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Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn is an American documentary reality television series produced by RDF USA (later Zodiak USA) and Richard Dominick Productions for truTV about the day-to-day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned pawn shop on Greenfield Road between 8 Mile Road and the John C.

Pawn Stars American Jewelry Les Gold Lex Luger

Hardcore Pawn is like one of my fave shows on TV seriously .. As well as Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Master
We make a visit to the pawnshop made famous by 'Hardcore Pawn.'
"Outsiders always wanna visit 8 Mile. Relax. πŸ˜’" I wanna go see hardcore pawn...
Id be treating these mfs on Hardcore Pawn.
Nights i cant sleep just be up watching hardcore pawn
These people on hardcore pawn be bugging Lol
have u heard when they r going to b putting tru tv back on the air? I'm missing my Hardcore Pawn!
These people on hardcore pawn be bugging
Hardcore pawn is just people walking in instantly demanding thousands of dollars and yelling if they dont get it
Waiting for hardcore pawn to come on
Hardcore pawn on lifetime is always worth a watch before bed
Guess who's gonna be on hardcore pawn tomorrow 😍😎
So I Watched Hardcore Pawn. And did some calculating (I hope i did it right):. This man sold his 'Gibson Les paul...
I love it when they take their wigs off on hardcore pawn πŸ˜‚
The girls on Hardcore Pawn are so ratchet
Spending my night laid in bed watching hardcore pawn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This girl at my school look like the girl from Hardcore Pawn and talk like her too.. Prolly her lil sis lol
Tell him his favorite episode of Hardcore Pawn is playing, see how fast he moves.
OMG does Hardcore Pawn: American Jewelry & Loan's got fur
Watched 20 episodes of hardcore pawn in 3 days and I don't feel ashamed at all
I honestly could just lay in my room and watch Hardcore Pawn all day.
This hardcore pawn *** *** cursed the arabs at the store out.for not buying his more then likely stolen laptop
I'm watching hardcore pawn right now and let's go to Detroit and whoop ***
are you guys done doing the Hardcore Pawn show?
Right I'm off to bed, a bit of Hardcore Pawn.
Don't forget guys, Seth Gold from TruTV, Hardcore Pawn will be at A Pawn USA in Clermont on November 15, 2014...
Mac gets paid in Chicken Wings to kick people out of Hardcore Pawn as a big *** security guard like Deebo on the Playa's Club LOL
This almost reads like a Hardcore Pawn segment.
Seth from hardcore pawn is a class A munter
Latina pawn amateur facialized for cash Video:
Pawnstars, hardcore pawn, and pawnagraphy.. How original
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Seth off hardcore pawn is sensational, he knows everyone hates him and he just loves it
Always have to take a breath before you say 'Hardcore Pawn' to anyone when your watching tele
Rob B Gutta AKA Galardo G. Owner of Get Global Music Group a fraudulent business that has been scamming artists...
have decided to boycott hardcore pawn..after they didn't batter a guy who wanted to sell an elephant ear. *** .go bury it you freak. D~
Taking in some Hardcore Pawn before CSI starts ;)
Hardcore Pawn on CBS Reality and Chopped on FOOD Network interesting...
Hardcore pawn makes me laugh so much, some of the people who walk through their doors are just complete wrong'uns
Leaned all my negotiations skills from Hardcore Pawn πŸ™Œ
Let me watch Hardcore Pawn before the storm hits ok.
hardcore pawn is the best scripted show in the history of TV
Don't miss tonight's episode of Hardcore Pawn: Chicago at 21:00 only on (DStv Channel 128)
As said before I am totally hooked on watching hardcore pawn.
I'll probably be up watching hardcore pawn anyway ☺️
Thankful for Pawn Stars and hardcore
I am watching the marathon of Hardcore Pawn right now.
The hit truTV reality show Hardcore Pawn Stars the Gold Family, owners of American Jewelry and...
The producers of hardcore pawn called wanting me to bring my FC go kart down for the show. Someone get my Emmy Ready
Hardcore Pawn is so funny cause the siblings are crybabys
only just realised I put harder pawn and not hardcore pawn though ha lol rofl
Hardcore Pawn & Pawn Stars.. some 0riginal title's getting chucked about lately.
watching hardcore pawn (Ashley sells the torch)... But change your shirt once in a while bro. Every episode like lol.
I'm literally obsessed with hardcore pawn
Calling all "Hardcore Pawn" fans...will be at Mojo's on Friday, Oct. 17 for a meet & greet with fans!
