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Happy Song

Happy Song is a 1983 hit single by Baby's Gang. The single became a European hit single when covered by German band Boney M.

Jason Segal

Happy Birthday to Elton John who is 68 today.What's your favourite Elton John song?
Q1: We try to make it a happy song and dance time, so it's not so tedious or seen as a chore!
Just downloaded song Beachin' for my ringtone. Makes me happy every time I hear it! 🎶😄
1/2 Ftr, this is coming from someone whose anxiety is triggered by the Happy Birthday song: it's being mocked because it's
text là A song for you *** ver) - FTISLAND. Happy birthday to Won Bin 26/03/2015
Happy whale Wednesday everyone! Guess what magestic whale will be today's feature on the blog! I'll be giving hints throughout the day!
Happy Birthday and i love your song
Hour ago we're screaming get well soon zayn, and singing zayn part on every song loud and we all really happy. And now we are heartbroken.
Special Delivery is in my top 5 happy songs. Just a really good *** song
Happy Hump Day Lkn fam & friends. We wanna get you in the mood to dance to another hit bound song by Kim Cameron & h…
Happy Birthday - will this song and vocal ever be equalled
I really like this song. Love the all the instruments they used. .
When I was pregnant, you would just dance around when you heard that song. I knew you were
happy birthday aka fave sister (don't tell the other one)!!! This song is very relevant right now: 🎉❤️💁 xx
I felt very happy all times. When I listen you sing a song. .
“How noble is the sad heart, whose sadness doesn’t keep him from singing a song with the happy hearts.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hello Joy, I'm Severus. So happy your new song's coming out. I'm wondering if you've got any news of John Paul? Is he making a new album too?
this song is now my favourite song I'm so happy I bought a copy im going to do a video about it soon!😄 htt…
Video: Happy birthday to Sir Elton John. Here is his song “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road”
That lunch money Lewis money bills song makes me so happy lol 😎😎
Happy Birthday to the true Queen of Soul; Ms."ARETHA FRANKLIN"! What is yr favorite Aretha Franklin song? How...
US court currently deciding if copyright for the song 'Happy Birthday to You' is valid via /r/Music
thank you for your greeting!!. I got a lot of pleasure to hear that. . so please look foward to our next song!. I'm so happy!!
Happy Birthday song and a guy wearing the sombrero in the Mexican restaurant never gets old.
J: I begin having insomnia since I was in middle school, but now I'm living like that. It's a happy thing to be able to s…
I love that feeling u get in your stomach when you listen to a song that reminds you of a happy time
the thing I love about amy is she's so authentic like every performance of every song is a lil different and that makes me happy
HAPPY Fiends trying to do a thing where you have a song here there and then every feww days play a bunch :)
Every time I hear the song Halo I think of Happy birthday man, hope it's a good one! 🎉🎈
Thankyou so much. I just can imagine that the boys sing happy birthday song for me. "thank
I got Up as my song! :D it matches my upbeat happy personality :)
I could be so happy then all of a sudden I see a car u liked or hear a song u liked and just like that my happiness is tak…
This Rodeo Queen just had to share this song today! Be Happy!!! 🎈🎈🎈 via
so happy when I read the news! Congrats to you Joe and your brothers in song!
he was always play the happy song by Pharrell lol
It's your BIRTHDAY TODAY PAPA and for that let me sing you a song HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY…
We're always happy to hear suggestions! You can still play any song on-demand on a desktop & shuffle mode on a mobile device /R
song the day you were born Alyson. Happy BirthdayMike & The Mechanics - The living Years: via
Beyonce made a song called "Single Ladies" then went home to her husband and left all u *** dancing in a circle pretend…
. Happy Song of the day:. Kate micucci - Happy Song. Scrubs lovers: special dedication!
Check out this song! We'll be singing it tomorrow :). DELIRIOUS FAREWELL TOUR Happy Song:
can you please say happy birthday to my sister Shelby and play a song by unionj J she's a big fan of them xx
Magic Happy Birthday haircut to singer song writer Kate Branagh of stevielionmusic love…
Yesterday happy with this song, but now everything has changed... ♫ Dekat Di Hati by Ran —
Happy you like the video brother. Hope you see any chance to play the song in your show? Stay blessed!
you're so welcome! And thank you so much for taking time to listen to my song *hugs* I'm so happy you liked it!!
Not single but one moment and my girl so verry happy okay my member no song and sweet song okay
Now I want a song with the name 'in bed' plis :c make me happy :'D again~ eue xD
This song goes out to a beautiful girl "much to young to feel this *** old" always thinking of her everyday and night
Beyoncé made the song "Single Ladies" and went home to her husband and left you lonely females to dance in a circle think…
//Why does a lot of classical music, especially Beethoven, sound angry and beautiful and sad and happy and frolicky all in one song?
Hi follow me,would you do me really happy. You're my life,your voice is mu favourite song. Love u so mu…
PS my song to skydive to would be Good song to hear as potentially your last song ever.. don't you think? :P
*As hot in herre comes on* "I came out of the womb dancing to this song"-HAPPY BIRTHDAY
New Prince song CLOUDS is another brilliant track from his upcoming release. Happy to pay $. Less than the price of a coffee f…
I find this priceless.watching my dad dance and sing happy birthday song for my husband. mom clapping and giggling.
Macy Gray - I Try really was a lovely little song wasn't it? Uplifting, happy and all about that feeling known as love. Thank you
This has been my favorite song for so long. So happy it was used in my favorite show!
Check Out This "Lovely" song from Happy New Year. . Watch the sizzling and steamy moves of Deepika Padukone on a...
IM so happy Kyle is dropping a new song tomorrow !
