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Harold Hamm

Harold Hamm (born December 11, 1945) is an American oilman who was ranked in the March 2012 issue of Forbes as the 30th richest person in America and 76th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $11 billion.

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Harold Hamm.đź’¤. These guys slay me. They hated all regs, admin agencies..and NOW "if only the agencies were workin' right." Counting on Perry.
Good news for the overstressed: more than likely you pay the same OK income tax rate as Harold Hamm.
Food Row at the OK State Fair sponsored by "Harold Hamm Diabetes Center"
"has tapped into the basic beliefs of the American people!" —Harold Hamm
The Trump boom may just be getting started—Harold Hamm
CLR's Hamm would Not incriminate himself w/ SEC. Chanos's short call was Underhanded as Energy prices are ris…
Harold Hamm of Continental Resources responds to Jim Chanos short announced at $clr
Economy about to go Hamm: Oilman says Trump's taking us to 4% growth:
Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm fires back at short...
Harold Hamm: Over-forecasting of EIA numbers is concerning [N/A]:
Harold Hamm gets it. His descriptions about Trump and Obama are spot on!.
Harold Hamm: Over-forecasting of EIA numbers is concernin...
If experienced short-sellers are betting against Harold Hamm, should he be running our state through the gov and legislature…
The Trump boom may just be getting started—growth could hit 4% - CNBC -
Harold Hamm: If we get Trump's policies we'll see 4% GDP
We’re about to see a Wall Street billionaire slap fight about whether or not the sky is blue
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Harold Hamm fires back at short-seller Jim Chanos: 'Who is this guy?'
Continental Resources&Harold Hamm: Oil needs to be north...: Continental Resources CEO…
Trump eyes fracking mogul as Energy Secretary via
Harold Hamm describes picking cotton barefoot as a child. Son of a sharecropper. Such white privilege.
Most interesting thing about Harold Hamm is he only learnt how to speak English properly after he became a multi-millionaire
.looking to Oklahoma fracking mogul for Energy Secretary if elected.
Good news while listening to Harold Hamm ramble on
Harold Hamm has a great American story, but white male oil billionaires from Oklahoma are pretty safely in GOP camp
Harold Hamm. Who? Right. This dumpster fire of a continues to burn.
Trump would appoint fracking exec Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary
Here’s the back story on how Donald Trump won over oil billionaire Harold Hamm
appointing Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.
If Trump wins & he appoints Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary,who is brave or who's not wont matter,there will be no future 4 anyone
Oh, look. It’s Harold Hamm, fracking billionaire, who Trump wants for Energy Secretary.
Trump is considering "Fracker-in-Chief" Harold Hamm for Energy Secretary. We can't let that happen:
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America, meet Harold Hamm, the Oil billionaire who tried to get scientists fired for researching climate change
It’s a high bar, but this is the most damning anecdote about a Trump convention speaker.
unlike Trump, his possible energy sec/fracking legend Harold Hamm has written a billion dollar check before...
Trump eyes fracking mogul as Energy Secretary
Trump considering top fracking mogul and global warming denier, Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary: Reuters
Fracking mogul Harold Hamm: Hillary Clinton would 'kill jobs' if elected
I liked a video from Full Speech: Harold Hamm Speaks at Republican National Convention
Donald Trump would appoint fracking executive Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary if elected
Trump considering top fracking mogul Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary: Reuters
Harold Hamm says President Obama has "tried to destroy" the U.S. oil boom. If that's true, Obama has failed.
Trump eyes fracking mogul as Energy Secretary. via
Gov. Mary Fallin, oilman Harold Hamm to speak at Republican convention
Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm says oil above $60 would justify new drilling
.Cramer, men like Harold Hamm, & commodity specs, are wrong much of the time. Different breed than Wall Streeters
The oil bust cost Harold Hamm $9.4 billion, but he's still the richest man in Oklahoma
I'm one of the few journos to seriously interview Harold Hamm in recent years. He's the guy who intro'd Trump's energy speech. He told me:
More worrying, a largish section of the US pop also believes him. Harold Hamm being onboard should make everyone short $CLR
He lost $9.4 billion in 20 months, but Harold Hamm is still the richest person in Oklahoma
Replaying Mitt's greatest energy hits - I'm sure most coal miners know he's blowing smoke... Harold Hamm is back!
Donald Trump on hitting $50/barrel: 'I will take credit for that.' Jokes to oil tycoon Harold Hamm he wants 10% cut. '…
promises independence at Williston Basin Petroleum Conference as Harold Hamm stands by.
Have you linked up with Harold Hamm? Can help with fund raising!
Donald Trump calls Harold Hamm, CEO & founder of Continental Resources, the "king of energy" and "my friend for a long time…
Harold Hamm, industry, congressman lured Trump to Bismarck
Harold Hamm, industry, congressman lured Trump to Bismarck |
True story: Over a Holiday Inn breakfast in ND few years ago, Harold Hamm told me population control could be way to addres…
"In a press conference before the event, Trump praised the advice of oil tycoon Harold Hamm."
Trump to give energy speech. In press conference, he hailed Harold Hamm, said Hillary wanted to put coal mines out of bus…
Harold Hamm and Barry Switzer and Lou Holtz are at the Billings rally
Harold Hamm. "This guy has money." basically just bsing lol. Going off on Bobby knight.
He's spent the last three minutes talking about Harold Hamm and Barry Switzer, who are at the rally and yelling about them.
talking oil in Billings. And how Harold Hamm gets oil out of the straw.
Trump says Harold Hamm is at his rally in Billings, Montana, too.
"Oh he's got a lot of money, he's got money." Trump on
It was nice to see the governor of North Dakota, Harold Hamm, at the Trump festivities.
I love the idea of energy independence that Trump promoted today and I'm a huge Harold Hamm fan, too.