My TV said ' Next up is hardcore pawn', I got excited:(
I thought Hardcore Pawn Detroit had some crazy mf's but ,this Hardcore Pawn Chicago.takes the cake for the craziest mf's.LOL
Just watched hardcore pawn for 20 minutes before I realized I was watching a show about pawning. must be rubbing off on me
Hardcore Pawn is so funnyπŸ˜‚ the people who go in there are insaneπŸ˜‚
Hardcore Pawn is trash. Shows how America is becoming
The arguments that happen on Hardcore Pawn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hardcore Pawn the worst show ever made
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Forced to watch Hardcore Pawn because there's nothing on tv 😩
I want to punch Ashley from Hardcore Pawn
Hardcore Pawn with Les Gold on Lifetime more entertaining, fake, but more entertaining :-)
I am too wrapped up in "Hardcore Pawn" right now. Kind of hating myself for it.
Every time I flip thru my tv channels and I see "Hardcore Pawn" I have to do a double take 😏
Hardcore Pawn may be fake but it sure is entertaining
If you ever feel bad about yourself just watch hardcore pawn, some of these people are dumb as rocks
They be on some other on hardcore pawn. πŸ˜©πŸ˜­πŸ’€
How people act on Hardcore Pawn smh lol
Watchin hardcore pawn & some 1 try in 2 sell pregeant barbies ummm..
Hardcore pawn is my favorite show so you know life ***
Did Darren McCarty's stint on Hardcore Pawn last less than a week? One episode?
But do I watch SpongeBob or watch Hardcore Pawn?
The people on Hardcore Pawn are ruthless 😈
Dang u better off pawning at Pawn Stars in Nevada then hardcore pawn in detroite they sure don't pay anything!! But that's hardcore pawning I guess lol.
I'm "Hardcore Pawn". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Hardcore Pawn be something so serious son πŸ˜‚
For some reason I dnt feel to good jus layn dwn wid my BAe watchn hardcore pawn
Less than 4 hrs until Hardcore Pawn hope you're all getting ready!
Love hardcore pawn. Yea re read that before u judge me
I always get stuck watching hardcore pawn πŸ˜…
I am watching HardCore Pawn for the first time. And am at a total loss for words but glad I don't live on Detroit.
I'll be watching hardcore pawn until jj gets home bet
I went to hardcore pawn before, Les is scary looking
They needa have me working in hardcore pawn stg ✊✊
I just met seth from hardcore pawn lmao
The dad on hardcore pawn is a savage *** knock a *** straight out
Hardcore Pawn makes my nights so much better.
I can't believe I b watchin hardcore pawn
Hardcore pawn is so fake... But so so good.
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Hardcore Pawn cracks me up & pisses me off all at the same time.
I hate the show Hardcore Pawn. It makes us look so ghetto and poor. All for entertainment.
Hardcore Pawn be having the wildest , craziest , most dumbest people ever.! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The drama on hardcore pawn is so fake but it's so entertaining
'Hardcore Pawn' is ridiculous and clearly staged. It's more about "customers" getting angry than anything else.
Hardcore pawn is hands down one of the best shows around
Hardcore pawn is so staged It's unreal
These folks on hardcore pawn get paid to act foolish
Hardcore Pawn used to be my show, me n my Wife watched it every night when I got off work. Had us hollering πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hardcore Pawn is my show all day wednesday
The episode of Hardcore Pawn with the 2 men from Kentucky kinda pisses me off. Just makes our state look bad.
First there was "Pawn Stars", then "Hardcore Pawn".now "Pawnography". ...they're just messin wit us at this point.
go watch hardcore pawn, check out the citizens of Detroit, then tell me about their stru
Wonder is my mom gonna watch love and hip hop with me tonight Monday she watched it with me and yesterday we watched hardcore pawn nothing but laughs with her
You go girlfriend Gold via in Charge!
I miss the days that me and would stay up and watch Hardcore Pawn till 2-3 in the morning and we would have 8ams.
Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," was titled β€œAshley in Charge.” Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan is the pawn shop that is never without some
So first there was Pawn Stars and hardcore pawn. And now theres pawnography
The only things Detroit has to their name are Calvin Johnson, the Tigers, and Hardcore Pawn
Look at who I met today. Les from Hardcore Pawn was in Bowling Green!
My mom just asked me if I wanted to go to the pawn shop in Hardcore Pawn tomorrow bc it's only 45 min away
*** Can't xelieve iJust seen Lex Luger on hardcore pawn! *** he got small!!!
Just saw on my tv in an episode of Hardcore Pawn
Watching Hardcore Pawn and Lex Luger is on here selling old wrestling memorabilia for a non profit. Dude looks like he is in bad shape.
