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Happy Christmas

Holiday greetings are a selection of goodwill greetings used around the world to address strangers, family, coworkers or friends during the Christmas and holiday season, which spans an approximate timeframe of late November through January.

New Year John Lennon Father Christmas Happy New Year

Happy Christmas wishes from Zoltar and me @ Santa Monica Pier
Christmas is about smashing your local rivals on Boxing Day, not your nan burning the Yorkshires. Happy Christmas all,…
Happy Christmas & New Year from Let’s take this chance to spread a message of good will, openness & tolera…
Enjoying Mrs Brown's Boys with my mum. Happy Christmas to all.
Happy Christmas! I started my day with my local Not my best run ever but a lot of fun
We'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas ❤
Thank you to all our working over the festive period . Happy Christmas from us all at Dorot…
Happy Christmas from the Alumni Relations team! To view the City Christmas message, follow this link:…
Have a Happy Christmas. New diary? Make a date to visit our our speed volunteer event in Caffe Nero, Northbrook St…
From all of us here at we wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.
To you, your family and everyone you love, Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2017.
Happy Christmas & a prosperous New Year to Edo State
The 12 pubs of christmas camden street vomit stream is slowly being washed away. Happy Christmas y'all
Happy Christmas from all of us here at Yorkshire Lowland Rescue. . If you're out for a walk over the next few...
Happy Christmas to all who celebrate. Enjoy the festive season! 🎄
Christmas is today in my house as I'm working nights at the Hospice. Happy Christmas to you all 🎄
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📷 annoyinglycute: Sterek is for life, not just for Christmas! Happy Christmas jumper day!!
Here's 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' at The Courtyard Cafe . Happy Christmas to you all!
For those who made the effort, its Christmas eve Jumper day :-). Happy Christmas from all of us at Robert Eardley...
Happy Christmas - I will stick a shrimp on the barbie for you!
Happy Christmas from Phelim Ciaran and Ray a great night for Vincent De Paul 👍🎼
Thank you Dave and the Stroud Hospital team. Next stop. Gareth Malone...Happy Christmas all
Happy Christmas to all our customers. Immerse yourself in a 3D Tour of A Christmas Carol Backstage: e
Happy Christmas look forward to meeting you in 2017 for the forthcoming bowel cancer charity book
Happy Christmas from the RRN Team. And thanks to the friendly ‘may I hold it for you’ police officer.
Happy Christmas ... before it gets too busy both myself and Professor Stanley Unwin would like to wish you all a...
Echo: Festive fixtures which show why Everton 'should' have a Happy Christmas...
Happy Christmas from Mabe Shinty!! Looking forward to more shinty action in 2017. Our next game is 15th January in Falmouth.
the dept'l office is now closed until January 3. Happy Christmas.
We wish you all a Happy Christmas & a successful 2017! We look forward to seeing you all for the start of the new term on 5th January
The office will close at 3pm on Friday 23rd December and will reopen at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Happy Christmas e…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Happy Christmas missus, have a great one and I will see you in January! x
We close for Christmas at 5.30pm tomorrow, 22nd December, and reopen at 9am on 3rd January. Happy Christmas to all our followers!
Cat: I might admit, that I had a tiny snip, from a big bag of catnip, so true. Anyway, Happy Christmas and a Merry…
one of my all time favourite actors my dads had a stroke and you are spot on! Happy Christmas john.🌲🎄🎄🌲
Happy Christmas, Hannakah,Yule or Solstice to you all, according to belief and culture
Thank you Hogan Lovells. Wonderful working with you and wishing your staff a very Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas & a peaceful New Year from all of us at Henry Adams Fine Art! Our next sale is Wed 11th and Thur 12…
Caught up on last night's Christmas Radio Show. Wonderful. Thanks for the laughter. Have a Happy Christmas & New Year, Count
Maj Gen John Crackett, Director Reserves, wishes everyone a very Happy Christmas from the 3PWRR exercise on Sal…
St.Brigid's GAA Club Notes 18th December 2016. Happy Christmas . We would like to wish all of our members,...
Happy Christmas to the guys and girls from Taylor Wimpey - I hope that you all enjoyed your day! Have a great new...
