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Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is a 1996 sports comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan and produced by Robert Simonds for Universal Pictures.

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Netflix should just go all in and have do a Happy Gilmore 2.
If Happy Gilmore can do it so can you. Check out something new at the Girls Golf interest meeting in room 332 after…
While my roommates are watching Gilmore Girls, I'm watching anime in the dark slurpin'' on some noodles !!! Happy Thursday!!!
y'all not really picking Happy Gilmore right?!?
is trying to be the happy Gilmore of bowling
Reading through all the stories that shares about Gilmore Girls makes my heart so happy. 😍
When someone says they've never seen Happy Gilmore 🙄
I'm so happy we finally got wifi so I can watch Gilmore girls whenever I want
on Gilmore Girls just made me so happy I could cry. And now I want sliders.
Trump's is gonna be like the first Happy Gilmore golf tournament.
Sounds like something Happy Gilmore would do
is Happy Gilmore still the only person who's taken his skate off and tried to stab somebody? Any chance Rous would try?
no matter what, Happy Gilmore in my opinion saves Sandler
Kinda makes a guy wanna dig out his copy of Happy Gilmore.
What do you consider the best SNL movie? Happy Gilmore? Caddyshack? Oops, inadvertent theme there.
"Some might call it luck. I like to call it... well, luck, I guess. So what" - Happy Gilmore
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It wasn't a skate and he didn't try to stand somebody but somewhere Happy Gilmore is smiling.
Scott Glenn from Happy Gilmore stars in ER about a caustic Landscape architect named Shawana
tell Papi that Happy Gilmore once used his skate I'm a fight
only if CBSA agents have never seen Happy Gilmore..
what have you got against "Tin Cup"? Way better than Happy Gilmore" . If you like golf. Best was Legend of Bagger Vance though
Just waiting for to show up at my doorstop some day with Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and a 30 pack ..
the usual suspects. Bad news bears. Happy Gilmore in a weird, childish way. Tommy boy.
I consider myself a mixture of Gordon Bombay and Happy Gilmore.
400m off the tee anyone? The real-life Happy Gilmore heading to Australia his summer
Does anyone see a correlation between Nick Kyrgios and Happy Gilmore when he was a *** swearing his head off, fighting Bob Barker?
Johnny Cueto is the Happy Gilmore of pitching.
All these clown sightings has me feeling like Happy Gilmore
You forced me to wiki, the personal section is amazing, reads like a cross between Happy Gilmore and Talladega Nights
I'm going full Happy Gilmore if a clown tries to cross me
I just laughed out loud when Johnny Miller called the Masters the JC Penny Open, a tournament that sounds like it was in Happy Gilmore
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All I've done today is play Rory McIlroy and quote Happy Gilmore
If really does move to menomonee falls, I will sit in a lawn chair in his front yard until he signs my copy of Happy Gilmore
Happy 65th to Happy Gilmore's favourite Terry O'Reilly who helped Bruins reach 4 Cup Finals incl one as bench boss. http…
are you watching Happy Gilmore you nugget
Happy Gilmore accomplished that visit to Canal Park no more than an hour ago.
. Mary. Heavyweights. Happy Gilmore. diehard ski from the Ben stiller show. Any Bruce Springsteen sketch from the Ben stiller show
I was wondering what the Happy Gilmore caddie was up to these days. Thanks Dave
Would only pick a worthy mate based on their ability to quote Happy Gilmore and Hot Rod with me tbh
Happy Gilmore, starring Halle Berry and Homer Simpson. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, music by Rod Stewart. Budget: $3m
Please add a gif of Shooter McGavin's "NO!", when he loses the Tour Championship at the end of Happy Gilmore.
Happy Gilmore would not approve of Rio Olympic golf course
Truly a sad day in America. 20 Years ago today Chubbs Peterson was cold bloodily murdered by Happy Gilmore in his apar…
i'm so happy that they decided to let Melissa McCarthy back into Gilmore Girls revival. :)
eh I was always more of a happy Gilmore guy!
I can't be the only one that thinks Adam Sandler should've gotten an Oscar for Happy Gilmore?
I'm watching southpaw. But happy Gilmore might be a good one to put in
Remember the time made us watch Happy Gilmore twice in one evening?
