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Han Solo

Han Solo, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe.

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Paul Bettany has been added to the upcoming Han Solo film.
Is Paul Bettany joining the cast of Han Solo? via
Ron Howard is adding Paul Bettany to the Han Solo movie:
A lot has happened since the original directors of the Han Solo movie were fired
Paul Bettany reportedly taking over the Michael K. Williams role in Han Solo is pretty glaringly problematic, right?
Paul Bettany joins Han Solo movie to replace Michael K. Williams
NEWS: has been cast in the untitled Han Solo film, replacing Michael K. Williams
anyone else a bit weirded out that Paul Bettany (a white actor) replaced Michael K Williams (a black actor) in Han Solo?
Han Solo is flying the plane now and Apollo Creed is on board.
currently watching the Andy Griffith Show on Netflix. Told the kids the boy was the director of the Han Solo movie. They are now hooked
Oh *** "I'm Han Solo" was legitimately played on the radio. A song made for Star Wars Kinect. 2017 is a wasteland.
I only care about Emilia in the Han Solo film nothing else
I can't wait to see when Washington plays Boston
Scorcesse's silence must've tanked hard for him to make such BS favors for studios. Now that's sad!. Thi…
The casting for 'Han Solo: A Star Wars Story' has taken a turn for the worse. .
Kid at the pool: "who was the guy in the new Star Wars who got stabbed and fell off the Death Star?". Me, livid: HAN SOLO YOU LITTLE ***
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.. Star Wars guy.. huh? myop.. the decision to release of M Williams from the new han solo movie was boun…
A Joker solo movie makes about as much sense as a Boba Fett solo movie, or even a Han Solo one. . .
Han Solo: Forever angry in the cold
Han Solo: We came to rescue you, it was his idea. [Rey hugs Finn]. Han Solo: Escape now, hug later.
if only Indiana Jones and Han Solo could team up in a movie
Title for Han Solo movie may have been revealed in leaked toy material
somehow of all the uninteresting aspects of the han solo film i am the least interested in Emilia Clarke's character i just don't CARE
Should be . Han: A Star Wars Solo. (but I guess that would rule out sequels)
Could she be playing Han's long lost sister... Kira Solo? 😉
Rancors and Han solo, both have bad luck with doors! .. Wampa and Luke, detachable appendages. I'd…
Michael K. Williams says his role was cut from Han Solo movie
That's a good theory, I wasn't originally keen on the Han Solo movie idea but it's slowly growing on me
Totally random thought: by the time Emilia Clarke is doing press for Han Solo she'll know how ends.
Like why do we need to know more about Han Solo
What? There's a Han Solo film coming out?
As hilarious as that is, that's a fan-made poster by a Japanese artist making fun of Han Solo's Japanese dub.
Michael K. Williams has been cut from the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff
Michael K. Williams role cut from 'Star Wars' Han Solo movie due to reshoots
Why does Han Solo have to wear the same style of clothes through his entire life? Luke, Leia and Lando didn't have…
Han Solo Movie Title Revealed by Toy Leak? - A new catalogue of LEGO toys offers up the true title for Ron Howa...
Han Solo reshoots have edited actor Michael K Williams right out of the movie
So the whole point is "a look at Young Han Solo" right? Harrison Ford was like 30 when ep4 came out.…
Han Solo movie title revealed by toy production materials (cc.
This Han Solo movie is going to be terrible, isn't it?
Emilia Clarke's character name in the untiteld Han Solo Star Wars story. htt…
I'm calling on Sam Clovis to un-freeze Han Solo and release Princess Leia at once.
Han Solo:. 1) made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. 2) helped destroy 2 Death Stars. 3) can't figure out how to use a pinhole came…
If the Han Solo movie doesn't have a reference to 'I'm Han Solo' from that Star Wars Kinect game, I'mma be disappointed.
If No Jabba then no Han Solo. We get to find out where Hans came from now.