Harold Hamm, CEO of North Dakota producer just endorsed Donald Trump for president
Harold Hamm lives there. One of the richest in the USA. Nice try.
Best Emperor's New Clothes Story of 2015, Harold Hamm says they aren;t from fracking, Okla. 2015 quakes rise to 905, a 55% rise over 2014
Harold Hamm ceo of says oil will be around $60 by years end:
I'm guessing Harold Hamm's ex-wife is glad she cash that billion dollar check.
$CLR Down 62% y/y, 38% ytd.. trading at or near 52 week lows.. hmmm seems the best trader in this name has been Ms. Harold Hamm.. painful
a lot cheaper than a divorce. just ask Harold Hamm
Harold Hamm's actions at the end of 2014 characterizes the frack gang in U.S. Reckless and arrogant. Here's a nice dose of WTI $26, so WTFU
Harold Hamm's ex-wife taking $975MM divorce settlement in cash instead of $CLR stock looks brilliant now.
That about as bad as Romney naming Harold Hamm as his energy adviser
Harold Hamm: Oil will be back above $60 by year’s end
Harold Hamm and OPEC will both be nonentities
Oil executive Harold Hamm comes to office and predicts oil price back to $60 by year end.
Shale billionaire Harold Hamm still looking for Big Oil rebound
“The Saudis turned 1.8 million barrels on, and basically their intent was to drown us. But they’ve not got that done. Harold Hamm. I agree!
Saudi will regret its attempt to drive U.S. oil producers out of business by flooding the world with crude said shale pioneer Harold Hamm.
$CLR if Harold Hamm is right this cld go up to $25 by weeks end
Harold Hamm of Continental Resources! $CLR pioneer of shale, he sees $60s for oil, warns on US shale decline rates
The Saudis oil policy intent was to drown us.It's been a monumental mistake for them, a $ mistake” - Harold Hamm, CE Continental Resources.
Harold Hamm the contrarian. I am hoping he is correct.
The last of still standing, Harold Hamm, puts his brave face on, scoffs at idea of rash of defaults.
Harold Hamm: Oil Prices to Double by End of 2016 [yes please!]
Harold Hamm spitting some truth this morning $CLR
Harold Hamm just yesterday was calling for crude oil prices to double from here. Ex-wife got out at a good time.
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Optimism of fracking pioneers on full display w/Harold Hamm $60/bbl prediction for year-end 2016 --
Harold Hamm: Oil Price Will Double By End Of 2016: Right now the market expects oil prices to fall an additional…
Shale-oil billionaire Harold Hamm is calling for oil prices to double by year-end to $60 a barrel, a call in...
Harold Hamm told he believes could reach $60/bbl by Dec. 31, with production falling 1.6MM bbl/year
Saudis failing to drown US with oil: Harold Hamm
Companies vs. Companies..Harold Hamm speaking the truth!
failing to drown US with Harold Hamm
Prediction that the price of oil will double by the end of the year: Oklahoma billionaire Harold Hamm predicted…
Continental Resources' Harold Hamm sees price of bouncing back to $60 by the end of the year
Oil will rise to $US60: Hamm: OIL executive Harold Hamm says he expects the price of oil to rise...
Harold Hamm: exports are a victory for Oklahoma, America
Predicting oil prices is hard. "U.S. oil firms can help right the market
According to Harold Hamm, flooding the market doesn't seem to be working out for Saudi Arabia.
Oil exec Harold Hamm sees oil rising to $60 by year end
Video: Continental Resources' Hamm is confident in US production:
Best oil "top" call was Sue Ann Hamm, cashed in her chips right before the drop. Harold is bad as predicting oil price
Energy executive Harold Hamm says oil prices should double to $60 by the end of 2016—a contrary prediction for a...
*** Cheney, George P. Mitchell, and Harold Hamm are some of the greatest Americans in history.
Oil CEO Wanted Scientists Dismissed after discovering 400x incr in earthquakes from fracking .
Oil CEO trying to dictate content and composition of Geology depts:.
*** Scientists Keep Getting in the Way of Oil Tycoons -->Oil CEO Wants University Quake Scientists Dismissed -
OSGA is run by OU. The president of OU David Boren sits on the board of Continental Resources. Harold Hamm the president of CR 1/2
Please resist the influence of Harold Hamm - New oil tycoons are bringing earthquakes to your state and they do not mean well
People of OK that had damage from an earthquake should filelawsuit against Harold Hamm &other franking co 4causing earthquakes
Tycoon tries to have scientists sacked in Uni he helps fund for showing causes earthquakes
Oil tycoon Harold Hamm reportedly tried to get scientists fired over their ... - Busi
Oilman Harold Hamm, moves from rooking ex wife, to pressuring UOklahoma on fracking science.
REVEALED: Billionaire oil tycoon pressured University of Oklahoma to remove earthquake-fracking link researchers
Interview with Harold Hamm:"The US can be the Saudi Arabia of oil and natural gas in the 21st century."
Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm: Oil price to top $85 a barrel by end of year
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Why is it that people with the surname Ham/Hamm are *** Harold Hamm, Ken Ham. Perhaps they're ham-brained.
Okla. divorce judge sides with billionaire Harold Hamm
Looks like the $1 bln Harold Hamm divorce saga is ending (this time for good)
I can't imagine representing a divorcing spouse who was awarded $1 billion...and then decided to appeal
Asking because that sounds pretty close to the $70-plus you often hear in the industry, eg from Harold Hamm
Apparently a billion dollar divorce settlement is not enough for some women.
Oklahoma Supreme Court dismisses ex-wife’s appeal in billion dollar oil exec case.
Harold Hamm's divorce check is nothing compared to this Russian one - Fortune
update on Harold Hamm's answer, he said: . Jim Collins: Good to Great . John Maxwell: 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership
Central's Harry Smith to interview Harold Hamm on campus –
Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) has announced a definitive agreement whereby KMI will acquire Hiland Partners from its founder, Harold Hamm, and certain...