. Check out the video 4 my song HAPPY + TOUR w/ the WAILE…
HAPPY UKULELE. Enjoy this motivational song from WorldMusic on AudioJungle.
For me, SRK's 10 pack abs and Sharabi song are the enough reasons to watch Happy New Year.
Dont worry , be happy. Lol great song
TV on the Radio go New Wave on new song "Happy *** from the band's new album 'Seeds':
heeey, you don't look me?!. What's your favorite book? And song? I got sick ... make me happy, please :)
"MY HAPPY LITTLE PILL, TAKE ME AWAY...". Literally in love with this song. HELP ME. YAS TROYE YOU SLAY💁🙌🙌
Happy 55th birthday to my mom, the bravest lady ever. Take a sad song and make it better, y'all.
Feeling this makes me so *** happy I love that song with all my heart
Little unknown fact: Watermelon in Beyonce's song "Drunk in Love" is a reference to drinking Jay-Z's sperm. Happy hump…
I dare you to take and post a video of you. Singing a happy birthday song for me b/c tomorrow's my birthday! 🎉🎂
/plays you a happy song Love Should Go On
hey if I'm gonna miss one at least it's my own artist. Lol. Happy for u. Now bring out the so…
There's one Jazmine Sullivan song I can't listen to more than once or else I will verbally assault a happy couple.
u knw anytime I listen to his song, am always happy some1 out der is carrying out Matt 10:5
so happy 4U2! *** now eye gota here a U2 song... there might B inspiration 4 haiku 2! off 2 Utube.…
It makes me really happy when people share their favourite song with me~
Someone that can make you happy is also the reason why you stay up late & listening to sad song
yes,hecsings song Happy,will be on Th…
I'm so happy bcause Canon & have a song together on and I love these guys so much! 🍪❤
such a good song, been listening to the new fellas non stop so I'd be happy if they played several from that album!
My song is about how I'll feel when my 3yo son grows up and moves away. Sad for me but happy for him.
When you are happy you listen to the song, when you are sad, you understand the lyrics……
Decided to write a happy song because most of my songs are angry and sad
I'm so happy!!! that song is what Hod wants for us all!! Thank you! You tapped in to the Spirit
Popular song makes me so happy, I can see Cat singing it
“very happy today thank you 🙏🌴” no thank YOU for giving us that raw *** song 🙏
What's worse then that stupid happy song? Someone singing along with it
this song makes me think of how much I love nash and all the things he does that makes me happy I'm so 😌
yes,hecsings song Happy,will be on The Voice
thank you mate so happy you like it!! It's a great song so doing a good cover was easy :)
My happy little pill is such a nice song to just feel depressive and lonely aka me right know
I can pick up a song after hearing it one time. It always makes my mom happy because I know all her old lady songs !
I'm gonna sit in here and jam out bc the bass in my car makes me happy when this song comes on😂👌
Heres a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note, don't worry, be happy!
Happy birthday to the greatest song writer Wichita has ever seen! 🎈🎉🎁
Barney song : I follow you you should follow me were a happy family :)
“you ever heard a song so good u just No Happy Endings By
Thanks to pdp I have happy stuck in my head, the most annoying song ever wrote😒
Amy Amy Amy that was a generic happy song with the word happy in it ! Thought better of you :p
Honestly happy little pill is the best song ever❤️😍
I get so happy when a Zeppelin song comes on the radio
mainly because everyone is catching on to spotify now! I mean happy was a HUGE song and pharells album barely sold!
The song is awesome wow congrats so happy for u
definately ... A legendary song infact! But we are over the hump of the week so we need a cheerful happy song !
Watching the sunset. Fade to black. Show the names. Play the happy song 🎶🎶🎶
I'm so happy he released a new song 🙌🙌
I haven't heard the song 'Happy' in three days. I don't recognize this world.
I liked a video Senior Citizens Dance to Pharrell Williams Happy Song Choreographed by: Davina Ware
Happy to hear play song on the radio! Bout time!
Home Video by the Leftover Cuties, performing "Happy Song" to listen to more tunes go to:
Happy Song - 'if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.' G. Harrison for Melanie Richard
Dj Fisherman ft Big Nuz and Tira _ Happy Song reminds me of my ratchet days *\ /*
Honda Civic Tour Expands to Three Successive Tours in 2014 Featuring Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, American Authors, and 3BallMTY 2014 Honda Civic Tour marking its 13th year with an expansion: three different tours, each featuring a distinct style of music. Everything kicks off this August with Los Angeles based indie-band, Grouplove co-headlining the first leg with Portugal. The Man. Formed in 2009, Grouplove garnered a loyal international fan base following performances at: Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and the Reading & Leeds Festivals. And that was before they released their first full-length album, Never Trust a Happy Song (Atlantic Records, 2011). The album featured the single, “Colours,” which was described as “one of the most infectious songs you’re bound to hear,” by SPIN. It went on to climb to the top 15 on the Alternative radio charts, and remains a fan favorite. Their next single “Tongue Tied” went and was later certified platinum. Fall 2013 saw the release of Spread ...
Do you ever just find a song that you can relate to so much and you just cry cos you're so happy
Last year's happy summer song was 'Midnight City' by M83. For this year I think it will be 'Elevate' by St. Lucia.
Hate that song and I'm not listening to it but I am genuinely happy lol
How y'all *** get that justin bieber happy New Years song? It ain't on iTunes...I looked yesterday 😔
happy for ari bc that's the bae but that song needs to go I'm ready for her new music. call me fake cause idgaf.
