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Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel is a cable television network that broadcasts across the United States.

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Why did they stop showing the sitcom Mr. Ed on the Hallmark Movie Channel?
Sometimes Golden Girls ends on the Hallmark channel and TV Land is there to pick up the baton! And…
Hallmark Channel original movie: girl leaves her overworked fiancé after having an emotional affair with a cowboy over a long weekend away.
We are 8 days and about an hour away from Kitten Bowl II on the Hallmark Channel. About time some network is talking football and not balls.
So, Jason Lee is now doing movies for the Hallmark channel. Scientology can't help him out just a little?
Can't get enough of the Hallmark Channel
Can't wait to get cozy and watch the new movie "Away & Back" on Hallmark Channel on 1/25! ht…
The Hallmark's illegal to show so much happiness right? The previews scare me.
I will after the Busey film festival is over on the Hallmark channel. You know those 2 movies he did way back then?
This is a real thing that's happening.
Tomorrow would be a Hallmark Channel day, but I've seen them all multiple times. Thinking I'm going to go see Imitation Game solo
Oof. Pretty sure that script was on its way to the Hallmark Channel when the post office accidentally sent it to Depp.
Yup. It's official. I'm an old soul. I'm working on my knitting and watching The Golden Girls on the Hallmark Channel. — feeling old
race to Hallmark channel your Uncle Jack Gilford is on # Golden Girls "Sophias wedding" 2 eps!!
I love "Golden Girls". Best comedy TV show ever! The Hallmark Channel is so right for still showing it!
for any fans that care Jim Caviezel now on Murder She Wrote on Hallmark Movie Channel. I know, showing my age.
A better question is which Hallmark Channel original movies HAVEN'T I written, directed, and co-starred in as a jovial stranger in a bakery?
I NEVER watch the Hallmark Channel. BUT for my little buddy SURE
"This would be a lot more easier if u just watched the hallmark channel"
Uh Jason Lee is in a Hallmark channel movie. That’s weird, right?
Share the Happiness of Northpole and SEE on Hallmark Channel Nov 15 (8/7). http…
Set the Tivo to record old Frasier episodes on Hallmark Channel. Rediscovering how much I just love
Who even watches the hallmark channel lol
Minka Kelly has gone from Friday night lights and dating derek jeter to movies on hallmark channel 😂
Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl is the XFL to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. Just sayin'
I added a video to a playlist Lacey Chabert – Hallmark Channel TCA Press Tour 2015 in Pasadena
“Living in Clinton is pretty much like watching a reality tv show on the Hallmark channel about a cliche dramatic small town”
Hallmark Channel proudly announces the inauguration of the first-ever Feline Football League (FFL), featuring the...
Hallmark channel movies are the best 😌
Kitten Bowl II is almost here. Stay up-to-date with the latest "mews" in the Hallmark Channel USA Cat Center!
I wasn't planning on seeing it after seeing the trailer...totally predictable..maybe some day on the hallmark channel! 😉
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it's a sad day, Jason Lee is starring in hallmark channel movies.
Today's youthful marathon is LHOP on Hallmark channel.
Just saw a preview for a feel good movie on the channel starring Huh?!. I'm not sure Brody from would approve
I just watched the hokiest movie from Hallmark Movie Channel called "Edge of the Garden". And if you know me, you...
Launches the new Signature Series with 2 Channel or Muultitrack Recording:
Tune in to Hallmark Channel's Home & Family now: The always-fashionable Lawrence Zarian talks men’s stylish...
Tune in to Hallmark Channel Home and Family now! "The always-fashionable talks men’s…
Current brain power level: Just took me 14 min of sitting in the couch to realize that the TV was on the Hallmark channel.
Almost late to class because who knew hallmark channel played Golden Girls so much in the morning
Tune into the Hallmark Channel this Sunday at 8PM to Maggie Jones in Away & Back! Check out the trailer below.
Be Swept "Away & Back" Again... with NEW Movies this Weekend on the Hallmark Channel! Plus, the NEW Hallmark H...
I'm on my grandma status tonight! Watching the Hallmark Movie Channel 😂😂
Jason Lee interview - what he hopes people will gain from AWAY & BACK (JAN 25 8|7c on Hallmark Channel USA).
