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Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel is a cable television network that broadcasts across the United States.

Hallmark Movie Channel Golden Girls Lori Loughlin Little House Catherine Bell Tom Selleck Jessie Stone Murder She Wrote Janette Oke God Bless Diagnosis Murder Happy Sunday Jesse Stone Operation Cupcake Betty White

I really like the Hallmark channel but I can not hear what the actors are saying because the background music is too loud. If I turn the volume up the music is still louder than the dialogue .
Hallmark Channel USA · We are humbled by the outpouring of love have shown for our brand new series
Watching Dean Cain in Operation Cupcake on the Hallmark Channel. My Saturday just kicked your Saturday in the ***
Saturday afternoon with Hallmark Movie Channel 🎉
The Hallmark Channel is keeping be from the outside. Stopping on that channel for one second gets me every time.
Video - Be sure to watch starting April 20 Hallmark Channel for this excellent series 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
Who the *** watches the Hallmark Channel!? The terrible channel is on EVERYTIME I walk into the break room
It all started with one lottery ticket... Nicholas Cage, Rosie Perez & Bridget Fonda star in a true story about money, the things it can buy ... and the one thing it can't! "It Could Happen to You" a Hallmark Channel USA premiere TONIGHT 9/8C!
Finally feeling a little better today. Food poisoning I no joke now my body just feels a little achey and my throat hurts and I'm still pretty tiered. Looks like today well be a hallmark channel kinda day lol.
In lots of pain n Im watching the Hallmark channel!!! Blah!
First of all. I've noticed that dad has a unhealthy interest in regards to the Hallmark Channel.
Goin to take a nice hot relaxing bubble bath . Then crak open some Corna and watch or in my case listen to the hallmark channel.
Think I'll make some hot coa coa and curl up on the couch and watch a movie on the Hallmark channel
We need a channel that just plays over & over again. Hallmark's close, but I get a little pouty when a movie interrupts us.
No joke you guys, there is a Hallmark Channel original movie called 'Operation Cupcake' & it "stars" Dean Cain.
Hallmark channel & PMS emotions . NOT a good combination.. The 😭 are pouring !!!
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Words with friends, hallmark channel Golden Girls , m&ms make being sick a little more tolerable! But it still ***
"You ever see a black man watch the Hallmark channel?" "No." "And you never will."
@ DStv_Kenya hey what's app with hallmark channel in kenya
Hallmark Channel all dayin till tonight PPV boxing Pacquiao at my michelle casa.
Well I was going to have a productive day! But then I turned on the Hallmark channel!!
Hubster puts the tv on the Hallmark Channel "This will buy me some time to weed eat before we ride the Bike" :)
People get so worked up about the hallmark channel?! Like *** !
Hallmark Channel has got it on point this morning! First I Love Lucy and now Golden Girls?!?
Watch episode clips, how-tos, performances and more an all new season of "Home & Family," only on Hallmark Channel!
I've graduated from Looney Tunes to the Hallmark channel. Just kidding.
We had so much fun with Abbacadabra on today's show that we asked them to stay after we wrapped to sing a few more songs for all of us! Enjoy and Happy Friday!! Home & Family airs weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Find out more about the Hallmark Channel Original Movie " A Lesson in Romance," starring Kristy Swanson, Scott Grimes, and Allie Gonino.
Mr. Ed is on the hallmark channel, I love that show!
Watching I Love Lucy shows on the Hallmark's bittersweet. Laughing as I did when I was little and remembering what great "clean" funny shows we had while growing up. There are not many sitcoms today worth watching. It's so sad...thankful for re runs of the good ones of long ago. :)
Tomorrow Will Be Televised guest bulletin: Due to a late situation, Touched By An Angel creator Martha Williamson, now doing Signed, Sealed, Delivered on Hallmark Channel, will not be with us next Monday. She will be on llive the following Monday, April 21. in her place: Dana Klein, creator/executive producer of CBS' new sitcom Friends With Better Lives, which starts Monday night. Call or chatroom in your questions/feedback for Dana Monday at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on BlogTalk Radio and Brooklyn Independent Media HD!
Between the Hallmark channel and LOGOTV I think Golden Girls is on all night long.grandma would be so happy.
Okay, watching promos for new shows on the Hallmark channel. THESE people get to make TV shows?! That is so unfair.
Afraid you're addicted to sugar? Dr. Nicole Avena has tips to curb your sugar intake! Home & Family is always new weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Wish I had the Hallmark channel so I could watch all the episodes of "Murder, She wrote" that show...Thanks Dad for getting me into it!
I'm watching "Golden Girls" on the Hallmark Channel at 11pm on a Friday night and IT IS AMAZING.
I watch my Golden Girls faithfully every night at 12am on the Hallmark channel !
Golden Girls is on the hallmark night has been made 😊
OMG!!! OMG!! SO so proud of our Hollywood Troop 12! You were all SO fabulous on your TV appearance today on "Home and Family", on the Hallmark Channel!!! What a great segment!! Much thanks to Laura Nativo for having us on!! I will post the clip soon for all to see!! Well done Troop 12! :)
Safe Harbor is on Hallmark Movie Channel Tuesday. I have never seen it. Are you in it much?
God's Not Dead is a really good movie. Just get past the Hallmark Channel level of writing and editing and you'll really enjoy it!
I'll leave your TV on the Hallmark channel and hide the remote.
