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Harlem Nights

Harlem Nights is a 1989 comedy-drama crime film starring Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.

Della Reese Eddie Murphy Richard Pryor Redd Foxx Robin Harris Trading Places Arsenio Hall Charlie Murphy Red Foxx New York Redd Fox Jasmine Guy

Eddie Murphy in his prime: Trading Places, Coming to America, Harlem Nights, 48 hrs. Hall of Fame resume.
The one thing I regret not doing at Girard Hall is running that underground poker tourney. I rly wanted to do the Harlem Nights
His name was Tommy on Martin and his name was Tommy in Harlem Nights lol
*** dude that stuck up the dice game in Harlem Nights died
I immediately thought of the Harlem Nights character. I shouldn't have, but I did.
But you've never seen Harlem Nights so ion know man...
Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Actor in 'Roots' and 'Harlem Nights,' dies at 77
Tonight catch me tearing it up at Harlem Nights for the Summer Renaissance Stage with djhotrod !…
Impossible to pick one lol Rush Hour, Harlem Nights, Friday, Coming to America, Uptown Saturday Night.
There is a very roundabout reason why I am watching Harlem Nights today. Eddie Murphy's 'serious' voice always reminds me of Prince Akeem
Lela Rochon and when she played Sunshine in Harlem Nights
And while Charlie Murphy didn't have a big role in Harlem Nights he was featured prominently throughout the film. https…
For some reason I immediately thought of "Harlem Nights." Charlie Murphy & Robin Harris gon' fire everybody up at the dinner ta…
Harlem Nights had all the black comedy legends, Eddie & Charlie Murphy, Pryor, Redd Foxx, Robin Harris, Della, Arsenio,…
Shoutout to my sis Meek for dropping in tonight at harlemnightsbar @ Harlem Nights
Remember that scene in Harlem nights where Jack Johnson was fighting the white dude and half the crowd was applauding at any given moment?
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Harlem nights in ATL is equivalent to The Cave in Va Beach
Merkel's face is Della Reese in Harlem Nights: "oh you wanna hit people with garbage cans? Now I got to cut ya"…
Does harlem nights have a dress code on fridays
Gotz and Foxworth going after Clark U was like Arsenal shooting into that building on Harlem Nights
. My bad, sir. I didn't know you were watching Harlem Nights.
I wish I was at home high watchin Harlem Nights 😂😭😭😭
Hey on behalf of since you picked OKState to beat us. "KISS MY ENTIRE *** SUGAR." - Della Reese, Harlem Nights
My great regret being this was 8 years before Harlem Nights so I couldn't do an impression of her getting her pinky…
idk I haven't lived in Houston since 2005 😩😩😩. Harlem nights probably trash af tho now too don't pay me no mind
TODAY! If you've ever said "I gotta come check you out at Harlem Nights one day" TODAY is your…
I feel like the only place I would ever see someone rocking a Harlem Nights movie varsity jacket…
All the beats & background music on makes me feel like I'm in a Harlem Nights type movie!
Man a Hollywood Shuffle remake and Harlem Nights would be dope
& Fellas please you have to link with to push for a reboot to Harlem Nights please Why not??
Hopefully in the future we can work on a pre sequel to Harlem Nights I know you will like my ideas
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I swear I tune into Della Reese from "Harlem Nights" when I'm hungry.
^AH Take the A-Train to get to way up in Harlem 145th St stop, Monday nights, Jazz
he need to do a like Harlem nights with all the comedian of today
Well maybe not Harlem Nights, well it would depend on the actors. Cause most from the original are dead.
IDK, if he does then I would want a Harlem Nights and Life sequel
after that career I bet he only eats pudding and gushers. He gotta be child-like af now. Like the champ in Harlem Nights.
Shouts to the homie ty, we really killed it on the Harlem nights stage yesterday!
Looking for ladies to host Friday's Harlem nights Atlanta Talk to me
Me reenacting part of a scene from "Harlem Nights," one of my FAVORITE films! 🎬🎬🎬Me cl…
I think Harlem Nights could've had a sequel though. But that's too late now
You'd be suprised at my level of loyalty. I mean as she said n harlem nights. Im a honest *** and all my *** is...
