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Harbin Hot Springs

Harbin Hot Springs is a non-profit hot spring retreat and workshop center in Harbin Springs, Lake County, in Northern California, about two hours northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Golden Gate Park: Visit the Harbin Hot Springs' Gate here ~ and walk a...
I added a video to a playlist Valley fire: Devastation at Harbin Hot Springs
or harbin hot springs. My friend likes both pages but he seems so docile and hippy
in 1995 I spent 23 days living at Harbin hot springs, middletown, CA acquiring state license via school of shiatsu and massage
Hence Esalen and Harbin are on Hot springs as well N…
Take Harbin Hot Springs. Where's the link for evidence of child abuse?
Harbin Hot Springs. That big fire a couple years ago burned through the property.
I think Harbin Hot Springs is a good example. Started surrounded by evangelical Christian conservatives.
Thanks to Harbin I live psoriasis free. I was first diagnosed in 1972 70% of my body. Sun all over my body and stress free helped make it happen I often over the years passed that story on. Only once over the years some young girls laughed at me it made me chuckle to say you will be this old someday. My last memory and was so beautiful was the room with the Egyptian art and there was a massive tomb. I did not meet very many people but people were friendly and happy. Oh the food was absolutely great and tasteful. Miss you Harbin.
TONIGHT in ASHLAND* Peace Village Festival's Concert & Dance Benefit for the Harbin Hot Springs Staff Relief Fund
The hot pool at Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA. was One of my most favorite places on the plane
5 minute video of the heart of Harbin: "Valley fire: Devastation at Harbin Hot Springs" > .
Unfortunately one of Northern California's most popular resorts, Harbin Hot Springs, was damaged (if not...
This is tragic news! We drive through here every year to visit Harbin Hot Springs! Terrible.
My favorite place in the world, Harbin Hot Springs, burned to the ground yesterday. It will be remembered.
Sending love and strength to my friends up in Lake County. Thinking of you constantly. RIP Harbin Hot Springs.
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Completely heartbroken and grieving over the likely loss of Harbin Hot Springs. So many incredible memories there.
Harbin Hot Springs was a sanctuary of rejuvenation. Steam room with cold shower heads! Brutal how it burned to the ground in the
most of the ppl who used to visit Harbin Hot Springs don't listen to Fox news.
Seeing news that Harbin Hot Springs may be gone. Absolutely shocking if so.
FYI those of you fans of Hot Springs
No, I'm not suggesting we did a sidebar on the fire at Harbin Hot Springs because I've been there before. And no, I wore shorts.
Any chance you can get someone up to nearby Harbin Hot Springs? A lot of folks in SF and LA would like to know its fate...
TY for live fire streams! U asked about *the* hot springs. Please ask specifically about *Harbin* Hot Springs?
Devastating to hear this. Harbin Hot Springs, much of Middletown & Cobb reportedly destroyed.
SR Press Dem: HARBIN HOT SPRINGS "also apparently was ruined, at least in part, from the fire": CALFIRE.
Just heard Harbin Hot Springs has been destroyed by a fire. Terrible news.
The in Lake County has grown to 400 acres. Mandatory evacuations for the Community of Cobb, Harbin Hot Springs…
My heart is with Harbin a hot Springs, may all not be lost. My heart is broken hearing the news of the fire.
When I lived at Harbin Hot Springs some folks had no electricity either. Off the grid completely. Mother-in-law lived in a teepee
Aarrr harbin hot springs so sorry the whole place up in smoke . It will be a while before i can go visit was so looking forward to a soak !
My thoughts are in harbin hot springs (which burned to the ground)
Well, Harbin Hot Springs has been consumed by the wildfire in Lake County, California. . I have a lot of...
Prayers going out for safety to the residents, fighter fighters, animals in Middletown, Harbin Hot Springs, Cobb...
can you find any info about Harbin Hot Springs? Been a refuge and center of life for many. Reports mostly rumor
For those who know, Harbin Hot Springs has burned down from the my favorite Zen center on earth...
Harbin Hot Springs in Middleton California is a sanctuary for many of our practice members along their healing...
can you find out about Harbin Hot Springs? We have no idea if it's totally gone or if the fire jumped and missed some areas.
Anyone know where Harbin Hot Springs residents should go? There are some here in Calistoga shocked and lost. Sierra springs?
Wow, in Lake County CA now 10,000 acres. Harbin Hot Springs being evacuated.
My thoughts and love go out to Harbin Hot Springs in California. Rumors are swirling that it's burning from the...
Mandatory evac for Lake County fire includes Harbin Hot Springs. Unclear what's been burnt
The resort was evacuated and destroyed on September 12, 2015 as a result of the Valley Fire.
