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A hall of fame, wall of fame, walk of fame, walk of stars or avenue of stars is a type of attraction established for any field of endeavor to honor individuals of noteworthy achievement in that field.

Reggie Miller Chipper Jones Major League Baseball Yogi Berra Hulk Hogan Art Modell Ric Flair Terry Bradshaw New York Yankees Jack Swagger Craig Biggio Triple Crown Pittsburgh Pirates Terry Funk Impact Wrestling Ball Don Dallas Cowboys

In No Particular Order,   Hulk Hogan - "The foundation for everything that we have today" - Shawn Michaels in 2005 - "There will never be another Hulk Hogan" - Triple H in 2005 - "He's the reason that half of this locker room are wrestlers right now" - Edge in 2005 - "The one, the only, the incredible Hulk Hogan" - Sylvester Stallone - The key figure in WWE’s rise from regional attraction to worldwide entertainment leader in the 1980s - 6 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion - Longest-reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion of all time - 6 time WWE Champion - Second longest combined reigning WWE Champion of all time - Holds two of the ten longest title runs in WWE history - 1 time WWE World Tag Team Champion with EDGE - Longest-reigning champion of the 1980's - 2 time Royal Rumble Winner (1990, 1991) - The first man to win two consecutive Royal Rumbles - Packed 93,173 WWE fans into the Pontiac Silverdome, the largest crowd ever in WWE History - WWE Hall Of Famer (Class of 2005) - Best remembered for sho ...
I am very saddened to report that pro wrestling agent and writer Scott Epstein has passed away. Scott was killed in an automobile accident at 1:20AM near his home in East Rockaway,NY.. Scott has brought many wrestlers to Carson's Pro Wrestling World in Allentown,PA. including Former WWWF World Heavyweight Champion and WWF/E Hall Of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham. He was always very friendly to my wife kelli and I. He helped "Superstar" Billy Graham in bringing awareness to organ donors. Scott was an overall class act! In Scott Epstein's memory,I will not post anymore news and posts for the rest of tonight. If you knew Scott Epstein and would like to share your memories of him,please feel free to do so on this site. The entire staff and members of the Headlock Headlines and well as the entire staff of Carson's Pro Wrestling World in Allentown,PA. want to send our prayers and condolences out to the family and friends of Scott Epstein.
By WWFOldSchool:- WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of the late Chris Benoit being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Regarding the subject, Austin said on a recent podcast, “Well first and foremost, what I think about Chris Benoit is that g...
JABARI PARKER IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY! He is Melo and KD in one. Will he be: NBA Hall Of Famer, NBA All Star, contributor/role player, or bust?
George Steinbrenner not being a first ballot Hall Of Famer is a complete and utter joke. Good job baseball
The Manning Passing Academy is closed for business. We recieved an urgent message at halftime that police negotiaters were at andy reids residence trying to talk him out of a basement closet in wich he had hidden due to emotional stress from the first half of sunday nights game between The Manning Passing Academy & the new england patriots featuring tom brady. Upon recieving the news of mr reids dire situation and fragile emotional state it was determinded by MPA president 12 all pro and future first ballot Hall Of Famer. MPA president and head coach Peyton Manning that it was best to scale back the assault on tom brady in hopes of calming mr reid. We at MPA believe first and foremost in the integrity of the game and the health and well being of fellow clients and their teams. After meeting with asst coach Jack Del Rio and vice pres.HALL OF FAMER JOHN ELWAY. It was an acceptable corporate strategy to put the game in jepordy in order to preserve andy reids well being. We ended up losing the game. But the l ...
DID YOU KNOW that Hall Of Famer, Bruno Sammartino is just one of many Superstars interviewed on History Of WWE?
Performance Center guests: WWE Hall Of Famer: Shawn Michaels and WWE Chairman: Vince McMahon visited the WWE Performance Center yesterday, but they did not interact with any of the superstars in attendance. Eve Torres has also been to the PC this week, teaching self defense classes to the female roster. Raw: CM Punk and AJ caused a ridiculous amount of dirt sheet column inches last night because they arrived at the arena together. After the show Triple H demanded the crowd leave the arena, and when they didn't he fired the entire audience. CM Punk suffered a cut to his eye, but did not need stitches. Members of the Dudley Boyz Team 3D academy attended WWE Raw last night for try out's and some appeared as extras on the show. Ex TNA star So Cal Val was at the show. Vince McMahon was scripted to return last night, but they used a different script and he did not appear. WWE releases: Money In The Bank anthology and WWE 2K14 hit stores today in the US, the European release of the game will be on November 1. To ...
Great piece on Hall Of Famer on she's spent almost a year underwater!
Curtesy if Shaggy's Wrestling News yesterday and today: Shaggy's Wrestling News McMahon's vs Rhodes: WWE are working on an appearance for Vince McMahon as early as this upcoming Monday. More on the heat between Dusty Rhodes and Stephanie McMahon (See yesterday). Steph has been unhappy with Rhodes for a couple of weeks, she was to humble Rhodes on Raw a couple of weeks ago, but Dusty kept talking over her, spoiling the planned angle, and the Face Palm gesture Rhodes did to her on Raw, compounded her anger with the Hall Of Famer. Big E. Langston: Speculation about Langston's slump has been blamed on John Cena. Cena is a very vocal supporter of Langston, and since he has gone away on injury leave, Langston has been split from AJ with no story line reason, and has been floundering in the mid card. WWE are said to be working on a face turn and big story line, but has, as of this writing shown no signs of beginning that angle for him. Funk's: The Hall Of Famer's Dory and Terry Funk are on their way to Japan, Do ...
Falcons Fans no need for yall to be mad at Matt Ryan cause the Falcons lost to a 3Time SuperBowl Champion a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer and a Hall Of Fame Coach!!! Big Win Patriots!!!
Wow I feel horrible for not even realizing Vlad Guerrero retired last week. Favorite player of all time, he deserves to be a Hall Of Famer
Today in Baseball History. 1. September 19, 1949 Ralph Kiner, Pittsburgh Pirates slugger clubs his 50th homer in 6-4 loss to S.F. Giants at Forbes Field. Along with his 54 in 1947 makes Kiner the first National Leaguer to have two 50 home run seasons. Kiner, who only played 10 years because of back problems, led or tied for the National League Home Run Crown seven years in a row and would become a member of the Hall Of Fame. The left field stands in Forbes Field became affectionately known as "Kiner's Korner." 2. On September 19, 1980 Al Kaline became the first player to have his uniform number retired by the Detroit Tigers. The Hall Of Famer played from 1953 to 1974. He actually wore number 25 his rookie season of 1953 but switched to 6 in 1954 and never changed. Kaline, who was from Baltimore, signed out of High School and went straight to the Big Leagues without one day in the minors. He became the youngest player to win the batting title hitting .340 at the age of 20 in 1955. The Great Ty Co ...
Otto Graham I'm sure is The Greatest QB in Browns History right? He's a Hall Of Famer so I'm sure he was
If you don't think Ronnie Milsap's A Hall Of Famer listen to this album.
troy brown is a Hall Of Famer. I think he made Brady look good as well lol.
Hamilton Collection
Who will be the first Hall Of Famer with dreadlocks? Can't wait to see the bust. My vote Larry Fitzgerald.
Aaron Rodgers is a first ballot Hall Of Famer, if he keeps up what he's doing.
It was a bitter day for fans of The Jagr when Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced the team would not be bringing back the shoe in Hall Of Famer. Jaromir Jagr became a pop culture icon in Boston, but was snake bit in the Stanley Cup playoffs.He was wicked funny and this commercial proves just that. begins day one of our battle...Miami Heat v. San Antonio Spurs. Funny...despite all we have accomplished this season..with the obvious evolution that our ENTIRE team has made...and ignoring the fact that we have...THE...greatest current player in the league...playing with one of the best 2 gaurds in the league(1st round Hall Of Famer) and a great hybrid power forward/Center/Small Forward in Chris Bosh...yes...Chris Bosh! Add RAY ALLEN..Mario Chalmers,Shane Battier,Udonis Haslem, the BIRDMAN...and a host of other pure shooters just waiting for their chance on the bench...People are saying we are the like it! Motivation for the hounds...MIAMI STAND UP! BRING THE HEAT! WE READY! BIG 3 ON DECK!
