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Ham House

Ham House is situated beside the River Thames in Ham, south of Richmond in London, United Kingdom. It is claimed by the National Trust to be unique in Europe as the most complete survival of 17th century fashion and power.

Anna Karenina National Trust Hampton Court Dan Hamhuis

A Monday morning moment of peace as the sun rises over the 17th-century mansion and gardens at Ham House, London. https:…
Ham steak (cured and smoked in house) and eggs with mirliton kimchi. On until the leg is gone…
Lovely day all around. Absolutely rec a visit to Ham House. Wish I wrote bec that family is one rom plot bunny after another :)
Got my gospel music going ham rn. Its helping me stay focused on cleansing this house rn.
Rossi comes 7th, west ham get hammered 4-0 and i dont leave the house due to my increasing social anxiety. Sunday well spent 😧
I went to uni with someone who used to proudly wear a West Ham onesie out the house all the time. Wonder if it's out now 😂😂😂😂
West Ham's Javier Hernández delights in returning to 'my old house'
Wee house rice coming on for West Ham
Waffle House 2am got that country ham
Things you’d put your house on: Lukaku scoring against West Ham
The house and senate are Trump's compliant lapdogs. It's up to the pe…
IIRC Ham was the first house in England built with sash windows.
Lovely day with the family at belton house at Grantham. Now settling down (me that it is😀) to watch United v west…
Man Utd v West Ham. . One of those matches where fans of both teams leave the house at the same time. .
Sunny Sunday picnics with partyboystu... serene garden thanks to @ Ham House
White House moral position on Nazis: whatboutism
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If you've seen Lukaku's record against West Ham you'll know him scoring today is pretty much a guarantee! Bet your…
They're fun! Escapeworks is my favorite and Frightworks is my favorite Haunted House! This w…
The Queen And Beaver Public House on Pheasant and smoked ham hock terrine. Terrific!
Bet your house on Javier Hernandez scoring against United
Trump suspects Bannon is leaking info from the White House: reports
Today, I am going to rebuild my studio in the new house, pick Olivia up to show her the new house, and watch Man United beat West Ham!
Waffle House waffle, sausage patties, hash browns with ham and Tabasco. It's a rare treat, but my god d…
You called him a Con Man, then voted for him. . He installed a Nazi with fake Ph.D. & American Nazi movement's top publish…
The Alt Right is a terrorist movement. Steve Bannon and Breitbart gave it a platform which is now in the White House. They mu…
get it on, do the do, make the baby, bam bam in the ham, bring an al dente noodle into the spaghetti house. But wait! You can't dip the
Today's edition of what the atos house smells like: Carmel blunt wraps ham & weed with a dash of paprika
And win or lose, none of these people are putting themselves in the lions den. They're safe at home at mom…
Brother: So is a Hamburger made out of ham? . Me: I need you to get out of the house right now.
$10.99 for a ham and cheese sandwich? Not when I got bread at the house
lol dont buy me anything I dont want your money i want you and your time be happy with a ham sandwhich eating…
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A long time ago you visited B'ham UK I sent a ✉ & you sent me a photo of Socks on the White House lawn 🐾Thank you😻
It's terrifying that the current White House sees racism, bigotry and misogyny as tools to stoke their base.
If dumpster fires were stocks, I'd have sold my house yesterday to buy all in.
Wow. We have a President who cannot condemn white supremacy. Wow. And nobody is surprised. We have white supremacists in the W…
The Detroit Red Wings denounced the Charlottesville rally before the White House did. So.
The blood is on the hands of the White House whose representative said just days ago that people should stop criticizing…
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Three days ago, a Trump aide was on Breitbart aggressively minimizing the problem of white supremacists:
I offered them a half a ham sandwich and he's at my house, in my driveway shooting m…
Horse Leech under wood debris near the Thames at Ham House - despite the name they feed on insects, snails, worms…
A tiny (2mm) pseudoscorpion on dead wood near the river at Ham House -similar to scorpions but lack a stinging tail…
Brand new OPEN DAY tomorrow 2 - 4pm at Ham House, the stunning The National Trust property...
Making ham and stuffing today. You would think Thanksgiving or Christmas in my house. 😅
As a kid, I learned everyday in my house what lack of money means to a family. That's a lesson I have never forgotten and n…
I'm rotfl at my one neighbor standing informs my house like a statue cuz the other neighbor two dogs in the street barking at her going ham
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just because those ones own a house in Abuja, you went ham on them but own a house in Dubai is ok right? Stop this hypocrisy
West Ham fans spamming my your new stadium is a council house, doesn't make you a big club.
