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Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a chain of supermarkets based in Matthews, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte. , the chain operates 208 stores in eight Southern states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.

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"Say My Name" just came on at Harris Teeter. This calls for an extra lap around the storeπŸ‘―
Harris teeter havin a great sale 7.99 for an 18 pack... So i bought 11 cus they wouldn't let me buy more
Apparently, today was "let your kids roam around like dumbasses" day in Harris teeter and no one told me. πŸ˜’
A lady just shared her bogo coffee with me @ Harris Teeter
Jamming out to T Swift in front of Harris Teeter and I'm pretty sure I was singing so loud that this guy outside heard me, it was pretty awk
Congrats to the Recycle and Win Fan of the Game made possible by Harris Teeter and Coca-Cola!
You can legit get full just off samples in harris teeter on Saturdays
While in Publix;. Some lady: do you guys double coupons? . Worker: no we don't . Lady: I'll just go to Harris Teeter πŸ˜‚
nah it's these "white cat" gars I be gettin from Harris teeter when I don't feel like going to the store lolπŸ˜•
we have no Publix up here, but I remembered... Harris Teeter brand :D
"You'll be in my heart" was playing at Harris Teeter today and I almost jammed out alone in public
Sitting in Harris Teeter parking lot for no apparent reason ☺
"When Harris teeter gives you a bonus check even tho u quit because you're the hottest employee there" sobbin
Got my Nike socks underneath my Harris Teeter uniform just in case these couponers wanna mess around and get dunked on
this is mom breaking down in Harris teeter when kid does something levels.
There's a telephone pole on fire in front of harris teeter
These Harris Teeter ads are killing me. Easily in the top 5 of NC things I miss most.
I just saw August Alcina working in Harris Teeter
Are you a Harris Teeter shopper? They are helping us collect funds for the holidays through their Harvest Feast... http:/…
ambition to one day own a Harris Teeter?
I should really stop going to harris teeter drunk
Woke up with the Harris teeter song stuck in my head ?ΒΏ
if ya need to get groceries today, get them at Harris teeter so you can see me πŸ˜„πŸ˜…
We'll be on the lookout at the tailgate today for the Recycle & Win Fan of the Game! Winner will receive a $100 gift card to Harris Teeter!
In the next few weeks we will see Food Pantries & banks start to rev up food drives for the holidays so these .25 Horizon Mac & Cheeses will be a great donation item! Print/clip your coupon & get this deal at Harris Teeter!
Seth Avett spotted at the Harris Teeter in Concord
Our Grand Champion Junior Market Steer was purchased for $35,000 by Harris Teeter last night at our…
Coach Scharff just took us to Harris Teeter after our race
Jonathan says to me in Harris Teeter "I'm going to throw this dime at you because girl you're a dime" at least he keeps me laughing πŸ˜‚
Harris Teeter is looking for a Pharmacy Tech-West Ashley
Harris Teeter is looking for a 022 - 5800 - CASHIER: Part-Time(Goose Creek Location)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Harris Teeter is hiring a Part Time Dairy Clerk - The Navy Yards, DC in
Things I'm not surprised to be told as I leave Harris Teeter: "ma'am I'm not going to lie. That is a lot of diet coke..."
My mom is so bae for getting me a Harris teeter sub😍
All these people need to get tf outta Harris teeter
Check out this 046 - 5067 - Full-Time STARBUCKS LEAD CLERK-The Navy Yards, DC at Harris Teeter (
getting too many free samples at Harris teeter and eating the toothpicks too
Norfolk friends. Andrew, Norah and I are going to be at Harris Teeter from 4-5 pm. We are encouraging people to add W.H. Taylor Elementary school to their V.I.C. cards. Part of your shopping will be matched by Harris Teeter and given to the school. Stop by and see us.
Harris Teeter, around $10 a jar. It’ll cost me more time and effort to go to TJ though at this point so I just got it at HT.
called Harris Teeter. still no sign of my wallet :(
Have you linked you Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter's cards to programs benefit directly. Contact Hammondpta
Harris Teeter is having a Nestle Toll House & Pillsbury Halloween cookie dough sale + we have matching coupons! Try out flavors like pumpkin spice, Halloween chocolate chip, sugar cookie & Halloween oatmeal scotchies for as low as $1.00. Click below in top comment for link:
MPD officers in No Parking zones outside Harris Teeter because it's "more convenient" than the garage.
i hope it freaking down pours so no one comes into Harris teeter
Check out this Part Time Floral Clerk - The Citadel at Harris Teeter (
I could make more money than Harris Teeter with my muffins
If you didnt get a free cookie, did you really go to Harris Teeter?