The best way to describe my mom is to just say she watches the hallmark channel too much
On my cable they removed mtv and put the hallmark Dumb.
I absolutely love the Hallmark Channel!! It's the best television channel there is! And I watch a lot of TV.
Just wanted to say thank you to hallmark channel- loved watching Little House on the prairie and the Walton's this afternoon. Wish we could all go back to that time. Life was better. :(
Never knew that the hallmark channel has some good movies. Having a good day, kids napping, and relax time for me ♥ hoping to enjoy the rest of my day ♥
OK Oak Cliff Boomers!! 8-) For anyone who's home today.. Our own Stephen Tobolowsky will be special guest on the "Home & Family" show.. 9am to 11am.. On The HALLMARK Channel!! Enjoy!! †
Yes I get the Hallmark channel Matlock and Murder She Wrote is going up
Really 4 am and I can't sleep. I guess I will do the next best thing watch I Love Lucy. Good thing for Hallmark Channel could not sleep last night watch Golden Girls till I fell asleep now will watch I love Lucy. Good thing they are all time favorites.
Broke my phone yesterday or I would have more pics of our shoot today...and watching Charo yesterday! The shoot for Home & Family on the Hallmark channel was great fun!! Check us out tomorrow (Friday)! Check your local listing! Home & Family...Hallmark Channel...see you there!
Little Sophia Loren had a blast collecting Easter Eggs on the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel USA. Watch me this morning doing an Easter Egg Hunt with my friends. Check your local listings for when it will be on in your town.
Two episodes of Murder She Wrote followed by Diagnosis Murder on The Hallmark Channel!
We had such a fun day! The pupscouts did an Easter egg hunt bit on Home and family on the Hallmark channel. Watch us tomorrow at 10 am! This is the Home and Family house. The studio lot is AMAZING! I got lost and got to pass lots of fun areas -- the plane crash from War of the worlds, and Whisteria lane from Desperate Housewives, and the wild west!!!
Evan makes fun of me while I watch the Hallmark channel movies and he makes the sound effects of Law and Order.
I'm watching a "The Middle" rerun on the Hallmark channel. While Sue was talking about becoming a woman, they just bleeped out "My period"
Tony Goldwyn is in a movie on the Hallmark Channel & it's called "The Boys Next Door". On now!
Marie Osmond gets 'Your Show is Canceled' card from Hallmark Channel - Marie Osmond got some unwelcome news from...
Who's ready to catch us on this morning? East coast, it's almost time! 10a/9a c on Hallmark Channel! …
Hallmark Channel’s ‘Good Witch’ Movies To Spawn Drama Series Starring Catherine Bell Hallmark Channel has greenlighted The Good Witch, a 10-episode original scripted series based on the network’s very successful movie franchise. The series will star Catherine Bell, reprising her role of raven-haired enchantress Cassie Nightingale from the TV movies. The series is slated for a premiere in Q1 2015, following the debut of the seventh movie in the franchise, The Good Witch’s Wonder on October 25. Hallmark Channel had been mulling the idea of a Good Witch series for awhile but couldn’t proceed without Bell who only recently became available for a regular gig following the end of her long-running Lifetime drama Army Wives. “From the moment the first film in The Good Witch series premiered, we knew audiences would fall in love with Catherine Bell and this character and want to see more of her,” said Michelle Vicary, EVP, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel. “Catherine has been one of th ...
We can't imagine anyone else as "Rob Petrie", but did you know that Johnny Carson was almost cast in the role? Now you can see *** Van *** in a special Diagnosis Murder marathon SUNDAY morning starting at 9/8C on Hallmark Movie Channel I remember hearing about this,,But I can't get Hallmark Channel,
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OMG...I am watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel and one of the characters is Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles. "No more yanky my wanky!" LMAO!!!
Happy Birthday Steve Bacic. March 13, 1965.He is known for playing the character Telemachus Rhade on the Sci-Fi series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. After being a guest star in season 1-3, he joined the cast early in season four. In total, he was in 44 of the 110 Andromeda episodes.His television roles have included 3 appearances on Street Justice, The Outer Limits, Highlander, Stargate SG-1, Smallville and The X-Files where he played a SWAT officer who douses himself with gasoline in a memorable episode. His film appearances include The 6th Day, Threshold, X2 and the Hallmark Channel film The Colt, and most recently, Deck the Halls, Safe Harbor and She Made Them Do It on a Canadian actor of Croatian origin.
Make plans to watch my friend Clayton Miller's movie, Redemption, on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, March 23rd! The World Premiere of the Redemption of Henry Myers will be on The Hallmark Movie Channel March 23, 2014 9:00pm EST. So proud of you Clayton Miller.
Are you looking to improve the pictures you take of your pets, kids or grandkids? Mark, Laura Nativo & Matt Kloskowski of show how making one simple change makes all the difference! Join Home & Family weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel for more great tips!
What's a good day to watch The Middle? How about EVERY WEEKNIGHT 9/8C now on Hallmark Channel USA!
Mary wrote her story the summer she turned 19 although she was 21 by the time it was published. Her husband, the celebrated poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, gave his input and helped in her revision and editing. He drowned in a boating accident in 1822. She made further changes herself in the 1823 and 1831 editions. Nearly all the Hollywood and TV adaptations are unfaithful to her novel, changing her humanitarian novel and love story into a horror story. "Frankenstein" is the surname of the creature's creator, Victor, not the creature himself, who has no name. The Creature teaches himself to read and actually narrates a large portion of the story himself, speaking not in grunts but in the sensitive, polished prose of an Oxford graduate. The most faithful adaptation I've seen was created by the Hallmark Channel (2004), starring Luke Goss as the Creature, originally a mini-series and later edited into a commercially released DVD. Here the emphasis is not on horror but Victor and Elizabeth's love story (she was ad ...