Siting outside my house minding my own and a lad who speaks no English asks me how to walk to East Ham. He didn't understand get a train
Well cheese & ham are giving & a serious run for their money in this house!
I just wanna get TF of out my house.
Jazz with a side of Chicken & Waffle Sliders, served with House Smoked Ham, Gruyere & Strawberry Jelly sounds like the ideal to us!
We seriously need a Waffle House in San Antonio!
Ham, egg and cheese savory croissant. . The perfect Sunday paring with our house blended coffees…
I'm such a good little house wife. Bacon, ham, and cheese omelets.
Ended up with 2 fire brigades at our house. Fat off the big bit of ham i was cooking for dinner caught on fire. Panicked & called 999 🖓
I cooked ham bc i was hungry af and i left the house for like half an hour and when i came back my ham was gone
Ribblesdale goats cheese and onion soup with Jabugo ham jelly at Manchester House. Much improved since last visit.
Chilling at 's house but she ain't even here 😂😂 atleast her daddy is here giving me that A1 hospitality
If Juju & I end up getting the room in the back of the house, best believe I'm going HAM .
Hill Country Amateur Radio Club had an AMAZING open house today with over 30 members of the public coming out to learn about ham radio!
i have my house to myself for like 4 days starting thursday and im literally gonna go HAM
Everyone following me should pick up FFXIV and join the Malboro server. Because I'll come to your house and eat all the ham if you don't.
we got here this eve! SO TIRED OMG. There are pre-ham plans w/ fangirls at House of Brews I think? Will forward email!
Every house in EC is to hot tonight.
While Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch share dinner tonight, spare a thought for democracy & the planet.
in 1982 my brother bought a house in East Ham for 17 k and sold it for 36k
Our new sandwich special is the Flagship Ham Sandwich!. ~featuring Beecher's cheese~. Homemade in-house cured ham,...
‘West Ham’ beat ‘Baldock’ in family’s charity football match in aid of Garden House Hospice Care in Letchworth
Ham & melt nicely done at Town House Cafe in
Ham's "Have A Mutt"House and Hunterdon Somerset Animal Rescue will be at Petsmart In Flemington…
Dolls house food : Silver tray with ham on the bone - By Fran
The question, though, is what house are you in, A.Ham is pretty textbook Slytherin 🐍
its like years ago when we had ham sandwiches at dolymount, same thing, or in your case, Pims and Tiffin at the beach house!
Pit Beef, Ham & Turkey sale today at House 5 on Chapel Road. Swing by for a sandwich!!!
i cant believe im in a house of an ASPIRING CHEF and they dont even have ham or cheese or anything to put on a sandwich
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In our house I'm the boss, your Mama is just the decision maker. -Papa🤘🏻. Well said Pa proud of you😂😂😂
My uncle stole my watermelon and ate all the ham. He's currently banned from my house.
Early morning in the White House. Driving to B'ham today because the nearby closed.
Come see in action during national Field Day open house June 25-26.
The stunning gardens of Ham House built in the 16th Century. Its gawjus has many point of views…
Sweet ham and Christmas music at Waffle House in June
I do not like Green Eggs n Ham! Republicans Throw Tantrum; Demand EthicsCharges 4 House Dems via
How will Brexit affect the price of your home? (Free to read)
just spotted Ham House on BBC2 in the film John Carter.
Course reading: country house poems, inc "The Description of Cooke-ham" by Aemilia Lanyer
Dear CAI Member,. . The HAM Radio legislation has 100 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives (H.R. 1301) and...
will be in B'ham on October 17 for an event at the House of Shiloh Click on link for details
Full house for - listening to Magic Bus, Going to School and IHMP
I'm about to go ham tomorrow morning. Hopefully I don't burn down my flipping house lol
ha I made him a small house and gave him ham he'll be fine lol
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
One cat loves ham the other loves cheese. Pity the fool that tries to eat a ham and cheese sandwich at my house
Zombies attack the canteen in a small scale model now showing in Ham House
Proposed new Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy admits the only book he has ever read (and understands) is "Green Eggs & Ham".
is a ham sandwich. And I say that for no apparent reason.
I just ordered a ham bacon and pine apple. They are absolutely the best pizza place within delivery range of the house.
Says the guy who read Green Eggs and Ham on the House floor. *facepalm*
Wow beach house goin ham in 2015 y'all.
I just typed up some notes in a house where two giant dogs were putting their dog noses in my keyboard. It was cute.
Armed fed going in on higher house close going ham what's going on
Cleaning my house my kids been going ham😡😡
apparently John Ham is the way forward in this house.
