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Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a chain of supermarkets based in Matthews, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte. , the chain operates 208 stores in eight Southern states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.

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My dad couldn't find my in Harris teeter so he had them announce for me to come to the front. fml
If yeen got this paper coming outta Harris Teeter then you've failed at life for the day
bruh chill you bouta make me do a pull up on Harris Teeter like .WHERES THE COOKIES πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
S/O to my coworker for bringing me a 1/2 sub from Harris Teeter and orange juice !
I wonder if it's still some crab legs in Harris teeter?
But most likely it's the sugar cookies I stash in my pockets when I go to Harris teeter
I don't even work at Harris Teeter anymore and I'm still getting yelled at. ξˆ”
It's official. We have a Harris Teeter sign up.
We outcha in the Harris Teeter parking lot
there's a crazy lady walking around Harris teeter with cowboys boots and sunglasses on and she's talking to herself
Talkin fantasy with the customer service guy at Harris Teeter. He's calling that Schuab bounces back in Oakland.
Harris teeter little kids cookies are so goodπŸ˜©πŸ˜‹
Harris Teeter sub chips and lemonade for the 5.
Excited for Joe Van Gogh's and Chubby's and Panera and Harris Teeter and the book store and the toy store and 9th street in general
Harris Teeter: ONLY $.60 for Minute Maid Lemonade or Fruit Punch 2L with Sale and Coupon!
Harris Teeter is hiring a Part Time Cake Decorator - Cochran Commons in
I never thought I'd say this but I love Harris Teeter way more than Publix! My new favorite grocery store!
best move I made tho!!! You know Harris Teeter high too lol smh!!!
Took a photo of truck SC plate fek743 seemed like he was about to take a dog from SUV at Harris Teeter. He took off
Today is my last day at Harris Teeter βœŠπŸ™Œ
Harris teeter brand sweet tea is actually really good
Free whole sub from Harris Teeter today... It's a good day.
Waiting impatiently for the adults at Harris Teeter. @ Harris Teeter
Get ready for Super Doubles at Harris Teeter starting August 13th!!!
I live in Baltimore. I'll go to Harris Teeter on a Tuesday in June and see people in Ray Lewis jerseys. I don't get it.
Idk where I'd be without Harris Teeter and Snap Fitness of New Bern in my life.
Laurel wanna be white again so bad. Harris Teeter and Panera?
This Harris teeter fruit be so bomb
Seriously had a great workout yesterday and then ate donuts from Harris teeter
And now Chad and Taylor are arguing over whether Pubix or Harris Teeter is better...
Today I've been to Which Wich, Target, Walmart, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, the Dollar Tree, the ABC store and the bank... I hate my life
When I was little & my mom took me 2 Harris teeter I used 2 guard the lobster tank so no one could buy lobsters bc I didn't want them 2 die
Shout out Harris Teeter Asian hot bar because we may be going to *** in a bucket babe, but at least I'm enjoying the ride
someone come visit me at harris teeter plz I'm lonely
** HOT ** Starkist tuna is just 25Β’ at Harris Teeter! Be sure to print this coupon, regardless of where you shop! It should give you a good deal just about anywhere! β˜†β˜… GO HERE:
Harris teeter called while i was sleep
Harris Teeter closes Homestead Market store in after 25 years via
I want some breakfast but then I want a Harris teeter sub
Clock: gold wood and ceramic. Was $57 asking $30 Swan dish: gold and glass jar. Lid comes off. Was $87 asking $40 Pick up in fort mill Harris teeter or publix .
I'm at Harris Teeter and the cute guy is here again guck
I swear that I am going to be on Punk with Ashton. I was asked if Harris Teeter do a credit check before they give you your VIC card.
"Is there a Starbucks in this Harris teeter " πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
If I sell Reus today I'll run into Harris teeter and hug an old lady
I seriously can't wait to leave this Harris teeter
Great job! Thank you for shopping at Harris Teeter!
bring some to Harris teeter for me soon lol
Is your bottle of Sully's empty like these?!? If so, go get a new bottle at your Charleston Harris Teeter!
I hope I get this job at Harris Teeter πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ
Harris Teeter closes store in Durham after 25 years via
Support Homeschooling with Harris Teeter β€œTogether in Education.”. Here is a way to support NCHE by doing what you...
