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Hans Zimmer

Hans Florian Zimmer; (born 12 September 1957) is a German film composer and music producer.

John Williams James Newton Howard Danny Elfman Christopher Nolan Lisa Gerrard Steve Jablonsky Howard Shore Dark Knight Michael Giacchino Trent Reznor Kung Fu Panda James Horner Clint Mansell Lorne Balfe Muppet Treasure Island

Sorry but REAL cinephiles know Dunkirk can only truly be experienced by drowning a British boy in a bathtub while Hans Zimm…
Guthrie Govan did guitar for Hans Zimmer last night and that was the coolest thing ever
Misleading headline. . Harry Styles is in the trailer. No one actor is the star of DUNKIRK. Hans Zimmer's score is t…
Dunkirk is gonna be so *** intense, this soundtrack is pure force. Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer at it again.
Sometimes I still stop to think about how frakking awesome Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel drum circle was
Looking at these masterclasses, I wanna learn acting from Gary Kasparov, soundtrack scoring from Kevin Spacey, comedy from Hans Zimmer.
When you're working/studying, no music is more suiting than that of Zack Hemsey and Hans Zimmer 👏.
Imagine if Max Richter scored interstellar instead of Hans Zimmer my oh my thats the world i wanna live it
What time does Hans Zimmer play tonight?
Honorable mentions: Rob Zombie, Cameron Crowe, David Fincher, Nolan( on the strength of Hans Zimmer)
2 tickets to Hans Zimmer & orchestra live at Wembley face value this Thursday. Working late now and can't go. Message asap…
I liked a video King Arthur Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
I might go to Hans Zimmer at Echo Arena in Liverpool, United Kin...
Tina Guo is the cellist behind Hans Zimmer's Wonder Woman theme:
I just liked this song "Wonder Woman Main Theme" by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Tina Guo
Hans Zimmer is incredible. He is my Jesper Kyd for film. I can spot his unique sound anywhere and I always dig it.
So like can we get a concert with Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer where all they do is perform their movie scores?
Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, and Joe Hisaishi have made some of the most legendary animated film scores ever.
Yes and don't forget the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer's work TOO LIT. We don't deserve him.
"I don't think Hans Zimmer is a Genius. Mozart is a Genius. Michelangelo is a Genius." Ridley Scott on ClassicFM now.
I saw Guthrie Govan live last night with Hans Zimmer! his guitar solo for 'Thelma & Louise' 😍
Don't think there is a single score by Hans Zimmer that I don't like. Genius.
Hans Zimmer, Ron Howard and Lorne Balfe on the music of "Genius":
*** meets Once Upon a Time in America - Holly Robinson Peete is portrayed as a sarcastic billionaire. Music by Hans Zimmer.
Discover Genius by Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe on What a master piece...
Wanna see a full orchestra in "rock star" mode? Hans Zimmer + Co. performing 'The Dark Knight' score at Coachella.
Hans Zimmer performs score to The Dark Knight live at Coachella .
Only this scene tho the movie overall is very average but has such a beautiful soundtrack! Hans Zimmer level music by Steve Jablonsky.
I honestly still can't believe I was surrounded by thousands of people rocking w/ Hans Zimmer to The Circle of Life last…
Hans Zimmer performed at Coachella, proving the human body can dance to anything .
Say what you will about Coachella, but I think it's pretty rad that people are jazzed to see Hans Zimmer play a live score. BRRWWARRRM
I was going to see Hans Zimmer in DFW but without him playing DRIVING MISS DAISY it'd be a waste of money
I can't believe Hans Zimmer is trending. He killed Trayvon Martin like 5 years ago, let's just all move on.
Why am I only now just watching Hans Zimmer's Coachella set? Actual tears during the Lion King 😭😭😭
Hans Zimmer performed the scores for 'The Dark Knight' and 'Inception' at 👀.
