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Harrison Barnes

Harrison Bryce-Jordan Barnes (born May 30, 1992) is an American college basketball player.

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That's incredible. Can and Harrison Barnes join us?
The Warriors were up 3-1, Draymond Suspended, Bogut Hurt, Iggy Hurt, Harrison Barnes went 3-48 in the finals from t…
I'm still upset that GSW tanked that yr so we couldn't get the Harrison Barnes pick to package to move up to get "Zamian"
He actually makes them not as awesome when he's going off , he did his best Harrison Barnes impression t…
Damian Jones looks like an overgrown Harrison Barnes to me 🤔🤔🤔
Yep, and Dray could get suspended again, Steph and Iguodala get injured again and Harrison Barnes mis…
That wasn't CJ out there that was Harrison Barnes
Kevin Durant just has to be Harrison Barnes for them to succeed
Why pay max money for Harrison Barnes when you can get Durant? As if you guys don't stack your NBA2K teams. Lol
Upgrading from Harrison Barnes to Kevin Durant is quite the luxury
I still wish we had Harrison Barnes
Warriors cavs again and warriors win KD being the difference Harrison Barnes missed key shots in t…
As a Cavs season ticket holder, it doesn't make me the slightest bit nervous to think about how the Warriors replac…
They gone realize that ain't Harrison Barnes no mo ain't gonna be no 25% from the field out that SF spot
The difference in this years finals is that's not Harrison Barnes over there lol
I remember constantly refreshing one of these for Harrison Barnes during class when I was a student
If I could even see Harrison Barnes in person my head would pop like a cheap balloon
They replaced Harrison Barnes with a Top 3 player in the game!!! And they're the best defensive team in the league.
Harrison Barnes is a basketball god
Remember when Harrison Barnes made a move like that? ME NEITHER!
Calderon was a better Warrior than Harrison Barnes
hates Otto Porter. Lol. Harrison Barnes ain't better than Otto Porter
If Harrison Barnes' finals performance didn't lose him money, I think Otto Porter will be OK
Otto Porter looking like Harrison Barnes last year. I meannn.can't BUY a bucket
He didn't even have to guard weak *** Harrison Barnes cuz he was missing wide open shots . Draymond isn'…
So we not going talk about HARRISON Barnes just chilling in the background
And you also just tried to say Harrison barnes is better than Isaiah Thomas
Flip side to the flip side...Harrison Barnes is not Kevin Durant (who was a monster on defense this seas…
Go ahead and reread this while you're at it.
Johnathan Isaac is somewhere on the line of Giannis-Porzingis-Harrison Barnes-bust but I think his p…
I would have taken those instead of Harrison Barnes 3's tho
"If they do not have Kevin Durant, the Warriors would have lost this game. Harrison Barnes is not giving you 32 points." —…
No way any of them are truly ready yet. It's like Kendall Marshall and Harrison Barnes, they could'…
Chandler Parsons and Harrison Barnes have max contracts.
The future is here and his name is Harrison
Should the Warriors try to match the Mavericks max deal for Harrison Barnes??
Golden State don't even need KD to win. They just Had to replace Harrison Barnes weak *** Matt Barnes even works 😭
LMFAO I forgot they had Matt Barnes. Thought they accidentally put Harrison Barnes.
No Seth Curry, Barea, Dirk, Harrison Barnes or Wes Matthews for the Mavs tonight. I'd hope even Grizz-lite can win no. 44.
David Lee, Andrew Bogut, and Harrison Barnes beg to differ
Happy for my good friends Harrison Barnes, Jerry stackhouse, and Cleveland Indians legend Andrew miller
Tar Heel on Tar Heel right now with Harrison Barnes and Brandan Wright.
Mine are "Harrison Barnes is friends with Kyrie Irving" and "Bobby Porter imagines people slapping his mom and gets mad".
