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Harold Ford

Harold Eugene Ford, Jr. (born May 11, 1970) is an American politician and was the last chairman of the now-defunct Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

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Potus Trump..please don't consider Harold Ford Jr to be anyone to consider. He's a clon…
Trying to have a impact on my city like the great Harold Ford. If i can only do half of what he did
You know where he heard this, right? I heard Harold Ford say the exact same thing this morning. WH television must'…
Harold Ford was embarrassing on Morning Joe. A weak ex-congressman, that fled politics after a racially loaded Senatorial bid vs. Corker.
Harold Ford is such a disappointment
Hey Why is Harold Ford Jr. the only democrat you have on your panel. He hasn't been in office for what, 10 years?
...You need some real Democrats on your panel, not fake ones like Harold Ford to discuss the protest movement.
"Imaginative offense" is what Harold Ford call Trump's lies. Ford is now part of Newspeak.
A Harold Ford sighting! I thought got rid of him, Barnicle, Donny & Eugene to get a seat @ president-elect's feet
Harold Ford Jr's role on Morning Joe is to agree with every Racist Ignorant Lie out of Joe's mouth & Stoke his Pathetic Ego.
Harold Ford. More info on the Johnson Amendment please. Why would evangelicals want that?
and DINO Harold Ford present "alternative facts" falsely framing Berkeley protest as led by Democrats.
Just love Morgan Stanley NYC Harold Ford, saying "Dems across the country just want to get along with McConnell's policies." NOT.
Larry O' Connor & Harold Ford Jr think Rachel should do symposiums w White Supremacist Anti-Semite Milo. Yep.
What planet did Harold Ford Fall off? The TeaParty was awful and now look where they are at! Joe *** defending
Harold Ford is a disgrace to Dem party.
Democrats have to divorce Harold Ford Jr from the party.
Harold Ford, Jr. is way too smart, sensible, and well spoken to be on a liberal slanted show like Morning Joe MSNBC
Harold Ford Jr is not a Democrat anymore. He is Joe Scarborough puppet. Sad!
Harold Ford Jr. Is a corporate Democrat, he blows, get a real liberal to defend the good side
Corker is the same guy who's campaign smeared Harold Ford Jr/dating white women. How he got elected in TN
can't wait to vote against you again! Harold Ford would've been better. So sad!
was throwing us a bone with Harold Ford & Ain't seen those dudes since
thank you. I am a Republican, but could certainly see myself voting for you and a guy like Harold ford if u ever ran 4 potus
do whatever you can procedurally too. I don't want you to become a Harold ford milquetoast
Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Harold Ford of TN are going to lead the Democratic Party into the promised land of a New Left? LOL LOL LOL
I haven't seen since November 8, 2016 but is racist. Treats Harold Ford Jr. horribly too.…
Good on Ford. Perhaps they learned something from Harold Ford's dalliance with the original Nazi's?
Totally. No wonder DC is so screwed up. Congress watches this show every day for their AM "news"...…
I only watch you because Mike B is a clear thinker, and I love Harold Ford! Let it go. Talk about Trump's transition!
Have you ever heard of a man named Harold Ford, Jr.?
Electronic Device Insurance
Best moment of night Harold Ford, no act, freaks out at Jean Schmidt calling decorated Vietnam vet Murtha a coward
who complain re: supporters sound like GOP need 2 check Tim Cain, Harold Ford, Howard Dean et al..
Notice how Morning Joe talks over Harold Ford when ford defends Dems & Clinton. Joe allows Harold to talk when conversati…
Harold Ford doesn't think HRC is arrogant ? Bernie Eliz Warren and supporters have strong beliefs
.Harold Ford mis-speaks about Vermont, Guns and Spins it in favor of
I think if you socialize, dine with, spend time with known terrorists that ...
I think the potential for the program at the risk of sounding self-serving ...
I either run or try to play basketball every day.
