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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of a wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Cursed Child Star Wars Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe Golden Snitch Deathly Hallows Yule Ball Alan Rickman Aunt Marge George Michael Severus Snape Dudley Dursley Rupert Grint Olivier Award Professor Slughorn Jason Isaacs Ron Weasley

Tribute von Panem, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (auf Englisch), Maze Runner
Just saw Beauty & the Beast, which made me want to rewatch all of Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, and LOTR - so many great actors/actresses!
Things I'll never be able to take seriously: Harry Potter's son being named Albus Severus.
When ya boy is going to sleep, but he puts on Harry Potter because he knows you're coming to bed soon ⚡️
The most important characters at HP for me . Harry Potter. Albus Dumbledore. Severus Snape. Tom Riddle/Voldemort
Harry Potter died?! Albus Severus Potter this is your fault in using the illegal time-turner!
If cartoon characters were in Harry Potter.
should be working on chem, takes "build a sandwich and we'll tell you which Harry Potter character you are" quiz instead 😅
📷 richard-grayson: Make me choose ↳ anonymous asked: Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?
I'm pleased to tell you that Harry Potter is a horse.
Check out Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling (1999, Hardcover/DJ) via
Now any old muggle can cool off with butterbeer ice cream:
I'm guilty of reading my Harry Potter book in church pretending it was my bible.
it's not cool, but Harry Potter audio books are legit great, amazing narration, way better than actually reading the books
Harry Potter and the west chetser rams
6. Hermione Granger || Harry Potter. "I’m a mudblood. Mudblood, and proud of it."
domain names
I'm illustrating a D&D themed children's book for the kids not old enough yet for Harry Potter.
Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter played with GLASSES OF WATER! by Stefano Amoretti.
Happy birthday to Gary Oldman, Sirius Black in the Harry Potter film series, who turns 59 yrs old on March 21, 2017!
In the mood to watch Harry Potter and just eat loads of food
Yooo lauren has me in tears about Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince black embroidered cap. New w Tag
While reading Harry Potter, did you get the impression that Luna Lovegood was heterosexual?
mental_floss | The fictional Harry Potter brew is heading to...
iQiyi will stream Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Godzilla and Gravity under deal with Warner Bros:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Poster Movie M 11x17 Daniel Radcliffe @ niftywareho…
Don't watch the last Harry Potter movie in a public coffee shop unless you're comfortable with people watching you ball your eyes out 👎🏼
3) How is a movie set in France the best thing that's happened to the British film industry since Harry Potter?
Don't get people that don't like Harry Potter
[ICC - Harry Potter]. Time for you to discover the wonderful chairs of our special ICC!
The agreement includes exclusive local streaming rights to the 'Harry Potter' and 'The Lord of Ring' franchises,...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Harry Potter, and are all going under the hammer in our 21st Auction!
My mom called me to ask me how I'm doing because she knows I watch Harry Potter when I'm sad 💕
(Favorite besides Harry Potter. It's the Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. I want to read it all again and it's so hard to find)
Spring break victory! and I watched all 8 of the Harry Potter movies over break!
George Michael became a role model for Harry Potter
Harry Potter subjected George Michael to terrible abuse
George Michael demanded too much of Harry Potter
Imagine the fun, Shane.Harry Potter laser tag.we are so there if this happens!
I super duper kaduper love Harry Potter...
Imagine if Harry Potter had this attitude when he walked into the Chamber of secrets. What is the opposite of "elit…
I can't imagine watching Titanic more than once, either. Not to mention Harry Potter (series)- gotta pick one there, for sure.
Could you imagine if Jeff Bridges played a character in Harry Potter? He'd be Albus Dumbledude.
A would have been poster of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by the great Drew Struzan.
I can't be the only one who thinks Wesley Snipes would have made a better Harry Potter?
Nikola Jokic looks like a tall Viktor Krum from Harry Potter
Today when I woke up I found a pig, my mum, Harry potter and doug screaming
remember when I cried at the end of the first harry potter ride at Universal ??