Danny Green, Wayne Ellington, Raymond Felton, Marvin Williams, & Harrison Barnes all excelling in their roles on their team 😴
It might be early, but not TOO early for Harrison Barnes to draw a nice And-1. Watch the now on FOX Sp…
Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry show their potential as one-two punch in Mavericks win over Heat
Harrison Barnes is averaging 20 5 2 and you think Draymond Green couldn't be a superstar on another team lol? cc:
Harrison Barnes averaging 20 ppg this year. I swear I said this would happen and ppl said it wouldn't
Rick Carlisle says Harrison Barnes is more of a leader by example than a leader with words. "He does everything with a…
Mark Cuban on Harrison Barnes: "We've always talked about, when is Dirk going to be our second-best player? I... https:…
Harrison Barnes has proved to be well worth his contract. Much better then Chandler Parsons
Spurs hold 50-44 halftime lead on Warriors. Tony Parker leads Spurs with 10 points. Harrison Barnes has 15 points on 6-7 shooting for GSW.
Hot take: Carmelo Anthony isn't considerably better than Harrison Barnes.
No, the Mavs aren’t for real—but Harrison Barnes might be. King of the Court
remember when I said Harrison Barnes would be🙄😂
The world forgot about Harrison Barnes lol after that terrible NBA finals series.
I got the John Wall for the Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant for the Harrison Barnes, & the Isaiah Thomas for the Zach Randolph.fwm!😬
Harrison Barnes 'might've' played at Iowa State, if the timing was right
Ouch. Harrison Barnes and Brandon Ingram combined for 5/24 from the field, with 12 points. This has been a pitiful season.
Ames has stayed the same, but everything has changed for Harrison Barnes (by
What should the Golden State Warriors do with Harrison Barnes?
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Warriors sacrificed Harrison Barnes to the basketball gods for this
If baby Groot is a good dancer. Harrison Barnes
7'1 Alex Len just got blocked so bad by Harrison Barnes lmfao Len trash
Wow, ripped that thing outta Harrison Barnes' hands.
if you see your favorite player. LeBron James. Kyrie Irving. Russel Westbrook. Harrison Barnes. Kevin Durant. John Wall.
Update moved Harrison Barnes to the 4 put ilyasova on the bench and let Terrence Ross crybaby *** start SF
That feeling when all those shots Harrison Barnes missed are now Kevin Durant dunks.
NBA: Harrison Barnes hits game-winner with 3.7 secs left as Mavs top CP3-less Clippers 90-88, Dirk 17 pts in 15 mins
Harrison Barnes is only 24yrs old.he still learning the game but this season.even on a injury filled Mavs team! H…
Mavericks’ Harrison Barnes nails game winner against Clippers (video)
Harrison Barnes (24) and the prevail! Defeat 90-88 on the road! Dirk added 17 in his return. https:/…
I watch Harrison Barnes play basketball and just wonder
Steph Curry Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes vs Damian Lillard CJ McCollum and Allen Crabbe Warriors and Blazers got the B…
Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott were unstoppable in high school.
that's because he had to guard draymond green andre igudola and Harrison Barnes for 7 games
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Seth Curry passes to Harrison Barnes who goes baseline for the jam.
Harrison Barnes showed he can score like a No. 1, now says he must be playmaker
r to l: Harrison Barnes, Brandon Knight, Jared Sullinger, Kyrie Irving, Perry Jones. Jones is the only one I'm not…
Harrison Barnes: "Justin Anderson was the difference-maker tonight. His energy and effort, I think, got us over the hump."
Intriguiing stat from Durant has 25 blocked shots in 14 games so far. Harrison Barnes had 10 all of las…
When the teams came out for warm-ups, David Lee shared a few hugs with several Mavs players. Harrison Barnes too (the 2 won a title w/ GS)
Is it me or does Harry Giles from Duke's 🏀 look like Harrison Barnes? 🤔
If nothing else can be gleamed from this wreck of a season it is nice to know Harrison Barnes is worth every penny.
Stanley Johnson is the new High School Hype that will disappoint everyone the same way Harrison Barnes did
Harrison Barnes with 16p, as lead 39-36 at the half on League Pass. Kristaps w/ 13p for NYK.
All of y'all that were clowning Harrison Barnes after last year need to see what he's doing this year. Gonna win most improved.
Harrison Barnes is going to be the new Kobe Bryant
The Warriors honor Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut with a tribute video.