I don't want to see the stand alone Han Solo movie and I def don't want to see the Obi Wan movie, Star Wars is honestly starting to annoy me
domain names
Dude this guy had a FANBOYS shirt of Dan Fogler as Han Solo. I think it's love at first sight. (With the shirt of course)
Every time I get nervous about the Han Solo movie I imagine Donald Glover swishing onscreen in a cape and realize it's all gonna be worth it
Han Solo 'Star Wars' movie loses its directors during production - CNN ➜…
Carrie Fisher tells us why Han Solo would hate North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
Congrats John P! I know the music will be great in your hands!. 'Star Wars' Han Solo Enlists Composer John Powell https:/…
Star Wars authors harassing the Captain. Must suck to know Kirk could kick Han Solo's *** 😂
Han Solo Cup. I can't believe it took me this long to make this
Fun theories are flying that Darth Vader might be in the new Han Solo movie! Here's my take on http…
The Han Solo film will boast a John Powell score and a Willow reunion for &
Leaked footage of the Han Solo movie
Daniel Naprous aka Darth Vader cancels London Film and Comic Con due to filming commitments, Han Solo is still shooting???
Ron Howard might be adding Darth Vader to the Han Solo movie. Details on Nerdist News!
Warwick Davis confirmed for the Star Wars Han Solo spin-off movie.
We reveal the man behind the upcoming Han Solo movie's music, take a trip to and more on The
[Han Solo being lowered into carbonite]. Leia: I blew Chewy!. Han: I know...
So I asked Kylo Ren at why he had to kill my boi Han Solo. He's a mean man.
Confirmed: Warwick Davis will be part of the Han Solo film, says
The han solo shoot has been an absolute disaster Disney had to beg George Lucas to Beg Ron Howard to come on board
Rumor of the Day: Is Rogue One's Spencer Wilding playing Vader in new Han Solo film?
When GBK in Bath is out of onion rings. This is as devasting as when Han Solo dies...
It's my big brother's 40th birthday today so I asked my impossibly talented friend Alison to draw Scamp as Han Solo…
Ultimate villain looks set to feature in the spin-off film:
'Star Wars' fans take Fandom Fest clue as proof Darth Vader will appear in Han Solo movie
I just read the new Han Solo prequel is called Star Wars Babies
my Star Wars film predictions are a Han Solo sequel by Ron Howard, a Rian Johnson directed spin-off and a Gareth Edwards directed Episode X
Here's our first real look at Donald Glover as Lando in the new Han Solo movie!
Ron Howard offers first look at Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian in new Han Solo set photo http…
'Star Wars' after D23: We're a little worried about Han Solo, guys
Happy birthday Mr. Ford thank you for Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and many more great characters that you have brought…
"The original line was, 'I love you, too,' but I felt that the other way was Han Solo's way of saying, 'It's not over.'" -Har…
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I rly dig Harrison Ford as Han Solo but I dig him as Indiana Jones a lot more. Also my fav Indy film is The Last Crusade.
"I wouldn't worry about [the Han Solo movie.] The force is still very much with it." --Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson assures Star Wars fans "The Force is still with" Han Solo spin-off
LEAK: Han Solo and Chewie meet Woody Harrelson and possibly Emilia Clarke's characters
.on the fate of Han Solo: "I wouldn't worry. The Force is still very much with it" https:/…
I don't actually believe Woody Harrelson quit weed, I think Disney just made him say that while he's filming and promoting Han Solo
Woody Harrelson reassures Star Wars fans over troubled Han Solo movie
Star Wars: Woody Harrelson reveals how he found out about Han Solo movie director crisis
THR cover: gets insanely candid on sex, drugs, 'Apes' and those Han Solo firings
For a moment I thought you were talking about Han Solo. Then I read the word humble.
Found out today that Burt Reynolds passed up the part of Han Solo. He's probably living off those royalties from the Stroker ace dolls..
Han Solo, Humphrey Bogart or Jimmy Cagney maybe? Those are the only people I can see pulling it off…
Han Solo has a historic date with a bounty hunter as our celebration continues! Read more:
Chris Miller references his Han Solo firing with an apt Star Wars quote
Could the switch in directors delay Star Wars new stand-alone Han Solo film? Disney CEO won’t answer, but he will... htt…
We've got Han Solo, Justice League and Infinity War updates in the Daily News Roundup... https:…
With every new Han Solo revelation, Lord & Miller keep looking worse credit to
I dunno that seems great for a Young Han Solo movie to me that fits his character perfectly, he's not…
ICYMI: Jar Jar wants to be in the new Han Solo film via this clip
Ron Howard to take over as director of 'Star Wars' Han Solo spinoff
You are listening to ShoutIRC Demo Radio. Coming up next: 16 . Han Solo by mc chris
Breaking news: Disney backs out from Han Solo movie to shoot the Greedo movie first.
has brought in Ron Howard to direct the Han Solo film. We discuss the reason why!