Just purchased from the Square Penguin Shop! >> Harry Potter Badges/Magnets - Always - Severus Snape - Quotes by T…
My cousin admitted to never having seen any Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies, what kind of life is that?
the Harry Potter brushes from storybook Cosmetics 😍
.is the Harry Potter of finance. No shadowy budget. Just some vague magic spell
Running lines for Merchant of Venice in Harry Potter World (because Hannah is a SAINT) and…
Spoiler: Beauty and The Beast ada after credits. Ada Harry Potter & Ron Weasley ngetok kastil Belle trs bilang, "Hermione, are you there?!"
Day 22. J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I must've reread this book at least 15 times since its r…
Harry Potter and the Care of penguin
I'm not going unless there's nudity whether it be furniture, a cow, or a better angle then the impartial sex scene…
⚡️When you just finish watching a Harry Potter marathon.⚡️
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's…
Had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't watching Harry Potter tonight
I liked a video from Harry Potter Foods w/ LAURA MARANO (Cheat Day)
The entire Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone book on one poster 😮😍
The different wands used in Harry Potter!
On second thought Harry Potter isn't that bad
On page 145 of 272 of Harry Potter & the, by J.K. Rowling: Lockhart is sooo annoying
When people don't understand my Harry Potter references
I thought this was a Harry Potter wand.
hi i wanted to say hi. And by the way i love watching harry potter movies
I don't know why people bother tagging me in Harry Potter memes IVE SEEM THEM ALL
Harry Potter where they watch each other's backs, the idea is larger amounts of tightly woven groups of individuals whom are trusted...😇
Can I put "Winner- Harry Potter trivia, Spring Break 2017" on a resume? Because honestly it's the greatest achievement of my life so far ⚡️🏆
Gloucester cathedral. You can play at being Harry Potter and marvel at the peregrine falcon hunting pigeons in the belfry
.Sid and Marty Krofft remake Harry Potter, but with Cedric Diggory as the hero. He's helped by a weird creature, H.R. Hufflepuff.
Harry Potter and the Harry steps into the horror genre for this one
Harry Potter and the vanishing job prospects
Electronic Device Insurance
Gloucester cathedral and a Harry Potter reenactment 🇬🇧
I just finished reading Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone for 1st time since age 14. Can't wait to reread the rest.
Muggle magic at Denbigh school in Harry Potter-themed day - Daily Post North Wales
Palace Theatre 1955, Shakespeare with John Gielgud and Peggy Ashcroft. Today Harry Potter. People today are mongs.
My sister that Robert Patterson( the vampire from Twilight) is the same guy who plays Harry Potter
Me: Harry Potter can use magic to fix his glasses. 6-year-old: Why doesn't he use magic to fix his eyes?. Me: *questi…
"I kinda wanna see Beauty & The Beast because of Emma Watson". "Yea bro it's some Harry Potter fetish I feel you"
BREAKING NEWS: David Cay Johnston is actually Uncle Vernon from the Harry Potter movies.
During the years of 2007-2011, Dame Maggie Smith continued to film Harry Potter, all while battling breast cancer.
Humor! Harry Potter-acteur Daniel Radcliffe over 'time travelling'​ (Graham Norton Show fragment)
Coopers: We quote the Bible on our carton. CUB: We quote Harry Potter. Coopers: ?. CUB: You reference your favourite make b…
3 of 5 stars to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
Hear from the minds behind the Harry Potter films and Candy Crush Saga at the new Town Hall Series! L…
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Josef fritzl
ICYMI: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child got a recordbreaking number of nominations this week.
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I found a diagon alley sign in an antique shop and I can't stop smiling ffs I love Harry Potter
Rotten Toms has Harry Potter's David Bradley listed as also starring in 1969's Kes. I believe THAT was a different David Bradley.
"Mom, why is my cousin named harry?". "Because your aunt loves Harry Potter". "How about me?". "Be quiet Carol (2015) dir.…
Harry Potter vibes!! Rothenburg was the set for a scene in Harry Potter, check out this incredible medieval town >>.