Happy Christmas ? Not for the last Hedgehogs in London it appears . . .
Hey -- you live in such a lovely country. Happy Christmas, my brother.
Happy Christmas from Dyfed-Powys Police's LGB&T Liaison Officers! Have a safe but fun festive period, and all the best…
Thanks Lucy. Pleasure was mine. Look forward to seeing you at the next event. Happy Christmas
Strictly Len Goodman. Bbc1 Friday December 23rd at 7pm. This is different to Lens Grand Finale DVD. Happy Christmas
How do you say Happy Christmas? Dr Nicole Metje from the School of Civil Engineering sends her greeting in German
Happy Christmas from the elves at British Council Cardiff
Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, or whatever you are celebrating this time of year. Cheers!!
Happy Christmas from BBC Writersroom | Drama Script Room is open! | Latest news & opportunities
Make sure the is defrosted safely this year! Happy Christmas from all of us 🎄…
At the last board meeting of 2016, our volunteer directors gathered to wish all our followers a very Happy Christmas & A Peacefu…
Happy Christmas people of the Lord.Please pray for Christmas gifts great mission.God is great Provider.HE can provi…
Happy Christmas, Merry Hanukkah, and all that Jazz 😂. ...because Love is Love is Love is no matter which way you...
Everything is pointing towards Roger Johnson starting our next game. Happy Christmas everyone.
So, what's a low key way to tell John Lennon's sister about Dalton's "Happy Christmas" cover if I see her in Cleveland again?
Dalton, Happy Christmas is just wonderful. I have no doubt John Lennon is smiling & listening on repeat! Sweet dreams!.
Anna Kendrick should've won an Oscar for Happy Christmas but no one saw it. And Melanie Lynskey should've won best supporting.
Happy Christmas . Looking forward to catching up with you and Simon later at MCR Town Hall for th…
heartfelt thanks to Kentish Town fire station. Love and peace to you all. Happy Christmas
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Boxing Day £23.50 for kids, Happy Christmas to you to , tight *** !!
Make someone happy this Christmas by offering our gift voucher. Available on our website
Christmas makeup makes me so happy, glitter glitter glitter 😍😍💕
Actually, this makes total sense, considering it's almost "war on Christmas" time, when the right gets mad at Happy Holidays and red cups. 🙄
My underwear remind me of Christmas time and bought them. All happy things
Ppl already have their Christmas lights up and that makes me so happy inside
Look at what I just bought at Fanfiber; So happy!! Christmas present from my brother too :D .
"Next Christmas, tell your daddy I'd be more than happy to wrap his package." This movie is all kinds of wrong. No won…
"happy holidays?" "HAPPY HOLIDAYS???!" put christ back in christmas you ignorant liberals
There's Christmas decorations everywhere I turn in my house and I've never been so happy!
Sat and just watched Christmas movies all day and it made me really happy 🎅🏼
My little heart is so happy cause they are playing Christmas music on the radio 😍
I have had an awesome day. I don't care that it's early. Our Christmas decorations are up. The kids are happy and I'm having mulled wine! 😁
I have been thinking. normally ends badly but we give it a go. . This Merry/Happy Christmas issue is starting...
Christmas makes me so happy bc I love buying things for people
Busy times here at the North Pole, santa 🎅🏻 came to visit the workshop and is very happy with progress!
Hallmark Christmas movies make me happy
This is IT 2016 is OPEN. RT&Follow by 3pm 25th Nov to get in the Big Hat of Chance…
I am so happy Christmas music is on
I'm really happy christmas is on a Sunday this year, I feel like it should be on a Sunday 😂
Happy early Christmas to me! Can't wait to put this thing in and see what I can do!
The Manchester Christmas market is cool but everyone here is a happy couple and I'm a sad lonely hermit
I'll be happy if you visit my store! And look at unique and antique things, you will definitely fi...…
What does Christmas mean to you?. Happy thoughts . OR. Financial / Time Pressure. Relatives, some of whom stress you out. L…
Christmas shopping is almost done for this chic!! Happy happy happy!!