Well I guess if I have to wait three days for my Direct TV Box then the Hallmark channel is the one to be stuck on lol Because that's the only channel I can get!!! On that note I love the Waltons!!!
Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel. Yep plz ignore the messy room, and yes it was John Stamos.
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Is there a bonus level where your TV only plays the Hallmark Channel til you finish your needlepoint (then you get Lifetime)?
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The Wind Rises by Hayao Miyazaki -- A Film Review by Stephen Leotti Okay Gents and Ladies, today we have the latest and last (?) from Japanese animation director and Studio Ghibli Co-founder Hayao Miyazaki: The Wind Rises. But first, a little about my thoughts on Miyazaki in general. To be honest, I've never been a die hard fan. The first film I saw from him was Spirited Away, which I truly like a lot. But, I've seen most of his other films and they don't do as much for me. They range from passably charming (Kiki's Delivery Service, The Secret World of Arriety) to unbearably cutesy (My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo) to just downright incomprehensible (Howl's Moving Castle, also Ponyo a little). Even Princess Mononoke, a film called a masterpiece by so many, didn't really capture my attention. I don't know, I just remember being really bored by the end. Maybe I'll give it another shot sometime, but for a first impression, it didn't grab me by the throat (though I'm sure a lot of people might want to now). So, wh ...
the movie you were in which showed in the hallmark channel yesterday was awesome I have cerebral palsy
Find out more about the Hallmark Channel Original Series "Good Witch," starring Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, & James Denton.
You know someone is old when you turn on their tv and it's the hallmark channel... Cough cough
My mom won't stop watching the Hallmark channel and everything on this channel blows
Hallmark Movie Channel is now showing Hart to Hart for all your open collar gold necklace looking at needs.
That movie looks like it should be on the Hallmark channel…
Cheap, shameless Hallmark Channel bid to get free publicity for Kitten Bowl II I refuse to bite.
Puss in Boots comes to the rescue in Netflix series: Animal Planet is preparing yet another "Puppy Bowl." The Hallmark Channel is rea...
Me too, but luckily have a tv in my office. It's on the Hallmark channel... you my be able to catch it later.
When your friends belong on the Hallmark channel... 😂😂😂
Are you ready for the The adorable competitors have been revealed.
It's going to be cute overload between puppies AND kittens!!
This looks like a good family movie. AWAY & BACK trailer - JAN 25th on Hallmark Channel:
Haven't had a day in 3 yrs. At least it's aches/chills vs stomach bug! Going to b a day under a big quilt watching Channel.
saw you on tv just now on the Hallmark channel
thanks. Teri is on TV again on home& family on Hallmark channel
Hallmark Channel Reveals Kitten Bowl Lineup: The Hallmark Channel has announced the feisty feline lineup for i...
Favorite part of my late nights/early mornings is watching on the Hallmark channel!
The products advertised on the Hallmark Channel at 4 AM say volumes about the "watching the Hallmark Channel at 4 AM" demographic.
There's nothing like watching 80's murder mysteries on the Hallmark channel at 2 in the morning
MT Love the teaser, can't wait 4 on February 1st on the Hallmark Channel.
. I am not an Eye Candy programs fan.😥😞 I'd love to see you do a lot more Hallmark Channel projects, movies, etcv. 😁
lmao! Jason Lee is in a hallmark channel movie.
The hallmark channel just bleeped the word "fart". I literally can't. 😂😂😂
Patricia Heaton is on Hallmark Channel and TV Land right now. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.
Listen, I'm a sucker for Hallmark movies, but this channel is seriously the White People Network.
Hallmark Channel movies are a special brand of sweetness.
Hallmark is starting to push "the *** issue" 😱 what will my mother spend hours watching if not the hallmark channel?!
LOVE the Hallmark Channel! Watched a double feature this past Saturday ;-)
I don't know the Hallmark channel by heart pshhh pshh...
My hobby is imagining what the small towns in Hallmark channel movies would look like in the world of Jericho.
Most of the aliens I know watch on the Hallmark Channel.
Enter to win three DVDs of Hallmark Channel's "When Calls the Heart" episodes!