Happy Gilmore is easily one of the greatest films ever
WATCH: Soren Kjeldsen's son sank a putt, and then had a celebration that would make Happy Gilmore proud.
Woke up at 2am watched Hangover part 3 and Happy Gilmore. Solid night.
Gilmore girls was on at the dentist and I was happy
Nothing like laying in bed and watching Happy Gilmore
Not sure if Wade Miley or Happy Gilmore's caddy
I couldn't tell you the amount of times I watched Happy Gilmore in 's van growing up.
Also note that Happy Gilmore was an *** His grandmother lost everything, and he didn’t even give her the “free Subway for life” card
Does Happy Gilmore still have a valid “free Subway for life” card?
Dean from Gilmore girls makes my heart happy
Is this your endorsement of Happy Jim Gilmore?
Sometimes comments on ESPN are SO worth the time. Thanks Happy Gilmore & Bryan Piche!
Happy With Gilmore is a great movie, one of Adam Sandler's best.
I would be perfectly happy with Gilmore. He's a good man, and well-qualified. :)
Taylor has never seen, Superbad, stepbrothers, Pineapple Express, happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, the hangover, men in black, the karate kid😅
Lorelai Gilmore just referenced Meryl Streep and I've never felt more happy
Happy Gilmore is my favorite of all time.
favorite sports movie? Mines gotta be Major League or Happy Gilmore
original happy Gilmore mostly doesn't hold up
maybe they'll enjoy that our starting pitcher looks like the homeless guy that Happy Gilmore hires as his caddy?
Millenial doesn't understand any of that. In that case, Happy Gilmore wud whoop any of 2days players ***
If u don't like Happy Gilmore, that's what needs fixing
Congrats. My advice when you sense conflict, you can be right, or you can be happy.
Is it me or does Boban Marjanovich look like the tall dude from Happy Gilmore?
Watching Beaumont use his new dog toy to Happy Gilmore bones underneath the living room chair.
Happy Gilmore is a Top 5 all time movie
Happy Gilmore is a time tested classic!!!
Smart! Producers of Happy Gilmore must've learned their lesson from Caddyshack 2. Let original stand on its own.
he is quite outspoken regarding his dislike of Happy Gilmore.
A stranger compared me to Lorelei Gilmore today so pretty much I'm going to die happy.
does he actually not like Happy Gilmore?
Something I’ve learned in life: It’s OK to like what you like. Happy Gilmore is a classic.
does anyone think Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison or Wedding Singer were bad? All great. Downhill after.
okay great, Rory is a teacher, but where is Lane and is she happy and fulfilled? IS LANE OKAY? :
It's ok, Ace. I was in middle school once too and enjoyed "Happy Gilmore" at the time. And "The Waterboy".
Not the running Happy Gilmore drive we were promised, but Mason Nutt's tee shot is money.
Donald Trump is the Happy Gilmore of politics
I find it kinda strange that in a generation of movie remakes we never saw "Happy Gilmore 2." Like have him play in Scotland or something
Huh. I always thought The Wedding Singer came out before Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. You learn something every day
Big Ern dawg looking like Happy Gilmore on that 7 putt.
Ernie Els looking like Happy Gilmore before he went to play mini golf with Carl Weathers'.
I'm still upset over Kolten wong swinging like Happy Gilmore today.
Longest Yard might be my favorite Adam Sandler movie besides Happy Gilmore.
Woodrow Call, Doc Holliday, Bud Davis, and Happy Gilmore have all been very influential in my life
Tried talking Adam Sandler out of making movies beyond Happy Gilmore.
VIDEO: Rory McIlroy quotes Happy Gilmore on movie&
ok, that one's a good one. Also, 50 first dates, the Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore
Probably Ghostbusters or Happy Gilmore so I can reassure myself that I'll pretty much have the same sense of humor at 22.
Chubbs from Happy Gilmore has better hands than Mozgov
If this was Happy Gilmore, I'd be that creepy guy who yells *** "
. I miss the big fella but when I do I turn on either Bond film, or Happy Gilmore, or Cannonball Run or others & I see him.
Had no idea Claire Dunphy was in Happy Gilmore... Lol
It's the 20th anniversary of Happy Gilmore!. That hockey stick putter never gets old. https:…
Happy Gilmore was based on a real hockey player via
We caught up with Happy Gilmore's Shooter McGavin to talk about life’s big questions.
