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Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel is a cable television network that broadcasts across the United States.

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The Hallmark Channel is my best friend.
Hallmark Channel is showing Perry Mason. Good. They seem to be chopped to *** (for more commercials?). Bad.
The Hallmark Channel is already showing Christmas movies.
Hey Hallmark Channel! How about you let us enjoy Halloween before running Christmas commercials already? Thanks.
Watching A Lost Valentine on the Hallmark channel Such a good movie ❤ Def will need a tissue box next…
I wish OWN was more like the Hallmark channel meets an improved BET instead of the Tyler Perry shows network
Watching the HallMark channel there some sad movies 😢😭
Hallmark channel is seriously the best. Even has The Middle and I Love Lucy on it!
These Channel movies get me every time!
Hallmark channel...Lost Valentine...u would have thought it was my life... I sobbed. Geez!
Ok, so I will admit...I watch the Hallmark Channel with mom sometimes. This is one of the movies that…
Watching Hallmark channel and balling my eyes out... ***
It is far too early for Christmas movies. Hallmark channel is drunk and needs a ride home.
The Hallmark Channel starts showing Christmas movies on October 31! Maybe it is okay that summer is ending.
lol just saw a commercial that the Hallmark Channel christmas movies are starting Oct 31 as much as I love those October 31st is to early
E! Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel! Seriously ridiculously excited! Starts Oct. 31 :)
I know better then to watch the hallmark channel in this state of mind
Omg this movie I'm watching on Hallmark Channel is making me cry like a baby 😭
Went to the gym twice today so I could watch hallmark channel
The Christmas countdown is already on the hallmark channel 😍🎄🎅🎁
Hallmark Channel always has . me in tears😭
Have been watching Hallmark channel all day. My absolute favorite channel!!!
The Hallmark channel always has cutesy moviesss,
I'm watching the hallmark channel, sobbing. this is the happiest I've been in days
I'm going to block the hallmark channel! Face down crying my eyes out! 😥
The Hallmark Channel is setting records with their late summer "Holiday Season" ad for a movie marathon that starts on October 31
I always get sucked into Hallmark Channel movies!
I watch the hallmark channel religiously 😂 the sappy love stories make me happy
watching The Lost Valentine on the channel! Your an amazing and funny lady Mrs Betty! 🌻
Cranky & not feeling well and the hallmark channel sucked me in.
Wish my mom would quit watching the hallmark channel. All these love story's make me feel blah
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm ready to DRINK heavily - my Fam is watching Hallmark Channel movies!
Hallmark channel has the best movies ever! 👌
So excited for October 31 the hallmark channel will be officially just playing Christmas movies .! ☺️
It's good to see Ashley on Cedar Cove Hallmark Channel .
It's Sunday Night Football and dad is watching a black and white movie on the hallmark channel
The Murder She Wrote Episodes are aired on The Hallmark Movie Channel everyday now.
Hallmark channel is already advertising a marathon of Christmas movies that don't start till next month. Were barley out of Aug!. Just sayin
I like the hallmark channel it's cute
I'm watching the Hallmark Channel like it's my job.
Wants vs needs: I need the hallmark channel.
Now in colors such as Activia Green and Hallmark Channel Gold.
Watchin some movie on the hallmark channel
- enjoyed Second Chances on Hallmark channel
I've literally watched the hallmark channel all day.
just saw a commercial that Hallmark Movie Channel starts Christmas movies on 31 Oct. this madness HAS to stop.
Really hope that this cute little show on hallmark channel called signed, sealed, delivered gets renewed.
Watching the hallmark channel and I see you and Greg Vaughn in the Second Chances movie
watching Second Chances on Hallmark channel for the third time lol :-) maybe when ur done with DOOL u can make more hallmark tv
Just saw a commercial on the Hallmark channel for the Christmas Countdown. See, I'm not the only one excited for Christmas this early. 😍🎄⛄️
The Hallmark channel is starting to play Christmas commercials and I can barely contain my excitement.
and I will be starting a new web series called "Greeting Card Channel"? Much like we will riff on Hallmark movies.
YES...Naked and Afraid is on...screw the Hallmark Channel.this will depress me even more... *not really heehee ;-)
Hey Northwestern, hallmark channel made a movie for our school 😂
I am so depressed now I am going to watch the Hallmark Channel...on PURPOSE. .. *Pats lost :-/
The hallmark channel is my friend today
Christmas begins October 31st on the Hallmark channel!!!
