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Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel is a cable television network that broadcasts across the United States.

Hallmark Channel Christmas Cedar Cove Christmas Movies Christmas Ornament

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These Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are for *** .. *wipes tear from eye*
Just saw Grissom HS (AL) on Parade, being televised right now on Hallmark Channel.
The Christmas Secret on the Hallmark Channel was SO good omg
One of the best things about Christmas is the Hallmark Channel. Loved the Mr. Miracle movie last night and...
Watch Finding Christmas at 9am CST this morning on the Hallmark Channel, download this also. http…
If you have never seen "Let It Snow," featuring Candace Cameron, I highly recommend it. It's currently on the Hallmark Channel.
1 Publishers Clearing House prize winner every day for 5 days. Cash winners announced the week of January 12th during Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel.
Hallmark Channel and Lifetime TV have made me fall in love with Brooke Burns! It's like they've made me into a horny straight guy!
"Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins is tonight’s Y in Kentucky He’s from Lexington" Also starred in Hallmark Channel movie Northpole
There is a Christmas movie called "Fir Crazy" airing on the Hallmark Channel right now. In related news: there is a Hallmark CHANNEL.
Liz and I wanted to beat the blizzard back home for Thanksgiving. Her car won't start. Hallmark Channel movie material
Never underestimate the number of times you can watch - and cry at - the same stupid Hallmark Channel holiday movie.
'The Christmas Shepherd' a holiday movie for dog lovers on Hallmark Channel
Sometimes I put profiles of TV shows on Examiner, such as this one of The Christmas Shepherd on Hallmark Channel.
Mark your calendars for Hallmark Hall of Fame 11/30 Hallmark Channel http:…
Don't understand waiting till after a Hallmark Channel movie to read reviews. It's not like anyone can spoil how it's going to turn out.
how come our Hallmark Channel isn't showing SSD movie tonight? Its not on the schedule! Seattle?
I don't have Hallmark Channel so I can't watch your new movie but I'm pretty sure it's amazing! Hope all is well xoxo
My momma didn't record the new Hallmark Channel movie for me. Like, rude.
My mother is watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Every commercial is for a drug to help you overcome a life of bad decisions.
If you were wondering what DJ Tanner has been up to since 1995, she's starring in every Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel...
Such a great movie on the Hallmark Channel with called the Christmas Ornament. Love it!
Happy Holidays! I can't turn off the Hallmark Channel and your Christmas Ornament movie is on. Super sweet..
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Hallmark Channel is beginning to look a lot like Animal Planet. Two holiday movies — including “One Christmas Eve,” the first Hallmark Hall of Fame ...
After searching the Hallmark Channel for a year, I finally realized that HOUSE OF CARDS is on Netflix. Confusing title.
My kingdom for a cable provider who lets me have just Food Network, Turner Classic Movies, and Hallmark Channel (for Christmas Movies).
Well, noticed that Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movies have begun, so there's a lot of Kellie Martin in my future.
WATCH: stars in Hallmark Channel's "Northpole." See the trailer!
Hallmark Channel holiday movies & Lawrence Welk Show is what we would've been forced to watch if the Nazis won the war.
and. The Hallmark channel is ALREADY airing Christmas Movies. Looks like we're not the only ones in the spirit.. Lol!
Watching the hallmark channel all night 😊
Dear Jesus, thank you for the Hallmark channel!(it appears to be one of my favorites! I love Christmas Movies!) Thank you for the upcoming Christmas music that will soon be blasting the airwaves!(i love it almost as much as i love the fact that Elf will be on non stop!) Thank you for the Essential Oils!(i am so thankful that La'La'Nette-Jason Sapp introduced us to this! I am so excited to learn more about it!) Thank you for again keeping me in your safe arms!(this infection has knocked me down!) And one extra tonight. Thank you keeping my most amazing sista Heather Duffin in your prayers!(you know her need and i know that you will work all things for her good! Please let her know that she can rest easy knowing your a great big God who will never fail!)
I have my voice back somewhat.just SO TIRED..worked this morning...home dogs..cats..sweats on..supper done(deer chops..sweet potato(for me) white baked for pete) dishes done now tv time for me..Christmas movie on Hallmark channel I think so.tomorrow day off not sure whats in store depends on weather...
Guess what is on the Hallmark channel.