Harry B. ballin'. Harrison Barnes put up 31 at Staples Center in the Mavs' win over the Lakers
Back to back 30+ point games for Harrison Barnes! So happy to see his Dallas career off to a hot start! 🔥🐑
In other news, y'all were clowning my man Harrison Barnes, but he he got 3 straight 30 point games. Letsss gooo!
Harrison Barnes is a super star in the making. Kevin Durant for Barnes, Speights, Bogut & Festus Ezeli is not looking good for
Harrison Barnes, Deron Williams, Wesley Matthews. It will still be a good game.
The Warriors lost Harrison Barnes , Festus Ezeli , mo speights , and bogut 😭 all good big men
Mark Cuban said Westbrook not a superstar but here he is giving the keys to Harrison Barnes...
Harrison Barnes is up to 10 pts on 5-of-11 shooting, but the Jazz has a 64-47 lead after that Rodney Hood three with 3:01 in the 3rd.
End of the first quarter, Jazz up 15-14. Rodney Hood with 8 for Utah. Harrison Barnes with 6 for Dallas.
Harrison Barnes is gonna have a great season.. Y'all mark my words
Harrison Barnes is going to be one of the best in the league trust me... Mark my words
Harrison Barnes better quit acting like fourth fiddle Golden State Harrison and remember he plays for Anti-Trump Mark Cuban
I do like Justin Anderson.. but that's their bench mah man.. Harrison Barnes was 4th option at GS, now he's No. 1.
"Justin Anderson is better than Harrison Barnes" was definitely a thing
Rick Carlisle on Harrison Barnes' career-high 31 points: "He has a chance to be a very special player. I've thought that all…
Justin Anderson, no longer a rookie, saw Harrison Barnes' "welcome-to-Dallas" moment in the opener.
Welcome to Dallas, Harrison Barnes!. He hits a game-tying 3 with 2.3 seconds left against Indiana to send game into OT. h…
And that's why you pay Harrison Barnes!!
Harrison Barnes sends the game to OT with the trey
Harrison Barnes is a Hang that young man's jersey up in the rafters.
Harrison Barnes is terrible and I rather have Justin Anderson on the court but I'm going to give him some time. I'm a Mavericks fan.
Justin gonna be starting over Harrison Barnes by the All Star break
paid all that money to Harrison Barnes.and Justin Anderson outplaying him. Barnes been a fraud since UNC.
BREAKING: The Warriors have traded Kevin Durant to the Dallas Mavericks for Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut.
Harrison Barnes, Josh hamilton and jadeveon clowney share the same agent as hot dogs
RE: Harrison Barnes two years ago; MIN was discussing Kevin Love trades. Wonder if feels the same way...
When you think about stopping the Warriors, consider this: what if Kevin Durant replaced Harrison Barnes here?…
the only question is how long before Justin Anderson replaces Harrison Barnes trash *** in the starting lineup!
Harrison Barnes was seen as 'clutch' until the last NBA finals. I don't think Justin Anderson should have his job.yet
Justin Anderson outperforming Harrison Barnes. one is a rookie and the other one is getting paid 90 mil ++ for 4 yrs what is this mess smh
Watching Kevin Durant late in 4Q make plays on both ends in consecutive possessions that Harrison Barnes never made fills my heart with joy
Slowly starting to sink in with Dallas fans that the Mavs gave Harrison Barnes (1-9 tonight, 12-51 FG in the preseason) $94…
It's not like the Warriors replaced Harrison Barnes with Kevin Durant or anything. Stick to video games
Mavericks in a minute: catching up with Harrison Barnes and Darren Williams
I'm more mad at the Giants relief pitchers than I am at Harrison Barnes. Off the top, I won't slander Harry Barnes…
A few ACC college reunions on the Kohl Center floor. Harrison Barnes talking with John Henson as are Malcolm Brogden and Justin Anderson.
Let's hope Justin Anderson is ready: "In this last 4 NBA games, Harrison Barnes is shooting 11% FG . He is 6/52."
just imagine if the Warriors had Harrison Barnes.
