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Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt (October 14, 1906 – December 4, 1975) was a German American political theorist.

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Only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.-- Hannah Arendt
"Truth and meaning are not the same thing," Hannah Arendt. Thank you,
“There are no dangerous thoughts; thinking it-self is dangerous.” Hannah Arendt . photo by Fred Stein/Corbis, 1944
"This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes." ~Hannah Arendt
Day-of-Learning – Eichmann in Jerusalem: Hannah Arendt and the Banality of Evil | The Brooklyn...
The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be either good or evil. - Hannah Arendt
In preparation for a day-long symposium on Hannah Arendt and her work "Eichmann in Jerusalem," we post a number...
It is my contention that civil disobediences are nothing but the latest for...
The remarkable love letters of Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt
The remarkable love letters of Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger
Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom. - Hannah Arendt.
Hannah Arendt with another acute observation
Is Donald Trump a new Hitler? Hannah Arendt might argue that they’re closer than you think via
On page 446 of 827 of Origens do totalitarismo, by Hannah Arendt
“The third world is not a reality, but an ideology.” ― Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt on outsiderdom and how we humanize each other thx
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It's interesting Hannah Arendt refused to be called a philosopher, because she thought philosophy was about singular people.
The Hannah Arendt Laboratory should move permanently to Venezuela.
Our quote of the day is from political philosopher Hannah Arendt
Between the World&Us:Hannah Arendt on Outsiderdom, the Power&Privilege of Being a Pariah,&How We Humanize Each Other
Revisiting Hannah Arendt: 'We humanize what is going on in the world and in ourselves only by speaking of it...'
Hannah Arendt on the power and privilege of being an outsider and how we humanize each other https…
This is the LAST WEEK to register for "Hannah Arendt: The Human Condition" which begins Tuesday, March 29! Course...
Reading this again. If you are interested in politics, I recommend this paper by Hannah Arendt.
...see also Jon Nixon's Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Friendship.
Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarian...
This article reveals what a polarizing figure Hannah Arendt is. Interesting.
“the greatest evil perpetrated is the evil committed by nobodies, that is, by human beings who refuse to be persons” ― Hannah Arendt
The new always happens against the overwhelming odds of statistical laws an...
Consider checking out Hannah Arendt's work! I read it before I was old enough to vote. "Origins of Totalitarianism"
I just backed Institute of Artivism / Instituto de Artivismo Hannah Arendt on
Political theorist, champion of freedom, critic of power and violence: Hannah Arendt
I scored 77% on "How much do you know about Hannah Arendt?". Can you match that?
The one antidote to the predicament of unpredictability is forgiveness. - Hannah Arendt
Sounds like you've got that activa/contemplativa thing down. Hannah Arendt would be proud of you.
Action without a name, a ''who'' attached to it, is meaningless. Hannah Arendt
….the assurance of being able to change things by one's own efforts. Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt must be turning over in her grave
Elderly gentleman on the train to Kyoto reading The Relevance of Hannah Arendt's Reflections on Civil Disobedience.
Hannah Arendt or Hannah Montana? One changed the way we look the world and the other is the philosopher.
Of course indicative that poli sci prof speaking of Trump & fascism (PT) instinctively reaches for Hannah Arendt :)
Most groan-worthy thing right now: hotshot (usually male) columnists who think that 'theorizing Trump' makes them the next Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt on the elusive but powerful nature of storytelling, a perspective shared by depth
Hannah Arendt's Hidden Side ... she wrote poetry ! ... read this in french ...
Hannah Arendt on time, space, and where our thinking ego resides
Hannah Arendt's Hidden Side: she wrote poetry! Read this in french.
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The Third World is not a reality but an ideology.
What would Hannah Arendt say about way (most of) Europe is dealing with refugees? The banality, mediocrity, meanness https:…
whenever you feel sad just remember that you're lucky enough to exist in the same solar system as an asteroid named after Hannah Arendt
'Something Extraordinary is Going on in this Country' should read Hannah Arendt's Banality of Evil.
A gentle reminder from Hannah Arendt that smoking may not be glamorous but philosophy is.
with the Hannah Arendt reference in a Washington Post article on FIFA elections? like a boss.
