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Harold Ford Jr

Harold Eugene Ford, Jr. (born May 11, 1970) is an American politician and was the last chairman of the now-defunct Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

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Phil Bredesen is 74 years old , the Democrats couldn't win with Harold Ford Jr. in 2006. , You've Lost it !
You should run! I was telling people the DNC should have encouraged you and Harold Ford Jr to run last election.
Not sure what my 'side' is. As a former R, though, is def vote for Harold Ford Jr if he ran again.
I mean, it's probably a better idea than Tim McGraw or Harold Ford, Jr...
The Senate race between and Harold Ford Jr sparked my interest in (senate) politics. Never thought I’d ever be on his side.
Is Harold Ford Jr running for something. Why always on What is his expertise other than having been in Congress sometime in past??
Democrats need someone like Harold Ford, jr. like they need herpes.
Why is Harold Ford, Jr on my TV so much lately? Did he lose his day job?
Like Harold Ford Jr. of the center right. Often disagreeable. But prone to hackery far les…
Now what was Harold Ford Jr. recently saying? We should applaud NRA’s efforts? Good one.
I cheer every time Harold Ford Jr is on.
Another great hour. Love that you are in control. I do have crush on Harold Ford Jr, but old enough to be his mom 😊😊
-Much better to have Harold Ford, Jr. than this GOP *** Matt Schlar.
Harold Ford Jr's stanning for Kissinger raise questions about his sannity.
Harold Ford, Jr. takes comfort that Trump hauled out his deflatable Kissinger doll. Ford's Kissinger worship is straight weird.
and can you ask Harold Ford Jr to run for Corker’s seat?
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As a Democrat, I think Harold Ford Jr is a stone cold naive *** Says a lot of words. All are bs. I challenge him to a IQ test
Good reminder from Harold Ford Jr. on “No responsible world leader can send a delegation [to the Winter Olympics in Seoul].”
POTUS is a moron Harold Ford Jr. what do you expect Kissinger to do with that?
Nobody should be defending Corker. How soon people forget how he treated Harold Ford Jr. in the Tennessee Senate r…
Don't get why Harold Ford Jr. is hated by left. Difference in him/Obama/Booker is he had to run in red state before going national
I voted for him vs Harold Ford Jr. I was very young and did not realize I had 2 very bad choices.
Bill Maher had bad timing. If he had Harold Ford Jr. on AFTER Corker's comments it would have been interesting.
Cleched cork of truth. except that time he made that interacial dating…
Count me as a skeptic re: TN. Hard to imagine anyone doing better than Harold Ford Jr in 2006 (48% to Corker's 51%)
I know y’all lovin’ on Bob Corker right now but I guess you forgot that racist ad he ran against Harold Ford Jr. (who mak…
The only positive to Corker's Senate career is that he prevented Harold Ford Jr's senate career from happening.
Harold Ford Jr is a basic Dino. There's a reason why he's on Morning Joe and never…
Harold Ford Jr. s a joke. He amazingly fell for the false statement about This empty voice is sad. NO true balls
Bannon is horrible, but Corker is the guy that ran a baseless racist ad…
.”I would not kneel if I were in the MFL.” Harold Ford, Jr. I would.
Yeah, but TN still voted him in. *** Harold Ford Jr. Was more conservative than Corker!
via Harold Ford Jr. is the man ran the racist campaign against.
Eh. Ask Harold Ford Jr about the ads Corker ran in 2006 and see what he thinks about Corker's "character".
Harold Ford Jr. should not be representing the left. His views are primitive and why Dems keep losing
why does Harold Ford Jr. dance around SAYING 25th amendment? He is obviously trying not to say it!
Rick Santorum is the Harold Ford Jr. of the right. Always on TV and nobody knows why.
won Senate seat by less than 3% against even more despicable Harold Ford Jr. People of TN never wanted this loser munchkin.
Harold Ford,Jr. Mr Ford this is our great flag as seen on this truck on Fort Bragg last Wednesday.
