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Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a chain of supermarkets based in Matthews, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte. , the chain operates 208 stores in eight Southern states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.

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That sub I just had...shout out to Harris Teeter lol
Harris teeter,. Just because the front of your store is fancy now doesn't mean I'm gunna by your crap. Sincerely, I'm a Publix man now
Just looking at the specials for Harris Teeter this morning and saw that they have 90% Ground Beef on special for $5.99/lb, save $1.00/lb. Well Rainbow Meadow Farms Ground Beef is $7.50/lb and is over 93% lean, grass fed and no Ralgro (hormone implants) added, born and raised on our farm and tastes great! Our regular customers realize that ours is the better value. Thank you for your support.
Ragu Pasta Sauce is B2G3 free this week at ! No coupons required!
Everything about this day is very confusing. I just bought Parmesan Goldfish at Harris Teeter
we also have Kroger, Food Lion, and Harris teeter
Found out about the Harris Teeter sub club via getting a free sub. Sweet
Print this Rice Krispies coupon and score a nice deal at Harris Teeter!
So I did some research today. I went to the new local store in town to buy grass fed meat. I spent $36.24 on steaks and ground beef. I then went to Aldi's and priced the meat for the exact same amount that I bought. $25.79. THEN, I went to Harris Teeter since I shop there a lot and priced the meat. Depending on the cut of New York strip I got, it would have been $35.39 OR $43.79!!! The latter is $7.55 MORE than grass fed. Or the grass fed was a measly .85 cents more. Eighty-five cents. Is eating good, grass fed meats REALLY that more expensive?
First trip to Harris Teeter in Canton and dropped a c note there that place will be the death of me , so much good stuff there
Arizona tea is buy one get one free at Harris Teeter. Happy Friday.
Went into Harris teeter strictly to ***
Ah, Friday. Bill paying, Sakura for lunch, a small side trip to Harris Teeter for catfish on the way back from the salon (cut and color), and maybe even a trip over to storage for my spring attire. Tired of looking at the winter stuff!
one in the Harris teeter near Cameron village 👍
I am your customer! What I was saying is that I spend less when I shop at than when I shop at Harris Teeter. :-)
Harris teeter has a lot of stuff at a Stock up price this week. I normally don't consider going unless there is an event going on but I am going to try and head that way tomorrow if possible. Make sure to check it out and see if your family can benefit from these deals.
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There's a CVS and a Harris Teeter about 2 blocks away, I'll head that way during lunch and tough it out in the meantime
Come see us for a new class this morning at 10:15 am ! Yoga and Pilates fusion ! All levels ! Grace yoga and Pilates , mill creek village . ( by the Harris teeter near the airport .)
Have you entered our yet? Submit your photo today for a chance to win a $350 Harris Teeter gift card!
The Construction has officially started on the New Falls Church City Harris Teeter!
Had my final end of dept test this week and then my final walk. Got a 97 on my test and a 100 on my walk. Not in training anymore it's official I am now a manager for Harris Teeter. Let the craziness begin.
Thank you Harris Teeter for having wine e-vic for $3.97! TGIF!
Well, today is my job interview at Harris teeter. Can't wait.
Wow!!! No wonder I try not to go anywhere in the South Park area just went to Harris Teeter and OMG was I in love with their salad/fruit bar and everything else I saw... I think I just damaged myself . On another note got a badass fruit tart for our potluck that we most def don't need but did I say it's BADASS?!!! Happy Friday y'all
My wife picked up Harris Teeter Cheddar Penguins *** for me to cheer on the real Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs.
Good Morning, I just noticed that Harris Teeter has Smuckers Grape Jelly 32 oz buy 1 get 1 and Barilla Spaghetti 10 for $10. The pantry could both of these items especially the Jelly. Thanks!!
Seriously, Food Lion, Harris teeter and bi-lo just don't cut it
Joey Bates me and John Barney working in a Harris Teeter who would have thought it?
problems: there's NOTHING on the Harris Teeter e-vic that I can have. That should say something about food marketing.
finally check your Harris Teeter email well the only thing I liked is the angel soft 2.97 and bailey creamer 1.27.
I used to buy a salad like this from Harris Teeter all the time. Now I can make it myself.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The Harris teeter manager just told me if I ever need a job I have a spot at her store
waiting for my Harris Teeter email okay they are running late this morning
This Harris teeter employee is on my back man. 😂 he paid for my groceries tonight. *** He didn't even know my name until tonight though.
Hi folks from Real Life Assembly of God!!! Thanks for the donations for the Fort Mill Care Center. HARRIS TEETER is again having a great sale on Ragu 45 oz pasta sauce buy 2 get 3 FREE!!! Thus is always a much needed item. Please bring your donations to church on Sunday and drop them off in the box in the foyer. Thank you for giving to out local mission that is a vital part of our community.
If you own dogs or are looking to make a donation to your local animal shelter / humane society, Harris Teeter has Purina Puppy Chow and Dog Chow on sale Buy One Get One Free - which means the food will ring up at half price, making 18.5 lb bags about $9.25 each. This is a good stock up price or donation price! If they are out of stock, make sure to get a raincheck so you can get the sale price whenever you want! :)
In honor of Stephen Colbert's taking over the Letterman spot, I stopped at Harris Teeter and got a pint of his ice cream on my way home from the airport. It was the least I could do.
Tonight...I can remember when shopping at Harris Teeter with My Mom, Mary Rice, one of our favorite pastimes was checking the clearance rack. We would find such things as cloth wipes for sunglasses or eyeglasses, discontinued toothpaste, and whatever else was on clearance. We always searched with enthusiasm as My Dad, Ben Rice, waited patiently. I know for many this may sound unimportant or silly, however, when I pass the clearance rack whether it's Chapel Hill, Charleston or Asheville I smile and wish they were here to search the goodies with me. I miss you.
Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for the b-day messages! It has been an awesome day. In light of exams and the fact I only have one more year on my parents health insurance, I decided to celebrate the old-fashioned way: by consuming enough food to last me until my next birthday... Granola Bar (thanks Ben) Parfait (thanks Sam) Coffee (thanks ABP) Stare Delicious (thanks Uptowner) Haribo Rainbow Frogs (thanks self-control) 2 slices of Pizza (No thanks to CLS, but thanks Alexandra) A bit of chocolate (thanks Sarah) Space Waffle (thanks GW Law American Constitution Society) Dippin Dots (thanks GW Space Law) Sushi (thanks Harris Teeter) Steak (thanks Nancy) Baked Potato Flame Grilled Shrimp Coconut Cream Pie My Pride (thanks Jude)
Tastykakes at the Harris Teeter. Charleston, you're my kind of city.
To the lady at Harris Teeter today that looked at me and said I wish everyone was as happy as you because you have a beautiful face and smile, she made me happy...if she only knew. A strangers words have a lot of affect. Always be nice and always smile, you never know what a person is going through.
So I know the Saturday Special is Angel Soft.but I need the rest of the Harris Teeter Weekend EVIC offers :) When you get your weekend email if you forward it to jessieI will create a master list matched with coupons! Thanks!
Ran around all day delivering hostas peridontist dollare tree big lots saw a old friend there and the paws thrift shop ran into Diane Berry my x sister in law at Harris teeter it was so nice to see her I really liked her wish it worked for my brother and her. Got lots of 75 percent off great stuff for. Scrapbooking at big lots if you do that. They have lots left I will use some maybe give some away but they will work nice on my catchers can't beat .25 or .50 for a big pack of embellishments time to get ready now for idol with ryan I am beat
Ok Harris Teeter, I seriously love your store. Seriously. BUT you need to train your cashiers to ALWAYS ask your pregnant customers if they need help out. Especially when said pregnant woman is OBVIOUSLY pregnant and has 2 cases of water and 5 12pks of soda in her cart. Getting it on the bottom of the cart is one thing. Lifting it into the truck, totally different. I had to ask a guy in the parking lot who just happened to walk by to help me. And he was NOT an employee.
ISO: a fresh-tasting, quality jar of salsa. No MSG, no added sweeteners, and at least medium-hot. I like HT Traders, but I'm not always near a Harris Teeter. Tostitos is okay in a pinch, but...MSG. I tried Pace white bean last night, but the sugar was off-putting. Today I tried Snyders of Hanover (makers of fine Pennsylvania snacks), but it was too tomatoey and lacked a balanced flavor profile.
Waiting on some yummy pizza at this new place by Harris Teeter called Marcos.yummy!!
Harris Teeter has Weber marinades BOGO and there's $1 coupon when you buy 2. The marinades are $1.38 a pack so you get 2 for .38 cents
Harris Teeter this week has Hefty storage bags BOGO and they're $2.99 for 2 boxes and there's a $1 online coupon available. You will get two boxes for $1 a piece!!
Harris Teeter this week is offering $2 off when you spend $6 on McCormick products. This includes their gravy packs, bacon bits, seasonings, food coloring etc...
It's stockpile time at Harris Teeter!!! You can get 5 Nature's Valley or Fiber One bars for $9. There are coupons online right now for fiber one bars for .75 cents off one box and you can use three that will double and they're also Nature Valley coupons that are available in Sunday inserts for .50 cents off 2.
Hungry for an affordable meal? Pick up the items below at your local Harris Teeter and enjoy a great meal and great savings! This week's "Meal Deal": BUY ALL FOR $7.99: •one (1) 14-15 oz. Ball Park Angus Frank; •one (1) 8 ct. Ball Park Hot Dog Buns; •one (1) 7-8.5 oz. Cape Cod Chips; •one (1) 21-28 oz. Bush Baked Beans; and •one (1) 2 ltr. Coke Product Enjoy a great meal on us and save at least $7.52! *Must purchase all 5 items in a single transaction with your VIC card to receive this great deal. Limit one transaction per household. Offer good April 2, 2014 - April 22, 2014.
Stock up and save! This week, Harris Teeter is offering 20% cases of wine. Cheers!
Dying of hunger, a sub from Harris teeter sounds really good.
Love, love, love our local Harris Teeter. It's clean, quiet, there are short lines, and I can find everything I need each and every time I shop there (including shank bones, the week before Pasdover).
I LOVE Harris Teeter... they have this candy machine for JELLY BELLY'S!! And you get to pick which flavor you want. So I got a bunch of sizzling cinnamon!! mmm
This week at Harris Teeter Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes are on sale BOGO @ $1.99. Use your vic card to receive sale price, add coupon below, save your Harris Teeter ecoupon and pay only $0.25 when you buy two!$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes printable
Age I was given: 13 Where I lived: Norfolk, Virginia What I drove: Scooter What I did: Ate, Sleep, School Who had my heart: My Mom Age now: 21 Where I live: Norfolk, Virginia (Unfortunately) What I drive: 2006 Ford Taurus What I do: Go to School, Work at Harris Teeter Who has my heart: My unborn baby, my mom,my brother Dominic DaTruf Wright, Friends and Family Like my status and I will give you an age.
Harris Teeter got me a medium shirt Tried it on, almost ripped. Guess going in with a black polo.
I just got a job with Harris Teeter. Yea!! Ya'll will have to come see me there.
Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in the Leadership Greensboro Seniors Spring Food Drive. We also want to thank Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Sam's Club, and Whole Foods for your support! The official total collected is 86,074 pounds of food and $1,548.22 cash!
Lost my visa debit in Harris Teeter ... and some wonderful person took it to the nearest SECU. :) Bless you! There are still good honest people in the world!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Just hanging out in the parking lot of Harris Teeter with a sleeping toddler in the car. Like you do.
