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Happy Sabbath

Adventist Church Good Morning Shabbat Shalom

Happy Sabbath from Byeollae Seventh-day Adventist Church in Seoul, South Korea! Pastor Cho Seokho's sermon: "Do you have t…
I'm so happy for you, my love. You're lucky I'm not posting Led Zeppelin lyrics here. Congrats…
Belated Happy Sabbath Day to my Friend . Kung minsan mas ok…
Happy Sabbath! . "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." . Isaiah 26:3
Happy Sabbath Day bro AJ, cs Maris, cs Alexandra & to us
Happy B'day BILL WARD (born 5 May 1948) . - the original drummer of BLACK SABBATH.
May the Lord guide you always as we take the journey to a blissful life in eternity. Happy Sabbath Day to you, my...
Take it to the Lord in Prayer... Happy Sabbath Saints!
during the sabbath jews may hire gentiles to do forbidden work. if u give up social media for lent, I will be happy to run your account
I Just want someone to just be truly happy over me. Happy To see me. Happy To hear from me. Happy To know me.
It is a happy sabbath day as I join worshippers of SDA Eastleigh Church for service.
Derek, I've watched Hope Sabbath school 3 times this morning. Happy Sabbath.
Happy Sabbath. TIME FOR THE GENIUS MIND (Satan). =. Which do you think serves Satan best:. 1.
Happy Sabbath! (with zefanya and Jane at Seventh Day Adventist Church Timoho) —
Happy Sabbath!!! Sacrament is a blessed privilege we are able to partake of daily.
Happy Sabbath from Cuza Voda church in Bucharest, Romania! 90 ppl at 1st evangelistic meetings last night, including 50 vi…
Whatever you feel. Its your choice. If you choose to be happy, you will happy but if you choose to be hurt, you will hurt. Happy Sabbath😇
Happy new track: Black Sabbath - Heaven and lose all your diamond tools.
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. . Happy Sabbath & God Bless
HAPPY SABBATH AHEAD SAINTS. * The SABBATH brings together spiritually GOD'S commandment keeping people around the world
Been a long day, just got home. Happy Sabbath folks. 😊
"People never remember our achievements, but are quick to remember our mistakes.". Happy Sabbath Day.
Sharing the ten commandments of the only true and living God: Exodus 20:3-17. Happy sabbath.
Going to have a Happy Sabbath tomorrow
1 Corinthians 16:14 (NKJV) Let all that you do be done with love. Blessed Happy Sabbath❤
Let's stand for what we believe in dear Adventists around the Globe...Happy Sabbath in Advance — Guardando Hacksaw Ridge
Happy Sabbath to you all my friends.
Riiight! Amen and Sun's down this Friday so Happy Sabbath All! From GuamUSA
Happy to folks in Australia,New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Philippines and all throughout Asia, and Russia!
Commune with your maker through rest. It is the most joyful choice to make in a world of uncertainty and chaos. Hap…
Happy Sabbath everyone. . The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.
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Happy Sabbath to our friends around the world as it comes to you! More info? Click here>>:)
Several members of the Family of God walking down the Road to Corie’s house wave and wish us a happy Sabbath. This really is the Holy Land.
You are the light of the world!. 🌟 A city on a hill cannot be hid. Matthew 5:14. •Happy Sabbath•
God bless you brother and Happy sabbath😇
Happy Friday the dawn of the Sabbath. Choose to make this day a better one for someone maybe yourself.
Happy Sabbath everyone may it be filled with blessings peace and love God Bless
separators do a full time job...keeping all these chubbies happy.. We need a Sabbath of our own😂
Black Sabbath's first album was released on this day, FORTY SEVEN years ago! Happy birthday, heavy metal!
Happy Sabbath Day my beautiful kab love yah!
If Sabbath is passing the torch to Avenged Sevenfold I'm perfectly happy to let Trump destroy the world.
Re: Black Sabbath...I am so happy you found out abut the KVLT of Rïffs. Get this album too:
February 13th 1970. One of the greatest albums of all time, happy birthday Black Sabbath
happy Sabbath remember to keep it holy thou say the lord.