I'm sad we are not decorating for Christmas this year. I'm happy for why we aren't doing it but still... Christmas 🎄🎅
Very tired but in a great mood...magic 106.7 been playing Christmas Carols so I'm a happy camper
The fact that KOOL 108 is playing Christmas music now makes me incredibly happy ❤️💚🎄
We are happy to finally have John O’Donohues books in stock for Christmas. Many more christmas ideas to come! Pop in & see…
I'm at this Christmas party for work and everyone just sang happy birthday to me. Like a hundred people. I'm crying
First snow. Listening to Christmas album. Wearing my favorite sweater. I am a happy man.
My favorite Hallmark Christmas movie is on next and I'm v happy !!
they're finally playing Christmas music and it makes my heart happy
I love surprising the ones i love with gifts & showering them w love like i'm so excited for christmas & to make all my…
All my Christmas presents are gear for Iceland and I'm really happy with that
my mom's blasting Christmas music and it makes me so happy ⛄️🎄
Enter for a chance to win the same Christmas tree & decors has in her studio!
I do not care if you say Merry Christmas. You should also not care if I say Happy Holidays because WHO CARES AGAIN BIGGER FISH TO FRY
My daddy birthday *** birthday,my brother birthday,then Christmas.I'm going to be broke but they'll be happy 😬.I think I buy the best gifts
seeing Christmas lights makes me so happy!!!
Placentia Mall Happy Tree now open. Donate a gift and help & partners bring smiles to children in our area this
Driving with the windows down and Christmas music playing makes my heart so happy. 😍🎅🏻
I'm so happy Christmas music is on the radio
I'm just happy there's Christmas music on the radio
Thanks Placentia Mall & partners for coordinating Happy Tree Project! Great opening event today!
find someone who makes you as happy as Christmas makes me 😊
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Vendors & Purchases a big THANK YOU for all your continued support,…
'all I want in life is to be as happy as buster the boxer on his Christmas trampoline' I'm laughing just at the de…
PUT CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTMAS. I am ONLY going to say/continue to say MERRY CHRISTMAS. That is the holiday I celebra…
Welcome to the new Famous Five. Have a happy Christmas and give our love to Merkel.
It's still merry Christmas to me not happy holidays ❤️🎅🎅
l WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR THE New Year. know it's early but may never find this photo ag…
Once again, thank you, amazing William Gareth Evans! Hope THE GLASS DARKLY NOVELS are on tons of Christmas lists! Happy w…
We're putting up my Christmas tree today and I've never been so happy in my life
Starbucks is playing Christmas music and my heart is so happy❤️
Makes me so happy that work have started playing Christmas songs✨
Happy Christmas in July! Yesterday ROAR celebrated with a festive lunch that had all the trimmings!
Happy Christmas everybody. The only gift I want is to be sitting back with all my buddies on the lake catching some trout
Happy Christmas to you all!. Flashback to 1995... the Oasis Fan Club's Christmas card
People are upset .f you say Merry Christmas .r Happy Holidays, so let's all say "This is why we ca 't have nice things."
Is Peach Really Worth The Hype?: Hello, merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all markITwrit..
I remember how happy I was when my parents got it for me for Christmas lol
BTW Merry Christmas Have a great day everyone. Turning my phone off for now. Don't worry be happy!
Merry Christmas & happy holidays .. Santa finally had something for a Muslim boy this year ha!
my parents got me a truck for Christmas when I was 2 because I wanted one I'm so happy
I'm about to cry bc I'm so happy for/proud of Ariana bc and if Christmas n Chill is good we know is
Happy 17th, Mary-Kate. I can't believe how fast you've grown up. Hope all is well and see you at Christmas. Xoxo 👭💕🔐
Yo they're playing Christmas songs at Wendy's I'm happy
Shout out and happy birthday to ! I gotta buy em a Shark for Christmas
Robbie Christmas is an insanely talented guy and a songwriting inspiration. Happy birthday Sedona !
The best Christmas game is obviously Snatcher. Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like shifty Asian Santa. http…
Happy Birthday from your linis kinis barkada
I'm gonna tattoo, "why doesn't she say, merry Christmas or happy thanksgiving"
Let drive my car and it makes me happy how happy it makes a her 😂 she's like a 5 year old on Christmas.