Reusse & Mackey CRRAM Session: 1. What’s you all time NBA starting 5? 2. Are you buying or selling stock in Sam Deduno? 3. Is Alex Rodriguez a Hall Of Famer?
Sports Fanatics: If Dewayne Wade retired today is he a Hall Of Famer?
Where does future Hall Of Famer & recently retired Jason Kidd rank among the great point guard in NBA history? Personally, he's one of my favorite players ever.
Thanks for the memories, a pleasure to watch even though you never pushed the rock for my team. You are going out a champion and a future Hall Of Famer. Jason Kidd retires after 19 big ones.
AJ Styles better be the next TNA Hall Of Famer. Been there literally since day one.
We will be announcing a signing with a Hall Of Famer in the next week for July 6th! Any guesses?
. Ok OSW(OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING) Fans Aug.10th,Upson Co.Civic Center ...WWE's The Boogey Man(worm eaten devil)...also history will be made that night The Carolina's Tag Team Champions will be facing The OSW Southern Tag Team Champions "THE AWSOME ONES".and let me tell u I have heard it from the goats mouth ..''Quote" The Hollywood Blonds are going give the Awesome Ones a good southern Spankin...That Match will be a knock down drag out war Between these 2 teams ...both teams have been around for years.Wild Fire Tommy Rich to Face The Cocky Up Coming TNA Star Frankie Villa And I was Told That The Wild Fire Might have some company on his side that night(Hall Of Famer???)...for more info
Basketball analysis is better than most. Keep it up Hall Of Famer!
Chris Jericho, *** are you hosting some fogazy robot boxing league for? You are a future WWE Hall Of Famer for God's sake.
NCW: I may have been AWOL for a bit while I took a well deserved vacation with this lovely woman named Vixxen... But don't think I haven't been watching NCW. Josh Gavin, part of the de facto Avengers of New Championship Wrestling, teaming up with the world champion Jack Swagger, love him or hate him... The legendary Showstoppa... The Heartbreak Kid... A man who one day, I may very well usurp peacefully and with his blessing the title of Mr. NCW... And Rocky Williams, former NCW Champion, bondafide future (Or current, I'm not good on history) Hall Of Famer... We step in that ring together at Lockdown to take on the aptly named team of. No Name. Because seriously... Two of those men are backstabbing jackoffs who try and make their names off the hard work of other people... Like Tyson Kidd for example, sat on my back and rode my coattails while I kicked *** like Josh Gavin does. Edge? Rode the coattails of The Rock. Rode the coattails of Christian. Rode the coattails of Rey Mysterio. Rode the coattails of Hu ...
2 Big Wrestling events this week end. Starting March 1st at 875 Spaulding Rd in Marion NC at the Marion National Guard Armory. On the card. George South, Bull Dog Chad Byrd, ChrisifiX, Scotty Black, David Lee Rock, The Grimmetts, Doc Miller, Super Law, Manchild, and many more. Then Saturday March 2nd TCW will be at the Riceville Community Center 2251 Riceville Rd Asheville NC. Come out and meet and watch in action Hall Of Famer and the Living Legend himself. Jimmy Valiant The Boogie Woogie Man. Heres one for the book TCW's first ever Ladies Tag Match with 4 of the prettiest women of Professional Wrestling, Jayme Jameson, Ginger Wilde, Alexis Parrish and Miranda Diamond. Also TCW Heavyweight Champ ChrisifiX , WNC Champ Ryan Hunter, The Light Heavyweight Champ Tracer X, The Grimmets, Brock Phoenix,Father Darkness and Mr BADD Eric Jones, Mack Truck with Col. Doolittle, David Lee Rock. James Drake,
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Which one of these is most likely to become a Hall Of Famer one day ? Cody Rhodes, Ryback, Roman Reigns, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose or Jack Swagger ? Pick only one.
I don't care what anyone says or thinks, Torrie Wilson is a future Hall Of Famer!!
WWE pulls rehab offer for Tammy Sytch I have been very reluctant to write anything about the current situation involving Tammy Sytch, as it’s not a nice thing to discuss, and felt a little exploitative. Having been arrested half a dozen times in as many months over issues surrounding her boyfriend and seemingly stemming from alcohol abuse, it was beyond messy. At the time that it started last September when she was arrested three times in as many days, it seemed ridiculous and consequently opened Sytch up to derision. However we are now in February, and things may have gone from bad to worse because of some choice words put out by the WWE Hall Of Famer. On Monday, shoot interview series Kayfabe Commentaries released a sample clip of its latest interview with her, recorded before her most recent arrest last month where she discussed – among other things – how she claims the WWE sponsored rehab that she was part of changed depending on what was going on at the time – most specifically, Linda McMahon ...
the real Hall Of Famer who is not in there is Bernard King. And it's a felony that he hasn't been inducted.
If you could team up with a WWE Hall Of Famer who will it be ?
Who is your favourite WWE Hall Of Famer of all time ??? John Cena The Glory
Curley Culp goes into Hall Of Fame. 1st ever NCAA Champion that was all pro in NFL and Hall Of Famer. and ASU Sun Devil
QUIZ (5 Punti) INDOVINA LA THEME SONG: I got you where I want you Your clock's run out of time Cause you know I know you And I'll show you that the heat you feel is mine Yeah, fear it grips you, and it rips you And you question what is true So consider me your preacher, cause we'll explain it all to you Get on your knees Get down on your knees I'll bring you to your knees On your knees ACRONIMO: A.T.G. (Hall Of Famer, "The Eight Wonder Of The World") IMPICCATO: _ Z _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ K _ _ _ ("The Personification Of Domination") -ApexPredator
So here's the story of the morning. I get back to the States on the early bird special and clear immigration and am getting ready to get on the Skylink when I notice this rather large fellow talking on his cell phone. I say to myself " he looks familiar" and the it hits me!!! I ask him if he is Hershel Walker and he replies " yes I am" we talk for a minute and I was able to wrap up my trip with the autograph of a Hall Of Famer!!! Too cool!
Low Key, Brandon Marshall has potential to be a Hall Of Famer..
QUESTION: Is Allen Iverson a Hall Of Famer, based on his career to date?
Tickets on sale now for LCW's next TV Taping, featuring Colt Cabana and UFC Legend & Hall Of Famer, Dan "The Beast" Severn!
Them 49ers done finally got back to the Superbowl.. Congrats.. To bad Gonzalez has officially became the Patrick Ewing of football. A Hall Of Famer with no rings!!
Ken Griffey Jr should be a first-ballot Hall Of Famer. He was the best thing to happen to baseball in my lifetime..and to video games.
My Promo on NWA. *Ted DiBaise's Music comes on and he walks down into the ring* Ted: Look who has joined the NWA. Me! Well, if you followed my page, you would see all the company's I am in. And I will dominate in everything single company. You know why? Because, I am the son of the WWE Hall Of Famer, my father, Ted Dibaise Sn. And another reason on how I know I will dominate, everyone here is LOSERS. No, not me, them. Some are losers, some are not. Some of the Wrestlers here are pathetic, way more than losers. And I think you know who you are, Mr. Best in the World. You lie about yourself, you say your straight edge, when your not. You say your the Best in the World, when you are not. I am the Best in the World, everyone will know it. And if you don't, you will find it out, first hand. So here's my warning to everyone on this roster, beware, because Ted Dibiase is here, and I'm as dangerous as I have ever been! *Ted slams the mic to the floor and walks into the locker room.*
LOVE baseball..always have, always for the Baseball Hall Of Fame up near my hometown in Gods country of upstate NY?? Well, theres lots of players enshrined on the inside that couldnt carry the bat bags of some looking in from the outside..and some pitchers that couldnt carry the gloves of a few looking in too. Just pitchers alone-Orel Hershizer, Jack Morris, Bret Saberhagen, Curt Schilling...great big game pitchers..cannot say *** Perry or Don Sutton were even in their leagues! Todays steroid era players? Wow..Jim Rice, Ron Santo, etc? Good players...couldnt carry the bat of lots of players not getting the nod. At least my favorite, George Brett, KC Royals was a first ballot Hall Of Famer...they dont make em like that anymore! Gamer. Okay..Jeter is an exception! PS..Dale Murphy deserves the nod..class, great person and great ballplayer.
