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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

Camp Kesem Lambda Beta Pi Kappa Phi

Tomorrow all of our apps will be marked down to $.99 . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Zizibizy would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to have your support!!! What are...
Thankful for each and every 1 of you!. Love y'all straight up!. Happy Thanksgiving from mine too yours!.
Memories well made. Love y'all and happy thanksgiving ❤️
AW RACH STOP I LOVE U! So happy to have my rock 15 years later! See ya at thanksgiving bff love u girl😘♥️
Happy birthday Since we won't see you this Thanksgiving-reminder to pick up the pies if you want to l…
Lions. RedWings. Happy Thanksgiving to our American followers! We wish the Lions would've won today but at least the RedWings did last night!
We're thankful for our friends, our family, this planet, and so much more. Happy Thanksgiving from the Harlem RBI and DR…
Bitter sweet moment 😪 Sad that my brother just left to Arizona but Very Happy/Proud of him! I'll be waiting for ya thanksgiving break 🤙🏽
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends and clients!! We hope you have a great time and enjoy the day!!
From my family to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless America 🇺🇸
Happy Thanksgiving of God's People. May the Lord Almighty always guide and keep you! 💯
What a great way to enjoy time with the family after the big meal. Happy Thanksgiving! Go Hawks!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, can't wait to see some great football!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! Enjoy all the yummy food and family time but always remember to stay thankful!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Remember to be nice to your turkey 😂🙌🏿
Happy Thanksgiving everyone be sure to subscribe and promote me!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there I am thankful for my kids be here with me still
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you enjoy turkey until you're comotose, I know I will.
I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. Hopefully you can spend it with your loved ones!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone may God bless you all. Have an amazing day be thankful for everything you have. 💗
HCPS Nurses wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Check out the mannequin challenge from FGES in-service demonstration school…
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So much to be thankful for including this Vape Store Indian and all the great clients! http…
Happy Thanksgiving!! on is an Oldies playlist you can play at the dinner table today🦃. ->
Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and families. Stay safe.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! 🦃. If you're running a turkey trot like me... here you go.
Grateful for family, friends, for your incredible support of Happy Thanksgiving from White Pine Bay https:…
Happy Thanksgiving to all the brethren aroung the world!!! Happy 53rd year in service to God Bro. Eli!. TGBTG!.
Thank you for all you have done. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Iv been on the train since s…
Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone has a wonderful day with friends and family! 🍗🍂🦃
I'm thankful for every single one of you. Happy Thanksgiving from my heart. Thankful to those who bury you, thankful to t…
Remember the scene from the "Runaway" short film where they were having a feast? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving! We are there is officially on…How excited to share a golden lotus flower piano. With this faith, we will
I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
My best wishes to everyone for a Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone hope all is well truly blessed and grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone I'm so thankful for all my friends and family to be blessed with love. They are always there whe…
Happy Thanksgiving from the bush man.hope you all have a great day!!!
Be thankful for love, even when it includes disagreement. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. (Credit: legal.fangirl of inst…
Happy Thanksgiving!! Double rep weekend has begun, ends in 4 days. Enjoy the holiday everyone :)
We hope that all of you Day Dreamers have a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe.
Things we are thankful for... ...this. . Happy Thanksgiving break everyone!.
I am thankful for the amazing beauty that is Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget to hide blood capsules in your mouth to bite down on anytime a family member m…
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from myself and Mari Redd 🔑 . 🎥. https…
Breast Cancer Awareness
A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families.
Happy Thanksgiving! When everyone contributes, we make something delicious.
Football,food,and family ashtray a day. Happy Thanksgiving!
So much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
All of us here at Blizzard Customer Support would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy, everyone!
"Happy Thanksgiving" I wish I was there with you. Have a great day.
Today and every day we have a lot to be thankful for. From our family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 I hope you all enjoy your day with your family or wherever you are. Stay safe! 😘 Xoxo -
Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Hope you have a great day with your family. Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone , I hope we can all have a kind and thankfull day.
