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Harry Connick Jr

Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr. (born September 11, 1967) is an American singer, conductor, pianist, actor, and composer.

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I liked a video Finding Your Roots S01E01 Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick, Jr
Who could say no to Harry for the holidays Harry Connick Jr lends
“Why do we need Michael Buble we have harry connick jr. why do we need harry connick jr we have dean Martin. Why do…
There is a really good Christmas song by Harry Connick Jr., The Blessed Dawn of Christmas Day. Its very beautiful.
Artists including and mourn on social media.…
Harry Connick Jr and Cyndi Lauper terrifying people on the elevator with the trombone.
Today the world mourns the death of 70's heart throb David Cassidy. He is remembered for his "hit song" "I...
I had to look up who Harry connick jr is. Sorry guys. I don't really watch movies or very much tv. I never know who people are
It's almost like I've been listening to Harry Connick Jr. playing piano for ten minutes... oh wait
Like all of us, these stars are missing
Harry Connick Jr.'s wife Jill Goodacre opens up about battle with breast cancer
Harry Connick Jr. 'was scared I was going to lose' wife to cancer -
Harry Connick Jr. and wife Jill Goodacre reveal her breast cancer battle: “I was scared I was going to lose her"… Gerard Butler is 😍😍😍 and it has JDM... and Harry Connick Jr...
Bruce Springsteen on Broadway: Oprah Winfrey, Harry Connick Jr. and an excited fan
I anxiously await the inevitable Matthew McConaughey / Harry Connick Jr "Cajun Navy" movie.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
It looks like we will be doing an on air Skype interview with Harry Connick Jr's show in the coming weeks before su…
My big-band-loving bartender doesn't like Harry Connick Jr bc of his TV show. You could also not like Deniro bc of Dirty Grandpa
Harry Connick Jr. has a talk show ??? Also I'm stuck in a Grey's Anatomy wormhole via mixed in with some SVU
Crepes & Waffles Fontanar is Harry Connick, Jr. - Do-Re-Mi by
Harry Connick Jr: "I am Catholic, and I am proud of that".
Crepes & Waffles Usaquen is Harry Connick, Jr. - Stay Awake by
Harry Connick, Jr. - On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe on Klassik radio
Crepes & Waffles Fontanar is Harry Connick, Jr. - You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile by
Harry Connick Jr. - Someday You'll Be Sorry is playing on
Harry Connick jr was doing some freestyle rap with Remy Ma for fat joe on tv and I walked by and said "what level of parappa is this?"
Interviewing Harry Connick, Jr. tomorrow. Send me your questions. For magazine story.
They should take the away from Julie Chen & give it to Harry Connick Jr after…
Okay but serious question will Harry Connick Jr. be in the reunion?
This lil old lady is talking about how much she loves Harry Connick Jr. & she once got free front row tickets to his show she's so happy 😌
Tenor saxophonist, who is noted for playing with Lionel Hampton Orchestra & Harry Connick, Jr. plays June 1…
Crepes & Waffles Usaquen is Harry Connick, Jr. - Oompa Loompa by
Crepes & Waffles Usaquen is Harry Connick, Jr. - Over The Rainbow by
Last time graced stage was for a a Rodgers&Hammerstein tribute w/ Harry Connick Jr, etc. 2002 |
Harry Connick Jr., Marci Miller and Billy Flynn perform at the 44th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at...
Hey Blake check out this Oklahoma girl cooking biscuits and gravy for Harry Connick Jr. on his show t…
By By - Churchill Downs Racetrack today announced that multi-platinum recording artist Harry Connick Jr. will...