Watched a movie on the Hallmark channel with Jo last nite. Holy cats, way TO many commercials. Makes a one hour movie last 2 hours. Better off to DVR it and fast forward the commercials. I almost went to bed before it was over. Does anyone else watch this channel?
Two days in a row now I've watched Golden Girls on hallmark channel then turned my DVDs on and the same exact episodes were on. 😏
The Golden Girls are on all morning. Hallmark Channel. You're welcome.
In her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie A Ring By Spring, premiering tonight at 7/6c, Witches of East End star Rachel Boston is conjuring up a different kind of magic: hope. When a psychic tells...
Catch Carrie Genzel today in PM PST AND wednesday 9 am pst on Hallmark Movie Channel
I don't know how I missed hearing about this in the news, but Ralph Waite recently passed:-). He was "Pa" on the Waltons , and had roles on NCIS and Bones... He always played a man of integrity and values and I am very sad. The Waltons is near and dear to my heart and my kids even love to snuggle up and watch the reruns with me on the Hallmark channel...
If there’s one trend that can’t be stopped, it’s witches. And now, one very beloved witch is taking over the Hallmark Channel… again. After the...
How can an ironing board & plastic wrap help your pet in an emergency? Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell has more! Watch Home & Family each weekday at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Sitting in Dad's chair in the living room, listening to the kids compare farts under their makeshift fort behind the couch and the Hallmark Channel...home sweet home.
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So I'm watching my Golden Girls on Hallmark channel but keep seeing commercials for corny shows, man! "When Calls the Heart" - DAFUQ??
They've finally been playing different episodes of Golden Girls on Hallmark Channel!!! Praise be!! 🙌🙌
I love ,"when calls the heart on the hallmark channel.
Today I was caught off guard by my gurl friend... see I got this TOUGH GURL persona, where I HAVE TO BE TOUGH ALL THE TIME! Well, she comes in my room and catches me doin a Hallmark channel marathon...ctfu... I tried to grab the remote before she saw it, but was to late! I forgot it was on when I answered the door! There goes my tough gurl image... lmao
I mean the one with the hit show on Hallmark Channel, but they may be the same
The Hallmark channel can transform me into a blubbering mess!
OR.. and if you tell anyone I'm denying it, the odd rainy day Hallmark channel binge. HA!
"When Calls The Heart" is the best show!! A beautiful mixture of sweetness, love of teaching, Wild West, and romance. :) love it!! Thank you Hallmark channel
Just cried my eyes out watching a movie about my life.sad in the beginning but true of my just beautifully was a Hallmark Channel movie lol.A Ring by Spring.Carla Garcia, you know the one lol
The week has begun...Lovin' the extra daylight in the evenings. Spring cleaning is in full swing here on the farm, both outside and inside. It's amazing how much * you can accumulate. Had a nice weekend, plenty of work finished and started. I know I've been ranting about Dallas, but if you're home on Saturday nights, tune into the Hallmark Channel for When Calls the Heart, of course it's been on since mid January and the show wraps up very soon, but it's excellent. I enjoy a western drama, but the budding romance between two of the main characters, is what true love and compassion for one another was supposed to be...chivalry, kindness, the simplest gestures that have the most meaning. Love is a lot like sunlight, it can take a while to get here, be hidden by the clouds and be gone in the blink of the eye. Soak it up while you can. Live & Love, Don't Love and Live...
it was on tbs and some other channel but then later on we got something called the hallmark channel and they played matlock OFTEN
I'm sitting here after a wonderful day with my family watching the Waltons on hallmark channel. One of my favorite shows.
Upon the 50th anniversary of pivotal events in the Civil Rights movement, Hallmark Channel is proud to present "The Watsons Go To Birmingham," a Hallmark Cha...
If you love GOOD movies. on Hallmark Channel, be sure to see 'Annie's Point'. Betty White gives an awesome performance. Very heartwarming.
I've been watching the Hallmark Channel too much. When I read this, the first image to come to mind was of Frasier Crane.
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Guys, The Middle comes on ABC Family everyday. I am in heaven (it also comes on hallmark channel at 9)
Just did a segment with the lovely Debbie Matenopoulos for the Hallmark channel's "Home…
Adding color to your life with Plasti Dip on tomorrow's episode of Home & Family on Hallmark Channel USA 10am/9c!
Hallmark channel has been really messed up lately but today it's horrid!
Get Tom Selleck movie in hallmark channel today
Amish movie Harvest Of Fire is on right now on the Hallmark channel Starring Patty Duke & a young Jennifer Gardner.
Just watched Resurrection...this feels like a Hallmark Channel movie.
Lots of action with $CRWN in past couple months. Special situation going on with the company's stub equity. They own the Hallmark Channel.
Make your leftover paint last longer with Kenneth Wingard's simple trick! What paint tips do you have? Home & Family airs each weekday at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Watch The Redemption of Henry Myers on Hallmark Movie Channel: Sunday, March 23 at 9/8c
Expo West was a success. We will be busy with orders this week. To be on Hallmark Channel too! Turning it UP!.