You're really gonna live in a $775,000, 18 acre house, with a stable, and own this tv? Come on
But then she hit you with that "why u want these so bad, you can ham on *** at the house" so you just..
Signed up to sing in the coffee house 😅
The cabinets are open at Ham House! This only happens 2 weeks a year so come visit us and see the…
MORE Ham loses 2nd heartbreaking matchup of the week after choosing to move into his new house over the Arizona game
LAI LAI come my house play once its ready 😂
Waffle House the only place where you gettin a waffle, 4 pieces of toast, eggs, cheese grits, ham and hashbrowns with hella toppings for $12
"This a waffle house, i put all that eggs chees hashbrowns ham n turkey in mah mouf" -
I hate being old man. I wish it was my senior year summer before everyone left for college and we went to house parties every weekend lol
Well well well charles cheddar just announced that a map will be drawn to show the way to the cheeseburger ham house
I'm literally eating a cheese sandwich bc there's no ham at my house ***
And with that I think I have found my song for coffee house 😄😄😄
My girl is going ham to some Mickey Mouse club house 😅
i was about to ay IHOP is ham... but then i though about the ham i had last time i went there. thorough! & way better than waffle house ham
If angel doesn't show up to her OWN house in 2 secs I'm going HAM
That is a regular House Spider. That one is fine to ignore/feed bits of ham to.
Thinking about singing for the coffee house 😅
Waiting for their turn in the oven house cured Ham cheddar & house pickle for market…
PC saves life of suspected lead thief injured in B'ham manor house death plunge. Details:
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Sad when the only "treat" you can find in our house in a ryvita with a bit of ham on it
Ham Sandwiches Could be BANNED for ‘Offending Muslims’ - CoExist House, a US and UK-based interfaith group, have d...
3 courses are good for parent coaches at the house league level IMO
Ham House and Garden - Holiday story time. Wed 5 Aug to Wed 26 Aug
12:15 Bargain Hunt: Catherine Southon and Jonathan Pratt help the teams in Norfolk. Tim visits Ham House.
It was! All our house is Chelsea...all other family is Man Utd and West Ham :-)
It always reminds me as the sound of Ham House nr. Richmond in Surrey
This is a favorite in our house. Great for storing in fridge for breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks.
Miss Ashley's house for one of many reasons ...but mostly because I love heavenly ham 😍
Thank you to the CBC Pensioners for making baked ham for the families staying at Our House this evening.
Great day representing at our exhibition at House of Commons. Thanks to for arranging such a unique opportunity
Richard Walker's Pancake House on Diced ham, onions, and bell peeper omelet w/ a side of hash browns.
Got some white beans with ham cooking on the stove. House smells AMAZING! Cannot wait until these beans are done! Yummy!
no just decided to come up for Bolton and stay here for West Ham. No house yet. Bit of a problem as my stuff just docked!
The whipping boy ancestor was given an earldom when Prince Charles became King. And a house by the river - Ham House.
Order Miche Bag Online!
I knew I wasn't the only one who caught this. The whole scene was in Barbie's Dream House.
Today's lunch special is ham and swiss on croissant with our house honey mustard! Our soup is roasted garlic with...
Gary from DPD has driven right past my house smfh
Join us tomorrow morning for our Breakfast Social at Tommy's Country Ham House from 7:30-9:00am!
I'm in the mood to eat EVERYTHING. Food party at my house. Be there in 10.
The deaf school next to my house plays nice music every hour and today it was here comes the sun.
Cowardly Israeli forces weld doors of an elderly Palestinian woman's house shut
Craving Waffle House hash browns with ham and cheese and hot sauce 😍😩
Fave memory of Becky, the last time she was at my house, I walked in the living room to find her and my cat, Archie, sharing a packet of ham
After scavenging around the house for some food, I have found a jar of pickles some chips and salsa and ham
Outside of Ronaldo's house after he broke up with Irina..
Looking forward to representing today at our exhibition in the House of Commons
Once Malalay Joya said: parliament house same like stable. that's it
I havent even been to my new house yet and has slept in my bed more times there than I will
It still smells like ham in the house kms
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
There are two famous hamsters in Singapore who are thrilling their audiences to no end, even as I type. And it is...
I go to your house and you give me one slice of bread and HALF a slice of ham with cheese😒
Cuteness overload: Watch these two hamsters ham it up at their ... -
Anybody down to be in our prom group and get a beach house?
