening to "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's stone" by JK Rowling narrated by Jim Dale. Just had the best hours of my day! xD
Jim Dale is one of the best narrators I have ever listened to. 10/10 would recommend for all Harry Potter books.
I also am rereading the Harry Potter series again and this time listening to the audiobooks by Jim Dale.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J.K. Rowling, Jim Dale -
When I finished the Harry Potter audiobooks narrated by Stephen Fry, I tried the Jim Dale ones and I literally couldn't stand it. 😦
Check out Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets JK Rowling Audio Book Read by Jim Dale via
Ooh! Harry Potter's such fun to listen to! Which narrator did you pick? Jim Dale or Stephen Fry?
Way too excited to download Harry Potter audiobooks to run to! Just me, Jim Dale and the long road ahead!
I put all the Harry Potter audiobook CDs into a giant carousel and hit random PLAY. My boys love it. Jim Dale City.
I am really enjoying Jim Dale's narration of the Harry Potter series on He brings the stories and characters to life.
Every year I listen to Harry Potter on audiobook (Jim Dale - the best!). And every year I fall in love with the story all over again.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2 by J.K. Rowling (Author), Jim Dale (Narrator…
Jim Dale reading the Harry Potter series is the sound of my childhood.
I interviewed Jim Dale about doing 147 voices for Harry Potter
Just finished listening to all 7 Harry Potter books narrated by Jim Dale. Back in the real world now, but not liking it much
Harry Potter. Jim Dale's voice is like a golden eagle that turned into a phoenix.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Year 4 by Jim Dale and J. K. Rowling...
Harry Potter question of the day: Jim Dale or Stephen Fry?
Jim Dale (star of Carry On - UK and Harry Potter - USA) is bringing his one man show to London. Interview
I liked a video Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix AudioBook Part 1 of 3 Jim Dale
While you may have already read the books the Harry Potter audio books narrated by Jim Dale is a real treat.
Actor Jim Dale reads the series; he does all the character voices. To me, that IS Harry Potter
So. I've been listening to Harry potter as an audiobook (Read by Jim Dale who is fantastic). But. He pronounces animagus his with a long second A. So when I watched the movies.. Well, I almost barfed. Ani-MAY-gus? Gross. Also, where the F is my Pigwidgeon?!
I liked a video Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone AudioBook FULL (Jim Dale)
Hello Mr Fry. why do my Harry Potter audio books have Jim Dale from the Carry On's narrating and not yourself?
Tupac had Biggie. Laertes had Hamlet. The Yankees have the Red Sox.  When it comes to audiobooks, the most epic rivalry is Stephen Fry vs. Jim Dale. Both have narrated all seven Harry Potter books, both are beloved British actors, … Continued
Audio book Harry Potter is an excellent reward for finishing up my paper. Put me to sleep Jim Dale, put me to sleep... 😴
Ah it's over! finally finished Harry Potter on tape! Miss Jim Dale already...
Can we spend all day listening to Jim dale reading us Harry Potter while it rains outside
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone audiobook - Chapter 2 - Jim Dale: на
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone audiobook - Chapter 1 - Jim Dale: на
All I want is my mom's baked Mac and Cheese, Jim Dale reading Harry Potter and a watered down cup of ginger ale.
I love Jim Dale of the Harry Potter audio books. I got my nephew hooked them when we were camping.
Jim Dale did an excellent job w the Harry Potter series. I spent years w the CDs in my car, listening to them with my kidlet.
Harry Potter on audiobook is amazing. Jim Dale.. that guy has too many entertaining voices.
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Zachary has finally collected the entire series of Jim Dale reading the Harry Potter series. Once we…
I don't like reading that much, easier to listen. Jim Dale reads Harry Potter very well.
suggests how to throw a Harry Potter party! Play the too and pretend Jim Dale is your guest ;)
Pandora is weird because Jim Dale doesn’t ever burst in and start reading Harry Potter.
If you haven't listened to Harry Potter on audio, DO SO! Jim Dale is the reader and he is FANTASTIC!
Listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks and expecting Jim Dale to mention the Pie Maker
When I say where the magic happens, I do mean my bed... Where I fall asleep listening to Jim Dale reading Harry Potter.
The person narrating this botany video sounds like Jim Dale and all I want is for him to just start reading the Harry Potter books instead.
the Harry Potter audiobooks are -- to my knowledge -- the best audiobooks. Jim Dale is a treasure.
It's Christmas Eve, I've got Dragon Age, & Harry Potter is being read to me by Jim Dale. It's been a crappy December, but this is good.
