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Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts is a comedy album released by comedian Daniel Tosh. The special originally aired on Comedy Central.

in humanity istg I felt so sick but I'm happy to know there are people who have such clear and unbiased th…
Have you read any of these books? If so which have you read & your thoughts, please. Happy Holidays to you & yours.
Sending happy and healthy thoughts your way. Hoping you can get back home soon!!
your little avatar pic is so cute and every time I see it I think happy fluffy thoughts, also I think…
I am a mixture of happy and sad. I am trying to figure all these feelings and thoughts out. It's a contradiction of itself.
saw a car with two bumper stickers, "think happy thoughts" and "don't believe everything you think". I'm not sure if they realized
Today I have been in such a good mood & I can't even begin to explain how good it feels to not have negative though…
this is the positivity and happy days lizard. By looking at him you will be granted 10 years of positive thought…
Finally took off some time to watch & its worth watching...👏 Words & Ideas can change the world.
Sending lots of healing thoughts your way, Feel better soon, and have a very happy holiday and N…
hope you & your family are doing well. Stay strong & keep good thoughts. Happy Holidays ☺💪👍👍
While I am not happy with your Dad's vote on the tax bill. Nevertheless,…
time 5min, 150 rows. It's cold out and my right knee wasn't quite happy, but all's good. Sometimes those l…
I would like to think you’re ok without me and your happy thoughts are rarely about me
When we feel and free, our happy and constructive thoughts keep coming without stopping. That is what I feel since…
Andrew - This may come as a surprise but I'm not a serious punter as such and rarely swayed emotionally by how well…
Just some thoughts I put together this can be a happy time of year.N…
Happy Birthday May I use this auspicious moment to appeal to you to perish any thoughts of running in 201…
One thing I would say, is having a network of people to ask is useful. Bounce ideas of them, see w…
My happy thoughts to Senator McCain. I disagree with him on many occasions, but every once in a while he…
Think happy thoughts David...nothing but happy thoughts...🙄
Polls are closed. I will be watching and provide my thoughts Tuesday night. Thank you for voting. Anot…
Sir... I guess it's cause they have been able to commit to building themselves and married their pas…
Your own thoughts are your worst enemy,. They have the ability to make you happy, make you sad, even suicidal . There…
If you're depressed you're drowning in your thoughts . If you're holding a grudge you're living in the Past . If you're ha…
There she was. In the arms of Arizona Robbins. . Her ex wife, The mother of her child. . God, These thou…
And if you enjoyed I’m happy for you. I wish I did too. . At one point I thought I was in the middle of a fever dre…
"if you think of happy thoughts while eating, you won't gain weight.". Taehyung's logic
Y4 English 'KO'. Aim to use as permanent reference point when writing ... Honest thoughts and reflections, as you all alw…
Look at the bright side of life and choose to be happy. . Yes, it is a matter of choice. When negative thoughts enter your min…
Start thinking your happy thoughts and join us as we take you on an adventure to the second star on the right, and…
This is a special wish . With lots of love.❤️. U r wished d joys u so deserve 😍. I❤️u lots I want the very best fr u😘😘😘. N u r…
Random thoughts - Hwang is loved for many of physical reasons. NUEST W is loved because fans just want them to be happy. Tha…
More thoughts coming but for now I'll say I'm a very happy Star Wars fan.
Happy 6th anniversary, PS For a few of my thoughts on this momentous occasion, check out my latest blog post: https…
Morgan (1:55): “And i see land, land, land / and we will hustle hustle hustle to be free / free fr…
Have a relaxing weekend my fellow fans! Think happy thoughts at all times! 🙂❤️🔥. From https…
The magic of a friendship. allows us to share. happy feelings and painful. and express our thoughts without fear. http…
My thoughts are free, my being is artistic, my soul sings happy songs everyday.
Jump and You will be higher. Run and you will move faster. Focus on happy thoughts and you will be happy. 😁
You can't have a happy life if you're always allowing yourself to be consumed by negative thoughts.
Our 16th podcast episode is out, and we are back to talking about video games. Specifically, our thoughts on the lo…
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy New Year!Thank you for…
"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes." Andrew Ca
My mom just got out of surgery please send your good thoughts and happy moodlets as she recovers 💕
Happy Birthday Sis :). May God guard all your steps, actions and thoughts and keeps you healthy and lucky!. .