Former American Idol judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. are still pals, even after the show ha
See Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.'s nimble blues jam on 'Harry'
Butch Walker on working with Harry Connick Jr., KISS and his favorite guitars - The Washington Times
That's Amore by Dean Martin, Recipe For Love by Harry Connick Jr and Mary's Prayer by Danny Wilson. No idea of story
American Idol's Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez reminisce after final
I usually start my day with a run, but my guy Tim Tebow is a guest on Harry Connick Jr.'s show this morning. there's no way I'm not watching
My inner grandma is raging: hipsters at the mechanic's don't know who Harry Connick Jr. is
When the *** did Harry Connick Jr. get a TV Show?
😀 We all do it, no worries. Oh I almost forgot Harry Connick Jr. Rounds out the men in this 🎥. Go fo…
I really like Harry Connick Jr., always have-he was one of the artists that used to speak out about appropriation of Black music by whites
Harry Connick Jr heads home to NOLA to eat Leah Chase's famous gumbo.
lol! From t same woman who thinks Harry Connick Jr shld run 4prez cuz he has military family members,is attractive,has a family,etc!
Harry Connick Jr was in NOLA last week, did you get a chance to see him? He was pointing out his fave places
Is there a good reason why Harry Connick Jr. doesn't have an autobiography called I, Connick?
a bag of boiled crawfish and a signed Harry Connick Jr. Christmas album
This has to be fake news. New Orleans had to throw in at least Emril Legase or Harry Connick Jr., possibly marvel s…
Remember when Harry Connick Jr walked in to the squad? New ep of !.
Harry Connick Jr coulda hit the jazz flute and been liver than this
So Eddie's the name of Harry Connick Jr's character. And he gives the globe he hit Fred with as a gift.
Besides Paul Anka, there is Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Seth MacFarlane or Curtis Stigers to sing for Trump!! Matt
Did anyone else who got an Alexa Dot thing for Xmas accidentally convince it they only like Tony Bennett, Harry Connick Jr. and Josh Groban?
Did you catch us on Harry Connick Jr today with lifestyle expert Danny Seo? What a great show!
Tonight's (at 8pm! playlist has: Metallica, Dolly Parton, Simple Minds, Harry Connick Jr and SO much Chubby Checker
Why is Harry Connick Jr. a black man?
Y'all Jason Sudekis impersonating Harry Connick Jr right next to him is hilarious!
Quiet all day but just heard a snippet of Harry Connick Jr. and now I feel like singing at the top of my lungs. . (…
I'd like to do something with Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Tim McGraw, J...
Listening to the Phil Harris & Alice Faye show and I’m thinking bandleaders should make a comeback. Harry Connick Jr. did try.
Harry Connick Jr and Frank Sinatra typa day today
If ya don't already have a Harry Connick Jr. impression I'll bet ya can emulate him in this song:.
I cringe every time that Harry Connick Jr. commercial comes on.
Go Lylah! It was so great to meet you. Thank you Harry Connick Jr for introducing us! And check out more videos... ht…
Sunday morning feelz... Harry Connick Jr. pandora, my fur babes, and coffee. ✨
Turns out it was made into a TV movie believe it or not- Called Living Proof w/Harry Connick Jr as th…
KC~Tom Jones, Dionne Warwick and Harry Connick Jr., all coming up in the Lounge after 7.pic:
Sandra Bullock talks about 'loud' children during premiere of Harry via
Here's 'Harry': 7 highlights from Harry Connick Jr.'s new talk show
Sandra Bullock talks about her kids during a reunion w/ Harry Connick Jr.:
I ask myself "is that Harry Connick Jr" so I often that I'm not sure I actually know what he looks like.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Harry connick jr. my as a new talk show on CW at 9:00. Terrance Howard is gonna be on
Harry Connick Jr. hopes new show will bring late-night energy to daytime
Harry Connick Jr. has a new daytime talk show that's different from other talk shows
The Weird and Funny Way Sandra Bullock Told Harry Connick Jr. He Got the Part in 'Hope Floats': “That's what'...
Man, Harry Connick Jr. doesn't shy from his NOLA roots in his new daytime talk show. Episode 1 highlights:
'I have the loudest children!' Sandra Bullock opens up about family life on Harry Connick Jr's show premiere.