Hallmark Channel's Home & Family with guest starts in five minutes. (Channel 18 for Beaverton Comcast)
Hallmark Channel USA Cedar Cove TV star Bruce Boxleitner talks about the New Season and Pranks on the set! LOL!... http:/…
feels like this season is on the Hallmark or Oprah channel.
13 Days until The Redemption of Henry Myers appears on the Hallmark Movie Channel! Visit . for more info!...
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'QUIET ON THE SET!' is closed for a movie shoot. 'Angel on my tree' for Hallmark Channel.
Yes to S2! I have reunited with Hallmark Channel because of this series!
Dreamed last night about a Hallmark Channel political chick flick movie starring Obama as himself called Hanging Chad.
Whoever had the brilliant idea to put The Middle on Hallmark Channel is a genius. They deserve a raise.
'A Ring by Spring' a romance on Hallmark Channel.
Catherine Bell: Drama Series Starring Catherine Bell to be Spawned by Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch
Vintage on Golden Girls on Hallmark Channel right now
i feel like an old person I'm watching the Hallmark Movie Channel
plz do TVLand, Logo & The Hallmark channel is where you can find them... You're
I watch too much Moffat and Hallmark channel. They both have had an influence in my writing.
My mom is making me watch mystery lady on hallmark channel and I'm actually excited to watch it. Omg I'm slowly turning into her!
Loved the marathon with on Hallmark Movie Channel today!
We spent most of yesterday watching the Perry Mason marathon on Hallmark Channel so I ain't saying nothing.
In the hotel room and Greg is watching the Hallmark channel
my only other alternative was the Hallmark channel.
Can't wait for the TV show Cedar Cove to come back on the Hallmark Channel this summer
I am adicted to when the heart calls its on now on the hallmark channel
Everyone watch my sister from another mister in her movie Ring by Spring tonight on hallmark channel!! She w…
I'm becoming obsessed with the hallmark channel.
talking about how he is sensitive and watches HGTV and the Hallmark channel 😂😂
My brother told me he watches HGTV and the Hallmark channel. I then looked at him and said "Give me your man card!"
that and the Hallmark channel movies get me every time!
Neal from the zombie episode of is on the Hallmark Channel. So I was right, guys. Stab in the heart.
Change arrives in 'When Calls the Heart 'on Hallmark Channel: The romantic feelings between Jack (Daniel Lissi...
THE TV: "You're watching the Hallmark Channel. The heart of TV.". ME: STAB IT IN THE HEART!
Raspberries with yogurt topping and a good Hallmark Channel movie are a great way to wrap up this weekend!
My mom just said she would shove her cheese peanut butter *** up my nose if I changed the hallmark channel
Hallmark Channel made it a great day. Now Hunger Games 2. Gotta live dish.
As a kid, couldn't avoid on regular TV, but now I have to search for it on cable... Thank you hallmark channel
The Hallmark channel has two good movies on today that I enjoyed as a child Pollyanna & Swiss Family Robinson...
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Come get wrecked at booth!! We make more people cry then the Hallmark channel!!
Yup, I'm watching "Pollyanna" on the Hallmark channel! It takes me back quit a few years, that's for sure! :)
Pollyanna is on Hallmark channel. One of my all time favorite movies.
This was a nice surprise! :) Hallmark Channel picks up 'The Good Witch' TV series
Oh Hallmark Channel why are you keeping me up so late ?!?!
I found out something awesome this week! The Hallmark Channel plays episodes of The Walton's and Little House on the Prairie over and over for hours every day! It's television viewing bliss!
You guys: no spoilers, okay? I'm waiting to stumble across it on the Hallmark Channel in 4 years.
is an amazing show! I can't stop watching it! I hope the Hallmark Channel will renew it for a 2nd season and more. :)
being pampered, yummy dinner número two, and Hallmark Movie Channel ✨💛
watching hallmark channel and messing on my ipad. You?
I am so excited that the Hallmark Channel is not only making a 7th Good Witch movie but that they also are doing a 10 episode tv series of it. I hope that it gets enouh good reviews and enough viewers that it will get picked up for a long run.
Just saw this on the Food &Family show on Hallmark channel. can hook like 5 plastic bags on it for like days at a farmers market or a block of garage sales or a flea market. Coolest idea ever. Would be great for even some cloth bags
MoonDance Alexandria is a great family movie to watch.On Hallmark channel..just went off but they usually show it again..
Hey, check out the hallmark channel right now. One of the best movies ever is on tonight. Moondance Alexander. (Selfish plug...)
Yep. I think Hallmark is the train wreck channel of cable. Possibly tied with WE.
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GOOD GRIEF! The hilarious Kym Douglas is at it again=)) Here she is sharing more Pre-Oscar beauty advice on Hallmark Channel USA's Home & Family. This time Kym's focus is on her favorite exfoliation products, not surprisingly, Rodan and Fields MACRO Exfoliator tops her list. Looking for AMAZING Products that DELIVER what they Promise? Let's Talk.
When Calls The Heart is pretty corny, even by Hallmark Channel standards. So why do I keep watching it??
Tomorrow is a marathon of Little House on the Prairie beginning 12/ 1 pm on the Hallmark channel 108 here. It is still raining; my floor mop is being rinsed by it.