We are headed to Harbin Hot Springs! :-)
dont kno abt Burning Man but when Chel & I went to rich hippy nudist spa Harbin Hot springs book was "how to be in an adult relationship"
Some truly divine energies come through to us at this healing vortex we know and love as Harbin Hot Springs.
Just came back from soaking at Harbin. Ah I feel so good. Hot springs ftw
I just wanna get a burrito from La Taqueria & meditate @ Harbin Hot Springs for a week. gotta make this happen again soon
Nice evening nap & soak at Harbin Hot Springs. Wondering if I should go to bed early to do the Sausalito 11 am Sweat Your Prayers...
Next Saturday Night at Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California join us for a special New Year's Black Swan...
Off to Reno, Toronto and then California for the Holy Days! Playing in Toronto Dec 28th & Harbin Hot Springs Sat...
I came back from Harbin Hot Springs with a bad cold and absolutely no need to go anywhere that allows public nakedness for a long time.
Harbin Hot Springs - just north of the Napa Valley, California -
Join Astrud for a transformative weekend at the celebrated and sacred Harbin Hot Springs to bathe in the sacred...
Maren Metke has a show on 08/29/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, CA
Labor Day weekend (4 days off): Mexico, Oakland or San Francisco? Harbin Hot Springs or Esalen Hot Springs?
Who's down for Harbin Hot Springs? I've got a reservation for the 27th. It's quite needed after a long, arduous school year ;)
Playing a show in Middletown, CA at 8:00 PM today at Harbin Hot Springs
Hi friends! Jony here! Okay, after my last attempt at a post (which turned into a weird glitch and many notifications were sent out-yikes!) I'm taking a deep breath and trying again! David Holloway and I are diving into the peaceful and loving vibe of Harbin Hot Springs, in California. We are here for the warm healing waters, the loving community, and to recapture the magic and sweetness of our bonding ceremony in the Harbin Temple a few years ago. And to bring some of that yummy energy back to share with you in our May 28th gathering! Sending Harbin love to all of you!
Date day! Convertible ride to Lake County and Harbin Hot Springs. Now time for Fading Gigolo.
Soul Motion™ and Yoga Nidra combine their gifts and host a retreat at Harbin Hot Springs May 2nd-4th. Conscious Dance meets Meditation. Curious about it? Come and join us! This weekend offers soaking, dancing and meditating in our own private retreat space. Camping and all organic delicious meals are included!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
This is why I am a part of Harbin Hot Springs. I usually get my 12 hugs per day!
Ah, the relaxation of Harbin Hot Springs.missing it already.
Yay, on our way to Harbin Hot Springs for some R&R... ohhh yeah, I'm so taking a nap in the sun when we get there :D
in 2011 Harbin Hot Springs in California hosted the Gathering and this year Rose Christian-Johnson is...
Harbin Hot Springs is a non-profit retreat and workshop center located in the wine country in Northern California. Day visits, camping and overnight lodging.
Just arrived to beautiful Harbin Hot Springs, ready to play tonight's Unconditional Dance. 8-10:30pm in the...
what's the best thing to do near Harbin Hot Springs?
Super excited I just booked my flight home to see my family and then.back to Harbin Hot Springs to soak up...
Hanging with Pedro, a and yoga master at harbin hot springs.
One of my favorite places on earth: Harbins Hot Springs no clothes required ;-}
Booted Racket-tail: Missing the Harbin Hot Springs' warm pool while traveling ... and its deep medita...
Will be at Harbin Hot Springs until Thursday or Friday.
This weekend. Yoga. Giving my Stone Reiki treatments and healing at Harbin Hot Springs.
Swarms of visitors are coming to Lake County's Harbin Hot Springs
An alternative business model in Lake County is the popular Harbin Hot Springs.
Lake County's Harbin Hot Springs has claimed they bring in more revenue than any other county hotel or resort. Perhaps this is correct.
We are enjoying Harbin Hot Springs this weekend. Harbin is in Middletown, Lake County, California
Harbin Hot Springs is a truly exceptional place. I lived there for a year and managed the health food store in...
Question Time: Where are your favorite hot springs, or similar natural water spas?
Discover the new age retreat of Harbin Hot Springs in the hills of Northern California!
Just finished a puja at Scott Catamas's beautiful Temple, after a day of Harbin Hot Springs soaking with Jillian Reed and Cathleene Cienfuegos, coming off of a week of events in East Bay with Taber Shadburne, Reid Mihalko, Sabrina Morgan, Amber Seitz and sooo many more yummy Northern cali peeps Pur... time to sleep...z then the fun begins all over again, TOMORROW in San Diego with a full week of events with Reid Mihalko!