I have a crush on Ford Jr It’s not just those blue eyes, it’s not that he teaches at UofM. He is a smart man.
Corker was also elected in a uniquely nasty campaign against Harold Ford Jr. which was then blam…
NFL is proud of players who disrespect anthem. Harold Ford, Jr wants them invited to WH.…
harold ford jr w a GREAT idea for the NFL players
I cant believe I ever voted for Corker...but the other candidate was Harold Ford Jr!
What Corker did to Harold Ford Jr was was brutal campaign
No Fan of Bob Corker, Bob played the RACE CARD on Harold Ford Jr to get Elected to Senate has RACIST Right-WING Vot…
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Leave it to Harold Ford Jr to give the NRA credit on Moderate Dems for u.
Just got around to watching whose guest Harold Ford Jr proved once again what a RW pandering phony Democrat he is.
He played the race card on your friend Harold Ford Jr. to get his Senate seat in the first place.
Yes, that campaign was very distressing. Harold Ford, Jr. should have won.
Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker on CNN. Harold Ford Morning Joe Now supports Corker over
Take action, and I’ll forgive you for the racially divisive “Call me Harold” ads you green lit that g…
NRA opposes outright US ban on gun devices used by Las Vegas killer: via Harold Ford, Jr. was premature in hope
If these fools knew like we Tennesseans know him... pond scum and racist campaign against Harold For…
You have been so bad as a senator that Im sorry Harold Ford Jr. lost to you. I think arch weasel is…
What you did to Harold Ford, Jr., to win '07 is worse than 'DayCare'. It was the act of the desperate…
So what office is Harold Ford Jr. running for? His commentary on tonight was scripted...and circa 2004.
We don't spend enough time each day hating on Harold Ford Jr. The man is pure awfulness
Corker can engage in very dirty politics. Ask Harold Ford Jr.
How awful is Bob Corker? The first Democrat I ever voted for was one I loathed then and hate even more in 2017, Harold Ford Jr.
We really want someone to fill Bob Corker's seat. I wish Harold Ford Jr would consider it.
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Hey Why is Harold Ford Jr. the only democrat you have on your panel. He hasn't been in office for what, 10 years?
Harold Ford Jr's role on Morning Joe is to agree with every Racist Ignorant Lie out of Joe's mouth & Stoke his Pathetic Ego.
Larry O' Connor & Harold Ford Jr think Rachel should do symposiums w White Supremacist Anti-Semite Milo. Yep.
Democrats have to divorce Harold Ford Jr from the party.
Harold Ford Jr is not a Democrat anymore. He is Joe Scarborough puppet. Sad!
Harold Ford Jr. Is a corporate Democrat, he blows, get a real liberal to defend the good side
Corker is the same guy who's campaign smeared Harold Ford Jr/dating white women. How he got elected in TN
I'm glad to c Ur acting NORMAL 2day. U owe Harold Ford Jr an apology for ur tantrum yesterday!! Watch the tape n see.😳
Have you ever heard of a man named Harold Ford, Jr.?
My dad was a congressman, and he taught me at a very early age, 'They voted for me, they view
Some say I was disappointed when President Obama won, and that is absolute nonsense.
Lawmakers misrepresent the facts when they call the manufacturing deduction known as Section
If you are born into a family below the national median income, we provide you with an additio
One bipartisan policy tradition is to deny Americans the use of our own resources.
Public service is a part of who I am, having grown up in a family of politicians.
I expect the Republicans will enjoy a large bounce out of their convention. They're here wrapp
The reality is we talk a lot about it, but we really don't give everyone an opportunity to bu
I firmly believe that as voters come to learn more and more about John Kerry and learn more a
I love New York, I love the smell of New York... I love the subway.
Trump kicks crying baby out of his rally... He crosses a new territory
I am a Yankees fan. I should say - have been to more Yankees games than Mets games.
The bureaucracy is not great. I don't think Rick Santorum who is not one for being a big prop
I think the country is very settled in a lot of ways, and we saw that after the Democratic Co
I was for civil unions and believed strongly that the flow of benefits and protections that w
Just listen to this insane, unstable *** and tell me he shouldn't be committed somewhere.