Today Harry Connick Jr.'s new daytime talk show, Harry, will premiere ahead of the Fall 2...
If you want to see a great show, funny, good guest and music. Make sure you catch Harry Connick JR show, on Fox...
Harry Connick Jr. on the Bentonville Square. We are excited to see our wonderful city featured on the new Harry... http…
I love Harry Connick Jr. He's so nice & personable. I've always loved any show he was on. Good luck on your show Harry!
We chat new talk show exciting lineup of guests and love for with WATCH:
Sandra Bullock reunites with for his talk show, chats about her kids:
Harry Connick Jr. turned 69 yesterday. See him in this instrumental set from 2004 Newport.
My dad and mom believed that you do what you have to do in private and don't make a big d
.says his birthday is like the opening act for his daughter's:"I said, 'You're the headliner!'"
What's the one thing in closet that his wife wants to burn!? 😱
If you think the world is better now cause RuPaul won an Emmy think again cause Harry Connick Jr. has a talk show!
Randy Jackson, Harry Connick Jr.󾬍󾬍󾬍 and Aaron Neville will. be having a fund raising concert on Labor Day for...
Harry Connick Jr. and Randy Jackson to co-host flood relief concert in Baton Rouge https…
I added a video to a playlist HARRY CONNICK JR. - "OL' SANTA CLAUS"
if ur parents hand the AUX and you play something like Harry Connick Jr. or Amy Winehouse they go nuts 🔥🔥
watching the e! Special and it just hit me now that you kinda look like Harry Connick Jr.! 😁 whoa! 😏
I mean these people who work on Broadway, in my opinion, are the most gifted of everyone. I
I can see Harry Connick Jr. with an Ellen style show
I have no doubt that the government of this great nation will work with its people to lead N
GOD BLESS THE BIG EASY!Listen to Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans by Harry Connick, Jr. on
they both remind me of Harry Connick Jr.
I like Harry Connick Jr, but do we need another talk show? About as much as I need to put on an additional 5 pouds.
We should not have to impair our Louisiana soundtrack just because on my list of five 'cheats' Harry Connick Jr. is two of them.
I accused JC of not putting any Harry Connick Jr. songs on the road trip playlist b/c of how quickly I would leave him for HCj. No rebuttal.
Little Giant Ladders
Where or When - Harry Connick, Jr. on Martini Lounge Radio - Listen
Time to turn up the Harry Connick Jr and do something to keep my mind off this flood map.
I have a big ego, and I'm a confident person, but when it comes down to being a jerk, that
It is really rare to find someone you really, really love and that you want to spend your li
My love for Harry Connick Jr. knows no bounds.
My mom and I were super tight. I think she really wanted me to be an artist, you know? She
Not everybody gets to record with an orchestra, and not everybody that gets to record with a
Harry Connick Jr's old music is fire
Did anyone else completely forget Harry Connick Jr. was in Independence Day?
I like to jump some rope and swing kettle bells to get my blood pumping. It makes my voice
I'm listening to You Don't Know Me by on
Harry Connick jr. is in this mall RN and I keep wanting to yell "you should have played dad on Glee!"
Harry Connick, Jr. and the Goblet of Earth, Wind, and Fire.
Harry Connick Jr. concert tickets for JUn 19 at Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem PA
Harry Connick Jr. concert tickets for Jun 18 at Wolf Trap in Vienna VA
The two celebrities I get compared to for looks are Jason Schwartzman (mostly people my age) and Harry Connick Jr. (most people 40 and over)
Augie Haas comes home — to play trumpet for Harry Connick Jr. - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Harry Connick Jr. concert tickets for May 10 at Orpheum Theatre in Omaha NE
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for May 4 at Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium in Shreveport LA
Harry Connick Jr. concert tickets for May 14 at Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee WI
I heard Harry Connick Jr eats ice cream sandwiches with a knife and fork :(
Harry Connick Jr. concert tickets for Apr 23 at The Plaza Theatre in El Paso TX
There's this guy in the gym who's an uglier Harry Connick Jr. But he's still really good looking
get for Harry Connick Jr. in on saturday, apr 23
kinda think Keith Urban's better than Harry Connick Jr. 🙈 no hate
Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr and JLo are the best three judges on this show, ever. Each give HELPFUL advice.