Sunday Funday! We started the day with Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, then I had a nice run with my girl followed by a little jog with both girls, we joined mom at her church for the Fall Festival and ended the day with homemade chili. Now I will put my princess to bed, grab a glass of hot cocoa and call it a day! I love Sundays!
Ice age, the lorax, meet the fockers, 13 going on 30, Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Channel, the proposal, and shrek.. I can't decide what to watch! It's a good movie night on tv tonight. ❤️❤️
Ok so I'm watching this movie name The Christmas Heart Hallmark channel and this 15yr old athletic boy who had a heart attack while playing basketball after being rushed to the hospital the doctor told them he has rare disease that causes the heart to enlarge and will need a new heart also that he only have week and change to live. To all the parents what would you do or feel if you were in this situation? I know I would of just died or lost it like dr. Loo crazy my kids are my life
So my tv has not changed off the hallmark channel since all these christmas shows have surfaced and I can feel my manliness slipping away.I need a war movie and 4lbs of raw meat stat!!!
Thank You to Duane Brazer for allowing me to re-boot by watching Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Channel and being ok with it!! Even enjoyed one of my favorite easy meals tonight...Tacos!!
I can not even begin to Thank You all for the many birthday wishes on here and in person. My day was great. I am now watching Christmas shows on Hallmark Channel.
Ok I know I have said this a thousand times but. I love Christmas! And in addition I love Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Thank you for your time.
Another day sitting home watching Christmas Movies on The Hallmark Channel!!! Sigh!!
House cleaned,clothes washed and almost done ,myles has had a bath and ready for tomorrow. Now mama is relaxing with tbe hallmark channel. Love this time of year but missing my mommie and nana
I was so excited to see it but my tv doesn't have the hallmark channel! 😥 I will find a way.
Ah, after a windy, chilly day of tailgating and going to Browns game, it is an early night snuggled in bed watching my FAVORITE Hallmark holiday movie, The Christmas Ornament. Hallmark Channel - I luv you!
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Don't touch that dial.Me and my pillow, The Hallmark Channel and plenty of much needed REST all day! But I missed not having Sunday dinner! Oh well. there is always tomorrow! The warmth of the Holiday Season is upon us! Enjoy your evening...
Hallmark channel always gets the best of me..
Love Love Love this time of year & The Hallmark Channel Shows.their the BEST!
I'm watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas Ornament movie... I love watching Christmas movie's on the Hallmark Channel don't tell anybody, and don't judge me.. lol
Idk about yall but I just look forward to those 'cheesy christmas love stories' on the Hallmark channel
I'm already watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. It's never too early for my guilty pleasure!
Yes..I am watching Christmas Movies on the Hallmark channel
Yep, I'm guilty of watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies today.
Don't understand gonna call it a night and cuddle with My loving companion and put hallmark channel
As one of my Great Friends said she was watching the Hallmark Channel I agree I been also, love this time of year, I guess I'm an old softy or maybe a old Romantic for good loving shows but that just me. !!! :)
OMG. Christmas commercials. Music in toys r us. Hallmark channel has started the movies. .IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET.Talk about over kill
Day 63 Thankful for the cool weather but lots of sun! A relaxing day watching Xmas movies on Hallmark Channel!
Pjs, hallmark channel, hot chocolate and cuddling with my little love what a perfect afternoon:)
Why are there already Christmas Movies on the hallmark channel? 🎅🙅
Hallmark Channel just me and my mother in law at home. Enjoying the peace and quiet waiting for my
Emily Dagg grandma Emily and I are so excited they started playing Christmas Movies on the Hallmark channel yesterday! Aren't you sad you aren't here to watch with us?
Came home to see Mom. Potato soup and cornbread are cooking and Christmas movie on Hallmark channel.
I don't know why, but I'm watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel.I got the spirit now, folks. :)
The Hallmark channel needs to get a grip...
My wife is completely, totally excited that The Hallmark Channel has gone to 24/7 Christmas Movies. Me? I'm excited that she's excited. But I bet I can talk her in to changing the channel to The Walking Dead at 9 Eastern.
The Hallmark channel began the Christmas Movies 8pm on Halloween, and stores are already advertising Black Friday to begin 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. But fear not! I, your political watchdog shall continue, in the face of the holiday blitz, post election let down and other distractions, to ferret out hidden actions of the government and administrative misbehavior for your awareness, entertainment and yes, at times disgust.