I am a huge supporter for cash for caulkers - which allows people to make i...
which is what was great about Harold Ford's 2010 screwup. him getting off a helicopter was more time there than most NYers
Former Rep. Harold Ford of Tennessee and former Mitt Romney adviser Dan Senor discuss..
In a hearing requested by Representative Gerald Ford of Michigan, Dr. Harold Brown, Secretary of...
On Harold Ballard, Rob Ford, misogyny, and why "putting politics aside" is a lot to ask of women
Congratulations to Betty & Harold Miller on their purchase of a 2012 Ford Taurus From Oscar Murray! Thanks for...
wow ! You let Harold Ford Jr. Talk for an entire 60 seconds and looked into the camera the whole time. Why HAVE guests ?
Republicans looking to stop Trump should throw in with MSNBC's faux Democrat Harold Ford.
Harold Ford Jr supports HRC. What's in it for him?Not happy at UMI?Anyone who supports HRC is corrupt like her.No other reason.
Harold Ford is right, if Trump gets screwed the Convention will never end
I don't think it's a great leap to go from civil unions to *** marriage - I...
I expect the Republicans will enjoy a large bounce out of their - Harold Ford
I am for *** marriage. Or same-sex marriage. I don't want to say it the wro...
Republicans believe largely in the market working, Democrats believe stereo...
(2/2) and business investment, stimulate job creation, and get wages up for ordinary Americans. - Harold Ford, Jr. (Politician).
Congratulations Harold & Henrietta Fletcher of Salyersville, KY! Bruce Walters Ford would like to thank Harold &...
the drink is made in front of you, then 20% is taken out and given to Harold Ford
I need Keith and Ed back Comcast. Can we swap Joe and Harold Ford for them? Probably not GOP would b upset.
Harold Ford, Jr. makes Hillary look progressive by comparison...and she's certainly no progressive
Don't really know too much about Tulsi Gabbard other than she's coming across like Harold Ford, Jr.
The one endorsed by Amanda Marcotte? Or..the one endorsed by Harold Ford, Jr.??
Harold Ford, Jr. on again this morning: you know it's going to be another 2 hours of Bernie bashing from a Hillary surrogate.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Harold Ford just asked for Craig Melvin's SC barber's info on the Today Show. Such a black moment.
No, Harold Ford speaks for Morgan Stanley, not three million Americans.
Is that why the only black people allowed on are Harold Ford, Eugene Robinson & Michael Steele?
Harold Wilson, Gerald Ford, Valery Giscard d'Estaing and Schmidt speak to each other 08 August 1975 in Helsinki.
Cook Ford congratulates Harold Cappleman on the purchase of his new 2016 Ford Mustang. That beautiful California...
I'm tired of Corporate Democrats, PUMAs from 2008, and the Lieberman/ Lanny Davis / Harold Ford wing. . Tired, I tell you.
Harold Ford is on the show.. he's black.
Way to go to get a D Senator to criticize Rs, & get ex-Congressman Harold Ford D who wants the President to have exec power
. Harold Ford hates President Obama...he blames the Obama coalition for making sure he couldn't run for Senate in NY
Joe uses Harold Ford 2 help him Denegrate Obama & Undermine his Presidency.Why does Harold allowed himself 2 be Used?
Harold Ford is a Disgrace 2 his Race & the Democratic Party every time he apears on MJ.Used by Racist Joe 2 Undermine BO
Oh STHU stupe Harold Ford! Donald Trump will not be the 2008 Obama candidate, it will be Sen. who beats GOP leaders in polls.
Harold Ford will Defend Hillary & Rahm Emanuel but this Uncle Tom will never Defend Obama from Joe's Racist Partisan Lies.
