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Hall of Famer

A hall of fame, wall of fame, walk of fame, walk of stars or avenue of stars is a type of attraction established for any field of endeavor to honor individuals of noteworthy achievement in that field.

Donald Sterling Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Terry Bradshaw Magic Johnson Bruno Sammartino Eddie Guerrero Ray Guy Derek Jeter Vince McMahon Ken Griffey Jr Eve Torres Charles Woodson Warren Sapp Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball

Awesome weather! Ready to watch the Cardinals face future Hall of Famer Kershaw. Fun to be watching October baseball!!
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts about last...
Hear from the Hall-of-Famer, number 5, George Brett NEXT on w/ &
Waltrip: Everything is so unexpected in the Chase: NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip joined Adam an...
We're joined now by NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry on !
Maybe if LeBron just retired the world would have to find another hall of famer to talk about badly...
when u can hit 3 pointers at his age. Take that money,don't look back, hes still a hall of famer.
Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog over the weekend and commented on recent speculation about his future in pro wrestling: "To clear up some speculation regarding my return to pro wrestling, while I am a 'free agent' as it relates to broadcasting pro wrestling events, my interest level in pursuing such is moderate at best. Would I re-engage the process in some form? Yes, but I'm uncertain as to what those terms would have to be. I still love the business and get the 'itch' to broadcast the genre that I spend 40 years of my life doing but there are so many things that I'm doing or going to do career wise that I simply don't know where the pro wrestling opportunities fit. Time will tell but I'm still a student of that game and more importantly a fan. I have personally had zero talks about doing pro wrestling in the future but there has been some contact with my representative but as I understand it those talks were exploratory and preliminary at best. I've been asked about the New Japan January 4 P ...
name Hall of Famer Dante Dettamanti asst. coach for men's water polo.
You know how HBK was a bonafide Hall of Famer before the injury, and then had this even more amazing 2nd half to his career?
Murph and Andy will be joined by NBA Hall of Famer Rick Berry today at 3:15 to preview the NBA season! Listen...
i made this for u! Ur my favorite WWE hall of famer and ur one of my biggest inspirations ever!!!
Puck fans: Hall of Famer Chris Chellios may have reason to travel to our town. His on is on pre-season roster.
Join thousands of bikers in North Scottsdale for an epic free concert event featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famer HEART!
Greenkeeping Hall of Famer: Beckside Golf Clubs Mike Jackson operating the air2g2. Legend!
Check out African American Hall of Famer Speaking Tour | Book her 2speak next event 4
hair hall of famer!!! RT“I really admire Bruce Jenner's hair”
PBA Hall of Famer Jason Couch vs. Ryan Shafer in the title match of the PBA East Region Gene Carter's Pro Shop Classic at Mid-County Lanes in Middletown, Del...
don't think he would be a first ballot hall of famer, but my point is what Dustin said. He changed the position
come to rep your city, learn from a Hall of Famer and light up Moody Coliseum. You won't regret it.
We knew it was a Hall of Famer from the beginning!
So there is no way Gronk is a hall of famer one day?
Ultimate Warrior Evolution of a Hall of Famer Plaque Hulk Hogan Evolution of a Hall of Famer Plaque
IAW&A Hall of Famer, George Carlin, to be honored by Colin Quinn, Keith Olbermann as George Carlin Way unveiled...
Although I am a diehard Bears fan. Adrian Peterson was someone who I respected. He was a lock in first ballot hall of famer, now he w ill be lucky to play football again. You could have been the next Waltor Payton AP, now you are the next Pete Rose.
Murph and Andy have NBA Hall of Famer Rick Berry, Biff Hammer, Tommy Birch, and more! Listen live here:...
Former LA Laker, NBA Hall of Famer, philanthropist, entrepreneur is keynote
This dude just said that Rosa Mendes is a future hall of famer... I'm done with life.
Hall of Famer says he plans to mentor this season.
LOL, I guess thats why she is the Hall of Famer!!
Bro, Ray Allen was a Hall of Famer before he ever played with LeBron. Kids today, man.
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Scottie Pippen: NBA hall of famer who won 6 titles while...
my fav is a future hall of famer and wrestles on HQ TV with HQ photoshoots, and is a reality TV star.
Happy Birthday to Charles Woodson. A future Hall of Famer a former Michigan Wolverine and a Raider for life.
regram Happy Birthday to Raiders future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson!
Is Chauncey Billups a Hall of Famer? ---> via
Ray Allen is a follower stop it already -_-” he's a hall of famer at the end of the day
Former Wildcat Al Bruno has died. Played for 2 of the greatest at UK: Rupp and Bryant. UK Hall of Famer in 2008. Was 87
Donnie Softball panicking, the non Hall of Famer that he is
When u high you're MvP. When you're high all the time, you're a Hall of Famer..
-Ha! I remember him in a much better light! Hall of Famer in my eyes. Admittedly a very biased opinion.
Blast taping a show this morning with Hall of Famer Robin Yount. Look for it later this month only on
Happy Birthday to my dude and future hall of famer Charles Woodson 👌
Happy Birthday Charles Woodson a future hall of famer no doubt he is.
coach and Hall of Famer Jim Boeheim joins me today at 11:40am.
Ok this is the site for the Hall of Famer 2 time Morconi recipient
The legendary NFL Hall of Famer to "Stafford is not the major concern." .
he got rings already.. Sure bet hall of famer.. He need to go sit down somewhere
Son already a guaranteed Hall of Famer and he wanna follow another *** smh
That guy in the blue trunks, he'll be a hall of famer one day
Happy Birthday to 8 time NWA World Tag Team Champion & WCW Hall Of Famer, the legendary Ole Anderson who turns 72...
Terry Bradshaw along with soon to be Hall Of Famer after the won the Championship. h…
During a recent interview with PWTorch, WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke about the possibility of returning to the ring for one more match at either WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California, or WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas.
I honestly think in a few years Chris Brown would be considered a "Hall Of Famer" like Usher or R.Kelly
How I sold almost 2,000 books in 20 hrs. & gained 5-stars from Hall of Famer. .
Hall-of Famer talked with prior to tonight…
1week from tomorrow (8 days from now) for me heading back to L.A. for the biggest event of the summer SUMMERSLAM. But of course it will all begin with meeting WWE Hall Of Famer "the immortal" Hulk Hogan in 6 days.
WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund throwing out the 1st pitch here at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard
Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins is my pre game guest on at 6:45.
NFL Hall of Famer and Olympic champion supporting
I'm watching a story of Jim Kelly, the Hall of Famer Quarterback of the Buffalo Bills on ABC ESPN SPORTS. "Kelly Tough" they call him. I concur. I got a new person on my prayer list. His name is "Kelly Tough"! Hang in there bruh!! Continue to believe God for the best. I'm beliving God with you and your friends and family.
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Guest speaker, the Legendary NFL Hall of Famer and Olympic champion chadhedrick…
he's still the best ever to play, future hall of famer NO DOUBT.
Fantasy Booking: King of the Ring Tournament Winners 1985-1987 August 9, 2014 By Ryan Porzl On and off since 1985, the WWE has hosted the King of the Ring tournament. Many of the tournament winners are some of the greatest names in WWE history. Wrestlers who became superstars, legends, and hall of famers. But what if those stars got injured? What if they couldn't compete and someone else had to win? Who would it be? Well I know who I would pick. This article will go through the first three KOTR tournament. Who I would choose and why I would I choose them. Keep in mind I can only select wrestlers from that time period and not just anyone. With each year, I will also pretend what happened in real life the previous year happened since I can't predict if my choices would be successful or not and how much that would change things. I'm also going to pretend the 1985-1991 tournaments meant as much as the later ones. We'll start with the inaugural King of the Ring tournament which was held on July 8, 1985. The fi ...
As long as you do things for God, you are a Hall of Famer in heaven's list.
Just picked up a couple of cards of the future Hall of Famer
I'm sure they're thrilled to have Ryan Fitzpatrick behind center instead of a future hall of famer.
