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Hank Hill

Hank Hill is a fictional character and the main protagonist on the animated television series King of the Hill.

Dale Gribble Peter Griffin Bobby Hill Bill Dauterive John Redcorn

That surely is Hank Hill from King of the Hill with the glasses 🤔
"You can alter that anniversary I owe you one dinner to two dinners & I'll initial it when I get home." - Hank Hill, Taurus
I scrolled & saw the before pic .. made sense . She had Hank Hill butt before . Surprised she even shared that pic
Pete Rose looks like Hank's dad cotton from King of the Hill
Throwing four obvious Balls intentionally to walk a good hitter?. Hank Hill calls that "Lawyerball".
Hank hill sells tarps and tarp accessories
it was just a pic of hank hill looking stern. I was turning the paper in at like 3:30 and was too ashamed to contact the prof
why is Hank Hill calling this broadcast? No offense Joe Buck, you're great, but your forehead is getting way too tall.
just remember. I passed a class where I submitted a picture of hank hill instead of my final paper on accident. U can doing
That bunt call was like Hank Hill phoning in the coffin corner punt for Nebraska
Nah forreal she got a hank hill booty 😂
Omg so I took a pic of my coworkers back... ( cause she's hank hill booty built ) and later I didn't know she was behind me when I opened it
Is this a real person or a fictional american stereotype like "hank hill", I really don't know
like Hank used to say in King of the Hill "That boy aint right".
I never knew Hank Hill had a lazy eye...
October is actually just a plot invented by The Pirate Party in Greenland.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Everyone outside of a 60-mile Radius around Cleveland is rooting for the Cubs, I would say.
Man. I just remembered how very much I ❤️ Hank Hill.
so Hank and Mcdonaugh your 2 best players are over the hill also lol
Read this in a Hank Hill voice. I laughed.
Nah, Hank Hill's father was a war hero and a crotchety old man like John McCain. This dude just has white hair.
. Joe Biden was always the second dumbest person on the Hill, only behind Hank Johnson ("Is Guam going to tip over?")
Find you a lady that loves your hank hill booty.
all TX... Houston and Dallas, the very thought gives Hank Hill goosebumps.
Like a Hank Hill HWWWHHHUite kind of thing?
shower thought: someday i'd like to be to sex toys what Hank Hill is to propane. (that is, i'd like to be an educat…
Ugh, the temperatures are getting as cold as Hoth. This robe isn't good enough. The cost of heating the Death Star is to…
I'm the king of the hill I don't need Hank, Bobby, or boomhauer
cool. I'm not very artistic but I have done 1 epic hank hill from King of the hill wood burning lol
The future is here! Cancelling my search for a stupid gym membership. Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and Hank Hill were all pioneers!
so i decided to go ahead and use "I'm Proud To Be An American: Cover by Hank Hill" as my submission for the assignment
Hamilton Collection
It would have to be concave to even be remotely hank hill tier.
Just found the comedy show LetterKenny. Canadian Hank hill. Pretty good.
Ah, gotcha! No ETA for the return of Hank Hill and the gang! But leave us a request: & check back! *WF
Roger sounds like a non Texan Hank Hill
*hank hill take mic n sing lana del rey song sad* "Will u still love me when im no longer young an beutifol..."
OMG.. lol... Hill's thinking like Hank's in cast away when he find the outhouse panel as a wind sail.. "It' could work". Bod…
He reminds me of a slightly more outgoing Hank Hill, who relives his high school athletic achievements.
Thats an honor comin from the daughter of Sugar Hill Gang's BigBank Hank! Music obviously runs in your blood!
definitely. Look at the wall she's leaning on. Nobody looks like Hank Hill for real
me: lol i hope our kid doesnt have ur hank hill *** zach: Ill be damned if we have a daughter and she has ur *** though
There's a Hank Hill look alike in one of my classes and I've been trying to stealthily take a picture of him for 40 minutes now
Hank Hill, to Peggy Hill, who is in a full body cast: Well, Helen Keller was largely useless, and look how we...