Here are some of the adorable little balls of fur who will be competing in Hallmark Channel's 2nd annual Kitten Bowl!
those moms always love Hallmark channel movies.
Unfortunately no. My parents have something called the Hallmark Movie & Mystery channel, which shows H2H & Diagnosis:Murder.
Excited I'm home today to see my beautiful wife on at 10am PST on the Hallmark Channel!
At -- Mary and Italia on the Hallmark Channel today 💜
Don't miss the premiere of AWAY & BACK on the Hallmark Channel. Details here:
Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movie Channel, Christmas is over. Stop showing Christmas movies. Time to move on.
Now watching a Hallmark Channel movie. Again, this is MY year. LOL
Once again enjoyed watching the one, true coverage of the Rose Parade w/ Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks on Hallmark Channel
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Text me details about your life and I'll send you the plot to a Hallmark Channel movie that most resembles it.
Holy crap! I'm on Hallmark Channel movie and stone sober to boot. On a bullet train barreling toward the worst NYE in recorded history!
Direct a good Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel.
Hallmark Channel is showing a movie with Edward Herrmann in it. I'm not crying, I swear. 😩😭
If I had a dollar for every movie that has the title Christmas in it I would be a millionaire... and owner of the Hallmark Channel.
Movie Review ~ - Two stellar leads save this biopic from the Hallmark Channel.
Omg. One of the Property Brothers is in this Hallmark Channel movie.
I added a video to a playlist Hallmark Channel - Catch a Christmas Star 2013 Full movie HD
I love the Hallmark Channel movie Snow Bride! I wish would put it out on dvd!
His friendship with Warren Buffet should be chronicled in a Hallmark Channel holiday movie.
Thanks for sharing! Hallmark Channel's been airing movie this season, just recorded it today! Love Katie McGrath from Merlin too
Rented a sweet spy movie, but what does have me watching? "Let It Snow" on the Hallmark Channel. Thanks for the shaft Hallmark.
new TV movie Bridal Wave will air January 17th at 9 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel
can finally watch the Christmas Secret @ 9 on Hallmark Channel with!
by is essentially the plot of a Hallmark Channel movie but it still rocks
I enjoyed your movie Fir Crazy last night on the Hallmark Channel.. Hope you had a lovely holiday. Have a Happy 2015
When you're watching the hallmark channel and it's Troy boltons dad you know the coach in high school musical in the movie 😱😂😂
Find out more about the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "The Christmas Spirit," starring Nicollette Sheridan, Bart Johnson, and Olympia Dukakis.
Don't know why, but I like watching these sappy Christmas movies on channel.🎄🎁
Woke at 3:00 AM. couldn't get back to sleep. Went to living room and turned on Hallmark channel because they have unending really sappy holiday movies. 3:30 Cres joins me and we watched sappy movies together. I am blessed and thankful to be married to this man.
May 13, 2014 - Kids too connected? Parenting Expert and little Blueprint CEO Katherine Eskovitz shares how to limit online time with Hallmark Channel USA ...
Enter for a chance to win a trip around the world to experience holiday magic and more, only from Hallmark Channel, the Heart of Christmas.
Presents wrapped, sitting and having hot chocolate watching the Hallmark channel today. Ready for Christmas morning🎅🎄
I just want someone to turn Wham!'s Last Christmas into a feature-length Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.
Where is Miracle on 34th Street. Where is The Santa Clause. Where is Elf. I'm about to resort to watching a Hallmark channel movie send help
The hallmark channel has literally entertained me for two days.
Sitting here while everyone is asleep watching the hallmark channel, eating a peanut butter donut, paid the cable bill, fixing my slippers, covered up with my woobie. If Goob saw my stuff all spread out he'd not be happy! Lol..
Nicollette Sheridan stars as a ghost in this Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. My morning is made.
HallMark Channel is holding me hostage in Mikes recliner & won't let me change out of my pjs or git in the mood to do yucky housework, my thumb knows it should push a button and break the spell, but why???
Do you guys have the Hallmark Movie Channel? It has given me life this Christmas.
I turned on Hallmark Channel and 60 seconds later I was crying.
Hallmark channel movie on. Making more date cookies. Nice way to start Christmas Eve
Started my Christmas Eve morning with the Hallmark channel. Going to miss these sappy movies.oh but wait.Valentines movies coming the end of January!! Thank you Hallmark!!
