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Hank Kingsley

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He's got that Hank Kingsley smile absolutely nailed. The baldness is coming along quite nicely as well.
So is Dr Phil copying Hank Kingsley or the other way around?
I thought it was the most astute observation he's made other than, of course, his analysis of Hank Kingsley's sex tape.
Rediscovering the brilliance of Hank Kingsley - thanks for that
Hank Kingsley might just be the greatest comedic performance of all time.
hank to the rescue we need you here over at Kingsley apartments!!!
Jeffrey Tambor as Hank Kingsley on The Larry Sanders Show is one of the great comedic roles.
Sure, and Hank Kingsley too. Why not. But just stay the *** away from Artie now, okay? That's all we ask
I had a crazy, Hank Kingsley-esque notion of imposing on him my Criterion DVD of WHEN A WOMAN ASCENDS THE STAIRS but chickened out.
Keith sent to remote locales feels like Hank Kingsley being moved off Larry Sanders's couch.
A friend asked me for my Mount Rushmore of TV characters (I limited it to comedy):. George Costanza . Hank Kingsley. Ben Katz. Gob Bluth
Really, really loved Larry Sanders. Brilliant characters. Hank Kingsley was a joy. Even gave us Mr Selfridge
Jeffrey Tambor - Hank Kingsley of Larry Sanders, George Bluth of Arrested Development and role on Transparent
Hank Kingsley is arguably the greatest character in television history.
But meh. For a start there's Jeffrey Tambor and I would not be able to get "Hey Now!" Hank Kingsley out of my head.
Thomas Mulcair is Hank Kingsley if you close your eyes.
Imagine how baffled Hank Kingsley would be by TRANSPARENT.
Been so long since I've been knocked out by a Criterion announcement but a Chau commentary for Llewyn Davis *Hank Kingsley voice* hey now
Jeffrey Tambor in one of my favorite Hank Kingsley bits from The Larry Sanders Show.
Hank Kingsley is probably greatest TV role. Definitely between Hank and George Bluth.
This begs for a Hank Kingsley sales pitch.
Hank Kingsley losing in first round means this whole project is meaningless
Favorites (personal, not betting) for the Final Four: Scottie Pippen, Hank Kingsley, Spock, and Paul Shaffer:...
If Hank Kingsley doesn't win Grantland's 'Second Banana' bracket, then I can't be held accountable for my actions
Hank Kingsley is losing to Arsenio. Need to find a way to vote 15,000 times so this won't happen.
That Hank Kingsley photo sure looks like Dr. Phil...
Surprised that George Costanza is only a 2 seed, though I would have put Hank Kingsley higher than a 4 as well.
are you sure that's a picture of Hank Kingsley? It looks more like Dr. Phil
Hank Kingsley better go far in this second banana bracket
Then again, you all already have Arsenio Hall beating Hank Kingsley 2:1, let’s pull the bracket down
Hopefully Hank Kingsley isn't in the studio with the goliath tarantula
. Larry Sanders wants out of his contract "Hey now" this could be my chance -Hank Kingsley.
Larry Sanders is trending so I assumed it would be about Hey Now Hank Kingsley.
Hank Kingsley learning how to deal with hecklers is just the best:
Hank Kingsley is my favorite tv show character of all time.
Jeffrey Tambor... years on and I still can't separate him from Hank Kingsley.
Congratulations to Kingsley Manor residents George & Hank on 75 years of marriage. You're an .
I was expecting a picture of you with "Hey Now" Hank Kingsley!
Jeffrey Tambor is just beautiful in , no surprise, he built Hank Kingsley, possibly my favorite character ever.
Congratulations to Z-Factor winner and presumed Hank Kingsley fan Ben Haenow! His cover of Something I Need is the UK Christmas
Hank Kingsley is in my top 10 TV characters of all time. He's Archie Bunker brilliant.
While guest announcing on Fallon, Jeffrey Tambor warmed up the crowd with the same speech Hank Kingsley gives at the beginning of every "Larry Sanders" episo...