Happy Holidays: 5 things every Igbo person does when they travel to the village for Christmas: Indeed, the ann... https:/…   10% Off
Me nephew came over wearing the Kobe 10's he got for Christmas from me & his Tio Vic!☺️So happy he finally fits into them 😍
Happy and Merry Christmas everybody hope you all are having a great day ✨🎄 (Its already 26th here lol sorry).
Watch online live stream if you can't make it tonight! Happy *** Christmas
heople are upset if you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, so let's all say "Tois is why we can't have nice things."
30 mins before EB.. zipping my mouth... Expect the unexpected and lets all be happy!!!Goodluck RJ! Happy birthday Meng! Love…
Aidan Gillen wishing YOU a Happy Christmas! via Thanks for the gif. :) ht…
Merry and Happy Christmas to everyone! Also Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and HAPPY FESTIVUS! Won't be back for 48 hou…
Happy Christmas from my Hull home house xoxoxoxo
Two pints of okells Manx pale ale. Happy Christmas
we don’t celebrate the same stuff but we wish each other during our respective festivals. Happy Christmas, Selamat Hari Raya
Giving away €1500 holiday voucher! Just tell us 3 stores in the centre,follow & RT. Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas and NY celebrations from every one at St Thomas's. Thanks for all you do. Busy community-…
Happy Christmas & a fair to middling New Year. X Adrian, Maxine & Dean "This is a Black Christmas!!"
Happy Christmas! Merci for Poirot's eternal legacy you are now TIMELESS h…
Where are you? We are in Goa! Noisy,dusty even dirty but We love it! Happy Christmas.
A Happy Christmas from Estes Park! Enjoy these these photos and music.
Happy Christmas to you Matt and everyone at Radio Stoke, Prediction 2-1 win to Stoke
Great to see what our Prof Tony Morris is up to on the with Happy Christmas to all of you onboard!
Happy Christmas people. Love from Jono, Jack, Mike, Brian & Alex. xxx link will die quickly:...
and a very Happy Christmas to you too Peter! Bring on 2016 :)
Mike, wishing you a very Happy Christmas. Spending tomorrow with Grandpa. Have a great time over there and Happy New Year
Riding on an ATV with the sister near Mayon Volcano 😊 Happy Christmas 😊
Andy & Sandra Wallace send you Happy Christmas and one of these days you will visit us when you are in Ayr. X
I'm pretty sure I took that photo from the tower in Piazza San Marco. So beautiful. Happy Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
Happy Christmas everyone from !! This is Percy Priest Lake about 20 mins away…
Christmas soundtrack includes the brushfire guys, frank, tony, and taj with the blind boys. Oh and Louie. Happy Christmas brother
Happy Christmas from the beach in Las Palmas! @ Playa Las Canteras Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
Happy Christmas to all junior doctors and all NHS staff working so hard today to protect the most sick and vulnerable
Happy Christmas from Doug, Rae, Sue, Megan, Catherine, Carina, Bobbie and Jordan (Church Comms Team) with lots of blessings and love x
Happy Christmas!. Students from Harriet Tubman school harvested loofah from their garden to make holiday gift...
I heard yer mate David Quinn to wish him a Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas, Sean. Hope its a bit drier in Nelson than it is further down the valley.
There's been a lot of Syrah, Pinot Noir and Malbec past few days. Think it's time to get my Sauvignon Blanc buzz on. Happy Christmas! 🎄😁🍷
Happy Christmas from South This former Portuguese colony is a playground for free…
Happy Christmas everybody! Here's a little bit of festive cheer from the little known Jule Styne, Betty Comden,...
Happy Christmas from Premier Foods! Thank you to all those that took part in our competition
Molly transfixed by David Bowie introducing the Snowman. Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas everyone. Mika is exhausted from present opening. So now she is chilling with Santa.
Happy Christmas from a wet and windy West Dorset.
Mans happy with chocolate and cans of red stripe, Happy Christmas ey
Happy Christmas one and all! Love Paul, Chris, James and Mark, who will be the Raggediest of Flags by this evening. htt…
Happy Christmas from all at St Barnabas! Hope everyone got what they wanted from Father Christmas, at StB we're all on the good list!
Happy Christmas from all of us at Youth For Christ. The baby changes everything.