I can't wait for the 25 days of Christmas hallmark channel 🎅
Yes I'm watching Christmas Movies on the hallmark channel
The Hallmark channel is already playing Christmas Movies 😍
Watching the Hallmark Channel and its kind of touching home..:(
so the Hallmark channel has been showing Christmas Movies all weekend¿ what happened to Thanksgiving? excuse me if I think it's a tad bit early for Christmas Movies and Christmas trees...
I love that my hallmark channel just started this weekend playing all Christmas Movies now!!! I'm so addicted to them! Love this time of the year!
I can't help myself .CHRISTMAS.yay! I'm in heaven with the Christmas Movies on the hallmark channel .the lovey dovey, tooty fruity , feel good never going to happen in real life but I don't give a *** sappy goodness!!!
What's with moms and their hallmark channel
Watching the hallmark channel and having a mini pity party. Britni Smoker where are you?? Its cry Sunday! Lmao
The channel is already showing movies, so there's that...
Relaxing watching Christmas Movies on Hallmark channel
what a busy weekend up early made pea salad and caramel Krispys then Breakfast with the girls on Saturday, than worked job to Joann Fabrics for some clearance items, to off of job to document, Sunday, to church then over the the Haney Fall Gathering, stopped at Dollar Tree to purchase stuff for operation Christmas Child, and food pantry, then home to make Reese's Peanut Butter bars for work tomorrow, now finally showered in my jammies and watching the Hallmark Channel, Not ready for it to be Monday tomorrow already.
Love Hallmark Channel...I am a hopeless romantic for these Christmas love stories
Definitely love that the count down to Christmas is on the hallmark channel:-p
Count Down to Christmas... THE HALLMARK CHANNEL "The Christmas Heart" playing right now!!!
The Hallmark channel granted my wish!!! 😄❤️
After being in bed most of the day, I have come to a conclusion, all hallmark channel movies are the same.
Christmas Movies are my favorite. They are starting on Hallmark Channel, maybe they will get me in the mood this year.
I don't have the hallmark channel anymore which makes me super sad
Oh No the Hallmark Channel has started loosing The Mayor to Sports & Christmas Movies
My secret feminist shame is that I love Hallmark Channel Christmas movies wasy too much.
Love the Hallmark channel. Best Christmas Movies ever😍
I heart but its one note. Hallmark Channel needs in leading characters. Love is for all colors.
Hallmark give me a new reason to live...non stop Christmas Movies.thank you Jesus!   10% Off
West coast US: in 2 hours check out on Channel to see Cameron Mathison, Jewel Staite, Kelli Martin & LM!
Cozied up with the kids watching Christmas Movies on the hallmark channel!! Love snuggling!!
Good evening everyone Enjoyed my sister and her gifts over the weekend already... what A beautiful cozy day tho. Mingled in the neighborhood all day. Nice well grounded couples w/smart intelligent kids.Smothered some chicken rice corn... followed by bake apple pie&vanilla ice cream NOW Hallmark Channel IM so O Yeah & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TWO OF THE REALEST DTE WOMEN I KNOW ... ENJOY!!
I'm so freaking exhausted now time to relax watching hallmark channel with the babe Boris Soto
Watching Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Channel with my sweet HUSBAND!
Whhy did I not check to see if The Hallmark Channel came with U-Verse before I switched? That would have been a deal breaker!! I guess I will have lots more Christmas shopping time now!
Christmas Movies have started on the hallmark channel!🙌 your welcome!
I'm enjoying watching Christmas Movies on Hallmark Channel!
I've already started watching Christmas Movies... Me and the Hallmark channel are going to be close friends for a little while!
Omg i absolutely love the Hallmark channel on the weekends i haven't left the couch all day.
laundry, ironing, and a day in bed watching Christmas Movies on Hallmark channel
I love how they're already showing Christmas Movies on hallmark channel!!! ☺️ anyone else watching the Christmas Movies on hallmark channel? The movie just "skipped" and went back by about an hour or so. So strange!
This is about the time where I start watching Christmas Movies everyday... Love the hallmark channel
The hallmark channel is already playing Christmas music. I'm in love!
Watching the hallmark channel with my grandma about all these love stories is making me salty.
S'mores with the Honey watching Hallmark channel, I'm loving this. Let's not ask him if he's enjoying it. He is playing it off pretty good. Gotta love him
I'm sitting over here at my older sisters house watching the hallmark channel wth my dad and there playing Christmas Movies and all I can think about is my mom and how she loved Christmas, all the decorations and being with family and friends and the food and the happiness on the kids faces u could just see her eyes light up wth happiness, I'm fighting back tears, I miss her so much it's gonna b so hard to get through this one without her!