Why dose she tell if I'm on my way if she's not ready *hank hill voice* "I'll tell you what"
The dichotomy between Hank Hill and Dale Gribble is a great metaphor for the establishment GOP and the alt-right
Sometimes I wonder what Hank Hill & Dale Gribble would say about our current presidential candidates
If Bill Dauterive's ex-wife is named Lenore, and Hank Hill has to tell Bill that Lenore is never coming back, does that make Hank the Raven?
The ref in the Virginia-Oregon game has the voice of Hank Hill.
Watching vs and this officiate sounds like Hank Hill. Then the announcers made a reference.
Is this a ref or Hank Hill officiating the Oregon/Arizona game?
I think Hank Hill is the lead ref in this Oregon game
the Oregon Virginia ref sounds like Hank Hill
Also, how did they sneak in Hank Hill to be the white-hat ref in the UVa/Oregon game?
Ms. McDonald told me Neller looks like Hank Hill
you can't say anything with your Mulhouse Van Houten, Hank Hill, and Peter Griffin lookin ***
Blue collar, uneducated support Trump. Sounds like Dale Gribble, Hank Hill, Boom Howard Bill Dauterive in the back alley swigging beer
Let Adult Swim’s Hank Hill and George Liqour breakdown Jones vs. Cormier in this video https:/…
No one breaks down a fight like Hank Hill and George Liquor. vs 2 in THREE DAYS!!!
I still don't know what a dad *** is, all I'm thinking of is Hank Hill's flat ***
I'm taking a crane class with real life Hank Hill. Damnit Bobby.
I'm reading all of these in the voices of Ron Swanson and Hank Hill
I think my Hank Hill impression might be in my top 5 after Fred Durst, Morgan Freeman, McConaughey & Tracy Morgan..ahead of Jonathan Davis
there was an episode of king of the hill where Hank was violated by a dolphin
Hank Hill was really the plug he sold propane & propane accessories
Hank Hill could get it any day of the week 😍
Hank's "son" season 7 is a somehow a more Jewish Jonah Hill
"No, Hank Helping the other scientists isn't a problem. Have him contact me when he can, Hill."
I'm going to make a song called Hank hill I'm inspired
I need a red ford truck so I can become hank hill.
Well, I must be a Texan expat, then. (Well, I AM a Texan by birth, thank you very much. More than I can say for Hank Hill.)
I believe Hank Hill would agree when I say that's no way to treat a lawn. You should show it the care & respect it deserves
I met him when as a wounded warrior, and he had a limp handshake. I felt like Hank Hill shaking Bush's hand
If Hank Hill was real do you think he would be a Trump supporter?
King of the Hill was an amazing show, and I have an amazing Hank Hill impression. So it is good, I tell ya h-what!
*** I'm sorry As Hank Hill once said Do like the drunks and take it one day at a time
does anyone else remember that episode of King of the Hill where Hank wargs into Lady Bird and attacks a repairman
Hank Hill named his dog Lady Bird after President Lyndon Johnsons wife
I want a group of friends like Hank Hill had
i thought Gohanks was the fusion of Gohan and Hank Hill
You just gotta take it one day at a time. Like the drunks do. -Hank Hill
When I write "I tell ya hwhat" it's not a typo, it's me talking like Hank Hill
Who let Hank Hill become an anime character
Hank hill could've and should've stopped Apocalypse.
lmfaooo Hank Hill was No Face all along
You looking like Hank Hill in that bikini 😂😂😂
This is a JOKE. Roses are red . violets are blue . Hank Hill hates you . you ball licking weeaboo. love you joey
Reminds me of that King of the Hill episode when George Bushs limp handshake bothers Hank so much he doesnt vote
One day you'll understand how much love it takes to crush a little boy's dreams. - Hank Hill
Such beauty, such grace. I want his Hank Hill booty in my face. ;u;.
I know this is spanish but when I read it I heard it in hank hill's deadpan voice
"If Tom Landry were my father I don't know if I would call him dad or coach. Who am I kidding, I would call him sir."- Hank Hill
Hank Hill proves WD40 is the answer to all problems.