Reminds me of that scene in Harlem Nights when the dude had that little gun
Nah but u might could pull off Harlem Nights playing an older Quick returning to claim Harlem's night life
ShoutOut to the 1 & Only tiaculver for the appearance @ Who Got Da Juice... @ Harlem Nights…
hey love it's at Harlem Nights on 7th Ave and 138th and I'll text you too
Two shows this week tho 😁🙏🏽 . Milk River on Tuesday . Harlem Nights on Saturday ✨🔑
TICHINA ARNOLD will be at Harlem Nights at the ULTIMATE
BPC is hosting a Harlem Renaissance Ball!! Think Harlem Nights. Tickets are only $20. Make sure you get yours!!! https…
AUDITIONS START TOMORROW!! If you want to perform during Harlem Nights please come to auditions! Time and place sta…
Vampire in Brooklyn, Harlem Nights, Coming to America are all by far the best movies ever.Don't argue with me😂
You know the what "The Great Gatsby Meets Harlem Nights" but don't forget why the why "Cynthia A. Guillory...
I'm suddenly in the mood to watch Harlem Nights.
via M. MARSHALL will be performing on January 29 @ HARLEM NIGHTS
Harlem Nights Murder mystery dinner party. The maid was shot and I told my friend, "Get me on Snapchat cuz"
It is called Five Nights in Harlem and I mention Thomas Sowell in it multiple times.
if you want to take a quick look at it. People either love or hate it
did you miss last nights Sticks show ? . listen again via mixcloud...
Why did I not see Harlem Nights until last year? Amazing movie.
Dude studying in Harlem nights and Eddie Murphy expression , the funniest thing on earth >
its def better than nutty professor. I'll rewatch Harlem Nights
Harlem Nights is good just not top did give us "sunshine"...
dude, Harlem Nights is not good and it's heartbreaking because of that cast. Also don't sleep on 48 Hours
Belly was a good movie 🎥... anyone know where I can find Harlem nights ?
that doesn't disqualify. I like Harlem nights but can't say it's classic.
This *** laughs like tommy off Harlem Nights 😂😂😭
Don't be a menace with Harlem Nights and Ray
Harlem nights and life and Friday top 3 movies all time
Needed a Harlem Nights dress .couldn't find what I wanted and not enough time to order online…
Came through to support my big bro Rasul A-Salaam's anniversary! — drinking Happy Hour at Harlem Nights
So y'all gone sleep on Eddie like he ain't make Norbit, Harlem Nights, Boomerang, and Coming To America 🤔
If you are still interested in performing for Harlem Nights, come to our auditions! Time and place stated below!
You're invited to the first annual.. April 8th 2017. 10pm Sharp . Attire: FORMAL/Harlem Nights Theme
On the phone with my ma. She has bronchitis. She sounds like Della Reese in "Harlem Nights". Currently narrating an epi of "Dog Whisperer".😕
tried that I just sent the angriest text to my girl. You remember that scene from Harlem nights about the orange juice ?
Harlem Nights is probably my favorite movie ever.
Life, Harlem nights, and the Friday's are classics that will always be funny to me
lol he remind me of that dude from Harlem Nights who kept shooting that small gun
See Larry Luve at coast 2 coast industry mixer Nights on January 22nd with -
Would you like Info on setting up a Free Birthday Party Friday @ Harlem Nights or enigma night…
Gotta shoot that off like Harlem Nights
Cold nights when Hot fantasies come true - by Lily Harlem via
Harlem nights lol my favorite favorite
You know how many people don't even know what CB4 is? Harlem Nights, he supported Eddie (of course) and Lottery Tic…
This Saturday DJ ShortyLove will be back in the mix at Harlem Nights Bar 10pm-3am. @ Harlem Nights
Harlem nights might be the funniest movie I've ever seen 😂😂😂
If Shenae Keep talkin Brazy. Imma have to Run up on her @ ESO In Harlem 1 of them Ladies Nights 💪💪
I remember when I was younger I used to have Harlem Nights in my playstation every night before I went to sleep lmao
I'm excited to hear about what else you end up watching. Harlem Nights is also a classic with many quotables.