My wife, Maggie, can tell you everything you need to know about the plot, and the actors, of every sappy Christmas movie that the Hallmark channel is currently showing. And she will bite your hand off at the wrist if you even think about taking the remote to change the channel.
Relaxing with my Harley Blanket watching "The Christmas Ornament" and crotcheing winter scarves. I love the Hallmark Channel
Hallmark channel has been playing Christmas Movies all day. I think it's time I put up our Christmas tree.
And watching new movies on the Hallmark channel.
Watching the Hallmark channel when you have a stuffy nose and a head cold is not the best idea!
ATTENTION: Christmas Movies playing in the hallmark channel already
Hallmark channel: the heart of Christmas
Inside Halloween decorations are down got my Thanksgiving stuff is out now. I'm Cuddling on the couch with my little man while he sleeps watch the Hallmark channel! Id I haven't told you yet this is my most FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!
My heat is on. Lola and I are so cozy on the couch watching Christmas Movies on Hallmark Channel.
I'm going to enjoy Sunday to the fullest on the couch with Hallmark Channel and snack foods!!
Guess what? !?! Ernie and I watching the Hallmark channel.
I am so glad my wife loves Christmas shows on the hallmark channel!! She just can't change the channel!!
Drats. I forgot to record tonight's hallmark channel movie.
It's officially November. A. I walked down the holiday aisle at the store today... OMG! Christmas!! I felt like Buddy the Elf! B. The Hallmark Channel has had Christmas Movies on all day!!! (Don't judge me love for cheesy Christmas Movies...)
How can something so horrendous, such as the hallmark channel, still be a stable establishment.
Let the hibernation begin!!! Its only 5:40 and it feels like bed time! We didn't have the best of luck today so I think its time to unwind with the Hallmark channel!!
For all you Christmas lovers out there, they are playing Christmas Movies on Hallmark channel! 🎄😀
Ohhh hallmark channel!!! Now I want to put up my Christmas tree!!
Hallmark channel and Life Time have the gayest movies.
Wow what a busy day! Now home ready to prop up my feet and watch some Tv and Amy Baker McGinnis has control of the remote and my pistol. She has dared me to change from the Hallmark Channel . Christmas Movies and it is only Nov 2. I am in trouble!!
HALLMARK CHANNEL - ANGEL SINGS, START TONIGHT AT 8 PM (NEW MOVIE). Hallmark does a good job in motivating us with the beautiful decorations and story line.
Hallmark channel after Halloween I love you it's christmas all the time!
I love the Hallmark channels Christmas Movies. .🎄🎁❄⛄
OMG it is November 2nd, first I convinced Marc to buy a Christmas reindeer today at Home Depot and now I have the fireplace lit and I am watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel! What has happened to me?
OK got my girly girl thing done (manicure) and ended the evening attending a wedding. Home now going to get my comfy clothes on and make some hot chocolate and watch the Hallmark Channel...and wait for Honey to get home from work.
Stew and the Hallmark channel on Sunday at 5:30 love this life!!
Hot chocolate, Hallmark channel and crocheting kind of night...with Taz and Murphy close by my side lol
3 Christmas Movies in a row ! Love the Hallmark channel! Makes for an awesome lazy Sunday afternoon!
Back to Hallmark Channel 740 Christmas Movies all weekend!
Hallmark Channel playing all these Christmas Movies is not helping me complete this paper I have due!
I've never been so excited for Christmas to get here! Amy, did you know they are already showing new Christmas Movies on The Hallmark channel?!?! ⛄❄🌲
Hallmark channel is all my mom watches
Just fyi, Hallmark channel is already playing Christmas Movies. And yes, I'm watching one. Don't judge me.
Look like I'll be watching the hallmark channel everyday cause of all these Christmas Movies 😍😍
What is it about a Christmas movie that makes you wanna put up the tree and make hot chocolate... *** you hallmark channel
Why yes Hallmark channel I will watch Christmas Movies on Nov 2nd
Around this time of year, Hallmark is my favorite channel 😍
Spent the day on the couch snuggled in blankets watching Christmas shows on the Hallmark channel. ♡
Yea Christmas shows on the Hallmark channel
Christmas Movies are on the Hallmark channel! 🎅🎄
One day I lost my remote and got stuck on the Hallmark Channel and it's been my guilty pleasure ever since.
went to the bathroom for 2 mins and she changed the channel from the red zone to the hallmark channel OH NO SHE DID NOT!