Real girls eat cake is such a happy song
This song makes me happy :) Listening to I Got Rhythm by Nikki Yanofsky via
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Friends parody the Pharrel Williams song HAPPY - "P.A.K.I." check it out
The most unhappy I get is when I hear the song 'Happy' 🙉
The radio just played "Say Something" then "Happy" right after. Variety show flashback to when we picked the most awkward song match up😂
. I've only heard like one song by them but I'm really happy
You have complete control over how you view your life. Why not be a happy person?
Why does a sad songs cheer you up when you are sad, and a happy song just makes you sadder?
Everyone likes to dance to a happy song
Listening to Dancing In The Moonlight makes me happy. I will listen to that song all god *** day if I have to.
I really hope they don't ruin SLSP. I've had a sudden anger streak, I'm happy for them but pls don't over play the song
omg a new song? IM SO HAPPY! you should make a cover of one of lana del Rey's song
The Happy song is played so much on the radio it's about to make me unhappy
the day the Happy song goes off the radio forever will be the best day of my life
The song "Happy" makes me feel every emotion besides happy.. annoyed & irritated mostly. Like really why is it still pla…
If I hear that freaking song "Happy" one more time I swear I am going to go bat freaking crazy!! QUIT PLAYING IT!! 😡
Taylor will be my bae one day...I'll try my best to make you happy so you wont write a song about what a piece of crap I am
💙💙💙. . 💙. I am you. you are me. were on happy . 5sosfamily. 💙. I wrote you a song, will you follow me now?. 💙💙💙
That happy song by Pharrell Williams can make one tear that suicide note shem!
Music makes me happy. I want to listen to the 1D song at a concert. .
Are you telling me you don't like that song?! Are you telling me it doesn't make you happy...?
Photoset: so here you go, you’re finally getting a song about you on the radio, are you happy now that you...
That *** happy song always comes on when I'm in a bad mood which makes me hate it even more.
I absolutely refuse to listen to that stupid happy song
I am *not happy* I am being subjected to this Pharrell song during the Ubi presser.
There playing Best Song Ever at my gym! This makes me very happy 😜
This song HAPPY by Pharrell Williams just can never get old.
The song "happy" makes me want to take a sledge hammer to the balls
Will you have the trailer you showed at for song up on YouTube? I'm in it and want to share! Never stop dreaming!
Listen to new song on Happy Birthday
The song Happy is enough to put me in a mental breakdown.
Pharrell's "Happy" song will be featured as one of the awesome tracks in Who's feelin' happy?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I really want that Happy song to play over this Division trailer.
Does the song "Happy" give anyone else suicidal thoughts?
This trailer for The Division would be so much better with that Happy song.
Ubisoft the happy song was a bad bad move
Thank you for playing our anniversary Happy Song and thanks to our best man for your message!
Every sidewalk and park in Columbus full of people enjoying the weather this morning. Every radio station playing the Happy Song.
There's not a single song thats bad in the movie but none of them tops Man or Muppet and Life's a Happy Song from the last film
Happy Song by Liam Lynch makes me feel like this:
my son doesnt stop listening to that Happy Song from Dispicable Me. he loves makes us HAPPY
I'm listening to Life's A Happy Song by The Muppets (Children's) on Pandora
Ah gents this *** made my night by playin Happy Song - Big Nuz then I started thinking of u
Jamming to some old tracks, and I came across Fisherman Ft Dj Tira and Big nuz - Happy Song ♥ used to love this song!
POLL...What is your "go to.Happy Song" the one(s) you play when you really need a pick me up...that you cant help but smile and feel good when its playing???
"How's that song go about being happy and clapping your hands?" -dad..he's a genius
thanks for every perfect song. Happy birthday.
This song is just so relaxing but inspiring ah. Super manta ray synth u make me happy
Drunk Off Your Love is my happy song.
song "Another Way Out" will be the official theme song for My 2 favorites! I'm so happy! :D
EXO Wolf will release on tmmrow or thanks for request this song~ for
really?! Lmao I just spent an hour and two pages on one song like I don't think she's gonna be happy about thag
I love the song alive, it makes me happy af 😍
me and Emma are crying over Skype at it lol, it gets kinda happy at the end, but the song omfg:((
lets not forget, asides from twerkin I'm sure Katy & Bonnie also wrote a future song today and that makes me extremely happy.
well I'm happy and excited to have made a song just for you
Sing me happy song and i will stop cry
Happy 68th birthday John Fogerty! Read our 5-star review of his new LP 'Wrote a Song for Everyone':
it's ok. I didn't really care about eunhae's new song. But I think I'll anticipate Henry's. But that doesn't mean am happy..
that song makes me happy . I feel like singing now
I like the Filter cover of the song Happy Together. It be crazy.
Chloe makes me happy I wanna change my name to Chloe bc of that song
,Mel C. Wishing you will happy with sing a song and good luck for trip:-) Love you my Idol singer.
"When you get older the happy birthday song should always be played using minor chords" -Dr. Luke
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Who is your favourite 2face or Dbanj. Like for 2face comment for Dbanj
I'm nt gona live by wat i see,i'm nt gona live by wat i feel,cz deep down i kno dat ur hea with me.nothing is imposible.thru u i can do anything,i can do al things cz its u who gives me strength.nothing is imposible.
