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Happy Song

Happy Song is a 1983 hit single by Baby's Gang. The single became a European hit single when covered by German band Boney M.

Big Nuz

Happy Song by BMTH, Shadow Moses by BMTH, King for a Day by Pierce the veil feat. Kellin Quinn
I added a video to a playlist MLP:fim king sombra and the mane 6 tribute Happy Song
"Happy Song" by Big Nuz will forever be my SuperDiski track
Big Nuz - Happy Song . One of my favourite song still is. 🎶💃
Literally, my one and only life goal is to perform a song for a crowd like this. After that I can die a happy man💯🇬🇧
Fancam of fans wishing Jay a happy bday(04/25)by signing him the bday song as he exits the venue in Seattle!
I liked a video from Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday Song 1980 Hotter Than July
I really hope you listen to this one song called "Happy" by a guy named Mike Carano. It's one of my favorite songs.
Learning this song...and spiraling into a deep depression... Tune in next week for "Happy" by…
Tiff I hope I'm counted in that happy ('cos of you) band. "You're sensational !" Do you know the song? Will sing it 1 day x
Can anyone tell me when he did this song? It isnt on the M.o.m ? Its the first time i hear it..happy for anwser
the song. The dance. Everything was amazing, perfect and agh. I'm so happy. I love them so much. They will stay in my tops forever
You deserve it all, thanks for every movie, book, song, painter... You are amazing ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
How happy did you get when you found out xtina complimented your song? ❤️
Pharrell's "Happy" is still a very popular song amongst the 65+ age group.
Happy everyone! Perfect song to warm up for tonight's show in 👻 Ella HQ x
I like this song with himself only: Mason Bye Justcool Mace Mason A. Bye.
14. how gee, 2008. THIS SONG IS MY FAVORITE im so happy it was on the 2015 tour setlist
This beautiful lady just released her first original song!Isn't she incredible?So happy for you,Emily
Jackson made my day today. He sang the whole "Happy to you" song to me this morning! 🎂
A happy day is a day I have a song on yr show! Thanks & love as always!
One of my favorite song for you ,my Friends.Happy time!!. Alvaro Soler "Sofi".
Thanks for playing my request! Thank you Don, for your motivating song. Happy new week, :D
NEW issues song... Happy Tuesday y'all I'll be jammin' in my room if you need me 🤘🏼
Happy 21st Birthday, today I celebrate with a new song! (feat. ) !.
Just listened to 2006's hottest song: "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson & I'm just really happy that she made it through…
Happy 7 years to the song that made me a swiftie! 💗
The song is so sad and yet. It's like it's telling me to be happy
parked the car and sat with my eyes closed listening to B&S, sad when members left, happy to hear that song again.
is such a landmark song for any singer and I'm so happy you're a part of it. You sound gorgeou…
Is it a trailer now or not? You are so confusing. Either way I'm happy with the song and the MV.
you'll be happy to hear that I jammed to said song twice in a row driving home from work.
I bust Ba'als like nobody else. I'm so happy that BS has the same Ba'al theme as BD, since that song is fantastic.
The mv and song are so beautiful bangtan are so beautiful everything about them so so beautiful I love them and I'm so happy
if you are loving this years song..! . *** ek india happy bala..!". I am loving it And you? .
Please jam this song if you like doom metal and/or are my friend. Happy birthday Jason McCash. Miss you everyday RIP
I had a dream that released the next song on the album. I woke up, was really happy and then remembered it was a dream 😭😂
Aw, it's okay! Thank you. I'm so happy for you that Phan actually saw the song! 😱❤❤
Happy birthday Here's a new song with me on the beat!
Yay!! I'm so happy you did I really do love the song :D
View - SHINee . this beautiful song makes me so happy and it has such summer vibes SHINee are the best
I'm really happy with drakes new song 🙌
Happy birthday you beautiful song :)
Really they're just happy she's home and making music again. That's really all there is to it. Song stinks.
Happy Passover.The only song you NEED this Friday.
Song swap with tonight 8-10:30 at Happy Armadillo in Everman! Cmon!
can my favorite station play my favorite song Happy Birthday
im watching the first X-Files movie just bc I want to & awww i just love X-Files so much ❤️ just hearing the theme song makes me happy
Happy early Purim! Happy homemade with my favorite club at school! (Cause we make…
Since the happy birthday song is in the public domain now, does that mean restaurants can stop singing the ones they made up?