My mom had a dream Harry Connick Jr. left his wife for her.
Kudos to Harry Connick Jr. For his more than adequate description of LaPortia.
Hidden Away by Josh Groban, Hear Me in the Harmony by Harry Connick Jr.,. Leave a Tender Moment Alone by Billy Joel 😀
Harry Connick Jr. says goodbye to 'Idol,' hello to new...
Graduation and Australia in May. Harry Connick Jr. In June and Mobile move in August. Can this next month just fly by?
Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez clearly want Trent Harmon in the finale.
One more week of American Idol and I still have no clue who Harry Connick Jr. Is
Find me a man like Harry Connick Jr. plz
I just got tickets to Harry Connick Jr in Richmond!
Harry Connick Jr says he's a fan of Sonika Vaid - American Idol
is bae for life I don't want u to go no where @ Harry Connick Jr @ Keith Urban
I wonder if Harry Connick Jr will show up. Maybe as Pontius Pilate or something. Jazz piano condemnation.
Harry Connick Jr live at the Brady Theater on May 6th. Tix on sale now. Click here for all the details!
"I don't know who Harry Connick Jr is... Was he in NSYNC?" - in complete sincerity
I dread to think there's an Australian alive who didn't see Harry Connick Jr on Hey Hey It's Saturday
Send Rob Thomas home and bring back Harry Connick Jr
"You're never fully dressed without a smile" - Harry Connick Jr
Possible hair style icon for 2016: Harry Connick Jr's hair during the 1992 world series anthem performance. . possible: those glasses too.
Why listen to Harry Connick Jr & not the many officials, politicians, & teachers who spoke abt race? fkn aussie aversion to authority again!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Remember when Harry Connick Jr had to come on Hey Hey It's Saturday to explain to Australians why blackface is bad?
Trouble by Harry Connick Jr is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. Download it now at
'American Idol 2016' top 14: Did Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. get it right?
I am listening to NOWHERE WITH LOVE by Harry Connick Jr. on via
It's worth it to see J-lo blank stares and hear Harry Connick Jr say. "Learn to sing in tune.". Makes me laugh every time.
thanks for the amazing concert in NO with Harry Connick Jr and Preservation Hall boys!
Harry Connick Jr has literally been hot for decades. How blessed 😍
All the American Idol people, Ryan Seacrest, Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban, give them something to do!
There's this really funny idea I have that Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. have legitimate beef with one another.
Just finished my night by watching Hope Floats.Harry Connick Jr. Nuff said.
I think I'm in love with Harry Connick Jr
on Wednesday thanks to this Harry Connick Jr. video:
Honestly sometimes I just sit and think about who Harry Connick Jr is, what he's doing and why is his name so fun to say
During the years I played lead for Harry Connick Jr, we performed "Hello Dolly" on the British TV show hosted by...
We know that Harry Connick Jr is really obsessed with fingernails. lol.
If loving Harry Connick Jr. is wrong, then please don't make eye contact with me while I'm driving.
Harry Connick Jr. *massage client . His hair is thick and luscious 😜
Now, I would be happy if the pianist happened to be Harry Connick Jr :))
I love when Harry Connick Jr. takes an inadvertent stab at Keith Urban not having a southern accent.
when you see and get all excited, but then you realize that it's just about Harry Connick Jr.
I've spent hours playing video games.
