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Han Solo

Han Solo, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe.

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I wish they'd get Dan Harmon in as the new Han Solo director. He knows how to get the best out of Donald Glover
Addressing the Han Solo incident on Jedi Council earlier today. Check it out. .
Ron Howard to Assume Directorial Duties on the Untitled Han Solo Film. Wow, he comes full circle, that's great!
I am going to have so much fun making so many arrested development/han solo jokes, you guys don't even KNOW
Maybe Han Solo gets a very strange message on his phone...
We won't see Phil Lord and Chris Miller's vision for the Han Solo film, but here's what it might have been:
The DGA will decide if will share credit with and on the Han Solo spinoff.
after Han Solo, please direct Willow 2 with
These definitely real leaked emails show exactly why the Han Solo spin-off directors got fired https:…
Star Wars: Han Solo - Ron Howard reportedly stepping in as director
things. Their improv style (apparently their Han Solo was Ace Ventura like) and complete misunderst…
Ron Howard to take over 'Star Wars' Han Solo spin-off
Han Solo: "I made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.". Ron Howard voiceover: "He didn't."
What's your opinion on Ron Howard being the new director of the Han Solo spinoff?.
This could be an amazing coupling, despite the subject matter.
Disney plans to hold the box office spot all summer in 2018: . May - Avengers. May -June Han Solo. June - July Incredibles 2…
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Ron Howard steps in to direct Han Solo film
Phil Lord: Everything's going great on the Han Solo set. Chris Miller: We should be finished soon. Ron Howard (voiceover)…
How the Broke Apart — with New Director Picking Up the Pieces via
Ron Howard is taking over the Han Solo standalone film
It's official that Ron Howard will be stepping in for directorial duties to complete the as yet untitled Han Solo film…
Ron Howard is officially taking over Directing the Han Solo movie
Ron Howard takes helm of Han Solo "Star Wars" film: Ron Howard is taking command of the Han Solo "Star……
"Han Solo and the kingdom of the crystal meth (or some other POS J.J.Abrams summer movie)"
Is it too much to ask that Ron Howard also narrate the new Han Solo movie?
The film begins with On-Yong walking into the theatre with the money Lucille gave him to go see a star war.
if someone says "I know" like Han Solo, then you marry that man.
congratulations on landing the directorial duties on Han Solo for - will be scoring the feature?
⚡️ “Ron Howard will take over the Han Solo spinoff”.
Ron Howard has just been named the director of the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie.
Oh, Ron "Willow" Howard. I never saw this coming but it feels right.
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I hope to honor the great work already done & help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film.
Donald Glover returns in full Lando costume to the Han Solo set. It’s on fire. People are screaming. Inexplicably, he is ***
Ron Howard steps in to direct the Han Solo 'Star Wars' film after the original directors stepped down two days ago
Only this Han Solo news makes me watch Collider's Jedi Council after months of giving up on watching them.
How the Han Solo film broke apart -- with Ron Howard picking up the pieces -
With Ron Howard now directing the Han Solo movie, what role will Clint get?
Ron Howard directing Han Solo isn't a bad choice or a great one, he could do a really good job. The situation is a total m…
Ron Howard to take over Han Solo movie
Ron Howard to assume directorial duties on Han Solo film.
Ron Howard will take over as Han Solo director:
So...Ron Howard is directing the Han Solo movie. A beautiful Solo? lol
Ron Howard will direct the upcoming spin-off film about Young Han Solo
Ron Howard is officially taking over directing duties on the troubled Han Solo spin off movie. OOOH. HAPPY DAYS!…
A must-read from on exactly how the Han Solo spinoff fell apart.
Lucasfilm is pleased to announce that filmmaker Ron Howard has been named director of the untitled Han Solo film.
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BREAKING: Ron Howard steps in to direct new Young Han Solo movie. Don’t panic or anything but now it’s called “SPACE FONZIE.”
It's official! Ron Howard takes over as Han Solo director
BREAKING: Ron Howard has been named as the new director of Lucasfilm and Disney’s untitled Han Solo movie.
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard will assume directorial duties on the untitled Han Solo film.
'Creator of Arrested Development to take over duties from the directors of 21 & 22 Jump Street for Han Solo film' absolute SCENES
Now stop pissing around with Han Solo and give us the Obi Wan spinoff we desperately want...!
