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Happy Opening Day

World Series Tampa Bay Rays White Sox Happy Easter Bryce Harper

Happy Opening Day! Here’s 17 films to see at this year https…
Awesome league with awesome people. Will miss touring the Midwest this summer. Happy Opening Day to
Happy Opening Day!! Registration starts at 8:30am. Come on down and join in the fun!
Good morning and Happy Opening Day! Some blog action for you, including signing RHP Micah Owings -
Happy Opening Day! It's great to be with Governor Hogan and 46,000 Orioles's fans.
Happy opening day of Spring Meet! First post is at 1:05 PM. LET'S GO!.
Happy opening day of trails Bellevue to the point to South Side.
It's opening day at kings island and that makes me happy
Happy Saturday! Worked last night and opening today. Hurrah! Kinda tired and on coffee 2. Still, today will be a good day.
I see is opening in Rosebank, day after my birthday. Happy birthday to me, what? 😉
Went to watch the new Conan movie on opening day with the bf, I'm happy (*^.^*)
East Shore Little League Opening Day. Happy to once again sponsor a team
Happy opening day of trout fishing, Pennsylvania! Scenes from Loyalhanna Creek, Westmoreland Co.
Happy Opening Day for Trails! Share your pics with us on the using
opening today for crawfish, cornhole,& happy hour all day! I've got Nike golf bags, coolers...
Happy Record Store Day 2016! Looking forward to the crowd at KEXP's grand opening.
is 4th Highest Opening day for a Shahrukh Khan Movie after Happy New Year, Chennai Express, Dilwale.
Happy Opening Day!!. it's the most wonderful time of the year🎤. (before the olympics)
Happy Opening Day to our sister park in southern Ohio!! . Have a day
It's opening day!! I haven't woke up this happy in weeks.
Happy Opening Day, fans current and future
- Day 1 share in the Telugu states around 80 lakhs (better than Thuppakki opening). Team is happy. Good respons…
Happy news 6 long year Endhiran record in Coimbatore broken by Theri. Biggest opening day grosser in Coimbatore of all…
Happy Opening Day fans, made all the better by a victory!
Happy Opening Day! Where are you headed to watch the game, Lake Orion?
⚾️💙 Happy Opening Day from my handsome little boy in blue 💙⚾️
Happy Opening Day from the Jungle Jim's beer department! We're loving all the baseball-themed brews!
Happy Opening Day from your resident Cal League nerd.
Happy Opening Day ; Whitey Herzog defending the Neil Allan for Keith Hernandez trade in "White Rat"
Happy Opening Day! The flag gets risen, and the quest for another title begins today.
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"Prepare like a man, play like a boy." Happy Opening Day @ Lasell College
Happy Opening Day! Columbus off to revenge their loss in Portland
Happy Opening Day to the "sequel" to The Man Who Fell To Earth, which opens off Broadway today. .
Happy Opening Day :) You might find this episode of the Show even more relevant...
Happy Opening Day! Wish I could be there. Hopefully I'll be able to go to Monday's game!
Happy Opening Day! Come on up tonight to watch the Indians take on the Tigers. Did I mention that Fireball is...
Happy Opening Day! Excited and honored to be able to take the field today. Time to get this season started!
Happy Opening Day, & fans! We salute you with our cocktail, named in honor of Edgar Martinez...
Happy Opening Day! Commemorate by checking out a brief history of the baseball
my Braves traded away the best closer in the game. Opening Day is supposed to bring happy thoughts
I had to turn down Opening Day tickets tomorrow for one acts rehearsal. I hope you're happy,
We hope you're having a Happy Easter and a Happy Opening Day! . The next Scout we want you to meet is Slowpoke!
Jealous I'm away from the true fan section for opening day, but happy I will be at the ballpark.
Happy Opening Day tomorrow! We look forward to watching you this season. # openingday
Happy opening day. Go Cubs! - Drinking a Black River Gumbo Stout by -
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I would be so happy if my parents surprised me with opening day tickets tomorrow for my birthday
Happy Easter u going be at opening day?