Shannon Sharpe thought it was funny that Talib snatched chain. MF stutters more then the champ on Harle…
Harlem Nights might still be the funniest Eddie Murphy movie still & that is saying something
Fsseee he do look like he in Harlem nights
Like them dude from Harlem nights who was after quick 😭
Happy come and get with me on Tuesday nights at Harlem Hospital!!! It might be…
*continues vacuuming like dude on Harlem Nights
*the smile Redd Foxx had on Harlem Nights when they talked about Sunshine*
proly saw Harlem Nights n remembered when Redd Foxx said "aight messin with them creole women will get a root put on yo *** lol
Harlem Nights is a top star filled comedy..Della Reese, Redd Fox, Richard Pryor..they dnt make them like that any more ! One of my favorites
Friendsgiving...Super Soul Sunday...Harlem Nights...all wrapped up into one evening with the…
If you want to talk old school can't leave him out. He was hilarious in Harlem Nights. Brilliant move, Eddie.
I've referenced Coming to America more than Harlem Nights, but can't beat Sunshine, Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.
that is Redd Foxx from the movie Harlem Nights so no real people shaded in pic
In 1989, Redd Foxx acted in one final movie called Harlem Nights before dying from a heart attack in 1991.
I remember when Della Reese kicked Eddie Murphy's *** in Harlem Nights
Just watched "Harlem Nights" with Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior and a hot of other super famous faces and names...
I love watching Della Reese use these big *** slices of bread on "Harlem Nights" lol
Un cantito del show en Harlem Nights el miercoles pasado... A lil taste of the show last Wed at Harlem Nights ATL...
Big L - Harlem Nights feat. Children of the Corn vía
I need some help. My best friend's 40th bday is a Harlem Nights themed party. I need an outfit like Sugar Ray or Quick. Where 2 go shop?
I liked a video Harlem Nights craps
Bouta watch Harlem nights again, movie way funny
I liked a video from Harlem Nights - My Pinky Toe Scene
My boy jack at Harlem nights tavern be whipping em drinks up real good 👌🏽
Come check me out April 11th @ Harlem Nights in Atlanta for the Coast 2 Coast Live showcase!!!…
'On friday head over to harlem nights' -
In honor of Eddie Murphy bday I'm watching all movies raw delirious life Harlem nights coming to America nutty professors 1 and 2
yes because the 1st thing that comes to mind is Harlem Nights...Don't make me shoot you in the pinky toe now!
The different point of views about "Harlem Nights" is fascinating. The critics panned the movie. But in the black community it's a classic.
That's why Harlem Nights is one of my favorite movies. Black excellence was written all over it.
Harlem Nights still one of Eddie's best movies
If you don't know any Harlem Nights quotes ... I can't trust you
I can't trust anyone who does not like Harlem Nights
Lounging in my pj's watching harlem nights (@ 👑 The Queendom👑 in Buffalo, NY)
Make'm dance. which ever way they want. @ Harlem Nights
Think imma watch harlem nights n burn another one
Harlem Nights and Coming to America were underrated imo. Genius!
But Dawg they deleted harlem nights!!!
I got hands for anybody who slanders Harlem Nights
Karaoke for the chiljens. We love the chiljens! (@ Harlem Nights in New York, NY)
"Harlem Nights" when Arsenio Hall is shooting at Eddie Murphy >
Coming to America and Harlem Nights are movies that should be provided automatically at birth ...
Coming to America, Harlem Nights, Boomerang, all on the list...
ive seen so many idk if I can pick 5 but, harlem nights, long kiss goodnight, gangster squad, blow, step brothers,
I loved Redd Foxx in Harlem Nights wit those glasses...under-rated comedy. Danny Aiello is great as the cop who orders a raid!
Tripping on Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx ,Robin Harris & Eddie Murphy who df put these niGGaz in the same movie — watching Harlem Nights
Most all my favorite movies starred Eddie Murphy when he was in his prime.Harlem Nights, Coming to America, Life, Nutty Professor,
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Good thing I got Harlem Nights recorded. I can watch that shiit all day. 😂😂😂
Sunday. MLK Sunday @ Harlem Nights for ONE NIGHT ONLY🔥😨. Shuttles pick up from the library h…
I remember Eddie Murphy wanted to work with Richard Pryor but they didn't exactly get along on the set of Harlem Nights.
