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Happy Sabbath

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Great morning and Happy Sabbath to you all. I have no energy, can't wait to start my detox tomorrow; I think I...
Happy Sabbath with this cutie at Vista!!
Happy Sabbath to all of my Seventh Day Adventist followers on social media. Enjoy your worship services today.
And a happy sabbath to all. I hope everyone is doing well and not letting the new age pharisees keep…
Happy sabbath to all the brothers sisters — feeling blessed
Happy Sabbath guys! Remember the seventh day to keep it only! God bless you!
A wonderful day,A blessed day,A joyous moment,the day.Happy Sabbath to all the world
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy! Today is the Sabbath day!. Happy Sabbath to you all!
Happy Sabbath brothers and sisters, please help me with the dates of the following events; 1. William Carey--First missionery to India. 2. Robert Morrison--Prepared English/Chinese dictionary and published the Bible. 3. Adoniram Judson--Translated Bible into Burmese; also served in India. 4. David Livingstone--Opened Africa for Christianity. 5. Robert Moffat--Pioneer worker in Africa. 6.John G. Paton--Life
Yeaa thanks, u too "Happy Sabbath to you too. Have a great day, yea? 😋"
Happy Sabbath to our brothers and sisters. Hope this day brings blessings.
Happy day to you "Happy Sabbath to you all Adventists"
Happy Sabbath to all Seventh Day Adventist out there!!! exodus 20:8
Happy Sabbath to All! 😊 We are currently at Pagadian City Adventist Center with my family, cousins,…
Happy Sabbath and happy birthday to my big (little) Sis! -Emeli Sandé - Abide With Me (1 Mic 1 Take)
Happy Sabbath! Time to get my praise on! (@ Berean Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Atlanta, GA)
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It feels good to be at the feet of Jesus . Happy Sabbath :) (@ Hillview Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ruai)
Seventh-day Adventist World Church -. Have a Happy Sabbath and May God continue to bless you.
Happy Sabbath to all Seventh Day Adventists. Let this day bring blessings not only to you bt also your family n friends.
Happy Sabbath saints. Waking up to a new day. Eldorado Park SDA church is where I'm at today. . May God bless you all
Good morning and Happy Sabbath! (@ Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church - in Cedar Park, TX)
Happy sabbath to all adventist friends
Lord, Thank u for waking me up this morning..thank u for this beautiful angel at my side,thank u for sustaining our needs everyday,thank u for giving me a loving family,true friends and loved one's who's always been there for me through up's and down,for keeping us from any harms and danger.. thank u for all the blessings.. forgive me for my mistakes,weknesses and wrong decisions sometimes.. i wanna thank u for all the answered pray'r and for showing me the right path.. morning and happy sabbath.. :-)
good mwning happy sabbath.ヅツッ EXODO 20;8 remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy ... Because GENESIS 2;2-3 the seventh day god finished the work he had been doing ; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. (3.)THEN GOD BLESSED THE SEVENTH DAY AND MADE IT HOLY BECAUSE ON IT HE RESTED FROM ALL THE WORK OF CREATING THAT HE HAD DONE. saturday is the seventh day of the week... kailan ba nageng HAPPY SABBATH . ang sunday.?
The best place to find love is not in another person, but in a book, the Bible. The bible tells of God's great love for us. The is the best love poem (john 3:16) For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Happy Sabbath love you all
Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy...happy sabbath day to all Sda
“HE THAT covereth his sins shall not prosper:but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.” Morning happy sabbath to u all.
Happy Happy Sabbath The Perfecting of Our Faith God would have his servants become acquainted with their own hearts. In order to bring to them a true knowledge of their condition, he permits the fire of affliction to assail them, so that they may be purified. The trials of life are God's workmen to remove the impurities, infirmities, and roughness from our characters, and fit them for the society of pure, heavenly angels in glory. Then as we pass through trial, as the fire of affliction kindles upon us, shall we not keep our eyes fixed upon the things that are unseen, on the eternal inheritance, the immortal life, the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory? [A]nd while we do this, the fire will not consume us, but only remove the dross, and we shall come forth seven times purified, bearing the impress of the Divine.-Ellen G. White, The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, April 10, 1894.
Happy Sabbath people, where are you worshiping this Sabbath? May God grant us good health as we warship Him in truth and in spirit.
" HAPPY SABBATH SA PILIPINAS " Ezekiel 20:12-24 Moreover, I gave them my Sabbaths, as a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them. But the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness. They did not walk in my statutes but rejected my rules, by which, if a person does them, he shall live; and my Sabbaths they greatly profaned. “Then I said I would pour out my wrath upon them in the wilderness, to make a full end of them. But I acted for the sake of my name, that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations, in whose sight I had brought them out. Moreover, I swore to them in the wilderness that I would not bring them into the land that I had given them, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most glorious of all lands, because they rejected my rules and did not walk in my statutes, and profaned my Sabbaths; for their heart went after their idols.
Happy sabbath to all! May the Lord guide and protect us always.
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Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst and a soul that never loses faith. Goodnyt world_Sabbath
HAPPY SABBATH FROM UGANDA comment with your country .
The three angels messages the everlasting gospel is the same gospel in Matthew 24:14.. Protestantism is claiming to be "taking the gospel to the whole world".. How do you take the gospel when you don't understand it? What exactly are you teaching the world when you are a victim too?.. I thank God for the truth He has bestowed upon His remnant... Happy Sabbath isreal!
God is like the sun, You cannot look at Him, But without Him, you cannot see anything... Happy Sabbath
I just bumped into a story I haven't read in a long time, its actually a familiar story that Jesus told about the sower who went out to sow seed and it fell on different types of ground. It fascinated me actually cause there's some things I hadn't realised, like the fact that the sower went out to sow seed which represents the Word of God, so everyone received the seed (Word) no-one will die having not received the Word the only difference is our reaction to it. What I found the most interesting is the thorny ground, sadly I seem to be able to relate to it. The seed that fell on thorny ground are those who hear the Word of God and go forth, but are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this world and bring no fruit to perfection. (Luke 8:14) How many times have we been convicted at church then as the week goes on we become so caught up in the world we forget those convictions? How many times have we received the Word and been blinded by so called pleasure of this world? How many more times will .. ...
