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Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn is an American documentary reality television series produced by RDF USA (later Zodiak USA) and Richard Dominick Productions for truTV about the day-to-day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned pawn shop on Greenfield Road between 8 Mile Road and the John C.

Pawn Stars American Jewelry Arsenio Hall Counting Cars Dance Moms South Beach Tow

Was in Pawn America today selling some stuff... Felt like I was on the show Hardcore Pawn... Definitely some crazies out there to say the least lol wow
hey, Les of Hardcore Pawn & Seth, do us all a favor and put this link on your home page... don't make me have to ask again. thank Les is more.
Only thing I really miss about High Wycombe is getting stoned until 5am watching Hardcore Pawn almost every night with
Tonight's Viewing Options include the series premieres of Game of Arms (AMC) and Mind Games (ABC) - the TTTP Pick of the Night, the season premiers of Amish Mafia and Ink Master, regular day/timeslot premiere of About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher, college hoops on ESPN, ESPN2, and FS1, a two hour Frontline look at Pope Francis, the winter premieres of Rizzoli & Isles and Perception, Gladiator (AMC), Good Will Hunting (Encore), plus new episodes of The Bachelor, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest, The Originals, Supernatural, Glee, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Voice, Chicago Fire, Being Mary Jane, Tosh.0. Kroll Show, Chopped, Justified, Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, The Haves and the Have Nots, Cougar Town, Face Off, Opposite Worlds, Dangerous Grounds, Border Rico, Hardcore Pawn, Container Wars, Counting Cars, Dance Moms, My 600lb Life, Kim of Queens, Teen Mom 2, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and more...What will you be watching?
Hardcore Pawn, Operation Repo, and Bate Car is fake.They actors.
It's TUESDAY -- and one of the MOST special yet! Not only is there an all-new episode of Hardcore Pawn on at 10pm, but you can also catch us on the Arsenio Hall show at 11! How cool is THAT?!
All-new episode of Hardcore Pawn tonight and Arsenio Hall at 11!
Gah I hate Hardcore Pawn. Why can't Pawn Stars be on!
"Hardcore Pawn" is my all time favorite reality TV show. Better than Mob Wives or Love & Hip Hop. Some of the crazy ppl who walk into that pawn shop are hilarious. How could you not love it lol?
I'll choose the American Jewelry and Loan fan of the week soon ... have YOU shared my Seth from Hardcore Pawn page and asked your FB friends to 'Like' my page?
Whenever I need reminded how awful Detroit and the state of Michigan is I just watch Hardcore Pawn.
Ok its going to be 6 degrees tonight can't use heating blanket ( it cuts electric off ). but I do have my heavy bedspread. So I'm going to bed & going to watch "Hardcore Pawn" Good Night, Sweet Dreams & If the Good Lord let's me. I'll talk tomorrow. God Bless & Please be Safe!!!
People come on hardcore pawn just to act an *** ๐Ÿ˜ช
Imagine someone who cant pronounce their r's properly tryin to tell you that their favorite show is hardcore pawn
I'll go to sleep at 3 when hardcore pawn is over
I saw Mohammad Ali's kid on "Hardcore Pawn" tonight selling some of his dad's memorabilia! Great stuff!
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Am I the only one who likes to watch hardcore pawn lol?
Who tryna go on hardcore pawn with me?
I hate the customers on hardcore pawn
Hardcore pawn be having me cracking up ๐Ÿ˜‚
I guess I'm dyslexic or something now. [changes channel from Hardcore Pawn]
Watchin hardcore pawn, this show be havin me ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚
That thing of a daughter in hardcore pawn... If it was real, she would give me a stroke
These ppl on Hardcore Pawn are crazy! ๐Ÿ˜‚
lol everyone on hardcore pawn complains about being broke... Get a job!!!
Anyone ever watch hardcore pawn? Talk about some low balling gypsies. Every deal I have seen them make is a quarter of the value of the piece. I am in the wrong business, thinking I should start a pawn shop?
I read that and saw something then hardcore pawn
Moonshiners or hardcore pawn, I can't decide!
Watching Hardcore Pawn and that's where my life is right now.