Jasmine Guy was so fine in Harlem Nights
Harlem Nights, coming to America, major Payne, the color purple (my fave, don't judge me)
Ready 2 Turn Up and Rock the Stage w/ at the ATL Live Event on 9/21 @ Harlem Nights.💋
Vampire in Brooklyn. Harlem Nights. Coming to America (Queens). Eddie loved him some NYC.
1kollosus mixtape release party goin down tomorrow night at at Harlem Nights artist…
1st pic is Jasmine Guy in Harlem Nights , 2nd pic is Jasmine Guy now .. . Didn't age so gracefully
Harlem nights still my favorite movie 😂😭
I got tickets 2 a major up coming beat battle n at harlem nights any artist who want to attend let me kno come find you a producer
and need to do another movie together like coming to america and Harlem nights .! Two awesome funny actors
Harlem Nights may be the funniest movie ever
Jeb has those Bennie from Harlem Nights glasses
My favorite movie is Harlem Nights .. I could watch it over and over
new jack city . Boyz n tha hood . Harlem nights
Rock in with the big homie tomorrow at Harlem Nights
Atlanta followers do not forget about Farenheit Fridays with the Posh Doll models at Harlem Nights.…
Is it weird that I've never seen Scarface and Never heard of Harlem Nights. My co workers think I have been deprived.
Come kick it with me @ Harlem nights this Saturday . Hit my up to get in for free or to get a VIP . PS. They do...
Salute 💯💯 Much Love to My Homie for showing love last night at Harlem Nights ‼️…
HMU to be on my guest list for my WELCOME HOME party at Harlem Nights | Tomorrow night !
Harlem Nights gotta be one of tha funniest movies I've ever seen dawg
This was one of those long nights in NYC Harlem working on the Game Plan…
Ladies and Gentlemen join us in our 1st Annual Harlem Nights inspired dinner and dance. Pl…
Besides the shoot out scene in Harlem nights, that waxing scene from 40 Yr Old virgin is one of the funniest ever dawg
samosashackny's photo Tonight at opening! nights
Late nights with my bro bout to finish the night off good!! HARLEM STOP NEXT
Laugh at harlem nights and at life every time like they're new films
y'all can make me this Harlem nights jersey?
Breast Cancer Awareness
She getting catfished by Vera from Harlem Nights
Have you like the bul from Harlem nights when he met sunshine. Lmao
Al Chauncy and live band preform Sat at Harlem Nights ATL!!!
To all my Atlanta followers, I will be hosting a party at Harlem Nights this Friday. Come join me and…
Do the right thing, Harlem nights, menace 2 society, south central
Catch me Live On Your Radios This Friday Broadcasting From Harlem Nights @ 10pm with my bro…
In other theater shooting news, the opening night of 'Harlem Nights' also got off to a rough start in 1989:
Webbie look like he got on Red Foxx glasses off Harlem Nights
Business meeting working waiting to perform in Atlanta at Harlem Nights tonight Coast 2 Coast!…
repost via from Tonight invades Harlem Nights…
Every other Tuesday, Cofound Harlem will be featuring kickass entrepreneurs to join us on MIST Terrace and share...
Harlem Nights and The Wood will forever be my movies
Don't talk to me if you've never seen Harlem Nights or Coming To America
Harlem Nights is my favorite movie.
Harlem Nights so funny... I can't never get tired of it
Maples never seen the wiz, color purple, do the right thing, crooklyn, I JUST got him to watch Boomerang & Harlem Nights
if i was 21 i would hit up Harlem Nights.. tonight was straight
What do yall know about Harlem nights
I love I'll take Manhattan and Harlem Nights. I like the metallic frosty look
In traffic wit and pour up 1 wit us 💯 @ Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge ATL
I randomly quote Harlem Nights throughout the day. Don't judge.