Alright guys, so there's a Zombie Apocolypse. You can choose 3 wrestlers to have on your team: A Main Eventer, A Midcarder and a Hall Of Famer... Who do you choose? CM Punk Dean Ambrose Shawn Michaels Miss.Lee c:
Join CMA of Texas DJ Hall Of Famer & DJ of the year (2012), Gaylon King Monday Through Friday from 11am to 2pm Central Time for Real Texas Country & Classic Country Favorites! Texas Pride Radio is a presentation of: Texas Pride Barbecue Located on Loop 1604 just 5 miles south of I-10 in Adkins, Te...
Please read. This is from a friend of mine. His name is Chuck Alben Many of you on here know how big a fan of Craig Biggio i am. What many of you may not know is the history, and id like to share it with anyone interested in reading it. In two days i firmly believe we will be watching ESPN seeing Craig Biggio elected as a first ballot Hall Of Famer. He will be inducted into Cooperstown, which is the ultimate achievement of anyone who's ever put a uniform on. To me, this induction has a personal meaning. Ive said for a long time im not the pro baseball fan i once was, and ive realized that since Craig has retired i don't look at the game the same way. The NBA hasn't been the same since we lost Larry, Michael and Magic...and the truth is, Major League Baseball will never have another Craig Biggio. It started back in the early 1980s when Craig was delivering Newsday to my home as a Kings Park HS student and neighbor of mine. My brother was diagnosed with Leukemia, and Craig took it upon himself to be a part ...
JAZZmasta's News; Hulk Hogan to REFILE lawsuit over sex tape - Hulk Hogan has already had a federal claim against Gawker media for publishing the sex tape between himself and his buddy Bubba The Love Sponge's wife Heather, but the Hall Of Famer has now launched a civil claim again for $100Million. According to Hogan's lawyer, the federal case was dismissed in order to consolidate the claim and his current lawsuit against Clem, who Hogan blames for leaking the tape to the media. TNA score great numbers - Last night's TNA Impact scored a 21% spike in viewing figures. They have announced they will tape two 3 hour episodes on January 12. The first show will be a celebration of the X division with current and past stars competing in series of X division matches. The second will have a Tag Team tournament, again featuring current and past TNA names, the teams will be drawn at random, some of the names in the hat are Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Joey Ryan, Jessie Godderz ...
CM Punk feuded with Hogan CM Punk has reached a new record during his reign of the WWE champion. Indeed, when the world has moved to the year 2013 Tuesday morning, CM Punk has become the first wrestler to hold the Championship of the company for an entire year from January 1st to December 31 from a certain Hulk Hogan. The famous Hall Of Famer had held the belt for three whole years in 1985, 1986 and 1987, without interruption.
According to the song "Otis," a lot of young bucks would think it was Jay-Z that "invented swag." On the contrary, folks. Reigning NBA M.V.P. LeBron James says it was the WWE Hall Of Famer, Ric Flair, who was swaggin' out before anybody. “When I was a kid, I loved wrestling,” James told the Associat...
In Flash's book Tayshaun Prince is a Hall Of Famer lol
Happy Birthday Craig Biggio. One of the nicest guys I met working in the visitors clubhouse at Shea Stadium in 1991. A first ballot Hall Of Famer in my opinion.
CM Punk pulled from TLC ppv! What does this mean for the WWE championship? Find out on an ALL NEW EPWR podcast with special guest, WWE Hall Of Famer, JR, Jim Ross! Show will be online tonight, check back here later for the link!
Bo Jackson is not a Hall Of Famer, Do the math.
I think Sosa and Mcgwire should be Hall Of Famers Dispite the steroids just for the fact that they had a Great Era of the Roger Maris Home Run Chase it was a Great Season. That Beign Said I have Mixed Feelings About Barry Bonds He Was Already a Great Player before he took the Steroids 3 time MVP with the Pittsburgh Pirates but he got caught up in the Steroids when he hit the 73 Homers and is now the All time Home Run Leader. I beilive its 769 Homers Could Be Mistakein. He Shoiuld Be a Hall Of Famer for what he Did for Pittsburgh but not for the Giants but he Probably wil get in Eventually. Heres what i dont get they Let Steroid Users and Players whove Done Drugs back in the Game But Pete Rose cant get in the Hall of Fame Because of Gambling when he was a Manager not as a Player so why can he get in as a Player that makes no Sense what so ever yea i know Gambling is the Cardinal Sin of Baseball just like ShoeLess Joe should be Hall OF Fame But Because He Associtaed with the Team that doenst make sense eit ...
A Baseball moment in november now this yr Marks a huge yr for HAll Of Fame Ballots and altho the names deserve recognton as great players but ones who may have or testeed postrive for steroids i dont thnk they should get n the Hall!They have given a black eye to a sport that love anddont deserve the pride t gets to be called a Hall Of Famer!!Pete rose is not on the ballot ether but deserves to be because all he dd was gamble on hs team no cheatng or usng steroids and also he has a better resume then all the other names such as Barry Bonds,Sammy Sosa, and Mark Mcgwire!
John Gruden who was once an Assistant Coach for the San Francisco 49ers for one year saw the best defensive player at the time and that player is Charles Haley who should have been a Hall Of Famer but the writers had a different idea. The point of this subject is because John Gruden thinks Aldon Smith is like another Charles Haley.
Rodney Harrison Blasts the Chargers "I’m looking at them from a total organizational standpoint. Really, I’m very disappointed in the San Diego Chargers, what they’ve done." "I kind of look back to when I was released in 2002 and it’s very disappointing. I played there for nine years, they released me, they cut me. I’m out there on a groin injury, 35% of my groin ripped from the bone. They tell me “hey, don’t worry about it, this is not going to affect your future. We know you’re playing hurt.” "I’m out there taking pain-killing injections, I’m taking pills, I’m taking all these different things to try and stay on the field and they cut me. I started kind of reading these old articles and really what brought to my attention was LaDainian Tomlinson. He was the all-time leading rusher for the San Diego Chargers. They released him. Drew Brees, he’s going to be a future Hall Of Famer. They released him. Junior Seau, the greatest player of all in the Chargers uniform, they released hi ...
Can't sleep. Maybe it was the announcers saying Andre Johnson was "obviously on his way to the Hall Of Fame" that caused this. Tim Brown and Cris Carter aren't in, and Andre Johnson is no Tim Brown or Cris Carter. He's more akin to Andre Reed, also not a Hall Of Famer. Johnson has 300+ fewer receptions than Brown, 5,000 fewer yards and 51 fewer TDs, despite playing in an era where they throw the ball a lot more. Now that that's off my chest, maybe I can sleep.
Wow! I read this article online today about how the NFL Hall Of Fame Committee refuses to let Punter Ray Guy in For selection. That's a Damm Shame! Ray Guy Who played for the "Oakland Raiders" was the first punter in NFL History to launch 70 yard punts on a regular. Which made him a game game changer, That alone makes him a Hall Of Famer in my book! If you are a true fan of the NFL, Support Ray Guy's quest for the Hall Of Fame!
I just read an article about former Raiders punter Ray Guy and how he has been snubbed by the 44 writers for the hall Of Fame. I am no Raider fan and I have tried to punt a football. It is hard and Ray Guy was the best. One writer said" Show me what he did on the field". I would like to know, have any of these "experts" ever played any sport much less football? I suspect not so how can they be the guys who decide if a player is a Hall Of Famer or not. Sports writers are a joke when they act like they know what it takes to play a sport they cover. They have no clue.
Finally some good hockey news... Joe Sakic first ballot Hall Of Famer!
Russell Wilson was on NFLAM today and he said he talks to Warren Moon twice a week and Warren comes to practice on Fridays to help him out. What a great experience it must be to have the Hall Of Famer there at your disposal...Thanks Warren for helping Russell! AND then he said...GO HAWKS!!!
We've arrived in Chicago. Luther and Mary checking out the tall buildings from the limo ! A radio Hall Of Famer...
NFL on FOX analyst and Hall Of Famer, Terry Bradshaw, caused a stir on Sunday when he made a…
NFL Hall Of Famer and FOX Sports analyst, Terry Bradshaw, has never been the most eloquent guys in media. His re...
Congrats to one of the best Tight Ends to have played in the NFL/Cowboys.Jason Witten, for breaking a Cowboys record held by Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin. J.Witt.Hall Of Famer.