Check out this 013 - 5010 - GROCERY STOCK CLERK at Harris Teeter (
Nice addition to the local grocery parking lot. @ Harris Teeter
Harris Teeter yesterday, I was talking to sean and getting starbucks πŸ˜…
I think I just seen you at Harris teeter...
Mann ..y'all don't sleep on Harris Teeter food section!
I can't believe how unpleasant this woman is being right now, doesn't she realize how magical Harris Teeter is?!
I didn't get the tennis skirt and cleavage out memo at the Penninsula Harris Teeter today
Harris Teeter is looking for a Part time - HOME SHOP SELECTOR
Too many people i know at Harris teeterπŸ˜…
I literally see everyone I know when I go to Harris teeter
After-church crowd a Mexican joint ain't got nothing on the AC crowd at Harris Teeter
I WOKE UP AND IM LAUGHIN BC.. I FI WANT THE BAGGER JOB I Just gotta. walk in. and no one told us. thanks harris teeter
What is up with all these old men starting conversations with me in Harris Teeter?
I can't find ketchup in Harris teeter
On second thought maybe running to Harris Teeter at 12:30 on the first Sunday of football season was a mistake.
I'm glad you left Harris Teeter out of it.
Everyone at Harris teeter is wearing redskins apparel
Dylan of Harris Teeter you are foineee ☺️
Tip for kid causing chaos @ Harris Teeter: Take it from one who's been carried outta Winn-Dixie & Shoney's a time or 2. Stop. It ends badly.
There's 20 people at Harris teeter and I want to see none of them.
Harris teeter on the hook up with deals on the raspberries πŸ‘Œ
we were talking about it on the bus. We were gunna go to the Statbucks across from Harris Teeter after school
Harris Teeter is looking for a 021 - 5800 - U-SCAN CASHIER (
Harris Teeter shoppers shopping in Publix talking trash about the Bucs sorry this is Tampa Bay territory
I snuck out for a qt slushie and a redbox movie from Harris teeter πŸ˜‘ I was out for like an hour at most omg
The sunflowers at Harris teeter look so pretty 😍
Reasons you should treat me like an adult: saved $10 at Harris teeter, and didn't get any free cookies
Harris Teeter is looking for a Part Time Fresh Foods- Federal Hill in
I know my mom didn't get much sleep last night when she starts running around Harris teeter taking all the samples
Literally eatting every sample i see at Harris Teeter.
3 hours to go. Time to pick the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win Fan of the Game! Recycle & you could win a $100 Harris Teeter gift card!
Don't forget: Help Prevent Malaria // Freewill Offering Concert in Columbia: When: Sunday, September 7th, at 7:00pm Where: New Hope Lutheran Church, Columbia 8575 Guilford Road (King's Contrivance, across from Harris Teeter) Why: Fundraiser to help combat Malaria worldwide Who: The Blutherans There will be a "free will offering" for the cause. Hope you can come out and enjoy a great evening of music and fun, all while helping make this world a better place.
I can't see myself working at a grocery store but its Harris Teeter so its not that bad.
Hey gang! We are tailgating behind Harris Teeter by the railroad tracks from 2-8ish. We've got a grill so stop by and bring some food/drinks. Go Pirates!
Harris Teeter is looking for a 028 - 5060 - FRESH FOODS CLERK (
Oh, and a couple of bottles of Saffa wine we (finally) found at Harris Teeter. No idea if this is any good.
I worked at Harris teeter you don't wanna work there you don't get any hours
for Harris Teeter there is but idk about FoodLion tho
Just raided Harris Teeter. On my way to frugal mcdougals for beer and liquor. Getting ready for tomorrow's festivities
Harris Teeter is looking for a 013 - 5010 - GROCERY STOCK CLERK in
Shopping with the pop in law for shrimp boil grilled steak corn dinner (@ Harris Teeter) on
Thank god harris teeter pays a few days earlier when there is a holiday cause I only had like $4 before
Harris Teeter is looking for a 309 - 5060 - FRESH FOODS CAKE DECORATOR (
Harris Teeter is looking for a PART TIME DAIRY CLERK - Sawmill Village, Summerville, SC
When Harris teeter only has the fat free sugar cookies... YOU HAD ONE JOB
Folly beach Harris teeter club sandwiches are literally my life
ahhh, yes lmao. I'm just gonna have to spend some extra money at Harris teeter.