O me divierten o me voy a leer Hannah Arendt
Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt - Ada Ushpiz's film reviewed at Slant
ci everybody needs to read Hannah Arendt, Isaiah Berlin and John Stuart Mill right now if freedom=drive-thru
'Lifeboat Party' (Kid Creole and the Coconuts) The only music video with a Hannah Arendt book AND a blowup doll. .
"Refugees driven from country to country represent the vanguard of their peoples." Hannah Arendt,1943
... that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide." Hannah Arendt
Trying to understand Hannah Arendt's notions of labor, work, and action.
A.O. Scott on criticism, Hannah Arendt on.something else.
(2) "...for specific, varying factors, already harbors the first germs of totalitarian contempt for reality and factuality." - Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt had something cogent to say about that.
2 books folks should read: The Origins of Totalitarianism - Hannah Arendt and Expulsions - Saskia Sassen. They give context …
If we don't know our own history, we are doomed to live it. (Hannah Arendt). SALAMAT CHARDGEL
For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing th...
'Hannah Arendt and the *** Question', by Prof with Indiana University Press
Hannah Arendt was a modern stoic. She believed we should expect the worst, hope for the best but make do with whatever happened.
Hannah Arendt once said that, every generation, Western civilization is invaded by barbarians – we call them children.
Hannah Arendt spoke of the banality of evil. Maybe this will help you WTFU.
On page 300 of 527 of The Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt
I don't even know why I appreciate Hannah Arendt's thought so much! In many ways, she was such a traditionalist.
I already know what I want to write my dissertation about: the question of agency and praxis in Hegel, Marx, Adorno, and Hannah Arendt.
Plato's Republic would be number 1. Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt. Communist Manifesto. Clique of Pure Reason by Kant
3/ fault, I was obeying orders. His self-delusion was unassailable, even at the end. According to [Hannah] Arendt, Eichmann wasn't a man for
I'm shocked, knowing how ugly Heidegger was, that Hannah Arendt had time to waste with him. He was the one with the personality, I guess
Hannah Arendt on Being vs. Appearing and Our Impulse for Self-Display via
The newsstand is lined with Philosophie magazine, feat. Hannah Arendt
….. long been a big fan of Hannah Arendt, and btw you can get weekly updates of humanistic articles from Hannah Arendt Centre
Hannah Arendt would've recognised Militant Islam as Totalitarianism. see victims of western oppression
Hannah Arendt the result of human organization. We are not born equal. ):
I interviewed him for hundreds of hours. Completely understand Hannah Arendt's "banality of evil."
New voters, yo. Who Hannah Arendt would've called "the masses."
check out Hannah Arendt "The Origins of Totalitarianism" on Rhodes. He was a product of his times. Capital had to be exported
R Sennett flirting w Hannah Arendt: didn’t know anyone who knew Bartok. She was charming - and she was very sexy
“Hannah Arendt's original piece 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' from 1963
New post ('Hannah arendt' attracts huge crowd at Goa film festival) has been published on
By its very nature the beautiful is isolated from everything else. From beauty no road leads to reality. - Hannah Arendt
I like to Hannah Arendt who said, “Morality does not exist in people, but rather in the space between people.”
Apatis apolitis ,pragmatic mindset and banality of evil 👍 ★ Hannah Arendt —
Audience member to string quartet: “How beautiful that was. You know, I knew Bartok...Yes, my name’s Hannah Arendt”
After reading your great book, now rdg Hannah La passion de comprendre http…
Hannah Arendt The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution. :-D
Metaphors are the means by which the oneness of the world is poetically brought about. Hannah Arendt about Walter Benjamin
Hannah Arendt: 'What meaning has the concept of murder when we are confronted with the mass production of corpses?'
We must not think of ourselves as soul mates, something no one ever experiences. — Martin Heidegger to Hannah Arendt, Letters: 1925-1975
At last month Simone de Beauvoir, this month, special dossier on Hannah Arendt
📷 explore-blog: Hannah Arendt, one of the most incisive thinkers humanity has ever produced, on time,...