I sent a job app to harris teeter in 2010 and didn't get a response until 2014. I was like "Y'THINK"
Keurig to make K-Cup coffee packs for Harris Teeter - Keurig Green Mountain will be the exclusive manufacturer of...
Ah harris teeter is 25 minutes away. Icecream is going on hold.
Gotta do this drug test for Harris teeter in the am
Applied for a job at harris teeter lmao i lied like ***
Just met the nicest lady at Harris teeter
One time I have the free Harris Teeter sugar cookies for her birthday.
son lets make a quick trip to Harris teeter
Sami and I thought of you when we saw this... Harris Teeter is the in between!
I get paid $11 an hour for the same job someone at Harris teeter has but they get paid minimum wage 😳
How is it that every time I try to go to Harris Teeter, I get hella lost?!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I want some samples from Harris Teeter. πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘
Sushi from harris teeter is so good
And they got me on the schedule all next week. That's dead. Harris teeter so funny.
well I hope you start to feel better love. And, I work at Harris teeter
I still love Harris Teeter though no matter what
I'm honestly the lowest paid produce clerk on earth s/o to Harris teeter
Saw Alec run into Harris Teeter with no shoes on, say hi, then run out
Wait a y'all not have Harris Teeter in MD? lol
PAUSE, REWIND, PLAY: this girl don't know what Harris Teeter is?!? Awh SON lmao
I saw the sexiest boy in the Harris teeter parking lot today he was just standing there by my car and he had on an elevation shirt I cried
there's a group of middle school boys attempting to cause havoc in Harris teeter is seems like
πŸ’πŸ’•- you seem pretty chill and I saw you at Harris Teeter throwing frisbee I think
man they have them for $4 at Harris teeter without the seeds. I would never pay $7 for a watermelon unless it was the real deal.
just saw you at harris teeter and McDonald's
I hate when I hit up Harris Teeter n they don't have Krispy Kreme donut specials smh
I bought my own nail polish and got them done by the Harris Teeter and Red Bowl off WT Harris.
Let's be honest, who gets the sugar free cookies at Harris Teeter
In today's episode of "are you kidding me?..." The male cashier at Harris Teeter just points to my baby bump &...
β€œI was just looking at flowers at Harris teeter and omfg
I found it in Harris teeter but you can probably get it at any grocery store
This is my head manager at Harris Teeter on a normal day. Looks exactly like him too
Currently looking silly opening up every beverage fridge in Harris Teeter tryna find a coke with my name on it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜”
Really I want a fresh sand which from Harris Teeter.
So my mom got really excited and starting screaming in Harris teeter bc icecream was buy 1 get 1 free. glad she has her priorities straight
I've had the best day! Capped off with a lovely date at our local Harris Teeter with the beautiful Lindsay Moses!
I'm going to the nba I don't need harris teeter
Help Ragsdale athletics by linking your VIC card at Harris Teeter: . RHS Booster Club # 7834 .
my brother just had every sample at Harris Teeter, proud sister :-* ...
I thought I was getting on the road but instead I'm shopping at Harris Teeter. So, 6am arrival it is.
We ran into Ben Laracuente at Harris Teeter and Ali jumped in his car and they drove away???
I'm that person that goes to Harris teeter and take 4 of the free cookies and then walks out
The elevators in Harris Teeter smell so good...
So me and Mimi Campbell-Tyler was get flirted wid at Harris teeters.
Up-to-Minute 330 - 5060 - FRESH FOODS CHEF at Harris Teeter (Washington, DC) Find this Job&More:
I got hit on by a 7 year old in Harris teeter today. Is it sad that it kinda made my day
Just tripped over a rug in Harris teeter and a guy that works there saw and laughed at me.. Those things are dangerous
Thanks William for flashing mommy's boobs to the lovely folks at Harris Teeter! Hope yall enjoyed the show!!
I have caused a scene with literally every case I've opened in Harris Teeter.
Kimi Smith Stalcup you are going to laugh. I told you I was feeling lucky tonight in Harris Teeter so, we did the lottery for mega millions. Sam & Jim & Scarlett have already won $50 on the lottery scratchers! Keep those winning vibes coming for the mega millions.
When your Harris Teeter EVIC email arrives please forward it to Jessie I will match it with coupons and create a master list of weekend deals!
Got one more thing to add to the Harris Teeter list this weekend.