Harold Ford is a Pathetic Excuse of a Black Man.His only Role on MJ is 2 help Joe Denegrate Pres Obama who Harold is Jealous of
lets put Harold Ford and Mika and you on the NoFly list and see if you still hate 4th Amendment. NoFly List needs adjudication
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Wall Street's top conservaDem, Harold Ford, ran to today to advocate for more domestic spying
Harold Ford says no other candidate has come out w/plan. HRC spoke for nearly an hour in detail of what shou…
🤔OMG, Harold Ford do you enjoy being Joe's lackey? Why are you here?
Harold Ford is not a Democrat. Never believed it and still don't.
Harold Ford is a dodo bird.he will do anything to oppose Obama to be accepted in the anti Obama circles
Harold Ford is a dodo bird in attacking Obama just to be accepted in anti Obama circles
Harold Ford, Jr. is the very epitome of milquetoast. His face is right next to the word in the dictionary.
Harold Ford Jr is one sad worthless *** ! Can anyone tell us what purpose does he serve on that panel?
don't worry your *** head Harold Ford,thinking Americans have been reassured by Obama rational action
.are grown men and women go on the show and afraid to speak their mind✨Harold Ford is agreeing with Joe 10…
Am I alone in thought that Harold Ford tries so hard to appease that his comments are lost in gibberish?
Harold Ford, body has ability to do what did-THERE IS NO OBAMA OUT THERE LEFT OR RIGHT=THE TRUTH
This Harold Ford dude though. Looking like a po *** Steph Curry throwing shade to his Ones on
is so pathetic he can't take Push back from Mika his Cohost! Only yes men like good ole Harold Ford.
I wouldn't vote for Harold Ford, Jr. to be dog catcher.
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I only had 4 hours sleep and I already want to smack Harold Ford. I may need to turn off.
- Yes, both Gene Robinson & Harold Ford r two reg blks on the show; but they fear Joe.
moron minions Harold Ford&Halperin mad as *** world respected Obama won't listen to buffoon Trump&bomb more …
will someone ask Harold Ford Jr what's his claim to fame?
Morning Joe. get Joe and Harold Ford a bed customers he is the worst Dem. and he agrees with Joe on everything customers he is A flunkie
Harold Ford and Halperin are the biggest *** kissers of Joe look fellas take your bromance with Joe to
I've learned a lesson and I will NOT vote for a Joe Lieberman / Harold Ford Democrat. . I will write in someone in their place. Earn my vote.
trying to get into Harold ford dealership. You wanna come?
thing is, cantor got murked by an Enragé. Robespierre got it from, like, Harold Ford Jr
Second interview with Harold ford in 30 mins. Praying they love me
,,Aren't you that bleach blond Bob Corker used in his ad's to beat Harold Ford ?
I think Harold Ford is actually a blow up doll that Scarborough made.
Harold Ford Jr is the joke and sure as *** no *** Democrat.
Honey, I live in Memphis where Harold Ford Jr., is from. NO friends here. He flipped on his party and race long ago.
they hate HRC and it shows. Harold Ford is wimpy on the show!
Meet Deacon Harold Ford, Jr. A more worthless sycophant you'll never meet. His role: to AMEN everything says.
Harold Ford! Bruh, you GOTTA stop trying to defend Hillary.
Does this Harold Ford PUTZ ever say anything intelligent? Have not heard it. Rabid Clinton defender w/o fact. JUST put out BS.
With supporters like Harold Ford, needs no detractors. Ford can't keep a seat on and uphold Clinton @ same time.
Harold Ford has not open for Democrats for years. Get someone on this show who can speak for Hillary. Unfair. Led both hours.
PLEASE don't be grooming Harold Ford as a broadcaster on MSNBC.
Rob Ford is not their biggest crackhead. That was Harold Ballard.
the same for Americans purchasing appliances and computers and for that matter, new air-conditioner and heating units -Harold Ford
Our father, who does art in heaven. Harold be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done .. or something.
Harold Ford brings the spirit of Johnny Cash to life in concert at Danbury Palace Oct. 3: The 8 p.m. show recreates…
💃Harold Ford is suddenly today for after he was against her✨
Harold Ford tried desperately to deny the. truth. Her campaign also hit on the Muslim issue. No one cares. anymore. Move on.