Byron Walker is finally a ProRodeo Hall of Famer. And Whitey Bob & Reagon are smiling over Colorado Springs today. http:/…
Happy Birthday to RBR's favorite future Hall of Famer Diva
Fergie Jenkins, a cubs Hall of Famer, signing my Baseball and Picture!
The Grand Marshall of the Cave City Watermelon festival is Fan Hall of Famer Congrats!
Guess who this hall of famer is? From last nights basketball HOF ceremony!
A big congrats to Kevin Iole who was just inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. Way to go Hall of Famer!
Well I be chillin wrecking on some 2k14 . . . kinda getting bored wrecking hall of famer computers all day! lmao..
Hall of Famer will be today from 12:30 to 1:30. Come meet him!
1. Ben Tate and Terrance West Tate rocked the running back room in June when he declared that no one in the room could touch him and that the competition for the starting job was no contest. He backed off that this week, but only a little. "I'm not going to take it to that level, but I feel like I'm the best running back on this team,'' he said. West, the Browns' third-round pick out of Towson, has taken up the challenge and is determined to prove Tate wrong. Both have shown great burst and cut-back ability in camp, but now it's time to see who has the hot hand against live tackling. Tate has averaged 4.7 yards per carry in his career and West rushed for an astounding 41 touchdowns in 2013. Behind Tate and West, the battle for third-team running back is almost as fierce. Chris Ogbonnaya, Edwin Baker, Dion Lewis and Isaiah Crowell have all run with urgency in camp. 2. Justin Gilbert vs. Buster Skrine Gilbert sat out Thursday's practice with a groin issue and might not see much action, but has emerged over ...
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White Mamba is a Hall of Famer. Footage doesn't lie
Hall-of Famer talked with prior to tonight's autograph session at Victory Field
A living legend and now Hall of Famer, Bobby "Slick" Leonard:
Selling my prized possession !!! Best closer in the game ever ! Sure 1st ballot Hall of Famer ...Mariano Rivera signed special edition Subway Series Baseball !!!
Looks like friend neil connelly...Yankee Hall of Famer,
Lol Don't me wrong, I still mute the tv when he talks but I have to give him credit as a hall of famer
If you think Frank Mir is a Hall of Famer, then I suggest you read this, Frank Mir:
When you think of Sweden and off-road bikes, what name comes to mind? Husqvarna, right? Yeah, it was brand H that put Scandinavia on the map by the time motocross made it big in this country in the late ’60s. But well before then, there was another Swedish company making its name in the sport—a now-obscure marque called Monark. Monark’s origins stretch all the way back to 1913, when the Esse brand was introduced. The name changed to Monark in 1927, and when MX got its start in Europe after World War II, the company got involved in the sport. Monark bikes earned success in the prestigious International Six Days Enduro. And in 1959, Swedish rider Sven Lundin rode a 500cc Monark to the FIM World Championship, repeating that achievement in 1961. The company’s line of competition machines used the standard formula of the era: a single-cylinder four-stroke engine in a lightweight frame. Monark specialized in the second half of that equation, combining hand-built chassis and top-shelf suspension componen ...
Hall of Famer here to remind you how many days until Florida Football is back in The Swamp!
We know you've been wondering about who the special guest enforcer is for our Clash of Champions VI...well the wait is over! Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion current WWE Legend and FSU Football Hall of Famer Ron Simmons *** ) will be making his much anticipated debut with UCW as guest enforcer! He will be patrolling the ring and backstage and with Kevin Nash running the show, It's not looking good for Johnny Swinger! Clash of Champions VI is going to be one epic night so get your tickets online at WWW.UCWLIVE.COM and be there when this all goes down August 23rd @ 7:30pm
Football cards for sale. We have rookie cards. Hall of famer cards and material cards. 1.00 per card
A person said LeSean McCoy is a hall of Famer. 😂😂😂😂
Laree announces retirement. After a career spanning over ten countries and three decades, Angelle Laree has retired from pro wrestling. When asked for comment, she had this to say: "Thank you all so much for your continued support. But I think I have done everything i wanted to do. I'm a four time hall of famer in four countries, with the US sure to come soon. I won titles in any country I visited. I've owned a company. But now, It's time for me to step down and pass the torch to my daughters, Britanie, better known as Simone, and my daughter, Trishelle. I have trained those two and now its time for me to let them take over the family career, which has always been wrestling. I will still manage, but from now on, I will no longer wrestle. Thank you to everyone that supported me over my near 30 year career in Europe, as well as my seven years here in America. But this is my last curtain call. Thanks alot everyone."
It's not easy to explain a selfie to a Hall of Famer.
Reds Hall of Famer selfies. How many can you name?
Now - Hall Of Famer, welcomes former rival Albert Belle to the in 1997.
I think Steve Smith will be a Hall Of Famer
WWE Hall Of Famer; Jake The Snake Roberts Reveals why he did not want to go into the WWE Hall Of Fame the same...
why would anyone argue Kurt Warner as a Hall Of Famer? He took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl
A Hall Of Famer is coming back tonight on Raw? I bet it's Ric Flair who comes back & has an angle w/The Miz. Call me crazy but im serious.
Kyler and Cy Young Award winner, 6 time all-star, Hall Of Famer, 3 Time World Series Champion.Vida…
Ok I just gotta say this... Young NFL players, if you want a city to love you and treat you like a Hall Of Famer long after your playing years are finished then take notes from Jim Kelly & the city of Buffalo.. Because Jim Kelly (and many other Bills) stayed around during his playing years & remained long after his playing years were over, the city of Buffalo is loving on he & his family through his battle with cancer in a way that is unlike anything I've ever heard of. It is beautiful and it's one more reason that the people of Buffalo are the city's greatest asset. The thing about loyalty is that it's two ways. Stick around even after things go south for the team and the city, and guess what, when things go south in your life, the team & the city will stick it out with you.. I know that everybody in Buffalo (& Jim Kelly especially), would love to have won the Vince Lombardi trophy but isn't a trophy just a symbol of something else? If a trophy is a symbol of inspiration, then give Jim Kelly, the Bills . ...
Jalen Rose on Chris Bosh... "9 time all-star, couple time Champion... Hall Of Famer"!!!
Even if he's an Hall Of Famer, I feel like Isiah Thomas is underrated. I guess it's because he wasn't The Dream Team...
If Sammy Watkins falls down the draft board and gets picked up by the Lions, Matt Stafford will become a first ballot Hall Of Famer.
We are pleased to announce that the Master of Ceremonies and Host of LOTR this June will be WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel!
EARLIER legend calls out both sides in the Donald Sterling case.
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Evolution of a Hall of Famer Plaque - WWE
All you so call heat fans can't even name me 3 hall of famer off back from Miami when did they won they first ship nun of y'all no but y'all all heat I bet bulls fan can name the whole starting line up of r team that won the ships
Coliseum Drive on MSU's campus (running by The Hump) has been re-named Bailey Howell Drive in honor of the Hall of Famer.
No conspiracy theories… The guys over at put this video together. Will we see Hall of Famer for President?
Hall of Famer Battles ALS: Kevin knew something was wrong when he was training for a tournament and slipped do...
Shame on for how they treat people w/ disabilities. Ron Turcotte should be celebrated not castigated
Did you notice that *** Perry mentioned Rose as a Hall of Famer?
This brought me to tearsTracks need to be owned by entities that care about racing.They get away with it is sad part.
Dude: "I love how you're just wearing some no name's shirsey LOL!" "It's Al Kaline. He's a Hall of Famer."
New York Yankee Legend Mickey Mantle was a first ballot Hall Of Famer in 1974.
What did Hall of Famer Allen Jerkens tell son Jimmy to expect at "It'll be a pain in the *** Why don't you go in…
.Yes but have you heard about this:
Legendary Braves beat reporter Milt Northrop on the death of Hall of Famer Jack Ramsay. via
How can you not like him? He's a class act and talented player. Future hall of famer.