Happy? Sad? Angry? Nervous? Lonely? Just want to chill? . Listen to any song... you'll instantly be happy
Awesome song 😍. It makes me feel happy and hyper 💃💃👏 “Jabara Fan” by Abd El Fattah Grini on
I'm curious how she discovered it but I'm so happy she knows that song, one of my faves 😍
I believe everyone has a "Happy song"! What do you listen too that can turn any bad day around to good?
And when you hear the first beats of Best Song Ever... Happy ☺️. https:/…
Happy 85th birthday Mr That song you recorded with is still one of my favourite things.
HAPPY 18TH! love you trillions, have the best day and enjoy this lovely video with our fave song💞👑
Happy to be part of this, I mastered this and we have just released it (Mi5 Recordings Universal Music Group).
I have the option to upload a song I'm not entirely happy with but is "ok", or just not upload this week (as I'm home fo…
Happy B'day to Marry You crooner sister wishing her llnp my heart wet for your song bood
Drop a new song since you so happy ***
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sing a happy song whenever things go wrong. Just sing and play the day away. - Pooh
ok so I'm happy this theme song back🤔
Happy birthday, Mr. Sondheim. What's your fav song,
My little cousin just sang happy birthday to me.. He can barely talk but sang the song so well! Best part of my day!
The Zootopia song - Try Everything by Shakira played over my store's radio today and I got so happy!
New song up for download. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Enjoy!.
Happy birthday ALDubs. Thank you for every Unexpected Song.
Brilliant e-o-t session. Last song so good I had to join in! Happy Easter everyone! Don't let the chocolate clog your vocal chords😜
Happy bday, Sondheim. Loving you is not a choice, it's who I am. Happy bday, You gave me my music, made my…
dance to this song and have a happy evening!Congrats on being sweet and 16
songs together really happy. Song some type of love 😊👍
2 babies were born while I was in the hospital doing clinicals today. That little song always makes me so happy!
I'm legit so happy and excited i can't wait to see you and my fav song here
You will be happy, I just did a song as a Jewish character for an audition. 😉
Matt called me for 8 mins wishing me happy birthday, he recorded a song and played it to me on the phone.. Has he not heard of Whats App?
why is not walk the moon™ covering happy 😷 it's 2016 and that song was POUNDED INTO THE GROUND
Middle by dj snake just makes me so happy . I love that song so much
Kate has "Regulate'" as the alarm song to give our cat her pill in wet food. I never thought I'd see a cat so happy to hear Warren G
thanks for the great and funny VyTR... and for the beautiful Spanish song that makes me happy...
Iam very happy and excited for you it's a dream come true! Sana my new song composed ka sa album mo. 😘 https…
Hillary Clinton looks like she shouts "cha cha cha!" When they sing the Happy Birthday song at a party
Happy birthday!😭I love u so much💗 I picked this song BC we've really glo'd since 7th grade💀 have a great bday baby❤️ htt…
Producer Wonho singing his own song makes me insanely happy
If you haven't heard this song check it out. it makes me happy.
you know how we do! We are happy you guys made this song!!
It makes me so happy that choirs in VA love our ballad. We've put so much into that song.💖💖💖.
It sounds a bit nostalgic but not in a sad/depressing way but more in a happy way... Idk how to describe it but its the best song EVER (hah)
Happy lunch time. Which song should we cover next?
I love it so much when a song takes you back to one particular happy memory
It's the only one I liked and the strange thing is, I don't know why I even like it. It's such a happy song 😢
Hamilton Collection
They look so happy and having fun and this song is so old but still so good. Ah the feels.
I'm crying but I'm so happy because I'v been waiting a long time for new song and MV.I little understand Japanese but I love
🎈SISTAR - Shake It 🎈. So happy and catchy! This brightens me up after a bad day. Perfect song to play at a party!.
So happy for you! Shine is the best song on the album!