THIS is what happens when you (Harold Ford Jr) partied all weekend and you're unprepared
Harold Ford is hurting his substantial credibility by becoming a Clinton apologist.
Oh, he said it again this morning on MJ. It was a topic of conversation. Harold Ford visibly upset.
Who's Harold Ford Jr's barber up there in New York? They need to be fired. Lol
Steve Rattner and Harold Ford are in trouble for not doing the "Mika" and agreeing to everything Joe says
Why can't Steve Rattner or Harold Ford criticize Carly when u guys unfairly bash Hillary today and everyday??
HAROLD FORD and thinks 's LIES gave her the
Thank you Harold Ford for being fair. There is an axe out for H. Clinton vibe on the show I can't ignore any further.
Harold Ford Jr. The standard is we own the buildings they own the ground
Mika has experience with talking to candidates. Don't ever question her bleached, table dancing highness, Harold Ford Jr.
Harold Ford,Jr.there are issues bigger than taking the carnival barker on-CANT CHANGE FACTS AUTHENTIC LIAR
Poor Harold Ford. Homes is like the Blackberry of politicians.
Harold Ford Jr a champion for childrenfutures start here
The latest from the campaign trail: Justin Ford endorses Harold Collins & more
she is invested in it.. Has investments with TransCanada.Harold Ford does too.. also a
Ken and Harold picked up this new 2015 plow truck from salesman John Petro. They'll be...
A BIG THANK YOU to Harold and Adell K Farlough on the purchase of a Lincoln MKS from Cannon Ford Lincoln.
Cannon Ford Lincoln would like to congratulate and welcome to our family Harold and Adell K Farlough on the...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Joe and Mika run the GOP sand box where the right can bury their turds without shame. Harold Ford helps.
Almost time for the John Edwards and Harold Ford trial balloons!
Vintage photo of Portrait of Harold Ford. - option
Whatever happened to Harold Ford Jr? Nothing new on Wikipedia
Please remind them you're not aching for more Harold Ford.
"Southern voters are interested in solutions,” said Harold Ford Jr. in 2003. “They can spot a fake.” . Well, duh.
Apparently use of n*r in speaking of current race environment was just too much for Harold Ford's delicate ear…
Obama stumped for Harold Ford Jr. in the '06 Senate race from Metro Courthouse square. More recently, yes, all Briley.
Harold Allen with his new Ford Focus and salespersons Adam Roark and Mary Duncan! We appreciate your business!
Reggie B. Trombone Love, Benjamen Brown, John Ford, Harold E. Thomas You guys need to come get some of these CD's please
Photo: Congratulations to Melanie Sanchez on your from Harold Bennett at Dallas Truck World!...
Harold Ford Jr. and Rep. Steve Cohen think there influence within Memphis,Tn is eternal!
Wonder if Harold Ford Jr. will attend. Good man !
"In a world where Kevin Garnett, Harold Ford, and Halle Berry all check 'black' on the census..."
stating the obvious since you're incapable of other...Earl Wilson, Harold Ford, JC Watts, Mia Love, MY biz partner..
Does anyone think Harold Ford, Jr. would be a great running mate for Hillary? Alternatively, Corey Booker?
It may not be flying with Harrison Ford, but I sure enjoyed the times my buddy Harold Houpt Jr took me flying.
Excited for the upcoming New Jersey Senate race between Harold Ford and Scott Brown.
Harrison Ford doing his best Harold Hughes impression
Curious... if a small plane goes down on a golf course with no fatalities in Las Cruces with pilot Harold Ford - do we hear of it?
Thanks to I can make jokes like this:. Harold Ford is just Barack Obama without the Selfie Stick
If Harold Ford Jr could promote his wife's zero material bikini on this is almost refreshing.