Please sent happy thoughts, vibes, prayers to my way. I'm feeling real down today
Happy Birthday Day Laughter Man if the current decade, Ultimate performance with positive thoughts, Salute You Bhai
Happy birthday Paaji your are a true Icon for the country. You always come with inspirational thoughts. Respect u with heart🇮🇳
I thoughts everyone would comment on my recent weight gain but no, they didn't. That made me happy
We talked about Our Lady, sang Happy Birthday for her and used MTV to explore our thoughts.
Happy & on to many more! Thanks forever to Roddenberry to strive for unlimited thoughts & creating an inspiration for so many.
Checked out STEEM and yet? Would be interested to hear your thoughts. (Also happy to explain it.)
Happy Friday everyone! Make sure to stay safe, AARP Montana is sending positive thoughts to those affected by natur…
If only climate change was fake and thoughts and prayers could save everyone. . Have a happy day
I'm not @ peace anymore. Thoughts of what I should do next are making me out of sorts. Already did two recordings, though. Happy about that.
SMH. When you keep hitting the reply button but really want the ❤️ button because Flip is hot and yo…
And many people will be pleased you're happy but not if you're happy because you share 'yo…
It's a different car but that picture made me instantly think about General Lee & the Dukes of Hazzard and…
Don't let anyone tell you depression is just in your head and you can get over it with happy thoughts. That just being sad, not depression.
N again😀so happy that this year too✌with lots more new thoughts n make th…
Before tackling other unknowns. Just a little FYI about some thoughts swirling around my brain. Happy Friday, y'all. Fin.
Don't forget the happy thoughts, all you need is happy thoughts. ☺️
...& hoping to hear your thoughts on the issue. I’m happy to tell you/your press person more via email, if you’re interested?
V drama thoughts. Also not happy with dump!.
& actually, my best was pretty *** good, all things considered. Sending all the happy thoughts yo…
~Same thoughts apply to new parents as well~. Happy for you, but don't let your children become your identity! I wanna see some of you too! 😅
Some happy thoughts with Kittens and Puppies 🐈😻🐕
starts press briefing with "I like to categorize my thoughts into informing, influencing & inspiring". Just inform us, Tom 🙄
Your a handsome young fellow and your a true star on stream. Life is rough sometimes but you can get thro…
I could really be in such a happy mood then out of no where I'm having awful sad thoughts and next thing I know I'm sitting in tears.
Well, either the rains are coming, or the apocalypse . Think happy thoughts.
Sending lots of happy thoughts your way 💕💭
Everyone stay as safe as possible throughout these storms and PLEASE think happy thoughts for our home at Sunshine Grov…
It's weird to be sleepless not because of depression, but because of happy thoughts.
What's your favorite tea? I drink jasmine. Makes me happy. And it inspires good thoughts, warmth and plenty of songs i…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Happy Friday! I had the best week! How bout you? BTW 4all in Florida, please bsafe. Sending my thoughts and prayers.
Have a weekend filled with happy thoughts!
Happy thoughts/positive vibes 2 my good redheaded friend in pv, she had a real bad night as well. Finally went 2 bed so can't text/wake her.
Beginning a whole month of much more better happy thoughts. Thought I'd start with family. Not my fam, but it'll do.🙃 h…
we had some thoughts for you during 10 days ago already. But I guess today I have to share these: happy bday man
The more happy thoughts i generate the more fantastic i feel
Don't forget the happy thoughts,. All you need is happy thoughts.
Early presents. Thank you. I'll continue to think happy thoughts and make them happen. 🎁🎂
I absolutely love being surprised, the fact that someone is willing to go out of their way to make you feel appreciated and happy is awesome
bringing this back because I need some happy thoughts right now
Negative thoughts don't make you a negative person. We all have bad days. Think of a happy memory and try to move past it as…
Lettuce ignore the *** leading the USA for a moment and think happy thoughts...
Happy thoughts make a happy life y'all!
The thought of it is killing me, i creeps up in my brain and slowly eating all my happy thoughts. It's leaves feeling me weak and soulless.
having a bath with intergalactic, happy thoughts and sunnyside and it's the best combination ever. The smell is so uplifting!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Happy to see Slimani start ahead of Okazaki?. Will this be XI on the opening day?. Send us your thoughts.
Share your thoughts with others @ - no need to register, just write what's on your mind and be happy always.
"Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. Whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he" (Prov. 16:3, 20).