Happy Gilmore came out 20 years ago today if you weren't already feeling old
Top quotes, underappreciated moments and mental tips from this classic.
What if Happy Gilmore really had won a Tour Championship?
Happy Gilmore came out 20 years ago today.
20 years ago Happy Gilmore was released in theaters so put on your gold jacket, do the bull dance and feel the flow. http…
This is my favourite scene in Happy Gilmore... Cracks me up every time!! 😂😂
20 years ago today, Happy Gilmore wins a playoff against Shooter McGavin to win the PGA Tour Championship!
20 years after Happy Gilmore, Shooter McGavin reflects ... Turns out he's still a jerk.
My inner Happy Gilmore. Also, might be the worst sporting performance of my life besides my…
I'd love to see Sandler reprise Happy Gilmore in "Chubbs" where he mentors Chubbs' son, but I think that would actually k…
ICYMI: "Happy Gilmore" turns 20 this week. How PGA stars are paying tribute:
If there's a sequel to Happy Gilmore, should be the caddie.
Happy 20th anniversary to Happy Gilmore, aka the original initiator
Happy Gilmore turns 20 so here are 15 valuable lessons from the cult-classic
Happy, the Gold Jacket’s yours. Shooter’s gonna choke! Twenty years ago, the film Happy Gilmore was released.
"don't Panic Room, I'm not going to William Hurt you, I just want your Tango and Cash, so just Pay It Forward and we'll all be Happy Gilmore
In other news. Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin just got paired together in the tour on Spike.
In other sporting news, Shooter McGavin and Happy Gilmore just got paired together in the Tour Championship on Spike
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Adam Sandler he is only good in movies he doesnt direct at all. He didn't direct Punch Drunk Love or Happy Gilmore
Toledo summer, I am ready for you. . Hens and Hounds. Happy Gilmore screening. Saved by the Bell night . Tour de Brunch
"And the nominees for best picture: Tin Cup, Caddy Shack, Bagger Vance, Bobby Jones: A Stroke of Genius and Happy Gilmore."
it's admirable that Netflix haven't removed the Gary Glitter song from Happy Gilmore
watching Happy Gilmore. this is probably my favorite comedy of all time lol
Happy Gilmore should have been Verne Lundquist's last time on television.
I know he did a golf movie too right? With Elizabeth Shue maybe? Who's GORGEOUS. But the only golf movie that matters is Happy Gilmore.
You don’t have to be Scotty Bowman, Toe Blake, or Happy Gilmore to decipher what went wrong for on Monday
Congrats to Quentin Tarantino for his Walk of Fame Star and for his transition into Richard Kiel in Happy Gilmore
Look at that form! uses Happy Gilmore swing off first tee at pro-am; watch:
Okay, Jordan Spieth cominbing the golfing powers of Happy Gilmore is just unfair. (via
In case you were wondering if Jordan Spieth ever imitates Happy Gilmore
Really? I didn't laugh once & felt bad for Luke Wilson. Love Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore but...maybe Funny People was real?
How fitting for Geoff Ogilvy. Putting like Happy Gilmore before he found his happy place.
Happy Gilmore is one of those movies regardless of how many times you have seen it you have to watch it
In light of the Jared situation, will be going back to spokesman Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore is a better Subway promoter than Jared ever was
Happy Gilmore Billy Madison and waterboy are CLASSICS! Little Nicky was good but the others were better
Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy.Classics. Yeah, he just needs to fall back now.
Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Water Boy...just to name a few
I wanna say Sandler but Billy Madison Big Daddy Mr Deeds Anger Management and Happy Gilmore won't let me do it
really dont know how it took me so long to realize Claire Dunphy was Virginia Venit in Happy Gilmore
Another Sandler movie? If it is anything like Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison Id be game.
Is it just me or does Chase Budinger look like Happy Gilmore's caddy running down the court
New fave US player is John Peterson who hit a Happy Gilmore off the 1st tee on Sunday and shot -6!
