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Hallmark Cards

Hallmark Cards is a privately owned American company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 1910 by Joyce C.

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everyone! Give us your best caption for this trio for a chance to some Hallmark cards.
Celebrate your child's birthday in a BIG way with Kids Poster cards!
My mom is reading sappy hallmark cards in the store and begins to tear up so I chose to walk away lol
How do you celebrate your little moments in BIG ways?
Happy Saturday one and all! May today be full of sunshine & laughter. I should really go to work writing Hallmark cards...
Do you suppose Hallmark has a section for cards?
and Hallmark decided they needed to sell more cards
Brilliant idea: greeting cards that tell you what to write on the inside instead of printing it for you. Hallmark, you’re welcome.
Celebrating the new School Year with Kids Cards - Chewsy Lovers
I ignore Hallmark Holidays. And this comes from a guy who has sold a million Opus greeting cards. - Berkely Breathed
- Things to make up for all the games &' the lies , hallmark cards saying I apologize ,..
things that make up, for all the games and the lies. Hallmark cards, sayin "I apologize"
why do your $10 cards suggest you mail them in a padded envelope without providing said envelope? It's discouraging & costly.
.So you guys finally made cards for my sexual performance 💕
Do you save cards and notes from special people in your life? Do you send them often enough?
Does Hallmark sell cards that celebrate anniversaries of surviving life threatening situations? Like car crash that should have been fatal.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Working at Hallmark is fun until people are buying sympathy cards and remembrance gifts and they start crying 😢
In Hallmark aisle at Duane Reade in Penn Station: Hallowe'en cards. Lots of 'em. Who buys Hallowe'en cards in mid-August?
call my *** hallmark cards because I hope you get well soon
A Celebration Memory that lasts thanks to Hallmark Kids Poster Cards
So you're gonna call a hallmark store, ask if we sell hallmark cards and before I can say yes you're gonna say "it's a yes or no question" 😡
Crying at the goodbye cards in the hallmark store don't mind me
Celebrate and make memories with fun poster cards available at …
Hallmark got cards for anything; back to school, out of jail, menopause, in jail, quit drugs, potty trained. WHO IS PURCHASING THESE CARDS 😂
If you keep forgetting mom's birthday, or just hate going to Hallmark, might be for you
They should sell tampons and Hallmark cards at the liquor store
Alright 5 hours of ringing up Hallmark cards let's do dis
How is Hallmark just closed? What is wrong with our generation that we just don't buy greeting cards anymore?
Does Hallmark make sympathy cards for guys who have to suck *** in a cell all day ( yes )wouldn't waste the money
We have the perfect Shoebox card to send to your fellow Shark Week fans!
Did you know that now you can get rewarded *everywhere* that you buy Hallmark cards?!? 5 Hallmark Cards = 1 FREE Reward -- like a $5 Old Navy egift card!!! Start earning now:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Errbody who c cyber-thuggin needs to stop... Then u c tha mf u shakin salt on its all smiles n hallmark cards. Et's b***h s**t...
Dropped OH’s aunt off to see her partner. It’s a Hallmark Care Home - I expect nice sympathy cards come as part of the package.
pretty sure Laundromat Day was invented by Hallmark to sell cards. (also, you are adorable)
The Competition: Please use to compose a sentiment that Hallmark is unlikely to offer.
Hallmark tell y'all anything to sell cards.“Today is National Girlfriends Day? Oh”
No more Snoopy Hallmark cards and bouquet of flowers. That's okay tho. ☺️
Download and use the Hello You:) Personalised Cards App and a Puppy might deliver our card.
"Birthdays are invented by Hallmark to sell cards"
Next thing you know, hallmark will be making national girlfriend day cards😂
Hallmark is awful?? Do you give people birthday cards without good seal stickers??
While doing some more cleaning today I came to the realization that I basically own a small Hallmark store in unsent b-day & greeting cards.
Interesting recent piece from Seyfarth Shaw LLP summarizing the Eighth Circuits opinions in the Hallmark Cards case.…
Stock up on cards at Hallmark Brand Smart Single cards for a low $2.50 or buy multiples for a bigger saving! The...
My sister stay buying Mahogany Hallmark cards. She says they're way better than the regular Hallmark options.
I wonder if there are Hallmark cards for it with the insides just being an edited draft of an old card.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You should work for Hallmark greeting cards. lol
Unsure of what to get that special someone in your life... no worries, we have gift cards for Hallmark Gold Crown...
My old is now a clothing store. People needs clothes and all, but clothes are not cards (and ornaments!).
We have Hallmark cards for all occasions!
Wait. Sarah Jessica Parker has a line of greeting cards at Hallmark? Man this girl is takin over the world!
do you guys have cards for that apologizes for ruining someone's life because I would like a pack of at least 12.
him in the prem. wow that would be brutal. More cards then hallmark.
Because you can't get customized cards at Hallmark! ☺️
I have read Hallmark Cards with more depth then this. Padme & Anakin falling in love is like Shakespeare in comparison
Wow! I just won this for free, NEW Hallmark Snowman Christmas Cards ~ Christmas In July
Its not a holiday of hallmark doesn't have cards for it, or if its not automatically programmed into my phone.
Support mission-purchase one of their co-branded cards available online and in stores.
I've bought five birthday cards already...get me out of hallmark 🎉🎉
Hallmark must be really desperate to sell more cards :)
Hallmark apparently has a line of meme cards now. Everything is awful.
See how are helping be a better friend
Thank you Max. You are too kind. I always think my poetry sounds like Hallmark, but hey, hallmark sells a lot of cards :)
One for next years valentines cards, ... Hallmark would kill for that hook...
I'm gonna make my own line of cards guys, it'll be way better than hallmark.