Hannah Arendt on the fascinating situation of Japanese-Americans already in jail before internment orders came:
Time to read up on Hannah Arendt's work after Nancy's references to the "banality of evil"
writes about teaching Hannah Arendt's most famous, and most controversial, book: prep for which we drank lots of wine,span about lots & made this Arendt trailer
The Jewish Question by Abram Leon & The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt the first part, “anti-semitism"
".a Jewish state can only be erected at the price of the Jewish homeland...". -Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt:. "To Save the Jewish Homeland, 1948 [on the occasion of war in Palestine]. And even if the Jews...
John Oliver echoes Hannah Arendt referring to 'where there is banality, there is evil'
Nick "Grimmy" Grimshaw on Hannah Arendt and The Banality of Evil. Kelly Osbourne on Theodor Herzl: the Architect of Zionism.
Between Friends: The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy 1949-1975 -
"Not man but men inhabit this planet. Plurality is the law of the earth.". Hannah Arendt
"the director wishes to thank (in particular) Jean-Paul Sartre, Robert Musil and Hannah Arendt"
"if I can't dance to it it's not my revolution" - Hannah Arendt
The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions, but to destroy the capacity to form any. - Hannah …
"War has become a luxury that only small nations can afford.". - Hannah Arendt
I’m pleased to announce that Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark Times is now available for sale.
jointly awarded the prize with Ukrainian author Yuri Andrukhovych.
"Men always want to be influential. Do I see myself as influential? No, I want to understand." - Hannah Arendt
This is the 5th time I'm rewatching the Hannah Arendt movie on netflix
Why was Hannah considered the most influential political philosopher in the twentieth century?
Hannah Arendt's writings provide us with a lens through which we can view the world
Progress and catastrophe are two sides of the same coin'. (Hannah Arendt)
Hi Marjorie! Would love to get you a copy of my recent biography of Hannah Arendt.
Hi Anne! I'd love to send you a copy of my biography of Hannah Arendt to get your thoughts.
the OUP Philosopher of the month: Hannah Arendt .
Hannah Arendt by Margarethe von Trotta - Trailer (The Banality of Evil)
And so was Hannah Arendt. But Walter Benjamin committed suicide because he couldn't find a country to take him in.
One can reckon the seeds of what migrants undergo in eastern countries these days, by just re-reading Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem
The Hannah Arendt Center is now on Instagram! Follow us today!
A new biography on a complicated woman: Hannah Arendt, by
It depends what is meant by 'human nature'... Hannah Arendt's "The Human Condition" goes into this area of enquiry rather well.
.is to Skip Bayless as Hannah Arendt is to Kitty Kelley.
Hannah Arendt and the Uses of - Imperialism, Nation, Race, and Genocide (Chapter Downloads Available!)
Hannah Arendt: Action without a name, a 'who' attached to it, is meaningless.
"Five surprised faces looked up from the India Office and the next time you see,' I said nothing of that."
Hannah Arendt, Men [sic] in Dark Times, is a brilliant, insightful essay on how "worldlessness" turns into barbarity
... and under no conditions can it either lead into freedom or constitute a proof for its existence.” Hannah Arendt
Education, Crisis, and Whether We Love the World Enough Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities
Under conditions of tyranny it is far easier to act than to think -- Hannah Arendt
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Hannah Arendt and the Search for a New Political Philosophy
Hannah Arendt had immense respect for Americans' love of freedom, as is clearly evident here:
Hannah Arendt : For Love of the World by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl - First Edition
Hannah Arendt: If the world is to contain a public space, it cannot be erected for one generation and planned for…
George Eliot, Agatha Christie, Madame de Lafayette, Hannah Arendt should all be able to throw him off.
"Power is actualized only when word and deed have not parted company.". — Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt foresaw this moment in 1948.
Predictions of the future are never anything but projections of present automatic processes and procedures. Hannah Arendt
Voices I like to read explaining the Classics: A) Hannah Arendt B) William H Gass C) Zadie Smith
CUBA: LUIS CAMNITZER on Tania Bruguera’s Tatlin’s Whisper and the Hannah Arendt International Institute for...
When Hannah Arendt talked about the banality of evil she was talking about Stephen Harper's hair.
"[In] modern bureaucratic societies, human evil originates from a failure not of goodness but of thinking.".
Interesting reflections on Hannah Arendt's cosmopolitanism by in
Hannah Arendt gave us a theory of cosmopolitanism well suited for the 21st century, which she wouldn’t live to see.