King Solomon's Mines (Stewart Granger&Deborah Kerr) on TCM-just the tonic before hitting the road for the Christmas rounds-Happy Christmas.
Because Andy is stupid and forgot his password;. Happy Christmas to Simone, Scott, Caleb & Leo, Joanne, David,...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Happy Christmas from all the team at West Dorset Leisure Holidays!
In his sublime wisdom Father Christmas has put amazing Goat Socks in all our stockings :)) Happy Christmas one and all.
Happy Christmas everyone! If only St Pauls Cathedral looked like this today...
Happy Christmas to you all from Lilly, Poppy, Oliver, Claire and Jon
Happy Christmas to Dan Parsons and Olly Clark! Spending Christmas Day rowing the Atlantic, they may not be able...
Can you say "Happy Christmas" to everyone on Shuttleworth ward in Lincoln Hospital especially Joe who's been looking after me
Gone for a draw in the El Jesus Classico Jerusalem - Nazareth. Happy Christmas
The young fella just put Suarez 1 up in the El Classico. Going to get him to play Watford away next. Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas! 'The Word became flesh & made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only …
the last part is Happy Christmas in Irish english,Italian,Irish!
FW: from discoverdublin Happy Christmas everyone, St Stephens Green, picture taken by
so my mom (and my aunt) met Louis and said he's a very sweet young man. Happy Christmas.:)
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from all at Prison Fellowship. Have a blessed day celebrating the birth of...
You will become a worthy successor to the work. Proceed! God's grace with you. Happy Christmas. Happy New Year 2016.
Happy Christmas to me! My fairy tales article has been shared 10,000 times! Wonderful world of Russian fairytales
Happy Christmas to you and yours. Here is 'Nuit de Noel' (1952) by Henri Matisse (1869-1964)
I probably met you at the Redford Theatre. I was the gal taking photos of fans with him! Happy Christmas, Ghoul Army!
your not so bad yourself Midge! Happy Christmas man, it's been good to begin to bump into you on here now and again!
Happy Christmas, Dorothy. Hope you have an amazing day. Xx
Happy Christmas one and all from West Dorset
Happy Christmas to you all. Thanks for great service with the books
The best presenter on Sky Sports by a mile and the service and time you give to is superb. Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas from us all at Mira, see our holiday opening hours for customer service
Lovely to see so many families at the Christingle service this evening. Happy Christmas everybody xx
Happy Christmas to you too and happy Christmas to and hears to a good gaming New Year
think you're out of the game as soon as you mention the trifle! . Happy Christmas 🎄🎅🏼🎁
Happy Christmas from all of us at Maple Street Guitars!
Joey Dunlop, . he is the DNA of Motorcycling 👍. Happy Christmas
A moment when I was happy...Happy Christmas everyone! @ Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize
☆Happy Christmas! Hope it's the Bess't!☆ Here's the two Elizabeth ornaments on our tree; on the left is the young...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year at the Customs House South Shields.
The British Consulate General and UKTI USA will be closed 24, 25 & 28 December. Our offices will reopen on 29 December. Happy Christmas!
Royal Ascot replay on the tv down the pub, top day! Happy Christmas bro!
Just met my Modern Studies teacher at the petrol station in Perth and she wished me and the fam a Happy Christmas 😇😇
Happy Christmas to you all. Looking forward to seeing you again at the Gordon Craig Stevenage in March
Two special days of festive broadcasting are coming up on Radio Lollipop Edinburgh - Boxing Day and 2nd Jan 2016! Happy Christmas everyone
Happy Christmas to all my fellow pro s. And God bless Kate, Gerry, Madeleine, Amelie and Sean. May they soon all be re-united.