Hans Zimmer, you rock dude. Watch his epic 2017 performance here:
Here's a clip of Hans Zimmer's performance from Coachella, where he played music from Disney movies, including
I should be studying but I can't stop watching live recordings of Hans Zimmer Medleys
I liked a video Hans Zimmer featuring Tina Guo - Pirates of the Caribbean
New tumblr post: "Hans Zimmer took the Coachella stage on Sunday night and pretty..." IFTTT, reddit
I liked a video Hans Zimmer INCEPTION score LIVE!!
Hans Zimmer showed who's king. I got misty eyes
Just watched a few videos of Hans Zimmer performing with his band at Coachella. I got chills. Those who were there were lucky af. 😌
Y'all don't understand how badly I wanted to see Hans Zimmer 😞
I never thought I would hear the Pirates of The Caribbean and Circle of Life performed by Hans Zimmer let alone IN COACH…
RIP anyone on mushrooms at Coachella watching Hans Zimmer right now.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hans Zimmer took my entire career and wiped his *** with it.
I liked a video Hans Zimmer - Inception - Live at Coachella 2017 Sunday, April 16th
TBH All I really care about is Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer at was what dreams are made of. ❤️💫
concert is 2017's wildest therapy session | Hans Zimmer
If you were at Coachella and missed Hans Zimmer you failed, it was amazing, beautiful, and legendary , I can only imagine…
Watching people try to figure out how to dance to Hans Zimmer is incredible
W2 people: Don't miss Hans Zimmer! seeing something like that live was probably one of the most unique experiences I've ever had. So amazing
This makes the Coachella experience worth it
let me know if Hans Zimmer is playing any bops from Prince of Egypt at Coachella, The Buring Bush is a classic!!!
Prince of Egypt, proving religious films can be good... If you throw pretty animation, Ralph Fiennes, and Hans Zimmer at it.
Hans Zimmer gonna be at Allstate Arena august 4th... 👀
The only thing missing from Hans Zimmer concerts is him playing the theme from The Weather Man with Gore Verbinski on electric guitar.
Hans Zimmer is performing a set at Coachella. Steve Aoki who?
A rare picture of Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL together
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Suicide Squad meets The Dark Knight Rises - Jeri Ryan is portrayed as an immature pilot. Music by Hans Zimmer.
We've already got a theme for the Matter-Eater Lad solo movie. It'll make John Williams look like Hans Zimmer.
Hans Zimmer said he prefers Christian Bale over Ben Affleck as Batman
How did my YouTube recommendations go from Hans Zimmer scores to David Icke and Paul Watson videos? 😣
Just noticed Hans Zimmer is playing Glasgow on 18th June. The day after tough mudder. Could make a whole weekend of it 😁😁😁
Listen to Hans Zimmer - Iris And Jasper - The Holiday Soundtrack by Ziad A. Hamed on
Hans zimmer music for movies is something else 🎥👂🏾🎵
Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer teaches his first-ever online class:
Taking a film composing course from Hans Zimmer!!!Learn from the world's best
your with Hans zimmer now? Are you doing the Justice league theme?
New Solo for Alecto. Recommended song to go with whilst reading is Time by Hans Zimmer
Just out did yourself interstellar hans zimmer 😍😍❤❤
Listen to Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free by innerabundance on
Listening to Hans Zimmer I feel like I'm in a movie.
Hans Zimmer more like Hans Simmer cause *** those compositions be HOT
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Listen to this whilst writing an action scene. . Hans Zimmer though 😩😍 .
This all sounds cooler if you imagine Hans Zimmer music playing in the background
I can hear the radiator making noise in my son's room over the monitor and it sounds like a lo-fi Hans Zimmer tension spike.
ya man you'll catch me bumpin to some Hans Zimmer daily!!!
The Hans Zimmer Spotify station will change your life.
Hans Zimmer: Movie music's Dark Knight steps out of the shadows
Pirates of the Caribbean without Hans Zimmer is rather hard to picture.
Time by Hans Zimmer for the journey
I hope Hans Zimmer releases the full score to Backdraft one of these days-this part of the score is unavailable.