Mario Party, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for game boy advance, portal 2
Rest in peace John Hurt. From Alien to Harry Potter, you left an amazing legacy.
We all need more Harry Potter in our life
Happy Who is your favourite female character in Harry Potter and why?
The Curse of Harry Potter strikes again (not the accident, the being known for the rest of your life as "Harry Pott…
awesome. Thinking about how I can tie Harry Potter into my boot camp
May he get well soon. A comedian of a rare type of talent. .
Here’s the cover of the third illustrated book of 'Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban' via
Sad news as actor Jim Tavaré is in intensive care after being involved in a car accident:…
Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban actor in intensive care after head-on car crash
I added a video to a playlist Harry Potter Audiobooks Read by Stephen Fry (Book 5 part 1) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Millions of people have read Harry Potter. Harry Potter lives in the minds of millions. Now tell me again how it's not…
Spooky new attraction for Harry Potter fans.
i don't know girls i only know This harry potter
so excited to go Harry Potter again today😄
Watch the cast talk about working with the creative team in this exclusive DVD clip:
Emma Watson: I used to mess up lines while filming Harry Potter
A moment of silence for the poor students who were in Harry Potter’s year and only wanted a normal Hogwarts education. http…
What to Eat at Universal Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the pink chocolate frogs
From Harry Potter to MotoGP to Saturn's moons, in is full of surprises. See my article on
Thoughts with my old comedy compatriot, the vvv funny who's in intensive care right now
The cast of 'Harry Potter' have a WhatsApp group and it sounds simply magical
Dobby's last words to Harry were "Harry Potter", the same as his first words to him when he met him in Privet Drive. ht…
Did you know Satish Shah played the role of Hagrid in Harry Potter. 😂😂😂
Professor Dumbledore Arrives at International Spy Museum for book event, Harry Potter and…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Not too late to grab that 7 cassette audio book of Harry Potter! Only three dollars for hours of…
Grimsby MP teams up with Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs in cancer …
Star Trek Discovery has found its captain in Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs via
Let's face it. We are living Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt1. Evil takes over gov, people rounded up.
. *Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban. *Acheron. *the mortal instruments series . *vampire academy series SHADOWKISSED
either Prof McGonnagal from Harry Potter or Dimitri from Vampire Academy
reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child while drunk is probably the best idea i've ever had
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' gets the most Olivier Award nominations in history
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has set a record at the UK’s most prestigious theatre awards, becoming the most... h…
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' just got the most Olivier Award noms in history.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a favourite of ours, has been nominated for more than a few 👏🏾…
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' nominated for a record 11 Olivier nominations - UPI
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' plays nominated for record 11 Olivier Awards
"Harry Potter and the breaks nomination record:
My thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
Awards: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child has 11 Olivier nominations, most nominated new play in Olivier... https:…
03-06 Emma Watson accused of exploiting the death of Harry Potter co-star to push
Yup. Right now we are Foyles War which both like. Then trade off. Actually he's sleeping while Harry Potter plays millionth x
Harry Potter marathon all day... thinking about 's journey in her book reading! Have you figured who Half Blood Prince is?
I'm just trying to watch Harry Potter via DVD bc the internet is down rn. I can find the HDMI cord to said DVD player 😒😒😒
I swear Professor Slughorn is my favorite professor in all of the Harry Potter saga
Director Bill Condon said he watched in Harry Potter and knew she'd be the perfect Belle for
Whoa!! Found this rare pic of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire about to board the SAS Express…
Top Tips on How to Plan the Best Harry Potter Party--->
Come have a Harry Potter marathon with me!!! Like someone.
He's British? Maybe a Harry Potter fetish thing? Or, there's a lot of sucky music out there?
Can you explain why your background picture is Harry Potter with a dog's face rather than his own? Just wondering.