Hasheounds with ham , gravy and onions from WAffle house .. yass😈
In our house a grilled cheese is girls cheese, and a grilled cheese with ham is boys cheese😋
“I acknowledge whoever just drove by going ham on their car horn. I appreciate that”me every time I pass your house lol
My little Logan sure is a ham. He loves to perform. Still singing and dancing around the house to
I mean I can hit you guys up if the house across the st in ham lake goes up ... 😎
I just watched TMNT & I cannot wait to watch it at Kayla's house bc I know Christopher probably goes ham acting it out & it's great
Legit just went ham cleaning babes house. Literally had nothing else to do so why not.
Hate when I'm trying to eat healthy and someone brings fat *** food in my house like thx now imma eat it
I grew up in the Barnett/Tannehill home. First home built in B'ham. Barnett started Sloss Furnace. We restored the house
"I'm not saying if the house was on fire and Belichick was inside I'd leave him in there or anything" I laughed out loud.
Just went ham on cleaning ster's house
full on WW3 in my house, over a packet of ham
I was at my granda's house and I saw the strangest thing. He had individual slices of ham lined across his radiator to defrost it.
“i have to get some taylors ham when i go home. it's really a jersey thing.” Some currently cooking at grandmas house 😋
whoever egged my house is weak, only got the front door. I would of expected you to go ham and cover my house
My trap house door goin ham holiday vvs white boogers fightin for space crammed in my Rollie face
Welcome to Steve Maguire to our House of Commons exhibition
Portly pet pig a hero hog after scaring off would-be thief from owners' house in
it's great to have trustee Col David Whimpenny with us for opening of our House of Commons exhibition
I live near to which has pretty gardens, even in Winter, so I go for walks there. Lavender is cool.
Slight addiction. House omelette - the bacon - the ham + gyro meat. Gonna see if I can add steak next…
it's further North than Hampton Court it's near Marble Hill and Ham House..
Just let it be morning so I can go get some Tommy's ham house 😜🍴
you are the worst look what you've done"HAM HOUSE. ITS HAPPENING.
switched to the replay of the Canucks/Sabres game in time to hear Jeanneret call Hamhuis "Ham house", which sounds like a delicious idea
well to be fair 'ham-house' is the proper Dutch pronunciation. Maybe even Pennsylvania Dutch?
If you don't pronounce it "ham house" on purpose, you don't love life as much as I think you should.
"Ham-House" is the bane of my bloody life being a fan from the UK who constantly gets away broadcasts
How in the name of Jocelyn Guevremont did RJ decide Hamhuis (Ham-HOOS) will now be pronounced Ham-HOUSE?
Wow, Buffalo commentator pronunciations. Ham-house, Kezzler, Cashian, Henrique Sedin. Not to mention mispronouncing many of his own players.
Ok now the announcer is calling Hamhuis "Ham-House". Classic.
I'm watching the Buffalo feed of the Canucks game and they are pronouncing Hamuis's name "Ham-House"
Ham House? I know who he is talking about, but is that actually the pronunciation? Seriously...
Buffalo's play-by-play guy is pronouncing the Canucks' names as 'Ham-house', 'Henrique', and 'Kezzler'
I could listen to RJ call Dan Hamhuis "ham house" all day
Ham-house. Henrique (instead of Henrik). If Marty retires, I hope he gets to do PBP for the Sabres.
Headed to Tommy's ham house in Greenville for the and announcement at 9.
If it was one of my cheap camo pants I wouldn't be agitated... But my $150 scent blockers are missing. Ham house hold is about to get crazy.
King was the only school that beat us tf don't play I'm a proud *** HAM HOUSE ALUMNI
It's the garden at Ham House near Richmond on Thames. I love symmetry and order (in case you hadn't already guessed!).
RLC & are having a joint appearance for a special announcement on Wednesday, 9:00am, at Tommy's Country Ham House in Greenville.
Come to the Ham House Wednesday morning at 9am. will be there for a special announcement from the RLC!
Was going to house but my mom wants me to do dishes!
I like calling him ham house cuz it's funny
Family Art Activities, Ham House and Gardens - 11am to 4pm
The Ham House is hands down the best pre-game meal ever! Now it's time to Light Up the Newberry skies!!!
Having pregame meal at Tommy's Country Ham House in Greenville, sc. GREAT food. GREATER people.
The country ham house never disappoints on football road trips 👌
Detail, gorgeous bit of textile & tailoring from the Ham House, Surrey, Trust . Jacket and
Family art activities at Ham house and gardens from 11a.m. To 4 p.m.
My favourite mispronunciation ever has to be Dan Hamhuis. An older NHL game used to call him Dan Ham House.
new blog post Ham House on weekend September 2013
Hilary C at our Chat ham House meeting today. Masterclass in delivering scope and detail.