I love the Christmas movies on the hallmark channel 🎄❤️
That 90's sitcom star you haven't seen in a while? They've been making dozens of Hallmark Channel X-mas movies.
Merry Christmas Eve! My new FAVORITE Christmas movie is on the Hallmark Movie Channel at 3 ...Tune in!
Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are the adult equivalent of disney channel movies.
Hey! If it wasn't for the Hallmark Channel's Christmas lineup...I would have been all over Avalanche Sharks.
It is 2 am, I have not had a vegetable in 2 days, the hallmark channel has been playing on blast and I'm cooking...
The quality of movie on the Hallmark channel declines greatly after midnight. They're all bad, but after 12, it's basically Gigli all over.
I kind a wish the Hallmark Channel would stop playing all these commercials and start playing some freaking Christmas movies
Hallmark Channel's lineup cleans up for the holidays via
Now happening: sucked into Finding Christmas, a Hallmark Channel movie that stole the plot of The Holiday but with dudes. Yep.
The Hallmark channel always have some good tear Kerner Christmas movies!
cant wait til Golden Girls gets back on the Hallmark channel
Who can tell me how to block the Hallmark channel from my TV?
Love watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies
Can my love life just be like on the Hallmark Channel 🙏✔️
Hallmark channel reminds me of APU relationships. Meet. Love. Drama. Marriage. .
"G-Rant, anything is possible around Christmas time. All I've been doing on break is watching the Hallmark channel." Gosh, I missed Preston
I just freakin love the hallmark channel. Not a bad Christmas movie ever.
Love watching these Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Can't believe we will be celebrating Christmas again. Merry Christmas everyone.
Watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel with the hubs is almost as good as watching Outlander with
Hallmark Channel movie synopsis: "An architect and his daughter visit a Colorado town where everyone believes in Santa Claus."
My mom is making me watch The Hallmark Channel. Help
Thank god for the hallmark channel 😍😍
Hallmark is the Christmas destination! Channel said so!
The Christmas Card; you can find it on the Hallmark channel
This is my brain after watching marathon amounts of the Hallmark channel
The Hallmark Channel gives me life during the holidays 💕
What's the best thing you've seen on the Hallmark channel since this binge started?
I am officially addicted to the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies...
All my mother watches is the absolutely atrocious *** af nazi Hallmark channel. That's why I have a fever, the hallmark channel did it
Last day for shopping tomorrow... Stop by the Hallmark store and get all your last minute shopping done. Don't...
Dude, if were a Hallmark Channel movie, it wouldn't have hit the first commercial break yet. Stay patient.
That awkward moment when you realize that the hallmark channel movie is giving you sound advice
looks like I'll just turn the hallmark channel back on
simp *** Christmas romance movies on the hallmark channel got me thinking about these boppers
Love Christmas movies too, anything Hallmark Channel is usually good and uplifting! :)
If only the Hallmark Channel was having negotiation difficulties with Dish Network at Christmas time...or forever...
Me neither. I think they play it on Hallmark channel.
The Hallmark channel always has high quality movies on
I have one It's just that my mom won't stop watching the hallmark channel... lol
I've had my tv on the hallmark channel & I've probably watch every movie they play on there twice 😅
Shucks! Got outvoted 1-1 by my wife again. Watching Hallmark Channel instead of ANYTHING ELSE...
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You know your moms been in your room when the hallmark channel is on
Countdown to Christmas continues on the Hallmark Channel with 'Padre for a Day,' starring Ryan Hanigan, Tiffani Thiess…
Oh stop, The Christmas Secret is on the Hallmark channel. I guess I'm up until midnight.
Lexie Grey is in a Christmas movie on the hallmark channel.😱😱
Royal Christmas on the Hallmark Channel just won my heart
The hallmark channel has all the best christmas movies.
The hallmark channel has differently got the best of me tonight
I found something about Christmas that I like!!! Drunk texts from a friend on a 3 day Hallmark Channel Christmas movie bender.
hallmark channel...? Cause they honestly have the best predicable Christmas movies ever
THE BEST tear jerker Christmas movie about true love is currently playing on the Hallmark Channel. "Christmas in Conway" with Andy Garcia and Mary Louise Parker will have you smiling through your tears! What a beautiful, touching story. A must watch!