Han Solo directors cut loose after creative differences with Star Wars boss
Get caught up on all the drama that caused the Han Solo spinoff film to fire its directors mid-production.
Why firing the Han Solo film's directors shows Star Wars is afraid of its own future .
Hey I'll direct the Han Solo movie! I have zero directing experience & I'm VERY expensive. But I got TONS of Star Wars shirts…
We got your Han Solo director RIGHT HERE! Look no further than
Star Wars spin-off film focusing on Han Solo in chaos as directors leave midway through filming…
Dear Kathleen Kennedy, please let me direct the Han Solo film! I refuse to believe you are a Barbara Broccoli type!
You want to know something about the HAN SOLO movie? Whenever I bring it up to casual movie goers, they all say "I'm not seeing that."
Whoa. Lord & Miller just dropped out as directors of The Untitled Han Solo Movie due to "Creative Differences" *** Thats…
domain names
How about for the Han Solo flick? Or is she not experienced enough yet?
Thought Lord & Miller was an upscale Manhattan boutique but this Han Solo news is also interesting.
Disney fired the two directors of the new Han movie, apparently they are looking for someone to direct it Solo
Updated: Lord and Miller Fired From Star Wars: Han Solo. Ron Howard, frontrunner to take over directing.
A friendly reminder that Kathleen Kennedy was involved in almost all your fave childhood movies. Han Solo Saved.
The Han Solo movie appears to be frozen in carbonite
Why the Han Solo movie just lost its directors at the last minute
The prequel has lost its directors:
Shocker: The Han Solo spinoff movie just lost directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller : htt…
So that brings us to this 3rd film with production issues: the 2nd "A Story" project: the untitled Young Han Solo movie
Young film drops directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller:
I only think Ron Howard should be allowed to direct the Han Solo flick if he also narrates it.
I love all this tea about the Han Solo movie, keep spillin
Give the Han Solo movie to Donald Glover. The worst thing that could happen is it's awesome.
Uh oh. I'm guessing a delay is inevitable.
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Exclusive Pics from the set of HAN SOLO
Okay so apparently Lord & Miller were fired from the film. Something something going Solo am I right?!? https:…
All I got about this LucasFilm news is that a Han Solo movie seemed 100% superfluous until Lord + Miller were doing it.
Saw the Han Solo news. When the guys Hollywood hires to make your idea that doesn't work into one that works leaves your project, that's bad
Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired from the Han Solo spinoff after clashing with Kathleen Kennedy.
Of course the Han Solo movie news is troubling, but we shouldn't be too worried until thy announce who's replacing Lord & Miller.
Finally, someone who WANTS to come in and take the reins of HAN SOLO!
A source tells me there are three weeks left to go on the untitled Han Solo shoot. Must have been a real war for the direct…
"Lord and Miller are no longer directing the Han Solo Star Wars spin-off". WB:
The Justice League situation and Han Solo situation are nothing alike.
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller wrote movie treatment but couldn't direct because of Han Solo. Time to bring them back.
ugh FINE, i'll direct a star war or whatever. pass me the video dealy. where's hans yolo. "han solo?" ugh, no. that's…
If you're going to start over with Young Han Solo. Can you rename it to Young Lando and re-cast Han with someone who actually look like him?
Reading all your Han Solo messages on a bathroom 36,000 ft up in the air...also a type of high-mile club (thanks for the ❤️)…
When the directors quit the Han Solo movie:.
Untee grasp when kylo stabbed Han Solo.
Ron Howard is reportedly the frontrunner to replace Lord and Miller on the Young Han Solo movie:
This is huge. The directors of the Han Solo spin-off are exiting, and the film is already shooting.
The Han Solo movie losing its directors before filming ends is a moderately insane development
ah, but The Young Indiana Jones show was such a hit! How could the Han Solo movie fail?
Not into that stand alone Han Solo film, so I'm not particularly sad about the directors's feud. I hope they don't make the film, period.
I can relate with harrison my interest in the han solo film
Pls can the han solo movie based Star Wars gods
"Lord and Miller have left the Han Solo movie"
Ron Howard, Joe Johnston or Lawrence Kasdan rumored to take over directing the Han Solo movie
Ron Howard is one of the director I'm hearing that could step in to direct the Han Solo movie. Other names: Lawrence Kasdan…
A Message from Lucasfilm regarding the Han Solo movie:
Transformers 5 *** Lord and Miller left the Han Solo movie cuz Disney doesn't want something too creative? OMG this is a…
Pay the actors, destroy the footage, never speak of this again. Harrison Ford is Han Solo. . Forever.