We have over 18 prizes to give away (all runners will be eligible). Thanks to... Giacomo's Pizzeria, Wild Wing Café, Wingstop, Monterrey's Mexican Grill, Harris Teeter, Gray's Bookstore, Run For Your Life, and Lifetime Fitness. We will raffle off a one-night stay at the Hilton. Tickets will be $1 and all proceeds go straight to the Homecoming Build. Gift bags, provided by Aspen Heights, will include a water bottle, clif bars, and more. Also, a big shout out to Zapata's Mexican Restaurant and Yellow Cab of Charlotte for sponsoring the race! Thank you local businesses! Register for the race here:
So if you are like us then your car has that special yellow tint to it...which can only mean one thing! SPRING TIME IS HERE! Be sure to go pick up a jar of Sully's at your local Charleston area Harris Teeter and put it on your favorite salad, piece of meat...heck whatever you want while enjoying this wonderful springtime weather!
Finally hit the 50%+ savings at Harris Teeter. Grocery bill today was$75.72. Savings were $76.15! :))
Run Club is starting up again at Life Time Loudoun County! All levels of runners welcome for a motivating and social run experience. There will be a Kick Off Day this Saturday April 12 from 7-10am, with a 20 minute Run Workout Demo at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30. Snacks provided. Starting April 15, the Run Club schedule will be: *Tuesday 6-7pm - Social Run - Lead Leanne McAllister from WO&D Pacific Blvd (2-4-6 mile options) *Wednesday 6-7am - Dawn Patrol - Lead Jennifer Jones from Harris Teeter parking lot in Brambleton *Saturday 7-8:30am - Distance Run - Lead Rick Westrich from WO&D Pacific Blvd (4-8-12 mile options) All workouts are free for Life Time members. Contact Leanne McAllister or Rick Westrich, or ask at the Fitness Desk for more information.
I love the local Harris Teeter. If you can't find something, an actual person will take you to the aisle and point out the item. And...they'll take your groceries out to the car and load them.
Yep its true!!! Harris Teeter has Purina Dog and Puppy Chow - Buy One, Get one FREE this week. When you head out to the store, think of ARFP and all the hungry bellies that you can feed!!! Help fill the pantry of your favorite rescue and/or shelter.
Blakely is the only 2 year old that gets excited when you pull into the Harris Teeter parking lot.
If anybody willing to drive to Monroe everyday Harris teeter distribution center hiring
Hi Everybody! I have a coupon challenge for you. I am going to give you a coupon mission starting with 1 coupon. This is how I teach folks, we start small with one or two coupons and then move on to bigger savings and more technical coupon terms and deals. This week on, there is a coupon for Betty Crocker boxed potatoes, and they are on sale at Harris Teeter. ~ I will link the coupon after this post.~ * They are on sale $1.99/per box. There is a coupon for $.50/2 boxes that you can print from Print your coupon and write down this scenario. Its OK to do this in 1 transaction so you can see how it rings up and you will have a receipt to take home and look at. * So go to Harris Teeter. Pick up 2 boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes and make sure the shelf price says $1.99. $1.99 x 2 = $3.98 - your coupon of $.50/2 boxes. The coupon will double, so the $.50 becomes $1 off your total cost of $3.98 making it $2.98. For those of you who like Harris Teeters digital coupons, check also for ...
Ugh another senior's day at Harris teeter yay fun :-( hopefully today goes by fast
My age: 17 What I drove: a buick Where I lived: virginia beach, virginia What I did: went to school, sometimes, hung out with friends, sang in a band, and worked at a harris teeter. Who I was with: my best friend Theresa Barbato, but as far as boyfriends.. there was couple rhat year, so they dont matter. Like it and il give u an age. :)
Can't do the cleanse forgot the grade B Maple syrup. Oh well have to go to Harris teeter today anyway I'll just pick some up!!
Where to find coupons? Local papers the ones for major cities in your area have the most but not always the best since coupon inserts are regional and vary. So sometimes I get the StarNews along with my usual RalieghNews&Observer. I buy RNO at the Salty Dogg Exxon over by HT (Harris Teeter) Leland if it does not come from behind the counter check that no one has stolen the inserts out of paper its sad but they do. Then I go by my fave lil country store and check the StarNews out for there coupons chat up the clerk and buy it IF I want. I always buy a minimum of 2 RNO but if the previews during the week show my fave coupons or a stock up item for my pantry I will buy more. There are tons of sites where you just buy the insert and they ship them to you and some where they clip and sell the coupons. GREAT idea not expensive if you dont mind waiting a few days to recieve them. Awesome for when you missed a Sunday paper or want more of that insert in the future. Most stores have a coupon booklet like Walgreen ...
Proud mom moment...Joshua works part time in the produce department of our local Harris Teeter. Sometime last week while he was working he found $140 in cash on a display table near the onions. There wasn't a customer or anyone nearby so he turned the cash into customer service. Josh being who he is did not even mention this to us at all. When he got to work yesterday a letter was waiting for him. The customer who had lost the money had came back to the store in hopes of finding it, found out that it was turned in by Joshua and then wrote a letter to Joshua thanking him for his honesty. He also included a nice gift. I know Joshua simply did what was right but with all of the bad choices we hear about young kids making, I am glad that Joshua made the right one and that the person got their cash back. I love you Josh Hester and I am very proud of you♡
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Always been a late nighter, but making a grocery run at Harris Teeter 2 am hasn't been done since my girls went to college. Hello late night!
Numberr i got 17 where i lived: navassa what i drove: 2007 honda accord who had my heart: unyque temoney what i did: cashier at harris teeter where i livr nw: navassa what i drive: 2001 acura cl who has my heart: unyque temoney what i do: business owner mary kay beauty consultant lms for a #
Class was good on tonight won't it! Why some man approach me at the Harris teeter though. he was old y'all. Lol.
I am so making a late night stop at harris teeter tonight. Starving!