Harris Teeter is looking for a PART-TIME CHEF/CULINARIAN-Potomac, MD location
Im just a 14 year old girl wearing like 5 frozen stickers walking around in harris teeter oh gosh i can smell the judgement
Champagne is sold out at Harris teeter.. That's how you know it's Derby Day
Getting attacked in Harris teeter by my best friend is my favorite way to start the dayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If my dad think I'm gone keep working at Harris teeter he out his *** mind especially when I'm only working weeknds and making like $80
do Harris teeter & Food Lion have paper applications or online?
girl go apply you don't need Harris teeter
Someone please tell me there's moves tonight because if I end up at Harris teeter or Checkers at 11 again I'm killing someone.
Shopping at Harris Teeter this morning and Jacob brings me this can and asks me if that's really what is In the...
My HT Organics chocolate chip mint icecream smells like nail polish. I think I'll take it back...or to a lab for analysis.
Harris Teeter is looking for a Part Time Deli Bakery Clerk - Hunter's Crossing (
she'll see mine soon, about to surprise her and Make breakfast, checking out at Harris teeter now
We did our grocery shopping this weekend at Giant & not Harris Teeter bc it's owned by
saw a bro in Harris Teeter this week wearing khaki shorts and cowboy boots.
All the toddlers in this Harris Teeter are drunk as ***
Punching into Harris teeter for the last time ever!
Come by Duke Street to sample some dressing! (@ Harris Teeter in Alexandria, VA)
he went from chicken Philly to Tommy's to Harris teeter to Burger King leave alone man!
Delusional post: Ok im in Harris Teeter it's full of coeds :) they each called me sir. How did they know I was an officer?
Harris teeter would do right right now
Harris Teeter employees are wearing original HT Pirates shirts while they work. Gotta love it
Smiled at a girl at Harris teeter who looked like she as having a bad day and she says "what the *** are you lookin at" and walks away...
Harris Teeter is looking for a 042 - 5040 - PRODUCE CLERK
Yah boy waiting at Harris teeter so I can get some morning beers
I usu shop at Harris Teeter but taking a break for a store that supports fam safety.
Harris Teeter is looking for a 076 - 5011 - HBC CLERK PT
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Harris Teeter is looking for a 034 - 5030 - DAIRY CLERK in
Harris Teeter is looking for a Part Time Stocker 3rd Shift ~ Brentwood in
Smoke in the building call at Harris Teeter on Eastchester at Kirkwood.
Link your rewards cards! Support Mount Tabor by linking your Harris Teeter VIC card to one or more of the four...
I'm all the way up Marriottsville road these white ppl out here have a " harris teeter " super market no giant it's 10xs better
| 037 - 5020 - MEAT CLERK at Harris Teeter (Fort Mill, SC): Primary responsibility is to Take Exce.. =...
Harris Teeter is hiring a Part Time Meat Clerk - Old Towne Mall in
I find it unacceptable that my local Harris Teeter doesn't offer free cookies.
This Harris Teeter is playing Frozen. New favorite store.
Do you shop Aldi, Bi-Lo, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Earth Fare, Food Lion, Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Harvey's, HEB, Kmart, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Safeway, Target, Walmart, Winn Dixie, or the drug stores? (Whew!) If so, here are ALL the coupon matchups you need for your store so you can save big!
Basically all of MoCo police were just at Harris Teeter
Was having a pretty terrible day until Harris Teeter gave me a free pint of Ben & Jerry's
Thank you All for the Nice Birthday wishes ! Harris Teeter had crab legs for 6.99 per pound..I get to cook for my Son.He mowed my grass and handed me a card with money ! Thank you All .I'm truly Blessed with my Family , job and friends .love you guys !
Harris Teeter has Pepsi products six packs 3 for $5 todayand senior discount. With your cardof course.
Thanks for the recc, Walked into my Harris Teeter and there was a huge display of if!
And after all that camping food I am in dire need of a Harris Teeter salad. 😩
Wheww.Didnt think I could do it but I Did! Just drove by a Target, a Kroger, and a Harris Teeter and didnt stop ;-) ;-)
Can we all please take note that my dad wore a Harris teeter bag around his neck at dinner tonight?ΒΏ
Harris Teeter on Eastchester is so confusing to shop in. However, their staff was very nice! End of a long day!