The future is comming happy sabbath to u pals
Happy Sabbath to you all my family and friends. Remember no matter what Denominations you go to God loves all of us. Praise God and thank you Lord for your blessing on us all.
As a child of God you will go through hard times, friends and family will desert and forsake you. But know this. God promised a safe landing not a clear passage. So in whatever you're going through right now, remember what Jesus says in Mathew28v20. If you hold on unto him you will surely be safe! And again read John15v18-27. If Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords was hated by people then who are you to walk on red carpet??? Happy Sabbath to all!
Goodmorning and happy sabbath my fb friends and family may you all have a wanerfull day today.
Happy sabbath to every one on Fb love you all
One more blessed Sabbath for all of us!! :) Happy Sabbath everyone!
Happy sabbath to oda east district GOD bless u all {AMEN}...!!!?
Happy sabbath to all adventist all over the from nigeria and you?
Happy Happy Sabbath to you all brethren. GOD willing tomorrow after divine service, all the youth will have an...
Happy Sabbath to everyone out there who loves the LORD! "8Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.9Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work :10But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD thy GOD: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant. nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: 11For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it."Exo.20:8-11. JESUS said, "If you love me, keep my commandments."John14:15.
Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.'' -1Corinthians 16:13 Happy Sabbath All have a blessed Day :) Good morning ^_^ take care and God blessed~ :(
Hello world of Ematas Clan... Have great day ...and Happy Sabbath Day...
Happy sabbath beloved tho its too hot
Hi friends, want to wish you all a HAPPY SABBATH. And don't forget we need to pray for each other. The enemy is working hard!! But, we have victory thru Jesus, our Redeemer and Friend. Remember Prayer moves heaven.
HAPPY SABBATH FRIENDS.from UGANDA, lets do we it again wish it with your country.
I wish all my friends a happy Sabbath.
Morning n happy sabbath everyone.God bless u all..
When GOD, in the beginning of the Universe, finished the Creation, He rested on the 7th Day. In Jews' history, originally till now, this is Saturday. He blessed that day. And, hallowed it. Three blessings a follower of Christ must experience during Saturday-Sabbath Keeping: Blessing of REST; Blessing of BLESSEDNESS; and Blessing of HOLINESS. This has been a weekly commemoration from Garden of Eden, even at the end of the world, as far as Heavenly Eden in the New Heavens and the New Earth. Happy Sabbath Day to all Remnants!
Where you go,. I'll go. Where you stay . I'll stay. Where you move. I'll Move. I'll follow you. Happy sabbath brethren
You created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because l am fearfully and wonderfully made. When l was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my informed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to me. HAPPY SABBATH TO YOU ALL.
Thank God for another SABBATH and most of all Thank HIM the many blessings through out the past days of the week...HAPPY SABBATH GUYS
God create heaven and earth and he rested on the 7th day Happy sabbath beautiful people and have a goodnyt rest
happy sabbath to all,let us worship and remamber our LORD on his blessed,holyday.we are all blessed by worshiping our LORD on sabbath.
Don't wait for someone to come and drag you to Church tomorrow. Just go on you own under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Happy Sabbath,
Any attenpt to understand, is the first step toward a compassionate relationship to yourself and others. Happy Sabbath to you All.
SABBATH BLESSINGS. May the Lord bless and keep you; the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you peace. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Amen. HAPPY SABBATH.
The day has come. And the hour has come. happy sabbath children of god ?
My brothers and sisters happy sabbath to u all
Dabai everyone, and Happy Sabbath to all SDA's out there... :-)
Need some good music,whatsapp me on and happy sabbath!
Went to the Doctors and they said they went over my lab results and STILL couldn't determine what it is that I had for the past 8 months. They said based off of their results that," it appears that it's gone w/ no trace!!!" The Doctor was baffled and we told her we've just been medicating me NATURALLY and when we went into details on some of my everyday routines and diet changes she was looking like we spoke RUSSIAN!!! These physicians couldn't help me, my help came from above and from the woman whom he sent to be my help meet and support when I am weak. Happy Sabbath to all of you who prayed for me and have been here!! HalleluYAH!!! ~Deuteronomy 32:39, Proverbs 12:4~ April LivingDoll Griffin
Thank you Lord for this wonderful Sabbath morning and may this day be a blessing to each and everyone of us... :) Happy sabbath to my fellow SDA's and blsd morning to you the others... :)
Day 5 of 7 days of being Thankful 1. I am thankful, so thankful for Fridays. Happy Sabbath everyone. 2. I am thankful for the kind hearts of strangers. 3. I am thankful for a maturing mind, things that confused me just last week make so much sense now, thank God. 4. I am thankful for my friends, do you know, friends are the family you choose. 5. And for the audacity of hope, I found out today I am excited, I am not afraid. Today I would like to nominate YOU, how about taking a moment to count your blessings for the next few days xxx God bless and take care Gx
Happy Sabbath to our friends in both Central & South America as well as in the Caribbean, including those in the...
Happy Sabbath to all that believe God is our creater. God bless u all gd 9t.
Happy Sabbath! Wishing all a blessed and restful Sabbath.
