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Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American film actor and producer.

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Harrison Ford and talk Blade Running, how little they hang out, and their pecs:
Blade Runner 2049 (2017) was financed when Harrison Ford found three Bitcoins lying on the floor on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Fun fact, Kurt Russel almost got the part of Han Solo in Star Wars A New Hope, but George Lucas chose Harrison Ford instead.
I'd still prefer a young Cary Grant in a tux, but I wouldn't take anything away from Harrison Ford.
I look forward to it! Would love to hear your interpretation of that shot of old Harrison Ford & young…
I hadn't seen it since 1990. I didn't remember the Harrison Ford character basically rapes the replicant character played by Sean Young.
So John Krasinski is playing Jack Ryan in a Tv series, following Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine did so in the movies
Earthly note 201710.10. Young 3D model of Harrison Ford would be divine. I love young Harrison Ford, people too, bu…
Humans have asked what my handler looks like. So here's a photo of a young Harrison Ford which looks nothing like…
A young Harrison Ford looks like an old capybara
Blade Runner 2049 failed 'cause they thought Harrison Ford is "hot now," and apparently Ryan Gosling is a young Harrison Ford? SMH
Harrison Ford and Sean Young in the original film
I think they were trying to go for someone who looks like a young Harrison Ford. Joaquin Phoenix is cer…
Sean Young and Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner.
lmao how'd that go? Star Wars was great with a young Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, now not so much! lol
I don’t think Harrison Ford will be in it. May be for a little part. It’s about a young Han Solo
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young Harrison Ford is just WOW... makes my heart skip a beat.
John Boyega should be young Harrison Ford famous after this if there's any Justice in the world.
Earthly note 201710.10. I still think of Ron Howard's & ILM's fear. No 3D model of young Harrison Ford for the film…
this is v close to mine, but swap JTT for young Ryan Gosling, and Harrison Ford for the fox in Robin Hood
Harrison Ford was creepy and predatory with young Carrie Fisher. I think we know why many…
I specify movies because (a) YOUNG Harrison Ford, (b) I was pretty over Leo after Titanic 🙄
Omg I forgot to add Harrison Ford!!! Sorry Adam Brody, you have been replaced
Pretending like rewatching Blade Runner is preparing for 2049 and not about young Harrison Ford. Failing to convince even myself.
Harrison Ford, because we know Young Harrison and Old Harrison are both hot.
A young Harrison Ford is all I need right now
Does anyone else find it odd that we've never seen young Harrison Ford and young Steve Martin in the same place at the…
Sean Young with Rutger Hauer, Ridley Scott, & Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner
the sultan has created this larger than life image. Joho is George Clooney, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford all rolled into one.
"Blade Runner is a Harrison Ford movie? I thought it was like Steven Segal." - my wife
also very good to know! I read that Ridley Scott & Harrison Ford thought it was one of the best scripts they've ever read! :)
Watching the original for the first time. First impression: Harrison Ford eats a lot of street food
Watched the Final Cut of the 1982 original last night. I just kept thinking, *** Harrison Ford was a…
Watch: This absolute shambles of an interview is Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford's best one yet via
This interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling is the funniest thing you'll see today .
The acting was also phenomenal. Ryan Gosling is perfect as Officer K and Harrison Ford is surprisingly great! Entire cast as well.
Blade Runner 2049 with Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling open at cinemas today! Book now.
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling interview goes off the rails via
Can we please just have a buddy-cop comedy with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling that has absolutely no script.
Alison Hammond has Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in hysterics during anarchic interview # via
Let the sound of Harrison Ford belly-laughing about Ryan Gosling's knitting habits heal and restore you:
Check out my interview with for as he chats about Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and...
But brilliant with it! What was your final verdict? And did you see the version with the Harrison Ford voiceover or without?
Harrison Ford's part as Steve Martin's doctor brother in "The Spanish Prisoner" was c…
Is mike schmidt the harrison ford of baseball.
Oops! Harrison Ford's told us how he accidentally punched Ryan Gosling in the face during filming for…
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Who is Harrison Ford? All you need to know about the Hollywood legend
My favorite parts were any scene with Rachael and seeing Harrison Ford get his *** beat
Please can we come next time you meet up with your pals Harrison Ford and 🍹
Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford are going loopy doing Blade Runner 2049 press! Alison Hammond cracks them up!