Cash me at home watching Harry Potter howbow dah
Watching Harry potter and Cedric just got domed smh
Star Wars weekend on TNT and Harry Potter weekend on Freeform at the same time?! Yes please
Ive never read a harry potter book nor sat thru one entire movie
I did the Harry Potter Tag the other day (& got pretty emotional towards the end)! Have you watched it yet?? ⚡️
Harry Potter weekend is the best weekend
I walked into Chaces room and he's ptfo watching Harry Potter. I think I'm in love
Potter nerd rant HBP film edition: Wrong location/context for Harry/Ginny kiss, no Hermione saying, "I like really good Quidditch players"
If someone asks "has anyone told you that you look like Harry Potter" I'm going to kill myself.
My favourite Harry Potter Film is Deathly Hallows part two what's yours?
I've been trying to get my mom to watch Star Wars with me for so long but it took her two seconds to plan a Harry Potter night with Krystal
Having both Harry Potter and Star Wars marathons on tv today has been both great and terrible.
I need to have a Harry Potter series marathon
"Is it possible to get drunk off of Harry Potter erotica?" -
Kinda wanna go out kinda wanna stay home & watch Harry Potter til i die
Everytime I've come home today my parents have been in the same exact spot in our living room watching a Harry Potter marathon.
If you don't like Harry Potter I don't trust you.
I don't know anything about Harry Potter but I'm about to take the hat quiz thing. P sure I'm Ravenclaw but I feel like I'm not??
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Been rewatching Harry Potter movies as Clownfish finishes each book. Watched both OOtP and HBP this weekend.
Do you ever see a kid reading Harry Potter and just feel so proud of them?
i'm such a harry potter stan I love the series so much
Hello I am in ultimate tournament playing ultimate frisbee doing ultimate things like watch Harry Potter
Armond White panned Iron Man, Star Trek 2009 & Harry Potter, but he raved Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen as superior to the three at top
seeing Shawn's face light up when you tell him you're taking him to the Harry Potter theme park at Disney https…
This book shop keeps all of their Harry Potter books in a small cupboard under their stairs 😍
I think those kids look amazing and it beats seeing a hundred Harry Potter, princess or superhero costumes. A* for effort 😁
Harry Potter is the worst character in Harry Potter
Warwick Davis at our Harry Potter evening professor Flitwick in the flesh!
same but I love a good crime novel like Ian rankin, val mcdermid and Quentin Jardine sometimes but I love my Harry Potter books
Ellis went to nursery dressed as Harry Potter for and he looked FABULOUS ❤️😭 I could greet. My bestie did an amazing job 👌🏼
yes, it was from one of the many Harry Potter parties we had last year 🎉
My awesome Ellis 📚 🐛 Harry Potter (again) he loves to read books! Real magic wand and wizardology studi…
We have one Captain Hook and one Harry Potter
I feel this way when people have to describe real life thru Harry Potter lenses. OTHER BOOKS EXIST.
s/o to the catholic high school student who wore his Harry Potter costume to the Ash Wednesday service.
I'm studying at Café Aroma and the Harry Potter theme song came on and I think I'm in heaven
Harry Potter star Warwick Davis has praised a Donington family for the part they are playing in raising awareness...
“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”. ~ Dumbledore, from Harry Potter and the Chamber o…
The moment Daniel Radcliffe found out he had been cast as Harry Potter...
Now that my 10yo is done with Harry Potter, I'm looking for the next thing to get her hooked on. Leaning toward Robin McKinley.
Happy Birthday to Poppy Miller (She portrays Ginny Potter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
I love you more than Victoria Coren correctly loves the cast of Harry Potter
Barack Obama has read every Harry Potter book to his daughters.
I finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child today 🖤☺️
Just found out my great aunt was named Hedwig... Like Harry Potter's owl!!!
is this your way of telling your followers that you're rereading Harry Potter?