Harold Ford Jr. praises for his data-driven speech at "There's still room for the Mike Duggan-style of politics."
Harold Ford Jr. and Nik Wallace are the paid actors trying to legitimize the hostage crisis. And Eugene writes a genius summary that ..
wow ! You let Harold Ford Jr. Talk for an entire 60 seconds and looked into the camera the whole time. Why HAVE guests ?
Harold Ford Jr supports HRC. What's in it for him?Not happy at UMI?Anyone who supports HRC is corrupt like her.No other reason.
The idea is a straightforward one. We provide an account for every newborn ...
Donnie will be in a time out from the show for a few weeks like Harold Ford Jr was.
Hey why not cart out Harold Ford Jr to make your panel even more nauseating!?
Harold Ford, Jr. makes Hillary look progressive by comparison...and she's certainly no progressive
This Egyptian guy asked if he was black. Your skin is darker than Harold Ford Jr. *** do you think?
Harold Ford Jr supports Hillary, he's so far third way he smells just like a Republican.
OMG Harold Ford Jr just said he is for Hillary, after praising and defending Rubio for 5 minutes, YIKES!!
wish we had an alternative as I sit here watching former dem Harold ford Jr
Didn't Harold Ford Jr used to be a Democrat?
Don't really know too much about Tulsi Gabbard other than she's coming across like Harold Ford, Jr.
I look forward to their convention and look forward to hearing the Presiden...
I'm a capitalist. I believe that people take risk, and there are rewards if...
needed back on East Coast - starts weekend off w/Harold Ford Jr mispronouncing Nevada 2X
Harold Ford Jr. Is "conveniently black", and judging him from a distance, he would never "choose" to be black.
Or Harold ford Jr he was on moving Joe trying to say bernie sounds defeated in his speeches GTFOH
My appetite for public policy and changing it, and not only being a part of...
The one endorsed by Amanda Marcotte? Or..the one endorsed by Harold Ford, Jr.??
Harold Ford, Jr. on again this morning: you know it's going to be another 2 hours of Bernie bashing from a Hillary surrogate.
will someone ask Harold Ford Jr what's his claim to fame?
Sending out an APB for Harold Ford Jr. Oh yes the last time he was on he defended Hilary... Guess that will teach ya!
thing is, cantor got murked by an Enragé. Robespierre got it from, like, Harold Ford Jr
Harold Ford Jr is the joke and sure as *** no *** Democrat.
Honey, I live in Memphis where Harold Ford Jr., is from. NO friends here. He flipped on his party and race long ago.
THIS is what happens when you (Harold Ford Jr) partied all weekend and you're unprepared
Who's Harold Ford Jr's barber up there in New York? They need to be fired. Lol
Harold Ford Jr. The standard is we own the buildings they own the ground
Mika has experience with talking to candidates. Don't ever question her bleached, table dancing highness, Harold Ford Jr.
As long as they don't give Andrew Ross Sorkin or Harold Ford Jr their own shows.
Bob Corker? I think he has been great. I like him better than Harold Ford Jr.
Yes Harold Ford Jr, ask a question abt we haven't heard nearly enough of what he thinks today!
How long does it take Harold Ford Jr to make Joe bring up Ronald Reagan! If Reagan had done this it would be awesome!
From Ken Griffey Jr. to Yoenis Cespedes and many more, presents some great HR Derby moments from the past.
Congratulations to Harold Kraft Jr on the purchase of a 2015
In 2007 wrote an op-ed with Harold Ford Jr. about how Dems mustn't alienate the moderate middle. Now he's a Sanders wannabe.
Martin O'Malley and Harold Ford Jr. - Our Chance to Capture the Center
Harold Ford Jr. and Richard Haass are having trouble with the truth this morning.
With an article set in the Hamptons! MT Harold Ford Jr. for Mayor!