Margot Robbie tattoos a member of a chat show production team because Harrison Ford said no — Mashable
That was an awkward interview with Harrison Ford. He seemed drunk or the early stages of alheimers.
Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford look like the best duo.
Harrison Ford on accidentally punching on set of 'Blade Runner: 2049': “I threw 80 punches, I hit him one time.…
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling can't keep it together in their funniest interview yet via
The Legendary Harrison Ford is in the building 🤜 + kid golfers 🔛.Catch on Ch 122 tonight at 22:00 CAT…
Find out what said to Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford this Thursday night at 11.15pm. with
That mumbling fool Harrison Ford trying to explain why he crashed his plane to He can't even think of the word MAYDAY!!
Because Harrison Ford and Steve Martin are secretly the same person. Have you ever seen them in the same room?
I’ve seen some people dunking on the original blade runner but no one can drag it as well as Harrison Ford did:
Tonight on Nightline: Harrison Ford and on their new sci-fi sequel
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From to Indiana Jones to Harrison Ford has had some pretty iconic roles over the years! https…
OK, 2049 is one of the best performances Harrison Ford has ever given. Blown away.
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling can't stop laughing during hilarious interview (WATCH)
'Blade Runner 2049' is 'epic,' Harrison Ford say
This is apparently the exact moment that Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling for real in Blade Runner 2049
This screenshot of Harrison Ford accidentally punching Ryan Gosling on the set of Blade Runner 2049 is just. too. hilariou…
This still of Harrison Ford accidentally punching Ryan Gosling for real during a Blade Runner 2049 scene is amazing. https:/…
How about an Air Force One reboot? We learn in the first few minutes Harrison Ford was a one termer and it goes from there.
mood: Harrison Ford not knowing who Jennifer Lawrence was but instantly recognizing Jack Whitehall.
Harrison Ford is my favorite actor so yeah I'm freaking excited that he's come back for Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Indiana Jones
I liked a video Harrison Ford Punched Ryan Gosling in the Face
So, Blade Runner 2049, looks like Villeneuve is still da man.
Found out one of Harrison Ford's favorite whiskies is Apparently it took by surprise. htt…
Harrison Ford drinks scotch, proves he's still funny
One might discount Harrison Ford's acting chops but "Clear and Present Danger" will prove one wrong. Blade Runner 2049 seems to be the next!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Harrison Ford knows that a good scotch is best paired with a good joke:
Watch: Harrison Ford and Jimmy Fallon have the bants telling jokes and drinking scotch
The week's geekiest question: Which version of 'Blade Runner' to watch? - Runner 2049 is ...
Lots of early 'Blade Runner 2049' reviews floating around out there. Maybe give this one a read? via
"Blade Runner 2049: Harrison Ford is extraordinary in the most spectacular, provocative blockbuster of our time"
Just name dropping all over the place: Harrison Ford AND Bill Gates. This is pretty amazing
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are always great
There's a wonderful interview with Harrison Ford in tomorrow's Daily Telegraph, by Do read it.
I remember seeing Bladerunner on VHS as a kid. "A scifi movie starring Harrison Ford! This should be fun!" It was not fun.
'Blade Runner 2049' is a *** sci-fi monument. Here's what to know before you go.
Seeing Harrison Ford destroy that interviewer yesterday made me want to share this again lol.
Falling asleep is low key scary. Where am I going? Will I wake up? Why is Harrison Ford here? I'm late for the airport again!
"With this visually staggering film, director Denis Villeneuve brings us to a kind of Ozymandias moment. It just...
This review has me very excited for Blade Runner 2049
Harrison Ford accidentally punched in the face
A gigantic spectacle of pure hallucinatory craziness. Let’s hope so...
Blade Runner 2049 is a symphony that somehow makes BLADE RUNNER a better movie. Yeah I can't believe it either
Like noodles, Harrison Ford and the vision of a future LA. The rest is a little moody for me, but I know I'm in the minority.
"Conflicted" in the dictionary says "Damon's feelings on whether he should go and see BladeRunner 2049"
A grumpy Harrison Ford telling jokes over a nice glass of scotch is really all we need this morning: htt…
Top story: Today in tech innovation... Harrison Ford sips scotch and out-jokes … see more
fedeprem82 Harrison Ford sips scotch and out-jokes Jimmy Fallon see more
There's only a year and 3 months age gap between Michael D and Harrison Ford ***
Every Indiana Jones movie should have had Marion Ravenwood in it. Harrison Ford's and Karen Allen's chemistry was phenomenal on screen.