Naked, crazy and in the outdoors. Sounds like Harbin Hot Springs to me. Except for the fear. Hippies aren't scary.
Leaving the Ecstatic dance in Oakland which was off the chart! About 150 ecstatic dancers, jamming with insanely amazing improve moves. I always loose myself in the dance. On our way to Harbin hot spring now... :)
Wearing a jolly Santa Claus sweatshirt on the first day of summer. How hipster of me.
For my birthday I went to Harbin Hot Springs. While hiking up the Spiritual Path, I had an amazing deep flash of...
Reservations are set! Camping in the middle of Harbin Hot Springs for Summer Solstice. Enjoying the beauty of mother earth , the sun kisses on my skin, eating fresh veggies and fruits. Bathing in the earths natural minerals and refreshing spring water, and soaking in mother natures gift of natural bubbling hot tubs. And of course Yoga and Meditation.
Harbin or Wilbur? Heading out Wednesday night for a little break in the healing waters.
Spending time at lakepoint church family fun day. For stomp out hunger in hot spring. With Jasmine Jasmine Harbin and Tammy Tammy Dean
Working on my thesis after a lovely women's Altar building and Holotropic Breathwork weekend. It's coming together a paragraph and a page at a time. I need a hot spring trip soon. Very soon. And I need to dance.
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Headed north today. SF, Napa, Shasta, Ashland, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver Island, and then a big push down the Pacific Coast to Harbin Hot Springs. Anyone want to meet up/ have suggestion for places to check out?
Sat, Dec 29, 8:30 PM Open Mic at Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown Harbin Hot Springs hosts open mic on the last...
Alma Mia is open for business ! Check out our new website and upcoming Women's Retreat at Harbin Hot Springs near Calistoga on March 1-3, 2012.
I have submitted my application for: "The SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training" at Harbin Hot Springs, Northern California. My Thai Yoga Massage training and the monthly workshops I hold, is the perfect foundation for working with couples, teachers and others desiring safe, intimate spiritual growth. YOU can now receive the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage in a shorter 30 minute form ($35) or longer sessions, starting Wednesday, Dec 19 and every other Wed from 3-9pm with me! ALSO...I have GIFT Certificates available for the Perfect CHRISTMAS! Look for a FB Event invite soon or message me for details of where...and see the comments for other info about this training!
Going to Harbin Hot Springs for 1rst & 2nd year anniversary - Suzette McGrand and I had planned on doing trip there together but never quite jelled. Some much needed time off... Anyone been to Harbin? Will probably be going with one or two of Suzette's friends.
Tuesday, November 13 at 12:00pm in PST at Harbin Hot Springs
*Don't worry folks!!!* Safe and fun to read! Not a Kevin related post, it only looks like it could be one ;-) Someone mentioned on FB that Harbin Hot Springs has some hilarious two "star" reviews on yelp. Being that this is a semi-sleazy swinger's tantric new-age heaven, I could not resist following up on it. I am pretty desperate for a good laugh, and this did not disappoint: i'm conflicted about how i feel about this place. OH let me count the ways. 1. the vibe here is ultra hippie. like, in a weird creepy kinda way. 2. it was incredibly awkward walking into the bigger silent pool as all of the nude couples were hugging up on each other and "talking" with their eyes. i was super creeped out. 3. if you didn't notice i said NUDE. the pool area is clothing optional. that means hanging sacks and boobs waaay bigger than mine would ever wish to be. 4. referring back to and there was a guy hanging around the silent hot pool doing yoga nude. i'm not even kidding with this next piece!! picture this: a guy in his ...
Just spent an amazing weekend at Harbin Hot Springs with the most beautiful woman, Ann DaPrato. I relaxed, laughed, goofed off, fell in love yet again (for like the millionth time) with Ann and asked myself some deep self-reflecting questions. I even howled at the new moon, lol (no, seriously, I howled at the moon along with about 50 other people while in the warm pool at Harbin Saturday night). Now it's Monday and the start of a new journey. Things will only get better from here.
morning yoga with a friend, breakfast bagel and coffee at favorite neighborhood cafe, And now packing for camping trip to Harbin Hot Springs with my's Friday!!
Over the past two evenings, I have met with Heather Salmon and Donny Regalmuto to work on our planned COMPASSIONATE WARRIOR Training that will take place from October 11-14 at Harbin Hot Springs. Donny has put together a terrific 4 minute intro to what we will be offering. We have some spaces left, and I want to encourage any of our current LOVE COACH ACADEMY members OR anyone interesting in starting work with us, to participate. Attending WILL go towards your certification. Check out the video by going to
So far in my birthday month, dinner at Benihana's, 3 days at Harbin Hot Springs, lots of dinners and lunches with friends, getting wonderful cards and gifts! Thank you everyone, you know who you are!