"If you want the best experience for your son, take the advice from a future Hall of Famer and "stay in your lane."
Jagr needs 45 points next year to reach the 1800 point plateau. To say he's a first ballot hall of famer is an understatement.
A true legend, hall of famer Isiah. Blessings and congrats on this your BDAY. You're truly a great example inspiration.
Hall of Famer Dan Marino discusses quarterbacks in NFL draft ..Browns ClevelandNews
If Cano is hall of famer and never win World Series in Seattle . His gonna going hall of fame as Yankees it's not his choice
Happy Birthday to Isiah Thomas Sr nba hall of famer
Another black eye for treats Secretariat's jockey as "an obsolete relic."
Happy Birthday to the Hall Of Famer and great
I am beyond excited to meet with WWE Hall of Famer "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan next month as he wants a Boddyguards United …
NBA Hall of Famer steps into the sneaker game, signs partnership with http:…
and Hall of Famer Jim Bunning on The Baseball Show this Saturday at 9 a.m. on Don't you miss it!
Big Hall Of Famer Mike Shannon shout out to Takin me back! ⚾️
New post: WWE Hall of Famer Trending, Five Things Looks at Extreme Rules, New Video from Eve Torres
- Below is the first YouTube video from Eve Torres and Rener Gracie since getting married: – WWE’s latest Five...
Happy Birthday to 2x Champion and Hall of Famer
Hall Of Famer? Did nothing after winning a Cup in 94.
Pete Rose. Man played the game hard for 9 innings. Played it the way it should be. Bet on the game which was wrong.Hall of famer!
Always enjoy talking with 8x Hall of Famer, 58 marathons, cancer survivor, author of 98 (!) books.
This just in NFL Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden is joining us at our golf tournament on May 10th at
"What would be more shocking at this point is someone having something positive to say about Churchill…" — c bea
"How could CDI treat a disabled rider...and such a well-loved and distinguished one...with so much…" — NotaFanofCDI
"Ron Turcotte NOT ONLY IS THE DERBY WINNER but a 3x winner.what is wrong with them? And to…" — Herman's Kennel
WWE Hall Of Famer Trending, FiveThings Looks At Extreme Rules:. -WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is currently the
7 Hours Left! Hall Of Famer Ozzie Smith at Fantasy Day On The Field At Busch for only a $10, $20, $50 or $100 Donation! Yes, you can win 1 of only a few spots left in our Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fantasy Day @ Busch Stadium - This Friday, May 2nd!! The Drawing Ends Wed, April 30th at 8 p.m. Click Here to WIN!
So you rode Secretariat to Triple Crown glory and are now confined to a wheelchair. You're not welcome at
Three weeks into The a Cardinal Hall of Famer.
I never cry. I didn't even cry when Iggy was traded. Well not too much anyway. The class act known as hall of famer Peter Maher made me spill tears this morning. My dad was there from the beginning and I adored him the moment I could understand what a puck was.Never will I turn on the radio again without thinking about him. Sob story be damned
Hall of Famer, linchpin of the Big Red Machine and the man ESPN once pegged as the greatest catcher in history, Johnny Bench displays the intensity that made him such a force on the diamond, Cincinnati, 1970.
Very excited as I am meeting with WWE Hall of Famer "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan as he wishes to have a BU shirt!! I was a huge fan of Hacksaw in my childhood years, and met him once. ***
Munch On Sports tonight 6p-8p ESPN 850 WKNR / ESPNCLEVELAND.COM! Munch AND Dino are talking with CAVS PRES LEN KOMOROSKI and HALL OF FAMER THURMAN THOMAS plus YOUR SHOT to go to FAN FEST at I/X Center this weekend!
Long Island Dreamer and Hall of Famer Mark Goodey on playing at the US Nationals "There is no tournament better. I miss going there. Also after the weekend coming out of the locker rooms and seeing the kids by our locker room waiting for us to give out our equipment is great."
Huge Seattle Seahawks Fan Lot- 11 Signed 8x10s including Hall of Famer Walter Jones and Matt Hasselbeck. A Sports Illustrated with Shaun Alexander on the cover plus other items. 2 of the autographs say "to Chris"
Want to win a 2-night stay in Durango, CO and ride with Hall of Famer and Olympian Travis Brown? Vote for this grant - it's worth a cool $100K for trail development in Durango. We're in the final three. Let's get this.
This kid could be a future hall of famer
Jim Ross Blog: Wyatt Angle On RAW, Daniel Bryan's 'Injury,' Ric Flair, The Shield, More Source: JR's BBQ WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR's BBQ products on Here are some highlights from this entry: - The opening segment with the children's choir eventually wearing sheep masks was provocative but at the end of the well produced segment I am not sure what was accomplished. Not sure why I did not 'get it' and you're welcome to insert your own joke here as I am sure many will. Bray Wyatt should win the cage match this Sunday at Extreme Rules in Jersey but who knows? Cena is still the face of the company and Wyatt escaping the cage, I am not an escape the cage aficionado BTW, helps the newcomer and doesn't do any irreparable harm to Cena. Plus, it extends the story line one would assume. - The WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan is 'injured' and his title is in serious jeopardy via the story line but was that message made abundantly cle ...
Today's Date in 1946 - Future Hall of Famer Bob Feller throws his second career no-hitter. His first since returning from a three-and-a-half year stint in World War II.
Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, with Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, spoke about the NBA's ban of Donald Sterling.
Happy 80th birthday to baseball Hall of Famer shortstop "Little Louie", Luis Aparicio
Showed up to help coach ymca baseball.left being the head (& only) coach. Lol!! It was fun. Got to Draft our own team. I got future hall of famer Jackson Myles Bye and his best bud Kael Davis. I'm very excited. Jack was very happy to hear the news. Can't wait!!!
Ok, Derek Jeter, projects to ZERO home runs and 38 RBIS, hall of famer, absolutely, stayed a year too long, absolutely
2014 WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior's return to the ring was short-lived, but his legend will endure forever.
Should Ricky Watters be a hall of famer ? And who is the biggest hall of fame snub so far ?
If I ever dated an NFL Hall of Famer I would convince him to wear that Gold Blazer to Dinner Parties with me. I like it .
People need to stop hating on the future Hall of Famer (the GOAT) Carlos Boozer! Y'all gon' miss him when he's gone. You just don't want to admit it. In the words of Stacey King "Jump on the Booz' Cruise!"
PBA Hall of Famer Amleto Monacelli competes on the PBA50 Tour at George Pappas' Victory Lanes in Mooresville, N.C.
You might not guess why these two photos go together - but our NYC Captain Ryan Matterson says when he runs out for the Under 20s Blues, he'll be inspired by his uncle, Broncos hall of famer Terry Matterson! See how Matto reacted last night when he found out he was called up for the junior Blues:
Magic Johnson calls NBA ban on Donald Sterling a 'great day for United States' The Hall of Famer's stop in Saginaw for a charity event was short-lived but long enough to cheer NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life. Check out the video of Magic's comments and tell us what you think:
Bravo to NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This was his take on the Donald Sterling scandal. Obviously the NBA Commissioner did the right thing today banning him from the NBA for life, but Abdul-Jabbar's response is brilliant. "The NAACP “did nothing” after Sterling was forced to pay a staggering $3 million fine for denying housing to Blacks, saying they “smell, and attract vermin,” Abdul-Jabbar noted. They were even going to present Sterling with an NAACP award on May 15th, with the Rev. Al Sharpton on hand. “Suddenly he says he doesn’t want his girlfriend posing with Magic Johnson on Instagram and we bring out the torches and rope. Shouldn’t we have all called for his resignation back then?” “Didn’t we just call to task the NSA for intruding into American citizen’s privacy in such an un-American way?” he asked, comparing the secret tape-recording to Mitt Romney’s embarrassing 47 percent remark, recorded without the then-candidate’s knowledge. “The making and release of ...
UFC Hall of Famer Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell sits down with UFC FIGHT PASS correspondent Megan Olivi. The legend discusses his reign of terror over the 205 l...
