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Hank Williams

Hank Williams (September 17, 1923 – January 1, 1953), born Hiram King Williams, was an American singer-songwriter and musician regarded as one of the most important country music artists of all time.

Tom Hiddleston Hank Williams Jr Johnny Cash Hank Williams Sr George Jones Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Merle Haggard Patsy Cline George Strait David Allan Coe David Allen Coe New York Elizabeth Olsen Bob Wills Alan Jackson

Elizabeth Olsen to star opposite Tom Hiddleston in Hank Williams biopic - Digital Spy UK
504 now available: winners, Gram Parsons & Hank Williams songs + plenty of new music.
Preparing for the role as Hank Williams. Tom Hiddleston en route...
'Almost As Blue As Hank Williams' for missing his birthday
Photoset: cheers-mrhiddleston: Tom Hiddleston covers Hank Williams’s country hit Move it on Over at...
MECo live version of "It's Easier Now" is warming my sea serpent heart. Oh! And this Hank Williams cover sounds *** fine, to boot.
With , is Richard Bennett working soundtrack for movie I Saw The Light ,http…
- Elizabeth Olsen & Tom Hiddleston to star in Hank Williams film
High Rise. And he's going to start filming next month the Hank Williams biopic! Singing Tom!
Strawberries from Gilroy, Hank Williams, and having my hair played with. On the content scale, I'm an 11 💛
Millers,camels,and some Hank Williams Jr. To end my Sunday.
1 coworker is moaning the Hank Williams blueues. Another is singing and talkin in acadian french. . I cant deal with either one of them.
It only just occurred to me that Tom is very English and Hank Williams is very American. Mm.
My friend at one time, painter Larry *** who played "hillbilly" music, only got excited when he talked about Hank Williams.
Today in Rock History - September 17 1923 - Country legend, Hank Williams, was born today. 1926 - Noted as one of the pioneers of rock and roll music, William Patton “Bill” Black Jr., was born today. He was the bassist for Elvis Presley’s early trio and leader of Bill Black’s Combo. 1931 - RCA Victor Records began demonstrations of the long-playing (LP), 33-1/3 RPM phonograph record. 1939 - Founding member of the Fifth Dimension and pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers AA farm club team, Lamonte McLemore, was born today in St. Louis, MO. 1953 - Drummer for Budgie, Steve Williams, was born today. 1967 - The Doors appear on the "Ed Sullivan Show" and performed "Light My Fire" and "People Are Strange.” 1978 - Stone City Attractions presents Tom Petty and Walter Egan at the Convention Center Theatre in Dallas, Texas. 1991 - Stone City Attractions presents Warrant, Trixter, and Firehouse at the Bayfront Auditorium in Corpus Christi, Texas. 1991 - Lead singer for the MC5, Rob Tyner (Robert Derminer), d ...
Tom Hiddleston, who’s currently tuning up to croon as Hank Williams in I Saw the Light, will star in Legendary’s big-budget King-Kong spin-off (of sorts),...
Hank Williams - 'Honky Tonk Blues': This collection of Hank Williams Sr. Came with 2 songs and back story. Real nice!
Forcing *** to listen to Hank Williams and Foggy Mountain Breakdown
"Tom Hiddleston will play Hank Williams, Sr. in a biopic
Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor & The Avengers) will play Hank Williams, Sr. in a biopic
Happy Birthday R.d. Olson · *10.09.1953 Meet R.D.Olson, born and raised on a small 160 acre farm in Zumbrota Minnesota.One of sevin children born To Harris and Joan Olson.As a young boy working in the fields and at night in the barn he would hear the sounds of Nashville. Hank Williams,Johnny Cash,Elvis...It was the style of Elvis that led R.D. to the Blues.. Muddy Waters whom he would later meet and jam with B.B.King,Luther Allison,Buddy Reed,Chico Chism,Hans Olson to name a few. Singer,songwriter band leader R.D.Olson is the REAL DEAL dubbed that not by himself,but by those that that he's touched.R.D. Olson Blues band is just that, the REAL DEAL! R. D. and his band play blues with respect to the past and a good kick in the *** into the new millennium. You can’t help but feel a live performance resonate in your soul R.D.’s 30 plus years of blues experience gained by stints with Luther Allison, Chico Chism and Buddy Reed. All blues stalwarts. R.D.’s charisma and showmanship absolutely command the a ...
any advice for an open casting call? They are making a Hank Williams bio pic here.
Hank Williams III says Tom Hiddleston, who is set to star as his grandfather Hank Williams, Sr.
Actor Tom Hiddleston and the country legend he’ll be playing onscreen, Hank Williams Tom Hiddleston road-tested his Hank Williams impression for the first time this weekend in front of a very discerning crowd: Midwestern country music fans. On Saturday, the English actor made a surprise appearance a…
If you're a devoted fan of either Tom Hiddleston or Hank Williams (not sure how much overlap we've got on that Venn Diagram), you know Loki will be playing the country music icon in the upcoming biopic I Saw the Light. He's got the facial features, but can he sing worth a *** Well, here is a sample!
At Wheatland with Glory Band and Tom Hiddleston. He's working on becoming Hank Williams for a new biopic.
Tom Hiddleston crashed a music festival over the weekend and performed a Hank Williams classic to the delight of those lucky enough to witness the unexpected
your prince .Tom Hiddleston played some Hank Williams at a music festival | The Star Online
Tom Hiddleston covered Hank Williams onstage at the Wheatland Music Festival—and it was great:
Tom Hiddleston, who is filming a movie about Hank Williams' life, was a surprise performer at the Wheatland Music Festival in Michigan.
Tom Hiddleston Sang as Hank Williams at a Music Festival in Michigan (Video)
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Tom Hiddleston surprises with Hank Williams performance. He played 'Move It on Over' at Michigan's Wheatland Mus...
Here’s a video of Tom Hiddleston performing as Hank Williams
New post: "Tom Hiddleston surprises with Hank Williams performance"
Tom Hiddleston gets into character to play Hank Williams by performing his songs at Michigan music festival
Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki) makes a surprise appearance at Wheatland Music Festival last Saturday, channeling Hank Williams. Definitely did not expect!!! Sorry...
Hank3 says Tom Hiddleston has 'no soul' when singing Hank Williams' songs - Fox News
good one :c Likewise, that Norah Jones is Ravi Shankar's daughter, and Hank Williams Jr. is Hank Williams'
There might be some Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jenningsand George Jones in there too.
If you don't know David Allen Coe, Hank Williams, or Johnny Paycheck, your a yankee.
If you claim to listen to Country music but don't know who George Strait, Hank Williams, and Gord Bamford are, I consider you an ***
For a variety of reasons I've been really reluctant to post any of my recent stuff, but what the heck. I just finished this mix of my take on the classic Hank Williams tune Hey Good Lookin'. I've played it here & there with the Ramblers over the past year or so, but I completely redid the arrangement and key for this recording. It features my wonderful musical friends Chuck O'Connor on steel & electric guitars, Mike Sakash on alto sax, Jed Wilson on piano, and Matt Phenix on drums. These guys are quite simply World Class! Obviously that's me on bass & vocals; I'm lucky to be in the same room with these guys. I'm sure the recording will never really make the light of day due my liberal use of all the Hank samples but regardless, it was fun to do. One other note - I must throw my old and dear friend Cosmo Perry Tillman some love for helping me work out the basics of this arrangement when we played together in a band called Second Line in NYC 30 years ago. Hard to believe it was that long. Love ya Cosmo.