Harbin Hot Springs gets two out of five stars.
Feel free to roll one anytime at Harbin Hot Springs - Unable to get to Oakland.
Saturday, October 20 at 10:00am in PDT at Lower Lake, CA 95461 (near Harbin Hot Springs)
Off to Harbin Hot Springs with my sweetheart Aaron Swanson! And meeting Effie Clover, Natasha Troussova and Simon Anderson there. Who-hoo!   10% Off
Scott Franklin Manning, a producer/partner of The Human Revolution has been on a mission this summer to document every event he attends, and he has thus far been successful! Armed only with an iphone, travelling in a biodiesel van, and using imovie to edit his adventures, he has followed The Human Revolution at The Mystic Garden Gathering- iMystic- of which he has posted 3 hours of hi-def footage, The Seattle Hempfest- iHemp- which is up now in two parts, and The National Heirloom Expo- iGrow- which is also up in two parts, including two separate music videos of our songs Tree of Life, and Clean Food/Monsanto (Go Away!). He has additionally shot a variety of other gatherings including Gaia Festival- iGaia, Lazy Summer Days- iDaze, Beloved Music Festival- iTruth, a private gathering in So Oregon- iGod- Harbin Hot Springs- iSoak- and a piece on democracy- iVote. This man has been busy! If u are just sitting online looking for something interesting, this is hours and hours of fun and high-quality footage by ...
Saturday, September 22 at 8:30pm in PDT at Harbin Hot Springs
Back from Harbin Hot Springs! I had the best time! Did the hot/cold thing many times. New Turkish bath rocks. I want to go back soon. Felt Nerthus strongly in the springs. Great place for pagans to relax.Lots of deer and turkeys wandering the grounds. Odd experience, 2 random women thought my room was theirs and one walked and made jokes about sharing, it was funny ...Lots of those experiences lately ..hmmm...
Spent a fabulous day at a fabulous condo 1/2 a block from the beach on Ocean Park that my friend Mona was staying at. It was a good way to ease back into LA from Harbin Hot Springs. This Wed. Elijah from Kuai is playing with Luminaries at Zanzibar 1301 5th Street at Arizona Santa Monica CA 90401. Please join me there to celebrate him and continue celebrating my birthday at around 9pm.
Heading back home after a lovely weekend at Harbin Hot Springs.
For the rest of my friends and family I haven't told. I am training up north of Napa till mid November working on my CMT and WATSU Practitioner's license so I can work on special needs and PTSD down in San Diego.(check out Where my school is there is limited cell service, so I am only checking my phone on the weekends when I drive into town. Anyone wanting to meet me up at Harbin Hot Springs let me know!
Coming up next Sunday! And save the date for our Equinox Ceremony on Saturday, September 22nd Harbin Hot Springs
Leaving Reno and headed towards San Fran... Will be at Harbin Hot Springs by Saturday afternoon all the way till gator Tuesday! Anyone in a nearby radius should come to Harbin and party with The Glen Show!
Rejuvenated my Mind,Body & Soul at Harbin Hot Springs with my Man and Besties, Wendy & Sheila. I feel Strongly Feminine. ❤
Thursday, October 11 at 6:00pm in PDT at Harbin Hot Springs
Friday, September 28 at 8:00pm in PDT at Harbin Hot Springs
8 hours at Harbin Hot Springs and I feel totally recharged!! Ready for a short work week and off to the East Coast for family time... Time to celebrate with Jamison Pomerantz and the gang!
Very much looking forward to going to Harbin Hot Springs this weekend and next week and meeting wonderful friends up there!
Deal! I am actually heading to wine country on Sat and stopping off at ESTATE before we go up to Harbin Hot Springs.
I got my wish. Birthday party in Hot Springs we will stay over night. The BFF is coming. Glad you got a ticket ;)
Friday, September 7 at 7:00pm in PDT at Harbin Hot Springs
Things that bring me joy Day 31: The total somatic surrender of my body while in the warm healing waters of Harbin Hot Springs. Being supported and held by a healer, my lover and the divine. Bliss ♥♥♥
Nancy and I drive from San Diego to San Fran this Friday 24th. I get on the Green Tortoise bus to Burning Man! YEA!! Nancy continues on to Sebastopol for a week with her sister Mimi. After a whirlwind week, and The Man burns, we rendezvous, go to Harbin Hot Springs for a good long soak, then Salt lake City to check on Nancy's unsold house. We return here to Perfect, Wonderful Sandy Eggo in about 10 days. Life is GOOD!