V Stiviano is now the side chick by which all side chicks should be judged by. A model sidechick. Highly respected in the sidechick community. A Hall of Famer.
PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber averaged 248.8 to lead first-round qualifying in the PBA50 Miller High Life Classic presented by Columbia 300 Monday. Weber, the 2013 PBA50 Rookie of the Year, finished Monday’s round with a 1,991 pinfall total with games of 256, 238, 258, 215, 269, 248, 300 and …
NEWARK - Pop quiz: What Rock and Roll Hall of Famer cofounded Traffic, played on Jimi Hendrix's apocalyptic blowout of "All Along the Watchtower" and even joined Fleetwood Mac for a brief stint in the mid-'90s? Answer: Dave Mason, and he's coming to Newark to perform at 7:30 p.m.
NBA Hall of Famer and All-Time Great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar offers his thoughts and insights on Donald Sterling and the reaction of the media and society, via TIME Magazine:
I'm really excited about the Cleveland Browns this season!! We even have a pretty nice Abilene, Texas connection with the team... QB Coach is former Abilene Cooper Quarterback Dowell Loggains & the RB Coach is former Abilene Christian University running back & College Football Hall of Famer, Wilbert Montgomery... GO BROWNS!
add my BFF my partner in crime the hall of famer the heartbreak kid the real Shawn Hickenbottom aka Shawn Michaels and if ya not down with that we got 2 words for you
Wow! I just got off the phone with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, he told me the most motivational words I have ever heard and asked me, "Do you want to chase your dreams or do you kinda want to?" If you care about me and are still reading this, I'm leaving to Houston to become a professional wrestler.
A happy 44th birthday to tennis Hall of Famer and philanthropist # Andre Agassi.
"I'd rather have a bad day at the track than a good day off it, somewhere else." – ageless Hall of Famer racing legend John Nerud with a thought for any day, but it works well on a Tuesday with Kentucky Derby Week racing underway beneath the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. Four days ...
Spend Mother’s Day with WWE Hall of Famer *** Foley, who brings his unique brand of comedy and story-telling to the Fort Lauderdale Improv.
Books will be available tonight for $15, cash or check. Stop by and meet Virginia Sports Hall of Famer David Teel.
Congratulations to Texas Cowboy Hall of Famer Willie Nelson! Willie received his 5th Degree Black Belt on Monday night!
Let’s wish a Happy Birthday to Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio. Known as “Little Louie,” the native of Venezuela turns 80 today. Aparicio is the son of Luis Aparicio, Sr., who was also a great shortstop in Venezuela but never played in the major leagues. On November 18, 1953, the elder Aparicio announced his retirement and then handed off his glove to his son, who happened to be playing his first game for his hometown team in Maracaibo. The younger Aparicio, standing all of five feet and nine inches, eventually drew the interest of the Chicago White Sox. Acting upon the recommendation of Venezuelan shortstop Chico Carrasquel, Sox general manager Frank “Trader” Lane signed Aparicio to a contract calling for a $5,000 bonus. Two years later, Aparicio succeeded Carrasquel as Chicago’s starting shortstop and won the American League Rookie of the Year, the springboard to a Hall of Fame career that lasted 18 seasons. In 1984, Aparicio gained election to the Hall of Fame, becoming the first Venezuelan ens ...
Rope2Rope/107.3FM proud to announce that R2R Hall of Famer and owner of Red Rock Wrestling Kowboy Mike Hughes is coming to Rope2Rope July.7th. Less then 24 hours after Dan Marsh made a huge statement that Red Rock Wrestling was the best show in the Maritimes we got in contact with Mike and wanted to get this show together asap. This will be a great show folks and we promise you that it is one you dont want to miss..
US SAF TL with Ranger Hall of Famer MSGT Max Mullen receiving orders at Operation Red Storm East.
Earvin “Magic” Johnson visited Gary, Indiana – April 28,2014 The Gary Community School Corporation teamed up with legendary NBA Hall of Famer, philanthropist and businessman, Earvin “Magic” Johnson to deliver “A Gary Promise” at 6 p.m. Monday, April 28 at the Genesis Convention Center. The purpose of “A Gary Promise” is to provide scholarship opportunities for students that fulfill Indiana Core 40 requirements with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The fund will also support mentoring and enrichment programs, student leadership development training and career awareness projects for all grades. The ultimate goal is to accomplish a 100 percent graduation rate and assist students with identifying a post-secondary certification or training programs.
Watching our future hall of famer play softball! Go Megan!
NBA Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Magic Johnson says L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling should lose his team after making racist comments. Johnson was in Gary to announce a partnership with Gary School Corp. for scholarships to local high school students.
I love that Shawn Marion's name is being thrown around as a future hall of famer... Definitely deserved!!
Wish I was wearing some pumped up kicks to the sold out show at cains tonight. But getting Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers to sign my two 1975 baseball cards was a good plan B. It was a good day! :)
Only 12 more days before BCW action returns to St Clair College for East vs West featuring WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling, BCW champ Phil Atlas, Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and a whole lot more more! VERY few $45 VIP tickets left (reserved seat, early entry, exclusive meet-and-greet) and if you would just like to take in the action without the interaction, grab a general admission ticket for only $15!!! inbox me for tix...
One reason why nobody takes the NAACP seriously anymore is because they look at money over character. They gave Donald Sterling a Lifetime Achievement award back in 2009 when he had sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him, housing discrimination lawsuits filed against him, when Elgin Baylor, NBA Hall of Famer said Donald was a racist and had a lawsuit against him and when it was publicized that this man had flyers goin around lookin for *** literally *** not no "she smashed the homies" *** ..I mean like a *** *** a woman of the night *** and these fools still gave him an Lifetime Achievement Award and was going to give him another one...because they wanted him to keep giving them money. They are no worse then that man...turning a blind eye to his character but keeping an open hand to his money! Shows you that the NAACP is just like any other organization, business, institution...all about that CASH MONEY! SMH
They voted simphiwe phiwe moloi as the hall of famer of the week
Looking to sell some autographed steelers memorabilia all authenticated most with picture proof I have Lynn Swann ball a hall of famer, Hines ward on a mini helmet, Terry Bradshaw on a mini helmet (4 time Super Bowl champ, 2 time Super Bowl MVP, Troy polamalu signed mini helmet, and the 4 starting line backers all on one yellow mini hemet, also have two Peyton Manning Autographed footballs and one Eli Manning autographed mini helmet. Once again all things listed are authenticated and have the sticker proof more pictures can be provided to interested parties. PM me with what you want and I'll give you prices reasonable offers will be taken in to thought Thanks
NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace, Legendary Poker Champion Phil Hellmuth Tour DAYTONA Rising DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace showed off a racing icon – Daytona International Speedway – to legendary poker champion Phil Hellmuth on Monday by giving the 13-time World Series of Poker champion a “hot lap” around the 2.5-mile tri-oval. Following the “hot lap,” Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood III gave both Wallace, who now serves as an analyst for ESPN, and Hellmuth a tour of the DAYTONA Rising construction site. Said Wallace: “The best view in my life at any race track ever. When you can sit up here and see the entire road course all around. You can’t do that at any road course in the country. I noticed when I was halfway (up), I could see all around the race track, every spot. Up here, it’s just amazing. You can see every bit of action on the race track; you can even see the beach almost. It’s a great view.”
Busy 3pm hour ahead on "The Drive." The Hall of Famer Denny Matthews at 3, TMZ Sports' Van Lathan at 3:25 with the latest on the Donald Sterling story, and your chance to win 98.9 The Rock's ROCKFEST tickets at 3:15!