The Warriors were a win away from having a claim for the best season ever then they replaced Harrison Barnes with Kevin…
*** went from Harrison Barnes to KD and they had already won 73 games lol
Seth Curry was on fire & scored 13 of his 20 points during a 5min stretch in the 3rd! Harrison Barnes was just 1-10! https:…
fun fact- Seth Curry and Justin Anderson combined have 9 rebounds. Harrison Barnes alone has 0
If God Shammgod gets Harrison Barnes a handle...Barnes gonna go off
Does nobody else think it's funny that both Andrew Bogut & Harrison Barnes from Golden State moved over to Dallas where there's Seth Curry?
Harrison Barnes was only 23 when he helped the Warriors blow a 3-1 series lead in the Finals.
Automated Scouting Reports for Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut, sent to the
I liked a video from Dallas Mavericks bolster roster, sign Harrison Barnes, Andrew
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Dallas Mavericks retooling again: DALLAS — Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are in, Chandler Pa...
Barnes, Bogut Highlight Latest Round of Changes for Mavs: Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are in, Chandler P...
Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are in, Chandler Parsons and Zaza Pachulia are out and Dallas coach Rick Carlisle has a retooled roster…
Barnes, Bogut highlight latest round of changes for Mavs (The Associated Press): Harrison Barnes and Andrew B...
Klay on "never had a bad day at the office" + mo' Mo praise from Harrison Barnes (📝: https…
Current list of people who have rings because of Harrison Barnes:. -His fiance . -The Cleveland Cavaliers' roster https:/…
Brandon Jennings poked fun at Harrison Barnes for not playing much in the Olympics:
Coach K could've just let Harrison Barnes chill at the crib & mailed him his gold medal.
Dem Serbian boys looking on Harrison Barnes side ways … like really … 80 mil? Lol…
Maaan we bout to win Gold out here and there's still an active APB for Harrison Barnes … smh
Harrison Barnes is more out of place on the Olympic basketball team than Donald Trump is as the Republican candidate
Jared Dudley compared Harrison Barnes to Marvin Williams. He's better as a stretch 4, a more natural position for him
Harrison Barnes is Marvin Williams if he went to a good team?
Harrison Barnes really playing a James Jones roll on team USA
Good point on Bill Simmons' podcast: How much better would this team be with JJ Redick instead of Harrison Barnes?
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If Klay Thompson is the Harrison Barnes of the US Team who is Harrison Barnes...Brian Scalabrine?
Congratulations to Dallas for signing Harrison Barnes to a 5YR/$95M contract, look out everyone the Mavs are back! http…
Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle said improved footwork will be a key to Harrison Barnes' improvement.
seed Australia Matthew Dellavedova had 10 assists to take down seed France, what Harrison Barnes do?
Harrison Barnes isn't bad but I'd rather have someone like Andrew Wiggins on the team
$10 saying Matthew Dellavedova outplays Harrison Barnes in the Olympics
NBA Rumors: Warriors' leftovers Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are Mavs' treasures
NBA Rumors: Warriors’ leftovers Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are Mavs’ treasures
Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter earlier this year.
Harrison Barnes is the 2004 Richard Jefferson of this team
Sefko: Concerns about Harrison Barnes; what Mavericks' lineup should look like next season
I really think Coach K. gave Harrison Barnes a spot as a test dummy for food and water. If he gets sick it doesn't hurt our chance for gold
Not totally convinced Coach K will take Harrison Barnes to Rio. Could see him cutting him & rolling with 11 at the games
Players, coach pleased with Team USA's start: Harrison Barnes, left, and Kevin Durant of the United States sm...
Team Utah isn't being coached by Coach K today. He's off at Team USA partying with Harrison Barnes
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Coach K got one more time to skip Harrison Barnes.
Coach K reminded Harrison Barnes that Duke don't mess with Tar Heels at all. He had to remind him who the real 🐐🐐🐐 is.
Harrison Barnes did not participate because of coach's decision. Coach K: you're not playing. Barnes: but Im not injured. Coach K: you are now
Coach K is just never gonna play Harrison Barnes, apparently. Probably a good strategy
Coach K is getting Harrison Barnes back for burning Duke at the last minute for UNC...and it's glorious.