Happy Sabbath to all my Seventh day Adventist family out there. May you feel the blessings of this holy hour of rest.God bles…
Ima let you finish but God is awesome...and I feel like I re-learn that everyday. Happy Sabbath, may Jehovah bless and guide you daily.
Happy Sabbath! I love President Monson and his witness of our Savior.
Happy Sabbath everyone! Take two minutes to read this talk from our Prophet.
Watch “L&J Health Expo” by on Happy Sabbath. ...Church in the community
Happy Sabbath! . "Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.". 1…
finally got a pair of Black Sabbath chucks, im happy lol
my parents don't wanna hear my new calling that I got in the church & don't want me to go to the temple😂🙄 happy sabbath Tori lmao
I think about this all the time happy Sabbath
Chillaxing @ my parents listening to my SiL whine about a cold, refuse to eat at he table again, & refuse to parent. Happy Sabbath everyone.
I'm officially seeing Black Sabbath and Slipknot this month and that makes me so happy
I am going to see black sabbath tonight so happy
I love you so, dear Dallas. Happy Sabbath.💙
Let me NOT.. lol happy Sabbath world!
I'll never get tired of this video, happy Sabbath everybody 🙏💕
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! PARTY HARD but remember it's the sabbath so not too hard. stay cool ❤️🎉
After missing church so long because of work, I can finally attend. I almost forgot how to tie a tie 🙃 Happy Sabbath y'all!
Happy Sabbath! Here is my performance with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square from last...
happy sabbath this week is about love and affection the word said in these days we will grow less affectionant 4 whatever dellusion. not His
Stoke at work but I love my sabbath. Happy Sabbath my Dove Lovers 😘😘😘😘
A happy Sabbath to you too Paula! New follower.Feel free to follow me back. Thanks!
I think I need to make a quote board. ;) Happy Sabbath Sunday!
Waking up in my own bed was such a bittersweet feeling. Happy Sabbath y'all ❤️
Happy sabbath , its communion sunday. Jah bless🙏🏽
Happy Labor Day Weekend! Youth pastors need to rest from their work as well, so no youth group today.
Happy Sabbath to the twelve tribes scattered abroad!
Hey Church. We have the lovely Rita Karraz bringing the word tomorrow. See you all in the morning. Happy Sabbath 󾬖
Happy Birthday Ms. Brown. Hope you have a blessed & holy day. Also, Happy Sabbath 🎉🎉🎉
Happy Sabbath my friend! I hope this day finds you much blessed!
God bless. God reserves the Best for the Last. It is a Wonderful thing to keep the Last day Holy. Happy Sabbath!!!
Happy Sabbath. Cristy Lane (cover). One Day At A Time. I'm only human, I'm just a woman. Help me believe in what I...
A beautiful day in the city of Nassau. Happy Sabbath to you!
Happy Sabbath. Baruch Hashem YOM YOM!Blessed The LORD YAHUVAH,EVERY DAY!BLESS The LORD, O my soul and forget not all His benefits in YAHUSHUA
Everybody have a Happy Sabbath and a great day!! It's beautiful out so enjoy yourself 🙏🏾☀️
Happy Sabbath. Enjoy this glorious day in the Lord, Amen
Happy Sabbath!! I have the word of the day. Point 1: Some people come into your life to teach you how to let go.
Happy Sabbath! Today is the day for rest with God. Let us take the time for Him.
Happy Sabbath peep. Hope u have blessed day.
Happy Sabbath friends, enjoy your day.
WELCOME to the day the Lord put in place the first week of CREATION for worship and rest in HIM. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath when it comes friends. May you have a high and holy experience with the Lord this Sabbath day. GYC...
My Storage is empty, and I am avaliable to you. Happy Sabbath. (@ Seventh-Day Adventist Church)
Happy Sabbath to the World Wide Church of Seventh-day Adventist! "How cheering is the Christian's hope, while toiling here below."
Happy Sabbath from the ColeBay Seventh-Day Adventist Church. (Psalm 113:3) From the rising of the sun unto the...
A good day to rest up and chill. Happy Sabbath :)
Happy Sabbath. Thankful to God for answering prayers.
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icna t believe jaehwansus is wearing a hoodie of black sabbaths best album:black sabbath i am a happy dude the HAPPIEST
Happy May friends. Except it's the second. But yesterday was the Sabbath.