Happy Sabbath! ALL CREATION AFFECTED BY THE GREAT CONTROVERSY October 10 It is finished. John 19:30. – {CTr 290.1} From the manger to the cross Satan followed the Son of God. Temptations beat upon Him like a tempest. But the more fierce the conflict, the more familiar He became with the temptations wherewith human beings are beset, and the better prepared He was to succor the tempted. The severity of the trial through which Christ passed was proportionate to the value of the object to be gained or lost by His success or failure. Not merely the interests of one world were involved. This world was the battlefield, but all the worlds that God had created were affected by the result of the conflict. – {CTr 290.2} In order that he might reign as supreme ruler, Satan sought to overthrow Christ. And he planned and carried out the murder of Christ for no other reason than that to the last he entertained the hope that Christ would not endure a death made as horrible as infernal wisdom could make it. He endeavo ...
Soon u will b retiring to bed. Before u fall asleep, take time to meditate up on today's work. How many souls have u led to God? How many of God's children have u led astray thru your unkind words, deceptive attitudes, wrong advice, selfishness, unbelief, bad influence, inconsideration e.t.c How many pipo hav u witnessed to, hw much time did u spend on studying the word? How many pipo hav u invited to keep the Sabbath with u? U alone knw yr shortfalls. As u pray, ask God to help u b a better person tomorrow and learn from your mistakes. HAVE A BLESSED NIGHT AND HAPPY SABBATH!!!
The tests of life are not meant to break you but to make you break records. Happy sabbath family.
Beautiful. Happy sabbath everyone when it comes
Happy sabbath everyone! Praise The Lord, praise The Lord. great things he hath done.
"0ur lives are made up of a milli0n m0ments spent in a milli0n different ways.Some are spent in searching f0r l0ve,peace and success..While others,for surviving day to day..But there's n0 greater m0ment than than finding out,,that life is meant to be lived one day at a time with JESUS".. mrng. Sabbath..:-)
After a difficult week. Am happy the Sabbath is here.
Happy Sabbath God's people, God will cause you to laugh in a new dimension.
I will serve the lord until I see my grave.lord jesus help me do so. Happy sabbath fellow believers!
Hey guys, how do i get to the church :D Im on campus, btw :D Happy sabbath :))
Happy sabbath brethren. My church call it intracity sabbath with door to door evangelism... Bt me ill go further to do phone to phone evangelism so read it if u get it kindly .. B blessed
Happy sabbath and am ready for the second advent of Jesus
Happy Sabbath let the Lord bless ur future
Happy Sabbath everyone. Be blessed wherever you may be!. A special mention to friends like...
Thank God there's nothing serious injuries goes to Steve while his car damaged a lot. Sabbath day saved him. Happy Sabbath!
Shaping up to be a pretty sad Friday. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath all.Lets spread God's gospel,lest His(GOD's) wrath will destroy us.
I AM the Lord even of the Sabbath... Happy Sabbath friends!
Happy everybody, hope you have a blessed and refreshing time with family and friends.
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Happy Sabbath day to everyone, and have a great weekend.
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they would like to say something.". Happy Sabbath.
Thank you Lord for the Rest you have granted us again after a long tiresome week. Blessed Happy Sabbath brethren.
Happy Friday, Sabbath is around the corner! Come worship with us tomorrow @ 425 S. La Brea Ave,…
Happy Sabbath. Thank you so much Lord for everything and this far you have brought me.
God has been good to me once again. Happy Sabbath brothers and sisters
★★happy fiesta St. Francis of Asisi ★★The greatest treasure we could have is Christ ★★Happy Sabbath day
Happy Sabbath my Lovely people may you all have a joyful day. -D.L
Happy Sabbath and happy weekend everyone! We're getting a bit of a late start this month, but here's where we'll be: This weekend we're in West Virginia and Maryland with Voice of Prophecy celebrating those who have graduated from the Discover Bible School. Over 900,000 invitations were sent out to have bible studies and over 10,000 people responded! Next week we'll be at the National Quartet Convention and will be singing a song Wednesday night the 24th. Come see us at our booth if you're there!
Last Sabbath in Bandung - Happy Sabbath day peops… (at Chapel Universitas Advent Indonesia (UNAI Alumni Church)) —
5th day of insanity, PURE CARDIO!!! AHHH!!! It was Insane! Lol I hope i can keep this up, but after this day, i don't know if i can go on, but i gotta push myself. Anyway; Its sundown which means Its already sabbath! (^_^) Happy Sabbath, hope all have a safe weekend.
When you try to achieve good works outside of the Gospel, only two things can happen: 1) You succeed for a time but eventually fall back to your sinful ways, or 2) You succeed until the end but God won't accept it. So be covered by the best dress code: the robe of Christ. - Rom 13:14 Happy Sabbath!
Happy Twenty Fun, Sabbath! I can already hear Nine Piece playing in your honor. Dis is amazing!…
2002 sermon on marriage lol my parents enjoyed it. Truely Jesus(Grace) is the answer to happy Marriages...
yes I really feel like u can't die happy until u have experienced sabbath live
just got these and a Black Sabbath shirt. I am a very happy person right now.
However, with Christ being THE Sabbath of God, I'm happy to recognize Sabbath as taking precedence.
To my one and only brother since birth, to my kuya, my brotherly kindness and my brother in faith.Happy Sabbath Day
Sabbath is not very happy about the black kitty that's been living on my door step.
Happy to be back in SEATTLE! Blessed to rest today with the family before getting back to work tomorrow:)
Today's gonya status is " today is sabbath day" i knw why 2day is happy day for him. It's swati mam's b'day today
The Sabbath is a day to be happy, not a day to be sad. We should rejoice in the Sabbath and bring joy to the...
If I'm able to see all next Black Sabbath concerts in Germany then I will be really happy
Photo: the-teeth-pit: "We can’t support helping our own people, but we’re happy to supply funding for...
Happy Sabbath day! Join us for a God encounter at 10am! Today's verse is inspired from Pastor Deborah…
Happy birthday, Check out his birthday horoscope:
Happy sabbath day I'm laying in bed naked
Sabbath Revival: “Sabbath Day Happy Hour”: This post by c jane from August 22, 2007 made me chuckle this morni...