I have some records for sale! all of these are in perfect condition, some still have wrappers on them. the records are not scratched or broken! I have got them appraised, and im asking what I think is reasonable! BUT if you don't like my price then we can work with the price cause I really need these gone! Loretta Lynn "blue Kentucky girl" 8.00 Kenny Rogers " daytime friends" 9.00 Kenny Rogers UA-LA689-G 5.00 Kenny Rogers LWAK979 5.00 Willie Nelson "the second in your mind" 5.00 Willie Nelson "red headed strangers" 6.00 Willie Nelson "city of New Orleans" 7.00 Hank Williams Jr, major moves 7.00 Hank Williams Jr "Montana cafe" 10.00 Hank Williams Jr "Family Tradition" 7.00 Merle Haggard 2 record edition "sing a sad song" & "high on a hilltop" 15.00 Johnny paycheck "slide off your again sheets" 5.00 Thirty years of bluegrass 5.00 The shirelles 5.00 More brandy "hank Williams you wrote my life" 10.00 George Jones "I am what I am" 7.00 Waylon "dreaming my dreams" 4.00 Jessi colter 6.00 The sensational Charlie ...
Hank Williams sang it . Number 3 drove it . Chuck Berry twanged it . Will Faulkner wrote it . Aretha Franklin sold it . Dolly Parton graced it
The Great is the Music Director for an upcoming Hank Williams biopic Thanks
Biopic of Hank Williams snags Rodney Crowell as music director. Lucky them.
"I Saw The Light".Not much more to say except God Bless you all and thank you Hank Williams for such a great tune.
No Lucinda Williams is not the daughter of Hank Williams, JR. That's Holly Williams.
On this day in 1947 Hank Williams sent Fred "Pap" Rose a demo of "I Saw the Light" as a duet with Audrey.
Tuesday News--- Cloudy with thunderstorms likely, high 80 - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has toured flood-damage in metropolitan Detroit, meeting a woman who's living in a tent in the front yard of her water-damaged home. Forty-six-year-old Coreena Dragoi says she moved into a tent after her water and mold made her house uninhabitable. Warren Mayor Jim Fouts accompanied Snyder and U.S. Rep. Sander Levin on the visit Monday to the northern Detroit suburb. Fouts says it's vital to get government aid for his community, where about 18,000 homes sustained some type of flood damage in last week's record-setting rainstorm. A fund created to help Detroiters pay their water bills is getting $200,000 from United Way and the charitable arms of two auto companies. The donations were revealed Monday. The new Detroit Water Fund will pay a portion of overdue water bills if customers owe at least $300, pay 10 percent and meet other qualifications. The water fund was created in response to criticism about Detroit's aggressi ...
Michigan man critically hurt at Hank Williams show
Michigan man critically hurt at Hank Williams show: Police say a Detroit-area man was critically injured durin...
Michigan man critically hurt at Hank Williams show - The San Luis Obispo Tribune
I was on the Nation today and due to time constraints I didn’t get to slam into the liars of Kia Ora Gaza. Sean Plunket however did a fair job of trying to expose their lies. Here is the transcript: SEAN In the past week you’ve been asked to give again to a group called Kia Ora Gaza. They tell us they’re a group of Kiwis joining an international aid convoy to deliver humanitarian supplies to the needy of Gaza. They’ve had some media coverage in the papers and on the tele. They’ve adapted a Hank Williams song and have a cute little Kiwi cartoon on their website where they’re asking for $100,000 to fund this mercy mission. But is this really a homegrown handout for the needy of Gaza, or is there something else going on? To find out we have in the studio Roger Fowler, Team Captain of Kia Ora Gaza, good morning to you, and from the Jewish Council of New Zealand, David Zwartz, he’s in our Wellington studio. DAVID ZWARTZ HAS CHANGED THE NAME OF "THE NEW ZEALAND FEDERATION OF ZIONISTS.TO "THE ...
Hank Williams is still my favorite from the era, though.
I'm the type of dude that can blast Hank Williams Sr, or school boy Q.
This street musician reminds me of Hank Williams.
do you happen to know any old hank williams songs, Cause you see I'm a dinosaur; I should've died a long time before
I mean, idg how you can dislike Johnny Cash or hank williams anyway but apparently that's a thing that I will have to fight for
"If you don't like Hank Williams you can kiss our *** " But seriously though..
Woke up with this song stuck in my head all *** day!!. Hank Williams Jr. Blues Man
Honky Tonk Blues - Hank Williams - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
A really good Robin Williams comedy: "The Birdcage" -- also has Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, Calista Flockhart and Hank Azaria.
. and band are covering Hank Williams' I Saw the Light. so good!
the conversation - Hank Williams Jr and Waylon Jennings. Good song right there
Country fan 'grave' after alleged assault at DTE Energy Music Theatre - Detroit Free Press
Thanks, gmail problem will not let me answer your blog. Would have put Hank Williams, Belgian Beer, Betty Blue & T…
Sad to say but Moss gotta go I love Williams and Ross! And we still got Hank can't keep them all
Anyone w/ info plz contact police, they r looking for others that fled. My uncle will not live through this. . http:/…
if that doesn't work try Hank Williams Jr
It's a perfect night to fall to pieces with Patsy Cline and to cry of lonesomeness with Hank Williams.
Ridin round with jammin to some good ol' Justin Moore and Hank Williams
Whatever happened to country artists like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams (Sr.)?
I added a video to a playlist Hank Williams Jr. - out laws reward
Crazy to think Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, and Nathan Lane formed a comedy trio and RW was the straight man
For your Hank Williams supper will you have a steel guitar player bring in the main dish a la Burns Night’s piper & haggis?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Aug 11th 1951: Hank Williams hits number one on the country chart with "Hey, Good Lookin'"
A former resident has taken to the stage in a theatrical biography of Hank Williams.
I should add, I live in the South now. The land where I'm supposed to be enraged that Tom Hiddleston is playing Hank Williams.
Tom Hiddleston to play Hank Williams in biopic via hiddleston
NO. If you want country listen to Bob Wills or Hank Williams.
This Day In Music History, August 8th 1857 - Composer Cecile Chaminade was born. 1923 - Benny Goodman, at the age of 14, took a job as a clarinet player on a Chicago-based excursion boat on Lake Michigan. 1960 - 25,000 copies of "Tell Laura I Love Her" were destroyed by Decca Records. It was said that the song was "too tasteless and vulgar for English sensibility." 1970 - CCR's "Looking Out My Back Door" was released. 1970 - Janis Joplin bought a headstone for the grave of blues singer Bessie Smith. Smith was one of Joplin's idols. 1975 - Hank Williams, Jr. fell 500 feet down a mountain in Montana. After, two years of surgeries he returned to music. 1982 - Mickey Thompson (Jefferson Starship) married Sara Kendrick. 1986 - David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) was released from prison after serving a sentence for drug and weapons possession. 1989 - Danny Elfman's musical score "Batman: Motion Picture Score" was released. 1992 - James Hetfield (Metallica) was injured by a stage explosion at a concert ...
