Happy Anniversary & Thank God

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3 Years Ago today my Mom had a Bone Marrow transplant that saved her life!! Thank God for a total stranger's generosity who was a match. Happy Anniversary, Love you Mom!
Happy Anniversary, my love, Tabitha Wambua and thank you for the wonderful years we shared. I love you and I am looking forward to sharing many more wonderful years together. You still take my breath away when I see your beautiful smile. You make my life so worthwhile. I was blessed the day you became my wife. These past 5 years of marriage have been the best days of my life. You are the love of my life. I love you just the way you are. You are the best wife, best lover and the Best Friend a man/woman could ever have. I love you. Thank you for 5 years of marriage. It has been a pleasure spending these years with you. I love you because you are you. You make me a whole person. I love you and will forever. Thank God you came into my life. You make me complete. This Wedding Anniversary marks the best 5 years of my life. Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for marrying me. Thanks for sharing my life. I am so glad I married you. You are my Best Friend. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You ar ...
Happy Anniversary to My Baby, My Babe, My Boo of 15-years Mrs. Lachelle Long. I thank God for blessing me with YOU! Well, I guess you say, What can make me fill this way, MY GIRL!!! (Reflections)
The day i first met you was the blessed day of my life. Lord gave me a chance to understand you. I knew that you are the one who are made for me. You always were positive and made me understand the meaning of having a content life. I thank God for giving me a partner who is more than just being my Husband. You are my friend who guide me without any bias, showed me direction and makes me take decision on my own. You have never put any pressure on me and had all the patience to deal when i was impatient. Thank you for giving me wonderful 5 years of our life together where we laughed, had flights, and talks on how will we fulfill our dreams together. Happy Anniversary to my Sarva Gun Sampoorna Husband.. love you Shabu Thomas
We thank God Almighty for keeping us together as individuals and as a Congress(Ibrede Youths Development Congress, Lagos) for these past nine(9) wonderful years. All glory and praise be unto HIS Name! Special thanks to all our Patrons/Patronesses and Advisers as well as all our Friends/Fans on this platform. We appreciate you all for your love, constructive criticism and care. May God reward and bless you all! Happy Anniversary to all Members!! Cheers!!! Long Live IYDC! Long Live Ibrede Community! Long Live Delta State! For the Congress, Daniel O. Ozaha Secretary-General
I woke up to kisses, a big hug and a whisper of Happy Anniversary. What a sweet remembrance of our wedding day. Till this day I remember the beauty in everything that was created that day, the weather was perfect with the brids chirping, the people the music and the love and laughter that filled the air. It was just an amazing Celebration! That promise I made to my husband Evan Hamaker will never fail because with God in the midst of everything I have faith our marriage will last forever. I Thank God for everything he has given to me I really can't ask for more. This journey has been full of surprises, ups and downs but most of all it's been the greatest times of my life. So thank you babe for making it all happen because if it wasn't for you none of this would exist. I love you
Imagine for Amber S. Carroll With Liam Payne You and Liam were at school, having lunch, on the first day of April. "Thank god this place doesn't have spoons," he said, holding up his spork. "Oh! Leeyum! I almost forgot!" you said mischievously, pulling out a small package, "Happy Anniversary!" The horror on his face was evident. He really thought he'd forgotten! He started unwrapping your gift. It was a spoon. He nearly fell out of his chair dropping it. "April Fools!" you laughed.
I want to take the time out of a busy day to thank god for the blessings he has given me, first i want to say Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful man my husband Gabriel Mora, with out him i could not be the person i am and have the most wonderful kids a mom could ask for, We started as friends and became Best Friends then we became partners, we have had our ups and downs but we have gotten thru it all,for you who know me iam hard headed and stand strong but he showed me how to inbrace the love iam given and how to give some back out. so thank you god for the road you put me down just to get to were iam today. i love you babe.i also want to let my kids know , thank you for being the kids that yall have turned out to be yall may not be perfect but i think we have showed yall how to fix your mistakes, you all Steve Lopez Jr., Sabrina Alvarez, Destiny-Amanda Marialena Longoria, Krystal Mora, Gabby Mora, are more then i could have asked god for i love you all and thank you for thanksgiven also to the two . ...
Happy Anniversary to my husband, Jermaine Jackson Sr. I love you and I thank God for you. 17 years together and a lifetime to go!
Like to wish my husband a Happy Anniversary! No matter what he always has my back!And I thank God for Blessing me with a real man!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE!!! 4 yrs and everyday feels like our first!!! I thank god everyday he has sent you to me! Without u I wouldnt be as strong as I am today!!! I look forward for the adventures we want to encounter because together we can do anything or go anywhere!!! Always and forever my love
I would like to wish my husband (Robin Walls) A Happy Anniversary! I thank God for you man of God and I love you very much ! May God continue to pour out his blessings and annointings in our lives! Thank you Jehovah Jireh for your unwavering hand !