So what to do next after interviewing an amazing person like Diamond Dallas Page, interview another wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino! This Sunday we will have the honor to have the WWE Hall Of Famer on Wrestling365. Send your questions now! But in the mean time you must listen to our DDP interview, its been picked up on every new site, he talks about his life, Warrior, going back to WWE to help the young guys in May, his recent milestone he hit with DDPYoga recently and so much more! Thank you to all the websites and fans for your support! Be sure to get your DDPYoga at: to the show right now at:
He really is amazing. When you think of all the players who have played this great game over the past 100+ years, at this level, Derek Jeter has more hits than ALL of them, except 7. That's right, only 7 men have more hits than he does. Does it make him the 8th greatest player of all-time? No. Greatest shortstop of all-time? I can make a compelling argument. First ballot Hall Of Famer? YOU BETCHA.
The following are highlights of a Red Eye Chicago interview with WWE Hall Of Famer and WrestleMania XXX host Hulk...
Michael Cole’s latest guest for his weekly sit-down interview series at this week was WWE Hall Of Famer and the host of WrestleMania XXX, Hulk Hogan.
Booker T recently spoke with while in Australia. Here are some highlights: FDT: Your second book is due out later this year. Your first was deeply personal, but this is purely focused on your wrestling career. Was that easier to write? Booker T: This book here was totally different to the first book. The first book was really personal, this was just wrestling. Not a whole lot of wrestling stories about certain guys, drunken stupors or anything like that, like most wrestling books, it’s just a chronicle of Booker T’s career. Where he came from, totally the bottom of the totem pole, to close out a company, to be one of the only guys from that company to make it in WWE, and still to be here this many years later, a Hall Of Famer. it’s a quite a telling tale, both for the fans that read it as well as young wrestlers I think they’ll be intrigued. Everything is chronicled in the book. Thank god for YouTube and Dailymotion. You can go back and find all of that stuff, and everything is the ...
What a joke.guess 35 million is better than 30 million.gonna be a long 5 yrs in New York.guess you wanna play with Geno Smith instead of couple more yrs with a Hall Of Famer.
I will forever remember you as a Cowboy Mr.Ware. You WILL be a future Hall Of Famer! Beware DWare!
Hall Of Famer & Father of , "Cowboy Bob Orton" will be in Jamaica,Queens NY Today for an autograph signing.
ARE YOU READY??? There is an official poster in the works for our benefit for Tom which will be available very soon, and I will be posting the Event on FB ASAP! Here's the KILLER line-up in random order: DK Stewart Sextet feat. the Soul Survivor Horns The Windshield Vipers... Johnny Koonce, Lex Browning, Rich *** Danny Schauffler, and ? drummer Levi Dexter (Rockabilly Hall Of Famer)... backed by the High Flyers Lloyd Jones Struggle and me, Lily Wilde! I will be singing a song or two with some of these fabulous acts (just like the "good ol' days..." :D O.o PLUS... a several more great talents, such as: Steve Bradley John Bunzow Albert Reda Mark Spangler Ron Stephens & Freak Flag Fly w/ Carlton Jackson, and Denny Bixby My good friend and multi-talented comedian, DC Malone, will be emceeing this event, doing a 1/2 hour comedy set, and singing a couple of blues tunes with me and a couple without. There may be a raffle or two... will confirm that aspect of the event as soon as I get confirmations from those .. ...
Raw Results/Storyline Continuations: Match 1. Goldust vs Mr. Perfect Winner: Mr. Perfect Goldust was on point in this match, but it wasn't enough to break out of the Perfect Plex. Axel came down to celebrate with his father, when Rhodes music hits. He comes down to get his brother out of the ring. Rhodes had this message for the father/son duo. " Looks like we have ourselves a real life family feud going on here. Congrats on the big win Perfect. It's too bad your son over there distracted my brother, which allowed you to hit the Perfect Plex in the first place to steal the victory. What a great example for a father Hall Of Famer to pass down to his son. Aren't you a great role model?" Axel responds, " Cody, you really think that I'm the reason your brother lost? Come on, he's a ring veteran. He should've known not to let himself get distracted BY A ROOKIE! Veteran mistake there Goldylocks!" Goldust speaks up, " Who are you calling Goldylocks, Mr. I can't win unless my daddy is with me? What kind of United ...
Heads up: February 14th was the day that WWE Hall Of Famer, Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004 (featuring help from Bill Goldberg at the time). Will be doing A LOT of statuses about Eddie on that day.
I have a serious question.Derek Fisher has played 17 yrs in the NBA with 5 Championships being a huge contributer in he a NBA Hall Of objective and not a homer.
At WCW Fall Brawl, Chris Jericho and this month's featured Hall Of Famer, Eddie Guerrero, collide in this classic bout for the Cruiserweight Championship. Fr...
Vin Scully discusses his relationship with Ralph Kiner and the legacy he'll leave behind after the the Hall Of Famer passed away at age 91.
Warren Sapp made headlines yesterday when he said that former New York Giant great, Michael Strahan, does not deserve to be a Hall Of Famer. Talking on NFL Network Tuesday, Sapp compared Strahan's career to the other HOF finalists: "I don’t think his resume stacks up when you put Tony Dungy, Walter…
Hall Of Famer or not, it appears Warren Sapp is still an ***
THANKS a Lot! (Ernest Tubb) Learned this song on ET's tour bus,by his Guitarist Pete!(right from the Source).ET made the E.guitar pop. In Country Music & a Pioneer,Hall Of Famer! TO: Any young Country Guitarist, u might want to Start here!(i did)ss.
"Men Thought For Today.Guys ,Let's don't just pick a woman who would look good in our TEAM UNIFORM.Let's choose a woman who won't QUIT the team if we hit a losing streak..My Cowboys went 1-15 in Troy Aikmen's first year, then went on to win 3 Superbowls and become a Hall Of Famer...moral of the story.."BACK THEN YOU DIDN'T KNOW ME...NOW I'M HOT, YOU ALL ON ME (MIKE JONES).Love Is What I Want"...Happy Tuesday My FB & DC4L Family...Make It Count!"
Is Paul George better than Reggie Miller??? If so...Is Paul George a Hall Of Famer???
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The entire staff and members of the Headlock Headlines want to wish former WWF/E World Tag Team champion and WWF/E Hall Of Famer "Polish Power" Ivan Putski a Happy Birthday!
I am so proud of Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, NBA Hall Of Famer turned business tycoon, for what he has done since leaving the basketball courts. He is investing a lot of his own personal wealth over and over again back into the Black community. He's put up Star Bucks, Movie Theaters, Record Companies and today in Chicago, he was joined by Governor Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, to announce his latest investment and control in the EquiTrust Life Insurance and Financial Services Company. Equitrust is moving it's headquarters from Des Moines, Iowa to Chicago and bringing 200 job opportunities with it to this region. Eventually the company will hire nearly a 1,000 new jobs. 'Magic' Johnson's other businesses include cable television, airport concessions, healthcare and part ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball Franchise. I don't know of any other athlete or for that matter any African American Celebrity giving so much back to the community as Johnson has done. Earvin 'Magic' Johnson is t ...
The New York Daily News is covering the story about WWE Hall Of Famer "Nature Boy" Ric Flair receiving death threats due to the controversy over his San Francisco 49ers speech, and their upcoming NFL playoff game against his hometown Carolina Panthers. You can check out their coverage online at punkfan38
Frank Thomas. MVP. World Series Champion. Greatest Hitter of the 90's. And now Hall Of Famer.
BTW if Ken Griffey Jr. isn't a unanimous Hall Of Famer then i legit will lose all hope and confidence in the baseball writers that vote... that man is probably the greatest player i ever watched in center field
Don't miss IWE as the Tour rolls in to Brewer this Saturday for Night 2 of the 3 day anniversary tour featuring: "Your Hero" Shane Marvel defends his newly won IWE Heavyweight Championship against Former WWE/ECW Superstar & Former IWE Heavyweight Champion, Justin Credible and "The Concept" Johnny Miyagi is BANNED from ringside! How much will Miyagi's absence factor in the match? Will Marvel still walk out IWE Champion or can Credible regain the title and become a 3x IWE Champion? Not only former tag partners, not only former IWE Tag Team Champions, but brothers will collide in a heated and personal grudge match where the loser must leave the IWE! Power Glove Johnny Primer collides with his brother Joey Primer. Which Primer will win and keep his contract? And which Primer will be forced to hit the unemployment line? We will also see the first ever IWE Tag Team Gauntlet to determine the new IWE Tag Team Champions! Also featuring: WWE Hall Of Famer "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, "Old School" Eric Atlas, "The Concept" ...