The legendary WWE Hall Of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, along with his on-screen adversary, the late great Championship wrestler "Adorable" Adrian Adonis, had o...
*** Edmonton got him for cheap. He turned out to be a LEGEND and a WELL DESERVED Hall Of Famer.
Great article by Larry Elder What do I tell my black child if Barack Obama, America's first black president, loses his bid for re-election? This is a question many parents are asking themselves -- especially those who would blame the loss on racism. If Obama loses, how many parents will tell their children that his race did him in? Already, The Associated Press published a poll supposedly showing that the negative "racial attitudes" people hold against blacks could likely cost Obama 2 points in the election. Jubilant black parents on the front pages of newspapers, the day after Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, said things like, "for the first time" they could "sincerely" say to their children that a black person could realistically aspire to become president of the United States. Not only does Obama benefit from a near-unanimous black vote, but also from the many whites who voted for Obama because of his race. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, explained in 20 ...
“You can do more. You can always do more. -Dan Marino,” Football Quarterback and Hall of Famer
shout out to tundrabreezy future Nba hall of famer
Ginobli is a hall of famer but he's got rings that Harden is now never gonna get unless its a long way down the road
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Hall of Famer Peter Dalla Riva loves way this kid plays. He'll finish with more C's&TDs than Cahoon or PDR rookie yrs.
Hall-of-Famer and NBA Legend Scottie Pippen has been appointed Senior Advisor by the Chicago Bulls. Along with...
Mike Brown failes w/ & is 0-2 w/ Kobe. Which future Hall of Famer is next?
The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer notes that the song “I'm One” from Quadrophenia is a good example of a tune that...
"I see you've finally gain 1M. What's it like being the most followed Hall of Famer?"-- I'm very thankful to all of you!!
I'm sorry but are okc stupid??? Trading Harding, he had a 37 points 6 rebounds and 12 assists wow future hall of famer I think so
You fail more than you succeed in the game of baseball 30% success rate and you become a hall of famer!
The Chicago Bulls named Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen senior advisor to team president and COO Michael Reinsdorf on Wednesday.
This is a quick mix about Kobe Bryant, the player who takes the legacy of Michael Jordan! certainly a future hall of fame I hope you like it!! Please support...
Wentzville Sam's Club Hosts St. Louis Cardinals Legend Whitey Herzog Baseball Hall of Famer to sign free autographs on
As a Duke fan I have to be a complete jerk and tell you that Austin Rivers will be a Hall of Famer 😂
yeah Mac would have been a Hall of Famer if it wasnt 4 injuries. He one of da best Scorers 2 touch an NBA court
Hall of Famer has joined the BMO Harris Bank Pregame Live crew, tune in
Nine Years Ago today, on November 1, 2003, I took part in my first professional wrestling event, shooting video for Legend's Entertainment's Tribute to Road Warrior Hawk. The Show featured WWE Hall of Famer's Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Road Warrior Animal, The Mouth of The South Jimmy Hart, & Greg The Hammer Valentine as well as legends like The Brooklyn Brawler, Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson), Gangrel, Malia Hosaka, Luna Vachon, Balls Mahoney, The Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian), The Honky Tonk Man, and Brutus The Barber Beefcake. Big thanks to Mark Bujan for responding to an e-mail I had sent event promoter Steve Rau, asking if I could videotape the event for my own video collection, for taking a chance on me and letting me videotape the event. He was instrumental in getting my foot in the door and setting me on the path to what's become a tremendous run as a ring announcer. I'm forever grateful.
Lillard is going to be a hall of famer someday no doubt.
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Nol but Kobe future hall of famer tho... RESPECT
I mean not really, Reggie Miller is a hall of famer. He was no lockdown defender. Hall of famers are just great players, simple
yeah that is true but think about this all the hall of famer were know for not only there offence but also D so basically
I Can't Imagine MAMA 2012 w/out The Hall Of Famer,2NE1. They're the only Group Who can Give Extraordinary Performance
Hall of Famer appointed Senior Advisor to the President & COO
Mike Ditka refused to engage in a war of words with Hall of Fame defensive Richard Dent, who said Wednesday that Ditka was the reason the 1985 Chicago Bears didn't repeat as Super Bowl champions.
An Indianapolis Pacer fan recently bumped into Hall of Famer Reggie Miller recently at Waffle Chix in Westwood
New York Shihan Ervin Velez, Ph.D/Ma./D.Sc Martial Arts Hall of Famer Former Full Contact Fighter Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mr. Velez began his training with boxing and martial arts in 1967. He was a Golden Glove Candidate in boxing. In 1981 he began training in Kyokushinkai KarateMr. Velez has trained in Aikido, has Black Belts in both USA Goju and Japanese Goju, practitioner of Philipino martial arts Escrima. Mr. Velez has dedicated his life to teaching and perfecting techniques. Ervin Velez has been featured in several local Bronx newspapers and magazines such as El Batu, Bronx Times Newspaper, Bronx Press Review, T.V shows, Radio Talk Shows and News 12. In Nov 30th 2007 he was named New Yorker of the Week with NY1 News. He has taught self defense to community civilian patrol officers, senior citizens self defense and has been a serious advocate against children abused and abducted and women domestic violence. He has been invited to speak about martial arts by local community organizations and ...
Ron Santo, who played for the Chicago Cubs, was recently inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and was living with type 1 diabetes. His son Jeff share…
Yeah!! Best football player ever and a smart guy too!
Thrilled that Canadian Hall of Famer,hip hop legend, the lovely Michie Bahdgyaltv Mee will be a guest on the next Nikki Clarke Show! Tune into the Inspire Hour:)
Was that Spencer Hawes or hall of famer Bill Walton? Great Sixers win!
When i was a kid. I looked up to Tony Dorsett . Heisman winner, NFL legend, hall of famer, and my best thing... A Good father! Thru him ... I learned hard work, ability to follow ur dreams , andto thrive to be the best. So wat. Im not the nfl baller or dat hall of famer, or dat nfl legend! But... I am a loving father. And dats wat i learned from him! Thanks Tony. Go COWBOYZ !!!
The only good thing about traveling all the time for my job, is the people you meet at airports. I am on a plane to st. Louis, and I am sitting next to Matt Hughes!! UFC hall of famer!
Heather Spurlock - did you know this? Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman makes her debut as the new analyst on FOX Sports Oklahoma's THUNDER LIVE pregame and postgame shows on Friday, Nov. 2 when the network televises its first of 70 Thunder games in 2012-13.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Last Halloween, I filmed this Chico's ChillZone segment, but quickly removed it due to a lawsuit that I was involved in at the time with a certain WWE Hall of Famer. Now that it's a year later, and I won that lawsuit, I realize that this video is simply too entertaining to not be on YouTube. So sit back and enjoy this Trick-or-Treat edition of Chico's ChillZone!
Here's a little trivia for you before you go out trick or treating: Which Hall of Famer founded the Great Eastern Rally in 1964?
No cigarette for sale at d' Davao Overland Transport Terminal. Kudos to the terminal manager. Tama yan, that is one concrete evidence to prove that the city deserves to be a hall of famer of the Red Orchid Award for the effective implementation of the "no smoking ordinance"
Very cool sighting here at Golf Channel's studios today...the network's co-founders - Hall-of-Famer Arnold Palmer and Joe Gibbs - roamed the halls this morning. The reactions never get old when "The King" graces his old stomping grounds.
Ok, it's Hump your favorite ghost day! Just want to remind everyone that there is only 2 days left until the big benefit for our friend Karen Spradlin who is fighting Breast Cancer. Sat, 12-5 at J&B Tavern in Mt Carmel. (at the Days Inn). LOT & LOTS of raffles, Huge Bake Sale, Win a week of FREE Rv Rental, Lots of Bengal items. Future hall of famer Mr David Fulcher said he will be there to raffle off an 8ft tall Bengal blowup, signed by him! Prizes raffled every 15 minutes! Get there early to make sure you don't miss out!
R.I.P to the Hall of Famer Juan Ortega. The Feisty Goats will miss you.
In 1987 breeders cup very subtle a filly who beat the males in the sprint with future hall of famer patrick valenzuela aboard
Watching the Giants' Victory Parade. The Panda, "Crazy Eyes" Hunter Pence, "the Freak" (Tim Lincecum), the Beard, a true San Francisco team replete with characters. Also saw Orlando Cepeda the Giants Hall-of-Famer who is a Buddhist member.
