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Happy Fathers Day

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

Shawn Kemp Ariel Castro Pancake Breakfast

Happy Fathers Day to my dad He still rocks old rock I love this crazy dude
So much fun calling an inning with my dad. Hopefully more to come! Happy Fathers Day to all!
Happy Fathers Day to all our wonderful daddies! Daddies enjoyed fathers day breakfast at Magic Muswell Hill.…
Any last minute shoppers out there? Never fear! Here's the Father's Day Gift Guide guaranteed to make any dad happy.
New post (I admire my father greatly ~ ~ Fathers Day Quotes...) has been published on Happy Father's Day ... -…
Happy Fathers Day! Give the gift of golf. Promo Code: DAD17 by June 18 to receive bonus offers!…
Get out the banjos & axle grease. The Trump boys are here. Happy Fathers Day
Happy Father's Day! Get your dad's discount and nominate an awesome dad!.
Happy "You Might Be the Father's Day": We're positive you'll like this Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp promotion
BUY NOW - Make Dad Happy with Truffili Taster Box Assortment of Truffili chocolates!
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!. Thank you to the fathers who attended the Father's Day Workshop! .
Doug Mazza shares a lesson for special needs dads on how to find courage to be the leader God wants you to be.
Take your Dad out on Sunday for Fathers Day. A great back bar selection to keep him happy plus 2FOR1 cocktails 6-8PM https…
Just wrote inside my Fathers day card I've bought only I have wrote the words 'Happy Birthday'
I have an uncle who literally stepped in when my donor left. And i wish him a happy fathers day every year.
Can you make a Play list in Tribute to the Father in the world with your favorite songs?…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
A small piece of my testimony. Happy Father's day too all the fathers out there. You are greatly…
FLOG IT FRIDAY (on monday). Beguiling new t shirts for Fathers Day, just a tenna until wednesday x. http…
Happy Fathers Day to you sunshine! I was the only person that could make my father really laugh!…
Nice 👍 But i can't relate coz i grew up without a dad at all 😔😭. Anyway advance happy fathers day to all th…
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Alex Jones agrees with Newtown families, wants interview pulled Congratulations and Happy Fathers Day!
Thank you for the order. Happy fathers day uncle Mimim! 💃🏻
New in the shopping guide: Happy First Father’s Day Baby Vest with Whale Motif from Jack Spratt Baby.
This would make a lovely belated Fathers day gift for my dad just what hes in need of he would be so happy!
Fathers Day BBQ Buffet. Make dad happy with great food, great beer and horse racing.
You do. Great talent is carried from one generation to the next. Happy fathers day.
Happy Birthday May the Queen (and the fam make it an awesome BDay and Fathers Day weekend.
cousins, all the men, Especially my husband Andre, a Very Happy Fathers day! I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the day and know you all
New post (fathers day 2017 poem in spanish language images...) has been published on Happy Father's Day ... -…
William McGurn: Dad Meets the Sexual Revolution - Amen Happy Fathers Day to all
Happy Tuesday everyone ... one more day left for garaunteed posting time for Fathers Day :) . Show your...
Treat Dad to a Beer Tour this weekend! Beer samples + food = a happy dad on Father's Day.
10% MORE international calling credit for talks around contest on for more:…
FurnishFrame is happy to announce Father's Day sale. Shoppers can now avail discounts up to 70% on a wide range...
It's time to say thanks to DAD,Happy Fathers Day!. Gift him Shirts, Trousers, Kurta etc.
With Father's Day just around the corner check out some of our special gift ideas here! 💡👇🏼🎁.
All fathers have the gift to love, nurture & nourish their baby. Happy International Day of per…
Happy Fathers day to the best dad and papa Avery Prosser! Love you- Ash & Gemma-bean!
Happy Fathers Day to my brothers Aj Carter and Jimmy Carter, love you both.
Happy Fathers Day to the best Daddy in the world! Logan Evans, We love you!
Happy Fathers Day, and thanks for being a fun date! @ Pi Kappa…
Happy Fathers Day. I want to thank my stepdad for being my dad,and for supporting me. I wanna thank my mom do being my dad…
Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing strong Men. Especially to my Dad. I get my wisdom and respect of self from you!
Happy Fathers Day to my dad, my brothers Tau and Damien and to all my cousins, Uncles, and nephew...Ia Manuia Le Aso Tama
My father likes cleaning up. So I let him. Mini's bday is in June so Happy Fathers Day, Dad. Clean my house!