Confirmed! Batista will be in the Royal Rumble match! The winner of the Rumble will face the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 30! Seg-way into Damien Sandow's proclaim last week that if he loses, he'll quit. Sandow sneaks out a win against the Great Khali. We enter Brad Maddox's office who says that since there was no clear winner next week, the fans of the WWE Universe, will vote one of three Hall Of Famer's as the Special Guest Ref for the re-match tonight! The ballot includes: Bob Backlund, Arn Anderson, & Sgt. Slaughter. The Hall of Famer's walk off and Kane comes in asking Maddox if he has something he'd like to say to Kane. Brad is rad and leaves it alone so Kane threatens him but not with violence. He advises Maddox to tell him next time he has a problem to his face! Big E. Langston proudly walks backstage with his Intercontinetal title, walking by the likes of a signing Nikoli Volcoff! "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase chats it up with Aksana. IRS tells Big E. to pay his taxes. Big E. is ...
Glad to hear WWE Hall Of Famer, Mae Young is back home and recovering!
In No Particular Order,   Hulk Hogan - "The foundation for everything that we have today" - Shawn Michaels in 2005 - "There will never be another Hulk Hogan" - Triple H in 2005 - "He's the reason that half of this locker room are wrestlers right now" - Edge in 2005 - "The one, the only, the incredible Hulk Hogan" - Sylvester Stallone - The key figure in WWE’s rise from regional attraction to worldwide entertainment leader in the 1980s - 6 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion - Longest-reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion of all time - 6 time WWE Champion - Second longest combined reigning WWE Champion of all time - Holds two of the ten longest title runs in WWE history - 1 time WWE World Tag Team Champion with EDGE - Longest-reigning champion of the 1980's - 2 time Royal Rumble Winner (1990, 1991) - The first man to win two consecutive Royal Rumbles - Packed 93,173 WWE fans into the Pontiac Silverdome, the largest crowd ever in WWE History - WWE Hall Of Famer (Class of 2005) - Best remembered for sho ...
JABARI PARKER IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY! He is Melo and KD in one. Will he be: NBA Hall Of Famer, NBA All Star, contributor/role player, or bust?
George Steinbrenner not being a first ballot Hall Of Famer is a complete and utter joke. Good job baseball
The Manning Passing Academy is closed for business. We recieved an urgent message at halftime that police negotiaters were at andy reids residence trying to talk him out of a basement closet in wich he had hidden due to emotional stress from the first half of sunday nights game between The Manning Passing Academy & the new england patriots featuring tom brady. Upon recieving the news of mr reids dire situation and fragile emotional state it was determinded by MPA president 12 all pro and future first ballot Hall Of Famer. MPA president and head coach Peyton Manning that it was best to scale back the assault on tom brady in hopes of calming mr reid. We at MPA believe first and foremost in the integrity of the game and the health and well being of fellow clients and their teams. After meeting with asst coach Jack Del Rio and vice pres.HALL OF FAMER JOHN ELWAY. It was an acceptable corporate strategy to put the game in jepordy in order to preserve andy reids well being. We ended up losing the game. But the l ...
DID YOU KNOW that Hall Of Famer, Bruno Sammartino is just one of many Superstars interviewed on History Of WWE?
Performance Center guests: WWE Hall Of Famer: Shawn Michaels and WWE Chairman: Vince McMahon visited the WWE Performance Center yesterday, but they did not interact with any of the superstars in attendance. Eve Torres has also been to the PC this week, teaching self defense classes to the female roster. Raw: CM Punk and AJ caused a ridiculous amount of dirt sheet column inches last night because they arrived at the arena together. After the show Triple H demanded the crowd leave the arena, and when they didn't he fired the entire audience. CM Punk suffered a cut to his eye, but did not need stitches. Members of the Dudley Boyz Team 3D academy attended WWE Raw last night for try out's and some appeared as extras on the show. Ex TNA star So Cal Val was at the show. Vince McMahon was scripted to return last night, but they used a different script and he did not appear. WWE releases: Money In The Bank anthology and WWE 2K14 hit stores today in the US, the European release of the game will be on November 1. To ...
Great piece on Hall Of Famer on she's spent almost a year underwater!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Curtesy if Shaggy's Wrestling News yesterday and today: Shaggy's Wrestling News McMahon's vs Rhodes: WWE are working on an appearance for Vince McMahon as early as this upcoming Monday. More on the heat between Dusty Rhodes and Stephanie McMahon (See yesterday). Steph has been unhappy with Rhodes for a couple of weeks, she was to humble Rhodes on Raw a couple of weeks ago, but Dusty kept talking over her, spoiling the planned angle, and the Face Palm gesture Rhodes did to her on Raw, compounded her anger with the Hall Of Famer. Big E. Langston: Speculation about Langston's slump has been blamed on John Cena. Cena is a very vocal supporter of Langston, and since he has gone away on injury leave, Langston has been split from AJ with no story line reason, and has been floundering in the mid card. WWE are said to be working on a face turn and big story line, but has, as of this writing shown no signs of beginning that angle for him. Funk's: The Hall Of Famer's Dory and Terry Funk are on their way to Japan, Do ...
Falcons Fans no need for yall to be mad at Matt Ryan cause the Falcons lost to a 3Time SuperBowl Champion a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer and a Hall Of Fame Coach!!! Big Win Patriots!!!
Wow I feel horrible for not even realizing Vlad Guerrero retired last week. Favorite player of all time, he deserves to be a Hall Of Famer
Today in Baseball History. 1. September 19, 1949 Ralph Kiner, Pittsburgh Pirates slugger clubs his 50th homer in 6-4 loss to S.F. Giants at Forbes Field. Along with his 54 in 1947 makes Kiner the first National Leaguer to have two 50 home run seasons. Kiner, who only played 10 years because of back problems, led or tied for the National League Home Run Crown seven years in a row and would become a member of the Hall Of Fame. The left field stands in Forbes Field became affectionately known as "Kiner's Korner." 2. On September 19, 1980 Al Kaline became the first player to have his uniform number retired by the Detroit Tigers. The Hall Of Famer played from 1953 to 1974. He actually wore number 25 his rookie season of 1953 but switched to 6 in 1954 and never changed. Kaline, who was from Baltimore, signed out of High School and went straight to the Big Leagues without one day in the minors. He became the youngest player to win the batting title hitting .340 at the age of 20 in 1955. The Great Ty Co ...
Otto Graham I'm sure is The Greatest QB in Browns History right? He's a Hall Of Famer so I'm sure he was
If you don't think Ronnie Milsap's A Hall Of Famer listen to this album.
troy brown is a Hall Of Famer. I think he made Brady look good as well lol.
Who will be the first Hall Of Famer with dreadlocks? Can't wait to see the bust. My vote Larry Fitzgerald.
Aaron Rodgers is a first ballot Hall Of Famer, if he keeps up what he's doing.
It was a bitter day for fans of The Jagr when Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced the team would not be bringing back the shoe in Hall Of Famer. Jaromir Jagr became a pop culture icon in Boston, but was snake bit in the Stanley Cup playoffs.He was wicked funny and this commercial proves just that. begins day one of our battle...Miami Heat v. San Antonio Spurs. Funny...despite all we have accomplished this season..with the obvious evolution that our ENTIRE team has made...and ignoring the fact that we have...THE...greatest current player in the league...playing with one of the best 2 gaurds in the league(1st round Hall Of Famer) and a great hybrid power forward/Center/Small Forward in Chris Bosh...yes...Chris Bosh! Add Ray Allen..Mario Chalmers,Shane Battier,Udonis Haslem, the BIRDMAN...and a host of other pure shooters just waiting for their chance on the bench...People are saying we are the like it! Motivation for the hounds...MIAMI STAND UP! BRING THE HEAT! WE READY! BIG 3 ON DECK!