He doesn't need to keep me lol and good for you, stay happy!
Yes I had to do it. All the Happy Sabbath floral images too lol
Today is like second sabbath day for workers. Happy workers day
Mowed lawn, then stumbled unsuspectingly into bogo sale at the bottle shop. Happy Sabbath!
Hey, what are you doing later? Sabbath Sunday at Satellite Room starts at 10:30! Late night happy hour specials,...
Happy Sabbath! St. Catherine of Siena: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
Vibin on this sunny Sunday. Happy sabbath people!!
Happy Sabbath Day!🌸 . Today we have an article from about 8 ways to make seminary…
I probably should've wiped the mirror before taking my pictures🙄😂 Happy Sabbath y'all🙏💖
Happy Sabbath! What did you read for . "And the moment we choose to incline our hearts…
Decided to look extra samoan today, Happy Sabbath🌷
ugh my pictures got deleted but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAV. I love you and the memories so much :') ❤️ party *** this sabbath day
Heaven continues to call their children home. Don't take nobody presence for granted, happy sabbath yall! ❤
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Hehe! Dey waz so pawsum! Be Black Sabbath farewell tour so M&D happy to haf went☺️
Happy Sabbath. "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."
Happy sabbath y'all! Pray yalls testimony meetings don't go too long!
Happy Sabbath! Please join us at Corona SDA Church today for Divine hour at 11am Pastor Patrick Graham A Man's World
blessed to wake up to anotha day, Happy Sabbath! 😩✨🙏🏾
Happy Sabbath to all the saints out there. Have a blessed sunday everyone;-):-*
Happy Sabbath everyone! Hope your day was as blessed as mine ❤️ 🙏🏽
Happy Sabbath day po, Bro. Eli, may the Almighty Father continuously give you strength and wisdom. .
This was the real light — the light that comes into the world and shines on everyone. Happy Sabbath...
The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Happy Sabbath.
Happy Sabbath yall. Was a blessed day.
What is the Armour of God? Do we need this? How do we get it? Happy Sabbath all and a blessed day to all who love God Amen
Happy Sabbath to the world! May you be blessed by God today on this beautiful Sabbath day that God created for each and everyone of us.
Psalm 128:1 KJVS. Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord ; that walketh in his ways. Happy Sabbath to one and all
Church was dope brought back lovely memories lol. Happy Sabbath stay blessed 🙏🏾
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Happy Sabbath from the Moscow International Seventh-day Adventist Church! With friends on communion Sabbath.
"It makes no sense but this is grace..." I'm feeling extremely blessed this morning thinking of God's grace! Happy Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom!
Remain blessed baby girl !Baba God have us amen, Happy Sabbath day to you♥♥♥♥
Happy Sabbath day may u all have a great blessed day.
Lol, you guys know it's true. Happy Sabbath everyone! @ Capitol Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church
Happy Sabbath from the Colebay Seventh-Day Adventist Church! (Exodus 31:17) It is a sign between me and the...
Happy Sabbath to you all the Seventh day Adventist Church
Happy Sabbath, my Seventh Day Adventist families. 💗 ∞ Don't lose faith, especially when people or things personally affect you in any day.
Happy Sabbath day beautiful people. . February is bidding us goodbye and we preparing for the 3rd month. God bless us all...😇😀.
Mommy just slid $150 for spring break. Happy Sabbath to me 💃🏾
A Happy Sabbath at CCC7DA where a Messy church is happening inspired by this video!
Happy Sabbath, LIVE within 60 Mins...Log on
Celebrated the most important day of the week. Happy Sabbath Day! 🙏☺💒
Keep in memory the Sabbath and let it be a holy day. Happy Sunday
Spending billions in Israel, while the real Jerusalem suffers... Happy Sabbath, stay aware.…
Good Morning everyone. Happy sabbath day. :) — feeling blessed
God gives each one of us sufficient grace ever to knw His holy will & to do it fully happy Sabbath day
Happy Sabbath! Enjoy nature, keep those Pallils up and have joyful visions about the beautiful island beaches today! ht…
Happy Sabbath! First time all year it's been warm enough for…
Happy Sabbath & Happy Saturday! It's such a beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky. I hope…
Happy Sabbath to the father of Reggae ska rocksteady music Robert Nesta Marley AKA Donald Marley may Jah bless this sabbath.