How are Harrison Ford, James Garner merely one-time Oscar nominees?! It's 1985 in NICHOLSON AT THE OSCARS!
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling on Acting, Blade Running, and Their Pecs ... via
You have to wonder if Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig were smoking the same Crack pipe when they both agreed to star in Cowboys Vs Aliens
Harrison Ford is the greatest actor of all time
Harrison Ford in the first Blade Runner! Awesome film on so many levels?
I saw a blade runner and durinf the emmys and I thought Harrison Ford was nominated and I was excited but now I'm not cuz he's not there
Harrison Ford is a smart man capitalizing on nostalgia, returning to characters years later. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, & Blade Runner 2049.
Harrison Ford on ‘Star Wars’, ‘Blade Runner’, and Punching Ryan Gosling in the Face via /r/movies…
Harrison Ford is my favorite actor.
If Jamie Lee Curtis can return to Halloween and Harrison Ford can return to Star Wars, surely Steve Guttenberg can return to Police Academy
312. Blade Runner (1982) - Getting hype for the sequel in October! Harrison Ford has to be my favourite actor.…
John asked me to name a hot actor, and the only thing I could come up with was Raiders era Harrison Ford.
Harrison Ford is such a complicated guy, but he's a fantastic actor and an even better person. God love him 💙
Here is a clip of an interview did with the legendary actor Harrison Ford about reprising his old roles
supporting actor ? Hope include for e Harrison Ford for
Harrison Ford will forever be my favorite actor.
Harrison Ford finally talks about Carrie Fisher revealing their affair Veteran actor Harrison Ford said it was "s…
Is Jason Bateman the Harrison Ford of my generation?
1980's Jeff Bridges was more attractive than 1980's Harrison Ford, don't @ me.
like, Harrison Ford was George Lucas' carpenter, and David Boreanaz was a dog walker. My brother i…
See? Here you have some young 20-something interviewing an actor who is in his 70's: Harrison Ford. I can't...
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Harrison Ford breaks his silence on Carrie Fisher revealing they had an affair while filming Star Wars in 1976
Harrison Ford on punching Ryan Gosling: ‘It was 90 percent his fault’
Harrison Ford reflects on the time he punched Ryan Gosling in the face
Harrison Ford recalls poking fun at George Lucas' dialogue -
Harrison Ford says exactly what you'd expect Harrison Ford to say about punching Ryan Gosling in the face.
What does it say about modern manhood that the new covers of and feature Harrison Ford & Robert Redford, respectively?
Lots of "Harrison Ford breaks silence on Carrie Fisher affair" headlines – except he doesn't. Not "a subject that I want to discuss" he says
Harrison Ford talks candidly about Han, Indiana and Rick
Harrison Ford is a goddamned national treasure.
Harrison Ford is everything I want to be lol
Billy looks a little like Harrison Ford, doesn't he?
Even the Great Harrison Ford struggles with the parent/teen dynamic. via
From Kaiser on CB: Harrison Ford really doesn’t want to talk about Carrie Fisher or their affair
This is the most Harrison Ford thing ever.
Harrison Ford. The man I will always strive to be.
Harrison Ford gets candid with about all things Han, Indiana and Deckard
Harrison Ford opened up about the Carrie Fisher fling detailed in his late costar's recent memoir
BREAKING: Harrison Ford watches TV. ALSO: Harrison Ford's kid lets people sleep on his couch. Stay tu…
UPDATE | Margot Robbie will be on The Graham Norton Show on September 29th along with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling & Ree…
WATCH: Harrison Ford directs traffic after his car got stuck in a jam
Harrison Ford finally breaks silence about relationship with Carrie Fisher
Harrison Ford is a man of few words.
Harrison Ford, giving more context on punching Ryan Gosling:
Big's News: Harrison Ford breaks silence on Carrie Fisher - Fans may have poured over the details of Carrie Fis... https:/…
Harrison Ford breaks silence on 'Star Wars' affair with Carrie Fisher
Basically, Ryan Gosling's face got in the way of Harrison Ford's fist
: Harrison Ford has broken his silence on Carrie Fisher
Harrison Ford finally addresses alleged affair with Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher gave Harrison Ford a warning about her memoir "to a degree," but it was still strange for him:
Harrison Ford breaks silence on Carrie Fisher memoir detailing their affair: 'It was strange for me'
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Harrison Ford has finally discussed his reaction to the late Carrie Fisher's revelation…
Harrison Ford reacts to Carrie Fisher revealing their affair.