Happy Fathers Day to an amazing dad that's always there for me! Luv you💕
you hold the biggest place in my heart &i promise i will make you proud. I love you daddy❤️ RIP & Happy Fathers Day.
Happy Fathers Day to you amazing men who do whatever it takes to raise, teach and support your kids and to the moms who…
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there and especially to our Dolphins Dads
Here's wishing a Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers, laying the foundation of true values in their children!
When Dad accidentally found out that Mom is pregnant. Hihi. 👶🏻👋🏻. Happy Fathers Day, Dad Abuu 😘 http…
Happy Fathers Day. I wonder how many of us got their first taste of from their Dads?
To the best guy that I know. Happy Fathers Day from your pipsqueak :)
Happy Fathers Day my bby Jason! 💜. Here he is being cute with da kids! ☺️ . Happy Father's Day to all the dads!
Happy Fathers Day to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! prompt by
Happy Fathers Day babe! Thank you for always putting our family first and being the best dad to our babies!
Happy Fathers Day to all those softball dads/coaches out there. Wouldn't be the great players we are without you❤️⚾️
My two greatest accomplishments in life! I am so lucky. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's!
Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there! It takes a lot of effort, love and patience to be a father! It ain't a 'par…
Happy Fathers Day to all father and father figures today! There is nothing like being a dad.
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Happy Fathers Day to The Man . who replied me and my Brother . : Tm Dono Mera Baap bnanay ki Koshish na kro 😂
Give your Dad a Happy Fathers Day treat and bring him down for a great beer, cheese and pork pie afternoon in the suns…
Happy Fathers Day to all VVS supporters, alumni, teachers, support staff & coaches
Happy Fathers Day to all our fathers, mentors, role models and male teachers! Fathering isn't only biological.
Happy Fathers Day to d luckiest father of d world. Thank u fr gives us the most talented person. Lots of lv n respect ht…
Happy Fathers Day! Wait. HFD has the word father, Father is a alt way to say dad. What else has Dad? Grandad...
When somebody say Happy Fathers Day but you grew up with no Father😠
To all the heroes, leaders, teachers and friends. Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Dads.
Feliz Dia del Padre! Happy Fathers Day to the man who gave me good hair, a hot temper, an insane…
This amazing red ranger is going to be a great dad in November. Happy Fathers Day sweetie. And thanks for suiting up
Happy Fathers Day, thank you for giving me life, Love you!❤️Feliz día del padre, gracias por darme la vida Papa... htt…
Happy Fathers Day! Pops been there since the umbilical cord for all his kids and many more. I…
Happy Fathers Day dad!!! can't wait to see you slay my life in November!
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dance Dads out there! Here is Convention Director, Dancer, and Dad, Ryan! We love...
Happy Fathers Day from Tenaya Creek Brewery! In the Tap Room now, pick up this limited edition 32oz growler.
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Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there. I miss my father dearly and know he's looking…
Happy Fathers Day to the best Father in Law a guy could ever have!!!
Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers @ Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Happy Fathers Day! Come treat your Dad to Dinner at The Rundown Cafe. Today's Dinner Features are:. Soup of the...
Getting your pops drunk. Happy Fathers Day! (@ Winspear Opera House - in Dallas, TX)
Happy Fathers Day to the amazing men in my life! They've shown love,…
Happy Fathers Day to the dad who adopted me and made me his own! Much love for this amazing man in my life
Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Dads out there. Those lost and those still with us. I am so grateful for mine. I love yo…
Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing men out there, raising children and giving their love to the next generation.
Happy Fathers Day to all the great dads out there especially happy fathers day to my amazing dad I love you
Azraq, my blue iguana, doesn't have social media but he wishes me a Happy Fathers Day. I see it in his death stare thats warmer than usual.
Happy Fathers Day 󾬐 – eating dinner with family at The Observatory
Happy Fathers Day to my awesome husband and my dad! @ Max Brenner
had a dream that my dad moved into my apartment, broke my french press, and slept w my boss. Happy Fathers Day!
Gender Bender Productions wishes all our fans, supporters and all Dads around the world, a blessed and Happy Fathers Day!
Itumeleng Khune celebrates Happy Fathers Day and 1 year anniversary with girlfriend Sbahle…
Happy Fathers Day to all the papas out there! We 💘 you 💪👊 @ Title Boxing Club
hardest working man. Thanks for showing me Abba and Nat King Cole, and for the facial hair genes. Happy Fathers Day.
my dad is one of the greatest, kindest people on this Earth and i love him dearly, Happy Fathers Day everyone :)
Happy Fathers Day to the best dad a girl could ever ask for ❤️ @ New Port Richey, Florida
Happy Fathers Day to my Father in Love (law) Richard Dawson great man that has raised up some…
Happy Fathers Day to the best daddy my kids could ever have. We love you Danny Williams
Happy Fathers Day! Isn't it an amazingly beautiful day, Everyone, enjoy!