Again just to round up, so happy Pioneer won in Hungary, best song and performance in by far 🇭🇺
I liked a video Pikachu and Piplup's happy song
Happy Birthday, Pokemon! I'll be singing your theme song all day in your honor.
pandora really likes to play this song and it makes me really happy bc its So Good
ugh I can't find any song good enough for video ;-; they are all either too sad or too happy
No amount of denial will stop me from believing isn't doing baritone in the theme song. It…
Sing me a happy birthday song as its my birthday
CRUISETIPOnce a night you MUST go on top deck and people watch for one song. Most happy sight you'll see all yea…
*needs something to make me laugh, goes into YouTube, *watches the Space is cool song by ahh that's much better! I'm happy xD
Its the happiest song i can possibly think of and it makes Me happy
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The copyright to the world's most popular song, "Happy Birthday to You," has been in dispute for decades, but if an
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v happy that zayn left 1D bc his song pillow talk is so fricken good & he's doing so good
A forgettable, inconsistent, backing vocal-dependent nonsense song just won, so I hope you're happy Norway. Really bad decision.
Learning a little music psychology is music to my ears!
p!atd writing a song:. frank sinatra is my hero. everyone is happy and dying. im not as think as you drunk i am. *high note* E…
Hope Adele's next relationship is a good one because I want her to sing a happy song for once
this makes me so happy! You're such a great vocalist and the fact that you like zayns new song is awesome! :)
I think it's a good song so I'm happy if Icebreaker wins
Gorillas hum a happy little song when they eat:
Um, someone made The theme song sound like a movie's:
Guys Watch this! ganda ng song for bday . HELLO MAICHARD. . Happy birthday OMEDETOU
Best Song Electro Rock ! I'm very Happy !! and the comment about Linkin Park influence is super :)
So let's sing along a little *** lauder, to a happy song and pretend… ♫ Happy Song by Bring Me the Horizon —
"Hey, what about a happy song this time?". "Look, band: we're not called Matthew Good Mood."
Happy Birthday, learnt through a channel broadcasting your song with Vishal dubbed into Telugu
Happy Birthday !!! My dream, to sing any Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song with you. I'll fly to come do it!
absolutely AMAZING, this song brought back so many memories,extremely happy u got 2 remind us the amazing voice that got u here. 💘
Happy xmas by john lennon is the best christmas song out there
If you say "Merry Christmas" in the mirror 3 times, a Prius owner appears & tells you 12 reasons why you should say "Happy…
Happy birthday to this amazing person! No one else can put so much feelings in every song!…
Happy birth day my babe thank you for all of your great song. I always keep following since the first album…
die a happy man! Every time I turn my car on its legit the first song on the radio dead serious
Happy they were given the privelege to start the song & their part a lot longer.
this is the song I sob to when I'm sad and smile huge to when I'm happy this is the perfect song to show how I feel
Happy or sad we always blasted this song 💕💕 can't wait to spend 2&a half weeks with you😊
Why everyone gotta try and make everything depressing *** play a happy song dude
I'm so happy got me into soundcloud! this DJ Sliiink remix of Love Song is
If you like to say "cha cha cha" during the happy birthday song, then I hope you also like being accidentally pushed down elevator shafts
Thanks for staying true to yourself and craft. This is still my favorite song. Happy B-day!
die a happy man by Thomas Rhett is my favorite song ever 😩😍
I don't even know where this song is from but this cover makes me extremely happy
This song still makes me so happy lol ✨💕
1D has a song called "olivia" and even though i don't listen to them it's makes me happy
So B.A.P are gonna promote with folow song? I'm not a huge fan of Be Happy but it's always nice to see them perform. ^^
Good morning. Auto song in my head today is Sorry. Now it's coffee time. Happy holiday Selangor! 😊
It's heartbreaking when a song brings back good memories and it brings you tears instead of making you happy
What's wrong with it?!?! The clever lyrics? The happy music? I demand to know it's killing me that you think this song is bad
Sugar by Maroon 5 is such a cute song and it makes me happy 😇
My 10 yr old sister sings this song with me I'm so happy
NFL Sunday night football on nbc is literally using the energy song soundtrack for their program headline music. I'm so happy 😅
'Be Happy' - B.A.P is coming back soon with a follow-up song!
"Die a happy man" is the best song in the world right now
u rocked in 50 show in crazy about ur song vaa vaa anbe anbe. God bless u long life for making us happy
I still can't believe that I sang this song with such a happy voice
The fact I can get first ringtone & his new song in one night makes me extremely happy.
Taemin shared that he is really happy to receive a song from Jonghyun for his upcoming solo album! Aww~
Thousand Month // tht song remember me to all da memories at Sri Tujuh. Even im not enjoy but still happy 😊😌 151104
. I got Act Two󾭠. So happy now(≧▽≦). The song which COLLABRO sings in Japanese is so AMAZING󾭠
I loved that song in MASKerade last year, was very happy to see it back!