This week at Harris Teeter you can score Mahatma Rice Mixes for FREE! They are on sale for $0.67, use your vic card to receive sale price, then add coupon below to get them free when you
go to a Harris teeter and build your own 6 pack for 10-12 bucks πŸ‘Œ
Use this new Hamburger Helper coupon to get boxes for 33Β’ each at Harris Teeter! -->
The SW Safeway is constantly understaffed at check out. Harris Teeter open quick!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If your looking for a job Harris teeter down navy yard is hiring
What's with all the Russians workin at Harris teeter on Kiawah
they are just getting out into stores... Lots of Whole Foods have them & some Harris Teeter stores too! Ask for em!
Who Harris Teeter think moving up to work Customer Service without a raise !? πŸ˜‚. Oh! No mam.
The cashier at Harris Teeter just hit on me with the opening line "so you like pizza?" πŸ˜‘
Today is probably one of the worst days ive had at harris teeter. a
got me about to go to Harris Teeter and bring you all the snacks πŸ˜‚
Smiling bc a nice woman just grabbed my cart and offered to return it with hers in the Harris Teeter parking lot. So sweet!
Shoutout to the guy who bought his fiancΓ© flowers from Harris Teeter because "she deserves them." πŸ˜ŠπŸ’
Sitting in the Harris teeter parking lot like
Let me play around in Harris Teeter for a little bit
beautiful one bedroom loft across the street from Harris Teeter! (Adams Morgan) $2950 1bd: P...
S/O to Harris Teeter Pharmacy for making me wait a little over a hour for pills
Sweeny just walked into Harris Teeter and winked at me, absolute legend
Harris Teeter smells like old people on Thursdays πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄
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Does maneuvering the Harris Teeter parking lot count for my "do one thing every day that scares you"?
Come visit me at harris teeter produce where all your wildest dreams come true. Seriously I'm here all night
Just watching Arrow + endless bowls until time for the weird Harris Teeter prime rib dinner to start
This is the first time I've been to Harris Teeter before 2 AM
Well now Harris Teeter has a significantly less amount of cookies
I come in handy when it comes to old ladies at Harris teeter who can't reach things off the shelves 😎
My moms riding around Harris teeter on her scooter yelling "catch me if you can stardust, you'll never catch me alive"
The male population of the Rutz's is in Harris Teeter right now, and it's like herding a bunch of lost bald sheep.
Made a fool of myself in the Harris Teeter parking lot running away from a bee and I don't even care because I avoided getting stung
The things you can find at the beach @ Harris Teeter (Surf City)
Think i'ma apply for a second job at Harris Teeter
Lady who works in another department found this at Harris Teeter & bought it for me! The only time in…
Harris Teeter is my favorite store great service great prices nice staff (at
I swear to god there's children inside Harris Teeter taking a tour right now for their field trip
Think I just got a job at Harris Teeter ?ΒΏ
Hamilton Collection
Harris Teeter sugar cookies are where it's at
If you need groceries head down to Harris teeter πŸ˜‚
If the self checkout at Harris Teeter was a timed sport, I'd be a beast... No doubt about it
Pretty sure all of Harris Teeter knows me considering I'm in the al the time πŸ˜‚
Perks of working next to Harris Teeter? Sushi for lunch, yum
After a month in the application process, Harris Teeter finally hired me. Woo.
Fast food always mad, but try Food Lion...I just got a job there. Retail places. JCPENNEY always hiring. Harris Teeter.
Chatham Co! Been to Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Walmart. All used to sell but someone is bogarting! Yell at them for me! :)
West ashley Harris Teeter for inventory. .. This is gonna be another looong day
Harris Teeter evic starting tomorrow .37 cent Yoplait yogurt limit 15. They are having stock up and save sale grab an ad or see it on line tomorrow morning and always check there digital coupons out
My mom stupid if she think I'm not going to work with her, I need wifi and Harris Teeter gota open network.
"You can go get you some cakes at Harris Teeter. They are open right now. ;)"
Still disturbed by the fact that the self-checkout at Harris Teeter knew what I was buying before I even scanned it. 😢
Dude if you're really that drunk pull into Harris Teeter! πŸ˜‚
ya I just heard it out of the blue when I was at Harris teeter lol. Just remembered πŸ˜‚
Kroger executive praises Harris Teeter after acquisition - ...