Who put the Princess tv on the Hallmark Channel?
I'm at home enjoying a glass of pink moscato and watching hallmark channel!!!:)
Watching on a ring by spring ... on hallmark channel. So good, i love this girl. Her acting skills are just amazing
There's a movie on Hallmark Channel called A Ring by Spring. I'm shocked it's not set :)
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I swear the Hallmark channel and I are made for one another.
Hallmark Movie Channel starting Christmas movies on October 31st this year.
Just realized no cable means no or channel holiday movies this year! Wah
NEWS. Hilarie Burton filming new TV movie, Surprised By Love, in Vancouver! Hallmark debut, January 2015.
I would really appreciate if Hallmark could make a channel dedicated to their Christmas movies that played all year long, please 🎄
I am watching you in the New In Town movie on the Hallmark channel.
And suddenly I can't wait for Christmas. Thanks sappy Hallmark channel movie.
"I'm so irritated at the Hallmark channel." -
Hallmark Channel movies need to come with a warning- tissues needed! The Lost Valentine just nearly killed me.
I'm not watching lifetime or the hallmark channel today. Nope, sure am not!
*** you Hallmark Channel for making me cry like a baby
OMG, The Lost Valentine on the Hallmark Channel; the ending makes me cry every time I watch it!
funny I thought on Hallmark channel right after Heidi
The hallmark channel has all these sad *** love movies guess ima be in my feelings all day
My Saturday morning alarm is set to the sound of my cat licking dried tears & ice cream off of my face as The Hallmark Chan…
In case you missed it, present relations between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin–and more broadly, between the United States and Russia–are flimsier than balsa wood. This unpleasant reality is made that much more painful when we look back into the annals of the internet, and remind ourselves of an idyllic era when the heads of both countries not only got along well, but even dressed alike. George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin’s friendship is the stuff of legend, beginning when Bush “gazed into [Vlad's] eyes and saw his soul”. While we’re not sure when the movie will hit the Hallmark Channel, we do take comfort in knowing that current US-Russia relations are not set in stone. So Barack, why not order two mandarin collared suits and give peace a chance?
I am overly bothered that I didn't get to finish that Hallmark Channel movie.
My new goal in life is to write a movie script for Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel. Dream big, people.
There's an earnest, touching and heartwarming movie on the Hallmark Channel. Cancel my brunch plans!
Its like a Hallmark Channel movie just waiting to happen.
Your Sequestered character not very likable, good job! Next up how about a Hallmark Channel movie? Would love that.
So, my story which I swore was poignant and a feel good movie and perfect for Lifetime or Hallmark Channel is now comedic. Rewrite
Somewhere in the world, producers with Hallmark Channel are scripting The Ice Bucket Movie.
Hallmark Channel has a movie going right now about what it is like to be an author. It is cute and all, but pure... http:…
A hockey movie on the Hallmark Channel? That has to be a contradiction in terms.
One of the best hockey movies I've seen was the gordie howe one on Hallmark Channel. Not because great, because bad field.
I just watched a Hallmark Channel movie based around the concept of yibbum. Ookay.
Watched the movie "Heaven is for Real" any chance I can have my 90 minutes back. I will just catch it on the Hallmark Channel next time.
Watch the movie Susie's Hope on the Hallmark Channel. And support by going to website.
Hi Vanessa. I'm enjoying your new movie Stranded in Paradise on the Hallmark Channel. Good movie. Great work.
Watching Stranded in Paradise movie on Hallmark Channel. No not in Hawaii Puerto Rico. But fun movie!
Story of Philly's Taney Dragons, headed to Little League World Series, "reads like a Hallmark Channel movie script"
Saturday night. Home alone. Hallmark Channel movie marathon.
Don't forget Vanessa Marcils' movie [Stranded in Paradise] debuts on the Hallmark Channel at 8 (cst) tonight.
I just watched a sappy romantic movie on the Hallmark Channel. Bad decision. A nice reminder of how single I am. Time for blood & war.
Stranded in ParadiseAirs: August 09 at 9:00 PT/9:00 ETThe Hallmark Channel has the original movie, Stranded in ... -
My mom wanted to see that. Looked like a bad Hallmark Channel movie.
Ladies, True love is not a Hallmark Channel movie.
