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Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer is the name of the protagonist of a number of films based on the main character from the spy novels written by Len Deighton.

Michael Caine James Bond Ipcress File Len Deighton Billion Dollar Brain

Fab shot of the legend, Sir Michael Caine as Harry Palmer in Funeral in Berlin...
Watching Harry Brown. In my mind, he's Harry Palmer, retired. Sequel to Ipcress File & Bullet to Beijing
25 Oct 1916 I'M INSURED Gaumont "Animated cartoon by Harry Palmer, showing the efforts of a man carrying insurance to…
THE EX . 'the supernatural version of Len Deighton's Harry Palmer. Or as if Harold Lloyd had strayed into The Omen'
Huddersfield will look to finish the season strong, these two should rip it up together. Good luck lads Izzy Brown and…
If you give Harry Palmer & The Avatar Compassion 10,000.00 , you will learn Compassion.
Harry Palmer sounds like a complete wanker to me- each to their own- keep feeding him your dollars 💵
Did France really ban Avatar? Is it a recognised CULT like Church of Scientology?- Harry Palmer very rich man $
Harry Palmer was chucked out of Church of Scientology for embezzlement- France banned Avatar as a Cult. Harry now gets rich$
please don't quote Harry Palmer- he ain't no guru- he gets very rich from a large gormless following.
Harry Palmer is a very rich man because he runs a cult. How much cash have you given him?
Every Pompey fan saying the same thing on here.. I've seen bin lorries more mobile than Smith and I'm probs better in the…
You forgot to mention you were jumping in bed with ya sister
just brushed my teeth and got into bed. Anyway, Play up Pompey, done well away again 😁
Smith is stealing a living - how on earth can u call that man a striker
Nothing worse than watching pompey on tv
Update your maps at Navteq
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is ultimately more good than bad. First half is REALLY interesting, then the second half gets silly.
I swear every time I turn on my tv Zombie Land, End of Tomorrow & Harry Potter is on. Like *** there aren't anymore movies to play!?
Great to see Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin but he needs to hunt down Billion Dollar Brain for full Harry Palmer series
wins the Harry Palmer lookalike competition tonight on
What if Harry was just in a coma for 7 years because he actually just ran head first into a wall at a train station.
Any chance we'll ever see all of the original Harry Palmer trilogy on Blu-Ray?
People keep talking to me about school admissions but I don't think they understand all I wanna do is read about this LUFC investment
Sky sources: Radrizzani will have option to buy 100% of club in June.
🤝 are pleased to confirm the completion of a 50 per cent investment by Aser Group Holding. Read more at
One book completed already. Horse Under Water which has been laying around for ages. Start with pulp. Not Harry Palmer not Iprcress Filing.
Me and Tasha don't even like Harry, we honestly just want him to square up
Bernard Cribbins, Frank Carson and Tim Healy were all in the Parachute Regiment. Geoffrey Palmer and Harry H. Corbett were Royal Marines.
Opening ep of had a Harry Palmer lookalike whose boss had Morse rung him was Col Doleman Guy D played his boss 1/2
No way did I just hear someone say "the Twilight series is so much better than the Harry Potter series" 😦 😦
Gatiss's Mycroft slightly reminds me of Colonel Ross in the Harry Palmer films
Harry Kane has now scored more goals this year than Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan, Suarez, Costa, Neymar, Lewandowski and Ague…
Harry Kane has now scored as many goals (59) in his first 100 games in the Premier League as Thierry Henry. https…
Call me Harry Palmer cause I'm spyin and this ***
He's terribly witty. The dry humour of the Harry Palmer movies is very Deighton.
Bring us some Harry Styles this year
Harry Palmer survived 2016. This makes me happy.
59mins: Double change for Huddersfield, Jack Payne on for Kasey Palmer and Harry Bunn on for Rajiv Van La Parra. 0-0
Having a good ol' Harry Potter Marathon with my dad :)
Mood: I want to wear fuzzy socks & watch the Harry Potter weekend while getting my hair played with.
WATCH: Cheltenham Town midfielder Harry Pell after the 1-0 defeat by Wycombe Wanderers
Your review was redolent of Harry Palmer in the lpcress file - my name is Kevin O'Sullivan, my name is Kevin O'Sull…
Yes, I'll be buying some Harry Palmer/ITALIAN JOB glasses when they're re-released this Sep.
one of the worst goals I've ever seen
Harry Styles is the most adorable person in the world. how can you not love this boy
Blast this on your yacht this weekend. We got the and book club, Harry Palmer, and more!. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Palmer and Abraham scoring on their debuts for loan clubs 👏🏻
Alex Kiwomya, Kasey Palmer and Tammy Abraham all scoring on their debuts for their loan clubs today!