Starbucks in Harris Teeter in Brambleton is hiring. Apply. Don't be square. I'll love you forever πŸ˜πŸ˜˜β˜•οΈ
me, my bro, and Charlie went to Harris Teeter and the second we walked in, some lady over the intercom said "security in all areas." bruh
everytime I come in harris teeter around this time they already know what I'm here for lmao
My dad just told me that someone at Harris teeter name Maddie wanted him to say hi to me... Wonder who it was? ?😊
Some Harris teeter sugar cookies would be really good right now
Harris Teeter gotta be the spot when I start driving. I'm getting a vic card and everything. They sell so much good stuff.
They took the redboxes out of Harris teeter. No πŸ˜₯
It's always a win when you get the last free cookie at Harris Teeter.
them shifts til 10 at Harris teeter be the funniest ones
I swear I always think he talking to someone main reason why I never speak when he come in Harris teeter
Somebody please save me I HATE Harris teeter
I always see the sketchiest people at Harris Teeter at night 😳
it ain't . If Harris teeter was in the north, it'd be like yeezus built a chapel just to bless us
I wanna smoke so bad, Harris teeter playin with my emotions
Since I've hit reality, I sincerely miss having as my connection at the Harris Teeter deli section
Just met at Harris Teeter, his first time, very proud of you Ross.
Put in a app for Harris Teeter. I will be calling tomar.
β€œcurrently in Harris teeter in reindeer pajamas :-)” remember when we went to walmart at midnight? Lol
currently in Harris teeter in reindeer pajamas :-)
When u get free cookies at Harris teeter
idk the Harris Teeter chocolate chip cookies are pretty good
It was one of those "I look okay enough to go to Walmart but not Harris Teeter" kind of days
Look what I just saw in Harris Teeter in DC! Ithaca brewery!
on raeford road across the street from Harris teeter
If I get this job ar Harris Teeter imma mke sure I tell thm I need Aug.3 off for Iyonna party
Chris and I have saved almost 400 dollars so far this year at Harris Teeter πŸ‘Œ
Was Pharrell on his way to Harris Teeter's & stopped by the awards for a hot second?
Wanna see people who cant park... Go to the Harris Teeter in Churchland
My dad just called me to tell me that he met and julianne hough in Harris Teeter. Peter is too fabulous.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Well you can tell beach week 2014 is upon us...all the cheap beer and condoms are sold out at Harris Teeter.
Here are the Harris Teeter weekend updates! I am on the way to pick my mother in law up so I will add EVIC coupons as soon as I can :) FREE Bayer!
Harris Teeter & old Ashley lol & I'm coming tomorrow after I get off
so they have Publix, Harris Teeter, Bi Low and Whole Foods, and Earth Fare. Basically have to go to 3 stores to get all food
A picnic with at Freedom Park consisting of Harris Teeter subs and Goldfish in celebration of our last day of high school.
I just want give Harris Teeter here in Salisbury a shout out!!! :) With my Rheumatoid Arthritis acting up lately the pain is increasing & mom is definitely not up to grocery shopping so we called Harris Teeter! Mom gives them our list & I drive up to parcel pick up, they load them & I pay!!! How awesome they are to be so helpful & kind!
Sending out an early reminder to mark your calendars for June 12th. Come out to see us at the Flowers Crossroads beach music concert in front of the Harris Teeter at the corner of Hwy 42 & Buffalo Rd in Clayton. We'll be there from 5-9 having a great time! Stop by our booth and enter your name for a chance to win 1 free year of maintenance for the heating and cooling systems at your home.
HI Simon how are you? did you stop by Harris Teeter today to see me? was that your big brother?
If you already have not shared our status about Tims termination at work and the way they went about it please do. If you are on any union county local websites, post it there. We want awareness and for this manager to be brought to light with what he did and with Harris Teeter supporting him. All this support is so overwhelming for us that I cant explain enough how much support we have. Thank you everyone!! We have had charities, strangers and lots of job offers that we never imagined this and so much support of not letting them get away with this. we don't want this to happen to anymore employees.
If you got this coupon on the front of your Washington Post today remember that Harris Teeter accepts these!!
Who else builds cardboard box forts at Harris teeter on a school night at 2am? Why tf not. πŸ˜‚
I'm intoxicated and walking to Harris Teeter.
you need to put me on at Harris teeter
Harris teeter only has the expensive French toast sticks, not the cheap ghetto ones I like :(
The Pantry names former Harris Teeter to be new chairman - The...