Reusse & Mackey CRRAM Session: 1. What’s you all time NBA starting 5? 2. Are you buying or selling stock in Sam Deduno? 3. Is Alex Rodriguez a Hall Of Famer?
Sports Fanatics: If Dewayne Wade retired today is he a Hall Of Famer?
Where does future Hall Of Famer & recently retired Jason Kidd rank among the great point guard in NBA history? Personally, he's one of my favorite players ever.
Thanks for the memories, a pleasure to watch even though you never pushed the rock for my team. You are going out a champion and a future Hall Of Famer. Jason Kidd retires after 19 big ones.
AJ Styles better be the next TNA Hall Of Famer. Been there literally since day one.
We will be announcing a signing with a Hall Of Famer in the next week for July 6th! Any guesses?
. Ok OSW(OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING) Fans Aug.10th,Upson Co.Civic Center ...WWE's The Boogey Man(worm eaten devil)...also history will be made that night The Carolina's Tag Team Champions will be facing The OSW Southern Tag Team Champions "THE AWSOME ONES".and let me tell u I have heard it from the goats mouth ..''Quote" The Hollywood Blonds are going give the Awesome Ones a good southern Spankin...That Match will be a knock down drag out war Between these 2 teams ...both teams have been around for years.Wild Fire Tommy Rich to Face The Cocky Up Coming TNA Star Frankie Villa And I was Told That The Wild Fire Might have some company on his side that night(Hall Of Famer???)...for more info
Basketball analysis is better than most. Keep it up Hall Of Famer!
Chris Jericho, *** are you hosting some fogazy robot boxing league for? You are a future WWE Hall Of Famer for God's sake.
NCW: I may have been AWOL for a bit while I took a well deserved vacation with this lovely woman named Vixxen... But don't think I haven't been watching NCW. Josh Gavin, part of the de facto Avengers of New Championship Wrestling, teaming up with the world champion Jack Swagger, love him or hate him... The legendary Showstoppa... The Heartbreak Kid... A man who one day, I may very well usurp peacefully and with his blessing the title of Mr. NCW... And Rocky Williams, former NCW Champion, bondafide future (Or current, I'm not good on history) Hall Of Famer... We step in that ring together at Lockdown to take on the aptly named team of. No Name. Because seriously... Two of those men are backstabbing jackoffs who try and make their names off the hard work of other people... Like Tyson Kidd for example, sat on my back and rode my coattails while I kicked *** like Josh Gavin does. Edge? Rode the coattails of The Rock. Rode the coattails of Christian. Rode the coattails of Rey Mysterio. Rode the coattails of Hu ...
2 Big Wrestling events this week end. Starting March 1st at 875 Spaulding Rd in Marion NC at the Marion National Guard Armory. On the card. George South, Bull Dog Chad Byrd, ChrisifiX, Scotty Black, David Lee Rock, The Grimmetts, Doc Miller, Super Law, Manchild, and many more. Then Saturday March 2nd TCW will be at the Riceville Community Center 2251 Riceville Rd Asheville NC. Come out and meet and watch in action Hall Of Famer and the Living Legend himself. Jimmy Valiant The Boogie Woogie Man. Heres one for the book TCW's first ever Ladies Tag Match with 4 of the prettiest women of Professional Wrestling, Jayme Jameson, Ginger Wilde, Alexis Parrish and Miranda Diamond. Also TCW Heavyweight Champ ChrisifiX , WNC Champ Ryan Hunter, The Light Heavyweight Champ Tracer X, The Grimmets, Brock Phoenix,Father Darkness and Mr BADD Eric Jones, Mack Truck with Col. Doolittle, David Lee Rock. James Drake,
Which one of these is most likely to become a Hall Of Famer one day ? Cody Rhodes, Ryback, Roman Reigns, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose or Jack Swagger ? Pick only one.
I don't care what anyone says or thinks, Torrie Wilson is a future Hall Of Famer!!
WWE pulls rehab offer for Tammy Sytch I have been very reluctant to write anything about the current situation involving Tammy Sytch, as it’s not a nice thing to discuss, and felt a little exploitative. Having been arrested half a dozen times in as many months over issues surrounding her boyfriend and seemingly stemming from alcohol abuse, it was beyond messy. At the time that it started last September when she was arrested three times in as many days, it seemed ridiculous and consequently opened Sytch up to derision. However we are now in February, and things may have gone from bad to worse because of some choice words put out by the WWE Hall Of Famer. On Monday, shoot interview series Kayfabe Commentaries released a sample clip of its latest interview with her, recorded before her most recent arrest last month where she discussed – among other things – how she claims the WWE sponsored rehab that she was part of changed depending on what was going on at the time – most specifically, Linda McMahon ...
the real Hall Of Famer who is not in there is Bernard King. And it's a felony that he hasn't been inducted.
If you could team up with a WWE Hall Of Famer who will it be ?
Who is your favourite WWE Hall Of Famer of all time ??? John Cena The Glory
Curley Culp goes into Hall Of Fame. 1st ever NCAA Champion that was all pro in NFL and Hall Of Famer. and ASU Sun Devil
QUIZ (5 Punti) INDOVINA LA THEME SONG: I got you where I want you Your clock's run out of time Cause you know I know you And I'll show you that the heat you feel is mine Yeah, fear it grips you, and it rips you And you question what is true So consider me your preacher, cause we'll explain it all to you Get on your knees Get down on your knees I'll bring you to your knees On your knees ACRONIMO: A.T.G. (Hall Of Famer, "The Eight Wonder Of The World") IMPICCATO: _ Z _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ K _ _ _ ("The Personification Of Domination") -ApexPredator
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So here's the story of the morning. I get back to the States on the early bird special and clear immigration and am getting ready to get on the Skylink when I notice this rather large fellow talking on his cell phone. I say to myself " he looks familiar" and the it hits me!!! I ask him if he is Hershel Walker and he replies " yes I am" we talk for a minute and I was able to wrap up my trip with the autograph of a Hall Of Famer!!! Too cool!
Low Key, Brandon Marshall has potential to be a Hall Of Famer..
QUESTION: Is Allen Iverson a Hall Of Famer, based on his career to date?
Tickets on sale now for LCW's next TV Taping, featuring Colt Cabana and UFC Legend & Hall Of Famer, Dan "The Beast" Severn!
Them 49ers done finally got back to the Superbowl.. Congrats.. To bad Gonzalez has officially became the Patrick Ewing of football. A Hall Of Famer with no rings!!
Ken Griffey Jr should be a first-ballot Hall Of Famer. He was the best thing to happen to baseball in my lifetime..and to video games.
My Promo on NWA. *Ted DiBaise's Music comes on and he walks down into the ring* Ted: Look who has joined the NWA. Me! Well, if you followed my page, you would see all the company's I am in. And I will dominate in everything single company. You know why? Because, I am the son of the WWE Hall Of Famer, my father, Ted Dibaise Sn. And another reason on how I know I will dominate, everyone here is LOSERS. No, not me, them. Some are losers, some are not. Some of the Wrestlers here are pathetic, way more than losers. And I think you know who you are, Mr. Best in the World. You lie about yourself, you say your straight edge, when your not. You say your the Best in the World, when you are not. I am the Best in the World, everyone will know it. And if you don't, you will find it out, first hand. So here's my warning to everyone on this roster, beware, because Ted Dibiase is here, and I'm as dangerous as I have ever been! *Ted slams the mic to the floor and walks into the locker room.*
Alright guys, so there's a Zombie Apocolypse. You can choose 3 wrestlers to have on your team: A Main Eventer, A Midcarder and a Hall Of Famer... Who do you choose? CM Punk Dean Ambrose Shawn Michaels Miss.Lee c:
Join CMA of Texas DJ Hall Of Famer & DJ of the year (2012), Gaylon King Monday Through Friday from 11am to 2pm Central Time for Real Texas Country & Classic Country Favorites! Texas Pride Radio is a presentation of: Texas Pride Barbecue Located on Loop 1604 just 5 miles south of I-10 in Adkins, Te...