Harrison Ford comments on Carrie Fisher's memoir and the affair heard 'round the galaxy via
I'm honestly jealous that Carrie Fisher got to smash Mark Hamill AND Harrison Ford.
When are we building the monument to Harrison Ford?
Harrison Ford in my Forbes store, lil kim in my Dylan's... Katie Holmes in the Economist ... Screech from Saved by the Bell in my CNBC store
Harrison Ford is an Action Bronson fan - The legendary actor has praised the rapper Harrison Ford is a fan of A...
My favourite actor/movie star of all time! The greatest. Wonderful interview. Harrison Ford | GQ
VIDEO: Harrison Ford jumps out of his car to direct traffic!
People suffered depression who are far more successful than you, Andrew: Abe Lincoln, Buzz Aldrin, Harrison Ford, R…
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis thanks Harrison Ford for coming to Richard V. Spencer's swearing in as Navy secretary.
absolutely, his son Michael was one of my first crushes after Harrison Ford
I liked a video Harrison Ford on The Arsenio Hall Show (Part 2 of 2)
Are you ready for ? Back in 1982 we see Harrison Ford on the set with stunt Coordinator and double Gary Comb…
So the whole point is "a look at young Han Solo" right? Harrison Ford was like 30 when ep4 came out.…
What a cast in Coppola's THE CONVERSATION (1974), Gene Hackman,John Cazale,Harrison Ford & Teri Garr in her first s…
Harrison Ford on fire prevention during the eclipse via
What do Danny DeVito, Katie Couric, and Harrison Ford have in common? Oh, just... THIS!.
📷 filmhall: Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford on the set of Return of the Jedi
remember when Oscar Isaac won a Golden Globe and Harrison Ford was so proud? beautiful
I appreciate the sentiment of white ppl posting gifs of Harrison Ford & Christopher Plummer I really wish y'all would jus…
Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher on the set of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Nailed it. He thinks he's Harrison Ford in AF1 but he's actually Charlie Sheen in Machete Kills.
The new one with Harrison Ford or the original with Audrey Hepburn? LOVE the newer version. ::sigh::
Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas&Harrison Ford during the filming of Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. http…
Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford goofing around on the set of 'The Empire Strikes Back.'
This feels like the premise to a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith, or possibly a young Harrison Ford:
The Audrey Hepburn/Humphrey Bogart one, not the remake where Harrison Ford plays Aunt Zelda.
My one wish would be to have a dinner party with Kurt Russel, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hoppus. (Prince too.)
Harrison Ford on the set of The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Do you have a favorite actor? — Daniel Radcliffe and Harrison Ford
C/A was well cast with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig
Harrison Ford talks stepping back into the "Blade Runner" universe for "Blade Runner 2049"
20 years ago today, Harrison Ford's starring vehicle Air Force One was released to U.S. theaters:
2017 day 206: Harrison Ford is the US President overcoming a hijacking on his own plane in Air Force One (1997)…
BTW that is about THE FUGITIVE w Tommie Lee Jones & Harrison Ford, cannot…
If Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford come on screen, run!
Harrison Ford asked during Q&A: "Is your life goal to reboot every major character you’ve done?". His answer: "You bet your a…
A fan asked Harrison Ford if it's his life goal to reboot every great film he's been in: "You bet your *** it is."
Harrison Ford practicing with his bullwhip for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' (1981) dir by Steven Speilberg.
And if he doesn't show up that's ok - Stanger Things panel & also Harrison Ford (my first SyFy/space boyfriend) for Blade Runner
*** is Blade Runner 2049, and who put Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Jared Leto in the same movie??
Flying to tomorrow. Luckily, Harrison Ford flies out of Orange County.
This is like when Harrison Ford was a carpenter for George Lucas, filled in at auditions a…
Kingsman, Wonder Woman, and Harrison Ford: Here's what the movie studios are bringing to Comic-Con 2017…
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STARWARS has Carrie Fisher. STARWARS has Mark Hamill. STARWARS has Harrison Ford. STARWARS has Natalie Portman. STARWARS has Hayd…
I can't believe they made Harrison Ford get a sex change for the new Blade Runner
Check out the lastest trailer for Blade Runner 2049 starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Out: 6th October .