Happy Thanksgiving hope every body has a wonderful day
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone have a great Day
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. And thank you to for the turkey 😉 lol
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Here's a throwback to my performance at Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade! .
Up next, our Group Celebrants will offer a heartfelt song of praise to God. Happy Thanksgiving of God's People, brethren!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your turkey dinner's tonight!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Remember to stuff her turkey and put gravy all over her biscuit!
Couldn't make it home for turkey so had a gorgeous lunch in London... and thankful to be able to do it! Happy Thanksgiving!…
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with this year's biggest Turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for and so much to give!! 🐢 (I know most would have a turkey emoji but..…
Have a Happy Thanksgiving & don't forget to give Thanks for all those who, by their sacrifices, allow us to feast with…
Happy Thanksgiving!. Seen here a small portion of my Day to Night of Columbus Circle durin… https…
Happy Thanksgiving on the family is shows with the day. :D like love.
Happy Thanksgiving! Come see a killer family gathering with a Gentleman's Guide to Love&Murder.
Shootings over Chicago holiday weekend: 8 dead, 62 wounded. Happy Thanksgiving from the National Rifle Association!.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy a song I wrote about it like 5 years ago lol
Happy Thanksgiving beautiful 🇺🇸. I'm grateful to be alive on this 🌎 w/ u. Enjoy loved ones today & eat w/ gratitude. God Bles…
Happy Thanksgiving. Check out this essay I wrote for about political correctness in the era of Trump
Happy Thanksgiving ! Enjoy yourselves and spare a though for Native Americans who are still fighting today to protect t…
Happy Thanksgiving!. Photos from the Celebration FOR the Turkeys: Learn all about turkeys: http…
Happy Thanksgiving from the Theta Zeta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta! We are so thankful for all of our beautiful sisters…
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Wishing you a day filled with love, friendship and gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for my many blessings and pray for our American Soldiers overseas to come home safe! https…
Happy Thanksgiving this is Monica Jones from the Birmingham VA Medical Center,how are you and the twins?
Happy Thanksgiving from the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha! We hope everyone's day is filled with family, friends, and mashed po…
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We're offering a special 50% discount on A State Of Trance on iTunes
Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate, save 50% off on over 140 products. More here >>
Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with good food, the love from those that are special & Dallas Cowboys winnin…
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.Truly special occasion to be with our loved ones.Pricelesss
Happy Thanksgiving. Special thanks to the men & women of players & coaches working hard to put on great games today
Happy Thanksgiving/ Black Friday Hit up the company for special orders. 🦃.
Happy Thanksgiving from Our Thanksgiving Special is LIVE NOW! Ft. & https:…
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Working on a special video for around noonish and then relaxing and cooking the rest of the da…
Gather the family and enjoy an extra-special Happy Thanksgiving confessional with our Coaches and artists. https…
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone except the ppl who didn't allow their children to come to dinner bc of their gender identity…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Great Amazon Fire products and more on sale!
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy your time of rest and family over this holiday 🦃ht…
last night: President-elect Thanksgiving message. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - on behalf of
Happy Thanksgiving from Everything Old Is New Again Radio Show. Enjoy this song of Thanks. Ann Hampton Callaway... https…
It wasn't our last supper together, but it will be one we remember and are thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving from Phi Kappa…
Pres. Obama called deployed service members today to thank them for their service and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from the cutest Southern Belles West of the Mississippi.
Happy Thanksgiving from the Blazers Cross Country and Track and Field coaching staffs!
Happy Thanksgiving from the East Tennessee Chapter of the Tennessee State University National Alumni Association!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Phenomenal Pi Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.! 💕💚
Congrats Detroit Lions on a great game! Great seeing ur usual best, Theo! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving, Detroit! The Daily Bread News
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Stand to Reason! Watch this video from htt…
😩😂Y'all better let Aretha Franklin sing this National Anthem. No interruptions. Happy Thanksgiving! http…
I Love Thanksgiving...Happy Thanksgiving to all my and peeps..Football and Turkey.. Yaho
Happy Thanksgiving! Join and me for all all the action from the HS football Turkey games from today!