Stylist and Make Up Artist of upcoming Christmas movie of Hallmark Channel shared pics of Anna
That's one of those films yer maw watches on a Sunday on the hallmark channel!!
Aww! Hallmark movies! Thank God, I found you. Why don't we have a hallmark channel? :(
For fans of her early acting appearance on Little House on the Prairie is airing this Friday on the Hallmark Channel 4pm EST
The Hallmark Channel will re-air "Nearlyweds" this Saturday, 8/09. (Check your local cable listing for time.)...
And how they gone make a bible story have dialogue that sounds like it's right off the Hallmark channel?
Doing the happy dance cause Dish customers can now access Hallmark Channel Everywhere. But sad because WCTH is no longer available. :(
Wait someone just got murdered... on the hallmark channel.
The movie ended but I'm still on the hallmark channel... can't escape.
I don't need to be a famous actress. Just put me in Hallmark Channel & Lifetime movies and I'll be fine.
I love that 4 episodes of the Golden Girls comes on back to back every night on the hallmark channel ♥
I just watched a hallmark channel movie/ love story thing about growing pumpkins...
I'm about to watch something on the Hallmark Channel called Growing the Big One. I hope it's what I think it is...
it's okay I know you are on Hallmark Movie Channel with you covers on and ice cream tub😂
The middle comes on Hallmark Channel too now! & After that Golden Girls!!! Yesss!!
Why is the deputy android from in a Hallmark Channel movie? O.o
Lisa, Hallmark Channel is included in all of our advertised packages. Hallmark Movie Channel is part of HD Extra Pack.
not lately Just divergent but Xmas movies start oct 31 hallmark + Hallmark Movie Channel so thats good i want to see if I stay
Hallmark channel is what my tv stay on...
I can't find my remote so I'm watching The Walton's on the Hallmark channel. Smh
is another Hallmark Channel tv show
can I trade my mediocre SEC network for The Hallmark Channel instead?
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His horrible ratings are the fault of the Golden Girls, airing opposite his time slot on the Hallmark channel.
I can't understand why directv choice package does not include the Hallmark Movie Channel and less expensive packages includes it why?
Huge "Little House and the Prairie" fan. I have watched every episode. Thank U Hallmark channel. But once again they screw me on the ending😣
I caught it during a random airing as Hallmark Channel likes to show Christmas movies A LOT.
Catch me on the Hallmark channel- "home and family" Aug. 8 at 10AM (cable)/ 7 AM Directv west coast. Summer treats
Watch the Hallmark Channel tomorrow (8th August) at 10am PDT / 7am EDT / 7am PDT Directtv to watch a special by Justin Hayward.
I'm sorry, you guys. I didn't change the channel when Blues Traveler came on this morning. And sometimes I watch the Hallmark Channel.
Unashamedly watching "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" on the Hallmark Movie Channel while I finish my morning coffee.
My mom is upset with the cable guy because doesn't carry The Hallmark Channel
Yay TV Movie! But I will cry if it's on The Hallmark Channel, I don't get it on UVerse.
"MT found young man who will play adolescent in his hallmark channel biopic.
Just Say No to producing more Hallmark Channel movies. Please. Lol
Wow, that on the hallmark channel looks lame.
Why is the hallmark channel on the tv at my gym? The mystery unfolds.
Why am I watching the hallmark channel? I am at the gym and it's on at the gym.   10% Off
close...I was watching Betty White in Golden Girls on the Hallmark channel
Constance Towers is on the hallmark channel right now.
Just realized isn't watching tv with me and I've been watching the Hallmark channel for a half hour 😑
On the next Hallmark Channel movie: Latina goes to Puerto Rico, falls in love with plain old white dude.
I feel like they've made this Kelly v. Miller matchup like the plot of a really bad Hallmark Channel Movie
I swear on every delivery I make the recipient is watching The Hallmark Channel. I'm getting into 70's family dramas though.
Photo: I’m watching Prince William and Kate: The Royal Romance “I’m watching on the Hallmark Channel”...
It definitely is, it definitely is. And that made me snarf. Or the Hallmark Channel’s.
I tried to say something sweet today and called me "The Hallmark Channel"...
Sorry I was too busy watching the Hallmark channel to see exactly what kind of man I don't want
Why can't I get addicted to good things like running or the hallmark channel. Instead I binge drink due to boredom.
I watch it daily on the Hallmark Channel!