Feel free to come into Harris Teeter and entertain me
And have to be at Harris Teeter n the am
Thanks Harris Teeter for always sending me an email this late while I'm trying to sleep...
So just found out Harris Teeter sells Maple View Farms chocolate milk.
Excited to be starting a new journey at my new store on Wednesday!! Sad to leave the first store I started in when I moved to North Carolina but duty calls!! I can't believe in less than a year and half I will be with Harris Teeter for 10 years!!
Constantly judged by the people of Harris teeter for buying just a pint of icecream at 10 o'clock at night
I remember when that Harris teeter was voted best place non bar/club to meet the opposite sex.
well I'm gonna go to Harris teeter tmrw and buy them all so you're either with me or against me.
Will meet in the Fort Mill Baxter area as well as the Harris Teeter on Ardrey Kell. Other areas to meet at will be considered. Comes from a smoke free home
That awkward moment when you walk into Harris Teeter forgetting the fact that you're just wearing a sports bra and your lax skirt.
Literally just watched a cashier at Harris Teeter throw up while she was checking me out
you have to call Harris teeter until they realize you applied. I have an interview tomorrow😬
Every week day until May 30th, we're giving away a $100 Harris Teeter gift card! Watch Rising, 5-9am for your chance to win.
Tell me why the fire alarm went off in harris teeter today cause of the lightening?
There was a meeting at Harris Teeter's Corporate Office today. After announcing that they were going to host...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Just raided Harris Teeter for Cake Walk cakes. $3 for lemon pound cakes? I think yes!
My entire summer diet plans foiled tonight by Harris Teeter in Cameron village.
To whoever cut me off in front of Harris teeter the other day I'm coming for you
Wish Harris Teeter payed enough for me to shower in Fiji
this guy at harris teeter stopped me & said "I just wanted to tell u u have gorgeous hair" & then at checkout he said "hey pretty hair lady"
Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about Drew and the "Beer Incident." I was in Harris Teeter several weeks ago with my grandson, Drew, (who was 12 at the time). There was a shopping cart filled with various beers, at a markdown price. I was struggling to get a 6-pack out of the cart, and Drew said, "Here, Mommoss, let me help you." As he was lifing it out, the carton caught the edge of a glass bottle of beer...out came the bottle and crashed to the floor. Of course, EVERYONE was looking at us, and Drew's face was crimson. About the time we got to the cashier, who was a young man, we heard a loud voice say, "WE GOT BEER AND GLASS ON AISLE 5!" Drew leaned over and whispered to me..."And not only that, call the police, he is underage." I have shared that laugh and that moment with the cashier, ever since! :)
I will be living off of hot dogs and rice cakes for the next month. Thanks harris teeter πŸ˜’
Told the kid behind the deli counter at Harris Teeter the key to a womens heart is fine ham.
S/o the Harris Teeter for calling the cops on me for skating in the empty parking lot where there is nothing to disturb.
Redbox and Harris teeter were my friends today lol
I'm starving. I hate that it's raining because I was going to walk to Harris Teeter for exercise and to get a salad.
The sadness of discovering I am required to attend jury duty was remedied by scoring a job at Harris Teeter, excellent!
Free cookies from Harris Teeter always come in clutch ✊
It's like the weather knows when I go to Harris Teeter
Single dad's hitting on me in Harris teeter dont get it twisted I just wanted to play with your baby.
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$250 on groceries from Giant which would have been $150 at Walmart. Where do you think I am going next time? Geesh!!! What would it have been at Whole Foods - $500? I love Whole Foods though. lol I will mix it up but not with Giant. Sorry Walmart Haters but I must do it. I never paid $28 for my salmon at Main Street, Harris Teeter or Kroger. I really felt like leaving the cart right there and walking out. Looking in the refrigerator at nothing much at all. smh
Just spent 45$ at harris teeter to make dinner for tonight. how is eating out more expensive?
Definitely wont be getting drugs from the harris teeter pharmacy
LAST CHANCE: Watch Rising in the morning for your last chance to win a $100 Harris Teeter gift card! DETAILS:
Kinda dope how the freezers in Harris teeter turn on a light when you looking at them
same! I think my mum got them at Harris teeter or giant
I always see people I know at Harris Teeter and just why πŸ˜’
Win a package from Nabisco in today's Open to states with Harris Teeter
Food drive this Sunday at the Friendly Center Harris Teeter starts at 10 am!