John Peterson going Happy Gilmore off the first tee in an actual tournament
Jason Dufner doing a Happy Gilmore on his first tee shot today is absolutely legendary
I didn't know Chubbs from Happy Gilmore is Apollo Creed 😮
My putter is so bad right now that when I'm over the ball all I hear is Bob Barker from Happy Gilmore stating "this guy *** "
It might have been a bad idea to teach Layne how to Happy Gilmore... But it's hilarious. 😂
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
you did, you DID. trust me. gilmore girls is such a cute and happy show.
the Happy Gilmore Adam would kick today Adam's *** for being in love with himself.
Tin Cup and Happy Gilmore are fantastic sports movies. And this is from someone who loathes golf (I realise neither is UK)
I just started Gilmore girls and I'll let you know if it was a good decision or not later on. Happy Friday!
My Favorite is Big Daddy, and Billy Madison, and Happy Gilmore, and the Waterboy, and PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, seriously.
Donald Trump is the Happy Gilmore of politics.
Probably an egregious Subway product placement, but “Happy Gilmore” made me crave some Subway!
Memorable scene in "Happy Gilmore" when Happy eats a Subway sandwich in a Subway store, then appears in a Subway commercial
You will never catch Rihanna slipping
you missed an opportunity for a Happy Gilmore reference there
it pains me to say this but the UM video is so much better. Mediocre happy Gilmore swings?cmon
My day: getting a text saying my car is sold, spending my morning with Gilmore Girls, taking Court lunch. Happy Friday everyone!! 😄🎉
Happy birthday to the Lorelai to my Rory Gilmore. Thank you for the…
when DP asked Flacco if you can teach Rodgers styl is like the happy Gilmore scene where shooter McGavin tries to swing lik Happy
lol u fused my Eminem lyrics w happy Gilmore sooo
I never knew Marion Ross, who played Mrs Cunningham in Happy Days, also played Lorelei Gilmore (Gran) in Gilmore Girls. Till now, obviously.
Whenever I hear "Tuesday's Gone" I automatically think of the intro of Happy Gilmore
yass I honestly don't know what's bad about it. It's like happy Gilmore. It's not an oscar winner but there is nothing
I beg to differ.. Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago
duet singing Endless Love like on Happy
Think I may be Billy Madison for Halloween out here.. maybe even Happy Gilmore...
New job means new commute, which means new (to me) podcasts. Yesterday was Pitch and 99% Invisible, today is Gilmore Guys. I have happy ears
I just realized that the mom in Modern Family was in Happy Gilmore. For some reason, this is a huge deal
Being happy and having fun are my goals in life.
Happy Gilmore wearing pitches to get ready for hockey season makes me happy
Jamie-Lynn Sigler from The Passion of the Christ stars in Happy Gilmore about a zealous Intelligence officer named Johann
I could watch Gilmore Girls on repeat for the rest of my life and be happy
seriously debating writing about why happy Gilmore is my favorite sports movie for my paper in my sport studies class
This is my 3rd rodeo and I'm not happy about it.
if she can quote black sheep, happy Gilmore, space balls and Christmas vacation, marry her
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Happy Gilmore baseball punch him in the mouth
How ironic is it that Ovie looks like the nail in the head guy from Happy Gilmore AND he gets a hole in one??
Sport Science tested out the Happy Gilmore swing with a PGA champion & found that it added 30 yards to his drives
Give me donuts and Gilmore Girls and I'm a happy ***
every time I watch Gilmore girls I just think of my mom and my heart gets so happy 🙊
perfect I love learning new tricks !!
Sorry, I couldn't help but to think of Chubs from Happy Gilmore. -
Yar finds Christopher McDonald in a pile of rubble.approx 6 years before meeting Happy Gilmore.
happy birthday!! You rock and thanks for the cupcakes..
always ready, already working on Happy Gilmore references for
The wasn't Happy Gilmore riding a bull and it wasn't obscene either. Bautista has worked his whole life for a mom…
😭😭tell me why laughed odee hard at that broken hand in happy Gilmore 😂
More responsible for the diffusion of the phrase "thus far": Richard Kiel in Happy Gilmore or Rick Ross?
'Happy Gilmore' star to be in Pender Co. as part of Fireball Run 2015
Had a dream last night that Wayne Bennett knocked out Paul Green on Saturday night, Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore style. It was amazing.
Apparently Uncle Verne is now mixing up SEC football and Happy Gilmore...
It's playoffs! Happy Gilmore is the favorite movie of which 2015-16 Oiler?