Heads up, here comes a fact. they are real doctors. Are you confusing FNC with the Hallmark Channel?
And so it begins again... LOHTP Season one on Hallmark Channel! : )
"The Christmas Secret" : this TV movie should be broadcast on the Hallmark channel in November.
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Hallmark Channel's 'Debbie MacOmber's Cedar Cove' Ranks as the Top Cable Program in Total Viewers on Saturday from http…
Falling in love 140 characters at a time - sounds so awful it could be a Hallmark Channel movie. Maybe someday.
I can't believe it. There's a Hallmark Channel movie on with actual good acting and a clever script.
Saw your movie "Puppy Love" today on Hallmark Channel. Cute. Loved it. Thanks. Patty from Houston.
Watching a Hallmark Channel made for TV movie because that's how I roll on a Saturday night.
Yes, yes I am watching a Hallmark Channel made for TV movie...alone...on a Friday.
Hallmark Channel has "Christmas Keepsake Week" of holiday movies in July, where's the Halloween in Spring week of scary movies in March??!
Bright side: My favorite episode of just came on Hallmark Channel. "Frasier Crane's Day Off". Brilliant & hilarious.
You can always count on Hallmark Channel to play Christmas movies in the middle of summer... lol
Great news on Friday July 4th the Hallmark Channel is starting a weeks worth of Christmas movies! Tis the season
Next weekend Christmas movies will be on Hallmark Channel and I seriously cannot wait
Can't wait for Christmas in July on Hallmark Channel. It's almost as great as actual Christmas. Minus the tree. And the presents.
Sarah just farted in excitement because they're doing a Christmas in July special on the Hallmark Channel
Christmas in June. Hallmark Channel is advertising 2014 Keepsake Ornaments already.
I just got done watching this movie on the Hallmark Channel with Alison Sweeney and Greg Vaughan aka Sammy and Eric Brady from Days of Our Lives it was strangs seeing them as lovers instead of brother and sister the movie was real good and as usual I cried
I just caught the end of a movie on the Hallmark Channel called Second Chances starring Alison Sweeney & Greg Vaughan. Seemed like I missed a great romance movie until I realized that the 2 play twin brother/sister on Days Of Our Lives. I know, no biggie, they are actors, but it didn't seem right.lmao!
The rest of y'all can worry about iceball, but I'm watching the epi on the Hallmark Channel starring George Clooney.
The first original series from Hallmark Channel, which turned out to be a success for the cabler is coming back for the second season quite soon, on Saturday July 19th at 8pm ET/PT, 7C. In the second season premiere, called "Letting Go: Part One", Olivia fights flashbacks from her past as she helps Jack and his [...]The post Debbie MacOmbers Cedar Cove premieres season two
Delle Chatman (1951 – 2006) journeyed triumphantly from this life to the next on Tuesday November 7, 2006, after a four-year battle with Stage IV ovarian cancer. She was a gifted artist, director, writer and actress, whose work reflected a deep faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of her life. Her spirit, eloquence, and charisma connected her to the 30 Good Minutes audience in a very special way. Delle made her first appearance on 30 Good Minutes on October 5, 2003, sharing a personal reflection about faith. She was a regular contributor to the program that season and the next, and was the featured speaker and subject of a Spiritual Journey segment in late 2004. At the beginning of the 2005/2006 season Delle was made a host of 30 Good Minutes and, with Lydia Talbot and Daniel Pawlus, co-hosted eleven programs featuring Dr. Tony Campolo, Sr. Joan Chittister, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, and others. She was also a frequent contributor to New Morning on the Hallmark Channel. (The following is from Delle Cha ...
Well u can tell I'm bored to tears & excited all at the same time. Just printed off the Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movie Channels Christmas in July movie schedule so I can organize my DVR schedule 🎅🎄
Hallmark Channel is showing a movie about a romance writer. Guess who's tuning in to watch!
Looking forward to watching your movie on the Hallmark Channel tonight!
I just found a movie on the Hallmark Channel that stars you, and
Totally sucked into a Hallmark Channel movie.
For romantics, Hallmark Channel is airing the cute new movie "Looking for Mr. Right" tonight starring Sarah Lancaster.
TOMO!!! my TV movie ALWAYS & FOREVER airs in the afternoon!! check out local listings for the Hallmark Channel!...
Those of you pumped up about avoid the Hallmark Channel tonight. This movie is kinda gross.