Whatever happened to Harold Ford Jr? Nothing new on Wikipedia
"Southern voters are interested in solutions,” said Harold Ford Jr. in 2003. “They can spot a fake.” . Well, duh.
Obama stumped for Harold Ford Jr. in the '06 Senate race from Metro Courthouse square. More recently, yes, all Briley.
Harold Ford Jr. and Rep. Steve Cohen think there influence within Memphis,Tn is eternal!
Wonder if Harold Ford Jr. will attend. Good man !
Harold Ford Jr. is on a list with Evan Bayh, Mario Cuomo, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney of sons whose politics should offend their fathers.
They did lasting damage to the party brand when they chose Pelosi over Harold Ford Jr. Ford was a rising star
As far as VP goes, you got me. Cory Booker? What's Harold Ford Jr. up to these days? Their bench truly ***
co-chaired by John Sununu & Harold Ford Jr. Out of the goodness of their hearts, no doubt.
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VIDEO - Harold Ford Jr. on Elizabeth Warren: ‘What More Does She Want? Put the Banks out of Business?’
Harold Ford Jr served in TN I think 1 term, maybe 2, he works for Morgan Stanley and makes appearances on cnbc sometimes
he'a only on MJ as a token black person, The other *** Harold Ford Jr sold his soul a while ago
After you win, l want a RECALL CORKER effort launched so Harold Ford Jr can win the seat Corker stole with his racist ads.
Let us not forget the racist tactics he used against Harold Ford Jr. That was disgusting, evil & sick!
Should the Internet be regulated as a public utility? Harold Ford Jr. and Former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu discuss!
Starring Eric Cantor and Harold Ford Jr. in "The Serious Centrists," the lamest buddy-cop movie ever made
Except for kiss *** like Micheal Steele and Harold Ford Jr..
as usual Harold Ford,Jr.agrees with both sides and the middle in otherwords meaningless and without value
I see has Harold Ford Jr on there doing his usual.
ok, Bill Kristol, Harold Ford Jr coming on to agree with every word Joe says
Investment Firm President, Mellody Hobson and US Rep. Harold Ford Jr., asked 'where are your uniforms'. .
Why does Harold Ford Jr. keep trying to pass himself off as progressive? He is a banker who is about as liberal as Bob Beckel
Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday to you! Joining us for today's show, we have: Mike Barnicle, Harold Ford Jr., Sam Stein, Mike Allen, Chris Russo, Cokie Roberts, Dan Senor, David Cohen, Andy Serwer, Daniel Egbert, Matt “Doc” King and Sara Eisen
Good morning everyone! Happy Friday to you! We made it! Joining us for the last show of the week, we have: Donny Deutsch, Harold Ford Jr., Jon Meacham, Sri Jegarajah, Mike Allen, Seth Davis, John Harwood, David Gregory, John Heilemann, Rep. David Jolly, Hooman Majd, Ben Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Arianna Huffington, Charles Best, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Good morning everyone! Happy Monday to you! Joining us for Monday's show, we have: Mike Barnicle, Nicolle Wallace, Harold Ford Jr., Michael Hogan, Mike Allen, Kate Zernike, Chuck Todd, Jennifer Senior, McKenzie Funk, James Lipton and more
Good morning everyone! Happy Friday. Joining us today for a discussion on the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela and much more, we have: Rev. Al Sharpton, Richard Haass, Jon Meacham, Katty Kay, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Rohit Kachroo, Harold Ford Jr., Richard Stengel, Chuck Todd, David Gregory, Tina Brown, Rep. Maxine Waters, Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell, Craig Shirley, Secy. James Baker and Pastor Rick Warren
Harold Ford Jr is wasted talent on Morning Joe Morning Joe IS PUERILE WITHOUT JOE Sean Hannity guest Ford on your show!!
I think Harold Ford Jr. is at least as conservative as Should have voted for him.
Harold Ford Jr tells us why he thinks America's Economic Future is looking bright! Booking: Subscribe to GTN on YouTube:
Harold Ford Jr very impressive speaker 1st thing on day 2 Probably also will win fastest speaking award maybe best joke .