We've only just begun. I prefer the Happy Gilmore version but Karen Carpenter is nice too:
Shane Falco, Happy Gilmore, Benny the jet Rodriguez, and Roy Hobbs should all be honorable mentions at least!
Gimme the Johnny Cash and we'll all be Happy Gilmore. I don't want to have to William Hurt you.
hand is a Chubbs from Happy Gilmore situation. .
The Pit and the Pendulum had Lance Henriksen, Jeffrey Combs, and Happy Gilmore's grandma as a witch. Despite that, not good!
I still like Adams movies, like Little Nicky, Waterboy, Billy Madison, Click, Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups 1, Wedding Singer
In this metaphor, Jon Gray is Happy Gilmore, right?
I’m in my Happy Gilmore state of being. “Only 25 more days til hockey…”. For me, anyway. My writer pals reading this want to hit me.
Great read. The story about Trevino discovering him reminds me of how Chubbs Peterson discovered Happy Gilmore...
Stu does Happy Gilmore. Let's do 'Endless Love' w/Shooter McGavin at Bush Hall on 12.6.15 :) … http:/…
Mystery Alaska and Happy Gilmore instead of 3 hours of driving through Chicago, money well spent 👌🏼
"Quite a large and.economically diverse crowd on hand..." - Verne Lundquist, "Happy Gilmore"
Trump should hire Carl Weathers as his new advisor. . Why not? It worked for Happy Gilmore.
I go for the old classics I haven’t seen in a while. Tommy Boy, dumb and dumber, Happy Gilmore.
saying OJ is remembered for acting is like saying Verne Lundquist is known for "Happy Gilmore."
kidding. Watched "Happy Gilmore" last night. Anyone ever tell you the reporter sitting beside Verne Lundquist looks like you?
Greatest movies of all time. 1. Spongebob movie. 2. Wayne's World. 3. Hot Rod. 4. Pokemon Movie (1st one). 5. Happy Gilmore
Breaking news: Happy Gilmore passes Tiger Woods in the world golf rankings..
David Duval, John Daly, a bunch of amateurs, Happy Gilmore, Chubbs, Shaq, Barkley - all better than Tiger right now
Hard to imagine that's Claire Dunphy in "Happy Gilmore"
If you want to put me into a good mood, just turn on Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore.
Everyone should watch Happy Gilmore the cinematography is some of the best
With the way these greens have been playing all week FOX needs to hire Verne Lundquist to give his Happy Gilmore "wait...wait... NO!" line
.Billy Horschel taking a page out of Happy Gilmore's playbook today.
the best golf coverage I've seen today was Verne Lundquist in Happy Gilmore.
Julie Bowen looks tremendously better in any scene on Modern Family than the entirety of Happy Gilmore. Fact.
John Magaro from Happy Gilmore stars in Love and Other Drugs about an elfin Stunt performer named Lorilynn
Why do I keep thinking about Happy Gilmore's putt that rolls past the hole, comes back down the hill & goes in, to Verne Lundquist's delight
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Listening to Joe Buck announce the U.S. Open is worse than seeing a baby seal get clubbed by Happy Gilmore. I want Verne Lundquist.
Tiger needs to find his happy place just like Happy Gilmore did in the final round of the Tour Championship against Shooter McGavin
.hilariously recreated the batting cage scene from Happy Gilmore. WATCH@
In the words of Happy Gilmore, we've only just begun!
Every time I say "$2.75" or "275" I hold up 5 fingers and say it exactly like Happy Gilmore bidding on Grandma's house.
Ryan Hendrix took that liner off the chest like Happy Gilmore in the batting cages.
The struggle when Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy are all on at the same time
Tough to get things with such a good line up of movies on tv today: Bond, Billy Madison, Pelham 123, Happy Gilmore, Law Abiding Citizen
Love the Saturdays when Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are on back to back
Billy Madison then Happy Gilmore, thanks tbs for a great morning
Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and the Wedding Singer are still Adam Sandler's best movies till this day
Adam Sandler marathon on TBS I've already watch Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore
PSA: Billy Madison is on right now and Happy Gilmore is on next. You're welcome💁🏻
first Billy Madison, then Happy Gilmore, and now Big Daddy. it's a *** Adam Sandler trifecta 😍👏🏼
The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, and Billy Madison are the classics
Happy Gilmore is way better than Billy Madison
Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy all on in a row.