November 24th at the DWF Arena (1331 O'reilly Dr. Down the street from street rd and Bustleton ).. BIG BIG BIG BIG Matches signed for that day. A TLC match, Championship matches, and a Hall of Famer Vs. a Iraq War Veteran. All the Action At the Sportsplex in Feasterville... Get your tickets in advance from me for $10
Let's go Giants! Celebrating the Series with a few thousand fans, a former Giants manager and a spitball pitcher hall of famer.
Stephan Bonnar-- retired a legend and future hall of famer. Def gonna miss his fights!
Major League and *** Baseball League Hall of Famer Monford “Monte” Irvin, attending L.U. in the early 1940s.
Please welcome WWE Hall of Famer, Rocky Johnson, to the Body by Vi Challenge!!! Will Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson (his son) be next???
“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.” – Reggie White (NFL Pro Football Hall Of Famer) “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred Devito (US Yoga Instructor)
Congrats David Kiley! Love how you're rockin the green shoes...of course MJ is rockin a pair of Jordan's I'm sure!
While vacationing in Cabo last week, Mike and I met a couple at a restaurant who we really hit it off with. After spending 3-4 hours talking with them, Joe (Marvel) mentions that he used to be a pretty famous bronco rider. I looked him up on the internet and apparently he is a hall-of-famer and multi-year national title holder (from the 70s). He told us he has a ranch in Nevada and we're welcome anytime (he and Mike talked about hunting). Again, while looking him up on the internet his ranch is more than a 1/2 million acres! What a nice couple these two were. Mike and I seem to meet the most interesting people when we travel.
Am I to for Halloween? No. cause Tonight, I'm Painting my Face to look like my favorite wrestler from WCW, TNA, And Now Currently in Impact Wrestling. TNA Hall Of Famer. The (ICON): Sting! Its Show Time! Wo!
So apparently someone does have a working brain cell that is associated with THS Athletics ...tremendous news and big time CONGRATULATIONS! To Kevin Holley ! Chollie is about to become Kevin Holley Hall Of Famer! Looong Time coming!! There is renewed hope for Hiller Nation!!!
Congrats to Darwin Barney. The first Cubs 2nd baseman to win the gold glove since hall of famer Ryne Sandberg in 1991!
Boxing fans, a legend turns 60!!! Life time boxing guy Don Majeski turns 60 today. Don is a native New Yorker and resident of Queens has been a matchmaker and international agent since his teen years, and is also a boxing historian and is co-chairman of the induction committee for the Boxing Hall of Fame. His hobbies include politics, fine dining, and attending zoo's around the world. Don has worked with many world champions, including Lennox Lewis. Don is quietly one of the most powerful man in boxing around the globe, and is still a real gentleman and genuine nice guy. Today we observe the 60th Birthday of future Hall of Famer Don Majeski!!!
So Listen up Maggots My costume is a mix between GI JOE and WWE Hall of Famer SGT Slaughter that is all DISMISSED
These Lakers don't have it right now.they need bout 10 games to get straight...and get rid of this "Princeton garbage...u got 2 7 footers/a nice pg/and a hall of famer at the "2" spot...
I'm torched to think this but I think the madden curse has cursed Calvin Johnson! Look at his stats his past career compared to now.. Last year- 16 receiving TDS This year- 1 receiving TDS I sure hope he can get some TDS so he can be a hall of famer some day and give me some fansaty points!!
Happy birthday to the rated r hall of famer edge
got beaten by the Heat! *** Allen's really a future Hall of Famer.. hands down..
To those that said JRoll wasn't a first ballot Hall of Famer how about now after he's won a 4th Gold Glove!!!
Mane Im still mad at Ray Allen for leaving Boston but he still one of my Fav players of all time.I see y he left tho the future hall of famer wants another ring lol cant lie Miami looked tough to beat tonight.music100%
Joey Voices Imitates Cher to a sold out crowd of 300 plus at Montvale Plaza in Stoneham, Ma
Another Superstar on the challenge! Welcome Rocky "Soulman" Johnson WWE Hall of Famer The Challenge!
Hurricane Sandy.Mischief Night first ballot Hall of this next year
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
There is this Dr. I have been wanting to meet. She is open about her faith and I can feel a like spirit just by her presents. Well today at the extern site we had this famous old school Hall of Famer come in. You should have seen everyone. Going to go purchase balls to get signed and all that jazz. I thought to myself, "Wow you think he walked on water and carried the blessings of Jesus right in his hand." I wasn't amused and I know his name too. I was sitting at my desk at lunch and just prayed to God. When everyone return to lunch He walked by my desk and said it's nice to meet you. lol Doesn't there have to be a name exchange to meet someone? I just thought to myself, " I'm so glad that was not Jesus, because that would have sucked that He didn't even know my name. By the end of my shift I was walked to the other side of the clinic where I will finish my externship. I was introduced to that Dr. I wanted to meet. I will be working with her. And how kind of her to bless me too before I left. That is a ...
Celtics vs. Heat! I don't know who to root for but I do know I will be tuning in! It's been a long summer and fall waiting for the new season. To quote a future hall of famer, all I can say is "it's about dtime!".
Take a look back at the career of NBA legend Moses Malonee ... a career tha lasted two decades
Dude lit up a cigar after his 'victorious' win and after expressing sympathy for the 19-year-old woman he was accused of raping in 2010, Taylor told reporters he was ready to move forward from the embarrassing chapter of his life.
Hall of Famer! One of the greatest running back ever!
Wwe hall of famer Ric Flair was not on Raw last night .the reason he didn't come last night cause of Tna law suit against wwe for stealing their talents. Until that law suit is clear Ric Flair won't be coming to the wwe at this moment.
Calling all Bronco Fans!!! Make sure to come to Thankful Thursday from 5-7 this Thursday the 1st. We will have a signed jersey from former Denver Bronco Karl Mecklenburg In addition to his jersey, we will also have Karl himself! Yes, you read that right. Karl is coming up to help us raise money for our project. He will be joining us at the event, so make sure to stop by and see him.
Jon Gruden is painful to listen to on Monday Night Football, according to him every player is a Hall Of Famer.
Pats fans, it is not every day that I can talk to a Patriots Hall Of Famer. Check out our Steve Nelson interview.
Members of Ace's & Eight's will be in action as they take on TNA Impact Wrestling Hall Of Famer "The Icon" Sting & Bully Ray. If Ace's and Eights wins they will control TNA, if Sting & Bully Ray win , Ace's & Eights will be forced to leave Impact Wrestling forever.
"Whatever is worth having is worth working hard for. Nothing in life will be given to you". -Dominique Wilkins (NBA Hall Of Famer)
Couldn't help but think of Yankee Hall Of Famer, Yogi Berra- "Folks, it ain't over till the fat lady sings".
Happy Birthday to... My friend Dean Venticinque The stand-up comedian that paved the way..the late Lenny Bruce 87 Dallas Cowboys owner and (gulp) GM Jerry Jones is 70 The Red Rocker aka Sammy Hagar is 65 ***Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna is 52*** Celtics head coach Doc Rivers is 51 NFL Hall Of Famer one of the sports BEST Jerry Rice is 50 2 time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan is 43 "It's nice" Borat aka Sacha Baron Cohen is 41 Boston Celtic Paul Pierce is 35
Original founding member of Billy Haley & His Comets, Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer, was in the studio when Rock and Roll was born that night when Alan Freed pla...
This is the BEST QB that has ever lived!! Hall Of Famer ..Steve Young!!
Thank You Jerry Jones for firing Wade Phillips. who was hired by the Houston Texans...who insisted that the Texans draft J J Watts...that the city booed when they heard the selection,,,now they are on the band wagon! 99 is future Hall Of Famer! To all of my Dallas Cowboys fan .Can you say five and oh!
Happy belated 40th birthday to Grant Hill, 18 years in the NBA 4 years in college and still going strong for 22 years total, still among my favorites and one day you'll be a first ballot Hall Of Famer for sure.
Didnt get a chance to say this yesterday but caps off to Chipper Jones, the best baseball player ive ever seen step on to the Diamond. I remember watching braves games on TBS as a kid and for as long as I can remember Chipper was always a solid switch hitter. Future Hall Of Famer thats for sure.