Weather today may be all gloom & doom, but it won't stop me from thinking happy thoughts: Pizza, Netflix, GoT, Paris, &…
21 years old and I still change the channel when a scary movie trailer comes on. Happy thoughts only
If everyone could send happy vibes, thoughts, and prayers my way (or whatever you believe in), that would be AMAZING! 😊😊😊
🍀 No matter how much. They make you hurt . Don't ever forget . The happy thoughts 💞. 😘 Always thank you 😘 . 🐒 . Bor…
Have a wonderful weekend Everyone. With love, big smiles and happy thoughts , from Peterboroygh, Ontario.
I'm just a happy go lucky person in real life I just overthink so much that causes me the need to share these thoughts
My Wednesday Thoughts: Happy Hump Day, and even with it supposedly being a sexy day of the week, I think after…
Don't be alone with your thoughts. Make new friends, laugh and stay happy.
I wish you a beautiful day, full of HAPPY THOUGHTS ... Life is wonderful!
Very happy in sharing my thoughts, important events in my life & journey to this position with my friends, well wishers…
too true, seen it first hand , lucky enough not to have experienced it. Smiles and happy thoughts!!!
I honestly don't know how to respond nicely to this. So meh, end of my internet rant for today and time for happy thoughts.
I just want to be happy but with back in mii life and mii everyday thoughts
Why must we have negative thoughts and feelings?? Why can't we just be happy??
Stay positive. Think happy thoughts. Enjoy life.
Girl with a Pearl Earring poops stupid *Happy thoughts*
Happy Saturday! My thoughts today are a little less serious 😁.
I'm a paradox, neither happy or sad. I smile at pretty things & laugh at funny things, but at night I become a mess of emotions and thoughts
3:35am. Sleepy time. . ADN - may your wknd be filled with positive thoughts, kind people, and happy moments.
What is everyone's thoughts on As long as Victor is happy I guess.
Happy Maine! All those negativity of yours in your mind turned into a positive thoughts.
It's amazing that you can psychoanalyze me and my thoughts simply…
With a new day comes, new strength and new thoughts 'Eleanor Roosevelt'. Happy June 1st may it be a great month ahead
Can't explain . Not the best things I've ever heard or anything but I felt really happy at that moment and my thoughts were so beautiful.
Read thoughts on his rides at Happy Valley tonight. Coverage begins 8:15pm.
Thank god I made it to 24... N thank god Kobe retired so I can rock the 24 for a while... happy birthday to me fam
It is your denial of all your happy thoughts that have led you to a life of unhappiness. - ACOL
Happy hump day everyone! Hope you all have a great day filled with smiles, love and happy healthy positive thoughts 💗💜💗
Really happy to have been able to share my thoughts on evolving consumer behaviour at ArabNet Digital Summit in Duba…
Letting out a happy squeal over the trailer. and check out our first thoughts...
happy birthday Brandon❤️ miss seeing you each and every day so much, always in my thoughts👼🏽
1.Look at the horizon. 2. Eat plenty of Ginger Nuts. 3. Think happy thoughts.
late night thoughts: just wanna boy who I can spoil and make happy
Listening to Weezer and thinking happy thoughts 🎸🎧
Happy songs to contrast sad thoughts.
It's the 1st of June, and we're wishing you happy thoughts, full of inspiration :)
I find myself happy with you, but without you im a mess trapped in my thoughts
maybe that's why! Lol turn them off and just go to sleep. Think happy thoughts lol
don't tell me this alex. Remember, happy thoughts, happy thoughts
I'm happy until it's time to sleep bc then my brain just decides to bring up everything that makes me sad so yay for late night thoughts
all my negative thoughts go away and I'm generally a more happy person so it helps me alot
Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success. Happy New Month
I'm sending my prayers, happy thoughts, great vibes, and good karma your way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I owe you one
one of those thoughts that can instantly calm me down and EXCUSE THE PUN he's legit my own happy little pill and i love him for being that
All worries disappeared, all thoughts were gone, there was just a moment of feeling so god *** happy. https:/…
June should be full of happy thoughts, positive vibes and feeling blessed for what we have. 🦄
positive thoughts for you to be happy(´ ▽`).。o♡
He makes me so happy that nobody else's thoughts or opinions matter ❤️
hey folks we got an extra pair of tickets to the show on Saturday at Happy to pass those on to your…
I want a party. No sad at my funeral. I want cake and happy thoughts and certain people named and shamed xx
💐Happy Mother's Day💐 thoughts to for those mother's who are no longer with us
Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums, enjoy yourselves, u deserve it! Thoughts with all those who's mums are no longer with us, must be tough x
Happy Mothers Day to my ⭐️ in the sky. In my thoughts everyday not just on I Love you always 💞
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummies out there! Have a smashing day. Thoughts to those who's Mums are no longer...