Ollie Palmer of Orient and Harry Pell went on holiday together in the summer and did pre-pre-season training together.
Can't wait to read Harry Potter 8. I know it's a screen/broadway play in the end, but I'm psyched
"Don't let what you're being get in the way of what you might become."-- Harry Palmer
I don't know when Harry is coming back from London
just need to see Billion Dollar Brain and i'll have completed the Harry Palmer trilogy. p bummed Michael Caine never became Bond tbh
POV!! Diving just off Benidorm today by Harry Palmer
I liked a video Harry Redknapp "I'm no wheeler dealer" x rated reaction to Sky's Rob Palmer
Col.Palmer enjoys the community at National Night Out @ District5
Mani's holiday read- 'Harry and the Poisonous Centipede' by Lynne Reid Banks.
If Cellino owned Man Utd 25 yrs ago he would have sold Giggs, Beckham, Scholes & the Nevilles and blamed everyone else ot…
Dammit Harry Potter I have to go to bed! This is why I always took the days following release off.
and the people have spoken: i'm spending the evening with my boy Harry Palmer
Let you off then!! Fowler did. Harry mentioned that as a save for you!! In Orlando at the mo x
Meet Black Singles 300x250
is it the Harry Palmer book that's coming? I'm a huge huge fan of the original comics.
come for the journalism, stay for the Harry Potter discourse
Watching all the Harry Palmer films - much better than the Bond ones! :3
Put the Harry Potter filter on harry he looks like an old mole 😂😂😂
“Beliefs are seeds that will one day flower into realities.”. -Harry Palmer
thank you for switching me in to Herbie Mann this afternoon. I'm now circumnavigating the London rush hour as Harry Palmer
When we were talking Harry Palmer, forgot to mention the two mid-90s Showtime sequels (nadir of Sir Michael's career IMO).
I got 2 of the U.K. original Harry Potter books today 😍📚
yes Harry Palmer gets more profile bc of the films
Bernard Samson novels are far better than the Harry Palmer novels
come on, love Deighton's books but Harry Palmer is as much fantasy as 007
I'll get Harry involved as well dw gal
but I also like your Harry Palmer idea. I'm sure Caine would cameo as some top brass or something.
The 4th in the Harry Palmer series, "Horse Under Water", was to have filmed mid-1969 w Nigel Davenport in the role of the bespectacled spy.
Congrats to all vpd promoted staff Sar to saergent!. Palmer and Harry running the board beat cops too!. Dougs doing good on translink too!
H is for Harry Crewe strong heroine of the Blue Sword, who discovers her magic and saves the world
Harry! It's Cooper. Meet me for breakfast, 7 a.m., the hotel lobby. I know who killed Laura Palmer. ...No. it CAN wait 'til morning.
deleted all the Harry Palmer songs from his iPod playlist
I want a Blue Zodiac, 'cos it's what Harry Palmer drove... 😐
YES! This is as close to a new Harry Palmer movie as we'll get. I'll take it. .
As Colonel Ross told Harry Palmer, "That's what you're paid for, isn't it?"
In addition to the Kasey Palmer to Huddersfield on loan talk, Tammy Abraham also likely to get a Championship move. Brist…
As mentioned by Hazel - sir Harry Burns' Christmas lecture
when she says she's into Harry Potter...
"Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?" - Harry Palmer (Gene Kelly) in For Me and My Gal (1942)
Johnny marr, alex turner and miles kane - 1 stage
Can't beat wall to wall miles kane in a boozer
People suggesting Murray is Britain's greatest sportsman are forgetting the impact of Carlton Palmer
So his pit crew made the mistake but Palmer gets punished for it??
"Is Turner still carrying himself off like a coked-up sex lizard?". Buzzing for tonight!!
I love Black Windmill!! Are you a Harry Palmer fan? Ipcress is a fave of mine. Oh God, I could talk Caine all night!
Forgotten how good The Ipcress File was, just dripping with the feel of the 1960s and Harry Palmer the anti-Bond
The Khan-Corbyn Experiment, the last Michael Caine Harry Palmer film. Great soundtrack.