I know, I'm late to the party. But returning to Lucas films for Han Solo ! Maybe just maybe there's…
"Han Solo" will be an Apatow-inspired comedy about the birth of Lumpy and how it affects Han and Chewbacca's bromance.
Ron Howard enters 'Star Wars' after Han Solo movie directors depart - Malaya
Before the Han Solo film, Ron Howard's work in science fiction included a role in The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang:
in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.
17 Directors Who Were Replaced on Their Movies - Han Solo spinoff is hardly the first big-budget Hollywood projec...
I'll bet Ron Howard would make a good director of the Han Solo cannon
With all this multiple directors and producers and firing nonsense I'm afraid the new Han Solo movie's going to end up like World War Z.
The plot of the Han Solo solo movie director scandal is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and I have c…
Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, was one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance.
If the Han Solo movie has Ron Howard narrating the entire film, I'll pay to watch it 30 times.
It took Han Solo 40 years to button his shirt
With the Lord and Miller off the Han Solo film and Ron Howsrd replacing them. Are you still excited for the movie?
We are being asked to vote on a bill that has life-or-death consequences for Americans without one hearing. They deserve…
When thinks Han Solo is the most powerful Jedi
I was never particularly interested in a Han Solo spinoff movie - particularly one that focused on his early years. Can't…
Could we be getting two different versions of the Star Wars spinoff? -
The rumours are true, Ron Howard will step in to finish the untitled Han Solo movie
[Satire] Star Wars SHOCK: Jar Jar Binks to have role in Young Han Solo movie?
And on Friday the whole staff offered their reactions to the news of the Han Solo film losing Lord and Miller.
Han Solo Dl 44 Blaster and stand done on the CR-10.
And the beef looks like han solo in carbonite too
Hes a mailman who picks up a package (han solo) and delivers it to jabbas. He does nothing talented other than hangout at cool places
The Week in Star Wars – Everything you need to know about Lord and Miller, Ron Howard and Han Solo - Flickering My……
George Lucas: we need another character for the new Han solo movie . Me: say no more George
Ill only watch the Han Solo movie if it shows him getting married to Luke skywalker(again)
to get beamed directly to you. It's been a busy 7 days in the multiverse. Just ask Han Solo.
Star Wars Han Solo Spinoff's new director is confirmed as Ron Howard
Rumor has it that Lord and Miller were fired from the Han Solo movie because it was becoming "too zany." Um... that sounds a…
ICYMI...And on this episode shed some light on WHY Ron Howard took the Han Solo job.
"Pour some sugar on me" - Han Solo before he was frozen in Carbonite, probably
This is why is a great choice to take over the Han Solo movie.
Okay that's a lie because we did want too know Han Solo origin. So.. and books aren't cannon anymore.
I wish they'd get Dan Harmon in as the new Han Solo director. He knows how to get the best out of Donald Glover
. Han Solo. Chewbacca. Chewbecca? Anakin...not my area of expertise. George Lucas. Steven Spielberg. MSFT
Hope for a good Han Solo and that Lord and Miller go back to Flash or successful project
I'm hoping Miller and Lord come back to it after Han Solo but guessing they don't
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So is Han Solo director change kind of like…
Addressing the Han Solo incident on Jedi Council earlier today. Check it out. .
Ron Howard to Assume Directorial Duties on the Untitled Han Solo Film. Wow, he comes full circle, that's great!
I am going to have so much fun making so many arrested development/han solo jokes, you guys don't even KNOW
Maybe Han Solo gets a very strange message on his phone...