Harrison Ford is Being Hunted in an Eerie New Trailer for Blade Runner 2049 via
It's about Ryan Gossling, with a Harrison Ford cameo.
Harrison Ford practicing his whip skills outside Elstree Studios. . |
The 2019 D23 Expo better induct Harrison Ford, Jim Cummings, & John Rohde as Disney Legends or I will riot.
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Harrison Ford. Have a magical day. We all love you
more like Paul Newman, Gary Grant, Harrison Ford of our generation. Brandon´s famous only for Mummy…
I wanna go on 3 blissful dates with young Harrison Ford then be ghosted by him with no warning
Happy Birthday to our Chief Executive Sir James Bevan, who celebrates his birthday today...along with Harrison Ford and S…
Jim Morrison and Harrison Ford when Harrison Ford worked as a cameraman for The Doors, 1968. htt…
On this day, Harrison Ford's 75th birthday, it is important that we remember a crucial fact:. Carrie Fisher tapped that in i…
Harrison Ford, the original scruffy nerfherder, is 75! years old today.
The one & only Harrison Ford​ turns 75 today!🙏Take a look back at his memorable movie roles that captured our hearts.
Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford! Here's to another 75 years of fortune and glory!
Happy 75th Birthday Harrison Ford!. “I actually like snakes! I think they're fantastic creatures.”
On the occasion of his birthday, shout out to my favorite Harrison Ford role, Mike Pomeroy in Morning Glory.
How is it possible Harrison Ford is 75 today?! An impossibility.
The drama! The graphics! The audio! The moment Harrison Ford almost landed on top of an American Airlines jet
Happy 75th birthday to the man behind our favourite legendary scoundrel, the one and only, Harrison Ford!
Exclusive: Check out new photos from featuring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling!
A very Happy 75th Birthday to the great Harrison Ford! IndianaJones
This is fun to look at --> A new look at another bad landing: How Harrison Ford missed a runway
I think we can both agree though that without Harrison Ford, our childhoods would have be a ...
Happy Birthday to the one and only Harrison Ford. . "Laugh it up, fuzzball" 💚💚
Happy Birthday to the galaxy's favourite scruffy-looking nerf-herder, Harrison Ford!
Today in Geek History: Happy Birthday Harrison Ford! We hope "you know" how much we love you.
Happy 75th birthday to Harrison Ford. Photo c.1978.
today is national Harrison Ford day so in honor of this day NEVER FORGET this iconic swco moment
Happy Birthday to our favorite scoundrel, Harrison Ford.
Happy Birthday to Harrison Ford, this legendary scruffy-looking nerf-herder hero turns 75 today
"The original line was, 'I love you, too,' but I felt that the other way was Han Solo's way of saying, 'It's not over.'" -Har…
Happy Birthday to Harrison Ford, I hope your day is magic.
Game of Thrones, Disney theme park hacks, Harrison Ford, and more in today's Link Tank!
I rly dig Harrison Ford as Han Solo but I dig him as Indiana Jones a lot more. Also my fav Indy film is The Last Crusade.
Some GREAT people were born today... Harrison Ford. Patrick Steward. Cheech Marin. Jack Kemp. Bob Crane. Spud Webb. ...and...
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner...all would not be the same without the legendary Harrison Ford, who turns 75 today…
For a shot at Valerian passes & Burton Cummings tix, tell us your today - in honour of Harrison Ford's 75th birthday!
Harrison Ford seen here in his senior year photo at Maine Township East High School, Park Ridge, Ill. in 1960.
He then got a role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as young Indy, which Harrison Ford recommended him for that role
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are your cover stars on our brand new issue, out this Thursday:
Anything with Gene Wilder, Blade Runner, Witness with Harrison Ford, Children of Men, Much ado Abou…
Denholm Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody with Harrison Ford as in (1981).
Tonight at Ciné Enastron at 21:30 (free admission):. Witness, by Peter Weir, with Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis,...
Did someone give Harrison Ford a plane again??.
Last film has arrived for the new A Level Film course: One of Peter Weir's best films. Harrison Ford & Kelly McGill…
Easy, from left to right: Robert Watts, Harrison Ford, Mr Lucas, Mr. Spielberg, Howard Kazanjan and
Kenny Baker ,Gary Kurtz, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher ,Dave prowse and others at a press conference for Empire...