If you don't get goosebumps after this video you don't have a pulse. Happy Opening Day everyone ht…
Happy Easter Boston... One day closer to opening day!
Wish I had tickets for opening day, but I'm just happy baseball is back. Feels like forever.
Happy Easter everyone! . Remember to call in sick for opening day tomorrow. We've got swag, peanuts and *** jacks!
Padres are going all in for 2015...big things are happening. Happy opening day!
Happy Easter! Are you going to be at the Trop for opening day tomorrow to support your man? GO RAYS!!!
Ive never been so happy to watch baseball before! Opening Day makes me want to play so bad!
The Cards makes me happy, happy opening day ❤️⚾️
happy opening day 💕 may the cardinals have a wonderful season as always. (And cubs fans cry themselves to sleep)
Happy opening day by the way everyone ☺️⚾️
Happy opening day! On that note, and I are not friends right now.
Happy the Oquendo sweatshirt under the jersey came out for opening day
Happy Easter and Opening day to everyone!
Happy Easter but more importantly, happy opening day.
“Welcome to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. Welcome to 2015. - Happy Opening Day!
Agreed. I hate that it's not the first game anymore. Slap in the face of tradition. But, happy opening day eve!
1st time in Fast & Furious franchise history that I have not seen the movie opening day. It ain't right. I'm not happy.
It makes me so happy that my moms going to opening day tomorrow, and she's not taking me:)
Four weeks until opening day. Happy Easter from Wolfpack.
the fact that i will be at Park for Opening Day tomorrows makes so happy 😍⚾️
Easter Sunday plus opening day for Cardinals' baseball = renewal of the spirit! Happy Easter everyone.
Every bobblehead giveaway to date. Happy Opening Day Eve!
Happy Easter and Opening day eve baseball. Yay!!💙
I will be extremely happy if the Reds can get to 70 wins. We should just tank from opening day and go for the number 1 pick. Go Cincy though
Rescheduled Game starting tomorrow at 1pm @ CCC. Starting in the 6th inning of a 0-0 game. Then a 7 inning game. Happy opening day!
Happy opening day to my former neighbors, the Best of luck on the 2015 season.
Happy Opening Day of fantasy baseball season. Big Week 1 showdown: Ray Pride Parade (me) vs. Bay of Puigs (
Happy highest of holy days -- MLB Opening Day. For a couple more hours everyone is still tied for first and anything can hap…
Happy Easter everyone!! We finally made to Montgomery. Thank god for every day. Can't wait for opening day! It's go time.
While everyone was out on opening trout day yeaterday, was out slaying some bass. Happy…
Um.(I think) I saw outside of my apartment today. Happy opening day to me!
Happy Opening Day. Something to put you in the baseball mood: Lee Elia's 1983 rant about Cub's fans,a tirade deluxe.
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day! In celebration check out this podcast of talking about the
To all my horse racing friends...Happy Opening Day!!! But how weird is it living in one of the sports "meccas" of the world, where one of the Triple Crown races is held every year, that we are down to one NY newspaper covering racing. As I opened up my Daily News this morn to read "The Battle of Saratoga" racing feature it was not there, it was as if "Abracdabra "was said and Saratoga went Poof, and had disappeared behind the closed curtin!!! Shame on you Daily News and NY Post (and I will throw in the NY Times), you give us endless prattle about A-Rod for years and daily countdowns on if Melo is staying or going, can you spare some precious ink for a little racing news??? And, what happens next year, if we have another Triple Crown possibility, will that coverage go down the manure pit too??? (For non-racing fans, I mean toilet!)
Happy Opening Day of Trout Season Clearfield County! It is finally here-the day to get your fishing rod out and catch some fish. If your interested in fly fishing head to Parker Dam State Park at 3:00 p.m. to learn the basics with your friends or teach your kids. Parker Dam State Park is located at 28 Fairview Road, Penfield PA 15849.
Happy Opening Day of Tornado Season! Are we really going to miss the green jacket presentation in Butler Cabin?