Belonging and exile made Hannah Arendt a cosmopolitan via
"One God" doesn't mean, "to exclude other nations." That is the main point of Happy Science, …. 《Hannah Arendt 》
I spend more time searching for musical accompaniment to my reading than actually reading - now Fiona Apple/Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt made several annotations to her copy of a Leon Trotsky biography. Find out what she marked:
Skimming through a new comparative study of Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss: The Crisis of German Historicism. About time one was done.
Simone de Bouvoir? Hannah Arendt? Susan Haack? Nancy Cartwright? Ayn Rand? Perhaps phil'y respects female phil'ers more than you do.
LOL! Genius! RTFareed Zakaria says America should innovate, thusly inspiring Hannah Arendt to write the Evil of Banality.
Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, and the Importance of the Interior. By Hans Teerds
"Thinking through Charlie Hebdo, I ask myself: What would Hannah Arendt have said?"
"The great political criminals must be exposed and exposed especially to laughter." Bertolt Brecht via Hannah Arendt "Th…
Reading for weeks 1 and 2 of 'Wars of Decolonisation': Hannah Arendt, Aimé Césaire, Frantz Fanon, Albert Memni, and more. Not too shabby.
Albert Einstein, GEORGE WASHINGTON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, THOMAS JEFFERSON — WARNING — ABOUT ZIONISM AND THE ATROCITIES TODAY AS THEY PREDICTED Albert Einstein A GENIUS ALSO A JEW / JEWISH RELIGION - WARNING - . Albert Einstein’s 1948 Letter to the New York Times . Albert Einstein, who was a great humanitarian and peace activist in addition to being one of the greatest scientists of all time. In his landmark letter to the New York Times in 1948, Einstein clearly and candidly explained why the leaders of Israel were not to be trusted and did not deserve money or support from Americans, including American Jews who believe in equality and democracy for all human beings. You can see a scanned image of the Einstein Letter by clicking the hyperlink. The letter was written by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Sidney Hook and more than 20 other prominent Jewish intellectuals, to alert Americans and the larger world to the dangers represented by the emergence of racism, fascism, terrorism and religious fanaticis ...
Maybe some Hannah Arendt. Thomas Payne. Loads of important stuff to get around. Good luck.
confuses Eichmann's ideology with thinking and misreads Hannah Arendt in "A murderer's warped idealism."
Hannah Arendt's banality of evil may explain the average prison guard, but no way it explains Eichmann
Started watching the new(ish) Hannah Arendt film last night. Academic life on 1960s Riverside Drive: all champagne, cigarettes and shouting
Hannah Arendt would have had no trouble diagnosing Brandis' problem.
I finish my day with a movie about Hannah Arendt. Tomorrow will be full of tests wich I'm ready to go though, "Aleia iacta est"
Ideas, as distinguished from events, are never unprecedented. . -Hannah Arendt
Excellent revisit of Hannah Arendt and "the banality of evil" ...
Hannah Arendt's apartment overlooking Morningside Park in NYC. The park was established to save the…
For those who learned about the banality of evil in a great essay on Hannah Arendt's idea:
“"Thinking is a soundless dialogue between me and myself.". Hannah Arendt”
Excellent essay on new Eichmann bio by Bettina Stangneth & further critique of Hannah Arendt’s depiction.
I bet you could find some good ideas about alternatives somewhere in a Hannah Arendt book.
MT Hannah Arendt on thinking vs. knowing and crucial difference between truth & meaning
What Hannah Arendt really meant by 'the banality of evil':
"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."— Hannah Arendt
We sure do have a selection of German Cinema including the excellent and Hannah Arendt.
Would love to get your take on factors this all links back to this review
The Life of the Mind: Hannah Arendt on Thinking vs. Knowing and the Crucial Difference Between Truth and...   10% Off
What I propose, therefore, is very simple: it is nothing more than to think what we are doing. - Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition
Every sane person, no matter how erudite or ignorant, if able to think, should exercise the ability to tell right from wrong. ~Hannah Arendt
Just watched Hannah Arendt and now considering the banality of evil. You know, typical Monday.
Hannah Arendt (Margarethe von Trotta, 2012). Fascinating drama about the development of (& reaction to) Arendt's "banality of evil" theory
thank you for recommending Hannah Arendt, just watched it and thought it was fascinating and completely got what you meant!