...exercise it. He wasn't going to get away with it to Harrison Ford, for s…
Pay the actors, destroy the footage, never speak of this again. Harrison Ford is Han Solo. . Forever.
Great article about original "Fugitive" David Janssen at time of Harrison Ford's blockbuster movie remake. via
Four great people, Harrison Ford, and a dirty *** joke.
Jack Ryan was tailor-made for Harrison Ford - and I maintain Clear & Present Danger is the best Ryan fi…
📷 filmhall: Harrison Ford & Irvin Kershner on the set of The Empire Strikes Back
President Trump arrives to Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy to the theme of the 1997 Harrison Ford movie "Air Force On…
George Lucas, Warwick Davis, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford on the set of and the Last Crusade (1…
Oh I agree with you! Even the remake with Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear and Harrison Ford. Nakak…
Even get shipping actors when obvious something real life went on- Harrison Ford&Carrie Fisher, Al…
Important to remember: that moment was pure Harrison Ford. If George Lucas had been directing, he'd prob…
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Tom Cruise: Imagine Air Force One with Harrison Ford, but I'm the pilot, and my name is Scully. Top. Gun. 2.
Blade Runner Ridley Scott with Harrison Ford and Sean Young at dining table 8 x 10 Inch Photo
I'm p sure Harrison Ford is following me through the streets of Toluca Lake and I'm really tryna keep my cool. I guess he uses Waze too.
Patrick Stewart, Albert Camus, Alan Rickman, Harrison Ford, the list goes on
Between Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner, we are closer now than ever to a grizzled Harrison Ford in Mosquito Coast 2.
BREAKING: Harrison Ford's earring is very cool and I'm going to get one also
Michael Jackson visiting Harrison Ford, Alison Doody and Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones and the Last…
Find out how much Harrison Ford's costume cost for Blade Runner 2049.
Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford come face-to-face in thrilling Blade Runner 2049 trailer
Blade Runner 2049 - dazzling new trailer unites Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford --
Watch the trailer for with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling start shooting Blade Runner 2 in July
Blade Runner 2049: Dazzling new trailer unites Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford
New post (Blade Runner 2049 NEW TRAILER - Watch with Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford | ...) has been published on -…
.stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are chatting about the highly-anticipated film! 😍🔥
Ryan Gosling faces off against Harrison Ford in thrilling, neon-lit trailer.
A Hellboy movie without Ron Perlman!? That's like making a Star Wars movie with Han Solo without Harrison Ford- ohwait.
If they kill Harrison Ford in the new Bladerunner I will be livid. Pls stop bringing back Harrison Ford to kill him in your movies.
Awww Chevy was my first grown man crush when I was little. Him and Sean Connery & of course Harrison Ford.
trailer: Ryan Gosling is on Harrison Ford's trail
Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling's first scene together was "unexpectedly deep and emotionally rich."
Gosling? Please. He's pretty, but SO not a Harrison Ford. Never.
*chorus trip to nyc, when we get to radio city music hall*. me: "okay now what seat has Harrison Ford sat in?"
Watch the explosive full trailer for
Harrison Ford will never not be attractive...
Harrison Ford teases, Ryan Gosling gushes as they release new Blade Runner 2049 trailer via
"It's very interesting visiting a character after some time ... It was a very gratifying experience." -- Harrison Ford on
Reads! 📖 Watch the newest trailer for the Blade Runner sequel right here, let us know what you think!
looks cool. I hope Harrison Ford flies a car better than a plane though.
Spent my morning with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford chatting about their latest movie Blade…
Hamilton Collection
Love to watch Harrison Ford run in movies. More of that, please.
I hope they don't mess this one up. Am surprised Harrison Ford is in it. Wonder if Sean Young gets some screen time…
Blade Runner 2049: VR Trailer Oculus Rift 3D epic new un official video with Harrison Ford 2017: на
Harrison Ford calls his return to Blade Runner a very gratifying experience via
“It’s interesting to develop a character after a period of time" - Harrison Ford reprising Deckard
The trailer stuns and mystifies, raising more questions about the replicant dilemma h…
"Seeing the way things were lit, it was like music." Harrison Ford on Roger Deakins.
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