Happy sabbath everybody!! 🎶 I am so grateful for the testimony that I have of this amazing gospel.…
happy sabbath sis... and smh too much 😴 Js know, the funnel cake came right bac out 😂🙈
Happy Sabbath yah. Had to post this one with one of my moms pele. This kid is looking more nd more…
Have a blessed Sunday night, I'm happy we both know the Sabbath is on Saturday :)
Today I ate a sprinkle cone while listening to black sabbath so I mean I'm pretty happy
Out here reppin my new home. Oh, and I got my Marley twists back for a bit. Anyway, happy Sabbath!
I will be grateful for this day. Happy Sunday!
God is Good, All the time. Amen now I shall eat I peace. Happy Sabbath
“I hate *** who be coccy af. Like cocc dis imaginary dicc in yo mouth. Foh.” 😂😂😂😂 well *** Happy Sabbath to you too sis!
Happy Sabbath everyone. Also there is finally football on tonight!!!
Have a Happy Sunday Everyone after sabbath Saturday and Friday night - :-)
Happy sabbath day from my Nomaaea cousins and I 💗
This is one of the coolest hymns. Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath, my friend!. Our family sends your family love,peace,joy! . California to Texas blessings
Hello Mani, I'm Rachell. Nice to meet you & thx for following. Happy Sabbath Sunday. God bless you!
Happy sabbath everyone. Y'all have a blessed day.
Likewise ♥ "It is now Sabbath in almost all of Europe and Africa. Happy Sabbath to all God's people.
The multitude of colors in my head though lolz. Happy Sabbath! 😘 @ Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church
Good morning , my brothers and sisters , never get so busy making a living that you forget to make an eternal life . Keep the Sabbath day holy . Happy Sabbath day .
. Thank you, my friend. Happy Sabbath to you, too. Praise The Lord and have a glorious afternoon brother
abasamia bukhiere mwesi. Im humbled before you beloved kenyans this morning. 1st im thankful for accepting to join the FUNYULA YOUTH BUNGE. The main objective of this group is to unite Samians n creating awareness on issues of Abasamia. The gruopwill be educative, informative and i wud wish that those of us who have not joined...join today kwa vile kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa. wish you happy sabbath n for muslims Ramadhan Karim.
I really love sunday.. Its Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ day... Happy Sabbath Day..
Psalm25:7.Lord donot remember the sin of our youth,nor our transgression,according to your mercy remember us.for your goodness sake,O LORD. Happy Sabbath day my dear brethren
Our Father in Heaven...thank you for all d blessngs to had given me.. and thank you for guiding me always...thank you for gving me another make it up for my children and lead them d right path...please help me to be good person u wanted to be.i ask u for ur the name of JESUS CHRIST amen.Happy Sabbath Day
Happy sabbath got bless everyone.. Goodluck
I just got off work peace and happy sabbath to my fellow Jews Thank you God for the sabbath.
Ladies and Gentlemen God is good we are alive because of his mercy and grace. Happy Sabbath friends Almighty God cares.
Romans chapter 7 Vs 18-19 18 For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. 19 For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do this I keep on doing. this is what we all do Happy Sabbath :D Be Blessed
good morning and happy sabbath day to you all...up in the morning getting ready for church to go and give praises and worship my LORD and personal SAVIOUR.thank you JESUS...
Happy sabbath to u al friends i pray, if jesus tarry we shal see many of it. IJN.
Greetings friends! We will be streaming our worship service live momentarily. You are welcome to join us online if you wish. Just go to, and type "greater Albany SDA" in the search window at the top of the page. You will be directed to our page where you can view today's service, or enjoy previously recorded messages. Today's speaker is Robert Losee. Blessings and have a happy sabbath.
those going for Sunday skul. happy Sabbath
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"Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other." (Psalms 85:10) May you be At the Cross today. Happy Sabbath!
Glory be to the Most High God who is my Father and I am His daughter and princess (best believe and treat as such), my Creator, my Joy and Happy Sabbath to you :)
Have a joyful happy sabbath friendz..."lets hope to see Jesus on that bright morning..usiku mwema
happy sabbath,, the far av gone and wot av achieved is for the will of God... thanks to him
Haven't been on in ages , happy sabbath
If your worried about the storm, you may miss your blessing.. Like when he took his eyes off Jesus he started sinking. Don't take your eyes off your goal.. Happy Sabbath day..
Have you ever thought about your life, where you live and what you do and what is going on around? What's your purpose? Where are you going to? Where are you leading others? Is all going to be for nothing because you'll die and eventually everybody else will too? All these questions are answered by the Bible and having Jesus' presence in our lives. To live for Jesus is to live forever and guide others to Eternity (God). Happy Sabbath. Love you.
🙏Happy Sabbath Y'all🙏 from me and le twin. Mahana twins all day…
Church was great this morning, & so was the feeling I got when I got that interview. Happy Sabbath and goodnight 󾌬󾌬󾮞
making a productive Sunday.. happy Sabbath day.. :). God bless
Happy Sabbath to all my Aso Fitu followers!
Pressed down, shaken together, running over! :) Happy Sabbath Day! :)
I'm so happy sabbath day starts in 2 hours.
Thankyou Sydney Family. Now our road trip begins, heading back to Melbourne if only we had Sydney's weather. Happy Sabbath peeps xoxo
Have a happy Sabbath Day, my friends!!
Happy Sabbath day.. Serving the Lord with all your heart and mind .. praise and glorify God Almighty
Heavenly Father gave me everything I need... Happy and holy Sabbath to all :-) I love this song...
Happy sabbath to all. God bless everyone.
Happy sabbath keep the holy day holy commandment shalom
May we find peace within us as we observe today's sabbath. Remember to pray for ur country, no place like home. Happy sunday!
Happy sabbath from my sisters and I
Happy Sabbath! Pictured is the first annual Branch Sabbath School Conference in Japan in late 1955.