Watch the official video for "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" by Hank Williams Jr. Subscribe to Curb Records now for all of the latest and grea...
Hank Williams. He's kinda dead even if he wasn't, a way different genre than Troye.
You can't tell me this isn't Hank Williams Jr. (via
I tried to find hank Williams talking about Obama and hitler plahing minigolf but I couldn't...
Yesterday.Got exactly what I have been looking for.sound wise.When I was talking retro country.I meant it! And got it! Most of you won't remember but, we're talking, "Kitty Wells, Tami Wynette, Jim Reeves, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Buck Owens, and a cast of hundreds of what country music was like in its prime. Gifted with two of the best gals around.we're sounding like Those Golden Classic Hits that "The Ride" was talking about!! When you talk and be heard w/out the aid of a mic in a rehearsal've won half the battle. The Line up:
Went along to the Oran Mor last night for the Hank Williams Story, fantastic show, if you are looking for a nice night out it is on again Thurs, Fri & Sat this week.
Last night... I have no idea who that chick is in the picture with me and Hank Williams III
At the peak of his career in 1951 Hank Williams recorded 143 songs for the Mother's Best Flour Company radio shows.
Driving without a license to Chiefland Wal-Mart with my shirt off and listening to Hank Williams Jr. I've never felt so Bronson!! Lol
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Shame that 's screening of The Blues Brothers is edited - takes the fun out of it. Still... "That ain't no Hank Williams song." :)
Sometimes nothing but an old hank Williams song will do.. It's good for the soul!
If you ever listen to music with me I'm sorry. I'll be listening to Hey, Good Lookin' by Hank Williams and switch to FIFAFOFUM by Mellowhype
Hank Williams, born Hiram King Williams, was an American singer-songwriter and musician regarded as
Got drunk and smoked with Hank Williams Jr's grandson tonight
THE Richard Benney is singing Hank Williams Jr. Is this real life ???
Billy Currington with the Alan Jackson and Hank Williams throwbacks haaay
the angels sing an old Hank Williams song, time marches on
I added a video to a playlist Hank Williams III- country heroes
Listening to old hank williams and drinking beer
Zac Brown covering Hank Williams is definitely the highlight of this weekend 🎻🎻🎻
I'm watching Hank Williams III with my best friends. What are you doing? It probably isn't as cool as…
he told me his the song was by Hank Williams Jr the third 😂❓
and is jake still talk about hank Williams the third??? 😂
Allison Long didn't know who Hank Williams Jr. was but told me i didnt know country music...
No new country singers can beat Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, David Allen Coe, Willie Nelson or Hank Williams Jr.
I am particularly open to midcentury country-meets-gospel songs, Hank Williams or Patsy Cline kinds of things. Nothing too death-y.
A little Hank Williams & a hot Chicken sandwich! is taking over lower broadway. Watch out
Sitting in a circle drinking and singing Hank Williams lll- I love my family.
It's a Hank Williams Jr kinda of night!!!
Well, that's probably the only time you'll ever hear a Sia song followed by Hank Williams. :-) Great job,
Alrighty here we go on a rainy Saturday morning here. This was requested by my wife. So here it is honey. Hope you like it. "There's a Tear in My Beer" is a country song written and recorded by Hank Williams, and later re-recorded by his son in 1988. The original version was written and recorded by Hank Williams during one of his Nashville sessions in 1950-51, but he decided against releasing it. It was not until many years later, in 1989, that the original song would get its first official release. The song was recorded by Bill Lister, who later gave the demo by Hank Williams to Hank's son. Hank Williams, Jr.'s version is a duet with his father created using electronic merging technology. As the song had been previously recorded with Hank Williams playing the guitar as the sole instrument, his son and his band simply "filled in the blanks" and recorded additional vocals. The music video for the song combined television footage that had existed of Hank Williams performing, onto which electronic merging te ...
Did you know Nat King Cole, Jamey Johnson, Tommy Shaw, Hank Williams, Toni Tennille and Clarence Carter are all...
it's actually not that fun. Not with Hank Williams blaring down stairs and people hooping and hollering.
Very good but I am a Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Sr., JIm Reeves, Sons of the Pioneers, & Tex Ritter guy myself.
Posted a new song: "Lost Highway, cover of Hank Williams, Sr."
I'll jam some Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr/sr. But the rest of it can suck my ***
I've been listening to a lot of country music all summer lol. lady antebellum, Tim McGraw, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Hank Williams, and Carrie Underwood are all great artists... I must say country music is quiet lovely...
actually though, can't go wrong with Johnny Cash or Hey Good Lookin by Hank Williams Sr
Where in AL are the following famous people from? Helen Keller, Dr Martin Luther King, David Farragut, Hank Williams
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A little more information on "I Saw the Light," the upcoming Hank Williams biopic starring Tom Hiddleston:
Do you love classic country? I mean REAL Classic country! Not like, Kenny Chesney classic country, but i'm talking about Keith Whitley, George Jones, Hank Williams, Sr & Jr, Vern Gosdin, David Frizzel, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and more! If you said, yes I LOVE all of that..then make your way tonight to Dock of the Bay Saloon on Hwy. 90 in New Iberia formerly known at Buckwild Saloon for Classic Country Saturday Night! Who needs a radio when you can come out and get it right up in your face with all of your friends! New Iberia is a short drive from Lafayette and well worth it! If you get too drunk, there's a hotel connected to the bar so you don't even have to drive home! Come out and have a good time tonight from 9 PM to 1 AM
“Hank Williams: Lost Highway,” which just opened at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave., is a rockin’ piece of Chicago theater. It is basically the life story of Williams, who is considered one of the greatest country musicians of all time. But in addition to actors…
No body is messin with Hank Williams Sr,jr, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings or George Strait
That carbon copy music don't *** to me, Hank Williams wouldn't make it now in Nashville Tennessee
Oh just sang Hank Williams songs along with Willie Nelson
Ever listen to Charley Pride or Merle Haggard? I love old country. Hank Williams and Johnny Cash too.
Hank Williams, Jr. - "Country Boys Can Survive" (Official Music Video) via thought this would be appreciated
Hipsters listen to Merle Haggard and Hank Williams while drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and sodomizing one another.
AM commute CD once again comes from "The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams" Here is "Oh Mama Come Home" by Jakob Dylan
Pretty cool to be on the very stage that music greats,Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, et al performed.
If you wanna be my friend, you gotta like Hank Williams and George Strait
Happy birthday shout out to my best ginger friend, wish we could go back to those management area rides and Hank Williams Jr days
"Hank Williams was the king of country soul. My daddy took me to see him in Lubbock but he didn't show."
Blind pig pop up. Tribute to Hank Williams. A collaboration of Asheville chefs and bar mixologists and with very special guests .