Today as my girls and I decided last minute to go to our home town to celebrate with our family and the church family we have had for oh so many years,I realized so much today.That little town is where so much of the life I chose to live serving God started.What a wonderful day it was.Happy Anniversary to Greenwood Church of the Nazarene for your servantship for 30 years in that community.I remember the first day when they were pulling the trailor in and got it stuck.Oh what a day.Then when I was 16 years old I taught my first Bible school class.Then for many years I was gone,but then as I became a parent,I had a child that was very sick,Pastor Mike heard and came every week to pray for us and invited us every week to church,Thank you to a pastor that I needed oh so much at that time.As an adult it was also the place where I was blessed to be part of many Ministries.Bus ministry,Sunday School treacher and even carivan Ministry.!Again today was a very growing day for me and I thank God for giving me this ...
Walking down memory lane! Today marks 15 years of being married to the sweetest guy this side of the equator! Its been a great 15 years my love! I don't know how to thank God for you my love! You stood by me through thick and thin! Always the strong one in our relationship! Don't know where I'd be without you in my life! Dad died a happy man knowing he'd left me in capable hands! Happy anniversary my sweet Joe!
20 Years Ago I met my soul mate and the love of my life. In those 20 years we have had 4 beautiful children. Now for the 20 years! I thank you Kenny for all you have given me and for making my life complete. Happy anniversary! I thank God every day for my many blessings!
happy anniversary my love no word can Explain how much you mean to me I thank god for you what more does a women want your my everything a friend a lover a partner you've blessed me with two beautiful boy I cant even put in worlds the joy I feel waking up to you every morning it's been 8years and it don't even seem like it but I guess that's love time just flys De amo mi amor
A year ago today I began my adventure when I said I do n became ur wife I thank God for each waking n precious moment we've shared looking forward of spending the rest of my with u. Once again Happy Anniversary Mr Rechard Peters from ur wife Mrs. Linda Batiste Peters love u babe
7 Years Ago, God blessed me wit a lovely handsome young man, he is ma world. we thank God for his mercies. happy anniversary my Love.
Happy Anniversary to my son and daughter in law!hope you have many more,and thank god for the two beautiful grandbabies you all have brought in this world together.Always take care and love each other and you all will last forever. Love you Johnny Lee and Beth
21 Years Ago I met a young lady and we became friends. A few years later we became bffs. Years later I knew I wanted only her and no one else to have her. She became the last piece of my life that made me whole. I love my two sons, two stepsons and my dog(Sidekick). So on Oct.27 I celebrate and thank god for all that he has given me. Happy Anniversary to Wife Terri I Love You and Thank You for the past,present and our future.
Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad who are celebrating their 58th. Wedding Anniversary today. Every day I am in Awe of how much they love and respect one another. Thank you Mom and Dad for showing me what a Real Marriage is, and teaching me to be caring, and loving in my own marrage and to others. I cherish both of you and thank God that I am your daughter. With love and graditude your daughter Joanne xoxo
Nine Years Ago today, a wonderful and caring man became my husband. I thank God everyday for Jason loving me, Anna and Stephen enough to have a ready-made family! Then God blessed us with Leanna (our little pistol) who sure has livened up our house! Happy Anniversary Jason! I Love You!!
15 Years Ago, on a beach in Jamaica , Missy and I started our married life together. I can honestly say, on that sunny, warm day *right next to a volleyball game that had paused just long enough" my life began to blossom. Things became easier with a partner especially one who was always so happy. Missy is one of the kindest, happiest and giving people I know and I get to spend my life with her. These past 15 years have flown by. I suspect with a rising preteen and an 8 year old the next 15 will also. But, even so I stop every day to take a mental snapshot, make a memory and thank God for all that I have. Thank you-Missy, happy anniversary!
I did not get on line yesterday so I missed putting my beautiful daughter Faith's anniversary post so here goes..I thank God for such a wonderful daughter and son-in-law. You are my little blessings from God! I love to watch how you two love each other, Gabriel, and God! You are an inspiration to me and a wonderful part of my life! You have such a wonderful marriage learning what is important and growing each year together. Happy Anniversary and I pray many more to come. You have what it takes to last a lifetime...Here's to you...Kevin and Faith Nelson ..I love you! Mom
1 yr ago today I married an amazing man. I had no idea that I could ever grow to love you even more than the day I married you but I love you more and more everyday! I thank god for bringing you into my life. I'm so proud to have your last name. My life is perfect because you are in it:) I love you Michael Robinson! Im so excited about our future together. Happy Anniversary to us!