My mom picks me up from work, ya know at Harris Teeter, and goes "ok let's go to Giant" -_-
you at Harris teeter right that's the one I'm at
Harris Teeter is looking for a Part Time Frozen Food Clerk - The Citadel (
The Harris Teeter TIE VIC card program has rolled over and it's time to sign-up again! Most of our schools and...
Just saw the beer aisle at Harris teeter across the street from my new place. I've died and gone to heaven :D
Harris Teeter is looking for a Part Time HBC Clerk - The Citadel in
Today at Harris Teeter I stood in line behind a true man. All that was in his cart was a bottle of rose and a box of tampons.
Just saw an old man walking out of Harris teeter with a bouquet of flowers. It's nice to see that not everyone's love for another dies out.
Imagine the body I could have if I didn't stop for Harris Teeter chocolate chip cookies every time I was feeling down…
My dad couldn't find my in Harris teeter so he had them announce for me to come to the front. fml
If yeen got this paper coming outta Harris Teeter then you've failed at life for the day
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
bruh chill you bouta make me do a pull up on Harris Teeter like .WHERES THE COOKIES πŸ‘ΉπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
S/O to my coworker for bringing me a 1/2 sub from Harris Teeter and orange juice !
I wonder if it's still some crab legs in Harris teeter?
But most likely it's the sugar cookies I stash in my pockets when I go to Harris teeter
I don't even work at Harris Teeter anymore and I'm still getting yelled at. ξˆ”
It's official. We have a Harris Teeter sign up.
We outcha in the Harris Teeter parking lot
there's a crazy lady walking around Harris teeter with cowboys boots and sunglasses on and she's talking to herself
Talkin fantasy with the customer service guy at Harris Teeter. He's calling that Schuab bounces back in Oakland.
Harris teeter little kids cookies are so goodπŸ˜©πŸ˜‹
Harris Teeter sub chips and lemonade for the 5.
Excited for Joe Van Gogh's and Chubby's and Panera and Harris Teeter and the book store and the toy store and 9th street in general
Harris Teeter: ONLY $.60 for Minute Maid Lemonade or Fruit Punch 2L with Sale and Coupon!
Harris Teeter is hiring a Part Time Cake Decorator - Cochran Commons in
I never thought I'd say this but I love Harris Teeter way more than Publix! My new favorite grocery store!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
best move I made tho!!! You know Harris Teeter high too lol smh!!!
Took a photo of truck SC plate fek743 seemed like he was about to take a dog from SUV at Harris Teeter. He took off
Today is my last day at Harris Teeter βœŠπŸ™Œ
Harris teeter brand sweet tea is actually really good
Free whole sub from Harris Teeter today... It's a good day.
Waiting impatiently for the adults at Harris Teeter. @ Harris Teeter
Get ready for Super Doubles at Harris Teeter starting August 13th!!!
I live in Baltimore. I'll go to Harris Teeter on a Tuesday in June and see people in Ray Lewis jerseys. I don't get it.
Idk where I'd be without Harris Teeter and Snap Fitness of New Bern in my life.
Laurel wanna be white again so bad. Harris Teeter and Panera?
This Harris teeter fruit be so bomb
Seriously had a great workout yesterday and then ate donuts from Harris teeter
And now Chad and Taylor are arguing over whether Pubix or Harris Teeter is better...
Today I've been to Which Wich, Target, Walmart, Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter, the Dollar Tree, the ABC store and the bank... I hate my life
When I was little & my mom took me 2 Harris teeter I used 2 guard the lobster tank so no one could buy lobsters bc I didn't want them 2 die
Shout out Harris Teeter Asian hot bar because we may be going to *** in a bucket babe, but at least I'm enjoying the ride
someone come visit me at harris teeter plz I'm lonely
** HOT ** Starkist tuna is just 25Β’ at Harris Teeter! Be sure to print this coupon, regardless of where you shop! It should give you a good deal just about anywhere! β˜†β˜… GO HERE:
Harris teeter called while i was sleep
Harris Teeter closes Homestead Market store in after 25 years via
I want some breakfast but then I want a Harris teeter sub
Clock: gold wood and ceramic. Was $57 asking $30 Swan dish: gold and glass jar. Lid comes off. Was $87 asking $40 Pick up in fort mill Harris teeter or publix .
I'm at Harris Teeter and the cute guy is here again guck
I swear that I am going to be on Punk with Ashton. I was asked if Harris Teeter do a credit check before they give you your VIC card.