It doesn't it was invented by hallmark to sell cards for graduation
Birthday were invented by hallmark to sell cards.
Hallmark cards need to learn a thing or two about real life. Today my bf called to say he licked his lips and tasted my *** Now THAT!
Do they not have hallmark cards for open heart surgery?
wow, the amount of Hallmark cards I'm coming across.
Notice that there are animals on all of these cards? Not exactly marketing to dudes, are they? Hallmark ain't dumb.
Part-Time: House of Cards - Come join our successful Hallmark Gold Crown Team ...
Dan and Renee are the icons of their generation in more ways than one. I know them periferrally as we are wont to do on social media as we work in web apps, digital communications and know one another like ships that see one another in shipping lanes. However, this is also representative of how young people today develop and use modern devices to express sentiments and emotions as old as the beginning of couples seeking companionship in one another's fondest gaze and shared memories. However, where before one would write a sensual poem of words on parchment, or send a letter with perfume in the envelope by courier, if of sufficient class, or by private post mail if not, this creative infographic is the new equivalent of old monotone, tedious if not treacly mass produced Hallmark cards. ( See where I am going with this). Today, we are all part of the Dan and Renee lifecycle adventure, and if you missed important milestones in their pursuit of creating a genealogy, as well as cute as a button offspring, the ...
Does hallmark have cards that properly apologize for peeking at someone's wife from the bushes through a window? Asking for a friend.
Hallmark is really missing out on an opportunity with, "Sorry youse a stupid *** sympathy cards.
Getting back into my Thoughtful Thursday fun with Hallmark
I heard hallmark is releasing their new line of "I'm sorry you're terrible at life.." cards
Hallmark cards saying I apologize. Is you w. Me, how could you ever deceit me
Batman Day was invented by Hallmark to sell Bat Cards.
"Birthdays are a scam. They were invented by Hallmark to sell cards." - Ron Swanson
today's walmart one, the one about the fries, etc. They're like electronic urban Hallmark cards.
Is it true? cards & ornaments are in the making? If so, this is the best holiday EVER!
Does Hallmark have apology cards for when you forget to pull their hair and smack their *** yet?
"Birthdays were invented by the Hallmark company to sell cards"
"Birthdays are a scam they were invented by hallmark to sell cards"
I've never seen House of Cards, but I understand it takes place in a Hallmark store.
"My mouth would look pretty on your *** " . I should write Hallmark cards.
Someone needs to sell large bundle packs of hallmark cards for weddings & babyshowers so I can buy in bulk cuz Ima be broke by Christmas.
Still waiting for Hallmark to create a line of cards that says, "Happy birthday, I'm pretty sure you're cheating on me."
If you can't handle me at my double chin snapchat, you don't deserve me at my Instagram selfie. . -New Hallmark Cards
I sneak these new Hallmark BuzzWorthy cards in my husband suitcase when he is gone on business trips!...
domain names
Be sure to grab these at your local Walmart before they are gone! .
Kim always coming up with the creative one liners. She should write hallmark cards honestly
Working in the digital sandbox with really smart folks. (at Cards, Inc.)
ive always given hallmark cards for every big holiday! Love the cards, the commercials, put them in the shows!
But doesn't explain the placement of the card. I went into a store and it wasn't placed among the other Mother's Day cards
“Hey Thanks for your feedback. Here is some additional information on these cards. -jt”
Boys that get you flowers and those hallmark cards with the cute messages on the inside 😍 do they exist?
Hallmark is really missing out on making money from selling "I'm sorry you were catfished" cards.
I tried! I went to hallmark and bought a bunch of cards and everything but some unemployed drunk took my name.
New cards from hallmark:. 1 - im sorry to hear about your miscarriage. 2 - congratulations on your miscarriage
Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker's range of cards for Hallmark? They are simply gorgeous.
Hallmark cards are thrown on to the field to players for doing a good job.
Rarely buy cards, but will definitely be buying my husband a Hallmark card for Father's Day. Maybe I'll buy a few extra...
Watching the new season of House of Cards
Hallmark cards: because people can't adequately express their feelings without someone writing cheesy jokes for them.
I should be scrong af after lifting boxes of hallmark cards for hours. 😞💪
I'm assuming Madden 15 is gonna be like those talking hallmark cards, when u open the case Sherman's ranting about being the best cornerback
Im mad at hallmark for havin a "mahogany" branch to sell cards to black folk like we aint allowed to use the reg ones
Father's Day is coming up come to hallmark and get some cards or a gift
I will buy more and more Hallmark cards with the only intent to spite this anti-gun group.
Hallmark is getting ridiculously specific with their cards.
Mom just admitted to me that she spends about $200 a year on hallmark cards that I can only assume get thrown away within a day.
Spent 2 hours in Hallmark today... Not ONE "I know it was you who ate my Chick Fil-a *** you're gonna die!" cards anywher…
The ubiquitous card company Hallmark is offering same-dad Father’s Day e-cards for the first time.
I love buying cards at the Hallmark store.
Why does shoppers only have 2 stepdad Father's Day cards.. Just gonna ignore those divorce rates hallmark?
i will go out and buy two Hallmark cards today to support their CEOs right not to say, ban Lois Lerner
Screw them buy all your greeting cards from Hallmark - Anti gin crowd are ignorant fools
Why are there no Father's Day cards for dads who like jazz and canoeing and going to the opera
Tonight at 7PM CST! Spread the word, birdies. It's all Vintage and greeting cards tonight.…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Like a reminder on his calendar, Hallmark cards and more
"Hallmark has never made cards in this respect! Saying 'Thanks Mom for Having Me on This Day!'"
My dad is dead, but I'm going to buy Father's Day cards for some cool dad friends of mine from Hallmark.