By Joshua Schneyer (Reuters) - Harold Hamm, the chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources who is embroiled in a bitter divorce, offered to pay his former wife $974.8 million, but she rejected a hand-written check, lawyers for both sides said on Tuesday. Hamm's offer would have paid his ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, immediately the full cash value of what he owes based on a November divorce ruling by an Oklahoma County judge. The lawyers sai...
Yeah, unlike Harold Hamm's wife, my spouse would take a couple of gift cards to Sephora & In-N-Out Burger to be rid of me
Amid falling prices, Harold Hamm finds fault with divorce judgment. (by on
By Paul Monies, Business Writer Falling oil prices have dented Harold Hamm’s net worth and should be taken into account in an appeal of the billionaire oilman’s divorce case, his attorneys said in court filings. Hamm, founder and CEO of Oklahoma City’s Continental Resources Inc., said an Oklahoma…
File photo taken in 2012 shows Continental Resources CEO…
Harold Hamm fights divorce settlement, says $1 billion is too rich: via
"Harold Hamm Will Appeal $1 Billion Divorce Award". The appeal by the oil magnate, and an earlier one by his ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, will...
Oil CEO loses $10B from price tumble - CEO of a major oil company, Harold Hamm, has lost half of his $20 billion f...
Prominent Republican oil mogul Harold Hamm said Congress is wasting its time debating the Keystone XL pipeline.
(Reuters) An Oklahoma County judge has ordered oil magnate and Continental Resources Chief Executive Officer Harold Hamm to pay nearly $1 billion in a divorce judgment, according to a court filing made public.
Harold Hamm to Pay One of the Biggest Divorce Settlements in History
Billionaire oilman Harold Hamm to pay $1 billion in divorce out of money earned from shale oil.
Harold Hamm, chairman of Continental Resources Inc., the Oklahoma City-based energy company that focuses much of its exploration in the Bakken of North Dakota and Montana, was ordered to pay $972 million to his wife as part of a divorce proceeding completed today, according to an 80-page court rulin…
Continental CEO Harold Hamm ordered to pay $995 million in divorce…
With the bang of a gavel, Ms. Hamm has joined the ranks of the wealthiest women in the US -
After a secretive trial, Harold Hamm, the chief executive of Continental Resources, is paying one of the biggest divorce settlements in history.
Oil Mogul's Divorce Price Tag: Nearly $1 Billion - Harold Hamm, founder and CEO of Continental Resources, has been... ht…
Oil CEO’s divorce payout near $1B: Harold Hamm, the chief executive officer of Continental Resources, has been...
Great insight with Harold Hamm interview. A Positive takaway on energy after today's insanity.
Harold Hamm: The Billionaire Oilman Fueling America's Recovery Harold Hamm has transformed the U.S. oil industry like no one since John D. Rockefeller, while helping to keep domestic prices low — and making himself a $17 billion fortune. The great domestic energy boom, he says, is just beginning. Two Scotches in, with seats on the floor of Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy CHK -0.49% Arena, Harold Hamm is feeling good. And why not? His hometown Thunder is spending the evening whupping the Philadelphia 76ers. Earlier Hamm announced big bonuses for Continental Resources CLR +0.45% employees, courtesy of record oil production. And a judge’s ruling, revealed that morning, in Hamm’s divorce case suggested the energy tycoon would keep the Continental shares he already owned when he married soon-to-be-ex Sue Ann Hamm 26 years ago. With that chunk of stock, encompassing about $16 billion out of his $16.9 billion fortune, Hamm owns 70% of Continental. As every wildcatter knows, such is life in the oil patc ...
War, Back in the 1940s to the 1980s the ruling class determined to contain the virus of global communism that threatened Europe and had infected the Third World. That amiable dunce Ronald Reagan deployed a three-part strategy to finish the job: first, a roaring economy; second, a defense buildup; third, a collapse in oil prices, courtesy of the Saudis, that devastated the Soviet economy. FORWARD, Barry Soetoro, aka President Barack Hussein Obama wants us to make war on each other. He wants to make war on conservative political groups, on global warming, on inequality. Forget all the foreign stuff. Conservatives look for a different kind of mayhem. We'd like to unleash the young millennials to create economic mayhem with jobs, jobs, jobs to make America strong. And we'd like to unleash Harold Hamm and the frackers to create mayhem on global energy prices and make the Vlads and the mullahs of the world weak. Which kind of war shall it be? Beyond Young Men and Mayhem Christopher Chantrill writes, So now ...
Part 2 of Setting the Record Straight My mother taught me that there were two ways to have the tallest building in town- to either put the effort into building the tallest or to put effort into tearing down everyone else's. I have chosen to put the effort into building my own. Unfortunately, I am learning that politics can be cruel and dishonest. I would like to correct a few misstatements rumors being spread by my opponents. The scary thing is what they say in my presence, I can only imagine what is said in my absence. Integrity and honesty do not stand in their way. 2. "Deskin supports ALEC and is supported by Harold Hamm because he is a big ALEC contributor." I am adamantly against ALEC and all it stands for and have been educating the public about their plot to undermine This is almost funny. I went to school with Mr. Hamm. His niece and I have been friends since junior high. I taught quite a few of his wonderful nieces and nephews at Lexington. Harold Hamm wasn't even familiar with ALEC until I told ...
Obama's Work Trap By Lawrence Kudlow February 8, 2014 6:48 am So let me get this right. Team Obama taxes millionaires who create jobs, while Obamacare creates incentives not to work at those jobs. No wonder recovery is so anemic. The policy here is to create fewer jobs and induce people to work less at those jobs. If my logic is correct, this runs counter to the most basic principles of our economy and our country. I thought the American Idea (see Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan) had at least something to do with the virtues of work, family and opportunity. But what I see from the Obama administration are policies that undermine these ideals. Here's a contrasting vision: Last week I interviewed the great entrepreneur Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources, who has harnessed the technologies of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to completely revolutionize the energy sector of our economy. He has turned North Dakota into Saudi Arabia. Energy independence is in sight. Now, the energy sector is resp ...