Harry Connick Jr. Does don't really good Christmas music, originaland covers
They say is the new Harry Connick Jr., well that is an understatement. He is on his way to mega stardom! Catch him in 2016!🎶🎹
The Happy Elf by Harry Connick Jr is in Harrods, London. Download it now at
Harry Connick Jr.'s first one. Not objectively great, but all kinda memories.
remember when chandler was stuck in an ATM vestibule with the woman who later married harry connick jr.
John Legend just slipped into my Harry Connick, Jr. Holiday station. I've got mine eye on you, Pandora O.o
Get festive with Christmas artist of the week, Enjoy his holiday music and children's book:
Harry Connick, Jr. will host his own daytime talk show. . Because it wasn't enough
Harry Connick Jr.'s version of 'They long to be (close to you)' is the best one, hands down.
Let It Snow by Harry Connick Jr. has to be in the top 5 of best holiday songs
I've watched more than my fair share of DTV movies because of a previous job. Having flashbacks of Harry Connick Jr. curing breast cancer.
Harry Connick jr. is the best thing about Christmas lets be honest
he, Harry Connick, Jr., and Josh Groban go fishing.
*was actually listening to Harry Connick Jr.*
I added a video to a playlist Let It Snow - Harry Connick Jr. [HD]
Sleigh Ride by Harry Connick Jr., found with Listen now:
2 of my favs: 1 Eagles Please Come home for Christmas and 2 Harry Connick Jr Its the most wonderful time of the year
I'm listening to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by on
It's 305 songs of festivity from Elvis to Weezer to NKOTB to Harry Connick Jr to Bing Crosby to Ella Fitzgerald. Enjoy!
on Mill City Radio: Santa Claus by Harry Connick Jr. to at
We're up and ready to go...Gene Harris, Harry Connick Jr, Shriley Horn it's all here on Good Morning!
yes!! So is Harry connick Jr, Keith Urban,and JLO lol
Those are my two favorite Harry Connick, Jr. albums. I nearly wore my old CDs out listening to them! Great haul. :)
I saw Harry Connick, Jr. And Book of Love play here before they were who they are! @ New…
A Wink and a Smile - Harry Connick, Jr. on Martini Lounge Radio - Listen
I added a video to a playlist Harry Connick Jr. Avalon
Cleaning & packing while listening to the smooth sounds of Mr. Harry Connick Jr. Hhhm ♫
Listen to Harry Connick Jr.'s new single, '(I Do) Like We Do'
I think Harry Connick Jr might need a pass too - he'd lose half his repertoire & he seems awfully nice. Otherwise I agree 😁
I like it when Harry Connick Jr is on tv
Listen to "(I Do) Like We Do" by Harry Connick, Jr. on This is a good one.
I have a theory that it's actually Harry Connick Jr
Am I the only person who thinks Harold Reynolds sounds just like Harry Connick Jr?! Cuz it's throwing me off.
Harry Connick Jr. Is me ha ha lol I am him.
Has anyone ever seen the property brothers and Harry Connick Jr in the same room together?
ugh that movie is pretty terrible. Gerard Butler is a God and Harry Connick Jr plays his role like he's retarded. Awful
Harry Connick Jr. ain't got nothing on Marla Hooch
The guy on the left kinda looks like Harry Connick Jr.
Would we have Harry Connick Jr or Michael Buble without the original crooner, Mr. Frank Sinatra? Makes you wonder.…/
So... Hawt. . Not quite Jungle Love, but I'm hearing Old MacDonald as sung by Harry Connick Jr.
I wish it was Harry Connick Jr that died in this film & not Gerard Butler
Harry Connick Jr. has the voice of an angel😩😍
That's what Harry Connick Jr. told me on "date night"...
If I could time travel, I'd go back and marry Harry Connick Jr.
When I have a bad day I listen to Christmas music. Even in October. Jamming to Harry Connick Jr's Sleigh Ride.
Listnin' to ma man, Harry Connick Jr. in his HOT NEW track! "(I Like It When You) Smile"
Join Voices of Lee at Chattanooga Unite: A Tribute on the River with Harry Connick Jr., and others.