Are you doing the Harris Teeter Stock up and Save Promo this week?! Crazy deals- you can score 4 bags of Domino Sugar as little as FREE, 5 boxes of Pop Tarts as little as FREE plus great deals on water, Gatorade, Lance *** nuts and more! Click below for details:
Super excited... Harris teeter had 4lb bags of sugar 3/$4, nature valley bars (6-12ct) 5/$9, and 8ct *** 5/$10 but some had $1 off 2 so it ended up being 5/$8... was able to get a few things for RMH wish list wednesday without going broke... gotta love good timing with sales :)
Did anyone know that Harris Teeter has to give you the item free if it rings up wrong? Go God! 🙌💃
Going to Food Lion in my pajamas and no underwear? Acceptable. Going to Harris Teeter in the same condition? Would clearly not have been acceptable. Now that I've done it once and got away without running into anyone I know, I think it's only going to encourage me. Now I know how the people of Wal-Mart got to be the people of Wal-Mart and not the people of Target. It's all about choices, people.
On 5/5 i am djing at applebees on raeford rd by harris teeter from 9-12 come out n party with us
We just went to the grocery store the total was 76 we only spent 20 lol Thanks Harris Teeter.just some of the goodies!
Went to Harris Teeter, saved $82 in vic and coupon savings, got 3 gas cards, came home to realize I forgot the juice to second ferment my kombucha and q-tips. Oh and no water, so I can't cook dinner now. Guess we are spending our savings to eat out!
I was skeptical but the new Harris Teeter in Canton is amazing... Easy parking, great selection, drive-thru pharmacy, friendly service... and I saved more than I spent!
Pulled into the Harris Teeter parking lot. Zoey says, "This is Daddy's house." Out of the mouths of babes.
First night of work Harris Teeter Stock Crew go in at 11 comeout at 6. Comeout looking like the walking dead ohwell cashflow.
Learned to park really well today, and then drove to Harris teeter got a pizza and drove home and now applying for a job
Today, I noticed that "Craig's List" had a section for people to leave people messages like, "I was behind you in Harris Teeter today, wish I had spoken to you." I'm gonna start watching for a message "to the woman in the black car who flipped me off at Ashley Phosphate and Stall, I think you're perty, call me".
These are .99 cent at Walgreens and print a .99 cent manufacturer coupon on any order. Take your coupon to Harris Teeter (they take manufacturer coupons with other store logos) it fully doubles and takes $1.98 off for each coupon you have (I used three on Monday!)
Aww shucks I've found me some sugar-free chocolate chip cookies made by Harris Teeter. Dang they're good!!!
I just saved 65% at Harris Teeter. At this point, it's a sport.
Women Under Construction 21-Day Experiment: Day One Welcome to the 21-Day Experiment in Prayer! Starting today, we begin our commitment to devote just fifteen minutes each day to reading a chapter in the Gospel of John. (John has exactly twenty-one chapters). This simple experiment could change your life...I know it has mine. Here's how I perform my experiment. First, I read my chapter slowly and thoughtfully, praying for God to help me understand what I am reading. Next, I ask God to impress a verse or two from that chapter on my mind. I copy the verse, which I call my "watch word," on a 3x5 card. Personally, I like to use what I call a "Chubby Book," which is simply the wire bound version in the school supplies section at Harris Teeter. Next, I list a few people and places that are on my heart for prayer. I carry that list in my Chubby Book with me throughout the day. It’s so easy to briefly pray when I am in the car, folding clothes, going for a walk. I commit to following this pattern each ...
it's all about the free samples at Harris Teeter
Harris Teeter! I don't remember how much they were, but they're delicious 👌
I am deathly afraid of one day having an Eric Cartman devil child like I see and hear every day at Harris Teeter
I know I'm not supposed to be on FB...however, I'm making a plug for Sam & his Boy Scout Troop. Sam is selling Camp Cards. Each card is $5.00 and part of the proceeds will help him go to Scout Camp this Summer. The card has coupons attached...$5 off at Harris Teeter, $5 off at Moe's, there are discounts at Shane's Rib Shack, Tex & Shirley's, Pita Delite, Putt-Putt, & a slew of others! Some of the merchants have allowed the discounts to continue throughout the year; all you have to do is FLASH your card! If you're interested, please let me know & I'll get the camp card to you!
Love free food? Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Packs are at Harris Teeter. Coupon: Deal:
Complete warehouse of food service equipment from Harris Teeter locations in North Carolina. Name your price - everything must sell on Thursday! Full details:
Hello Dulins Grove. Just an update on our food pantry. We could use more canned goods and Harris Teeter is coming to the rescue this week through Tuesday of next week. They have 10 cans if H-T vegetables for $5. What a good buy. Help in this area is always appreciated. Thank you.
We are OPEN. Thanx to my Poolesville friend for the rescue ride. And a pretty quick tow from Damascus. And to all the MoN parents that stopped to help! Sorry, but as luck will have it we will be opening late this morning. Art's car blew up by the Harris Teeter in Rio on his way to College Park. I will post when are able to open. Sorry again.
Kaylee is selling celebrating home to help pay for dance things if anyone is interested. Jacob is selling pasta for baseball. He is also selling log cabin candy for scouts as well as camp cards. Sad news NO MARS this year! I only have Food Lion right now. But I will have shoppers n the new grocery store they are opening in canton I think Harris Teeter. The money will go in jacob account to pay for trips n long term n other special events.
Who goes to these places? Sagebrush, Pirates Cove, Advance Auto, Harris Teeter, Papa Johns, and Sarkus Express? If you go to ANY of these places you need to buy a CAMP CARD from AJ. They are only $5. each. They are discount cards. Help raise money for AJ's Cub Scout pack 953. If you would like one message me. And if you would like to see a picture of them I can tag you. Message me here.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Man it sure felt great to go outside for a walk today!!! I am so loving this pretty weather we're having! Unfortunately when I walked up to where Harris Teeter is I noticed that the Baskin Robbins in that shopping center is now gone and now I'm like "AH MAN BASKIN ROBBINS IS GONE NOW!!!" That really bites considering I really loved their ice cream! Oh well. At least it felt great to be outside today! Thank God Almighty that spring is almost here!