Even tho I only got a little over 3 hrs sleep last night, I feel preety doggone good! Work went well, then had coffee with my Sis Connie Stapleton. Then talked to a really good friend for over an hour, also good conversation. Home , n watched boys while Sam n Matt had a date night. Now Im finally relaxed , n yeah I got hallmark channel on again lol. To all of you, good night n God Bless yall and hope that each one has a wonderful weekend! Remembering you all in my prayers! :) Love ya!
Send us a Home & Family-gram on any of our social media pages! Matt Rogers explains how to submit your photo and this week’s hashtag see you Monday at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
I have a home and a family so the good peeps on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family morning show invited me to hang...
Little House on the Prairie marathon on Hallmark Channel tomorrow. Favorite of my father's work! Proud of you, Dad
This movie I'm watching on the hallmark channel
To my friends and family everywhere, but especially those whose weather forecast for the weekend might have you thinking "comfort food" -- Along with your tomato soup and grilled cheese, give some good, old fashioned "comfort tv" a try, too. Hallmark Channel USA is running an encore presentation of When Calls the Heart TV Series tonight at 9/8c. It's a fun episode as well as a heartwarming one woven around the theme of second chances (also the episode's title.) A new episode airs tomorrow (Sat) 9/8c following a Little House on the Prairie marathon. If you're starved for family tv, When Calls the Heart will fill you up.
I'm addicted to the Hallmark channel!.. At least there's some REAL values left on the the Tube!!
Future peoples won't remember that the only thing I watched for two weeks straight was The Waltons on The Hallmark Channel and...
Any update on possibly adding the Hallmark channel?
Welp mom has glued herself to her chair and dad has the hallmark channel on 😏 all has resumed back to normal
How'd I forget that Little House on the Prairie is so educational AND entertaining? Oh, the scrubbed safe, American ideals of The Hallmark Channel...
FYI: Little House On The Prairie marathon tomorrow at 1:00 on the hallmark channel ❤️❤️
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Last October was my ten year anniversary with Verdict and I didn't even realize it. That's a big chunk of my life dedicated to Hallmark Channel original content and Japanese films about human-size koalas in corporate environments. Thanks for the gig, Michael Stailey and Melissa Hansen!
The Hallmark Channel has Clayton Miller movie up on its website. Click and check it out! Let's all begin to...
"After the success of The Good Witch movies, Hallmark Channel has made a deal with ITV Studios America for an original scripted TV series by the same name. The series will star Catherine Bell, who will make her return as Cassie Nightingale, and will run for 10 episodes. If that’s not enough magic for you, fans also have the seventh film to look forward to, The Good Witch’s Wonder, which will premiere on Hallmark Channel October 25. The Good Witch television series is expected to premiere in 2015."
This is so exciting!! The MacroE was featured in the Home and Family Show on the Hallmark channel this morning!! OMG!
The second you stoop to being in a Hallmark channel movie; that is when your career as an actor is over
I love Hallmark Channel! Little House on the Prairie, Waltons, + REAL family movies.You can't get much better than that.
Why am I sitting here with tears in my eyes watching a picture called Duke on the Hallmark Channel. What a lovely movie...HIGHLY recommend it. I love, Love, LOVE the Hallmark channel. Enjoying my afternoon off. God is good!
My daughter stars in this new film.. set your DVR's :) --> The Redemption of Henry Myers | Hallmark Movie Channel:
"Implied Incompetence: The Dirk Koetter Story" will be airing this fall on Hallmark Channel
Would have been more at home on the Hallmark channel than at Fright Fest.
Love the Ted Baker top I wore on today. Tune in tomorrow morning 10/9c on the hallmark channel! http:/…
Friday fun: Bethany and I have been working on the classic defendant story, and I thought it'd be fun to do it comment-mad-lib style (think Anne and Mary's Christmas Hallmark Channel stories, LOL) on here. I'll be disappointed if Amy Bell, Joyce Baumgarner, Jad B. Johnson, Kristen Quinton, Jason Lewis, etc. don't have something to add to the fun. I'll start: The client, innocent in the ways of the world, was walking back from church reading his bible, when he came upon two of his friends, who, if truth be known, were of the criminal sort that his mother did not approve of, but he hung out with them in the hopes of converting them from their sinful ways. Suddenly and unbeknownst to the client...
I did not miss the Hallmark channel. Holy *** Terrie.
From the amazing Cindy Ramage Kelley Love this journal entry from Michael Landon, Jr. We've written together for almost 17 years on screenplays - and right now we're in the process of co-authoring our third novel together. If you haven't tuned in to When Calls the Heart on Saturday nights (on the Hallmark channel) please do - and if you're already a fan of the show -keep watching. Every viewer counts
I watch the Walton's every night on the Hallmark channel.
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Home & Family Show on Hallmark Channel USA tune in Shirley Bovshow will be sharing Hydrangeas and I believe some are from Angela Treadwell-Palmer collection!
I saw this movie on Hallmark Channel USA this past Saturday and can't wait for the actual show to start on April 20.
Totally addicted to the hallmark channel movies! :)...need sleep but just can't help it! Ah tehehe
The Hallmark Channel just bleeped out "Frazier" of all things. One of the characters used the word *** . apparently *** is too racy for Hallmark.
Wide awake an all bushy tailed about to watch the hallmark channel
Saturday Night - Hallmark Channel - When Calls The Heart - 9:00 pm = this episode looks really really good for all of us hopeless romantics .
"People from Minnesota are considered well read if they make it through the Sears catalog." -- Blanche, the Golden Girls. Ahh. Still entertaining to watch on the hallmark channel as I doze off ...