I've been asked to post the eulogy and the poem I wrote for my dad's funeral so that those who were not able to attend the funeral can read them. Here is the eulogy: Donnie Lee Fryhover, 64, was born to the late Paul and Dorothy Fryhover and raised up right, in a loving family in Monroe, Oklahoma. He grew from a white-blonde little boy in a peddle car to a young man who fell in love with classic cars, a passion that continued until his death on July 3, 2014. He loved, admired, and mercilessly teased three sisters, Judy Dianne Reed, Cheryl Stacy, and Paulette Kersh. As a young man, he married the great love of his life, Linda (Highfill) Fryhover and served in the Navy as an airplane mechanic in Pensacola, FL. Because he never felt at home unless he could see Sugarloaf Mountain, he returned to Monroe and hauled pulp wood to put himself through college and earn his Bachelor’s degree in Education. He taught math and science at Howe School, where he and Linda had made many lasting friendships, and where he . ...
Thinking about my Dad just heard a song by Hank Williams Jr and remembering him standing by juke box dancing like the chicken dance. Good memory.
On this day in music history 1952, Hank Williams records "You Win Again" a day after his divorce is finalized, along with "I Won't Be Home No More" at the Castle Studio in Nashville's Tulane Hotel 1955, Elvis Presley records "Mystery Train" and "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" at Memphis' Sun Recording Studio 1970, Three Dog Night started a two-week run at No.1 in the US with their version of the Randy Newman song 'Mama Told Me Not To Come' 1971, The Bruce Springsteen Band opened for Humble Pie at the Sunshine In, Asbury Park in New Jersey. After the show an impressed Peter Frampton from Humble Pie, tells Springsteen and the band he'd like to have them open for them on a national basis. Frampton also said he would be happy to get the band an audition with his record label, A & M Records. For no logical reason Springsteen’s manager Tinker West declined both offers on the spot. 1981, Earl Thomas Conley scores his first single in Billboard with "Fire & Smoke" 1987, "All My Ex's Live In Texas" takes George ...
SInce TMZ wont let me Post it. here ya go for some of there comments. 1st off The real name on My Birth certificate is Shelton Hank Williams III, Since many on here don't know many facts I figured I would just say a couple things. 2nd I never put down Tom as a actor I was asked a question on who I thought would do the role justice and here is how it goes. To do a Hank Williams movie the way it should be done you need certain aspects in the mix to make right. It goes way beyond having a American to play the role of Hiram Hank Williams Sr for it to be somewhat natural, It needs to be a American From The South who has eat lived and breathed these kind of roles before to make more respectable movie on Hank Sr. The main Reason I said Matthew McConaughey would be a good person for this role is because of he has played many roles as a Southern man. And he is from the South. And that is something no amount of money or acting classes can put into a role. That goes back to starting with some good foundation for the ...
Artist: Hank Williams III Album: Straight To *** Song: Straight To *** Satan Is Real Comment, Like, and/ or Subscribe! Please refer to section 107 of the ...
yesterday on Honeyskippin' with The Hot Sprockets we blessed your ears with ween- voodoo lady unknown mortal orchestra- so good at being in trouble alabama shakes- hang loose allah-las- tell me whats on your mind o'jays- survival New Valley Wolves- shake your bones THE MIGHTY STEF- the night watchman of the iveagh flats beck- lord only knows foxygen- oh yeah roy ayers- everybody loves the sunshine roy orbison- candyman hank williams- hey good looking the buoys- timothy O Emperor- sedalia marlena shaw- california soul pink floyd- one of these days im gonna cut you into little pieces The Black Lips- boys in the woods kula shaker- ballad of a thin man shakey graves- roll the bones Scarecrow Disco- your parrots runnin low on batterys chris clark- loves gone bad boogaloo and his gallant crew- cops and robbers patti drew- hard to handle The Black Keys- set you free howlin wolf- back door man tune in next week, 2-4 on Radiomade same hot show, same hot time, same hot channel..
Listening to the "I'm Gonna Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams" station on ♫
Some information on "I Saw The Light", including that it has an estimated budget of about $20 million.
Always fun . . . Brian Williams Raps "Rapper's Delight": - next on the mic is my man Hank
it was you singing Hank Williams, Jr. And for that, you are forgiven.
The muse can strike at the weirdest time. Check Chronster Dansby:
Hank Williams III - 'Lovesick, Broke and Driftin'…: THIS is raw, country music true to its roots.
Let the weekend fun begin and get this party started!
Today, Kiera Knightley is exactly as old as Hank Williams Sr. was the day he died: 10,699 days.
Learn to play Country rhythm beginner guitar lesson on acoustic ala Hank Williams - ...
MT Just finished reading Hank Williams' bio; Tom will be going through quite an emotional roller coaster to play him. WOW.
Hank Williams' granddaughter takes 'Highway' to Houston, tonight at McGonigel's Mucky Duck
*** guitar pickers don't turn me on and we all don't get into Donna Summers Do you happen to know any old Hank Williams songs. 🎶
Win a pair of tix today to see Hank Williams, Jr. & at the MidAmerica Center in Council Bluffs, IA next Thursday on our FB Page!
please don't. Stick with Hank Williams and George Jones.
Now Playing, Hank Williams — On the Banks of the Old Pontchartrain from Original Singles Collection...Plus
one for the Hank Williams fans who like to Williams
Hank Williams III keeps it real, stays true to outlaw legacy -
WHOA! Hank Williams shaking hands with little Doug Sahm, on December 19, 1952 at the Skyline Club in Austin, TX.
Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams Jr. sure knew how to make the *** outta music.
u better not be talking about old country music. Hank Williams is my boo
Hank Williams Jr will always be my favorite country singer
Suggested intermediaries in the Garth Brooks row should the Mexican ambassador come up short: JR Ewing, Hank Williams, the Dukes of Hazzard
Hank Williams, Jr. Greatest Hits III cassette i'm for love this a...
Something about Hank Williams on the ride home
It kinda bothers me that people complain about the impurities in today's country music and how artists must behave. Keep with either good music or bad. The Dixie Chics said the wrong thing now no one heres from them on the grand talent they are. If someone gets arrested we all are ready for carreers to be over. Tell that to. Johnny Cash, David Allen Coe,All the Hank Williams boys, Mickey Gilley, Marty Stewart, Tim McGraw, Mearle Hagard, and the list goes on . These names not only are icons but money making institutions in they're own rights.
Born Charles Westover in Coopersville, Michigan, on December 30, 1934, rocker Del Shannon claimed legendary country-western singer Hank Williams as an early influence, but his first record was unadulterated rock: the classic "Runaway" in 1961, highlighted by Shannon's falsetto and keyboardist Max Crook's wailing Musitron (an invention of his). It shot to in both the US and the UK. He had several follow-up hits, including "Hats Off to Larry" and "Little Town Flirt", but his last big hit came in 1965, with "Keep Searchin' ". His career decline didn't keep him from working, however, and he had a few modest hits, notably a cover of Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance?". Shannon spent much of the late 1960s and early 1970s touring Great Britain, where he found a more receptive and admiring audience than he did in the US. Shannon's career slowed greatly in the 1970s, in part due to his alcoholism. Welsh rock singer Dave Edmunds produced the Shannon single "And the Music Plays On" in 1974. In 1978 he stopped dri ...
