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Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford (born July 13, 1942) is an American film actor and producer.

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Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner...all would not be the same without the legendary Harrison Ford, who turns 75 today…
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are your cover stars on our brand new issue, out this Thursday:
Denholm Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody with Harrison Ford as in (1981).
Tonight at Ciné Enastron at 21:30 (free admission):. Witness, by Peter Weir, with Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis,...
Did someone give Harrison Ford a plane again??.
Last film has arrived for the new A Level Film course: One of Peter Weir's best films. Harrison Ford & Kelly McGill…
Easy, from left to right: Robert Watts, Harrison Ford, Mr Lucas, Mr. Spielberg, Howard Kazanjan and
Kenny Baker ,Gary Kurtz, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher ,Dave prowse and others at a press conference for Empire...
...exercise it. He wasn't going to get away with it to Harrison Ford, for s…
Pay the actors, destroy the footage, never speak of this again. Harrison Ford is Han Solo. . Forever.
Great article about original "Fugitive" David Janssen at time of Harrison Ford's blockbuster movie remake. via
Kate Capshaw, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford on the set of 'Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom.' https:/…
Four great people, Harrison Ford, and a dirty *** joke.
Jack Ryan was tailor-made for Harrison Ford - and I maintain Clear & Present Danger is the best Ryan fi…
📷 filmhall: Harrison Ford & Irvin Kershner on the set of The Empire Strikes Back
President Trump arrives to Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy to the theme of the 1997 Harrison Ford movie "Air Force On…
George Lucas, Warwick Davis, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford on the set of and the Last Crusade (1…
Oh I agree with you! Even the remake with Julia Ormond, Greg Kinnear and Harrison Ford. Nakak…
Even get shipping actors when obvious something real life went on- Harrison Ford&Carrie Fisher, Al…
John Rhys-Davies & Harrison Ford on the set of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.
Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner 1982 .
Important to remember: that moment was pure Harrison Ford. If George Lucas had been directing, he'd prob…
Tom Cruise: Imagine Air Force One with Harrison Ford, but I'm the pilot, and my name is Scully. Top. Gun. 2.
Blade Runner Ridley Scott with Harrison Ford and Sean Young at dining table 8 x 10 Inch Photo
I'm p sure Harrison Ford is following me through the streets of Toluca Lake and I'm really tryna keep my cool. I guess he uses Waze too.
Patrick Stewart, Albert Camus, Alan Rickman, Harrison Ford, the list goes on
Between Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner, we are closer now than ever to a grizzled Harrison Ford in Mosquito Coast 2.
K. Capshaw, S.Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford during the filming of Indiana Jones. ht…
BREAKING: Harrison Ford's earring is very cool and I'm going to get one also
Michael Jackson visiting Harrison Ford, Alison Doody and Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones and the Last…
Find out how much Harrison Ford's costume cost for Blade Runner 2049.
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Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford come face-to-face in thrilling Blade Runner 2049 trailer
Blade Runner 2049 - dazzling new trailer unites Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford --
Watch the trailer for with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling start shooting Blade Runner 2 in July
Blade Runner 2049: Dazzling new trailer unites Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford
New post (Blade Runner 2049 NEW TRAILER - Watch with Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford | ...) has been published on -…
.stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are chatting about the highly-anticipated film! 😍🔥
Ryan Gosling faces off against Harrison Ford in thrilling, neon-lit trailer.
A Hellboy movie without Ron Perlman!? That's like making a Star Wars movie with Han Solo without Harrison Ford- ohwait.
If they kill Harrison Ford in the new Bladerunner I will be livid. Pls stop bringing back Harrison Ford to kill him in your movies.
Awww Chevy was my first grown man crush when I was little. Him and Sean Connery & of course Harrison Ford.
trailer: Ryan Gosling is on Harrison Ford's trail
Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling's first scene together was "unexpectedly deep and emotionally rich."
Gosling? Please. He's pretty, but SO not a Harrison Ford. Never.
*chorus trip to nyc, when we get to radio city music hall*. me: "okay now what seat has Harrison Ford sat in?"
Watch the explosive full trailer for
Harrison Ford will never not be attractive...