Please know the viewpoint of Hallmark before you exude too much energy on this. From their website: Father's Day Cards for Moms (and Vice Versa) For years, consumers have expressed a desire for cards that specifically acknowledge the role of a single mother on Father's Day, as well as the reverse – cards for single dads on Mother's Day – and cards to honor other people (neighbors, coaches, aunts and uncles, etc.) in someone's life on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Hallmark has offered choices appropriate to these situations for the past several years, available in multiple card lines. In 2014, we offer one "To Dad on Mother's Day" card in our general Mother's Day line, as well as "Like a Mother" cards appropriate for many relationships. For Father's Day 2014, we offer one "To Mom on Father's Day" card in our general Father's Day line and one in our Mahogany card line, both of which also include "Like a Father" options. Card-shoppers also have the choice of creating personalized cards for either of the ...
Find the perfect card for dad at Metro. The largest selection of Hallmark cards in Jefferson County.
800+ Hallmark Cards and Projects: Design cards for all occasions — birthdays, holidays, weddings and more. Father's Day is coming up on June 15th. Surprise your father with a custom card. Free Ship!
Blackberry Castle Productions was honored by Kansas City to produce behind the scenes footage for the KC150 Sesquicentennial celebration in 2001 at Arrowhead Stadium. We were also installed by Mayor Barnes into the Union Station Time Capsule for our work, alongside such notables as; Lamar Hunt-KC Chiefs, George Brett-KC Royals, Don Hall-Hallmark Cards, Inc. etc...Mayor Barnes with her cousin, world reknown CBS news anchor, Walter Cronkite emceed the event.
Yesterday, I received a beautiful Hallmark greeting card in the mail from a special friend. The designs on the card were quite intricate and the card appeared to be "heavier" than most cards - probably made of some type of heavy card stock. I was interested to see if it was made using recycled materials. I also wanted to see who made the card. Until I turned it over, I was not sure if it was a Hallmark or American Greetings or another card manufacturer. When I turned it over, after noticing the Hallmark SIGNATURE Collection, I did not see anything referring to "recycled", but instead, I found this claim - "THIS CARD MADE WITH PAPER FROM WELL MAINTAINED FORESTS" To the right of that comment was another comment saying "Hallmark Licensing, LLC, Hallmark Cards, Inc., produced in China. Wow, what a shocker. so, if this card was "produced" in China, how do we know if, in fact, that the card was made with paper from well maintained forests? Does Hallmark ship paper from the United States that is made from ...
I'm a mess now I wanted to get cards but I passed hallmark
😂😂 I got a 50 hallmark cards full of love my love!! 😂😂
(´-`).。oO I found a remarkable little book at a local thrift shop last week. Published by Hallmark Cards Inc. ...
pft. I'm so missed they put me on hallmark cards.
You wanna send hallmark cards saying I apologize is you with me? How can you ever deceive me but pay back a b$Mf believe me
Under this misanthropic, unsivilized lunatic is a giant teddy bear sewn together by hallmark cards, with hair stolen from Mufasa's mane
Retired from NWA as a Customer Service agent currently living in Surprise, AZ and loving the weather. Work p/t at Hallmark cards and I am a 6 yr survivor of esophogial cancer. Don't know if I will be able to make the June 20th date but will sure try.
Website Builder 728x90
I'm gonna start a new line of Hallmark Cards that says exactly what you've been thinking. Such as, "Happy...
MADE IN THE USA .! PAY ATTENTION FOLKS". IT IS YOUR BUSINESS…! Costco sells Goodyear wiper blades for almost half the price that you will pay on the outside and they are made in the U.S.A. Read and do the following. Did you know that there is no electric coffee maker made in the US and that the only kitchen appliances made in the US is Viking? This information came from a report made by Diane Sawyer. Hopefully this has changed or will soon!!! I DIDN'T KNOW HALLMARK CARDS WERE MADE IN CHINA…! That is also why I don't buy cards at Hallmark anymore, They are made in China and are more expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each and made in USA . I have been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. Kitchen Aid is MADE in the US. Top of my list already. Yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn't want to pay that much so I asked the lady if they had any others. She took me to another department and they had some at $2.50 ...
Father's Day greeting cards $3 each. Will meet in Hammond or Ponchatoula areas to deliver or can mail it to you for an extra $2. Hallmark cards are around $6 in the store! Choose a super unique card this year for your special dad!
Yaya leaving MCFC over birthday cards and cake ? I bet he could buyout all the Hallmark stores between Manchester and Abu Dhabi 😜
birthday cards are just a way to keep Hallmark's stock price up.
I'm a smooth talker it's such a gift, I make people cry from reading the sweet and caring things I'm like the people who make hallmark cards
I should work at hallmark cause these graduation cards are so sassy
SPOTTED: Luis Enrique and Laurent Blanc at Clintons in the 'belated birthday cards' section.
Reconnect with Hallmark Friendship cards and a Photo Display
Trouble with thank you notes? Check out this guide to curing writer's block & great cards from
FSI engineers have an early start this morning. Their heading to Newbury to fix the conditioning at Hallmark cards.
Why are Hallmark cards a thing? It's a waste of $6 for something that can be so priceless.
Pop should write Hallmark cards. "I'm your husband, you're my wife. I love you."
D U write Cards for Hallmark? U always have something positive to say!
Cats love menthol cigarettes. Kools are like Hallmark cards in the cat world.
Once again Hallmark proves to be the leading *** in fascism as they reject another one of my "Eelin' Fine" cards.
Keep speaking about the complex realities of mother's lives. We are not hallmark cards.
its 2014 and there are still no "I Live At The Aquarium Now" greeting cards..while we live in vacant shark tanks, hallmark lives in the past
I think should write Hallmark cards because she had me tearing up at what she wrote in my yearbook 😭😭💙
Just had a mini meltdown in Hallmark reading cards.. I'm just so proud of my daddy!!!