Chillin in Atlanta until my show tomorrow at Harlem Nights
Just when I thought that I was about to watch Harlem Nights, I gotta find out that you took it away 😒😒😒
Y'all still be going to Harlem Nights??
I officially fell in love with Harlem last night. What a beautiful, magical, stunning place. Nothing like summer nights in Harlem.
The Harlem Nights Event has been rescheduled from July 17, 2015 to October 23, 2015.
Harlem nights and DJ Ari in New York the show is tonite
Come Turn Up Tonight and watch your boy 1officialpedro Blow the stage up at Harlem Nights... Coast 2…
Harlem Nights is just a smooth *** movie. I need it back in my life man
Please put Harlem Nights back on Netflix I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
They really pierced my heart with taking Harlem nights off of netflix man
Bmg Antt has a show on 07/13/2015 at 09:30 PM @ Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge in Atlanta, GA
In Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge right now. Them Black Bottles coming out tonight!
If you ain't doing shid tonight go party wid the Alpha Phi Omega men at Harlem Nights doors o.just read the flyer
deal breaker or not?!?! She has never seen Coming to America, Beverley Hills Cop, Point Break, Trading Places and Harlem Nights!
This bittie at Harlem Nights turnt rapping every song like she wrote them herself
Harlem Nights will never not be funny.
Harlem Nights on the tele. I've seen this movie way too many times. And I still laugh every time.
Like the perfect verse on a tight beat!!! @ Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge ATL
Harlem Nights is where we at with it, Go ahead and act like you know G!
People say Harlem Nights bombed at the box office, It killed in dvd sales though
Harlem has his days and nights mixed up 😩😩
watched Harlem Nights twice today. now time to figure out my life.
My favorite part of Friday nights. Full version on fb @ nysc 125th…
"its not how many people you shoot... it's who you shoot." - Harlem Nights
I know somebody that hasn't seen Harlem nights
Today's video shoot was a Harlem Nights theme!!! So much fun! When the short film comes out I'll be sure to post the link:)
Think its time to watch some Harlem nights
Can Kevin Hart have a run like Eddie Murphy did in the 90's Harlem nights Boomerang lethal weapon nutty professor like dam
I couldn't understand why yall liked Harlem Nights so much until the first time I watched it .
rd u don't watch ESPN all day but u can watch Harlem nights all day 😩😂
not necessarily something that ends their career, but the first thing that slows them down. like Harlem Nights for Eddie.
I got my money on Vera. She whoop quick *** in Harlem nights.
Harlem Nights was too real for this guy in broad Day!
I wish I was on the set of Harlem Nights just observing. Pryor, Murphy, Foxx, Robin Harris, Charlie Murphy lol. Know they were clowning.
Ray Lewis got his "Lady Sings the Blues" outfit on. Or at least he's in an off-Broadway production of "Harlem Nights"
What you waiting on to get your tickets?
EYE must say Endzone had them females in there last night lawd! Ain't see that much *** since Harlem Nights in Houston
NW: Harlem Nights for the first time! you weren't the only one! lol I remembered your status on fb. now its my turn! :)
watching Harlem nights. Texting will. Drinking Whiskey about ol to make a play. What's good?
Watching Harlem Nights. Drinking Whiskey. Peace. I love this. I truly need to do this more often
Between "Meteor Man" the other day and now "Harlem Nights" , most of the all black movies in the last 10 yrs blowww.
All those nights on Lennox Ave and 125th that my…
is sunshine from Harlem Nights still gettin tricks to leave their wives?
Jackie Jackson & Lela Rochon at the movie premiere of "Harlem Nights" on November 16, 1989.
Chalky White trying out the spirits before heading to the Harlem Nights speakeasy.…
Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor on the set of Harlem Nights...
“I love Della Reese in Harlem Nights 😂” im a honest *** & all my *** honest 😂😂😂
󾔸Watched 2 of my fave movies tonight "Harlem Nights", "Perfect Stranger"...Man-o'Man I'm bout too heat ⬆ my food...
Della Reese cussing it up w/ Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor n Redd Foxx in Harlem Nights...