Here are some of the best reactions to the Han Solo director shake up -
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Star Wars’ Han Solo spinoff directors just quit in the middle of shooting via
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller release statement after leaving the Han Solo film
Uh-oh. The ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo film just lost its directors over “creative differences.”. via
Lord & Miller shot Han first but who will shoot Han last? . Han Solo film loses directors in production.
Would not surpsrise if Phil Lord and Chris Miller will return to The Flash movie after the Han Solo movie exit.
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller dropped out of directing the Han Solo movie, and now I am no longer interested in it.
Phil Lord and Chris Miller are so *** talented I'm gutted Young Han Solo has lost them.
As a Lord & Miller fan, this Han Solo news is troubling. Still hoping for the best, but sorry this didn't work out:
BREAKING: Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have exited the Han Solo movie, citing "creative differences." Not…
My thoughts on Phil Lord & Christopher Miller being fired as directors of the Han Solo movie.
The only way I could slightly get over and leaving Han Solo is if they immediately go to work on a Clone High movie.
This and leaving Han Solo story better end with a Clone High season 2 announcement. I need closure! STAMOS!
I hope Lord & Miller quit the Han Solo movie to focus on a new season of Clone High.
and better have left the Han Solo spin off movie to work on Clone High! Bring Clone High back.
With Lord & Miller leaving Han Solo to be finished by another director, an entire refinery of fuel has been dumped on the "shot first" jokes
Gandhi's reaction to the Han Solo movie news. P.s. watch Clone High
you're in California. Go to Lucas Film headquarters and find out what's going on re: Han Solo movie!
sorry about the Han Solo film, but at least you're getting Clone High 2 out of it
So if Lord/Miller are off Han Solo can we get a new Clone High project from them?
What would happen if Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan met?
He was too Han Solo for me; should have been more Jason Bourne/non-nazi Steve Rogers. Might have been WB's influence
Michael K. Williams has joined the cast of the Han Solo prequel
Do you think Cad Bane or Hondo will be in the Han Solo film?
Listen Disney, I know you want to cross promote everything now but putting Han Solo in Frozen is an insult to carbonite vict…
I really hope Cad Bane shows up in the Han Solo movie. It would be a cool way to wrap up his story line from Clone Wars
latest: Spanish press leak set pictures of "Han Solo's birthplace" PLUS Jabba the Hutt's barge?
I was correct in my assumption, Han Solo was inspired by John Wayne's Cowboy and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.
Star Wars At 40: Roger Christian talks forging the lightsaber, Han Solo's blaster, and more.
// you're roguish. Like Han Solo. That's different from evil
yea i SMOKE WEED. W - luke. E - skywalker. E - is. D - *** and in love with han solo and never got to say goodbye to the lo…
8. Additionally, Roy Mustang and Han Solo are also pretty much me. if you don't know me and need an idea of what I'm like, there you have it
Give me a Wookie and call me Han Solo bc I am impressed.
So do you want my opinion on this or nah?
Meet Joonas Suotamo at He will play Chewbacca in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Han Solo spinoff film!
I guess I'd make a lousy Han Solo in Carbonite.
Princess Leia fell in love with Han Solo for Alderaan reasons.
"and Han Solo, you feel like he's the father you never had. He would've disappointed you." je veux sa…
I think you should about this unlicensed product that
"Han Solo? I don't even know Twilight that much?..." -
Tbh I like him A LOT better than OT Han Solo and Han was apparently at least force-attuned
What happens to my childhood. Han Solo is dead, Bill Cosby is on trail, The Duke Boys are racist and the still no sequel…
& follow for the chance to win a exclusive Han Solo Pop!
I really liked the Han Solo trilogy. They are a great read and flesh out the character a lot. Tarkin is a really good book too.
I added a video to a playlist Germ - Han Solo
the only good things that will come out of the Han Solo movie will be Emilia and that the prequels will get a break from the slander lmao
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sorry if it's a spoiler, but there is a Han Solo movie coming out next year
Disney boss drops hot new details on Han Solo, Luke Skywalker
How tf are you gonna name ur kid after the guy who killed Han Solo
We've said like 15 words back and forth and it's totally chill. It doesn't even matter that the Tigers are losing.
