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Happy Tuesday

Good Morning San Francisco Giants Wall St Oakland Athletics

Chris Pratt just killed a verse of Eminem's "Forgot About Dre." Happy Tuesday.
"Some Enchanted Evening" tickets bought. And it's voting day. Happy Tuesday :)))
Let Alpha Chi Omega take you to new horizons ☀️ Happy Tuesday
The performance of Defying Gravity in my car this morning was Tony worthy. Happy Tuesday, all!
Happy Tuesday. Quick little test to check your grammar skills. ;)
Happy Tuesday wish you a day full of good things, kisses and hugs
. Good Morning Tom Joyner Morning show. Happy Tuesday up by 6:00am sometimes. RubyT
Happy Tuesday everyone and Good Morning ! Hasn't been much this week going on, been actually a quiet week ( for once, lol ) . Just staying busy, moving right along I suppose . Guess I just hit a " slow period " for now ( can't say I'm used to that ) , lol, but I'm still out there pushing myself as much as I can ! Looking forward to Sept 27th, I finally get to do my 1st 5k ( took my *** long enough, lol ) ! It's actually a COLOR ME RAD 5k race ( in Seekonk ), I'm doing it with a few friends from our group ( Bariatric Friends ), then I'll be working on doing a second 5k in October ( it's a INFLATABLE 5k ), let's see what happens, gotta survive the 1st one, lol ! I'm just glad things are looking brighter as time goes by . Thank you Lord ! So my PostOp Update : Year 2 Week 5. Pretty much broke even this week, still at 185 lbs, can't complain . I managed to drop another inch or two, I now wear a " Medium sized " underwear and pants ( 33/32 ), who would of thought, smh, but I'll take it ! Just want to st ...
Happy Tuesday want to wish best wishes to Amanda McWhorter today on the birth of her lil boy and ask that everyone continue to keep my cousin Stephanie Browns son in ur prayers as he recovers from having a brain tumor removed yesterday
Happy Tuesday to you to Beautiful and Sweet dreams
Morning all, misty start but the sun will be out later. Happy Tuesday all, today's dance is the paso doble
First thing she said at the bus stop was "Let's take a selfie!". Since I know you all want to see pictures of my beautiful niece, we decided on a solo shot (but included Nanook and his two little baby brothers). Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday worked on a slate and audition tape for three hours yesterday! Nett is done! Going to do the all day long day audition Thursday! I just want to lay in the bed but Akinyele wants to go to universal Studios today SMH.but you know we going to roll out because that's what me and Boogie been doing for 8 years getting it in! LOL! Have a blessed and great day guys!
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday..Love this from pastor John Hagee Ministries..When your priorities are centered in...
Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez on - Why haven't I heard this song before! Happy Tuesday
Good Morning & Happy Tuesday everybody. The MLB All Star game begins at today's 1st number of 5pm. Theme park workers are being investigated for harassment. Citigroup has paid today's 2nd number of $7 Billion in mortgage probes. A fire broke out at Rockefeller Center on the observation deck. Mylan Labs has bought out Abbott labs for today's 3rd number of $5.3 Billion. On Wall St. the Dow gained 111 points while the Nasdaq gained 24 points. Partly Cloudy skies with mild to warm temperatures in the forecast with highs in the upper 80s to the 90s Inland, upper 60s & 70s around the Bay & Coast. A survey reports that gas prices have went down 4 cents over the last 3 weeks. Have a great day everyone.
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It's a beautiful day in Georgia. Don't you just love summer? Happy Tuesday to all! We hope you have a great one.
Good Morning & Happy Tuesday. It will be a very busy day around the office. Have a phone interview set up with Sheriff Randy Brown-Murder
Happy Tuesday, blessings for a new day!!! A Prayer for Peace of Mind. Almighty God, We bless you for our lives,...
May Lord Ganesha bless you all... Have a Happy Tuesday .
Happy Tuesday everyone! In the mag: Eminem, Danny Brown, Neil Young, Sia, Morrissey and lots, lots more.
I've learned that people will forget what you said! people will forget what you did! but people will never forget how you made them feel! Lots of people want to ride with you in the "limo"! but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down! Keep moving forwards! Happy Tuesday friends and family :-)
"Happy Tuesday everyone. May your day be filled with wonderful surprises.
Happy Tuesday! Please join us as we do our church wide daily Bible study readings. Today we are looking at Daniel 5 and 2 Corinthians 13. Have a beautiful day!
Happy Tuesday!!! Tyr's Day from Norse Mythology!!! Listen to Tyr to brighten your day!!!
Happy Tuesday!!! Win KXTN Passes to see Massore on Thursday at Graham Central Station just keep track…
Happy Tuesday!. 7-Mid I'll be spinning some Zach Coffey, Zane Williams Roger Creager, Randy Rogers Band and...
Good afternoon my Friends :) What a lazy one already for me lol. I slept in forever it seemed . Wishing everyone a great rest of your day . While gone I gathered up some pretty good recipes I will start on soon. My fave will be a Pizza pocket bowl I will make for us . So after the holidays I will try to master these ...My youngest daughter and I watched some cooking channels while home a lot and I kept pen and paper handy...we rewound the DVR a lot through them . Saying my thanks as my day begins and sends blessings your way ! Happy Tuesday :) !
Happy Tuesday! Don't have the early week blues, because this Friday is going to be so much fun! We're playing at Hagen park in Rancho Cordova from 6-8pm - it's your pre-party place to be before the skies light up! See you there!
Good Morning FB Friends and Happy Tuesday!!! Today is supposed to be the Hottest Day of the Week for Us!!! Mid to Upper 100's!!! UGH!!! :/ If we can get thru today our temps will be heading lower!! :) Im connecting with another renter today and then heading to the bank and Rite Aid!! Im gonna try to be done with my errands by noon so I can watch the USA's World Cup Match!! GO USA!!! :D I Hope All of U Have a Delightful July 1st!! Peace Peeps!! :D
Happy Tuesday! We have have some delicious soups on today. Chicken Corn Chowder, Grilled Cheese and Tomato and Fire Roasted Vegetable.
A little work out before work. Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I just ran 3.56 mi @ a 9'34'' pace with Nike+.
Goodmornin I hope you have a wonderful blessed day. don't let the haters nor Negativity bring you down. happy Tuesday. 😃
Inventory *** ! Not a good Tuesday. But I'm happy to see another day!
Wow. I didn't even realise it was the 1st of July. Happy Canada Day. But it's a Tuesday tho :P
“Champagne Tuesday was made just for your Happy birthday!” Thank you, Liz! I miss you! 👯
As members of Law Enforcement, we can all agree on this quote! Happy Tuesday!
Lunch with my girl then topped it off with a spot of shopping!! Happy Tuesday 😁
Happy Free Agent Day! And Happy Canada Day to our northern friends! And a four day work week makes this hump day, so happy Tuesday, I guess?