RIP : Redding Foxx. DID YOU KNOW? Malcolm X was known as Detroit Red, Malcolm called. Redding Foxx CHICAGO RED, FUNNIEST DISHWASHER IN THE WORLD. John Elroy Sanford [1] (December 9, 1922 –October 11, 1991), known professionally as Redd Foxx,was an American comedian and actor, best remembered for his explicit comedy records and his starring role on the 1970s sitcom Sanford and Son. [2] Foxx gained notoriety with his raunchy nightclub acts during the 1950s and 1960s. Known as the "King of the Party Records", he performed on more than 50 records in his lifetime. He also starred in Sanford,The Redd Foxx Show and The Royal Family. His film roles included All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) and Harlem Nights (1989). In 2004, Comedy Central Presents: 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time ranked Foxx as the 24th best stand-up comedian. [3] Foxx not only influenced many comedians, [2] but was often portrayed in popular culture as well, mainly as a result of his famous catchphrases,body language and facial express . ...
like Della Reese said in Harlem Nights, "don't get my mouth all ready for some hash & you ain't even got none!!"
My grandparents are the real life Della Reese and Redd Fox in Harlem Nights. They be going at it 24/7.
Love jones, brown sugar, Friday(s), Fresh, love & basketball, the best man, brothers, bad boys, blue streak, the wood, Harlem Nights ...
Sometimes self care and decompression means layin in bed watching Harlem Nights at 9pm on a Saturday night
I liked a video Key and Peele Valets Do 'Coming To America' and 'Harlem Nights' on Arsenio Hall
Harlem Nights back this week, hit my line if you coming
Netflix has all the Eddie Murphy Classics: Boomerang, Harlem Nights, Trading Places, Coming to America, Beverly Hills C…
I take that back they will be Arsenio Hall crying mad like in Harlem Nights
Harlem Nights is probably my favorite.then Trading Places
- Harlem Nights had all the legends in it .. Eddie .. Richard .. Red Foxx .. Robin Thomas ..👌💯
Who remembers this classic comedy ? Harlem Nights was directed by Eddie Murphy. This 1989 film included three generations of African American comedians Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy. “The privilege of working with Richard and Redd has been the greatest reward of my career”... Eddie Murphy
you HAVE to see Harlem Nights! Redd Fox, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Della Reese, Arsenio, Robin Harris & more..classic!
Loved all of them but Harlem Nights is the winner... Richard Pryor and Murphy together.
This is why I love this lil' ole boy. *In my Della Reese, Harlem Nights voice* modesty and humility.
I can't watch Della Reese without thinkin about Harlem Nights 😂😂😂
This Year is the 25th Anniversary of Eddie Murphy's "Harlem Nights". . Starring Eddie, Richard Pryor &.
I wish they had a Harlem Nights blooper reel just so we could see Eddie, Richard, Redd, Della and the rest go at it
Herbie Hancock orchestrated the soundtrack of Harlem Nights . Little known fact
No young people! is not the lady from Touched by Angel or Harlem Nights. That would be Della Reese. This is so sad!! Smh
There's been lots of progress on the new "Harlem Nights" mural (some of it just this weekend). If you're coming downtown for the Blue Crab Festival check it out. It's on the side of Angela's of Palatka (corner of St Johns Ave and Eighth Street). There's also a Veterans' Tribute going on there today at 2PM with the Navy Band Southeast and Congressman Ron DeSantis (at 4PM).
Because of Harlem Nights, I always hear Della Reese's voice when I attempt to be trifling and put the "swallow" of juice/water back in the fridge. Can't do it.