Am happi any time i sing this song i love u so much i mien u baby
God morning guys! BTW - YOU HEARD? We re giving away 2 apartments - rent FREE for a year!!! Agar yeh prize aap ko mil jaye toh what would it mean to YOU? Would you bring your parents here? Your wife? Would you use it as a secret getaway? A party pad? P.s - what song can we play for you? - Malavika
Mama and de naybor were talking dis morning. SNIP-ah-dee-dooo-dah, SNIP -ah-deee-ay! My oh my what a wonderful day! SNIP-ah-dee-doo-day, SNIP-ah-dee-YAY! Midnight gets neutered so no puppies comin' our way! My name is Cali and I'm here to say... fixin' yer critters is the best way!! Better fer their health and good habits, and no mulitplyin' like rabits, SNIP-ah-dee-doo-dah, SNIP-ah-dee YAY! PS dontz knows why I am so happi my dayz coming soon lol
If we wait 4 happi moments, we wil wait 4rever bt if we start beliving dat we r happi we wil b happi 4rever so da tym start nw! My song 4 2day is patient by nas.
Back to work after a week break. And first thing in the office, I received the claims approval letters for 3 of my client. Such happiness awaits at my work. Yeah!!!
Im so hapi he makes me hapi thank u lord for such a man *blessed*
To all d kids who are singing. "*We are the leaders of tomorrow*music*" Make una cool down first, bcos we the youths, our own tomorrow neva still reach till now. Make dem change una song to "We are d leaders of next tomorrow" na wah ooo.happi childrens day sha
Happy children's day Vibers! Monique in the COCKPIT. Let's go back to our childhood days.. What was the craziest prank you played on anyone while you were a kid and dedicate a song to the kids.
Welcome to the Children's Version of the MiddayCafe..And the children are in charge of the show today It's the RequestShow..What song would you love to hear? You can watch the children in the studio.Just Visit and click on radio then inspiration fm
Am singing a new song todei because wat money cannot do jesus as done it for me
I love u ,u love me,we r happi family,wit a grate big hug nd a kiss of me to u,won't u say u love me too... Guess who owns this song? ~docta trueStory
Am so happi cos Kaaki nd Samini giv me letextjxt come again)de song blow ma mine
,everytime you touch me, I'll become a hero.. I'll make you safe,no matter where you are.. I'm bring you ask for .nothing is above me,, I'm shining like a candle the dark,,.. ,,when you tell me that you love me... Happi weakens guy's...
Happy BIRTHDAY Deep Butalia.. Happy BIRTHDAY Homie... more year, more blessing!
If u happen to be around Cape Town, you welcome to come join myself and the afrotenors celebrating my birthday at the Arabella Hotel and Spa, lineup- Jannie, Corlea, Nicholis, Angela and the Soshanguve Black Tycoons, its gonna be a blast... yep yep, hore. Khula Mlisa is the theme... inbox me to for coordinates.
...:-):-P HE££O...MgA q FB fReInDs...have a gReAt and hapPi dAy to me im so hapi bcoz its my day OFF...sarap ma2log hbng naqi2ng ng music...£ove song...UN OHH.JEJEJE!!!
Happi Africa Day to all Rob Rodell - Could This Be Love(Dj Shimza & Cuebur Remix) Its a great day so we should all enjoy it
Happi birthday my pren nop 70 , wish u success all everything, and meet real love soon: )))
i WISH all Malaysian will see this.. please kindly share out if u think those LIST is too "sickness"... Chinese Version =
Stawberry Ju Ju II happy birthday Meiching wish you all the best and still nice
The beautiful word is ALLAH, Most beautiful song is AZAN, Best exercise is NAMAZ, World perfect book is QURAN, And you are so lucky if YOU are a MUSALMAN. Happi Jumat to all my MUSLIM Brothers & Sisters in House!!!.
Mean song sa pit jea Sam 70 nas... Single ving happi than man ot?
There are so many amazing things in the world, Do you even know about a few of them ? Its okay. We will show you the best of the Amazing things in the world, and that too in style. You will love it,...
I just want to thank each and everyone who wished me a happy birthday and God's blessing.God richly bless you all peace and prosperity
Be very very very careful on da kind of songs u hear.some are demonic da more u sing dis song satan is happi it also means u are praising satan not GOD and da azonto kukere alanta dance u dance u dance to praise satan
happi thursday! its just something bout the name Jesus~ its the sweetest name i know.
FINAL HOUR of the ''AFROPOLITAN MIX'' - on with
Itz 17dayz left to the release of my new single "SHEBA" ft Solid Star in London. Hope y'all are ready for my VIP Birthday Party YA THERE!!!
Guys, can you cook for your girlfriend?" Becuz I just did it!
Go bontle its ure birthday u gonna party like its ure birthday.*singing*someone pls if u knw this song feleletsa,morning ppl
God put an end to my misery,i am suffering inside,help me oh Lord,give me joy witout an iota of sorrow,please,must i cry almost everyday of my life.
FIND OUT WHAT BRINGS HIM/HER And it came to pass after this, that Absalom the son of David had a fair sister, whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved her. And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard for him to do any thing to her. 2Samule 13:1-2 Feelings are like seasons, they come and go but we must learn to master how we feel and not allow how we feel control us. Amnon died prematurely because he acted on how he felt when he feels sexually attracted to Tamar her step sister. Whenever you discover you have a strong feeling for the opposite sex, try to find out what the feelings is all-about before acting on it. Amnon was so disturbed in his spirit that he became sick for his lust over Tamar and immediately he succeeded in raping her, he lost all his attraction for her. Then Amnon hated her exceedingly; so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater than the love wherewith he had loved her…2 Sam. 13:15 Love is not ...
Today is Daniel Bryan's birthday! Select "Like" and leave a comment to wish him a happy birthday.
Hbd to da world greatest mom my mom Stephanie Crier wish u c many more to *** hope u enjoy ur rainy bday luv u
Am unhappi 4 some days nw,wat can i do 2 mke me happi,my heart is vry heavy nd really 2 explored, i feel all hope is lost,pls i need somebody's help .