Happy Opening Day to the friends Great job to with the new announcements.
Happy Opening Day! Spaulding Boston staff showed off their Red Sox Nation pride in celebration of the Home Opener of the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.
Happy Opening Day at The K, Kansas City! You can find great Kansas City Royals gear at Oak Park Mall!
Happy Opening Day. Head down to the ViewHouse Eatery, Bar & Rooftop to see Joel Crouse perform at noon.
After many years of deliberation I have decided that my Major League Baseball walk out song would be "No Surrender" by the Boss. Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day! The Alan Cox Show will be broadcasting live from 11a - 3p from Corner Alley on E. 4th St. Stop by and have a beer with us. - Bill Squire
Happy Opening Day. Who's hanging out in LoDo today?
Happy Opening Day to the soon to be 28 time World Champions New York Yankees! Lets get it started today CC!
George Steinbrenner sat in a hotel lobby for seven hours waiting for Reginald Martinez Jackson to come down, so he could get him to sign a contract. Say what you will about "championships bought", but how many other OWNERS have done that?! Happy Opening Day of MLB 2014
Happy Opening Day! Next year Ally and I will take our picture with 3 World Series Championship trophies
Happy Opening Day! Feeling good about my San Francisco Giants this season!
Happy Opening Day ... the day when all of our teams are still in the hunt!
I just learned that the Atlanta Braves are named after Tammany Hall. This is my favorite thing ever. Happy Opening Day everybody!
Happy Opening Day from AZ ! my son Jackson Anthony.Giants fan since birth
... Where's a shot of the Skip? Played little league with Mike in Kirkland, Good luck and Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day everyone! Just two weeks until the Astros are mathematically eliminated, so enjoy them while they last.
Happy Opening Day! Jealous of everyone who gets to enjoy their teams, but the real season starts tomorrow night. New York Yankees coming for Championship 28!
IMO Jerry Remy should not be doing the Red Sox telecasts this season after what happened with his son. He should take it upon himself to sit out until his son's court case has run it's course. If he doesn't want to do that then I believe NESN should make the decision for him. He is putting viewers in a very awkward position of trying to laugh at his joke's all the while knowing what the Martell family is going through. I realize this is a hot button topic in Boston & some might not agree but that is my take! Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day! Baseball Season is officially here. (thanks for the photo at the Mets Game, Gina Marie & Brian...
Happy Opening Day! Be sure to stop by the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum to create your very own nSixty Tra…
Happy Opening Day! Here's Jerry with Bob Weir and Vince Welnick kicking off opening day at Candlestick Park, home...
Happy Opening Day across the Majors for all of my baseball peoples out there! We made it through the long cold winter everyone! Baseball is back! 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!
Happy Opening Day! Everyone is in first place*!. *First place declaration does not apply to the Los Angeles Dodgers or Arizona Diamondbacks.
Do we have any baseball fans out there? Happy Opening Day! Best of luck to our hometown St. Louis Cardinals this...
Happy Opening Day! We will have Turkey Legs this afternoon to celebrate.
Happy Opening Day, Hope Springs Eternal. Time to enjoy some Mariners Baseball until about mid-June when they are out of it again. But at least I can say for at least one day, I have my First Place San Diego Padres to root for. And yes, I will post this video every opening day:
Happy Opening Day, when even my beloved New York Metropolitans are tied for first.
Happy Opening Day to you as well, sir. I'm sure The Trop will have about 18 people in attendance for the Jays/Rays game today.
This is getting ridiculous. Happy Opening Day to Tommy John season everyone!
Happy Opening Day in Cincinnati Gary Bellile! What a privilege to be able to watch the National League Champion, St. Louis Cardinals on Opening Day! Go Cardinals!
Happy Opening Day! The Cincinnati Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals (who tend to suck btw) play today at 4. Where will Jess and I be? At our son's, eating hot dogs and watching the game! Woot woot!
2 of my favorites non-holidays that should be holidays. Happy Festivus and Happy Opening Day! Oh, my favorite day of the year!