I congratulated J.K. Rowling on her successful film franchise. I asked if I could make Harry Potter prequels. She lau…
Im so tired of kendall jenner's cardboard *** self. Why couldnt it have been keke palmer. Harry smashed his *** into a brick wall.
Watching a Harry Palmer film. He's just used a *** lighter to burn something he cut out of his passport using a penknife... on a plane!
We have just added company HARRY J. PALMER HOLDINGS LTD. You can look at it on
4.6 out of 5 stars by 62 reviewers for "The Avatar Path" by Harry Palmer
Michael Cain's Harry Palmer has the same laid back WTFness of Elliot Gould's Philip Marlowe. Always down, never out
The Ipcress File is on as part of a Michael Caine collection. Great film. Give me Harry Palmer over Bond any day!
In a moment of all new idiocy, I just got into bed with my glasses on and nearly wrenched my nose off my face. Like a sad, old Harry Palmer.
Searched for pictures of Alan Brazil last night & I'm fascinated with how he can look like this without being dead
Having my own Dirty Harry marathon tonight 😎 Clint will always be the king of cool.
Number 2 is Col Ross from The Ipcress File! Do Number 6 and Harry Palmer know each other?!?
One of my favourite PL footballers on the field, champion off it too. What a man.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"Gratitude opens a crack in consciousness that lets grace in."-Harry Palmer. . YOGANASTIX New…
neat flick, i wish Caine had done all the Harry Palmer novels in his prime.
"The primary skill of successful people is the ability to control their own attention." -Harry Palmer-
...Only thing is I keep expecting in full Harry Palmer garb to make an appearance at any time 2/2
Only gone and got tickets to see the boys!!
Kevin Palmer / Spurs Dele Alli and Harry Kane can shine for England Hoddle
Listen to an excerpt of Gold Medal winner Harry Palmer's composition, over on our website:
. Still out exploring Nebulars. Have a great day, Cmdr Harry Palmer.
I watched The Ipcress File the other day. Hadn't seen it in 10+ years. Terrific film. Harry Palmer loves Mozart.
hey mate. Any chance of some Harry Palmer movies in the Box Sets?
Harry Potter World is coming to Cali. You can already smell Hagrid's feet!
Harry's Christmas gifts from the Dursleys are the Deathly Hallows. J.K. Rowling, you bloody genius!
Always preferred Harry Palmer to James Bond - time for a reboot
Colonel I's coming to Obama, with Harry!" Mr. Palmer?" Mr. Pineapple wished to your dear Miss A random homeless guy, "not
i blame Ken Russell ... weird choice to direct a Harry Palmer movie
Harry Palmer says 'screw the paperwork'. what balls...
The Harry Palmer films are odd ones. The Ken Russell directed one seems, um, quaint in comparison to his other movies.
Harry Palmer of the Ipcress File, a hipster James Bond. Love this one. Also full of terrific examples of 'frame' compositions.
I've always liked the opening credits with Harry Palmer's morning routine.
Secret agent Harry Palmer fights to survive brainwashing when a traitor hands him over to the enemy.
Maybe it's age,maybe it's today's world, but increasingly I find myself asking myself "How would Harry Palmer handle this?"
Wow. Definitely unexpected. QB Carson Palmer has decided to retire following last night's NFC Championship game …
thistv has shown "Ipcress File" and "Billion Dollar Brain", but not "Funeral In Berlin", third in the Harry Palmer trilogy.
I am buzzing why does it have to be a Monday for ? I'm in a Friday mood already 🍷👌🏼
I miss the friendship that Harry and Michael used to have 😪
I do love him as Harry Palmer, but The Quiet American is my fav performance. Thought he should've got the Oscar that year
Who's the better QB? . RT: this hippo. Like: Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer deserves to be put in the same cabinet Harry Potter used to be locked up in
Regular season Palmer: pretty good qb. Post season Palmer: what do I do with my hands
The curse of the still haunts Carson Palmer 😶
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Man...I thought would've given me this one: Harry Carson > Carson Palmer
dele, Harry n Mousa. it's happening n when it does every bev is on me best night ever
You are much deeper, much broader, much brighter than any idea you could ever have of yourself. ~ Harry Palmer
Well, let's not forget he was in a series of spy movies called the Harry Palmer series.