Lex Luger all bony and hobbling like an old man into Hardcore Pawn with a cane!? A CANE??! My dreams are dead. I had no idea.
I love watching the ghetto freaks on hardcore pawn. Lmao. Who would want to present themselves that way on national television ?
Hardcore Pawn makes black people look terrible
Lmfao hardcore pawn makes fun of our culture so bad man
Hardcore Pawn is much better than PawnStars
Aye Hardcore Pawn is the MF show lol
I've been watching Hardcore Pawn all day
I just watch "Hardcore Pawn" when I need to feel like I have some direction in my life.
Hardcore Pawn: Somebody asks $1000 for a $400 item. Person then tries to fight the workers. Then, person gets thrown out of store.
Hardcore pawn on trutv I just so real I can't believe there not acting it's crazy.
Watching hardcore pawn tells you exactly why so many people in Detroit are having their water turned off
Hardcore Pawn Marathon makes for a happy Edward
The people on Hardcore Pawn got no chill.
I hate ashley from hardcore pawn so much
All i do now is watch hardcore pawn
I never want to be In as much financial trouble as the people on hardcore pawn are..
I love Hardcore Pawn. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I could watch this show all day long.
Batman V Superman? Moontrap? I'm thinking it's not Hardcore Pawn. Movie set going up in Detroit's Corktown
Hardcore pawn is the worst show I've ever seen
Thank you Steph Wakefield for coming in last minute so I can Pass Another assessment :D Thank you & Me & Harvey will see you soon :* :* Now chilling, Pizza on way & Missed my Hardcore Pawn roll on 11 :D
just love Hardcore Pawn. Are these people for real? LOL
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On hardcore pawn they really be hitting licks on people
the audio for Hardcore Pawn right now on DirectTV is all messed up fyi
i am addicted to Hardcore Pawn. this show is hilarious
Dam Hardcore pawn is crazy and people are really crazy jumping into a dumpster? 😳😁
Hahha why do I like the show Hardcore Pawn πŸ˜œπŸ‘Š
They bust heads on hardcore pawn lol
I'm watching Hardcore Pawn and earning great rewards from
ON GOD β€œI wanna see Ashley from hardcore pawn get her fat *** beat”
Hardcore pawn is pretty exciting to watchπŸ˜‚
makes watching Hardcore Pawn more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
Hardcore Pawn really showcases the beautiful people of Detroit and their wonderful diction.
I want someone to take me to Michigan and visit Hardcore Pawn. (:
I love Tru tv. Hardcore Pawn, South Beach Tow, and Lizard Lick Tow and Recovery.
Jack Kevorkian's Deathmobile vehicle sells at "Hardcore Pawn" store in DetroitΒ  -
I actually love watching hardcore pawn it give me jokes
Depois de ver Ex on the beach e Hardcore Pawn kkk
Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Pawnography. lol I wonder what "pawn" sounds like? Original guys, original
Lemme watch Hardcore Pawn, hopefully I'll fall asleep
Now ive been antiques roadshow my next goal is to cause havok on hardcore Pawn Stars in Detroit
Cam's idea of watching tv together is "hardcore pawn or cops?"
History channel is actually making a show called pawnography... as if Pawn Stars and hardcore pawn weren't subtle enough.
Oh yes, the lovely pawn store from Hardcore Pawn. Seth sold me a gold watch @ American Jewelry and Loan
It's funny seeing someone come in with the pregnant Barbie Dolls on Hardcore Pawn cause I had those and totally remember playing with them 😝
The people of Pawn Stars make the people of hardcore pawn look like the biggest dumbasses ever
Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, and now Pawnography... I feel a trend
Hardcore Pawn is hands down the worst reality show I have ever watch . The acting is pathetic. How is this still on tv?
Hardcore Pawn S08 E20 (Season 08 Episode 20) Watch Free Online Hey, we did the best to help you to watch Hardcore...
How's it going Les? I love Hardcore Pawn.It's my favorite show.Les,don't ever let this good show get cancelled. I Gotta' love Ash.
I just watch 6 hours of hardcore pawn while drinking hamms that's when you think back and think what happened in life
Sometimes I feel working as the equivalent of a street level bureaucrat is equal to being an employee for Hardcore Pawn. Happy July 3rd!