Who are today's fanatics? Exploring the fanaticism of Eichmann & re-examining Hannah Arendt's analysis.
Hannah Arendt: "Violence can destroy power; it is utterly incapable of creating it".
Hannah Arendt's last apartment in NYC. Stay tuned for the launch of my GoogleMap of "NYC in the…
A good question: Who’s on trial, Eichmann or Hannah Arendt? And a good answer: via
Essay on new book's pseudo-contrary attitude to Hannah Arendt's "Eichmann in Jerusalem" / "banality of evil" argument
"For excellence, the presence of others is always required." -Hannah Arendt
Contemplation is not an activity but a passivity; it is the point where mental activity comes to rest:
I think tonight I'm going to insist that watch a foreign film. Hannah Arendt has arrived on recommendation.
Here is a complete letter of Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt (published in the New York Times)
What do you think are the factors leading to the attack on the welfare state? And you can't just say neoliberalism...
The Stone: Critics once again "turn the trial of Adolf Eichmann into the trial of Hannah Arendt." Seyla Benhabib.
Dr Rehn-Graetzel will speak about “Activity needs, a proper space for its Hannah Arendt and the Human Condition” 3/3
“Forgiveness is the only way to reverse the irreversible flow of history.” . ― Hannah Arendt
Addendum: Dear rich people, complaining about the bus driver's adherence to rules does not mean you = Hannah Arendt.
I'm thinking of Hannah Arendt now - and that movie Four Lions. What a pathetic bozo.
Finally got to watching Hannah Arendt last week...did not disappoint. Judith Butler wrote this great piece 3 yrs ago:
Hannah Arendt is rolling over in her grave
The evil of ISIS: There is no ‘why’: Cohen: As Hannah Arendt foresaw, we are once again up against the questio...
hannah-arendt-center: "Caught up in the thrall of creation, revolution gives birth to the ‘high spirits...
"Hannah Arendt spent her life studying good and evil and writing about morality, and she wrote that that...
"There are no dangerous thoughts. Thinking itself is dangerous." - Hannah Arendt
Hannah saw education as “the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it.”
Did you miss this week's Read "Jacques Ranciere and Hannah on here
Jacques Ranciere and Hannah Arendt on Democratic Politics « Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities
Hannah Arendt video interview including her views on women in philosophy:
Hannah Arendt's essay on the crisis in education is here for a few days
an interview with Hannah Arendt (auf Deutch mit English Subtitles) ... why doesnt she see herself as a philosopher?..
Because it's the best films made in 2012 given to us in 2014 the really great HANNAH ARENDT by Margarethe Von Trotta
Reading the final email from ISIS before James Foley's murder, it's hard not to think of Hannah Arendt's phrase, "the ban…
"No cause is left but the most ancient of all, the cause of freedom versus tyranny.". ~ Hannah Arendt
Read Foucault. Read Hannah Arendt. Read Bruno Bettelheim. Then you'll understand how even Democratic societies are capable of (cont)
"Forgiveness is the key to action and Arendt
Hannah Arendt was not popular in Israel after those articles for the New Yorker
My review of the Hannah Arendt biopic by Margarethe von Trotta:
Loved rewatching "Hannah Arendt" last night. Friend that I watched it with wished there was more about her personal life.Recommend me a bio?
refers to Hannah Arendt and her Eichmann speech. Moral judgements essential to
"The revolutionaries are those who know when power is lying in the street and when they can pick it up." ― Hannah Arendt
Good works, because they must be forgotten instantly, can never become part of the world; they come and go, leaving no trace. —Hannah Arendt
You know, not to get historical, but Hannah Arendt noted it was not the military but the police force the Nazis used to gain control.
Hannah Arendt and the political difference between "I AM A MAN" and "I AM A YOUNG BLACK MAN"
Hannah Arendt on the US and revolution
On page 50 of 312 of Eichmann in Jerusalem, by Hannah Arendt
A friend & I had planned on watching "Hannah Arendt" tonight. I've seen it b4 & loved it.Feels v apropos to remember the "banality of evil."
To think and to be fully alive are the same.- Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt wrote about the banality of evil. Here we see it live today.