When peace like a river attendeth my way When sorrow like sea billows roll Whatever my lot Thou has taught me to say It is well It is well With my soul It is well/2x With my soul/2x It is well It is well with my soul IT IS WELL IN JESUS NAME! Thank you Lord for how far u ve brought me..will continue to serve and worship you.cos I know great is thy faithfulness nd the best of ur blessings is yet to come...Amen
U ve taken away my sorrow and surrounded me with JOY,so I won't be silent,I will sing praise 2u lord. HBD 2me
WOW!!...I'm sadly getting OLD...:P.First time in all my years I totally forgotten my Birthday... Really?!.:'(.Am I still thinking I'm young?...LOL...Thank goodness Reewa was there to remind me, hate wen he does that...LOL...Alyssa was too lazy to do anything...:(...but just before I left to work she ran to me and hugged and kiss me and said Happy Birthday Mommy, I Love You then finished off with a bad breath Birthday song...LOL...Made My Day!!!...:D:D:D
Dj HerBert's massive MIX is on alongside MR MOSH. Zzina! Send your shout outs and be heard.
I have celebrated my birthday and cutting yummmyyy chocolate cake now :)
Hamilton Collection
Whenevr u are Happi then u listening song :/ :-D but !! Whenevr u are saD then u listening liyrice :* :P lol
When i say "i love you " be happi bt neva blve meh.m wealli good at dis...xD.
Oooh! my friends are making me proud , thank you all 4 d wonderful birthday wishes. . All tanx to God for making me plus 1 2day..
Happy birthday mum... jy's die een jy is my lewe.. jy's die een. Jy is my liefde.. aan jou gee ek my lewe lank net vir jou.. I love you!! May allah grant you everything you wish!
Guess what?. . . . . . . . . . . . The video diaries will be back again when the Where We Are Tour 2014 starts! Who's excited? Xx
God spoke expressly to me early hours of today as I lavish my praise on him in appreciation of keeping for all these 40yrs amidst challenges. He said to me " This is a new season of glory for you." I wish to request you all to join me in this 40th Birthday Anniversary song... When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary; When troubles come and my heart burdened be; Then, I am still and wait here in the silence, Until you come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up: To more than I can be.
I thank ONYANKOPON 4 lettin me see anada yr.u know,i was ponded by ma mom dis dawn immediately after devotion n de whole family sang hapi bday song 4 me.infact i was amazed.
This special Song is Special for me on my Special day; Sing2* oh sing, sing2* praises unto d Lord, Rejoice wt me, 2day is my BIRTHDAY. I tnk God 4 d Salvation nd Preservation of my soul, for me to witness today, praise God wt me o.
My God is awesome. He can move mountain, keep me in the valley, hides me from the rain.blessed be unto Him for giving me another chance to live. For it is said if there's life there is hope. Happy birthday to moi.
It is with great joy and deep appreciation to God for His abiding Grace that I write on behalf of my family to give glory to God for His faithfulness on this historic occasion of seven (7) years marriage Anniversary. " Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father; There is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions, They fail not; As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be. To God b d Glory!".
.with a grateful heart, with a song of praise, with an arm-stretched out, i praise your Name. THANK YOU LORD , FOR ANOTHER GLORIOUS YEAR !!!
Just bcos u miss sumone doesnt mean u nid dem back in ur life, missing is just part of moving on.
Father Lord,I thank you this morning for what you gave me yesterday,I thank you again for my life this morning,I beseech your fervent blessings and protection upon myself,my family,my friends and anybody that I know.Give me the courage to follow in your light, and feel your love wherever I go,I know life is like a book. With each new chapter, we learn and grow towards what you would have us be. help me grow in you as I open a new chapter today.My song this morning is that BUT FOR YOUR GRACE I COULD NOT BE SAVED,BUT FOR YOUR GRACE I WOULD GO MY WAY, I'M FOREVER GRATEFUL, THAT YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL TO ME ,LORD FOR YOUR AMAZING GRACE. I magnify your name this morning Father Lord
Watch my upcoming Telugu movie Ramayya Vasthavayya's Teaser. Had a great experience working with my co-stars Shruti Haasan and Samantha. Movie is directed by...
i will lift my voice and i will sing i will sing Holy! Holy! To my lord and saviour my God and king i will sing Holy! Holy! All the Angels sings and they bow down And they sing Holy! Holy! We your sons and daughters we praise you now and we cry Holy! Holy i will praise the lamb of God who sits upon the throne i will worship him and give him praise to him alone he who was and this and is to come i will sing before his throne forever.
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I love talented kids ooo am so happi
Send forth your Spirit O Lord and renew the face of this earth.No matter how small your gift is, with the Spirit of God in you, you can fan it into flames.No gift is insignificant before God. Hapi Pentecost
of Kkrew on the decks representing on at Kangaru School, Embu as we celebrate 13years in ministry.
on if your life was turned into a movie which Hollywood Star would play you? Morning!!
I was born 2 rain, I was born 2 rule in dis world without no exception, all am goin s to walk in a waye to destiny, iam never gona b anybody, all am gona s to stick to my flow.sing d rest song if u know it. Happi sunday to all my FB frdz luv u all.
My gratitude goes 2 my frds which joined me 2 celebrate my day.God wil continue 2 be wit u and ur family. By d grace of God we wil not involve in any tragedy of dis country.God bless u all
I think that my friends and workers made it rain cause they sang me a Happy Birthday Song. They made the clouds cry. LOL!!! It's raining pretty good right now and we are all wet. Time for coffee, tea, and cake.