Hydrangea-Mania" garden segment on Home & Family tomorrow on Hallmark Channel. Actor P.J. Byrnes of "Intelligence" (CBS) fell in love with these "Coral" Everlasting Hydrangeas, you will too!
Hearing those four little notes of the opening theme song of The Golden Girls has been the favorite part of my day for like, a decade or something. I will become a crushed, soul-less husk of a human when the Hallmark channel finally stops airing the re-runs.
Well thought when I come to bed round 8 or so thought that I might go to sleep, but instead turned on tv to hallmark channel, and a movie already in progress was on, and I didnt get the name of it, but it was a real tear jerker! Maybe it will be back on again soon so I can share. A must watch tho! If anyone else watched it plz comment, and tell me the name of it. Time.may have been 9 instead of 8. Ive kinda lost track of time today.Well John Davis, Ill be like you were last saturday. Less than 4 hrs of sleep tomorrow lol. Gotta be up by 3 30 am to be at work by 5 in the am. But all good cause Ill be outa there by 12 :) But tomorrow night Ill be zombie mode ha ha ha! Lets try this again Good night peeps God Bless!
Since I have returned, I have been in many discussions with people who live here and don't understand what is happening to the city I grew up in and its surrounding areas. When I give them the "main" answer they look at me like I am saying something mean or I don't understand since I was gone for over 27 years. This week - our Mayor - finally said it out loud. Theater closed? Restaurants closing? Stores closing? Libraries closing? Failed mall? Anything introduced new into the area failed or failing? It all comes down to this: "...DeGeeter cited figures from the 2010 census that placed 18 percent of the city’s population over 70, more than 45 percent over 46 and just 13 percent in their 20s..." 63 percent of the population is over the age of 46 years old. The only way to make money in this town for the next 30 years is in Depends, casino bus trips, alcohol, 1.99 breakfasts and anything associated with Murder She Wrote, Matlock and The Hallmark Channel.
Well my bb jr has gone hm with mommy so it's Aurelio and I now chillen watching tv till I fall asleep I so like watching hallmark channel well got a quick call from my love but he was going back 2 sleep he is so tired love u chingos my love hope I get plenty of rest u deserve it bcareful out there I sure do appreciate everything u do 4 us...
I finished watching a movie i recorded called "The Water Is Wide" on the Hallmark channel. In 1969 a young teacher took a position at a school on an island off the coast of SC. He strived to bring literacy to underprivileged children. It was a wonderful heart warming movie. Teachers don't get a lot of positive support these days. If your a teacher when this movie comes up again take time to watch. Thanks to all of you who have dedicated your life to our children and their education.
Today was the kind of day when I realized how people just say enough and get in their car and leave. Just venting...NCIS reruns or the Hallmark Channel and I'll be back in sync!
Its pretty ridiculous when you go to the Village Inn for supper and they can't turn The Red Wings on because 1 old hag is watching the hallmark channel.
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Tomorrow on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark Channel at 10am, watch Shirley Bovshow's " Garden World Report Show" present two of our new Everlasting Hydrangeas on her gardening segment. We'll post the link as soon as it's live. Stay tuned.
Working with the Hallmark Channel today. Debbie Matenopolous will be advising on predicted trends for the Oscar red carpet. Everything airs tomorrow !
Check out recipes featured on "Home & Family." Weekdays only on Hallmark Channel.
Sophia...Just out of curiosity,do you have any Tony Bennett socked away?"...Checkout The Golden Girls "The Accurate Conception" season 5 episode 3 if you ever get chance. Freaking brilliant writing and the amazing timing of these master comedians never gets old! Yes people I'm watching the Hallmark Channel.. .ssh don't tell nobody! Have an awesome day friends!
The only people that watch the hallmark channel are tears to spare
View the photo gallery from The Waltons, on Hallmark Channel.
Tomorrow I will be filming at NBC Universal studios! The show airs this Friday on the Hallmark channel. They will be doing red carpet predictions for the Oscars so I'm assuming I get to wear some fabulous gown. Excited for this one guys!
A parent gave us the heads up about an upcoming TV show on the Hallmark Channel. Sounds interesting: "I thought it might be helpful to let you know about a great episode on WHEN CALLS THE HEART, episode 7, which is encoring on Friday at 9pm. It is about a small coal mining town in the late 1809's and it is about a boy with dyslexia and how his teacher in the beginning thought that he wasn't able to learn, but the new teacher in town had him take a test which showed that he was extremely smart and that he just learned differently and she made it her mission to find his learning method, and they did! It was very inspiring, and heartwarming. It is also very family friendly. It is on the Hallmark channel and you can also find it on demand with Comcast for free."
Lori Loughlin just wouldn't do well living at the turn of the century like her character in Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart."
Welcome to the 2014 edition of "Getting To Know You". Here's what you to do, and try not to be a clown and spoil the fun!! Copy this entire questionnaire and paste into a new post then change all the answers so that they apply to you. If any of you send yours back to me... I'll save it... as I then know what I might want to get you for a birthday or Christmas, or where we might go when we get together. Bill Simpson 1. WHAT"S YOUR FULL BIRTH NAME ? William Alan Simpson 2. AGE? 50, born in May 14, 1963 3. BIRTHPLACE? Lockport, New York near Niagara Falls and Buffalo 4. HOW MANY BROTHERS & SISTERS? 1 brother - James in Jacksonville, Alabama 5. FAVORITE MOVIES? I LOVE WESTERNS... Also I like biographical films, Also movies on Hallmark Channel & Encore Westerns. Best films are True Grit (John Wayne version) Big Jake, Silverado, Joe Kidd, Six Black Horses 6. FAVORITE TV SHOWS? ALL BOXING, !!! American Experience, Jack Van Impe Presents, Hallmark Movies, westerns, some Christian broadcasting, The Followi ...