Hoping this is the season that finally brings the World Series trophy to Arlington. Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day! Ready for a great season of St. Louis Cardinals Baseball!
Happy Opening Day everyone! I'm in line with Ozzie Smith and thinks today is a national holiday. So with my tradition on today, I'm going stating my 9 BOLD predictions for the season. 1. The Kansas Royals will win the AL Central 2. The NY Yankees nor the BoSaux will reach the playoffs 3. Mike Trout will have a subpar season 4. Clayton Kershaw will make less than 20 starts this year 5. The Marlins, Padres, and Twins all flirt with .500 records 6. Bryce Harper wins the MVP 7. Robinson Cano wins the MVP 8. No team wins more than 95 games this year 9. The Nationals win the World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays! Play ball!
Happy Opening Day, everyone. May this be the year that being a Mets fan is not a bigger letdown than Halloween.
Happy Opening Day, babies! In celebration, I am going in to work an hour early and taking off four hours early. Don't worry, the math makes sense when you take in to account that Texas Ranger Baseball is more important than money. Play ball!
Happy Opening Day! Two very special props I once had the opportunity to work with...authentic Roberto Clemente bat and Lou Gehrig autographed baseball. Go get 'em, Reds!
A Happy Opening Day to all you crazy O's fanatics! Go O's!! It is time... The planets are aligning... The ice age is in recession... 60 years as your Baltimore Orioles!! World Series run to commence today!! I am as excited as I've ever been!!! Enjoy, my friends!!
Happy Opening Day from Wrigley Field. Baseball is back. Cubbies open the doors on Friday.
Happy Opening Day! (And why hasn't this been declared a national holiday yet?)
Baseball is the only sport I really like. Good morning and Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day. As of now the Phillies are still in first Place.
Happy Opening Day! Let's see what the fish can do this season! got her season tix. Good luck
Happy Opening Day! Some of us may see temperatures near 70° this afternoon!
Happy Opening Day to all My baseball fanatics like myself!!! Enjoy the games and Go Detroit Tigers!! ⚾️⚾️👆
"We're born again and there's new grass on the field!" Happy Opening Day, fans and to baseball fans everywhere!
GM! Happy Opening Day! is live at the stadium. I've got you covered on road closures. :) Watch 4 details!
Happy Opening Day to my fellow Reds heads! WOO!
"Good morning early risers and up all nighters. But me some peanuts and *** Jacks.. Happy Opening Day! METS
Happy Opening Day! & are live at this morning, talking all things Orioles! Tune in now to 11 News Today!
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Happy Opening Day it like spring is really here when the are back in town, it's not like it's been a long winter in Cincy!
Happy Opening Day! Start your baseball season off right with & me…
Happy Opening Day!! Sad I won't be there this yr. Let's go brew crew!
Happy Opening Day! The Good Guys got together and tried to predict the future (actually we just sent a few emails and tried to predict baseball). So, as you enjoy baseball throughout the day and ...
⚾ Happy Opening Day ⚾ If you can't be an Athletic, be an Athletics' Supporter!
THREE BELLS! Must be time to make the Burgers. Happy Opening Day, Ya'll! Hope to serve you at AJ Bombers Miller Park today. Cheers. :)
Happy Opening Day!! This is the Year! My Cubbies will finish the year at .500 and have two All Stars. And hopefully I'll get to catch a game or two at Parkview Field later on this summer.
Happy Opening Day everyone! I'm guessing the Reds and Tigers playing the World Series!
Random thoughts: Happy Opening Day, everyone! I was going to get you a card, but the stores were out. All I could find was "Best Wishes For The All-Star Break."... The 1970 Orioles and Colts won championships within three months of each other. You may think I'm crazy (if you don't already), but I have a gut feeling that it's going to happen this year, and anyone who knows me knows I'm not usually overly optimistic when it comes to the O's or Ravens. I got that same feeling before the Nova-Georgetown game in 1985, and before Super Bowl XXV as well (nailing the score, Giants, 20-19). I know it's improbable, but I feel pretty good about this... Key for the O's this year: only two three-city road trips this year, another trip has them visiting the Cubs and White Sox, so that doesn't count. Only one West Coast trip this year and only six games that start at 10 p.m. Currently watching a 1999 O's-Angels re-run with Michael Reghi (SEEYALATER) and Mike Flanagan, who will always be sorely missed...