Writing a SECOND new Being As An Ocean song, and really happy with it 😊.
. Sweet Lady, my wish is: Every your Morning and Day Must be Same as Song:. Happy Sunny Easy Shining Warm ..
Happy birthday Krystal Jung. Here's a song for you. Perfect by 1D 🎉🎂 .
Here's a that's spread every time it's heard!
Wishing the beautiful and talented Tabu a very Happy Birthday! Remember this quirky song?!
Die a happy man is like my favorite song right now. Wish I had a girl that could make me die a happy man. But 💁🏼
The first time harry asked a crowd to finish the song in little things and Niall looked so happy .
aw I'm happy you feel that way about my rendition of that song. Maraming salamat! God bless🙏🏼
I know, but how can he make such a happy song, so sad
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My new song is available for free now at
Hardship and who can still taste the sweet and painful happy 思Etara it.
Heading to Friday to pick up Pick up this 7" of "Happy Song" and get £2 off the album
Throne is better, but Happy Song is still a proper tune! It'd be harsh to expect an album full of songs on the same level as Throne
don't think I like Happy Song as much as Throne but it definitely keeps growing on me
Amy Adam's part in "Life's a Happy Song" makes it sound like Gary and Walter are in a relationship
Happy Birthday to Elton John who is 68 today.What's your favourite Elton John song?
Q1: We try to make it a happy song and dance time, so it's not so tedious or seen as a chore!
Just downloaded song Beachin' for my ringtone. Makes me happy every time I hear it! 🎶😄
1/2 Ftr, this is coming from someone whose anxiety is triggered by the Happy Birthday song: it's being mocked because it's
text là A song for you *** ver) - FTISLAND. Happy birthday to Won Bin 26/03/2015
Happy whale Wednesday everyone! Guess what magestic whale will be today's feature on the blog! I'll be giving hints throughout the day!
Happy Birthday and i love your song
Hour ago we're screaming get well soon zayn, and singing zayn part on every song loud and we all really happy. And now we are heartbroken.
Special Delivery is in my top 5 happy songs. Just a really good *** song
Happy Hump Day Lkn fam & friends. We wanna get you in the mood to dance to another hit bound song by Kim Cameron & h…
Happy Birthday - will this song and vocal ever be equalled
I really like this song. Love the all the instruments they used. .
When I was pregnant, you would just dance around when you heard that song. I knew you were
happy birthday aka fave sister (don't tell the other one)!!! This song is very relevant right now: 🎉❤️💁 xx
I felt very happy all times. When I listen you sing a song. .
“How noble is the sad heart, whose sadness doesn’t keep him from singing a song with the happy hearts.
Hello Joy, I'm Severus. So happy your new song's coming out. I'm wondering if you've got any news of John Paul? Is he making a new album too?
this song is now my favourite song I'm so happy I bought a copy im going to do a video about it soon!😄 htt…
Video: Happy birthday to Sir Elton John. Here is his song “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road”
That lunch money Lewis money bills song makes me so happy lol 😎😎
Happy Birthday to the true Queen of Soul; Ms."ARETHA FRANKLIN"! What is yr favorite Aretha Franklin song? How...
US court currently deciding if copyright for the song 'Happy Birthday to You' is valid via /r/Music
thank you for your greeting!!. I got a lot of pleasure to hear that. . so please look foward to our next song!. I'm so happy!!
Happy Birthday song and a guy wearing the sombrero in the Mexican restaurant never gets old.
J: I begin having insomnia since I was in middle school, but now I'm living like that. It's a happy thing to be able to s…
I love that feeling u get in your stomach when you listen to a song that reminds you of a happy time
the thing I love about amy is she's so authentic like every performance of every song is a lil different and that makes me happy
Meet Black Singles 300x250
HAPPY Fiends trying to do a thing where you have a song here there and then every feww days play a bunch :)
Every time I hear the song Halo I think of Happy birthday man, hope it's a good one! 🎉🎈
Thankyou so much. I just can imagine that the boys sing happy birthday song for me. "thank
I got Up as my song! :D it matches my upbeat happy personality :)
I could be so happy then all of a sudden I see a car u liked or hear a song u liked and just like that my happiness is tak…
This Rodeo Queen just had to share this song today! Be Happy!!! 🎈🎈🎈 via
so happy when I read the news! Congrats to you Joe and your brothers in song!
he was always play the happy song by Pharrell lol
It's your BIRTHDAY TODAY PAPA and for that let me sing you a song HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY…
We're always happy to hear suggestions! You can still play any song on-demand on a desktop & shuffle mode on a mobile device /R
song the day you were born Alyson. Happy BirthdayMike & The Mechanics - The living Years: via
Beyonce made a song called "Single Ladies" then went home to her husband and left all u *** dancing in a circle pretend…
. Happy Song of the day:. Kate micucci - Happy Song. Scrubs lovers: special dedication!