Please read. This is from a friend of mine. His name is Chuck Alben Many of you on here know how big a fan of Craig Biggio i am. What many of you may not know is the history, and id like to share it with anyone interested in reading it. In two days i firmly believe we will be watching ESPN seeing Craig Biggio elected as a first ballot Hall Of Famer. He will be inducted into Cooperstown, which is the ultimate achievement of anyone who's ever put a uniform on. To me, this induction has a personal meaning. Ive said for a long time im not the pro baseball fan i once was, and ive realized that since Craig has retired i don't look at the game the same way. The NBA hasn't been the same since we lost Larry, Michael and Magic...and the truth is, Major League Baseball will never have another Craig Biggio. It started back in the early 1980s when Craig was delivering Newsday to my home as a Kings Park HS student and neighbor of mine. My brother was diagnosed with Leukemia, and Craig took it upon himself to be a part ...
JAZZmasta's News; Hulk Hogan to REFILE lawsuit over sex tape - Hulk Hogan has already had a federal claim against Gawker media for publishing the sex tape between himself and his buddy Bubba The Love Sponge's wife Heather, but the Hall Of Famer has now launched a civil claim again for $100Million. According to Hogan's lawyer, the federal case was dismissed in order to consolidate the claim and his current lawsuit against Clem, who Hogan blames for leaking the tape to the media. TNA score great numbers - Last night's TNA Impact scored a 21% spike in viewing figures. They have announced they will tape two 3 hour episodes on January 12. The first show will be a celebration of the X division with current and past stars competing in series of X division matches. The second will have a Tag Team tournament, again featuring current and past TNA names, the teams will be drawn at random, some of the names in the hat are Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Joey Ryan, Jessie Godderz ...
CM Punk feuded with Hogan CM Punk has reached a new record during his reign of the WWE champion. Indeed, when the world has moved to the year 2013 Tuesday morning, CM Punk has become the first wrestler to hold the Championship of the company for an entire year from January 1st to December 31 from a certain Hulk Hogan. The famous Hall Of Famer had held the belt for three whole years in 1985, 1986 and 1987, without interruption.
According to the song "Otis," a lot of young bucks would think it was Jay-Z that "invented swag." On the contrary, folks. Reigning NBA M.V.P. LeBron James says it was the WWE Hall Of Famer, Ric Flair, who was swaggin' out before anybody. “When I was a kid, I loved wrestling,” James told the Associat...
In Flash's book Tayshaun Prince is a Hall Of Famer lol
Happy Birthday Craig Biggio. One of the nicest guys I met working in the visitors clubhouse at Shea Stadium in 1991. A first ballot Hall Of Famer in my opinion.
CM Punk pulled from TLC ppv! What does this mean for the WWE championship? Find out on an ALL NEW EPWR podcast with special guest, WWE Hall Of Famer, JR, Jim Ross! Show will be online tonight, check back here later for the link!
Bo Jackson is not a Hall Of Famer, Do the math.
I think Sosa and Mcgwire should be Hall Of Famers Dispite the steroids just for the fact that they had a Great Era of the Roger Maris Home Run Chase it was a Great Season. That Beign Said I have Mixed Feelings About Barry Bonds He Was Already a Great Player before he took the Steroids 3 time MVP with the Pittsburgh Pirates but he got caught up in the Steroids when he hit the 73 Homers and is now the All time Home Run Leader. I beilive its 769 Homers Could Be Mistakein. He Shoiuld Be a Hall Of Famer for what he Did for Pittsburgh but not for the Giants but he Probably wil get in Eventually. Heres what i dont get they Let Steroid Users and Players whove Done Drugs back in the Game But Pete Rose cant get in the Hall of Fame Because of Gambling when he was a Manager not as a Player so why can he get in as a Player that makes no Sense what so ever yea i know Gambling is the Cardinal Sin of Baseball just like ShoeLess Joe should be Hall OF Fame But Because He Associtaed with the Team that doenst make sense eit ...
A Baseball moment in november now this yr Marks a huge yr for HAll Of Fame Ballots and altho the names deserve recognton as great players but ones who may have or testeed postrive for steroids i dont thnk they should get n the Hall!They have given a black eye to a sport that love anddont deserve the pride t gets to be called a Hall Of Famer!!Pete Rose is not on the ballot ether but deserves to be because all he dd was gamble on hs team no cheatng or usng steroids and also he has a better resume then all the other names such as Barry Bonds,Sammy Sosa, and Mark Mcgwire!
John Gruden who was once an Assistant Coach for the San Francisco 49ers for one year saw the best defensive player at the time and that player is Charles Haley who should have been a Hall Of Famer but the writers had a different idea. The point of this subject is because John Gruden thinks Aldon Smith is like another Charles Haley.
Can't sleep. Maybe it was the announcers saying Andre Johnson was "obviously on his way to the Hall Of Fame" that caused this. Tim Brown and Cris Carter aren't in, and Andre Johnson is no Tim Brown or Cris Carter. He's more akin to Andre Reed, also not a Hall Of Famer. Johnson has 300+ fewer receptions than Brown, 5,000 fewer yards and 51 fewer TDs, despite playing in an era where they throw the ball a lot more. Now that that's off my chest, maybe I can sleep.
Wow! I read this article online today about how the NFL Hall Of Fame Committee refuses to let Punter Ray Guy in For selection. That's a Damm Shame! Ray Guy Who played for the "Oakland Raiders" was the first punter in NFL History to launch 70 yard punts on a regular. Which made him a game game changer, That alone makes him a Hall Of Famer in my book! If you are a true fan of the NFL, Support Ray Guy's quest for the Hall Of Fame!
I just read an article about former Raiders punter Ray Guy and how he has been snubbed by the 44 writers for the hall Of Fame. I am no Raider fan and I have tried to punt a football. It is hard and Ray Guy was the best. One writer said" Show me what he did on the field". I would like to know, have any of these "experts" ever played any sport much less football? I suspect not so how can they be the guys who decide if a player is a Hall Of Famer or not. Sports writers are a joke when they act like they know what it takes to play a sport they cover. They have no clue.
Finally some good hockey news... Joe Sakic first ballot Hall Of Famer!
Russell Wilson was on NFLAM today and he said he talks to Warren Moon twice a week and Warren comes to practice on Fridays to help him out. What a great experience it must be to have the Hall Of Famer there at your disposal...Thanks Warren for helping Russell! AND then he said...GO HAWKS!!!
We've arrived in Chicago. Luther and Mary checking out the tall buildings from the limo ! A radio Hall Of Famer...
NFL on FOX analyst and Hall Of Famer, Terry Bradshaw, caused a stir on Sunday when he made a…
NFL Hall Of Famer and FOX Sports analyst, Terry Bradshaw, has never been the most eloquent guys in media. His re...
Congrats to one of the best Tight Ends to have played in the NFL/Cowboys.Jason Witten, for breaking a Cowboys record held by Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin. J.Witt.Hall Of Famer.
The legendary WWE Hall Of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, along with his on-screen adversary, the late great Championship wrestler "Adorable" Adrian Adonis, had o...
Hamilton Collection
*** Edmonton got him for cheap. He turned out to be a LEGEND and a WELL DESERVED Hall Of Famer.
Great article by Larry Elder What do I tell my black child if Barack Obama, America's first black president, loses his bid for re-election? This is a question many parents are asking themselves -- especially those who would blame the loss on racism. If Obama loses, how many parents will tell their children that his race did him in? Already, The Associated Press published a poll supposedly showing that the negative "racial attitudes" people hold against blacks could likely cost Obama 2 points in the election. Jubilant black parents on the front pages of newspapers, the day after Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, said things like, "for the first time" they could "sincerely" say to their children that a black person could realistically aspire to become president of the United States. Not only does Obama benefit from a near-unanimous black vote, but also from the many whites who voted for Obama because of his race. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, explained in 20 ...
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