Happy Opening Day-! 3 words I love to hear after a long winter. LETS PLAY BALL-!!
The race for October begins today. Happy Opening Day!!! Can't wait to walk through those beautiful gates on Opening Night!!! P.S. Make sure you go to Skyline to get your free coney with any purchase!
Happy Opening Day to all my baseball peeps. See you in October. GO CUBBIES
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Lots of good people out there who have made years 0 - 30 quite good. Things are looking good for 31, too. Also, Happy Opening Day, everyone else.
I'm initiating a self imposed social media ban for the week. With the Rangers playing day games while I'm at work/class I don't want to be getting updates so I can watch the replay like it's happening in real time. Happy Opening Day to everyone!
To my friends Mike Potter (Brewers fan), Alan Bengs (Reds Fan) and Scott Dahmer (Cubs Fan) enjoy tomorrow, after that ya'll are just competing for 2nd place! To my buddy TK, the sorry little Astro's could have stayed in the NL and finished in last. Happy Opening Day! Go Bucs!!
Happy Opening Day tomorrow to all my Detroit peeps!! Have a fun and safe day playing hookey from work! ;)
Happy Opening Day fellow Padre fans! Only 161 games to go!
I do not follow the Mets because I love baseball. I follow baseball because I love the Mets. Happy Opening Day, my friends.
Tomorrow's Homework Days will feature Jon Lester on the big screen. Happy Opening Day everyone!
Hit with a wooden baseball bat today. And, Ben said "What's that sound? Is there something wrong with your bat?" No, Ben, that is just the sound that a bat and ball are supposed to make. Love the "pop," not the "ting." Happy Opening Day everybody!
As I get older: "Let me stay in for the ballgame, I could do without a crowd." Happy Opening Day.
March came in like a pisssed off polar bear. Today March is leaving me with a smile and a lot of optimism. Happy Opening Day tomorrow!
Happy Opening Day tomorrow! Should be a national holiday or I should just call in sick.
Happy Opening Day! Gosh have fun tonight to all my Pad Squad family :)
Happy Opening Day everyone! Time for my annual picks! First, and most importantly: Your Colorado Rockies! I believe they will come out firing like they did last year, and have +.500 records in April and May, and get my hopes super high, but will have a key injury or two and tail off. 80-82, third place in the NL West. AL Standings Prediction: East: Tampa Bay Rays (4th lowest payroll in MLB, last in attendance, win.) Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays Central: Kansas City Royals (holla Kyle Struchen and Kevin McCall) Detroit Tigers Cleveland Indians Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox (Sorry Mr. President) West: Oakland Athletics (Moneyball bests Spendyball again) Los Angeles Angels Texas Rangers Seattle Mariners Houston Astros NL Standings Predictions: East: Washington Nationals (Had Braves winning before 40% of their rotation went down) Atlanta Braves New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Miami Marlins Central: Pittsburgh Pirates (First real surprise here) St. Louis Cardinals ...
Love you big brother Ryan. Happy Birthday and Happy Opening Day. White Sox, White Sox. Go, Go, White Sox.
Happy Opening Day. The best unofficial holiday of the year.
Happy Opening Day once again! Today I had the pleasure of providing the music for the Tracy Babe Ruth opening day and this was my view as Tracy's hopeful for 2014 sings the national anthem. Beautiful weather!
Happy Opening Day to all of you guys out there starting your seasons today! Good luck this year and stay healthy!
4 ppl in my 1st block.. Happy Opening Day from Harper Creek
What is this crazy sport played on ice with sticks all over Sports Center tonight? I bet Rich Nickel is in heaven! Happy Opening Day you Crazy Canadian!