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I just unlocked Hardcore Pawn: Shakedown! ,Taxi Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights and 2 more Stickers , Stick.. via
I just unlocked Hot in Cleveland: Murder House ,Hardcore Pawn: Shakedown! and 3 more Stickers , Sticke.. via
There's Pawn Stars on The History Channel and Hardcore Pawn on TruTV, so I think Bravo needs to step it up and make *** Pa…
These dudes on hardcore pawn be tripping πŸ˜‚
I've been watching hardcore pawn since like 7
It's so hard to turn off the tv when Hardcore Pawn is on πŸ˜‘
I hate this show so making a comment is silly but "Hardcore Pawn" the daughter makes me want to throw up
Guess hardcore pawn is what I'll be watching all night πŸ˜…
I've changed my mind lol. Hardcore Pawn it is 😁
lol watchin Hardcore Pawn. this stuff funny asf bruh these people so ratchet
says it sure does feel great to finally plop down in this chair in my air conditioned room after a long day of shakin' and bakin' on the register all day. Goodbye Front End and construction work, Hello Safeguard soap, a nice long shower, blackened salmon w/ quinoa, and a quiet night of TV and First King of Shannara, My quota for human interaction has been met for the week and I'm ready for some Netflix, Hardcore Pawn, and Catfish: The TV Show. Two days off begin now. Chill time is fully engaged.
I don't know if anyone else has watched a show called Hardcore Pawn but it makes the old jerry springer show look like a ladies tea club meeting. It's hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
At American Pawn and Jewelry in Detroit also the show Hardcore Pawn!!
say son, I thought I saw you on Hardcore Pawn lol
Gail's Dad, Carl, came out on Hardcore Pawn. Priceless words from Carl - "Oh Well, I'll Keep It...!!!"
On our way to American Jewelry and loan (Hardcore Pawn) see if I can start a fight with someone and get thrown out j/k!!!
I just want Hardcore Pawn to be on Netflix
If I had it my way, I'd stay home from this trip, take care of my pets, walk Lucy, watch Hardcore Pawn and drink coffee. But no.
Hardcore Pawn has taught me not to move to Detriot😬
I feel like I'm the only person that like watching Hardcore Pawn lmao
Damm so im blowed af right nowx) lol watching hardcore pawn hmuuu lms n ill hit yhu up:)
The guys on Pawn Stars are a little scummy but the guys on Hardcore Pawn are the scummiest. What retarded person greenlit this?
Why do I watch Hardcore Pawn?! I just want to deliver Sweet Chin Musics everywhere to the whole family smh.
I am here watching Hardcore Pawn and Muhammad Ali's son Ali Jr. was just on here selling his Dad's Robe and gloves. It would be nice to have that.
Laying here watching hardcore pawn I think its time for bed.
Hardcore pawn makes me so glad I don't live in Detroit lol
Watching hardcore pawn rn, reminds me of my dad we'd always watch this.
These *** on hardcore pawn rage harder than me when I'm playing cod I cri
Hardcore pawn makes my blood pressure go up. I couldn't handle those customers.
I wish we could talk to people at Tj Maxx like try do on Hardcore Pawn. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'll never understand why Hardcore Pawn has to fake their show.
Hardcore Pawn is my real favorite show
The people on hardcore pawn have no chill πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œHardcore Pawn gotta be paying these ppl that be cuttin up , Niggaz can't be that ignorant”i swear bruh!
Watching hardcore pawn makes me glad that I live in Mississippi, and that I'm not nearly as crazy as half those people! !
These people on Hardcore Pawn do the absolute most for no reason what so ever...
The body guard on Hardcore Pawn don't be going!!
Hardcore pawn is hilariously stupid
Is nebody up watching hardcore pawn ctfu? Y dey b testing dem like 2 real duh.
"hardcore pawn so funny" I wouldn't even say that's in the top ten right now
Just watching hardcore pawn at 1:30 am
Fridays make me sad! Alone, tru-tv with hardcore lick a lizard pawn. Think I have a regret .that I didn't tell enough people to eat $h!t
Hardcore Pawn is my ish.. I'm always watching this show lol
β€œCan't sleep...watching hardcore pawn”I read this wrong at first lolπŸ˜‚
Can't sleep...watching hardcore pawn
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It's Friday night and I'm at home watching hardcore pawn. Why.
I wanna do something but hardcore pawn is on
Funniest hardcore pawn was when dude rolled up in the carpet lol
I really think Hardcore Pawn is a setup.
Hardcore Pawn so fake but so funny πŸ˜‚
Have you ever watched on True TV Hardcore Pawn it is a hoot and then some. I mean I have never laughed so hard in my life.
This hardcore pawn is a pretty good show ... For 1:30un the morning that is ;) lol
Hardcore pawn is freaking hilarious πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
Everytime i see Hardcore Pawn on my guide i think its something else.
Watching Hardcore Pawn on TrueTV and this woman is selling some rings so she can open up an upstairs/downstairs wig shop! Who in the the blue *** is going to buy a wig to put on their whoha?