Senate sets hearings on crude export ban Oilpatchasia published on January 25, 2014 The U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold hearings next Thursday to hear from witnesses in favor and against new rules to relax restrictions on American exports of crude oil. The senate panel is headed Ron Wyden, D-Ore.. Export licenses are generally handled by the Commerce Department. The senate committee wants to understand how relaxing export restrictions would impact consumers. Witnesses Thursday are scheduled to include Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources — a major producer of Bakken crude in North Dakota. Another witness will be energy expert Amy Myers Jaffe of the University of California. Others include Daniel Weiss from the Center for American Progress and Graeme Burnett from Delta Air Lines. “Policymakers are under growing pressure from major business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institute, to lift the ban. But the [Obama] adminis . ...
$CLR Nice day in the Baaken, that Harold Hamm sure know how to mint Sesterce.. Stay long..-Mo Greene
I told Kenna once that Harold Hamm was a former partner of the guy who started the Mayo clinic.
most lists have Harold Hamm ahead of him
US should export nat gas: Oilman Hamm: But oilman Harold Hamm tells CNBC he doesn't expect the U.S. to be a ne...
Video: There’s no oil glut in the US: Hamm: Harold Hamm, Continental Resources founder, chairman & CEO, shares...
Continental Resources boss Harold Hamm gives Squawk his take on U.S. oil production. Are we in an oil glut?
Snippets from Wednesday's Montana headlines: Grizzly bears, bighorns, and wolverines; plus TEA Party, Harold Hamm, and the Dept. of Defense. We've also got fresh condition reports from the GNF Avalanche Center and Big Sky.
Tar Sands Pipeline No Longer Needed, Oil Exec. Says: Continental Resources, one of the companies that has committed to ship crude on TransCanada Corp's proposed Keystone XL pipeline, now says the controversial pipeline is no longer needed. Harold Hamm, chief executive of the independent oil producer, told Reuters that his company and the U.S. oil industry in general are no longer counting on Keystone XL. Source: Bernie Sanders newsletter.
Pipeline or rail? See why this billionare says the US no longer needs Keystone XL
Keystone Pipeline loses support from key customer Continental Resources (CLR) CEO Harold Hamm, an early champion of fracking and other tight oil techniques, has turned against Keystone XL (TRP), saying the controversial pipeline which would link Canada’s oil sands production to Gulf of Mexico refiners is no longer needed.
The potential for disaster remains from shipping oil by rail or pipeline
Do you think his Keystone skepticism is fueled by climate concerns or capital concerns?.
Harold Hamm at Continental Resources says Keystone XL is no longer needed. Story at
But Harold Hamm ignores the dangers that come with shipping oil by rail.
.no longer needs pipeline, CEO Harold Hamm says. (via
Harold Hamm has hinted at this before. He repeats: Continental doesn't need the Keystone XL.
Oil billionaire: Forget Keystone, just send oil by rail
Harold Hamm says Keystone XL no longer needed thanks to oil-by-rail
Oil billionaire says rail is an effective, flexible alternative to Keystone XL
I am looking for any pictures anyone took from our wedding... Please email/text me or Harold Hamm if you have any that you can send us for the scrapbook. Thanks
Harold Hamm, North Dakota's king, says XL is no longer needed to transport Bakken crude.
Oklahoma City, Okla. — In the history of oil, this fall is a tipping point, the moment America gurgles past Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s petroleum king. The man most responsible is Harold Hamm, 67, a drawling, blue-eyed billionaire, a …
Recently Harold Hamm stated North Dakota s Bakken Oilfield has enough oil in place to meet the nations demand for hundreds of years. There's enough...
In anticipation of icy weather, the top floor of the Williams Pavilion, Stonewall, and Cancer Center Parking garages will be closed beginning this evening (Wednesday). OUHSC Inclement Weather Parking When inclement weather forces the closure of the top level of the parking garages, alternate parking will be available at the lots listed below. You should anticipate that they will be closed until Site Support can return them to a safe and usable condition. STUDENTS: Students assigned to the top floor of a parking garage must park in the alternate location when the top floor is closed. Under no circumstances can students park on any other floor of a parking garage. Williams Pavilion Parking Garage & Stephenson Oklahoma Cancer Center Garage The alternate parking area for Williams Pavilion and Stephenson Oklahoma Cancer Center parkers is the employee parking lot of the Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center (see below). You are requested not to park in spaces identified for "Patient / Visitor Parking" or †...
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at the University of Oklahoma is one of the few comprehensive diabetes research, patient care, and prevention institutes in the w...
I am not a big fan of another oil refinery, but I hate poverty even more. There is a 70 percent chance that we will be refining oil again soon in the USVI. Like billionaire oil man Harold Hamm recently stated, the oil industry will be around for centuries to come. Plus, the growth in China, Nigeria, India, and Brazil may push a barrel of oil between $150 to $250 by the middle of the century regardless of renewable sources of energy. The leaders in the USVI made the right decision on the Hovensa agreement.
Harold Hamm attends the 7th Annual Heath Corps Grassroots Garden Gala at Gotham Hall on April 17, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)
American oil boom brings gas prices down Meet Harold Hamm. He's the billionaire responsible for America’s oil boom and falling gas prices, leading the revolution in the way the nation uses energy from the earth. NBC’s Harry Smith reports from Oklahoma.
Fracking Billionaire Harold Hamm is a good example! He was going to be Romney's Sec of Energy!