Still on a book-nerd high from seeing Erin Morgenstern last night. I learned so much about her background and style. (Love that she has a theatre directing history and that's why she's so meticulous about setting the scene.) I've already recommended the book (The Night Circus) to dozens of people but I learned last night that Jim Dale (Pushing Daisies, Harry Potter books) reads the audio version, which Ms. Morgenstern adores, so I'll be checking that out. If you ever have the chance to see one of your favorite authors, I say go for it. It's been a great thing I've done for myself this year.
did you listen to the Jim Dale or Stephen Fry version of Harry Potter?
The lovely sound of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, read by Jim Dale, is emanating from the air shaft into my bathroom.
8/15/1935: Jim Dale, known for narrating the Harry Potter audiobooks & Pushing Daisies (TV series) is born in England as James Smith
People who are probably off out tonight for a meal with the family (it's birthdays): 1769 – Napoleon Bonaparte, defeated at the Battle of Waterloo (still my fave battle) by the Duke of Beef Wellington. Got exiled twice, once to Elba (knees and toes, knees and toes) and then to Barry Island. 1935 – Jim Dale, English actor from the Carry On films... and is one half of the Chipmunk duo with erm, well, Chip. Oh yeah, he's the voice reading all words on the Harry Potter audio books... except if you have the ones that Stephen Fry does. Then he's not. 1946 – Tony Robinson, English actor and television presenter. Baldrick and the man who played Baldrick when he's digging around for old stuff in the ground. Top tip: need your garden digging over but can't be arsed to do it yourself? Simple phone Time Team and tell them you think your back yard is a Saxon burial ground. They'll soon have people round with spades and that. 1947 – Jenny Hanley, British TV presenter. The one from Magpie who didn't have a big h ...
Now that I'm done w/ Beauty Queens, it's time to let Jim Dale read Harry Potter to me. I've never listened to all of them!
You may know Jim Dale from the Harry Potter books on tape, but here he is as PT Barnum, with a young Glenn Close:
Youngest daughter is enjoying the audiobook version of "Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix," read by Jim Dale (yes, from "Pete's Dragon"!). Weird part: the voice he's using, filtered through the wall to my office, sounds a lot like Tom Hardy's Bane. Which is creeping me out.
Jim Dale is the voice of all the characters in the Harry Potter audiobook series. As a narrator, he has won a Grammy Award (2000), five Grammy nominations an...
Jim Dale or Stephen Fry for the Harry Potter audiobooks, hmm? I listened to Jim Dale first but Fry's really good.
My idea of excitement is switching between the Jim Dale and Stephen Fry versions of the Harry Potter audiobooks every chapter.
So I've come to realize I have an addiction...a dependence. Harry Potter. My Harry Potter books on CD in particular. As some of you know, nighttime is my hardest time. When I lay down to sleep, my back pain always increases, making sleep almost impossible. So since my botched spinal fusion, my habit has become to put on one of the books to help me sleep. Lately, I tried some of my other favorites..."The Lost Symbol" and "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown, and "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. Tonight I held "The DaVinci Code" in my hand to put in next. I just couldn't do it! I put it down, and picked up "The Sorcerer's Stone" without hesitation. Immediately upon hearing Jim Dale's narration, I felt better. Call it what you will...an addiction, dependence, or just call me Linus. I NEED my Harry Potter "blanket"!
Why are the Harry Potter digital audio books so expensive? :( I want the Stephen Fry ones, 'cause I've only got Jim Dale!
OMG Jim Dale as Dobby in the Harry Potter audiobooks sounds like Roger Rabbit!!!
listening to the audiobook for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. my fav book out of all 7! Jim Dale is brilliant! :D
"Just Jim Dale" - the voice of the Harry Potter books - live at Long Wharf - June 14-24
Put my Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince audiobook on and I'm just crying here on my bed listening to Jim Dale's voice.
Jim Dale presents musical biography at Long Wharf: Here Dale is seen at a library Harry Potter reading - the act...
Why do people insist on posting the Jim Dale versions of the Harry Potter audiobooks? I mean, if it's not Stephen Fry, what's the point?
NO. HOW DARE YOU? (Sometimes I do, in 3rd person in my head, in Jim Dale's voice. Just like in Harry Potter! or Pushing Daisies.)
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The depressing moment when I have to use the Stephen Fry audiobook version of Harry Potter instead of the Jim Dale version :(
Can't help but read Unholy Night in a Jim Dale accent in Harry Potter books on tape style
I'm sorry but Jim Dale's narration of Harry Potter is so much better than Stephen Fry. I'm not enjoying switching narrators! Ugh!
Will have to download the Harry Potter audio books. Just have to decide which version Stephen Fry or Jim Dale.
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