Excited to be leading Kirtan Sat. Sept. 1 (Labor Day weekend) at Harbin Hot Springs. 8pm, come join in on the fun. Joining me that evening are some lovely musicians: Constance Hart, David Phillips, Timothy Surya Das, and Teerth Gonzalez.
Harbin Hot Springs. you're now on my list.
Drum circle at Harbin Hot Springs tonight at 8-10pm in the Conference Center. I'm not the facilitator - I'll just...
On the road again! Going to Harbin Hot Springs with a crew. I cant wait for that healing water.
Well ... it's been 3 weeks since I last roamed these fields of faces of all my beloved friends and associates. Much has transpired since the Portland Blues Festival (July 4th) and our (Joan, aka Share, and I) stay at our beloved friends and family Brian and Edie in Banks, Oregon. After leaving Banks, our adventures took us to California, and the California World Festival (CWF) in Grass Valley for 4 days of wonderful music, extended family, and lots of dancing. After CWF, Share and I went to Harbin Hot Springs for a few days and soaked in their healing waters. We also connected with old friends there, and made some new ones. Share continued on with her niece (Sayrah) to Oakland, and I pilgrimaged to Selma, Oregon for the Mystic Garden Gathering (of the Tribes) for 4 days, where I would celebrate my 70th Birthday on July 20th (which I have been celebrating now for the past month). It was the biggest Birthday Party I ever had. Filled with many old friends (going back some 20 and 30 years) and making many new ...
Tonight! Tuesday, July 24...Our good friend, MARCELO CESAR, finally makes his Harbin Dance debut as DJ! the Conference Center Almost 2 years ago DJ Marcelo arrived at Harbin Hot Springs for something completely unrelated to music. After meeting the godfather of Harbin Dance, DJ Omer, a great friendship formed with music being a common love. Soon after DJ Marcelo relocated to CA, started re-learning, and with the help of Omer, opened his horizons to new possibilities and sounds. With a new life in CA and lots of inspiration by his new friends, DJ Marcelo started playing again soon after his move from Dallas. Now, he finally feels ready to showcase his music and new found inspirations at the Harbin Dance. Marcelo started DJing in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the late 80's just when electronic music was coming into the scene. DJ Marcelo style of music is quite a balanced mix of influences, with his song line up ranging from new styles and genres to classics we all know. He kept playing when he moved to the US, ...
Going to Harbin Hot Springs, Bay Area and SLO between Aug 12-19. Anyone like to host a Tantra class or event in your area? Lets talk!
Randy and I got back from Harbin Hot Springs late last night after celebrating our 13th anniversary of "re-meeting" with a mini-vacation (left Monday night after the ongoing "Tax the Rich" rally on Solano Ave). A few hours in hot mineral waters sure calms you down!
Wonderful day of soaking, swimming, and communing with the community at Harbin Hot Springs. What an investment in the spirit and a great start to the summer. Pink tush but oh so worth it.
Harbin Hot Springs is simply a beautiful place to relax… over 5000 acres of privacy, surrounded by many more acres of undeveloped woodland. Our location in Lake County features the cle...
Harbin Hot Springs is an historic hot spring center that has been restored and improved by a community of residents and staff. Facilities include hot, warm and cold spring pools (all clothing-optional), dry sauna, steam, sundecks, restaurant, market, café, guest kitchen, library, and more. Guest eve...
So the time has come once again, To leave the shelter of my den. This town, these folks, and many things, Must share GreenMan with Harbin Hot Springs:)
Gee there's a LOT of drumming going on around here! Drummm Circle on Weds. 6/6 at Harbin Hot Springs. 8-10p in the Conference Center. Let's Drummm, dance, and SOAK!
I want to go to Harbin Hot Springs that would be a great way to get :) Zimmerman Zen :)
Got my one-way ticket to HAI workshop level 2 @ Harbin Hot Springs in the end of July
In the next six weeks I will: perform in Norway, vacation in Napa with Luke Tomkinson, soak in the world-renowned Harbin Hot Springs, attend Anne Lamott's church, visit NYC and finally meet my dear friend Carmin's baby girl, channel my inner rockstar singing Adele and Motown tunes for hundreds, see Holly Jones for the first time in over a year, go horseback riding with Teresa Harris and Meghan Whittier, and...(drumroll, please)...potentially meet Ira Glass! There is also a possibility that I will do karaoke with a famous cartoonist and have a coffee date with an award-winning short story author, if we can all find the time. It all starts tonight with the celebration of my dear friend Juleen's birthday!
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