Happy Antonio Brown is gonna break your ankles
you remember playing vs Marianna? You were the best including greats Neal Anderson and Amp Lee. Proud of you. Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from Jack In The Box Oakland: Ask for a day off during the holidays and you're fired 👀https:…
Happy Thanksgiving 😊I'm thankful to have you in my life.Thankful for everything you've done for me.I appr…
Always grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the South Boston Yoga team. @ South…
. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Liz. God bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 10 in a row is the best dessert! Loving
Happy Thanksgiving from the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi Upsilon Colony! 🦃🍽
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have been on the road touring a lot so I am very thankful that I am able to be...
👏👏😀 Happy Thanksgiving .I'll keep this handy today
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Nirvana Holistic Health Centers!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you lovely ladies who we appreciate for all your hard work in helping reclaim America
Happy Thanksgiving from Calvary Mountain View Church! Praying you have had a blessed day thanking the Lord for...
Happy Thanksgiving or, as it is known in my house right now: NEW KATE BUSH ALBUM DAY
The Oilers and Flames for giving us Paul Byron/Jeff Petry for next to nothing, and all our readers over Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
Happy Thanksgiving from LA where it's warm
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our supporters! We're so thankful for you! 5 more days until To Donate…
"Stop being a bossy pants and a meanie" . Happy Thanksgiving y'all
Time to fly with the turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃 @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Happy Thanksgiving to all- much happiness, prosperity and love from all of us at Livermore Valley Opera!
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Save room at the table for your favorite Bourbon.
Happy Thanksgiving from the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi Beta Sigma!
Happy Thanksgiving from your Camp Kesem at Dartmouth family! We're thankful for our coordinators and especially our advisory board.
"Lord someone just look it up on YouTube"- Aunt Robin's response when no one can cut a Turkey. 🙃Happy Thanksgiving ❤️
Your heart must melt every day! Nice interview on Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, K…
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours:) We miss you freshcope chris_copeland
Trying the Thursday special at bar stop at wilderness Lodge. Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!!! and remember the original Thanksgiving feasts were to celebrate the massacre of Native Indian tribes…
Happy Thanksgiving here is a pic of the sand creek massacre. Enjoy your Turkey!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Cheney clan!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all especially Donnie Wahlberg may it be a blessed one. ❤❤❤
Great to see tonight Definitely spurred me on to keep going with my novel. Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving from me and this little turkey 🦃 @ Pebble Creek Golf Course, Restaurant &…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Foremost Family Health Centers!
The Alpha Zeta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi would love to extend our arms in wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing everybody the best!
The stream is done and so is Ultimate Alliance! Thanks for everyone who tuned in! Happy Thanksgiving!. Now to get ready for dinner..
I thought that the kitten bowl was on today, but it isn't so now the family's just listening the Christmas music. Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Tulsa Press Club.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Animal Ark!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Amador Valley PTSA! We are very thankful for our wonderful AVHS family.
Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Larry King of the legendary aka "CNN's Larry King Live" back then.
Happy Thanksgiving from me and the 17-pound turkey I just made. We are two very happy Lions…
A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope it's full of family, food and memories. From our Tilt family to yours.
Happy Thanksgiving to all you workin' foo hosts & member stations board ops. & to the rest of the…
Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends! 'tis the season on the Champs-Elysee.
Happy Thanksgiving from Radio Aviation Excellence the Wright Flyer! We have one voice, through the...
Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃 // exploring Hoover Dam + Grand Canyon today then Vegas, again, tonight!…
The Snohomish County Sports Commission wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with friends and...