Blake Griffen.this guy is gonna be a Hall Of just watch!
Congratulations to the New York Yankees for clinching the best record in the American League and winning the American League East Title tonight. Although they won 95 games this season, it was one of the more challenging 95 win seasons that any team could ever have. There were many ups and downs this year. Losing several key players for extended periods of time (CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Texeria, Andy Petitte, Brett Gardner, Joba Chamberlain) and in some cases for the entire year (Mariano Rivera) But also having several players step up and fill in admirably and exceeding expectations ( Raul Ibanez, Eric Chavez, Jayson Nix, Rafael Soriano, David Phelps and yes even Andruw Jones for about half a season) Not to mention a resurrgent "turn back the clock" season from the Captain Derek Jeter. And a key late season aquisition of an aging Future Hall Of Famer who is hungry for perhaps his last chance for a World Series ring in Ichiro Suzuki. But most impressively somehow holding off a young upstart Ba ...
John Wall talks about his dreams to become an NBA All-Star and Hall Of Famer.
If you don't have enough pride, you're going to get your butt beat every play. -- Gale Sayers, NFL Hall Of Famer
Jeff Fisher will make him a Hall Of Famer, Fisher loves field goals
I am really excited about going to see the Braves and Chipper Jones one last time this Saturday. I told Grant he will always remember going to see a first ballot Hall Of Famer! Proud that he was an Atlanta Brave his whole career. One day I will go see him in Cooperstown!
Is there any Hall Of Famer whose ego got larger after induction than Steve Young..seriously this guy ain't with it
"There will be times when no one will believe in you, but if you don't believe in yourself, you will fail"!.NFL Hall Of Famer, Joe Montana
i think your my next Hall Of Famer a True Legend one of the best wrestlers in the world and a great champion
What separates the 49ers and Raiders statistically is 2 superbowl wins, 1 hall of famer, and. The Bay Bridge.
I would be really careful José. Cassell may be a Hall of Famer by tonight
he wasnt smug at all :) Norwich hall of famer and mr potato face steve bruce sent off as well
Chipper Jones's last game in Philadelphia today. Class guy and no doubt hall of famer.
point being you were comparing Jamie Moyer to a 29 year old hall of famer with his toes in the Triple Crown waters...
Edge talks about stepping into a WWE ring again 18 months after retiring.
Hall of Famer Jim Brown said he hasn't talked to rookie Trent Richardson yet, but he still expects to meet with him.
Hall of Famer Jim Brown said he met with incoming owner Jimmy Haslam III for 45 min.-1 hour last night.
Meeting and Greeting with Former World Championship Wrestling Icon and World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Legend Hall of Famer HotRod Roddy Rowdy Piper!
The man, the myth, the legend, the hall of famer, the one and only.Brian Urlacher certified Monster Of Da
Therapeutic value of Chris Jones, on Chipper Jones, - the language of letting go.
All Star football practice at 1, then Dbl. A will try to help his soccer team keep the undefeated streak alive as we play without our goalie and a key forward, just another day for this future hall of famer :) Good luck Dbl. A !!! Game time 4 oclock at Maple Ridge Lets go 4 - 0
I don't think tony romo will become a hall of famer
Hall of Famer Jim Brown strolls through the press box
And worst of all is Channing wasn't that good of a player either. It may be easier to stomach if the guy was a Hall of Famer.
My nephew Daylan, future hall of famer.
Because he is't a future hall-of-famer like Kobe, Nash or D12 could be. And he's not as good as or better than Pau.
Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson towered over Triangle basketball teams
Great victory coupled with an autographed ball from Bears Hall of Famer Gale Sayers! Doesn't get much better than that ...
Life after the NFL: Edgerrin James finds meaning as father, mentor: The plausible future Hall of Famer ranks 11t...
Hall of famer errrbody kno my name.. Trippy *Juicy J voice*
As week begins, a look at the legacy of hall of famer Mac Wiseman, with video interview:
Will Michael Vick be a Hall Of Famer at the end of his career?
Today in USAC history: 1978: Hall of Famer won a USAC Championship Car race at Trenton, NJ driving
Comment your favorite WWE Superstar, Diva and Hall Of Famer/Legend's name ♥
Watch some of the most problematic moments between Kane and WWE Hall of Famer Edge.
The morning when bob stoops says wakes up and says, "I just got beat by a future hall of hall of famer and he still has it."
Hall of Famer & Chicago legend Isiah Thomas returns home to make a difference: saving lives by ending gang violence ...
What's in store for race track conversation today? Not sure yesterday can be outdone. Ken Squire, Thunder Road in Barre past owner, a NASCAR Legend and sure bet Hall of Famer says yesterday prior to Modified Race... Ryan Newman has to go to back of field for unapproved tire change. We will get to see him penetrate from the rear! Was he talking about racing or Krissy Newman ha ha! Go Joey
Congrats Jon Jones on such an impressive victory over a legend and future Hall of Famer!
Chipper Jones in his final appearance at Citizen's Bank Park. A furture Hall of Famer ... an Atlanta Braves legend. Three words sum it up for me ... Bye Bye Chipper!
Please make welcome, Doyle Lawson, newest member of the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame.
huh Cm Punk thinks he'z even greater than hall of famer stone cold steve austin n the suckzzz.i'd luv 2 c him getting defeated.btw it'll end up in a draw.i jst hate 2 respect this Stupid punk
In honor of Edge's return to SmackDown, presents an exclusive gallery featuring never-before-seen photos of the WWE Hall of Famer.
Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."-- John Wooden, Basketball Hall of Famer
Served a rock n roll hall of fame'r tonight 1st to guess right gets a beer on me but u must live near Hollywood ps. No co-workers can answer!
Possible MVP of the league and now National League West Champ with fellow team mates. Scutaro might just be MVP of the team right now! Fuego! Having an Angel in the outfield helps too!
Just saw Hall of Famer Warren Moon and his girlfriend trying to cut in line in front of us on a ride at the Puyallup fair!
Hats off to the best coach (and man) in college football...Kansas State's Bill Snyder. Sure fire hall of famer. Well done on beating Oklahoma tonight. Sorry Sooner fans but I have to keep family ties close.
Athleticism from your QB is great, but I'll take brains for a QB any day! That's why Brady will be a hall of famer and Robinson just a wannabe. I'm ready for his tenure to be over...
Gentleman of the Ring: Bert Colima By Michele Chong Son honors new Hall of Famer with book Bert W. Colima has spent years honoring the memory of his father Bert Colima, a popular fighter in the bygone era of the ’20s and ’30s. For the younger Colima, it was a labor of love in piecing together his dad’s prizefighting history from decades past. His book “Gentleman of the Ring: The Bert Colima Story” offers boxing fans a glimpse into the life of one of Los Angeles’ most popular fighters in that generation. His father passed away in 1979 at the age of 77 but his son continues to honor the Mexican-American slugger who amassed a 141-37-21 record with 52 knockouts during his career. Bert Jr. has held book signings at various boxing events and is also the reigning World Boxing Council (WBC) Legends of Boxing Museum’s “Historian of the Year.” The son is a chip off the old block, so to speak. In visiting with Bert, his love of boxing, kindness and warmth stand out as a gentleman outside of the rin ...
Clemson big 3 is awesome, no doubt, but they will run out of gas without somebody throwin blocks. Good for me though, i need fsu by 3. Sammy watkins is gonna be an nfl hall of famer one day though. Bank on it
Waiting for kick off Cal Poly vs UC Davis at Cal Poly. Have to brag about my hubby. Hall of famer for cal poly wrestling. He will be introduced on the field at half time. In the mean time enjoying the presidents sky box.
Just about to hear a concert from Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Richie Furay--one of my favorites.
I Am hangin with my beautiful girls tonight. Had a great dinner and bout to jam to some good, layed back tunes. And we gone play some cards and just spend some fam time. I love my girls so deeply! This fam time is Gods gift to a guy like me. Just gone have a great American time. Lester style, baby!!! Btw, God Bless Sting! My personal fav wrestler, and the soon to be the 1st ever TNA Hall of Famer!!! We love you, Stinger. Thanx for all the years and great matches :)
Feel so lucky and privileged that big Zeb claims me to b 1 of his pals. Burky number 1. Burky hall of famer
Just read Yogi Berra was not a 1st ballot Hall of Famer.How is that possible?