Everyone please watch sweet 's Christmas movie TONIGHT!!! . The Christmas Spirit | Hallmark Channel:
There's a movie coming up on the Hallmark Channel called "Your Love Never Fails". Not sure what it's about, but I thought of
While Andie MacDowell and the rest of the cast prepare to film Season 2, catch our sister show When Calls the Heart! New episode premieres tonight at 8p/9c on Hallmark Channel USA! Did you know this series is based on books by author Janette Oke?
Fans! Looking for a few pointers for preparing SPAM® musubi? Tune in to Hallmark Channel USA's Home & Family show this Monday at 9 a.m. for a special episode featuring SPAM®.
Lori Loughlin discusses her role in Hallmark Channel's 'When Calls The Heart'
Hallmark Channel is explanding its venture into original programming with When Calls The Heart, based on Janette Oke’s Canadian West books. BFTV recently had the opportunity to chat with series star and TV mainstay Lori Loughlin about her role as…
Hallmark Channel is paying tribute to the actor will a Waltons movie marathon on Saturday, February 22, starting at 1 p.m. ET.
My first movie role, I was 6!. Out of the Woods. Wed. Feb. 26 5:00 PM PST on HMC (294) Hallmark Channel...
Watch me and Dr. Kwane Stewart talk about spay and neuter on Home and Family today 10/9C on the Hallmark Channel. "We treat the whole pet."
James Brolin is heading for the Hallmark Channel. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominee has boarded the cabler's original drama series When Calls the Heart, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The series, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Janette Oke, stars Lori Loughlin and Jack Wagne...
Here's another uplifting tale for everyone. Why someday, I bet they make a movie about it for the Hallmark Channel.
As always, thanks for the love... Hawaii Five-0 Disney Channel CBS Hallmark Channel USA Disney XD
As Aunt Becky on Full House, Lori Loughlin was half of one of the '90s most beloved TV couples, and now, the actress is back on the small screen in the Hallmark Channel's newest series When Calls the Heart. Lori stopped by our LA studio to talk about why
When are the American ice dancers going to fall in love with each other? This would be a great Hallmark Channel movie.
On Hallmark Channel USA Home & Family tomorrow, I am making DIY dry shampoo that works like a charm - don't miss it!
Awww, Drew Seeley is on a Hallmark Channel movie and it's breakin' my middle-aged heart.
Tonight on the Hallmark Channel: a movie called 'Undercover Bridesmaid.' *blankly stares*
I wonder if when they write a movie for Hallmark Channel they pull a number out of a hat and have to work that many cliches into the script.
Kubiac from PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE has gray hair and is in a Hallmark Channel movie and my early '90s self is kind of imploding.
"He likes to tape us having sex." - line of dialogue I just heard on a tv movie airing on the Hallmark Channel.
It's a Hallmark channel day lol and hoping to go walking this evening with my hubby, Ricky Kirkman. Need some fresh air on this beautiful day and Ally would love it ! 😊
De Hallmark Channel USA We know it seems so far away, yet Spring will soon be here. Happy Sunday & thanks to all of you for a great week!
"When Calls the Heart," a new Hallmark Channel Original Series, rings in the New Year with stories of hope, love and encouragement when it premieres Saturday...
I've been watching an amazing series on the Hallmark channel. It's so heart warming and makes me feel so good. "When calls the heart" is one of the greatest things to happen to TV in a very long time, but if you are a cynical, negative, unhappy person please don't watch it cause you won't like it.
Home Improvement | Hallmark Channel: Why did you stop showing this? Loved watching in the afternnoon
There's a marathon of Jessie Stone movies with Tom Selleck today on the Hallmark channel with a brand new one coming on tonight called "Jessie Stone: No Remorse." Like Sean Connery, he has improved with age. Find him much more attractive as he has gotten older. Why does that happen to men but not women?
Watching Jesse Stone marathon on hallmark channel and still in Jammies - equals nice relaxing Sunday
The cutest movies are on Hallmark channel ☺️
I just saw there's a Jesse Stone marathon on the Hallmark Movie Channel today. I just figured out what I'll be doing today. Woohoo!
Enjoying a quiet Sunday. The Hallmark channel and I have a date.
Since I cannot spend the day with my hubby ... I am spending the day with Jesse Stone on the Hallmark Channel USA
Hallmark channel tom selek as Jessie Stone 👍
Shamelessly enjoying a show on the hallmark channel called "When Calls The Heart" with aunt Becky from full house. It's actually so good.
There is a Jesse Stone marathon on the Hallmark channel!!! My day is now complete. I Heart Tom Selleck!!!
Jessie Stone,with Tom Selleck is on the Hallmark channel all day.
Let's be honest, Luke's probably at the 5SOS house on a couch watching chick flicks on the hallmark channel with Liz
Just advertised another Golden Girls marathon on hallmark channel. I didn't know they showed anything else. Its the Golden Girls channel lol
on Hallmark channel, the robbery episode just concluded. Now, Rose's mother is in town for a visit.