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Sarah Carter gets a cowboy for Christmas as launches its annual holiday countdown tonight
Aged ribeye,and hallmark channel,celebrated w/new clothes since all I had was 4 sizes to big...
My friends are making me go out with them for dinner tonight but I would much rather stay home and watch Xmas movies on the hallmark channel
I love the fact that I can watch Christmas Movies with my mom on the Hallmark channel now.. It's a beautiful thing.
Christmas Movies on hallmark channel *** but that's what I'm doing. Lol
Hallmark channel already has Christmas Movies 🙌😊🎅
These next three months are my favorite time of the year and all I watch is the Hallmark channel ❤️
I may or may not have been watching Christmas Movies on the Hallmark channel all afternoon. I will not confirm nor deny.
Christmas Movies are on the hallmark channel now, just sayin
I love watching hallmark channel. Christmas Movies. Every year.
I seriously have to get off the hallmark channel.
OK ok I'm watching the Christmas Ornament on the hallmark channel and I must say this may be what I needed!!! Thinking of putting my tree up maybe next weekend.
Watching Hallmark channel. Christmas Movies. Love it!!! A Christmas Ornament is actually a memory on a branch!!
What channel is the hallmark channel?
It's two days after Halloween, Hallmark channel needs to cool it with the cheesy Christmas Movies.
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After a long (and I do mean long) day at work I am going to sit and watch sappy Christmas Movies on the Hallmark channel.
my favorite channel during November & December is the hallmark channel. 🎅🎄
I'm watching Christmas Movies and it's making me very happy. Thank you hallmark channel. 🎄🎅🎁
she was watching the most wonderful time of the year and now the Christmas Ornament she stays on Hallmark channel
No hallmark channel at our apartment. so basically moving home for the holiday season
My sinuses are driving me CRAZY. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep being a couch potato and watching the Hallmark Channel.
If only life was like the hallmark channel 😒
Christmas Movies already being shown on hallmark channel!!! Yess I live for this time of the year.
For all you Christmas movie lovers. Hallmark channel is playing them right now 🎄🎅
That Sam Elliot Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel is a real tear jerker
There's a cheesy romance movie on the Hallmark Channel. This is the best way to end my weekend.
You know your moms white af when she watches the lifetime and hallmark channel
Why does the hallmark channel make me feel like such a loser
So happy we got cable back. Oh how did I miss the Hallmark Channel!
Hallmark channel starting their countdown to Christmas this Friday and I fear that Karen will want to start decorating the house soon
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Oh the hallmark channel just gets me in feelers!
It's a Hallmark Channel kind of evening
I wonder if Hallmark channel can make a movie about someone who is an independent person that doesn't need a relationship.
Is there any other torture worse than watching the Hallmark channel?
Good thing about doing nothing but tv watching is seeing the Hallmark Channel commercial; "5 Days till Countdown to Christmas" . 5days!!!
The Hallmark channel makes me so happy 😍
The Hallmark Channel countdown to Christmas starts this coming Friday!
" FINE is something you say about the weather. It's not what you say about someone you love." Hallmark channel movie about dogs!
Next week Hallmark channel starts playing Christmas Movies. Let the torture on Christopher begin ;)
Hallmark channel movies are so lame, but I love them. Lol
I've been watching a STUPID Hallmark Channel movie with my grandmother for about an hour... WHO AM I?!?!?
Only 8 more Sundays until Christmas and only 6 more days until Christmas Movies start back up on the Hallmark Channel. 😊👍
Don't judge me so ready for Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies
Awe I love the hallmark channel and the Christmas shows are about to start yea and maybe this year I will actually get to watch them yea!
only 5 more days til Hallmark Channel Christmas movies start! 🎄🎁🎅⛄
Work guy also will not watch Goodfellas because it sounds like a Hallmark Channel Movie. A big Blind Side fan though.
My dad is watching the hallmark channel! 😂😂😂
The Hallmark Channel must have confused Halloween with Christmas.
I am so excited for the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies to start! 5 days people! :). Just love them all!
Watching hallmark channel movies and loving them. Relaxing Sunday with my brother.