Like Larry Murphy's time with the Leafs. A Hall Of Famer used as a scapegoat.
Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has been working with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar over the summer, according to the Boston Globe (via CSN Chicago's Mark Strotman), and the Hall Of Famer expects Noah's post game to improve this season.
He went 4 for 4. He got the two-out, game winning hit. He is a future Hall Of Famer. He bats, and continues to bat, 8th. What is wrong with this picture?
Congrats to Chipper Jones On his last win in Marlins Park, Truly a first ballet Hall Of Famer and one of my all-time favorite players.
Hey Pro Wrestling Fans! Welcome to week of pro wrestling trivia. Before I begin, let me congratulate my cousin, Marcelo Pino, with getting the answer to last week's question with Pedro Morales. If you would like to know all the details behind Pedro Morales' WWE Championship titles, make sure to check out my lastest post on my wrestling blog: As a prize for getting the correct answer, Marcelo receives the Iron Sheik's exercise clubs. Hey Mar, You could add those exercise clubs to your workout regimen. Since I heard this is Hispanic Heriatage Month, I'm going to focus on another Latino WWE Hall Of Famer: Mil Mascaras. For those who don't know who Mil Mascaras is, he is the Mexican luchador (Spanish translation for "wrestler") who introduced the Mexican-style of wrestling, known as "Lucha Libre" to the world. For those who are curious as to what this style of wrestling is like, just turn on an episode of WWE Raw today, and watch Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara wrestle. Now, let's get d ...
Ron Artest isn't a Hall Of Famer. Maybe in the next life.
"Tony Gonzalez Future Hall Of Famer" is that man's full name. They say that every time he catches the ball.
To my FB Sports Analysts: I say no but is Robert Horry a future Hall Of Famer???
Driver with the dagger (channeling my inner Wayne larvey). How poetic for the future Hall Of Famer!!
Just watched Doug Gilmour's last shift in the NHL as a Toronto Maple Leaf on Youtube and it made me so sad to see such a Hall Of Famer end his career like that...I'll never forget the moment when I was watching TSN on Trade Deadline Day in 2003 and when I saw that he got traded to Toronto I jumped with joy and he goes down like that :( Dougie Gilmour is my all time idol!!
Don Nelson, Hall of Famer (Ball Don't Lie): In late March, when the news first broke that Don Nelson had been na...
Just Tapped: Schoppe's Lichtenhainer. Here some info on it: Winner of 2012 Alamo City Cerveza Fest Funkiest of Show brewed by Austin Zealot Club Member, 2012 Ninkasi Award Winner, 2009 Funkiest of Show winner, Beardiest of Show Hall of Famer, and all around cool dude Mark Schoppe. Our Lichtenhainer is a non-traditional interpretation of a forgotten traditional-style from Germany. This passage from "Die Bierbrauerei", 1915, by Rommel and Fehmann says: "Lichtenhainer is also a pale beer brewed from lightly smoked malt, though only barley malt is used. The approximately 8º Plato wort is very lightly hopped and only boiled very briefly and exposed to either a spontaneously appearing or deliberately started lactic acid bacteria infection that gives the beer it's weakly sour taste. The mostly young beer, which isn't expected to be clear, is usually served from a barrel. "
Hall of Famer Don Nelson through the years (Photos)
“Proud of ! Legendary Pacer, accepted Hoosier and now Hall of Famer! Can't ...
Street hall of famer, die wid a big gun
Thanks for the free jersey Decided to use this opportunity to rep an all time great and Hall of Famer.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
*** if Your a Baller Am a Hall of Famer lol
he's credible and a Hall of Famer but you can't give him credit for this season right now, just wait and see
1st ballot hall of famer. Happy retirement to the worlds greatest
Black Belt Hall of Famer and pioneer Jim Arvanitis to be a guest on Uncensored on Mon., Sept. 17.
and if even I did get cut. Michael Jordan got cut from his Freshman team now he's a Hall of Famer
Just because you aren't a superstar that doesn't mean you aren't a hall of famer
in 1977, Spartan Hall of Famer Mateen Cleaves was born. Happy Birthday Mateen! (
in 1977, Spartan Hall of Famer was born. Happy Birthday Mateen!
Reggie Miller, Hall of Famer | I love watching and reading about nicks fans pain!!!
I'm not talking bout future right now bosh isn't a hall of famer only wade bron n ray that's 3 players
the set of cocoon heroes 2012 is legendary but the 4th song its totally a hall of famer man "MASTER"
as a hall of famer you get a sideline pass whenever you want sir. Tuesday's at 9.
Reggie Miller, Hall of Famer (Ball Don't Lie): It's difficult for me to write, talk or even think rationally abo...
Great to hear that Reggie Miller will be a Hall of Famer
Bob Griese on Dolphins' undefeated '72 season: NFL Hall of Famer Bob Griese talks about his new book and recolle...
New Hall of Famer Don Nelson reflects on career via
he is def a genius first india and now look at south africa ... Hall of famer in just 5 years of wrk
They called this Hall of Famer "Danimal" because he tore opposing QBs to shreds. He's third on the B
Simon (was acquired by Philadelphia from Baltimore on June 30 in exchange for future Hall of Famer Jim Thome.
People our BOXING Hall of Famer Too Sharp MARK JOHNSON will be commentating on SHOWTIME BOXING this weekend. I told TOO SHARP to handle his busines and I will see him soon.I'm happy for shorty and ready to see my family from DC doing what they love on T.V. CONGRATS CHAMP!
Happy birthday to me. Just met a living legend in should be hall of famer Kenny Anderson. Got to talk for a few minutes what an amazingly nice man. Giddy
Will be headed there in about a hour and a half.
Dancing is Fun winning performance, July 23 2011, a wild card battle for a Hall of Fame spot to the next Talentadong Pinoy Finals.
My idol, my hero, my favorite athlete of all time. The Hall of Famer, Congrats Reggie!!!
\n\tI had asked our partner John Ciccone DPM for his comments on the medical side of DAMPS.\n\t\n\tOf great interest to the DAMPS brand and investors is the fact that recently there has been notice of the \"Baby Boomers\" again leading the way. This time it is in the number of retirees and near ret...
If you're a baseball fan, there's a pretty good chance you know who A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy is. And if you do, there's an even better chance you like him... which made an injury he suffered today all the more frightening.
The true definition of..Mitt (m t) n. 1. A type of glove that extends over the hand but only partially covers the fingers...Like a non plan for recovery of a country that is in dire need of CPR and a person who actually sits in that chair that the RNC showed would most definitely be empty if you choose the Mitt. A plan that barely covers the issues for those of us who need recovery the most 2. A mitten...A grouping of individual digits bound together in one place of delusion all joined together as A fist of ineffectiveness. 3. Baseball Mitt ;A large, padded, protective leather glove ..i.e A Swiss Bank account of protection for one of great wealth, policies protecting those like Mitt..WHO NEEDS A MITT, WHEN YOU HAVE A BAT IN THE HANDS OF A HALL OF FAMER! LETS KNOCK THIS ONE OUT OF THE PARK CHAMP! 4 MORE YEARS!!!
I just met bruce smith and jim kelly at who ever thought i would meet a hall of famer and bruce smith is flippin huge you couldnt see my hand when i shook his
From Elias: Mark Reynolds, who had a pair of two-homer games in the Orioles' series at Yankee Stadium last weekend, belted two more home runs when the O's opened a four-game series against the Yankees in Baltimore with a 10-6 win on Thursday night. Reynolds is only the second player ever to record three multiple-homer games against the Yankees in one season. Hall-of-Famer Hank Greenberg had three two-homer games against the Yankees for the Tigers in 1938. And... Reynolds has hit eight home runs in his last seven games, with six homers versus the Yankees and two against the Blue Jays. He's the second major-leaguer to hit at least eight home runs in a seven-game span over the last six seasons. Josh Hamilton did that in four overlapping seven-game spans in May this year (with a high of nine homers). It's the first time that Reynolds has gone deep eight times over a seven-game span in his major-league career.
Yes! nag bunga dn lahat ng hirap at kaba na pinagdaanan namin. we did it guys! of famer baby!