Harrison Barnes and Kyle Lowry are. Klay Thompson is signed with Anta
Courtney Lee to Knicks😏. Mozgov to Lakers😒. Harrison Barnes to Mavericks. Andrew Bogut to Mavericks. Matthew Delly to Bucks. Tim Duncan Retired😭
Courtney Lee and Harrison Barnes get new contracts but never forget this😂
Someone find me the Vine of Courtney lee making Harrison Barnes do a split
Harrison Barnes, Kyle Lowry and Klay Thompson kicks obscured since they are not Nike athletes. smh
I do have some genuine hope that Rick Carlisle transforms Harrison Barnes' career. But I felt the same about O.J. Mayo.
Rick Carlisle discusses Chandler Parsons' departure, what Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut bring to Mavs
I've knocked Harrison Barnes in the past, but I do expect Rick Carlisle to get more out of him than he showed in GS. How much more? No idea.
Can Rick Carlisle turn Harrison Barnes into the player the Mavericks hope he'll be? Dennis & Friedo discuss now
F Harrison Barnes on eating at IHOP with Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle: "I had an unbelievable Cinnamon French Toast.…
Rick Carlisle on Harrison Barnes: "He's been a championship-level system player for Golden State for several...
Harrison Barnes just got max money but Clay Thompson can't?
"Now excuse me, I've gotta go give Harrison Barnes $94 million."
🚨Watch out for the this season... David Lee, Andrew Bougut, Harrison Barnes, & Seth Curry ALL on 1 team
Y'all *** watched Harrison Barnes get 94 mil and Timofey Mozgov get 64 mil and calling Wade greedy for wanting 50. L…
Mavs got Seth Curry, Harrison Barnes, and Bogut. You can't make these things up lol
Seth Curry, Harrison Barnes, & Andrew Bogut.. Mark Cuban throwing out Golden State B team on the court...
Extremely happy for Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut and Seth Curry to land on the Mavs
Harrison Barnes, Seth Curry and Andrew Bogut, resigned Deron Williams and Dirk 🤔 Mark Cuban idk man
Mavericks have done well getting Seth Curry and Harrison Barnes great defense just need to improve shooting more
Seth Curry and Harrison Barnes are the new splash brothers
Warriors let go of Harrison Barnes and Bogut and got KD & David West. Jerry West is officially the finesse KING.
on the one hand, Warriors lost Harrison Barnes. on the other hand, they picked up Kevin Durant
Harrison Barnes will become the highest paid player in Mavericks history.
Harrison Barnes reportedly reaches four year deal with Mavericks.
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Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry teaming up in Dallas, looks like we have a new front runner.
Dirk took a pay cut so the Mavs could help the Warriors sign Kevin Durant, and bring in Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry...He gotta be hurt
Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are going to play with the better Curry now.
Instead of Conley, Whiteside or Parsons.. Dallas is going to end up with Seth Curry, Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes.
Harrison Barnes is about to become the highest paid player in Mavs history.
Harrison Barnes has been rewarded based off of potential for the past 6 years.
Harrison Barnes got excited for a moment...
NBA summer fun continues: Pau Gasol to the Spurs, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut to the Mavs.
My Harrison Barnes/Mavs take: Really good role player at least. Gives Mavs youth, athleticism. Asset even at max who won…
Harrison Barnes has signed a 4 year, $94M deal with the Dallas Mavericks.
In the midst of all the Durant fall out, we somehow missed out on Harrison Barnes inexplicably still getting a max deal from Dallas.
He had the only Harrison Barnes jersey.
don't forget Harrison Barnes, who KD replaced lmao
Harrison Barnes was a key to all they success he not there
got KD , lost Harrison Barnes , Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli 😷😷
Harrison Barnes the only hooper I know to fail expectations every time and still be so highly ranked based on "potential"
Harrison Barnes agrees to deal with Mavericks after Kevin Durant announces decision to join Warriors.
Harrison Barnes when he realizes nobody on the Warriors wanted him but he's gonna be getting 95 million from Dallas https:/…
94 mill for 4 years to Harrison Barnes?
Harrison Barnes about to be the highest paid player in Dallas Mavericks history.
Is Harrison Barnes the first NBA player who can't dribble and isn't a bigman to get a max deal?