These Hallmark greeting cards with money holders will do. 😊 Anything extra to include? 😉
I'm pretty sure cancer was invented by Hallmark to sell more Get Well Soon cards.
Didn't realise 19May Accounting Day (US).Though unlike Mother's Day,don't expect Hallmark will do any heart warming cards...
Dear if you'd make cards for godfathers for Father's Day, that'd be great- they deserve it. Sincerely, a frustrated goddaughter.
I tell ya... Some men are like walking hallmark cards, they say the right things, but ACTION speaks Louder than words.
Missy, at the end, was just the feline embodiment of Maxine from the Hallmark cards.
Out of the hundreds of thousands of cards I can never find one that ever expresses what I want them too. C'mon Hallmark
God is like Coke. He's the real thing. God is like General Electric. He lights your path. God is like Bayer Aspirin. He works wonders. God is like Hallmark Cards. He cares enough to send the very best. God is like Tide. He gets the stains out thatothers leave behind. God is like VO5 Hairspray. He hold through through all kinds of weather. God is like Dial Soap. Aren't you glad you know Him? Don't you wish evertone did? God is like Sears. He has everything. God is like Alka Seltzer. Try Him. You'll like Him. God is like Scotch Tape. You can't see Him, but you know He's there.
STOREWIDE SALE! All Hallmark-branded merchandise--including cards, gift wrap, gifts, and MORE--are 20% off!...
Man, fb is just a bunch of "shares" anymore. I get tired of scrolling through all the hallmark cards to read what someone really does have on their mind.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Seeriously Hallmark you make cards for everyone under the sun including petsbut I cant find a birthday card for a best friend
Why do niggaz be muggin so hard.but when I say something they all smiles and hallmark cards?
What to write in your graduation cards. Great ideas! via
I want to live in your phone that way I will feel never neglected and you would always search your world to find me to return the favor I would make you smile and capture incredible moments and wake you up to be to work on time. This was a text I sent to a cutie we had a battle of being cheesy. We wrote stuff that should be in hallmark cards.
The Pharmacy Wars Dad & Dee Rothgeb had the Rich Vally Dairy; milk & ice cream processing plant across the alley toward the river, behind Jackson's Cab Company. Dad felt that he had to promote neither so he would purchase from Corrick's, while Mother would purchase from Hall's Pharmacy. Corrick's Drug Stores were huge competitors for the walk in trade. The Rx. Trade was equal for both. There was nothing there that either could gain the advantage. If I remember correctly. Hall's had Whitman candies and Corrick's had Russel Stover Candies. One had Hallmark Cards. The other didn't. etc. The fountain service was the only area where they really competed. Both had Soda Jerks, who pumped the syrup out of the white ceramic containers on top of the refrigerated counter top, add some water, stir with a spoon, then add some carbonated water to finish. This skill would determine the business profitability. This was till CORRICKS took the imitative and had a new fountain that would auto pump a measured amount of syr . ...
A new business idea with Sammi. disturbing Hallmark cards. X
Building to left with big sign on top is old Western Auto Building. 3/4 mile straight ahead is Hallmark Cards
Hallmark need to make specialty cards about fake friends and bitter Exes. Those would be a top seller fasho
Hallmark should hire to pen a line of "Apology" cards.
I would argue the $7 Mother's Day cards from Hallmark at CVS is a good contender.
on You bet. View Exhibits A, B, and C in our Essay.
A trip to Hallmark looking for some cards highlights just how lacking of a standard we accept in our closest relationships
The devout talk about the "beauty" of The Koran. To which I say, where? What passage of the Koran is as memorable or wise as, say, Shakespeare, Yeats, even Bob Dylan? Take the passage of the Koran that the Nigerian schoolgirls were forced to read. Here it is: "All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. The Beneficent, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we serve and Thee do we beseech for help. Keep us on the right path. The path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favors. Not (the path) of those upon whom Thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go astray." What crappy writing. Just awful. Black Sabbath lyrics are better. And the rest of the Koran is as bad or worse. It's all...I am the way and the light and don't stray from the path and the infidel must die blah blah blah. I mean, Hallmark Cards has better material. But I guess if you've been indoctrinated into it since age four, you eat it up because you have no choice.
Nothing like holidays to remind you how awkward your family is. Where are the absentee-mother and step-mother cards,
Hallmark Introduces New Greeting Cards Honoring *** Moms - Hallmark is expanding its greeting card line to...
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don't be distracted by this sunny weather & these hallmark cards&these $247 FTD Mothers Day bouquets because this world…
Hallmark shop fades into history - I noticed when I shopped for Valentine's Day cards that the supply at my local...
Just gunna make depressing hallmark cards for a living. "merry Christmas.I'm atheist but i still do this holiday". "happy birthday,die."
Sometimes I think, *** I should make hallmark cards! I would totally save some poor guy from his gf problem with my cards lol.
If you think that's bad just think of how awful the Hallmark cards would look like for that holiday, lol.
I posted this twice for a reason. Every piece of technology has its place in the world and amongst it; there is always a DOUBLE EDGE SWORD. I've been sick this last week and my beautiful niece, Tiana had a BBQ for all of the great Mom's in our lives, including her Mom Marie that has a hear of gold. I did not want to spread my germs but I hold all of you in my heart since we know that being a MOM is a not an easy thing. It all looks so pretty on those Hallmark cards. Watch the video that I posted twice...Many blessings to all of you.
I want to win with Enter to win a 10pack of greeting cards and a surprise!