They did lasting damage to the party brand when they chose Pelosi over Harold Ford Jr. Ford was a rising star
As far as VP goes, you got me. Cory Booker? What's Harold Ford Jr. up to these days? Their bench truly ***
Thanks to Harold Loomis from Decherd, TN for choosing Chris Ball and Russell Barnett Ford in Winchester, TN.
Cohen has always been a tool. Only way he has his job is kissing Harold Ford's ***
Congratulations Quality Natural Gas of Harold, KY! Bruce Walters Ford would like to thank Quality Natural Gas for...
Did you know that Percival Perry (pictured), founder of Ford of Britain, was brother of our founder Harold Perry!
Harold by far is the funniest person ever to step foot in ford 😂
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I liked a video from Harold Ford's Vision of the Democratic Party
Oooh! Yes please! Harold painted two pictures of Old Ford Road but both locations have eluded me to date!
I'm afraid not Here is a prep drawing of Old Ford Road by Harold Steggles if that helps!
Why is it that I think this makes Sowell, Powell, Harold Ford, and Condi CRINGE, and Thurgood M and MLK ANGRY?
Rahm Is no Democrat neither is Harold Ford Bot bought & paid 4 by Wall St
Nice easy day today, this was my grandfather, Harold Masse birthday, he was a farmer then Ford worker and then...
“Harry just liked this photo on Instagram DONT DO THIS HAROLD
I wanna be your Ford Cortina, I will never rust .
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Every one of us here at Harold Zeigler Ford Lowell Michigan would like to wish you and your...
Harold Ford added nothing to the conversation
I know it's close to Xmasw, but Harold Ford REALLY...LOL
Ask Harold Ford, if his dad voted for the Clinton Crime Bill 95?
Thanks for following the ELG Here's Old Ford Road by Harold Steggles from 1931
Show Harold Ford, Jr. And Harold Ford, sr., and Peter Knight in action!
Can you even imagine the corruption the Ford family would be involved in all the money flowing from govt I bet Harold Jr come back
.Bill Clinton was as close to a Republican as a Democrat gets until Harold Ford showed up. What on earth is your point?
joe buck: tonight we stand against cancer. Brought to you by ford: built tough. Harold: yost is doing a great job out there ton
Congratulations to Kevin Edwards on your purchase from Harold Bennett at Southwest Kia Mesquite!
I still wish Harold Ford Jr. would've won back in '07
You know who would be a great Hillary alternative who would bridge the divide and get stuff done? Harold Ford Jr
When someone mentions Corporate, Wall St. Democrat, I think of Harold Ford.
he'a only on MJ as a token black person, The other *** Harold Ford Jr sold his soul a while ago
Please come vote! We've only gotten 5 votes all day! Come joins us at Harold Zeigler Ford until 12!
Remember to stop by the Celebrate My Drive community day at Harold Zeigler Ford today to vote for our school!
I'm so Memphis that I remember when Harold Ford use to live in twinkle town!!
Remember Harold Ford Jr.? I met him today - he was serving at coffee hour after church. I did a double take.
Really? Because this is how you want to be directed to your theater, thanks AMC! @ AMC Ford…
It's only fitting me & my sister see the purge: anarchy at ford city on the south side
Act on LNG Exports - Narrated by Fmr. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN): via
Having my rear bumper fix. Someone back in to my car last week.(@ Harold Ford)
I can't stand Harold Ford! He should be a republican that's why he is always on the show. The show ***
"Just in fairness, let's get the facts out there..." Harold Ford, Jello on the MJ set.
Harold Ford when are you going to get enough guts to challenge some of Joe's bull. You know better.
Harold Ford, "I know Rick Santorum is a friend of the show." That's the problem with the show.
Mika the NY Post of TV gets called out my Harold Ford for distorting story about Hillary's speaking fee
The Hillary haters are out today thank goodness Harold Ford gives you the 1/2 of the truce story that's Joe omits! Phony Joe!