Happy Sabbath, JESUS loves you, more then you love yourself. You are a beautiful person, that's why he toke time to make you, 😊
satan has no power...only if you give him..DON'T, happy Sabbath 2 every1
60% population in South Africa are women and men is only 40%. Out of that 40%, 13% are *** 12% are prisinors, and 7% joined military, Only 8% left and there's noway they can cover all the women. Appreciate the man that you have not all of the girls are that lucky, even if he cheats appreciate him atleast he shows the spirit of ubuntu to those girls who are not lucky as you're. Happy Sabbath
Good morning :)) lds family happy sabbath day to all of you::)) Friendrequest i want ;'
According to the Jewish calendar today is the Sabbath? Well if it is accurate, then happy Sabbath Yisrael! :)
Mum was happy AF when I told her I'm gonna go work this weekend lol. There's 3 days of work but na sorry I don't wanna work on Sabbath
Black Sabbath all day and I'm a happy camper.
Listening to black sabbath makes me happy
“Rediscovered Black Sabbath and it has never felt so good” yay so happy 4 u awh😎😎😎
I am now officially on holiday...first stop..London to see Black Sabbath...happy days :-)
Happy Birthday to the one who holds it all together . This is our dream cake!!
One of my fav Black Sabbath songs. Btw Happy Canada Day buddy!
Imagine if the Black Sabbath Hyde Park gig was at Sonisphere instead of the Friday at Sonisphere, I'd be so happy.
Who will be the next person you will kiss? — Errmm when an Aunty at church greets me saying happy sabbath
Now all I need to see is black sabbath, Marilyn man and ACDC, obviously Metallica then I'll die happy
Black Sabbath sounds mighty awesome! So happy for you sister! :D
“Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people.” - House M.D. . …
I of course bought tickets for Sabbath yonks ago and am perfectly happy contributing to their houses made of gold. Gr.
Back in Holland again. Sabbath was really good. Happy to be heading home.
thanks 4a fantastic service got my gorgeous Tabitha dress to wear in time for Black Sabbath @ Hyde Park - so…
Black Sabbath and another forms of be happy
needed for this shot of my brothers at sunset. Happy everyone!
Good point. If it makes the fundies happy TECHNICALLY the sabbath is Saturday, but who cares what they think.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Wonderful worship at one church, potluck at another, nap, time in the garden (dirt in the kid’s pockets!), family dinner. A happy sabbath!
I don't, cause were EQUALS :) Happy Sabbath my condescending friend
As soon as I learn to play Iron Man by Black Sabbath on the guitar I can die a happy man
Keep calm and have a happy sabbath ^^
maybe if im hella drunk lol Happy Sabbath Nance!
“Super Soul Sunday to all!”OWN Channel is good but yesterday was already the Sabbath day please look at Solar Sonar Calendar.
Happy sabbath to all! May lord bless you all, love you all from the big brother.
Been a min since I was in The Lord's house lol Happy Sabbath y'all
Happy Sabbath everyone! A friendly notice to our fellow customers... Hungry Islander is experiencing a little...
happy sabbath. sleepy sabbath. The best.
Must've been exhausted, both of us JUST woke up! Smh, and could go back to sleep now. Happy Sabbath!
And here were the oats before they got all ugly from being mixed up. 😂😂 Happy Sabbath, everyone. My…
Happy Sunday. It's the Sabbath, so you're not allowed work unless you plan on getting stoned to death. Or just stoned,…
One of my cousins try to comment Sumin ugly, deleted dat shxt called her *** up nd told her off, happy sabbath Tae! 😂😭😂
Today the handsome boy from church was extra handsome and I want to marry him and have his babies and stuff Happy Sabbath!!
Happy Birthday !! ...As bad as I want to joke on you, it's the Sabbath day so imma chill lol enjoy your day tho homie!
Happy Sabbath (lunar) for those who know the William miller tried to bring to light! !!but was...
Happy Sabbath day (with olivia, and at Seventh Day Adventist Church Sario) —
Gm I woke up so thankful and grateful just because God is good... Yes thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made up on the cross just for little ole me... I woke up and I could hear Marvin Sapp singing "I need thee, oh I need thee, every hour I need thee, oh bless me now my saviour, I come to thee"! I bless the threshold of the church this morning and I prayed that minds, hearts, and spirits of man be changed for the good to have a closer walk with thee. Happy Sabbath great people of God enjoy service be uplifted!
The Sabbath is coming to an end...and oh what a great Sabbath it was! Happy Sabbath, and have a blessed upcoming week! 💗💝
Don't think I could of said it better myself! Happy Sabbath!
Happy Sabbath to you all. God has blessed this day for all to spend time with Him.
Good morning and Happy Sabbath everyone. Take some time to read John 3:16&17 & Exodus 20:8-11. Be blessed!
Happy Sabbath to all my SDA homies (aka Brothers & Sisters) out there! Lol
Mum, had been grinding paste for tomorrow...Happy Sabbath to all my beloved Brothers and Sisters in faith. May God bless you all! With Love from South Sudan, the youngest nation.
Happy Sabbath people of God,i worship at babcock university
The argument that the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) exist just after Sinai and is done away with after Christ's crucifixion is just not true. If so, then... Cain should not be punished for killing Abel (Gen. 4:13) Joseph should not be commended for shying away Potiphar's wife (Gen. 39:9) Manna should have fallen on the seventh day before the Israelites reach Sinai (Gen. 16:23). The disciples should have not kept the Sabbath after His crucifixion (Luke 23:56). The Law shows us God's character of love and justice. It is not there to save us. Its purpose is to show us our sin and lead us to the Saviour. Happy Sabbath.
Well, sadly the kid's are too sick for Sabbath School or church. We have been going regularly and so hoped to keep training the wee ones. We do have a lovely church group with many wee ones and very good and dedicated teachers. Happy Sabbath to all!