Victoria and I just saw a black Kremit the frog walk into Harris Teeter
like 30 mins late. We could've been close but we just decided to go to Harris Teeter
I had so much fun working at Harris Teeter. Just felt like saying that.
it's Harris teeter lol that's y it's so much $$
okay so I had to pee really badly like I was about to pee my pants and I run into Harris teeter and I'm about to go to the bathroom and I'm
Ah - may just be a regular thing, a discount on 6 bottles like Harris Teeter does. Anyhow, they have a sparkling Pinot Grigio...
Electronic Device Insurance
Lol you know you go to Harris Teeter too often when some random employee you've never seen comes up to you and says "you're here everyday"
McKenzie's, Full Sail and Kalik on the floor at Harris Teeter.
My pops is tryna get me to stop working at Food Lion so I can go out there to Harris Teeter with him. It sounds pretty *** good to me.
Does anyone else enjoy produce shopping at Harris Teeter? I got a great pineapple, fresh blueberries, a fragrant cantaloupe, and watermelon. Can't beat the place, unless you go to a Farmer's which it's way too friggen hot to do today. So happy!
Went to Harris teeter to stock up on mountain Dew and when leaving the parking lot there's a sign that says "shingles vaccine available" My life must be a joke
Just got news that Harris Teeter has in fact cancelled the Virginia Super Doubles as well. :(
You know the stereotype of old women collecting cats? As I was getting lunch at Harris Teeter today, it dawned on me that I have a cooking problem. My kitchen cabinets and refrigerator are stuffed to the gills with every kind of spice, rub, marinade, sauce, dip, salsa, gravy, roux, pesto, curry, chutney, and hummus known to mankind. More than I could possibly eat in a billion years. And yet I found myself in the Asian aisle trying to figure out whether I wanted to buy the Chinese peanut sauce or the Thai peanut sauce, and whether I already had some in the fridge. This is what insanity feels like. Sweet delicious insanity...
Heisenberg Mckoy MsSumthingelse Roberson Deanna Troy-Billups Aimee Hailey. You know i'm trippin when i can't eat my Harris Teeters cake... Smh!!!
Deep River cans are now available at Harris Teeter on St Albans Dr across from World of Beer - North Hills and Yard House - Raleigh!
Melissa Harris Teeter or whatever, from MSNBC, tells us that the NBA is "slavery." Well *** I am against slavery. If these multi millionaire players are slaves...then free them...immediately! In an aside, this is the same genius who previously told us that our children do not belong to us, but are instead property of the government. Because...that...isn't slavery.
Snack Pack Pudding Coupon: 50Β’ at Harris TeeterPosted at 12:50 pm EST by ChrisLeave a Comment29May Print this new $0.75 off any THREE (3) Snack Pack Pudding 4ct and pick up the Snack Packs for 50Β’ at Harris Teeter this week!Deal Buy (3) Hunts Snack Packs $1 each Use .75/1 Pay $1.50 for 3 or 50Β’ e...
It seems Harris Teeter has canceled the Super Doubles event in North Carolina...I will keep you updated on Virginia stores.
I've added some more items to the Harris Teeter Super Doubles list!
New Bread Coupon- makes it a good deal at Harris Teeter or Lowes foods! Thanks BH!
Wanted to share this great product! 0 carbs as most sausage but no junk, nitrates or fillers in it! Only 5 ingredients and I can pronounce all of them lol. Found at Harris Teeter, 2 rolls for $4 :)
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I have exciting news!! Starting June 4th Harris Teeter will run Super Doubles! This is a week later than expected, but we’ll take it no matter when. Super Doubles means that any coupon $2 or less will double in value. You are limited to 20 doubled coupons per day, per card. I’ll get the first …
West Ashley to get a Harris Teeter. According to The Post and Courier, will be near Wal-Mart.
How about a coupon giveaway with Harris Teeter Super Doubles coming up just like the post I will have hubby pick a number or numbers I can pull up likes and count. Please check back to see if you have won some of you I have your address and will mail them and some of you I do not. I will post winners in notes section and leave on top of page until tomorrow. I WILL PICK WINNERS AT 6PM...
Facial recognition software can pick out a person in a crowd, but this stupid self-checkout at Harris Teeter can't recognize my dollar bill with a bent corner...