Priceless moments I remember: watching television with my mom and dad! Laughing watching hardcore pawn on TruTv on a Saturday night.
See I'm ging to watch hardcore pawn when it's on because that man that rips off the American public won't live long I don't think in frankston or bradmeadowas if you rip someone off money for goods we have the craziest people I'm Melbourne it's your life
It's Friday night and I don't work tomorrow and I'm sitting in the dark snuggled with my dog watching hardcore pawn...loner status lol no life
Still up watching tv Hardcore Pawn Shop The people that come in there are a trip Lol!!!
Watching hardcore pawn and found out something's! And I will never go to Detroit πŸ˜’ ratchet
Im watching Hardcore Pawn this show is funny
I know I'm not the only one that for a spilt second while scrolling through the TV guide, you see something else other than "hardcore pawn". 😳
Watchin hardcore pawn. Waiting for my girl to call an go pickher up at TargetField soon i guess the twins started late an there losein. So wats goin on On this friday nite.
Does anyone watch HARDCORE PAWN, some of these people got to be actors comin in acting a fool in the store.funny as ***
These people on hardcore pawn is crazy
So im watching this show called hardcore pawn and i saw muhammed alis son walking in and hes selling his fathers stuff, he sold three of his things, his dads gloves, robe, and a pic of him and Joe Frazier. My mom is tlking to muhammed ibn ali right now and he said the robe and the gloves are not authentic
Watching hardcore pawn bout put country song song yah yah I love going bed while country songs on so relax and makes my night better :) bout be in my Comfy bed its call my name hehe :)/ this mama need a drink tho badly grr!! ON TIME THAT OF MONTH SO DON'T *** ME OFF !
Hardcore Pawn is becoming my new show.
You can cut the tension with a knife. Somebody doesn't seem to like cousin Karen (cough Ashley From Hardcore Pawn cough). is all-new tomorrow night at 10/9c.
Watching hardcore pawn dying's ANNTIQUE LOL
Finally got Jace asleep so now I can finish watching hardcore pawn and go to bed.
Watching Hardcore Pawn and these people are hilarious, this woman tryna pawn a diamond ring and the man tells her its fake, says it a 925 which means sterling silver and cz which means cubic zirconia and she went off…give me my money…smh
Haven't had TV for a LONG time, but man...watching Hardcore Pawn makes my brain feel like jello...
These ppl on hardcore pawn r crazy.lmao.
Hardcore pawn always portrays the black people to be ignorant, crazy and irrational. You don't ever see anybody else cut up on this show but the black people
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I am so addicted to Hardcore Pawn! My god, it's like a drug or something. Terry Cruse better not even think of changing the channel. LOL
I'm addicted to Hardcore Pawn. This just can't be real. I would kill myself if I had to deal with these customers.
Just got home form work now i am looking at Hardcore Pawn
Hardcore pawn has to be the most fake show yet.
Hardcore Pawn, this show can't be real.
Im watching Hardcore Pawn, in Detroit its filmed you know.
Cosied up in bed we Dunc Mccleary watching hardcore pawn
HARDCORE PAWN REALITY TV Les, Singer Selena Gomez may want to pawn the wedding ring I got her. I paid about $800.00 for it. Marked down from $1,900.00 list price at Kohl's. Certified Diamond. What do you think you would pay, hypothetically, for it? Contact her agent, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME), if you want more info. MY political campaign needs $ for radio and TV commercial recording session. Can you help out. I'll help Detroit if it helps me (sorry, that's politics, but I promise I won't close down your street just because you don't help me)? I need (1) studio time paid for at a Detroit recording studio (2) travel expenses; and (3) media coverage. You, Seth, and Ashley can help record the commercials, if any of you want to. Being in a recording studio is one of my favorite things to do. It's like a kid going to Disneyland (without the outrageous admission fee). I'd like to hear your ideas on "saving" Detroit. Saw you recently I think on MSNBC. If you can save Detroit, maybe we/you can sa ...
Finally my cable, phone and internet works. You know what that means: The first 48, south beach tow, hardcore pawn etc...
Which show do you like better hardcore pawn or Pawn Stars?
Broke up with my last girlfriend for liking Pawn Stars over Hardcore Pawn.
If you are close to Bowling Green Kentucky, YOU need to stop by and check this place out! Both Les of Hardcore Pawn and Myself will be there for the GRAND OPENING!
"The ring George Clooney bought for Amal Alamuddin is gorgeous. I have to say, had he visited his favorite pawn broker," said Les Gold from Hardcore Pawn here in Detroit. "I could have saved him hu...
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