Pastor say "get up and greet someone you've never seen before," and you got 20 *** lined up to say "happy Sabbath" t…
People who don't feel happy for others happiness *** me off.
"If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself. - . Pres. Monson". Happy Sabbath day!!
Happy sabbath y'all don't let fear rule your life, rather it be faith!
Hope you are enjoying a serene and happy Sabbath!
Happy sabbath 🙈 shout out to finger in the bottom corner 😂
Happy Sabbath from some of Berean's youth! Enjoy the rest of the day.
Happy Sabbath friends! May you be blessed today, and every day, in ways you never dreamed of. Thank you for...
Happy Sabbath. Was able to listen to Elder Holland speak to the youth in Gilbert yesterday and… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Happy Sabbath, Saints!. Pastor Gary continues today his series of . sermons on the apocalyptic literature of the...
Happy Sabbath to all!! And a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New…
Glad to see another Sabbath day. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath and all that jazz...have a blessed day!
Happy Sabbath to all the SDAdventists around here. May it be blessed :)
Thx God for ur blessings today..Happy Sabbath day.. — feeling blessed
Happy Sabbath to you too, be blessed
Happy Sabbath to all my friends and family. . Geseende Sabbat vir al my vriende en families. . Shabbat Shalom!
Happy Sabbath :). We are looking forward for the Traditional Christmas Service tomorrow morning with Pastor Sam...
Happy Sabbath world 😊 after 2 massive days at beautiful weddings it is back to work. Have a very blessed day 😘
PNK feel be like. Wo! Happy Thanksgiving MCGI, and Happy Sabbath day Kuya Daniel Razon!
Praise the Lord for His Sabbath day! Happy Sabbath from Southern Adventist University to all of you.
Happy Sabbath! Time for friends & family. :) Some flowers from last week's ANZA Melbourne Cup charity luncheon.
Today I'm sick can't go to school or church. hope I fell better soon. Happy Sabbath guy — feeling sick
God richest blessings to you is the SABBATH.Happy Sabbath! @ San Rafael…
If we keep our sight on the goal we will finish the race for we are in a race for our lives. Praise Jehovah God. # Happy Sabbath
Happy Sabbath from Annual Council at GC headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland! Sabbath school is starting with song service.
Happy Sabbath ♫ Arise, Shine! by William Jessup University (with Jeffrey, Gil, and 2 others at JALAN SBY) —
I'm currently at a Seventh Day Adventist Church & they keep telling me "Happy Sabbath" & I'm like "Good Morning"😕
Happy Sabbath everyone. Time for my personal bible study.
Happy Sabbath and God bless us al.. (at Brisbane Central Seventh Day Adventist Church) [pic] —
Come into the Seventh Day Adventist Church. You will learn important things you need in your life there and only there. Happy Sabbath all.
Happy Sabbath from the Rock of Polynesia! Great day to ctchup wit family…
Happy Sabbath! Thankful, grateful and blessed, not just today but every day!
Sunday! It's a blessed day.Happy Sabbath and have a beautiful day!
Happy Sabbath everyone!. Have a biased day!. Blessed... I mean have a BLESSED day...
"Be bold but not overbearance" -Teachings of the Apostle Paul . Happy Sabbath day people! 😇☝🏻️
Happy Sabbath from a fellow Seventh Day Adventist :) Hope your Sabbath is a blessing
It's always good to be home. Happy Sabbath!!! — feeling blessed at Emerald City Community Seventh-day Adventist...
Happy Sabbath, Kevin!!! I hope you have a blessed day, love u! 💕
What a beautiful day! Happy Sabbath and God bless you all!
Today is the Sabbath, the day God made for us. His love is so great. He wants us to be with Him on the day He made for us. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath! Every day is a blessing from God. All are invited to join us today at Linwood as we Praise Him!...
Happy Sabbath day !! Psalm 101:6 Be careful with the company you keep; Are you spending time with people who make you a better person?
Happy Sabbath day. Trust when its time it will be time brothers and sister. We gonna drop so much Holy music they...
Happy Sabbath! Excited to be worshiping with my new church today. :) (@ Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church)
Happy Sabbath to all. Thankful for another day to praise.