We won't see Phil Lord and Chris Miller's vision for the Han Solo film, but here's what it might have been:
The DGA will decide if will share credit with and on the Han Solo spinoff.
after Han Solo, please direct Willow 2 with
These definitely real leaked emails show exactly why the Han Solo spin-off directors got fired https:…
Star Wars: Han Solo - Ron Howard reportedly stepping in as director
things. Their improv style (apparently their Han Solo was Ace Ventura like) and complete misunderst…
Ron Howard to take over 'Star Wars' Han Solo spin-off
Han Solo: "I made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.". Ron Howard voiceover: "He didn't."
What's your opinion on Ron Howard being the new director of the Han Solo spinoff?.
This could be an amazing coupling, despite the subject matter.
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Disney plans to hold the box office spot all summer in 2018: . May - Avengers. May -June Han Solo. June - July Incredibles 2…
Ron Howard steps in to direct Han Solo film
Phil Lord: Everything's going great on the Han Solo set. Chris Miller: We should be finished soon. Ron Howard (voiceover)…
How the Broke Apart — with New Director Picking Up the Pieces via
Ron Howard is taking over the Han Solo standalone film
It's official that Ron Howard will be stepping in for directorial duties to complete the as yet untitled Han Solo film…
Ron Howard is officially taking over Directing the Han Solo movie
Ron Howard takes helm of Han Solo "Star Wars" film: Ron Howard is taking command of the Han Solo "Star……
"Han Solo and the kingdom of the crystal meth (or some other POS J.J.Abrams summer movie)"
Is it too much to ask that Ron Howard also narrate the new Han Solo movie?
The film begins with On-Yong walking into the theatre with the money Lucille gave him to go see a star war.
if someone says "I know" like Han Solo, then you marry that man.
congratulations on landing the directorial duties on Han Solo for - will be scoring the feature?
⚡️ “Ron Howard will take over the Han Solo spinoff”.
Ron Howard has just been named the director of the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie.
Oh, Ron "Willow" Howard. I never saw this coming but it feels right.
I hope to honor the great work already done & help deliver on the promise of a Han Solo film.
Donald Glover returns in full Lando costume to the Han Solo set. It’s on fire. People are screaming. Inexplicably, he is ***
Only this Han Solo news makes me watch Collider's Jedi Council after months of giving up on watching them.
Now and Howard need to get that Willow TV series off the ground by threatening to turn Han Solo into…
How the Han Solo film broke apart -- with Ron Howard picking up the pieces -
With Ron Howard now directing the Han Solo movie, what role will Clint get?
Ron Howard directing Han Solo isn't a bad choice or a great one, he could do a really good job. The situation is a total m…
Ron Howard to take over Han Solo movie
Ron Howard to assume directorial duties on Han Solo film.
Ron Howard will take over as Han Solo director:
So...Ron Howard is directing the Han Solo movie. A beautiful Solo? lol
Ron Howard will direct the upcoming spin-off film about Young Han Solo
Ron Howard is officially taking over directing duties on the troubled Han Solo spin off movie. OOOH. HAPPY DAYS!…
A must-read from on exactly how the Han Solo spinoff fell apart.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Lucasfilm is pleased to announce that filmmaker Ron Howard has been named director of the untitled Han Solo film.
BREAKING: Ron Howard steps in to direct new Young Han Solo movie. Don’t panic or anything but now it’s called “SPACE FONZIE.”
It's official! Ron Howard takes over as Han Solo director
BREAKING: Ron Howard has been named as the new director of Lucasfilm and Disney’s untitled Han Solo movie.
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard will assume directorial duties on the untitled Han Solo film.
Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo movie makes a ton of sense when you consider his early Lucas connections. That and he…
Ron Howard signed up to direct Star Wars spin-off Han Solo movie
'Creator of Arrested Development to take over duties from the directors of 21 & 22 Jump Street for Han Solo film' absolute SCENES
Ron Howard will step in as new director on Han Solo spinoff movie.
Now stop pissing around with Han Solo and give us the Obi Wan spinoff we desperately want...!
In a world full of Han Solo be an Anakin Skywalker
Han Solo directors cut loose after creative differences with Star Wars boss
Get caught up on all the drama that caused the Han Solo spinoff film to fire its directors mid-production.
Why firing the Han Solo film's directors shows Star Wars is afraid of its own future .