Considering the DLC is defunct [ :( ] and Harold Ford Jr is lucky to get a Morning Joe panel gig, not sure how they run the party.
If Republicans remain united on Obamacare, changes will have to be made." Harold Ford Jr., Morgan Stanley
Harold Ford Jr, MD, Morgan Stanley tells "Bernanke has been the only adult in Washington during past two years."
Harold Ford Jr, MD, Morgan Stanley tells Markets will react in mature & sensible fashion to US debt ceiling."
Coming up next speaks to Harold Ford Jr, former US Congressman & currently managing director at
Harold Ford Jr, former US Congressman now MD at Morgan Stanley up next
Harold Ford Jr. got evicted from his Democrat seat, now works for Morgan Stanley
Judging from my old college paper column I successfully appropriated the style of Che Guevara with political beliefs of Harold Ford Jr
How big is the Debt Threat to the Markets? We'll ask Morgan Stanley's Harold Ford Jr. at noon
So sad to see how Harold Ford Jr. was neutered when Scarborough yelled at him on the show-he shouldn't call himself a Democrat!
This is just offensive. "Opinion: The real threat to the open Internet - Harold Ford Jr. and John Sununu"
Harold Ford, Jr (on the power companies like CBS have to limit our access to Internet content via
The Nashville Palm wall features political blasts from the past Bill Frist and Harold Ford Jr.
Looking forward to seeing Harold Ford Jr. and Ev Ehrlich discuss Ev's paper with at event at Senate Monday .
Hopefully you won't have that hack Harold Ford Jr., seriously he has got to go.
Harold Ford Jr doesn't know when to shut up ~ WHAT THE *** HAS HE DONE FOR THIS COUNTRY? Nothing but stink up .GreenRoomCouch
No, we don't look at Cohen as white. He is our congressman. He did what Harold Ford Jr. didn't do - represent us after Sr. retired.
He's a nutcase.I remember when he was elected in Harold Ford Jr's seat, he wanted to join the CBC and c/n figure out why he c/n
Harold Ford Jr. should ask Joe and any guest to carefully wash their a$$ before he kisses it
Harold Ford Jr. is on my list of hated people, subcategory: "on-the-one-hand-on-the-other". There's nothing to like.
Today, Sununu and Harold Ford Jr in the Detroit op-ed pages. Shills for cable and telcos.
John Sununu and Harold Ford Jr., honorary co-chairs of Broadband for America. Member list here:
Hmm while is talking about carpetbagging, how about they take a look at Harold Ford Jr. He left TN high & dry for the Big Apple
Cory Booker, Harold Ford Jr., Barack Obama; these pols all have one important thing in common: they will certainly
Former House Dem, Harold Ford Jr was allowed facetime on MSNBC. He encouraged Obama to green light the KXL project saying it would create thousands of jobs. Neither Scarborough or Matthews asked him to source his jobs numbers (not that job statistics trump environmental, treaty or property rights issues). There's a reason Canada won't permit their project.
Mark Halperin adds real class to Morning Joe (also Harold Ford Jr) Why can't we have more real class at table? Why does mush rule?
This Sunday will put Newt Gingrich, Harold Ford Jr. and Rich Lowry on national teevee all at once for no explicable reason
Meet The Press will have Newt and Harold Ford Jr. this Sunday so I guess I better brew up some bathtub Klonopin tonight.
Enjoying et al on this panel on austerity, but wouldn't mind a good argument. Whither Wall St's Harold Ford Jr?
ters - Can I ask your thoughts pls; what do you think of Harold Ford Jr? Would you be interested to hear from him?
If you love Harold Ford Jr. as your idea of a Black politician you really will enjoy the next Clinton presidency.
He's starting to sound like Harold Ford Jr., who has now revealed himself to be a wallstreet puke
Oh yes, - let’s bring in Harold Ford Jr for his expertise on Margaret Thatcher
"I wonder what Harold Ford Jr. thinks." Nobody ever
has anyone seen Harold Ford Jr's helicopter?
i love that Harold Ford Jr. predicted the correct winners for Best Picture, Actor, Actress and Supporting Actress- on a Meet the Press panel discussion 10 hours before the actual event. I guess there are politicians out there, that don't have their head up their *** after all!