Harold Ford, I have never seen PBO treat a reporter with that amount of disdain, you really have to stop this we do the same...
Harold ford senior is in church of Philadelphia
When Childe Harold Wills left Ford Motor Co. in 1919, he took his 1.5M severance package and started Wills Sainte...
- BFA Co-chair Harold Ford: "3 billion access the Internet. Most of the earlier worries about the never materialized"
After you win, l want a RECALL CORKER effort launched so Harold Ford Jr can win the seat Corker stole with his racist ads.
I'm going through my follow list and found an old account named Harold Ford's Hairline. No longer in operation.
seriously the same one?! Lol I intended to get a black one but got a great deal at Harold Zeigler ford in Lowell.
Let us not forget the racist tactics he used against Harold Ford Jr. That was disgusting, evil & sick!
Harold Ford is a sell out. Wants to be a player. HIs time is over.
Website Builder 728x90
Can someone with volume explain why Harold Ford is talking about broadband reclassification on
I think I could support Harold Ford for President.
Should the Internet be regulated as a public utility? Harold Ford Jr. and Former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu discuss!
it depends on what you tryna do. I wrote letters to Harold Ford them, met with Phil Bredesen, talked to a few judges
My boyfriend Harold Ford will be in the parade at Chil-E Fest tonight at 5 as the oldest native of Chili :)
Here's another one for you! This is another version of Old Ford Road by Harold Steggles
Here's proof Old Ford Road did go that far. If Harold had been standing just 1/2
are you afraid to have any one that is non white at your tsble? And Harold Ford DO NOT count?
Just kid versions of Red, Harold, maybe Hap Shaunessey. Who knows. Maybe they'll travel in a time machine Red made out of a ford escort.
Harold Ford Jr: “I think we saw in 2014 how globalized young Americans are. They’re the Tim Howard generation. They hate Social Security."
That's no fun though. That'd be like bringing on an economist to discuss the economy instead of Harold Ford.
Harold and Lori Drake reviews the 2008 Ford Ranger purchased from Hemborg Ford in Norco CA - Another happy...
Harold Ford: "Providing every student with an equal chance at a good education shouldn’t be a partisan ideal."
Harold Ford -- former TN congressman and NYU prof -- speaks out on NY's efforts to raise standards. via
Monday on Morning Joe, Eric Cantor debates Berghazi with Mike Barnicle and Harold Ford
Starring Eric Cantor and Harold Ford Jr. in "The Serious Centrists," the lamest buddy-cop movie ever made
Rare Johnny Cash Tribute from Harold Ford. Announcing 2 acoustic solo shows - July 23 & 24 at Saratoga Arts. This will be memorable!
.People like O'Reilly think Harold Ford is "on the left." By that standard, as very "far left." :)
My definition of a neoliberal is a *** hedge fund manager who invests in solar energy and wants Harold Ford to run for President.…
Fill in the blank, Ford Fans!. For those who are ready to Make the Switch:.
Buy & Cherish this 1941 Ford Convertible: DESCRIPTION - Part of the World Record Harold Lemay…
It's a great day at Harold Zeigler Ford 😑
Harold Ford,Jr. is a buffoon. His wife is in the bikini business. Sit down, fool .
6:54 am. Morning Joe is excited about the World Cup, but can't stop himself from being a GOP Morning Pig. Joe says the Fifa president should be kidnapped, taken to an undisclosed location and tortured, for allowing game fixing in soccer. Morning Mika chides him. I'd go for coffee after that exchange, but Harold Ford is on this morning! He will sit there and be Joe's black friend, as Joe makes a big *** of himself about California Chrome, Bergdahl and the White Supremacy shooters in Vegas. Word for the day.Bergdahzi!
For the life of me trying to figure out why Harold Ford, Jr. Former Representative is on Morning Joe No opinion just an empty suit
Harold Ford.Really? What did Clinton due for Blacks that should be lauded? NAFTA, Glass-Steagle?
listening to the likes of Harold Ford in the morning is not my cup of tea.