How come on King of the Hill they call John Redcorn,John Redcorn?Why not just John.They dnt refer to Hank as Hank Hill every time they speak
"Dale you giblet head. We live in texas. It's already 110 in the summer and if it gets 1 degree hotter I'm gonna kick your *** " - Hank Hill
my uncle Hank Hill will burn you with his proPAIN
who do you think hank hill would vote for? I feel like Bernie Sanders would win him over but voting democrat doesn't seem right.
Tap & Parlour and Hank’s on the Hill are hosting Notorious B.I.G. tribute nights this week
Congrats to NSR Baseball prospect Hank Hill for making it official by signing today to play baseball and get his...
"Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking." - Hank Hill
"Auto shop creates the men that girls will want when they are women." - Hank Hill.
is your username Hank Hill inspired?
Siggelkow takes the hill to end the game. Score remains 16-3! 🐾⚾️
remember that time Hank Hill liked a boyband
I love silicon valley. Did you get to meet mike judge? Does he act like hank hill? Anyhoo I cant wait for season 3, love you Kumail
you're wrong. I'm right. But I still like you outside of your insistence on dying on the Hank hill
Sometimes I think about Hank Hill getting dommed by Peggy.
Update your maps at Navteq
Poor Hank Hill. Looks like someone has had his account hacked! Hwat!
What would Hank Hill do this election season
Doing some Hank Hill prank calls today 😏
That ASCII Hank Hill. He inspires me to pvp.
Tom Anderson now sounds like Hank Hill after Hank Hill started to sound less like Tom Anderson
The saddest part of this GOP primary season is imagining Hank Hill, constantly furrowing his brow, probably while Peggy considers Clinton.
he's really more Peter Griffin than the Hank Hill you've created.
I Hank Hill is giving my business over to my son Bobby Hill aka he's been a great young man and I think its his time.
This message has been brought to you by Buck Strickland and Hank Hill.
the chat was hilarious, some guy can talk like Herbert the pervert, Joe from family. Beavis and butthead. Hank Hill
Richard Moore is literally talking like Hank Hill and calling 'whales' 'hwhales'.
I'm a mixture of Bill Dauterive & Boomhauer but I secretly wish I was Hank Hill.
phone so dry I got pocket sand like Hank Hill
I just tried singing "Let It Go" in a Hank Hill voice. so this is what life has come to???
WD gaster is hank hill mystery solved
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Red from That 70s Show and Hank from King of the Hill probably would have gotten along really well.
To me, Future sounds how Hank Hill would as a rapper.
All we need to defeat Isis Hank hill and WD-40
"I feel like I have a Hank hill booty " - Ciarra
call me hank hill bc I'm sellin propane
You look like a constipated Hank Hill.
It hurts me to look at women that are shape like Hank Hill.
the episode of King of the Hill where Kahn lets Hank in on top secret military information to gloat
why didn't you buy Hank Hill an Alamo when he let you cut in line in Nashville
Hank Hill approves. The heels give the truth away.
. i feel like the Hank Hill version of The Blob would end with them attempting to explode it using propane/propane accessories
I sound like hank hill sometimes lol
"The Blob" but where Steve Andrews is replaced by Hank Hill (tagline: "Dang It, Blobby")
why am I watching hank hill youtube poops
Throwback to life drawing class in my first year when Hank Hill came in yo model for us
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I feel like Hank Hill when I wear undershirts
No. Seriously. Lightning has not butt to speak of. She's got Hank Hill *** going on.
Dorman just mad because they know they're gonna lose and their principal looks like Hank Hill
hank Williams was found dead in Oak hill wv. Not Akron.
sup hank. That was too *** funny. I think the same about Stephen Hill when he was with the Jets lol
THIS JUST IN!!! Joey B's on the Hill is now carrying Hank's Cheesecake products. Chris and Julie are currently...
My friend and I are in an ongoing contest to see who can do the best Hank Hill impression. He wins I think so far.
you can always do that hank hill build and only use a *** pipe wrench Kappa
Posted on the block like I'm Hank hill, we need that
. I can still snort cocaine. Take that Hank Hill.