That fella who came on the pitch kicks it further than Murphs 👏👏
Happy birthday all things must pass xx
aww cheers jenny, I take it sauce pot is a compliment? Miss us too x
Happy 21st to have a good night tonight 😁
Don't call me the ginger cafu for nothing lad
Happy birthday , I'm sure you'll have a mad one x
Happy 21st to the greatest full back of all time 🍻
The Mountain Goats, Amanda Palmer and Harry and the Potters all come to mind :)
and its signs to Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer and Laura Mosser (murdered). Harry Truman and Harry Morgan (cops)...
Still looks like Harry Palmer to me. (Okay, the glasses are wrong.) Yowza!
Harry 'not missed a single Super Sunday in 7 years' Palmer
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
If Jesse Palmer and Michael Strahan are on Good Morning America, why not Tiki Barber and Harry Carson too?
The boyos, Matt from PD and the really big troll from Harry Potter x
Palmer wore a space suit and I was Harry Potter..ha ha ha
What have we here then? See a poster, share it here. Something's happening...
I'm hyped for your birthday! I'm ready to Harry Potter and Chill. 😈😈
Which Michael Caine character should I go as for Halloween next year? Harry Brown? Harry Palmer? Charlie Croker? Jack Carter?
The Harry Potter cast was announced 15 years ago today.
Harry Arter is a fabulous footballer. Carried on from where he left off last season it seems.
Harry: pls dont forget us. Liam: its just a short break. Louis: future tours. Niall: ur the best fans on planet.
I was gonna sign up for Harry's then I realized I have zero facial hair. It's okay tho bc I signed up for audible wit ur code❤️
Harry Palmer blows more than the bloody doors off in Act 2!!
Join us in the haunted basement tonight. Last few tickets:
Happy Halloween! Grab your tickets for tonight's Halloween Burlesque Special! Tickets >
400 - James Milner is set to make his 400th appearance, becoming the 24th Englishman to reach this milestone. L…
I like take in the Perhaps she'll do Harry Palmer next?
Astonishing breaking news tonight: Massimo Cellino has told that he is willing to sell them his majority stak…
Blow your deadlines, blow your budget - successful kickstarter owner considers having to sell her car to print book:
Took me an hour and a half to get home because a huge block of the m1 was closed. THANS FOR THE THURSDAY NIGHT SKY 👍
Here it is, got back from Australia & got back on the bars. Brand new freestyle!. That's Who I Am!!! .
Harry Potter Came to the Chamber of Secrets and Palmer Eldritch
I associate Leeds games on a Thursday night more with the Johnstone's Paint Trophy than the Uefa Cup. Magical nights.
Leicester Rd 1 Nuneaton griff 3 Kienan Palmer 2 Harry Everitt 1 on to the Nxt Rd
Harry Palmer's trilogy with Michael Caine was brilliant. Bondiana just a pops.
none of them are Harry kane, dele alli or Christian Erkisen so what does it matter?
APPARENTLY sheffield wednesday are on their way back, only heard it 1 million times tonight. You've got a drum lads pipe down
In the arsenal end for their game against wednesday tonight. Gonna have to tone the yorkshire accent down with all the cockney geezers about
Mrs. Palmer's, where there is Justin Bieber looked at me as Harry only your politeness, to associate with.
admittedly, i've been worried about the quality of the cheaper blades, so i haven't. tried Harry's and was not happy at all
Ha! Eddie Redmayne is fairly high on their list. He's more the Harry Palmer type.
Everyone. Stop what you're doing. Noel Gallagher joined U2 onstage tonight and it's AMAZING
Harry!" Mr. Palmer is one loves, she was out of her companion in town any part that could taste from the meeting them, if
"Every moment you are happy. is a gift to the world.". . ~ Harry Palmer
Buy a VIP ticket to our fundraiser and take home a print. Photos include a portrait of Yousuf Karsh by Harry Palmer. h…
Beyond excited for Harry Potter this weekend in
Harry Palmer played by Michael Caine in the Ipcryss Files is a better character than bond!
lad Harry Kane, never doubted him. best striker in England x
Three goals in 17 PL games, and now three in an hour... it's a hat-trick for Harry Kane!
sky movies Harry Potter, it's my new best friend
Harry is an absolute gentleman, walks lovely on the lead, takes treats so gently will make a lovely pet http…
A Harry Potter dedicated film channel is the end of my degree
Jenko has netted more goals than Harry Kane this season 🐸☕️
The West Ham directors box, featuring Jose Mourinho on the back row. Awkward...