Harrison Ford teases, Ryan Gosling gushes as they release new Blade Runner 2049 trailer via
"It's very interesting visiting a character after some time ... It was a very gratifying experience." -- Harrison Ford on
Reads! 📖 Watch the newest trailer for the Blade Runner sequel right here, let us know what you think!
looks cool. I hope Harrison Ford flies a car better than a plane though.
Spent my morning with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford chatting about their latest movie Blade…
Love to watch Harrison Ford run in movies. More of that, please.
I hope they don't mess this one up. Am surprised Harrison Ford is in it. Wonder if Sean Young gets some screen time…
Blade Runner 2049: VR Trailer Oculus Rift 3D epic new un official video with Harrison Ford 2017: на
Harrison Ford calls his return to Blade Runner a very gratifying experience via
“It’s interesting to develop a character after a period of time" - Harrison Ford reprising Deckard
The trailer stuns and mystifies, raising more questions about the replicant dilemma h…
"Seeing the way things were lit, it was like music." Harrison Ford on Roger Deakins.
I never seen blade runner that's with Harrison ford right
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Harrison Ford looks like he's about to do some yard work. Weird styling on him.
Of course I can't wait to see it--it has Harrison Ford in one of his iconic roles. But did this film really need to…
The future is bleak for Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in new Blade Runn.. Related Articles:
Hen girl you must be Harrison Ford because I like youweven when you're grumpy and don't want to talk about Star Wars.
Director Denis Villeneuve’s looks like it will capture the hollowed-out vibe of the original
We're LIVE with stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, and director Denis Villeneuve for a LIVE Q&A! Prese…
& Ford talk & debut new trailer with first look at
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling go back to the future in dystopian new 'Blade Runner 2049' trailer
"OK, I'll be in the new Blade Runner movie. But I am NOT visiting wardrobe! What I arrive in--I WEAR!" -- Harrison Ford ht…
Jared Leto makes his debut in the epic official trailer. Watch it now:
New post (Blade Runner 2049 - Harrison Ford reveals the REAL reason he returned | ...) has been published on Urban…
tbh Carrie prolly sits on a throne made out of gold, glitter and pictures of Harrison Ford up in heaven
I keep forgetting Harrison Ford is like. old
Overnight, Harrison Ford became the "old man we need to go talk to" in movies
Watching Harrison Ford solemnly discuss the abuse of technology in Blade Runner 2049 while emojis fly beneath him. http…
Harrison Ford. I am offended this was even a question.
OMGosh! Blade Runner 2049 new trailer is awesomeness! Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling the coolest badass duo!
Bladerunner reboot should have been Harrison Ford morosely reading "Do Androids Dream..." into the camera.
Harrison Ford is cursed to relive his entire life before he dies
This Blade Runner reboot is ridiculous, Harrison Ford can't even skate anymore!
Check out the first trailer for featuring Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, & Jared Leto!:
'Blade Runner 2049' trailer drops: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford describe working on the remake via the App
Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Harrison Ford, Dennis Villeneuve AND Ridley Scott? That's like the avengers team up in real life.
It's insane 35 years later we're getting a sequel w/ Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott on board + starring Ryan Goslin…
looks sick! I think that I may go see it when it comes out. Plus I like Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott.
Miranda Otto. - Her first Hollywood role was opposite Harrison Ford. - Named after the character Miranda in Shakespea…
Do a film box office tally for Michelle Rodriguez like they to do for Harrison Ford. She's up there. A rock solid, underrated career.
Harrison Ford mmm! I have a box set of the Indiana Jones series
When I think of Harrison Ford, I go to Dr. Richard Kimble, then Indiana Jones, then, as an afterthought, Han Solo
Richard Kiel aka Jaws from James Bond. Love that film as it stars a v young, extremely handsome, Harrison Ford.
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I ❤️ Indy and I ❤️ Han and I even ❤️ Jack Ryan but Dr. Richard Kimble is peak Harrison Ford.
Dogville, starring Christopher Lee and Harrison Ford. Directed by Sam Peckinpah, music by Peter Schilling. Budget: $200m
Casting is really coming together now with Harrison Ford as the bumbling OiC & CGI Richard Griffiths as Instructing Solicitor who won't stop
I learn from that in 1980, when he was cast as Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford had been working as a carpenter to make ends meet
Not sure what you're remembering, but Harrison Ford wasn't in that. David Niven and Gregory Peck. Or I'm off my rocker.