Grant Boatwright, Neil Young, Tut Taylor - Nashville circa 1974. Grant introduced Neil to Tut, who sold Neil his prized Hank Williams Martin guitar. Here's a little excerpt as to how the deal went down... "...This story comes directly from Tut. He ran a small sign/music shop in Nashville. There was a pawn shop located close to his shop. Tut said "he had always told the pawn shop owner if anything special came in to let him know." He called Tut one day and told him that Hank Jr. had come in and traded one of his daddy's guitars for two shotguns. Tut went down and bought the guitar immediatey. One of the guitars magazines states Hank Jr. traded it to Tut.but Tut says this is not correct. He bought it from a friend who owned a pawn shop. Grant Boatright is the link to Young's acquisition of Hank Williams' 1941 D-28 Martin guitar. Boatright is a collector of vintage Martin guitars. Young contacted him in search of a new instrument. And he turned him onto Tut Tut says. "One day we were hangin' out in the pic . ...
Oh god, I can't handle you people anymore. I'm going to eat beets and listen to Hank Williams all night.
I saw Wanda Jackson live recently. Pretty hilariously awesome lady. I'll brush up on some Hank Williams and Brenda Lee.
Today in country music history: 2006 - Josh Turner's video for "Would You Go With Me" premiered. 2005 - Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill opened in Oklahoma City. 2002 - George Strait took "Living and Living Well" to number one. 2001 - The city of New York celebrated Reba McEntire Day as she closed her five-month run on Broadway in Annie Get Your Gun. 1998 - The Dixie Chicks went gold for the first time with their album Wide Open Spaces. 1996 - Tracy Lawrence kicked off a three week run at number one with "Time Marches On." 1995 - Shania Twain picked up her first platinum certification for The Woman in Me. 1991 - Garth Brooks went to number one with "The Thunder Rolls." 1977 - Kenny Rogers picked up his first gold single for "Lucille." 1974 - Waylon Jennings scored his first number one hit with "This Time." 1951 - Hank Williams' single "Hey, Good Lookin'" was released. Birthdays: Kris Kristofferson - Country Music Hall of Fame member, "Why Me Lord," "Help Me Make It Through the Night," "Sunday Mornin' ...
"A Boy Named Sue", classic Cash. One of the greats, like George Jones, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins.
Florida Georgia Line Fans are probably googling "Who is Hank Williams" right now..
For the last few months myself, Peadar Farrelly Cathal McQuaid Eoin Mcdonnell Mark Lynch Francis McGinn and Richie Farrelly have being working on the songs of Woody Guthrie, Bill Monroe, Leadbelly, Doc Watson and Hank Williams to name a few and now we want you to hear them. Swan Lane Sunday Augest 3rd
Don't like Florida Georgia line and never will. Hank Williams and even Merle Haggard are probably very disappointed
TY3 will be bringing its unplugged country acoustic sound to the outdoor patio of Miller's Ale House on the Parkway Friday, June 20. The group, made up of singer-songwriter Tony Young, lead and slide guitarist Neal Goree and rhythm acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist Aaron Sorin, will be performing 7:30 - 10:30 p.m. The event is free and open to all ages of the public, and will also be the location for the unofficial high school reunion of Lincoln's class of 1984, which Young is a part of. TY3 plays several of Young's originals that he recorded in Nashville, as well as covers by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Eagles, Delbert McClinton, Hank Williams, Pink Floyd, Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt, John Anderson, Allan Jackson, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Daniels, CCR, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Blake Shelton, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Led Zeppelin, BB King, Marshall Tucker Band and John Cougar Melancamp.
Apparently dudeman who played Loki in "Thor: Chris Hemsworth's Muscles" is playing Hank Williams. Don't know how to feel.
to play Hank Williams in The resemblance is uncanny!
This is our way to start re-creating a little history of country music. This is the original sign from the Big Fresno Barn where all of the great country artist came through. It used to be called the Nashville West of country music by Dave Stogner ( leader of the Rhythymaires ). Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank Snow, Faron Young, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys Buck Owens and Merle Haggard all went through there.
Hank Williams biopic casts Tom Hiddleston as the country singer
Tom Hiddleston will play Hank Williams in biopic 'I Saw the Light'
Hank Williams. Movie. Nashville. Music. This sounds like my cup of tea. Are they casting for Audrey Williams yet?
In your June 13 Daily First, Robert Pattinson reveals his unsexy quality, Gov. Chris Christie does some "dad dancing," a British actor is cast as country crooner Hank Williams and we count down our favorite fright flicks on this Friday the 13th.
Tom Hiddleston to star and sing in Hank Williams biopic: . Simon Brew. . News... Den of Geek
Ben Whishaw as Freddie Mercury, Tom Hardy as Elton John, and now Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams.
So the city where Hank Williams passed away is the same city where I went to college...
Yes! I can 100% get behind as Hank Williams. Now... who's up for Audrey?
"Hip hop isn't destroying blacks any more than Hank Williams's songs about boozing and womanizing destroyed whites."
Another Hank Williams song, Cold Cold Heart, from 1952 "Cold, Cold Heart" is a country music and popular music song, written by Hank Williams. This blues ballad is both a classic of honky tonk and an entry in the Great American Songbook. Williams first recorded and released the song in 1951, originally as the B-side (MGM-10904B) to "Dear John" (MGM-10904A). "Dear John" peaked at after only a brief four-week run on Billboard magazine's country music charts, but "Cold, Cold Heart" proved to be a favorite of disk jockeys and jukebox listeners, whose enthusiasm for the song catapulted it to on the country music charts. The song achingly and artfully describes frustration that the singer's love and trust is unreciprocated due to a prior bad experience in the other's past. That same year, it was recorded in a pop version by Tony Bennett with a light orchestral arrangement from Percy Faith. This recording was released by Columbia Records as catalog number 39449. It first reached the Billboard magazine charts on ...
GOOD MORNING! Today is Corn on the Cob Day. That's it. Have fun. On this date in music history: Births 1934: Pookie Hudson (The Spaniels) 1936: Jud Strunk 1939: Wilma Burgess 1940: Joey Dee (Joey Dee and the Starliters) 1946: John Lawton (Uriah Heep) 1948: Skip Alan (Them, The Pretty Things) 1949: Frank Beard (ZZ Top) Events 1949: Hank Williams shoots into superstardom overnight when he performs his new single, "Lovesick Blues," at Nashville's "Grand Old Opry." He's called back for a record six encores. 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis finds that the marriage scandal involving his 14-year-old second cousin has migrated back to the States when he is booed off a New York stage. The second show is canceled due to poor ticket sales, and Lewis' career, for the time being anyway, is ruined. 1964: The Rolling Stones hold an attention-grabbing "press conference" in the middle of Michigan Avenue in Chicago, just outside Chess Studios; it's promptly broken up by the local police. 1965: Buckingham Palace announces that the ...
This is why I've stopped listening to country music for the past few years. It's turned into mainstream garbage. What happened to the country music of yesteryear? The music that told a unique story, passed on a lesson, and touched our hearts? Music from Alabama, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, The Judds, Pam Tillis, Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, Clay Walker, Lorrie Morgan, Hank Williams, Charlie Pride, etc??? Today's country music, for the most part, is a stereotypical punchline.
It's funny because people "love country music" but they don't even know who Hank Williams, George Jones, or David Allan Coe are.