I look at Howard Schultz, Kenny troutt, Alan Gerry, Wayne Murdock, Oprah Winfrey, Harold Hamm, etc and think I can do that too
Gov Fallin with ND Gov Jack Dalrymple and CEO Harold Hamm talk energy issues in Tulsa
Keystone PL-Sensational claim from Harold Hamm, the billionaire oilman behind the successful Bakken-focused Continental Resources (CLR-NYSE…
BREAKING NEWS: The City of Enid and the Enid Park Project announced today the re-opening of the playground at Champlin Park. The playground has been closed for several months as crews have worked to completely renovate the playground. The project was the culmination of a joint effort between the city and 125 private donors who donated more than $140,000 towards the renovation. Lead donors for the project included Joan and Paul Allen, Harold Hamm, Joanna Champlin, the H.H. Champlin Foundation, the family of Robert L. Cummins, and the Enid Park Board. “I am so excited for the children of Enid to get to play on a wonderful new playground,” said Enid Park Project coordinator Hallie Caldwell. “Thank you to the City of Enid and all of the donors and organizations that made this project possible. I am continually amazed at the willingness of the people of Enid to give, not only to this endeavor but also to the many other needs of our community. This generous spirit is what makes our town great.” Cha ...
USA - 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet How many Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes? 8.5% of the US population have diabetes - 25.8 million children and adults. Researchers from the Jefferson School of Population Health (Philadelphia, PA) published a study which estimates that by 2025 there could be 53.1 million people with the disease. (Link to article) 18.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes About 7 million people with diabetes have not been diagnosed. Even though type 2 diabetes rates in the USA have risen sharply, Timothy Lyons, MD, who is presently Director of Research of the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center in Oklahoma City says that the disease is still not being detected promptly. He added that the lag in diagnosis involves both patients and doctors. (Link to article) About 79 million people have pre-diabetes 1.9 million people aged 20 years or more were newly diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 215,000 (0.26%) people younger than 20 years have diabetes Approximately 1 in every 400 kids ...
In exactly 2 weeks, 14 days.we will all dress up and Harold Hamm and I will officially stand before God and become ONE. Yea let the countdown to Mrs begin
It's difficult to ignore the CEO of Continental Resources personal life. The energy reporter for The National Journal Amy Harder talked to Harold Hamm about that, we'll tell you her perspective on this issue today here on MOR.
Oil and gas companies have received a cumulative $75 in subsidies for every $1 to renewables They s…
Podiatrist Dr. Kiersten Weber, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, is taking your questions on feet health at
I was at Harold Hamm yesterday, and there were a ton. I think they're very, very slowly plotting a noisy invasion.
Standard & Poor's last week upgraded its credit rating for Continental Resources. It was a win for CEO Harold Hamm.
- Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm says no longer needed
Potential riches await oil and gas explorers: These days Harold Hamm is so rich people talk about how many bil...
Oil CEO (and shipper) Harold Hamm says the pipeline is no longer "critical" for Bakken (via
Those who support GENDER NEUTRAL IrBM, please read this ... THE MOST EXPENSIVE DIVORCES OF ALL TIME ANTICIPATED: HAROLD AND SUE ANN HAMM - $5.3 BILLION Sue Ann filed for divorce from oil billionaire husband Harold Hamm in May 2012. Their divorce settlement in 2013 is expected to be the most expensive of all time at $5.3 billion! RUPERT AND ANNA MURDOCH - $1.7 BILLION News Corp mogul Rupert Murdoch is the current record holder for most expensive divorce in history, In 1999 Rupert paid his wife of 32 years Anna Murdoch a mind boggling $1.7 billion! The settlement consisted of $110 million in cash and $1.6 billion in News Corp stock. Just 17 days after the divorce was finalized, Rupert married Wendi Deng, a woman 38 years his junior. She must be quite a FOX! Do you think this will be the most expensive divorce for a long time? Which couple might break the record some day? BERNIE AND SLAVICA ECCLESTONE - $1.2 BILLION He is a diminutive British billionaire who runs Formula One racing. She is a former Croatian ...
By Joshua Schneyer, Brian Grow and Jeanine Prezioso Oklahoma City (Reuters) - The divorce of oil baron Harold Hamm has had its dramatic moments. Among them: allegations that Harold was unfaithful - and a heated debate over whether the court should order his wife, Sue Ann, to turn over secret video a...
The National Geographic issue of March 2013 carries a cover story 'America strikes oil.' It states that since 2010 tens of thousands of people have flooded into the oil patch of North Dakota State, a region of forms and small towns, hoping to find work. The State has moved into second place among domestic suppliers, behind Texas and ahead of Alaska. Some experts predict that the State's daily output could eventually close in on Texa's--at two million barrels. The number of wells could increase from around 8 thousand today to 50 thousand in near future. Perhaps 20 years from now, as many as 14 billion barrels of high-quality crude may have been removed. In the heart of the oil patch, the unemployment rate is less than one percent. Billionaire oil-man, Harold Hamm, argues that the assumption that America is running out of oil and gas is false. In his view, America needs a national policy based on abundance, one that does'nt favour developing renewal sources of energy. Can India do ever do it? Not, at least, ...
Oil & Gas Tax Provisions Are Not Subsidies For "Big Oil" 3 comments, 1 called-out Comment Now Follow Comments “Now my recollection of what a subsidy means is when you are given money to do something. I guess when I drilled 17 dry holes in a row I missed that pay window. No one sent me a check.” – Harold Hamm, Chairman and CEO of Continental Resources The ongoing debate in Washington over the possible repeal of what news media outlets commonly refer to as “subsidies” to the oil and gas industry has been an ongoing source of amusement and consternation to those who work in the industry for four years now. It’s somewhat amusing given the reality that, as Harold Hamm told a recent congressional hearing, the oil and natural gas industry does not actually receive any tax “subsidies” from the federal government, but frustrating because pretty much no one in the news media ever reports on the subject accurately. The truth is that the oil and gas industry receives the same kinds of tax treatments . ...