Happy Canada Day from NUTV! The NUTV office will be closed on Tuesday July 1. Have a safe & fun celebration.
Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today. Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday! Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9 Have a wonderful day!
Happy Tuesday! It's usually... "Too Close" Tuesday. Remember that FEFE returns on Wed., Aug. 27 on...
with happy throw back Tuesday in a few
Happy Tuesday everyone! Be the good and the change you want in the world.
Happy Tuesday Folks . What a beautiful day it is today. Is summer finally here :D. Call in for a drink at our...
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goodmornin hope u have a wonderful blessed day Don't let nobody ruin yo day. Happy Tuesday :)
Happy Tuesday its going to be good and HOTT!
Happy glow in the dark Titty Tuesday
Happy Tuesday - some pool time & then hopefully watch a USA win with Adam!! 🇺🇸🙏😃
I'm sending nothing but positive energy your way! Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday!! If you are waiting for someone else to make you happy, you’re missing out. Smile because you can. Choose happiness..
It's a happy Tuesday now that the WRATH of Mother Nature is over. Stop in today and celebrate the nasty storm is...
Happy happy news on this Tuesday morning! Love when great things happen to even greater people!
Happy Tuesday! Gift Card Giveaway! Tell us your favorite thing about Reds and at noon we will randomly select a...
Nice run out at the park with my bro! Off to work! Happy Tuesday all!!!
from wtfsergi0 with repostapp . Happy Tuesday 😊 😊
Canada Day on a Tuesday? Even the rest of the week is like W-T-F. Happy Canada Day. Let's get Canuck'd up!
Morning to all you beauties. Happy Terrific Tuesday. Hugs!
Good Morning and a Happy July to everyone!. "A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up...
Hamburger steak for special today. Happy Tuesday!😃
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Happy Tuesday Missoulians! Tonight on tap for Cheers for Charity is the Montana Sierra Club. 50 cents of every pint sold between 5pm and 8pm will support this organization's work to explore, enjoy, protect the planet
Religion & politics are two topics that can get people fired up. Never attack someone for how they feel or believe, especially a friend. Just because they don't believe the same as you doesn't mean they are a bad person or wrong. In Mark 12:31 it says to "Love your neighbor as yourself". Even in Matthew 5:44 it says "Love your enemies & pray for them". Love is the key. Don't let topics make you despise someone. I seldom agree with Mardena Murray when it comes to politics, but I love that girl to pieces because she has a huge heart & would help me in a heartbeat anytime I needed, despite the different views we have on politics. Don't let your views make you feel so right that you stop loving... Have a happy Tuesday my friends!!!
Happy Tuesday! This is a holiday week and Jennifer will be out of the office. Sherry Kelley will be here to...
Happy Tuesday...short work week for some with the holiday weekend coming up. Stop in today 10-6 and find your treasure. Lots of new goodies being added today, pics to come. We will be closed Friday, July 4th to celebrate the holiday. We will re-open normal hours on Saturday July 5th, 10-4. We will be open this Sunday 10-4 during a fundraiser car wash being held in our parking lot. Come out and do some Sunday fun day shopping while your car is being washed. The car wash is being held to raise money for a local business owner, Sharon Manos. Sharon is out of work due to emergency surgery and we are trying to help her out.
Happy Tuesday! Here are the Bit9 + Carbon Black Morning Coffee Headlines - Wizard of Oz edition -
Happy Tuesday! Commit to be fit! Be strong! 9AM Body Sculpt with Sandy Cevallos-Campanella 6PM Zumba + Tone with Shannon Lee Whalen 7PM Beginner Zumba with Christine Tarallo 8:15PM Zumba with Sandy and Cj Cevallos on the drums! at World Fitness "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." ~ Aristotle Onassis Make it an AWESOME day! ~xoxo
Happy Tuesday! We're brewing Brazil today. Smooth, full flavor with a trace of earthiness. Enjoy! Go Team USA!
JUST A THOUGHT: Happy Tuesday - The devil is busy! Don't let other people steal your Joy! Some people want to see everything go wrong for you because nothing is going right for them. Pray for them … Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. Just remember ... "The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength" ... and enJOY your day!
NEWS TO YOU: Happy Tuesday WCIA 3 News Insiders! What is making news in your town today?
Happy Tuesday beautiful ladies! I finally have a little bit of my voice back so I felt like singing!! This is especially for you Pastor-Robin Dodson!! Sending tons of love & hugs to each and every one of you!!!
Happy Tuesday! We've got some important updates for everyone this morning and some important dates to remember. First off, pre-registration closes on July 18 (that's 18 days from today). Current 3-day badge prices are at $70. After July 18, you won't be able to purchase your badge until you get to the door on August 1. 3-day badges on August 1 will cost you $80 ($10 more then pre-registration). We encourage you that if there is the slightest hope of you attending BronyCon 2014, you get your badge before July 18 to save $10 (think about it, that's $10 for merchandise). Secondly, hotels! We've added yet another hotel to our 2014 Hotels list. The Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore is jus 0.36 miles from the Baltimore Convention Center, which is extremely close. This hotel is one of our cheaper options for just $135/night. If you're interested and still looking for a hotel, we recommend you book it ASAP at up, BronyCon is just a month away! We can tell you that we've all entered crunch time making sure ever ...
Good Morning one and all. :-) Happy Tuesday. Make it a great one! Every day is a GREAT day!
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! It's Henry DiCarlo - KTLA 5's birthday! Please join us in wishing him a very happy birthday! Coming up on the KTLA 5 Morning News: the U.S. is taking on Belgium in a win-or-go home World Cup match later today. And to celebrate the World Cup, Chef Chanel Martinez of Le Cordon Bleu in L.A. will transport our taste buds to the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, showing us traditional dishes that pack a flavorful punch. And speaking of sports, we'll be joined by Julius Randle, the LA Lakers first round draft pick! Also joining us in the studio: actress Molly Ringwald -- you remember her from such 80s classics as "The Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty in Pink" -- will talk about her upcoming performances in Los Feliz. Plus: our week-long San Diego Getaway Giveaway continues this morning, and you could win some awesome prizes, including a 2-night stay at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront and tickets to SeaWorld and Legoland! We'll also announce yesterday's winner live! Watch ...
HAPPY Tuesday...everyone.from the HFC administration staff
Good Morning and happy Tuesday! Showers and thunderstorms that developed late yesterday across the northern panhandle have oozed their way down into the southern panhandle this morning this morning along the leading edge of the stalling cold front. It's still a bit unclear as to how far south the…
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Happy Tuesday ~ let's do this! A bunny was in my front yard as I pulled out this morning ~ perfect for Bunny Bunny Day!