Oooowe! Harold Ford Jr. On Now with Alex Wagner on MSNBC fine ad *** and dominated the panel discussion!!!
Hilarious!!! We have 2 Republican Senators in Tennessee, Bob Corker, and Lamar Alexander. Alexander is far too liberal for me, and Corker is to far to the middle. NO WAY is Ashley winning a Senate seat here!!! Harold Ford Jr. couldn't do it with full support from Memphis and Nashville.
Your media bias laugh of the day: New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan claimed "you wouldn't know who" most Times reporters voted for, on Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe. Mediaite's Noah Rothman reported the exchange between host Joe Scarborough and Sullivan.
Wonder what dirt Harold Ford Jr. has on Scarborough. It's the only reason I can fathom why he has a TV gig since he says nothing noteworthy.
What happened to making Harold Ford, Jr. jokes?
Harold Ford Jr has an interesting face.
Oy! I gave up on CNN. Now listening to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC and I want to punch the TV. What made him qualified to have a show? Maybe he's just saying this annoying stuff to fire up the conversation.
Quit wasting time picking on HAROLD FORD JR. He's one of your best panelists Joe ! He's a snappy dresser too :)
Harold Ford Jr example of a man who wants to be on TV, period. He kisses *** & makes fool of himself, that's his policy
Joe blatently interrupted Harold Ford Jr. twice and now he mocks him...where's Mika?
Harold Ford Jr is the example of the diff btwn a show horse & a work horse in Congress. He's not involved in serious policy
Add Bobby Jindal to the list who is calling the Republicans the "Stupid" Party. Were'nt they fast tracking him to be their next superstar only a few years ago?
Oh, look .black friend is on set today. Another milquetoast Harold Ford, Jr. Ugggh Joe back today so no Hillary talk MSNBC
Hey could Harold Ford Jr or Sam Stein pick you up and carry you off the field of battle?
"Bluedog Democrat" I heard the term used today. I know what it used to mean. I don't believe such a thing exists anymore. No one with true conservative values could be a Democrat today.
Since Hillary's amazing performance yesterday there has been a lot more chatter about her possible run in 2016. There has also been some chatter about Joe possibly running as well now that the inauguration is over. I know that I would be torn if I had to make a decision between the two. I would love to know what your feelings are.
Corker has evolved into my favorite Republican senator (bar isn't high), despite his nasty, racist campaign ad against Harold Ford, Jr.
Me and Harold Ford Jr. I will become an excellent leader and philanthropist
Don't forget Harold Ford Jr. is the featured speaker this Tuesday at Wayne State's Tribute to Martin Luther King,...:
.keynote Harold Ford, Jr. sharing a great childhood story on importance of honesty
All children have and deserve the ability to learn. keynote speaker Harold Ford, Jr.
Time for Harold Ford Jr to gone step his game up
Harold Ford Jr. is so wishy washy "this type of rethoric on both sides"? Dems don't say nothing close to the nastyness as Repubs
WHO decided Harold Ford Jr would be a GREAT guest ~ WHO, scheduler ~ looking at YOU ~ geesh shill .~
I really do try...but I just can't listen to Harold Ford Jr. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
Harold Ford Jr.: "Where I come from we say bless his [Karl Rove's] heart." What Southerners say when we think someone's stupid. lol
Its new media person Harold Ford Jr. no longer never was a dem
I don't get Harold Ford Jr. He seems to me to be the epitome of craven political cowardice and expediency. Why would anyone listen to him?