Jean-Michel Jarre touring, talks electronic music with Hans Zimmer, Gary Numan, Moby, Julia Holter & more (watch)…
MJ once said something about the healing power of music. Don't know sha but Hans Zimmer's Last Samurai album has cured my headache 5/5 tries
Hans Zimmer made all his tracks before serum and preset packs let that sink in
You haven't truly lived until you've lifted to a Hans Zimmer score
"The question is more interesting than the answer". - Hans Zimmer
You have a Master class with Hans Zimmer?
Did you point them to Hans Zimmer? He'll have ripped it off somewhere.
Hans Zimmer feat. Satellite Empire - Time (The Machinist Remix) at by Dazzuh
Don’t sweat it, it’s a blank PDF with Hans Zimmer’s picture on it. Cute. No clue what it will actually look like.
Who's down to go see Hans Zimmer at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium with me?
I added a video to a playlist Hans Zimmer meets Ólafur Arnalds (mixed by DJ Upzet) Soundtracks,
Lion King composer Hans Zimmer wins the award for most unexpected musician of the Coachella lineup.
Favourite score of 2016:. • & Hans Zimmer - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
if anyone needs good study music, you can basically listen to anything by Steve Jablonsky and/or Hans Zimmer
Pros and Cons when comparing the master-classes of Joel Zimmerman and Hans Zimmer?
Hans Zimmer is becoming the James Patterson of composers
I really love movies soundtrack and more if it was composed by Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Nicholas Hooper or Alexandre Desplat😍
the planets by Holst, Children's march by grainger, and if you like modern stuff, lots of Hans Zimmer is good
I love that Hans Zimmer's score for The Dark Knight Rises is more synth heavy than his previous two scores. It sounds mo…
I really need Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard to do the score for the Shadow And Bone movie
Ramin Djawadi is almost on Hans Zimmer's level. 2 more dope songs like Light of the Seven and he'll be there.
Lovely music from Hans Zimmer for The Da Vinci Code. One of my favourite soundtracks.
Didn't expect to hear Hans Zimmer on tonight - very in keeping with George Fenton's previous work though.
Brilliant composer roundtable discussion with Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Trent Reznor
Just realized my Top 3 movies (Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar) all trace back to a Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer collaboration
Vangelis' new album about the Rosetta space probe is like Hans Zimmer covering a Jean-Michel Jarre record and it rules
I liked a video Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and more Composers for THR's Roundtable |
A staple, but only a recent one. Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer are capable of (and keen to do) so much more.
it could actually be a possibility. Reminds me of James Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer working together for The Dark Knight
Congrats to Hans Zimmer for winning 'Best Original Film Score of the Year' for INCEPTION at this year's World Soundtrack Awards!
What do you do when on stage with Hans Zimmer and you break a string?. Be Guthrie Govan:. Styled it out like a pro.
Listen to A Watchful Guardian by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard on
The man behind the success of Hans Zimmer, James Newton Shore, Michael Jackson, Elton John etc.
I added a video to a playlist The Sound and Music of The Dark Knight Rises - Hans Zimmer & Richard
When it's movie scores; Hans Zimmer, Bear McCreary, etc...or video game
why does Hans Zimmer fail me. also do you miss having Jimmy Nielsen in SKC's goal (cause it was fun to score on him)?
Here's what works in the Nolan Batman films for me: . -Anne Hatharrived as Selina Kyle . -The Selina Kyle theme suite by Hans Zimmer
Another one I love is “Light” by Hans Zimmer from The Thin Red Line.
Someone should do a Herb Alpert and Hans Zimmer mashup record
Ramin Djawadi’s Light of the Seven piece is like if Hans Zimmer & Franz Schubert collaborated to score the baptism scene in The Godfather.
I liked a video from Days Of Thunder Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer - Main Theme.
Hans Zimmer is on tour WITH NO UNITED STATES LOCATIONS and based on my all caps rage, you can tell I'm pretty salty about it.
The plots are always pretty weak, but the Kung Fu Panda movies are beauuutiful and I love them, plus the Hans Zimmer scores are great
He is the composer behind many famous film scores and now Hans Zimmer turns his attention to his third Kung Fu Panda.
i mean just the fact that Hans Zimmer scored Kung-Fu Panda 3 makes it a great movie.