The trolls from Great Britain came over to visit last night.the jig they danced in my new short haircut made me look like Rod Stewart this morning.all my hair sticking up every which way. I appreciate them trying to make me look like a famous, aging, wild and crazy rock star, but I'm gonna have to go back to looking like sassy Sasha . I think with this look I'd scare friends and strangers alike. I just hate I couldn't work my camera this morning so y'all could see my hair, too . ;) Oh, and there's glitter on my chin.not sure if that's supposed to be my Rod Stewart look or my Sasha look. Happy Tuesday y'all!!!
Happy Tuesday. FYI: 1935 - "King Porter Stomp," was recorded by Benny Goodman and his band for Victor Records. Many considered this classic the beginning of the swing era.
Happy Tuesday from the Sampit River!. Thank you to Dan Christie of Surfside Beach, South Carolina for this photo!...
I love work from home days... I get to be fancy with my smoothies... This taste delicious!!! Happy Tuesday everyone. Who wants to join me in a virtual cheers to good health!!
Happy happy happy Tuesday to team Aaron Fowler. Fact of the day for team Aaron Fowler is part of my autism I never liked things to touch me like bandages and shots. I'm having to wear a bandaid because Ive got a few blisters on my foot when I was walking in my new shoes. I thought i share that with team Aaron Fowler. Everybody have a great Tuesday. Go go team Aaron Fowler!
ALERT: If you have moisture-magnet hair like mine, you're not going to be a fan of today's weather! It's super muggy outside. But Brian Alworth KFVS is saying storms could be possible today followed by (drum roll...) a cooler weather trend! Tune to for details. Happy Tuesday!
Today I will return to volunteer at the Kann Cancer Center at DeKalb Medical. I'm sure Mom would want me to. I've not been back to volunteer since she passed away. Hoping my emotions stay "in check" while I'm there. I think I'm ready! Happy Tuesday!
Okay... so we told you yesterday we're going to be selling Renaissance Festival tickets. If you follow our blog - you know some of us here at Goodwill are crazy about the Renaissance Festival and have started counting down the days until it opens. We know some of you are just as crazy about it and we want to give away a few tickets - so we're going to have a contest. This is where you can help and get tickets too. We're looking for contest ideas and they must be Renaissance Festival themed. The person whose contest idea we use will win a pair of tickets. Get creative and tell us what you think. All contest suggestions must be posted here by midnight Sunday. We should point out - if two or more people suggest a similar idea and we select it, the winner will be the one who made the suggestion first. Thanks! Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday Sam Nation! Coming up this morning on TRL we start your C-USA WKU Kickoff! Special guests will stop by and make sure you wear your WKU RED today to work..because it can mean some VERY COOL prizes for ya! Watch/Listen live at!
God Morning Everyone. Happy Tuesday!! I was just thinking...I love my transparency. Nothing is cool all the time - including me. I'm glad that I don't hide that. It still aint all good but it's better. So... I was thinking.. Can you describe yourself using adjectives that aren't attached to anyone or anything else? For example: You cannot say that you're a good parent or friend... or describe your job title.or have a nice car (lol). For me, I would use the words adaptable, adventurous and vibrant.
Love doesn't die we kill it with empty promises, pointing blame and unkind words. Those who realize they hold love in their hands are wise and blessed are those who keep it alive. Happy Tuesday!
As the old saying goes, action does speak louder than words...what are your actions saying? Happy Tuesday morning my friends and happy JULY!.Zan;)
Good Morning and happy Tuesday, Mid-Michigan! It is time to wake-up! A Cold Front brought a batch of showers and thunderstorms across the area during the overnight hours, mainly associated with heavy downpours and damaging winds. Expect a few light to moderate showers during the early morning hours. These will continue to taper off and move quickly eastward, while a drying pattern builds back into the picture for the remainder of the day. Increasing sunshine and clearing skies will allow daytime temps to remain warm but comfortable, in the low to mid- 80's, while decreasing moisture will make it feel nice and crisp out there. -Meteorologist Daphne DeLoren
If you have faced adversity in life, it's ok, sometimes you need that to be successful. If you find yourself in the lions den, you'll only get eaten, if you give up on your faith! So man up, stick your chest out, and know that the one who strengthens you is bigger then the problem could ever be! Happy Tuesday!
Tuesday's tip of the day! It's favor time! Everyone loves being the person that does someone a favor! It makes you feel good to help someone! Here are some tips on playing the favor card! The practice party is a way to help your new distributor ask for favors! Calling up friends and family asking them to help them will get way further then simply calling asking them to look at a new product your selling. Haven't you been there? I know I have! Friend calls me up and says that she is selling something new and will I come to her party!? I'm thinking great now I gotta buy something I don't want, need, or can't afford! On the way to the party I'm thinking I'll be in and out and buy the cheapest thing I can to say I bought something! Except the party goes on for hours and nothing is cheap!! People hate being in that situation and many say they will come and then just not show or make up some excuse! This can all be avoided using the favor card. Make sure your new distributor is methodical when calling in their ...
Happy Tuesday Nickelodeon Family! What are you looking forward to today?
Happy Tuesday!! Good luck to all those uni students receiving their results today!!
Are we missing Alex Vause in season 2?.. *** yeah.. Happy Tuesday one and all..
Good Morning Wales!! Happy Tuesday. Looks like the sun is out already as well! Hope you're all ok J&W xx
Am in a Hippitty-Hoppity mood this week, Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Drake, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, etc.takin care of sumthin. Happy Tuesday my Niggaz! lol
CAT: Happy Tuesday, yesterday was the final day of the 30 day abs challenge over 5 million people decided to tackle. I got to day 21 and then it started to hurt to much.Gutted. I'm curious to find out how you lovely athletes got on. Did you successfully crunch to the end or crumble like me (even though I did really try, honestly)... come on be honest, Crunch or Cumble? ... : ) xxx
Happy Tuesday! All the VIPs can wake up to hour with Tommy, featuring mellow music from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sona Mahapatra, Nafees Singer - The Official & more. Who's part of the VIP club this morning?
Marian Rivera via Instagram:. Happy Tuesday dabarkads 󾌵 im on my way to juan for all, all for Juan...󾠣...
"Live your life with good intentions and God will reward you with lots of blessings." Happy Tuesday! -Tambalan
Happy Tuesday, Spent my day off in Paw Paw, Michigan at my good friend Ron Weber's House, went to Gallagher'sPub,...
Happy Tuesday! According to the National Association of Home Builders Builder Confidence is up 4 points!...
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to everyone! Today is the day for the Primary Runoff, so be sure to go out and vote! Maayan Schechter wrote about this on the front page, so be sure to check out this! Teddy Kulmala wrote about the fun laws in Georgia and S.C.! Ollie's Bargain Outlet is coming to Aiken in August! Amy Banton wrote about this and says that it will bring back life to a large empty space at Kalmia Plaza that's been vacant for more than 20 years! So, stay tuned! Rob Novit wrote about "Logistics The Next Step In School Board Referendum"! Congratulations to Dorothy Bryan-Kanda! She has been named the new Executive Director of the Hitchcock Woods Foundation! Aiken's William "Refrigerator" Perry is pictured with former Gamecock great and Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers and son William II while attending the George Rogers Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic! Noah Feit wrote the article and took the pictures too! The World Cup Group G Game will be played on Thursday @ Noon on ESPN! The USA will play ...