Never. Gerard Butler is a bad actor, and she should have ended up with Harry Connick Jr!
Harry Connick Jr.'s Christmas music just makes everything better.
YES i wanna be Harry Connick Jr. for Halloween 😂😂😂😂
Harry Connick Jr. tricks white people into clapping on 2 & 4. ROFL’d my *** off.
This evening's at Ibis: Roy Dunlap Trio featuring of Harry Connick Jr's band on tenor saxophone
Harry Connick Jr. A gift to the eyeballs.
Glad a NOLA musician other than Trombone Shorty or Harry Connick Jr has some national spotlight
"Dancing is just s conversation between two people. Talk to me." - Harry Connick Jr in "Hope Floats" . I
Harry Connick Jr. does NOT like it if you clap on 1 and 3.
Sorry, having trouble keeping up. Harry Connick Jr is on tv, and Gran is getting distracted. 😎💕😎💕
it's not the best, but it's got Harry Connick Jr. in it, so that makes it alright.
Friends don't let friends clap on 1 and 3. Harry Connick Jr. shows us how its done!
"I wonder if Harry Connick Jr. has a glass eye..."
Harry Connick Jr. helping poor unfortunate people not clap on 1&3 ;) This is how it's done!!!
If someone wants to come over and listen to Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Bublé hmu
Come by me - Harry Connick Jr for music appreciation song
Went to Tanglewood last night for a Harry Connick Jr concert. Excellent.
3) Harry Connick Jr, Faith Hill, & Tim McGraw go to producer and tell them what Kanye said is true. Suddenly, comments make sense to him.
Harry Connick Jr, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw kept it 💯re: Kanye's George Bush line ***
ABC News' Robin Roberts talked to singer Harry Connick Jr. about bringing music back to the Big Easy.
What's new with Harry Connick Jr. since his last Meijer Gardens concert
Last minute invite to at Chateau Ste Michelle winery for Harry Connick Jr
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Aug 4 at Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre in Toledo OH
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 24 at Stiefel Theatre for the Performing Arts in Salina KS
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 18 at Chateau Ste Michelle Winery in Woodinville WA
Tom Brady, Michael Bublè, Harry Connick Jr & Frank Sinatra are the smoothest caucasians on earth...
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Aug 2 at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids MI
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 27 at Orpheum Theatre in Memphis TN
Harry Connick Jr. Concert Tickets for Feb 23 at CNU Ferguson Center for the Arts in Newport News V…
Is there going to be a Hurricane Katrina movie, because Tatum should consult people involved w/ that too. Ellen! Harry Connick Jr!
Alton brown is the Harry Connick Jr. Of the cooking world.
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 12 at Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa CA
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Aug 1 at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights MI
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 17 at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland OR
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 14 at Mountain Winery in Saratoga CA
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 9 at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego CA
Don't take Harry Connick Jr. seriously. He's the dude from Hope Floats.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 28 at Peabody Opera House in Saint Louis MO
Register for a chance to WIN tickets to see Harry Connick Jr. live at the Peabody Opera House on Tuesday, July 28th:
Harry Connick Jr. tickets for Jul 22 at Red Bitte Garden in Salt Lake City UT
WATCH: Nick Fradiani gets assist from Harry Connick Jr. on 'Teenage Dream' on American Idol Top 7
As hard as I try, I cannot confirm JLo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr will pick the starting OSU Meyer hasn't returned calls
I fell in love with Harry Connick Jr. Singing Danny Boy in Memphis Belle skip to 3 min.
no Jack Armstrong singing any Harry Connick Jr. songs?
One night only! Don't miss your chance to see perform in New York City:
New: Harry Connick jr concert at Strathmore is canceled tonight
Bummer. Snowed out of the Harry Connick, Jr. show at Strathmore tonight.