The best thing about having a brother in law is that we can sit here in total silence watching a baseball game.
Han Solo is Bender, Leia is Claire, Luke is the brain. The principal is Vader; they are the rebellion. R2 could be the basketcase.
Finn: Hey, Solo. I'm not sure what we're walking into here... Han Solo: Did you just call me "Solo"?
Ah yes. Party before country at its finest.
📷 bensolcs: Star Wars meme: ten characters [2 of 10] → han solo Han Solo was born on the planet...
Old Spielberg flick. Spoiler... Nazis look for ark of the covenant. When they find it and open it, bad th…
Boyfriend just compared himself to Han Solo. I'm sitting here crying because of the reasoning.
I'm watching an interview with George Lucas (for research) and he just said "han solo" but he pronounced "han" like it rhymed with "ann"
4yo: "Is Han Solo pretending to be the jungle guy?". 🤣
New USTPO trademark listing, application for 'Han Solo' products.
Han Solo and Spider-Man fighting with light sabers in Winterfell over churros
. What did you think and feel when in (Star Wars The Force Awakens) Han Solo got killed by his own son?
I'm too intoxicated to deal with how sexually frustrated Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa make me.
Video: More footage of the Han Solo pod car filming from the untitled Star Wars story and more!…
Indiana Jones and Han Solo wouldn't steer us wrong. Left ear is where it's at.
Yeah Han Solo has a prequel coming out. They made a big deal about the casting and all. One of severa…
The Young Han Solo movie comes out next year. I didn't know someone could be this wrong about Star Wars so many times…
Han Solo & Leia Organa [Star Wars]. - there will never be another like them
Han Solo & Leia Organa ~ Star Wars . "You do have your moments, not many of them, but you have them."
Sam and Diane are basically the Han Solo and Leia Organa of Boston
[— still fixed upon Leia Organa's countenance, behind were flashing memories of that day: how Han Solo's face froze in —
Thanks for the lightning round response to my email about the Han Solo film!
Authors "S" - Searching Through the Force by Silverfires. General Leia Organa, Han Solo and Rey.
26. Han Solo × Leia Organa ( SW ). I'm in denial so don't say anything because I can't live in a world where they don't ha…
Vic,what is your Favourite Indiana Jones Movie?&which Character(if you had to choose)do you like better, Han Solo or Indiana?
Han Solo production moving to the Spanish Canary Islands sets from Fuerteventura. via https:/…
Breast Cancer Awareness
A Hellboy movie without Ron Perlman!? That's like making a Star Wars movie with Han Solo without Harrison Ford- ohwait.
Thank you Ethan for the follow up debate: Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds?
A blue haired Han Solo. . This shows Alex will always win the fight
Q11: You don’t have to go Han Solo. Guests, what additional resources do you have?
Saw Michael Kenneth Williams will be in Han Solo movie. Shouldnt he just play Omar Little in space? Make it happen.
"Google indexed the internet in less than 12 parsecs." - Danny "Han Solo" Sullivan. May the 4th be with you,…
Most epic argument on the 4th. Say that, "Chris Walken would have made a better Han Solo." May the force be with you.
When I think of Harrison Ford, I go to Dr. Richard Kimble, then Indiana Jones, then, as an afterthought, Han Solo
And he was only cast as Han Solo because he was working a carpenter on the set.
Emilia Clarke is more scared to talk 'Han Solo' than 'Game of Thrones'
Calling it now. Woody harrellson's character in the Han Solo movie 🤞
i hope he wins that ''cameo in a Han Solo anthology" in the 40th Star Wars anniversary celebration 🙌
Friday Night vocal session in our studio. Bonus points if you can spot Han Solo. 😉
"Who's scruffy lookin'?". Han Solo. Married to the princess RT
Old princess leia having different clothes and old Han Solo just buying the same jacket again is pretty realistic portraya…
Obviously, the greatest two-role acting career is H. Ford as Han Solo/Indiana Jones, but who is in contention for 2nd-best?
I tried to get darik to convert to the old timey push rotary mower. It lasted a short while.
Ahead of Tour, Chance The Rapper Sues Fake Merch Vendors - Han Solo, Chance the Rapper believes it’s better to sh...
Han Solo movie in May 2018, wouldn't promotion begin in 2017 ??And wouldn't promotion interfere with EP VIII promotion ??