Professor Stephen Hawking will be honoured with a concert that features Queen’s Brian May and Hans Zimmer.
Hans Zimmer . Junkie XL. Joseph Trapanese. Ramin Djawldi. Steve Jablonski. Ludwig Goransson. if you know, you know.
I like listening to James Newton Howard soundtracks the most. Followed by Hans Zimmer.
New Francis Bacon exhibition at the Tate & a Hans Zimmer live concert in the same week. Could my mind be any more blown!
Unless you don't understand...Y...A...*deductive montage, books ticket to Paris to kneel over Mary's tomb, Hans Zimmer plays*
I don't doubt it one second! 😄 I grew up with Hans Zimmer's music and I wouldn't be who I am without it...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I don't even bother, keep your Aux cable unless you want to listen to Hans Zimmer, Kygo and Beyoncé
Henry Jackman is an odd composer. He has done fantastic stuff with Matthew Vaughn but outside of that he's arguably a discount Hans Zimmer
Man of Steel's score is seriously the best original soundtrack, by far. Hans Zimmer ended his superhero run on a high note!
Hans Zimmer, of like Dark Knight, Batman v. Superman, Sherlock Holmes fame, did the score for Muppet Treasure Island.
No matter how hard I try, I always sob at the end of pirates of the carribean: at worlds end. Hans Zimmer gives me the feels in every score.
Hans Zimmer is just a master at writing "pirate" music, Muppet Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean. Both have fantastic scores
Hanz Zimmer, On Tour For The First Time Ever, Budapest, 11 May: Hans Zimmer will be on tour for the first tim...
"The Dragon Warrior" by Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe I always forget how good music Kung Fu Panda movies have! ♫♥
my other life: movie music! It's the best - John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino etc.
as you can already tell, I'm a Hans Zimmer fan boy. Also yes Burnout paradise na game, but that ost is wicked.
the Lion King soundtrack is a worthy 4th place, but to me Hans Zimmer's scores fit the movies great, but don't stand alone well.
Halo 3 theme song + Hans Zimmer-time just makes my cramming session feel theatrical:))) 😂😂😂
Hans Zimmer. Good music to read and study by. ♫
The soundtrack from The Holiday is my favorite. Hans Zimmer is my favorite ❤️
I can't believe Larry Fong, Zack Snyder and Hans Zimmer worked together on the same film and it was a DC film
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
hans zimmer, super. Plot, super. Execution, could be better. Nolan, brilliant.
What Roger Federer is to tennis, Hans Zimmer is to music!!🤘
You had no idea how you catch the feels when you already memorized the music scores of a movie 😌 man, i love hans zimmer's masterpiece 💞
Hans Zimmer on blast. 🎵 soundtrack. What this guy creates is mind-blowing. Modern day Beethoven.
If one must listen to recorded lectures online, it's 100x better if you play the Hans Zimmer pandora station in the background
18 Passovers later, Prince of Egypt is still one of the best movies I've ever seen. My favorite Hans Zimmer score AND the animation so good.
Hans Zimmer always knows how to hit me in the feels.
I wish my life was composed like a Hans Zimmer tune.
Just give me Hans Zimmer music, and I will edit the most beautiful video for you.
Solomone by Hans Zimmer. For deep pain that never seems to go away.
How to trigger goosebumps part one. ♫ Is She with You? by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL —
If anyone has seen "Interstellar" or you need some inspiration, listen to "No Time For Caution" by Hans Zimmer
it's one of those nights when i listen to Hans Zimmer and think about how my life isn't dramatic enough
Hans Zimmer, the movie soundtrack composer, what an amazing show. With Purple Rain as short term "highlight" :/
Serious ? It's Hans Zimmer who made The Lion King soundtrack too? :o It doesn't suprise me, his ost are beautiful
But creepy in a good way, Hans Zimmer is a *** genius
Hans Zimmer seems so nice and all the musicians (incl. Hans) played their instruments with such a soul-stirring passion!
