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Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. David Jonathan Heyman (born 26 July 1961) is an English film producer and the founder of Heyday Films. 5.0/5

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Harry Potter films' producer David Heyman discusses why Jude Law was cast as Dumbledore in 'Fantastic Beasts' saga https:…
Harry Potter producer David Heyman is working with filmmakers in China to adapt Erin Hunter’s Warrior Cats series...
David Heyman, the producer of all 8 Harry Potter movies' first production was Juice starring Tupac Shakur.
Harry Potter prequel will be most like 'Goblet of Fire,' says producer David Heyman | EW
“As vivid today as he ever was” – David Heyman (Harry Potter), revisits the extraordinary journey of from page to screen. In Cinemas November 28
Warner Bros. have confirmed that the new Film Series, written by J.K. Rowling and featuring the magical creatures and characters inspired by Harry Potter's Hogwarts textbook 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' and its fictitious author, Newt Scamander, will be a trilogy, with release dates of 2016, 2018, and 2020. The studio has also confirmed that the films, set in the wizarding world but predating Harry Potter himself, will be directed by David Yates and will reunite the filmmaking team of David Heyman, J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram.
Entirely nerded out at spotting Harry Potter producer David Heyman on the way to work.
wow, so I know about Emma Watson, but also Harry Potter produced David Heyman is attached to Queen of the Tearling? this is going to be good
Your MASTERMEDIA Prayer list for Thursday, May 29, '14 Media Leaders: Dan Heese / Pres & CEO Sprint Nextel. wireless telephone co. David Heyman / Producer: Harry Potter franchise,I Am Legend, Yes Man, Gravity. is an English film producer and the founder of Heyday Films. In 1999, Heyman secured the film rights to the Harry Potter Film Series and went on to produce all eight installments. He got his start in the film industry as a production assistant on David Lean's A Passage to India, and in 1986, Heyman became a creative executive at Warner Brothers. In the late '80s, he became vice president of United Artists and subsequently embarked on an independent producing career with his first film, Juice, in 1992, followed by the cult "stoner" film The Stoned Age (1994) and others. (Mastermedia / Wikipedia) Cultural Influencer: Patricia Heaton / is an American actress and producer. She is known for portraying Debra Barone on the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond from 1996 to 2005, for which she won two Emmy Aw ...
THE THIRTEENTH TALE Music by BENJAMIN WALLFISCH MMS13024/KRONCD038 Adapted from Diane Setterfield’s best–selling novel by Academy Award-winning writer Christopher Hampton (Atonement), The Thirteenth Tale is directed by James Kent (The White Queen) and produced by David Heyman (Gravity, the Harry Potter series) and features a stylish orchestral score by up and coming British composer Benjamin Wallfisch. Starring Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave and Olivia Colman, The Thirteenth Tale was first broadcast on BBC Two on December 30, 2013, and is scheduled for US broadcast on PBS and DVD release in January 2014. The Thirteenth Tale is MovieScore Media’s fifth album with Benjamin Wallfisch. The collaboration began in 2006 with the digital release of Wallfisch’s acclaimed score for Dear Wendy, followed by The Escapist, Conquest 1453 and Hammer of the Gods. About The Thirteenth Tale, the composer says that “what starts out as a ghost story evolves into something much more focused on the human domain, and .. ...
Harry Potter-related headlines: David Heyman (producer of all HP films) will also produce "Fantastic Beasts" -- Watson attended the New York premiere of the movie (from 'Azkaban' director Alfonso Cuaron and producer David Heyman) -- Cuaron has something to say about Daniel Radcliffe; also commented on what he would do if he ever found himself stumbling upon the third Harry Potter film on television. (CAUTION: Article includes inappropriate language.) --
Emma Watson will be starring in upcoming franchise, "Queen of the Tearling" produced by none other than David Heyman of "Harry Potter" fame.
DID YOU KNOW? In the closing credits of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there is a warning that says: "No Dragons were harmed in the making of this movie".