Lil crowded at the Harris Teeter on Lee Hwy
Holy crap, Harris Teeter is overrun with men carrying flowers! I don't think I've ever seen so many men in a grocery store...
Harris Teeter on Guilford College is open if anybody needs food
Get FREE or $.50 Pop Tarts this week at both Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods! Click below in top comment to see how:
I cant believe Harris Teeter at Guilford College STILL has milk and bread!! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!
Hot new coupon makes Kashi Cereal just $.40 at Harris Teeter in Leland, NC or $1.10 at all other HT stores...
the owner of the lower state Piggly Wiggly's sold them to Harris Teeter
Hope to see you back at Harris Teeter in Chapel Hill soon!
Went to the new Harris Teeter that opened in our neighborhood. Saw my girl, Melanie McClure McDonald, saw Guy Wilson saw MY Jo Singleton and then, OMG, I saw the SHE DEVIL! I can't believe she is back in SC!!! New Mexico spit her out too, I take it.
I want to meet the person who does the music at Harris Teeter. Tlc to Avett brothers to Shania Twain
if you're looking long term, Sam's. Quality, Harris Teeter. Ambiance, Target. Convenience, Food Lion. And then Walmart lol.
It's that time again Lowcountry! Vote for your favorite provider at Coastal Pediatric Associates for Best Pediatrician in the 2014 Lowcountry Parent Mom’s Choice Awards! Look for copies of the magazine in your child’s backpack, or in Harris Teeter and select Publix, Bi-Lo and Piggly Wiggly locations. You can also complete a ballot at the Saturday, March 8 Lowcountry Family Expo at the Charleston Area Convention Center.
this Harris Teeter is like Whole Foods and I'm in love
Talking bout I bought them enormous things from Harris Teeter and they wasn't cheap so PUT EM BACK
The guy I saw at the harris teeter by yo house?
Harris teeter be making terrible cookies. Why did this cookie almost break my tooth?
Harris Teeter is like Black Friday right now!!! $40.08 worth of items for $22.74. My baby Shelley Richardson is teaching my right. :) Also thanks to Stephanie Pratt.
Gotta go to kohls Harris teeter and cvs but not looking forward to going back out. 󾍀
Can I just marry the guy at harris teeter please
Glad I don't work at Harris teeter anymore ✋
This weather makes me want to get in bed and watch a movie but ay Harris Teeter loves me to much
Harris teeter has Lysol wipes for $1 a bottle, going to buy my limit's worth to kick these germs butts! Then home to cook chili and snuggle up with my love!!! Being sick has its perks!
I won't be back to Harris teeter for awhile
Food Lion I think, maybe Harris teeter!!
I just saw a dude that looked like Snoop Lion around Harris Teeter and another guy that looked like Snoop's uncle about a mile away (cont)
Theres a guy in Neptunes that told me he is gonna go to Harris Teeter and buy all the cans of whip cream so he can get thats that
Every time I go to Harris Teeter now I get stared at. I should @ those people 😒
And I still had to go to harris teeter to find *** candy corn
Every single cart and basket in Harris Teeter is taken. Is there an apocalypse coming? Or less than an inch of snow in the forecast?
About to visit the happiest place on earth. I'm talking about Harris Teeter.
I can't remember a time that I wasn't in this Harris teeter...
Harris Teeter Super Doubles Sunday Coupon Matchups Sorry these are so late! It's been a busy day
Just saw half the town at Harris Teeter.
Everyone in the world is at Harris teeter
wasn't even hip you worked at Harris Teeter
Do n't worry, people, Harris Teeter has their Valentine's candy display up and running! Whew!
you know your mom is the ultimate white mom when she gets turnt over Harris Teeter music. 😒
When i saw you at harris teeter you wasnt that bold
First money saving post of the year. $50 Harris Teeter haul.
I would not suggest coming to the Park Rd Harris Teeter today. It has become overrun with ignorant people.
We were being crazy in Harris Teeter.
I hate when I know people that work at Harris teeter
I walked into Harris Teeter & see 4 children total inhaling Starbucks coffee.
Harris Teeter was just bought out by Krogers
Does everyone work in Harris Teeter? Can't walk in without seeing somebody I slightly know as in eye contact
I'm at Harris Teeter and look like a jack ***
Saving $147.66 at Harris Teeter makes the drive to Greensboro in this nasty weather all worth it!!
People are turning savage for parking at Harris teeter, GEEZ!
The Lee's salon next to Harris Teeter is overpriced 😒
Logan at harris teeter pushing his own cart. By the end he was draging it. Great way to burn some energy on a rainy day.
Dear Harris Teeter in Ghent, your parking lot is THE WORST!! Can't wait for the one at Wards Corner to open up!!
On a side note, I had to park so far away from Harris Teeter that I got a breathing cramp in my side.
“where at bro?”the new Harris teeter on wards corner pray for me sis lol
No worries.I'm writing at a Starbucks that has a Harris Teeter attached. (Yes, not vice versa) Gonna stop @ sweet potato aisle!
"Walk up in harris teeter like i hope no one i know is working"that'll be hard since every dude in wake forest works there
Snowmageddeon here at the Harris Teeter. If you don't hear from me by Tues look in the baking aisle.
literally went to Harris Teeter for the express purpose if buying Hot Pockets...with quarters.
Harris Teeter Super Doubles Sunday Coupon Matchups: There are a ton of coupons in today’s newspaper!  Below is...
Harris teeter is so slammed I turned and went back home. Not about to parallel park to get groceries ...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
think life is telling me quit Harris teeter... everytime it's work day, it rains and gets my work shoes soaked..
Harris Teeter is the best food store ever! I live in there. LOL triple coupon Wednesdays
I just had to use google to make sure Harris Teeter sells my favorite hot sauce and they DO!