Hey I'll direct the Han Solo movie! I have zero directing experience & I'm VERY expensive. But I got TONS of Star Wars shirts…
We got your Han Solo director RIGHT HERE! Look no further than
Star Wars spin-off film focusing on Han Solo in chaos as directors leave midway through filming…
Anakin being selfish = killed all the Jedi. Han Solo being selfless = destroy the Death Star
Han Solo movie to be directed by Daniel Day Lewis,
Dear Kathleen Kennedy, please let me direct the Han Solo film! I refuse to believe you are a Barbara Broccoli type!
All this Han Solo stuff keeps reminding me of Genndy Tartakovsky being dropped from the Popeye movie again and now I'm sad.
They thought Anakin vs Vader would be too weird yet let Rey, Boba Fett and Han Solo be playable her…
Ron Howard is the reported frontrunner to take over the Han Solo movie
You want to know something about the HAN SOLO movie? Whenever I bring it up to casual movie goers, they all say "I'm not seeing that."
Whoa. Lord & Miller just dropped out as directors of The Untitled Han Solo Movie due to "Creative Differences" *** Thats…
How about for the Han Solo flick? Or is she not experienced enough yet?
Thought Lord & Miller was an upscale Manhattan boutique but this Han Solo news is also interesting.
Disney fired the two directors of the new Han movie, apparently they are looking for someone to direct it Solo
Updated: Lord and Miller Fired From Star Wars: Han Solo. Ron Howard, frontrunner to take over directing.
A friendly reminder that Kathleen Kennedy was involved in almost all your fave childhood movies. Han Solo Saved.
The Han Solo movie appears to be frozen in carbonite
Why the Han Solo movie just lost its directors at the last minute
The prequel has lost its directors:
Shocker: The Han Solo spinoff movie just lost directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller : htt…
So that brings us to this 3rd film with production issues: the 2nd "A Story" project: the untitled Young Han Solo movie
Young film drops directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller:
I only think Ron Howard should be allowed to direct the Han Solo flick if he also narrates it.
I love all this tea about the Han Solo movie, keep spillin
Give the Han Solo movie to Donald Glover. The worst thing that could happen is it's awesome.
Uh oh. I'm guessing a delay is inevitable.
Exclusive Pics from the set of HAN SOLO
Okay so apparently Lord & Miller were fired from the film. Something something going Solo am I right?!? https:…
All I got about this LucasFilm news is that a Han Solo movie seemed 100% superfluous until Lord + Miller were doing it.
Saw the Han Solo news. When the guys Hollywood hires to make your idea that doesn't work into one that works leaves your project, that's bad
Of course the Han Solo movie news is troubling, but we shouldn't be too worried until thy announce who's replacing Lord & Miller.
Finally, someone who WANTS to come in and take the reins of HAN SOLO!
A source tells me there are three weeks left to go on the untitled Han Solo shoot. Must have been a real war for the direct…
"Lord and Miller are no longer directing the Han Solo Star Wars spin-off". WB:
The Justice League situation and Han Solo situation are nothing alike.
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller wrote movie treatment but couldn't direct because of Han Solo. Time to bring them back.
ugh FINE, i'll direct a star war or whatever. pass me the video dealy. where's hans yolo. "han solo?" ugh, no. that's…
If you're going to start over with Young Han Solo. Can you rename it to Young Lando and re-cast Han with someone who actually look like him?
Reading all your Han Solo messages on a bathroom 36,000 ft up in the air...also a type of high-mile club (thanks for the ❤️)…
When the directors quit the Han Solo movie:.
Untee grasp when kylo stabbed Han Solo.
Ron Howard is reportedly the frontrunner to replace Lord and Miller on the Young Han Solo movie:
This is huge. The directors of the Han Solo spin-off are exiting, and the film is already shooting.
The Han Solo movie losing its directors before filming ends is a moderately insane development
ah, but The Young Indiana Jones show was such a hit! How could the Han Solo movie fail?
Not into that stand alone Han Solo film, so I'm not particularly sad about the directors's feud. I hope they don't make the film, period.