Thank goodness for DVR. Don't even have the Hallmark channel anymore but I'm chillaxing with some good old episodes of
Jesus how many stations do we need FRIENDS (TV Show) on...we got TBS, CW, Nick at Nite Nickelodeon and Nick2 [which is Nickelodeon on the west coast and TV Land I think we're okay on the Friends fort okay people. I love the show but 4 stations is enough. I think The Middle is the same way they're on ABC Family, ABC [reruns], FOX and Hallmark channel
turn on the Hallmark channel, Golden Girls is on. Golden Girls makes everything better
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Im so grateful that the hallmark channel moved the Golden Girls up to 11pm to 1am.
Flips tv to the hallmark channel to watch Golden Girls... Djm
The Color of Rain! Hallmark Channel you done it once again. Great movie!
The commercials on the hallmark channel are for Christian Mingle and Botox (if you were wondering)
if anyone of you guys gets the HALLMARK channel you need to check out the Sunday night series SIGN, SEALED, DELIVERED it is AMAZING!!!
I come home from Hallmark to my mom watching the Hallmark channel ...
I liked that it wasn't like a Hallmark channel cheesy. And I comforted myself during the sobbing knowing that they r healthy in real life
he watches her Hallmark Channel movies so he may like it. I will check it out. Thanks! 😊
For those of you who enjoy watching Hallmark Channel during the holidays, they will be doing the Gold Crown Christmas Event on July 4th this year. Christmas in July…l watched it last year to hold me over until Thanksgiving. Love it!
Mark Pederson had a busy day at work and when he got home he said that he wanted chocolate(him and Denise Pederson are so much alike) so I left and got chocolate just for him and mom and I was going to turn on a good Hallmark Channel USA movie for them but they were watching the twins and doing homework together. BTW the twins old uniform from the 80's they are wearing tonight is ugly
Everyone is watching the game while I am watching Hallmark Channel!! LOL!!
Former Facts of Life costars Lisa Whelchel (Blair) and Kim Fields (Tootie) will reunite for the Hallmark Channel TV movie, For Better or For Worse, on Saturday, July 19 -- see their reunion picture
I am calling Charter tomorrow and canceling the Hallmark channel. I never seen so many fairy tail/happy endings in my life. Bah Humbug!😕
Anya Sarre has a few more closet organizing tips for you to clear your clutter! Watch Home & Family weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
FRIDAY! dishes about her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Looking for Mr. Right!
I kid you not, I heard someone talking about them on TV while I was half-asleep this morning. On the Hallmark channel.
with a week of holiday programming including a special Hallmark Channel USA presentation of "Angels Sing"
Hallmark Channel USA We've got an early gift for you! Our special Keepsake Celebration kicks off July 4th
Carol is delaying dinner so she can wrap up a movie on the hallmark channel whose main characters are a horse and the dad from 7th heaven
Old movies on oxygen and the hallmark channel get me
Blair and Tootie together again! Facts of Life costars Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fieldsare reuniting for an upcoming Hallmark Channel original movie,
It's so weird to have television in my house again. First time I've had channels in 17 years. Judge Mathis has aged pretty well, and everything on the Hallmark channel still *** At least there's consistency somewhere in the world.
TBT. One of the many segments we produced for Hallmark Channel show New Morning. The show as cancelled in 2011...
"Christmas in July" starts July 4th at 2pm - TEN DAYS of Christmas movies... http:…
Leg hurts so much today, laid up on the couch watching the Hallmark channel...yeah I said it!
Here's a special message from Lauren Potter & she'd love for you to support the Special Olympics! Watch Home & Family at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Here's a video peek from inside the Thyme & Tide that I shot this past week on set with my fave TV hubby. I love working on this show & am keenly aware of how blessed I am. The secret to life is doing what you love and loving what you do. And to never giving up five minutes before the miracle! With love & gratitude... Barbara xo Cedar Cove TV Bruce Boxleitner Hallmark Channel USA
My recent guilty pleasure has been watching a Hallmark channel show called Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. This show is part magic realism and part optimistic throwback to the past. And I admit that I find it really funny that the Dead Letters Office is a symbol of hope in the show. Insert Bartleby the Scrivener jokes here. And now I'm trying to decide between Bates Hotel and Hannibal. I watched a couple of episodes of each for the first season and then got very busy. I hear really good things about both of them. Recommendations?