Harris teeter is live AF today and it shouldn't be. I can't take it 😭😭😭
jamming in Harris teeter changes you
Harris Teeter knows my birthday is tomorrow so they put out red velvet cake samples and I took a handful
just saw the most perfect dude at Harris Teeter, complete with two full sleeves. He thinks I have a baby. 😑
Harris teeter for 7 hours is not the move
Forgot how outrageously packed Harris teeter gets on Sundays
Exploring the two story Harris Teeter. Holy crap this is nice!!
jeez.. That's definitely the craziest part. Although they DID just open a Harris Teeter near my place lol
This long *** Harris Teeter application us about to *** me off. They asking me for ALL my addresses from the last 5 years tf
Mmkay, & I are hitting up Harris Teeter for supplies. New receipe video we're going to try. Stay tuned...
yeah but idk if I wanna pay for no *** parking pass I might just goto Harris teeter lol
Finally got kinda busy at Harris teeter. I'm on break though eating cookies in the computer room
Someone call the feds Harris teeter is being overrun by crazy coupon ladies SOS SOS SOS
I saw joe budden working at the Harris teeter by my house. I was too scared to take a picture of him😂
You are never too old for a free Harris Teeter sugar cookie
Wrecking ball just came on in Harris Teeter...
here we go with the run. Kroger bought Harris-Teeter 200 stores
my wife found it in harris teeter I believe. as for the taste, it's pretty good. it's the after taste that tastes like bacon.
Harris teeter you can order online and pick up curbside
To those who thought they saw a hobo at Harris Teeter, that was actually just me and I'm sorry you had to see that.
I'm never coming to this wack *** Harris Teeter by Cary Towne self checkout.
My mom just got mad at me for taking selfies in Harris Teeter
Just had a Jon Burgundy sighting at Harris Teeter!
Be sure to load the newest Harris Teeter EVIC coupons!
Harris Teeter at Traemoor donated three $10 gift certificates (to purchase cake mix/frosting) and enough cupcake boxes for several hundred cupcakes!! They just love what all of us are coming together to do. Thank you Harris Teeter and everyone else that is helping pull this together!
Harris Teeter will run Super Doubles (double coupons up to $2) This sale will happen Jan 1st thru Jan 7th So if you have a Harris Teeter I would...
The Harris Teeter Weekend Update is out! Lots of great deals with todays coupons!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Harris Teeter can be a little bit confusing, but follow along as Nathan visits a Harris Teeter store in Northern Virgina! He will break down for you some of ...
Don't forget about Saturday only Harris Teeter e-VIC deals
FYI-- Harris Teeter had a prescription promotion to receive $200 in free groceries with up to 10 new scripts filled there... the promotion ends Jan 7th, 2014 if you have a balance...
Okay I went to harris teeter and my total was 150.84, I spent a total of 15.26. Yeah Baby!
The Harris Teeter Super Doubles Coupons are back January 1-7, 2014. Double the face value (up to $2) of your coupons at Harris Teeter this week.
Okay Miss Carolyn DellaCamera this is for you! Harris Teeter total $134.11 after coupons $51.59!
Who knew that Harris Teeter in SouthPark would have a dedicated aisle to boxed wine!
Why do I not get Harris Teeter and Bilo sales papers in my mail? I get Ingalls
Any tips on couponing at Harris Teeter??
Raffle ticket sales today at Harris Teeter Homestead Market, and tomorrow at Carlie C's. Stop by, say hello, check out the raffle bike, and buy a ticket. All proceeds go to local charities.
Reporting live from Harris Teeter Murray Diggs says keep sleeping on Harris Teeter while she racks up on all the savings!
Two adorable *** zhus found at route 28 near harris teeter in darnestown, Md. Please share to help them find their owners. Dave Hsu, Jana Deoliveira, Brad Passwaters - if you know any neighbors missing these two, please share they are at the poolesville vet hospital. Poor pups are probably missing their owners! Kim Lynn Elias-Frock, LiLi Taylor, Debbie Jaco
(Michele) Get Sister Schubert's Mini Loaves for just $0.69 ea this week at Harris Teeter!
Day two at Harris Teeter was better. Carton of orange juice, 5 bottles of other juice, eggs, pancake mix, syrup, sausage, and shaving cream all for $7.01
One of my resolutions is to save on my groceries. $310 bill at Harris Teeter for $137! Saved $173 thanks to Tiffany Hall
Have you hit up Harris Teeter yet for their Super Double Coupon deals? Don't wait too long or everything might be gone.
Even during double coupon week, Harris Teeter is just too expensive.
My Harris Teeter email is running late this morning.Lowes Foods will have there bath tissue for 1.77 a pack I have never tried it before.
Harris Teeter has Kibbles-n-Bits this week buy one get one free!
Working Harris Teeter from 10 to 7 then working 930 earl y doors 11 to at least 9. 24 hour combined shift? Pretty *** close to it. Wish me luck.
Harris Teeter is doing super double coupons. I got 5 Old Orchard "Healthy Balance" 64 oz. juices for $1.74 . They are buy 2 get 3 free, I had two $1 coupons that doubled.
Great deals at Harris Teeter this week on Pillsbury Grands Biscuits ($1 less coupon) and Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice (buy 2 get 3 free less coupon) and Celestial Seasonings Tea ($2.50 less coupon).
Harris Teeter appreciates its shoppers’ support of local food banks during the Harvest Feast Food Drive and Donation Card Campaign.
Super Doubles at Harris Teeter this week! I just got $189.26 worth of groceries for $26!
Harris Teeter: 12pack Pepsi product buy 2 get 3 free. One is $7 so your getting them for $2.80 a piece. Food Lion: 12packs 3 for $9!!! .
Harris Teeter was insane! You would think they are calling for 1-4 feet of snow instead of 1-4 inches! And all of the after school activities are cancelled? A single snow flake hasn't even fallen yet!!