I can relate with harrison my interest in the han solo film
Pls can the han solo movie based Star Wars gods
"Lord and Miller have left the Han Solo movie"
Ron Howard, Joe Johnston or Lawrence Kasdan rumored to take over directing the Han Solo movie
Ron Howard is one of the director I'm hearing that could step in to direct the Han Solo movie. Other names: Lawrence Kasdan…
A Message from Lucasfilm regarding the Han Solo movie:
Transformers 5 *** Lord and Miller left the Han Solo movie cuz Disney doesn't want something too creative? OMG this is a…
Pay the actors, destroy the footage, never speak of this again. Harrison Ford is Han Solo. . Forever.
Here are some of the best reactions to the Han Solo director shake up -
Right now we have 5 good Star Wars movies and 3 bad ones. Han Solo is gonna bring balance to the force. our anakin.
Star Wars’ Han Solo spinoff directors just quit in the middle of shooting via
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller release statement after leaving the Han Solo film
Uh-oh. The ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo film just lost its directors over “creative differences.”. via
Lord & Miller shot Han first but who will shoot Han last? . Han Solo film loses directors in production.
Would not surpsrise if Phil Lord and Chris Miller will return to The Flash movie after the Han Solo movie exit.
Phil Lord and Christopher Miller dropped out of directing the Han Solo movie, and now I am no longer interested in it.
Phil Lord and Chris Miller are so *** talented I'm gutted Young Han Solo has lost them.
As a Lord & Miller fan, this Han Solo news is troubling. Still hoping for the best, but sorry this didn't work out:
BREAKING: Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have exited the Han Solo movie, citing "creative differences." Not…
My thoughts on Phil Lord & Christopher Miller being fired as directors of the Han Solo movie.
The only way I could slightly get over and leaving Han Solo is if they immediately go to work on a Clone High movie.
This and leaving Han Solo story better end with a Clone High season 2 announcement. I need closure! STAMOS!
I hope Lord & Miller quit the Han Solo movie to focus on a new season of Clone High.
and better have left the Han Solo spin off movie to work on Clone High! Bring Clone High back.
With Lord & Miller leaving Han Solo to be finished by another director, an entire refinery of fuel has been dumped on the "shot first" jokes
Gandhi's reaction to the Han Solo movie news. P.s. watch Clone High
you're in California. Go to Lucas Film headquarters and find out what's going on re: Han Solo movie!
sorry about the Han Solo film, but at least you're getting Clone High 2 out of it
Daniel Day-Lewis retires, Lord/Miller are out on Han Solo, & Damon Lindelof is developing a Watchman series for HBO. THAT'S A LOT FOR TUES!
So if Lord/Miller are off Han Solo can we get a new Clone High project from them?
And last night I had a dream ft Han Solo & an Anakin Skywalker played by Chuck Bass. So basically idk whats going on in my subconscious 🤷‍♀️
They'll soon learn to fancy Han Solo instead of Anakin. Loads of time yet bud, mistakes been made but…
If I could be ANY movie character I’d either be Han Solo or Anakin Skywalker from the prequels.
What would happen if Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan met?
He was too Han Solo for me; should have been more Jason Bourne/non-nazi Steve Rogers. Might have been WB's influence
Michael K. Williams has joined the cast of the Han Solo prequel
Do you think Cad Bane or Hondo will be in the Han Solo film?
Listen Disney, I know you want to cross promote everything now but putting Han Solo in Frozen is an insult to carbonite vict…
I really hope Cad Bane shows up in the Han Solo movie. It would be a cool way to wrap up his story line from Clone Wars
latest: Spanish press leak set pictures of "Han Solo's birthplace" PLUS Jabba the Hutt's barge?
I was correct in my assumption, Han Solo was inspired by John Wayne's Cowboy and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.
Star Wars At 40: Roger Christian talks forging the lightsaber, Han Solo's blaster, and more.
// you're roguish. Like Han Solo. That's different from evil
yea i SMOKE WEED. W - luke. E - skywalker. E - is. D - *** and in love with han solo and never got to say goodbye to the lo…
8. Additionally, Roy Mustang and Han Solo are also pretty much me. if you don't know me and need an idea of what I'm like, there you have it
Give me a Wookie and call me Han Solo bc I am impressed.
So do you want my opinion on this or nah?
Meet Joonas Suotamo at He will play Chewbacca in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Han Solo spinoff film!
I guess I'd make a lousy Han Solo in Carbonite.
Princess Leia fell in love with Han Solo for Alderaan reasons.
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