Sometimes I wonder if my mom knows that we don't actually write what's in the hallmark cards for Mother's Day 😯
Brownie man when did you start writing inspirational cards for Hallmark?
Decided hallmark cards needs to start a new line of apology cards inspired by rob ford. Sorry. I was in a drunken stupor when I ...
Thanks to for the awesome display of cards!
are a Everyone knows they were invented by as a way to sell
Ouch! Ouch! The sound of my family throwing a bunch of love, gratitude, and hallmark cards at me today.
Hallmark doesn't have cards that say-. Mom, I'm so proud of your daily cleavage shots & sending *** pics to random stran…
Donald Sterling should write cards for Hallmark/American Greetings. This guy is a wordsmith.
OMG my favs..Guys I still cry reading cards...recently in the hallmark card aisle at the EP walmart I'm so pathetic
Over in FB land, women love pictues with words on them. I think its acceptable just to give them Hallmark cards for special occasions.
Troubled relationships is a section for hallmark cards 😂😂🙈
"The whole thing is a scam, birthdays were created by Hallmark to sell birthday cards" Ron Swanson
you gave me the Sweet D, I gave you the McD. Hallmark should make cards for this kinda thing we got
do they still make the Hallmark cards where you can record your voice? I'll sing John Legend songs and send you the cards lol
Dear Hallmark,. Can you make some Mothers Day Mahogany cards that don't just say "Mama?" Some of us use the term "Mom.". thanks!
Birthdays were not invented just for Hallmark to sell cards.
I felt like crying and laughing and walking around handing out Thank-You cards from Hallmark. 💕😭
did you guys know Hallmark now sells homosexual mother's day cards? Strike them as family friendly.
Valentine's Day Greeting Cards by Hallmark or Blossom Valley of Canada, a Set of Four with Envel…
What did I do on Mothers' Day? Well, I opened Hallmark cards and then I did laundry, went grocery shopping, and cooked. Hey, wait a minute! Except for the cards part that sounds like Every other Sunday. *sigh*
Save $2 with purchase of 2 Expressions from Hallmark cards from
INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT OHIO, WOOD COUNTY & PEMBERVILLE Opera House announces its 2014-15 Live in the House Concerts Written by John Szozda, SUBURBAN PRESS Grammy award winner Barbara Bailey Hutchison will highlight the Live in The House Concert Series at the Pemberville Opera House for the 204-15 season. Hutchison won a Grammy in 1996 for Best Musical Recording for Children for her album of original lullabies. The singer-songwriter has been performing for more than 20 years and you’ve heard her voice on commercials for McDonalds, Hallmark Cards, Heinz and other national advertisers. The Detroit native will appear at the opera house on October 4. Hutchison is another of the accomplished musical acts that Carol Bailey, artistic director for the opera house, calls “the best music you’ve never heard of.” Six other musical acts, a vaudeville magician/comedian and a silent movie night comprise the seventh Live in the House season funded in part by the Ohio Arts Council. Highlights include: •The Great ...
Just doing regular everyday errands with Mom is a treat! She is hilarious! Mothers Day Everyday, not just when the calendar & Hallmark Cards say so!
Just something to think about after your post-Mother's day bliss.are the Hallmark cards better than actual rights and respect as women? Did you know that in the US, many jobs often view maternity leave as a disability leave? I'm not a mother, but I sure do love some mothers, and I think it's insane.
Tupac got 15 beats and 150 different ways to spit a verse over one of them I consider myself a pac fan why in the world am I still hearing new stuff I'm like what version of I ain't mad at cha is this!? Are Pac rhymes are seasonal like hallmark cards O_o!?
Hallmark Cards has started making cards with two moms and two dads and the right-wing is going bonkers. Those poor bigots are being bombarded from all directions. Must suck to be them. So many boycotts so little time.
Mother's I hope all of You'll morning is off to sunshine (Breathing)above ground day.Some children some how in they're mind think,if I buy my mom a thousands Gifts that I've caught up with her paid in (Full)well let me help U ,mothers(OUT) who might have a child or children like that if you're one of those mom who will (Literally)stick your hands in a (Fire)and pull them out to safety,if you're one of those moms who child is (Broken)you will pray that God will (Heal) you would if you could (MEND)it in the name of Jesus,if your child can't see they're way out of Paper bag or can't see they're way,can't even pick themselves UP"you're (Walk)that Path alone the way and most of that walking will be You, if you're that mom who literally want nothing but true Happiness,and affection for your Child you're trust and lean on God ,to send the very (Best)unlike a hallmark cards that Mom,Just because she feels her child is in discomfort knows it before her child even Share some of you who might ask how because that .. ...
To have a husband who appreciates the things you do for the family is more than any girl could ever ask for. My knight does the laundry and shops for Hallmark cards on Mother's Day...he never does on any other holidays of the year. I have the most awesome man in my life!!!
Cajun candyman taught the skinny flat topped boy to play checkers and third base Bettye Jean taught him to be too loyal they both taught him life was like a Tennessee Williams play ( neither probably knew who mr Williams was) Mother's Day and Father's Day are sacred reminders to boycott hallmark cards and that gratitude like love is an action... now play some kitty wells.
Mothers Day Is over officially. I had a very good day with all my kids. My husband treats me like a queen... He was super attentive...( think he liked my hair today lol) I got great gifts, and beautiful hand made cards, and, Hallmark cards.We went to dinner after the funeral home ( my heart and love goes out to my good friend Rick Gatz on losing his wife Terri) I'm so blessed, I know this even if I don't show it or say it every day... Love my life I couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you for making me feel so loved.