Harrison Barnes turned down $64M beginning of season, shot terribly in playoffs, then gets $94M in the offseason. And KD…
Harrison Barnes deal back fired eh ?
I should have written a heartfelt letter like Harrison Barnes to Montgomery College when I transferred to CP.
Harrison Barnes, is now trending in
KD to the Warriors to replace Harrison Barnes would be the biggest upgrade in the history of sports
maybe an easier way to get dat ring? Idk sayang din si harrison barnes
So we turned Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut into Zaza pachulia and Kevin Durant? Most of the bench is coming back? Yeah I'm okay with that
Mavs have agreement with now unrestricted free agent Harrison Barnes on a four-year, $94 million deal per Marc Stein http…
A fine member of the USA Olympic team Harrison Barnes
How did Parsons get Team USA member, Harrison Barnes, jersey?
For what it's worth, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut arrive in Dallas with reps as awesome locker room guys.
Forgot Kevin Durant and Harrison Barnes both on the USA team..
BREAKING: Mavs and Harrison Barnes have officially agreed to a 4 year, $94 million deal. (Via
Harrison Barnes is gonna have a great season. I like him as a player even though he didn't deserve max money, yet
A look back at Harrison Barnes’ season: The ups and downs that fueled the debate about his value
Sefko: What Bogut, Barnes acquisitions mean for the Mavs; how they learned from the DeAndre Jordan fiasco last ...
Mavs & unrestricted free agent-to-be Harrison Barnes have verbal agreement on 4-yr, $94M deal. (via https…
Harrison Barnes about to be at Uptown so tough...
Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes are heading to the Mavs. Here's their player card and jersey swaps.
Harrison Barnes: "I'm excited to begin a new chapter in my NBA career in Dallas."
Why is there so much hate for Harrison Barnes. One bad Finals series and all of a sudden he's trash? Huh?
Harrison Barnes (see stats attached) some how just finagled 94,000,000 from Dallas Mavs . How is that even possible
Harrison Barnes, Mavericks have reportedly agreed to a four-year, $94 million deal
BREAKING: Harrison Barnes has agreed to a 4 year, $94 million contract w/ the (Via
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Harrison Barnes coming to the mavs and help lead us to another ring
Harrison Barnes the real winner. He bout to cash out and get some highland park girl pregnant.
Warriors weakest link in the Finals was Harrison Barnes... They just replaced him with one of the best offensive players…
A team that won 73 games just swapped Harrison Barnes with Kevin Durant. That's a real thing that just happened.
So now instead of Harrison Barnes taking stupid shots in the Finals, KD will be the one draining them.
NBA free agency guide: Al Horford to the Celtics, Harrison Barnes gets $94 million. Plus grades, rumors and more
Live look-in at a Mavericks fan after learning his team signed Harrison Barnes to a 4 year max offer sheet:
Harrison Barnes plans to sign a 4 year, $95 million max deal with the Mavericks.
BREAKING: Mark Cuban has been suspended 50 games for violating the NBA drug policy by signing Harrison Barnes while on h…
They bout to turn Harrison Barnes into Josh Howard 😂😂😂
The are not planning on pursuing Harrison Barnes and are instead trying to sign Rajon Rondo. Jimmy Butler has spoken with Rondo.
Mavs intend to sign Harrison Barnes to four-year max offer sheet [report]
Chicago Bulls it's possible that they're planning and hoping to sign and pair Harrison Barnes with Rajon Rondo. (Sourc…
bring dion waiters, Anthony bennett and Harrison Barnes to Brooklyn
right now Thomas Robinson, Seth Curry, Ian Mahinmi are my 3. Then try to steal Mo Harkless or Harrison Barnes
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Much prefer that Lakers give that money to Deng than to sorry *** Harrison Barnes.
MORE: Harrison Barnes agreed to a 4 year, $8 per hour deal with McDonalds, with potential to earn up to $8.50/hour htt…
If in someway goes to GState the still have a shot at Harrison Barnes???
A source doubts that Harrison Barnes will join the intends to match any offer he gets.
NBA needs to do something bout this free agency. Players like Chandler Parsons and Harrison Barnes are really bout to get L…
Harrison Barnes has consistently underachieved since college. No thanks.