Prepared to have a truly blessed day today. Good Morning & Happy Sabbath everyone 😄.
Goodmorning and Happy Sabbath! Another day is another blessing from God! 🙏
Last red ribbon for the week. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath, Saints!. This Sabbath Pastor Gary is presenting Part 2 of his sermon series ('Don't Know Much...
Happy Sabbath. Weather may be bad but I'll be found in the house of the Lord...
Happy Sabbath. Checking out properties to buy in West Georgia. Next stop, Cuba. Living the dream.
Happy is a cool Sabbath morning in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Happy Sabbath Israel! As we have labored into this rest praying to see this day. I wouldn't trade it FOR THE...
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Happy Sabbath, AIIASians! We are excited to see you tonight at 5 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Lone Star...
Happy and Happy Sabbath. Please be safe everyone. Enjoy.
Happy Sabbath/Saturday! Resting well today with no worries.
Good Morning ☀️⛅️. Happy sabbath all. Remember praise him in advance for what he will do!!!
9 morning run before church. Happy Sabbath and 4 of July @ Waterfall Glen
Happy Sabbath to all. May the Lord Bless you all today and always.
Happy 4th of July & Happy Sabbath. God gave us a beautiful sunrise this morning . Enjoy the freedom.
Shabbat Shalom ! Happy Sabbath Day Children of Isreal. Thank you Yah for this Holy Day. 🙌🙌🙌
Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to all!!!. As may of you know, the World Church has convened from July 2-11 in San...
Happy Sabbath from GC Session 2015. Please pray for those making decisions.
Everybody is going to be saying "Happy 4th Of July" while I'm saying "Happy Sabbath" ...but I do wanna go to the beach later
Happy Sabbath! Sharing a thought-provoking and timely prayer from our brothers and sisters of the Berean...
Happy Sabbath to all Seventh-day Adventist. — feeling blessed at Nairobi Central SDA Church
Happy Sabbath from the Alamodome, where thousands of Seventh-day Adventists from around the world are worshipping together!
Happy Sabbath! (Saturday) Come join us today at 447 Cooper Street in downtown Knoxville at 2p.m. - We will be...
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Happy Sabbath! This is my first sabbath school lesson as a teacher. I feel so blessed and excited.…
Happy Sabbath and happy mothers day.
Today is the day that the Lord has made. Let's all be glad and rejoice!. Happy Sabbath day!.
Mother's Day roses from church today! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Sabbath! 🌹🌹
Happy Sabbath bookerz! Hope you 're having a wonderful day!
Getting ready for Church. Mother's Day service today! Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath everyone, today is our Education Day. We start at 9:15 am with Sis. Lorraine Allison "Learning by God's Standards".
Happy Sabbath family ... Flooding this morning and snow for Mother's Day! How cool is that! Staying in bed all day. I'm tired!. ... Be safe
Let's rejoice in this wonderful day! Happy Sabbath
Good Morning and Happy Sabbath! Join us at 9:30 AM for a special treat, a Mother's Day Breakfast. It will run...
Happy Sabbath folks, what a great week its good to see familiar faces as I just stopped by vespers. Takoma Park
Happy Sabbath! See how God led the Adventist Church this week in history!
Happy Sabbath family! Join us this afternoon as we worship together and receive delicious spiritual food. . *Bible...
Happy Sabbath friends! Tomorrow is our Holy Communion service. Let's remember that God desires to have a real...
Happy Sabbath everybody!. Hope to see you at LACS in two weeks!
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Happy Sabbath to our friends in the Pacific and Asia, including those in the countries of New Zealand, Australia,...
Mr. Man - happy birthday brother, seen you grow into a very cool young man. Enjoy your day & Sabbath. 🙏 Blessings.
Bit of Bible reading tonight. Happy Sabbath to all my Seventh fam.
We're in DC for the Sabbath at Pat Robertson's 85th Birthday Party. He's had me on The 700 Club as guest many times. Happ…
Go grab my new happy hour shades at if ya want
Evening friends Jasper Ministries will be worshiping in song at Ezakheni SDA church in Ladysmith..Happy Sabbath all
an awesome Sabbath it would be. anxious of it. happy "global youth Sabbath" everyone.