The La Liga champions didn't quite know how to celebrate their latest trophy as the two were snapped rucking
GM FBF It Rained the Entire Ride, I'm n ATL its Wet but NOT raining but I Thank Him still... I enjoy My Job as a Team Driver but sometimes U have to Ride Bronco Solo ( it clears your mind).On this Pandora Mississippi Mass Choir.My Life torn beyond repair, U came along gave me a song.they;;; Rocking so HARD...I was down to My last dime Jesus stepped n right on time...Y'all I'm so Full right now...feeling like after one of those Fairley High Choir performance where Elter Black has played...Mood is Happi.I'm sure my truck is surely flying n 20 East...
Listining 2 ka sona by redemption wth my frndooo so inluv wth dis song
Whenever you have a problem, just sing your favourite song, you will realize that the problem is better than your voice.. :P happy weekend..:)
To my friends and family, thank you for all the greetings! You made my birthday extra special :) Happy 22nd to me!!!
Bret McKenzie and Kermit the Frog sing "Life's a Happy Song" Sooo cool
watching right now, this is amazing, Happy Song - Connie Talbot (with Jordan Jansen): via
I just used to tag Life's A Happy Song by Jason Segal & Amy Adams & Walter.
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"Life's a Happy Song, when there's someone by your side to sing along!" ~ Jason Segal, Muppets
Alright guys. So I'm gonna start an imagine. I'll call it "The battle." so the two don't get mixed up. Here it goes "Boo, it's time to wake up." Liam whispered in my ear laying in bed beside me. "Why. Waking up in the morning is for losers." "(Y/N), it's noon. Plus Harry made breakfast for you." With my love for Harry's cooking and food in general I jumped out of bed grabbed Harry's hoodie from the chair beside our bed and ran down stairs for some food. "Good morning beautiful, how was your night?" Harry sang to me as I walked down the hall into the kitchen "After you eat do you want to take Rigby for a walk?" Rigby's my dog. "Tell me again how you came up with the name Rigby." "I've told you so many times, Harry. But fine. When I was in 7th grade my chorus teacher introduced us to the Beatles and I fell in love with the song 'Eleanor Rigby' for Christmas that year I got a stuffed monkey and named him Rigby. When I got Rigby, as in my dog Rig, his favorite thing to sleep on was the monkey the day I first ...
Happy wedding day to so many wonderful Washington couples who've been waiting years or lifetimes to walk down the aisle. We love love and our home state. Celebrating with a fitting local love song, what's your favorite local love song?
[TRANS] Hallyu Pier - December 1/3 Yongguk : YG Himchan : HC Daehyun : DH Youngjae : YJ Jongup : JU Zelo : JH The wonderful encorporation of various elements in “NO MERCY” 1. This time is the third time. After 6 months, BAP is back with No Mercy. No Mercy is a track that includes various elements and embodies rap, hiphop and traditional music etc. DH : Among all the albums we released so far, this album is the one that showcases all of our different personality and flavours. This song and it’s performance has let me realise how much I grown in terms of confidence. 2. Since you wrote the lyrics for this song, what kind of thoughts did you put into the lyrics YG : After we debuted with warrior, even if it is only a little, we feel the burden of catching up to music trends. As we wanted to showcase the trend of “trendy boys”, I presented this through the lyrics. Our song might come off as rude because of the hiphop element, but I think that that’s the beauty of hiphop. 3. The use of dialect in th ...
Download and stream Spard songs and albums, watch videos, see pictures, find tour dates, and keep up with all the news on
FILL IN THE BLANK: I hope someone buys me a Samsung _ this holiday!
I get so happy when I hear rain. I expect a minecraft song to start playing, but then I realize that this is real life and that I'm going to die alone.
Dear Tobacco Burn Friends and Family, It is with great joy for me to share this wonderful poem that Jean Klein wrote. For those of you who know her, you know her as a kind, young-hearted, and soulful woman. For those of you who don't, please take our word for it. She is gold!! ABANDONED AND FORLORN Where have all the voices gone the laughter and the song Where are all the figures now the 1830's throng. Amid the daily rumble along our Old Main Street We look in vain to find them their happy faces meet. In our halls' familiar clatter empty silence is what we hear Fading echoes of their voices remind us they were here. For those who came to know them caught up in magic play One field, one piece of meadow, theirs forever from today. . A spot transformed - in mists at dawn, and squinting-light of noon In the cold of a November night lit by a waning moon. Gone. Gone. Where have all the people gone so short a time ago Gone to other lives afar their job well done all know. With great anticipation, we wait to v .. ...
It's the most wonderful time of the year! What's your favorite Christmas song and why do you love to sing along? Your favorite just might make it into our playlist on Spotify!
Luhan imagine: (Give me your thoughts XD) It was your birthday. Luhan was your boyfriend and you loved him very much. You realised the whole day, Luhan hasn't been elaborating on your birthday. "Do you... know what day it is?" You asked. "Its Friday." Luhan said. Your face fell and your heart sank. *So he didn't remember my birthday at all..* You thought and ran out. *Perfect! Oh baby of course I remember your birthday. Just you wait.* Luhan thought and gave D.O the signal. -- Luhan had set up a birthday surprise at the park for you. He heard sobbing from the other side. "PLACES EVERYONE!" Luhan shouted and could hear Sehun running around, screaming "OH NO!! WHAT TO DO!! WHERE TO HIDE!" "SHUSH!!" Xiumin pulled him under the table as Luhan stood in the middle of the park. -- You ran to the park, the only place you could stay. You started sobbing but stopped when you heard EXO's song "What is love" in mandarin. Suddenly, a light lit from on top, shining down on Luhan in a tuxedo. "Happy birthday my darling. ...