I have to stop using the Hallmark Channel for Brink's background noise. He has taken to repetitively playing the Golden Girls theme song.
*** you Time Warner Cable for rearranging hundreds of channels. I don't know any of the channel lineup anymore and here I am stuck watching The Waltons yet again. What is this Hallmark channel???
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What a beautiful day today. I had the pleasure of spending some alone time with Emily. Her Mum was feeling stroppy, so I brought my tiny friend inside and gave her a bottle. She fell asleep in my arms as we relaxed in a recliner and Mary Ann and I watched a beautiful love story on the Hallmark channel.. I am such a romantic woman, I had tears in my eyes as they were lost in time.. My heart is heavy as someone I deeply care for lost his Mother. I remember how I felt when my parents passed away. I still miss them as if it were just yesterday.. Please pray for his Mum and that they find comfort in that she is with God now..MaryAnn is playing the piano, what beautiful music to close my day with.. God bless everyone, no I am not reciting Charles Dickens Scrooge!!!
Oh my, prego hormones are completely unnecessary. I want to cry. But there is nothing to cry about lol. Im very blessed and very happy. Oh I know. Ill watch the hallmark channel.
Paul Stanley on Home &Family on the Hallmark channel right now...interesting, Paul cooking Brussels sprouts..
Exciting news. The Aurora Teagarden books, my first mystery series, are being adapted for the Hallmark Channel as a series of two-hour movies. Candace Cameron Bure is attached. Couldn't be a bigger contrast to HBO, right? I'm really looking forward to the process, and I'll be posting when I know dates and the title of the series.
Since 2013, she has starred in the Hallmark Channel family series Cedar Cove.
This year the Hallmark Channel will give us a whole week of "Christmas in July" Movies 24/7, around the clock, starting July 7th, 2014 with our Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies from last year and Christmas Seasons gone by! Christmas Movies included in the week-long event are: Let it Snow (Candace Cameron Bure), The Christmas Ornament (Cameron Mathison and Kellie Martin), The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Brooke Burns), Christmas With Holly (Sean Faris), Window Wonderland (Naomi Judd), Holiday Engagement (Bonnie Somerville), Help for the Holidays (Summer Glau), Fir Crazy (Sarah Lancaster and Eric Johnson), Matchmaker Santa (Lacey Chabert), Debbie MacOmber's Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle (Doris Roberts), A Boyfriend for Christmas (Patrick Muldoon), and Many, Many More!
There's something wrong with me. If you drop your hat I'll tear up. If you say "Boo," the wrong way, I'll tear up. Be careful how you say, "Boo" to me. The series, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," on the Hallmark Channel makes me tear up. Undercover Boss, and the commercials when the kids are surprised by their parent coming home from the war makes me cry. And tonight, Gibbs' dad died on NCIS. I'm afraid to watch the Y&R. You know, Adam is not dead. This candy bar is so good, it'll make you cry. Thank GOD for Jesus. He's the only man that lets me cry. And, He accepts me as I am. Thank you, Jesus.
The 700 Club wrote: Balancing Family, Faith, and Career Lori Loughlin sits down with Scott Ross to discuss faith and her latest project from the Hallmark Channel, When Calls the Heart.
Eat seasonally, eat locally! Chef Ray Garcia of FIG Restaurant Santa Monica shares tips for picking and pairing seasonal vegetables! More great tips on Home & Family each weekday at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Have you ever made your own piñata? I show you how this Monday on Home & Family! Aida Mullenkamp loved it so much, I gave it to her for her Cinco De Mayo Party next weekend! This Monday on Hallmark Channel! 10/9c
watching Lake Effects on the Hallmark Channel it was filmed at Smith Mountain Lake here in Virginia.really good movie.and of course beautiful scenery
Tomorrow on Home & Family I show you how to turn 2$ flip flops into a very special gift for mom for Mothers Day! 10/9c on Hallmark Channel
Gina & Pat Neely from Food Network's Down Home with The Neelys have a great recipe to get kids to eat their vegetables! Watch Home & Family for more great recipes weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Did I really just say up to watch a Hallmark Channel movie?
is by far the most infuriating movie I have ever seen. Thank you, Hallmark Channel, for having no regard for my emotions.