So you know you are a mom when you take your pants off for the day and realize you not only went to small group but you also walked around Harris Teeter with 3 stickers stuck to the back of your pants put there by your daughter. Thanks Ava! :)
I HATE posting info that I cannot prove 100% but because my inbox is filling up AGAIN about this Harris Teeter issue- here is the info I have: -I am hearing that there is NO event 6/4. All the indicators are that there will not be an event. But you KNOW I never confirm anything until I can tell you 100% either way. So take this as unconfirmed at this time. I will be able to tell you 100% on Friday but for now that is the info I am being provided from several sources. * I KNOW that there are other blogs telling everyone that there is Super Doubles 6/4. Please respect that this is my FB page and don't post their links on here :) *And this is WHY I always tell everyone it's a RUMOR and UNCONFIRMED.
This is nOt MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY, but I just wanna share a quick TESTIMONY of how GOD/JESUS SAVED one of my uncles and his son from UNtimely DEATH!! My mum's youngest brother was driving somewhere with his son a few days ago in MD, and all of a sudden this car came SPEEDING STRAIGHT AT THEM!! It turns out the 24 yr old guy driving the car was the lovesick cub of a 54 yr old Cougar.a Montgomery County Circuit Judge. They had just gotten into a fight. She was in his car but got out at Harris Teeter. The young man decided he was gonna COMMIT SUICIDE by DRIVING INTO some other person's car FULL SPEED...kill himself and whosoever that person is. ***A teRRible side effect of COUGARISM...some of these cubs are NOT emotionally caNNot mess with them and try to take away the goOdies..they GO cRAzy!!! But I digress, my bad, I just had a flashback!! Smh.. Back to the story, the somewhat UNfortunate person was MY UNCLE.and his son. But GOD/JESUS is SO GOOD, my lil cousin was NOT sitting in the FRONT ...
We are proud of Emily. She has completed training and worked her 1st shift at Harris Teeter Grocery Store.
Here's your Harris Teeter Matchup for 5/28 - 6/3. Deals on Hormel, Jimmy Dean, Snyder's, Barilla, Kellogg's & more!
Sprig of cilantro in the Harris teeter shopping basket tonight. I dropped it before any contact was made and got another. It was close.
Do you shop the drug stores, Aldi, Bi-Lo, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Earth Fare, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Harvey's, HEB, Kmart, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Safeway, Shoprite, Target, Walmart or Winn Dixie? (Whew!) Here are all the coupon matchups for your local store ~ you can save big this summer!
The 50,000 square-foot Harris Teeter under construction in Navy Yard is scheduled to open on October 1, UrbanTurf has learned.
Woohoo! Forgot to post last week but Harris Teeter is having Super Doubles June 4th!! πŸ™€ Thanks…
Just went to Harris teeter rang up $80 paid $24 I know some of y'all can do better but I'm proud of myself :)
Don't forget to print these coupons for Harris Teeter Super Doubles next week! You never know when they will disappear!
I am literally sitting next to my gynecologist eating lunch in Harris teeter and it is the most awkward thing ever!
Cary's newest Harris Teeter is finally set to open! On June 11th the Harris Teeter in Parkside Town Commons will open its' doors.
If anyone is near a Harris Teeter..they are doing their Super Doubles starting next week..the 4th.
If you keep up with me you know that I'm quite a big deal at the Harris Teeter...and I have a new admirer at the HT on 9th St. I got the whistle, you know the one, woot woo😚! My ego can't get much bigger 😳
Going to Harris Teeter, thanks to Fori Massey McLean and Ron! Ram in the bush, Jehovah Jireh, faithful! πŸ’œ
Grocery shopping went very well today. Shoutout to the Gastonia Sam's Club & the Steele Creek SuperTarget & Harris Teeter. Great job today!
Day 9! So far I've heard confirm weight loss from other members, if you've had success please share and if not I still think you're awesome for participating. I know it's hard as I struggled badly over the weekend but I kept true to my word. Let's keep it up! Also some helpful ideas, for those who have access to Harris Teeter, not only does the deli serve wheat bread but also wheat wraps. They also serve ready made whole wheat pizza dough.
This Wed night, chap 2-3 of Zealot, 7 pm in Plaza Midwood at the Harris Teeter upper level above the Star Bucks, see you all there!