Happy Tuesday! Come see us tonight at the River Road Baptist Church Food Truck Court from 5:30-8:30. And stay...
Good Morning team, yesterday was an awesome fit day for me.I hope for you all as well! Happy Tuesday, Mat Pilates @ 8 tonight!
Happy Tuesday!! Something wrong with your Computer? I can help ~ I have some free time this week. Fast and Cheap. I do it all! And don't forget that Windows XP is extinct so upgrade NOW! Inbox me for more detail. Have a blessed Day! =)
quote of the day "I want everything bathed, and emersed in loveliness" Happy Tuesday!
It is one of the great joys of home ownership, to fire a pistol in one's own bedroom. Alfred Jarry - Happy Tuesday.
Happy Tuesday everyone, what are your plans this sunny weekend? We are open everyday 8-8 inc Saturday and 10-4 Sunday
Happy Tuesday to you my friend..hope you are well..hope u had a great fathers day..
Happy Tuesday! Happy Hour now til 6pm. $1 off drafts and house wines. Tonight: $12 Thimble Island and $10 Narragansett Pitchers during the Red Sox, Mets and Yankees Games! Come Visit Alicia!
Working hard, or hardly working? // Happy Tuesday. - Status: going to buy a powerball ticket.
Happy Tuesday sushi lovers! Bring your friends by tonight for sushi under $10 and $4 Blushing Geisha drink...
Happy Tuesday! We are into week 2 of pour new summer lunch specials: tofu Banh mi with pickled daikon and...
Chateau Ste Michelle 2012 Sauvignon Blanc By Dan Curcio Hello Readers and Happy Tuesday! Today I am reviewing the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc from Chateau Ste Michelle. This is a large production Sauvignon Blanc from the Columbia Valley in Washington State. The… [ 199 more words. ]
Happy Tuesday, Bay Area! Watch the Morning Minute and gear up for today's games on Comcast SportsNet: Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim with coverage at 6:30pm on CSN California; Washington Nationals vs. San Francisco Giants with coverage at 6:30pm on CSN Bay Area. Have a great day!
Happy Tuesday! The on the Rachael Taylor blog this week is about inspiring Brighton where we...
Happy Tuesday! Our this week is about inspiring Brighton where we recently had our...
Happy Tuesday everyone, what a lovely sunny start to the day :-) been a good mummy this morning, fresh bread in the oven, homemade smoothie for breakfast and picked some strawberries from the garden and all before 8am! Lets hope the toppers get done tonight that I didn't get chance to do last night lol Have a great day hope it's a good one for you all wherever you are in this amazing world we live in :-)
thanks for the follow. Happy Monday..well Happy Tuesday in 2 min
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New post: The Road to Boston 2016: Week 27 Recap: Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had an amazi...
Happy Tuesday to all my fwiends...haf a wyverly safe day!!
Happy Tuesday! We spent our day location scouting in Washington state:
Happy Tuesday. It's chicken fried steak night at Stockfeeders. We also have a great grilled prime rib sandwich for a special tonight!
Happy Tuesday friends & family around the world! Curry Without Worry family heartily thanks our beloved didi, Mrs. Saroj Pandey & her daughter, Ms. Tripti Pandey in sponsoring today's happy meals to feed the hungry souls in San Francisco in the loving memory of Mr. Kamal Alley of Gangtok, Sikkim who sadly passed away 13 days ago! We are all with you at this hour of mourning! Long live your legacy!
Tuesday motivation! First be happy with where your at today, then work on getting better one day at a time 󾬗
Happy y'all! Busy week already and it's only Tuesday! Have a good day y'all!
Love your attitude this morning Happy Tuesday!
Good Morning Tweeples! Happy Tuesday! Knocked out second workout this morning. Feelin good so far! WOOT! On the road to
Happy Tuesday People, wealth and prosperity. Dios con Nosotros.
HAPPY Tuesday! Buck Off Italian Beef. Try it you'll love it.
Happy Tuesday everyone!! Co-op members, don't forget to get your co-op orders in by NOON today. Use your emailed...
Happy terrific Tuesday such a when we get a new day and today is a new day! Today is a day to
Ruby only runs when there's something worth celebrating. Happy Tuesday!!?
Vinny Del *** and Net Neutrality, While We’re Waiting: Happy Tuesday folks! I had a weird thought this weeke...
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Happy Tuesday! 🌾 Sending alittle bit of your way ..
Well I just got to class, went to park, and hit the curb at Davis so hard that I went in the grass. Happy Tuesday.
Happy Tuesday! We are open today from 10am to 8pm. Remember to book your appointment to receive 20%…
Some helpful tips to organize your desk and they're worth trying. Happy Tuesday, everyone! . Shared from:...
Happy Tuesday!!! preparing for my busy weekend.. Birthday party at the pool, a night out with the girls and 2 basketball games on Sunday..
is in the studio! Tune in now to hear live music to get your day started right! Happy Tuesday! -
Hello & Good Morning Meisha. You have a Happy Tuesday too!. Meisha what kind of music inspires your day?
Happy Birthday to former Pakistan bowler who turns 48 on Tuesday. What is his best performance?
Flowers. Smoothies. Sunshine. Health. Happiness. . Happy Tuesday lovelies!! . Starting my day with this…
My marketing buddy says happy Tuesday! Piglet's writing a blog today, we'll see how it goes without thumbs.
happy Tuesday the coffee is wonderful...cup # 3 for me as well :) look at us...on the same page today!!! :) how's your am?
I dunno about you, but I feel better. It really had been awhile! :P~ . Happy Tuesday, darlin'!
.well that makes for a happy Tuesday! .
My client just screamed at me for the last 20 minutes. And accused me of stealing her money to smoke crack. . So Happy Tuesday.
One of my middle school teachers just got arrested for child molestation. Happy Tuesday?
Happy Tuesday everybody it's hot and sunny today! Hugs xoxox
Not even 10am yet & I've already break checked some woman for honking at me bc apparently I wasn't going fast enough. Happy Tuesday ✌️
Good Morning and happy Tuesday, y'all.
Good Morning!!! Happy Tuesday and wishing everyone a blessed and productive day!!! Make it count!! I did The Insider last night and here's what I said about Justin Bieber's so called apology to the Black race!!!