Emma Watson will team up with her Harry Potter producer David Heyman and Warner Bros to star in the adaptation of the series "Queen of the Tearling" :)
Emma Watson is set for a "Harry Potter" reunion with the franchise's producer, David Heyman.
Emma Watson Reteams With Warner Bros. for 'Game of Thrones'-esque Trilogy Emma Watson, who plays a hilariously deranged version of herself in this weekend's wonderfully weird "This is the End" and a superficial kleptomaniac in Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring" (also this weekend), is reteaming with her "Harry Potter" collaborators, producer David Heyman and studio Warner Bros., for what's being described as a "Game of Thrones"-esque fantasy trilogy. Seven *** The project is called "The Queen of the Tearling" and is based on an upcoming fantasy trilogy by Erika Johansen (the first book will be published sometime next year). Johansen said that the trilogy's 19-year-old female lead was inspired, in part, by a speech she heard Barack Obama give in 2007. A writer and director are currently being sought by the studio, so this is very much in the early stages, but Warner Bros. has wrapped up the exclusive rights to the book and will distribute the films. The report describes the book as being set "three centur .. ...
When you've fangirled when you knew that David Heyman (the producer of Harry Potter) is working with Emma again in The Queen of the Tearling
Emma Watson to produce and star in "Queen of the Tearling" with Harry Potter producer David Heyman.
It's a Harry Potter reunion for Emma: Emma Watson is set to reunite with Harry Potter's David Heyman for fanta...
rejoins Harry Potter producer, David Heyman in a new fantasy Film Series based on soon to be published The Queen of the Tearling!
Emma Watson is reteaming with "Harry Potter" producer David Heyman for a project that is being described as a...
The run of Harry Potter books and movies has been over for years now (I'm sorry to bring that up; I know it's a sore spot for a lot of our readers, not to mention myself), but Potterheads can take some small comfort in the fact that Emma Watson has reportedly landed the lead in another fantasy serie...
Actress will reteam with 'Harry Potter' producer to bring Erika Johansen's trilogy to big screen.
Harry Potter producer David Heyman has recruited Emma Watson for an adaption of the fantasy novel 'Queen of the Tearling'
Emma Watson may have been busy proving there’s more to her than Harry Potter with movies such as Perks Of Being A Wallflower and Bling Ring, but now she’s reteaming with Potter producer David Heyman to bring the acclaimed novel series Queen of the Tearling to the screen, according to Variety.
reports for that is set to team up with Harry Potter producer David Heyman
Emma Watson will reteam with Harry Potter producer David Heyman for Erika Johansen's
From the moment the "Harry Potter" series finished, Emma Watson has (mostly) steered clear of major tentpoles, opting instead to flex her muscles in smaller-scale films. While "My Week With Marilyn" didn't give her much to do except get walked all over, she shone in "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower"...
Still of Rupert Grint, David Heyman and Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
David Heyman ("Harry Potter") is producing through his Heyday Films banner
GUYS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY SEE THIS HP BOOK! It is called Harry Potter film wizardry. About the book: The foreword was penned by Daniel Radcliffe,Emma Watson,and Rupert Grint,and the introduction was written by producer David Heyman. It was released on 19 October,2010. [1] It contains 160 pages. The book details everything from the different directors' perspectives of the film to most of the actors in the films such as: The Staff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry such as Severus Snape,Minerva McGonagall and Sybill Trelawney Heroes and Villains such as Nymphadora Tonks,Fenrir Greyback,and Kingsley Shacklebolt New characters introduced into each film such as Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody,Dolores Umbridge,Remus Lupin,Gilderoy Lockhart and even the Goblins. With each film, there is a production diary and a design team that spills secrets of what their thought process was for that film and what they felt was their feelings while shooting that specific film. There is also exclusive details about what the ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
This I am going to wait for, I am a huge Ballard fan. I hope they do it justice (from io9). The Drowned World Warner Bros. is working on an adaptation of the late J.G. Ballard's acclaimed novel. The movie is being produced by the super-team of David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter movies, and Jeffrey Clifford, producer of Hotel For Dogs. Yes, THE Hotel For Dogs — I've got to think Heyman is a little in awe of his new colleague. Anyway, for those unfamiliar, here's a synopsis of Ballard's novel, courtesy of Deadline: [The book] is set during 2145 and imagines a terrifying world in which solar radiation has melted the ice caps. Jungles have overrun continental Europe, and London is for the most part left submerged under water. The protagonist is a biologist who lives on the 35th floor of a high-rise, where only two floors sit above the water line. He battles a savage environment, and primordial creatures that prowl the undergrowth. Oh yeah, and there are also the Mad Max-like anarchists who rule the ...