Had a great time at Hans Zimmer concert! Brilliant musician! A must for everyone who loves music.
Intro to the Celtics was some Hans Zimmer Interstellar soundtrack
You gotta set the score right, call it Hans Zimmer. My time wherever I go, I took a chance like I'm from Chicago
interstellar "First Step" Hans Zimmer soundtrack - church Organ / piano ... So good, masterpiece for ears and soul:)
Main theme "Stay" remixed from the movie Interstellar. Still has the Hans Zimmer vibe in there…
Saw the Hans Zimmer Live Tour tonight in Germany. And it was amazing. That man is genius.
Join Hans at the upcoming Manchester & Bournemouth tour stops in May!
A tribute to by Hans Zimmer and his band. Part 2 with the guitar solo played by Johnny…
mostly Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, Harry Gregson-Williams and Yann Tiersen stuff. I don't even remember some of them!
I might go to Hans Zimmer at Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands - May 24
I'm glad I appreciate other composers aside from Hans Zimmer though. James Horner and Howard Shore are both still fantastic
And above all.listen to a complete orchestra play the entire Inception soundtrack by Hans Zimmer live.
The more you get, the more you less!. Just keep your focus! ♫ Oogway Ascends by Hans Zimmer & John Powell
Tickets for TONIGHT on Years & Years, Hans Zimmer, Gregory Porter, Cat Empire, Vamps, Mike Dignam, Lucius and MORE!!
I always write to the sound of film scores. They're great for matching mood. . My current favorite: Batman Begins by Hans Zimmer.
Re. BvS: Now we know how Hans Zimmer can finally make a decent Batman theme… by completely ripping off Shirley Walker.
The final game sequence in A League of Their Own is just such wonderful pacing and editing and Hans Zimmer scoring, it's so fun and intense.
The greatest hits from Hans Zimmer via - would love to see this live .
Please don't cut Hans Zimmer whilst he's talking. Cheers.
*Hans Zimmer score for The Dark Knight plays as I peel out in my '98 Pontiac sunfire*
Only in India can you have Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight score playing over the morning news
Listening to Tia Dalma by Hans Zimmer, on my Echo!
The soundtrack is up on Hans Zimmer's spotify page. Sounds super epic, can only hope the film is as good
it's like if Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and JXL merged together to create an super powerful Batman theme
Super thrilled that Iggy Azalea is a Hans Zimmer fan.
Even if BvS the movie isn't good at least the music is super Epic!!Hans Zimmer my favorite…
Hans Zimmer is my main man, my buddy, my mate, but you know Danny Elfman, boy, Danny Elfman.
Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Hans Zimmer, Christopher Nolan. Too much awesomeness for one movie .. . # The Dark Knight
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I now have this image of Hans Zimmer blasting a giant fog horn and dramatic music as George comes to read the budget
This morning, our lecture included John Williams, Hans Zimmer and as an added bonus: Randy Newman, as played by Will Sasso of MadTV!
Biggest wish is to see The Road to El Dorado remastered on blu-ray and Hans Zimmer and John Powell's complete score officially released.
The Non-Serious Classical Music of Ólafur Arnalds: . “Everyone is trying to sound like Hans Zimmer, but th...
play it hundred times and still ❤️ it -->Listen to Finding the Rose by Hans Zimmer & Richard Harvey on
Heard small sections of Hans Zimmer score to Dawn of Justice. Even if the movie *** at least I will have this amazing soundtrack!
I added a video to a playlist Kung Fu Panda 3 - Hans Zimmer - Father and Son
LISTEN: The full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice title track, from Hans Zimmer and Junkie...
Ah what, Johnny Marr not at my Hans Zimmer show...
Johnny Marr is guest performer on Hans Zimmer's tour (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
I liked a video Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard - Sorrow
I'm listening to Elysium by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard using
Listening to Now We Are Free (Maximus Mix) (Album Version) by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, on the album: More Music from the Motion Pictur…
Can we please get Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan working on "Iron Workers of America?
Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL's Batman Suite has been released, love it! Has elements of Elfman and Shirley Walker,
Aspects of PotC that drew me to the franchise were Hans Zimmer and Jack Davenport. Zimmer was lazy with 4 and no Norry :( Not interested :P
Hans Zimmer is definitely the greatest movie composer to ever live.
discusses new album and his obsession with Hans Zimmer!.
i love soundtracks. Nick Cave, Warren Ellis "the road", James Horner "the ludlows" Hans Zimmer "if you love these people"...
Go with about new a new album and his obsession with Hans Zimmer
I liked a video Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack - Injection by Hans Zimmer
Guys, did you know that Hans Zimmer & Harry Gregson-Williams did the instrumental score for Muppet Treasure Island?!
for score music, check out Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps from *** Immediate Music, Hans Zimmer, Epic Score
building on that, what would Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart think of like, film scores? John Williams & Hans Zimmer & Danny Elfman & Howard Shore?
I don't know what it is about Hans Zimmer's best stuff, but I get my big breakthroughs listening to it. Scribbling notes now to sleep on.
"I don't Pandora, but I love Hans Zimmer's scores. I have a bunch of soundtracks from him I listen to while I work."
I really wanna meet and hug Hans Zimmer, thank him for mentored Steve Jablonsky and Ramin Djawadi.
It is going to be a sad day for the world when Elton John, Tim Rice, and Hans Zimmer die.
There will never be another Hans Zimmer.
I don't know Hans Zimmer but I trust him.
Listen to Like a Dog Chasing Cars by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard on
According to Spotify my top-played artists in 2015 were Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold, Henry Jackman, and Michael Giacchino.
If ever they do a biopic about my life it will either be John Williams, Hans Zimmer or Atticus Ross-Trent Reznor
Hans Zimmer, John Williams, & Alexandre Desplat are the real mvps for creating bomb film scores to get me through finals week 👌🏻
Listen to Anything Can Happen by Hans Zimmer & Hollywood Studio Symphony on
I've been listening to Hans Zimmer for the last 5 days, I feel like I live in a movie right now. Every step I take feels so EPIC😵
Hans Zimmer, the music composer for over 100 movies, has never had any formal music education.
I'm sorry, I don't really know Hans Zimmer that well but I have heard of him. But James Newton Howard is one my favs too :)
i don't trust people who don't cry when listening to the Interstellar score by hans zimmer
Need to find out if Hans Zimmer did any work on Fast6. Just heard a Dark Knight-type score.
"Time" by Hans Zimmer would fit so unbelievably good into the THG franchise. .
The *** Trent Reznor, Danny Elfman, and Hans Zimmer in a roundtable?. Okay, let's listen to this.
Incredible video about the making of the Interstellar soundtrack feat. Hans Zimmer:
Y'all, why don't we make a bigger deal out of the fact that Stephen Schwartz and Hans Zimmer wrote a musical film together?
I added a video to a playlist Pirates of the Caribbean - "He's a pirate" (Hans Zimmer & Klaus Badelt)
James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer are the best music composers! They make such beautiful music is crazy!
Why do we have so much in common! You said you love Embun, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon, Hans Zimmer, Eva Green & now this
Take a look inside the studios and creative processes of acclaimed film composers, Hans Zimmer and Clint Mansell.
I'm listening to Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest by Hans Zimmer (Composer) on
Film score composer Hans Zimmer on musical inspiration, and living in a dream world:
528491 - Music from the motion picture Inception by Hans Zimmer on Aiden Ford's iPad Air by
Time by Hans Zimmer in Hollyoaks. I don't watch it, but it was running in background and soundtrack caught my attention.
They absolutely love a Hans Zimmer score on the don't they? Heard Inception, Batman & Interstellar in the last two weeks.
From John Williams to Alan Silvestri to Hans Zimmer to Steve Jablonsky to Danny Elfman etc,the creators of some of cinemas greatest scores
who doesn't listen to Hans Zimmer, Bright Eyes, The Avett Brothers and Gogol Bordello all in one day?