Happy Tuesday! Kelly & Sarah hit the green at the Ontario Teamsters Invitational Golf Tournament
Surely y'all LOVE a cute graphic tee.perhaps you'll love the new LR exclusives coming soon.ahhh, but I've said too much!! In the meantime our winners of this Giveaway are: Wifey: Angie Coufal Hoard Coffee: Jess Rogowski CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! Please message us with your addresses within 24 hours so we can ship you your new tee!!! If you know these ladies, please tag them and share the good news! (AND of course y'all know another giveaway is JUST around the corner!!) HAPPY TUESDAY! `
Happy Tuesday! Today I'll be on Happening Now in the afternoon, and then the O'Reilly show in the evening. Wednesday, catch me on with the I-man on Blonde on Blonde, and Legal Lis radio. Lis :)
Since we moved across town I take the boys to school. After we drop off Colin Ike have some time to burn in between. Perfecting accents seems like a good way to pass time. His German and Finnish are coming along quite nicely! :) Happy Tuesday!
TESTOMIAL TUESDAY: CRAZY CARNEY EDITION!!! Brett and Christine Carney asked the Hannigan Team Realty to list their home. "Andy, I am tough to please (ask Brett) and you are seriously impressing me. Rave reviews will be coming...", the ever lovely and always tenacious Christine said before we even had their home listed. We are always honored to help such great people, especially B-Town Royalty like the Carneys. Thank you for trusting the Hannigan Team with your real estate needs, Brett and Christine!!! We are honored to be in business with you fine people. May you watch many an episode of "Seinfeld" in your new home. Happy Tuesday! -Andy
That was graceful. I just walked into the side mirror of a truck. Happy Tuesday.
Happy Tuesday everyone! Not much change in the forecast...just continued hot, humid and dry forecast for at least the remainder of the work week. The two hottest days this week look to be tomorrow and Thursday as the ridge of high pressure building up over southwest Texas will reach its largest fo…
Happy Tuesday! Your morning videocast has all the forecast info, including rain chances today and when the big heat moves in.
... no weapon formed against me shall prosper. .. it won't work. .. Happy Tuesday! .
Happy Tuesday! You know what that means...LisaG is teaching Zumba Fitness tonight At the Creative Clown Studio located at 114-07 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Rockaway Park Queens 7:30pm. Bring floor mats for ab/core workout. See you tonight!
Today is the day my family and I celebrate my oldest grandson High school graduation. Opera House here we come. --- It's a Happy Tuesday!
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JUST A THOUGHT: Happy Tuesday – Feeling Blessed … Today holds blessings and miracles that you don't even know of... so grab a hold of today with HOPE and LOVE, and EXPECT GREAT things to happen! God on the mountain is still God in the valley. God in the good times is still God in the bad times. No matter what your situation is; don’t nurse it, don’t curse it, and don’t rehearse it. Just give it to God and He will reverse it. Have a wonderful day!
Happy Tuesday. I'm still alive. That's cool. Thank you, Deities and Random Chance. Have the best possible day, dear friends. I love you.
Tuesday, Tuesday, Happy Tuesday Everybody and Good Morning!! You won't believe this, I got everything done on my Todo list yesterday! What do you mean that it's hard to believe?? You want a wiitness! I don't have any witness, I was home alone!! You will just have to trust me! Those voices in my head can be a little nasty some times, but they sure come up with some cool ideas!! Wow, did I ever get off track, where is mu coffee?? Any who, It is going to be a beautiful day. I have the Rabbit in the shop and I need to check a few things out and start getting ready for the end of the month. Off to Annual Conference, looking forward to having a wonderful time,, The Mazon United Methodist Church 5K Run/Walk is this Saturday!! Trying to work on my schedule for next week and have deceided to just not worry about it, it will be what it will be!! Looks like it is scooter time. Sometime we just need to do something for ourselves, that makes us happy! So for Markie, it is time to pull out the bike and take a ride up . ...
Good Morning everyone!! Happy Tuesday and ready for day 2 on Channel 2 News,'s Morning Edition. We have some overnight news to share with you as well as the latest in news and weather. Grab your coffee or tea and join David George and I from 5-7am. xo, Ariane
Happy Tuesday! Here is your latest "dose of joy" -- our newsletter packed with tips to live and eat joyously:
Prayer Starter: God, I don't want to judge or criticize others. When I encounter people who have different opinions and personal preferences than me, please help me to see them through Your eyes and remember that my opinions aren't more important than theirs. Happy Tuesday Family
Good Morning ya'll. Happy Tuesday! Traditionally, Since we lost my dad, June has been a very emotional and sad month for me. Of course Father's Day falls in June, as well as, my father's birthday is June 21st and my mothers, who is no longer with us, June 28th. I have been sitting here pondering, what can I do to try to not be overwhelmed with sadness. I think I have come up with a plan. I think this month I am going to honor their memories by doing something or going somewhere that they would've liked. My papa, my baseball buddy, for you I will go to or watch a cubbies or cardinals game , for my mama, who absolutely loved roses, I will find a beautiful rose garden, and take in all their beauty. Not sure, if this will work, but will be my way of celebrating with them. Anyways, those that still have your parents, please keep them close, and celebrate each moment you have with them, make as many precious memories as you can. Now, seize this beautiful, NEW day, and make it the best it can be! Be b ...
Thankful that my brother was here overnight for a few nights before I arrived yesterday. Daddy has slept more soundly with someone here with him and Mom. He slept well again last night. Lee and his family have to head home but will return soon. Hopefully we are giving our sister a break. She's been amazing and now we have an amazing sitter too! Thank you Kim! Happy Tuesday! Thank you for the love!
The truth is that the reason most relationships fails is because the absence of love; Good Morning world happy Tuesday.. Be blessed
“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going” - Tennessee Williams All we truly have is right NOW! We collect memories, good and bad, and they steer us in the direction we are heading but is the present moment that decides which direction we go and what memories we make going forward. Forward is the only direction we can go. If all our life is at the end is the collection of memories we made, then make sure you make a life worth remembering. Don't wait to make a change if the memories you want to make are in a direction other than which you are heading. The moments that pass you buy cannot be recovered. Don't wait to let yourself love. Every heart beat is that much stronger when it is fueled by love. Moments go by quickly so don't stay in a place where they aren't all they can be. Get up, get out and never quit chasing the moments that truly matter. The more we catch, the happier our lives will have been. LIVE your life to the fullest, LO ...
THINGS NO ONE IN THE SOUTH EVER SAYS: ● My parents are summering in Europe this year. ● Who is Richard Petty? ● You can't feed that to a dog. ● That girl's boobs are too big/skirt is too short. ● I own too many guns. ● Do you have any Perrier mineral water? ● I read that the best barbecue is in Indianapolis. ● Young lady if you grow up, work hard and marry well, you can be just like Hillary Clinton. ● The college football season is too long. ● Why are you wearing boots to the theater? ● Fishing is a waste of time. ● Daisy dukes are the worst idea ever. ● Tell me more about how much better it was to live in Detroit/Milwaukee/Cleveland. ● Archie who? ● Where is Graceland? ● I prefer toast over buscuits. ● After my grandparents retired, they moved to Minnesota. ● I'm so glad that the sundress season is over! Hope you enjoyed! Happy Tuesday one and all!