Happy Sabbath! Attention Valley elders, communication directors and church clerks, don't miss out on the special trainings designed just for you this afternoon! 4 pm at the Edinburg church. Houston, you are next on June 7!
Are we any different from Ancient Israel? We may not repine at the travails that the Lord has set to purify us as we are too preoccupied with being tossed, bruised and battered by the devil. We are so intensely caught that we completely forget that God has promised us peace and happiness if we will only trust and obey Him. Each day the Lord manifest his love and compassion towards us. Even this awesomeness we are somewhat ignorant of because we are so driven to strike a balance between secular and christian life. This idea of such a balance is spurious; orchestrated by Satan. With each thought, speech, action; our lives in totality, the Lord should be glorified. Its about time we stop short changing ourselves of our blessings and start "Giving diligence, add to our faith, virtue & virtue to knowledge & knowledge to temperance & temperance to patience & patience to brotherly kindness & brotherly kindness love" in order to make our calling an election sure.(2 Peter 1:5-7).. Happy Sabbath friends... Let th . ...
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🌸 Tomorrow at 11 a.m., Pastor Darrel's sermon is called, "Standing on Promises." There will NOT be a service at 8:30. At 9:30, Sabbath School will meet in the sanctuary as a combined class (except for Cradle Roll, which will meet as usual), due to many of our members going to Battle Creek for the day. If you plan to go to Battle Creek and need transportation, meet to the church at 8:30. Dress casually but warmly, and bring an umbrella and a lunch. 🌂 Happy Sabbath!
Man, I am so ready for Sabbath! Jesus, keep me near the Cross. Vespers tonight @ 6:30, Sabbath School tomorrow @ 9:15, Divine Worship in the Sanctuary + a special Children's church in the fellowship hall at 11, and the Armed Forces PrayerQuest @ 6p. A full 24 hours of family, fellowship, worship, iron sharpening iron and resting in the beauty of creation with the Almighty. Happy Sabbath! :)
Adventists in New Zealand and Fiji are already in Sabbath School and church. But Sabbath doesn't start for hours in USA. Happy Sabbath.
I'm going to Cuneta Astrodome now for the culmination of Hope Manila 2014. This is now the last day of this event and the Grand Sabbath and Mass Baptism. Also this is the last preaching of Elder Ted Wilson in Revelation of Hope. Happy Sabbath to all of you. :)
Happy Sabbath to all the people of God! See you all at Cuneta Astrodome tomorrow and be blessed by the word of God through our World Leader Elder Ted Wilson.
Happy Sabbath. Tomorrow I will be worshipping in WSU(unitra). So please join the youth for the Sabbath School lesson. Tomorrow in wsu there will be a Remnant Men Choir service. If you want, do join us.
Happy Sabbath everyone!Thanks God for this another day of rest...esp.spending the Sabbath with all the delegates n friends who come earlier for the Sabbath School Congress!thanks too Lord for all the blessings & for all the things we accomplish today because of Your help.We give all the glory & honor to Your Name Lord!
.. Nice kau ato Sabbath School lesson.. naa kahay mka kuha f unsa jud ang point sa lesson (Christ is the end of the law)...?? I'm hoping nga naa pud unta, atleast naay 1 out of 100 .. :) but for me and for all us, again & again, it was the message of Christ our Righteousness that was rejected in 1888 at Mineapollis .. God bless us all .. Happy Sabbath in advance.. :)
Happy Sabbath and Happy Birthday to the President of the SDA General Conference Pastor Ted Wilson,…
Happy Sabbath. Remember everyone who lives close enough to come to the two day seminar, the date is around the corner. June 6th and 7th. Lisa Marie Buster will be the guest singer and speaker. Visit her web site and hope to see you there. Stayton Seventh Day Adventist church in Stayton Oregon.
Happy Sabbath brothers and sisters in Christ, Its Children's Convention and the children are worshiping here at Seaforth Seventh Day Adventist Church under the theme"Here Am I. Send me". Join our live stream by clicking the link below:
Happy Sabbath!! Today I have the privilege of preaching for the Rochester Indonesian Seventh-day Adventist Church. The service starts at 1PM and everyone is welcome!!
I'm playing and singing at Columbia Community Center of Seventh Day Adventist Church this Sabbath! Monique Griffiths is leading the Praise Team, we gonna do some hand clappin, foot stompin, Praise Singin to God Almighty! King of Kings! And Lord of Lords! Y'all Better come on out and Praise the Lord with us! Happy Sabbath!
The Law & the New Covenant. People who say 'we nolonger under the Law' which of cause is true to them this means lawlessness. Interestingly they always realize when they sin, one may wonder, HOW!! Again not that they don't obey the ten commandments except for one which they don't like. Happy Sabbath.
However old you Bible is, just pick it up tomorrow...welcome to the Church! Happy Sabbath from South Sudan.
Its too hot in Labasa... so fortunate that God has his own will among individuals. Spending the day at Labasa is reallyn enjoyable... Was able to meet up with ex scholars of California College Ratu Silivenusi and Matthew Vunivalu... walked around in town chatting with frenz and didnt noe that the last bus to savusavu has been loading passengers..n e cava ga ni da vulagi da qai mai tu vakalialia.. now bus is damm full and i dont wanna stanf from here to svsv.. id rather spend the sabbath here at Labasa then vespers at Savusavu.. Happy Sabbath frenz
Happy Sabbath. May today bring you rest and fellowship with those you love.
Another opportunity for praise from the hilltop. Happy Sabbath! (@ Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church)
Happy Sabbath everyone especially the Seaford Town Seventh Day Adventist Church members and visiting friends. I hope u have an spirit filled day. God bless.
Sh ... its time to be quite ... time to reflect upon the Sabbath and its importance to our lives. When the Sabbath comes let us rejoice and worship our Great God and Creator together. Happy Sabbath, Shabbat Shalom, Good Shabbos. ~~ Val
Happy Sabbath y'all...worshiping in Seventh Day Adventist church Pakoto Ifo Ogun state..