"Is there a Starbucks in this Harris teeter " πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
If I sell Reus today I'll run into Harris teeter and hug an old lady
I seriously can't wait to leave this Harris teeter
Great job! Thank you for shopping at Harris Teeter!
bring some to Harris teeter for me soon lol
Is your bottle of Sully's empty like these?!? If so, go get a new bottle at your Charleston Harris Teeter!
I hope I get this job at Harris Teeter πŸ˜©πŸ‘Œ
Harris Teeter closes store in Durham after 25 years via
Support Homeschooling with Harris Teeter β€œTogether in Education.”. Here is a way to support NCHE by doing what you...
I sent a job app to harris teeter in 2010 and didn't get a response until 2014. I was like "Y'THINK"
Keurig to make K-Cup coffee packs for Harris Teeter - Keurig Green Mountain will be the exclusive manufacturer of...
Ah harris teeter is 25 minutes away. Icecream is going on hold.
Gotta do this drug test for Harris teeter in the am
Applied for a job at harris teeter lmao i lied like ***
Just met the nicest lady at Harris teeter
One time I have the free Harris Teeter sugar cookies for her birthday.
son lets make a quick trip to Harris teeter
Sami and I thought of you when we saw this... Harris Teeter is the in between!
I get paid $11 an hour for the same job someone at Harris teeter has but they get paid minimum wage 😳
How is it that every time I try to go to Harris Teeter, I get hella lost?!
I want some samples from Harris Teeter. πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘
Sushi from harris teeter is so good
And they got me on the schedule all next week. That's dead. Harris teeter so funny.
well I hope you start to feel better love. And, I work at Harris teeter
I still love Harris Teeter though no matter what
I'm honestly the lowest paid produce clerk on earth s/o to Harris teeter
Saw Alec run into Harris Teeter with no shoes on, say hi, then run out
Wait a y'all not have Harris Teeter in MD? lol
PAUSE, REWIND, PLAY: this girl don't know what Harris Teeter is?!? Awh SON lmao
I saw the sexiest boy in the Harris teeter parking lot today he was just standing there by my car and he had on an elevation shirt I cried
there's a group of middle school boys attempting to cause havoc in Harris teeter is seems like
πŸ’πŸ’•- you seem pretty chill and I saw you at Harris Teeter throwing frisbee I think
man they have them for $4 at Harris teeter without the seeds. I would never pay $7 for a watermelon unless it was the real deal.
just saw you at harris teeter and McDonald's
I hate when I hit up Harris Teeter n they don't have Krispy Kreme donut specials smh
I bought my own nail polish and got them done by the Harris Teeter and Red Bowl off WT Harris.
Let's be honest, who gets the sugar free cookies at Harris Teeter
In today's episode of "are you kidding me?..." The male cashier at Harris Teeter just points to my baby bump &...
β€œI was just looking at flowers at Harris teeter and omfg
I found it in Harris teeter but you can probably get it at any grocery store
This is my head manager at Harris Teeter on a normal day. Looks exactly like him too
Currently looking silly opening up every beverage fridge in Harris Teeter tryna find a coke with my name on it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜”
Really I want a fresh sand which from Harris Teeter.
So my mom got really excited and starting screaming in Harris teeter bc icecream was buy 1 get 1 free. glad she has her priorities straight
I've had the best day! Capped off with a lovely date at our local Harris Teeter with the beautiful Lindsay Moses!
I'm going to the nba I don't need harris teeter
Help Ragsdale athletics by linking your VIC card at Harris Teeter: . RHS Booster Club # 7834 .
my brother just had every sample at Harris Teeter, proud sister :-* ...
I thought I was getting on the road but instead I'm shopping at Harris Teeter. So, 6am arrival it is.
We ran into Ben Laracuente at Harris Teeter and Ali jumped in his car and they drove away???
I'm that person that goes to Harris teeter and take 4 of the free cookies and then walks out
The elevators in Harris Teeter smell so good...
So me and Mimi Campbell-Tyler was get flirted wid at Harris teeters.
Up-to-Minute 330 - 5060 - FRESH FOODS CHEF at Harris Teeter (Washington, DC) Find this Job&More:
I got hit on by a 7 year old in Harris teeter today. Is it sad that it kinda made my day
Just tripped over a rug in Harris teeter and a guy that works there saw and laughed at me.. Those things are dangerous
Thanks William for flashing mommy's boobs to the lovely folks at Harris Teeter! Hope yall enjoyed the show!!
I have caused a scene with literally every case I've opened in Harris Teeter.