Harrison Ford is getting so old that in the next Indiana Jones movie rival archaeologists will be digging up his bones
Harrison Ford - both happy and angry in same photo via Stan Winston
Harrison Ford is not looking forward to the Han Solo movie because it'll be "weird" for him
People keep telling me that if I was famous, they could see me being with Harrison Ford. Yeah, when *** freezes over.
Why am I crushing on all the older gents right now? Peter Criss, Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Brad Dourif... 😐 I'm weird.
You see moments like this is why i love Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford!! this photo is amazing!!!
Alec Baldwin SLAMS Harrison Ford as ‘scrawny little soft-voiced man’ in new memoir
"I love you," Harrison Ford said to George Lucas at panel, recounting how he landed the role of Han Solo. "Thank you…
.Star Wars Celebration highlights: George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and more reunited for 40th anniversary: http…
Thanks fella! Looked like a good 'un, George Lucas AND Harrison Ford! Felt like I was there in hologram for…
domain names
The parents and only brother of Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford -
Photos of Daisy Ridley, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and others from the
See photos of Harrison Ford, Mark Daisy Ridley, and others at the
Harrison Ford isn't fond of Mark Hamill's impression of him
Jonathan Ke Quan, Kate Capshaw and Harrison Ford filming the mine cart scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. htt…
Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reunited with some other original cast members at the today!
actually nvm I'll sell all my organs bc I'd literally die of a heart attack after I saw Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in person
Racist Mark Hamil owes me money for Sea Veg... Harrison Ford told me that he is glad the Nazi Fisher…
Video: Harrison Ford, HamillHimself and more celebrate 40 years of starwars
REMINDER: The all-time greatest movie streak by one actor belongs to Harrison Ford -
See how he's happy when he saw his hero Harrison Ford at premiere😍😊.
apparenty on United Airlines when Harrison Ford says "GET OFF MY PLANE" is not enough to kick them off
Video: Harrison Ford, and more celebrate 40 years of
“Carrie's an amazing and unique person. She's got an incredible intellect. She's got real courage. Real gall.” - Harris…
Anyway, Carrie Fisher was one of the few people in the world who could make Harrison Ford laugh
Star Wars at 40: 'I'll miss Carrie Fisher,' says Harrison Ford
Star Wars fan can relate to this. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford with Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher's daughter.
Favorite moment from day one at was this first ever bro-hug between & Harrison Ford on the Star Wars Ce…
See photos of Harrison Ford, Mark George Lucas, and others at the
Harrison Ford surprised fans at this year's Star Wars Celebration
Check out "Harrison Ford, George Lucas surprise fans at Star Wars Celebration" on the CNET App!
Harrison Ford was a carpenter before he was Lucas needed carpentry work on a door in the st…
Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew in the garbage chute.
What Lies Beneath is a pretty average Harrison Ford movie from after he gave up but before Crystal Skull.
Watching "designated survivor" last night, I thought that president --Harrison Ford's from af1 , and Bill Pullman from id4 r Potus we need.
Wow…Alec Baldwin has disliked Harrison Ford since he lost the Jack Ryan films to him. Excerpts from his new memoir:
Cause he's Harrison Ford. A regular guy who's had Fords issues could kiss their license by by
FAA does not take action on Harrison Ford.
"Star Wars" actor Harrison Ford's investigation following his February aviation accident was officially closed on...
New post (Samuel L. Jackson and Harrison Ford's Friendly Rivalry) has been published on TheTopTenViral -…
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We really didn't care. Harrison Ford said that was the great thing about Hungary; no one bothered him here 😂
Harrison Ford Won’t Be Disciplined for Near-Miss With Another Plane at Airport - ,
Harrison Ford won't have to give up flying after his passenger plane accident less than two months ago.
Harrison Ford not disciplined by US agency for pilot mishap
Harrison Ford off the hook for OC airport landing flub. No penalties.
Harrison Ford 'very happy' to keep pilot's licence after landing mishap
EXCLUSIVE: Harrison Ford will not be fined after an incident at Orange County airport in February
Harrison won't face punishment in airport incident
Harrison Ford won't face discipline in landing mishap
I said he looked like if Harrison Ford and Kevin Bacon had a son..
No fine for Harrison Ford post airport landing blunder..