Indeed! Hank Kingsley is one of the great comic characters, like Archie Bunker or Lucy Ricardo or Falstaff!
Somebody call Hank Kingsley. “Spinning Wheel” was playing at both Walgreens AND the restaurant where I’m waiting for takeout.
Prosecutor looks like Jeffrey Tambor in his Hank Kingsley days. Hey now.
Jeffrey Michael Tambor (born July 8, 1944) is an American actor and voice actor, known for his roles as Hank Kingsley on The Larry Sanders Show, and George Bluth Sr. and Oscar Bluth on Arrested Development.
Always thought Jeffrey Tambor was born at the age of Hank Kingsley. Bizarre seeing him in a '70s show.
One of the things I like to do when watching cable when I'm away since I don't have it at home is to play "Guess the Voice-Over Narrator" on commercials. Jeffrey Tambor does the voice-over on some commercial I saw a bunch of times this weekend, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe some type of candy? I pretended like it was Hank Kingsley every time.
Proof that without Hank Kingsley, there would be no Michael Scott.
I think Hank Kingsley's interaction with Wu-Tang Clan on The Larry Sanders Show was the best…
drawingsonpizza: Hank Kingsley may be the greatest fictional...
drawingsonpizza: Hank Kingsley may be the greatest fictional character to ever grace a television screen.
'50 Shades of HEY NOW', the memoirs of Hank Kingsley (e-book only).
'Maybe it's just me, but I think Sharon Gless should be on TV every night' - Hank Kingsley
Born Henry Joseph Lepstein Jr., Hank is the announcer for host late-night host Larry Sanders on, Hey Now you guessed it, "The Larry Sanders Show".
The Larry Sanders Show is no longer on Netflix. Where will I get my "Hey, now." Hank Kingsley fix?
(Goes to look for that time Hank Kingsley met The Wu-Tang Clan while Jon Stewart was guest hosting The Larry Sanders Show)
Best sitcom characters in my life-time. Hank Kingsley, Cosmo Kramer and Ron Swanson.
John Krasinski has hocked more products than Hank Kingsley
Let's all take a moment to appreciate the catchphrase "Hey now..." in the Larry Sanders Show, spoken by the character Hank Kingsley (Jeffery Tambor).
Hank Kingsley doesn't have a problem with it...
I love Jeffrey Tambor, Hey Now, Hank Kingsley and George Oscar Bluth senior the man is a legend! If only we could see more of him on TV.
Probably the greatest thing I've ever seen. God bless you Hank Kingsley.
just remembered 's impression of Hank Kingsley doing the Larry Sanders opener on and got so happy. IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS
All books by shamanic teacher Hank Wesselman, A Story Waiting to Pierce You by Peter Kingsley, and Terence McKenna's books.
One of the best shows ever. Hank Kingsley rules.
loved the Andrew W.K. interview. Best part: his impromptu pitch perfect impression of Hank Kingsley from The Larry Sanders Show!
Hank Kingsley meeting the Wu-Tang Clan is the coolest thing ever.
Just heard the word ‘maladroit’ on The Last Word. Immediately thought of Hank Kingsley.
I always think of Larry Sanders asking Hank Kingsley if he's Italian after Hank talks about "a *** "
Hmmm... Hank's last name was Kingsley... Don't think he had one in the show.
whenever I watch dr Phil drunk I ways forget its not a Hank Kingsley-focused episode of Larry Sanders.
I always thought that Dr. Phil and Hank Kingsley were brothers.
Do you want to know so you can steal Hank Kingsley's identity back?
holy crap did the entire Hank Kingsley cold open on hot ***
did a hilarious spot on Hank Kingsley (impression when he was recently on *** with
Breast Cancer Awareness
Who here likes doing the sad sandpiper?? It's a sex thing I just made up. You're gross if you do it. The human body is rep ...
Saw the new Dr. Phil billboard and honest first thought was "Hank Kingsley has a show??"
Has there ever been a better comic performance than Jeffrey Tambor’s portrayal of Hank Kingsley in The Larry Sanders Show? Just perfect.