Happy Anniversary to my Ex-Husband Leekiba Gholar, 5 yrs. ago today we were united in Holy Matrimony, which unfortunately could not weather the storms that the devil put before us, I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors, thanks for continuing to be a great father to our kids, and a better friend than husband, I Love You and I hope you can enjoy your day, even if tears await the night! Smile when your heart is crying, rejoice in the presence of your adversary, and don't give up on you, when we feel all hope is gone, hope is really all we have left, I love you again, and thanks for all the years good or bad, we live, we learn, we love, but most of all we Thank God for everything!
Happy anniversary Tracey. I thank God everyday for you being in my life. You have blessed my life so much. I love you!
It was a journey that started exactly 8 years today. Many told us it might not work, some even said to our faces. But who can actually say no to what God has said YES to? NOBODY! We've had our fair share of ups and downs BUT its been a pleasurable, eventful, beautiful, fruitful, loving and glorious ride and we thank God for everything. My wife...I want to thank God for you, for saying yes to my proposal 8 Years Ago. Many more glorious years ahead of us in Jesus name, amen. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEAR!
Happy anniversary Jo-neil John!!! Mwah you are simply more than amazing more than I cud eva ask for and a lot more!!! You are a woman beyond measure... And simply the most beautiful woman and I thank god for sending you my way bck thru my mistakes I found my miracle! I love you Jo HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
Three months ago today I found the woman that makes me the happiest man on the face of the earth, I couldn't ask to be with anyone better baby :) You mean the world to me angel I thank God that He brought us together princess :) There are no words to describe just how happy it makes me to know that you love me and that I can fully trust you with my heart beautiful :-* Happy anniversary Alison Hope I love you with everything in me angel :-*
Happy Annviersary to my husband today Andy Taylor we would have been married 26 years today. I miss you every day babe! You were the love of my life, heart and soul, and so glad you knew that, you made me strong, and made me into everything I am today! I thank god for the wonderful love we shared, and for the wonderful man I had the privaledge to no and love. I no in heaven you are having the time of your life! Happy Anniversary to you baby!
September 23rd, Mike and I would have been married for 17 years, I thank God for the wonderful 16 years he gave us, even though you are in heaven now I want to wish you a happy anniversary!! This will always be our special day!!! I love and miss you every day!
I married my soul mate 3 months ago today. It took many years & a lot of mistakes to FINALLY find him but I now thank God for him!! The ONLY thing I would change is I would have found him sooner so I could have loved him longer!! I love you with my ENTIRE being Brandon Lee Harris!! Happy Anniversary!! :))
Today I celebrate one of the most Beautiful Days of my life: The day I got married to my dear husband... He's been truly a blessing in my life. Everyday I learn from him... I thank God, everyday for him, he's truly an inspiration... His drive, his enthusiasm, his vision, his dedication, and his commitment is a real example to not just me, but every1 around him! I LOVE YOU Alex Figueroa ♥ Happy Anniversary ♥
To God Be The Glory!! Twnety six (26) Years Ago today, Darryl Wayne Cousin & Sandra Elaine Archer united together in Holy Matrimony as one. I am forever thankful unto the Lord for sending me a vivacious, voluptuous, victorious Mighty Woman of God. She 's not only my wife, but my Best Friend, my helpmate, my lover, my sister, my babies mother & best of all my BrownSugar. Sweetheart, I thank God for the journey that we have travel together & grateful that you did not give up tthrough our Trails but waited on the Lord for our Triumphs. Daddy is saying "Well Done". I love you forever. Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary my loving, awesome husband! Wow does time fly by. I still feel just as giddy as our first date when I am around you. Every day feels like the first and boring just isn't in our vocabulary. I didn't know what life or Love was until I met you. I had no idea LOVE could be so great! That love doesn't have to hurt, or leave you lonely. Love is not a broken heart or tears. Love does not leave you wondering why.was it me? Love does not demean or defile. Love is not controlling or abusive or jealous or spiteful. Love is not just a Four Letter Word. You have shown me that Love has meaning and sustenance. Love is good and kind, giving and warm, LOVE does not die. I thank GOD everyday that he finally answered my prayers and led you into my life. You are an awesome father to our children. I love you Luis Andino! Here is to many more years to come!