Mother's Day isn't like the movies or hallmark cards. Your kids aren't always perfect they embarrass you in public at times, they make u want to pull your hair out. Your house isn't always clean. You ALWAYS have a load of laundry to be done. You always looking for missing,toys, shoes or preparing food! However I would not trade my crazy life with 3 kids for anything! They make me laugh,smile and feel loved and needed every single day! We can be silly we can play, they love to cuddle and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love being a mommy even if tv made it look just a little easier! 😊
if progressive means I have to stock up on candles,hallmark cards and balloons to celebrate misery.I'll pass
Shoot who needs Hallmark cards. Creativity is the best for Mothers Day.
Seriously though, how exhausting was Mother's Day? My day started with the thoughtful breakfast in bed served way too early. Kids prepared toast, jam, fruits, and green tea. Even sang me a happy Mother's Day tune. Then, I got all the special handmade cards that I will keep forever and also the Hallmark cards that I had to take them to CVS to buy for myself. The day continued on to a delicious breakfast with my in-laws. Playgroup that afternoon at our house required a special baking project as per Alexa's request. So, I had to run to three different stores to find cookie cutters, frosting, and sprinkles. The girls came over, decorated their sugar cookies for mom, and the best part was when I heard "your house is always the best playgroup!" It's only mid afternoon and I'm yearning for a nap (or a Starbucks.) An early dinner with my parents took us all to Cipollini only to find that hundreds of others had decided to go there as well. The beautiful weather allowed us to sit outside to people w ...
Deep Internal Sigh... Mother's Day is hard for me. I know I'm not alone... So many women feel this way for different reasons: Never had an opportunity to be a mother, the child they gave up, the baby that was lost before it was born, the baby that was lost at birth, the child that was taken too early by something you couldn't do anything about, the child who is passing away now and you feel so helpless, the child you raised and feel like you failed, the child you feel failed you, The mother who could never love you, the mother who it hurt too much to love, the mother who passed away, the mother who is passing now... We don't all fit into the cookie cutter holiday and they don't make hallmark cards for women like us... but the truth is there are more of us that fall outside the joyful holiday lines than we realize. We each have our own experiences and understanding of what mother's day means to us... No matter what your pain or challenge is today, you are not alone. You might be faking a smile through this ...
My wonderful Matthew informed me at Dinner tonight that he wasn't in to all those mushy Hallmark cards- so I wasn't getting one from him. Little did I know h had already written me a full page letter thanking me for being his mom and letting me know that I was his hero! He told me he was grateful and that he loves me. (Along with so many other wonderful things)I am so proud and humbled and truly honored. This simple letter make it all worth it. All the heartache and frustration- the worrying an the regrets. I love him!
The thing that's tough about parenting is you're not in the driver's seat for any of it. There are no "very special bonding moments." It's all, "oh I see you're having a bad allergy attack and can't stop sneezing, but could I ask you some very graphic questions about hymens right before I go to bed, mommy?" There are no Hallmark cards for those moments.
hEY yA-aLL ! I was thinking earlier in the day how once a year we honor Mothers by bestowing on them Hallmark cards , Flowers , well wishes with kisses ,blessings and poems of endearment. I thought how similar to our Faith . you know the Sunday ritual the Easter and Christmas traditions . Wouldn't it be nice ( yeah I know the Beach Boy's coined that phrase ) but , really ! Just think how nice it would be if we showed Love for each other as much on Mothers Day , Christmas ,Hanukah ,Easter , Birthday's ,Bar-Mitzvahs , Funerals. Yeah !. I said funerals ...We are just so absorbed in Life that we (or me anyways ) seem to often to dismiss the things that really matter & when all is said and done all we have are regrets and good intentions . I know ! .We could celebrate Mother's Day everyday and we could Love more and Hate less aaand . Yeah ! guess your right ! Well , I hope ya-all had a great Mothers Day and remember if you didn't ,it's never to late to tell someone you Love them . Except when it is too late .. ...
When Mother's Day comes along every year, it is hard to walk by all those Hallmark cards, knowing you can no longer buy one for a our special Mom. She so loved the card, the flowers, but most of all her family around that table. She left us in 1999. but there are so many things Wilma taught her family. She adored her grandsons, Billy, III and Chris. And always prayed for Heather. Her strong faith set an example for our family. Now she and Dad Barrett are together once again. They are both missed. Love you both.
Hallmark Cards 1, people 0...get out and see your moms if you can more often people...
Sending out LOVE to all of you for whom this is the first Mother's Day without your Mother. I know the empty feeling when you walk past the Hallmark Cards...Today, remember the laughs, smiles, foods and fun. Peace.
holidays succeed in disappointing mothers and striking terror into the hearts of fathers on an annual basis more than Mother's Day. The holiday—which once served as a simple way to honor mothers—now conjures up images of crowded brunches, breakfast in bed, and sappy Hallmark cards. It's developed into a commercialized, ridiculous holiday overwrought with expectations. It wasn't always this way. Anna Jarvis spearheaded the first Mother's Day events in 1908 to honor her own mother, a Sunday School teacher and caregiver for wounded soldiers during the Civil War. From that point on, she campaigned zealously for the holiday to become official and in 1914, Congress recognized it as such. Quickly, the floral and greeting-card industries became enraptured with the commercial possibilities of the holiday. By 1920, disgusted by the onslaught of remunerative avenues, Jarvis began urging people to stop buying flowers and cards for their mothers. In a press release, she wrote florists and greeting card manufacture ...