Jeffrey Tambor role of Hank Kingsley on "The Larry Sanders Show" is among the great recurring performances in history.
Hank Kingsley wrote a recommendation for PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. 3 minutes ago I visited my doctor to have my contusions checked out. He in turn referred me out to have X-rays taken. It seems that I have a small chip but that I'll heal. What's more disconcerting is that Deputy *** hole (I mean Ronald Cercy wrote up an untruthful police report (He Lied, which is a crime)) in which he characterized me as a "man down." I was not down in any way. I had just spent a full day at the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, my doctors office, the X-ray physician's office, and then I went back home and awaited his royal highness, deputies Clark and Ronald Cercy When I discussed this issue with PBSO's internal affairs department today, they conceded that the report should have been coded "assault and battery." If it is amended, and I am going to push for that to happen, then perhaps an arrest warrant will be issued for Anthony Tony Grove, with obvious repercussions on his Visa to stay in the United States. ...
I think my favorite thing about Dr Phil is that he looks like Hank Kingsley from Larry Sanders Show, and probably acts the same.
I miss Larry Sanders on esp the great Jeffery Tambor as Hank Kingsley. Watchu think? Garry Shandling COME BACK! You funny!
Hank Kingsley posted about Sarah Palin in his status. May 19 Kudos to "Game Change" for telling us what many of us already knew: Sarah Palin is a moron. I'll debate her any day on any issue. Wayne Like · · Share Hank Kingsley Sarah, that's your name, remember? Still not ready to debate me. Bone up on reality. Lose the slogans, the "you betcha" and the other meaningless utterances and let's meet back here in say, twenty years, when you are too old to exploit your "special needs" kids and you've had a chance to learn that climate change is real, and that you don't know the first thing about the economy and, that Trix are for kids. God, an electorate that almost voted you in is scary. I think that I'm about to throw up. Excuse me. Wayne. May 24 at 11:03pm · Like
Oh wait, Hank Kingsley is based on Chevy Chase, isn't he? How did I not see this before? He has to be. Am I wrong?
Watching Johnny Carson on PBS. That one show with drunk Ed McMahon could very well have been the basis for Larry Sanders and Hank Kingsley.
Best part of reporting Netflix story: and I got a rare “Hey now!” out of Jeffrey Tambor, aka Hank Kingsley
3. Hank Kingsley - The Larry Sanders Show. The embodiment of embarrassment. We have The Office and Arrested Development because of this man.
One of my customers is a dead ringer for Jeffrey Tambor by way of Will Kahane. He has also successfully adopted "hey now" as his primary greeting. Basically, I get to sell products to Hank Kingsley on a regular basis. It's always the little things that make the job a bit more bearable.
Garry Shandling sitting next to Alison Brie while she makes balloon animals and talks about nude massages? where was Hank Kingsley for this?
Watching the Celtics/Bucks. Milwaukee's Larry Sanders 0 for 3 in 14 minutes. He could use an assist from Hank Kingsley."Hey Now."
Jeffrey Tambor will always be Hank Kingsley to me. Nothing else.
Larry Sanders ejected. Looks like Hank Kingsley will be finishing tonight's show.
big fan of The Larry Sanders Show. Hank Kingsley was one of the best ever comic creations
Along with Archie Bunker, Sam Malone, Hank Kingsley and Denny Crane... Roger Sterling is one of the best TV characters of all time. Discuss.
So good - it's a real life Larry Sanders Show with Olberman playing a meaner & even more childish Hank Kingsley.)
Listening to Jeffrey Tambor's *** Hank Kingsley and George Bluth come from a very real place.
Listening to Jeffrey Tambor on *** is making realize that playing Hank Kingsley was effortless for him. Mastery!
Consider me the Hank Kingsley to your Larry Sanders, sir.
If I go to the Jeezy concert in Charlotte, will it be like Hank Kingsley meeting Wu-Tang Clan on The Larry Sanders Show? Hey now!
IFC's Larry Sanders marathon reminded me that the Hank Kingsley/Wu Tang Clan meeting was one of my favorite TV moments ever.
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