Fri 23rd Oct, from 20:00, Harry Palmer (acoustic covers). Squeeze Café, - free
Len Deighton describes something similar when Harry Palmer states that killing him would be like trying to kick a step out of an escalator.
Ending the night with Beans, Rice and a Harry Potter Marathon
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
FaceTime is always eventful with James bay/ Harry Styles 😂
Because your existence in time and space is unique,. there are lives that only you can touch. -Harry Palmer
"Love is an expression of the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change." Harry Palmer via
Bridge of Spies - Cold War II - Spy Exchange: George Smiley and Harry Palmer will be smiling at yet another ex...
Went to bed at 2... Up at 8? I just don't think this is acceptable.
Exciting scenes, as I use the grill to caramelise the sugar on a creme brûlée I just got from Morrisons. I'm basically Harry Palmer...
Another good win on the road for us . Long way to go but still nice to be on top of the pile
What you think of as an impossible dream might be reasonable if you thought differently. Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer currently annoyed by James Bond making coffee in this one.
Cardiff tonight with the spunk monkeys &
Resurrect the Harry Palmer franchise. Bring back NHS glasses and the moody cymbalom and put them back at the heart of British film spying.
Bought myself some new glasses . Look like a young Harry Palmer .
Harry Palmer makes coffee and reads a newspaper
It is as your Harry Palmer says: Only a decision is required to change one's mind. -Friendship With God-
Hate people who post thousands of pictures on Instagram daily. Your still ugly, even if u move ur head slightly more to the left 😷
A night of fine music for you this Friday has Harry Palmer plays his music for you. Come down and enjoy your... http:/…
Harry Palmer, Class of 2015, recently competed in the World Triathlon Championships, Chicago finishing 8th for GB!
Palmer, Cardinals beat Bears through air raid / If niners play the way they did in Pittsburgh, they will be easy prey for Arizona!
Michael Caine as Harry Palmer top evening ahead on TV
yes! Why not reboot the Harry Palmer stories? Harry Palmer was certainly more "street" 😉
projects "street" but portrayed Mandela. Why can't he play Bond? Whatd be wrong w/ playing Bond ala Michael Caine / Harry Palmer?
"as an almost of an almost oriental form of politeness." [Harry Palmer, from The Ipcress File.]
Came across this classic cookery book from 1965 by thriller writer Len Deighton – no wonder Harry Palmer was so cool! …
Michael Caine is Harry Palmer in THE Ipcress File Thursday night on at 7 PM PST/10 PM EST.
U13s award winners. Players player of the year- William Gould. Club man of the year Charlie & Harry Palmer. Managers player - Jack Thorne.
83' Good build-up by Polster and Palmer leads to a chance at the 18 for Harry Shipp. His shot is smothered by Shuttleworth.
If Harry Potter was set in south london
"Attention solidifies a belief into reality" - Harry Palmer . What reality do you want to create ? The next...
These would put a grin on Harry Palmer's face…
10-15 years ago £50M got you Zinedine Zidane or Luís Figo. Now £50M gets you Raheem Sterling or Harry Kane.
Like many I'd never met Ken Malley personally but heard much about his devotion to Sounds like we've lost one of…
People have learned that happiness is an inside job and with the Avatar tools developed by Harry Palmer they can...
Congratulations to Harry Palmer, the winner of this weeks Stand by for the release of this weeks very special contest!
“Harry Palmer, the connoisseurs spy of the 60s..Quite right old chap.
Harry Palmer, the connoisseurs spy of the 60s..
My dream cast for LFA would be. Teresa Palmer- Alaska. Logan Lerman- Pudge. Josh Hutcherson- Colonel . Harry Shum- Takumi
I added a video to a playlist Corduroy - Harry Palmer
.hopes to echo rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally, but doesn't quite pull it off
my brother likes that one and a lot of Michael Caine's Harry Palmer films
A much younger Michael Caine pictured here wearing the RENZO sunglasses as the immortal Harry Palmer..
Ps, if the James Bond thing doesn't happen... Harry Palmer.
Bet they didn't look like this when you were doing your Harry Palmer bit?
Would be a good appointment if we didn't have massimo though, did well at brentford and believes in the youth
Well it isn't gonna be two years is it, give him 'till october
Barring any problems tonight, would expect Rosler to be officially appointed as head coach tomorrow. Clearly first choice. …
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Just noticed the Ipcress File is only 99p on Amazon! Its probably best of the Harry Palmer films... "Listen to...