Happy Sabbath sons and daughters of the Most High,
Advance Happy Sabbath Day Bro. Eli. Happy to be in the ministry of good works. We love you.
“Happy Sabbath Everyone! Now go out there and enjoy your potlucks & sabbath naps!!
“I absolutely love receiving happy sabbath texts.
The Sabbath was eaten by the culture does God is God’s punishment. So Happy, Why Do I will not going through doesn’t waste anything. You ...
I'm happy my parents raised me on Black Sabbath.
Happy St. Patrick's Day. - Drinking a Black Sabbath IPA by at —
Happy sabbath to all sabbath keepers... Jesus loves u all
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Happy 67th Birthday Help us celebrate & watch our new animated short ft. Tony --> http:…
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Read 'Cure on the Sabbath' from Everyday w/ the Word
Morning. Happy friggin Monday. How 'bout a little Black Sabbath to help get you moving?
Well I got into a fist fight at church, happy sabbath day everybody.
Walk With me on Our Journey: Happy Sabbath Care Sunday May we take time to rest...
Faith, family, fires, friends, and food make for a happy Sabbath
Liquid jesus hope you have a happy sabbath
Because nobody understands the Atonement of Jesus Christ quite like a child does. Happy Sabbath!
God created sabbath for Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s and I'm very happy it's back. Thank you, God
Happy Sabbath from me and mine beetchachos. Xoxo 🌺🌴
Happy Sabbath! I've been blessed reading your Sabbath School Lesson blogs at outmag and I've shared the blessings. Thanks!
Seventh Day Adventist. "Happy Sabbath" is a very SDA thing to say. ;-). They observe sabbath on Saturday tho.
Happy Sabbath!!. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But...
In all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will direct your paths.Prov 3 v 5.Happy Sabbath n gud day!
Camp has moved to Durban now, so ma plans of staying home may change. Happy Sabbath ppl ☺
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Patrick MillerLavern Brown 1 min · Kingston · . Iyanla Vanzant When you withhold forgiveness or love from anyone, for any reason, it diminishes your awareness of the abundance of good in your life. You are stuck in so much old stuff, new stuff has no way of getting to you. In essence, the good that you withhold from others will be withheld from you. Patrick Miller shared Iyanla Vanzant's photo. 2 mins · . WORD TO THE CHURCH .TRY FORGIVENESS & LOVE? .OR DEPART FROM ME I KNOW YOU NOT?. IT'S YOUR CHOICE ! Unlike · · Share You like this. . Patrick Miller HAPPY SABBATH !!! Just now · Like
Gud mrning ..happy sabbath lets go to church and worship him and pray for those who are affected of the typhoon ruby...
Getting my TYJ on with this beauty :) happy sabbath famili, especially to my pele Robert Cocker LOL!!!
Good Morning Future Spouses and Happy Sabbath Day, Like many of you, I came into 2014 with such high expectations. For about 18 months, I had stopped all pursuit of relationships to focus on school and other personal goals. So now it's January 2014, and I'm ready. I remember on January 25th, I laid on my face seeking God for answers on my past, direction for my present goals, and for my future husband. I prayed in my prayer closet for about 3 hours. I met 3 guys this year, let's just call them, the good, bad and the ugly. The good was good, just not good for me. He was a great guy but our spiritual views were different. He was saved but had "cave man-like" qualities. He wanted to take me off course. He couldn't see the greatness within me. He wanted me to quit grad school, even this ministry to focus on being his wife. (IMPOSTER! ) God will never send someone in your life, who would draw you away from His Will or purpose. Now, for the bad, it was really bad. And the Ugly? Let's just say, It ...
Last sunday with my fam! Happy Sabbath everyone. Just a few more days then outta Melbourne!
1st Sunday of the month of Dec...happy Sabbath day lds,,,Good Morning to all,,,have bless Sunday,,,
Happy Sabbath...I really love to rest on Saturdays as much as I can allow myself to. Once in a rare blue moon do...
God Is With You In The Battle,so dont be afraid my friend!!! Happy sabbath day.God is good all the time!!!
Fast break tonight at Blackburn chapel 6.30pm Brethren mains Sisters dessert It would be really good to start seeing more middies come to the SA activities, and really nice to meet new people :) Happy sabbath!