When you love Harry potter so much everything in life is related to it 😝
If school had tested me on my Harry Potter knowledge instead of Calculus, I would have done so much better academically
I personally feel like Hagrid is an extremely underrated Harry Potter character. I love love love love Hagrid 😍
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*** gonna have more books than Harry Potter
*Hears Harry Potter music from a distant*. *Runs to said music* . "I heard the call of my people."
its just faster..I remember using it when I was little cause I would listen to the Harry Potter books cause I couldn't read well💀
*sees room with LoTR movie*. Kyu: "If that's Harry Potter then I'll definitely go there". this is why you're my bias.
you aren't wrong, instead of nursery rhymes, they'll get Harry Potter.
Harry Potter and the perfect azakban
I really just bought lego Harry Potter on my phone
Hogwarts in (from Harry Potter). Check it out: Harry Potter fans, you will love it! htt…
I wish JK Rowling can write more books, so the movie can make more movie franchise about the harry potter world, 😆
Meet Jordon! He has a malignant brain tumor & dreams of seeing Harry Potter World @ Universal. Get ready to make magic happe…
Life goals is to end every week with my man and a Harry Potter marathon
y'all really need to put all the Harry Potter movies !! ASAP!
Zoella has done to foster reading in youngsters. Same thing was said about the Harry Potter books which have starte…
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Ishida Akira voicing Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets JP dub
They're coming back. The Clintons. It's like Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. Find the horcruxes!
Guys Harry Potter world was all I wanted it to be and more ❤️ I'm very happy
it's a waterpolo ball with wings, but I'm happy it reminds people of a Golden Snitch, because Harry Potter is very important to me
'in such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty' Phil Ochs. I learnt in Harry Potter that and that is the +
Never thought I'd see the day when Harry Potter and Carson Jones sharing the tube
It's the best selling Golden Snitch inspired Harry Potter bracelet 😍. Treat yourself and someone…
Fantastic Beasts winning makes me better because Harry Potter never won an academy award.. Ever!!!
I think Matt Iseman is my new celebrity crush bc he's nice af & loves Harry Potter
"Lord Voldemort had risen again" -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Page 643)
it's a mix of BB-8, the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter and the ball in Rocket League
February 22, 1992: Harry Potter catches the Golden Snitch in just five minutes, resulting in one of the fastest Quidditch…
We're engaged! I love you so much! @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Happy birthday to James & Oliver Phelps, Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter film series, who turn 31 yrs old on…
I saw a pic of her wearing a Nazi outfit made me so sad to leant that Harry Potter is Nazi propag…
slipped in water meadows car park. Sporting a good Harry Potter scar!!
Yo Miss Trunchbull from Matilda is Aunt Marge in Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban 😳😭😭
'Beauty and the Beast' Gets a 'Harry Potter' Twist in Mash-Up Video via
I literally JUST found out Miss Trunchbull from Matilda was Aunt Marge in the fifth Harry Potter movie. I have been shaken.
Here's a picture of a young Harry Potter if he grew up with James and Lily to brighten up your day
Are they talking about... James and Lily from Harry Potter?
I'm so obsessed with Harry Potter, I would love it if they introduced a Netflix series with a younger Lily, James and Sev…
Harry Potter fact: Professor Slughorn mentioned Rupert Grint in a reference for Ronald Weasley in the 6th book.
Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson at an event for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
I wanna go on a road trip with James and read him Harry Potter on the way there
You'll never believe what Harry Potter's Dudley Dursley looks like now
Wishing they hadn't changed professor flitwick in later movies — watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (film)
Alan Rickman behind the scenes of Harry Potter.
Today we honour the memory and birthday of Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in Harry Potter. http…
On page 31 of 435 of Harry Potter and the, by J.K. Rowling: Aunt Marge got what she dese...
Sort of a Harry Potter invites to Hogwarts approach, is that it?
looks like harry potter on heroin n is a whipping boy 4 the mining industry. vote against the LNP crooks
since I know you love Harry Potter, thought of you sis xx
Going to be boring and Harry Potter but honestly no series will ever top that 🙈
Watch Jamie Parker's special message for Harry Potter fans following his win
defs Harry Potter. My favourite types of books are those with magical elements
white pepo: wow this is just like harry potter. black pepo: wow this is just like this beyoncé gif. me: this is just like…
I made Drake who he is, jk jk don't sue me (I did discover Harry Potter though)
i like popular culture in all its gore, glory, and cliche. so biased. But Harry Potter is a Work of Art.