Hardcore pawn is such great television
Hardcore Pawn's terrible acting has me crying laughing.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Has anyone noticed that Seth of Hardcore Pawn is ALWAYS wearing that same black shirt.. I mean I've never seen him wear anything else..
So I was watching the real housewives and feeling like *** nice house, nice car, then I switched to hardcore pawn and I'm feeling super rich!!! Lol!!
So im gonna watch Hardcore Pawn 'til i go to bed
Like when I had cable I would only watch South Beach Tow, Hardcore Pawn, and wrestling...
Watchin hardcore pawn not tired at all
Cant sleep am watching Hardcore Pawn trying to see why people like this show I am not seeing it. It seems very staged
Hardcore pawn is fake but hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚
Lol i have the strangest crush on Ashley From Hardcore Pawn ha i love her fiestyness rarw.;-)
The guy on Hardcore Pawn right now is me. I am him. Oh my god.
This hot pink Harley on Hardcore Pawn right now, oh my GOD. ๐Ÿ˜
Hardcore Pawn is probably one of my new favorite shows ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hardcore Pawn is so dramatic I love it.
Getting ready too watch a new episode of on trutv โ€” watching Hardcore Pawn at Cheryl And Cals
Watching craziness in the 313, love Hardcore Pawn.
Ashley on Hardcore Pawn, like I can't, I want to jab her in the throat? Like lol really?? Stop being like this girl
New episode of Hardcore Pawn on truTV! Love this show!
Hardcore Pawn was definitely a better choice...
Me: Whatcha watching Friend: it's a show about a family of jews who fight over who loses less money and who pisses off more black people. Me: Oh sweet! I love Hardcore Pawn.
Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, irate people and
Idk why .. bt i like hardcore pawn and mob wives .. lol thanks to my mom and sister .
i am highly upset. i missed the new episode of Hardcore Pawn.
A typical day of hardcore pawn with my cousin Devon and I.
I'm watching Hardcore Pawn and watching these crazy customers on the show are exactly like the clients I deal with on a daily basis. Eerily similar !
By the way if I want to watch a bunch of phony *** with rich dinners in ties clapping at some phony f*** like the State of the Union address I just turn on the Grammy Awards r the Academy Awards r the Country Music Awards r some phony s*** like that but no thank you I'd rather watch hardcore pawn at least the show is somewhat real the State of the Union address is a bunch of phony b*
Here in San Antonio with the husband n my bro in law watching hardcore pawn..ay I want this cold weather to leave I can't go out without freezing my butt off..solesito sal pronto..jiji!!
I can't stop watching Hardcore Pawn! I need an intervention!
Hawks are on intermission.What to watch...Cousin Barry or Hardcore Pawn?!?!?! Hm. Hardcore Pawn is less of a lie.
What channel is hardcore pawn on cable
Just watched an episode of Hardcore pawn where Muhamad Ali's son sold Les a robe and gloves for around 500. He's selling it on his site for 10k. I looked. -_-
Mahummid Ali's son on hardcore pawn. Come on now
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Muhammad Ali Jr is on Hardcore Pawn Pawning the gloves & robe he wore fighting joe frazier...
I really think hardcore pawn helps give DEtroit a bad name
I don't like the way these Hardcore Pawn people conduct business.
Watching Hardcore Pawn and all I can think about is they definitely need some Herbalife up there in Detroit!
State of the Union or Hardcore Pawn..Which one was the fake show again??
these people on hardcore pawn crack me up :D a dude brings in beads and says its an antique and its all just plastic lol what a moron lol ITS AN ANTIQUE WHAT PART DIDNT U GET ITS ANTIQUE LOL
everyone try stay warm the best u can goodnight watchen hardcore pawn going bed God bless
There's this show on some channel called "Hardcore Pawn," and if you just did a double-take you know exactly how I feel every time I scroll passed it on the good ol' T of V.
Gettin these kids to sleep then relaxing with babe. Counting Cars and Hardcore Pawn tonite! No Chicago Fire till Feb 28th :( *** going to have withdraws!
I guess I'm watching hardcore pawn alone.
Man Hardcore pawn cracks me up thats why I love the 313 whoop whoop
If anyone is wondering, Hardcore Pawn is on!