Happy Tuesday my friends- Today Double Belly dancing with Amira Mor 6.30 and 7.30 preparing for a new show .
Happy Tuesday everyone!! We made it through another Monday!! It only get's better from here!! Who needs a $15 gift card to help get their cart started?? :)
Happy Tuesday morning everyone! We have some very exciting news! I am bursting at the seams, but cannot "reveal" until I am told. Keeping great secrets is one thing I am not too good at doing. Stay tuned.this is a biggie! Love, Laura
Last night, around 8:30, as my eyes began to close involuntarily, and I FELT the familiar roar of a train begin behind my eye brows (HEY! MY eye brows DID hurt!), I recognized the migraine that was soon to arrive, but not quite before it made it's way into my skull. I took lots of meds and went straight to bed. Now, I have a migraine hang over but didn't even get to enjoy the fun part. I think that means I get to have a drink with lunch to make up for it. Happy is Tuesday, right?
Had a great 4 days playing host to my high school buddy Russell Webster! The only thing not very fun was getting up at 4 a.m. this morning to drive him to the airport by 5 a.m. Although seeing the sunrise over Lake Michigan and the harbor by Navy Pier made it a beautiful drive back home! Happy Tuesday everyone.
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. Please have a great day and enjoy each day staying brighter and brighter! Of course first a little chuckle to get the going. A truck driver was driving down the highway when he sees a priest hitchhiking on the road. He stops to pick up the priest, but he has a few misgivings about giving him a ride; usually when the driver sees a redneck on the road, he hits them -- with a priest in the truck, he'd have to swerve. But the driver decides to pick up the priest. A little while later, he comes across a redneck hitchhiking. He decides to just swerve and let this one live when, all of a sudden he hears a "BOOM!" The driver looks over at the priest, who says, "Don't worry -- I got him with the door."
Happy Tuesday! Thought For The Day; “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Wayne W. Dyer
That moment when your Daughter is getting ready for school jamming Charlie Wilson. Who told this girl about Uncle Charlie. Im Done. Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday! Thanks to Janice for this lovely sunrise. Hope your day is off to a great start!
So my body always wakes up with the Sun☀️ which keeps getting earlier! lol just a couple months a go it was 7am sharp id be wide awake now its 545. Oh wellz, Happy Tuesday!
Good Morning Family, Happy Tuesday, Make it Awesome just because you can!!!
Good Morning Troops and Veteran's...Let there be no strife between you and me...For we are brothers and sisters...We got your six...Happy Tuesday.
Happy Tuesday everyone! Sultry Blurb (coming July 2014) Growing up if anyone had told me that by the age of twenty-five I’d be crazy about my best friends little sister, I’d have laughed in their face, but the reality is, I am. Of course she’s beautiful with curves in all the right places, but that’s not all there is to her, and after two years of keeping my distance I’m not willing to do that anymore—I can’t do that anymore. The only problem I can see is her big, domineering brother, Reece… I’m eighteen years old, the middle one of five girls, with an older brother who thinks he knows best. He’s about to find out that no one but me knows what’s best for me when I go after his best friend, Donovan. I’m not blind and have seen the looks he’s thrown in my direction for the past couple of years, and I’m sick and tired of waiting for him to make his move—a move he probably won’t make without a push from me. I only hope my brother doesn’t do something stupid and ruin his frien ...
Off to Shanghai tonight! Concert on Friday at the Oriental Arts Center with Yoshiki, then headed to Beijing... Few more shows and back in Los Angeles on June 18! ❤️ Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Early Morning Roll Call! Click "like" if you're up and comment below with what time you read this status! Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday Fitfam! How about a video to start the day?! Adam & Madison doing work with sliders! ♥♥♥♥
Happy Tuesday Family!! If you use I-495 around Wilmington De. leave a little earlier! Some major bridge work is going on.. Bob Kelly and Jen Bernstien have the details!.Katie is calling for another warm spring day,,heads up for possible evening t-storms...check the forecast on CBS3 and the CWPHILLY! .NEWS, WEATHER, TRAFFIC and SPORTS with us on TV and on-line anytime/anywhere at CBSPHILLY.COM where we stream LIVE!!! Holla!
Happy Tuesday everyone! Who's up with us? Grab your coffee and breakfast and we'll give you a shoutout. Join us at 4:30am!
Good Morning all. Happy Tuesday. Funny how something not happening can cheer you up. Last night I was worried I was getting dry socket in my wisdom tooth hole, this morning I don't think that's the case (though its still painful) which leaves me very relieved whilst in MSE Towers writing the weekly email. How are all of you?
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Tuesday's tip of the day! Contacts, Contacts, and more Contacts! What are you doing this summer to build your network? Maybe some if these ideas can help! Networking is how you must grow your business! You have actually been networking your entire life! Every time you told someone they just HAD to go try this amazing new restaurant or see this amazing moving that just came out or shared a product that your using that did something awesome for you.yup, you were just were not getting paid for it! So why then is it so darn hard to sell this product? It's all about your mindset! See, your freaking yourself out because you feel like people are going to think your trying to make a sale and make money off them! So how do you change your mindset? First you have to stop selling and start sharing! If your finding it hard to share this here is why! It's either the way your looking at it, or that your not using and believing in the products, or your just to plain scared to open your mouth! ...
The Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa would like to wish you a VERY happy Tuesday... (And you can see more of this marvelous hotel on our site, here: )
HI Good Morning friends,happy Tuesday
Happy Tuesday, mga pamangkin! May your day be filled with health, strength, fruitfulness, wealth, righteousness and happiness! Celebrate life!
Happy Tuesday! 1) I'm grateful to be a spirit junkie! Thank you Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein and Eckart Tolle for helping me keep it real. 2) I'm happy for You Tube and the "how to" videos. Empowering. 3) I'm grateful to discover the book "The Conscious Parent" by Dr. Shefali A must read!
Thought it was Monday but it was Tuesday. Happy Tuesday
Back, bi's and Ashtanga. Happy Tuesday masquerading as a Monday. (at
Happy Tuesday from 56' trusses for a camp's barn rooftop that collapsed this past winter from snow.
Also, mix and match 5 16 oz. Aluminum Bottles of Bud Light, Miller Lite and Coors Light starting at 6 pm! Happy Tuesday everyone!
Happy Tuesday!! Ham, asparagus, provolone is the Grab & Go. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup, try our new turkey...
Happy Tuesday!! . MW is heading to cape cod today for the week for a family, 1 year old twins, beach and boudoir...
Happy Tuesday! In honor of Memorial Day, we are giving all veterans and service men & women 20% off this week when...
A weekend of happy tears at Graduation and seeing the special people in my life …. priceless! Happy Tuesday...