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While on press junket in New York for her guest starring role on Hallmark Channel's SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED, legendary performer Valerie Harper further clarified her statement to Closer Weekly magazine that she is not cancer free. Ms. Harper's statement is: “I am grateful for an opportunity to bring clarity to the story in this week’s Closer Weekly and, more importantly, to address the headline which states that I am cancer free. I am not cancer free. As I have stated on many occasions, I have Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis (Lepto), lung cancer that has traveled to the meninges around my brain. While speaking to the reporter for Closer Weekly, I was relaying a story where my doctor had told me that in his 30 year practice, I was the only Lepto patient he has seen without other cancers already present. I had just had my yearly full-body scan to determine if this sneaky cancer had migrated to other parts of my body. Therefore, in completing that part of the story, I told the reporter with excitem ...
Had the pleasure of meeting Valerie Harper as she and producer Martha Williamson were welcomed at Mastermedia's reception in NYC. Martha is well known for her "Touched by an Angel" TV show years back. Valerie Harper is appearing in the first couple of episodes of Martha's new Hallmark Channel project, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." Ms. Harper is a miracle, looking healthy and healed from her recent health challenge. The event was sponsored by Joe Battaglia of Rennaisance Communications and David Christian Anderson of Mastermedia. The group was ... touched by an angel ... in the form of Ms. Harper. Most inspiring were she and Ms. Williamson.
we all know you two are talking about Matlock marathon in Hallmark Channel!
Signed Sealed Delivered Premieres on The Hallmark Channel on April 20th. - ssdfanpage:
Love watching the in April! Like watching Christmas movies in July on The Hallmark channel! 🎅🎄
Heads up! Tonight at 9pm is the movie "It Could Happen to You" with Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Rozy Perez and Stanley Tucci. It's on the Hallmark Channel. It a great true story romantic comedy. Sorry, I didn't give much notice...Carrie Stewart, Charlotte Gonzalez, Cyndi Johnson Stanley, Brittany Stanley, Ana Montero, Lisa Suggs, Liza Kenney, Linda Kenney, Mikayla Stanley (filmed in NYC and watch how New Yorkers respond to a certain predicament)
Come on, fight for the girl you love--- answer each others calls and texts. On the Hallmark Channel
or 2 episodes every night this week! Last 3 tonight. Thankful for the DVR & Hallmark Channel.
A little over a year ago, actress Valerie Harper (best known for her character Rhoda on The Mary Tyler Moore show) was diagnosed with a rare terminal brain cancer. She didn't let that stop her. She yelled Carpe Diem, grabbed life by the balls & is now starring in a Hallmark Channel tv SERIES. She is going to be 75 in August! That is flipping amazing!!! All I know is. I want to be like her when I grow up. :-)
Getting a little work done, chillin and watching the Hallmark channel!
After having a very busy week I am enjoying evening at home with my pets and Hallmark channel.
My dad is watching the hallmark channel. What a girl.
I love the hallmark channel there is always An amazing super sexy guy that is perfect that says and does all the right things, but I guess that's why it's tv ugh sigh!!! Where are all the sexy fireman?! Js
How I end up watching the hallmark channel?
is watching the "LUCKY IN LOVE" movie on the Hallmark channel with "GG".
Speaking of confessions... I love the *Hallmark Channel*! Saturdays are grand!
My dad watches the Hallmark channel religiously.
18 Pictures from When Calls the Heart on Hallmark Channel - View a slideshow of ‘When Calls the Heart on...
I just read you are going to do a TV series of The Good Witch on Hallmark Channel. Please tell me that us true!,
OMG, Hallmark Movie Channel has succumbed to liberals and this admin by mentioning Obammers name in their movies! Oprah too! UGH!
Since won't walk with me back to the Hallmark Channel
I'm kinda excited about having The Hallmark Channel.
I really like the Hallmark channel but I can not hear what the actors are saying because the background music is too loud. If I turn the volume up the music is still louder than the dialogue .
Hallmark Channel USA · We are humbled by the outpouring of love have shown for our brand new series
Watching Dean Cain in Operation Cupcake on the Hallmark Channel. My Saturday just kicked your Saturday in the ***
Saturday afternoon with Hallmark Movie Channel 🎉
The Hallmark Channel is keeping be from the outside. Stopping on that channel for one second gets me every time.
Video - Be sure to watch starting April 20 Hallmark Channel for this excellent series 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
Who the *** watches the Hallmark Channel!? The terrible channel is on EVERYTIME I walk into the break room
It all started with one lottery ticket... Nicholas Cage, Rosie Perez & Bridget Fonda star in a true story about money, the things it can buy ... and the one thing it can't! "It Could Happen to You" a Hallmark Channel USA premiere TONIGHT 9/8C!