Happy Fathers Day to my husband and best friend, Mark Setzer-Haynes!
Happy Fathers Day to the BEST DAD EVER Joseph Shannon, my dad Rickey Everett Williams and my grandad Bryant...
RIP Peter James Wolfe, died when I was 1 years old. Happy Fathers Day.
Happy Fathers Day to all the women who do the job for both parents! It’s your day also, don’t let them tell you otherwise!
My friend is a beautiful example of a man of integrity. Bless you Jason Wilson and Happy Fathers Day!
Happy Fathers' Day to your lovely Dad!! Is he your hero!?
virgin pako, Happy Fathers day kagad? 😂😂😂
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Happy Father's Day to all Fathers out there .. . And Happy Father's day Tatay Dub enjoy your day Dads .
Happy Fathers's Day to all great daddies out there!👨
Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there especially to my Dad. 😎
Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers around the world! ❤❤❤❤ @ Subang Jaya
Happy Fathers Day from the staff at "Hop to it Maids"!
Happy Fathers Day, Papa Ric. 40th day na nimo ugma, Pa. I know you are/will be in a better place. I love you and I miss you so much!!!
Happy Fathers Day Weekend to the Super Amazing Dads out there... And also to the ones that are trying their best ❤️
So happy/proud/excited Louis' having his 1st Fathers Day this wknd--I hope he & Freddie spend the whole day on the cou…
Father's Day weekend is a perfect time to grill! Happy Father's Day to all fathers!
Happy Father's Day! to all fathers out there! to my Tatay and Of course to our father :) The father of all Lord God :)
Happy father's day to all the fathers around the world 💘
Happy Fathers Day wknd to all the great dads here and in heaven. You are loved!
Happy Fathers Day to all papa, daddy, erpats, dada, tatay, pudrakells! Thanks for all your sacrifices 💖💖💖
Happy Father's Day! I love you tatay. 💓 Happy fathers day po sa tatay nyo.
Happy Fathers Day to all fathers out there. 💕😊
My Father is my Teacher.But most importantly he is a Great Dad! HAPPY FATHERS DAY Pa! I LOVE YOU…
Happy fathers day to all dad, all over the world
Happy Fathers' Day Papa! I love you and Mama to the moon and back, and to the moon again and…
Happy Father's Day to all those who have alive fathers... If I had mine to kiya hi baat honi thi
I would love to wish all the dads that work at ET a Happy Fathers Day and I hope it's the most blessed one yet
Happy fathers day to my one and only dad.. Hope your safe there in heaven now😔🙏
Happy Fathers Day and Let's keep our public lands public!
Happy Fathers Day to my powerful maker 💕 love you
Happy fathers day to my ddy khoo vui vui , you're the most perfect hero i have . Iloveyousomuch 󾍆󾌡󾬍
Happy Fathers Day to all great father in this world! Especially my ayah !
to our one and only papa, daddy, erpats, HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OF YOU. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I LOVE YOU
Wishing a single mother Happy Fathers Day is like chanting "All Lives Matter" at a Black Lives Matter rally.
Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in the Autotrend Family. Coincidentally Sunday is also National Martini Day, go figure.
Happy Fathers Day to this daddy right here (Vine by
I was gonna say happy Mother's Day to you two, my birth fathers, but I realized that doesn't work.…
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Happy to announce our Fathers Day picnic lunch. Enjoy some games and a lunch with the family, register now
Do you have the Best Dad Ever?? Let him know, give him a place to rest his phone and tablet…
Happy (early) Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there with Coupon code: GODAD for $3 off
Luther Vandross "Dance With My Father" Happy Father's Day to all the great fathers... (Vine by Jerome Jackson)
Happy Mother's Day to all the dedicated mothers and single fathers!
Happy Founders day to my chapter of Kappa Sigma. S/O to all my Founding Fathers out…
Happy Fathers Day to a Dad that works his butt off,and who is straight up & real w/ us.❤️ I love you so much Shadow. ht…
Happy father's day to all the new fathers out there! Shak
Special liston life time member scotish.