Happy Tuesday!! It's a special day as it's 's birthday!! Eat some cake and blow some candles! Have a wonderful day! 🍰🎂
World Naked Bike ride June 7th, Who's in? lmao.. Happy Tuesday!!! At least I know what day it is today.. :)
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Happy Tuesday, everyone!! MEMORIAL DAY SALE IS STILL HAPPENING!!! Come Celebrate with Comp-Tac for Four Full Days: May 24-27, 2013! Receive 15% Off Your Online Order! Enter This Code at Checkout: HONOR-0514 In celebration of the Memorial Day Holiday, Comp-Tac is offering a 15% discount on your entire online purchase! Enter the code “HONOR-0514” in the Coupon Redemption Code box when checking out to receive your discount. This code must be typed into the redeem box, all caps with no spaces. If you copy and paste it, the system will not accept this code. Limitations: This sale cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotions. Discount cannot be applied to Deluxe or Pro Competition Kits, Gift Certificates, or Custom Fees. Dealers are not eligible. This code cannot be applied to orders placed before 12:00am (midnight) on Saturday, May 24th, Central Standard Time, or after 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 27th, CST. Orders placed without entering this code cannot have the discount applied after th ...
Happy Tuesday everyone! Musicreturns today featuring Soul/Pop/Indie artist on the Southern Company Amphitheater stage.
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!!! Today we have our first assembly at Bethel high school in Washington State!!
Happy Tuesday!! Little Rock Air Force Base Community Council meeting today at 11:30 at Hanger 1080. Chad Reynolds...
We would like to say a BIG Thank you to Taylor Swift for stopping by for breakfast yesterday!! :) It was a very busy day but it was SO wonderful to see her out in the community supporting the local businesses! We hope she enjoyed her breakfast !! Happy Tuesday!!! :)
Happy Tuesday! :) What does POSSIBILITY mean to you? :) May this new day bring about lots of blessings…
Happy Tuesday everyone - here's something to start the new week with.
Happy Tuesday to our lovely new followers:
Such a quintessentially British part of my cottage garden; the Rose! Happy Tuesday
Happy Tuesday vibes ☀️ Luna and her imaginary snow -- she hides her bone every time, buries it in the "snow" and comes back for it later. ❤️ Special shoutout to Bea (please show Neil) and Roslyn who might really like this.
Closing out the goofy girl gallery makes me smile.. thanks Happy Tuesday!
G'morning, Everyone! Happy Tuesday...God’s faithfulness in the past brings courage for the future.
not happy! ordered derby play off tickets a week ago Tuesday still not arrived!People ordered theirs Saturday that have them!
Happy everyone! Don't forget about about training sessions that happen every Tuesday and…
Happy Rainy Tuesday. I'd rather be in bed.
Happy Valley up again to 5.8m on BBC . Happy Valley rose again in the ratings to top Tuesday night outside of...
Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! Just a friendly reminder that we’re closed until next Tuesday for our annual admin week.
Happy travel Tuesday! To celebrate, here is an amazing pic from Luxor: via
My favorite jerk in the world. But it's the best kind of jerk. Happy Topanga Tuesday. 💛 I love you!…
For some reason I thought it was only Tuesday so now that I know it's Wednesday that makes me so happy😍😂
The moment u say happy Tuesday and u realize its Wednesday oops sorry Instagram
Good Morning & Happy Tuesday!! ❤️Make it a GREAT one! Use your words wisely and only for good! . Avoid foul...
And now its clear as this promise...that we're making two reflections into one :) happy tuesday erbody!
For patrons watching the show on Tuesday 20 May, please contact Box Office, who will be happy to talk through ticket options with you (3/3)
Hey Gang! Happy Tuesday. . Today's Quote: "Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal." - E. Jo…
Happy birthday to my brother The big two-one! I wonder how rowdy a Tuesday night can be... 🎊🎉🍻🍷 where's that taco …
DGN VARSITY SOFTBALL NEWS. Happy Birthday victory for Dale Ryndak as the Trojans win 1-0 Tuesday at home securing...
-Happy hump day!!! It may not be Friday, but you know what's great about Wednesday? It's not Monday or Tuesday!😝😀
Thanks for the new follows. Happy Tuesday!
Happy ghost town Tuesday! Tell me what you think of 'I'm weird'!
Good Morning aomf, happy Tuesday, it's great to be alive n well. I praise you God for everything. Be safe, have an awesome day.
So I start work on Tuesday now well happy
thanks for reaching out Sam! We'd happy for you to review! You're invited to our launch party on Tuesday from 7
Happy Tuesday! TONS of homework, as were getting to the end of school!
If you're feeling young and single, check out this new song from Happy Tuesday!
having surgery on Tuesday, so...maybe 12 weeks? :( I'm not a happy camper. Where are you moving?? Stoked!
I am really, really enjoying Happy Valley on Tuesday evenings.
Woke up thinking it was Tuesday only to find out it's Wednesday. Best feeling ever 😊😊😊 Happy Hump Day
A (slightly) belated very-happy- birthday to the funny chap who waves his arms and shouts at us every Tuesday evening ;…
Happy Tuesday from our new offices. We are looking to recruit a info
Come down to store today and pre-purchase Watch_Dogs. Means you can beat the queues on Tuesday. Happy days!!!
“Sorry about the happy Tuesday thing.;)
Taco Bell just threatened to call the cops on me. Happy Tuesday.
Happy Tuesday, Fierce Fictioners! We’ve got a time travel mystery to share with you today by the incredible teen author Anna Caltabiano! Written when she was just 16, this is the amazing story of Cynthia, The Seventh Miss Hatfield. About The Seventh Miss Hatfield Who is Miss Hatfield? Elderly neigh…
Happy Tuesday everybody 3 more days the shop and we are off to Kern County Raceway Park this weekend can't wait nice to be back home Cheers y'all hope to see you there
Happy Tuesday..tonights fabulous feature is our delish Gene Autry. Grilled Steak Tips topped with sauteed onions...
Happy Tuesday! Lots of listings to post! Click " LIKE " if you want to see New Listings Posted!
Ready for your couples dance lessons tonight with Donnie and Regina? Niteclub Two and Two Step lessons kick off at 7:30 tonight! $20 All You Can Drink Draft to quench the thirst too! Happy Tuesday!
HAPPY TUESDAY from your friendly, neighbourhood BIMfamily
Happy Tuesday! It's Taco Tuesday with $3 tacos and will be guest DJing later in the evening. Tacos and tunes! Come on by!
Happy Tuesday! Gemma celebrated by rolling over for the first time!
Great story to get you through your day! Happy Tuesday!