But perhaps a tiny editorial comment. Chad says I should. There is a church/synagogue on Fifth Street with a sign that says (paraphrased) "The legislature is in session. Please tell your legislators to follow Godly principles." Well. Let's just for a second forget the separation of church and state. Let's go with this proposition. The Godly principles I am aware of tell us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, visit those in prison, love our neighbors as ourselves, be good stewards of the earth, embrace those who have disabilities, and think of others first. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. We also are not to store up treasures on earth. You know, that whole camel through the eye of a needle story (Harold Hamm, and all who bow to him, take note).
Well I will not be at Harold's because cannot go there
The 49th annual Tidewater Humanitarian Awards Dinner will take place on March 21, 2013 at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Under the leadership of Jerry A. Bridges (The Bridges Group International), the following individuals will be honored:
Who Fracked Mitt Romney? via Romney,casting his lot with the oil and gas industry? Of course, it's dirty.
Minor Atom B White in finals of Harold Hamm today 1230 Go Raiders!
Harold Hamm, the billionaire who wrote Romney's energy plan, is pressuring folks in ND to vote for Rick Berg
Thanks Ron Sims: How a Romney Presidency Would Devastate National Parks and Public Lands | The Nation "But the Republican ticket’s hostility to the conservationist ethos isn’t fiscal; it’s ideological. Last year, Ryan voted for an unsuccessful amendment that would have repealed the president’s power to name new national monuments, as enshrined in Theodore Roosevelt’s Antiquities Act of 1906 and utilized by 16 of the 19 presidents since then. And when Romney ridiculed Obama in their second debate for taking action against North Dakota companies accused of allowing oil to spill into neighboring wetlands, he tossed the words “migratory bird act” out like a punch line. Romney did not mention that the chairman and CEO of one of those companies, Continental Resources, is multi-billionaire Harold Hamm, recently described by the Wall Street Journal as the “discoverer” of North Dakota’s oil. He is also Romney’s chief energy advisor and a major fundraiser. By early September, Hamm had already ...
"Over the past two years, Harold Hamm has given at least $1 million to the Koch brothers' causes—and nearly as...
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another term will bring more of the same concern for average Americans; you just cater to Harold Hamm and the Billionaires club.
Working w on interview with Continental's Harold Hamm.
During the Presidential debate, President Obama and Governor Romney had a heated exchange about energy development on public lands. The fact checkers immediately stated that Mr. Romney’s number one statistic — that production of oil on government land is down 14 percent — was misleading. The truth is that oil production on Federal lands is up from the previous administration. But that is far from the full story. Governor Romney and his lead energy advisor, oil and gas tycoon Harold Hamm, have repeatedly stated that oil and gas development on public lands has not kept pace with state and private lands. They conveniently leave out the fact that it is not geologically possible for that to happen. The Energy Information Agency released a map that shows the vast majority of the current oil and gas shale plays in the lower 48 states are not on public lands. As EIA administrator Adam Sieminski noted in Congressional testimony in August, “The geology is working in favor of non-federal landowners.”
Harold Hamm, Romney's top energy adviser is wealthiest oilman in the country. Mitt & Hamm plan to rob America even more if Romney is elected
A profile of Hamm in the Washington Post seems bound to get people to like him. They shouldn't.
Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, Trump, Harold Hamm, Barbara Gaby and others and Paul has recieved in last (2) weeks over
Harold Hamm gave $985,000 2 Romney super PAC after he became 1 of Romney's top energy advisers there goes EPA
there was a tour bus on location the other day, found out yesterday Harold Hamm was on it
I'm typically not one to share my political views publicly- however this was a great experience that I thought some of you may like to hear. On Sunday afternoon, I received a call from Mitt Romney's close friend and campaign director. The next thing I know I am in NYC talking in front of 1000 peop le on stage with Charles Schwab, Jimmy John Liautaud (founded Jimmy John Sandwiches), Scott McNealy (founded Sun Microsystems) and Harold Hamm(one of the wealthiest men in America). We were on a panel led by Secretary Carlos Gutierez talking about what it's like to run a business and job creation in today's economy with increasing taxes and govenment regulation. I was the obvious only "small business" on stage (not intimidated at all (LOL), but was able to talk about how it is today in comparison to when the others built their businesses back in the day. I also got to hear from Donald Trump, Ann Romney, the Romney boys, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Miller and so many more. Was an experience of a ...
With Harold Hamm as Romney's energy advisor & backing from the Koch Brothers, we can intuit that he's fracking-friendly...
That Big Oiler who wrote his energy plan is Harold Hamm from OKC TOP 10 Forbes lister...owns Continental Oil!
Romney's top energy advisor happens 2 B oil-shale billionaire Harold Hamm who stands to make A LOT of money if Romney becomes President.
One way Bush and are similar - they keep their Big Oil buddies close:
Can't help but comment, Obama is not telling the truth. Ask Harold Hamm or any oilman. Obama is absolutely telling lies!
It's funny that Romney's energy advisor, Harold Hamm, opposed the Keystone XL until he won a sweetheart deal to run it through North Dakota.
Wow first off we are drilling now more than we have in the USA since 1979. 2nd way to quote a lawsuit filed against Harold Hamm corporations since he is the head of your energy advisor. I gotta quit watching so I can go to bed before 5am.
Obama's chief energy guy is a Berkeley professor. Romney's is Harold Hamm, fracking honcho in North Dakota.