Here's on the Luke Skywalker/Han Solo reunion he wanted to see in .
Hey! At least they didn't say he pals around with Bin Laden or attack his Han Solo impersonation.
Current mood: Han Solo in the desert. 🎥
Star Wars fans are losing it over an undercover Jedi in the Han Solo movie:
To me, Harrison is the only person that can be Han Solo, like only Robert Downey jr can be iron man.
The latest on Star Wars: Han Solo, Episode IX, and more
Harry Styles hints that he auditioned for Han Solo via
I just saw Han Solo and Jean Grey get off my train to take the red line instead of the green line. Hmmm, wonder if I messed up.
All I could think about when I was reading mark hammills thoughts on the Han Solo death scene
Did you hear how someone named Dryden Vos might be in the Han Solo movie I m shaking
I can imagine the Han Solo movie being so much fun but the honest truth is I could not care less about this film.
I didn't equate him with Han Solo,, he's reportedly getting a movie like Han Solo and im not interested in either??…
- Han Solo movie: Is new character Dryden Vos Jedi maverick fan favourite Quinlan in disguise?
the Last Jedi hasn't even come out yet and I already miss han solo
Time for that classic Han Solo reply : "I know.😎" 😅😅
Harrison Ford Thinks Watching the Han Solo Movie will be "Weird" for Him.
📲 | Apparently Harry sort o smirked qhen asked if he auditioned to be a Young Han Solo, on Graham Norton.
Darth Vader: Did you know I built C-3PO. Luke: ... Leia: ... Han Solo: ... C-3PO: ... Darth Vader: I did, I built him when…
Would you like to see Jyn Erso in Han Solo? She was the 1 character contracted for 2 movies from RO.
Heey! Just a reminder that is on The Graham Norton Show tonight! 😍. He's doing singing and that... https:…
Shout out to the real ! Han Solo dolo beaulo and the trillest of the dillest
Is it true that new Han Solo film is to be called "Space Cowboy meets his Monkey" in the Far East? That's what I'm…
Warwick Davis is giving YOU the chance to hang on the set of the new Han Solo film! GO:
Harrison Ford is not looking forward to the Han Solo movie because it'll be "weird" for him
So tired. Need sleep. Hi if you happen to wake up for qiamullail later, dont forget to insert me in your prayer. Much love, Han Solo 💞
how did you make Joesph Gordon Levitt look like a young Bruce Willis? & r they using the same technique for the Han Solo film?
.has a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Han Solo film! Learn more:
Mark Hamill wishes Luke Skywalker had a final scene with Han Solo in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'…
"I love you," Harrison Ford said to George Lucas at panel, recounting how he landed the role of Han Solo. "Thank you…
"Princess Leah embarrassed Han Solo through two movies. He rescued her and killed for her and he never hit her!"
Why would I call Jabba the Hutt a "criminal" when he is working with us on the Han Solo problem? We will see what happe…
..just met Alan Harris ("Bossk" in Empire Strikes Back)... never new he was the body in the Han Solo carbonite... nice guy..
Our good strong boy who murdered the coward Han Solo and ate the meat from his bones.
Watching the Star Wars live stream and there-s an actual guy on stage who is Peter Griffin dressed as Han Solo. Like for real
Mark Hamill does a remarkable Han Solo impression in this bad lip reading of The Force Awakens
Mark Hamill voices Han Solo in the latest 'Bad Lip Reading' video.
.voices Han Solo in the latest segment, dedicated to the late Carrie Fisher
Wow, at first I didn't recognize your voice, great job, 💕 . (Han Solo voiced by Mark Hamill!).
Shaun Wane looks about as happy as he did when someone half inched Han Solo from him
Oscar Issac tells us why Han Solo would oppose marijuana legalization
Just saw a license plate saying Han Solo. Or it said Hans Olo. I don't know, there was no space.
"But is Luke younger than Hans?" -my girlfriend, who has never seen Star Wars and thinks Han Solo is a German guy "who goes to space."
Sing Street star joins the cast of Han Solo standalone Star Wars movie
You look like Jake Johnson from new girl and not a goat man dressed like Han Solo! you liar.
. I crushed on Han Solo. Imagined him rescuing me in the Millennium Falcon
20 years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Han Solo. Now we have no Jobs, no Cash, no Hope, and ankh chi bugie S…
Han Solo had a different name when he was younger. I hope this name comes from a George Lucas script and is something li…
we finally get to see James!!! I hope he keeps using the goat Han Solo tho!