Watchin hardcore pawn cuddling w my doggie textin my baby. Life is great ;)
That guys stomach on hardcore pawn! I could've sworn it was gonna fall off!
Dying laughing watching hardcore pawn ... People of Detroit - you are hilarious
New hardcore pawn at 10 then container wars
watching hardcore pawn :D just got done eating beef stew and cornbread :D work in the A.M.
is it wrong that I really want to punch Ashley from Hardcore Pawn in the face.
I just saw Scott Schilke in an episode of Hardcore Pawn!! No sh**!!
Got it figured out.Sick the gieco pig on the dork woman on the"Hardcore Pawn"show and let them kill each other.kill 2 pigs with one stone!!!
Hardcore pawn is such a joke, i know its all set up. but if i had 2 brat kids like that i would kick them to the curb. and its funny how they all get tough when they have a 6 foot 5 300 pound person to back them up.
HM . to watch state of the union ... or . Hardcore pawn . definately Hardcore pawn ! cause like Bertie says ... BLA BLA BLA
Watching Hardcore Pawn.New Episode on at 10pm and Teen Mom 2
Decided to watch "Hardcore Pawn" instead of the SOTU address. Turns out the similarities are striking.
Between reading a book and watching hardcore pawn feels kind of nice
watching HardCore Pawn back to back Omg..this show a mess smh Lmbo
Watching hardcore pawn it is going crazy love it.. Lololololol
Yo Walter Foster got me looking at this Obama got until 10:00 until hardcore pawn come on I like my ghetto people in the "D"
Hardcore pawn have me cracking up lol
I'll tell you what, i sure as *** CANNOT stand some bratty *** spoiled adults, im watching this show Hardcore Pawn and the owner Les Gold is a truly genuine kind of person. On the flip side are his 2 kids Ashley & Seth they act like someone owes them. They are the most disrespectful kids a father could have, hes basically given them any and everything and you'd think they'd be humbled. Try again, those 2 ungrateful POS's need a shot of the REAL WORLD chased by a f'n REALITY CHECK. Sorry just my 2cents. Yoller lol
I have to watch the new hardcore pawn.
What the *** is wrong with tru TV ? I'm sitting hear watching hardcore pawn and waiting on the new hardcore pawn to come on but they decided to play a rerun when it said new that's messed up
Watching Hardcore Pawn and these ppl r seriously a trip lol,waiting for new episode @ 9
Okay The Chase is a rerun tonight so I'll live blog an episode of "Hardcore Pawn" instead. I can now see why Detroit is bankrupt
Hardcore Pawn is so fake and Ashley is a total biotch. The way they blatantly screw people over is so wrong.
Here we go America's First *** & Mexican President Barrack Hussein Kardashian. Is giving his State of the Terror Address. The *** with it I'm watching Hardcore Pawn on True TV instead.
Gotta stop watching hardcore pawn n go to bed!!
Love my man Les on hardcore pawn hes so hot love u less
Hardcore pawn Please subscribe. I get 100 Subscribers I will come out with another white van scam video
I like watching 'Hardcore Pawn' cause it shows the true human jackassery thats the decay of the moral fiber of society.
At this friendly sketchy pawn shop where I buy all my meth and hardcore barbiturates.
So cause of the camera angles the lead singer from Metallica looks like will ferral and the drummer looks like Lester from hardcore pawn aha
Lars from Metallica looks like the Dad on that Hardcore Pawn Show
just finished watching Royal Rumble now watching Hardcore Pawn yup I have an interesting life lol how are u?
Changed to hardcore pawn because Grammys are boring af rn
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Ashley from hardcore pawn looks like a tranny!โ˜บ๏ธ
Watching Cajun Pawn Stars because Hardcore Pawn isn't on. Hardcore Pawn is infinitely better! Getting withdrawals from it :(
Been watching hardcore pawn for about 3 hrs now
Watching Hardcore Pawn, but I think I like Pawn Stars better, but its still funny.
Guy: I wanna sell the chest for $1,000... Les: why $1,000?. Guy: uh. Lmao I love hardcore pawn
Watching Hardcore Pawn Not sure which is funnier the siblings bickering or the seriously crazy people coming and going!!
Im watching hardcore pawn instead of the Grammys lol
The makers of the shows 'Hardcore Pawn' and 'Pawn Stars' must have had some kind of dirty mind.