Bang Showbiz:.; Harrison Ford happy wiith FAA decision. I landed on a Pelican Xing Someone needs to look at that but no one wants to know
No punishment enforced against Harrison Ford for runway incident
Harrison Ford escapes fine for flying blunder -
Harrison Ford is to avoid punishment over near-miss at California airport while piloting his plane, lawyer says
Harrison Ford escapes fine for flying blunder (
Geez, Harrison ford does more improve in the air than on screen...
Harrison Ford won't face any penalties over runway incident - LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Harrison Ford will not face a...
Harrison Ford won't face punishment in airport incident
Harrison Ford will keep pilot's license after John Wayne Airport taxiway landing
No fine for actor Harrison Ford after airplane ✈️ incident. What happened:
Harrison Ford will not be fined or required to undergo pilot training after his landing mishap, NBC News has learned https:…
Harrison Ford is cleared by the FAA – Hollywood TV
Harrison Ford escapes fine for flying blunder: - The Latest News from the UK and Around the World | Sky News
Harrison Ford not disciplined by U.S. agency for pilot mishap
EXCLUSIVE: Harrison Ford won't be fined after incident with passenger plane at California airport http…
Harrison Ford accepted his award for him since if he came to the program, he would've been arrested. Sickening.
Harrison Ford won't face disciplinary action for landing on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport
In an odd coincidence, Harrison Ford helped make SULLY happen.
Harrison Ford now believes that he is Hans Solo, its tough to get old HF - land that crop duster where ever you wan…
Harrison Ford can still fits into his Blade Runner clothes 30 years late.. Related Articles:
"Blade Runner" concept art, in honor of "Blade Runner 2049", starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.
Who would have thought Emma what's her face would be the Harrison Ford of the franchise.
The audio from Harrison Ford's private jet near-miss has been released, and it's brilliant
Peter Mayhew, Alec Guinness, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford having fun in the Millennium Falcon cockpit
Two truths I cling to in this wacky world: (1) Jerry Brown will be governor of California for all time (2) Harrison Ford is a crappy pilot.
Harrison Ford remembering all the good times he had in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon
Harrison Ford says he was distracted about turbulence when he flew low over airliner at CA airport last month
Harrison Ford again I almost was in a plane crash
Harrison Ford's ealri g is a horcrux.
And you know something I'm not a big Harrison Ford fan would never really seen the light wo like Ron Howard I was looking for Steve's crit
"I'm the schmuck who landed on the taxiway." -Harrison Ford
I just pointed at the TV and asked my mom if the man on the screen was Alex Trebek but it was actually Harrison Ford
Because I live in Los Angeles, I know a lot of people. Ever heard of Harrison Ford? Not him.
FAA releases audio of Harrison Ford landing plane on John Wayne Airport taxiway instead of runway
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Harrison Ford: I'm a 'schmuck' for wrong landing, close call with airliner
Raise your hand if you think Harrison Ford should not fly airplanes anymore?
Harrison Ford says he was distracted while landing his plane
"It isn't fair that women are made to walk while men are coddled & protected." on https…
"I'm the schumuck who landed on the taxiway," said Harrison Ford after near-miss at airport - CBS News
The Han Solo movie is a bad idea. How can you replace Harrison Ford and then go on to erode all the mystique? Fake and ***
'I'm the Schmuck That Landed on the Taxiway': New Recording Released in Harrison Ford Plane Incident - NBC Southern…
If you stuck around during the credits of the original movies you'd already know Han Solo's real name is "Harrison Ford"
Harrison Ford says he was "distracted" during passenger plane incident at O.C. airport
Harrison Ford is too old to fly a airplane. He came 200 ft from hitting a commercial jet. and He landed on the wrong runway. Almost died 2x.
Harrison Ford might want to hang up that pilot license soon. Just saying. He's had too many incidents & crashes.
We're a divided country, Conservative VS Liberal, Trump VS Everyone, can we agree Harrison Ford does not deserve a pilot's license?
Harrison Ford called himself a 'schmuck' after plane incident
Harrison Ford said he was distracted by an airliner when he landed on taxiway, according to released audio recording http…
sharing the latest in from Harrison Ford Was 'Distracted' During...
Harrison Ford Expresses Humility in Post-Airplane Incident Audio: ‘I’m the Schmuck Who Landed on ...