Tim Hollister shares his story on the Hallmark Channel
I don't understand how your brain doesn't shutdown watching the hallmark channel.
what would I do without the hallmark channel?
There are Christmas Movies on the channel. Hello unproductive evening!!
Hallmark Channel starts their countdown to Christmas on Friday. On. Friday.
five days until the Countdown to Christmas starts on the Hallmark Channel. to say I'm pumped is an absolute understatement 🎅🎄🎁😍
Hallmark channel is going to start showing Xmas movies on Halloween. That's just wrong. So very wrong
My mom is always watching the hallmark channel..
I can't wait for 25 days until Christmas on the Hallmark channel 🎄🎅
Good news is I've caught up on my house cleaning and am now relaxing watching The Hallmark Channel :-)
Looking forward to the holiday season cause the hallmark channel starts playing Christmas Movies and they're the best ☺️
.to offer holiday treats tying into Hallmark Channel 'Northpole' movie
5 days until the countdown to Christmas on the hallmark channel 🙌😍
Who was crowned the 2014 American Hero Dog? Tune in to The Hallmark Channel on October 30th, 8/7c to find out!...
The crazy thing is we can get the Hallmark Channel but we cant get NBC to watch Parenthood so we watch it on Tammies laptop
Fire, coffee and the Hallmark channel ! Life is good! Fall
Cool we can get the Hallmark Channel
Hallmark channel has forever made me dissapointed with real life christmas time ... 💔
I wonder what's on the Hallmark Channel...
Hallmark channel is my favv. Especially during holidays.
God bless hallmark channel. They're starting Christmas Movies Friday at midnight 🙌🙌
I can see my as 4 short stories for the Channel. What do you think?
The Trans Siberian Orchestra is coming! November 13th! . Get your tickets NOW! -->
Ready to get back in the bed and watch lifetime and hallmark channel
Vikings & Tampa bay...I'm turning to the Hallmark channel after half. Zz!
Does anyone watch the hallmark channel except me? 👀
Hallmark Channel starting to promote Christmas Movies...can it be? Almost heaven, perfect Sunday afternoon!
. Hope this is good news for THE TWELVE STRAYS OF CHRISTMAS
[VIDEO] The beautiful talks about her Brain Aneurysm on Hallmark Channel -
So I just seen the first Christmas commercial, just got super hype! Christmas Movies starts Friday. On the hallmark channel...
Christmas Movies everyday starting on Oct. 31st, Hallmark channel knows what's up
Hallmark channel (I think it's Hallmark channel anyway) has already started a christmas countdown.
Oh no! Getting sucked in to another Hallmark Channel movie. I am my mother's daughter.
channel is showing the encore of The Good Witch's Wonder.
The Hallmark Channel is airing a countdown to the "Countdown to Christmas". Unmarried aunts across the Midwest unite in confusion.
on Home and Family show talking about teen drivers and parents
Share the Happiness of Northpole and SEE on Hallmark Channel Nov 15 (8/7).
Be sure to check out this important teen safe driving segment featuring parent advocate Tim Hollister.
Here's video (7 mins) of my Hallmark Channel appearance. Next day, Not So Fast was in Driver Ed books on Amazon.
If I come home to someone watching the hallmark channel they are getting made fun of regardless of who it is
It's not even Halloween and the hallmark channel is already counting down till Christmas and showing previews to Christmas Movies
amazing. I can't wait for channel 5 to start screening Hallmark movies daily.
Only 5 more days until Hallmark Channel's first Christmas movie of '14. (That's right, its Christmas Movies start on Halloween! Ridiculous.)
I had plans to watch the Royals game, the new Good Witch movie on Hallmark Channel, and Ghost Adventures tonight. Things changed though. 😕
I'm eating ice cream and watching a Hallmark Channel movie. I am such a stereotype...of a woman.
This movie was or is going to be on the Hallmark Channel (or the movie channel).
This is my annual request for a Cedar Cove holiday movie on Hallmark Channel starring Andie.
thinking about u too Ruth;-) relaxing&watching Hallmark channel Hope u r well2?Very strange nt2b watching CC miss it blessingsxo
I absolutely love it that as of November 1st the hallmark channel will be starting their Christmas Movies! the new ones are always so cute ;)
Dont forget to reward yourself along the way! Those baby steps you take will pay off BIG! Keep going! My reward for today's run is a night with the Hallmark channel. Countdown to Christmas started tonight. Who else with me? What is your favorite hallmark movie?