Did you support *** Cheney’s secret drafting of energy policy with oil industry executives in 2001? If so, Jim Hightower tells you that Romney’s your man, with his adoption of positions that his Big Oil contributors love. Fracking, the Key stone XL pipeline and oil subsidies are in; preserving national lands and fostering alternative energy are out. This Hamm-handed plan was helped along by Continental Resources oil billionaire Harold Hamm, who chairs Romney’s energy advisory committee and was among industry leaders who showered Romney with over $10 million in August. No wonder Hightower says that Romney “out-Cheneys Cheney.” Listen:
Harold Hamm, CEO of the oil company Continental Resources, has given $985,000 to Restore Our Future, the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC.
Harold Hamm, founder of Continental Resources, the nation’s ninth-largest oil producer with the largest presence in North Dakota’s booming Bakken rock formation, announced a $10 million gift to the University of North Dakota.
Harold Hamm heads to Capitol Hill to testify on energy independence...He goes as a private citizen with good intentions
Ok, people I have to say it. Are you really thinking of supporting and voteing for Mittew Willard Romney AKA Thurston Howell the Third? Well look out Gilligan! This guy is an absolute jerk and has no idea what our lives are about. Do you really think he cares or even knows that millions of people can't even open a bank account? Would he serve a homeless person at his next family gathering? Bet he has never been in a pawnshop, bought a car from a TOTE THE NOTE dealer, stuggled to repay a never to be forgiven federal student loan, or asked a single mom working two jobs, "Do you have benefits at work?" Do you have enough child care credits when you file taxes? This guy who just Friday defined "middle income" as making 200K to 250K, more or less. Really-ARE you SEE-ing this guy! He has Harold Hamm as his energy advisor, he supports US REP Steve King Iowa. Look them up. He is one of the top "bishops" in the MORMAN church. A corporate scam on the American taxpayer. You would vote for HIM? Okay, I said my piece. ...
The Romney Recovery will be led by this American energy revolution. With a president who is determined to take advantage of this incredible new potential (rather than hinder it as President Obama has — almost all of the new production has taken place on private rather than public lands) there’s no reason the rest of America can’t share in the prosperity North Dakota has prefaced. Harold Hamm, the man who led the way in developing North Dakota’s Bakken shale, is the perfect champion for these new possibilities under a Romney administration. He’s already one of Governor Romney’s top energy advisors. Hamm would make a far better Secretary of Energy than Steven Chu, who apparently assured President Obama that he shouldn’t worry about high gas prices because we would all be driving battery powered cars by now. Secretary Chu himself, of course, doesn’t even own a car. Mr. Hamm spoke at one of the workshops I hosted at the Republican National Convention last month, dubbed Newt University by the R ...
Energy policy job's the 1 thing that would turn things around immediately. revenues from royalties. Harold Hamm!
Submitted by Kurt Walters on Wed, 08/22/2012 - 16:24 “Mitt Romney returned to Texas oil country Tuesday to fuel his campaign coffers with nearly $7 million raised in just one day, largely with money from top energy industry executives,” according to a report from NBC news yesterday. At the fundraiser in Houston, while sharing a dais with ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson and oil billionaire Harold Hamm, Romney began to talk about the fossil fuel-focused energy plan he will be releasing soon, but then stopped short of explaining the plan because, as the Huffington Post reported, “I know that we have members of the media here right now, so I’m not going to go through that in great detail.”
Harold Hamm speaking about the North Dakota American Energy Revolution at this morning.
Mitt's Cabinet short list: Bush people, plus the American Petroleum Institute president.
God Bless Harold Hamm he is making me rich. Romney did say that the "intent" of his plan will be similar to what Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) has proposed in his energy plan. "That is, to fully take advantage of our energy resources," he said. "I have a different approach I think, generally, to the role of government as it relates to energy, as well as other aspects of our economy. And it flows from a growing perspective I have throughout my life and, frankly, during this campaign about the power of individuals as opposed to government, individuals pursuing their interests and dreams." Among those onstage with Romney at the event: Portman, Texas Republican Senate nominee Ted Cruz, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and billionaire oil executive Harold Hamm.
From " “Not everybody has parents that have the money to lend,” Obama said yesterday at Capital University outside of Columbus, Ohio. “That may be news to some folks.” Sharpening his populist pitch, Obama said his presidential opponent would pull federal support from students looking to finance higher education through loans. Romney’s budget plan would cut aid to 10 million students and give tax breaks “weighted toward the wealthiest Americans” and to protect “corporate tax loopholes,” Obama said. ... As Obama wooed young voters, Romney spent yesterday courting oil industry executives in Texas. The presumed Republican nominee could raise as much as $7 million at fundraisers in Houston and Midland. At the Houstonian hotel, Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson, Continental Resources Inc. founder Harold Hamm and Richard Kinder, chairman and CEO of energy pipeline and storage company Kinder Morgan Inc., sat on a dais leading a group of about 100 donors ...
Oil tycoon Harold Hamm is not impressed. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Fracking billionaire Harold Hamm a big part of Romney energy team--if the Kochs had another brother, it'd be him
An early believer in two drilling technologies, Harold Hamm made billions on the Bakken oil boom and now is using his wealth in GOP politics.
The Bakken oil boom has brought billions to driller, and Romney Super PAC funder, Harold Hamm
For oil driller Harold Hamm, Bakken boom brings more billions and a chance to dabble in politics: Harold Hamm s...
you hear the words "Keystone Pipeline" and the number of jobs it will create.But you don't hear much about Harold Hamm, chairman of Romney's Energy Policy Advisory Council. He's also CEO of Continental Resources which owns a oil field in North Dakota that would connet directly to the Gulf of Mexico through the completed Keystone Pipeline it cloaks what thr NRDC sees as the pipeline's true intention to "raise the price of US and Canadian crude making billionaires like Hamm millions
Check out our Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm on tonight at 10 PM CST.
Harold Hamm from $CLR and Romney's energy adviser tonight--very excited about it
Harold Hamm: North Dakota production about to hit its stride
Oilman Harold Hamm on "America’s premier state" – North Dakota – and its very bright future, thanks to Bakken oil
Thanks for inviting Dr. Lane to your videochat next Friday!