"Is it Harold or Gerald ford that created the ford cars?" -
Have to laugh when panel is Bill Kristol, Nicole Wallace and the representative lib is Harold Ford.
Hi! A visitor has asked us if there will be a print available of 'Old Ford Road' by Harold Steggles at any point?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Thanks for following the ELG This is Old Ford Road by Harold Steggles: which is in the show
Daily Kos: As a rule of thumb, any public policy push made by Harold Ford and John Sununu is not going to be in…
Yes, the Ford Tri-motor is capable of aerobatics... at the hands of the right pilot anyway! Harold Johnson...
If you're coming to the game give yourself some extra time, there's an event at Ford Field that will be letting out as…
Thank you Harold and Sandra Brown for your recent purchase of the New 2014 Ford F150! Pictured with Sales...
MSNBC give Harold Ford, Jr a morning show dammit. Tired of flipping to CNN in A.M. until Jansing!
Harold ford is looked at with disdain by for his house *** tendencies must be like that show awkward
harold just chose to service a 07 ford escape with Car Care Checkbooks®. 249.
Harold Ford was actually looking around for help.
God Harold Ford is pathetic. You know who I've always wondered about re funding? TechFreedom.
Harold Ford don't know which side of the railroad tracks he's on and Don Lemon won't answer the phone
Harold Ford is astorturfing on behalf of the cable lobby against net neutrality. Non-shocker kind-of, I know
Except for kiss *** like Micheal Steele and Harold Ford Jr..
and Harold Ford brought in to disguise racist hate as discussion cuz he's kinds black!
yes Harold loves to bob that head. Harold Ford is a squid
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
as usual Harold Ford,Jr.agrees with both sides and the middle in otherwords meaningless and without …
Harold Ford is on MJ for 1 reason & 1 reason only. To agree with Joe on everything & make him look less Racist.
John Sununu and Harold Ford, honorary co-chairmen of Broadband for America, cite statistics to show the success of broadband.
Harold Ford & Steve Rattner always bad mouth Elizabeth Warren. She is the only one who stood up for the ppl who Wall St. ruined
Harold Ford can't represent the left on show. Barely a Dem in Congress; he's certainly not one after time on Wall Street.
More political discussion at noon during the radio edition of “Meet the Press” - Is the military doing enough to support the mental health needs for American soldiers? Admiral Michael Mullen, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff lends his expertise... The Supreme Court this week struck down the overall limit to how much money individuals can spend in an election cycle. Debating that decision will be the man who brought the case to the court, Shaun McCutcheon, and president of Public Citizen Robert Weissman… And the Roundtable portion also examines the ruling on campaign finance and Obamacare. Contributors include Kathleen Parker, Washington Post Columnist; John E. Sununu, Former New Hampshire Senator (R) and Boston Globe Contributor; Former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN); and Steve Case, Former Chairman & CEO of America Online.
I'm so glad that MTP will have Harold Ford on their panel. I was dying to know his thoughts.
"Even contributor Harold Ford, a former Democratic congressman, said it was out of line."
So this morning Nicole Wallace makes my day by dropping a quote from an article by Peter Wehner and the Morning Joe panel, which includes Harold Ford, discusses the quote. Please read the full article. Look the criticism of the President for errors that he makes is essential for his growth and development into a better representative of our needs. Lying and slandering our President with impunity does not strengthen us or aid his development. I used to write comments about hitting and holding and why it is not allowed in a fair fight. Hitting and holding is not allowed in boxing because it takes the skills required to score out of the fight. I grab your arm and pin it to your side and hit you where you cannot defend yourself. The republicans refuse to support any legislation and their commentators write about the ineffective presidency of our president. They defeat initiatives that they have proposed and write about the inability to create consensus by the White House. Nicole Wallace attacks the President ...