For Harry Potter Fans:)). Who shouldn't have been killed in your opinion?. Quote others:)
Voldemort's soul in Harry Potter's body wasn't destroyed in Chamber of Secrets because Fawkes healed Harry before the dam…
We love them from classic Harry Potter wizardry to dreamy DOSAB spells!
10 years ago today, J.K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. . An end to seventeen years of writ…
If you didn't read the Harry Potter books...
Why do Indonesian version of Harry Potter books got a new cover? I want them, but. :(
The WhatsOnStage Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Play goes to Anthony Boyle for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Thinking of heading to the Warner Bro's Harry Potter tour an hour and 15 min outside of London.
When someone says they don't like Harry Potter...
Here's how the book covers have evolved through the years:
'And lo, there was yet another shoehorned Harry Potter analogy. And Rowling looked upon it and saw that it was good.' -…
Anthony Boyle and Noma Dumezweni RAN from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to pick up their awards h…
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Emma: Excuse me,are you Harry Potter? . Boy:Yes. Emma:That’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best of friends.…
Good that didn't choose to ride party symbols during Delhi election. Else he would have to become Harry Potter.…
What we can learn from Harry Potter. "We do not speak his name" We speak to all the people and general audience.
Harry Potter club members!! To promote the Yule Ball, daily themes have been selected for this week. Tomorrow, wear…
Josh gorges looking like Harry Potter. The stick is not a magic wand josh
You won't BELIEVE what Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter looks like now
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Chapter Two : *** J.K. Rowling really hates fat people and crazy cat ladies.
Dudley from Harry Potter does not look like this anymore! We barely recognised him...:
Harry Potter's Dudley Dursley actor is all grown up and looking VERY different these days.
I just found out that Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway were apart of the Yule Ball band in Harry Potter...
Ever wanted to see Paul Dano ride Harry Potter like a jet ski? Watch "Swiss Army Man"on Amazon Prime😂 In all seriousness, I really 🖤 it
Harry Potter and The OD'd Prince.Sorry too good of an opportunity to pass up.xD
This May Change Your Mind About Whether or Not 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' is Surprisingly a Perfect Movie
Everyone: OMG it's Harry Potter. Oliver Wood: I don't care if you fall 50ft off your broom...catch the snitch. We can win this thing.
'Harry Potter' eyeshadow is here, just in time for the Yule Ball
Harry Potter as cartoons ✨. Ginny at the Yule Ball as Ariel .
I heard what sounded like super smash bros "MELEE" come from the living room only to find out it was Harry Potter ???
Scarlett Byrne - 26. Pansy Parkinson - Harry Potter. Nora - TVD. Engaged to the son of Hugh Hefner (Cooper). Posing naked…
‘“Welcome,” said Hagrid, “to Diagon Alley.”’. ✨Rubeus Hagrid in. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ✨
This 'Harry Potter' star posed for "Playboy" and wrote an essay about feminism for the mag:
'Harry Potter' actress Scarlett Byrne poses nude for Playboy
|| mom thinks Harry Potter is demonic I'm- . XDD
go read some more Harry Potter Piers you ***
This reminds me when Harry Potter breaks his arm and they use the wrong spell on him
lots of stuff! Harry potter studio tour and Stonehenge. More I'm sure! Thinking I'll do a live in the place I'm staying at
Yesterday i bought finally pokemon moon & Harry Potter & the order of the pheonix for xbox 360 at
Harry Potter and the Curse of the Frigid Wife Whose Weird Personal Issues Get Her Into A Fight With
Alan Rickman when asked "Are the Harry Potter films worth the hype?"
hey kath, I know u love to read so let me say you would really like harry potter, it's a fantastic story❤
I was convinced that "Lavate las manos" was a real spell from Harry Potter only realising it's in an episode of American dad
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