A vast army of Roman soldiers, religious leaders and a vast army of demons in human form, dragged Him to the place of skulls to crucify Him BUT HE SILENTLY CONQUERD THEN BY HIS LOVE! LOVE a very POWERFUL TOOL to conquer your enemies than Spears, knives and Guns!.Happy Sabbath dear Friends!
Morning and Happy Sabbath! God is good & I thank Him for His many blessings. Let us rejoice & praise His holy name!
Happy Sabbath! Anyone who wants to serve the Lord and the needy, you are all welcome to join us around 1p.m. at 447 Cooper Street in downtown knoxville. We Love you all and hope to see you there!
Happy Sabbath!!! If you are willing to share, how were you blessed this week?
need your prayers, Please include me in your personal/daily prayers to pass for my coming Midwifery Licensure Exam At UC main Campus this April 27 & 28, 2014. Your simple prayers can be a big help for my success. Happy Sabbath and Goodevening.
Happy Sabbath to all, Pastor Daniel Matteo will bring us the message. Sabbath School starts at 9.30 and Church Service at 11am.
Happy Sabbath everyone! Just want everyone to know that I am a Seventh Day Adventist and today is one of the days I go to church. I know I play around a lot but this is for real!! If u feel that u need prayer "like" this status so I can pray for you personally today. I'm not asking for you do change anything or to do anything out of your way. Everyone needs prayer and that all that I want to do, to pray for you. Hit "like" and who knows how God can bless you today just because of someone praying for you. Como te Explico!
Happy Sabbath be blessed and rest well until sunrise.
The Coming King is at the Door...Adventist hymn no.119 our first song in Sabbath School Program...Happy Sabbath everyone...
GOD created turtles to remind us to slow down always from the ivory tower of our pride, ants remind us about little things that we must appreciate & acknowledge from Him, the sky remind us to look up & pray, He created u & me to remind us how beautiful life can be. Happy Sabbath :-)
Happy Sabbath! What preparation have you done prior to this holy day of rest? Have you checked your heart? Time to tune up our hearts and minds to God. Be TRUE for He knows your heart more than you know yourself... Let's meet Him with a pure and cleansed heart.
Friends, in the course of the campaign I've gotten to know Mr. Frank Patterson, longtime District 4 MWA Board member and a really good person. His wife has taken ill, and I ask that you keep her in your prayers and pray for healing mercy for her. Thank you Mr. Frank for your years of valuable service to the MWA. I hope to have the opportunity to serve with and learn from you. Happy Sabbath everyone!
Happy Sabbath everyone. Prepared and ready to attend Sunday Morning Session of the 184th General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints @ Patag Chapel, Cagayan de Oro City. See you there brothers and sisters.
My life is in your hands. Happy Sabbath to all our families and friends. So blessed to do a special iteam for our mt druitt Seventh Day Adventist church. Praise the lord amen...
Happy Sabbath!!! I saw a quote from the SOP where she said that WE should not quote it (in the context that it was put in was not at all). Then I looked up the quote myself and this is what Is really said!!! May God help you all and help me. I want help and strength and power. But do not quote Sister White till you stand on vantage ground, where you know what you are doing. Take the Word of God. It is full of meat and drink. Study the Bible, and you will know more of God than you do now. You will have something fresh to impart to others. You will not go over the same ground again and again. You will realize that there is a world to save. I ask you to put on the whole armor, and be sure that your feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.—Manuscript 43, 1901. (A talk presented by Ellen White in the Battle Creek College library, April 1, 1901.) – {13MR 207.2}
I have a dream...that one day...Seventh-day Adventists will not take pride in the fact that most people identify us by the amount of veggie meat in our freezers (even though MOST professed vegetarians EAT PIZZA), whether or not you have piercings (Talk to the hand, oh wait, is that a ring?), track EPL scores in church or watch the game live (Glory Glory Man United), wait for the DVD or see it when it is first released (Ok, you proud Fireproof watchers), call it a haystack or a salad, make reference to Ellen White (Gee, David doesn't even get that type of recognition for the psalms he wrote)."Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples” (John 13:35 NLT).Happy Sabbath!
actually reading my scriptures rn . Happy Sabbath everyone (:
Wonderful Pathfinder day at the Providence Great Lions club. Happy Sabbath everyone.
Happy Sabbath to all my friends and family members of the Seventh Day Adventist faith.when I think of goodness of Jesus ,and what he has done for me... I can't stand this morning and say thank you Jesus for saving me.
Happy Sabbath to all ma Seventh Day Adventist may the good Lord continues to bless and keep you, have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.
my son is finally up and always smiling:) morning everyone and Happy Sabbath from us two. JOHN
"The Lord's Supper is a participation in the emblems of the body and blood of Jesus as an expression of faith in Him, our Lord and Saviour. In this experience of communion Christ is present to meet and strengthen His people. As we partake, we joyfully proclaim the Lord's death until He comes again. Preparation for the Supper includes self-examination, repentance, and confession. The Master ordained the service of foot washing to signify renewed cleansing, to express a willingness to serve one another in Christlike humility, and to unite our hearts in love. The communion service is open to all believing Christians."—Fundamental Beliefs, 15.having confessed our sins during the week, let us bond in love as we engage in today's holy communion service. Happy Sabbath heavenly heirs!
Happy Sabbath pals. I will be enjoying the Sabbath with kenyatta university SDA group at KU main campus. Where are you going to enjoy yours??
Galarodo Gebsty Thundaz,,u still life yet,,Happy Sabbath lo u n have a blessed weekend..:)
God is good,. all the time. and all the time,. God is good. How do hou say this i your mother tongue? Happy Sabbath to all.
Happy Sabbath to our Adventist Friends and a Happy Weekend to all our Non-Adventist Friends at Student Services, Northern Caribbean University - NCU and Northern Caribbean University-NCU Students Be Like all Academic and Spiritual Clubs.