Just over a month until -- get your shopping checked off early:
28% of fathers in Chicago have already texted the mother of their child "Happy Mother's Day" from a different woman's…
You like the the Lakers because of your Dad. Ah forget him. Happy Fathers day Dad, love your son Jeff. WTH
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Happy Fathers Day, Dad, gone but not forgotten.saw this & thought of you, sending you kisses x
Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there except Ariel Castro.,
Ripit bro. Happy Fathers Day and Mothers Day (with Ardyan Premata) [pic] —
Happy Fathers Day (in Indonesia) to all those loving Fathers out there.. Zozo I miss you buddy.
Why is it that we wish Mothers a Happy Fathers Day, but dont wish a single Father a Happy Mothers Day?
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there - here are three great guys - Angry Anderson, Mark…
Happy Fathers Day to all! Fact: Two of our College Presidents were father and son, both radiologists.
Happy Fathers Day to my legend of a dad towney1961 I hope you're enjoying Europe today! Wish I was…
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad the best Dad I've ever had in my entire life! Enjoy the rest of your Europe trip :)
We love u Daddy. Happy Fathers Day to all supporting fathers!
Happy Fathers Day to all dads out there! And off course to my wonderful caring daddy❤️💋 love you💞
Happy Fathers Day to future baby daddy 🏻🏻🏻 maybe you oomf and idek..
Happy Fathers Day to myself because all the ladies call me "daddy"
Happy Fathers Day to me because all of your girlfriends call me daddy.
On behalf of our football program and our entire fan base, I'd like to wish a Happy Fathers Day to our university's Daddy,…
Happy Fathers Day to the only daddy we all care about ;)
Happy Fathers Day to the best Daddy Ever x
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Happy Fathers Day to all the guys I've called daddy
some look at you as munna bhai, however, I look at you as Dad. Happy Fathers Day tough guy ❤️ I love you
Happy Fathers Day concept with happy father and his daughter
Happy Fathers Day to the strongest man I know. Dad, you teach me everyday to never give up. You're…
Happy Fathers Day: for your support & love. Share your moment and text DAD to 70550 ...
"Happy Fathers Day to the bestest dad on Earth All the love, Harold and Mia x"
Happy Fathers Day 2the best dad! Been a while since you've been gone but the memories run so deep they'll last 4ever htt…
Happy Fathers Day to all you wonderful Dad's out there.
Happy Fathers Day to my amazing dad who not only has my back 100% of the time but also plays a mean game of airhockey h…
Happy Fathers Day!! To my dad and all the other dads out there :)
Happy Fathers Day from Alpha Xi Delta! We hope you all got to celebrate that special man in your lives today!
Using social media to say Happy Fathers Day to your Dad who doesn't use social media and won't see it
Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Dad's who are up in heaven. ❤️🌌🌠
accidentally just told my dad Happy Fathers Day to his face instead of on a social media site that he doesn't have an acc…
Happy Fathers Day to the man who was there for me my whole life. W/o him I wouldnt be the man I am today. Love you dad! http…
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Happy Fathers Day to the greatest. Love ya buddy, thanks for always being there for me and giving me your jokes;) http:/…
A late post from the weekend but getting it in now...Happy Fathers Day to my F…
Happy Fathers Day to the love of my life! And Happy Birthday to the love of my LIFE! Dixie &…
Happy Fathers Day to the 3 most important men in my Life. Grandpas Nd my Pops. No long paragraph…
Happy Fathers Day to you Mr. Beer. grateful to call such a hardworking & caring man my dad! see you tonight. I love u …
Want to wish all the dads out there a Happy Fathers Day thanks for all you do!.
Happy Fathers Day to who has been on Hunger Strike for 157 Days. . His demand? India must release all Pol…
Happy Fathers Day dad, thanks for not pulling out, so I could be born and get the opportunity to hit dingers.
This guy deserves a Happy Fathers Day like no other. I can only hope to make the world as bright as you did.
When your uncles wishes you a "Happy Fathers Day"... Means a lot. My siblings may not notice it but someone does.
Happy Fathers Day to the person who did both parts of mom and dad for me and my siblings: mi madre
Today I will race for my buddy gone too soon. Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Day! Song's about my Dad. Miss ya Pop. ‘The Offspring - Gone Away’ by jjstyles0001 on
3 of 4 generations at Chilis. Happy Fathers Day! Great Grandpa, Grandpa, & 2 siblings of Father.
Happy Fathers Day to the man I could only dream of being. My siblings and I have a long ways to go to live up to your legacy. Love you, Dad.