Over 140 diplomats and THIS volunteers from 12 different countries enjoyed gorgeous weather, a funny β€œPinocchio” puppet show, rides on the beautiful 19th century carousel and ranger led tours of Glen Echo Park and the Clara Barton House at the 2nd Annual THIS for Diplomats Diplomatic Family Day. In addition, a great luncheon was served, consisting of a variety of tasty wraps prepared and donated by Main Event Caterers, different beverages provided by Coca Cola and bags with fruit, chips and candy bars presented by Harris Teeter. Peake Management gave everyone very useful little flashlights to attach to our key chains and every attendee was also presented with a THIS for Diplomats Baseball cap or Frisbee. 20 individual donors sponsored the program by giving monetary support. THIS thanks all the sponsors, and the volunteers and office staff who worked so hard to make this very special and wonderful event that brought nations together in our unique THIS way possible. (TB)
just heard someone in Harris Teeter say something about a victorian house and it took all I had not to yell "ITS CALLED QUEEN ANNE DAMNIT"
Bike commute diary. Day 3: morning adventures-made it from Morganton to Harris Teeter via McPhee. Kinda felt like a hero when I topped Pinecrest hill coming back. Stopped to review PopUp Dinner: Slow Food FAY details with Sharon, Vice Chair of Slow Food FAY, then biked thru Fayetteville Technical Community College campus to the office. Bike essentials: purse, cute slip-on shoes, external hard drive, and clean handkerchief because my grandmother always told me to carry one.
Harris Teeter Weekend Update 5/4Posted at 7:04 am EST by MoolaSavingMom1 Comment4May Here are some additional deals using coupons that were in my newspaper today! Find all the Harris Teeter deals here.Be sure to load all the EVIC coupons because many match up with the printable and new c0upons!Sm...
A local real estate firm is bringing a $190million mixed-use development and a Harris Teeter grocery store to the burgeoning South End, just three blocks away from a future site of rival grocer Publix.
High Point friends: Thanks to Harris Teeter public relations, I now have the phone and email for the property manager of the HT-occupied strip mall on Eastchester. Operation Parking Lot begins!
My first day at Harris Teeter was today... I finally get to quit Jack in the Box featured in NBC s Science of Love
The first Harris Teeter store is stocked with our breads! The first one is on John's Island, and we are now on the way to stock the next one on East Bay Street in Charleston!
DC Association for the Deaf will be hosting the General Meeting and Election on Thursday, May 1st at 6 PM. The Meeting will be at Tynan Coffee & Tea NOMA/ North Capitol Hill 1275 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 - Red Line Metro NOMA/Gallaudet Station, next to Potbelly and Harris Teeter. Free admission, and Tynan's Happy Hour serves drinks at $1 off. Election details: All positions are open for election (Prez, Vice, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Board Members at Large). DC Residents can run for Prez or VP, while residents within the DC Metro 495 Beltway area may run for all other positions. Help make DCAD strong again, SPREAD THE WORD. ALL ARE WELCOME.
Blessed with my journey with Harris Teeter. Have met and worked with so many great people. Love my Food Lion people too. I love too many people.
small towns like Lando, SC make Waxhaw seem like a metropolis. We have a Harris Teeter and a Food Lion. Lando has Joe's catfish fry
Harris Teeter adds $99 annual option for online shopping: The Matthews-based grocery chain will offer its Expr...
Holy Moly! Just picked up 44 POUNDS of sausage! then had to shove it all in my freezer! :/ Thank goodness that *** loves sausage enough that my crazy endeavors dont surprise him or phase him any longer!! ALSO TY to the amazing Harris Teeter in Newport News VA For rocking it while my coupon crazed self sat there with the line tied up for a hour! The Night manager himself took care of my order! Talk about service!! TY Harris teeter!
WOW! We heard the exciting news that Harris Teeter is doing Super Doubles starting 4/23! That means that all coupons up to $2 will be doubled! Get ready for the sale by printing off some of the hot new coupon resets from the link below. My favorite zip codes are 77477, 90210, 84404, 12345, and 30303.
Exciting News... Harris Teeter will be running Super Doubles starting Wednesday 4/23! This means every coupon $2 or less will double!! I'll have the first list of deals up by Friday, but you can head to the database now and search for "$2 off" to start getting ready!
the only reason I go to Harris Teeter
I always walk into Harris Teeter and stare at "interesting" imported beer for 30 mins to look cool. Each time I end up getting Yuengling.
definitely just saw extreme couponers at Harris teeter
Harris Teeter has a "reserved for Veteran parking". Every store should have that, that's awesome πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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