~ not everyone's Mother's Day is Hallmark cards & roses.. Take time to say a prayer for those that are having a rough day 💐🙏~
Interesting stats on Mother's Day... 1. More phones calls are made on this day then any other day/holiday. 2. More Hallmark cards are bought for Mom's than any other Holiday. 3. Inmates in prison were given cards on various holidays, 100% accepted Mother's Day cards. 4. Those same inmates only 17% wanted cards on Father's Day. 5. In some parts of the US more flowers are given to Mother's than given during Valentine's Day. ~SKM
The Levy's don't do hallmark cards. Mother's Day at Atsion lake
Happy Mothers Day, everyone, and thank you for your gifts of love. Thank you to our Birth Moms. Thank you to our Foster and Adoptive Mothers. Thank you for Single Moms who have to juggle it all. Thank you for grandmothers who helped raise your grandkids. Thank you for who women have cared for others with the A love of mom. Thank you for people nurture love with strength, who guide and teach and Stay up at night When we are sick. Now for the necessary words of grace and reality and forgiveness and blessing for mothers: 1) Ignore Hallmark Cards. You are not perfect. You are not to be worshipped as idols. You are human beings with a task of love. You are loved in your humanity and reality. (Men - if you have not bought one of those semi-idolatrous Hallmark Cards yet, say you forgot the ice cream and go buy a card now!) 2) God forgives you and we can afford to forgive ourselves and each other for our failures and weaknesses and sins and shortcomings. 3) God bless you and we bless you. Please bless yourself wi ...
It's Mother's Day and we need to be thankful for the sacrifices mom's have made, especially the one we never see in Hallmark cards!
This Mother’s Day, I’ll be on the opposite coast from my sons and their dad — and from my mother, too. I’ll be reading from my new book in Danville, Calif., while back in Massachusetts the assorted members of my two families will probably be just as glad not to go through the motions of a holiday in which none of us fully believe. Through my childhood, in fact, the second Sunday in May passed like any other. “Mother’s Day,” my father was fond of declaring to me and my sister, “is just a cunning invention of Fanny Farmer candies, Hallmark cards and the florist industry. You should appreciate your mother every day.” Not until my 20s did I begin to observe, and feel guilty about, all the brunches and bouquets and missives of adoration my peers lavished on their moms. Imagine my mother’s bemusement when suddenly I began to mark the day with calls and cards, even the random potted plant. Once, when I phoned and Dad answered, I said (amnesiac me), “Did you do something special for Mom toda ...
My Mother's Day is filled with love & appreciation but not for the Hallmark cards, breakfast in bed & flower bouquet reason. I have been blessed with the most incredible motherly influences who have set me straight, given advice, held my hand birthing my own babies, brought me to worship Christ, lifted my spirits on those cloudy days, healed my broken heart (more then once) and brightened my life exponentially! Those women matter most today! I love you most of all & have made me the Mommy I am today!
Happy Mothers day to all those strong women that make the sacrifice to raise us, and be there for us. I'm grateful for my mom. Sadly, this is not always a great day for some of us. For some it's just a reminder for whatever reason they can't have their mom in their lives. Remember to recognize all the moms that step up and fill that roll for them. No hallmark cards for those, most honorable people, in Walmart. Just tell them!
What is a Mother?? There's not enough Hallmark cards to discribe a mothers love .she's the rock of the family .she's the one through good times or bad that can somehow some way always make you smile and say to her.I Love You Mom!!! Happy Mothers day to all of the mothers, step mothers, and replacement moms!
Chloe M.'s Review of Walgreens - San Francisco (4/5) on Yelp: Nice selection of Hallmark cards. Not all Walgreens...
The SJP cards at the Hallmark store are so cute but $7 for a card is out of my budget. If you would pay that for a card well then buy me one
is missing a opportunity with this line of greeting cards. .Get it? *ding*ding*
- "...Because I console myself that Hallmark cards are true...".
The Kroger I go to is in the middle of remodeling and now I have no idea where anything is. (Why is soup on the aisle with the hallmark cards?) Now I have to start paying attention again instead of switching on auto pilot. Maybe they'll put the coffee and vegetables on the same aisle so I'm guaranteed to hit it every time.
When people walk by and read the sign that we don't accept hallmark rewards cards they look like they're on an episode of punk'd el oh el
Happy World Malaria Day! There's no section for those cards at our local Hallmark store. And the clerk there really has some attitude!
I could probably stand in Hallmark for hours listening to all the Hoops & Yoyo cards
HALLMARK CARDS Without a doubt Hallmark Inc. would not exist if it had to depend on male shoppers. And woe be that lonely guy waiting for a birthday card to acknowledge yet another year passing. Waiting on birthday cards from his best buddies...lots of luck. Without a female, a sister, mother, daughter, Aunt, wife, co-worker, or girl friend, in his life, a male should make peace with the fact that there will be no birthday cards lining his mailbox. My birthday is this Sunday... Today I got my 1st B'Day card. Thanks Sis!
Hmm, I'm dubious that those are her original quotes. She seems like the sort to quote Hallmark cards and FB posts…
Learned today hallmark cards hrlped create the animals at the topeka park andcreated the outside design to childrens mercy.
- Just spent a serious 25 minutes in the Hallmark store and walked out with 4 cards and I was shopping for 3 people.
Did John Legend get fired from a job writting greeting cards for Hallmark? *** is up with his material?
It's all smiles and hallmark cards until your title goes from waxer to client 😦👀
I already did! I get the sense Hallmark is more Christian than we thought or I'm saying that b/c homemade cards are the best.
people are saying "Happy Prom.!" like it's a holiday. does hallmark have a line of cards for this, I feel like they do
Little Penelope opening her Hallmark Baby gift 🎀 We're still working on those edible gift cards 😉…
Today is the last day to enter the Cards & Pics ‘n’ Props “I love you because” Frame Kit Review &
quests for situations and relationships for which no Hallmark cards exist.
Yesterday was our anniversary, and if you forgot to get us a card you could use one of these.
Introducing the new hallmark first edition cards!
All Hallmark and Papyrus cards are now 50% OFF!. Come get them while they last!!!