Kimi Smith Stalcup you are going to laugh. I told you I was feeling lucky tonight in Harris Teeter so, we did the lottery for mega millions. Sam & Jim & Scarlett have already won $50 on the lottery scratchers! Keep those winning vibes coming for the mega millions.
When your Harris Teeter EVIC email arrives please forward it to Jessie I will match it with coupons and create a master list of weekend deals!
Got one more thing to add to the Harris Teeter list this weekend.
This week at Harris Teeter you can score Mahatma Rice Mixes for FREE! They are on sale for $0.67, use your vic card to receive sale price, then add coupon below to get them free when you
go to a Harris teeter and build your own 6 pack for 10-12 bucks πŸ‘Œ
Use this new Hamburger Helper coupon to get boxes for 33Β’ each at Harris Teeter! -->
The SW Safeway is constantly understaffed at check out. Harris Teeter open quick!
If your looking for a job Harris teeter down navy yard is hiring
Buy Miche Bag Online!
What's with all the Russians workin at Harris teeter on Kiawah
they are just getting out into stores... Lots of whole foods have them & some Harris Teeter stores too! Ask for em!
Who Harris Teeter think moving up to work Customer Service without a raise !? πŸ˜‚. Oh! No mam.
The cashier at Harris Teeter just hit on me with the opening line "so you like pizza?" πŸ˜‘
Today is probably one of the worst days ive had at harris teeter. a
got me about to go to Harris Teeter and bring you all the snacks πŸ˜‚
Smiling bc a nice woman just grabbed my cart and offered to return it with hers in the Harris Teeter parking lot. So sweet!
Shoutout to the guy who bought his fiancΓ© flowers from Harris Teeter because "she deserves them." πŸ˜ŠπŸ’
Sitting in the Harris teeter parking lot like
Let me play around in Harris Teeter for a little bit
beautiful one bedroom loft across the street from Harris Teeter! (Adams Morgan) $2950 1bd: P...
S/O to Harris Teeter Pharmacy for making me wait a little over a hour for pills
Sweeny just walked into Harris Teeter and winked at me, absolute legend
Harris Teeter smells like old people on Thursdays πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄
Does maneuvering the Harris Teeter parking lot count for my "do one thing every day that scares you"?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Come visit me at harris teeter produce where all your wildest dreams come true. Seriously I'm here all night
Just watching Arrow + endless bowls until time for the weird Harris Teeter prime rib dinner to start
This is the first time I've been to Harris Teeter before 2 AM
Well now Harris Teeter has a significantly less amount of cookies
I come in handy when it comes to old ladies at Harris teeter who can't reach things off the shelves 😎
My moms riding around Harris teeter on her scooter yelling "catch me if you can stardust, you'll never catch me alive"
The male population of the Rutz's is in Harris Teeter right now, and it's like herding a bunch of lost bald sheep.
Made a fool of myself in the Harris Teeter parking lot running away from a bee and I don't even care because I avoided getting stung
The things you can find at the beach @ Harris Teeter (Surf City)
Think i'ma apply for a second job at Harris Teeter
Lady who works in another department found this at Harris Teeter & bought it for me! The only time in…
Harris Teeter is my favorite store great service great prices nice staff (at
I swear to god there's children inside Harris Teeter taking a tour right now for their field trip
Think I just got a job at Harris Teeter ?ΒΏ
Harris Teeter sugar cookies are where it's at
If you need groceries head down to Harris teeter πŸ˜‚
If the self checkout at Harris Teeter was a timed sport, I'd be a beast... No doubt about it
Pretty sure all of Harris Teeter knows me considering I'm in the al the time πŸ˜‚
Perks of working next to Harris Teeter? Sushi for lunch, yum
After a month in the application process, Harris Teeter finally hired me. Woo.
Fast food always mad, but try Food Lion...I just got a job there. Retail places. JCPENNEY always hiring. Harris Teeter.
Chatham Co! Been to Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Walmart. All used to sell but someone is bogarting! Yell at them for me! :)
West ashley Harris Teeter for inventory. .. This is gonna be another looong day
Harris Teeter evic starting tomorrow .37 cent Yoplait yogurt limit 15. They are having stock up and save sale grab an ad or see it on line tomorrow morning and always check there digital coupons out
My mom stupid if she think I'm not going to work with her, I need wifi and Harris Teeter gota open network.
"You can go get you some cakes at Harris Teeter. They are open right now. ;)"
Still disturbed by the fact that the self-checkout at Harris Teeter knew what I was buying before I even scanned it. 😢
Dude if you're really that drunk pull into Harris Teeter! πŸ˜‚
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