Hallmark Channel should make a movie about the Christmas miracle that is coming back to Chicago. Starring Valerie Bertinelli.
Nothing like a morning Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel starring Viveca A. Fox and Vickie Lawrence.
Hey, you're in this Christmas film on Hallmark Channel with James Van Der Beek!
I liked a video The Hunters 2013 full movie Hallmark Channel's
The best thing to do after a City Council meeting is watch an incredibly schmaltzy movie on the Hallmark Channel.
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I keep catching this Hallmark Channel movie at the end each time. I want to see the beginning. This boy is Cute.
Am I watching Hallmark Channel? Yes. Can I stop? No. Is it because is in this movie? Absolutely.
Hallmark Channel movie writer is going to be my next major career move. But I'll do it ironically.
The Handmaiden’s Tale: worst candidate for future Hallmark Channel movie ever.
Currently watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. Lexie from Grey's Anatomy is the main character & her name is Sloan. Dying. 😭
I love any Christmas movie. I don't care how cheesy. So this time of year it's Hallmark Channel & ABCFamily. My family trying to hijack tv.
Good try but just because Christmas day is in the movie, does NOT make it a Christmas movie, Hallmark Channel.
Even though I have already seen this Hallmark Channel movie I am watching it for the 3rd time and still not sleeping.
I wanna watch a psychopath movie that will scare me for weeks, but I also wanna watch a Hallmark Channel chick flick, do you see my problem?
Holiday movies on television this week: 6 a.m., Hallmark Channel: A Bride for Christmas (movie); USA Network: ...
Christmas letters and 2015 calendars being prepared whilst watching Christmas Movie Marathon on Hallmark Channel.
my mom DVRs every Hallmark Channel original Xmas movie & I don't think they are much different. Slightly less Himmler, maybe
I want my life to be a Hallmark Channel movie 😍❤️
I watched a movie a few years ago on the Hallmark Channel with Betty White in it. I cried like a fool.
Hallmark Channel, Drew Scott, The Christmas Parade movie and in my own home makes a PERFECT…
So relieved to have finals over with! My last one was today in New Testament :) We had our Christmas play Sunday and this weekend is Winter Retreat and then I'm going to just sit and watch the Hallmark channel! I love Christmas! 🎄
Hey everyone hope you are doing great!! Been very busy the past few day's working on something for my business so haven't been around. We had spaghetti for supper tonight with our granddaughter's :) Kayleigh our oldest granddaughter colored a beautiful picture for a coloring contest for Christmas. She did a fantastic job. Elly her younger sister has now fallen fast asleep in the chair all worn out from her day :) Going to go out now and watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel with Kayleigh and be back tomorrow. Take care everyone!!
Any one else having trouble getting the Hallmark channel tonight? Time Warner Cable channel 63. It was on this afternoon and now I can't get it. How can I wrap my gifts!!!
I can't wait for Christmas to be over reason # 1000. So I don't have to watch Lifetime/ Hallmark Channel Christmas movies with my mom anymore
Sorry Hallmark Channel, but it's time to admit that some Christmas movies truly are terrible.
We invite you to join us for our Knots Landing 35th Anniversary Reunion TOMORROW! Tune into Home & Family at 10/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Hallmark Channel! So corny , but so good! Always the ending that you wish for !
Loving these Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime...
I wish my life was a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie
This couple first told their Christmas Eve Story during the premiere of ONE CHRISTMAS EVE. An encore presentation of ONE CHRISTMAS EVE airs tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern on Hallmark Channel USA.
Hey Drew Scott! How excited are you to chat this SUNDAY here on FB before the premiere of your new Hallmark Channel USA movie "The Christmas Parade?!"
Seriously and Hallmark and Lifetime channel but no 👎👎👎
Really must stop watching the Hallmark Channel! :( Ugs with sugar on it!
Watching "A Very Merry Mix Up" on the Hallmark Channel. My love of Christmas Movies!