Glad I saw Touched by an Angel before I saw Harlem Nights when I was younger. Della Reese’s acting would have confused me lol
Della Reese "i may be a *** but ima honest *** in Harlem Nights had me so confused as a kid but makes so much sense now
yup you gotta choice b/w college invasion at Harlem Nights, indoor pool party in Stone Mtn., or cookout on Auburn Avenue
Eddie Murphy made Coming to America & Harlem Nights there for he is slander proof for forever
Watching Harlem nights and never liked but this is funny he was actually funny and they need to rehabs it with
I'm done with Diggas, Fetish, Harlem Nights and Dreams to 😂😂😂
Harlem Nights is one of my ultimate favs that BAPS , and Blow
Chillin at bro crib watching Harlem Nights
Why was Arsenio Hall so fried in Harlem Nights lmao
I need my Harlem and Brooklyn late nights back😩
I'm bouta watch Harlem Nights. movie funny as *** 😂
Watching CHICAGO I love movie n da music from that era. ..I might watch Harlem Nights after this
Watching one of my all time favorite movies Harlem nights while my beautiful girls sleep nights like this US what keeps me going I gotta say I'm one blessed s.o.b
We at Harlem Nights One of the sexiest Venues in ATL For Thursday May 15th the last…
“Donald Sterling girlfriend set him up like Sunshine in Harlem Nights. lmfao ***
Heart blacker than the Harlem nights
@ Harlem Nights Friday Party hands down! RSVP by texting HARLEM to 33733
My son & I are FBing bac & forth our favorite quotes from Harlem Nights. Those of you that know my son, know he has me cryin. It all started with Clippers owner bein banned for life from the, let's say Brothal to b nice.
Was just watching Harlem nights before the game. We need another movie with all the new comedians soon
Harlem nights this part is my favorite
IM EXCITED ABOUT TONIGHT AT HARLEM NIGHTS gonna be up through this thang y'all!!!
I'm watching Harlem Nights and Della Reese just said " I gotta girl so good that she'll make a man change religions" dang# ( in my Meko Jackson voice) Gloria Christian Jackson
life is full of tough choices. I don't know if i should watchTerminator II, Preadator, or Harlem nights. Sigh.
Today is a special day for me happy birthday & rest in peace to my mother Johnny M Russell I love u and miss u dearly I am up watching your favorite movie Harlem nights
My big brah Bogardstylez Elevenhun has been talking about having a REAL GROWN FOLKS NIGHT I mean from clothes to attitudes.. So I've been thinking I wanna have a Harlem Nights Night. .. :)
And when I get there I wanna watch Harlem Nights🌃 while u play in my hair...💆 Talk crap and drink brown... 👭Friends are rare... 🙌Glad ur here with me now... I woulda died in this bs town... 💯 ⛽️💨 up and we can get on down.💋
Come out and celebrate V's Bday! Harlem Nights Under the QC Lights... Feel free to come DRESSED in ya best Harlem Nights attire ( although not required!)!
Sidechicks calling shots ...Shutting down NBA franchises...i think we need a Harlem Nights
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Waiting for Eddie to bust out a new movie! A legendary funny man, from Raw to Shrek. :) Right up there with Richard Pryor. :) Harlem Nights was great.
What movie was better new jack city or king of New York or Harlem nights
Thanks for allowing me to work Harlem Nights, enjoyed meeting your family, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor & Della Reese. RIP Eddie Smith. A set to remember..
The Joy Of Connecting People | Dreams Come True Event Planning presents Harlem Nights – an incredible 30′s-themed event full of Harlem flavor but with a RDU spin. Come and see Stand Up Comedianne Whyte Owl perform. This event will bring you back to the late 1930's in Harlem New York, but in Downtown Raleigh... *** Get ready to party with folks from all over the World! Are you ready to see some new faces?* The night will feature: -Live Music from DJ K-Boom and hosted by B. Vick - Breakfast Club Menu and Drink Specials all night -Live Comedy and Live Art Performed -Live photo shoot and Makeup Artists (capture your signature event attire) This will diffidently be a memorable night. So come and meet new friends and prepare yourself for a back in the day experience.
Heart blacker then the Harlem nights
Anybody tryna do a FREE B DAY PARTY this FRIDAY at HARLEM NIGHTS...get me ASAP!
Next Harlem Nights a classic Eddie Murphy nd yes I'm one those witches thts going to tell y'all what I'm watching cus I'm boried I hve nothing to do nor do I feel like doing nothing lmfao
Watching Harlem, you want to hit people with garbage cans, now I got to cut you. RIP DB.
My Brother Had A Great Point' Which One Was Thicker? The cornbread in "LIFE" or The two pieces of bread Della Reese pulled out to make the tuna fish sandwich in "Harlem Nights"?
The movie Harlem Nights never gets old. I'm dying laughing, AGAIN
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