Happy Mother's Day to all Mum's out there and my thoughts are with all the Mum's no longer with us. x
Magnify your blessings and not your problems. Think happy thoughts. Always find the good in other people and not their weaknesses. Amen! ❤
Happy Special thoughts for those who've lost their mothers, mothers who've lost a child and those who never had good mothers xx
"Happy Mothers day" to all the Mums - all the acting mums,& actual mums . Also those who can't be with theirs thoughts to you ...🌸🌸🌻💗
Happy Mother's Day to all you mummy's out there. . Thoughts go out to those who really struggle through today...
I can't sleep. But it's not because of deep thoughts it's because of happy memories
hope you're alright. Sending you good vibes and happy thoughts ❤️
Is WOY canceled? *** I wanted to start watching it but I didn't have time this show gave me happy thoughts without even watching it
Happy Mother's Day to my bestfriend. Thoughts go out to those who's mums can't be with them today x
Thoughts of you happy calm me at night
Reminder to self that what's meant to be will always find its way, just think happy thoughts & be patient
Happy mother's day mum. As always, you are forever in our thoughts x
How to forget embarrassment? 😶 — Inhale the happy memories and exhale those nonsense thoughts, embarrasing moment…
I'm legit so happy Cass is watching grey's. She needs to tell me all her thoughts.
Reporter "Opposing supporters were happy that you were injured, thoughts?". Payet "They will regret their words." http…
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mum's and Mums to be. Thoughts of with those that can't spend the day with loved ones
Happy mother's day to you all, and to those of you who don't have mum around anymore, you're in my thoughts today
I need to think happy thoughts whotwhot
i finally realized that im contented on what i have after seeing dem. Happy thoughts day!✌🎈😇
Wishing a to all out there and thoughts to all those who's are no longer with us. from
Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy with my life and where I am rn.. But... Late night thoughts, *** .
Maybe I will put those thoughts down in some way soon but for now I am a pile of happy mush
stay indoors, drink water, reduce use of gadgets that emit UV, think happy thoughts 💕☺️ 🔥
sometimes I'm just so full of hate. breathe in. breathe out. think happy thoughts. what would Sean do? be happy. be kind.
Happy Mothers Day to all the mum's out there. Special thoughts to the mum's without their children, the children without their mums. 💕💐
I have sad girl thoughts but I'm happy
Happy to all. Thoughts with those of us who no longer have their mother in this world, & those who are unabl…
My thoughts and prayers go out to Kyla's family and friends and to her hoping she is happy now. heaven gain a Beautiful angel ❤️👼🏼
Happy thoughts, gotta keep myself occupied so I don't think of us
miss you as the years pass mummy. Happy Mother's Day Forever in my thoughts always in my heart.
Happy to ALL those wonderful mum’s out there and thoughts to ALL those who no longer have their mum’s with them 🌷
Look up, think happy thoughts and face the world with a smile
Hope all friends stay dry and stay in happy thoughts and have great sleep
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mum 💞💞& loving thoughts to those who's beautiful Mums are…
Happy thoughts... Guardians Of the Galaxy it is
Happy Mother's Day to all mums💐. Thinking of those that have lost their mums & thoughts with mums who have lost their chi…
Must've been having a bad night. Happy to help!
Vintage and Morelli - Dark Room, Happy Thoughts from Silk Music on Strimmer
Very happy to report that our own left for Prague and is safe from the attacks in Paris. Our thoughts are w…
Today no happy caturday. I woke up deeply sad this morning. My thoughts go out to everyone who lost their lives.
I'm gonna watch something to take my mind off of crappy thoughts. Or play ACNL...Lucky the puppy always make me happy ❤
Morning ladies happy Saturday my thoughts are with all the victims who lost there lives 😢 😢 😢 😢
You are your thoughts. Your life is your thoughts. Immerse yourself in things that make you feel good and happy :)
What an absolute tragedy. Our thoughts are with all of you, everywhere. Live well, love hard, be happy. Life can sometimes be truly unfair
Happy thoughts harvee 🙂 it's ok, everything's going to be alright. 💪🏼
Sending positive thoughts and energy to my fellow beings all over the world tonight. May you be happy, healthy, and at pe…
So happy to hear her voice 💗 my friends safe in Paris, but thoughts go out to those who aren't as lucky.