I understand Hank Hill more and more all the time.
WhatYTPtaughtMe: the last note of the King of the Hill theme song syncs up with Hank's blink
I'm glad I don't know a Hank Hill in real life. I would've cursed him out a few times by now. Square *** dude, Peggy weird *** too.
Tonight we drew Hank Hill as Sailor Moon, you're welcome.
When Kiryu makes me think of Hank Hill
And you didn't think Hank Hill should be on this list?
[extremely Blank Space voice]. 🎼I'm working for Buck Strickland. I'll tell you he's insane. But my name is Hank Hill. And. I…
hes so terrible Bob Belcher and Hank Hill have terrible families
Red would top the TV Dad Power Rankings, followed by Tim Taylor, Hal from "Malcolm in the Middle," and Hank Hill.
does Steve O'Donnell dress up like Hank Hill every year for Halloween? Cause you give him a pair of glasses & he be a dead ringer
they should do a cross-over episode where Hank Hill learns about radical empathy and Steven learns about delayed gratification
I am Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, son of Hank Hill, King of the Hill
well, Hank Hill did say of Wichita Falls: 'north Texas? More like south Oklahoma.'
Also I'm desperately searching for a girl I saw in a denim jacket that had a Hank Hill x Dale Gribble heart shaped cutout on the back.
I can so far do, Peter Griffin, Mr. Burns,Hank Hill, Bill Clinton, Joe Swason, the movie trailer voice etc. etc. etc.
Dang-it Peggy holdin' hands is for the bedroom. . -Hank Hill
Hank Hill is a *** To Peggy and son Bobby. He also sells propane .
People act like that show is a parody, but it isn't. As a Texan man, I am basically Hank Hill.
I'm always filled with such joy whenever I remember Hank Hill and Dusty from ZZ Top are cousins. One of my favorite episodes.
Hank Hill... Dusty Hill... How did I miss this dang ol' episode?
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In the words of Hank Hill" "Did a woman judge ruin the Supreme Court?" . "Yes, and that woman's name was Earl Warren"
Emma and Becky are motivation for real. Charlotte too I guess, even with her Hank Hill butt.
Let me be your Hank Hill in the streets and John Redcorn in the sheets
What if Hank Hill was a Super Saiyan? I'm just sayin'... The guy likes to…
Live action King of the Hill movie. Jim Ross leading as Hank Hill and Stone Cold Steve Austin as Bobby. Someone make it happen
McClain is the Hank Hill of Houston beat writers. He's like the knowledgable uncle that gives you insight for your next bet.
were either of them Hank Of The Hill bc that's the best one
Strange how well illustrated Max Payne 3 got Sao Palao women's butts but the dudes have that Hank Hill ***
This kinda reminds me of Hank Hill.
Hank Hill would be proud. I'm reading the owner's guide for my new propane grill.
Male Commander Shepard is the hank hill of outer space
my favorite Hank Hill thing is of him as a mii fighter and someone captioned it with "something pro-PAIN"
I'm LAUGHin g I just saw the word "thank" and immediatly thought kf Hank Hill
Hank Hill's dad is a piece of work. Now I see how he gets around w/o shins Lol terrible
More weirded out by the hand. Hank Hill went goth.
"Bill, it was a different time. It was back before we knew the Russians were incompetent." - Hank Hill
My friend said some woman on a picture online had a "Hank Hill" booty like 2 hours ago and Im still crying from laughter about it.
"Why would anybody do drugs when they could just mow the lawn??" - Hank Hill
I wish I still had that picture of 's Hank Hill looking *** so I could bust it out for his Birthday today..
Every once in a while, declare It confuses the *** out of *Hank Hill*
My supervisor literally looks like Hank Hill in real life.
is what Hank Hill wanted Bobby Hill to grow up to be like
Yup that's right even Hank Hill is a Texans fan.
sometimes I think about Aleks hank hill butt and laugh
😂😂😂 *** naw gotta b that *** daughter Hank Hill is a real dude lol
Lesson of the day: don't ever try to make Hank Hill mad.