What a wonderful weekend!!! Camping with the people that I love.Now starts the crazy week, start my new job tomorrow, first day of school for Andrew and Layne, Open Houses, kindergarten testing and first day of school for Gavin. Thank god next weekend is a long weekend!!! Oh, and Happy Anniversary to my hubby, six wonderful years!!! I love you babe :)
Happy Anniversary my love! You are a better husband than I could have hoped for and deserve. I love you and thank God for the blessing you are. To many more years!!!
August 20th 7 Years Ago I married Robo, my soul mate, after 10 wonderful years of being together surrounded by all of our family and friends in our own back yard. Happy anniversary BOBo!! I lub u forever and miss you terribly! I know you are w us everyday! We feel you and we are so very blessed t have you as our guardian angel!! I thank God for blessing me w an incrediable husband, Best Friend and awesome daddy for my boys! Our life to gether here on earth my have ended but I will share my life w u forever...til we meet again...we love u big much! :-*
Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife it doesn't even seem like a year but I thank god for having a wife like her I wouldn't change her for the world always 100 i love you and we have many more to come
9yrs ago today today I married my soul mate nd my Best Friend. Melvin Johnson I'm so blessed to have u as my husband nd the father of our two beautiful daughters, I thank god for giving me such a wonderful husband. Happy Anniversary baby, love u!
Happy Anniversary to ME.. Today I'm celebrating my one yr of a healthy lifestyle. I would like to thank God, Weight Watchers (Dorothy Sykes), Roshunda Sample,family, and friends. It was hard, but hey look at girl now.
Karla Brown Miller wrote: I married my Best Friend, Bill Miller 24 Years Ago today. I thank God everyday for bringing this wonderful man into my life. Happy Anniversary and I love you Bill!
10 Years Ago today I married the most wonderful, godly man! I thank God everyday that He put us together and allowed me the honor of being Mrs. John Mitchell. Thank you Babe for loving me and being my "better half". Happy Anniversary! I Love You!
I love you so much Deanna, I thank God for you and could never ask for a more loving, beautiful wife! Thank you for being there for me when I needed you, Happy Anniversary
Happy anniversary Lawrence DeLeurere! I thank God every day for bringing us together! I'm glad I made you marry me! ;)
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Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband of 32 years!!! Stop doing the math! I thank God for him everyday. He is still putting up with me! We got married in the middle of the afternoon and the temp was 107...at least some things never change! Praising God for you Mike! Love you!!
13 Years Ago (on Monday) I married my Best Friend. The past week he has held my hand through a spinal tap, EKG, ct scan as well as many other fun medical tests and consults while I battle an awful virus. Thank God for Roger and his humor to get me through this week. I'm very blessed to have him on my side. Happy Anniversary! Thanks also to our family and friends (especially Aunt Mary, Grandma, and Grandpa Jeff) for helping Roger with the kids! xoxoxoxo
My dear Aheng, another year has passed and it's our 14th anniversary. We have been together for 23 years and so many things have happened. All the challenges and changes in life, I believe that has strengthen our love. I know the journey ahead will not always be smooth but as long as you are there beside me, I know we can do it. I thank God each day for your companionship and love. No need for flowers (dah bosen), Nandos for dinner with the kids is fine for me :) I know "elu sayang gua kok", just keep it going and going and going, like the Energizer Bunny. Happy Anniversary. I LOVE YOU Aheng
Happy Anniversary to my Sweetheart Sandi Martin. 32 years of love and laughter. I thank God for you every day.
On this day a very special lady was born she is my role model a person who I look up to and admire and love so much I speaking of none other than my grandmother Katie Jackson I thank God for her being here 82 years and I pray that he keeps her here another 82 years I love u and I wouldn't no what to do with out u and it is her and my grandfather Joe Jackson anniversary thank u Jesus married over 50 plus years what a blessing Love Yawl and May God continue to blessed yawl to many many more years a wonderful role model they r in my life FBF help me wish my granny a happy bday and her and my papa a happy anniversary
It's not only my birthday but also our Wedding Anniversary...mahal,salamat sa pagmamahal mo samin ng mga anak natin...I thank God for your life,for using it in glorifying Gods name.I pray for more years together hanggang sa pagtanda natin...:-)May God always be the center of our relationship... I LOVE YOU MAHAL,Happy Anniversary!:-)
Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend, my husband! I thank god for u everyday! Love Ya babe!
Henrietta and I are back from the Essence Festival. Happy Anniversary wife. I thank God for you each and every day.
To my once-in-a-lifetime: Happy Anniversary Honey! I thank God for bringing us together to share this journey of life... But one lifetime is not enough: I will love you forever.
I want to thank GOD for being marrie for 28 yrs together for a totaled of 33 yrs had two kids HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my beautiful wife...communication and respect...