Picking pumpkins yesterday morning in the Kitchen Garden at Ham House with the Botanists Head Brewer for his Halloween Pumpkin Ale. Spooky..
Pop a waterproof on and come and see me at Ham House? X
Free family art activities this Sat & Sun
I'm jus gunna transform to HAM HOuSE lmaoo
Georgian splendour of Ham House slightly disturbed by the Heathrow flight path. I think I prefer 18th century Britain
Huge yard sale at my house today! 115 King Rd. Right across the highway from Benton's Ham House! Everybody come on out! We've got a little bit of everything including furniture!
Pondering how to fill a day in London when most tourist things have been pretty much done before. Wondering if popping out the Richmond Park and Ham House is worth the effort, or maybe go to Regent's Park and the canal, or just hang and wander the streets enjoying being in the city.
Heritage2Health @ Ham House went really well, everyone had a wonderful day & the sun was out! Jack Maddison filmed the event, so look out for the footage in the next week.
Back from a wonderful weekend in Richmond, where we had blue skies and sunshine for much of the time and it was surprisingly mild for the start of March. On Saturday we went to Ham House to see the Anna Karenina costume exhibition. The house itself was lovely and so was the garden - it had a pretty little wilderness of which Lady Catherine herself would have approved! The costumes were interesting and the staff were very helpful. Then on Sunday we went to Kew Gardens and managed to catch the last day of the orchid exhibtion, which was lovely. There's nothing better than a bright display of exotic, colourful blooms. Outside, the crocuses were out and the daffodils were just coming - although in some corners of the gardens they were already out. In between times we meandered along the Thames, watching the boats, so all in all a very enjoyable few days.
Re the new cover pic: I had intended to walk along the Thames westward from London all the way the to Hampton Court, made it only as far as Ham House, about a mile beyond Richmond - this is the river looking back at Richmond, on the way to Ham House, in fall 2011.
85th Academy Awards tonight: good luck to Les Miserables filmed at Boughton House & Anna Karenina filmed at Ham House
Fancy a Valentines tour of Ham House, London including Anna Karenina costumes, and sparkling wine by candlelight?
Ham House just opened an exhibition showing costumes from the Anna Karenina movie:
Anna Karenina Costumes at Ham House make it into Such a sumptuous setting for the beautiful gowns
Washington Center PTA/SIC Meeting Thursday, November 01, 2012 The following members of the PTA/SIC were present: Carla Burkhardt, Dr. Wanda Brownlee, Linda Thigpen, Sarah Jane Tollison, Karen Grindstaff, Gloria Stamps, and Michelle Richey. Carla called the meeting to order and the following items were discussed: The PTA current book balance is $30,280.64. We received $8,640 from Hillcrest Spirit Week. Sarah Jane has E-filed our taxes that were due by Nov. 15th. Staff Lunch Schedule: Wed. Dec 12th at Noon- PTA will provide Tommy’s Ham House for the Christmas Staff Lunch. Jennifer will be in charge. Melanie will take care of Hollis. The Honeybaked Ham fundraiser forms have been sent home to parents and will run through November 9th. Certificates will arrive November 12th. Karen and Gloria will be coordinating this event. Family Night will be Thursday, November 8th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. We will be providing a spaghetti diner. Michelle has created the flyer and it has gone home to parents. Forms a ...
In my way to Ham House, another project! (@ Royal Park Gate, Ham) [pic]:
The Duchess of Lauderdale died at lavish Ham House in 1698—but many people believe she's never really left. Join a team of researchers as they delve into the mysteries of the spirit world.
Go on the hunt for local *** Ghost Tours at Ham House 29 Oct -1 Nov & at Hampton Court Palace on 31 Oct, 2& 4 Nov.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
National Trust Young Curators present Out of Hours, an exciting evening of performance, art & music at Ham House 19 AUG
also discovered a souvenir napkin from Ham House and an empty seat from Ford Field. Weird.
Ham House, Surrey, was created in 1610 by William Murray, who was educated with Charles I & served as his whipping boy
Join a contemporary art talk or tour, part of the Garden of Reason exhibition at the National Trust's Ham House in London
Lots of foodie things going on at National Trust properties today. Check out the Sow and Grow festival at Ham House in Richmond.
Tom Dale is one of 9 artists responding to Ham House as part of 'Garden of Reason' which opens tonight.
Garden of Reason contemporary art project at Ham House and Garden, Richmond, Surrey
Great day in Richmond: Ham House + bumped into Nick Faldo, Sam Torrance, Mark Austin, Steve Redgrave & er, Louie Spence
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