Harold Ford is a sell out , I call Harold a slick willy Dem, in the same form as Joe Manchin always smiling watch out
um no it wasn't. Christie appointed a temporary senator and the Harold Ford, sorry, Cory Booker was elected.
Before I get back to work, I want to take a brief moment to give a S/O to Willie Geist for showing up to work this morning. I also want to take a moment to note that I officially resent Harold Ford, Jr. Why. Have you seen his wife!?!?!?!?!? Oh my dear God in heaven! I HATE YOU, MAN! HATE HATE HATE YOU! GRRR!
I really wish Sharpton was supplanted by someone like a Harold Ford,yes left of center but worthy of respect
I think Harold Ford Jr. is at least as conservative as Should have voted for him.
Harold Ford Jr tells us why he thinks America's Economic Future is looking bright! Booking: Subscribe to GTN on YouTube:
Just got home now,thank you Lord for being with us on the wet road.Thank so much for Oghburn oggie Goliath for always being there for our boys and couch Harold Ford you guys are great roll models to our boys!Thank you
Maybe Harold Ford in the Senate for six years would have been worth it.
The drama works though. Those folks in Tennessee did Harold Ford dirty when he ran for the senate. It worked and he failed miserably.
Harold Ford, Sr. is bringing new jobs to Memphis, now hiring. A look inside the new hi-tech business:
Harold Ford Jr very impressive speaker 1st thing on day 2 Probably also will win fastest speaking award maybe best joke .
given how Harold Ford shills for Wall Street on the Sunday "news" shows, I lost all my sympathy for him and his 2006 senate run
.I guess you were trying to outdo the attack ad from 04 against Harold Ford.
Considering the DLC is defunct [ :( ] and Harold Ford Jr is lucky to get a Morning Joe panel gig, not sure how they run the party.
If Republicans remain united on Obamacare, changes will have to be made." Harold Ford Jr., Morgan Stanley
Harold Ford Jr, MD, Morgan Stanley tells "Bernanke has been the only adult in Washington during past two years."
Harold Ford Jr, MD, Morgan Stanley tells Markets will react in mature & sensible fashion to US debt ceiling."
Coming up next speaks to Harold Ford Jr, former US Congressman & currently managing director at
Harold Ford Jr, former US Congressman now MD at Morgan Stanley up next
the mark of the hack. like when Harold Ford pretended not to know what "cerebral" means after using it.
To all of Jorge Iivan Chapa Davila friends this Wednesday 09/25/2013 from 4pm-6pm will be his funeral at Harold Ford Funeral Chapel 1638 Sycamore View Rd Memphis, TN 38134.. Join us to say farewell to our loving and good friend Jorge.
Join the grand opening of the Harold Ford Funeral Chapel on Friday, September 27th from 3-6pm. . 1638 Sycamore View Rd. Memphis,TN 38134
Harold Ford Jr. got evicted from his Democrat seat, now works for Morgan Stanley
Judging from my old college paper column I successfully appropriated the style of Che Guevara with political beliefs of Harold Ford Jr
Who's your favorite Arianna Huffington? Harold Ford Jr. (morningjoe b-team overall). (Sponsored by Starbucks Chardonnay).
If anyone could take the Morning Joe primary from Harold Ford, it was him,
The only way I will stay home in election is if a Harold Ford type Democrat is running against a right wing Republican.
Morgan Stanley allowing Harold Ford to go on cnbc and shill for the Obama administration does not reflect well on Morgan Stanley.
"Fortunately we have an adult in Washington, and his name is Ben Bernanke." - Harold Ford
Dear please explain why we are supposed to care about what a politician says who no longer holds office? Harold Ford = Has Been. =^.^=
*** must have frozen over. Harold Ford is sounding astute on the Congressional circus right now on CNBC.
Ron Paul carefully explains market manipulation to the likes of Wall Street boy Harold Ford
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