Check out this song! We'll be singing it tomorrow :). DELIRIOUS FAREWELL TOUR Happy Song:
can you please say happy birthday to my sister Shelby and play a song by unionj J she's a big fan of them xx
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Magic Happy Birthday haircut to singer song writer Kate Branagh of stevielionmusic love…
Yesterday happy with this song, but now everything has changed... ♫ Dekat Di Hati by Ran —
Happy you like the video brother. Hope you see any chance to play the song in your show? Stay blessed!
you're so welcome! And thank you so much for taking time to listen to my song *hugs* I'm so happy you liked it!!
Not single but one moment and my girl so verry happy okay my member no song and sweet song okay
Now I want a song with the name 'in bed' plis :c make me happy :'D again~ eue xD
This song goes out to a beautiful girl "much to young to feel this *** old" always thinking of her everyday and night
Beyoncé made the song "Single Ladies" and went home to her husband and left you lonely females to dance in a circle think…
//Why does a lot of classical music, especially Beethoven, sound angry and beautiful and sad and happy and frolicky all in one song?
Hi follow me,would you do me really happy. You're my life,your voice is mu favourite song. Love u so mu…
PS my song to skydive to would be Good song to hear as potentially your last song ever.. don't you think? :P
*As hot in herre comes on* "I came out of the womb dancing to this song"-HAPPY BIRTHDAY
New Prince song CLOUDS is another brilliant track from his upcoming release. Happy to pay $. Less than the price of a coffee f…
I find this priceless.watching my dad dance and sing happy birthday song for my husband. mom clapping and giggling.
Macy Gray - I Try really was a lovely little song wasn't it? Uplifting, happy and all about that feeling known as love. Thank you
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This has been my favorite song for so long. So happy it was used in my favorite show!
Check Out This "Lovely" song from Happy New Year. . Watch the sizzling and steamy moves of Deepika Padukone on a...
IM so happy Kyle is dropping a new song tomorrow !
. Check out the video 4 my song HAPPY + TOUR w/ the WAILE…
HAPPY UKULELE. Enjoy this motivational song from WorldMusic on AudioJungle.
For me, SRK's 10 pack abs and Sharabi song are the enough reasons to watch Happy New Year.
Dont worry , be happy. Lol great song
TV on the Radio go New Wave on new song "Happy *** from the band's new album 'Seeds':
heeey, you don't look me?!. What's your favorite book? And song? I got sick ... make me happy, please :)
"MY HAPPY LITTLE PILL, TAKE ME AWAY...". Literally in love with this song. HELP ME. YAS TROYE YOU SLAY💁🙌🙌
Happy 55th birthday to my mom, the bravest lady ever. Take a sad song and make it better, y'all.
Little unknown fact: Watermelon in Beyonce's song "Drunk in Love" is a reference to drinking Jay-Z's sperm. Happy hump…
I dare you to take and post a video of you. Singing a happy birthday song for me b/c tomorrow's my birthday! 🎉🎂
/plays you a happy song Love Should Go On
hey if I'm gonna miss one at least it's my own artist. Lol. Happy for u. Now bring out the so…
There's one Jazmine Sullivan song I can't listen to more than once or else I will verbally assault a happy couple.
u knw anytime I listen to his song, am always happy some1 out der is carrying out Matt 10:5
so happy 4U2! *** now eye gota here a U2 song... there might B inspiration 4 haiku 2! off 2 Utube.…
It makes me really happy when people share their favourite song with me~
Someone that can make you happy is also the reason why you stay up late & listening to sad song
yes,hecsings song Happy,will be on Th…
I'm so happy bcause Canon & have a song together on and I love these guys so much! 🍪❤
such a good song, been listening to the new fellas non stop so I'd be happy if they played several from that album!
My song is about how I'll feel when my 3yo son grows up and moves away. Sad for me but happy for him.