LL Cool J is talking so back to Hardcore Pawn
l am a big fan of hardcore pawn. Bobby J he's my favorite, so are you.
Just saw the sickest camo buck commander hoodie on Hardcore Pawn
Hardcore Pawn Watch the whole episode on youtube! : via
Hardcore pawn is so fake no way its real
Hardcore pawn is the funniest show I've ever seen
Hardcore Pawn is literally the funniest show I've ever seen ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ
Hardcore Pawn is so fckinnn fake. But I be watching it tho.
I flip thru channels and I see Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Stars . Smh my mind stay dirty
Accidently stopped on Hardcore Pawn, how much they pay them folks to act so stupid and loud!!
Ew that fat man offa Hardcore Pawn Shop.omg smh im done
This people on hardcore pawn be so angry.
Hardcore pawn is so fake sometimes lol
Watching hardcore pawn waiting on the hubby to call bck
Him: We watch Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn... Me: How about Barely Legal Pawn? Or Backdoor Pawn?. Him: You're just making these up now.
Pawn Stars is much better .funny without being vulgar. The poor people on Hardcore Pawn break my heart.
Love this show Hardcore Pawn thanks to my son Ed Scully and Mary Margaret for introducing Jim and I and now we have Erika Cheyenne watching it
It is so much on television for once. I do not know which show to watch... (Hip Hop Abs, The Mummy Returns, Training Day, Why Did I Get Married Too, Hardcore Pawn, Iyanla Fix My Life, B.A.P.S, Law & Order, Snapped, Blade or Every Which Way but Loose) I'm going to WATCH Hip Hop see Shaun T's sweat LOL.
Man hardcore pawn has got to be the most ignant show on TV
These ppl on hardcore pawn b trippin showing they whole *** whn they dont get offered the money they was anticipating for wat their selling or pawning lmao!!! They wild!
My mother in law to Katie while scrolling thru the channel guide: you really like that Hardcore Pawn don't you? Me in a totally exhausted state: What??
how come on hardcore pawn there are always arguing and fights and you never see that on Pawn Stars... Anyone else notice that
I'm watching hardcore pawn.I'll tell you .I will never pawn anything makes me mad to see people take advantage of people in
Hardcore pawn is so obviously fake but I cannot stop watching it
Hardcore Pawn frustrates me to no end.
They make black ppl look so terrible on Hardcore Pawn smh
These people in Detroit on hardcore pawn got some serious issues. I can't believe people act like this.
Does anyone else watch hardcore pawn? If so then you must understand my hatred towards people.
These people on Hardcore Pawn are crazy Asf.
That show hardcore pawn that like films in Detroit is hilarious those people act so crazy and ratchet and they're so close to us
That show "Hardcore Pawn" may be funny sometimes,but i think they tryna *** Detroit. Them females be actin rachet as *** .
Hardcore pawn got me rolling.. lmao
dishes done, kitchen cleaned, lunch ready for tomorrow, took a hot shower, have my pj on...watching Hardcore Pawn
Just watched the episode of Dewey Frady & Colin frady on hardcore pawn for the first time
Watching hardcore pawn. This show is something else!!!The stuff people do!!! Crazy!!! Hooked on this show! Lol :)
This is my first time watching Hardcore Pawn and I tell you i never EVER seen or heard so much fighting and arguing in my life. SMH But I ain't going to lie! I'm all tuned in to this show. LOL
This current episode of Hardcore Pawn I am watching should teach guys out there who need it a lesson... NEVER steal a woman's jewelry from behind her back. At least not from the women who can and will smack the crap out of you if they find out!
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Them hardcore pawn or american jewelery people r a joke!! N e one will talk trash when they got a bunch of 7foot 300pound black men to fight all there battles!
Tune into at Fox2 in the 9am hour to see The Golds from Hardcore Pawn tell you more about Hardcore THAW, taking place at American Jewelry and Loan on Saturday, Feb. 8 to benefit THAW. More info at
Bernice may be awesome but Christie is Rawsome. Robbie and Christie are way better than Seth and Ashley of Hardcore Pawn
Lol, just watching, "Hardcore Pawn", and this guy had a t-shirt that says, "Some people are alive, simply because it's illegal to kill them" Made me think of my ex-husband! And now, I'm missing Kaylen Grace!