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy! Love from Canada, would love a follow please xo
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Fairport Harbor Heritage Foundation!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Halas Hall media room. Bears have a normal practice today and it's schedule…
Thank you, so true! and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours x
Happy Thanksgiving to all from First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh.
Happy Thanksgiving to you Ambassador Rice...all the best Madame & stay blessed in your efforts to serve America in your diplomatic role.
We are thankful for the many guests that visit us each summer! Happy Thanksgiving from Raging Waters!
Party on Thanksgiving at w/ David Lee Garza y Los Musicales from 7pm-2am! Happy Thanksgiving y'all…
Love you too! Happy Thanksgiving.♥ Hope you're back with your family soon.Take a break to treat and spoil yourself. x
Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful fans and Green Wave family.
Happy Thanksgiving! Since we’re Canadian, SignAgent Offices are OPEN today and tomorrow, and don’t miss our Cyber Week Sale! 25% off!
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Happy Thanksgiving from the Cayman Island with the Carnival Dream photo bombing me.…
Happy Thanksgiving to the whole DFW Fox4 family from ours! I am thankful for the sacrifices you make to bring us the news daily
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Daily News!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Scarlet family! . We will be open at 10pm for our annual Thanksgiving Frat...
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's my review of the Robert Zemeckis film starring Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard. https:…
Feel alive after a good run on the Santa Monica state beach. Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone except Cheyenne Jackson's dumb baby twins because he has not put ONE sexy selfie on IG since they rolled up.
Happy Thanksgiving! This photo says it all: we're thankful for this beautiful place with it's green grass from...
Happy Thanksgiving from Lambda Beta and the greater Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc! Eat everything!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!. Broken Bow Lake Cabin Rentals would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe...
Thankful each and every day for the brotherhood we are blessed to be a part of. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Don Bosco…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God Bless
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, don't forget to be thankful for Mark Matthews
Happy Thanksgiving from the Phi Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi 🍂 We are exceptionally…
Happy Thanksgiving. Adam Rubin's reports are something I'm very thankful for. The best in the game. Happy turkey day guy !
We, of the Police Unity Tour, So. Calif. Chapter would like to wish all our families and friends a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm thankful for the loved ones in my life, both friends and family alike.
thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!
Happy Thanksgiving! Never forget Thanksgiving 1997, when a rampaging Barney the Dinosaur had to be stabbed to death:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family from the Allen Family in Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Happy Thanksgiving! We’re grateful for America’s incredible national parks & public lands. Pic by Douglas Croft
Happy Thanksgiving to the Oak Ridge Boys Family and organization
Happy Thanksgiving from your Calvary Family. Wishing you and yours a great day. Football Friday Calvary hosting Tat…
Happy Thanksgiving, Kesem alumni! Today, we're thankful for all you've done and continue to do for Camp Kesem.
Happy Thanksgiving! Joe Girardi employs five different chefs just to make the stuffing
Happy Thanksgiving from the top of círculo de bellas artes.
From all of us at Bayside Church, we wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Intermountain Healthcare!.
Happy Thanksgiving from the brothers of Lambda Beta! We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Mu Beta Lambda! Have a blessed day! 😇
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Happy Thanksgiving! . We are closed today, but we can't wait to share these deals with you this weekend!. Fri. & Sat.…
Thanks for an amazing tour. I'm so glad I got to see it this Spring. Happy Thanksgiving to you, & Odin
On behalf of all of us at Calvary... Happy Thanksgiving!. We pray you enjoy this day giving thanks to all that...
Happy Thanksgiving to you to and to Odin. Lots of love from me&from Israel Thank you for everything
Happy Thanksgiving from our Union Grove Baptist Church family at 2285 Frayser Blvd. Come visit us for Sunday...
Happy Thanksgiving from the ladies of Sigma Pi Alpha🦃❤️
Happy Thanksgiving! We're extremely grateful for our participants, volunteers, donors, Speakers Bureau members & ev…
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving & sharing Vashti Whitfield's message today to "Embrace life and loss as one...