Hannah Arendt, a Jew:I love only my friends and am incapable of any other sort of love (like for the Jews).|Me, too.
"... as the highest principle of all being, simply does not know what it is talking about." Hannah Arendt
"Totalitarian domination, like tyranny, bears the germs of its own destruction.". Hannah Arendt - The Origins of Totalitarianism (p. 478)
Today - Hannah Arendt - 'The Origins of Totalitarianism'. And Sontag's 'Where The Stress Falls'. I have to read more.
Edward Snowden: “the banality of evil”—a reference to Hannah Arendt’s study of bureaucrats in Nazi Germany.
as well as Hannah Arendt's work on violence, power, and terror
Everything in reads like distinct quotes off an unreleased George Orwell/Hannah Arendt novel.Unbelievable but very much a reality.
Just imagine that an elderly Hannah Arendt had a love child with Pauly Shore and you basically know who I am.
4 of 5 stars to Eichmann in Jerusalem by Hannah Arendt
I get more of a Hannah Arendt feel. Forget supervillains, evil is mostly banal.
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Anyone interested in Journalism or History should read "Eichmann in Jerusalem" by Hannah Arendt. Stunning, disturbing reporting
Hannah Arendt wrote about the banality of evil. So, so true. It's like there are more bodies than souls these days.
Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt in 1948 call for denial of US visa for "fascist" Menachem Begin
Palestine can be saved as the national homeland of Jews only if it is integrated into a federation. ― Hannah Arendt manifests what Hannah Arendt termed the “banality of evil”."
In trying to tackle the unread books on my bookshelves, I find they are underrepresented by women. I can identify: Anne Rice, Andrea Dworkin, Charlotte Bronte, Anne Bronte, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Jane Austin, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Kate Chopin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Daphne Du Maurier, Pauline Reage, Anais Nin, Carson Mccullers, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, S.E. Hinton, Frances Hodges Burnett, Zelda Fitzgerald, Mary Shelley and Hannah Arendt. It's not a bad list but male authors outnumber them, probably 10 to 1. The real troubling part is that whilst I own books by female authors, I've had a lot less success in finishing their work than I have with male authors. I hadn't *intended* my reading to be overtly sexist, but it has been, and I only realised that when I actually sat down and took a look.
HITLER WAS ONE OF THESE. The Jews of Germany"), are a Jewish ethnic division, which coalesced in the Holy Roman Empire around the turn of the first millennium.[12] The traditional language of Ashkenazi Jews consisted of various dialects of Yiddish. They established communities throughout Central and Eastern Europe, which had been their primary region of concentration and residence until recent times, evolving their own distinctive characteristics and diasporic identities.[13] Once emancipated, weaving Jewish creativity into the texture of European life (Hannah Arendt),[14] the Ashkenazi made a 'quite disproportionate and remarkable contribution to humanity' (Eric Hobsbawm[15]), and to European culture in all fields of endeavour: philosophy, scholarship, literature, art, music and science.[16][17] The genocidal impact of the the Holocaust, the mass murder of approximately six million Jews during World War II devastated the Ashkenazi and their Yiddish culture, affecting almost every Jewish family.
Tonight I went to see a play about the imagined sex lives of Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno and his wife Gretel, Hannah Arendt and even Martin Heidegger written by the inventor of the birth control pill.
In case you're thinking about classes for next year: Chris Cohoon and Ron Haflidson will be teaching a course cross-listed as History, Political Science and German entitled "Confronting Fascism" in the Winter semester on Wednesdays 5.30 to 8.30pm. Likely topics will include degenerate art, fascist propaganda film, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, Walter Benjamin, Carl Schmitt, Susan Sontag, Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger and Emmanuel Levinas. King's students are strongly encouraged to take it!
The last interview of Hannah Arendt and Jorge Luis Borges.
Richard Bernstein comments on the film "Hannah Arendt".
Jean-Luc Godard delivers a monologue from Hannah Arendt's "The Nature of Totalitarianism."
Trying to find decent German-language movies on (streaming) Netflix. Let's see... Hitler, Hitler, Third Reich, Hitler, Hannah Arendt, Nazis, Das Boot and documentaries like this one: "This documentary explores life along the River Yenisei in Russia, where the industrious inhabitants of a rural village truly live off the land." Light entertainment few and far between.