Tonight’s Harry Connick, Jr. concert at Strathmore is CANCELLED due to inclement weather. Patrons have been notified about Refunds.
I just realised it: Stig Rästa is Estonia's Harry Connick Jr. Nice tweek of the performance from the SF.
Harry connick Jr in ps I love you is yes.
I really wanted to see Harry Connick jr tonite but the snow makes it too dangerous. Please reschedule!!
Harry Connick Jr - The Way You Look Tonight thingking of you..
Hey Strathmore, you guys might want to do the smart thing and cancel tonight's Harry Connick, Jr. performance and refund everyone. (1/2)
I love when I turn on my TV and I see Burna Boy and immediately after that see my lover Harry Connick Jr.
I hope the score doesn't DCcancel the Harry Connick Jr. concert my parents are supposed to tonight. My mom would be sad to not see Harry.
I did coke with Harry Connick, Jr. in my dream.lolol ***
Come on you guys, you know I look like Harry Connick Jr. RIGHT?.
My dad looks so much like Harry Connick Jr. It's INSANE
Harry Connick Jr On Stage at Ferguson Center for the Arts Concert Hall - Feb 23. Tickets:
Harry Connick Jr. Concert Tickets for Feb 21 at Music Center at Strathmore in Rockville MD
I hated everything about it except Harry Connick Jr.'s character and the Flogging Molly song.
Does anyone look like Harry Connick Jr. and also want to date me? Ok cool.
Got to see Harry Connick Jr. in concert this evening. He was amazing and his band was incredible!
You need to go!RT What better way to spend a Monday evening, than with Harry Connick, Jr. at the Ferguson center February 23rd!
Harry Connick Jr. looks just like the property brothers
Okay so she has two shows coming on. One on NBC(sitcom one) & one on ABC(that has Taye Diggs & Harry Connick Jr). That's
Will you be checking out Harry Connick Jr. or Jerry Seinfeld this weekend? Share your weekend plans!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I think that the only reason I am watching American Idol on demand is because Harry Connick Jr is so funny.
And ... shut up... I watch American Idol for Harry Connick Jr and Harry Connick Jr only.
Harry Connick Jr. on the piano is just love
I would not be surprised if they end up being a couple. I love Harry Connick Jr. though. And American Idol still makes me emotional lol.
I desperately need Harry Connick Jr. to follow me around all day long and make me laugh.
One of the funny moments on American Idol with Harry Connick Jr...A must to see you will laugh your head off.
The saying laughter is the best medicine is a lie especially when you have a headache note to self next time your sick don't watch American Idol because a bear will walk in and Harry Connick Jr. will have you doubled over laughing and it makes a headache worse and never text your best friend Bobbie Hand because she will make you laugh so hard you quit breathing and your head feels like it's going to explode worse lets just say American Idol and best friends are not wise choices when you have a headache
So I have decided and lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about what a relationship really means to me. The word relationship is just a word but it is supposed to mean two people coming together as one. It should have no boundaries what so ever. It shows love and trust no jealousy no insecurities. It does show compassion and being passionate with one another. What the *** as Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr once said, it's a conversation between two people talk to me. It does not waver nor does it falter. That being said I feel compelled to change my relationship status back to single. I have learned that all that I've mentioned above obviously do not apply in my so-called relationship. Relationship is just a word that has no meaning whatsoever. I give up and I give it to God.
I just love Harry Connick Jr. I could listen to him all day long!
Nothing brightens my day like Harry Connick Jr. on American Idol!
The best part of American Idol is Harry Connick jr. He's so funny.
Hubby shocked to find out that Harry Connick Jr. was in Independence Day.and that he married the girl who was locked in the ATM vestibule with Chandler on Friends .love that fact that he remembers tibits from my favourite show
Harry Connick Jr is the best thing to happen to American Idol since Carrie Underwood. So funny, I'm crying.
Harry connick Jr is seriously so entertaining he's making me love idol again
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