David Heyman has confirmed that series author JK Rowling has no plans to pen further books in the Harry Potter series. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 producer said that while Rowling will continue the wizarding world's saga in other projects, no more full- length novels would be written. Heyman said at the Harry Potter UK press conference: "There may be other stories. She may write things that are connected to Harry Potter. She's doing Pottermore, the website. I don't see her... she's not going to write another book on Harry Potter, like Harry at age 23 at business school." Meanwhile, director David Yates also quashed speculation that a prequel film to the Harry Potter series would be forthcoming, insisting that all involved were satisfied with the storyline's end and are leaving the series feeling content. "I think that Jo's got such an extraordinary imagination, I don't know how you'd put a stop on that suddenly. It must pour out of her all the time," Yates explained. "I think personal ...
You guys wanna see if we're shipping buddies? Hunger Games - Peeta and Katniss. Harry Potter - Lily and James, Scorpius and Rose, Draco and Hermione (Sorry Hinny and Romione shippers, I just always liked them together) Neville and Luna (I know it's not canon, he marries Hannah Abbott, but I think this is one thing David Heyman did right) Sherlock - Molly and Sherlock. Misfits - Nathan and Kelley. The Mortal Instruments - Clary and Simon. Criminal Minds - J.J. and Spencer Friends - Phoebe and Joey, but I like Monica and Chandler and Ross and Rachel. -Clove
Former "SNL" Writer Hired to Reboot Looney Tunes Warner Brothers wants to bring Bugs, Daffy and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang to a new generation. To that end, the studio has hired former Saturday Night Live writer Jenny Slate to craft a new script featuring the classic animated characters. No word yet on if the feature will be strictly animated or a blend of live-action and animation as we've seen in Space Jam and other features with the classic characters in recent years. Warners recently wanted to see the Looney Tunes universe revived in a film focusing on the Acme Warehouse, but that project has stalled in development limbo. No word yet on if Slate's take would combine elements of the Acme project (which reportedly didn't include any of the big-name Looney Tunes characters) or be an entirely new direction for the popular, iconic characters. Harry Potter producer David Heyman, Dark Shadows writer & author Seth Grahame-Smith, and media mogul David Katzenberg have all signed on to produce.
What makes this Warner Bros. adaptation of 'Harry Potter set in space' plot even more great is Potter producer David Heyman will also produce this film!
As we told you back in June, Rupert Grint joined Harry Potter producer David Heyman and Warner Bros. UK President Josh Berger at a discussion panel focusing on "Harry Potter: The magic behind a British-made global phenomenon." Video from the Creative Content Summit is now available and can be seen h...
Ben Shepard will be interviewing David Heyman, Josh Berger and Rupert Grint from Harry Potter films. Watch it live at
After eight auditions, David Heyman told Emma Watson that she had been cast for the roles of Hermione Granger. "Harry Potter One Generation"
David Heyman: Tom Felton helped Emma Watson Deal with Potter Fame During a conversation with various journalists at a round table, Potter producers David Barron and David Heyman commended the young cast members on how well they handled all the fame in their lives, and avoided falling into the traps that have felled other child actors in Hollywood. They commended Chris Columbus for establishing that family atmosphere on set, and the support of Warner Bros. Heyman described one particular moment during the shooting of the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, between Emma Watson (Hermione) and Tom Felton (Draco): There was a time on the third film where Emma was really uncomfortable with her celebrity and what it meant. And Tom was absolutely brilliant; we were filming Hagrid’s lesson with the Hippogriff, and Tom and Emma were really friendly, and Tom really encouraged Emma to engage with the fans in the way that she hadn’t. It was like she needed someone, a friend, to go on that [journe ...