Why am I unreasonably addicted to Hardcore Pawn and Impractical Jokers?
Gerald Tyner Happy Birthday Bro !!! ( don't forget the snow blower from hardcore pawn)..
Hardcore pawn.. Fricking love this program.. ๐Ÿ˜ gotta love those crazy Americans!!!
This Hardcore Pawn is a right rib tickler..
Watching hardcore pawn and loving it
Karaoke in stanwell then home to watch hardcore pawn!!
In bed watching Hardcore Pawn and it's on all night.What a night I'm in for lol
So I seen Marz (Dark Lotus) on Hardcore Pawn Chicago.I'm not even joking. He was on a episode. RANDOM much?
Made it to hardcore pawn. No one is screaming
Grandad just said "Have you ever watched a programme called hardcore pawn?" I start pissing myself an he goes "not what you think it is" I think ive actually just died
While Olivia is napping thot I'd do a quick tidy up then snuggle up on my cosy comfy couch and watch some programmes iv recorded!! Didn't realise I had sooo much 2 watch!! Iv got the last episodes of the client list and witches of east end and about 40 episodes of hardcore pawn!! Love the lifetime channel!! Xx
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Everyone is at work and I am caught up with all my series. Reduced to watching 'reality' TV which has put Ares and Valkyria to sleep. Anyone think that it might be possible Hardcore Pawn sent Detroit into bankruptcy? Smh. Now Pawn Stars rock. Lol!
Just stopped in at American Jewelry and loan. The place where they film hardcore pawn. They were filming the show and apparently I was in one of the camera views.I may be a TV
Went to see them film hardcore pawn!
why every time i turn to watch hardcore pawn the *** black people making a *** fool of themselves SMDH
Subscribe to truTV for more! Les and Seth try not to sell their soul to the one and only! Check out new episodes of Hardcore Pawn Tuesd...
I watch Hardcore Pawn to feel better about my job.
It cracks me up when people think Operation repo, Hardcore pawn, And all those other "TruTv" shows are real lmao!
Celebrity sighting: Dennis from Hardcore Pawn is in the house.
6 more hours until an all new show! Hardcore Pawn. U watching at 10pm est tonight???
Just an hour to go ... all-new Hardcore Pawn at 10pm on truTV! See how I answer Seth's request for help with the ecommerce department!
It's TUESDAY! All-new episode of Hardcore Pawn tonight at an all-new time! 'Like' if YOU plan to watch truTV at 10pm est!
When I first saw hardcore pawn on my t.v. I clicked on it cuz I thought it something else I was disappointed that say๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜”
I hate the girl from hardcore pawn she sticks her foot in her mouth so much ๐Ÿ˜‚โœ‹
Tuesday = a brand new Hardcore Pawn show tonight!
Hardcore Pawn Oh wait, did I do that right?
can't wait to watch Hardcore Pawn tomorrow!
Read chapter 2 of my government book or watch ? Hardcore pawn it is! ๐Ÿ˜‹
I just saw a pawn store up close but there wasn't any hustlers. It wasn't anything like hardcore pawn :(
Lmao this chick looks like that lady from Hardcore Pawn
When we go to detroit I wana check out the hardcore pawn shop! Lol
Swear down hardcore pawn is the best tv show ever
Yaaas hardcore pawn is on. My night is saved.
I feel like I can hustle people better after watching hardcore pawn lol I would be like you are buying my baby shoes for 100! Special sale ๐Ÿ˜
Lex Luger on Hardcore Pawn. He looks like an Ice freak
The customers on Hardcore Pawn are rude as *** !
Tomorrow on A couple comes in with a unique item that you can only find on the underside of a walrus!?
since your in Detroit do you watch Hardcore Pawn?
I'm more of a hardcore pawn guy now๐Ÿ˜
Just met les from hardcore pawn at atl airport! - Hardcore Pawn is on Tue, Jan 21 8:00pm on truTV.
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Just dropped by the place where they film Hardcore Pawn in Detroit lol
Hold up, Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn both in Detroit?