Happy opening day Sam!! I know you're gonna kill it tonight!! Have a blast and break a leg!! :D xxx
Happy opening day of training camp! Praying for rain in every football city except Houston today.…
Hey it's you! Happy opening day!! “White Plains Theatre Bares It All In New Pop Opera
Happy opening day for Patriots training camp!! Lets go!
Happy opening day of training camp from yours truly mattlessthan3 ❤💙
Happy opening day of training camp, Another milestone in the route to kickoff is behind us..just a few weeks left...
Happy Opening Day of Broncos Training Camp!!! (Nope...not excited in the least) ~ Players Arrive for Training Camp
Happy opening day of Training Camp for the
Happy Opening Day from the propane industry!
is my new favorite bar in Clifton! Happy Opening day with will love it here!
We'd like to wish the a happy opening day! Stop by one of our locations on the way home for a full day of family fun!
Happy Opening Day to and the cast of Les Mis!! Break many legs tonight! 🇫🇷
upgraded - it's a slam dunk. Happy opening day of Broncos Camp Day !
Happy opening day to in Burlington, NC!! These folks have been working hard since 6 AM!
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Happy Opening Day of in For complete coverage turn to
didn't even have time to Instagram as it was too good to leave hanging around!! Happy opening day!
Happy Opening Day to at SOCO! What are you enjoying on this opening day? Use…
Happy opening day of training camp everyone.
Happy opening day to one of my favorites
Happy Opening Day, Race Fans!!! Doors open at 9am sharp. First post at 1:45pm (get here early to grab your seats). See you at the races!
Happy opening day! I hope everything is going deliciously well.
Happy Opening Day to the cast of South Pacific! It will sure be One Enchanted Evening!
I just wanted to forward my great summer gig. I am the PA announcer for the Hillsboro Hops Professional Baseball Club. Looking forward to getting my baseball fix. Happy Opening Day for all my friends in the Northwest League! Look forward to seeing Pat Dillon real soon!
Happy opening day! Let's hope this Merion weather clears up so the excitement can continue!
Happy opening day of the 2013 to all!! Here's to hoping the weather cooperates!
Good morning everyone. Happy opening day of the Get full coverage of everything happening at Merion here:
Missing the intern life for wishing all players a happy opening day
Happy Opening Day to all my and friends. Look forward to enjoying the season from CMass this summer.
Happy opening day to !! I wish I was there getting covered in cotton candy and sprinkles and singing to strangers.
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Happy opening day to Wish I could be there to celebrate but will come this weekend to stock my fridge with yummy goodies!
How many famous MLB players played in the Cape Cod Baseball League? LOTS! . Happy Opening Day!. Learn more:...
Happy Opening Day everybody! First pitch at 5:00! Who's everybody rooting for this season?
Happy Opening Day! Looking forward to strawberries this year!
happy opening day! I hope to make it out to you on Saturday! Have an amazing first day!
Today, baseball returns to the Cape. HAPPY OPENING DAY Firebirds fans!
Happy Opening Day! Bourne at YD tonight - first pitch at 5 pm. Home opener Thu at 6 pm agaist Orleans. Come on out to cheer on Braves!
dominating the trends section on :D Happy Opening Day! Hoping all that hard work pays off.
Happy opening day for ! Can't wait to see what's in store. 🎮
Happy Opening Day! We have a 2:00pm trip leaving today!
The Birthday Show comes up from 8:05am. Drop shouts to your loved ones celebrating. Let's do it!
Happy opening day to my best friend miss you lots but you're going to rock these next 4 weeks ❤❤
Happy Opening Day I had 9 of the best summers of my life there. I'm going rafting today with in mind.
Our first campers of the summer are already lined up and ready to go. Happy opening day everybody!
Happy Opening Day to all my dear friends at - may your torch burn bright, golden Champions!
Surely God do open doors but in some cases open doors come with storms! Do you need to run away? Absolutely NO! Only LISTEN to Him, TRUST Him and OBEY Him and MOVE forward to possess your possession.