I dont know why but I really love this song. Call of duty modern warfare 2 opening title by Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer - 10 On Stranger Tides - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides …
it sounds really good too, Hans Zimmer built the entire soundtrack based on that Edith Piaf track they use to sync the kicks
So for MyCareer we're hiring Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer, right?
Song speaks alot with no words. A Watchful Guardian by Hans Zimmer
Day 19 of my playlist: Hans Zimmer's from Christopher Nolan's
It took me 5 days and listening to Kyle Landry's rendition of Hans Zimmer's "First Step" to figure out how these questions used pythag v.v
collection of Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Brian Tyler and a few others.
And let's not get started with Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard on that score and soundtrack!
in general. Esp. scored by likes of James Horner, Javier Navarrete, John Barry, Hans Zimmer etc.
When ever I'm downtown, I make *** sure I take Lower Wacker, put on Hans Zimmer on blast, and pretend I'm the Dark Night. I am Batman.
Fav composers off the top of my head: Joe Hisashi, John Williams, Nobuo Uematsu, Howard Shore, Yasunori Mitsuda, Hans Zimmer, Koji Kondo
Listening to Hans Zimmer after listening to Ramin Djawadi for the past month is like meeting up with an old friend and it feels nice
NEW POST - The Best Soundtracks to Work To ft John Williams, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer and more!
well we already know his crew, Hans Zimmer, Jonathan Nolan, Wally Pfister, Lee Smith etc, and Michael Caine
John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Randy Newman are gods I swear
If Zack Snyder & Chris Nolan work together of making AOT movie live action with Hans Zimmer = BEST MOVIE EVA!! no kidin
Finally watched Interstellar and my god it did not disappoint. Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer really are the perfect pair...
Hans Zimmer's score for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is so *** good, Johnny Marr's guitar work is badass
Listen to Hans Zimmer - Rise (Aurora Edit) - The Dark Knight Rises by antovolk on
I've seen concerts of music by John Williams, Hans Zimmer & now Michael Giacchino at Ravinia. And JW was even there, conducting.
Now, while 4 was a yawn fest, I approve for further Hans Zimmer scores and the new directors were super nice to my parents.
I'm sure I just heard some of Hans Zimmer's Black Hawk Down soundtrack in The Last Ship.
It is a Hans Zimmer and Carter Burwell kind of day. :)
Listening to Eptesicus by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, on the album: Batman Begins: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Do you know who they are? Konrad Adenauer, Marc Forster, Hedy Lamarr, Hans Zimmer, Ursula Andress... and more.
I'm listening to Gladiator, Film Score by Hans Zimmer / Lisa Gerrard on
In the magic kingdom of Hans Zimmer ! Great to meet you guys. with Steve Kofsky. Bri
Alexander Desplat is such a good composer, one of my favorites along with John Williams and Hans Zimmer
Heard an apparent track from by Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey. . Hope it's the real-deal, because it was quite good.
Now we are free - Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard (2 hours) via I always loved this theme song from Gladiator.
are we talking Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer or Trevor Jones here?
For Ryan Reynolds, I watch. Then, interestingly the amazing history delivered so devine from Simon Curtis. And, Hans Zimmer.
It's not only tribute to Mr. Nolan but also to great Hans Zimmer. His work with Chris Nolan is EPIC on every level. Goosebumps!
Even the music Hans Zimmer wrote for The Rock has undertones of Pirates and Gladiator in it
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Yes! I love the work of - and Tim Rice, Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Hans Zimmer, Elton John...
I tend to praise Hans Zimmer quite often for his musical genius, today however, Clint Mansell, The Fountain, oh man just sheer brilliance.
The end of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom with Hans Zimmer music is the most beautiful moment in cinema
The Kraken - Hans Zimmer from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is one of the best pieces of music ever composed
Best movie score not composed by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, Danny Eflman, Howard Shore or Jame...
Seeing both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Byung Hun's names on the opening scene of Terminator Genisys was great, but Hans Zimmer>all
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