The world can be an ugly So happy to to be a part of a community working to make it a better place. Paris our thoughts are with you
Breast Cancer Awareness
So many happy memories of time spent in with Thoughts with everyone there, such an awful tragedy
Morning all on this grotty day, my thoughts and prayers are with those poor people in paris have a great day folks - Happy Saturday x
Happy thoughts to you in this time of your engagement. May love be with…
Thoughts are with everyone in Paris. 🇫🇷
When reality gets to real we need to think happy lil thoughts
Thoughts & prayers with the people of Holding onto happy memories of being on tour in such a wonderful city.
Woke to hear the terrible news in We have happy memories of the our thoughts are with all the victims
Happy you're safe...our thoughts with all victims and their familles..God welcomes some more angels..😞🌷
Happy wish you all having pure thoughts as your pure smiles, make this world a better place please.
Happy to be home after a great but send thoughts & prayers to Paris tonight
Happy thoughts and good vibes equals positive energy! The world needs more of that 🙏🏼🌎
You're happy, you're going to a concert of your favorite band. And you die :( no one knows the feeling but you are in out r thoughts
Oh he showed and told people his secrets daily! Painting puts happy thoughts in your heart :)
Subtract all your problems and multiply all the happy moments and thoughts you have 😀
So happy that my step sister was safe durung the attacks, my thoughts go out to the poor families who werent as lucky as mine
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sending thoughts to France and all me friends so happy to see you are all safe x
So happy to hear that my friends in Paris are ok. Keep safe and you're in our thoughts. Love and condolences.
There's two people I know in Paris right now, I'm happy to know that they're ok. My thoughts are with all the Parisians today.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends in & - We are happy you are all safe and sound. ❤️
On Children's day today, let's sow thoughts of positivity, love and tolerance in our children!! Happy Children's Day!!
It's a shame when suicide bombings go unnoticed. Sending happy thoughts to Beirut and Baghdad and all those affected.
Had a great first show but just heard about what happened in Paris. Thoughts and prayers with everyone
Through hard times like these, it is important for all of us to stick together. Sending love, thoughts & prayers to those i…
Feeling like the world needs some happy thoughts today :)
My thoughts are w the victims and their families of Paris this morning.
I'm quite happy we're not in Paris right now. My thoughts are with the ones who are, stay safe!
Such horrible news to wake up to😟. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris💜
thoughts and prayers for those people involved in the situation that has occurred in Paris this evening .. Very sad 🇫🇷
HAPPY NEW WEEK👍. Your mind is a garden,Your thoughts are the seeds❗You can either grow flowers or You can grow weeds❗
1.85million and counting at this very LOVABLE moment. Happy to read your kilig thoughts about TOMIHO
Happy Thoughts. "Gum turns my Baja Fresh breathe into Fresh breathe" -Camille
So happy to have helped. And grateful to be exposed to your thoughts and words
Each of us has our own goals, life, dreams, job, and thoughts. We each do what makes us happy, we…
Happy Independence Day. This one for the real freedom of thoughts, ideas, wealth, integrity and spiritual bliss for happin…
Hey, I saw The Order of The Phoenix, I know how this'll go down. Just think happy thoughts and eat chocolate.
I've been following the chat tonight. Lots of great thoughts shared. Would be happy to join the LinkedIn group - thank you!
Happy that people can't hear my thoughts
Your life is always a result of your thoughts about it. Happy thoughts= happy life.
So today I truly smiled. The thoughts of why I should smile without it being fake, will always keep me happy.
Wish I would've joined sooner; I forgot it was Tues. as I was finishing up tasks! Sending you all happy thoughts!
Happy Birthday! Wishing you Sims and Animal Crossing happy thoughts 🍦with some vegan ice cream on top 😋
happy birthday to you! Keep those words jumbled and thoughts in order. Have a grand one!
If you truly wish to be happy learn to dominate your thoughts
You can't be happy if you fill your mind with needless worries. Keep your thoughts simple and calm and happiness will follow.
aw, no!! Tomorrow will be a new day. I'll send happy thoughts your way :) plus we have studio! What can be better than studio?😎
I wanna get high off of good music and happy thoughts
goodnight from the UK I will dream happy thoughts of season 2 X
I'm the best at pretending I'm happy
Another sleepless night... Just close your eyes and think of happy thoughts.. .
I don't wanna start this again. Happy thoughts, positive vibes. Pandas, donuts, rainbows. 🐼🍩🌈
What were your thoughts on advice vs feedback? It made me stop and think... then hurt my brain :) SO happy you are in the chat!
Congrats ,best wishes., and Happy thoughts.!