From spain a fan of Hardcore pawn...
we can't be friends if you think South Beach Tow or Hardcore Pawn are real shows as far as the activity displayed
Can't decided if hardcore pawn is real or not
rotflmao I don't watch it! I watch Hardcore Pawn from the store in Detroit, and Big Bang Theory
Hardcore pawn is hilarious , some people get so agro
The originals on Tuesday, hardcore pawn and workaholics on Wednesday, and vampire diaries on Thursday. Good week for shows lol ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜
Pawn Shop sends me into a hardcore zone and I love it
cops reloaded! You watch Hardcore Pawn this is right up your alley
*In Waugh's class*. Me: Ms. Waugh, do you watch Teen Wolf?. Do you watch Hardcore Pawn?. Me: I thought you saโ€ฆ
One of the things I love about owning this store is you never know who is going to walk in. Les, Seth and Ashley from the TV show Hardcore Pawn were visitors at Peppers Of Key West last night!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture with Ashley but the entire family is great- really nice and down to earth and easy to talk with. Thanks for visiting us!!
Love watching abit of hardcore pawn ;)
Hardcore pawn is so fake and stupid and that's all I have to say about that
HARDCORE PAWN proving that sliminess can actually be passed down through your bloodline and to your kids!
Now finished touch hardcore pawn from tru tv amazing
Are you ready for Hardcore Pawn on Tuesday night? New time. 10pm est.
Watching Hardcore pawn and just wondering how Seth, Ashley, and Les haven't been shot at yet.
Don't miss an all NEW Hardcore Pawn with a NEW time this Tuesday night at 10pm on TruTV. You watching?
Watched Hardcore Pawn again the other night... Now rooting FOR the zombie apocalypse...
Just said Hi to Seth from Hardcore Pawn in Detroit airport.
Hardcore Pawn is a perfect example of why you don't mix family with business.
Yeah not a huge fan. Prefer my Hardcore Pawn & Pawn Stars. Said that to a mate the other week he went bright red
always enjoy a new day to watch more Hardcore Pawn!
Hardcore pawn on lifetime is interesting
Ashley off Hardcore Pawn is a total ball-bag!
I love hardcore pawn. I could watch it all day!
I favorited a video Hardcore pawn mad customer!!
Hardcore pawn isn't on and it's supposed to be on
Little Giant Ladders
Real world is trash TV. Watch something educational like hardcore pawn instead
I think hardcore pawn & South Beach Tow are the funniest shows ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
My goal is to meet les from hardcore pawn
I wish shop rite was like hardcore pawn and I could treat every one how they treat me
TV catch up time: almost human, sleepy hollow, shield, supernatural, hardcore pawn, tomorrow people, AHS.
LOL. My thoughts when I first saw an episode of Hardcore Pawn.
So I left the room with hardcore pawn playing. I came back to Isaiah with the remote in his hand changing it to
$3.00 Calls Tonight! No sports on tonight, so we are watching Hardcore Pawn, Pawn Stars, Beverly Hills Pawn,...
By the mom was acting on hardcore pawn. The producers told her too.
Oh ya know. Just watching hardcore pawn and my moms on it cussing Ashley out.
Hardcore pawn had a pair of autographed lebron 11s and I wanted them so bad but 1000$ is an awful lot lol
I refuse to watch any TV show whose title does not contain the words 'Nazi' 'hardcore' 'American' 'pawn' 'party' or 'ink'.
You still work on the Hardcore pawn tv show ?
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bet. Ill send u a pic when we grt to hardcore pawn
Niton DXL Analyzers featured front and center on American Jewelry and Loan | As Seen on Hardcore Pawn website
I love the phat beats on Hardcore Pawn.
I follow every day you and your family in Hardcore Pawn. Love the show. It's arrived in Italy just this year. Say hi to
When it's really late at night and I'm feeling lonely I like to watch hardcore pawn.I love that show ๐Ÿ˜Ž
On last night's Ashley and Les went head-to-head in a selling competition. Watch the full episode now:
I met the guy from Hardcore Pawn today!
Hardcore pawn..sports..shout out to school!
Lol one of my laborers today was on hardcore pawn.
Seth and Ashley on Hardcore Pawn are the two most immature people I've ever seen. They both act like little kids, constantly bickering.