If you stuck around during the credits of the original movies you'd already know Han Solo's real name is "Harrison Ford"
Han Solo isn't the real name, Indiana Jones either; Harrison Ford is? A spin-off after a dull Rogue 1 (4 me). WD knows how to kill classics.
This Han Solo name origin business is just a ploy for the inevitable Fast & Furious/Star Wars intergalactic street race cros…
You either die & leave good content alone. or you live long enough to ruin it. Han Solo ..or..whatever your name is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
han solo's real name IS NOT han solo. my whole life is a lie
Wait, they're gonna tell us Han Solo isn't Han Solo's real name??
The new Han Solo movie introduces his evil doppelganger, Han Duo.
"Han Solo". Everyone looks so much better when they smile. 😀. Jimmy Fallon.
So turns out Han Solo's real name is not actually Han Solo... 😱 Any guesses, Cineworlders?
If you'd read the original novel you'd know Han Solo is actually the name of the doctor, not the monster he creates.
So Han Solo's name isn't Han Solo? I hope Star Wars doesn't turn it into a corny joke like, "lol I fly solo" and that's how h…
Lucasfilm: "Hey, you know how we're doing a Han Solo movie, right? Well, his name's not actually Han Solo.". Seriously Lucasfilm, ***
Disney says Episode VIII won’t be altered in the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death
New film to reveal original name of Han Solo. Anyone else betting on Ron Solo?
"You'll also discover how he got his name" is a mystery no one has ever needed solved.
We already know how Han Solo got his name, stop wasting my time.
(ok also if you like Han Solo his EU origin trilogy is super fun, & Scoundrels is basically Han Solo meets Ocean's 11. 10/10 my fav EU book)
Han Solo is a 5 year old male Cross-Breed with THE coolest name in the galaxy. See
Han Solo's name is Han Solo and any canon that tells me differently will feel my unbridled scorn... 😡 .
Yesterday it was just Star Wars diehards, but today everyone's freaking over Han Solo maybe not being his real name: https:/…
Han Solo is a dork, his birth name is probably Kevin and he spent years practising Cool Names in the mirror until he came…
Let's be real, "Han Solo" is definitely the kind of name Han Solo would think up for himself.
Han Solo movie will follow him from age 18 through 24 and show him finding the Falcon, meeting Chewbacca, and getting his nam…
Hamilton Collection
Look Disney, we know you own Han Solo, but re-using animation is one thing, character design though?
Spoiler Alert: I've done a great deal of research on the subject and I can conclusively reveal that Han Solo's real name…
Tfw you hear that Han Solo's real name is Mahonri Moriancomer
"You ever wonder how Han Solo got his name?"
Is it possible that the Han Solo name thing is referring to his reputation, not his literal name?
Read an article that people were freaking out that Han Solo's original name might not be Han Solo. Imagine that; a smuggler lying.
Some of us have known for a long time that Han Solo's original name was Hymie Solomon
Wait, Han Solo's real name wasn't Han Solo?? So who was he even registered as in the Galactic Smuggler's Guild?
Today in Star Wars news: HAN SOLO covers him from 18-24. We'll learn how he got his name, met Chewie & acquired the Falco…
This whole getting his name thing for the Han Solo movie seems weird. Are we going to find out his real name is Leroy Jenkins?
Star Wars news: Han Solo spin-off character detail LEAKED by Woody Harrelson - ...
Woody Harrelson says his character is "a mentor" to Han Solo.
Disney CEO Bob Iger details Han Solo spinoff and how films will handle Carrie Fisher's death
Carrie Fisher's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" scenes will not be changed, plus new details about the Han Solo film
Carrie Fisher finished her scenes, Han Solo will be young, harrelson is his mentor. You're welcome.
Harrelson says "... Young Han Solo film will be the best of all the Star Wars movies." Lets hope he is right
The guy they found to play Young Han Solo looks nothing like Harrison Ford.
"You think a toy of a Young Han Solo would sell like hot cakes."
How I Met Your Wookie. Disney chief says Han Solo movie will partly focus on how he met Chewie…
My year long question stands:. Why do I need to see a film about a Young Han Solo, when it could be about Boba Fett…
We have some theories about what exactly will go down in the Young Han Solo movie
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