From the Phoenix family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
"Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.” -- O. Henry. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Kentucky FFA!…
Happy Thanksgiving from Florida Gulf Coast University. . Beats an IHOP outside of Oklahoma City…
Happy Thanksgiving, from the Ladies of Alpha Pi Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Fort Worth, TX!…
Odin...and all the furry creatures...Happy Thanksgiving!!! Missing you& can't wait to see another show soon!
Happy Thanksgiving to all our US clients. Enjoy lots of good food with good friends and family. PS Our Canadian office is still open!
Happy Thanksgiving to you Jack, Peter, Harrison and ur daughter.
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From my family to your family, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving. I voted for Trump, & I hoped he'd end Common Core and PAARC. It's killing education in NM.
Happy Thanksgiving! Check out this video as Danica Patrick, Ryan Blaney & more explain their favorite food:
I salute you command sergeant major I was in US Army 1975 1981 Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Kesem USC! We’re forever thankful for having this family to go to no matter what and...
From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving, West Palm Beach!
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from the sisters of Phi Mu Rho Delta💞
A fool-proof Recipe if you have a dog and a good sense of humor - Happy Thanksgiving!
West Palm Beach Kia wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels on the road!
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Texas Bible Institute!.
Turkey, stuffing, and gravy oh my! Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your day is as delicious as the pumpkin pie that's cook…
Happy Thanksgiving! Spice up your dinner with a recipe from Ted's neighbours
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We will, together, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
"Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy cooking that turkey the kid's been asking for."
Happy Thanksgiving! Make a fast and easy turkey pan gravy to wow over your guests this year!…
Thankful for my little turkeys 😊 Happy Thanksgiving from the Hendleys! @ Oak Ridge North,…
The liquor store guy just pulled the confusion scam on himself with my change... Happy Thanksgiving, New York!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Oak Ridge family 🦃🍽🍁
Happy Thanksgiving! Palm Beach Harley is closed today, opens tomorrow at 9AM for Black Friday!
Happy Thanksgiving. This can be a tough time for those who don't have family or who have recently lost a loved...
Happy Thanksgiving to our brothers . Who made this Night special. David Roberts. Bryan K. Erickson. Steven G Knight...
Sorry...gotta do it... Happy Thanksgiving from PCB! 🦃☀️🌊 @ Panama City Beach, Panama City, Florida
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. I'm on set today missing my family. Love you all. Be back in soon - Knepper
Happy Thanksgiving. art by Diane Carroll. Please do not re-post,retrace or steal.
.Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all the Knepper fans who are celebrating the occasion!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! ❤️
Thankful for these men. Thankful for Phi Gamma Delta bringing us together. Happy Thanksgiving from Kappa Mu Fiji! 🦃🦃
From the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi to you and your families, Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to the brothers of the Iota Mu chapter, Pi Kappa Phi, and all others! ⚔️🦃
Happy Thanksgiving from the men of the Nebraska Chapter of Delta Upsilon. We are thankful for all of our brothers, both past and present!
Happy Thanksgiving to the amazing Del Griffith and Neal Page. The two people that will always be here with us this…
Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure you join us at SECU Arena tomorrow as we host the Barclays Center Classic:
Today we're thankful for each other and a university that supports our art. Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Silver Creek Plaza family to yours! We're grateful to be your shopping destination on…
Happy Thanksgiving from Holmes Community College! We are thankful for each of you!
From our table to yours, Main Street Theater wishes everyone a warm and wonderful Happy Thanksgiving.
From everybody at Niagara University SMA, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving to us. Love getting that email that says, congratulation you've just earned a $300 commission...
Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. Sherry Hawkins Steven Hawkins Kylee Howell Smith Bob Howell Tasha...
Happy Thanksgiving from Rock & Republic! We hope you're enjoying the day with friends and family...and wearing...