Happy Christmas to everyone at Lotus F1 Team now Renault F1 Team from your H&S technical partner
2015 December 24 Happy Christmas 😊. Around the world, pray that it is one day of peace💓
Happy Christmas from all the team Best wishes for 2016 and the new location X
Wherever you are in the world... We wish you peace, love and happiness... Happy Christmas
Thank you for the Christmas card nice little surprise 😊 I must come and visit in the New Year! Happy Christmas to you x 🎄🎅🏼
Thank you so much. Happy Christmas to you too xx
Happy Christmas to all the Hooligans at Cannon Street and thank you for your kind Christmas card
We are open today parking is available in the High Street car park if NT one is closed. Happy Christmas
Fabulous. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Christmas to you too, may it be a peaceful happy one X
We will do, thank you very much. Happy Christmas to you all.
we'll e-mail you direct, but the application to register the transfer was completed this AM - Happy Christmas
thank you Jane ! Happy Christmas and see you in 2016 x
Big thank you to for yesterday's Christmas lunch for the team - Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas and New Year to all our members, local residents, businesses and organisations in Muswell Hill!
Happy Christmas. Don't know if you get iplayer across pond - watch this (sound off)
An aerial view on Neil Peart of 'Rush' kit.Happy Christmas
A dram, a roaring fire on a wild Highland night and the definitive collection from the old grey whistle test. Happy Christmas!
Seasons Greetings to all the Lord Mayors followers - I wish you all a peaceful and Happy Christmas 🎄👼🎅🏻
Happy Christmas to one and all! Hope you all enjoy the break, see you in the New Year! You can still get us here if you have any issues!
Happy Christmas and Great New Year, Natalie. Looking forward to more revelations.
Thank you, a Happy Christmas to yiu and everybody we'll see you again in the New Year
Social media snake oil sales people, I have no time for you or your ilk. Lets just leave it at that, Happy Christmas
A lovely walk this morning along there river wye itself. Happy Christmas everyone.
. Australia...Best wishes. And a special, peaceful Christmas to you Trevor. Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas to all my followers. A special shout out to Thanks so much. Xx
Good to see you at Deri, 3 times! Thanks for clotting masterclass, Ive heard that TXA did the trick for p ! Happy Christmas!
on a work day you are a tonic: on a day off sheer bliss🎄Happy Christmas all. How about Hanz Zimmer 'True Love' theme?
🎄Happy Christmas to all at Royal Commission & thanks so much🎄
Lovely carol service at Southwark Cathedral tonight. Thanks to all at and Happy Christmas.
Happy Christmas to you and yours Bob! And a new addition to the family next year...Congratulations! 😊
Gorgeous! Happy Christmas friends look forward to redefining success in business with you in 2016
Santa Fit 🎅. Biggest last day turn - out enjoy our young ambassadors work out. Happy Christmas
Our Young Ambassadors who led 'santa fit🎅' with our beat dancers. Happy Christmas.
Dear Wikipedia. 'Happy Christmas' is not the predominant christmas greeting of the UK, nor is Queen Elizabeth II from the 19th century.
Happy Christmas, the War Is Over, at Least for Draghi and Euro After European Central Bank President Mario Draghi …
Happy Christmas from Elephant Parade Dubai. Elephants now available at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm,...
Darren Weir in the news Happy Christmas all
Happy Christmas days for all of you! Have a calm and relaxing time!
thanks for the great feedback. Happy Christmas and hope to see you back at the Chester Beatty soon
and Happy Christmas to you Geoffrey. Best regards.
Happy Christmas to all our wonderful volunteers. Here's to a fabulous festival feast in 2016 🎄🙋
cheers Micky do you have any xmas runners ? Happy Christmas the mighty Quinn
Happy Christmas, don't you like to hear, then come here let me whisper in your ear, it's you who is intolerant of a blessing and cheer.
British Heart Foundation race. Thanks for donations and for believing I could do it. Your encouragement means a lot to me. Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas from the top of the tree 😁
Thank you for giving my theory substance. It is definitely in the same group as 'sheep'. Monster Munch debate settled. Happy Christmas.
Indeed it's one of my favourite songs of all time! I'm very proud that you noticed me. Soon I will follow you. Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas & thanks for your kind support in 2015, here's to a great 2016 Fern Britton
All Year 7 students will receive a free book this morning as part of our project with a special hw task to follow. Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas to me! Found out I'll be officiating NCAA DII Track & Field indoor nationals in March.
Today at work, I met Bill Nye, talked to Andy Weir, and walked past Buffy. Happy Christmas.
congratulations Roman, Jack & Archie and Happy Christmas to you all, looking forward to reading with you all the New Year!