Happy Sabbath!!! First games of the season tonight @ home. We are playing Umatilla high school. Girls variety at wwva while guys jv play @ Rogers. Boys varsity starts at 7:30. Come check out the new bleachers!
The Resurface Radio Family invites one and all to our 5th Anniversary Celebrations at the La Brea Sda Church on December 13, 2014 at 9:00am. Come meet each and everyone of the Resurface Family, Come recieve a blessing, Come and be a part of a Spirit Filled Sabbath Service. Don't miss it, Invite a friend, invite a family member and remember to invite yourself. Happy Sabbath one and all. Keep living for Jesus.
Happy Sabbath to we all, please wot can i do now to gain heaven ?,i have sin against God and human, am so ashamed of myself. Advice and prayer is needed please
lol I don't even know what you said other than happy sabbath
Happy Sabbath from the Kingdom of Tonga Sunday in the Kingdom of Tonga is devoted to church and relaxation. The harmonized singing, ringing of church bells and beat of the “lali” (wooden drums) are all familiar sounds of a Tongan Sunday. On Sundays the streets are empty, businesses are closed, sports prohibited and no flights scheduled. Even contracts signed on a Sunday are void. It is inadvisable to create any disturbance or operate noisy equipment on Sundays. Many Christian denominations are represented in the Kingdom of Tonga with the majority of the population belonging to the Free Wesleyan Church. Among the other major churches are the Roman Catholic Church, Free Church of Tonga, Church of Tonga, Tonga Constitution Church, Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Anglican Church, Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and other small churches.
“Good afternoon & Happy Sabbath from the motherland ☺️ lol @ the Samoan lingo. Do they do that now?
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Good afternoon & Happy Sabbath from the motherland ☺️
Falling in to a food coma.. happy sabbath
Good Morning and Happy Sabbath 😊 Time to get out my Bible cause it looks like I'm not going to make Loku...
Happy Sabbath Evwryone.. Whose missing Tonga ?? A lil story for you about Kingdom of Tonga on Sunday.
Aeolians better sing. The lord is my light. Happy sabbath y'all.
Even the kids do runs at the Oakwood a University Church. Happy Sabbath
Awesome day in auckland!! Happy sabbath tweeps.. Enjoy your services!!
Happy Birthday Ozzy! Thanks for all the fun tours with Ozzfest and Black Sabbath.
Everyone enjoy this beautiful picture of an umbrella & some chairs and have a happy sabbath 😄…
Happy sabbath baby boos! Like I say every Friday and saturday, Jesus loves you you don't know it but he cares for you
Happy Sabbath "Went to church and got some Jesus and good music in my system.
Happy Sabbath! Watching "Devoted;" about New Testament Biblical book of Acts by Kingscliff SDA Church in Australia:
In the midst of whatever we deal with, God continues 2 offer continual peace & solutions as we trust in Him. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath, we welcome in the Advent season today.
Good Morning sis, u have a Happy Sabbath!!!
Pardon me while I hit my shmoney. Happy Sabbath || Happy Saturday
Great morning and Happy Sabbath to you all. I have no energy, can't wait to start my detox tomorrow; I think I...
Happy Sabbath with this cutie at Vista!!
Happy Sabbath to all of my Seventh Day Adventist followers on social media. Enjoy your worship services today.
And a happy sabbath to all. I hope everyone is doing well and not letting the new age pharisees keep…
Happy sabbath to all the brothers sisters — feeling blessed
Happy Sabbath! Come and worship with us in song at Oakwood Univ Church this morning! United States Senate Chaplain Dr. Barry Black, speaker.
Happy Sabbath guys! Remember the seventh day to keep it only! God bless you!
A wonderful day,A blessed day,A joyous moment,the day.Happy Sabbath to all the world
Happy Sabbath brothers and sisters, please help me with the dates of the following events; 1. William Carey--First missionery to India. 2. Robert Morrison--Prepared English/Chinese dictionary and published the Bible. 3. Adoniram Judson--Translated Bible into Burmese; also served in India. 4. David Livingstone--Opened Africa for Christianity. 5. Robert Moffat--Pioneer worker in Africa. 6.John G. Paton--Life
Yeaa thanks, u too "Happy Sabbath to you too. Have a great day, yea? 😋"
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