Harrison Ford says he was distracted when he mistakenly flew his plane over a taxiing airliner.
Harrison Ford says he was concerned about turbulence from a nearby airliner when he landed on airport taxiway
Will Harrison Ford be there? Everything to know about Saturday's public memorial for Carrie Fisher……
Who on earth gave Harrison Ford a real plane?
“I’m the schmuck that landed on the taxiway,” said when he called in to the John Wayne Airport tower.
This wasn't turbulence from a local bulk cruiser mind you, I'm talking a big Corellian ship now.
Harrison Ford Audio: ‘I’m the Schmuck Who Landed on the Taxiway’
Harrison Ford says he was distracted when he flew over plane
universal channel,all actors are the stars,Adam Sandler, Harrison Ford,Carrie Fisher,Lynn Collins,Mark Wahlberg,Jim Carrey and
Han Solo isn't the real name, Indiana Jones either; Harrison Ford is? A spin-off after a dull Rogue 1 (4 me). WD knows how to kill classics.
Carrie Frances Fisher having no chill about Harrison Ford since 1977
I think you should cast me as Han Solo because I look just like young Harrison Ford. Much more than your current actor!
The guy they found to play young Han Solo looks nothing like Harrison Ford.
What if the Han Solo movie opens with Harrison Ford and a young Ben Solo on the Falcon and goes into flashback?
can i be controversial? Harrison Ford wasn't really a good young Han Solo. (Sorry)
. Liam Fox imagining he's Harrison Ford?. Well maybe not. David Niven?
Harrison Ford grew up in Des Plaines, a suburb of Chicago, the son of an advertising executive and a stay-at-home mother.
Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in their hotel room trying to replicate the poster for A New Hope.
Just a normal Saturday having dinner with Harrison Ford and Sharon Stone.
Still not interested in seeing a fourth Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford as the character.
Hey Jim,. Is that landing gear under me. Signed, Harrison Ford
Best news today: Indiana Jones 5 has been greenlit with Harrison Ford returning and Spielberg directing! Stay away, George.. no more aliens.
TRUMP: let's take down Russia…get me Jack Ryan but the one from Hunt for Red October, not Harrison Ford. "That's Alec…
Crack the whip: ‘Indiana Jones 5’ officially happening with Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg
Watching Ender's Game. What a waste of Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford.
Screw that chump. Harrison Ford is putting residents in harms way. Keep him out of Santa Monica Airport. jets airport
Unfortunately for Harrison Ford his face has aged into Steve Martin's
Harrison Ford takes to the sky once again after his recent near-miss - Daily Mail
I've just seen this. 1) NO to this cover. 2) I've always said Harrison Ford looks like Steve Martin. Exhibit A.
Harrison Ford and Al Qaeda have crashed the same number of planes
Why are Harrison Ford's sons named Ben and Willard? Why was Martin Sheen named Benjamin Willard in Apocalypse Now? Hmm?
Carrie Fisher wished for Harrison Ford to sing her Oscar Memoriam Tribute in 2010. This has to happen. It's what she genuinely wanted!
Oscar winner Harrison Ford (1986 best actor) talks about playing the role of Branch Rickey for the movie 42.…
Harrison Ford in his initial screen test for Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)
NEWS: Harrison Ford mistakenly flew low over an airliner at John Wayne Airport. His turn signal was also reported on for…
it's a federal offense to poll on a plane while sober. Air Marshal probably could have gone Harrison Ford on you.
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher on the set of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).
I've seen the vid. Harrison Ford was nowhere near crashing! I've had much closer near death experiences with a motorcyc…
Newly released video shows Harrison Ford mistakenly flying low over an airliner at a Southern California airport.
Video shows small plane piloted by Harrison Ford dart over jetliner and land on airport taxiway instead of runway.
Video has been released showing actor Harrison Ford mistakenly flying over an airliner with 110 people aboard.…
Harrison Ford needs his pilot license taken away.
Video shows Harrison Ford flying over airliner |
Footage released of Harrison Ford's plane near-miss. (
Footage of Harrison Ford's near miss has been released .
A near miss for Harrison Ford: Video footage shows a plane piloted by the actor mistakenly flying low over airliner.