Collin Raye speaks out against Bro-"Country" ...Again! "I’ve been calling loudly through the press for Nashville to get back to being a song-driven industry again. It has kind of lost that over the past few years. I waited for a bit like everyone did, but I’m getting tired of the way it is, and I think it needs to come back to being about the great songs again, from Hank Williams and on. It’s artists from Little Jimmie Dickens and up, who are saying ‘Please! Enough with the Bro-Country,’ Let’s get back to what made Nashville great and what built all those buildings down on Music Row in the first place, and is really what country music fans want. We’ve abandoned those fans over the past few years just to play to one demographic -- the Bro-Country demographic. And that’s fine, they can have their own deal. They can have their own separate awards ceremony. Call it the ‘Bro-Country Awards’ or the ‘Redneck Party Boy Awards.’ You can give away awards for 'Best Duet With Nelly,' 'Best Six ...
Trask's grandparents, who hailed from Boone County, West Virginia, moved to Catfish Bay Louisiana in 1962. According to Trask, they wanted to be "a little closer to the action" during the Cuban missile crisis. When the elder White mysteriously disappeared in 1965 (a single boot was eventually found), grandma White took up with a no count and moved to Concord, where Trask's mother was born. She married Jimmy Lee White (no relation apparently but some say otherwise), and in 1988 Trask was born. He was home schooled which at that time in Concord, simply meant he never went to school at all. In 2008, Trask formed 'Shovelhead', based on his love of Scandinavian hardcore music. Then Trask discovered Hank Williams shortly thereafter. This has resulted in many personnel changes over the years, but Trask White remains the frontman and lead guitarist. The band is now known as 'Shovelhead - featuring Trask White'. In 2013, Rolling Stone Magazine proclaimed, "Wow! Just wow!" Not much else is known about Trask as he . ...
What might Hank Williams or Bill Monroe say about Cowboy Troy being "country"?
ALMOST LIVE FROM THE Lake Erie Islands! In honor of Ohio Bike Week on my hour-long WPIB/WPCR radio show the theme is hardcore honky-tonk! I'll be playing music by Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Old Crow Medicine Show, Banjo and Sullivan, Merle Haggard, Junior Brown, Tammy Wynette AND featuring a block of songs by that crazed country rebel Hank Williams III (Tri-cephus) the grandson of Hank Williams and son of Hank Williams Jr. Yessiree, Bob, it's an hour of some bad *** music and some idle chatter from me almost-live from the Lake Erie Islands. Access the show anytime in the on-demand section of the station website. New shows every Wed. night at 9pm. Thousands of listeners tuning in to the shows each week! or
This is my jam: A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams, Jr. on David Allan Coe Radio ♫
George Strait closes out his 30-plus year touring career with a massive, star-studded show Saturday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Faith Hill and Martina McBride are among the stars slated to perform with King George as he says goodbye to his two-year The Cowboy Rides Away tour. He says, "We're gonna have, like, 110,000 people there, and all these great artists. So, it's gonna be a fun night." As for choosing the set list for this last show, George simply selected his favorite songs from his record-setting career. "Not all of 'em have been hit records," George says. "Not all of 'em even been radio singles, but they're just favorite songs of mine off the many years of records that I've had." Most of the artists joining George for this show have opened dates on his final tour over the past two years. To hear those stars talk, George is up there with Hank Williams, Sr., Johnny Cash and George Jones as one of the all-time gre ...
what in the name of Hank Williams is happening at the ?! This is worse than cowboy troy.
Hank Williams sings Kawliga and Dear John, & time marches on.
Headed back tot the ship to learn a few new tunes for my piano bar gig. Today: "Ventura Highway", "Creep", "Baby Got Back", "Dream On" and "I Still Call Australia Home". Up next I need to pick some George Jones, Hank Williams, and a few more classic country tunes. Suggestions? Remember, I play PIANO…
By Bret Michaels and Hank Williams and their forbidden love. Of butter. Free MP3s for the kids at - Join the Deputy Deathbilly posse at ...
Song "Queen of the World" by Bottle Rockets. Off The Brooklyn Side '94. "She was singin' Hank Williams when I walked thru the door..."
"Hank Williams Jr, now that's a real talented musician, man". Me- "You guys ever heard of Björk?"
I liked a video Hank Williams Jr. all my rowdy friends have settled down.
I liked a video Hank Williams Jr. at Riverfest 2014 in Little Rock Arkansas
I liked a video Hank Williams Jr. My bucket got a hole in it.
I liked a video Hank Williams Jr. playing whole lot shaking going on.
So Lovesick Blues - The Hank Williams Story It would be rude not to.
It's about that time again! time for 'Blanch Trax' from 12pm, we'll have tracks from Patsy Kline, Hank Williams, Abba and Bix beiderbecke
It's a Hank Williams and rye kind of night.
"Hey! play some Hank Williams" says the guy in the off-center flat-billed cap wearing a shirt from baby gap
Playing with the Romaniacs for the No Depression Show. This is a Hank Williams song.
Hank Williams Jr. Keeps Up the Family Tradition: Hillbilly HighwayIt's not hard to believe the Coastal...
...and people born the year Hank Williams "Lost Highway" was released are eligible for retirement!
Hank Williams on ma song list say wha
On the way to the airport and my daughter puts on Hank Williams. And knows every word. That is raising done correctly. Proud mom right here.
Hank Williams used to walk out the back door of the Grand Old Opry and get drunk in a dive and play for free.He was the original outlaw.
. "If it will it will,. and if it won't it won't,. If it does it does,. yeah if it don't it don't". ~ Hank Williams Jr.
I liked a video Hank Williams, Jr. - Lawyers, Guns and Money
As Hank Williams once sang about angles are hard to find. Well thank you lord.
If you're ever sad, listening to Hank Williams Sr can solve all of your problems
When I ask for Hank Williams I want THE Hank Williams... Jr. can wait his *** turn
If you're a Hank Williams fan, these rado recordings are a must-own
This is such a scandal, even the Democrats are starting to pay attention.
.Thank you for defending our veterans and for serving our country.
BUT UR FROM TEXAS!! its old country really good. Look up Hank Williams Jr. A country boy.
lately ive been listenin,and really likin Hank Williams Jr. David Allan Coe and George Jones
Last thought of the night that I had to share: I guess it's a pretty big deal when Hank Williams Jr. has agreed to do an interview for your magazine.
During WWII eighty English and twenty French airmen died in training at Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. (The Wright Brothers did their first military flight training at Maxwell AFB, also in Montgomery.). They are buried in Oakwood Cemetery Annex. It is the largest allied burial site in the USA. (The tall monuments on the far right edge of the picture are the monuments of country singer Hank Williams and his wife.)
"The snow falls round' my window. But it can't chill my heart. God knows it died the day you left, My dream world fell apart." -Quite possibly the most elegant thing to ever leave the lips of Mr. Hank Williams Sr. 🙏
Lyrics: I just came in here to have some whiskey and beer And say howdy to you all You all know me, it's Hank Williams, Jr, you see Hat and shades, beard and...