I go to s house just so she can cuddle me and we can watch hardcore pawn hehe
I miss home after watching hardcore pawn last night
Hardcore pawn is the most setup fake show I've ever seen
Hardcore pawn, storage wars and escape to the country. Who said daytime tv was crap?!?!
Rainy afternoon viewing hardcore pawn all the way
Cant hack consecutive days in the office! Id usually be at home watching 'hardcore pawn' right now! Its a TV show I swear!
Watchin hardcore pawn in front of the fan while waitin for my pizza to arrive :D Don't get much better then this
Watching Hardcore Pawn Customer: "What happened to the customer is always right?" Store guy: "Its because they're not" FINALLY!! Someone said what i'm not allowed too!
Whoa!!! I'm lying here watching hardcore pawn and all of a sudden, earthquake.
Watching hardcore Pawn I got this Spaceship they going for a million but I'll take a thousand I'll give u $2 Make it 3 we got a deal
Still up watching Hardcore Pawn love this tv show but somebody text or inbox me with a conversation strangers welcomed
Can't sleep.. watchin hardcore pawn.. I love this show .. these customers be gettn gutta 4real..
After watching the deals on hardcore pawn thats the shop to have
A recording of hardcore pawn pops up and my grandmother says , " Your dad shouldn't be recording shows like this." I lol in my head
I like Pawn Stars just fine, but the show Hardcore Pawn is where hope goes to die. Jesus.
Why can't I stop watching Hardcore PAWN? Soo Ghetto.Love it!!
Grey goose cranberry and hardcore pawn tis a good night :)
Watching hardcore pawn and relaxing after this long day at work ready for tommorrow to be over so I can be off work Thursday. Much needed rest.
These black people on Hardcore Pawn be Wild'n Out if they don't get what they want lmaooo ...
Watching hardcore pawn some of these customers are nuts / but not as bad as the son and daughter spoiled brats that think they own the place
Does anyone watch hardcore pawn?? I swear, Seth and Ashley are my children as adults! Constant arguing!
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I love hardcore pawn but his daughter is one of the only women I think I would love to punch square in the nose lol
Hey everyone I'm watching Hardcore Pawn, its awesome;)
So in love with hardcore pawn he's so yummy the old man
Gonna watch hardcore pawn 2nite wish we had a pawn shop like that
Watchin hardcore pawn cant wait till the new one comes on! i love u dustin foley and my babies more than nething in this world!
Lol I just seen u on hardcore pawn KlearlyimaStar Saidsmsperfect the marathon on
Watching Hardcore Pawn with My Man.Normally what were doing every night ..that Pawn Stars or duck dynasty lol... time well spent I LOVE YOU
Ray Reynolds after watching Hardcore Pawn i realized you have a very dangerous job
Watching hardcore pawn makes me laugh, ppls are so funny you go in needing $$$ but try to fight... ain't nobody got no time
This Show "HardCore Pawn" is crazy LOL people are so aggressive just to get $$$ that in Detroit???
Watching Hardcore Pawn. This is some funny stuff. It just goes to show you breeding in your family does not work.
I hate hardcore pawn.they talk trash behind 2 giant guys.they think they are hardcore or something
Ashley from Hardcore Pawn is at Plum Market! I'm too starstruck!
Watch a sneak peek for tonight's new - Les interferes in Ashley's negotiation.
Storage Wars,Pawn Stars,Hardcore Pawn,American Pickers is the future of television guys! !!
Between Hardcore Pawn and Storage Hunters, Tru tv is one of my favorite television networks.
I really love Hardcore Pawn. It would be an honor to get a follow from u ๐Ÿ˜Š
I am a huge fan of Hardcore Pawn. Would love a follow from u please ๐Ÿ˜Š
Love watching u on Hardcore Pawn. Would be honored to get a follow from u ๐Ÿ˜Š
i blame the Lions' difficulty to land a coach squarely on that "Hardcore Pawn" family. i wouldn't want to live by 'em. they frighten me.
When I ask my dad what he's done today and one of his answers is 'i watched Hardcore Pawn'.. Ain't nobody got time fo dat
Ashley from hardcore pawn is at my work๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I think Gase looks like Seth from Hardcore Pawn
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