Happy Canada's Wonderland Opening Day! Let the new season begin!
Happy last day of all! Check us out Sat 11th for our next opening 5-8!
Thank you to the happy couple who just bought a set and made our first sale of the day - 10mins after show opening!
"Happy opening day of boating season!" -
Remember when Astros fans were happy they were in 1st.on opening day?
Happy Stars Wars Day! What a splendid day it is!! I can hear the opening credits now...dun dun dun duh da dahhh 🌌
Thanks for joining us on opening day. Amazing to see our favorite customers and so much sun. Happy jamming!
staff meeting on a houseboat? Okay! Happy opening day of boating season everyone!
Happy Farmers Market Season! Bringing the new Ricotta Strawberry Swirl to opening day of tomorrow!
Opening day for the SoWa Open Market is tomorrow, May 5th! I'll be there with the Happy Camper, fine arts, indie...
It's opening day! Yep the tops off and time to enjoy the sun! @ Wallingford Center
LIVE MUSIC Tonight by Jordan Ensminger at 10 pm and Happy Hour All Day on Sunday with Doors Opening at 8:30am!
Happy opening day of boating season! Have a fun and safe 2013 on the water!
Happy opening day of boating season Share your opening day pics w/us.
Happy Opening Day to all the Seattle boat lovers. What a stunning day for this event. :) Artwork: Photo printed...
Happy opening day of the Kentucky Derby! Here is one of our favorite Debry hats worn by
"Happy Easter to all. Looking forward to Braves opening day April 1, and following the team into October!"
Happy opening day! This outfit is perfect for boating season.
Happy Sunny Day!!! I'm going to spinning some tunes for the opening of the Timbuk2 Seattle store on 7th and Pine.
Excited, azure pool opening VIP party today. First day of wearing my new bikini... Summer is here..HAPPY
Happy opening day of This outfit is the way to start the celebration.
Happy Opening Day to Hollidog and all our friends at Holiday World and those who live in Santa Claus, IN!
Happy opening day to - another fun attraction here in town!
Happy opening day to all the fishermen out there, especially mine!
First now - Dusting off my clubs. Happy opening day!
Happy opening day to - lifting my mug of coffee in celebration all the way down here in
Enjoy the sun, enjoy the water, enjoy the boat - Happy Opening Day!
Happy opening day of boating season! Go May the fourth be with you.
Happy Opening Day! I think I'll wait until the 10 inches of snow has melted and the lakes are de-iced before attempting to fish.
Happy opening day to my friends at Mount Pleasant Meadows! Can't wait to get back there very soon. Good luck and safe trips to all.
Happy opening to Collegeville Farmers Market at DaVinci's ...beautiful day for fresh food and Rubber Ducky Regatta at 1 p.m.
Opening day for little league and prom! I'm a happy girl.
Happy Opening Day at The best breakfast in town is back! @ The Old…
It's opening day for fishing here and the lakes are still frozen but not walkable. No ice OR boat fishing today. Happy climate chaos
Happy Opening Day of Boating! Happy weather, happy people, amazing what a little sun can do.
Happy Opening Day Seattle! After the festivities subside be sure to get your entry in for the Seattle...
“Happy Opening Day at Tioga Downs where there is a 0% chance of rain. First post 5:00pm. GOOD LUCK TEAM !!
Happy Saturday! Good luck to all the Marshall Little Leaguers playing in their opening day Jamboree today... Keep your eye on the ball and
For all your fisher dudes and ladies happy opening day of fishing season! ⚓🐠
Feels like Christmas morning. Happy opening day!
Happy Derby Day! Doing a "beat the pro" at men's opening day this morning then it's down to for Derby festivities!
look at that dapper man holding a microphone! :-) Happy Opening Day Greg!
Happy opening day This guy took a sneak pea and said he wants go back again and again
Happy opening fishing day, WI! Fire up that snowmobile and head down to the lake.
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Happy opening day to 3 of the best summers of my life working there!