Precision drilling, better technology and the exploitation of unconventional energy sources can make American energy independence achievable, Harold Hamm, Continental Resources CEO, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday.
blog: CEO Harold Hamm touts independence on on
Today on Gov. Chris Christie, John Hofmeister, Harold Hamm and more of our series
Romney spoke about a guy he "bumped" into, a truck driver named Harold Hamm, who drove trucks to pay for college and took Geology courses, then went into the hills and "discovered" oil and gas. He spoke in a way that implies Mr. Hamm was an ordinary guy who got lucky in the hills. What Romney didn't tell you is as of March 1, 2012, Mr. Hamm was appointed to the Romney campaign as an energy advisor and that as of April 3, 2012, Mr. Hamm becomes a mega donor to the Pro-Romney super-pac! This guy is the 36th "Richest" american with a net worth of 11 billion dollars! THIS IS WHY CITIZEN'S UNITED SHOULD BE OVERTURNED! A very wealthy donor gets an appointment to the Romney campaign, a donor who isn't qualified, just rich! This is what A Romney Presidency will get you, unqualified billionaire appointments! Lest we forget about the 5 billion dollar tax cut for millionaires! No social programs, less education, no Medicaid or Medicare, Less fireman, teachers and cops, less protection and self-deportation. No money ...
Video on Harold Hamm is an oil tycoon and Mitt Romney's energy advisor. He's also spent nearly $1 million dollars on the effort to defeat President Obama, thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens' United ruling. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., talks with Ed Schultz about the effect of limitless...
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The full force of Citizens United is starting to take shape. Mitt Romney’s energy advisor, oil tycoon Harold Hamm, will be able to spend limitless amounts of money to buy politicians who will deregulate the industry.
The Tioga office of Continental Resources, run by billionaire Romney donor Harold Hamm, would not talk to me
I'm heading to North Dakota for a story on oil magnate & Romney donor Harold Hamm, who grew up picking cotton and is now worth $5 billion
Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm will make the case for preserving hand-outs to Big Oil. But is he speaking for himself, or for the campaign?
Tomorrow, Harold Hamm -- the billionaire oil executive currently serving as Mitt Romney's top energy advisor -- will testify before the Senate Finance Committee. Hamm, the 78th richest person in the world according to Forbes, has continually defended the billions...
Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm argues for preserving federal tax breaks ...: At a hearing before the Sena...
Not awesome: Kent Conrad thanking Harold Hamm for what he's done for our country.
Oil billionaire Harold Hamm to defend industry tax breaks today in the Senate. A look at his non-Romney donations:
Romney energy adviser to face Congress
Meet Harold Hamm via - another billionaire trying to suck on the taxpayer teet!
Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at Univ. of Oklahoma Establishes International Research Prize in Diabetes via
Want to know who wins the for diabetes research? Press conference streaming here:
Enjoyed classic game w/ great vetern team/Spurs beaten by next great, youth team/Thunder, thanks to Harold Hamm
Meet your Ruling Class Leaders series Harold Hamm energy advisor for
Dear Friend, Unfortunately, we all know what to expect from Kevin Cramer. Cramer, along with his primary opponent Brian Kalk, are being sued for accepting campaign money from the corporations they were supposed to be regulating as Public Service Commissioners. This week, Cramer took it a step further, when he told a room full of out-of-state oil and gas interests that he promised to "stay out of their way" if elected to Congress. He did this at a $1000-a-plate fundraiser hosted by Oklahoma-based oil baron Harold Hamm. In January, Bloomberg Businessweek called Hamm "The Man Who Bought North Dakota." If I am elected to Congress, I'll work for the people of North Dakota, not out-of-state special interests. Will you get me there by contributing $25 today? North Dakota has been blessed with bountiful resources, and we only have one chance to get this right for our state. A wise leader knows we must help our state profit from these resources while providing for our citizens. I will be that leader for North D ...
The influence of money in politics is getting worse by the day. The billionaires' influence, especially in the Romney camp, is beyond just supporting a candidate. One, in particular, who has given several million $ to Romney and is head of Romney's energy advisory board, Harold Hamm. He is CEO of Continental Resources, one of the nation’s largest independent energy companies and leading developer and owner of more than 600,000 acres in the Bakken Oil Field in North Dakota. How do you spell influence?? $
Harold Hamm becomes one of Romney's top energy advisers and gives $985,000 to pro-Romney super PAC. Rod Blagojevich sends congratulations.
Now you know who is running the show in the North Dakota oil fields. WASHINGTON (AP) - Oklahoma oil billionaire Harold Hamm didn't wait long to give almost $1 million to a group supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney after he became Romney's top energy adviser in March. Campaign reports show that just weeks after joining the Romney campaign, Hamm gave $985,000 to a pro-Romney super PAC. Hamm's company, Continental Resources Inc., oversees oilfield stakes in North Dakota and Montana. Hamm has been disdainful of President Barack Obama's energy policies. On his website, Hamm complains that the Obama administration has "done everything in their power to stop fossil fuel usage." Hamm matched his contributions with his role personally advising Romney on energy policy, blurring the line between the campaign and the super PACs that support them but are legally barred from coordinating with candidates.
Romney oil adviser also a big super PAC donor
" Romney Gets Major Boost After Appointing Billionaire To Top Campaign Post: Just one month after he was named... "
Another billionaire lines up behind Donates $1M. Who would serve?
Mitt Romney’s fundraiser on Wednesday night in Oklahoma City was not just another chance for wealthy donors to fill the candidate’s campaign coffers, but reveals the GOP presidential candidate’s special relationship with oil tycoon Harold Hamm, chairman of Romney’s Energy Policy Advisory Council and...
Continental CEO Harold Hamm named one of 100 Most Influential People in the World
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