Bird here! For the first day of the fifteen days of Christmas segment, I'd like to start off with my favourite memory: Christmas baking. I came home today, for example. I drove home with my window partially open to get a scent of the cool winter air around one in the afternoon after waking up and showering. The moment I walked into my home, my brother and my mother were going over the Christmas baking supplies that they recently bought. I was happy seeing that the baking would begin. I proceeded to help them with their baking. We each bake two things between the three of us, totaling up to six batches of assorted Christmas goodies. I myself got the most fun and gooey to make out of the two- I got to make (double the original amount of) molasses gingersnap cookies as well as a large batch of Rice Krispie squares. My hands got covered with miscellaneous amounts of molasses, marshmallow, sugar, cinnamon, egg, Rice Krispies, and butter, but I had a great time. I am satisfied with my results. During the baking ...
Dear My Chemical Romance, As I sit down to write this, I don’t know where to begin. I fear that I’m going to forget something, or this will come out horribly. The basic idea of what I wanted to say is that you have changed my life. I think back to when I first heard of you. I was in 7th grade, and I am in 8th now. Previously I had heard your song “Sing”, as almost everyone had, and quite enjoyed it, but didn’t go past that. The first song that got me into you was “Teenagers”, which I heard after some of my friends started singing it. It not only got me into your music, but the alternative rock genre as a whole. I have changed so much since before I was a fan. I used to concern myself with middle school stereotypical problems. I thought I needed a boyfriend and to be thin to be happy. I wanted to fit in, and conform. Recently I’ve been having some issues. Though when put into perspective with world hunger and poverty they aren’t a big deal, they are still very real. I’ve wanted to stop ...
On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" shout-out, Ayla Brown style! :) The song is beautiful and we'd like to remind you that the sheet music and song are available on our FREE APP, Player Piano Plus! with, "Merry Christmas", we'd like to say Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, and to anyone who is celebrating during this time of the year; we wish you all happiness!
George Baker wie by us te gast yfm mei syn 40 jierige jubileum as artyst
I'm sure most fo you have read Cupcakes. But it's the best fan fiction in the world so I had to repost it ~Munty Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?: The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the pony folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except Rainbow Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the tree tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several hundred feet and dove, streaking downward as fast as she could. Seconds before hitting the ground, her wings flew open and she pulled up back into the clear blue. Rainbow felt alive. Suddenly, Dash remembered that she had somewhere to be; she was supposed to meet with Pinkie Pie in five minutes. Dash had gotten so caught up in her exercises that she’d nearly forgotten that Pinkie had a ...
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Quotes from the Status Quo Message Board tonight on the EFC Grand Ole Opry gig: - Originally posted by Jim the jag: After the fiasco on Thursday night it was a welcome relief to return to the real Quo. Backwater you were outstanding and 4500 times and DWMT were the highlights of the entire day. Faith has now been restored and can't wait for next years gigs where once again those who are not interested in the Panto season will be catered for - quote: - Originally posted by hardcorequo: Just in from the gig. Shortened set as per usual on these type of multi band days due to running late with to much poncing about by earlier bands. Anyway.Backwater took the stage with hardly any set up time but still managed to deliver a blistering set with that big fat trademark sound we know and love. The cut down set was: Caroline. Mean Girl. Softer Ride. Backwater. Big Fat Mama. Paper Plane. Mystery Song. Slow Train. Blue Eyed Lady. 4500X. DWMT. The legendary Mad Squad were in fine form as ever. The perfect antidote to T ...
Love love love this song. (: I adore Tiffany Alvord's new album, and the songs on it, and so... a new cover! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed singi...
"Amazing interpretation and arrangement of my song Angels Don't Tell Lies, sung by Tashara Forrest and Derek Kirkup happy they did the Regal Room in London tonight." Philippa Winkler
Haylor Opinion Quiz/Poll : Comment your choice(s) below! a. Hate them together. b. I ship them! c. They're cute d. I love them together e. I support them, but don't ship them. f. If harry's happy, that's all that matters. g. I support and ship them! h. Don't like them as a couple. I. Don't like Taylor, only Harry. j. Taylor's going to use him for a song, hate her! k. I like them together, I support Haylor. My choices: B, C, D, F, & G.. -Paige
If you have questions for this week's Mosh, leave them here!
Arie singing happy birthday to Mama and "dancing" (wiggling) with his bear.
This morning in worship Pastor David helped us see that no other holiday has inspired the variety or abundance of music that Christmas has. From ʺFrosty the Snowmanʺ to elements of Handel's ʺMessiah,ʺ this is ʺA Season of Singing.ʺ So, what's your favorite Christmas carol or song?
Q: what song do you like from, one direction? A: all of them(: Q:do you like haylor? A: I don't think it's true but no. But I'm not going to hate on them because if someone is happy leave them alone!! Keep asking!!(: -Ani;D
Like this post if you are watching The Mistle-Tones right now on ABC Family!
Great show today, thanks first and foremost to our musical feature David Hawkins and Rod Ramsay. They were awesome. For those who enjoy their excellent shows at places like Jazzmyn's I'm sure you enjoyed hearing them today... especially when David broke out some of his original material ... a real treat. The Open Mics, including "Words From Audience" participants were great too. We had (and I hope I don't forget anyone) Paul Ryerson, Kelly Babcock, Andre Levi, and Robert Scribner doing some excellent spoken word pieces. We had our wonderful m.c., Rick Sitoski, do a cookin' piece (with David and Rod backing him), Drew McIvor with a really fine piece of music, and John Brownlow with, yet again, a great, great song. I hope the audience went home happy... and our features always note how wonderful our audiences are, by the way . Anyways I know I loved hearing this superb and eclectic variety of stuff.