Music & General History for Thursday 2012 – Doc Watson, seven-time Grammy award-winning bluegrass and folk artist, died. He was 89. 2009 – Phil Spector was sentenced to 19 years to life for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson at his California home. 2007 – A piano used by John Lennon hours before his death in 1980 was put up for sale for 375 thousand dollars. 2005 – Bob Geldof and Elton John announced the five Live 8 concerts to happen in July. The shows were part of an initiative to raise awareness of poverty. Among the headliners announced were Coldplay, Duran Duran, Dave Matthews Band and Lauryn Hill. 2005 – The Cure dropped keyboardist Roger O’Donnell and guitarist Perry Bamonte from the lineup. 2004 – Because of violence, the band Sum-41 was forced to evacuate the African nation of Congo while filming a documentary for the charity War Child Canada. 1999 - The Rolling Stones launched the European leg of their Bridges to Babylontour in Stuttgart, Germany. 1999 - The body of Philip "Tayl . ...
John Orzell leave the redneck that wants to play slow Hank Williams songs ALONE! You will feel my wrath if you don't!
Sitting outside listening to Hank Williams Sr
Lumberjack Cowboys heartbreak truckin co - Hank Williams said it best at the Pub, Lanc. 25-05-14
Omnivore Recordings At this point in time – 61 years since they hauled his lifeless body out of the back seat of that powder blue Cadillac on New Year’s Day of 1953 – Hank Williams Sr. has been dead over twice as long as he was alive. I’ll give you a moment to mull that over, take it
Saturday nights gig with the "BigNancy Band" up at Dogwood Lake & Campground over in Dunmor. Here we are doing some Hank Williams Jr called Family Tradition, take a listen!
Uhh.this article is right, has his *** overlooked ALL the people that's came from here...Jared Leto, Terry Bradshaw, Hank Williams Jr, Kix Brooks, just to name a FEW...And this is a jungle?? 0_o It's a swamp you jackoff get it right!! And he loves his "Shreveport fans" huh.Mhmmm well you can kiss Shreveport's backwoods *** ! ;)
The Museum is proud to be a part of the 35th Annual "Salute To A Legend" Hank Williams, Sr. Festival in Georgiana next weekend, Friday, June 6-Saturday, June 7. Everything will be taking place in the Hank Williams, Sr. Memorial Park adjacent to the museum. Musicians highlighting this years festival are John Conlee and Gene Watson, with another faithful appearance by singer Jett Williams, Hank, Sr.'s daughter. Please make a stop by the museum part of your weekend, and welcome to Georgiana.
Hamilton Collection
Own a piece of music history with this deluxe, limited-edition collection of previously lost Hank Williams recordings from his Mother's Best Flour radio hour.
This is Ramblin’ Man by Hank Williams. I sure had a great time at Trinitea Tea Lounge last Monday night!
I've only taken about a half dozen formal guitar lessons in my life, but at my very first one I asked "How can I sound like John Fogerty?" Happy Birthday to the Hank Williams of our generation, his songs read like a tour of the Smithsonian set to a greasy E7 chord.
Mattel recently announced the release of Limited-Edition Barbie dolls for the San Antonio market. Stone Oak Barbie: This princess Barbie is only sold in La Cantera. She comes with an assortment of Kate Spade handbags, a Lexus SUV, a longhaired foreign dog named Honey, and a cookie-cutter house. Available with or without tummy tuck and face lift. NOTE: Workaholic Ken sold only in conjunction with "augmented" version. Terrell Hills Barbie: This collagen injected, rhino-plastic Barbie wears a leopard print spandex outfit and drinks cosmopolitans while entertaining friends on her boat. Percocet prescription available. The Dominion Barbie: This yuppie Barbie comes with your choice of BMW convertible or Hummer H2. Included is her own Starbucks cup, credit card, and country club membership. Also available for this set are Shallow Ken and Private school Skipper. You won't be able to afford any of them. Incarnate Word Barbie: Comes with standard issue University of Incarnate Word shorts with "UIW" printed largely ...
Oh! My poor little boy. I was listening to Hank Williams (not Jr. The original) and it made him cry. Poor little muffin.
You wanna learn and hear REAL country music???.go search and find Amos Staggs, Earl Musick, Tommy Alverson, Terry Rasor, Deryl Dodd, Jamie Richards, and Cody Jinks.this is REAL country.these guys sing it like it should Red Sovine, Lefty Frazzell, Hank Williams (the first), George Jones, and Keith Whitley sang it and that's all y'all need to know.js :)
Found some great vinyls to add to my collection today while out thrift shopping. Village people, Willie Nelson, Willie & Waylon, iron butterfly, Sonny and Cher, and a very young Hank Williams Jr.
Katie's Pizza & Pasta Osteria & MEYERPROMOTIONS Presents... Hank & Dave of The Four Horsemen "Live" Acoustic Show, Wed., May 28th (5-8 pm) at the Party on the Patio at Katie's! Hank Williams Jr. & Dave Bohannan were there last week, and they will be back TONIGHT, Under the Stars! Come out for some of the best pizza in town, and join Hank & Dave on the Patio! (Please Note: If it rains, there is NO plan B, so we are praying for sunshine)!
DELORES BRINKS Delores Brinks was an iconic figure from "Nor lens", her shortened and stylish reference to New Orleans. She was so cool that she could wear makeup in Columbia, Alabama on a summer evening and not perspire a river of wash-off. She was not normal. We believed everything she told us, whether it was true or not. At age fifteen she and her brother Sammy were visiting their grandparents, Ed and Bill Brown. They were regarded as perfect examples of grandchildren by the Browns. To us they seemed to live on another planet. Delores talked of parties she attended in "Nor lens" . The cigarettes she hid in the trunk of the family car varied depending on the occasion. Mostly menthol filtered brands for coolness. There were also Picayunes, which made my head swim, and gave my lungs a mule kick feeling. According to Delores, kids in Nor lens had matured early. They went to Mardi Gras. Drank Beer, smoked, drove automobiles at age 15, waved to highway patrolmen and smiled while doing 65 in a 55 ...
Country Born on May 26, 1949, in Shreveport, Louisiana, Hank Williams Jr. was performing Hank Sr.'s songs on stage at age 8. In the 1970s, he created his own...
Due to the very limited number of soothing songs I know by heart, Kit's favorite "lullaby" that I sing to him is "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams.
Can't believe I'll be seeing hank Williams III this month
Got my 1947 Gibson Grande Console ready to play. if the boss man will let me try it out this week end, I will see what it sounds like against those Hank Williams tunes
When I got the call from my friend Cheryl Pawelski at Omnivore Recordings to do the audio restoration and mastering for recently discovered Hank Williams recordings, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I mean, really, how cool is this? Undiscovered Hank Williams?! Cheryl said that the recordings…
A special request for this Hank Williams song Cold Cold Heart
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
All one families rendition of hey good lookin by Hank Williams.
Having fun with my Magnus Harmonee Chord Organ! Learned a 2 chord Hank Williams tune, don't laugh too hard...
Looking forward to sharing the stage with Hilary Williams, Jett Williams and Gene Watson at the Hank Williams Festival on Saturday, June 7th in Georgiana, Al.
So went to Riverfest Sunday. Saw Jamey Johnson and Hank Williams Jr. It was great.
I accepted Emily Dison cold water challenge... My charity is the children's hospital... The 5 people I nominate is Hank Williams Dovell Jr. Sarah Dovell Mandi Jordan Jennifer Patterson Melody all have 24 hours to complete this challenge!