Oh what a mighty God we serve, He made a day, it's the Lord day, it's the Sabbath day, it's the seventh day, it was a day said God REMEMBER, it was a day of restoration, a day of healing & miracle, it was a day made for man. God thank you. Happy Sabbath friends.
Newsfeed blown up about POLYFEST? Eh yes polyfest is cancelled & postponed til Tuesday. Everyone go & pray that Cyclone Lusi doesn't meet you anytime soon today. Stay bless everyone & Happy Sabbath.
Happy Sabbath all... Tomorrow is not promise to us. So give your life to Christ!!! Live Love Pray!
TODAY IS THE LORD SABBATH . so Happy Sabbath to all and especially to the Hebrew Israelites. Shalom!
Happy Sabbath ! Remember, we won't be meeting today at BAYC; we'll be at Shiloh Bilingual SDA Church (2549 Church...
☺ Happy Sabbath to all Seventh Day Adventists out there! Let's go to church
One who understand Biblical prophecy one thing for sure will not be surprised what comes next. Bible warned us about great tribulation, unprecedented rumors of wars, earthquake, pestilences and the rise of false prophets... Happy Sabbath!!!
Happy Sabbath everyone. We were singing from Capital Hill today!! Lol
WOMEN'S DAY OF PRAYER STARTS Preacher: Mrs Orebotse Sebetlela Theme: HE LIFTS UP MY HEAD Scripture reading: Psalms 121:1-2 Join us in the morning to continue hearing God's message he prepared for us! Venue: Lepapa Seventh-day Adventist Church near Moshupa Rural Administration Centre. Time: 9:00am till late... Happy Sabbath to you all sons and daughters of God. Be blessed!
I am not lonely, I have God! :) Whether you're in a relationship, divorced or single remember with the Lord you are never alone. When loneliness creeps in seek God and fill your heart with his beautiful promises of love, protection and grace. Don't let this world dictate what "LOVE" is, seek perfect love through Christ. "We love because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19) Happy Sabbath! :)
Today on Sabbath am ministering at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University.Kindly pray for me.Happy Sabbath and be blessed.
Happy Sabbath to all of you. I am thinking of the upcoming GC session in 2015. Are any of you gong to be delegates there? Or are any of you close friends with someone who is most likely to be a delegate? I would like to interact with a few of these persons regarding Mark Finley's sermon a couple weeks ago. If you are such a person, or know one on a person level, please send me a private message with the potential delegate's name and contact info (email or phone). (If you or he/she is on the TOSC, of course, I don't need your/his/her name.)
i was reading some adventist commentaries on the website, Mark Finley states that Christ spent much time in pray 4r he knew that there he would get power,connect with God &so today's christians r powerless coz they r too buzy 2 4 u i pray u hv a prayer life as i desire 2 set exmpl thru the help of Christ 2 defeat satan's snares.Happy Sabbath!!
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Thank God it is a Friday.. preparation for the sabbath... And I can afford to say. Happy Sabbath to our friends in Australia and News land, Asia, Russia, Europe and the Middle East, including those in the North Africa i.e countries of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco etc those in West Africa i.e Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Mali, Cameroon, Gabon etc. those in East Africa i.e Kenya my homeland, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, North and South Sudan etc. Those in Southern part of Africa i.e Madagascar, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi Angola to the far end etc. Without, forgetting our brothers in North America i.e Canada, U.S.A, those in Central America i.e the Bahamas, the Caribbean’s, Jamaica, Peru etc and those in South America i.e Argentina, Brazil etc. This day was made for you! (Mark 2:27-28) Be a part of our weekly shout-out by sharing your greeting and location! We can all afford to say HAPPY SABBATH depending on our time zones.
Better go read the bible and keep focused on Jesus. Sometimes people get to my head and I start to complain when really I should always behave in a way that represents Jesus. I was watching Joseph prince preaching and he was saying satan will continuously use people to get to Christians and deter them from Jesus and his wonderful light but if we just keep our minds on Jesus commandments he will make our paths straight. Ive noticed I can easily follow the commandments of The Lord when I keep my eyes off people and what they are doing and only focus on what I must do. Thats what I will do now. I thank God for getting me past the Ciggarettes and Weed cos those 2 things held me back. Now I am free! Thanks Lord. AMEN to The Lord. Praise The Lord forever and ever. Happy Sabbath! Amen
Happy Sabbath to every one! It's truly February 2014. When we think of our lives, we grow older each day! Thursday, was truly a sad day for me, because one sister whom I knew for 16 years passed away in the Cardiac ICU room in Desert Regional Medical Center here in Palm Springs, CA. It was a day that I ministered to her family who truly mourned her passing. Sister Precy Piedad Reparejo Guillermo will surely be missed in our Christian fellowship and Sabbath services. The memorial service would be on February 14 and the burial the next day at the Desert Memorial Cemetery in Cathedral City.
Happy Sabbath to all saviour church members
Happy Sabbath...according to sister white 666 is the mark of the image beast and not papacy,a word to the little flock p.12,19
Happy Sabbath South Africa and Zimbabwe.People want to label you with everything you’ve done wrong, but you’re already been labeled forgiven, redeemed, restored.
Hi pipo happy sabbath I miss all my friendz at kalundu sda .
Oh heaven, oh heaven. I wake with good intentions... but the day it always lasts too long. Sabbath
Remenber the saveth day and keep it holly. Happy sabbath
Happy sabbath 2 all de adventists...
Love God, Respect him, Respect yo neighbor, Be afraid of God, And c what happens HAPPY SABBATH
traditions are merely traditions and not the truth. Bible is still the basis of truth. Happy Sabbath. feeling blessed. hotel EDSA
sorry for the rant. cant sleep. trying to get rid of the hurt. I'm gonna have a happy Sabbath anyway. NO weapon formed against God's people will prosper. Amen
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