I literally spoke that in the wise voice of Hank Hill...and giggled...XD
there's a classic King of the Hill episode where Hank and Peggy protest the new low-flow toilets
I'm like Hank Hill. I have big arms and shoulders, but no ***
yes. especially since Spencer singing would sound like "Particle Man" sung by Hank Hill.
Hank Hill was the realest and you can’t tell me otherwise.
King of the Hill was so great you didn’t mind that Hank was a white republican man who didn’t have black friends.
me and Emerson were talking about your Hank Hill voice today 😂
It was Evil Inspector Andy the serial killer who killed Peter Griffin and Hank Hill years ago.
meanwhile in Spain, Hank Hill's dad and Richard Nixon are discussing boxing.
Just got hired as a sales associate for CPO where I will sell Bibles and Bible Accessories. . *said with Hank Hill voice*
"It is wrong to eat another human being" . - Hank Hill
An idea that would make Hank Hill proud -- propane fracking proposed for Tioga County. See Thursday's Morning Times.
# i knew hank hill was a NAZI: yea the title describes it all #
I liked a video Hank Hill Adopts a Puppy
"What are we without our Constitution" —Hank Greenberg …
I need Hank Hill grade tanks for Bismarck Ex :(
I'm gonna meet a guy named hank and live my life like Peggy in king of the hill
Hank hill is the ugliest show on adult swim 😷
ya whole team full of hank hill *** *** that can ball bro. Facts only
Sure I'd love to pump propane for you and 20 other people in 109 degree weather because I guess I'm hank hill now
Saw a truck with a Texas license plate today and I swear the dude driving looked like Hank Hill. He really does exist.
"aye girl. people tell me I got dat hank hill body. lets get outta dis place."
just watched a video that proves that Hank Hill is Ash's dad. Where has been on this
as Hank Hill once said I party on Saturday and repent on Sunday the way the Lord intended
I learned just now that my dad took his dad to the international towing museum in Chattanooga... my dad may be a living Hank Hill.
You can make a case that Joey Crawford is Hank Hill's dad
I'm going to be debuting the Bobby Hill as Robin companion print to my Hank Hill as Batman at this weekend too!
When it comes to expressing my feelings, I am the love child of Red Foreman and Hank Hill
Was it easy getting Hank Hill to learn Polish?
Is it just me, or is Hank Hill one of the greatest characters to ever exist, I tell you hwat
It was a good run Timmy. Time to unzip that black man suit & become Hank Hill until October again.
what would our lord and saviour Hank Hill think of the hentai you are posting right now HM?? HMMm??
Best/Worst FWA moment: Getting hit in head with the Hank Hill "I propaned" sign. The best part was getting Johnny Walker Black as an apology
Now we're listening to Patsy Cline. "Walkin' After Midnight" makes me envision Hank Hill and Ladybird dancing, every time.
is giving off a Hank Hill sorta vibe.
Making characters like Hank Hill, Ryu and Ken, Professor Layton, etc. as Mii fighters was easily one of my favorite things in Smash 4.
“My favorite episode of King of the hill was just on!” -- The one when Hank is a pimp?
I just want someone to love me like Hank Hill loves propane.👌
The episode of King of the Hill when Hank pretends to be a pimp is the best.
King of the Hill episode where Hank is a pimp is a classic.
I love the episode of king of the hill when Hank turns into a pimp lmao
Hank Hill and Dale Gribble battle for the fate of Arlington. Hank: Dale, you moron, get down here!. Dale: Sorry Hank.this is all we have.
I read that in Hank Hill's voice almost but yes. Tell ya what in deed.
Hank Hill in the caddy with the cowboy hat that got the feather to match
I can picture hank hill saying that
“And the girl looks sleepy AF...ain't no way in the *** her Sally was moist” her whattt? *Hank Hill voice*
Grilling in the dark and making Hank Hill proud
Me and friendship is based on Hank Hill memes
Call me Hank Hill son because I'm about to bring the pro pain.