Now, I'm going to go drink and eat chocolate until I pass out from happy thoughts. :) Really regretting passing on the milkshake.
Think happy thoughts, live a happy life!
Good morning... wishing you a day full of sunny smiles. Happy thoughts! ☀🌹
😬 just think happy thoughts. That don't involve privacy security.
Yes, mud...and happy thoughts...which leads to happy endings...😜
I know and I'm happy he focused this album on his thoughts and self but I mean he could consider the guys actual members
Sorry, my friend! On a flight for work, but sending many happy thoughts your way!!!
Day 78 of 100 ♡ happy thoughts ♡:. It's not gonna get better unless you work on yourself to make it better
I bought a necklace at the Disney store that says 'think happy thoughts' since I am all about positivity & I want to wear it forever. :D
Yeah it *** I should go to bed with happy thoughts.. Maybe then . i won't have them anymore
"Ee want our baby to have happy thoughts anyway, right?" She asked with a smile.
Not too happy, but first time drafting 14-team league, .5 PPR, Auction. Thoughts? Waiver help?
Happy thoughts: awards prove that America doesn't want to see colon. Good job, America.
sending Happy Thoughts for your opening night from JM Barrie's enchanted land, Birthplace of Peter Pan
2nd episode of The Jolly Rogers Case Files airs tomorrow & every Wed until the premiere of Happy Thoughts!
Smile and think positive thoughts and no matter what comes your way today, you will remain happy.
If you think you feel pain its all in your mind.Mind the happy thoughts..:) . Have A happy Attracting day.
“The power of positive thinking forever. Push out all negative & enemy thoughts. Choose to be Happy today
My thoughts are happy and my tongue rejoices - Acts 2:26
Final Thoughts: 99% of Americans wake up and enjoy freedom. 1% wake up and defend it. Happy Veterans Day, we salute you.
Happy Birthday to our Pappa J. Always in our thoughts and missed every day.. Love you so much... xxx
Woke with happy thoughts on my mind. The Lord blessed me with another day to live to the fullest & I will. Y'all have a blessed day as well... LMS for a goodmornin post!!!
Happy thoughts has the possibility to go horrible..
Kim Rose: Limit your limiting thoughts, be more present and happy. Again thanks, via...
Things aren't going so well with Dad, I'm going to Spain tonight, to encourage the recovery with close up Reiki. All positivity glady accepted, keep sending happy thoughts Ziggy's way :-) (Malaga, Spain - for the other distance healers out there)
Prayers / happy thoughts / good vibes would be very appreciated this morning
"Happiness is dependent on having more positive thoughts than negative thoughts! Happy people have two positive to every one negative!
Woah! Thankyou everyone for the birthday wishes today. I had a great day fishing Moonta, Pt Huges and the Northern Flats with some mates, I'm sun burnt and very tired but had an absolute ball. Thanks for the very memorable birthday Brayden 'Southie' Lobow and Leigh Kuerschner (y) It was my first birthday without mum so I did miss her and thought about her a lot today. Not all sad though, lots of happy thoughts too :)
Thoughts on Haris? — Someone i could rely on. He makes me happy :)
Sending happy and positive thoughts to everybody today! Happy Wednesday!
. think happy thoughts. Try dreaming about meeting your idols. Really try. You might fall asleep ❤️
I may look like happy and don't care of the happenings but deep inside my thoughts pain came running through my veins
My thoughts are positive. They lead me to positive outcomes. Negativity serves no one. I reflect out what I feel within. I’m very happy.
I'll probably sleep all day anyway because I've been up all night.. But I hope your day gets better. :) Happy thoughts.
This week we are sharing an inspiring illustration every day
Good Hump Day Morning. Sending out (positive vibrations & happy thoughts) to make it over.
Today all I can say is miss you mom it was a sad day when you left us and everyday since I have had many happy thoughts of remembering you and teaching my kids to do things the way you taught me love you miss you with all my heart
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Can you imagine how wonderful it is to feel happy in your heart and stomach when you're giving yourself the best thoughts, feelings & foods?
I didn't think they were particularly interesting thoughts, happy to see you see fervently disagree XD
Crappy cold work survival pack: box of tissues, antibacterial gel, tea, and happy thoughts.
Ok, prayers, positive vibes and happy thoughts for Holly and Brent are needed. Holly is now on complete bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Holly is 26 1/2 wks pregnant and has a ways to go until Baby Bryson makes his way into this world. Thank you everyone, ok start now! 💙💙💙
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