When you are happy you listen to the song, when you are sad, you understand the lyrics……
Decided to write a happy song because most of my songs are angry and sad
I'm so happy!!! that song is what Hod wants for us all!! Thank you! You tapped in to the Spirit
Popular song makes me so happy, I can see Cat singing it
“very happy today thank you 🙏🌴” no thank YOU for giving us that raw *** song 🙏
What's worse then that stupid happy song? Someone singing along with it
this song makes me think of how much I love nash and all the things he does that makes me happy I'm so 😌
yes,hecsings song Happy,will be on The Voice
thank you mate so happy you like it!! It's a great song so doing a good cover was easy :)
My happy little pill is such a nice song to just feel depressive and lonely aka me right know
I can pick up a song after hearing it one time. It always makes my mom happy because I know all her old lady songs !
I'm gonna sit in here and jam out bc the bass in my car makes me happy when this song comes on😂👌
Heres a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note, don't worry, be happy!
Happy birthday to the greatest song writer Wichita has ever seen! 🎈🎉🎁
Barney song : I follow you you should follow me were a happy family :)
“you ever heard a song so good u just No Happy Endings By
Thanks to pdp I have happy stuck in my head, the most annoying song ever wrote😒
Amy Amy Amy that was a generic happy song with the word happy in it ! Thought better of you :p
Honestly happy little pill is the best song ever❤️😍
I get so happy when a Zeppelin song comes on the radio
mainly because everyone is catching on to spotify now! I mean happy was a HUGE song and pharells album barely sold!
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The song is awesome wow congrats so happy for u
definately ... A legendary song infact! But we are over the hump of the week so we need a cheerful happy song !
Watching the sunset. Fade to black. Show the names. Play the happy song 🎶🎶🎶
I'm so happy he released a new song 🙌🙌
I haven't heard the song 'Happy' in three days. I don't recognize this world.
I liked a video Senior Citizens Dance to Pharrell Williams Happy Song Choreographed by: Davina Ware
Happy to hear play song on the radio! Bout time!
Home Video by the Leftover Cuties, performing "Happy Song" to listen to more tunes go to:
Happy Song - 'if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.' G. Harrison for Melanie Richard
Dj Fisherman ft Big Nuz and Tira _ Happy Song reminds me of my ratchet days *\ /*
Honda Civic Tour Expands to Three Successive Tours in 2014 Featuring Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, American Authors, and 3BallMTY 2014 Honda Civic Tour marking its 13th year with an expansion: three different tours, each featuring a distinct style of music. Everything kicks off this August with Los Angeles based indie-band, Grouplove co-headlining the first leg with Portugal. The Man. Formed in 2009, Grouplove garnered a loyal international fan base following performances at: Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and the Reading & Leeds Festivals. And that was before they released their first full-length album, Never Trust a Happy Song (Atlantic Records, 2011). The album featured the single, “Colours,” which was described as “one of the most infectious songs you’re bound to hear,” by SPIN. It went on to climb to the top 15 on the Alternative radio charts, and remains a fan favorite. Their next single “Tongue Tied” went and was later certified platinum. Fall 2013 saw the release of Spread ...
Do you ever just find a song that you can relate to so much and you just cry cos you're so happy
Last year's happy summer song was 'Midnight City' by M83. For this year I think it will be 'Elevate' by St. Lucia.
Hate that song and I'm not listening to it but I am genuinely happy lol
How y'all *** get that justin bieber happy New Years song? It ain't on iTunes...I looked yesterday 😔
happy for ari bc that's the bae but that song needs to go I'm ready for her new music. call me fake cause idgaf.
Real girls eat cake is such a happy song
This song makes me happy :) Listening to I Got Rhythm by Nikki Yanofsky via
Friends parody the Pharrel Williams song HAPPY - "P.A.K.I." check it out
The most unhappy I get is when I hear the song 'Happy' 🙉
The radio just played "Say Something" then "Happy" right after. Variety show flashback to when we picked the most awkward song match up😂
. I've only heard like one song by them but I'm really happy
You have complete control over how you view your life. Why not be a happy person?
Why does a sad songs cheer you up when you are sad, and a happy song just makes you sadder?
Everyone likes to dance to a happy song
Listening to Dancing In The Moonlight makes me happy. I will listen to that song all god *** day if I have to.
I really hope they don't ruin SLSP. I've had a sudden anger streak, I'm happy for them but pls don't over play the song
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