Ok, I don't ship 'Haylor.' Now before you go start blabbin your mouth and callin me a directionator let me explain WHY: I love Harry and I support his decisions but I don't want his career to be ruined when they break up and Taylor writes a song about him.I'm happy that he's happy but I'm just worried! When they break up, Swifties are gonna start talking crap about Directioners and they'll give hate messages to Harry and we'll do the same thing back and World War 3 is gonna work its way up. It's just that everytime Taylor writes a song, it's about a break-up she had. Sorry to those Haylor shippers but it's my own opinion! And you can't stop me from feeling this way! I'm a Larry shipper!! And you can't do nothing bout it! Just saying how I feel and if you think that I'm a directionator.think twice! Cuz the definition of a directionator is a person who does not support them,hates one or more of the lads,likes only one of them,hates on other directioners,etc. so I'm not the directionator are! for ...
A cappella group Pentatonix (PTX) stops by ClevverMusic to perform their brilliant rendition of the Classic Holiday song "Carol of the Bells'!
The second part of "The Future of My LIfe". Never give up is very close to my heart and I hope it reaches out to someone in a good way. This is dedicated to ...
We have some great new originals for the show on the 28th, but we may want to do a new cover. Any suggestions?
What do you think of Greg? Be sure to stay tune for Gabby Douglas
'Santas Sweeties' come along and name your favorite Christmas song. Don't be shy, for what we ask because this is just one small task! Happy singing!! ~~Twila I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (twila)
Here ya go Caitlan! You were sitting outside Hagrid's hut playing with fang and blasting your iPod. Since you were raised as a muggle you had a hard time separating from a couple of your old things so after a year or so you found a couple charms to get around the charm on electronics. You didn't think anyone knew you were out there so you didn't bother hiding it and you started to sing to your favorite song. After the song was over and you stopped dancing and singing you heard someone clapping. *clap clap clap* "bravo" you turned around and saw Fred. You were so happy but tried to hide it and act normal. You put the iPod away and Fred asked what it was. You explained everything about it and you even let him listen to some of the music. He was so amazed and surprised that you had broken the rules and seemed very pleased. You guys decided to walk around the grounds for a while an just talked about all of the twins pranks and you couldn't help but laugh. He stopped you and said " you have a very cute laugh" ...
COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio State women's hockey team finished its first-half of the season on a high-note Sunday afternoon at the OSU Ice Rink, taking down non-conference RIT by a final score of 6-2.
FALL translate Well let me tell you a story Baiklah, biar kuceritakan sebuah kisah About a girl and a boy Tentang seorang cewek dan cowok He fell in love for his best friend Si cowok jatuh cinta pada sahabatnya When she's around, he feels nothing but joy Saat si cewek di dekatnya, yang dia rasakan hanyalah kebahagiaan But she was already broken, and it made her blind Tapi si cewek baru saja terluka, dan itu membuatnya buta But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right Tapi dia tak percaya bahwa cinta kan perlakukannya dengan baik But did you know that I love you? or were you not aware? Tapi tahukah kau bahwa aku mencintaimu? Atau tak sadarkah engkau? You're the smile on my face Engkau adalah senyum di wajahku And I ain't going nowhere Dan aku takkan pergi ke mana-mana I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile Aku di sini tuk bahagiakanmu, aku di sini tuk buatmu tersenyum I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while Tlah lama ingin kukatakan ini kepadamu CHORUS Who's g ...
Since my internet will be down until thursday and i cant access the notes here is chapter 9 ~NiallLover101: Chapter 9 of my fanfic YES! She smiled as she said yes. You were smiling in the background. And eery directioner in the audience was clapping with joy, wishing best of luck to louis and madison. You knew it wasn't you but you were still very happy for madison, you were clapping along with the audience. Louis stood up and kissed madison. Madison was in tears of happiness. She had no clue why she doubted it, this was the best day of her life, she ooved louis so much, like Paiton said they were meant to be together. Madison walked off the stage after it was over. She and paiton headed on to the tour bus. The concert was almost over they did one last song and they said thank you to everyone. But before the concert was over you heard a knock on the buses door. You thought it was the bus driver who said he would be back soon but you couldnt see because the windows were tinted so no crazed fan would be pee ...
"Down Home Punch." The name we've chosen is a play on words meaning...everything that is "country" related with a "punch" of non-country items from time to time. It's a site that will celebrate our small town roots and values through photos and light commentary, but also take us around the world to see the beauty that is elsewhere. Starting in Feburary, we will have a section dedicated to all veterans and non-veterans which will bring news and tips to all our military friends. There will be a PTSD group and postings to help people that may be feeling a bit down. If you've found a joke that's funny...share it. If you've heard a new song that you like or don't like...let us know. Did you see a movie over the weekend that you just can't quit talking about...relay the information here with friends. This is a site for ALL OUR FRIENDS to enjoy. DHP will celebrate what's good in the world. After visiting our site, I want DHP's friends to log-off feeling happy and relaxed knowning that they are among good friends ...
It's almost time for the "8 Days Of NADI" and this year I want to make all of YOU as happy as I am for being so supportive of my music. For some of the days I'm going to do Fan Requests so if there is ONE (yes only one!) song you are dying to hear me sing, add a comment to this post or write on my wall the name of the song and artist. I will be choosing from your requested songs soon! :D
A BLAST from my recent past "Very Happy Song" Video! me in Zuccotti Park before the eviction: …
A fan-created Happy Song track goes to a dark place... Make your own tracks in the prototype!
I love you, you love me i forgot the rest pf barneys song ?:( were a happy family
Okay that commercial just looked amazing. Great touch with Marilyn's happy birthday song. Can't wait for Thursday.
That feeling when you hear a song thats so good to the point where it makes you cry because you become so happy >
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