PADDINGTON Movie Poster. The first poster for the Paddington Bear movie Paddington, from Harry Potter producer David Heyman.
Over a decade ago, world-renowned writer, J.K. Rowling created the world of Harry Potter, capturing the imaginations of millions of children and adults. Since then, followers of ‘the boy who lived’ have seen him grow though up through a seven-book series that takes place in a magical world of castles, creatures, witches and wizards. To bring this deeply imaginative story to the movie screen, Warner Bros. and the Harry Potter series producer, David Heyman enlisted an outstanding team of filmmakers including award-winning production designer, Stuart Craig. Craig feels that the filmmaking process is about giving the audience images (sometimes even exaggerating them for effect) and eliminating anything that gets in the way of people understanding and following the story. The result of his meticulous study of the world Rowling created, is a series of production designs rendered under his direction by top illustrators such as Andrew Williamson. The result is a visual creation of Harry’s world that has th ...
PARIS Studiocanal is teaming with "Harry Potter" producer David Heyman on "Paddington Bear," a CGI live-action movie of Michael Bond's best-selling children's books.. International News from the entertainment source: Variety. Heyman, Studiocanal set Paddington pic.
Saoirse Ronan to star in period drama: The period drama will be produced by Harry Potter's David Heyman and hera...
LONDON -- Harry Potter producer David Heyman is sticking to beloved British children's literary characters with plans to bring Paddington Bear to the big screen. Heyman is partnering with France's StudioCanal to produce Paddington, about the iconic brown bear from Peru who is found at Paddington St...
It is absolutely a fantastic news! ‘Harry Potter' Producer David Heyman to Adapt 'Paddington Bear' via
domain names
Paddington Bear is getting his own movie! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the inside scoop on how Harry Potter producer David Heyman is brin...
David Heyman, Executive Producer for the Harry Potter series, is going to watch my thesis film! Yeah buddy! Hopefully he'll be in London when I visit this summer. Thanks everyone for the support and hard work to get The Fifth Horseman this far!!!
Harry Potter producer David Heyman reassures Paddington Bear fans that new film will stay true to the story
'Clifford the Big Red Dog' coming from 'Paddington Bear' from Harry Potter producer David Heyman. /via
David Heyman of Harry Potter fame to make Paddington Bear; surely this is demands attention
"Paddington Bear" Becomes A Movie: "Harry Potter" series producer David Heyman and Studiocanal are teaming for a...
'Harry Potter' producer plots big-screen 'Paddington Bear' - David Heyman is bringing the bear from Peru to the movi...
Harry Potter producer David Heyman to film a 'modern take' of Paddington Bear
‘Harry Potter' producer David Heyman to bring 'Paddington Bear' to screen in CGI live-action adaptation
Watching The People vs George Lucas made me appreciate even more how JK Rowling & David Heyman treated both the Harry Potter material & fans
Warner Bros agreed to work on Harry Potter with David Heyman in 1997
Q&A with Seth Grahame-Smith on Unholy Night, making movies with Tim Burton and Harry Potter producer David Heyman!
Alan Rickman and David Heyman talk Snape and a decade of magic on 'Harry Potter': In a new interview with the Lo...
David Heyman, David Yates, Alan Rickman talk Snape & his portrayal in Harry Potter
David Yates and David Heyman talk life on the Harry Potter set
David Heyman (The H.P. films producer) was the one who asked Daniel Radcliffe to audition for the role of Harry Potter.
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