Happy Fathers Day celebrate National Aboriginal Day go to our web site to watch our movie the shi…
Happy Fathers Day, Daddy. Thank you for all the memories, the love, the talks , the siblings and thank you for being my guardian angel. Rip
Happy Fathers Day to my favorite guy☺️ Jimmy was quite the stud back in the day at BE😎😂💙
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad Robert Bell. Hes such a great dad he even found all the old photos for me!
Awesome for TG, Jr. . Happy Fathers Day to all the Baseball Dads!!!
Happy Fathers Day to the man, the myth and the legend: Ricky Lee Evans. Aka my hero
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad Dan Johnson. Hopefully we will be able to race together again soon.…
Happy Fathers Day to Brad, Brian, Scott, and Ed! You guys rock and help out so much! Special thanks…
Happy Fathers Day from my family. Got a Ron Guidry to go with my Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter.
Happy Fathers Day to My Pops thou hasn't always been there for me and my siblings but he still my dad and I love him
Happy Fathers Day! The boys and I are so lucky to have you & love you very much!
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad ,Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for me & my siblings😘, I LOVE YOU TO LIFE ❤️
Happy Fathers Day to all of our multi-generational race families that make SCORE International so rich in history...
Happy Fathers Day, Thomas Miller!. It was awesome to hang out with you. . Thank you for being a great Father and...
Happy Fathers Day to the man who taught us the greatest game in the world and no matter what happens keep swinging
Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful father's .Cynthia Harris
Happy Fathers Day to the best dad I could ever ask for. You have been my role model and rock all my…
Happy Fathers Day to my beer drinking, fish slaying, moose lovin, race competing dad! I love you more…
Happy Fathers Day from Lake Tahoe to all you adventure dads.
Happy Fathers Day and I hope you have a memorable day and your children have the same.
Happy Fathers Day to my pops. Still riding a 40-year winning streak in the NBA Finals.
Happy Fathers Day from all of us at Race Chat
Third year of surviving the family fun run. Happy Fathers Day drdelamere and thanks for organizing us…
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads. Especially my dad, who just won Bristol Pro Mod race. And my baby daddy Ur the best!
Happy Fathers Day to the big guy. Here's a picture from his first race that reaffirms how proud I am…
These reasons, they call me DAD! :) Happy Fathers Day to everyone with that same honor!…
Happy Fathers Day to every father that has ever existed in this world. To all people of every race & culture. God Bless
Happy Fathers Day. The only day Shawn Kemp employs an inbound call center team to field phone calls for well wishers.
Happy Fathers Day to all the guys out there good or bad it's your day God bless!
Happy Fathers Day to my dad, Walt, Uncle Stan, and my cousin Jake who has been a father for almost…
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Happy Fathers Day, here is a good read to celebrate dads...thanks Chris Togneri. via
Happy Fathers Day to You, Richie, and Jackson Foo Wong as your Son. :)
Happy Fathers Day to my dad, Dr Allen Katz , you always believed in me , always supported me , miss you , love you
I wrote this for Thanksgiving but I think it works for Fathers Day as well. . Happy Fathers Day hockey fans.
Happy Fathers Day to the realist OG out there, Robert Lawrence Shirak Sr. I love you Pops! we're more…
Happy Fathers Day to my pops Ron Stewart who as always stood tall in my corner!! Love you Dad
Happy Fathers Day!!! 😊 Im sure it isn't easy but I know you got it!! 🙆
Happy Fathers Day to the man who ALWAYS took the burnt pancake! Love you, Dad!
Happy Fathers Day to my ol' boy Coach George Mitchell.. You deserve it.. Enjoy your day!!
Jim Walsh was unimpressed to say the least when my sister sent him an e-card that said "Happy Fathers Day- thanks for not pulling out!" lol
Happy Fathers Day. Enjoying the day at Lion Safari with my princess 😍 @ Lion Country Safari
Happy Fathers Day event with the kids. (@ Sak Comedy Lab) on
Happy Fathers Day to all that it applies. (at & Lube® in Columbus, OH)
Happy Fathers Day to all our alums and fans!
Happy Fathers Day to Bobby G and shout out to Uncle Joe doing this thing in the pond
Happy Fathers Day to the best dad in the 🌎 ❕ @ Tupelo Honey Cafe - Charlotte
Happy Fathers Day to the one and only Pat Kelly.
Happy Fathers Day to those who are caring to there kids (: to those who deserve it all for being a great dad! Y'all are a…
Happy Fathers Day to my hubby and to the men who stood in as my dad at one tine or another: Dean Jones, Carl...