It's that time of the year when my mom watches the hallmark channel 24/7
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Flipped through the Hallmark channel and saw a young 🙈🙈🙈🙊
I am afraid to turn on the Hallmark Channel cuz last night i got sucked in for 4 1/2 hours!! I couldnt stop!! Aaaahhh! Lol
Check out the new holiday television spot featuring our very own Thomas Titus and family and the Conrady family from Elkhart, IL! The spot will run through December and is on HGTV, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, ESPN, Lifetime and the Family Channel.
Hot chocolate and Hallmark Channel Christmas movies perfect on this cold night. Are you snuggled in?
Every single year it never fails. Christmas time hallmark channel is on in my household CONSTANTLY. ?
They air reruns of the show on Hallmark Channel! Xo
Rosco was at the Hollywood Christmas parade. Its on now on the Hallmark channel.
Love watching the Hallmark channel with my momma 👭💖
I plan my life around the hallmark channel schedule
Earn bonus entries to Hallmark Channel's Joy to the World Sweepstakes by playing the Snow Much Fun mini games here:
Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are the most awkward thing on TV.
Hallmark Channel Christmas movies for days
I wish I had cable so I could watch all the Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel! Oh well guess it's just not meant for me to watch them this year' But it sure would be a lot nicer and make me feel better. I hadn't watched Television in over three months. Maybe the lord will send me a job soon, I sure pray he will..
Bedtime.,snuggled under covers watching hallmark channel.snow continuing to fall., .makes me tired...
Watch me on Friday, December 19th on the HALLMARK CHANNEL in the Hollywood Christmas Parade. 5pm EST
In the continuing episode of procrastination I will be going to cut my own hair…and also I hate watching the Hallmark channel with Rachel
Why is it I cry everytime I watch the hallmark channel *** station
Share the Happiness of Northpole and SEE exclusively on Hallmark Channel
ABC Family and Hallmark channel are right beside each other. It's like a Christmas miracle 😍🎅🎄😊
Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel all night!
shouldn't you be in bed watching the Hallmark Channel?
There is something about the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that warms your heart and also makes you want to throw up.
ugh the hallmark channel is so cheesy I want to gag
Sitting on the couch cuddled up all warm and cozy watching the Hallmark channel and eating a salad!! My main my man already knocked out. Kinda lonely and quiet around here. What a better way to spend a Wednesday night!!
"THOISDAY" means its time for some Tune in at 10/9c TMRW on Hallmark Channel!
"You know, I think there's a little CIA inside every one of us..." - from The Hallmark Channel's new special A CIA Chr…
Watching a very merry mix up on hallmark channel.:)) cute movie!!
I'm so boring when I'm not turned up. Watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies crying, I'm lame 😩
I am so upset right now as the Hallmark Channel is off the air. Does anyone know what gives? I called Time Warner told there was an outage.
Debbie Macomber's MR MIRACLE will air THURSDAY @ 8PM and SATURDAY @ 12PM on HALLMARK CHANNEL.according to my TV GUIDE.This is for someone that mentioned it.
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This hotel is nice and all, but this no hallmark channel thing ***
Helena is obsessed with the hallmark channel 😒
Joe gets mad at me that I only watch the hallmark channel lately but I can't help it
hallmark channel 8pm A Very Merry Mix-up...I'm done
I love to watch all of the Christmas movies, shows, stories, Hallmark Channel, the Grinch, etc, every single year !
Watching you on the Hallmark Channel, you make a great Santa, a perfect role for you who just is truly happy in spirit
No one mentioned in the is on the Hallmark Channel RIGHT NOW
Join us TMRW for our 35th Anniversary Reunion! Tune in at 10/9c on Hallmark Channel!
I posted a video the other night of my daughter listening to the recordable Hallmark books my Mom made before she...
My new holiday tradition: Crappy Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel jus so I can see Crystal Bernard
watching Jared on the Hallmark channel... THE CHRISTMAS COTTAGE.
Watching in Christmas cottage on the Hallmark channel!! He is amazing in this movie!!
Now that I'm home for winter break, I'm free to watch all the Hallmark Channel movies I want.
Casually crying over Hallmark Channel Christmas movies with my mom.