56% of Americans are in favor of stricter gun sale laws according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released last night. Wayne LaPierre, the NRA Executive Vice President hasn’t been seen since his appearance on Meet The Press last month. Is the NRA’s top representative hiding from the debate? We’ll discuss the next phase of the gun debate with Sam Stein, Harold Ford Jr. and Ben Smith. See you at noon sharp! (
The continues its war on facts. talks Gun Reform Debate w/Harold Ford Jr at 12nET/9aPT
Memphis principal Jackson left her mark, in many ways: Harold Ford Jr. gives Hattie Jackson much of the credit for...
+1: "I would just as soon pile her, Evan Bayh, Harold Ford Jr. and all those other turncoats on a ..." by
Harold Ford Jr comes to mind very quickly
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I enjoy listening to Harold Ford Jr. speak on He has a great vocab. Today's takeaways- 'Besmirch' and 'beholden.' :)
I see regular & not too stealthy corporate shill undercover pretending to be a democratic brother Harold Ford jr is there today
“Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.” -- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows     "Ever since the seeking of preference and distinction came into play, the world has been laid waste." -- Bahá'u'lláh     “Stick to love, hate is too great a burden to bear.” -- MLK     "There is nothing that wastes the body like worry. and one who has faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever" -- Mahatma Gandhi     "No one remembers what exactly was said, only how you made them feel."     “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”     "In gemstones the whole majesty of nature is encompassed in minute space... A single one suffices to demonstrate the excellence of creation." -- Pliny the Elder     "What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly" -- Lao Tzu     "If you want to be a happier person, don't read a self help book, just have happier friends" -- Matthew Taylor     ...
In Congress? We haven't had a Congresswoman from Memphis but our last Congressman was Harold Ford Jr.
BY PAUL SCHINDLER | There are good reasons — given his votes and statements on LGBT issues as well as a woman’s right to choose — to oppose former Nebras
Ed Rendell & Harold Ford Jr, the Laurel & Hardy of Dems, are probably the last people President Obama would take leadership advice from.
Wasnt it Corker that beat Harold Ford Jr for Senate seat w/ad that played on racial fears of Repubs in TN over interracial relationships?
Let's be real, Harold Ford Jr. is a prize only compared to the rest of his family. He's just ok. Still, he vastly outclassed Corker.
I wonder how David Gregory would judge David Gregory's guilt. I imagine he'd just believe whatever Harold Ford Jr. told him he did.
Another reason that Harold Ford Jr should go ahead & admit he's a (closet?) GOPer. Or did I miss his outing?
lord, Harold Ford Jr. is my type of guy. smart. stately. good name. better brain.
Must see hilarious w/ Harold Ford Jr. & Andrea Mitchell asking Pres Obama to bail out Boehner.
and Harold Ford Jr. . I don't think can get much more laughable than that
Hey what the difference between Harold Ford Jr and the Tea Party? NOTHING:
Harold Ford Jr criticized Senate Dems who attempted to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito. He's NO DEM.
Harold Ford Jr opposed benefits for same-sex couples and supported the Federal Marriage Amendment. HE'S NO DEM.
Harold Ford Jr voted in favor of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which helped create the 2007 financial crisis.
Harold Ford Jr is making a lot of sense on Too bad he's not in congress anymore.
I was going to make a snarky comment about Harold Ford Jr. on MTP but it's too ridiculous and absurd to adequately convey in 140 characters.
Tennessee folks were so fond of the white girl telling Harold Ford Jr. to "call me"; they're gonna' love Charlie Strong's wife!
Non-partisan is code for the center and center right governing majority coalition. Harold Ford Jr. and Eric Cantor have a lot in common.
Dream lunch, Morning Joe, Harold Ford Jr. And Chris Wallace. I get to ask the questions.
Thing from this morning: Harold Ford Jr trying to make us feel sorry for him since he had no power. The guy works for Merrill Lynch!