What story is better about Week 1. The hall of famer Tony Gonzalez going back to play at Arrowhead Stadium, or Micheal Vick going to play in the Dogg Pound in Cleveland
Retired New York Ranger and NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Mike Richter shares his once-in-a-lifetime experience in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest - threatened by the…
Is C Webb a future hall of famer?! Career 20 and 10 per game 5 all star games and member of the most famous recruiting class of all time
Oh yes.Reggie Miller, Hall of Famer. Congratulations to the greatest Indiana Pacer of all time.
Friends, supporters and Ilonggo film lovers, watch out very soon for the new schedule and dates of "Gugma sa Panahon sang Bakunawa" movie tour throughout the region. the movie will be shown in various schools and venues to further promote Ilonggo filmmaking, arts, local talents and tourism. Ilonggo filmmaker and Palanca Hall of Famer, director/writer Peter Solis Nery is leaving for Singapore today with executive producers Thelma Nery and Randy Graydon for the Sept. 9 screening at La Salle College of Arts. Singapore-based singer and lead actor, Eman Abatayo will meet and greet the Ilonggo moviegoers in Singapore. thank you so much and Godspeed:)
Jay Hovdey looks back on an era in which the California riding colony included such legends as Bill Shoemaker, Laffit Pincay Jr., Chris McCarron, and Sandy Hawley.
Hall of Famer Cal Ripken is honored with a statue at Camden Yards during a ceremony, including an introduction from his brother Bill Ripken
The hardest one since Neil Armstrong. Art Modell has reached his final destination. Where this time? Up for debate. Complete the following: Art Modell, you can go to... No. Baltimore. No rhyme or reason. What can I say bout Art Modell? Pioneer. Mover & shaker. But he couldn't shake some raps. What comes to mind first? The Browns. The "Cleveland" Browns. Paul Brown & his son Jim. "The black sheep of the family," Modell quipped. Paul recovered with "I don't know much about Art but I know what I like" & it was on. Pioneer owner fired pioneer coach after a fight over who's BIGGER. Paul had him by 3 & a half inches (with his hat on.) Art made bad decisions; bet on the wrong teams. When I went to collect, was almost run over by his U-Haul backing out... into the darkness. Ironic; he helped create the 1st collective bargainin agreement. Monday Night Football was his idea; while it was on the table, Art tried to 'move' it back to Sunday. I remember hooking up with Art & Lebron in Cleveland. (run out of gas th ...
Before Bill Russell, there was Don Barksdale -- and he's finally getting his due.
Great words about one Hall of Famer from another Hall of Famer...
Let's take a moment of out time to say goodbye to one of the greatest players of all time Brian Scalabrine a sure 1st ballot hall of famer as he retires and seeks to dominate the world of analysts. Goodbye White Mamba you will be missed
If you didn't hear the Cambridge Wings and Wheels gang on WAAI FM 100.9% Pure Country, WCEM FM 106.3 The Heat, or on Shore Law with Chad Malkus - Radio1240 or The Dr. Kay Show on Radio 1240 WCEM-AM all this week, YOU MISSED IT! Get ready for helicopter rides, plane rides, planes (don't forget you can still register to be in the shows!), food, meet and greets with International Aerobatics Hall of Famer Bill Finigen, ARCA Racecar Driver Larry Barford Jr., horse and carriage rides, music from much I can't remember all at once!
I stole this Lawrence Peter Berra played Major League Baseball for 19 years for the New York Yankees. He played on 10 World Series Championship teams, is a MLB Hall of Famer and has some awe-inspiring stats. His name is consistently brought up as one of the best catchers in baseball history, and he was voted to the Team of the Century in 1999. Amazing accomplishments aside, they probably aren't how you know Lawrence. You know him as Yogi, a nickname given to him by a friend who likened his cross-legged sitting to a yogi. Yogi is famous for his fractured English, malapropisms and sometimes nonsensical quotes. He's closing in on 86, and there seems to be no end to his fan's love for him. Here are 25 Yogi Berra quotes that will make you shake your head and smile. 1. "It's like deja vu all over again." 2. "We made too many wrong mistakes." 3. "You can observe a lot just by watching." 4. "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore." 5. "He hits from both sides of the plate. He's amphibious." 6. "If the world was perf ...
The Pac-12 Networks' initial basketball schedule, featuring 150 men's games, is also highlighted by the addition of two-time NBA and NCAA Champion and Pac-12 basketball legend Bill Walton, who will provide color analysis to select games on the Networks. ,
writing a thank you letter to Hall of Famer, Dan Fouts, for signing some memorabilia, pretty rad.
makes you wonder how many times this guy had his bell rung (and yes I know he is a hall of famer but the look on his is too goofy to not comment on)
"I do want to go out on top, as a winner. " "I want to be remembered as a guy who tried his best and did his best." Art Modell future Hall of famer and will be greatly missed (1925-2012)
Rickey Henderson, the new Hall of Famer, made postseason appearances with which five teams?
Michigan Championship Wrestling Returns to flint michigan with a all-star card supporting mellissa rogers a 4 year old little girl that has a rare health condition im stepping in to help rasie money for her cause 100% of the proceeds goes to her and her famliy in a time of need see former wwe stars on the card wwe hall of famer Jimmy mouth of the south Hart scotty to hotty maven sabu & many more MCW Stars we are here to put a smile on this little girls face im very proud to announce we will be in action sept 28 th 6.00 pm belll time at the flints ima sports arena meet and great with the stars at 5:00 pm. special Thank's to the ima sports area for dontation the arena for us & All-american Blacktop Maintenance all titles are on the line with a main event match Sabu Vs The Mighty Sabbath for my mcw title in a 15 ft steel cage blood will be shead.
Don Nelson, 72, spent 30-plus seasons as an NBA coach, winning three Coach of the Year awards and leading 18 of his teams to the postseason. It’s an accomplished career, one littered with fast breaks, thrilling moments, and franchise reclamations, and it has taken him to the Hall of Fame.
Wwe hall of famer Bret the hit man hart will be on raw this Monday nite
Hall of famer and Pat Patterson to be at in MTL :D CANT WAIT ! - 4 DAYS IN COUNTING ! :):):):):):)
Baltimore lost a living legend today. R.I.P. Art Modell. Bmore loves u and no matter how long the NFL black balls u, u will always be a Hall of Famer in this cities collective heart . Ravens fans when ur watching the 1st ravens game this monday night happy and excited for another season of Bmore Black Bird football just remember if it wasnt for Art Modell there would be no NFL team in Bmore . So say a prayer for Art
Thanks to the rated R superstar for accepting my request, even you're no longer in the wwe even you are a hall of famer we still love u!!!
Mr. Art Modell was a wonderful man who supported his community. Made a long lasting impressions on football fans everywhere and should be recognized...
*** We lost a great one today, RIP Art Modell, future hall of famer, real footballs fans know he did a lot for the nfl, ha we wouldn't even have Monday football games if it wasn't for him, and the ravens wouldn't be here. Sad day.
R.I.P Art Modell. And thank you for bringing the ravens to us all. You have always been a hall of famer in my mind, shame the sportswriters didn't see it that way.
Working at Hall of Famer Tony Dorsetts house today!
"Tweek the offense Bob"? We used to be feared when we stepped out. We were known for having some of the baddest running backs in the country. Passing was only secondary. But over the last decade passing, passing, passing. We slowly go from qb's that were shifty and knew how to move the ball, to predicatable. Okay let's get in the shot-gun look left now throw to the right to an open receiver. You can go the well maybe a few times, but not all day. It's call three and out and let's make the defense win the ball game for us. I was saying just the other day, Barry told Troy to go to UCLA, 3 Superbowls later and a Hall of Famer. Sounds like Barry madethe right decision. Hey, put those young QB's in there and let the Big Bruiser or Charles Thompson Boy run and throw. Let's get some excitement back into the Crimson and Cream. I remember one Commentator say, 'Hey those horses pulling the Schooner are tired from circling field after so many scores.
For the mountain bikers out there with some free time, these are all worth riding!
Last night you saw the beginning of a phenom. The way Kevin Ogletree just ran a muck all over Tryon Island. 1st ballot Hall of Famer.
May you rest in eternal peace Art. Your contribution to pro football stand as indelible milestones that bears wittness to your strength of character. Greater then that, your fidelity to your family , friends, players, staff and the community at large provide testimony of your huge expression of a wonderful humanity. You will always be a Hall of Famer in the hearts and minds of those you touched and enfluenced. The work you've done speakes for itself!
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