Happy Thanksgiving! Watch tonight for the premiere of "Donnie After Dark" at 11pm with myself and Donnie S…
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all the staff here at Lake Eola Park.
Washington players wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 I'm of course grateful for books, especially Looking for Alaska. It's one…
Happy Thanksgiving! In observance of the holiday, we are closed.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Happy Thanksgiving from our Weinberg Center family to yours. We're so thankful for theater-goers like you!
Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US! For our Canadian clients - remember to stop by our open house in Toronto or Vancouver later.
From the management and staff of Crisp Motorsports Park, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to see everyone here for January 27-29.
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at The Midland Theatre!. Have fun, be safe and we hope to see you at The Nutcr…
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Plattsburgh State Athletics. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!
I'm off to Malaysia for some noodles and networking. . Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans !
Happy Thanksgiving from the Public Works Department! Our offices are closed Thursday and Friday in honor of the hol…
Happy Thanksgiving cherry Street mission. St.pauls community center Toledo gospel rescue mission salvation army and all our shelters..
Hello friends, Happy Thanksgiving! . Announcing my event for Dec 3 at Bhakti Yoga Shala - . Please…
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Brookgreen Gardens! Sculpture info: A Fool for Love by Walter T. Matia -...
Happy Thanksgiving to all from JY and The Landon Powell Hit House!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Lee Roy Selmon's will be closed today so that our team members can celebrate with their families.
Happy Thanksgiving to All - Special thanks to Joseph and Allen Epstein, contributing photographers, on their...
Happy Thanksgiving from our staff at Gallatin Leisure Services! 🦃🍗
Happy Thanksgiving, Alanna! Can't wait for the first edition of the Rizzo report next season!
Happy Thanksgiving from Delta Upsilon! May your day be filled with great food, family, friends and gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving from the Lexington Park Ford Lincoln team! We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing day! In...
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Jimmy J's Avian Rescue Center! May you have a wonderful and relaxing...
Happy Thanksgiving from our Mary Washington family to yours.
Happy Thanksgiving. Somewhere there's a Cambria County turkey happy you're on the road today! Thanks for all your hard work.
blessings and love to you from your Lutheran Church of Hope family! Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving, Broadneck! Tune into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to see Tommy Auger, a fabulous BRUIN musician!!
Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family. The first time with Odin 💙. God bless every second of your lives! Love
Happy Thanksgiving from Japan, but a little less blocking from the US would help [free blog post]
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Team Zen . Lenny, Keith, Allen, Mark and the gang. Peace and Hope.
Happy Thanksgiving, from the Broken Bow family, to you and yours.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and especially to God for also my Aunt Hazel we will dearly miss you RIP
My heart is bursting with gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving!. Makeup by Holly; NeeChic; Brittany Williams Stagg;...
Happy Thanksgiving, Genie Francis and fans!! Everyone have a blessed, day!!
Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing everyone a turkey of a day!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Please know that our La Plata and Lexington Park...
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Independence! Liberty Bell Center & Independence Hall are open from 11am - 4pm.
Wishing all our Gate City FSC family a Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Constitution Conservative friends May you all have a blessed day!. I'm thankful that Hillary's not are president
Goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving. My personal Black Veil Brides tribute tattoo is one week old. Never give in, neve…
Happy Thanksgiving everyone enjoy ur day with ur loved ones and thank u to everyone who protects and serves our great republic
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, Thanksgivingkom Mabrouk as Kevin Coyne and Katie Bentivoglio said :D
Happy Thanksgiving from me and my best friends 🦃💕 @ Santana Row
Happy Thanksgiving (also known as Brown Thursday to greedy families)! Eat lots of pumpkin pie, and don't forget to thank mom for the meal.
Just got a drunk text/pic from my Mom... Luckily it was just the cornbread she made for tomorrow's dressing... Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I wish everyone a day of thanks and friendship. Matt Scott Kerry Jackie
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