Martin Heidegger had an affair with his student, Hannah Arendt.
Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realised. "Praxis" may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing ideas. This has been a recurrent topic in the field of philosophy, discussed in the writings of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Immanuel Kant, Søren Kierkegaard, Karl Marx, Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Paulo Freire, Ludwig von Mises, and many others. It has meaning in the political, educational, and spiritual realms.
Have just seen Hannah Arendt and was disappointed . I agree with Richard Brody's assessment in the New Yorker:
If you are interested in direct democracy, here are some proper nouns for you: Things: Metagovernment, National Citizens' Initiative for Democracy (NCID), Liquid Democracy People: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Alois von Reding, Hannah Arendt, Murray Bookchin (and Rothbard), the Zapatistas (EZLN), Ross Perot, Brian Beedham, Richard Stallman, Gerald Celente Places: Switzerland, Chiapas (Mexico)
I am very sad to hear that Jonathan Schell has died. One of the most humane and radical journalists I have ever met, Jonathan uniquely combined an unremitting examination of political cruelty, corruption and authoritarian abuse with a deep and abiding faith in nonviolent social change. His reportage on Vietnam is still some of the most closely observed war journalism; his Fate of the Earth stands in comparison with Silent Spring for its role in propelling the nuclear freeze movement; his ruminations on Gandhi, Hannah Arendt and the state of democracy seem ever more prescient. Jonathan was also - for someone who had seen much atrocity and contemplated much more - a person of remarkable kindness.
The Banality of Evil... When carnage is reduced to numbers and development to just economic growth, real human beings and their tragedies remain forgotten. German-American philosopher Hannah Arendt gave the world the phrase, “the banality of evil”. In 1963, she published the book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, her account of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi military officer and one of the key figures of the Holocaust. Eichmann was hanged to death for war crimes. Arendt’s fundamental thesis is that ghastly crimes like the Holocaust are not necessarily committed by psychopaths and sadists, but, often, by normal, sane and ordinary human beings who perform their tasks with a bureaucratic diligence. Maya Kodnani, MLA from Naroda, handed out swords to the mobs that massacred 95 people in the Gujarat riots of 2002. She was sentenced to 28 years in prison. She is a gynecologist who ran a clinic, and was later appointed as Minister for Women and Child Development under Narendra M ...
To find published versions of some of the great work that has been presented to the SUNY Albany Political Theory Workshop, here is a list. Presenters: If you have an article or book to add to this list, please send it by email to tshanksApologies for any inadvertent omissions. Anker, Libby. Orgies of Feeling: Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom. Duke University Press, forthcoming 2014 Ferguson, Kathy. Emma Goldman: Political Thinking in the Streets . 20th Century Political Thinkers Series. Rowman & Littlefield, 2011. Frank, Jason. Publiusand Political Imagination. Modernity and Political Thought Series. Rowman & Littlefield, 2013 Greiman, Jennifer. "Circles upon Circles: Tautology, Form, and the Shape of Democracy in Tocqueville and Melviile," J19: The Journal of Ninetheenth-century Americanists, 1.1 (Spring 2013): 121-46 Keating, Christine. Decolonizing Democracy: Transforming the Social Contract in India. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012 Marso, Lori. “Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt: ...
Literary theorist and scholar Walter Benjamin was part of a small but incredibly significant cohort of German-Jewish intellectuals who fled the Nazis in the thirties. The group included thinkers like Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Hannah Arendt, Herbert Marcuse, and Berthold Brecht.
Martin Heidegger’s Ghost Continues to Haunt the Zionists By Michael Hoffman Copyright©2014 Heidegger is a far more complex philosopher than the following hysterical screed from the Jewish Daily Forward (see below) lets on. Most subversive of the profile in the Judaic publication is the fact that Heidegger was the disciple of the pro-Christian Judaic thinker Edmund Husserl; and Heidegger’s long-time lover was the Judaic author Hannah Arendt, whose book on Adolf Eichmann created a bitter controversy when she argued that the Nazi officer did not represent any special category of evil, a point that would be impossible for any major intellectual to make today, assuming they cared about their career and reputation. We disagree with Heidegger on certain points, including his derogatory attitude toward the Old Testament and his mistaken notion that the Ashkenazi and Sephardic peoples were of Semitic ethnicity, a staple fiction of the Nazi weltanschaung (it is more likely that it was the ten tribes of Israel ...
"Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it." —Bertolt Brecht (February 10, 1898- August 14, 1956) Bertolt Brecht, acclaimed playwright and poet, was born today in 1898. He is remembered among the likes of Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin, dissidents who wrote in exile because of the banning of books imposed by Nazi Germany. In 1941, Brecht was granted asylum in the U.S. after nearly a decade of fleeing Nazi occupation in Europe. He was later blacklisted by U.S. movie bosses and questioned under the House Un-American Activities Committee for his outspoken Marxist politics.
Day 2 5. Hannah Arendt and The Ground of Judgment Jonathan Chua Time: 9.30pm to 10.00pm Abstract: One of the central problems that Hannah Arendt tackles through her political philosophy is “the failure of standards in the modern world”, or, “the impossibility of judging anew what has happened and daily happens, on the basis of firm standards recognised by everyone.” The resulting relativism implies that our judgments of a phenomenon merely depend upon the standards that we happen to accept. However, this result poses a disturbing scenario: what is to prevent us from adhering to self-legitimising standards of judgment, no matter the moral gravity of the phenomenon being judged? To put it in another way, is it possible for us to judge events like the Holocaust as somehow being morally justified? Most importantly, by what right can we criticise such judgments if we lack any recourse to universal standards of validity? In her study of totalitarianism, Arendt accepts the possibility that the cultural s ...
New "game". Do a search of the best books of the year you were born. ( I found a list of 89 books from 1970). List the books you have read already, and the books you would like to, or will, read. I've read "Are you there god it's me Margaret" (Judy Blume), "Jonathen Livingston Seagull" (Richard Bach), "Fantastic Mr Fox" (Roald Dahl), "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" (Dee Brown), "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" (Maya Angelou), ""Mr Brown can Moo, Can you?" (Dr Seuss), "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" (Eric Carle), and I'm sure there are probably more. There are a couple on the list that sound interesting "Constantanople: The Forgotten Empire" (Isaac Asinov) and "On Violence" (Hannah Arendt).
So Josef Mengele just had nothing better to do, ? The old Hannah Arendt banality thing ?
Watched "Hannah Arendt". Best movie I've seen in a long time and makes me want to go back to my 1990s work on Japanese war crimes/imperial atrocities.
"Man selects men on the basis of appearance." Charles Darwin "If you manage to appear before the others as you would like to be is all that may require you judges of this world. "Hannah Arendt "Always the same actors and even comedy of the human condition and what has ever invented human hypocrisy No truth under there that the death." Alfred de Musset
Note to (private and public) self: revise chapters on Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt.
"Little is known abut the mind of the perpetrator. Since he is contemptuous of those who seek to understand him, he does not volunteer to be studied. Since he does not perceive that anything is wrong with him, he does not seek help -- unless he is in trouble with the law. His most consistent his apparent normality. Ordinary concepts of psychopathology fail to define or comprehend him. This idea is deeply disturbing to most people. How much more comforting would it be if the perpetrator were easily recognizable, obviously deviant or disturbed. But he is not. The legal scholar Hannah Arendt created a scandal when she reported that Adolf Eichmann, a man who committed unfathomable crimes against humanity, had been certified by half a dozen psychiatrists as normal: 'The trouble with Eichmann was precisely that so many were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal. From the viewpoint of our legal institutions an ...
Works of Hannah Arendt xxx The Origins of Totalitarianism: Arendt's first major book was titled The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), which traced the roots of Stalinist Communism and Nazism in both anti-Semitism and imperialism. The book was opposed by the Left on the grounds that it presented the two movements as equally tyrannical. She further contends that Jewry was not the operative factor in the Holocaust, but merely a convenient proxy. Totalitarianism in Germany was, in the end, about megalomania and consistency, not eradicating Jews. The Human Condition: Arguably her most influential work, The Human Condition (1958) distinguishes between the concepts of political and social, labor and work, various forms of action, and explores implications of those distinctions. Her theory of political action, corresponding to the existence of a public realm, is extensively developed in this work. Arendt argues that, while human life always evolves within societies, the social-being part of human nature, politic ...
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