Looks like we are starting off the New Year with a round of Harris Teeter Super Doubles! Multiple stores have confirmed it, including mine, and multiple national deal sites are also confirming the event. Time to get those coupons ready to go!
Cashier at Harris Teeter gave me a senior citizen discount today..said I was close enough.ugh!..
Now until January 7, Harris Teeter has double coupons up to $2.00
Harris Teeter is a grocery chain with stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland and Delaware. We also operate stores in the District of Columbia.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Went to Harris Teeter this morning for super doubles. Before coupons my total was $70, but I only paid $19!! Whoo hoo!!
Here's your Harris Teeter Matchup for 1/1 - 1/7. Deals on Pepsi, Gorton, Tyson, Turkey Hill and more!
Harris Teeter: Super Double Coupons this week up to $2.00, 1/1/14 - 1/7/14 here:
Some things I got at Harris teeter today.
Off to Harris Teeter to do super double coupons since this is the only time i could go without my minions...hoping some of the good deals are still on the shelves!! Wish me luck!
So Harris teeter gas their buy 2 get 3 free sales. So walmart price matches, does that mean they will give me walmart prices but the HT sale?
Heads-up for all you Harris Teeter shoppers! Starting today, January 1st, and running through January 7th, Harris Teeter will be doubling coupons up to a $2 value (note that this may vary by location so call your store for all the specifics!). They will honor valid manufacturers’ coupons up to $2 wi...
Thanks also to Harris Teeter and Brueggers Bagels for food donations for the race today.
Going to check out this Harris Teeter Super Double Sale! Don't look to busy @ this location! 󾍘
love super doubles at Harris Teeter.. just got $121 worth of groceries for $35!
By request the Harris Teeter lists have been all merged onto the spreadsheet format- the newest updates are in blue font.
Harris Teeter double coupons up to $2. Saved a lot. The serious budget begins today. Started cooking chicken soup and eating right. Samantha's room will be painted tomorrow. Then new carpet. Badly needed.
My Harris teeter trip from this morning I had to rearrange my stock pile after this trip and had to find a new spot to put all my health and beauty stuff
HOT; 5 FREE Juices at Harris Teeter with this new coupon!
Super Doubles at Harris Teeter starts today! Every coupon up to $2.00 doubles! An extra bonus: P&G coupons came out on Sunday! Tide!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Share your Harris Teeter Super Doubles total here! How much did you save? What did you spend? What are your favorite deals this time around?
Super double coupons at Harris Teeter thru jan 7. Doubling up to $2 face value!
Ready to start saving big in 2014? Let's get started! Here's the Publix Penny Item ~ all the coupon matchups at your favorite stores: Meijer, Winn Dixie, Harris Teeter, Giant, Kroger, HEB and more!
HARRIS TEETER is SUPER DOUBLING THIS WEEK!!! YAY!!! making m list now!!! Hoping for great sales and getting lots of stuff for my stockpile! YAY!! HAPPY New Year EVERYONE!
Here are the deals and coupon match-ups at Harris Teeter this week.
Super double at Harris teeter!!! It's like Black Friday for couponers at the grocery store!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!
Starting this New Year off Harris Teeter style! Tag hanging here I come at 5 am lol 󾌣󾓵
Of course Harris Teeter would do super doubles on New Year's Day... Up past midnight and then off to the store at 6am. It's going to be a long day tomorrow.
Here's a long list of freebies and deals for you at Harris Teeter Super Double coupons week! Too many great deals to name them all, so check it out for yourself! Click below in top comment for link:
Omw to Harris Teeter... Lol New Year coming in and the Thomas Family still the same Coupon Shopping on New Years Eve Smh
Literally stuck in the Harris Teeter parking lot because of a wreck on Ferrell Parkway.
Burlington Harris Teeter was still out of Capri Sun today! Now I'll be able to get 20 free boxes of Capri sun using my rainchecks next week.
It's time for Harris Teeter Super Doubles once again! There are a number of freebies and very good deals. Please share any others you find.
Super doubles at Harris Teeter starting tomorrow..Amanda Nelms Signs, Jennifer Patchkofsky Anderson, Stacey Fenton, Sommer Whitehurst, and whomever else is interested.nice way to start the year...teehee...
Just got back from Harris Teeter! WOW!!! Thank you for coming to the end of the world and bring Quality!!! Love You!!! Lol!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Harris Teeter quail corners customers. For each prescription transferred to the New pharmacy at Harris Teeter quail corners $20 will be put on your VIC card. I transferred 4 this week and can now get up to $80 of free groceries. Cool.
I added a few deals to the Harris Teeter Super Doubles list! Please leave a comment if you find any additional deals! The unadvertised sales will be added this evening!
Here’s the Harris Teeter ad starting Wednesday 1/1. They will be running Super Doubles all week. Super Doubles means that Harris Teeter will double any coupon that is $2 or less in value. The double up to 20 coupons per day per card. If you come in with more than that they are taken at […]
Harris Teeter is super doubling starting tomorrow there evic special is deer park 2.77, I would go load up digital coupons and check the site first thing tomorrow morning when all the new coupons come out. Get up a little early
Harris Teeter is running Super Doubles 1/1 -1/7. 20 coupons will be doubled $2 and under per day per VIC card household. They will double 3 of the same coupon (only 2 if internet printed). Preparing these lists is time intensive. Feel free to share using the sharing buttons but please do not use…
Harris Teeter Super Doubles starts this Wednesday, January 1, 2014. Now that's a good way to bring in the New Year! here's to Harris Teeter, mushy radishes, and a blue eyed man wearing boots and jeans.guess I will shop there more often!
Harris Teeter will have Super Doubles starting Wednesday January 1-7. This means a coupon $2 and under will double. Also, tomorrow is the end of the month/year so there will be lots of new coupons. There are quit a few out today as well.