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Finally feeling a little better today. Food poisoning I no joke now my body just feels a little achey and my throat hurts and I'm still pretty tiered. Looks like today well be a hallmark channel kinda day lol.
In lots of pain n Im watching the Hallmark channel!!! Blah!
First of all. I've noticed that dad has a unhealthy interest in regards to the Hallmark Channel.
Goin to take a nice hot relaxing bubble bath . Then crak open some Corna and watch or in my case listen to the hallmark channel.
Think I'll make some hot coa coa and curl up on the couch and watch a movie on the Hallmark channel
We need a channel that just plays over & over again. Hallmark's close, but I get a little pouty when a movie interrupts us.
No joke you guys, there is a Hallmark Channel original movie called 'Operation Cupcake' & it "stars" Dean Cain.
Hallmark channel & PMS emotions . NOT a good combination.. The 😭 are pouring !!!
Words with friends, hallmark channel Golden Girls , m&ms make being sick a little more tolerable! But it still ***
"You ever see a black man watch the Hallmark channel?" "No." "And you never will."
@ DStv_Kenya hey what's app with hallmark channel in kenya
Hallmark Channel all dayin till tonight PPV boxing Pacquiao at my michelle casa.
Well I was going to have a productive day! But then I turned on the Hallmark channel!!
Hubster puts the tv on the Hallmark Channel "This will buy me some time to weed eat before we ride the Bike" :)
People get so worked up about the hallmark channel?! Like *** !
Hallmark Channel has got it on point this morning! First I Love Lucy and now Golden Girls?!?
Watch episode clips, how-tos, performances and more an all new season of "Home & Family," only on Hallmark Channel!
I've graduated from Looney Tunes to the Hallmark channel. Just kidding.
We had so much fun with Abbacadabra on today's show that we asked them to stay after we wrapped to sing a few more songs for all of us! Enjoy and Happy Friday!! Home & Family airs weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Find out more about the Hallmark Channel Original Movie " A Lesson in Romance," starring Kristy Swanson, Scott Grimes, and Allie Gonino.
Mr. Ed is on the hallmark channel, I love that show!
Watching I Love Lucy shows on the Hallmark's bittersweet. Laughing as I did when I was little and remembering what great "clean" funny shows we had while growing up. There are not many sitcoms today worth watching. It's so sad...thankful for re runs of the good ones of long ago. :)
Tomorrow Will Be Televised guest bulletin: Due to a late situation, Touched By An Angel creator Martha Williamson, now doing Signed, Sealed, Delivered on Hallmark Channel, will not be with us next Monday. She will be on llive the following Monday, April 21. in her place: Dana Klein, creator/executive producer of CBS' new sitcom Friends With Better Lives, which starts Monday night. Call or chatroom in your questions/feedback for Dana Monday at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on BlogTalk Radio and Brooklyn Independent Media HD!
Between the Hallmark channel and LOGOTV I think Golden Girls is on all night long.grandma would be so happy.
Okay, watching promos for new shows on the Hallmark channel. THESE people get to make TV shows?! That is so unfair.
Afraid you're addicted to sugar? Dr. Nicole Avena has tips to curb your sugar intake! Home & Family is always new weekdays at 10a/9c on Hallmark Channel!
Wish I had the Hallmark channel so I could watch all the episodes of "Murder, She wrote" that show...Thanks Dad for getting me into it!
I'm watching "Golden Girls" on the Hallmark Channel at 11pm on a Friday night and IT IS AMAZING.
I watch my Golden Girls faithfully every night at 12am on the Hallmark channel !
Golden Girls is on the hallmark night has been made 😊
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OMG!!! OMG!! SO so proud of our Hollywood Troop 12! You were all SO fabulous on your TV appearance today on "Home and Family", on the Hallmark Channel!!! What a great segment!! Much thanks to Laura Nativo for having us on!! I will post the clip soon for all to see!! Well done Troop 12! :)
Safe Harbor is on Hallmark Movie Channel Tuesday. I have never seen it. Are you in it much?
God's Not Dead is a really good movie. Just get past the Hallmark Channel level of writing and editing and you'll really enjoy it!
I'll leave your TV on the Hallmark channel and hide the remote.
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