TBS has finally realized, if they want to improve ratings, they can just play Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore over and over.
Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison never get old😂👌
Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Big Daddy? Today's a good day
Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison have to be the greatest Adam Sandler movies of all time 😂
Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy. Movies I can just watch over and over and over
me and Wilson will end up like Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore
The biggest Oscar snub ever is Ben Stiller not winning Best Supporting Actor for Happy Gilmore
For how many holes did u keep it close w/ Arnold Palmer? I bet 6 before u broke into ur Happy Gilmore character to distract.
Matt Lucas from Aquamarine stars in Happy Gilmore about an unmotivated Park ranger named Tyrome
If you haven't seen Joe Dirt, Billy Madison, or Happy Gilmore how are you even living
The ultimate: Denny Mathews v. Bob Uecker on a golf course. Happy Gilmore as the Ref.
Is there a better comedy than Happy Gilmore? I don't think so. Maybe Billy Madison. And Tommy Boy. Ok, it's a tie. They're the best. Srsly.
Steven Adams + stache looks like Richard Kiel from Happy Gilmore.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Why is Padraig Harrington hitting Happy Gilmore shots on the range?
All kinds of awesome seeing Padraig Harrington go Happy Gilmore on the range at
Padraig Harrington is warming up for the Masters with running Happy Gilmore swings [link removed] [link removed]
Padraig Harrington warming up Happy Gilmore style on the range at Augusta
“Luke Schenn likely done for season but Flyers vague as to why. Lower body Groin? Abdominal?” Happy Gilmore is better than him
What is Adam Sandlers best movie? It's either Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore or Waterboy.
It's been nearly a decade since Adam Sandler squared off with former "Price Is Right" host Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, but their feud is
ICYMI: all-Achilles' Heel team with DeAndre Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Deion Sanders and, uh, Happy Gilmore
Director Dennis Dugan with Adam Sandler on the set of Happy Gilmore ('96)
Hoping this one can help redeem the Sandler that I use to love in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy.
never seen it... My fav one is Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore. Classic Sandler!
I would say Punch-Drunk Love was his best film, next to Happy Gilmore.
also hearing that Happy Gilmore is talking with the Boston Bruins on NHL return after much needed anger management therapy
You can learn a thing or two from Happy Gilmore's swing:
A Top 100 Teacher shows you how a 'Happy Gilmore' swing can actually make you better:
Having an movie night. Grown Ups, 50 First Dates, and Happy Gilmore.
Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker Reunited | The Pat And Aaron Show on 620 WDAE Watch this and thank me later!
It happened! Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreate their "Happy Gilmore" fight and it gets even crazier
"Happy Gilmore" & Bob Barker relive feud for charity.
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker come to blows during 'Happy Gilmore' reunion via
Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker still hate each other!.
Bob Barker and Adam Sandler reenact their Happy Gilmore fight scene for charity:
this is surprisingly brilliant. Happy Gilmore lives!
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Reignite Happy Gilmore’s Epic Brawl / one of only things I enjoyed that Adam Sandler did!
This might actually be even better than the original Happy Gilmore & Bob Barker feud...
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker's 'Happy Gilmore' feud lives on |
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreated their “Happy Gilmore” fight for an autism benefit.
Bob Barker and Adam Sandler reenact fight scene 20 years after film's release:
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreated the legendary "Happy Gilmore" fight.
This is clearly the best thing Adam Sandler has done since Happy Gilmore.
Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker reunited, and it feels so violently good.
In support of charity, Adam Sandler has come together with Bob Barker recreated their "Happy Gilmore" fight scene!
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker rekindled their Happy Gilmore feud for charity
Bob Barker and Adam Sandler recreate their Happy Gilmore fight: You know, for a good cause!
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreate their fight from Happy Gilmore: submitted by Talisker12 [link] [2 co...
Adam Sandler and Bob Barker bust each others caps again. Just like old Happy Gilmore times. .
"Adam Sandler and Richard Kiel on the set of Happy Gilmore
Julie Bowen looks way younger in Modern Family than in Happy Gilmore
Ben Stiller's character in Happy Gilmore is brillo.
.Just curious, why was Happy Gilmore never a suspect in the murder of Chubbs Peterson back in '96?
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