My grandparents stay watching the hallmark channel😂 that's all that they watch and the news
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Walking home through the christmas tree lot set up on the side walk and it's snowing. I feel like I'm in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.
watching Hallmark channel. Mm . Christmas movies warm by the fire
don't worry my house always has the hallmark channel on I've watched like 5 already
Dinners in the oven, it's snowing & the hubby's chocolate and the hallmark channel?
Laying in bed eating *** and watching the hallmark channel. 👌
I'll appreciate the hallmark channel when you appreciate Eleanor
my mom is addicted to the christmas movies on hallmark channel and calls them her "christmas crack" someone pls send help SOS SOS
That Jason Dohring's new Hallmark movie is on PixL Movie Channel's official account on Youtube.
Watching the Hollywood Christmas parade on hallmark channel
Ugh.just want to sit on the couch with a warm blanket, the Christmas tree lit and watch Channel lol
Wait a minute...Wasn't this televised on the HALLMARK channel?!? Isn't that a family oriented channel? Lawd have mercy.
Dec. 18: The Ultimate Life on Hallmark Movie Channel! Scenes from The Ultimate Life movie, directed by Michael...
I love watching the Hallmark channel since they only play Christmas movies for the whole month 24/7.
Marching band is about to be on tv on the hallmark channel
Parade premieres tomorrow on Hallmark Channel at 4pm ET/PT; then on 375 stations across the country during December (ch…
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Tune in and watch our dancers SHINE in the Hollywood Christmas PARADE. Today at 4pm, on the Hallmark Channel.
Get a coupon for $5 off a $10 or more purchase at Hallmark good till 12/14 Woo-Hoo!
HOT new coupon for $5 Off a $10 purchase! Valid instore or online. expires 12/24
These Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are for *** .. *wipes tear from eye*
Just saw Grissom HS (AL) on Parade, being televised right now on Hallmark Channel.
PR still of Robert Wagner as Santa and Jill St. John as Mrs. Claus from the Hallmark Channel film Northpole. Mr.
The Christmas Secret on the Hallmark Channel was SO good omg
One of the best things about Christmas is the Hallmark Channel. Loved the Mr. Miracle movie last night and...
Watch Finding Christmas at 9am CST this morning on the Hallmark Channel, download this also. http…
If you have never seen "Let It Snow," featuring Candace Cameron, I highly recommend it. It's currently on the Hallmark Channel.
1 Publishers Clearing House prize winner every day for 5 days. Cash winners announced the week of January 12th during Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel.
Hallmark Channel and Lifetime TV have made me fall in love with Brooke Burns! It's like they've made me into a horny straight guy!
"Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins is tonight’s Y in Kentucky He’s from Lexington" Also starred in Hallmark Channel movie Northpole
There is a Christmas movie called "Fir Crazy" airing on the Hallmark Channel right now. In related news: there is a Hallmark CHANNEL.
Liz and I wanted to beat the blizzard back home for Thanksgiving. Her car won't start. Hallmark Channel movie material
Never underestimate the number of times you can watch - and cry at - the same stupid Hallmark Channel holiday movie.
'The Christmas Shepherd' a holiday movie for dog lovers on Hallmark Channel
Sometimes I put profiles of TV shows on Examiner, such as this one of The Christmas Shepherd on Hallmark Channel.
Mark your calendars for Hallmark Hall of Fame 11/30 Hallmark Channel http:…
Don't understand waiting till after a Hallmark Channel movie to read reviews. It's not like anyone can spoil how it's going to turn out.
how come our Hallmark Channel isn't showing SSD movie tonight? Its not on the schedule! Seattle?
I don't have Hallmark Channel so I can't watch your new movie but I'm pretty sure it's amazing! Hope all is well xoxo
My momma didn't record the new Hallmark Channel movie for me. Like, rude.
My mother is watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Every commercial is for a drug to help you overcome a life of bad decisions.
If you were wondering what DJ Tanner has been up to since 1995, she's starring in every Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel...
Such a great movie on the Hallmark Channel with called the Christmas Ornament. Love it!
Happy Holidays! I can't turn off the Hallmark Channel and your Christmas Ornament movie is on. Super sweet..
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Hallmark Channel is beginning to look a lot like Animal Planet. Two holiday movies — including “One Christmas Eve,” the first Hallmark Hall of Fame ...
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