I just yawned and I sounded like Hank Hill.
My boss sends me a link to Hank Hill's rendition of Turn Down For What. LOL. Too bad I'd already seen it.
"From now on the only lady im pimpin' is sweet lady propane, and im trickin' her out all over town" -Hank Hill
"the only women I'm pimping is sweet lady propane, and I'm tricking her out all over this town." - Hank Hill
"From now on the only thing I'm pimping is sweet lady propane". - Hank Hill
Life goals, be as naive as hank hill
I'm watching King of the Hill on my Hopper. hank the pimp. son of a baawwhhh
This episode of King of the Hill where the pimp is snoop dogg and hank accidentally becomes a pimp as well
Lmao hank hill so naive... He been pimping this *** and ain't even know it
This King of the Hill with snoop dogg is hilarious!!! Hank has no idea
Hank Hill flossin' in the Caddy straight pimpin' *** lol
Omg the episode of king of the hill when hank becomes a pimp
Voted for Hank Hill for the Super Smash Bros. fan character vote.
I see Hank Hill and automatically realize I forgot to put the cover back on the grill
From my time at Lowes I can relate to Hank from King of the Hill to much smh
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I see hank hill booty and that's all that really matters
As a dad how will I know it's bed time? I hear Hank Hill crack open that beer on the intro to King of the Hill
Hank Hill will be in whatever game Hank Hill *** wants
I picked the wrong pic from my folder dedicated to Hank Hill
Not gonna lie... I though it said Hank Hill instead of Hijinks
Caught myself in the mirror: tucked in white T, jeans & black glasses. I'm morphing into Hank from King of the Hill
Cause Hank Hill pissing in the street
I'm sorry, but all I could imagine is Hank Hill finding out that was his son and mournfully yelling "Bobby?!"
Animorphs: Hank Hill morphs into a propane tank
I would pay $ to see Hank Hill's reaction to Peggy trying to explain 50 Shades.
Every time I read some new stupid thing that Bobby Jindal has said, I hear Hank Hill in the back of my mind.
Musical would have been better with Hank Hill instead of Peggy
Now why don't you take that statement and apply it to you. Right Dale Gribble and join Hank Hill at the nearest cliff.
I need an icon commission making me look like a furry stoned hank hill.
Nick Offerman could play Hank Hill in a movie
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
trans-hank-hill said: I was just going through the tags and I ran across your blog and I just wanna...
Thank you, for gracing us with Hank Hill as Terminator. My life is complete.
Oh my god, I have been watching some King of the Hill lately, because who doesn't love Hank Hill. I am dying right now...
Nothing like watching Hank Hill shooting people down and calling them losers. Top 10 Worst Licensed Games! - PBG
Uptown Funk done mixed with Family Guy Ft. Hank Hill. Mikey Bolts is a genius.
Well as long as Hank Hill lived it's okay (unless he didn't)
. said Hank Hill & I tell u what, I can't get the voice of Mr.Anderson (Beavis & Butt-Head) outta my head
The man speaking in Selma right now, Doug Tanner, sounds disconcertingly like Hank Hill.
Which is your favorite voice from his cover?! Ours is Hank Hill!.
it's only weird if your name isn't Hank Hill, lol!
Hank Hill just smithed a lock for me...things and stuff, man
“Does the perfect employee really exist? hank hill no doubt about it.
Duke Nukem Mod: All quips are now said by Hank Hill.
Yall late tho I been said I had that hank hill booty now
*** so bony I literally Cannot sit on hard wood floors without being in pain. I think I have that thing Hank Hill has.
Yes! Actually, I was originally asked if I could do Hank Hill, so I tried that, didn't work, then I tried an Anderson quote.
Burger King in gants Hill is THE slowest drive thru of all time! The time it takes to serve you could have a sit down meal at a restaurant
I don't trust anyone whose favourite episode of King Of The Hill isn't the one where Hank gets raped by a dolphin.
My dad criticises steaks as if he's Hank Hill
Can't wait to get an android phone again so my text tone can be Hank Hill saying "Boggle"
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