Happy Christmas from the King’s staff! . (Matt was distracted by a toy penguin)
"Happy Christmas from Sandstone Press" See my new daily photo on
WW & St. James' Infirmary both releasing stuff on the same day?! Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas. Here are the words to a lot of Christmas songs.
Happy Christmas from the team at Bisham Abbey and the RYA
Club Tropicana, Wake me up, A dif. Corner, This kind of love.Happy Christmas all
And now it's time for the Christmas meal in (obviously!) Happy Christmas
Thanks for your very insightful thoughts through the year. Happy Christmas & New Year. Cheers.
Oooh the amazing Anne Reid up next! Following the equally amazing Lee Mead and LOTS of beautiful choirs. Happy Christmas!
So Alicia Vikander is so 'blimmin nice she even wishes you Happy Christmas on the way out - believe me this is above & beyond in Hollywood
*** *** *** Please remember that the next Black Forest trip deposit of £100 is due this Friday 11th December. Happy Christmas from Mr Adams!
No problem at all Carole. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Happy Christmas, Laura
Thanks for the follow! hope you like my jungle jim and the shadows of kinabalu book!! Happy Christmas!
Can't wait to see the world's best brass band in Nottingham! Can you wish Margaret Shaw, Happy Christmas tomorrow night?
Man U? Really? What's wrong with Hereford United? 😜 Thanks for the follow and Happy Christmas! 🎅🏻
I added a video to a playlist John Lennon - Happy Christmas
domain names
Just received a 'Happy Christmas' email from a fellow professional... I think it's time to hibernate until Xmas eve
Morning C. Belated as I've had my hands full with a rather large turkey. May I be the first to wish you Happy Christmas! Xxx
Local businesses that would like an announcement in our December issue to wish all their customers a Happy Christmas h…
We wish you a Happy Christmas and a tree from FancyFirs.. see what we did there?
If I am wished "Happy diwali" this week, I will not get offended just as I won't at "Happy Christmas", "Happy holidays", "Ramadan kareem..."
.I enthusiastically said Happy Christmas to my bf's close family friend on Easter Sunday. The guy howled with laughter.
happy hallowe'en. Happy Christmas happy Easter Happy New Years. All of these occasions ain't going away. Get used to it fool
Happy to make a return to after a 6 month+ absence. Felt a lot better than last week. Sub 18 again by Christmas? I hope so!
Happy Christmas everyone hope you all had a great time
I am so happy to be sharing my Christmas themed cards on the blog today! 😃…
Happy Snowman Fused Glass Coaster - UK Maker for your Christmas wine anyone?
my dad had workshop in Hatton garden and I remember many a happy visit there and some fab Christmas pressies.
George Michael Donald Trump Christmas Day Carrie Fisher Boxing Day Star Wars Christmas Eve New Year Carpool Karaoke President Obama Rogue One Black Sea Debbie Reynolds Tom Hanks Kansas City Chiefs Hillary Clinton Last Christmas Merry Christmas Premier League Star Wars Story South Korea Sam Allardyce Mark Zuckerberg Ivanka Trump North Carolina Santa Monica West Brom Benjamin Netanyahu Islamic State White House West Ham Great Plains Daily News Real Estate Pearl Harbor Status Quo Careless Whisper Harrison Ford Crystal Palace Los Angeles Santa Claus Black Lives Matter Top Artist Wilbur Ross Security Council Scarlett Johansson Years Ago Blac Chyna Cue Card Take Care Princess Leia New Zealand Pope Francis John Kasich Annie Nightingale Christmas Carol James Corden Katy Perry Mariah Carey Trump Tower National Weather Service Mutual Fund Middle East New Years David Friedman Manchester United Michelle Obama Great British Bake Off Laura Kuenssberg Leicester City Super Mario Run Shinzo Abe David Bowie South China Sea Super Bowl Sri Lanka Little Mix Clean Bandit Rick Parfitt Fake News News Media Roberto Firmino Frank Sinatra World Series Harry Potter Denver Broncos Washington Redskins David Moyes Troy Deeney Old Trafford Elton John Anthony Bourdain Soviet Union Kyrie Irving Elon Musk Dontari Poe South Pacific Boko Haram San Francisco Sony Music

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