Unusual but welcome Harold Ford Jr.calls wallstreet journal attack big govt. what it is cover for Mitt says fema be gone
Yeah, I'm convinced Harold Ford Jr. and Ed Rendell are Double Agents working against the Obama campaign! LOL
I'm done with and joe is a liar.and Harold Ford jr is such a mindless empty suit
Please join to hear pre-election view points with Harold Ford Jr and Andy Friedman on Oct 30th, details here:
Repubs also "banked on white fear" in Harold Ford Jr.s 2006 Senate race
I just wish Harold Ford Jr was around to help me understand DMR and
Well the DLC took up all of the Oligarchy agenda of the GOP, i.e. Harold Ford, Jr working for Morgan-Stanley.
lmao yes and sadly I have her book. I wanted to know since I was a Harold Ford Jr fan and she dated him.
Certainly from the right, but it includes the Democratic Leadership Council, i.e. Harold Ford Jr.
Truly outstanding and moving person, speaker, and leader Harold Ford Jr.
Morning Joe will be live Monday at Racks Downtown Eatery and Tavern in Mizner Park in Boca Raton. Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Richard Haass, Politico, Mike Barnicle, Harold Ford Jr., Eugene Robinson, Andrea Mitchell and more will be joining us.
I think it's cool that Payton Manning & his wife is now part owners of the Memphis Grizzlies with Justin Timberlake, Harold Ford Jr & Penny Hardaway.
The moderate-liberal Democrat and former Congressman seeks to become an NBA co-owner. FromThe Commercial Appeal(Memphis): "Former congressman Harold Ford Jr. has agreed to become a member of Robert Pera's Memphis Grizzlies ownership group. Less than two weeks after Pera added some star power in the ...
How about Justin Timberlake, & Harold Ford Jr. both up to purchase a portion of the Memphis Grizzlies, (good look for the home(boys) team).
Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Joins Robert Pera's Bid to Buy Memphis Grizzlies. Ford “agreed to become a member" of NBA ownership team.
Harold Ford Jr. Plays 3rd sting PG for the Memphis Grizzlies ? I wonder how Z-Bo & TA feel about that ?
Morning Joe kicks off its 5-year-anniversary week on Monday with Mark Halperin, Harold Ford Jr., Politico, Chris Russo, Mike Florio, Bob Woodward, David Johnstone, Yves Durif, Brian Sullivan and more
Morning everyone! We are back and in Charlotte for the start of the DNC. Joining us at the BlackFinn Saloon will be: Mike Barnicle, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Jonathan Martin, Andrea Mitchell, Gov. Dannel Malloy, Harold Ford Jr., Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Fmr. Gov. Tim Kaine, Secy. Madeleine Albright, Chuck Todd, Jeff Greenfield, Sen. Mark Warner, Gov. Pat Quinn, Jeff Bridges and Billy Shore.
Harold Ford Jr. Is a total sellout. Cannot get over getting booted from congress and blames Democratic Party. DINO.
Morning everyone! Happy Wednesday to you. Let's get a few headlines in before we launch into the show. Today we have with us Mike Barnicle, Richard Wolffe, Ezra Klein, Ed Rendell, Mike Allen, Jesse Palmer, Harold Ford Jr., Sam Stein, Tina Brown, Chuck Todd, Stephanie Cutter, Campbell Brown and Andy Borowitz
Tennessee Democrats: for voters who hate *** but still aren't quite ready to give up the Party of Barack Hussein Obama and Harold Ford Jr!
Greenwald: "The Smirking Sociopath: Congressman Harold Ford Jr., sleazy corporatist and nepotist, is the walking, breathing embodimen...
Surprised that Harold Ford jr hasnt wrapped himself with a confederate flag lately
Harold Ford Jr. acts like he has a brain tumor or some organic problem.
I never trusted Harold Ford Jr. He's beholden to some strange bedfellows... And he stood in front of that racist flag.
The first comment on the Harold Ford Jr. article gave me the chuckles.
Here's an actual photo of Harold Ford, Jr:
As soon as you mention Harold Ford Jr., I get the heebie jeebies, i.e. fake liberals everywhere.
Just saw a black guy wrapped in the Confederate flag on "Honey Boo Boo." Maybe it was Harold Ford, Jr.
Now Harold Ford Jr. knows why Joe Scarborough showed his fangs the other day on "Morning Joe", he knew the VP pick
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