Just been interviewed by radio aire about the triathlon in leeds if anyone wants to listen to me sounding very arsed about the whole thing
did you happen to see Harry styles there
I'm not going to recognise this team next season 😂
don't tell me u don't know who Harry Palmer is 😱 I suppose u don't know Michael Caine either
catch harry in his new commercial I'm so proud of him
"you should play Harry Palmer in a remake ". At what?
you should play Harry Palmer in a remake that's what I thought initially_now you don't want to know 😆
That's a great week capped off as Harry Palmer makes it 3/3 tests passed at Beeston with only 2 d/f's.
Avatara course in which participants are regarded as “ the most sovereign, omniscient creators of their own lives.” Harry Palmer,
The FCC commentary team has added Josh Palmer on colour. Taking standards higher domestically.
Harry Palmer 'In England Colonel, the historic mission of the proletariat consists almost entirely of momentary interest'
Guys, U2's "The Edge" just fell off an actual edge during a show:
Seems to be plenty of money around for the Hugo Palmer 2yo Harry Champion in the 1.50 Newbury. Now as low as 3-1 after being 12-1 early.
Good luck to all those taking Momma Palmer's final exam today, may the odds be ever in your favor ✌🏼️
if I had to choose one I'd say more Harry Palmer! ☺
no it was all James Bond or Harry Palmer stuff going on cold war was rife then still lol
I'm gonna tell my kids that Harry Potters a documentary and if they're not good Voldemort will come get them when they s…
good idea - i'll start the Harry Palmer series w Steve.
I so want this book so I can cook like Harry Palmer.
I'm hearing stories of how people wish they could re-watch the Harry Potter movies again for the first time. ...I'm with ya, for sure.
Guy Hamilton basically tries turns Harry Palmer into James Bond in and it suffers greatly.
"Every day you are happy is your gift to the world." Harry Palmer
Someone is kidnapping top scientists and it's up to defiant spy Harry Palmer to find out who. the Working Man's James Bond
Tickets to see Noel's HFB at Summer In The City sold out in less than an hour this morning! Manchester this will be a sp…
I love this perspective on Harry Palmer's timeline: "He could have painted a perfect bouquet, but he painted an...
you're mistaken. He makes a mean Harry Palmer
“Russell Crowe's sounding like a man ready to get involved with what you saying ?!
didnt know James Bond and Harry Palmer had the same producers! revisiting as agent HP in Funeral in Berlin- fantastic!
One of Arnold Palmer's nicknames among other pros was Harry Hitch, b/c he hitched up his pants before many shots.
THE Ipcress File, starring Michael Caine as Harry Palmer, opened on this day 50 years ago.
"Forgiveness and kindness lead to compassion" . Harry Palmer
Men in the kitchen. Deighton & Harry Palmer made it cool not just ok
Harry Palmer the greatest of all espionage characters
Harry Palmer was my teenage hero from the book. And was perfect in the role. Many happy returns.
The Ipcress File is 50! Startled to learn that, according to this morning's Times, Harry H Corbett was considered for role of Harry Palmer.
Tell you what Highways Agency, next time Pompey are home, why not close all 3 lanes of the northbound M275 post-match inste…
Clive Palmer's one-word response to Glenn Lazarus resignation
Reality consists of the experiences we believe are real. What is real may or may not be the same for everyone. --Harry Palmer
Prince Harry will train with Australian army next month before ending military career:
Following another's path leads to who they are, not to who you are. Harry Palmer
I only like right now. And that's including myself
ever see The Ipcress File or any other Harry Palmer movies?
But Harry Palmer rushes his coffee making in Ipcress File. Gotta give it a couple of minutes to brew.
Harry Kane- the best striker in the league; had a really poor game. He is an absolute fraud!
Yes! Maybe she was a flatmate of that woman Harry Palmer cooks an omelette for in The Ipcress File?
Photoset: The Harry Potter cast and their favourite lines
Loved Get Carter, Italian Job, Harry Palmer series, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and in recent times Harry Brown.
Can you imagine thick rimmed spectacled Michael Caine as Harry Palmer in a pink top, drawing a pistol? An eyeful for his boss?
Michael Caine as Harry Palmer. The thick rimmed specs are a delight. I must get a pair.
Harry Palmer's raglan sleeve in the Ipcress File is a timeless classic
Happy Birthday to none other than Mr. Harry Palmer and Mr. Jack Carter. All the best.
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