I searched the world for you and when god send you to me I new you were the one who would change my life!! Love is not seen or heard love is like the wind felt like a breeze love is not only challenge buy it is patient love is kind.! God has blessed us on this day 2 yrs ago its been almost 5yrs that we have shared our lives together and I thank god for placing u in my life!! Happy anniversary babe!!
This morning I wanted to wish my wife a Happy 10th Anniversary, but she beat me to the punch. That is how loving and caring and thoughtful she is. I thank God for a beautiful mother to my kids and to me a beautiful wife, inside and out. Happy Anniversary dear, Love Ya!!!
well it has been 23yrs 2 kids and 3 dogs, and we still wake up together. Thank God for my loving wife. happy anniversary Daph
Happy Anniversary to Sadie Randall on her 12th Birthday! Mommy loves you so much and thank God that you love Him so.
Thank you for being there as my bestfriend, best companion and best buddy.I thank God for giving you as my partner. It's been 12 years now and our relationship keep on stonger.. No matter what we will be forever together in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer till death do us part! Happy anniversary with Arvin Alcaraz..I love you!
Today's day, 25yrs back,started the beginning of journey of two beautiful person whose life and their journey has blessed me and my brother. On this day, i would love to thank god for all his support and blessing on this beautiful couple throughout their life... A very very 25th Happy Anniversary to MOM and DAD. Jinesh Gosar n Sahil Gosar
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! I thank God daily for you and our life together! Love you with all my heart!
Happy Anniversary to my hero and my angel, my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, Mary and Jay Crain! 57 years! I thank God everyday for them... I love them so very much!!
On a day like this 1, 22 yrs ago, I Vaughn .E. Rivera had the privilege of marrying MY SOUL MATE, Brenda .L. Gonzalez. Till this day she has been without a doubt, MY BACKBONE! Thru think n thin we have kept it stronger n stronger by the day! I THANK GOD 4 U! I pray to God we can make another 100 yrs 2gether. I LOVE YOU 4 JUST BEING YOU ! Happy Anniversary.
Today 19 Years Ago Erica and I was married. I thank God he gave you to me to be my wife. Happy Anniversary
Had a blast with my Hubby on our anniversary getaway in Miami!! Thank God we made it home safe. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life John Brown I hope to grow old with ya! LOL.we're half way there!! Luv ya always your Wife Alisha
my pad just got hit by the po po, thank God they left and im still here to let u know, it gonna be all GOOD. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY... IKNOW U WHERE SCARED :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMMMAAAZZZINNNG, WONDERFUL, AWESOME, etc.etc.etc... MOM, Evg. Hilda Tompkins!!! (You still look the same age u were 10 Years Ago!... **true story!** lol) ... Its SUCH a privilege to have a PROVERB 31-Virtuous woman as a mother... Thank God for placing such an amazing woman in my life to pattern after--at least ATTEMPT to anyway!--lol.LOVE U MOMMY!! :) And, to one of my MOST FAAAVVVOOORITE couples on the PLANET!!(lol).HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO Corey & Ramona Mason! I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH! 8-)
I want to wish MY Husband randy jones a Happy 5th anniversary babe you are an example of what a real man should be your mom would be proud of who she gave birth to because as your wife I know i am babe these 5 years gave you and I challenges that only our love could survive I thank god for you and me our love is ever lasting Happy Anniversary babe love your wife Sharon Jones Proudly to say and carrie your name :)
Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend, helper, provider, true love. God has blessed us with 17 years of ups and downs and He has never left our side. Thank God He didn't give up on us! I love you, James!
To the most wonderful husband, Richard, 2yrs ago we took our vows in front of God, family and friends. Love u more and more every day. I thank God 4 bringing u in2 my life. Happy anniversary my sweetheart. Love u always. xx
I want to Thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to be by your side in the last 11 MONTHS!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY♥
...thinking of my mom (Wanda) of what would've been her 69th birthday and also THANKING God for all of the memories... We chose to play John Denver's "Country Roads" at her memorial service, but there is another song that I listen to and it really hits home also...Diamond Rio's "One more day." One of my biggest fears is that I will (one day) lose the pain; they say time heals all wounds...I hope they are wrong and so far,"they" are WRONG! Miss her every day (as I know my brothers do also) !!! If you are reading this, don't take any of your "loved" ones for granted...reach out...let them know how you feel. Proud to say, I'm one of "Wanda's boys"...and if you didn't know her, you missed ALOT!!! Also I wanna say "Happy Anniversary" to my beautiful wife, Sharon (Goens) Baskins...Thank God that she is still with (me) us! ; ) Her next surgery is on June 15th...keep praying, God answers prayers!
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