The Hallmark channel becomes my best friend during the winter time.
Totally on love with Signed, Sealed & Delivered on the Hallmark Channel!
OMG I have been watching tear jerking hallmark channel all day while doing things around the house.
Had a great time for the most part today, even got to see the bestie for a little bit! Now just relaxing, watching a movie on the Hallmark channel with my hubby!
I can happily report that I'm actually very well rested. She's gotten me on a schedule so I know I'll sleep deeply between 4am and 7am and then again from 8-11. The best part is that Hallmark Channel has this killer nighttime nursing lineup that goes from Golden Girls to Frasier to Cheers to I Love Lucy. I can't even argue with that nightly routine!
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I Don't believe it.. Hallmark channel just played "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!". It's not even...
Christmas Movies begin showing on the Hallmark channel on Oct. 31. Yay!
Date night with hubby was delicious! BUT.I have to admit I rushed through so I could get home to watch Recipe for Love on Hallmark Channel USA ! Anyone else watching??
Psssh. No hate here. I'm so excited for holiday/Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Channel to start on Oc…
Everybody turn to the Hallmark Channel right now! There us a great movie on and I am DEFINITELY not being sarcastic!
More people should watch the movies on the Hallmark Channel USA ! We are really enjoying The Sweeter Side of Life!
It's a Hallmark Channel kind of day!
Well, I may as well have bronchitis to start off my 40th birthday week. Now let me just lay in bed and watch the Hallmark channel for the next two days to REALLY get me in the mood.
I hate the Hallmark channel. I'm like crying uncontrollably.
Hallmark channel you get me every time
Why my grandmother got me watching Hallmark channel
If there’s one trend that can’t be stopped, it’s witches. And now, one very beloved witch is taking over the Hallmark Channel… again. After the success of The Good Witch movies, Hallmark Channel has made a deal with ITV Studios America for an original scripted TV series by the same name. The series will star […] ma'am! ✋i cant take reality T.V...if my T.V isn't on the Hallmark channel, it's off! Or I'm into my 2nd Love
Check out this AWESOME video of performing in Las Vegas See em in TAMPA! Tix here
Getting ready to watch with a glass of wine🍷 channel. :)
She's terrific on the show Cedar Cove, Saturday nights on the Hallmark channel...
LSU game is on the SEC network. If they lose this game, next week's game will be on The Hallmark Channel.
I've switched back to Hallmark Channel. I'm protesting.
Richard is on s & Mysteries not Hallmark Channel, don't want u 2 miss it
Countdown to Christmas - Recipes - Hot Cocoa with Peppermint Stirring Sticks | Hallmark Channel
I feel like I'm watching a movie on the Hallmark channel
The only reason I'm looking forward to Halloween is because that's when the Hallmark channel starts playing Christmas Movies! 😁
So looking forward to seeing you on Hallmark Channel tomorrow in Along came a nanny! 👍😃
Hot cider, in Just Desserts on Hallmark Channel, and mac'n'cheese perfect Saturday night
Binge watching Hallmark Channel movies while I've been working on homework
Hallmark_network Love the (lack of) technical quality cable provides. Where is Hallmark channel, HD or otherwise!!
Hoping Hallmark or some such cable channel carries The Christmas Card this year!!
It has been a very long time since I watched The Nanny in Hallmark Channel a few years back. Really adore the show very munch!
Watching Perfect on Paper on Hallmark, my life is this channel frfr
American friends! you can catch our beautiful in on the Hallmark Channel tonight at 9/8c!
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I don't care how cheesy they are.I love Hallmark Channel movies 💛
It comes out on November 30 th on the Hallmark Channel . I'm 12 and in grade 6.
It is nuts how well the Hallmark Channel knows its audience.
Holidays are always more entertaining with Hallmark Channel!
Just found a new series on the Hallmark Channel called Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Love it!
How many cats does the average Hallmark channel viewer own?
No to do today, so all day today I'm going to watch movies on channel...
.I agree. I love being part of the Hallmark network culture. It's my go-to channel always too.
The Hallmark Channel is not what I should be watching today.
Hallmark channel says the countdown starts Oct 31. Yup.
Why do all movies on the Hallmark Channel play the "Danny teaches Stephanie a life lesson" instrumental during the entire movie?
Possibly my new favorite rainy Saturday movie: Undercover Bridesmaid from the Hallmark Channel. Glad I put it in my DVR stash.
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