Came to Harris teeter ended up getting nails done finally
Blessed. I saved $2.50 at Harris Teeter and the kind attendant said, "have a good day, ma'am."
For all my FBF you know I like my coupons... Harris Teeter will be doing super doubles starting 01/01/14. This means they will double 20 coupons a day with the face value of the coupon up to $2.00. Example a $2.00 coupon will be $4.00. So happy shopping. Check out WRAL 5 on your side smart shopper there is a list of items and finial cost.
North Charleston's first Harris Teeter supermarket opens next week at the Corner at Wescott shopping center. A ribbon-cutting is scheduled for 8 a.m. on Jan. 8.
There is still talk of Harris Teeter Super doubles starting possible on the 8th that's where a coupon of 2.00 or less are doubled. If you have a printer there are lots of coupons out there you can print at home and tons of sites ready help you get the coupon and match-up the sale prices for the best deal possible. My fave is check them out I like the print your list option she matches and shows where to get coupon at your favorite stores.
This Harris Teeter is taking forever to build. I can't wait for the day that I don't wake up to jack hammers surrounding my building. That may be a while with 7 buildings going up right now.
Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. I wanted to let everyone know that there are going to be a lot of good deals Starting at Harris Teeter 1/1/14. I shared a page with the match ups. I Just haven't had the time to do my own yet. I promise I will get them to you as soon as I can. The last day to print some of the coupons is today and some end tomorrow. I am not sure if they will reset or not. So I suggest you go look at the post and print the ones you need. Happy Shopping. Don't forget that the Super Doubles double all coupons up to and including 2.00 coupons. For Example if you have a 2.00 coupon it will be 4.00 as long as the coupon doesn't say "Do not double" it doubles up. Remember you can print 2 like coupons per computer per printer. : )
I thought I would pass the word on. On Wednesday January 1, Harris Teeter will be doing Super Doubles. This is where Harris Teeter will double coupons for that have a value of $2 or less. Usually they Double coupons 99 cent or less. During Super doubles they will double $2 or less.
In case you missed this earlier today :) Harris Teeter IS running Super Doubles next week! And I have the spreadsheet version up. You will want to print ANY coupon you think you will want to use Today because these could all be gone tomorrow!
Harris teeter super doubles start Wednesday! Whose in? ;)
This is the Harris Teeter Super Doubles freebie list starting 1/1/14. I'm still adding freebies and cheapies to the list and it will be constantly updated.
Dear Harris Teeter. I'm sorry. I have no way of knowing how many grapes Charlie ate off your produce shelf while I turned my back getting apples.
Cosco and Harris teeter complete! Spent $54.00 at HT and saved $44 in coupons !!! Now cuddle time and football with my baby girl!
Just got back from Harris Teeter and it has been years since I've seen so much Panthers gear on people
Post your Harris Teeter Super Double questions here. I'm here to help you keep more money in your pockets so ask away!
Rumor has it Harris Teeter will be having a Super Double coupon event up to $2 starting 1/1/2014-1/7/2014!!!
to Harris teeter team . thank you for your confidence in me to make me A part of your management team . thank you for all your support and your faith in me . I will miss you .
Harris Teeter Super Doubles is CONFIRMED! Here is installment I added some insert coupons and will finish that up tonight and get the advertised deals up ASAP. But with the end of the month nearing print ANY coupons now~
It might be doubles at Harris teeter on the 8th
Harris teeter got some good cake, carmel snd chocalate.. I have a major craving for sweets. I need to stop. I love publix key lime cheesecake, harris teeter trater joes key lime cookies, ben n jerrys pumpkin cheesecake.
I am an official Harris Teeter Employee!! So excited to be working there now, So BLESSED!!! :))
Only at Harris teeter will you have one cashier from 4 to6. And that's the busiest time for customers. Smh. Lol. Who makes the schedule?
Harris Teeter Super Doubles 1/1-1/7 CONFIRMED ( not the 8th as originally thought) ~ Guess I better not stay up too late on New Year's Eve :) :) :)
I went to Harris Teeter yesterday and couldn't believe their high prices!! BUT.I did get enough salmon for six meals for just under $10.
Ok Harris Teeter, show me what you're all about.
Ok super doubles have been confirmed at Harris teeter starting January 1st but so far prices I send posted is kinda high. Tyson appetizers 8.45 double coupon will be 6.45 . Food Lion same deal 7.49 1.00 coupon getting for 6.49
Don't forget that Harris Teeter has buy 2 get 3 free packs of bacon. They are $7 each so you can get 10 packs for $28 which calculates to $2.80 a pack!
Harris Teeter has double coupons up to & including $2 off starting 1/1 thru 1/7 for all those couponers out there.
The mall, target, Walmart, Food Lion and Harris Teeter all since 9 AM this morning!
Seriously people. Tomorrow. Rocky Mount. 12pm. Harris Teeter parking lot. Invite your friends to hear some amazing news. (Come, and bring someone!)
Harris Teeter Sneak Peek 12/18-12/26 - Harris Teeter doubles coupons .99 or less everyday, up to 20 coupons. They will double 3 "like" coupons (only 2 "like" internet printed coupons). The 4th+ will be accepted at face value. You can stack an evic coupon with a paper coupon. Harris Teeter participates in the Saving Star program. The Harris Teeter ad this [...]
Rocky Mount folks, there will be something awesome going on tomorrow at 12pm in the Harris Teeter parking lot. Come check it out!
they did not have the Jimmy Dean Maple-Pancakes-and-Sausage Sandwiches, which Harris Teeter has stopped carrying.
One local Salvation Army bell ringer is almost certain to get everyone in the holiday spirit. His name is Maceo Whittsett and he spreads the holiday cheer by singing while ringing at the Harris Teeter on Lawndale Avenue in Greensboro. VIDEO:
Forget Black Friday, Harris Teeter had buy two soups get three for free!!! Soup for weeks :)
I just saw a guy dressed as Santa Claus at the Harris Teeter in Mint Hill..
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