Let's be real, Harrison Barnes being the highest paid player on the team has a better chance of ruining chemistry than get…
I just want y'all to know Harrison Barnes about to get a max deal, Antoine Walker is broke. Let that marinate
In other words, Andrew Luck got about $50 million less guaranteed than Harrison Barnes is about to
Simmons -- Embiid -- Okafor and/or Noel -- Saric -- Luwawu. . Sorry. I don't see how Harrison Barnes, for max money, fits in.
Harrison Barnes to Philly? I would definitely love to see him there with all this young talent. Simmons, Okafor, Noel
I'm looking at the Sixers roster... Noel, Simmons, Embiid, Okafor are STILL all there... And you want Harrison Barnes for the MAX?
Philadelphia 76ers should get Jeremy Lin, Allen Crabbe, and Harrison Barnes. They need shooters for Simmons, Saric, Noel, Okafor and Embiid
If the Warriors are smart, they would do sign and trade with Philly and get Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor for Harrison Barnes
Or how about using Noel in S&T to obtain Harrison Barnes? GSW isn't letting Livingston go anywhere
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fans: thoughts on a sign and trade Harrison Barnes + Livingston for Nerlens Noel? Gives flexibility 4 cap 4 GS.
that was in college... Harrison Barnes is a pretty established player in the NBA
Jordan Clarkson, Harrison Barnes, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and go get Lin or DJ Augustine. Plus Noel, Grant, Cov, Ish,
Former UNC player Harrison Barnes has opportunity for redemption in Olympics
Hold a sec. heavily after Harrison Barnes. But wanted 2 trade away Okaor or Noel? These pretzels are making me thirsty
"Sixers are expected to make a run at Harrison Barnes and Dion Waiters"
My (realistic) Sixers Free Agency Wishlist:. Alan Crabbe . Harrison Barnes. Dellavadova. Trade Noel/Okafor--so we dont have to sign Delly
and because Harrison Barnes is a 23 year old 3 and D who can guard multiple positions and can still get better
I am OK with a Harrison Barnes max contract because the alternatives to what the Sixers would do with that cap space are horrifying.
who would you rather have on a max rfa deal, Harrison Barnes or Nerlens Noel?
I still hold a grudge against Harrison Barnes for hitting that game-winning 3 against us with .2 seconds left...
you think Harrison Barnes will go anywhere? If so, is there any chance for us? Also, trade for Noel, or Sullenger?
BREAKING: to trade Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor, sign Harrison Barnes to max contract, continue process.
please help me this Harrison Barnes news is making me want to jump off the Walt Whitman
News:. Knicks have interest in signing Timofey Mozgov. Pau Gasol will NOT resign with Chicago. Harrison Barnes wants t…
Bledsoe/Knight for Noel*. Whiteside to the Lakers. KD to the Spurs. Harrison Barnes to the Hawks. Evan Turner to GSW
They could have gotten anyone to take Harrison Barnes spot ! ANYONE !!! Legit I rather see Jason Kidd or Derek fisher
08 Olympic team had the world's best players doing things like this.Now we gotta watch Harrison Barnes brick open 3s http…
Did Jerry Colangelo and the coaching staff watch the NBA Finals? How the *** did Harrison Barnes make the Olympic team?
Steph curry, Chris Paul, lebron James, Dwayne wade, and Anthony Davis are 5 plays that won't be on team USA but Harrison Barnes is. 👌🏼
DeRozan replacing Harrison Barnes would be interesting...
Harrison Barnes to the ? Schroeder, Barnes, Baze, Millsap, horford. Is pretty solid. .
what is the validity to the Harrison Barnes to the rumors?
Harrison Barnes was invited to play for team USA...
Harrison Barnes shouldn't be allowed to play after that Game 7 😂😂😂😂
Can't wait until NBA free agency opens on July 1st so that way Rajon Rondo and hopefully Harrison Barnes sign with the Nets
Harrison Barnes accepted an invitation to play on the USA Olympic basketball team in Rio. So stay near the phone, you…
Harrison Barnes played like *** in the finals. Iggy ran up his miles. Livingston ain't in his prime. Barbosa buns
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