FROM CHRIS: Happy Tuesday to you, my friends! What an exciting week thus far! Three new investor meetings this week alone!! Got to see a fantastic sunrise this morning on the way to one; what a true joy that was! But sunrises at 36,000 feet are even better, wouldn’t you agree? So very grateful for all of our wonderful Lifetime Members for making this happen, THANK YOU THANK YOU! :) We'll be sure to make that awesome announcement once our angel investor signs on! Also, I heard from a member who suggested flights to Ft Lauderdale as part of our Florida service. Who here would use that service? I do remember ATA’s flights there were always full! Remember, as a member driven club, we go where YOU want to go! :)
Happy Tuesday! We are going to give away 2 pairs of Tickets to the Toronto event on June 7th! Simply send an email with your name and phone number to eventsPut Toronto tickets in the title! We will pick the winners this afternoon :)
Two hour Fridays are back starting THIS week... For the entire Summer. Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's special is the ~ Fenix TX~ Thin sliced roast beef, tri colored bell peppers, red onions, salsa verde, and pepperjack baked on a french roll. Soup of the day is ~ Zucchini Bisque ~
Happy Tuesday. What's helping you get through the day?
God morning and happy Tuesday friends! Starting out this morning we have..caramel cashew, root beer float, gluten free birthday cake, gluten free caramel cashew, triple chocolate, cotton candy, peanut butter and jelly, carrot, snickers, superman, homemade hostess, m.&m birthday cake, very berry flourless and caramel kahluha flourless! Many more on the way!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!! I was going to pick the winner from yesterday but people are still commenting on their favorite vacation spots so i will leave it up another day!! Come and check out the "American Heartland" collection from Goose Creek!! They have chickens, horses, cattle, farmers hauling hay, and much more!! Its perfect for Windom since we are such a farming community!! Come and check them out!! They are AMAZING! Perfect for Fathers Day!! :)
Tues 10:06am-- Much better night last night for the king and his subjects. No seizures that we could tell. We put him back in his bed last night. And I bought a $3 iphone app that acts like a video baby monitor and we used that. The sound on the app seems to be extremely sensitive so one of us was up checking him 20+ times during the night cuz he tosses and turns a lot... but no seizures... we think. So that's good. So why was I so stressed out driving him to school? Yes, he was 15 minutes late because we all got a late start...but so freaking what? What did he miss in those 15 minutes? A bit of circle time? Who cares? I called the wife after I dropped him off to vent about him being late and she was like "dude, you're sweating the small stuff! he had no seizures and had a pleasant morning. the weather is gorgeous. calm down." So I obeyed. I got my bagel and coffee, opened all the windows, and blasted a great summer driving album, Bon Jovi's "New Jersey" album on the drive to work and calmed down. Hap ...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Happy Tuesday! We're looking into unplugged weddings, parties, dinners, etc -- events with a "no cell phones" rule. Have you thrown one or been to one? We want to hear about it! Email rebecca.adamsto share your story!
Happy Tuesday - Wishing you all a day of Possibilities and positive energy. Today Belly dancing Classes 6.30 & 7.30 with Amira Mor . Be Hapy! Life is short.
Good Morning, good people! Today is a day that will never come again. Make it a good one! Happy Tuesday!
Helo everyone. Happy Tuesday. I'm pleased to say I'm back in the land of mobile phoneage, hurrah. Was touch and go for a minute. Felt like I'd lost my right arm! Ooff - its my birthday today so am taking the day off for retail therapy and what not. Back tomorrow. Have a wonderful day all :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!! Find every opportunity you can today to send love, light and healing energy out into the Universe. The world needs as much of this good energy as possible! Bright Blessings to All! Make it a great day!!
Happy Tuesday!! Catch our bus today at Franklin Square with your friends!!!
Good Morning.HAPPY FREE CAKE DAY ! Buy lunch today ( at either location ) and get a free slice of cake while it lasts ! Featured flavors are Tiramisu and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Gluten free flavors are Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel, and Vanilla with Strawberry. Happy Tuesday to you ! = )
Not everyone starts their work day early at the gym...but I do! So much to share with you! Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tuesday..This will make pure barre life easier :)
Happy Tuesday USA TODAY College readers! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Happy Tuesday! Soup today : Moroccan Carrot! It's delicious, don't let yourself miss out! Drink Special: The English Nut English Toffee and Hazelnut! Can be made as a mocha or a latte! Coffees today: House, Organic Jamaican Me Crazy, and Organic Timor Maubesse
Happy Tuesday; FB... While I believe that wise leaders often sit back and listen, I also believe that leaders must stand up 4 what's right, even when such a Stand will be unpopular! Golden Rule; In Everything, do 2 others what you would have them do 2 you! ...Amen! Dream Big...Drive Big!
Happy Tuesday friends! If you get the Fox Business Network(1068 on Cox) join me this afternoon at 2pm(5pm Est). I'll be on with Gerri Willis of The Willis Report talking about The Cash Challenge. Looking forward to it! Hope you have a great day!
Happy Tuesday everyone! Your Soldier's day started almost three hours ago. Is your Soldier a morning person? Do you think he/she is adjusting well to their early mornings and late nights? (JL)
Happy Tuesday! Mostly sunny & 78! Clouds and showers Wed and Thur. Still great for Memorial day weekend
Update your maps at Navteq
At long last!! Countdown to summer! Just a few days to the official start of flip flop season!! Happy Tuesday flag fans! Quick link...
Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. How about those Rangers? Two more wins and your beloved team is in Stanley Cup finals for the first time in twenty years. Good luck and Let's Go Rangers. Have a great day, and remember guys never under estimate the wisdom of a old wise woman ha ha!! A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags was ripped and every once in a while a $20 fell out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, "Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of that bag." "Oh, really? Darn it!" said the little old lady. "I'd better go back and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me officer. "Well, now, not so fast," said the cop.“Where did you get all that money? You didn't steal it, did you?" "Oh, no, no", said the old lady. "You see, my back yard is right next to a Golf course. A lot of Golfers come and pee through a knot hole in my fence, right into my flower Garden. It used to really tick me off. Kil ...
Happy Tuesday friends! We're covering several stories this of them being an update on our exclusive animal control story. Find out how Amarillo animals are getting a second chance at life! Plus...we'll look back one year to the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Join us on The Early Show.on NewsChannel 10! * A-Team
Good morining fb family. Happy Tuesday. Have a blessed day. Loving my life. No stress. Daughter is doing better. Thank u god. My son Pedro Rios gots a job. Im so proud of him. . . .
Happy Tuesday everyone! Who's up with us? Are you ready for a nice hot day? Keith has your forecast and Tom and Dawn will start reading your comments at 4:30am! Tell us how you're doing!
Good Morning, everyone, and happy Tuesday! National Weather Service is forecasting a beautiful day, sunny with a high near 71 degrees. Tonight will be partly cloudy, with a low around 44. Keep well and enjoy the day!
When you're feeling depressed and disappointed by life-just focus on your blessings! Read Philippians 4:8 Happy Tuesday! Good News Gospel is on! Today I am praying for the future wives of my sons (no I don't know them), but God does! ~Twanda
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