Video shows Harrison Ford flying over plane before missed landing
Benjamin Netanyahu took two-hour flight detour to avoid Indonesian airspace |
New video has emerged showing just how close Harrison Ford came to a fiery, mid-air disaster -
Harrison Ford just flying plane anyhow.this is real life not Indiana Jones.
RSPCA hunt for man filmed dumping 'frightened' lurcher -
If he does not lose his license for this then unicorns must exist somewhere: Harrison Ford's plane near-miss.
Harrison Ford in near miss with passenger jet.
Can someone take Harrison Ford out of the sky before he causes some real damage..
Harrison Ford flies over airliner, could have caused serious mishap. Watch video
sooo. bout time for Han Solo to give up his Millennium Falcon pilot's license??? let's not get a…
And if you look up everybody.. you'll see Harrison Ford
Footage released of Harrison Ford's plane near-miss
The transition from River Pheonix's bloody lip to Harrison Ford's is PERFECT
He betrayed Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, and Carrie Fisher to David Prowse and James Earl Jones.
Portraits of Daryl Hannah,Rutger Hauer,Sean Young and Harrison Ford in Bladerunner by International Visual Artist T…
I like Harrison Ford, but he is too old to be flying planes. He nearly caused an accident.
Georga Lucas, Warwick Davis, Steven Spielberg & Harrison Ford behind the scenes on and the Last Crusade (1988)…
I booked a flight with Harrison Ford
This week in 1985 'Witness' starring Harrison Ford & Kelly McGillis was showing in Cinemas 🎬
Harrison Ford is literally the greatest pilot in the galaxy. Sometimes the universe makes sense.
This is nothing. Back in 1997, Harrison Ford handled Air Force One after it was hijacked by Russian terrorists.
Harrison Ford talking to air traffic control sounds a lot more like Steve Urkel than Han Solo.
The FAA is launching an investigation after actor Harrison Ford was involved in a close call at a California airport
Not the best pilot in the galaxy after all - Harrison Ford's plane 'in jet near-miss after landing error'…
for being one of the best pilots in the galaxy, Harrison Ford sure seems to have a lot of flying incidents...
Harrison Ford is actually really far from being the best pilot in the galaxy
Hey, Steve! Be careful on the way home and don't pull a Harrison Ford! 😆
Harrison Ford had a near miss at the airport - it’s reported he landed his private plane on the wrong part of the runway … oh dear…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Harrison Ford involved in incident with passenger jet
"Harrison Ford almost takes one to the beaver"
Footage released of Harrison Ford answering air traffic control:
Listen, with respect, Harrison Ford is just a rude guy. I once wrote to him, joking that in Norway they call him "Harri…
Woody Harrison, Betty Ford, George Harrison and Henry Ford, all named after Harrison Ford (actually true) ..oh and President Gerald Ford
Harrison Ford almost crashed his plane today, afterwards Ford said he was never flying Solo again.
Behind the scenes on Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford and John Rhys-Davies
Harrison Ford involved in piloting incident at John Wayne Airport - Press-Enterprise
Harrison Ford passes low over American Airlines 737 and accidentally lands on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport.
Which 74 year old pilot crashed a helicopter, a plane, and in 2017 had a near miss with an air-liner at John Wayne Airport ??? Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford in plane mishap when he landed his aircraft on taxi way instead of runway at John Wayne Airport narrowly missing an AA 737.
“Harrison Ford's has close call at airport my, Too much Scotch this afternoon?
Harrison Ford landing mishap at John Wayne Airport investigated by FAA
Harrison Ford (reportedly) landed his Husky on a taxiway rather than 20L at John Wayne Airport on Monday. Landed ov…
Harrison Ford overflys and nearly misses an AMERICAN AIRLINES B-737 while landing on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport
Update your maps at Navteq
Harrison Ford, 74, landed his plane on John Wayne Airport taxiway, narrowly missing American 737. Was Ford also flying w/ left blinker on?
Raw ATC of Harrison Ford incident at John Wayne Airport 2-14-17 via
Harrison Ford was told to land his plane on a runway at John Wayne Airport, but he mistakenly landed on a taxiway.
Harrison Ford's plane has close call with 737 at California airport
Harrison Ford accidentally lands on taxiway, not runway at John Wayne Airport while piloting private plane via /r/…
Time to yank his lic. John Wayne is a busy airport.⚠️. Harrison Ford under investigation by FAA for airport incident
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