Happy Day and Happy Opening Day! Live racing begins at 5:00pm, the Derby will be run at 6:24pm. Watch and wager on all the action!
Happy Opening Day, Padres fans!!! Come stop by the opening day block party while Dave Mason broadcasts LIVE!
Happy Opening Day in St. Louis. David Freese returns; Musial to be remembered; lineups:
Ain't no party like a Detroit party! Happy Opening Day!
Happy Opening Day!! Ain't no party like a Detroit party.. crush those darn Yankees! Let's go HR time!
Happy Opening Day to the our baseball family and
“The Cubs have made an error. Happy Opening Day.”
Happy Opening Day! At Comerica Park getting some work done and the place is buzzing with excitement even though the game is away!
Happy Opening Day! Phils in Atlanta, healthy and ready to go. A's start their AL West title defense at home vs Seattle. Baseball is back!
Happy Opening Day. May all your teams have a Tuffy Rhodes Cubs Opening Day performance.
Happy Opening Day!!! Rocking my Bryce Harper jersey all day tomorrow. This is the year.
So sleepy! Since the time change Colt doesnt believe in sleep! On a happier note Happy Opening Day to all the hunters out there! Hoping Sam gets his buck so he wont be a debbie downer for the next year! :)
Good day everyone ! Yess we already soft opening for you to enjoy most trusted Happy shopping.
My youngest brothers birthday. Seeing him extremely happy opening presents is a good start to the day
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Seeing the lose back to back makes me so happy,sorry cards no World Series for you! 161 days till opening day
Back at my grandparents after a very long day at work and meeting for an exhibition opening. So happy to be back in bed
Opening supermarket's card made my day. This shows how easy it is to make me happy.
omf all time low and kaiser chiefs are opening for green day! ahabhbh I'm happy
opening day has been wonderful! So happy to have them in our community!
Happy opening day are anxious to check you out
happy birthday! Hope you had an amazing day, hopefully seeing you in London on the 10th for the opening please follow me
I'm finna get some Chipotle on opening day. So happy it is finally in Malibu.
Happy Monday! Vail and Beaver Creeks opening day are quickly approaching, book your tickets to the Rockies to join us, Nov. 16th and 21st!
right so ymas were rumoured to be opening leeds arena and now green day are omg I'll be happy with either
omg im so jel theyd run out of opening day places :( good i wana hear it all!! Yess my mums happy shes worried about me ha xx
Monday, October 22 at 8:00pm in CDT at Exit/In
Yes! Today is opening day of turtleneck season. My neck is so happy. It's going to be a great writing day.
Thank you very much for signing my book after the opening training session today. So happy made my day! :)
It is official our dream is coming true Chad and I are opening a VITTLES in Donelson we are so happy and thankful to our family for this opportunity. Our opening day is Monday October 29th. Please come out and share in our happy day!
Hamilton Collection
Happy Monday from at 56! Starting the day off with a power breakfast in the grand hall and then off to the conference opening.
Wishing you a day of leading, and being lead to, the mind thru the opening of your heart. Happy Monday...
The opening of Farming conferance went really well all were very for day 2..
Final week to opening. Happy birthday mr flan for tomorrow. Listen out on rock fm for us. Have a great day .
Who's a fan of ??!! We are VERY happy to announce that we will be opening for them on the auckland stop of their nz tour!
Happy Int Fisting day! Thank you for OPENING me up to the beautiful 5 fingered mambo! Xxoo
Happy birthday thanks for opening my locker everyday of freshman year, love you, have a great day! ☺🎉🎁
The fact that there's a delayed opening the day after my birthday made me so happy 😍😍
If their was one job I'd be happy to wake up and do every day its work at a dispensary. Were opening rockfords first!
better be happy I'm missing opening day of duck season to go to the hogs game with her.
happy b day zell ... Im opening up the candy shop for u lol
Hey Jon, hope your hunting went better than
Favorite regular of the day: came in at opening, bought coffee and bought me a cookie for "being so happy and brightening his morning"~
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