Spending the day watching Jessie Stone on the Hallmark channel. It's gona b a good day!
Sunday. A day to stay warm. 🍁💨. And watch the Hallmark Movie Channel. Boring right? I know. Grown and easy.
I am so happy u r going 2 GH. Big fan of yours. Loved Knots Landing. Watched your Hallmark Channel movie.
still watchn Lucy Lucy on tv & in abt 20mimutes imma watch Golden Girls with Betty White. hallmark channel.
Thankful for this Golden Girls marathon on TV Land and Hallmark Channel today. I need it in my life this morning.
We agree with message dated Feb 11 of 2014. Music too loud. Should be background music to voices, not background voices to music. Like movies but be nice to be able to hear them. Thank You. Will wait for results.
Watching reruns of Mr Ed on Hallmark Channel and belly laughing.
DirecTV customers, Jesse Stone marathon on the Hallmark channel (freeview) all day, ch. 565. If you complain about the lack of wholesome viewing of great drama then this is for you. Oh, and Tom Selleck. 'nuff said.
I don't care what going on, I can laugh at "I love Lucy" and it takes me back as a kid watching it- one of the classics! Hallmark channel every morning! Happy Sunday friends
*Hallmark Channel and some I Love Lucy should cheer me up enough to take my mind off of stupid wankers and control freaks!~mobe
For those who have read books by Janette Joke I found a TV show that is great it is on hallmark channel called when calls the heart
chilln cracknup watchn episodes of ILove Lucy on tv with Lucille Ball. hallmark channel
I am watching a Hallmark channel movie right now called "The Water Is Wide". It's a biogeography type of show about a teacher that gets assigned as a high school that is isolated and his students haven't been taught to read. It really makes me wonder about Kansas city and it's failing school system that has similar problems as well. And since Hallmark cards actually started in Kansas city it does make it more interesting. For those of you that don't know the Kansas City School District has lost it's state accreditation which has been an issue for over a generation now. There has also been a recent attempt to make contributions to the Department of Education tax deductible as well, but I really don't think that is the problem the funding that is anyway. the city has recently spent billions on works projects such as the Performing Arts Center and the Power and Light District as well as many others. Instead I think it has much more to do with the segregation practices that were finally broken-up back ...
Wow, Jennifer Garner in the 1997 TV movie ROSE HILL (seen on Hallmark Channel) -- so goshdang cute I can't stand it.
The hallmark channel isn't just any channel it's a philosophy
Watching the hallmark channel. Love this and lifetime.
Writing a movie screenplay for the Hallmark Channel entitled, "I've Given Up."
I love Hallmark channel but their movies always have me in tears lol
My obsession with the Hallmark channel is getting very unhealthy
Hallmark channel here lol. I don't feel like finding something else and this movie is ok
You're very welcome! Also do not forget to check out her new series When Calls the Heart airing on the Hallmark Channel.
Thank God for Golden Girls on hallmark channel when you can't sleep
I personally acted in a Bollywood Film called Prince and did a series on Hallmark Channel Wild at Heart in…
I love the movies that come on the Hallmark channel!
Resting up & watching Hallmark Channel! Bed Time going 2 church in the am Someone's Praying for & Covering me! Blessings 2 my Prayer Partner
I'M WATCHING a pretty cheesy movie with my mom on the hallmark channel but I heard the cutest dialogue: The young girl asks the pregnant woman, who's husband passed away, where do babies come from ? and the woman, played by Katherine Heigl replies; well my husband loved me so much that his love spilldd over and made a baby. I just thought that was so sweet and humourous at thebsame time.
You know you have a good husband when he watches the Hallmark channel with you all day
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Wish I would've stuck with the hallmark channel instead of ESPN...
In *** Satan makes you watch the Hallmark Channel until your eyes bleed.
Trying to watch South Park but my TV keeps changing itself to the Hallmark Channel. Should I be concerned or...?
Watching Hallmark Channel with the madre while drinking decaf tea on a Saturday night. Yes, I know...I live on the edge.
Why am I up watching the Hallmark Channel when I should be writing a paper?! I'm loving Love's Enduring Promise!
he used to be on Last Resort, now on Hallmark Channel, not on Netflix I don't think.
It just barely started on the Hallmark might be able to DVR reruns...
So I hear this movie my wife is making me watch on the Hallmark Channel is as good as the
Historical romances have been on hallmark channel all day... Where's when you need her?!
So one kid is with gma the other with nana husband is out of town and i am watching the hallmark channel crying. I need a life lol
Ma said she doesn't need all of those channels b/c all she watches are the Hallmark Channel and Jimmy Swaggart's channel! 😖😖😖
Watching some Hallmark Channel. I think my mom has a little crush on Because, "he's just so darn handsome."
Just watched Love Comes Softly on the hallmark channel beautiful love story!
I don't even know lmao it's on the Hallmark Movie Channel
I just watched Home & Family with the new app. Get it on iTunes.
The Hallmark channel never fails to impress me
Can you trust that guy? I saw him kissing on YOUR Rory Gilmore in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, I'm THAT gal
Can the Hallmark Channel do a movie or series based on books by Tracie Peterson? Her books are amazing.
Watching "When Calls The Heart" on the Hallmark Channel. If you want a good family program this is a good one to watch!
Getting my Little House fix by watching on the Hallmark Channel. Great show.
I have been watching the Hallmark Channel for 7 hours straight. I think it's time I re evaluate my life.
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