Happy Fathers Day indeed. Thankful for being blessed with 2 great kids. Great time at the Pancake Breakfast...
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, and every man who impacts a young persons life! …
LOL! Pastor Ken photobomb with our awesome giveaway winners!! Happy Fathers Day all you dads!!
Happy Fathers Day. Thanks for letting me "help" with all of the household maintenance projects.
Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dads. Join us at Boston Pizza to Celebrate you.
Happy Fathers Day. Miss my hans_del_valle as he's in Cooperstown, but I'm out here enjoying what I…
Happy Fathers Day to The Doctor, Rory Williams, Pete Tyler and Wilfred! Please comment any pictures or names of...
We’re honoring all the CATMEDIA dads & wishing everyone a Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Day to James Gregory Boyer! Wouldn't be who I am without ur constant influence! Love u pops! HFD to all other Fathers as well!
Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers in the Dowling Catholic Community!
Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, Bill Effinger, and all the dads out there...Lynn Effinger, Brian Effinger, Burton...
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Happy Fathers Day! Thanks to all the dads who helped make all these beautiful women in Delta Epsilon Beta 💜
Happy Fathers Day to Karl Malone, Randy Johnson, and Dr. J... Three first ballot deadbeat dad Hall of Famers.
Happy Fathers Day!. We've got a Prime Rib Dinner Special for $15.95 and Bill Craig on the MainStage!
Happy Fathers Day, Randy! thanks for buying me all the Kendra Scott in the world and treating me like the princess I am. Love you long time
Happy Fathers Day to the most wonderful PaPa in the world!! So thankful the Lord chose Jim Johnson to…
Happy Fathers Day to the man that taught me everything I know! He's Been someone that I've looked up…
Happy Fathers Day to all the guys putting in the time every day, sacrificing your wants for everybody elses needs. Keep t…
Happy Fathers Day to the daddies and the men who didn't have to but stepped up to the plate. 💙
Happy Fathers Day to All The Fathers Single, married, and Especially the Mothers Who Stepped up in the Father roles 💯💯
Real Spill tho... Happy Fathers Day to all the real stand up Guys…
Happy Fathers Day to my husband Richard, my dad Mel, my step dad Lloyd and Nicks dad Eric. I hope all of you have a perfect day.
Happy Fathers Day!! If you're at be sure to stop by artist GREG…
Happy Fathers Day to the wonderful fathers I share this life with, John Ropp, Josh Cooper Jeffrey Bennett and of...
Happy Fathers Day to my 2 time All American wrestling Dad.. Who's teaching Austin a thing or two.
Happy Fathers Day . I love and miss the men in my life Lorie Hamilton Flisowski Laura Anderson Autumn Singer Nicholas Hamilton Zack Hamilton
Happy Fathers Day to Papa Jim and all other Dads out there! Thanks for being such a great role model…
Leaving EDC - Vegas right now. Pulled an all nighter. Old, my *** .. Old, my head. Old, my feet... Happy Fathers Day! ht…
Happy Fathers Day! Treat dad to a $7.50 New York Strip Steak dinner. Comes with choice of potato, and choice of salad!
Happy Fathers Day! All dads first round at brunch Today is on us, Mention this post. South Miami Pancake Special:...
Happy Fathers Day to the Father of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 🙌
Missing my Dad like crazy today! He was a great man... Happy Fathers Day to all you amazing Dads! Especially the
Happy Fathers Day. Good dad's everywhere deserve this day.
Happy Fathers Day to all! Wouldn't it be fun if Father's Day & St. Patricks Day happening on the same day on a...
Happy Fathers Day to all of our Yellow Jacket a Softball Dads! We are always thankful for your love and support!💚💛
Happy Fathers Day. Willis Rick Collier. Steve Collier. Eric Fisher. Josh Brake. You're great dad's to my grandchildren. Love you guys.
Jeff Probst was right, I can't get enough. Happy Fathers Day to my best friend, 2dawg and thank you…
Happy Fathers Day!. Head on down to McArthur beach front for a Pancake Breakfast put on by the LLB Historical...
Happy Fathers Day! Lets see what can i say about Michael Andrew Green.
Happy Fathers Day to all of the great dads. From my FAMILY,to the dads of Emporia State,to all of the amazing dads coaching that I know
Happy Fathers Day to all the REAL FATHERS out here . To my dad (Henry Rembert Sr.) RIP pop and to my Father In Law (John Cook jr.)
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