Some fun stats, cards, and info on Administrative Professionals Week from Hallmark.
Today is day one of three for our Spring Open House! Select Disney gifts, Peanuts Gifts, Wizard of Oz Gifts, Hallmark Kids books on sale! This weekend only! A special gift just for you! Purchase 3 Hallmark Cards and get a spring gift for $19.95. Regularly $44.95. While supplies last. Only valid 4/25/14 - 4/27/14
I love buying and giving people Hallmark cards. I like doing things for other people
Learn about Hallmark Cards Successful planning journey via
I think you should read this aloud for one of those hallmark cards that talk...
It's my birthday and I am so blessed by having a fabulous family that loves and adores me even when I snore at 8 pm or get lost in DC and get scared ill be arrested at the pentagon. I turn 41 today and the last half of my life has been the best with my amazing wife who loves me more than the world. ( happy birthday Howard!! Love your Ruth) ( you are right by the way I should indeed write hallmark cards )
There aren't any cards in this Hallmark store that say "That was pretty nice of you to marry each other."
Kerry warns Russia of expensive new sanctions: No more discounts at Hallmark cards.
I use something like that. Ink I think. Whole lot better than hallmark generic cards.
Tenzin Gyatso doesn't do what he does to write zen pencils or hallmark cards, he is struggling for the liberation of his people
I love the hallmark isle. I'm that girl in Walmart reading cards & getting emotional.
"Hey, wanna hear some Ellie Goulding?" No, I'm just gonna listen to some schoolchildren read Hallmark cards into a fan.
3 winners will WIN a 10pk of cards and a surprise gift from &
"Sorry I couldn't stop dry *** you during cuddle time" and other Hallmark cards I could use.
You should write for Hallmark cards, this is beautiful!
Love is a Quantum Event ♡ We experience it as an emotion, but the feeling of love, the desire to be close to the beloved, is actually an unconscious expression of the dynamic nature of sub-atomic particles eternally trying to regroup into the singularity that was their primordial state before the Big Bang blew them apart. While this knowledge helps to explain almost all human behavior, it is completely useless for writing song lyrics and Hallmark cards. Don't even think about it for marriage proposals.
Wonder if this comes in Hallmark Cards??! :p Wowsers
Stop spending your money with those on the following list, let them know gun owners fight with our pocket books also, spread the word share!!! Control Share Follow article image By Michael Allen, Mon, January 07, 2013 The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently released a list of gun control advocates. According to the list, these people and companies have given money and/or support to gun control measures and/or organizations such as the Brady Act and the Clinton assault weapons ban, reports the Daily Mail. According to the NRA, celebrities who believe in some sort of gun control in America (the most violent industrialized nation) include: Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, *** Van *** George Clooney and Lauren Bacall. The NRA claims that these businesses support gun control in an effort to reduce deaths: National Spinal Cord Injury Association, the American Medical Association, Levi Strauss & Co., Hallmark Cards, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, Ben & Jerry`s and the American Association of Retir .. ...
Flora Chang says this about herself and art: I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I love to draw since I was a little kid and have always dreamed to be able to draw for a living someday. My parents were both teachers and very creative. Growing up, I remember going to different classes and workshops with my mom, and she was always making stuff with her hands, even until this day. They have always fostered my creativity, but at the same time, they did not want me to grow up to be a starving artist. Thus I didn't pursuit an art education until I decided to go to San Francisco in 1998. (Those three years in San Fran are among the best years of my life.) I graduated in 2001 from Academy of Art University with an MFA degree in graphic design and was hired by Hallmark Cards before my graduation. I have now lived and worked in Kansas City as a full time designer & illustrator for almost 12 years, making children's products. I love my job; my office is like a big art school where I work and learn from many artists every ...
Rainbow Brite is a media franchise by Hallmark Cards, introduced in 1983. The animated television series of the same name was started in 1984. A breakfast cereal was created in 1985.
Boycott: List of Companies Pushing for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens   The majority of Americans oppose any path to citizenship – to oppose the will of the people is tyranny; to allow corporations to dictate law is fascism. Excerpted from the Center for Immigration Studies: Officials representing over 100 corporate interests issued a letter to Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) demanding the legalization of 11 million illegal aliens and increased legal immigration through the creation of new visa programs. As these companies put it in their letter: [W]e strongly support efforts to bolster the availability of a workforce at all skills levels, through a separate visa program as well as by creating a path to legal status for those already here. The companies include well-known names like Hallmark Cards, Disney, CVS, the Cheesecake Factory, American Airlines, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, AT&T, UPS, Rubbermaid, and McCormick s ...
Only 9 days till Christmas! Don't forget to BUY AMERICAN! Keep as many jobs as possible in the Good Ol' US of A! Sites like MADE IN AMERICA, ABC World News and others can give you great ideas on where to find MADE IN AMERICA products and services! Some examples are Crayola Crayons, Wilson Footballs, Wiffle Ball, Silly Putty, Slinky, Weather Tech Floor mats, Louiseville Sluggers, Gibson Guitar, Sharpie, Zippos, Kitchen Aid Mixers, Whirlpool, Viking Products, SubZero, Vermont TeddyBear, Steinway Piano, Hallmark Cards, and Smith and Wesson to name just a few!
KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - Hallmark Cards has apologized for ch...
Drake needs his own line of hallmark cards for Valentine's day
Gordon MacKenzie bounces along the sterile corridor at Hallmark Cards Inc. staring at the floor, his silver ponytail bobbing behind him. Suddenly he sees me standing in the lobby and starts skipping like a kid: leaping and landing, leaping and landing. By now I should expect this sort of thing.
Sign up for and start earning rewards with every card purchase, at over 30,000 stores when you buy Hallmark Cards!
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