I wasnt having the best day today ok... well turned on the radio and it was playin all of my dad's favorite songs like ccr... neil young... hank Williams and lynard skynard..and I know it was my dad tryin to cheer me... had to of been. Dad I love and miss you so much and I know your lookin down me right now. thank you pops for everything you have ever done for me..I wouldnt be the man I am today if it wasn't for you...I love you old man...
The new Pure Grain CD is finally going out the doors. We are starting the Pre- Order for Indiana Sun later today. I am honored and proud to have recorded this disc with a legendary producer who has recorded some of the most influential recordings of my lifetime. Bill Halverson. Also very excited that the disc is being mastered by the one and only Hank Williams from Mastermix in Nashville... If you have heard it on the radio, chances are this guy's name and signature sound are on it! Tonight I am sitting in on percussion with the Dallas Moore Band at The Southgate House Revival opening for The Royal Southern Brotherhood featuring Devon Allman, and Cyril Neville... bad *** jams tonight!
Unearthing new Hank Williams music is a discovery akin to finding a heretofore unknown chemical element, which would make record hunter George Gimarc country music’s Marie Curie.
Well I guess I am gonna audition for the Big O music fest this year. With Hank Williams Jr headlining.I kinda have to. Wish me luck.
The Garden Spot Programs, 1950 is an extraordinary treat, capturing Hank Williams in his prime in performances that have gone unheard for 64 years
If your birthday is today you are in some great company. John Wayne, Hank Williams, Jr. . Russell Bradshaw You...
Who wants to see The Fray with me at Riverfest while chase goes to Hank Williams? 😑
I've actually heard of a few of those. I guess I've listened to some old country before, like Slim Whitman and Hank Williams.
Lamentation for Hank Williams –If I can’t finish writing a song in ten minutes then it ain’t worth the finishi...
1958 BOB WHO!!! In 1958 Bob Zimmerman said a person could get high on rock and roll but it wasn’t serious and didn’t reflect life in a realistic way. The more serious Bob felt he needed a stage name. In the spring of 1958, Bob told his girlfriend Echo Helstrom ’ ’ I know what names my gonna to be now’ ’ When he told her she asked like’ ’ Matt Dillon’ ’ TV actor He said ’ ’ no more like this d-y-l-a-n. ’ ’ He showed Echo a book of poems by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Thomas died of alcohol poisoning in 1953. The fact that he died young under strange circumstance elevated his status to those of the tragic idols that Bob found so attractive; James Dean and Hank Williams
Singer/songwriter Jamey Johnson is just as comfortable mopping up the tears on the barroom floor with an old Hank Williams-style ballad as he is tearing the roof off with a honky tonk juggernaut. The Alabama native and former Marine rose to the top of the Nashville food chain through blood, sweat, a…
On this week’s edition of Russell Hill's Country Music Show on 93.7 Express FM, Dave Hughes & The Alleycats will be playing a live session [Many songs by John Fogerty will feature in honour of his birthday on the 28th May. I’ll also be spinning songs by the following artists: George Jones, Hank Williams, Holly Williams, Hank Williams III, Wendy Lynn Snider, Blaine Sprouse, Sam Baker, ELVIS PRESLEY, Alan Jackson, Ghost Town Showdown, Smokey Angle Shades and The Western Swing Authority plus many others. Tracks from the brand new EP by Vix and her MSchiefs [ViX VoX] will be on. There will also be an announcement about who’s playing live on the show on the 1st June. Listen this Sunday 12pm-2pm GMT via // 93.7FM.
Pretty great street date today...New Releases and Reissues from Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Deep Purple, The...
Your answers are in folks! And remember if your question didn't get answered this week we still have some more Q&A coming next week! Bernardo Fajooses Barboza Any advice to new comers in the music business? Answer: Run Away!!! Tim Ryan How much did Muddy Waters impact you? Willie Nelson? Bob Dylan? Hank Williams? Answer: I loved Muddy Waters, and WIllie, but Dylan was by far the biggest influence of who you mentioned. I grew up listening to Dylan. Ian Thompson As an artist yourself, do you have a favourite poster artist? Answer: There are Really talented poster artists in the world. Too many to name just one. Shirley Spreeman Out of all the cities and countries you have played, where would like to go back on vacation? Answer: New Zealand would be cool to hang out in for some time. Lee Waller I've heard that you never use the neck pick-up, always the bridge, tries or false? Answer: I do use the neck pickup sometimes. Daniel Vezoja What constitutes a great song to you? Answer: A song that is musically inter ...
Jake Worthington joins his coach, Blake Shelton, for a duet on Hank Williams, Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive." Subscribe to The Voice:
Charley Pride - Kaw Liga 1968 (first recorded 1953 by Hank Williams)
Hailing from Birmingham, The Flatts toured the USA three times appearing at the prestigious Soda Blues Club in Costa Rica, opening for Johnny Winter. Described by Time Out as “Jack Daniels soaked ZZ Top/Allman Brothers influenced, Confederate rock, boogie blues” Vincent Flatts take their name from the British motorcycle handlebars. Their music is best described as American roots music, ranging from the New Orleans swamp to Little Feat and southern growl of Omar and The Howlers through to rockin’ Hank Williams, anthemic Lynyrd Skynyrd and of course West Texas Boogie. Led by the legendary Steve “Bertie” Burton, Flatts include guitarist Melvin Hancox, bass player Richie Shelton and drummer Tony Baylis
May 18, 2003…June Carter Cash's funeral was held at the First Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, with an estimated 2,000 mourners including her husband Johnny Cash who was in a wheelchair, Rosanne Cash, Carlene Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Hank Williams, Jr., Marty Stuart, Tom T. Hall, Rodney Crowell, Trisha Yearwood, Connie Smith, Ricky Scaggs, Jane Seymour, and Robert Duvall. Emmylou Harris, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, the Oak Ridge Boys, and Sheryl Crow performed gospel songs at the service.
To buy Keep Your Hands to Yourself from The Georgia Satellites or Hank Williams, Jr. Or John Anderson or Charlie Daniels Band.. This is hard
...Hank Williams pain songs & Jerry Jeff's train songs & Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain, out in Luckenbach, TX, ain't nobody feeling no pain.
I want to share this from Dr. David Jeremiah with y'all this morning...Hank Williams dropped out of school to...
after hanging out with my dad all day today all I've been singing is Hank Williams Jr. 😳💁
This is Hank Williams III's song, and his album. I do not own any of the contend you see, or hear.
Isnt it funny how old songs that you didnt even like before become nostalgic over time? Hank Williams - Your Cheatin Heart
Hank Williams Sr, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash will always be my favorite. 😍😍😍
singing Hank Williams Junior? Is there anything Sir Patrick can't do. Well besides grow hair.
can't sleep bc I'm thinking about hank williams
I just cannot get enough of this song... this woman's voice... man... cover of Hank Williams classic...
"spitting in your face cause im dominating you." Hank Williams the third rules.
Eric Church is hands down, no debate, absolutely 100% up there with Hank Williams Johnny Cash and the greatest country artists ever...,
Groupon: "There’ll Be No Sad Songs: The Last Concert of Hank Williams" at Uptown Theater on May 23–24 (Up to...
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